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cancer screening?
what state has the most cases of skin cancer?
After MDS (masters degree in dentistry from India)how much experience I should have to appear fo MOH or DOH ?
Do you know wish insurances cover I.V.F.?
question about teeth.?
Why can't my dental bonding be removed?
Tooth Discoloration, What Do I Do?
does anyone no of a inexpensive way to get alot of dental work done in florida ?
Tooth Extraction? Physical Activites?
Is it more expensive to go to a private office for a dental check-up than a dental clinic?
Help with this annoying pain in my teeth! (Braces)?
Tips on braces! had them on for five years and i still have them on!plz hlp!?
i got my wisdom teeth out 3 days ago..?
Do u suffer from bad breath? Does it affect your relationship with your partner?
Dental bonding question?
Molar won't come out?
I got hit on my front teeth with my braces on, and it hurts. Is this something I should check out?
Towards the end of having braces do they leave more time between tightening?
what to do for immediate relief in mouth ulcers?
Is this a tooth growing in or something else?
What can cause ulcers in the mouth?
when will the sores in the mouth heal?
Orthodontics Question?
My Teeth Are Really Wierd?
Is there a cure for panick attacks, I have had them for 17 years .?
how long does lungs takes to clear?
Am now having sore throat dry and hurts when I swallow and sharp pains in my chest all during the night.?
Ouch! Gum and Root Canal Question!?
my son has an infected tooth the dentist says root canal but the wait is long and he is suffering and swollen?
Big wierd bump on gum?
Should pain be worse 2 days after root canal?
What are these new white spots or lines on my 8 year old's permanent teeth?
How do you apply peroxide to your teeth?
Havent gone to the dentist in years! bad?
Onlay or crown? Which one is better?
Does a metal retainer hurt?
How much do elkhounds cost?
Do i have a cavity? Cuz im scared i do .?
how long before i can sing, after getting my wisdom teeth out?
I think I might have strep throat?
jaw popping problems?
How much do Dentists earn per year in Central Florida?
Got all four wisdom teeth pulled out four days ago ago. Feel a little lightheaded, tired, jaw still kind of?
ive had a tooth out, is it pos for another to grow there?
suppose ur local dentist is useless;u lost few teeth;can u make casting on ur own nd snd to sm other doc?
The injection when you extract a tooth?
oral surgeons in india can do hair transplant on face and neck region or not?
How long will it take for my teeth to grow back?
has anyone had expander's?
ab workout help?
all those on a diet of 1000 calories a day and planning to do it for 2 months plse advice?
Burning calories by exercise?
Okay question about toning my tommy??? Ten points best answer!!!!?
Citrucel capsules vs. caplets?
Is it true meat takes longer to digest than vegetables? if so, is it hard on liver?
Help me please?
do you think scales encourage you to lose weight?
my dad got dentures...?
I am going to get braces but first my orthodontist says that I have to go through banding. What is this?
Cavity under braces...?
ceramic/porcelain braces?
root canal in December and my tooth still hurts?
why does top lateral incisor tooth wiggle when i push on it (finger) and use my bottom tooth to push it?
tongue piercing questionnnnnnnn.!!?
Why is my fixed retainer painful?
Can Loestrin24 birth control pill cause major depression and terrible mood swings?
How hard is it to get off Efexor antidepressants?
Is anyone a sibling of a person with a disability?
hep c studys in fla?
do cell phone towers send out cancerous radiation?
im full of cold! any1 else got a cold?
Feeling breathless all the time..please give me help or advice please if you know any possible causes?
Please help! Thanks :)?
I was in hospital for 2 wks with pneumoccocal pneumonia and a collapsed lung, any tips to a fast recovery?
Do braces hurt??????
Could It Be A Tooth Cavity?
my mom doesn't work my 2 brothers and I have Medicaid is there an orthodontist in Illinois that can cover me?
Will my baby teeth have to get cut out or pulled out?
how can you get swelling fromjaw bone?
Teeth Whitening trays- uneven look-why are the outsides of teeth more bleached, will center get white?
If you only smoke occasionally (a few drags off a friends smoke), quit a few weeks ago, and brush your teeth w?
why do human get two sets of teeth per lifetime?
im 14 and im already getting my wisdom teeth in! ouch?
I just had 4 wisdom teeth removed!!?
i have a tooth that is hurting do u think a new tooth is coming in?
do skull they decay why,when,how.?
Is it worth doing this for braces?
My jaw keeps popping...?
Bottom tooth pulled 2 weeks ago and STILL in agony? Please help!?
is there tooth paste to restore the enamel on my teeth?
Is it possible for me to get "invisalign?" if....?
when can i brush my teeth after having?
What can i do to whiten my teeth?
Jaw/tooth problems plzzz explain my problems lol but serious thou?
How much does braces cost in western Massachsuetts without health insurance?
Veneers Vs. Braces... what do you think?
Want my teeth filed . will my dentist do this ?
Ow my neck, help pleasee?
i wanna lose around 20 lb.s?
Professional Dietitians! Please help?
I would like to know how I can lose 5-10 pd in 2-3 weeks. it is for a special event coming up.?
What Are Some....?? EASY Question, Best Answer Will Be Chosen!=]?
Anyone can help me know about yoga?
Protein after a workout?
what are some tips for eating healthy on the weekends?
Isolation and compound excercises?
help in reducing weight for a 14 yr old?
is coffee bad while trying to loss weight?
im 13, 5"3"1/2 and i weigh 122.6 is that fat?
What is a good Muscle drink/powder for my workout and for a diabetic...read for details plz?
Body help!!!!!?
weight loss buddy?
Whats a fantastic fad diet that i can do for a week?
staple food?
Do you really lose wight from making yourself puke?
what the best body cleanse you can buy?
Is this okay?
diet success?
If you haven't had any fruit all day...????
what is this temporary lock jaw?
how long after you get the mould done do you get braces?
What's the best and quickest whitening toothpaste (or other suggestions)?
????bad breath???? can YOU help
I had oral surgery on my gums and now I have a minor hole/gap in between my front teeth.
whats worse dry sockets or giving birth or any other thing like breaking a leg things like that?
Iam getting braces...
is invisalinecheaper then braces for teeth?
Invisalign Question..
Root Canal Surgery Experiences
Gum infection/Penicillin?
Anybody experienced with dental bridges?
Wisdom teeth coming in?
Just got tooth pulled? Can I go camping?
Has anyone taken fenoglide? How well did it work?
what happens if you swallow a fake tooth?
Is it normal for canker cores to bleed a little bit?
Does anyone know??????????????
I need help with my gaps in my teeth!?
i'm comparing braces prices...?
Is there a dental repair kit for sale in Toronto?
Calling all Psychologists I need help.?
I am lonely and why do i feel that I want to wack someone.?
I have heard 'Calm Spirit Tea Pills' & 'Acai Berry Pills' can transform a Bipolar persons life!?
Hanging vs Nicotine Overdose?
How do you get to the stage of an eating disorder?
Has anyone been bulimic and how did you do it?
Are there any long term effects of taking teh drug Lovan (a branch of prozac)?
Is friends a big influence on how a person is like when they are grown up from teenager?
is using a nebulizer to often dangerous?
what is better for a sinus headache: cold or warmth?
White strips....................................................?
loose bracket on tooth!?
why does it hurt when i take out gauze? got four wisdom teeth pulled today.?
Question About Cavity?
help me! i have a loose tooth...?
I have no insurance and my son needs dental work. where can i go?
Does having a root canal done hurt?
Canker Sore or Something more?
i feel a canker sore coming on...?
how long is the recovery from a root canal?
once you have vaneers in place, what is the chances for infection?
Wisdom teeth pulled NERVOUs?
Where should a go to get my braces off?
I am having a tooth cut out on Tuesday. Would I be able to work the next day?
how to get rid of tooth ache?
One of my brackets is crooked? (braces)?
does florida kidcare cover braces?
what happens if your toung ring is to small?
am i supposed to be seeing anything in my tooth extraction site?
Tooth filling color???????
What Are teeth Enamels And How can Baking Soda Ruin Your Enamels?
little swelling in face yesterday-cheek & jaw. started amoxicillin & MORE swelling-lip, cheek & jaw. Why?
can anyone tell me about drugs and wut it can do to do wut wut high it gives u?
Recommend good oncologist in Malaysia?
Can you write this in your own words please ???!! Bouns Poins for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
does anyone know for sure whether paraben is a cancer causing agent or not??
whats wrong whit me i got a little bit of purple on my front teeth gums im only 18 thats the only spot i got ?
Is it safe to use hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse?
i dont want to wear braces!!!!!!!!?
How come when i wake up every morning my mouth is really DRY??!?
Do alcoholic beverages corrode tooth enamel?
Will 'White Glo' whitening gel (or similar) remove stains from the 'composite veneers' on my front teeth?
wisdom tooth pain...?
Is it common to have a large swelling of cheek for days after wisdom tooth extraction? ?
Cut/gap in both my eyes?
my medicad case was closed cause i lost my job how do i get it back?
i have a permanent retainer so can't chew gum, any suggestions or specific mints that keep your breath fresh?
i just had a extraction[my wisdom tooth] and its healling i think?? is their suppose to be white tanish ?
How much does it cost for a Ceramic dental crown in Chennai(Or India in general)?
i have braces and a 'gummy smile'. when i get my braces off, what should i do to eliminate the extra gums ? ?
i want to try the acid/alkaline diet but i dont know what my pH level is. how do i found out w/out test strips
my husband is a personal trainer and hes trained me and i still am not able to loose weight what can i do ?
Is it bad to drink alot of milk?
i want to reduce my stomach..? wat to do?
if my body is in starvation mode and I fear that I've been eating very little for the past month or so, what..
what should i do to get rid of sourness of the mussles i got in mussles training?
i need to reduce my weight? but i need 2 take carrot juice, is that increase my weight or decrease my weight?
I pulled on of my lat muscles last night while I was doing alternate dumbell curls.Should I be able to bench?
my cardiovascular just got terrible. any advice?
Working out???
How do I avoid this after eating?
I just had hand surgery and am laid up for 2 weeks, anyone know any exercises I can do to stay active?
do u have to run everyday to get a 6 pack?
do you have to drink distilled water....?
is there any possible way...?
Health Experts... healthy diet?
I want to loose 5 LBS.How do I do it?Im already in sports everyday I dont watch tv and I eat right whats next?
what workout and diet can i use to get a muscle and abs?
Big bicepts gross?
Is it true that if you drink water all day for a certain period of time and then stop, you lose weight?
I'm trying to lose weight but....?
how many calories are in a fried egg that is oiled?
Some Questions about Creatine?
Best way to fix anxiety and possibly depression?
How do I find a good psychiatrist in sydney for depression and bipolar disorder?
Treatment questions- depression?
Low self esteem ruining my relationship!!?
my mum is appearing to have the symtoms of a narcissist, we(the family) want to help her, but how?
Could I have seasonal affective disorder?
ive been talking to myself..my whole life?
Activities to distract thinking?
I have trouble concentrating on tasks for long periods. Is there anything thing I can take which will help me?
i have problems trying to sleep help.?
What does this dream mean? am i crazy!?
How can I close the gap in my front teeth?
Dentist question wisdom teeth yes or no?
Tomorrow im getting my 4 wisdom teeth taken out with IV sedation?
i got my upper left wisdom tooth pulled friday its still sore but i have my bootm ones still my gums are sore?
Another question about braces?
teeth fill ins hurts ?
PLease Help me?? question about flossing?
when u get braces is there any back effects to your teeth like make it weaker?
is it better to take out your wisdom teeth when it is still inside or when it have started growing?
Question about braces!?
Dental Implant cost in IL?
Is it worth saving a tooth from extraction or getting a root canal?
failed root canal and they want to try again?
is gingivitis worse then oral sepsis?
how do permanent teeth form from milk teeth and what is the difference between the two.?
can toothpaste expire?
Gold or Silver Braces?
invisalign, does it work? is it worth it?
Teeth knocked out...?
Can asthma be affected by second-hand smoke?
i am getting braces on today i need to ask you something!?
Toothache is worse after going to the dentist...what should I do?
Dental Cavity - Delaying the treatment?
What's a really good electric toothbrush that...?
i got 3 teeth pulled, when can i ?
Are my teeth falling out?
can you smoke after getting teeth pulled?
can i still smoke with a hole in my tooth?
cramping two front teeth?
I have impacted Molars, will i need surgery?
Can soda cause you to loose tooth enamel?
orthodontists plz read!! (or anybody!)?
Is my ortho bad? or just slow?
Does drinking from a water bottle too much worsen overbites?
Do they sell this at Target or Wal-Mart or somethingg?
Major dental repair or replacement for a 31 year old?
estimate how much my braces would cost?
How Is John McCain's Cancer?
i had a ct scan and had 2 enlarged iliac lymph nodes - blood work was okay, what does that mean?
arcoxia medicine?
can u help?
How many calories do 'you' burn a day?
Fitter Firmer and Slimmer in 30 Days ... where can I download this video?
how much should i weigh? 5'3 17 years old.?
10 lbs to loose trying to exercise & eat better, can anyone give me any advise on how to loose the weight?
If i have to drink (8) 21 ounce cups of water a day...?
push up and sit ups?
Weight Lifting and the Immune System?
creatine adverse effects?
if i lose 15 pounds, will you be able to tell?!?
When you exercise, doesn't your legs get bigger?
weight lose = tallness????
Help lose weight (fat) before a summer trip to Puerto Rico?
is having 3 big meals better than having 5 small meals?
Anti-depressents and attension deficit disorder (A.D.D ?
Does my best friend have a mood disorder?
girlfriend has depression...help if you can?
where can i find a suicide chatroom? [im giving out best answer!]?
If I call a suicide hotline will they have me committed?
How much sleep should a 21 year old adult get ?
Can someone please help me to learn how to Meditate at home?
Whats up with my sleeping? And not feeling excited?
don't feel like talking with anyone?
Why does it makes some people feel better after they have little nap in the afternoon?
Do Crest White Strips work?
i am getting my teeth pulled they r baby teeth. should i be scared? i am afraid it will hurt! plz subscribethx?
My nine year old still does not have one of his 6 year molars. What would cause this?
Is soy milk considered a milk product?
Will my dental plan cover this?
What causes gums to darken on teeth that are crowned?
Swollen gums around a single tooth.?
cystic fibrosis more of a chance of getting lung cancer?
anyone want to explain there PCP experience?
How can I prevent my back nasal passages from being blocked?
unusual annoying cough?
does it hurt when getting a filled adult tooth pulled? iam nervous ?
just wondering......?
I got my braces off, and now my OPEN bite is coming back, and thats because of my "tongue" according to the?
my wisdom tooth was growing and hurt badly then stopped but hasnt broken through the gum what should i do?
i got my wisdom tooth taken out help?! FOOD STUCK?
will gums heal from recession on a child?
Getting your wisdom teeth removed?
How can I stop the bleeding?
How to sterilize straight barbell?
Help!Lip cutting thing?
most effective medicine to loose weight ?
I need help with a diet.?
does either regular coffee or decaffeinated coffee constipate?
How long do you have to engage in regular exercise before you start reaping the health benefits?
question about creatine...?
Walking while its cold outside?
What do you think of this girl who ripped people off?
What is the name of urges to stretch back and neck and how can it be treated?
i have like a bump on my left side of my mouth near my back tooth what should i do about it?
Should I get braces and if so,when?
best teeth bleaching product?
Home remedies to whitening teeth?
How can i find a good dentist?
How does one become a general dental practitioner? Is he also called a doctor?
about getting braces?
Teeth shifting and don't want braces AGAIN - what can I do?
Should I become a dentist, anesthesiologist or a pediatrician? why? ?
How do i get rid of this smell?
My little brother's front tooth is broken. Please help me?
bubble gum?? w.e.e.d wats is it? ?
what is the difference between canine teeth and molars?
Tooth filling process?
Invisalign gaps closing?
how to quit chewing tobacco,?
Braces question????????
explain changes seen in tissues owning to emphysema?
swine flu dilemma help!?
Is it better to sleep with a sleeping mask or not?
Has anyone had Advanced LightWire Functional (ALF) treatment?
can i chew gum with braces ?
Dry Mouth question?
braces question?
Different sized teeth?
Need Dental Work?
loosen teeth&&RED GUM in place of pulled tooth??
I have an expander on my right side my gums are so inflated that my tooth is barley visisble what is this?
Am I able have expanders re-placed on my teeth after braces have been removed?
teeth whitening..?
Crooked jaw post-surgery paranoid?
I brush my teeth twice a day with an extra soft toothbrush. When I brush my teeth I brush them thoroughly. I
Do I have to be a dentist to own a dental practice in CA?
Permanent teeth coming through the sides of the gums....what to do?
can teeth grills work as retainers?
I am looking for a toothpaste that really whitens teeth. They all claim to whiten but which ones really work.?
Question about extraction for braces??
recently my front teeth gum moved up. Its really odd. Please suggest to get back to the original position?
has anyone out there ever used toothache stuff to get high? maybe something that comes from a dentist?
Is brushing your teeth for hours in one day unhealthy?
i am really struggling?
I think my boyfriend has a eating disorder!?
I am very insecure and big myself up 24/7. I have even given myself the nickname 'Big Dog'. Is this normal?
15 year old over working?......."best answer"?
are anti deppression medication bad for you?
how long can a person last with out food.?
why am i not losing weight?
Attempting to get healthy?
what is the most weight you can lose in a weekend?
I'm 23 6'2 and I weigh 355, how much weight is safe for me to lose at a time?
Pull ups help?
should i workout?
what is l-130?
i need your help. bad!!!!!!!!?
gym membership...?
Are there any books on the adverse affects of milk?
i dont know what i have?
How many, how much?
expired fiber powder and vitamins?
I need to reduce my weight. now im 80kg. my height 5.3cm. wot should i do?pls help me?
cardio at home?
i want to lose 15lbs. what is the best weight lost supplement or drink that i can take that will lose it fast
Is it good?
Cardio or Lifting?
How Many for a Successful Weight Loss??
can you take a multivitamin and b complex together?
how can i make my teeth whiter helpp?
help me please. (braces)?
Orthodontists: What made you motivated to become one? ?
can i get Braces wile im pregnant!?
Where can i get financial help with my Dental biil.?
What is the best brand on teeth whitening strips?
my 5 month old has a dark coloured tongue any ideas what it could be?
Can I use seabond or polygrip on dentures if I still have stitches in my gums from getting my teeth extracted?
how much would I have to pay if I had my wisdom tooth removed?
Does jolt gum work and have a good taste?
Tooth extraction in hospital - im terrified?
DROOLING problem help!?
does it hurt when getting all 4 wisdom teeth removed.?
Wisdom teeth or what is this?!..?
After having jaw surgery, what can u eat?
Would the ortho take off my braces for 2 days and then put them back on?
vicodin for wisdom teeth ?
Why to my front teeth ache?
Concerned about flossing?
Any advice on bad breath ?
I had my wisdom teeth removed 5days ago, and know I am getting an ear ache. What does this mean?
Wich MS foudation is the best to donate to.The one that would use our donation to help the patiencs?
what to expect in 6 mo. primary dr. exam?
What are some physical therapy exercises for a cancer patient?
how to deal with dentures and find cheap implants?
At age 2, I removed my front teeth, Now I had surgery at 15 to get them. Is it genetic?
Some Questions About Going To The Dentist?
im in real need of a cheap dentist i dont make alot of money and need real urgent care?
Strawberry seed stuck in my 4 yr olds gum.?
people who have had braces of have them now....?
someone who's used invisilign before?
Is it safe to get all four wisdom teeth taken out at once?
I had my lower left wisdom tooth removed 3wks ago. Since I haven't been able to bite down properly. Why?
How can I get my teeth whiter?
Is my chin too short from profile view and....?
does invisaline really help straiten your teeth and does blue care cover it?
I got new tooth sealants today...but I think part of one of them fell off, what should i do?
I live in Naples, FL are there any doctors that takes medicaid for braces?
should i sleep if i think i have a minor concussion?
Orange Teeth??????......?
Is it possible to ,,bleach" your teeth without bleeching?
In a dental surgery could you tell me if patients have the right to view their charts?
Could I have Dry Socket?
I just got my tooth pulled out and got something from the surgeon, what does it do?
i am only young (14) but badly need and want my teeth whitened!?
when you have braces does it hurt more to move the molars then the front teeth?
after wisdom teeth extractions can i still get back to my workouts?
I have a weird fluttery feeling in my upper right abdomen?
Does anyone know any good exercises to do when your back is killing you?
Where do you stand when it comes to waxxing arms?
I think ive lost my ED, what do you think?
What should I name a community mental health festival?
what is the worst fear of all time?
I'm 13, have really low self esteem, and hate myself?
Recovering from an ED, but packing on the weight....Freaking out!?
School Help cope with stress?
I'm nocturnal. How do I get back into a normal sleep pattern?
How to reduce worrying about school?
So Lately I've been feeling zoned out. Which ive heard about alot. But Im not depressed im more hyper? weird.?
Why do i think too much?
i get so bloated after eatin?
Best time of day to go to gym?
diet pills?
If i dont want to gain weight?
Non-stressful knee exercise?
how can i lose 10-15 healthy in five - six weeks?
Is this good while on diet?
How can i lose weight and get abs at the same time without lookin like a man!?
I want to Lose 20 LBs. and Quit soda. Ne Suggestions???
Am I at a good weight?
hoodia gordonni?
Ok so i wanna be at120 llbs?
what do you do if your right arm is thinner than left arm.?
Need advice to bulk up!?
Muscle Gain Plan?
Good exercises for thighs and lovehandles?
Does Winsor Pilates work?
fastest way to get fit?
How to lose 20 lbs?!?
Bikini HELp?
what is a good weight to start jogging?
What should I eat to train for a 5k?
If i smoked 2 cigarillos 4 months ago and i have a dentist appointment soon will they be able to tell i did?
again for 4 year my gum tinkle and feel weird after having teeth removed 8 denist and a nuero ck no relief?
i have bad teeth and no ins. is it really legal to buy tremadol online? i dont want to do anything illegal?
Does an electric toothbrush spin or vibrate? How should I brush using one?
why am I hurting in my jaw and right side of my face after seeing my dentist @ having teeth filled ?
dentist in Thousand Oaks, CA?
why cant I bite down with my retainers in?
what health insurance companies cover braces?
When I was l9 or 10 my dentist put in a spacer then took it out, huh?
i lost my lip piercing, what can i do to not let it close over night?
my gums are really swollen?
Good candidate for labret?
How to get rid of...?
are natural toothpastes just as effective as artificial ones?
try this and tell me what happens?
what does this mean ?!?
how dentist handpiece works?
Sore jaws and teeth hurting?
Why won't the swelling go down?
does anyone know a good dentist in CT, who can make high quality dental bridge?
Tooth loss from palate expander?
how much it cost to pull out crown tooth?
Has anyone ever been diagnosed with lymphoma in the breast?
I have family issues... can you help?
i feel so depressed right now?
counsiling websites for teens?
obsession about dust?
does anyone else stay up all night and sleep all day?
multiple personality disorder?
Have you ever feel that you can do anything although your body could not cope with it?
Riddle me this: Anxious heart?
Can braces help my chin (pic included)?
Can you carve (sharpen) your own teeth while they're still in your mouth?
question about retainers!?!?!?!?
How much can dentist shave your teeth down for veneers?
plaque,plaque before it hardens to tartar.?
BLEACHING teeth make them look STRAIGHTER?
What other supplements to take with creatine?
does my jaw look too far back?
My teeth are deteriorating mostly the front what if anything can I do about this?
how long would it takes if i did 300 push up a day will breaks to get muscle?
Do dentists fill cavities right away during general exam?
invisalign vs. braces?
My gum is sensitive...?
i cant stop biting the inside of my cheeks.?
I am trying to find a dentist in AR that will accept patients with no insurance to pull a tooth...please help!?
rubber bands for braces?
Would Whitening Strips Help?
Can a dentist shave down my porcelain crowns on my front teeth?
What can she do to stop the pain in her mouth?
Jaw pain on the right side?
Taking Protein , abit over weight?
what should my weight be?
10-15 pounds?
HEALTH Quesitonnnnnnnnn?
whats the vinegar diet?
my eating habit.?
!!!!!!!!Extra teeth???????!!!!!!!?
what size jeans should i be wearing?
Jenny Graig or Nutrisystems?
How can I get whiter teeth?!?!?!?
How can I lose 20 lbs. by April?
why would the oral doctor say...?
what's the best,best and best exercises for thigh's and stomach's fat?
Hey i've been tired lately?
Can you please help me?
Why can...and how?
How do you think,people can lose wait fast,but still have there chocalate?
has any body died with the gastic bypass?
Whats wrong with me I have this nasty taste in my mouth?
Starving myself!!?
Doesn't this sound like a way healthy burrito?
I have braces its been a couple of days and it hurts....?
after I had my wisdom teeth pulled, my teeth are sensitive.?
Can salt really help.?
Do you think people are more stress these days than 5 years ago?
I suffer from ADHD, does anyone know how I can get amphetamines in Melbourne, AU?
Anyone live with Asperger Syndrome?
Does anyone else suffer from panic attacks?
How can you be both girly and tomboyish at the same time?
keeping in touch with depressed friend!?
How can I stop overreacting?
how do i cope...............?
What can I do to break free from my routine?
Standing barbell curls, concentration curls, hammer curls, and machine curls. Is this a good bicep workout?
How do you GAIN weight?
How much can i lose by summer?
How much wieght cam i loose?
Dieting and exercising, but I'm getting more and more hungry!! HELP!?
eating? help!!?
problems eating?
question about working out?
How much longer for results?
If you consume about 1500 caolores a day and run about a mile every day, how long will it take to loose 20pds?
im 24 a babys mother my weight is 55kg and hgt 5'4 my down portion is shpeless plzshow me some idea to be perf
my weight is 61 and my height is 5'4 inch,is i'm overweight,if yes then wat should be the average weight ?
Getting back in shape....?
i have to lose weight but will it stunt my growth?
low carb diet?
My brother is 5'6 and weighs 180 pounds...?
True or False: A gram of protein provides the same number of calories as a gram of carbohydrates?
tooth problem! what can i do?
do i have a concussion?
Do you guys think this is bad?
Does braces stop working entirely if a bracket is loose?
what does it mean when someones mouth(gums) just starts bleeding out of the blue?
Where to a gold/silver tooth cover.?
Can a Dentist withhold their license number?
cracked tooth???????????????
Chemotherapy patients-when do you feel the worst?
is any one?
I am looking for a diet to bennefit someone undergoing chemo therapy?
Do stem cells cure breast cancer?
i have a question about health?
What will happen if your platelets in Luekemia go on 0?
could chernoblyl have affedted my daughters thyroid?
A lump in me...?
Fish for a cancer patient?
Stomach cancer? Serious answers only please.?
I am 16 years old and i have recently had a decreased appettite and lost about 30 pounds in the past 3 months?
can an 11 year old have breast cancer?
i am a senior with Athsma and concerned about swine flu. Are there any steps l need to take to protect myself?
Does this sound like a chest infection?
braces questions for people who had braces!?
Did i lose my last tooth yet? Please help ! ?
General Dentistry Question?
Is my Invisalign tray broken?
i got my braces on yesterday and they hurt soo bad plz help ppl=(?
Tomorrow I will be having four wisdom teeth extracted and I'm very scared! Can someone PLEASE help?
Loss of hearing, jaw popping, Do I have Tmj?
Why are my teeth bleeding?
Cheapest way to get surgery, as uninsured in PA USA?
Lower wisdom tooth removed?
wisdom tooth removed. advice needed plz!!!?
I want to be a dentist..am I still OK?
i think i have gingivitis, PLEASE HELP!?
Would I need braces? ?
What does a Nerve treatment feel like?
Why would you want to be a surgeon?
My wisdom tooth hurts?
Would I have a fever if I had an infection?
i have a small chip in the front of one of my teeth. if doesnt hurt or anything when i eat, but .....?
have you went to the dentist in Peru?
what's the problem of class V cavity?
Will an abscess of the mouth in the hard palate leave a lumpy scar?
Braces, get them off this summer or suffer two more years T_T ?
If i work out for 3-4 a week?
how can i loose alot of wieght fast?
How can I gain weight?
is 20 grams of fat and 1000 calories good to loose weight on?
Why is it so hard to do simple physical tasks after you get lean and ripped?
I know this probablly sounds crazy...but how do you tighten those muscles down below. On a girl??
Am i fat??
Diet & Fitness advice?
Why can't I keep any muscle?
Check out my workout!?
i bought a fat burner lipo6 but i have a government rug and blood test.would that have any affect on the test?
work out music?
a good exercise?
what is lean muscle?
Does riding your bike daily have any health benefits?!?
plz help! do these help with toning??
Lifting Weights too Frequently?
How can i lose muscle?
weight gain/toned body?
unique ways to tone abs?
Survey: Why do you have trouble sticking with a workout/diet?
I have depression and my mum wants to know how to help me?
With these amounts of symptoms and score...?
How to live confidently when self esteem has been hurt?
Any advice for serious anger issues?
I am 15. What can I do to boost my confidence when around people my age?
I have bipolar and taking lithium. I feel weird.?
Do I have OCD or am I just a perfectionist?
Would you notice if?? HELP!?
OCD or Perfectionism?
I felt like commiting suicide....?
I had my wisdom teeth out on Wed. Morning...?
Why does my mouth hurt?
can you see your self with out braces?
What's the coolest color for braces?
from the day i tell my dentist that i want poreclain veneers, how long will it take?
orajel for numbing taste buds?
Is there any sugar free gum without xylitol?
My son has a cavity and his mother is doing nothing, what can I do?
Wisdom Tooth infection?
What should I do (Wisdom tooth question)?
tooth extraction help?
hi i just got braces yesterday and was wondering how long i will hve them?
is it possible to get a fissured tongue if you are already 17 and don't have one?
Is DMD dentist more qualified or has more training than a DDs?
Am I still able to remove my braces...?
When does the orthadontist put wire on teeth that grew up high in your gum?
Does anybody elses mouth hurt today?
Which whitening strips are the best ones out there? I got my braces off and my teeth are disgustingly yellow?
Do i have to resort to canine veneers of dentures?
What is your (teeth) care regime? ?
Retainer trouble....?
what is donperidone, Lansoprozole, tramadol,Mebeverine, Prochlorperazine and Loperamide?
Burning pain in finger tips?
Sore arch on left foot?!?
Pain in left part of chest?
what is going on with my knee?
what makes bubble gum bubble?
Ways to treat periodontal disease, without going to the dentist?
what to do after 21 teeth have been removed to heal faster?
im 14 and my jaw pops 3 times when i open my mouth it only hurts sometimes..do i have tmj or something?
The cause of the fever is a loose tooth.?
Wife had a root canal tuesday but still feels a little pain now on Saturday....is this normal?
how to treat canker sore?
Dry sockets question?
i had one of my top widom teeth removed 2 days ago my gums are sore i have been eating pretty regular but soft?
are my wisdom teeth coming in?
How much are thee Crest white strips in Arizona Phx?
I have a question about teeth?
How to you handle a wisdom tooth coming in?
My Child has white spots on her teeth, what are they.?
Is my dentist swindling me?
How to fix an under bite?
Nose piercing- Which hurts more gun or needle? Scale of 1-10 for pain?
my teeth arent growing?!?!?
how much pain are you in after getting wisdom teeth out?
Does floss have an side effect if left in mouth for a long time?
Why are my teeth so sensitive?
Question for the Doctors (Be prepared to do a little reading)?
I live in Los Angeles and want to join a gym with a pool. i don't want an expensive commitment. which is the
I'm trying to get more muscular and....?
Creatine? Or Muscle Milk?
please, ireally wanna know this...?
will i look toner by the summer?
I Need SERIOUS motivation!!?
how can i lose alot of pounds.?
cellulite, how to get rid of it?
Work Out Question?
who has taken Roaccutane and doesnt suffer anxiety and depression?
Last minute tricks for bodybuilders and models...?
im feeling depressed for no reason right now. tips on how to tame it?
Off-label uses of Comtan?
me psychiatrist has left?
Belittling behavior, is it a mental condition?
Sometimes I don't eat anything at school?
What are some good techniques to build up your self-esteem and overcome social anxiety?
being stressed and depression, problems later in life?
How much till its fatal? (Tramadol and Skelaxin)?
how long does it take a bruised nerve in big front tooth to go back to normal after turning gray?
Tooth exposure burn? help asap plz!?
I want to know from someone who is taking dentistry or have finished it what are the detailed steps?
what does it mean when u hav silver/gray stuff on your gums?
whats wrong with my teeth?
biting the inside of ur mouth..bad?
How long does it take for spacers?
What toothpaste is good and doesn't taste bad?
Please Help!! Intense neck pain on the left side!!?
major jaw pain on the right side?
Need teeth fixed fast!?
Sudden sharp pain in gums..?
Laughin Gas Needed to Remove Wisdom Teeth?
We found out that my dad has a stage 4 stomach cancer a year ago,?
MDS ..all symptoms-presentt?!!?!?
Patupilone chemo drug for ovarian cancer?
what are the average steps you should do each day?
What type of exercises should I do for toned thighs?
Graduation party and trip...how should I solve the following Questions?
what do you think?
can someone help me lose weight?
i had a sandwich about 5 minutes ago?
is this good?
When you do a ppushup are you pushing all your wieght or half?
Is This Normal?
How must does dental braces cost in Miri?
What's this new painless tongue lesion?
whats should i get done for crowded fron teeth?
Crest White strips...?
So after i get my braces off, i get the retainer?
What is the best way a dental office can attract you (or has) to come see them?
If you have braces, are you supposed to put toothpaste on the other brushes?
Do u always need a crown after a root canal, or can they use filling?
I can't open my mouth more than a inch.?
I am having frequent burs,cuts inside my mouth, and my teeth is paining when i eat any thing, what disease is?
what toothpaste will help with soft enamel?
Chewing tobacco help?
What is the cheapest and best toothpaste?
need to see a dentist asap?
Whats going on with my tooth?
When should I change my toothbrush?
I'm getting spacers and braces...?
I had spacers put in for my braces yesterday(march 16), 1 of them out of 8 fell out 2day. more details below?
So can I sue this oral surgeon?
Toothache question, molar ?
Kids Front upper theeth not growing?
Does It Hurt Getting Braces Off? Explain.?
one of my nostrils are blocked?
i have worked for a restaurant as a supervisor 4 2 weeks and had to go back to sa due to sickness in family?
I'm getting spacers and braces...?
Molar and Wisdom teeth?
is it true that if you brush your gums to hard they go up and dont go down?
i have braces and i was wondering if you have braces if it effects the way you kiss?
when i sleep after half n hour my mouth gets dry. what is the reason and what is the solutions?
Am I too fat?
Jenny Craig for Life?
i need help the natural way to study?
what is the best way to boost metabolism?
I am a woman of 54 and want to buy a keep fit video but one with dancing in ,who's the best one at the moment
What are good excercises for firming up?
will doing 100 pushups and 100 ab lounge a day get me nice and cut?
how can i build strength in my upper body easily?
I use a program called 8 minute abs, its great but how long will it take for my abs to show will it burn fat?
food help ppllz?
How many hours should a teenager sleep?
Does risperdal (risperidone) make you gain weight and eat more?
Would you be scared of someone who has schizophrenia?
Is it just me or does the internet make you paranoid?
How can I stop lying.?
what needs to be done?
How to deal with stress...?
Teeth Whitening...I don't have Coffee stains, what will work for me?
I need big help with my TMJ!!?
Teeth Whitening and Front Teeth?
Which gum do you think lasts the longest??
Decaying Teeth???
Should a dentist have to size down or manipulate any tooth other than the tooth being crowned?
Can i get into Dental Hygiene With B Grades..? ..?
Root tip migration?
what pressure can teeth hold?
Teeth Whitening?
How can I get the swelling in my mouth to go down?
i had a tooth pulled is it normal to see the bone or is that bad?
Why do i have to brush for five min.?
Getting braces in two days..?
anyone with front tooth denture?
Got my wisdom teeth pulled at least 72 hours ago?
invisaline or braces????
can a dental hygienist own and operate a dental office by themselves?
Orthodontist troubles?
How does the denist attach the brace to your teeth???
i am wishing to know roughly how much the cost of a denture is with about 4 teeth?
lung cancer question?
Why do cancer cells move to different parts of the body?
Can someone explain edometriosis to me?
I know this is random, but this year I am raising money for the Relay for Life of SUNY Albany. Relay for life?
call centers?
Heavy metals in fish?
Quit smoking?
To qualify for a clinical trial in the United States do you have to be a resident or a citizen ?
Explain how the dysfunctional mind affects the functioning of the body organs?
help!I just got 2 teeth pulled out?
i have Amoxicillin that is about 2 years outdated i have an abscess tooth and need to take them but they are?
Could this be a dry socket?
wisdom tooth extraction. would they be harder to remove if they grow out, towards my cheeks?
My cheek hurts...I just got my expander?
How long do I need to wear braces?
okay so idk if i have to get braces?
Can I have oral surgery while wearing braces?
Can they do all of my dental work and then charge/bill me?
My dentist put a ring on my upper wisdom tooth?
Mouth sore?????????????
Best Teeth Whitening Aids?
Whats considered a braces emergency?
Will the dentist pull my tooth if ***I*** want it done?
I am getting braces on six of my teeth is that a bad thing? what colors should i get .?
is there an easy way to whiten my teeth without buying products..?
Auburn, California Oral Surgeons that accept Anthem Blue Cross?
im getting my wisdom teeth out and im getting braces after that. is there any advice before i get them removed?
soft greenish yellow substance on my back teeth/gums?
what type of training is required to just put rubber bands/wire on braces?
I had a c-section, what is the best exercise to lose the tummy that won't go away?
can I tell you what not to say to a fat person?
how much should i weigh?
ifi weight 70 lbs how doi get a 4 pack?
im 17 years old and probably 140 now. i want to loose weight , mostly my legs and something in my stomach?
i want to loose weight around my belly?
creatine really help you ge stronger?
How to Loose Weight...Fast!?
How can i loose 10 pounds in a month or so?
I'm 14 and I want to gain muscle mass how do I do it?
How do i gain weight? 5'10. 113 pounds 18 years old boy?
how much exercise do i need? plz help its hmwk!?
Do I still have a chance to get taller .... at all??
Diet snacks?
Help please!!!! 5-6 meals a day!?
For anyone who has gone on a NO CARB diet--Please help!!?
how to gain weight?
i am fat i want to loose weight from my thighs stomach and hips everyone at school hates me please help me!!!!
Muscle building...?
whts d fastest way of loosing weight?
help pls plan b pills?
3 twenty minute sessions??
I just recently started working a desk job, where I literally sit for 8 hours a day?
Impacted Canine Started Growing In. What does this mean?
wisdom teeth removal. PUFFYNESS????!! help?
Had Tooth Pulled Monday (Not Wisdom)..Still bleeds when I sleep??
If you have braces, should your mouth, jaws and lips move sideways too for temporary?
I'm getting my braces off in a week and I haven't been using the mouthwash they gave me. what will happen?
wt color should i get for my braces i dont know if i should get a blue rubber band n pink braces any other clr
braces and teeth pulled?
has anyone ever had this and please be honest very scared?
Why do my gums become so swollen after wearing my "after-braces" retainer?
can kissing a little too soon after getting braces ruin my teeth?
Do dogs teeth get cavaties if you don't brush with toothpaste?
if i just got my tongue pierced.....?
Is the health dept shot clinics free for everyone or just the poor?
swollen gums?
Does the actual getting your braces on hurt?
whats a Abscessed Tooth?
anyone ever had this?
is it normal?
My Vampire Teeth...?
how much does it cost to get a cap on ur tooth? no insurance?
gettin the wire on my teeth for braces?
can u help me with teeth?
is the arson fat burner good....my friends just started taking it and they say its really cool...but i want a?
How would I benefit from drinking a pint of milk everyday?
Best way to get the elusive six pack?
I am looking to lose about 10-15 lbs?
loss weight??
I'm getting fat!?
Do you think I should lose more weight???
how many inches should i lose?
Can eating celery cause bloating?
Does any one else have fun looking up there friends weight?
can i lose weight if i diet and exercise for 30 mins but i dont sweat?
how many calories do i have to eat a day?
Lose weight?
healthy food?
no one seems to actually answer my question.?
I have an eating disorder... help? =/?
Six Pack and ABs?
I am 16 and weigh 152 pounds. I have been struggling with my weight for a long time and need a solution!?
Weight loss? I know there is a ton of these..butt....?
How to loose 3 pounds of fat as fast as I can?
I know that you have to eat healthier to lose weight but....?
is soy protien shakes good to take instead of breakfeast and dinner to lose weight and normal dinner.?
So much out there, where to start?
Whats the best way for me to lose belly fat without losing muscle gains?
i'm experiencing some weird chest pains, can anyone help?
invisalign? does it work?
does it hurt when you get your braces off ?
Can I fix my overbite with a retainer?
does tmj or jaw cracking change what ur jaw looks like from the outside?
How much longer would i have braces on for? [pic]?
Does anyone know of any Dental Labs that are hiring?
when do puppy teeth fall out?
any help please?!?! teeth problem...?
does everyone have to get their wisdom teeth pulled?
at home teeth whitening light?
Approx. what year were cavities in human teeth filled in general dentistry?
Home Remedies To Whiten Teeth!?
what all can i or can not eat?
does anyone actually listen to the orthodontist/dentist?
i just had a tooth pulled a few days ago. but the tooth right behind it is hurting me terribly is that normal?
Are Tonsil Stones Permanent?
i was wondering if my water has broken or not?
When i get damon braces will it hurt real bad?
Braces/ gums question?
can u get ur teeth cleaned with spacers in?
my teeth are always stained why is this?
help!!help!!help!dental problem?
I'm getting damon braces on thursday .............?
Can one have low blood oxygen and be active?
I was eating earlier and seemed to inhale a piece of sweetcorn will it go away?
My 19 month old daughter has been diagnosed with breath holding attacks which recently caused her to have a?
am i abnormal or this is the normal behavior as everyboby?why i change all the time?
Can somebody tell what happend before the great depression?
Ever get tired of the weight?
quiting after stress leave of absence (fmla)?
Do i have depression?
should i get dentures or caps/crowns etc... very bad teeth but concerned about speaking/eating with dentures?
how many do dentists earn in USA(on one year)?
I'm having a tooth taken out soon! How do they numb your mouth?
Dental Hygienists help me please!!!?
Have not been dentist for a good two years. What are my chances I have a cavity?
what does it mean when you have a small white bump on your gum?
lump on roof of the mouth?
How can I get braces?
How do i stop grinding my teeth?
What is the best way to treat tooth pain?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth surgically removed early this April. Are there any suggestions on what I should do?
my gum is swollen.PLEASE PLEASE help..what could it be?
If you were to kiss somebody how long will your saliva stay in there system.?
me and my anger how to do summthing about it?
I have a bracket that fell off?
How are dental crowns done?
how much will jaw surgery cost!!!?
what is good to eat when you are on a diet?
How to get more flexible?
WEIGHT!!! HELP please?
what are carbohydrate good for when you work out?
loosing weight fast!!?
Are these Max outs in weights good for a freshman like me? 305 becnh/525 squat/225 poweclean/505 deadlift ?
health question.?
Does this happen to you?
What role do portions sizes play?
is it to go to cali and get lypo sculpting done on my own?
My sister thinks I'm anorexic.?
Am i normal weight for height?
what should i be counting ( cal's or fat )?
Is this fat?
I am not to take food with caffeine since a GI bleeding episode. Does boiled lemon grass contain caffeine?
What is wrong..?
do you gain weight from doing alot of push ups?
Is there a website where I can type in the foods I want on a diet & it will calculate a menu for me?
my present age is 20,but i am shorter since i was 15 years old,what are the ways to increase my height?
please help me get flexible?
What are some good supplements I can find at a place like gnc?
Weight problems?
eating help?
what is a good thigh excersise?
where is write philiphus?
If you have just received your dental license (as a dentist) in Florida what other states can you practice in?
Tooth Pain Question?
Advil before having a cavity filled? PLEASE help!?
upper gum pain..?
how to brush my hear and my teath?
Porcelain behind teeth?
My daughter has a loose tooth?
How should I whiten my teeth?
what are my braces doing?
About my teeth?