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Does invisiline work?
Braces Tighten Questions?
Jaw pain? PLEASE help! I don't know what to do!?
When do I get a retainer?
braces =] =] =] =] =] =]?
Dentist- Braces on way too long..?
Tooth extraction - Local Anesthesia - Still painful?
Had braces. Wisdom teeth coming in. What now?
Which kind of retainer would be made faster?
What will my oral surgeon do?
how can i fix my smile!?
Will my teeth shift backkk ?!?!?
I got a root canal and I cannot afford the post and the crown for a month or so...how long does the temporary?
if someone has braces does it turn you off?
why do i hate myself so much?
who can help me out about adhd?
Mental health Drs that wont listen?
Can people only grow within the context of love?
By looking at someone's eyes, can you tell of they are mentally well?
I dont noe anymore.. ={?
Does my older sister have a thought disorder?
im 21 yer age gal. im vry intrst to watch english horror. is it any mental dissis.. plz hlp me. rly im vry?
What exactly is ring worm?
whats there to know about oral cancer?
What exactly does the phrase "Stage 2" refer to when talking about cancer?
Hair transplant centers?
what are signs of prostate cancer?
Anyone's Grandma have dementia?
am i in risk of getting cancer if...?
if you are in a fight and your teeth get knocked loose will they tightin back up?
How much are cheap braces?
How do i whiten my teeth?
Braces and elastics question?
Tooth extraction help?
What are the short notes about topical fluoride?
Is my risk of getting cancer increased because of a CT scan?
what helps get past cancer?
Is dental instrument sharpening profitable?
would it make sense to get my braces off?
Dentist tomorrow...help!?
How can I improve manual dexterity?
how many teeth is a human suppose to have.?
Getting ride of a Mouth Ulcer NOW!!!?
will it be any different?
Bite Plate With Braces?
should my braces be hurting?
after getting floride on your teeth how long to do you wait to eat?
recently got tongue pierced and has to go to the dentist..?
Have my teeth moved in this amount of time?
when will my exposed teeth in?
What do I do about braces?
dentist says i have to remove my front bottom four but ortho says they can push back into bone?
Some oral health help?
i'm not allowed to diet since i'm eating disordered and in recovery, but...?
i need to lose about 10 poundssssss!?
the tongue is a muscle, right? so if you exercise it, does it get bigger?
Will my body go into starvation mode if I eat 10-20 calories every 2-3 hours?
I am 15 and 6 foot 2 and weigh 158 what should i squat and bench?
green tea and weight loss?
how much weight do you think i will lose?
i feel its too little 2000 calories, i work out and do auquajob 2 time a week does it mean i can eat more?
What are some ways to gain weight??
how did i gain 5 pounds in 4 days??
How to get Skinny with out any Pills or Food Programs?
Can you go to a gym such as 24 Fitness and be under 18?
How can i lose 50 pounds by the end of April???? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
Can you please look over my diet to see if i'm doing right?
Overweight Help!!!?
I need help!!!! SERIOUS!!?
is it better to work out on a empty stomach?
women: can you cradle carry a guy who weights more than you? have u actually done it?
Help with anorexia? Im just starting to recover and i feel like im gaining weight too fast!?
how strong am i?
i want a super models body or at least one better then i have now so give me some tips(pics included)?
where in delhi can i take training to become a certified arobic instructor?
When I was young my "spit" was crystal clear?
whitening my teeth, whats the best way?
How do i keep them clean?
Im scared about how bad braces will hurt please tell me how bad it will be and i have to be there for 2 hours?
I am 20 years old, tetracycline is making my teeth yellow?
Braces question please help?
Cracked clear retainers....?
Question about Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)?
how much does the tooth fairy give for a lost tooth today?
Question about braces?
my daughter is 4.5years and 2 teeth are shaking is it possible toloose them at that age abdullah ali regard?
need help w/ braces n stuff.?
i have a bite plate and need help.?
Do crest white stripes work if u don't brush?
Best cosmetic dentist in ma?
To get a job do I repond to the email or the posted ID?
does it heart to put on braces?
why are my legs crooked?
how much does it hurt to get fillings for cavities?
Where can I get braces for my teeth at a good price? (any city in England)?
what is implant method?
Estimation of Age (esp.humans) by looking at teeth?
wisdom teeth extraction...dry socket question?
needing help with OCD?
Hi,has anyone tried wellbutrin?
how long will it take me to get off lexapro?
How will Asperger's Syndrome affect a relationship?
Braces vs Invisalign ???
Dental Question Please HELP?
What is the least toxic dental impression material?
can the dentist remove the braces so I can get a crown done?
I think i have a problem!!?
can anybody help me i have Jaw problems?
is there a way to take off your braces without having to go to the orthodontist?
Does anybody actually follow the braces foods dos/don'ts?
Should I get dental insurance or pay out of pocket?
How do i get through Jaw surgery on my own?
how can i solve bad breath?
How can I whiten my Teeth at Home?
My rabbits teeth on top are pushed back.?
My dog just lost a tooth and she is bleeding a little. are rawhides ok while her puppy teeth are falling out?
What can't i eat with braces?
Why Is She Not Seeing Results?
how much weight could i lose?
Does anyone know of a second hand store in st. louis that sells hand weights?
I want to learn how to eat to be healthy and cut?
Help I need help with a work out plan!?
how to gain weight???
diet pills with antibiotics?
Am i overweight?
Can you tell me some leg workouts that really show? And how long should i do them?
Diet Doctor in the Northern VA area?
I sm 14 and 5'6, am i growing to fast and how much more will i grow?
will i gain weight if only eat one box of cereal a day? (frosted shredded wheat cereal,no milk).?
how to get in shape?
is it possible to over exercise by doing this work out everyday...?
20-30 pounds in one month?
Personal Trainer In Switzerland?
How much did "Birgit Jones" gain and lose of weight in what period of time?
how can i gain height and get muscle?
What is the best meal plan to lose 10-15 lbs?
click here please! i need cardio help?
losing weight?
Why does mesolthelioma of the pleura cause pleural effusion?
does prostate cancer usually display several symptoms in the early stages of development?
Any tips for putting on a cancer benefit?
Can anyone please recommend a good skin cream or lotion for a lady undergoing chemo and radiation treatments?
Does using deodorant after a shower cause cancer?
any cancer specialist?????
Low White Blood Cell Counts and Low Blood Platelets.?
impact of lung cancer on individual and society?
does exposure to hcfc 123 substance will cause liver cancer?
What does the pink LIVE STRONG band stand for?
How many people die from lung cancer each year?
if someone is diagnosed only a week or two ago that they have lung/liver cancer...?
How and where do white blood cells produce?
nasal gastric tube?
Can someone help me with a dental question?
my friend attempted to pierce my tounge yesterdayy?
crest whiten stripes 5mins a day!?
What does a small filling feel like?
Crest Whitening Strips?
Question about the Dentist.?
Dental Problem..........?
Would alum help a tongue sore?
is it true that putting vasoline on your teeth will whiten them?
my teeth hurt bad.. what can i do to reduce the pain?
Dry Socket Help? What will the dentist do?
I have a hole in my tooth ?
who acccepts concordia dental insurance in philadephia?
cavities??? am i alright is it still a cavity?
how to prevent teeth from erosion?
How do you clean the retainer?
I havea green tongue!?
I want to brace my teeth?
homemade remedies for whiter teeth?
How do I get over my fear of dentists needles?
i just had my tooth pulled today when can i eat something and what should i eat?
Any really really good whitening strips?
best buy stethoscope for respiratory specialists?
Is this a good fitness plan?
Is there a way to suppress bad habits?
help me plz?
Trying to get more muscle mass?
Effects of video games on adolecents?
I am 12, and need to lose weight, please help!?
how do you lode fat around your neck? it looks so pathetic!!!plz help?
workin out 5-6xs a wk & training 2xs a wk I feel thinner but I haven't lost weight what's wrong?
fitness results??????
my dentist says i have sensitive teeth and i disagree..?
how painful is a root canal?
Why does my lower jaw hurt when I push it forward?
is there something wrong with me? I do strange things that are in the list here...?
i need to hide my self harm scars any ideas?
Anyone gets interrupted by the slightest noise when sleeping?
Can you recommend a female psychiatrist OR psychologist in Sydney...?
HELP with hypnotherapy?
i feel strange and i dont no why this is happening help me?
Self Motivation...finding it hard?
what happens if i keep buying more whitening strips?
what is getting put to sleep like?
Where can I buy Close up white now?
im getting my braces off tomorrow and i have some questions..?
Does Coke disslove the cement that attatches the bracket to your tooth?
Do I listen to whitening instructions or my dentist?
Jaw giving me headaches?
Bit the inside of my cheek/lip?
what toothpaste kills bacteria the most?
Teeth marks around the tongue?
Best Dental plan for self employed?
Why are my gums going numb?
another cavity in already filled tooth?
Morning Breath - Preventable? Ways to make it stink LESS?
Should I be worried about my tooth filling?
How responsible ahould a 7 year old be responsiblle for a mouth retainer?
Dental asistant questions?
Help with teething problems?
Got my braces tightened. Can you help me with some questions?
Act Anti-Cavity Fluoride Rinse? Do you have to rinse with water after you use?
what is a bone trim after teeth extraction, before dentures?
I want your ideas- should we be able to chew gum in school?
I am asking about the question earlier that i asked about. Just to give you some insight what he said.?
What are cysts on my ovary?
How often does prostate cancer spread to the liver?
Taxol chemotherapy medicine?
Sloan Kettering-Is chemotherapy effective with advanced prostate cancer patients?
Why do fat and cancer don't get along?
are the women with breast cancer medically disabled and are they eligible for social security benefits?
If you have cancer please check out the mayo hospital in Rochester, Minnesota?
I notice that there are times my tummy so big and sometimes flat?
Important : Cancer Specialists! Someone I know have similar symptoms to Luekemia.?
how many people actually survive stage 4 colon cancer even with treatment?
Do you agree with gigantism or pituitary tumor?
Infant has swollen lymph nodes on back of neck and red crusty patches on skin. Doc hasn't been helpful.?
Why does anti cancer drug treatment lead to hair loss and nausea?
chemoteraphy question for leukemia?
do you know anything about lung cancer????
What qualifications do i need to be a dentist?
I havent wore my retainer in a while?!?
Will orthofill bands close my gap and create new ones on the sides?
Will It hurt getting my Tooth crowned?
what can i do to relieve my jaw pain?
How long will I need to wear braces? Picture Included?
i'm only 21 and need to replace all my teeth?
My cat has gingivitis. Can someone tell if applying the med. to treat it in this fashion will be effective?
My tooth hurts help what is it?
Why does my molar filling hurts?
I have 14 upper teeth and 16 lower teeth?
Tooth Extraction During Pregnancy?
What are the strongest mints that will keep my breath super fresh?
Wisdom Teeth help!!!!!?
How do i tell my ortho i am not happy with my results and i want him to fix it?
Why don't dentist or oral surgeon take a payment plan?
How do clear rubber bands look on metal brackets?
What is wrong with my jaw?
Do i need dental insurance for maxillofacial jaw surgery or medical insurance?
What is this bump on the roof of my mouth?
your atkins diet experience....?
what can"t you eat with gallstones?
help me with my workout routine?
Help me, please!?
How often should I run?
how burn fat without cardio?
i wan tto get rid of my belly.....and my chest looks little bit like females... im a male. how o i do it.?
Muscle contraction....muscle tension....muscle tone?
Eat sensibly excersizing and still stuck at 254 cannot lose??
can you drink flavoured water on the atkins diet?
I Am Curious...What Size USA would I be?( I am British)?
How can i get over the hump to look good?
I'm about to lose a lot of weight in a month through exercise and diet as urged by my doctor due to a health
Is this good for a workout?
answers if ur nice again?
how many calories would be in this recipe??
body fat and 6 pack help?
EEEEKKK... I need HELP!!!!?
am i overweight?
PLweaase Help!!!!!?
How many calories should a fifteen year old (sports-active) girl have daily?
Is this normal forgetfulness, or a sign of something more serious?
Pills and overdosing?
How do you get admitted into a hospital?
need someone to talk to?
Why is he acting like this?
Any advice i need please read thanks!?
I'm really scared all my bottom teeth...?
Girls find really white fake teeth or kinda white teeth more attractive?
Can you make payments on braces without insurance?
How long do people generally have their braces on for?
How much do braces cost?
I'm concerned about my friend who spends 2 hrs to brush her teeth, what type of specialist/doc should she see?
should i brush with mouth open or closed?
Should i pull my tooth out?
I feel like my orthodontist is doing something wrong..?
at what point does a tooth infection spread?
One of my gums is extremely puffy.?
how to replace a filling?
what is the difference between braces and retainers?
Reason for tooth discoloration?
The left side of my jaw hurts when I bite down! HELP!!?
How can I make my teeth really white ?
I have a white bubble on my gums, so WHAT COULD IT BE?
Should I worry about this gap in my teeth?
Is drinking one coffee a day with milk really that bad for your teeth?
How much money will it cost to get braces on my upper jaw?
How do you know if your Wisdom Teeth are growing correctly?
Do all silver / metallic fillings contain mercury?
Do braces hurt after u get them ?
what is the average time someone has their braces on if they have a cross bite and had an expander?
Does Getting Your Adult Teeth Pulled Hurt? Please help !!!?
Crest pro effects whitestrips or advanced vivid?
cavaties in front teeth..?
I have Two Bumps in My Mouth? Opinion Please?
HElp I really need braces but..?
My 16 month old daughter, no sign of any teeth coming, anyone else got this problem, im worried, please help.?
Braces help??!!...plz its short?
Wisdom teeth problems?
Will your gums go back to normal after you get your braces off?
How often can i change the color for my braces?
How much does it cost to get your teeth whitened?
Does anyone know what kind of food i can eat after getting my apenex taken?
Do gEtting 2 teeth pulled hurt?
Being put to sleep at the dentist?
How long will it take for the tooth to come through?
Why does one side of my jaw click when sometimes when I chew?
Do braces hurt?I'm gEtting them soon.?
question about flossing?
I got braces a few month ago and I have a gap in between two of my teeth...?
What Is The Ranking For Cancer?
I'm scared that my psych will...?
psychiatrists.... what would be the shortest time to diagnose schizophrenia?
Need help losing weight read details?
I just started weight watchers a week ago. i am always hungry and i have only lost one pound! any advice?
I'm lean, how to increase my weight,diet?
What is whole-wheat carbs & best sources of carbohydrates?
How to loose weight after Zoloft.?
Increase concenrtation?
Diet Pill Legality?
Simple low-fat meals to make?
ok to do high sets and high reps for two body parts in same workout?
I have really messed up my teeth by smoking and chewing tobacco.can this be rectified? i live in gurgaon.?
Invisalign Teen or Braces?
What is it like to get your wisdom teeth out while on nitrous oxide(laughing gas)?
What type of dental treatment is free on the nhs?
i am having braces that are removable.by mistake fevi-kwick got on it. how to remove it?????????plz help?
my son has pain and imfection in 6 no. teeth?
Why when i chew gum......?
Any treatment for excessive saliva?
Tooth Infection and Health dangers? 3 years of infection...?
Where can i get close up white now toothpaste?
What's that metal thing that is put on your back teeth when you have braces?
what should i d if someone bully's me about my teeth?
Why are the bands on my molers so sharp?
I've recently gotten braces?
can a dentist tell when you dip?
Is it bad for braces ?
When I wake up there is blood in my saliva, probably from my gums, wtf is happening in there?
i have a loose tooth and i donk know what to do to keep it is thier like anything?
whats the best way to whiten my teeth naturally at home without paying lotta money?
My tooth feels loose what should I do?
How can i get my gums to unswell before i get my braces off?
I went to the dentist?
Loose Adult Tooth Help!?
wisdom tooth extraction? how does local anesthesia works?
does medicaid cover braces?
Will I get Dry Socket?
Teeth hurry up fully growing !?!? "/?
Permanent teeth taking FOREVER!?!?
Whiter teeth?? Braces.?
how much does tooth extractions and filling hurt?
why does my breath smell bad and my teeth yellow?
What are the best teeth whitening strips to use?
Good Dentist Around Hurst, Euless or Bedford TX?
Is Penicillin VK safe to take while pregnant?
Are you allowed to listen to your MP3 while your getting teeth pulled?
questions for dentist and hygiene experts.?
Is there a website where you can give yourself Braces?
How to fix a crooked smile?
Problem with my teeth will they ever come together?
freshman getting braces!! what kind should i get?
Why should I keep them in if it's perfect already?
Do braces really hurt that bad?
i have upper and lower braces for about 5 months now and...?
Is it unhealthy to sleep and breath with only your mouth?
What is the BEST whitening toothpaste i can get at walmart?
if my body is lacking in essencial things (diatery)will i get cravings for them?
getting in shape for the Marine corp?
how much does a 14 year old female weight??
How can I get diet pills if I'm under 18???
10 lbs. possible?
How much can a dentist make working for CA government?
Does teeth whitening at a dentist hurt?
Really bad ulcers? Is this a condition?
Is there any meal supplement/replacements that do work?
how to loose baby belly . i walk 40 mint every day?
How can I reduce the amount of my bodily fat in a healthy way?
Dentist:I just got filling?
does anyone know if Alli diet pills work?
How to reduce weight abt 5 to 6 kgs within 2 r 3 months?
I really want to get braces since i have a few gaps in my teeth.?
how do you know if you clench your teeth at night?
When should all of your baby teeth be gone?
which one is good for health tea or coffee if tea is better how many cups can i take in one day?
How long until I can eat solid foods just had wisdom teeth removed?
is this a bad thing???
Teeth Braces and Laser Facial Hair Removal?
I weigh 154 at 5'10 what is a healthy amount of calories in my diet?
I m 18 yrs old my height 5.7' ,i weigh 51 kgs do m healthy ,does i need increase my weight r m normal?
Doctor says i have TMJ how did I get it?
Incredibly nauseous not sure why?
Swelling after wisdom teeth removal? 4 weeks later?
Can a different orthodontist fix my braces?
the right side of my mouth hurts when i open it. why?
besides having bad breath what does it mean to take gum from someone?
Would using TWO Crest 3D whitening strips make any difference in my teeth?
Why do i have this blood clot in my mouth?
Why did I get a power chain on all my top teeth?
I heard yellow braces can be nice looking is that true?
Ive thrown up like 2 times after wisdom teeth removal ?
Will a cosmetic dentist give me veneer fangs if I want them?
My father has sustained a brain injury 11 years ago, he is verbal and abusive, he hurts me and my family?
do you like seeing naked guys playing with balloons?
I'm so scared I have a brain tumor. someone please help!?
reacurring cancer on right side of neck.behind ear in lymph nodes,?
what are the normal functions of a breast?
What are the effects of nicotine to one's body?
Whitening my teeth with white spots?
What is the best whitening strips?
why is it when i put on my rubber bands for my braces they hurt?
im going to the orthodontist tomorrow and.......?
I lost my reatiner, will my teeth move in 2 days?
is taking just tetracycline for a tooth infection effective?
can someone tell me what's wrong!?
where can i get ''colgate wisp''?
How long do I have to wait between painkillers? ?
Bracket on braces came loose on the first day?
Can an infected tooth cause other teeth to hurt?
Major teeth problems. Dental help?
what can you do to make your teeth stronger?
Wondering, why do some people with little or no teeth...?
Leaving teeth whitener in overnight rather than 1 hour.. bad idea?
has anyone had dental implants or implant dentures at a dental school? What is the cost?
i havent worn my rubber bands in a year..?
What would you like thow can i help my abscess tooth with no dental no money and no car. helpo ask?
Low cost/low income dental clinics in Wisconsin?
The best teeth whiting mouthwash?
I think I'm shaking from either the caffeine from my coffee or the sugar but whatever it is, is it normal??
best to work out every day? every other day? 5-6 times a week?
I got a 26 on my ACT. I want to go to the University of Michigan. What are my chances?
bulk chinese green tea-plain?
eating a banana for breakfast? good/ bad?
how can increase my distance when running?
i have white spots on my teeth that get worse if i dont wear my retainer at night?
are bone grafts necessary after tooth extraction?
What causes morning breath?
White spots on my tonsils?
Is it normal to feel Beastly when you have a tooth ache?
Please help I'm in so much pain?
what can i get over the counter for my tooth?
my three year old son hit me in the mouth. my lip had split open, but thankfully this was not to deep. Now th?
if you have the other half of the chipped of tooth, can you reconnect it?
my gum hurts really bad, i havent gotten my wisdom tooth yet, could this be a sign of it?
What will happen when periodontal disease has removed all of your teeth?
I had my wisdom teeth out over a year ago, however my gum hurts on the one side, right where the tooth was.?
Keep fit and put on muscle mass?
What is the fastest way to lose weight?
White spots on tooth?
I think i have a cavity on every tooth. what would happen when i go to the dentiwst?
Why do some people not think oral hygiene is important?
How get rid of tongue pain?
My lower gums are purple...?
My tooth came out can I still get braces ?
questions about braces..?
which one is better invisalin teen or regular braces?
taking zoloft for 12 years?
Is this Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
How to know if I have attention deficy disorder or not?
help! i need support for my chronic depression...?
Who suffers from depression and/or anxiety and is in a healthy relationship?
What mental illnesses does the evil woman from the film "Misery" suffer from?
has anybody been on citalopram for depression?and was it effective?
if i take serax 10 mg before the eight hour?
can you take St John' wort when your an adolescent?
how long does the numbness in my mouth go away?
My #20 tooth is twisted. My dentist wants to pull it out but it is a perfectly good tooth.?
Really bad toothache....?
I want clear/ceramic braces but i already have metal ones on... is there any way i can get them?
Does Bicarbonate of Soda whiten teeth?
website for braces colors selector?
Dental insurance.........?
what can I use to whiten my teeth?
How to prevent really bad swelling after wisdom teeth removal. pleasee help!!?
I have really bad teeth how can I make them whiter?
Does Baking Soda and Peroxide Really work?
how to get rid of colour on your teeth and lips?
tooth extraction and clotting?
Does it hurt more getting punched with braces on ?
fear of losing my teeth help?
how do you feel when you brush your teeth and what personal needs are gratified when doing so?
Does drinking alcohol the night BEFORE a dental procedure have any effect on the novocaine shot?
How can I make my mouth taste good for make-out sessions with my boyfriend?
what are your attitudes/feelings toward someone who does not brush their teeth?
Colon cancer really a cancer that affects people over the age of 50?
Does freezing a water bottle for longer-lasting coldness cause cancer?
Ways to cheer up a family member undergoing harsh cancer treatment?
How do 10 mrem of 4 x-rays and 300 mrem of radioactive barium enema affect a patient's annual exposure?
Where is a good place to go to buy a monument for a loved one?
project on breast cancer. wanna answer questions?
i have been told by my doctor that i have a nodule on my pituitary gland after a MRI. What does this mean?
Are there any surviving women, or success stories for women who have had breast cancer & taken Herceptin?
Explain how the following contributes to cancer. 1) old age 2) environmental factors such as mutagens?
has any one heared about Tolly carr trying to kill his self?
Does the lead singer from Green Day (billie joe armstrong) have throat cancer and a brain tumor?
What's a good way to lose weight?
how do i gain muscle? or weight?
how can i get a musculer body?
What should i do??
Diet pills?
Dieting limiting richness of milk?
Does anyone know how much they charge in jenny craig.?
i want some web site for mp3 songs?
GYM QUESTION....what do i do to lose my stomach?
Boxing anyone ever do it?
So far today......nutrition?
Doctors (M.D. or D.O.) or nurses: Is lifting heavy weights bad for your joints/ligaments/tendons in long run?
Who was eliminated from Biggest Loser yesterday?
how many press ups should i do in a day??
is mussle milk good for me???
Do you know of any fitness or weight loss shows that are now casting for Texas?
To get a ripped body?
How much weight will I lose if...?
How To Entertained While Working Out?
my friend is 5ft.2 and weighs 95lbs and im 5ft 6 and i weigh 110 but my friend looks alot bigger than me but?
How do I ask my wife to lose weight?
Hows my exercise schedule, 14 year old boy?
Paid daughter's Orthodontist in full and not happy with the job he's doing. What are our rights?
Gum/ Jaw pain sorenesss and hurting?
Ahhhh my tooth hurts!?
Is it alright to eat pizza straight after getting fillings?
How does a dentist remove a permanent crown?
Where did you get your braces?
why are your thouhts/feelings toward someone who does not brush their teeth? why do you think they dont?
Very locked jaw,sore,sore throat,bleeding?
Looking for a Dentist who can help me with my gums...Im losing sleep over this.?
I'm 15 and am getting my wisdom teeth pulled?
How do toothbrushes help us understand current events and issues?
What diseases can you get from a shared toothbrush?
Does it hurt if you get a dental cyst taken out, plus 4 of your wisdom teeth?
Can dentists tell If you purposely make yor self throw up?
Dentistry and tooth removal?
How to reduce swelling in cheek/lip?
how painful is getting your wisdom teeth pulled?
White lines along gum line?
Why is there a small white bump on my gums?
Laser teeth whitening by dentists?
can white filling lasts for a life time ?
Small bump on the roof of my mouth? Please Help!!?
Does anyone know of any orthodontic insurance companies out there?
Hydraulic barber and dental chair repair info. and top part suppliers?
can someone taste your breath if you have tonsil stones?
braces off in six days uneven front teeth?
How to remove molars without pain but with new teeth coming in?
i have translucent front teeth & i wanted to make my teeth more whiter! now im confused! my dentist said my?
i got my wisdom teeth pulled, all four, on 1/21/11, and i wanna know by tomorrow, 1/27/11, if i can smoke weed?
My tooth has a metal covering on it and it hurts really bad i can barely chew do you know what it can be?
filling and refilling teeth root canal?
just had a tooth pulled today lower left is it normal to have pain in your ear and tonsil yet after pulled?
should only an oral surgeon pull wisdom teeth?
whats a single tooth on a post?
AGHH! got braces today and they hurt so badly?
Blue Hard Stuff on my molers?
How do I reduce the stains on my teeth with braces?
I went to the dentist and had a crown put on a tooth. Then found out that I was 3-4 weeks pregnant at the time?
does medicaid cover for braces in new jersey?
I'm getting my teeth pulled next week..?
how long does it take to be able to eat with braces?
Cavity in back molar?
Should i tell my father i was molested?
I have parents who make me feel un-loved, and I get abused either verbal or physical (Phyical once) ?
I feel like my short term memory and concentration are deteriorating?
what would happen if i took 20 mg or serax instead of 10mg?
I hate myself...............i want perfection?
I'm always angry and upset.?
Is it weired that I'm only 19 and scared of..?
Xanax and meds and alcohol. Pro answers please!!!!?
Can knowledge be acquired without attempting to learn a thing?
has anyone taken serax or lubrium for anxiety and did it help you?
What's good amout of sleep?
Does a teen need to work out?
how many pounds will I lose in a week IF?
help me im 60lb overweight and im 16?
workout vids?
how much should he weigh?
whats the best way to build up my abs?
does anybody know anygood exercise for the upper part of the body?
how do i lose waight fast without pills?
How many carbs should I be eating?
how many pounds u think i can lose in 31 days?
how do you stop coming so fast?
what kind of fruits do you like and also vegtables?
Ok so im on a diet, how am i doing so far??
what is anorexic?
Postpartum Exercise? I need help!?
losing weight?
I want to get taller!!?
Help can i loose that?
Is there such a thing as working out too much?
Help! I'm Fat!?
if you ever had melenoma how long was it on ur skin before removed and what stage wasit?
What types of treatment are there for esophageal cancer?
can you get skin cancer from drawing on your self with sharpie markers?
have had brachtherapy for postate cancer after 5 months still not emptying my bladder, help.?
Is breast cancer and leukemia hereditary?
what are the cause of caner in ovay?
is cerebral pasy curable by stem cell treatment?
my sister has tongue cancer?
What are the 7 methods of identifying facial nerve during superficial parotidectomy?
Does anyone know what causes bone cancer?
thyroid cancer?
Symptoms of Cancer?
what kind of cancer is out there?
What is sentinel survey?
y me walk for breast cancer?
Please say a prayer to Rascal and spass the prayer along.?
What organ that is not possible to be affected by cancer cells?
Stains at the base of my teeth? Normal?
What does evaluation for deband mean? (braces)?
Baking Soda, mixing issue?
Getting my braces off today !!!!! ?
How to clean a retainer?
Do I have to put down a social security number just for dentist consultation?
Am i getting my wisdom teeth in?
Is there a solution I that I can keep my toothbrush in every night to make it more clean?
My gums are bright pink?
How do I get rid of the pain from a loose tooth?
I had wisdom teeth surgery and the surgeon bumped my tooth leaving a hole. how do i stop the pain?
keeping the wisdom tooth? what happens?
How long does it take for dissolving stitches to fall out?
What age do people usually get their wisdom teeth?
Do breath mints cause cavity?
can swallowing during sleep cause dry socket?
What is it like to kiss someone with dentures?
How do I get rid of a canker sore?
okay i have a silver cap that came off?
OK i just got spacers today because in a few days im getting braces.I need a remedy for the pain.?
How long can you eat when you get braces?
Canker sore? coNFUsedd..?
wisdom tooth extraction?
My wisdom teeth are really sore and uncomfortable?
any other options besides braces!?
does getting a crumbled tooth pulled hurt?
How can I naturally make my teeth alittle bit whiter before i get my braces off next week?
Do you think I'll still be able to perform on piano (for a show at school) after a wisdom tooth extraction?
Tips for teeth whitening?
how bad/messed up are my teeth?
help with a crumbled tooth?
can an eleven year old brush their teeth properly?
How do I get my receding gumline back to normal?
Brown/black stains on teeth :/ ?
My Teeth Are Moving After One Day?
ALL 4 wisdom teeth extracted monday?
My top retainer is a bit loose and its makein my tooth feel wobberly what should i do?
can your mouth swell shut after eating a chile pepper?
how do orthodontists take braces off?
When I bite my teeth they don't meet correctly after wisdom teeth removal, Is this normal?
Broken tooth inside my lip?
What is my tooth fairies name?
my retainers didnt fit now they do.?
My mother has lost over 20 pounds in the past month she has a sever pain to the left side of stomach she has b?
2 months enough to tone up?
Best excercises?
Do I have to exercise everyday to maintain my weight?
Does noodles add up in weight? or bellyfat ?
I start to itch when...?
do you ever feel like you're counting calories wrong?
I am trying to help a friend with bulimia?
how many ceasarean a woman ever had (maximun) that u ever heard of?
does this stuff work for weightloss?
Im leanin up for the summer and havin a hard time with meal planning can anyone help me?
is olympic weight bench(bench press) best home gym equipment?
what are exactly is the drug sonoma for?
loose WEIGT?
what foods have a lot of protein and carbs? and are good after a workout?
i'm trying to lse weight?
how much should i be lifting?
what is the..?
I broke my hand for quite a while and during that time i worked out only my other arm. is this ok?
weight lifting?
should i increase my workout time now???
What can I do for more energy?
Any weightlifters out there????
My daughter is 14 and fat. Should I make her exercise?
Does everyone end up needing dentures when they are old?
Dentist check up Phobia!! :( please help?
Great San Francisco Dentist?
Having teeth extraction to fix my overbite?
i have white squares above my orthodontic braces, what should i do?
How do get rid of bad breath?
is there a type of denture that doesnt go all the way back in your mouth?
jaw problem?????????????????
Fractured and abscessed tooth serious?
how long is human fangs for most young ages?
Glow in the dark Color for braces?
How come I know people that never flossed their teeth but?
Swollen gums post extraction?
Why do I intend to swallow when something touches my back teeth?
Will i get dry socket?
Can i get chin reduction surgery at 16 ??
Tooth that i got a root canal on hurts when I chew?
I swallowed PreviDent 5000 booster by accident, what will happen??
Any ideas how to lose a tooth without pulling it?
Can I get white teeth in four months?
My tooth is really lose can twist to back side but hurts when i pull it.Any ideas how i can get it out?
whiter teeth????????????
Do those crest pro health white strips really work?
What are the reasons, other than cancer, for elevation of biological markers cea and ca 15-3?
What is the symptomes of bowl cancer? Do you know anybody who has got it or had it?
Where can I buy the cancer drug dichloroacetate?
Does anyone have information on the fact that sugar feeds cancer cells? While it's almost impossible?
Wisdom tooth extraction - question about pain?
i got my wisdom teeth out on Jan. 5th. Today i woke up and it was swollen on my left side. What is going on?
Tooth pulled? Questions?
How long do i have to wear retainers?
Tooth still feels dead/numb at night after 2 months after having a filling?
I just had to get two fillings done and my gums are really sore from the shots, how long can I expect that?
Whats these white stuff on my teeth (just got braces)?
what i can i do my mouth is really hurting on the top right where they took my wisdom teeth out what can i Tak?
What is this bump in my mouth by my braces ?
How can you whiten your teeth at age 11??????
I am 21 and still have to baby teeth. The permanent teeth are coming in as well.?
im getting my braces off soon?
does care source pay for braces?
Two harmful effects that tobacco has on the teeth?
What is a good way on cleaning a plastic retainer that hasn't been worn in about half a year?
What dental device is this?
How long does it take for a cavity to get worse?
how can you make your tooth enamel stronger?
I think i have TMJ.....?
What are some good supplaments for joint pain?
Can I make my mouth less-numb?
i have lost a tooth from my dentures i dont want to pay dentis 6 pounds to stick it back does anybody know if?
Is it normal for your cheeks to swell when you've had your wisdom teeth out for over a month?
Picks for Braces? Safe for airplanes?
I have a problem in my gum?
What will getting my teeth Fixed consist of? Read for Details!?
cavaties in my mouth!?
Does TMJ cause asymmetry?
Do beets stain your teeth?
My jaw Hurts, And wisdom tooth is coming in?
Is it normal to have swollen face after the extraction of the tooth?
Am I getting lines around my mouth?
would i still need a root canal?
Okay so i want to go to the dentist...?
how to have a pearly white sets of teeth?
Will my teeth be rotten/gross after I get my braces off?
would being a dentist be boring after a while?
Orthofill bands? Reviews and where to get them?
Tooth hurts after bite adjustment (shaving down teeth)?
How long should I wait after dental work to whiten my teeth?
What is..? BRACES HELP!?
How to get rid of one small but noticable space in teeth?! (I have braces)?
Is it good to have multivitamin tablets at age of 26.?
i have been detoxing for 5 days, eating basically fruit,veg salad and water only, has this done me good?
how can i get a six pack and add muscle?
How much WEIGHT can I LOSE ?
Can Ankle weights stun and adolescence's growth?
Can any of these meals be well-balanced?
ive had sore throat since new year day it wont go away help please?
has anyone ever suffered from panic attacks?
Does saying "I like turtles" outloud make you feel happy or is it just me?"I?
Long term studies on medicating children with behavioural problems?
please someone help......agoraphobia/BDD/etc?
antibiotics + drugs (illegal) = bad?
Does anyone have the following, i guess, 'side effects' from these medications?
can having bi polar make you think different?
my friend is depressed what do i do?
A teacher knows i self harm, i dont think she has told my parents though, will she have to?
How can I make my teeth whiter?
What causes blisters and bleeding on your tongue?
getting clear braces tomorrow?
Retainer or Braces for my teeth?
I'm Getting Braces in 2 Days..?
Is separators and spacers the same thing?
retainer question??????
How do braces fix overbites?
What is the possibility of me getting my wisdom teeth?
Stiff jaw possibly to do with growing wisdom teeth?
best whitening procedure at dentist?
Does a gingevectomy hurt? ( scalpel )?
Im 19 and My teeth is wiggly! Help!?
How do I simulate having braces?
Teeth hurt after bite adjustment?
My teeth don't fully match when close my mouth after 7 days of wisdom teeth extraction,?
Whats the best color to get in braces?
how do you tell when the enamel has worn off your teeth?
Can you makeout with a retainer in? ?
do braces make your teeth permanently straight?
why is it important for a dentist to be detail oriented?
what kind of crest whitening strips should a 13 year old use? she does not want the teeth to be too dramatic?
Do any of you support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society?
Can anyone name, for certain, a famous person who has been diagnosed with Endometriosis?
I had 8 months of chemotherapy --what is a good face/ skin cream --?
Is any resources that can help cancer patients with financial hardships, especially car and house payments?
Why So Many Cancer Deaths?
If I'm in love with a paraplegic, do I have a leg to stand on?
Is there any alternative treatement for Anaplastic Thyroid cancer.?
can you die from swollen glands?
Help please??? Back Pain That Moved to my Stomach (right side of my body)??
Lump Below My Ear? Please Help?
I woke up and my back hurt. Why?
Bad Sleeping coming to neck pains...help?
Does A Persons Behavior Change When Diagnosed With Cancer?
If you have leukemia. I can help you.?
Lumps On Breast?
cancer in brain?
What are the dietary suggestions for cancer patients?
anti persperant = brest cancer?
what is a substitute for ibuprofen for toothaches?
Does toothpaste kill germs, or does it just get rid of plaque?
My teeth are always showing?
Question about my Wisdom teeth?
My jaw has been popping a lot since I've been wearing rubber bands in my mouth, is this a problem?
How should i prepare for my braces?? Also do you think it will be bad to get them 6 days before my birthday?
I'm getting my braces off next week?
Little pieces of cavity filling came out?
Braces - Teeth sensitive to cold/hot?
Anyone Knows How To Pack A Loose Lower Front Tooth?
i have braces on already but they told me i have bracket bonding what does that mean?
What to do when youre not "worth" $800 for retainers? And you're teeth are worsening...?
Have noticed some swollen gums above some upper teeth?
Has anyone gotten their braces off earlier then the ortho said?
I need a little information on cosmetic dental work, can anyone help?
Do Crest 3D Whitening toothpaste/rinse work?
Do you get to choose the type of retainer you get after braces, or do they pick for you?
Pressure on my back upper right tooth?
How to become an Orthodontist?
is hydrogen peroxide a good oral rinse? what uses does it have with oral hygiene and is it safe to use?
Mouth still bleeding but can I remove gauze?
What is soggy buiscuit?
okay i now know ankles weights but what other body weights can i use?
Im getting a sort of "pooch" under my chin, can i do anything to make it go away?
Protein, Creatine, and Glutamine combo.?
how many calories should someone who is 5'5" and 182 pounds eat to lose weight?
running a mile?
Tone you fast?
My friend thinks she's fat...?
how can i lose body fat?
i wanna get big and gain more weight?
How long will it take for me to drop 20 lbs?
i have questions about losing weight?
I am 19, is it the best age for me to start drinks, how shall i take the drinks so that it don't effect health
increasin my strenth/agility?
If I'm supposed to have 1700 calories per day, how much weight would i lose if i start to have only 300 kcal
what is better... metabo or trimspa?
I am 5'5 and weigh 155, I am trying to atleast loose 10 pounds.?
is stairclimbing just as effective as an elliptical if you do it for the same amount of time?
is this a good weight?
Lose 25 pounds?
Wat helps to take my pain away from my teeth?
HELP; i got my tongue pierced and mom doesnt know and i have a dentist app!?
What does the braces term bracket bonding mean indepth and in detail thankyou???!!!?
Question about braces?
How long does it take to get braces on?
My tooth with braces?!?!?
Should I take out my 2nd premolar?
will I have trouble getting my new retainer if the temp messed up?
What did you major in to go to dental school?
Should I get braces or not - 6mm overbite?
What could be causing all this pain in my face?
Best whitening products?
My gums flaps over my wisdom tooth and when i eat i keep chewing my gums.It hurts and i feel a hard ball in it?
Something at the back of my mouth, is it a tooth?
Little purpley spot on my gums?
My husband gets a yellow/brownish saliva from his mouth while sleeping?
the band on my braces is coming off?!?
What does my orthodontist mean?
Boys: do you back off from a girl...?
Help my tooth and gums are killing me and I don't know why!!!!?
what should i do if i swallowed oral gel from eating?
I want to try brushing with baking soda..but are there any damaging effects?
I love garbage.....what's wrong with me?
is there anything i can do ?
anxiety and body dismorphic disorder make me want to kill myself?
embarrassed to see a psychologist?
I have been feeling depressed?
i carry a lot of things with me at all times, is this a symptom of something?
Housebound is driving me mental?
How long does the insomnia and headaches last with sertraline?
why do i have the urge for secrecy?
Am I taking too much time off work?
OCD what is the best medication?
I'm too sensitive and it causes me to drink and overdose on pills?
Rite Aid: Returning toothpaste?
Will my wisdom teeth move my other teeth?
Root canal on front tooth!?
After wisdom tooth removal (lower jaw) I cant close my mouth, it feels there's something where the molar was?
How long until I can stop putting gauze in my mouth after wisdom teeth removal?
what do you brush your puppies teeth with?
pointy teeth in my baby?
I can't floss where I recently got a filling. It causes pain why?
Cut on the corner on my lip. Braces?
What cause mouth to salivate?
Double tooth extraction...can I chose to be put under?
Why does my mouth bleed?
Why use Baking Soda on teeth?
i desperately need my teeth fixed?
Husband acting strange when he didn't take medicine after wisdom teeth extractions?
death in philippines with dental cause?
Question Concerning Premolar Removal?
I have a Wisdom teeth question?
My retainer broke i need advice?
If I left whiting toothpaste on my teeth for 2hours would my teeth turn white?
First Upper Molar extracted, Braces as a solution?
Is there cavities in my front teeth?
NEVER been to the dentist, bad?
If cancer grows into a structure inside of you, would it likely result in excrutiating pain?
Is an MRI recommended for breast cancer screening for an adopted woman?
my sister had a tongue biopsy 2 weeks ago?
A question about tanning beds(please read more before telling me im going to die or get skin cancer)?
im doing a report on pancreatic cancer and i need help and info. Please help me.?
Stomach cancer?
what causes the gums around the teeth to turn black?
what does microlaryngoscopy mean and how is it related to thoat cancer?
would there ever be a cure 4 cancer ?
How young do u have to be to get breast cancer?
I am 38 and had my rectum removed. Wonder if anyone has had this experience? I have lots of questions to ask
what are the chances of getting bowl cancer for someone who doesn't eat fruit or veggies?
have any alternate of ciggerate?
Is the BRCA 1 and 2 tests offered in Canada, and if so how much does it cost and is it covered by insurance?
cancer in elders????
I say that these altas neck collars made by ossur collar are for tracheostomies and laryngectomies?
What could have been better with radiation treatment?
losing weight! plz help?
What is "swastik diet"?
Am I overweight??
Should i gain some weight?..?
How to get back into shape?
Most benefical 100- Calorie Snack?
One of my colleagues always critisizes everone on how much food they eat & that they are too fat?
what is the best healthy meal for breakast lunch and dinner . 13 year old girl?
How do you build up speed?
what will happen if i join track?
How do you get toned?
Diet plan?
Cheap diet foods?
Should i bulk up or tone if i am 5'3''?
Can't lose the last 10 lbs?
quick question!!!!! need couple more opinions...?
how can i get rid of small love handles?
Can I loose weight?
hi,i am on the national wrestling team and need to loose 5 lbs in a week,anyone got any suggestions?
Im trying to get buff, pls help!?
what are some goos excercises and dieting for tuning the body??
What to mix in whey protein drink?
RETAINER?!?!?! teeth moving?!? (please answer)!?
How to lessen wisdom tooth pain?
Which is better toothpaste Colgate or Crest?
what is pertaining to the front and back?
easy opinion question on braces?
can spring retainers straighten twisted teeth?
How to prevent tooth discoloration from tea?
Orthodontists or dentists, help!?
My tooth hurts!!! Help!?
How long does it take to get braces?
I need to lose these two teeth before March, or else they'll have to surgically remove them!!?
How can i fix my daughters teeth? pics?
hospitals that do tooth extractions in Saint Louis, MO?
Why do I have an urge to chew?
I'm getting braces soon like next week and they have to pull 5 teeth out will it hurt?
should i get braces during the week or at the end of the week?
Help with unhealthy gums?
denture+braces is it possible?
I have a question about braces?
do wisdom teeth have nerves?
When has a dentist over-filed a new crown?
Trouble with mild anxiety...?
IS THIS OCD????????????//?
i banged my tooth its now wobbly will it be ok or will i lose it?
When is it ok to start brushing?
i just got my tooth removed ?
My front tooth is wiggly! :(?
does root canal hurt alot? i am really scared some of my friends told me i am too young to have it done?
I can't floss where my filling is. Please help!?
Question about fixing my gums(mouth)?
My tooth has become loose due to infection?
is it normal for the dentist to charge for crown delivery?
how can i remove already shaking and moving tooth?
Do these teeth need braces? :)?
Help! I have this red lump or bump on my gums! what is it?