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How do you tell the difference between a dental underbite and a skeletal underbite?
What happens when you have a tooth extracted, and a blood clot doesn't form? ?
Why does my front top teeth gums feel irritated?
After having othersontist treatment you have to retainers?
Painful Wisdom Tooth ):?
Why is my tooth sort of clear?
Why do ppl show me that losing weight is so much hard?
does wu i tea really work?
Can anyone help me lose weight?
weight question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is this normal?
What's wrong with my wrist/arm?
Help me out please?
How do I make the most of my workout and weight loss?
am i fat?ehhh?
Exercise and not ruin my hair?
My cousins mom is smoking and...?
I have just been dx with breast CA. I am Canadian. could I move back to Canada for free health care?
Essiac, Zell Oxigen, Germanium, Anoxe, Biobran Vitamin D3?
What are the symptoms of colon cancer?
can missing a period be a symptom of ovarian caner?
how serious is Hodgkin's disease at the last stage on your health ?
Im fundraising for cancer patients Any ideas of what i could do?
Ovarian Cancer?
Adrenal glands?
suzanne somers?
Dioxin from plastics in micro,water bottles in freezer: John Hopkins cancer update?
what are signsof abdomenal cancer?
Melanoma death, what is it like ? How can I search this ?
could it turn into cancer?
Why arent my gums on my upper teeth lined up straight?
what does the Periodontal Examination consist of?
deos honey and cinnamon work for a sore tooth?
Getting braces then the next day a wedding?
How to get out food stuck in cement in my mouth?
how do you fix pointed teeth on humans ?
Essix Retainer Vs. Hawley Retainer?
A loose tooth with braces?!?!?
Can this tooth be saved?
How long does it take to check wisdom teeth?
Toothache is killing me what should I do?
Question about Invisalign?
I need wisdom teeth help please!!?
Can't afford braces.?
Is it possible to get braces if you have more than 4 baby teeth?
Is it normal for a tooth to hurt after a root canal?
Invisalign or Veneers to Fix a Gap in Front Teeth?
Can you get a dimond in your braces?
How do I know if I have dry socket?
HELP! braces off in 3 weeks. am i going to have stains left?!?
Is this my wisdom tooth growing in?!?!?
what does a person go to a psycologist for?
What are the best meds for someone who is depressed, moodswings, anger outbursts?
Will my emotional lability (teary eyes and uncontrolled laughter) go away in time?
i dont know if im going back into Depression ?
What could cause this constant confusion?
Schizophrenia and pregnancy?
What is the best way to beat depression?
Why are patches of my gums white after using a hydrogen peroxide rinse?
Kissing after wisdom teeth extraction?
white stuff ontop of tooth socket?
Do dentures change your appearance and make you look old?
Teeth Grinding? Help!?
really bad toothache help!?
How to prevent dry socket?
how to tell if i have a cavity with braces?
How close does braces make your teeth?
Should I get my wisdom teeth out? ?
How do you stop a toothache?
Can u give me ur personal opinion braces? plz!?
What makes a person NOT a good candidate for Invisilign?
Are you suppose to brush your?
I got my wisdom teeth out 5 days ago. What should it look like?
Is it okay to rinse mouth with salt water the day after wisdom tooth extraction?
Does getting a filling or a deeper cavity hurt more?
Tooth extraction- weird loose blood clot?
my niece is 4 years and 10 months old n one of her bottom tooth is shaking i this normal?
Im getting a gum graft today on 1 tooth help im scared :(?
is codeine ok to take for wisdom tooth pain?
I need help, I need to loose weight?
am I too fat??
comparing vinegret salad dressing to others, which has more fat?
Is this a healthy lunch?
Help with Candida diet?
how much weight do you lose with four days of body cleansing(fasting)?
how do i get hips? what do i do to get that? do i take tablets, injection?
Is it good to work out at night?
How can I lose 15-20 pounds?
workout plan and diet plan please?
Help stomach?
Should you take any certain vitamins while fasting?
What should I do?
Snacks on a diet?
what does it mean to be physically active, physically fit, and sedentary? plz include details! thanks!!!?
how do i lose weight!!!!!!!!!?
what is the best diet for me?
How can I get Taller?
Losing the last bit of weight!!?
how many pushups should a 14 year old be able to do?
I always get hungry after working out, what can i do about it?
Help Me Loose Weight Before Prom!?
"lip" reduction surgery?
Need A LOT of dental work, paying in cash, where can I get a good deal?
Will my wisdoom tooth fix by itself?
Is it necessary for the orthodontist to make an incision to help tooth grow?
Wrinkles on inside lip from dipping tobacco? Why? What causes this to happen?
Am I too old to have not lost this many teeth?
does a sonic care tooth brush clean better than a regular tooth brush?
what is the best dental plan in west tennessee?
For a root canal, is a crown removed or drilled through?
I pulled my tooth out and a red,squishy thing is there?
Anyway to speed up orthodontic treatment?
Should i get braces to get my teeth pushed forward?
Tooth problem! Cavity? maybe? Help!?
Do you think that I need braces?
does anyone know!Please help me!?
A sore in the back of the mouth?
should i get braces the day before a wedding?
Can braces pull your teeth outward?
will my teeth ever go back to normal after my receding gums?
Incisor (upper tooth) sensitive to hot water?
Induced coma, when people are dying of like bad cancer, why don't they induce them into a coma ?
Question about tumors?
how many men have died from prostate cancer this year so far?
Did anyone jknow that marijuana could cause cancer????
White hair after chemo?
If I have testicular cancer, does that affect my ability to play football? What about sports in general?
criteria for inoperability of breast cancer (Haagenson's) ??
Blood Cancer?
Breast cancer stage 3?
can i still do the humira shots if i have had skin cancer recently?
Any opinions on Bhagvatula, Kumar MD - Syracuse Neurology in Syracuse, NY?
+glioblastoma multiforme?
I had benign tumors surgically removed, Am I a cancer survivior?
What are the Child custody Laws For Ohio does a Mental parent have a right to see there child?
is this normal to feel depressed over this?
suspended from school.......?
Am I a compulsive liar or afraid of confrontation?
I have anxiety issues. But lately, I've been getting worse...?
why do my nightmares not scare me anymore?
Do you think i have depression?
about health issues dizzyness?
Possible variation of DID?
is this a realy bad thing to do with an antidepressant?
Could braces make my lips appear smaller?
What types of meds should I use for my braces pain?
solid food after wisdom teeth removal?
getting rid of canker sores?
really scared of the dentist but need some work done, can i get anything over the counter ?
What is wrong with my gums?
if i got clear rubber bands on my braces would my teeth look better?
Ways to whiten your teeth when you have braces?
Any entertainment? What shud I do for 2 nd a half hours?
My last baby tooth wont come out any tips?
i have a canker sore on my gum and i was wondering if you had any home remedy to at least ease the pain?
Is embryol extraction possible?
Will denture cleaner cause visible stains on my purple retainer?
My dentist is gonna pull my tooth without painkillers!!!!?
wisdom teeth question!??!?
i took off my braces myself what do i use as a substitute for a retainer?
is it bad if I don't wear my rubber bands for just a few hours?
There is a brown bit on tooth?
what is going on with my root canal tooth?
Why is my breath hot?
i need some good advice?
can there be too much roughage in your diet and if there is, is it bad for you??
WhAt are the bottom abs called the two lines that form on the hips?
What's a balanced diet?
Best way to take NO2?
how do i lose belly fat?
Help with trying to recover from an eating disorder?
eating disorder & heart health?
how to get rid of pudge on hips, stomach, thighs, inner knees, and arms?
Thighs and abs?
I experience rapid weight gain, so can I lose the weight just as rapid?
how do i ---?
diet-related q'?
Killer ABS anyone???????? Im gorgeous and wanna add to it!!!?
I weigh 260 lb's I want to get down to 225lb's. How many calories do I need to burn/consume?
i am 14 years old i weight 137 and i am 5'6 do you think i can be a model?
i would like to gain atleast 10 lbs, can someone help me and give me tips on how to achieve that?
I need to lose weight but not with pills, does anyone have a plan to help me or some helpful tips?
Are a good diet and exercise a certain of making you lose weight?
what is an easy and fast way to lose 10 pounds?
whats a good website to find out about weightlifting to build all the primary mucles?
Muscle Mass?
my son has a bump behind his ear which is very painful, could this be related to an eruption of a molar?
I swallow a lot of gum?
AHH HELP! I just swallowed some EXPIRED LISTERINE!?
cuts on the gum?????/?
Can you continue orthodontic treatment with another dentist?
cant open mouth fully, should i be concerned?
How long does cement on molars last?
Tooth is loose and hurts Help!!!!?
I am 16 years old and developed a pain on my gum behind my back molars.its only on one side. what can it be?
What will help my jaw pain?
help with my retainer?
Why does a fixed bridge need to be replaced every 7-10 years?
How long do i have to wait to get braces after all 4 wisdom teeth have been removed?
Anything I can do for teeth whitening?
are you supposed to dry tooth brush with towel after you use it so no germs are attracted to the wet bristles?
Was your tongue piercing supposed to hurt a little after having it for 3 months?
I got fillings now my retainer doesn't fit HELP!!!!!!!!?
when im bleaching my teeth why does the back gums of my front teeth hurt?
Hurts to put my flipper in?
can a bad tooth cause heart palpitations?
Does a root canal hurt? Should I go to school after getting a root canal?
Do I have a mental problem?
Irrational thoughts about death.?
My 18yo son has started being violent towards his girlfriend and I need some websites that may be of help to h?
How do i tell my mum I think i am suffering from depressioon?
reconstructive dental work?
Overcoming anxiety and depression..?
Palatal expander question (short)?
I got deep cleaning for perio and it's been a month and my gums are still inflamed. How long for gums to heal?
should my dentist pay for my new root canal?
Help with anxiety....?
How I talk to work colleagues?
Give me the contact no of any female muslim psychiatrists anywhere in Melbourne!?
Does this mean my friend has schizophrenia?
Small Black-like Hole behind my last molar on Gum line?
I'm quite sure that I'm depressed and I can't help but feel completely embarrassed...?
Which would you choose? Wisdom tooth extraction....?
Finding a pleasure to listen to sad music all the time, is that sickness or what?
Using crest whitestrips?
why did the anesthesiologist ask me about my dental health?
my tooth pain is so bad?
Whitening Strips got on my gums...?
Brain training games to heighten musical ear?
what are ways to make your teeth whiter?
Tips, tricks, techniques, ideas and products, How to get amazingly white teeth?!?
can anyone give me an opinion about that?
teen that needs whitening toothpaste?
just got back from dentist ....?
How can you tell when your braces are coming off soon?
What is normal for a new tongue piercing?
How to stop my braces from hurting without meds?
Teeth growing out of gum?
beauty spot in eye?
Does anyone have information or picture diagrams of Basal Cell Carcinmona?
i weigh 132 lbs, how do i lose 30lbs in 2 months?
quick ways to lose some pounds?
5'2" people!!?
how can i flatten or tone my stomach?
Is 49 kilos fat?
how long do you think it takes for woman to lose their post baby weight if they exercise 30 mins a day?
inches i can lose from my thighs in 4 weeks(first place to go)?
What can you do from keeping your atom apple from appearing on your neck?
Whats a good protein drink to buy?
I need to lose 10 pounds?
how could i slow my metabolism?
help! i'm not getting results!?
How to catch up in a guy in my gym?
i want to lose 4 pounds next week...this week i lost 2.5?
Kay, well, I have 3 tests Monday?
I want to loose about 20-30 lbs by running with my dog....?
Which is a better meal ?
easy way to burn a lot of calories?
How many calories should an adolescent take in daily?
why do I always say to myself *I'llstart the diet tomorrow*?
How long does it take to get an in shape, good looking body?
What do you think of spreading my calories out this way?
the right lower part of my stomach has like a sharp pain?
I had my wisdom teeth cut out yesterday morning.?
Will INVISALIGN TEEN work for my teeth? (Pics included)?
My left jaw muslce is hurting when i eat?
what foods cant you eat with braces? is it painful?
Is there anyway to get rid or fill a cavity yourself?
what do you do when you have an abscess in your tooth?
how can i stop my wisdom tooth from stop hurting?
can i get a monroe peircing if im getting braces?
Question for orthodontist?
How do you know if health insurance covers dental?
Whats gong n with my mouth ?
How many more teeth can i expect?
Has anyone here had massive teeth problems and?
Two tooth problems? HELP! :(?
what makes the swelling of gums go down?
How do you know if you grind your teeth at night? ?
Lower right Tooth pain/Gum pain... a bump?
Recent pain in gums, will I be fine for a while?
how long does it take a jaw infection to heal?
Can I still eat cinabons with braces?
What are the average number of cavities for a 30 year old adult?
When I get my braces off what will happen with the yellow glue?
Is the luster premium white 1 hour effective?
I started orthodontic treatment at a college clinic thing can i switch to place thats closer to my home?
can wisdom teeth cause an under bite or overbite?
White spots on front teeth?
Having tooth extracted tomorrow. Will I be okay to go into work the day after?
My retainer has dried toothpaste on it?
i have a tooth ache!?
Braces off for 11 months, teeth change, and retainer question!?
My jaw clicks (after surgery)?
How much am I actualy gunna save using Sallus Health at teh doctor or dentist? Anyone else use it?
How long do i need retainers?
are some people more proan to getting cavities?
Should I go to the orthodontist now? Broken band?
Any suggestions for bad breath?
Puss bubble above tooth?
Why does my tooth hurt?
how to make time fly?
How much does a cosmetic dentist make a year?
I have braces and i bush alot but they look yellow help!?
where can i go online for help getting out and recovering from an abusive relationship?
How do I get motivated?
Why do people feel so depressed sometimes?
how would get my diagnosed for add adhd help me?
Is 5'8 and 112 lbs thin?
If I eat something that has 70 grams of fat how much of a percentge is that for my DV?
I really want to lose weight!?
how to lose 10 pounds?
resistance training results?
how many hours of sleep is healthy for the avg person?
why am i itching all over my body for no reason all of a sudden???
what is a food composition table????
Is it healthy?
bulking up question?
could i lose 15 pounds by june 10th?
loosing weight help?
heyy, how long till you see results after doing pullups?
How many days a week should i do pushups, to see results?
Is it bad if an obese person eats only one handful portion for about 2 weeks???? PLEASE ANSWER NEED HELP!!!!!!
Weight loss time?
Will this fitness plan show me results by July?
liquid diets?
What should you eat in order to loose wieght? I try watching what I eat and nothing happens? Plus I work out.?
Any tips on getting more flexible??
I do 21 sit ups, 5 push ups and walk 2 rounds around my block?
I am an 17 year old male who just can't seem to reduce body weight. What can I do?
A concern and I need advice?
Can i & my mife do an IVF succesfully while she suffers from vaginismus & her hymen still in place???
i want some info about smokeless chip card and its price and how this cards acts in quiting smoking?
My friend smokes 30 sticks per day. I NEED HELP!?
tammy faye's current health?
i have brain cancer but normal blood chemistry & CBC results?
How long to live?(rough estimate)?
1.) What percent of cancers are related to obesity?
Do you know where I can find a long overview of diseases that's like 6oo words.?
flax seed oil & cottage cheese combo fights/kills cancer cells?
what is euthanasia?
The effects of Atomic Bomb Tests in the Atmoshpere on Cancer Rates today?
BRACES HELP! {molars}?
How far back do we really need to floss?
upper molar tooth extracted, any professional tip about the method to have it replaced?
Is there some at home remedy for whiter teeth?
How do you let someone know they have bad breath?
infected tooth pain and sensitivity gone?
Not wearing retainer for two months ?
Is there a increase or decrease in jobs dental hygienists ?
Bleeding a week after wisdom teeth removal?
TMJ. Locked Jaw. HELP.?
How long will i need braces for my overbite(picture)?
What to do about this tooth? Dentist HELP?
I can't afford to get my wisdom teeth out?
What is it called when a baby is born with teeth?
I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed this wednesday. On day 2 I noticed a red gum blister on each the bottom holes?
What do I do about black gums?
Bump inside mouth after eating?
I want my teeth whiter? PLEASE HELP?
What would cause a sharp pain in my left side?
Is therr a mouthwash that can help bad gum disease?
When You Get Your Braces...?
Does a black spot on a molar + sensitivity to cold water = CAVITY!?
There is a bump beneath my tongue?
I grind my teeth sometimes?
has mentadent toothpaste been discontinued?
Is there anyway to save my teeth from dying? Is it possible?
What color braces should I get?
cavity filled and my ear hurts and throat is swollen?
Braces color??????????????????????????
Got My Top Braces On Yesterday And There Is A Gap.?
I think my teeth are shifting?
When u get braces do u have to get expander ?r?
My retainer makes me not hungry?
make my teeth stronger? ??? better enamel ! helpppp please !!! 10pts?
I think I have a sliver in my gums from sunflower seeds. How do I get it out?
How do I break my habit?
tooth exposed .. had a gold chain hanging and now its gone, what should i do?
Wisdom tooth infection making me ill?
What r sores around your mouth ?
Social anxiety using diazepam please give me your advice?
when using car exhaust for suicide how long would it take-using garden hose loosely placed in exhaust?
Work out advice?
what is mega-man protien?
My bodyfat...?
is this enough? should i add something?
what are some healthy things to have for breakfast and lunch?
what is nerobol?
What are the rules for doing push-ups?
I had a tummy tuck five weeks ago and it looks horrible!?
why do most diet adds involve women?
Bubble stomach?
if i lose 40 pounds do u think i will have all that annoying skin?
I'm 15 - Can my doctor help me to lose weight...?
Weight Loss?!?
What are all of the vitamins and what does each one do for you?
how do i gain weight?
food problems plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?
any good supplements out there for muscle building and wheight loss?
After I eat my body temp goes?
how healthy did i eat today?
The Tubby Belt?
i wanna 6 pack!?
i want a 6 pack?
Exercise & Sleep advice ?
my enamel on my 2 front teeth are coming off & looks transculent & dull! can they do something less invasive?
My Canine tooth fell out can i get a replacement???PLEASE HELP?
I was given antibiotics after my wisdom tooth was removed, is it bad if I do not take the last pill?
Can anyone wear teeth braces for two times?
The safest and most effective teeth whitner?
Anyone a dentist or had serious dental issues (wisdom teeth/braces)?
lost my retainer a month ago will i need braces again?
Nail polish paint but for teeth?
I want to pull my upper backtooth out cause its really loose?
i am a 2nd yr dental student od bangladesh. is it possible to transfer any us or canada dental school now?
Does invisalign work for.....?
Is this a Gumboil in my mouth?
How to make my teeth whiter?
Can a sinus infection make a front tooth hurt and make the lip swell?
It has been 60 hours since my wisdom teeth removal, am I able to smoke marijuana?
My boyfriend has terrible teeth. I am worried. Any advice?
what is the braces process?
Was it wrong to file a tiny piece of tooth?
Jaw Locking What do I do?
Anyone know cheap braces in indiana?
hiatus hernia is it reallly bad?
what two affects does smoking have on the trachea and lungs???? thanx x#?
Has anyone had an operation to remove part of their turbinates from the nose?
How does a diagnostic mammogram differ from regular mammogram?
meaning, types of insurance?
What do you say to your male oncologist who has a very casual attitude when talking about masectomy vs ?
Help! Time is running out...?
aternative nutrition diet for cancer patient?
What alternative treatments are there for cancer?
Is it possible this lump right behind my ear is cancerous?
colon cancer?
What could a small protrusion on level C6 in my right paracentral/foraminal of M.R.I. of cervical spine be?
cervix cancer??
I have had a sore throat for over 4 weeks and now have swollen lymph nodes in my neck and clavical area.?
Help!!!! Please help me!?
Has anyone with breast cancer taken flaxseed oil and found success?
what is a brain tumor called asteroid cercoma?
What is Cobalt Therapy? Who are the manufacturers?
breast cancer - and how bad is YOUR day going?
Should I get a root canal done?
Does Baking Soda Really work foe whitening teeth?
Should you brush your tongue with OraBrush before or after brushing your teeth?
Does OraBrush make you drool?
What are the best ways to whiten your teeth without going to the dentist/purchasing whiten strips?
home dental impressions?
i got my wisdom teeth out yesterday. how long until the pain stops, or atleast stops hurting as much?
bottom braces to fix over bite and crooked bottom teeth?
Will smoking agitate a cut in your mouth?
My wisdom tooth hurts so bad!! How soon do you think I could get them removed?
Can a oral surgeon tell that you smoke just by looking at your mouth?
Am I Able To Get Braces?
Question about adult tooth? Orthodontist worry!?
Is it bad to use expired toothpaste?
can thursh be caused by medication? does thursh taste like different? thursh caused lack of brushing teeth?
Orthodontist requirements?
Can I use Crest 3D mouthwash with braces on?
brace in my sisters mouth from denstist is called?
teeth problems help me?
Baking soda to whiten enamel or teeth?
Is using a waterpik the same as flossing?
How can i stop feeling depressed, sad and emotional?
Help.!! How do I prevent abuse? help!!?
I am being stalked by mentally ill people what should i do?
what fruit or vegetable do i have to eat to make my skin look healthy and stay young.?
is there a yoga guru out there?
what low fat foods make you feel full?
Please can you give me some helpful dieting tips?
Is a 12 minute stand up tanning bed stronger then a 10 minute or are the bulbs just weaker?
DIETING NEED ADVICE.. Look at my meal plan today?
i am 50 years old with 164cm high .how many weigh should i be?
What Exercise Do You Find Easiest & Most Effective For Getting Rid Of Those Flabby Bits!?
would walking on a tredmill three times a week for an hour each time be enough to lose 25 lbs in 2 mo.?
Am I overweight or average!?
What do i have to do to get skinny and ripped?
Gaining muscle and losing fat?
i am a bodybuilder and need to have protein powder drinks-- how do i pack these? or how do i label them?
How many calories in one chicken wing???
do you count calories ??
weight loss and dieting!?
What do you think?
Have you ever taken a number 2 so big it feels like you lost weight?
have I lost weight???
im looking for a quick way to loose weight what should i do or take?
What kind of protein powder do you use, and where can you buy it (preferably someone not online)?
High school linebacker?
How do i trim the fat on my legs?
Is it true i should wait 1hour before brushing my teeth after a meal?
If your jaw is hurting where do you go dentist or doctor ?
Question about Crest Whitening Strips?
Ughhh.. i feel like dying :(?
How much do Dentists make, Orthodontist make and Dermotologyst make per year?
Wisdom Teeth still hurt?
Some help with my mouth, please!?
Do I need to go to the Hospital for a possible abscess in my jaw?
I have a brown line across my bottom jaw what is this?
Will my breath smell if I chew Extra strong mint gum?
Are you a dental hygienist?
Is it normal for your teeth to feel itchy when you have your braces on?
Wisdom teeth: crowding, alignment, grinding, and pain?
I want to pull a molar?
How do dentists keep unconcious patients jaws open during surgery?
How long can be lip ring be out before the hole closes?
will teeth look bad after getting braces off?
What to do for a tooth ache?
I have to get surgery to remove the thing that connects your gum to ur lip that is above your two front teeth.?
I have a fluid filled lump in my mouth?!?!?
Am i allowed to drink alcohol after my top wisdom teeth are extracted?
Will my extraction gaps ever close up?
How bad is the pain from having wisdom teeth removed?
What types of drugs do surgeons give to their patients beforehand?
How big will my gap get?
How do you unlock your jaw?
I'm very scared............?
I have a thumb sized swell in my gums, can i cut into it and drain it without harming anything in my mouth?
Cost of covering an exposed nerve in tooth-gum area?
I was wondering about teeth whitening can someone help?
how long does it take to take off braces?
Something is on my gum and it hurts PLEASE HELP?
With braces do they push your teeth all the way where th wisdom teeth suppose to be?
Every 6 hours instead of 8?
Do you know of any one diagnosed with Adamantinoma .And was it caught in time?
painful tooth when drinking or eating cold things?
my gland is a bit swollen and my throat is sore will the dentist still pull my teeth?
Do expired whitestrips do anything?
help! help! help! Braces?
Kids and Cavities. Is it normal for a child to get a cavity filled without drilling?
So I have this really small cavity..?
Juice fast please tell me what you think?
Ankle shape question?
is it healthy and how do i?
my friend fears his daughter is over weight at age 2?
is this a good type of exercise?
i need help dieting over the summer???
I just want to be healthy.......?
how much do laxatives cost?
Losing weight?
ok i think this is a good idea :D?
Whats a food that is YUMMY, but health?
Do girls like big, built guys, or small, skinny guys?
Where to find whey protein thats chocolate flavored for $20 to $30 bucks?
how to reduce buns and thighs?
I need body fitness help!?
how much should she wiegh?
What are some good home exercises?
i ate 980 calories today but i feel fine and how many calories did i burn?
For osteoporisis probem, which is the best suitable drink?
are steakes healthy?
Is this a healthy plan?
how can i deal with fear?
Help please...I'm going through a really hard time?
sleep paralysis "buzzing" feeling/sound?
Am I becoming obsessive compulsive?
I just wanted to say- I survived Christmas- I was so stressed I wanted to die- isn't that awful?
Suppressing Sadness and Anger?
Would smoking damiana relieve anxiety?
Are there any pills i can take to stop thinking negative thoughts about myself all the time?
Why am I so fidgety? I can't sit still.?
How should I ask my mom to let me get braces?
Getting braces soon?!?!?
iam about too get braces !! please help?
Has anyone been prescribed Metacam for post op. coughing?
black lines on babies teeth?
Is it possible to have no swelling after wisdom teeth (all 4) extraction?
Can I have veneers if my wisdom teeth are not in but I'm 16?
Wisdom teeth question...?
what special training is necessary to be a dentist?
Why do I still have mouth swelling and pain one whole month after my wisdom teeth removal?
gap teeth that want to close?
Upper Retainers feel Loose, is it normal?
What will happen during expanders for me?
will the army pay for a spouse to get there teeth fixed?
What happens during detailing stage of braces?
can i pay cash for dental work?
Recurrent mouth ulcers?
Braces off teeth are not straight? So upset?
Questions about dry socket?
How can i close my gap in my teeth with out spending alot of money ?
retainers hurt after non use?
Teeth Whitening query?
What causes a sore after bitting my lip?
Do whitening strips actually work?
diabetic dental extraction?
How much are dentist gum shields in the UK?
Brown Spot on the back of incisor!?
TMD treatment options?
Is it possibe/unusual for a 14 year old to be starting to get wisdom teeth?
how can I keep my teeth white, but also drink coffee?
Wisdom teeth medication too much ?
how much do dental plates cost?
How do i get rid of gingivitis ?
I have a wisdom tooth growing in and tonight I woke up to the worst pain, can't close my mouth b/c of abcess?
What am I eating that is causing tooth decay?
Muscle building, help please!?
My filling has fallen out what to do ?
If you eat alot of ice, can it hurt or dull down your teeth in the long run?
My waist is an inch bigger but I'm the same weight?
i am so hungry lately why is this?
Help with weight issue?
Impacted Wisdom teeth removal?
What do you know about a crib appliance?
Will my retainer keep my teeth in place, despite my tongue thrust, after braces?
How much do dentists make right out of school?
okay ive been on a diet for three weeks.?
What non surgical means are there to correct class II malocclusion in an adult with recessed jaw?
Lost a bracket on my braces?
Color combinations for braces?
Did baking soda help whiten YOUR teeth?
Serious sharp pain on gum line after wisdom teeth extraction? PLEASE HELP?
What are some good foods for people who can't digest processed carbs?
do bicep curls stunt your growth?
i want to get toned but also stronger will doing reps of 15 to 20 help me out?
I want to rip out my tooth. Will my dentist do it?
How long..?
My mouth serious answers!!!?
I dont pick up weight but I eat all day??
how to be slim faster and quick?
how to lose weight fast and safe?
Is this ok up until dinner? Trying to lose weight but PARTYING tonight! Please HEEELLLLLLLLLPPP?
how does raw aloe taste and is it healthy to eat?
has anybody?
How do you put on weight?
How hard should i work out as a 14 year old so my growth wont be affected?
Gained 2-3 Ibs in 5 days... I am disgusted with myself?
why do smoking and drinking in excess?
This is very serious... please... does anyone know anything about colorectal cancer?
If someone keeps getting thinner & thinner day by day, could that be a sign of cancer?
Those Newports!?
83yr Granny is experiencing extreme nausea from DOXIL, now in hospital. Any ideas? No eating. Looks hopeless.?
What are the procedures in the Treatment of Cancer and their estimated cost?
Who approves, pays for and prescribes cancer drugs in India?
What helps you sleep ? i have school tomorrow and i did an alnighter last night.. im gonna be dead tomorrow..?
Could there ever be a Sadistic Masochist?
how do you get someone with bipolar to accept they suffer from this illness ?
What's a Christian book that deals with self harm?
How do people hang themselves?
How do i increase function for my Brain?
is there anyone here who has had a successful life leaving school in year 10?
I have some binaural beats from i-doser.?
Can mouthwash damage your mouth?
What causes white spots on teeth?
I chipped the right corner of my right tooth. How will the dentist fix it and will it hurt?
Is my filling on my front tooth suppose to feel a slight roughness when I rub my tongue over it?
Are my teeth really bad?
Is my gum line receding?
I'm getting my braces off tomorrow! :)?
Is it advisable to extract the front teeth for patients with epilepsy/seizures?
How can I make my teeth look better by tomorrow?
Invisialign braces can I ask for a normal retainer afterwards?
will diet soda/snapple rot my teeth?
Which degree in Dental Hygiene is better Master's or Bachelor's?
How soon after extraction can i get bridges?
How soon should I get my braces off?
How to convince parents to let me get braces?
Is four minutes too long to be brushing?
Braces!! Whats wrong?
Is everything alright or should i call the dentist?
Having forcers (or something like that) put in my braces tomorrow...?
Wisdom tooth causing pain?
Bits of my teeth keep coming off?
I got my braces taken off today and when I brushed my teeth again today, there is blood. Is this bad?
Good shape if one can jog (medium/fast) for 45 minutes in 9,000 feet?
about how many calories could i consume daily if I run about three or four times a week for?
How can i lose like 7 pounds in 1 or 2 weeks?
How Can this work??????????!!!!!!!!!?
is this okay? please help and tell me?
Which is the best fish oil and vitamin supplement?
How long will it take me to lose 25 pounds if I starve myself?
muscle or fat? please answer!?
What does this sound like?
is 5 foot 2 and 120lbs. fat?
Is it true?
average waight?
Tips for doing one-handed push ups?
Any suggestions, people?
Can anyone help me figure this out?
Can I tone my arms in 6 months?
Am i a normal weight?
how to get rid of...?
How much weight can i lose..........?
are my legs thin ?
Will I lose weight if I walk 3 miles a day?
Leg Muscle?!?
how long will it take for me to loos my love handels and lil pudge?
I bit my tongue real hard.?
How many teeth do canines have?
using anesthetic for operations ?
What work do you think I need done on my teeth (PICS)?
Is there any bad effect / draw backs on having a Porcelain Veneer?
I have braces. But why do I only get brackets on every other teeth? Does it slow down my results?
What strength of trichloroacetic acid would a dentist use to cauterise gum flesh?
Heal a tooth abscess?
Teeth "feel" loose but dentist isn't concerned?
BRACES LOOSE!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Help!!!!! My separators are hurting!?
Is my permanent crown suppose to look like this?
My wisdom teeth are growing in and I'm kind of terrified?
Question about Chewing Tobacco?
tooth pains...Ate lemons...no more enamal...need help!!!!!?
Can i smoke after i get stitches out after wisdom teeth removal?
My retainers don't fit anymore?
When can you stop going to the orthodontist?
What to do about a tooth that is breaking away?
how to make my teeth whiter?
Will braces affect a cavity treatment?
what are the pros and cons for atypical antipsychotics?
Anyone take Zaleplon (Sonata) and does it cause headaches for you?
What are your opinions/experiences with Wellbutrin for those who have tried it?
Am getting tested to see if I have autism or "Aspergers' Syndrome" tommorow. What will the test include?
im so tired and i cant sleep?
My skin around my eyes head and neck burns all the time and new lumps?
where do i register mothers day cancer walk?
My mom has cancer..?
Thoughts on getting braces?
Why am i having pain in my teeth and jaws after recently having white fillings put in two of my teeth?
Wisdom tooth........................?
Will baking soda effect my retainer?
Getting braces and need help choosing colors.?
My temporary crown came out but I put it back in?
Would u say 'Dental nursing' is a good job?
I've had a really painful toothache for about 6 months...?
how do i know if my jaw is out of its socket?
What colour braces would suit me?
Do you feel the root canal pain with laughing gas? ?
pulling loose mullars?
Why does toothpaste burns the tip of my tongue?
how do i get my teeth to be sparkly white? Help please?
does laser hurt on gums?
Child with silver teeth?
At what age do wisdom teeth start coming out?
I have a gummy smile and i want to have a pretty smile?
diet pills that work?
Am i average weight?
how to loose 10 pounds??
pleeeeaaase help me.?
I'm 57 and have totally lost my taste for salt. I can't taste it at all.?
How to become more flexible?
Exercising Techniques..??
do muscles grow more when you are sleeping?
Anyone else feel this way?
Even Cheeks?
What would be a good weekly workout schedule for me (details inside)?
How do diet pills work?
im 15 and a girl and i have a body fat percentage of 24% is that fat? i weigh 128 and im 5'4?
i cant stop eating and i dont know why i eat one meal and then 15 mins later im hungry again!! help me!!?
my friend is 13 and i think shes really over weight?
lose weight and tone in 3 weeks?
10 points if you can guess what celebrity's measurments these are!?
Good heatlhy recipes for diets?
How Long Will It Take To Add Weight To Bench Press?
What exercise flatten the upper chest? To do at home?
can i get a bikini body by mid june?
Does getting braces taken off hurt?!?
why do dentists take molds for fixed braces?
Can i makeout with my girlfriend? I have rubber bands on my braces now.?
should i get veneers?
Will using teeth whitening solutions damage my teeth implants?
Root canal vs extraction on second to last molar leaving me with one molar?
Anyone ever had periodontal disease?
Want to apply for CareCredit for braces?
The elastic bands on my braces have gone yellow!?
how old do you have to be to buy crest whitestrips?
will i have to get my wisdom teeth removed because of this?
Is it the Dentist fault my crown came out?
i need to get some cavities filled and a root canal. is is better to get my teeth cleaned first?
What is thiamine blister on my gums!?
What sort of electric toothbrush is best?
Dentists Please Help!!?
what are the sores in my mouth where my wisdom teeth got extracted?
How does invisalign work?
I just got my top braces thursday when do i get the bottom?
help porcelain veneers?
i am 13 and just dont know what to do in life anymore i think i want to end my life?
why do i feel like this, i should be happy but im not. why am i reacting this way?
How can I tell if I have an infection in my gums?
Weird mouth issue, any thoughts? please!?
My lips don't close naturally. How abnormal is this?
Can an earache cause a sore jaw?
Does careington dental and blue cross blue shield work together?
Is it normal for the end of my teeth?
Ways to get my teeth whiter? ?
cavities in my mouth?
Help Please! Ortho problem!!!!?
tooth problem - im getting braces soon?
bloody/ painful gums and roof of the mouth pain?
Anything else I can do ANYTHING WILL HELP?!!!!!?
My overbite cause my receded chin?
Can teeth hurt under the pressure when on a plane.?
How long to wait before eating after getting impressions?
Will braces improve my jaw popping?
Gap between teeth, help please!?
Dental work that failed?
Does medicaid pay for children braces?
How can I make a tooth come down faster?
My permanent tooth is loose.(I have braces).?
medical condition...loaiasis?
How much weight?
Poofy tummy...?
what's a good way to gain weight?
My 1RM in Bench is now 80kg. I train 5 sets of 5 three days a week. How long will it take to work upto 100kg?
I know someone who chews and spits food to avoid weight gain...?
My muscles are so weak, I am 35. what can I do about it? I feel myself so weak.?
im 5'7 how much should i weigh?
whats better for a diet chicken or meat?
if you do weight training 4x a week will you see some results in 6 weeks?
Anyone know how I should work out???
Please Helpp ? ( Legs )?
PLEASE HELP ME how do I lose weight fast....?
What are the true benefits of being caffeine free? Or atleast reducing it?
what are healthy foods?
I need your help?
How did you loose 10-20 lbs? How long did it take?
what foods do you think can be super unhealthy for you?
what are the effects/side effects on taking niacin pills from the GNC store?
what should mi ideal weight be?
I ripped a tendon in my upper arm, but don't want to get outa shape, are there any small excersises I can do?
Ways to get more fit?
How do u get rid of your love handels?
whats a way to drop 10 pounds in a week without anerexia bullemia....?
working out?
Have or had cancer before? Could I interview you?
After going through Chemotherapy ... did you get more body hair?
How exciting is this news regarding Cancer research?
how many treatments of kiemo is necessary in one week?
What can I do to make a cancer patient feel happy?
what is the frist sign of cervix cancer does any one know?
what is inguinal exploitation with possible orchiopexy bilateral?
Cure for cancer in 12 months old child - ALL type?
81-year old patient with stage 4 colon cancer advised to undergo colostomy, risk for infection?
What are the symptoms of bone cancer?
What's with all these bad things happening?
How does a breast lump feel?
Besides chemo, how can I treat Myelodysplastic Syndrome?
Would you live in a town with a suspected Leukemia CLuster?
Retainer after braces..?
small black spots on tip of front tooth?
can anyone suggest breath mints that actually work and last all day?
Will my decayed, broken, absessed tooth naturally fall out?
help with dental payments for pregnant woman?
the best tooth whitening system?
I have 4 5mm kideny stones!! :(?
Can sensodyne cause discoloration of the gum line?
How to look after your teeth in order to reduce the risk of cavities?
When can I skateboard after wisdom tooth extraction?
what happens if you grind your teeth too much?
does baking soda mixed with whitening toothpaste help?
what i eat when doctor remove my ONE left & one right teeth?
What's an easy way to whiten my teeth?
Question about teeth whitening and tooth protector rinse?
Does the baking soda really help whiten your teeth?
My dentist pulled my wisdom tooth & I spent 5 days in ICU?
Cut the frenulum between my lower teeth and lip. What should i do?
Bottom braces basically fell apart...?
Quick question about getting a I.V. For my wisdom tooth removal......?
How much is it for a dental filling without insurence?
What could fix the gap in my teeth besides braces?
Why do I drink out of the side of my mouth?
I Need Whiter Teeth, HELP!?
Do you think my tooth is savable?? *pic*?
Please just answer this, Im freaking out!!!!!?
what is the best color for braces?
How much pain would my braces and teeth be in?
How could i make my baby teeth fall out quicker?
How do I get rid of a sore inside my mouth?
Why do i feel this way, please help.?
For a long time my tongue has been very sensitive.?
about what is the cost of just one dental implant?
Toothache suddenly erupts with no reason?
Treatment for lie bump?
an abnormal bone growth in my upper gum just above my front teeth?
Broken Bracket, what should i do?
What is the best way of cleaning a plastic retainer?
how come when i brush my teeth, they bleed ?
What are the two major body cavities?
Has anyone been to the Melbourne Clinic Eating Disorder Unit?
im scared of everything and need help idk what to do...?
antidepressants don't do a thing is there something wrong with them or me?
Do I have aspergers or something else?
does my brother feel good to make me cry?
can someone help me please?
how long it takes to reduce 90lbs throgh aerobics?
How do you if youre eating enough on phase 2?
does the thc in marijuana lose potency or gain potency over time?
Is this a good workout routine and how much weight do you think I could lose?
Is there a diesease that doesnt let you digest foods very well?
diet question?
Help needed for getting fit!!!?
Omg Help!!!! (easy 10 points!!!)?
Dropping 10 to 15 pounds?
Snacks/food that help with dieting?
why do i get hot, and a lil sweaty, after eating heavy foods such as?
Can you help me gain weight...?!?
how can i gain 2 pounds in a healthy way?
How to lose 20 pounds?!?
Foods to eat and to avoid?
i need honest opinions?
What's a good way to excersize the muscles in back of your shoulders?... the area around the shoulder blades..
help get rid of my baby belly!?
how can i loose weight?
Which aerobics/excercise is best for loosing that outer layer of belly fat?
What is the best teeth whitening product at the moment?
What do they do at a braces consultation?
Does Fidelis Dental Cover Veneers?
Songs about the Dentist?
I have no teeth but my gums are killing me!!?
How do retainers work?
What to do a week before braces get taken off?
Taking braces off early?
Should I go to the Dentist ASAP?!?
My canine tooth is cutting into my cheek?
Does it hurt to eat after a filling?
I just got 6 rubber bands put in my braces and the pain is unbearable!?
Crown recently been chipped?
Tooth fillings question?
What colors of braces should i get?
Does it hurt to get a molar out?
White dot in my mouth?
How long should a wait be at a doctor's office?
Am I supposed to swallow Listerine Pocket Mist Oral Care Mist, Cool Mint? yes or no? answer ASAP!?
My clear retainer cracked! Help?
Lumps detected in body?
what are the fundamental changes in normal cell cycle and function compared with myeloma cell?
Is head and neck cancer hereditary?
Are there any gyms that offer memberships without contracts??
free weights or machines better?
my height is 5ft 7inch, my weight is 48kgs so wat wuld be my BMR AND IS IT HEALTHY?
Dieting...Please Answer!!!?
i need to lose about 15 pounds by june...?
I am underweight how can i gain weight quickly ?
im 51 and need to loose inter thigh fat whats best to do it.?
soccer player speed 14?
what way do you think is the best way to lose 2 stone?
does a cup of fruit count as one serving or two?
just some general question on fitness?
passing a drug test?
If I eat a certain amount of calories?
difference of doin push ups by bit and one go?
Weight Question... please help...?
what to change from my diet to kick plateau?!?
Isn't it true the reason thin mice live longer is cause it lowers their metabolism, may not be good for humans
What is the best food diet you know of?
is this enough?
Is this healthy?
what is a good food that you can eat lots of and only has a few calories.?
does lettuce expand your stomach?
Green teas?
how can i tell if im depressed?
is it normal to be desensitised if you are constantly criticised?
what are the symptoms of an anxiety disorder?
Help me with stuttering?
why cant i sleep i havent slept for days!?
How long does it take to break an addiction to heroin?
What is a good 2 week vacation / holiday idea for someone in my situation?
can abuse of a male to a female cause this?
Can a Male with Border Line Personality Disorder have a lone term relationship.?
I can't sleep at all!?
What kind of braces do you think I need?
My ortadonest gave me overbite?
Target Whitestrips on my teeth all night?
HELP. My jaw :( please answer?
Dr says I need to clean my tongue?
will gingivitis just basically cover the whole gum?
i really want those colored wires for my braces ...?
My braces have a weird hook, how will they take my braces off? (picture of hook!)?
switch to have my braces treatment to another orthodontist?
My retainer fits fine but my teeth are moving anyway?
What are black spots on teeth?
Severe pain in teeth after eating?
Why does my lip hurt after i cut my gum 2 days ago?
What can I do with my big mouth?
How long does it take to heal from wisdom teeth removal?
Am I supposed to swallow Listerine Pocket Mist Oral Care Mist, Cool Mint? yes or no? answer ASAP!?
does a root canal hurt that bad?
Gum disease and Surgery?
Cheek fused to gum after wisdom tooth removal?
Why do i have black gums?
Tooth infection or abscess?
Well today my dentist said my cavity was too bad or big or something and he said something about the nerve?