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Braces - White brackets?
is this dry socket or is it normal?
Wisdom Teeth Extraction?
teeth whitening?
wisdom teeth?
How tell someone your paralysed?
I think i have a food problem can you please help me?
can someone recommend a good psychiatrist in hawaii?
mental health?
Attempted suicide?
what is a phycologist?
Any treatment for osgood schlatter's disease?
Sore back of head, sore ear + jaw - What is this?
are oxycocet,percocet and endocet all the same?
ok so im trying to loose weight any help?
What do you think?
What is the formula for computing ideal body weight for a 10 year-old? pls help me..?
Hi i want to do the lemon detox diet but i have a under active thyroid, can i still do the detox ??
Ok so i have bodyfat because i gain weight but i have a lilbit of muscles and fa arm...wa body type am i? ...?
lose 2 stone?
I Just Got My Tongue Pierced And I Just Wanted To Know If Your Jaw And Teeth Are Supposed To Hurt?
Do Crest Whitestrips Work?
How can i get my bottom retainer to fit again?
Can a tooth infection spread to the skin?
How can I make my teeth whiter?
im a 2 week smoker need advice from experience long time smokers about sideeffects?
braces and brushing !!!!!!!?
root canal, just got back?
Gum hurts under one tooth?
I have Braces and before I got them my teeth were really white...but now their not..My mom said its cause?
has anyone here ever gotten jaw (maxillofacial) surgery for cosmetic purposes only?
my stepson has a bad tooth in we have no dental insurance.?
does bonding come off when braces do? and how do they remove bands?!?
I need surgery, braces w/ a spring, a tooth pulled and a spacer covering 3 teeth? =(?
BRACES ?! HELP me please!?
Invisalign not completely closed my gaps?
how much does a surgery cost in america (average.)?
i am havin oral surgery friday?
will putting a battery up to your braces electrocute you?
How much would braces cost in total?
Can there be a relation between a squamous cell CA on the nose and a mass/nodule inside nasopharynx area?
Easy availability of silicon breast prostheses!?
best doctors in the United States?
Have you ever had ECT? Do you feel it has affected you long term in a good or bad way?
does any one have days where they just cant seem to wake up,cant smoke and then it leads to anxiety and panic?
ok before i get flagged , i want to make clear im not trying to get high , only i think i have been perscribed
why do i feel fine when around people and then my mind goes a wandering?
What do you say to someone when they tell you their life is pointless and they've got nothing to live for?
I've recently been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, what exactly does this mean??
Does anybody get pain in their chest when they are hungry?
Is doctor right with his diagnoses?
can anyone help me? causes of shadows on lungs?
where can i buy a oxygen face mask with canister?
What's a good diet go an athlete?
How do I fix uneven pecs?
Calories burned on Fitness Equipment?
Need ideas for weight loss solutions for a project...?
Cardio workout? How much do I need to do weekly for results?
I called in sick to work, had a tooth pulled.?
Teeth straight???
my lip is swelling up
Are there any good reason's NOT to get braces?
Post-operative wisdom tooth extraction problems?
orthodontists in Lafayette, La
Can an orthodontist?
Daughter had baby tooth pulled.Dentist put in spacer.She keeps pulling it out&putting it back in.Is this ok?
What type of calcium can help strengthen teeth. My 12-year old has acidic saliva which is causing decay.
i have a beauty pagent coming up next week and i need to whiten my top teeth in the back
who know something about WISDOM TEETH?
lip retainers noticable?
How much does a dental ASISSTANT make?
I had pain/swelling in my gums . Dentist suggested me Serratiopeptidase(tablets).Does it have side effects.
If I have an overbite what will the ortho do so I don't bite down on my lower set.
ok i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How to get really bright teeth?
Please advice.. My kids front teeth
I want to be a model, so should I get lingual braces (the ones on the back of your teeth).?
is it normal to still have a tingly tounge and cheek after novicane?
INVISALIGN- Does it move upper teeth up?
Is brushing once aday really bad?
What's a good way to get your teeth really white?
I have a cut on the back of my mouth...?
do baby teeth overlap perminit teeth?
gum and braces.........?
Whitening while having retainer on?
i had a horizon wisdom tooth extracted plus the one next to it it been 4 day now the area of the extraction is?
I want to get a braces but I don't know how much it will cost me :(?
I have a hole in my front tooth called a "Resin" of some sort.?
Some Questions About Going To The Dentist?
I lost my retainer, and the dentist didnt keep record of molding.?
I have a four year old and they want to do 3 root canals and put him under but he feels no pain?
Alternatives to Tooth Veneers?
Clavicle pain?
Bladder Cancer/Lung Nodules/?
Are fatty tissue dangerous? I have one at the back of my neck.?
any men 45 or younger dealing with enlarged prostate taking flomax ?
What does fatty tissue do to an individual? Is it cause for concern?
what is wrong with me?
how does cancer fighting kill cancer cells?
how do u take your tooth out with out it hurting?
Broke my front tooth...?
Getting Wisdom Teeth Surgically removed?
I want to be a dental hygienist..?
How can I make my teeth whiter without paying?
Help with wisdom teeth !?
can you whiten your natural teeth without whitening your veneers?
is there a free community center or something i can get dental care at in houston?
can a tooth that had a upside down root canal?
Bite Plate Questions: Any advice would be great.?
the process of actually getting braces on?
How often should I apply baking soda on my teeth?
No grownup teeth after baby's?
Is there anything i can take to help me concentrate?
sleep.. am i getting enough?
Was this clairvoyant right about my mental illness?
post stroke depression?
What do I do in my current situation?
Can you have hallucinations by alcohol?
Extreme Home Sickness?
when someone who experiences obsessions is that really how that person feels sbout that thought?
double chin..a little one..?
Is burninging 200 calories a day good?
Question about abs?
my son also wants to know what is a set of workouts he can do that will work his whole body?
Question about muscles?
walking and a calorie counter question?
Does this Weight lifting setup work?
can you drink prune juice without having to run to the b-room??
excercise vs. eating healthy?
if a person is of normal weight they could have a body fat of about 18%. if they were somewhat overweight?
Should I drop weight, or continue to gain?
which one is better in terms off quality n value for money... Osim or Gintell?
Upper body stregnth...?
42 kg. weight at the age of 26, normal or under weight? healthy or unhealthy?
I am extreamly thin with height of 5 feet 11" and weight of only 56 Kg. I want to increase weight and also wan
Safe amount of weight to lose?
I need help getting my abs within 4-6 months plz help!!?
I gave up meat. What vitamins do I need to take?
Master Cleanse diet?
Does anyone know a good website of foods I can eat to lose weight?
phytoshape loss pills does it have any really bad side effects?
Healthy life change?
Persistant cough - Will this help me?? (Dr Franks opinion would be good! :D)?
I get out of breathe really quickly?
how do i know if the inhaler i use has steroids in it?
how long does it take for tooth extraction to stop hurting?
Recently had a small chip filled on top front tooth?
I got 4 wisdom tooth extracted 2 days ago. Should I keep wearing retainer during healing period?
I have to have my wisdoms out..... please! =(?
I have 2 sharp canines and one of them is really prominent!!whats the solution?
Tooth Extraction details,pain med.?
How did you get your smoke, or coffee-stained teeth white again?
im due to have root canal and its painfull now !?
Curious poll on widsom teeth....?
Could someone recommend a cure / treatment for to help me stop gritting my teeth?
what to expect for braces?
In the cave days, did everyone have bad breath?
Teeth whitening products?
Does anyone know about Bleaching Teeth?
Does the Emory Dental School perform teeth implants?
does teeth formation affect the way your lips look?
Ideas about tooth / gum pain?
Will this mouth pain ever get any better?
What is happening with my jaw?
I have cuts in my side mouth and like when i eat something sour or salty it hurts ...?
will i get my braces off soon?
How can I whiten my teeth?
How many toes is normal?
I keep "pulling" something in the bottom of my foot...?
I've got a throbbing pain on the top of my right foot anyone know what I could have done to it?
Good workout for me?
People well my Blood pressure is 140 and i weight 180 how could?
I'm 13 and need to go on a diet.?
i need advice on how to lose weight?
Does this help to lose weight ?
is it bad to do cardio everyday without a break?
How can i get weight within short time span?
is there alot of sugar in sushi?
I think I need a perosonal trainer?
i was recently pretty sick. had double ear infection, sinus infection, and influenza A.?
what are some of the best foods to eat for weight loss?
Does slimming teas really flush out the medicines/vitamins we take in?
how do i lose weight?
How do I get my teeth whiter?
Am i doing something wrong?
what is better to gain muscle and get jacked?
i need pill to make me get more wieght?
my cousin's parents are 5' 7'' (mom) and 5' 11''(dad) she 17 and is only 5ft 7in she was supposed to be 5' 11
Is HGH safe to take?
how are you suppose to whiten your teeth?
invisaline braces please help!?
Building endurance muscle?
My high school's musical is coming soon and im trying to get fit fast, help?
has anyone else done this?
I have a gap in my resume under experience.?
looking for an emergency dentist that takes medicaid?
what can i do to lose weight in my calves? all the "baby weight" i gained went to my legs & arms! please help!
gain 80 lbs of muscle?
Exercises for Football?
Lose 20 pounds by April 5?
What has omega 3 fatty acids & has more protien than beef or chicken?
hi, im just wandering how much is a vitamin e capsule... thanks?
crack in the corner of mouth?
I just took off my braces, and i need help with...............?
how do you turn you teeth white?
why are my eyes filled ith sand so much that i cannot open them?
I had a molar extracted 7 days ago...?
I have a teeth question if anyone can help ?
question about crest whitening strips?
home remedies for teeth whitening?
after you have a glued in retainer do you need braces again?
is doctor howard reber at ucla?
Know a doc in dallas area that does laparoscopic pancreatitis procecures?
ancle pain please help????????!!!!!!!!!?
My neck hurts when I move my head a certain way?
16 years old before discoverign Cleft palate?
I have Delta dental know any gentle dentist?
Is there anyway to prevent pain while getting cavities filled?
So...I got my teeth worked on....?
Do you like your braces?
Anterior crowns bulky?
I have an extra front tooth, if I were to get it removed could I fix the left over gap with tooth rubber ban?
help- the rubber bands on my braces are pulling out my molars?
thersea worked 9 hours on monday and 7 hours n wensday?
5 yrs back i had undergone root canal?
About my throat and mouth..?
What is a orthodontist nature of work?
I'm having very bad pain in the roof of my mouth?
can i get my tooth pulled out @ 4 months of pregnancy? what are the dangers?
medical discontinuing dental in Ca?
question about braces?
anybody got any toothache remedy's.?
my tooth chipped, please help?
how do i convince my parents to get me invisalign?
If your child just got out of braces two months ago and...?
can i smoke weed after i get my wisdom teeth out?
Teeth loosening with braces?
i got a bad tooth pain and i'm 8weeks pregnent?
how do i stop my tongue from hurting when i have wisdom teeth?
should someone make a visit to the dentist when their first wisdom tooth starts to come in?
Do I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?
Will anything bad happen?
would this work......?
severe vertigo and nausea after dental work?
How to prevent foul smell in the Breath?
wha are complex carbohydrates?
help plz for ppl who wants a toned body?
When should I see results with this workout of mine?
carolie burn/calorie intake.?
how to lose about 20 pounds in about 2 or 3 months?
I want to lose weight but I can't stick to it!?
Fat or not?
any reason i cant seemy abs?
Can anyone list me any more sources for BMI or weight loss info(how many calories a week and such)?
Can you recommend me a simple exercise routine for the gym?
Help me please??
am i overweight?
Losing weight. Building muscle.?
Cardio work out - anyone have any simple cardio exercises ?
Ive took a Omega Fish Tablet now it feels like my throat is really tight.?
im depressed guys, please help?
i think people follow me when i go out but i dont know why. Is this a symptom of schizophrenia?
why do i always feel guilty and like I am a bad person?
has anyone been addicted to vicdon?
What Is The Cure for Depression?
do the children of housewives have happier childhoods than the children of working women?
Airplane pressure in my ear?
why do some people drool?
I have a bad tooth that absessed and recently it broke off to the gum. Now I have a pressure in the left eye?
getting wisdom teeth pulled?
Help on retainers? what to expect?
If I get my fixed retainer removed will my teeth move?
palate expander...........?
Doctors: what is this condition called?
How do you use the syringe style teeth whitener?
I have high iron level?
Did you have or do you have braces?
I have a lots of teeth but i cannot bite? What is this thing?
Jaw surgery & Facial balance?
Getting wisdom teeth out and idk if this is gonna be enough to knock me out?!?
How to tell if teeth are weak?
my teeth hurts...why?
i had extracted my front upper tooth,,it was root canaled?
Chihuahua with bad breath?
husband 42yrs,sezary's syndrome ,difficult to accept.frustrated,angry.?
My jaw pops loudly, how do i make it stop?
are there recent studies about acute lymphocytic leukemia here in philippines?
Is there something wrong with my jaw?
My tongue is soree...?
Is there ANY WAY at all to whiten composite fillings?
Stem Cell Reasearch, know anything about it?
What are Spindle Cell Tumors with Dogs?
Oral Cancer?
Need cheap (free) braces!!?
i have found a hole in my tooth :O?
How does a dentist identify a decay on a radiology scan ?
large teeth stick out of the mouth?
How much does dental braces usually go for?
i have an overbite...(pictures)?
Tooth Whitening Tips Please.?
i got my braces on today,but they only put on the brackets and not the wire,did anyone else get theres done to?
who knows how i can find a dentist in a certain city and is open on?
I still can barely open my mouth! My wisdom teeth were pulled 5 days ago!?
is it possible to get your teeth filed while you have braces on?
Im getting braces please help me!!?
Why did I throw up from chewing tobacco?
do i need a root canal?
i cant stop grinding my teeth at night!?
Surgery on jaw.......?
i have pink and brow gums is it gingivitis?
ok, so im 13 and i have three more teeth to loose, is that normal. and i also have a tooth missing....?
My Taste buds Are GONE!!!?
teeth bothering me horribly?
Normal to look weird with new rubber bands on braces?
can eating really hot (high temperature) food damage teeth ?
snoring but i can't sleep without him?
Pressuring Pain Sensation?
I need to pass a urinalysis 4 pot in 5 days- i weigh 145 & 6 ft tall-?
Weight Loss Question?
how fat am i?
am i going insane?????????????
Is over eating and obesity an eating disorder?
Can my university counselor have me admitted to a psych ward?
Anybody taking Pristiq? How's it going?
eating disorder sufferers?
question about stress?
Anyone been on the antidepressant cymbalta? How was it?
can you get disability pension for depresion anxity bipolar?
How to gain confidence?
What are some songs that will help me cope?
What happens if I dint take my reccommended medication?
what health problems can effect patients with mental illnesses?
Will My Teeth Space Even Though I wore my retainer?
Remedies for toothaches?
Is there a Dentist in the house?
I have a lose tooth the permanent ones?
My dentist says that a cleaning is necessary bfr deep cleaning, what's the difference btwn the two?
Why do I feel sick to my stomach after I brush my teeth?
furry white tounge what is it?
Is it possible to have the inferior nasal conchae damaged from a tooth exposure?
Is this normal.................?
My teeth are jacked up...what do i need done?
Do i Have TMJ Disorder ?
What is an alternative to a toothbrush?
Surgery to fix upper gums?
Hard spot on my gum...what could this be?
Best ways of whitening my teeth help.?
Wobbly tooth! Plz help, it REALLY stings!!!!!!!!?
My gums feel really lose and i cant afford a dentist what can i do to heal my teeth?
I just got my wisdom teeth out..what is the best foods to eat?
why is my tongue still pussing?
do people generally look better with their braces off?
Burning pain when swallowing/wheezing at night?
These medicines are effective at preventing some viral infection in humans.?
Peg-intron / Ribavirin treatment anyone without side effects?
Survival rate for secondary cancer in ther Lung?
How can I clear my nasal passage and back of throat?
Has anyone had a procedure called an endorectal advancement flap?
What to expect for Wisdom Teeth Removal?
I need some ideas on what to eat after mouth surgery.?
got molar tooth pulled which had big roots but am worried about a smell/taste ect...?
Why don't people understand when you CANNOT afford something, like, oh, dental care?
what colors would look good for my braces?
How bad does getting your wisdom teeth taken out, hurt?
what's the best way to get my teeth whiter without going to the dentist?
After having to teeth taken out 5 weeks ago..?
i have really unhealthy looking gums....?
find a doctor washington dc that accepts medicaid?
I think i need braces?
ok i drink a lot of black tea and its took a toll on my teeth and ive tryd every toothpaste?
What is a good way to whiten my teeth?
do they take medicaid for kids?
Permanent tooth coming in behind baby tooth. Should I call the dentist?
Wisdom teeth question?
Retainers are not fitting well on one side of my mouth?
could i put braces on in Jordan and finish them in America?
I had a gum graft done a little over a week ago and on monday (11days after the graft) i had about 3 cigarette?
Getting wisdom teeth out... i am afraid i will say something bad when i wake up...?
Anyone ever had a Dental Abscess before?
how much will it cost to fix a broken front tooth?
its like about teeth and that?
invisiline problem, needing some help.?
Lifting Question?
How Much Should The Average 12 Year Old Weigh? I am 4'10?
What's the quickest way for a girl to tone her tum?
I eat at night, what can i do to stop that?
does anyone know about collodial silver its suppose to have healthy benefits?
Is this normal?
Excercise Questions?
Weight Loss Question?
Does amino acids help with building or making muscles more defined? I recently purchased some from GNC...take?
What is is the best way to lose ten to fifteen pounds?
how many calories are a fourteen year old supposed to have?
Pain in Right Bicep only.?
people well my blood presure is 140 and i weight 180?
does eggplant have a high or low content of iron?
best way to lose 5 lbs in a couple days?
Muscle Stimulation Machines?
pounching/heavy bag questions?!!?
I want to be more toned and lose some weight!!?
Is pineapple fruits good to eat for the pregnant women? im in 25 weeks. pls answer!?
i am anemic...what can i drink?
I need some excercise buddies in detroit. Anyone interested?
I'm too skinny.?
anxiety / panic attack symptoms.?
if you take anti depressants for anxierty can they cause you to have depression?
How and why does immediate environment affect test scores?
i have a mental disorder question...?
affects of suicide society on comunities?
Do you judge people who commit suicide?
Depression and Anxiety..?
serve leg painat night but when I am up there is very little pain. Exercise all the time,I do?
what is the single word for "jaw dropping" ?
how can i get rid of the thrust on my daughters mouth?
I just got my wisdom teeth pulled a few days ago, whats it supposed to look like when its healing?
What causes toothache...particularly when I drink a hot drink?
Help ? Whitening Teeth ?
How do I know if I have a dry socket?
What is the function of the mouth?
Is it possible to have a wisdom tooth pulled out and put in place of a missing molar?
when a baby has gaps between teeth will it stay like that?
I have a geography test the day after i get braces!?
Curettage for Gum Infection? What is that?
braces can i drink......?
dawnmist toothpaste?
Why would I get a sore throat every time I wake up after I had my retainer in last night?
tongue piercing i don't know what is wrong with it!?
Does peroxide do anything to my gums if I whitened my teeth with the baking soda and peroxide mixture?
Gum swelling/tartar with braces?
my 10 1/2 mth old is getting a front tooth gum around it looks weird?
What is this? seems to be a white spot?
What do you think is the best teeth whitening toothpaste?
Why did this happen when i got my wires tightened?
had to get all my teeth pulled and I hate my dentures is?
Is BCG treatment for bladder cancer considered to be Chemo?
Where can I mail a check in memory to American Cancer Society?
can drinking red wine make it look like you have blood in your stool?
Colon cancer question?
i would like to know more about lymph nodes on my neck after being suffocated by a thief by grabbing me .?
I have stage III lung cancer, how long can I collect disability from social security!?
What are some good names for a team that will be attending the Revlon Run/Walk For Women?
Is it denial or just keeping a positive outlook?
hyoscyamine sulfate or dicylomine for ulcers?
Do you know if it works gamma knife in brain tumor?
michigan cancer?
anybody know anything about ccsk?
please answer this about cancer?
betamethasone is there an over the counter alternative to this medication?
Nervous and Endocrine system?
I have been told flax seed oil causes cancer. Is this true ? I am also concerned about gaining weight !?
I hurt my back geting my golf clubs out of my friends van. It feels like a pinched nerve or pulled muscle.
My periodontist recommended that I get a gum graft on my upper teeth due to recession. How long is the recover?
Got a new crown 3 days ago but now I have occasional pain?
Anyone Know of the Best Teeth Whitener?
When will my lisp go away.?
A little question about them Wisdom Teeth?
I've been getting toothaches........?
How do I make sure my breath is as fresh as it can be?
WOAH!! im missing a tooth?
why won't the swelling on my lip go down?
I want to be a dental hygienist but I have scolosis,what shall I do?
chewing gum ingredient that helps teeth?
Just got braces (And a Bite guard)?
can you wear white strips with braces?
Is it safe to brush with peroxide?
which whitening products are best?
does baking soda on toothpaste whiten teeth?
Can a wisdom tooth coming in break the molar next to it?
how long do you go to orthodontist before you get braces?
Lock jaw when running?
I need help with teeth whitening?
2 true false health questions. please help!!?
What is the diet of the gym person?
My son is 12 years old and wants to know how much he should weigh he is 5'2and 135 pounds.?
What would happen?
Wieght loss buddy?
Did She just want a cheerleader?
the other day i got a charlie house in my ABS!?
My wedding is 8weeks away and I have been trying to lose weight(unsuccessfully). What is the best way to lose?
does anybody bought bench press?
How much will I loose?
Hey everyone iam a 19 year old male, ive noticed i have been gaining weight lately?
how many ibs are between pant sizes?
how do u get a six pack easily? or let alone just abs that stick out?
belly fat....?
what are the best ways to get your stomache in shape?
How much iron is too much?
does losing weight really give better posture?
Is she fat???
bestappetite suppressants?
after eating how much time does it take for the food 2 get cmpletely metabolised n excreted out?
What should you look at, "Calories" or "Calories from Fat" on the nutrition facts?
Slimquick.... the original formula?
how to lose weight?
Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue?
stopped smoking and none of the things that happened to my mates is happening to me?
Molds related to sinus problems/infections?
can asthma ever be cured?
Kake Kake Kake Kake Kake?
help-a frustrating cough!!?
I have hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy, Anyway i can prolong my life ?
Does anyone know of a support system in Brisbane for Trichotillomania?
Having really scary dreams?
Is there any medication that can cure fear of happiness and commitment?
is it true that if you brush your gums to hard they go up and dont go down?
what is the BEST teeth whitening available? is it Zoom?
Which dentist office teeth whitening procedure to get? Zoom 2 or Opalescence Boost?
I am in agony with toothache!?
underbite problem any advice for me plz?
best way for whiten teeth?
If I live in NC what is a good school to go to if I want to become a Orthodontist?
my gums are bleeding.. When will it heal?
Can you spit with out using your lips? Can you spit without using your tongue?
Can I use cephalexin for tooth infection?
teeeth help ! im fourteen?
Can a cavity grow if...?
Fell at skating, hurt my hip?
I'm getting braces tomorrow, and I'm terrified?! I'M CONFUSED!?
Does Listerine cause Oral Cancer?
Intruded Tooth..!!!!!?
Question about treatment for abscessed tooth?
What is the best over the counter teeth whitener?
what do u think of wallgreens take care clinic?
My filling fell out, should I get it refilled?
wisdom teeth out a week ago & they still HURT!?
how to get White Teeth?
how long does it usually take Medicaid?
Wisdom Teeth question?
Is it ok to eat without my tongue ring if it is healed?
Two bands on braces??
how much do veneers cost and do you recommend them?
what are some ways to recover your teeth gums?
is it okay for guy to have tiny hands? can I be a Dentist?
what is the best teeth whitener?
how much was your wisdom teeth extraction per tooth?
i can not afford a dentist,what can i do at home or buy something over the counter.?
how much would it cost me to get braces if ive never been to the dentist and dont have health / dental insur.?
Help with my new BRACES?
Getting Wisdom Tooth Pulled 2morrow?
retainer after braces- one tooth hurts?
Would u say this guy is toned or muscular?
Is this exercise good?
does consuming protein bars with 18 grams of protein each?
if you are prescribed steroids....?
if i work out for 3-4 times a week?
what is the standard weight for a person being 6 foot tall?
what's the best diet plan?
what do u think about my weight?
i'm 5'3 and 113 lbs.. im 15 years old?
tredamill question?
can gain muscle, can't get rid of fat.?
Didn't eat much for about 5 days, then ate a lot more, suddenly look really bloated?
I am 17 years old and i am currently 6'1.. is it possible to get taller to something like 6'6..?
How do you find target heart rate?????????
I need help!! Weight problem.?
weight help?
good pecs work out with curl thing?
How do you count calories???
I want to Lose weight?
i need to loose a lot of weight by august.....any suggestions?
Will breaking my diet for a night pack on extra pounds?
what is the percentage of fat coming out with the George Forman Grill?
could i lose 15 pounds in 2 months?
Pancreas Cancer symptoms?
If i have addison will i die?
what are some pictures that i could use for a project that have to do with leukemia?
I have just found that I have bronchiolveolar carcinoma?
what are the lasting side effects from radiation treatment for breast cancer?
List 3 positive influences that can support him or her in being drug free?
neurapothy in hands- am now on methodone/elavil. NOT WORKING- what do I do?
Who in the community is most affected by Leukemia?
My friend has Plasma Sitoma of the spine. what kind of cancer is this?
Can lung cancer show up on a mammogram?
Could this be cancer?
I nominated my mum for domestic blitz - do you think she'll get it? read her story?
What are some good foods for Mild Depression?
22wks pregnant and got the fright of my life!?
Who here dropped out of high school?
I have bulimia if i told my school councilor would she have to tell my mum?
What are some important indicators, proving you've "lost your marbles"(gone crazy)?
Do you think psychiatrists or counsellors could make your depression worse not better?
My friend is depressed and im really worried about him.?
I Need Help I am Very Stressed?
paranoid schizophrenia?
Dentist in San Diego?
I havvee a question about teeth?
i have a hard spot on the tip on my tung like its a ball what does this mean?
Can you know if your going to get a dry socket before hand?
Does it hurt to get your braces off?
how often can you bleach your teeth in a year?
ideal size for dental office? with reference please?
Almost everyone in my extended family has a large lump on the roof of their mouth. What is it?
why teeth break the inside is black along the edge of the teeth?
i have a gap in my front teeth of 0.3cm i have just got braces today how long will it take to close? thanks?
Can you still have braces fitted first,even though you need crowns?
How long can these gaps exactly take with braces to get closed?
Intense wisdom tooth pain - help!?
How much does week cost?
braces and wrestling?
sensitive teeth with braces?
Where could i find this tooth whitener?
Braces create a jawline?
Question about teeth?
experiment on tooth decay?
i got my toungue piercing like amonth ago nd my toungue is still white?
Good dentist in Toronto, ON (Canada)?
Pain after wisdom teeth sutures removed?
Why are my teeth like this?
planning to get a smiley, is my retainer going to interfere with it?
Why is my mouth so dry?
my gums by by back teeth on my lower jaw are tight and dark on the bottom and white ish on top...?
How do i remove plak buildup on my gums other than going to a dentist?
I have a question about braces?
Are cold sores in your mouth painful?
Can you get cavities in your dentures if you use too much artificial sweetener?
can you give me advice for wearing and maintaining my new retainer?
Doctor-Patient Confidentiality for Minors at Dentist?
Underside of my jaw feels tight?
My dentist grinded my teeth now they have gotten sensitive.?
Lead fillings need help....please?
In what ways can i prepare myself to calmdown nervousness before going to the dentist to have my tooth pulled?
why cant someone invent something to paint over and or whiten caps??? i dont think that would be hard?
Diet help, need to loose about 3 stone?
how much weight loss?
I have a min.palmeranium. Why does he run in circles all of the time?
hi????excersise help!?
why is it so hard for people to fast?and can u do that and exercise at both the same time?
bodyweight exercises to helo maintain strength?
Brown eggs vs white eggs? Someone who works out and trying to gain muscle mass....?
does anyone no of a good book on learning how to eat NO CARBS NOT COOK BOOK?
How TO .....?
Difference if I loose 14 lbs?
When you poo, what's coming out?
how much would I lose in a month by doing this?
Can I eat a small $1 chicken sandwhich from Mcdonalds with a fruit salad & water for lunch to loose weight??
help with my body please!?!?
how long will it take...?
Are there any possible ways to increase height without money or hgh?????????
I just recently started a diet and i don't know what foods i can and can't eat?
HELP i need to lose 10 pounds in 2 weekss?
does anyone know something that builds up your matabolism?
Getting Fit?
Want to Loose Weight Fast?
Easy ways to exercise?
what are the symptoms of cancer of any kind?
what are the effects of tobbaco in the human boby?
Where can I purchase a mastectomy bra?
effective theraphies for lung cancer plural effusions?
Has anyone had a total thyroidectomy?
does anyone have lems connected with small cell lung cancer? i would like to hear from you?
muscle damage?
Is there such a thing as heart cancer?
pink ribbons for?
What is von-Hippel-Lindau syndrome?
Where Lung Cancer Takes Place?
does anyone else have anxiety?
Sister has Acute Pancreatitis.Questions? 10 POINTS GUARANTEED!?
Why is my sister acting so weird with me?
Help Me Help Me Help Me !!?
Do you feel edgy when it is quiet?
I want to know stories/books of someone with depression, eating disorders?
why cant i stop cutting? help me stop?
I've had these symptoms all my life, what is wrong with me? Please help!?
Urgently Need HELP!!!!!!! suicide risk!?
do I have to still pay the balance to my orthodontist if I move to another state?
hawkley retainers vs clear retainers?
Can you kill a tooth nerve with Clorox bleach or will that just make the pain worse?
i had my wison teeth pulled yesterday the bottom ones one oral sx said they were partial bony but she just?
Teeth growing in your gums?
what to do when you are all alone and need sedation?
Pain in mouth, Ulcers? need remedies to relieve pain, please help.?
I went to the ortho a couple of weeks ago because of a broken bracket....?
Hi, I have been clenching my jaw in my sleep and when concentrating for around 2 years.?
does smoking turn your teeth yellow?
will i get used to this thing the orthodontist put in my mouth?
I think a spacer is loose... is that normal?
Do you have to look pretty to be a dentist or an orthodontist? Do you have to look the part ?
Getting a new dentist - scared?
dental sealants, do you get a shot?
Invisiline for my teeth?
braces and flossing? help?
Gum Graft Stitch has come out on 5th day?
people who know about bruxism and night guards?
my bf has a tooth abssess and his face is swollen now?
After I eat my food the food comes back up to my mouth?
how long will recovery take?
Does Prematurity affect height?
nasal polyp on one side?
my breathing is concerning me please help me?
Trouble with blocked nose randomly upsterz in my room?
Should I still be coughing blood 4 monthes after having a Pneumothorax?
I'm trying to improve my vertical. What exercises can I do to strengthen my back?
HELP, my weight!!!!?
greens and vitamin loss?
Need to get rid of stomach fat! lol?
I Need To Gain 40 Pounds, Please Help?
Did it go to a waste?
How many times a day should you work out?
Is oatmeal w/o sugar good for you?
Can you take a look ? some questions about fitness?
which of the following is true?plzzz help?
all look plz i am now worried 14 year old boy?
working out!!!!! need answer fast!!?
Why isnt my diet working??!?! Please help.?
Working out advice?
does trazadone make you lose weight?
muscle prob help?
When you're tired, does your body burn more calories?
When you are burning alot of calories but did not reach your calorie requirement, what mode do you call it?
i worked out my abs tuesday?
Whats the most weight that u have lost in one week? Kg and/or pounds?
How Many Calories does a gram of fat have?
What are the health risks of losing 1-2 pounds a day?
Can u get braces for ur back teeth because there bent?
how old do kids have to be to floss their teeth?
Please help...extremely scared?!?
Who is a better orthodontist?
Do they put on damon braces top and bottom all on one day?
need a J bone grafting before tooth implant ?
teeth shifting after not wearing retainer- help?
compare invisaline braces to regular braces?
Best teeth whitening procedure?
What is the worst an abscess can do?
why is my gums around a brocken tooth still have a pocket of puss after 5 days on penicillin?
How much would just a built in retainer cost?
mini braces mini braces?
8 month old tooth abscess?
Can penicillin be used for tooth infections?
Would Invisalign braces possibly work for me?
Are there any good affordable DENTAL DISCOUNT PLANS? Also that are reliable not in any way will be rip offs?
Why does my tooth that I got a root canal on still hurt?
Elderly waking up very early?
Is it normal for my teeth to shift after braces are removed?
Gum question... Yes or No?
I have a discoloration on my bottom jaw line. The don't bleed when I brush and they don't hurt to the touch.?
i think I'm starting to develop one more new teeth and it hurts?
Got my braces tightened and...?
the wire at the end of my braces came out?
how long are my teeth gonna hurt? i just got the wire on yesterday.?
how can i apply braces in photoshop? i wanna see how i look when i get braces. help!?
My palate expander spoke is sorta in my gum, and is swollen. It is bleeding, what do I do, will it go away?
I have been taking lithium carbonate for almost 11 years now and have had ALOT of tooth decay. Is this due to?
Why does my jaw do this?
why would he get my hopes up?
can u get Invisalign when u still have teeth growing?
would u get the ceramic braces?
If i were to only chew one can of tobacco, would my dentist notice?
just got a silver temporary crown?
Breeast Cancer Scare?
Anyone had recurring prostate Cancer /what did you do?
Do you know a beam ray machine manufacturer in China?
why is cancer called cancer?
What drugs are in tobacco?
Can anyone help me with me research paper on Breast Cancer? I would like to interview you.?
Is lung cancer genetic?
The multi-level marketing aside, what is everybody's opinion regarding Juice Plus?
can anyone tell me a good web sit for pancreas cancer info?
Is HPV the only way a woman can get ovarian cancer? No, I am not a woman.?
I have a thickening in my breast and puckering in that spot should i be tested for inflammatory breast cancer?
Could he have leukimia?
Looking for donations for avon breast cancer walk?
How bad is the pain going to be? (root canal)?
Is there anything i should know about?
Braces Pain?! Please Help!?
Do i need braces for my teeth??? i really want them t?
wisdom teeth after pain?
Green stain on teeth?
Invisalign... how much more expensive is it than braces?
Can I eat after I've had this dental procedure?
what is a good dental insurance?
False teeth or no teeth?
how much is Invisalign?
tijuana dentist? I need to find a good one! Please help?
Small part of my tooth broke off, what can be done?
~ would i regret getting porcelin veneers on my top teeth?
If you had a really good job and great health insurance would you do THIS?
What is wrong with my right back gum?
Aetna won't pay for my wife's new wheelchair. Is there anyway to counter this and get her chair built?
My right top tooth has moved and I would like to know would the retainer help moved my tooth back in shape?
how do i whiten my teeth?
help me please EMERGENCY frjewk?
Which types of braces don't you have to have your teeth out for?
Why is my upper lip swollen!!?
i have dental phobia?
dad wont brush his teeth.?
My tooth feels like its moving from the inside..?
if i can chew chewing tobacco?
I need to find a good dentist?
Getting Wisdom Tooth Pulled June 29th With IV Sedation?
I have to get a couple baby teeth pulled out and im really really scared.?
how many times do i need to use baking soda to whiten my teeth?
Teeth problems :/?????????????????
How much money is it to get your teeth bleached?
I have a mouth sore of some kind, what is it?
Do I really have to wear my rubber bands 24/7?
I had a root canal done about a year ago and now it needs to be retreated.?
I just got my upper denture today and it looks good but my upper lip is so puffy looking is that natural?
Should i go for implement or bridgework? and Do any of them have any kind of infection?
She has bad breath but I really like her what can I do?
How can I get my teeth really white?
Molar Band Braces Question?
safe-period for teeth whitening after using crest?
Rubber bands on braces...?
People who have TMJ and Have had braces?
Is there a height requirement to being a dentist?
Im wearing braces now for 3 years. my orthodontist say in a month or two, it's done but my upper teeth are?
How has/ does technology effect vet surgeons?
My friend needs help urgently?
what could this be?
Can you recommend a good psychologist in Brisbane?
what are the documentes to be obtained when upadating the patient insurance info at provider?
Can I overdose on Xanax if I already take 50mg of Pristiq a day?
Cancer cure money going to Iraq?
Is there anyway i can stop night mares?
HELP! Can you make any sense out of these symptoms (MENTAL HEALTH)?
Has you tried the vitamin E enema & diet to CURE ulcerative colitis?
can only guess how long it will be ?
Why am I obsessed with secrecy?
Do you or anyone you know have oral cancer?
How can I stop hating myself?
I need advice please read ?
Weight loss for a teenaged girl?
is this a good plan to lose weight? info...?
Help with weight watcher points?
HELP!! I need to loose 12lbs in 16days!!!! Any Ideas?
Fastest way to see results :: Getting Stronger?
mother can't seem to lose her belly fat, its seems to be worse and she exercises?
fastest way to get abs?
working out?
lose weight?
Very embarassing question about constipation?
how can i get stronger even if am skinny?
As I develop my ab muscles, my stomach feels like it is being pushed out every time I eat. what should I do?
Are you trying to lose weight? no results? maybe we could help each other...?
When you shrink your stomach..?
I want to gain muscle mass, so should I work out before or after eating?
How to lose weight mainy in your thighs??
Fact or Fiction???
how much cardio should i do???
how to perform better at the gym, how do i get extra energy? whats better maxing out or higher reps?
Can Vinger affect your cycle?
weightlifting question, reps?
Dogs and retainers .......?
i went to the dentist on monday for a filling, and my mouth still hurts. any explaination?
ok ima boy and ima get my braces colors changed tomorow any suggestoins plzz help idk what to get?
my crown from the dentist?
is this is wisdom tooth?
If i dont get braces will i need bone surgery when i get older?
What do you recommend for wisdom teeth removal?
OK well i'm getting braces on tuesday (next week)?
Problems with braces?
treatment after root canal?
i'm wearing braces and my gums are swolllen badly how do i bring the swelling down?
are canker sores just as BAD as herpes?
does gettin the treatment for gum disease hurt ?
I have been told by my dentist I have gum disease with bone loss and have been refer ed to a Specialist.?
Crest Whitening Strips, for me?
Do you think I need teeth whitening?
just got back from the orthodontist and my gums...?
Aaarh! I found ants inside by toothpaste cover! what should I do?
Can you get dental financing through your family dental clinic?
Going to another country, concerns about teeth braces?
Am I brushing my teeth too hard?
Home Remedy For whitening teeth?
Is there anyway to prevent pain while getting cavities filled?
Please help, I have Really bad anxiety..?
Help with taking Cipramil?
if a person has demensia is slow memory loss and confusion or can it happen over night?
help desperately needed, feel like I'm going insane!?
POLL: Have you had had braces?
what would result if duplicating film were accidentally placed in a conventional panoramic radiography?
daughter failing year 9?
Can schizophrenics find it hard to read people's reactions?
Gums start to bleed when washing teeth (very easily)?
Subconscious Phobias?? Is there such thing?
I can't relax no matter how hard I try?
I can't figure out my own mind? Confused?
Do I really need the side of my teeth filed to make my crown fit?
U.S. braces questions?
Australia, Victoria:Borderline Personality Disorder, Help?
Is it possible to cure lung cancer????
How can you prevent leukemia?
After affects of colon surgery?
Hair Loss?
There are 2 different parts of your body that makes white blood cells?
I went to doc because I found a lump .I had a few mammos 2 ultra sounds they described it as distinct, also?
Are there any effective treatments for advanced prostate cancer?
What is bone marrow education?
pockets on my colon?
any ideas?
how many people smokes 12 points?
Question about some new mouthwash! Advice!?
Wisdom teeth recovery time?
Tooth extraction and brushing/Dental?
how can i relaxation on my work place ?
free on slimming world diet?
How fast and approx how much weight will I lose?
is there any way i can get taller?
easy fast way to get a flat stomache fast for teenagers?
if you take off a tongue ring in 2 months does the pierson close.?
Wisdom Teeth Extraction- Unusual Swelling?
Get whiter teeth, without chemicals.?
i hav a broken tooth!!???!!?
Can someone please explain sedation?
Cost to have a molar pulled?
Gum / teeth related problem, any help ?!?
I visited the ortho almost a week ago and my tooth moved drastically!?
i got my braces off and a clear retainer yesterday?
How to whiten my teeth besides brushing?
My brain is slow on the draw, how can one improve it?
what does borderline aspergers mean?
Please Please Help. I have depression...but im getting worse?
Depression or just mood swings?
If you have anorexia do you get more HSC points?
How can i talk to someone without freezing up and going blank?
all Psychiatrist's please help.?
Phyciatrsit for anxiety ?
How do you stop an addiction to chocolate?
Case Study: Eating after going to the dentist?
For people who have tried invisalign??
is there anything you can out on a chipped tooth?
White "Pearl" on my tongue?
I lost my retainers (invisilign) and was wonder if night gaurd can replace it? or something else.....?
Whitening after braces removel?? Pleeese?
will Vitamin C irritate my canker sores?
White cell amount in any Cancer?
If you aren't a virgin can cervical cancer shots effect you in a bad way?
Is it true that coffee kills brain cells?
how to buy real vancomycine iv ? it's urgent , thank's?
a food question?
fever and feel hot...cancer?
what is the difference between parenchymal pulmonary nodules and calcifications?
is it true that deodorant can cause cancer?
Help me in differentiating the thrombocytopenia induced by Chemotherapy and DIC synd? What r diff diagnostics?
About leukemia...?
Is it true that using microwave could produce cancer? Is the microwave bad for health? are there any investiga
Unspecified brain lesion?
where can i get free boost nutritional supplement for cancer patients?
how much will teeth shift within 2 months after getting braces off?
I got my WISDOM TEETH out this morning and... something's wrong.?
Upper WISDOM TEETH extraction site? Gum is flopping?
Does it hurt to get Braces on?
Advice and tips for braces?
What is wrong with my tooth?
how do i stop lisping?
Home remedies for tooth aches?
how do i get the little piece of meat stuck between my teeth out?
does colgate phos flur help prevent plaque or get rid of it?
Question for dental professionals about root canal.?
Is there any way to fix an overbite?
Why is my face getting numb?
Is it safe to wear a mouthguard used for sports over night? (For teeth-grinding)?
Wisdom Teeth Question?
Is surgery really the only option?
Crest White Strips Users...?
I just had a cavity filled today and I also have the flu..best gets 10 pnts?
Do i need braces ? or just a retainer to fix my tooth ?
questions for how to make teeth turns to white?
My boyfriend has started getting chest pains?
I just started going 2 the gym. i am 5'5 and 165lbs, i want to lose 30lbs. what is a good routine to do.?
Starting Brazilian jujitsu and my arms are killing me!!?
10 lbs dumbell question?
how do i???
can i use aunt jemima syrup for the lemonade/maple syrupn diet?
how old do you have to be?
Can Marihuana keep you from gaining weight???
How can you get 6 pack abs at home by yourself?
Should I use creatine?
Love Handles?
is loosing 20 pounds a month possible and healthy?
how to burn of upper leg muscles?
weight help?
how can i burn the fat that is on my abs and stomach and chest to reveal the full extent of my muscles?
Is this a healthy breakfast to eat while dieting?
Is there such thing as too much grapefruit consumption?
Why cant i eat as much as i used to?
I need to lose weight?
teenage dieting?
how can i lose some waight in a simple way?
does anyone know if your fat and not musular yet from puberty if gym will change your body to muscular?
somebody please tell me?
slight infection in lip ring. how do i get rid of this?
Stopped Braces Treatment?
can teeth turn back after braces?
How much time does a child change teeth ?