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When you get impacted wisdom teeth removed...?
i got a root canal in august. ever since i havent gotten a crown for it. how long i can i wait till i get one?
biscep trouble?
walking time?
How can i even out my bicep?
what can i do to not feel hungry? that doesnt involve diet pills and stuff?
how loose 100 pound in 6 month?
Fastest, easiest way?
Weight loss babby!?
running for weight loss?
will this work?
I'd like to lose weight/ get fit?
how to lose weight.?
wat kind of workouts stop you from growing, at the age of 16?
How do I get skinny?
Trying to lose weight?
What's the fastest way to lose weight?
Where can I buy Phertermine on-line? I need to lose 20 pounds. I am healthy and work out a lot but still need?
any good weight lifting drills or routines ?
being sick/weight gain/ working out?? HELP!?
is this normal !?!?
girls, how do you loose stubborn arm fat?
fat areas?
Any workout that tones fast? ( as in 2 weeks)?
why arent i losing weight?
How long does it take for anesthesia/numbness to wear off?
ugh i am having a major problem with braces?
I have cavity prone teeth. need advice?
Wondering if anyone has this on their top lip?
Molar solution needs to be more concentrated?
Braces Question, please help!?
How long will it take for my son's teeth to become white.?
Ive had two of my teeth removed. Can i drink coffee?
IS crest whitening strips a good product?
sensitive teeth problem!?
i am going to the dentist tomorrow to have a tooth pulled but i dont know what the dentist is going to do?
im soo scared, i paid all that money?
High spot needs to be filed down after fillling? Will I need to pay extra? ?
Which toothbrush do I get? ?
when I brush my teeth, I have cacer sores in my mouth but I need to brush my teeth they smell really bad, Help?
i think i have sensitive teeth due to hard brushing. Will is heal if i use sensodyne and brush lightly?
I had a cavity filled today about 2 and it is now 5:15 can i eat something?
Help Please! My Dogs gums...?
i had a space between my front teeth bonded. it fell off the second day and i had it bonded again?
Clear bump on the roof of my mouth near my teeth?
Impacted Tooth Problem?
i ate a piece of candy and i think i swolloed enamel,and now there is a hole in my tooh?
gahhhh tummy ache ....?
I am so incredibly sick right now, what do I do?
Braces and Chewing Gum?
How can I get rid of a tongue blister it hurts! Help please?
I wear a partial denture on my top teeth, and the metal from it makes my gum bleed?
Is it normal for a tooth to hurt after a filling when you tap it or bite down in it?
Fell on face, need help; Tooth Ache?
What medicine is better for toothache?
I have a molar tooth that grew out late and is squished between two other molar teeth.?
courses to take dental hygienist.?
dentist's help..........................?
when is the best time to use MOUTH WASH? before or after brushing your teeth?
I can't fix my chronic bad breath?
Is an abcess a reason to call the dentist asap & try to get an emergency appt.?
Question about general Dentistry.?
do binkys really make your teeth go crooked? if so is there any kind that doesnt make them crooked?
Help with retainer :)?
i just got a proffesional dental cleaning at the dentist today, and now my gums really hurt.. is that normal?
What is the best way to move a tooth forward?
I'm not always brushing my teeth in the morning?
What does hydrogen peroxide do?
So I swallowed a 1/4 in. top of a plastic fork, What are your thoughts about this?
i need help really badley, help please?
Retainer to straighten my teeth?
if i was a model, how much would i weigh? im 5'5"?
losing weight!!!?
dieting help?pleaseeee?
how old do you have to be to become a member at la fitness?
Best workout to lose fat without becoming chunky?
How much should i run each day to burn off that thin piece of fat over my lower abs?
Pro Performance vs. Muscle Tech?
how tall will i be?
Which of the following muscles is not of much use to you in picking up a cup of coffee and raising it to you l
need ideas on what to do for weight training?
Weight help please?
losing weight?
Advice on Keeping Weight Down in Winter.?
what's the fastest time you lost weight?
crunches or no?
question about weight training??
silly question about weightloss, but i really dont know...?
whats the fastest way to loss weight besides eating disorders?
apple cider vinegar diet??
when you work out does having fat help you gain muscle better?
How do i lift weights I'm a 14 year old teen?
I want to lose weight?
Quick Healthy Meals?
can any one one say me in which foood the content of L-Arginine will me more help me in this plz?
I am finding the empty nest syndrome a bit difficult...?
who do i turn to? possible bi polar, weed and a LOT of confusion. longish question?
I have recently been given a case manager at a mental health clinc. Is this compulsory?
What is wrong with this person?
Efexor dose halved for one week. Should I stay or should I go back up?
Can I Place my Old Crown back after RCT?
accidentally sipped through a straw 5 days after wisdom teeth removal?
having tooth problems?
What is the best/most effective toothpaste for teeth whitening?
Jaw Surgery Bite Recovery?
Havent had retainers for two months. . .?
dose it hurt when you get your spacers put in at the orthodontist? ?
white spot when biting tongue?
wearing retainers after teeth move.?
whats the best tooth whitening?
How do i find my missing retainer?
kind of odd... (poll) it would be cool if you answered?
Is this a tooth cavity?
how else can i get my gap closed?
teeth problems- wisdom removal?
Has anyone had implant dentures who can share your experience? ?
what is special about orbit gum?
why does the red line on chewing gum not rip?
i have that pain on my spinal cord?
how much weight can i lose in about 5 months?
How Are Calories Calculated???
What type of workout is for strength or mass?
Will I loose weight if I do this.....?
put on weight. but not to much weight!?
I would like to know, what is to skinny?
What are some juices that i can mix my protein powder with to taste good? it will have the same effects right?
What should I eat for EACH and EVERY meal a day to lose 60 lbs?
how to get abs?
How many calories should In a day.?
i want to start working out, but i'm not sure where to start...?
will i lose weight if....?
i need fun ways to lose wight?
does the thermal belt that you wear around you abs help shed a 6 pack?
loose bracket on my braces?
What is a good fat burner?
Weight Problems?
about stretch marks.?
Typically how much do fillings cost at the dentist?
Palatal Expanders...............?
I have a really bad tooth ace it really hurts help be quick it hurts awwww?
Can I get invisalign braces at 16 years old?
Why is anorexia and bulimia bad?
I am underweight plz read...?
Take a guess?
Got my Wisdom Teeth out on Friday at 11am, will my oral surgeon?
I am trying to lose weight: keep falling a t 1st hurdle any suggestions?
how much physical exercise should i get a day?
Which do women prefer on a man?
I am eating lot but i want reduce my weight?
i want to loose 3kg a week for the next 4months - is this possible?
I need help dieting please help?
workout question?
What shall i do advice?
can my parents have free dentures?
Losing 4/5 pounds....?
Question for pplwho know about Dental Hygene...?
still have to baby teeth?
Question on this new retainer and the rest of my teeth! HELP!?
can you get your wisdow teeth out while pregnant?
temp crown that has fallen out...?
what does it mean if a tooth that you have already had filled hunt it was filled about 4 years ago?
question about rubber bands for braces?
Need to go for a SECOND cat scan....So scared!!!! Please help!?
If you wash orajel off does it stop working?
my mouth bleeds in the morning?
teeth problem, sharp pain.?
How long will my braces take if..?
how much would it cost to be a dentist?
Is it true that you aren't supposed to see the dentist when you have a mouth ulcer or cold sore?
mouth question about my jaw?
Where can i find a free dental clinic, with a sliding scale?, ive been googling it and cant find anything?
my wife craves chipped ice, any idea why?
my cheek is swelling and scars are in my mouth? kinda white looks with redish surrounding?10pts?
wisdom tooth question?
sweet sixteen want my braces off?
My mom is getting her teeth extracted today. What kind of pain can she expect?
does this sound like a cold?
Difficulty breathing lately, now chest and back pains.?
I'm having surgery and they tell me I have to take it out.where can I get a spacer to put in it's place?
Is it normal to have 5 permanent canine teeth?
What are the best and most effective toothpaste on the market to whiten teeth?
Why can't I open my mouth all the way?
should i pull out this tooth?
my tooth hurts n the dentist told me i need to crown it,or cement or fill it,can i fly the nex day?
Whats wrong with my tongue ring?
Getting teeth out! Terrified!?
tooth Extraction. Please help.?
Is there any problem drinking alcohol after getting your tooth taking out im planning to drink in a while?
how do you know if your tongue pirceing is infected?
I've got a weird little numb bubble on the tip of my tongue, what exactly is it?
tooth in Hershey candy!! what to do?
Ortho. Retainer Trouble?
Can I chew sugarfree gum with braces?
I had a large tooth extracted 36 hours ago.I'm still in a lot of pain ?
I bit my lower gum and now every time I eat something, that part of my gums burn/?
Does anyone know if medicaid covers composite fillings(the white ones), and not the metal(silver) ones?
Weight, Machine Instruction Book?
I'm a 23 y/o F, I'm 5'10 and I weigh 155lbs...Caloric intake question..?
Do I need to exercise at all for lose a little weight?
will this work?
whats the best way to loose weight?
Creatine? help please read?
I want to lose 100 pounds by June or ASAP.?
Good exercises for doing at home!!?
15 year old female trying to loose weight...?
should i lose weight?
jumprope? can do...what?
Diet without counting calories?
i have 60% body fat is it good?
burning fat not muscle?
are granola healthy carbs?
how do i get abs and muscles that show in less then a couple of days when your thirteen years old?
Anyone know where to find the best information on HRT v. breast cancer?
what dose breast scar tissue feel like after more than one sergery?
What foods are usually recommended to increase magnesium level in your blood ?
Cant get my teeth white?
Please Help Dentist?
Are there any reasons why pregnant women with gestational diabetes and preeclampsia can't recieve dental care?
wisdom teeth please helpp?
laughing gas?
Whitening Capsules: What is the best?
stuck tooth !?
How much are braces on private treatment in london?
Why are my braces like this?
How much do Surgical Techs and Anesthesiology Techs get paid?
how much on average is the cost of whitening your teeth?
Can I still get tooth sealant?
i just had oral surgery 4 hours ago, and my stitch came undone, I cant contact my dentist, what do i do?
What should I do with a bleeding mouthsore?
Name for dental reward scheme
maxillary swing access osteotomy
Why haven't I lost any teeth??
I have a gap, I want to pull a tooth, and I'm getting braces
Any orthodontists out there? please help... this is related to braces...
How Would My Life Be As A Dentist?
I got 3 teeth extracted on monday?
after a few hours into the day, my breath starts going unfresh. got any suggestions on what i should do?
Horrible pain in my mouth
what is a post varal scan medical question?
my husband has really bad back pain near his lungs..also chest pains and finds it hard to swallow food?
Chest Pain Whilst walking?
My Arm Hurts After Vacation?
Oxycontin Question For A Noob?
Ingrediants for the Master Cleanse...?
what must i do to gain weight and height?
what are the best foods for your skin?
what are some negative effects for becoming a couch potato?
ok i want a fun way to loose weight but i have no ideascan you help me ?
question about abs?
getting rid of rolls...?
How overwieght is the average American?
whats good yo tone your body?
How can i motivate myself?
where can I physically (not online) purchase a bottle of LBS ll (lower bowel stimulant) in Las Vegas?
I am wanting to shift a few extra pounds for a party next week.If i go on a all salad/fruit/water for 7 days?
I need to lose weight especially in my thighs and stomach...?
how to get big???
Weight Tips?
total sets?
underweight problums?
im 14 year old football player, I wanna gain weight?
How can I grow taller?
why is my stomach so fat????
Ay yo, help me out =)?
How to tone my arms?
should i get invisilign?
just got wisdom teeth removed yestarday when can i smoke and what can i do about the swelling
Wisdom teeth surgery swelling
why do i have big canine's for teeth?
dental, regarding phropy verus full mouth debridement?
i am getting braces. what are some good colors to get?
got my teeth rebuild.. but top lip is swollen?
has anyone got braces by dr.farrah?
What's good for teeth whitening?
Coated tongue disgusting?
Getting my teeth whiter.?
Dental Hygien to Dentist?
How do I get whiter teeth?
Army boot camp and retainer questions?
i'm a college kid with crooked teeth. is there any affordable alternative to braces?
braces/teeth extractions?
PLEASE answer..Braces....??
Does anybody know how much breast implants cost in Washington State?
bad smell after wisdom teeth extraction?
How long does gum surgery takes?
I get my braces off in October!!...how will my teeth feel??
do i really have to get braces>:(...?
I need help...mouth, teeth, gums questions..HELP!?
Toothache? What should I do?
Do you ever feel alone? or lonely?
How does someone get Methadone with only a dope addiction?
is there such a thing as mental visual kei disorder?
Is this normal please let me know?
Trying to understand a weird delusion?
is it normal for someone to feel like this?
We will be moving to a different state soon. will that affect our daughter, who has down syndrome?
Do autistic children ever feel lonely?
disoriented elderly woman! please help!!!?
Depression or Very Severe Anxiety?
Anyone on zolaft can you let me know how u went cutting it down?
Where can I buy Tanning Alum in bulk.?
How does Mitosis cure or repair an injury?
what whitening strips to use?
Do yall know of any orthodonist's in or near fort myers that take medicaid?
Will I be getting my braces off early?
Best way to whiten teeth?
What would be the best way to finance A LOT of dental work?
How do i get rid of a swollen....very swollen lip...?
my teeth have gone a light grey/yellow colour and no matter how i brush my teeth i can't get rid of it..?
Toothpaste branded GUM?
Do I have dry socket, again?
i was kind of playing with my spacer and then all of a sudden it popped out what do i do ?
White thing in my mouth What is it? Dentists please!?
I can't breathe .... any help?
Can braces cause your jaw to lock up?
if you just exercise but eat the same way you have been eating what will your body look like will u loose lbs?
How much weight do i need to lose?
Do you know of a good detox I can buy at a local store?
can someone please help me?
doctors opinions needed?
Is this a good diet plan?
How many miles do i have to run to burn 1000 calories?
What are some foods that have protein in it?
What's the healthiest salt out there?
Weight Watchers?!?
What type of diet would benefit my benchpress the most out of a protein, carbohydrate or fat diet?
FAT Loss Plan?
for which body part we cannot use weights to build it?
What is the best?
Does doing weights at 2am build up your muscles?
Will this work by summer, please answer.?
calories question..?
Any certified personal trainers here?
What are some exercises that could get me a tight stomach but not to the point of a 6 pk??
Best low-priced Resistance Bands?
question about ensure!?
how can you loose 4 pounds in a month safely...?
How long will it take...?
Sharp Pain In The Corner Of My Eye?
I have a white bump inside my mouth- been there for over a year...?
how do i know if the sutures i got are the ones that will dissolve?
why do my molars hurt when i get up in the morning?
I just got a permanent denture yesterday. Do I have to use an adhesive or is it best to go without? ?
what is a dry socket?
I have bad teeth and need help getting them fixed?
dont think i need braces but just checking...?
really scared help me with this decision?
How do I get white teeth soon?!?
Decrease the wearing of braces?
Are there places that do same-day partial dental plates?
why hasn't my adult tooth came in yet?
how to make your teeth white?
am i supposed to take my wisdom teeth out?
Can u get ur teeth whitened wit ?
sore cheek after filling?
do you think my scale is broken?
My composite filling feels sticky?
just got temp crown today it feels painful.?
how much do orthodontist make an a year?
what can i do to Whitening my teeth i have braces?
how do you live with myelofibrosis?
what is pittsburgh's Mortality rate?
what the risk of thryroid cancer?
Chlorine in tap water and microwave ovens a cancer risk?
my boyfriend wants to pull his own tooth?
is it normal to get mirgins alot?
One side of jaw really hurts?
Is 15 a normal age to grow wisdom teeth ?
Jaw popping and stress....?
Just got braces off... HOW TO WHITEN?
Can you still wear a retainer while using the crest whitening gel?
A Question About My Tooth Filling....?
Floss then brush or brush then floss?
What are dentists' advice for everyone?
does it hurt to get your braces off?
Is there a grant for dental implants?
How bad can Gingivitus get?
Abcessed Tooth, Please Help?
How long do you think I'll need braces for?
My friends tooth is falling out!?
has anyone tried this free trail teeth whitening?
Please help me :( let me get over it?
I wear a mouth guard for sports and one day it had white moving things on it. Were they maggots?
i periced my own lip once. would it be less pain full...?
anyone know about flouride?
sliding flap on tooth? helpp please?
how many calories should a personn consume in a day?
There is a drink I saw in a magazine that you drink after you excersize and it will make you not hungry.......
Why do people gain weight when they do exercise?
I am a 250 pound 21 year old female who was just diagnosed with a very very low metabolism.?
my belly size became very large what i do pls help me?
Social smoking's effects on fitness.?
I need an awesom low cal/ low fat receipe to serve to my diet club.?
I need to burn off 700 calories today.?
Would it be ok to combine different exercises?
How many calories?
excerise and diet pill???
what should i do to loose weight faster?
what's the average weight for someone who's 4'11"?
why am i now losing weight?
Height issues?!?
Is this the right way to go about getting fit?
question. help me please.?
has any1 used there treadmil everyday and saw any results?if so tell me how much weight or inches u lost doing
Losing weight.?
How much am I supposed to weigh at 33 years old, 5'6"?
best way to lose weight fast!!!?
Where do you go for professional tooth whitening?
how much is invisalign just for the top teeth?
My Jaw clicks. I'm scared. Any help?
When should I brush my teeth after oral surgery?
Worried About What Is Wrong With My Teeth?
I need to know how to restraighten my teeth?
Dental Extractions with Denture Placement?
why did he think a small jaw is bad?
i just got 4 wisdom teeth taken out and i dont feel good with the medication they gave me is this normal?
if your teeth go directly on top of each other?
retainers and teeth whitners :D?
What's wrong with my tooth?
Any contraindications to getting tooth pulled w/hx of MRSA?
What are the steps to obtain a Dental License in California if you are a foreign dentist?
Is there any website or something to put braces on yourself?
What are the dangers of a decayed tooth under a crown that is no longer replaceable?
pain in mouth.......?
teeth whiting? how much?
I woke up with a strange problem with my right ear, each time I swallow, drink, eat just move my mouth, there ?
who does medical financing?
Are overbites big deals?
is there a way how to make your teeth smaller?
Braces for a 14 year old?
Cure for bad breath!? HELP!?!?
did slim qiuck extreme really help you lose weight?
junk food HELP !?
please motivate me to loose weight!!! be harsh if necessary!!?
Stretch marks all over -- looking for a natural solution?
Can I do this?
i want to get six-pack and i want to know what is the best expersise?
how do i gain weight fast?
Downsizing THIGHS and CALVES?
What foods are good for the heart?
Is Daily House Work good for burning calories?
I am trying to lose some weight. I exrcise everyday. Will smoking stop me from having results?
what is.165= %?
im 6'3" and weigh about 200 pounds my goal is to reach 240 pounds of cut and defined muscle. i need help!
Best way to loose belly fat safely?
How do you cancel membership to ivillage healthy living program?
I have recently started weight training and am exhausted afterward...to the point where I have to take a nap.?
I'm skinny, but my stomach.......?
leg question for fitness experts?
i am i underweight?
if your 14 how much should you weigh?
Preparing for Hunger Strike?
What are the benefits of black and green tea'?
Why are some of my joints making cracking sounds?
Leg curculation stinging turn red?
How to cure an overbite?
what's better? tooth extraction and dental bridge or a root canal therapy and dental crowns?
im looking for a good dentist that will put me under to pull 4 teeth at the same time same visit. n sac. area ?
Do I need a tooth extraction?
Does anyone know of any coating to place on teeth?
Is there an dentist that help homeless people with there dental issues ?
When will my braces not hurt? i just got them tightened.?
Can anyone help me with my teeth problem?
Braces help?????????????????????
Will i need braces, you be the judge? xD?
Wisdom teeth removal?
I have porcelene top denture. I have had it for many years. Is there a good way to clean these teeth?
when i bite, my teeth...?
Rubber bands needed for my braces?
My teeth go in at the side of my mouth?
How much does it cost to get a cavity lasered?
Is a minor ache 5 days after wisdom teeth extraction normal?
tongue, gums and throat question...HELP!!?
Teeth whitening products?
I just got spacers !?
Anxiety, wat to do now?
Has anyone a teenager with social anxiety?
i think im obsessed with torture! please help!?
tongue phobia! help needed!?
I think I might have OCPD and or BDD, what should I do?
Whats it like in an adolescent psych ward?
If u want to try the master cleanser?
What are the best foods to eat the day before a blood test?
is walking good exercise?
Does a torso rotation machine decrease the waistline?
13 year old stunting growth?
Fitness question?
For women only...Would you be interested in...?
drop weight?
How many carbs are necessary daily for good health?
My weight is 217 and I am 5'6 how many calories do i need to eat to lose weight?
any ideas for a healthy sack ?? x?
Im a 15 yr old female, and I need to gain muscle in my arms....?
what signs show you that a girl is fit/toned when you look at her?
Home body fat % test?
Teeth whitening issues! HELP!!! please!?
My ear to my chin hurts,(gums,teeth,jaw)?
Can somebody give me tips on how to get my teeth white?
how long will it take a swollen lip to go down help!?
I've just noticed this lump in my tongue?
Can you whiten your teeth brushing them everyday?
Just got braces off today?
Whitening teeeeeeeeeeeth?
method of white ness of teeth?
what is the best whitening for your teeth && can you during pregnancy?!?
Any tips or comments about braces?
do taste buds grow back again?
My braces are making my mouth raw!?
Face Teeth and Hair question - desprate ! :' (?
This Thing is Normal?
I have dentures I made in my lab that were for practice. How can I sell them?
I had a dream that I lost my whole upper set of teeth and couldnt find them!?
Tooth pain that is much better after 1 month but still there, and Dentist gave up, what to do now?
Could you recommend a good European dentistry clinic?
How long can it take to get worse?
Question about a filling I had done?
is brushing your teeth after every ciggarette to much?
Worried about skin cancer?
do i need braces???????
do you know how long you have to wait to get your teeth whiten after you get your braces off?
I am planning on getting a 6 crown splint on my front teeth. Has anyone had this dental procedure. Does the?
What is going on with my mouth?
how much should root canal cost?
Alternative to getting a tooth pulled?
How do I get rid of brown patches on my teeth?
are chrest white strips worth buying?
Can a retainer help my teeth?
My braces are making me uglier, advice please.?
Large filling, should I get a crown?
Will i ever get used to braces?
bad breath?????????!!!!!!!!?
Teeth Whitening mouth trays?
What to do when your thighs and calfs are sore?
My Braces HURT!!! What should i use (not advil)?
How much do Braces cost?
Do I have cavities?????
why is it so cold in the dentist office?
tooth infection , please help.?
There's a teeth growing on my gum... do you have any idea why this is happening?!?!?!?
i think im getting the flu, how can i quickly get better?
I am 13 and have two impacted wisodm teeth with the bowtom 2 on there way?
i have straight teeth but have a overbite will braces help this.?
Small Cavity in Front Tooth??! Help?!!?
Will my retainers help put my teeth back into place?
Wisdom teeth hurt bad, pushing all of my other teeth forward, don't want to tell my dad i may need them pulled?
how much would it cost?
Teeth - Molars - ground down?
Dilemma Following a Root Canal - I strongly prefer a regular filling and NOT a Crown!!- is this Reasonable?
Help for a border-line anorexic!!!???
Walking Distance/Time?
Loosing Weight?
what are your height and weight?
help weight loss?
What foods give your body more potassium?
Do overweight people need more sleep than normal weight people?
How do I get abs like these?
I recently gained a pound?
How much should I weigh?
potassium supp. what is the difference between 99mg. front of bottle and 595mg. on back? which is it??
whats more resultful in terms of losing weight quicker? jennycraig or nutrasystem?
i eat well and work out, why is the scale not showing it? help!!?
I am a 5'11 female and weigh 165 (not muscle), wear a size 10 sometimes 12 in jeans. Is this overweight?
Needed to gain weight / muscle mass with min eating?
trying to bulk up?
i exercise for 2 hrs a day.. and i diet i drink no pop, eat no sugar eat only small amounts of diet food?
I need to lose 20lbs. which weightloss pill is the best to take?
would u tell others about curves ? or tell them about other gym like gold's or bally?
Are there any health benefits to my salad?
Water: How much should you drink every day?
love handle-handler??
Please help, I am scared, is it pneumonia?
"Clonality study" for cat to diagnose Leukemia?
how many physicians are there in the US?
is my dental problem the cause of my swollen node?
what are the favourable alloys for manufacturing tooth extraction forceps? is alumonium alloys mmay be used in?
Where are some good, bad breath clinics in Europe?
does havin braces tightened hurt and wat cloluors can u get ?
i grind my teeth really bad i dont use anything but i know i have 3 wisdom teeth that need to be pulled i am?
I just got retainers for my teeth how long should i put them on so it can work?
i had a root canal 2 yrs ago but never went back. the temp. filling came out now its becoming discolored, sens?
dentist visit for cleaning and whitening?
I have infection in my gums and need to see a dentist immediately but cannot afford one. Where can I go?
I think my gum are infected, how can I get treatment without health insurance?
Question for dentist(former and current) only?
Dry socket??? I'm scared out of my mind!?
What's the shortest case with traditional metal braces?
Could I use baking soda as a toothpaste or is it not as hygienic or effective as using toothpaste?
my expander???? please help?
which teeth whithning methods are best?
Anyone had TMJ treatment?
What does it mean when...?
After getting 2 wisdom teeth out ?!?
Think I may have dry mouth, not sure?
What can I do to relieve a toothache?
in lots of pain! lower braces and bite plate!please help?
how hard exercise i have to do to loss 9 kg in one month does any body know. olz help here any sugetions.
Grow in height?
I am not fat...but how do I?
So i want to gain weight?!?
How two to get abs or maybe a 2 pack?
How can i achive this? idk?
is there any side effects to one a day weight loss ???
Who has tried the Master Cleanse/Lemonade Diet? Is it really effective?
I'm bloating! Maybe because I eat a lot of vegetables?
I'm thinking about trying Jenny Craig... PROs v. CONs?
What is a comfortable weight for women 22 years old and 5'5"?
5-7 Pack Abs?
iam 22 yrs old and ive started havin lot of gastric problem...which embarrases me sometime...plzz help..?
when doing keep fit if I sit down afterwards has all my hard work gone to pot?
Does anyone have any advice on how to get "toned"?
my wait is 53 but i look much thin,i want to become fat and develop my muscles,please give me some tips?
Post wisdom teeth surgery Infection!?
How long do I wait to rinse after a tooth extraction?
Braces question please answer?
i did not receive a temporary dental crown until i get the permanent one, is this normal?
general question about teeth, anyone with teeth can answer.?
Can hair bleach be applied on teeth to whiten them?
The tooth not ready to come out?
what about teeth whiting strips does it really work ?
What's the best cheapest method of teeth whitening?
I'm in pain with this cough, someone help.?
are you supposed to have a drink after taking your inhalers?
I get chest pains. They are related to stress. Are they dangerous for me?
Would it be too late for my pneumonia to relapse?
Tooth pain at 3 or 4am?
Invisalign long distance?
fort lauderdale dentist?
Retainer broken, can it still temporarily work?
My orthodentist........?
Just went to orthodontist...?
wisdom teeth...?
I just got these new eyeglasses today. Should I wear them to work? I work at a dentist office.?
Job qualifications for dentistry?
Mollar tooth broke off.. some tooth left and a hole.. will it heal by itself (i already had tooth canal)?
my puppies mouth is bleeding. caught his tooth on something and cracked it. seems the tongue is bleeding?
Does anyone no or is a dentist who could back up that sugar decays teeth?
whitening teeth?
i noticed that there was a new tooth growing behind my "Vampire tooth" you know, the sharp one .?
could it be tmj?
how long will it take to make your teeth rot when you make yourself throw up?
My dentist today prescribed Zithromax (zpac) for an abscessed tooth. 2-packs. What is the DOC for an abscess?
Can impacted upper wisdom teeth grow in straight?
Does anyone know of a dentist that would be willing to payment plans for alot of work?
Dudes, does it make anyone elses teeth feel itchy?
Paronoid about my breath?
Dental health week?
How many times a week?
What is grazing?
how to tone your abs by summer(june 1st)?
Which is a better weight lifting routine?
i'm 13, a guy, and weigh...?
i want to gain some mussle without looseing much weight. what kind of excersizes can i do to do that?
did I eat good today?
hey guys i have a question regarding muscle soreness. thankyou?
do you agree that just cutting back and making better food choices will help a person lose weight, +exercise?
is phytoshape dangerous for my health?
why do my shoes wear out on outer edge?
does milk make you thinner?
Weight loss drink mixes?
i've been working out for long time and see a diffrence but i was wondering which muscle supplement to take?
Is It Ok To Eat 12 Fruit Or Veg Aday?
Can anyone design / Tell me a training Programme??
Some good winter exercises?
How many pounds will I lose?
any body know a site that i can plan a diet plan to match my schedule?
whats the norm for leg pressing 100 pounds never done it?
how to lose 30 lbs in5 mouths?
how to lose 1-2 pounds a week?
How estrogen affect prostate?
I am planning to take ascp exam. Can you please give an idea how's it?
How long does it take for prednisone to get out of your system?
Whats wrong with my finger??!!?
I think I have a wisdom tooth on its way...?
Please advise me how to attract customers for my mom's dental clinic?
is there any risk using denture fixatives ?
Concerning The Labret Piercing.?
can you get braces when you have bonding?
Which teeth whitening products work best?
Should my dentist be responsible for cost of root canal.?
what are some good things to eat to keep my teeth healthy, white and strong?
Tooth loose during braces?
could this be a wisdom tooth coming in?
Friend with Bad Breath Problem?
what affects does dampness have on someone with asthma?
I was sick all last night and now...?
How often should asthmatics have blood tests?
Teeth help?
Any one diagnose with scholiosis and is having braces>?
do i have a cavity? please help.?
Braces Colors Poll??
what are the advantages and disadvantages of treating perio with a periodontist/ hygentist?
How to know when it's ok to smoke after wisdom teeth extraction?
Dry Socket at 12:55 AM!?
how much do veneers cost on average in Juarez MX?
is mouthwash essential?
what would be a good option for me as i am scared?
am i going to have spots?
Why is it swollen? ANSWER PLEASE!?
My Spacers??!!??
does a filling hurt?
What is the best toothpaste for me?
what teeth whitener should i use??
Alright I got braces in two days ago.
So... Was this alcohol poisoning?
How to lose pounds really quickly!?
"Exercise rut"..?
what does flab on arms look like. pictures would be great?
what kind of excersizes should 9-12 year olds do everyday?
how do i measure my body mass index using only my hight and weight??
What are the best workouts for your deltoids?
How can I gain 15 pounds?
love handles again?
what is the average weight for a 25 yr old man who is 5'10?
How much is a 5"3, 13 yr. old supposed to weigh?!?
Want to lose fat, not weight?
!! plzz help!!?
my best friend is 104 pounds and is 5'1" and says shes fat shes not~ tell her this plz?
What helps you to start your day off? What's good for skin at 50?
fast way to lose waight?
Why do ppl say its so unhealthy & impossible for someone to loose 5 or more pounds a week when they are obese?
Why would I gain weight lost w/ Zantrex back?
do your bones in your body get smaller when u work out ?
Out of tone abs prevent my figure from showing?
Over-eating and weight gain..?
Is this ok?
help with a six pack?
Any vitamin or dietary suggestions for split fingernails?
Would this work in a month?
She's cutting herself, what should i do?
Is there any medication for depression that doesn't effect your libido?
Has anyone taken Lexapro?
Are there any doctors who could explain what serotonin Syndrome is?Connected to taking Cymbalta for depression?
suffering possible depression due to my job..?
Who knows about Schizophrenia?
Going to have my Wisdom Teeth removed?
were can you go in chicago for afordable surgery?
Braces .... How to eat!?
which type of braces should i get?
I want to get braces but im not sure where to go im on a low budget?
What teeth whitening system works the best?
problem with my mouth?
What is really going on? Is it from grinding my teeth or do I have periodontitis?
Im getting braces in four days and would like to know anything!?
Does stopping smoking cigarettes help you not be cold all the time?
what is the cost of intramedullary spinal tumor in US and Italy ?
testicular cancer?
I have recently spent 9 days in hospital with seizures but have been told no organic cause found. Help!?
Is it weird if i like to numb my mouth a lot??
Should I get braces?
bump bubble in my lip??
Teeth Whitening Shade Guide?
What does wisdom tooth eurpting means?
Just got tooth pulled, can I go camping?
do braces hurt, details please?
why is my mouth bleeding?
whitein teeth w/ braces?
Chipped tooth dilemma, help?
teeth venerrs - however u spell it. question?
what doctor is certified to extract impacted wisdom teeth? ?
are my wisdom teeth growing in?
what is the best crest product?
my gums have sweled over top my bracket how do i reduce the swelling?
where can i buy this super floss in bangalore?
My ear hurts so bad ! what can i do to help the pain ?
what is more suitable:natural or artificial diet methods?
Is this diet healthy?
what can the cardiac mucle do that other mucles can't?
is there a new fitness beer on the market?
What are exercises I can do to strengthen my forearms?
how do i get back into shape?
Weight Gain Question?
whats the best muscle/weight gainer supplement that REALLY puts on weight legally and safely?
When trying to lose weight, how many times a week do you have to workout?
any tips on loosing some weight? pleasee:)?
I'm looking for a good body cleanse.?
how much should i lose to model?
how do i know a friend is having an eating disorder?
getting chest muscle?
Weight lifting stunts growth???
whats my body type??
does this bother u????
Does anyone know a good diet that works!?!?
quick weight loss help?!?!?
Noticeable lack of enery...how to help?
Food help???
Weight loss help?
Pregnant tummy...not literally?
Dry sockets: When can I stop being so paranoid?
How does a dental micromotor Marathon N-8 work?
What is the best teeth whitener?
what makes you get braces?
im going to get my wisdom teeth pulled out what is it like?
Is Trimethoprim effective for abcessed tooth?
Ihad my teeth cleaned today?
What is pancreatic cancer and how do you get it?
It's been just over a year that I stopped chemo and radiation,. Could I still be having foot pain from this?
can i get my tooth re-filled in again?
Help! I accidentally ate ALL my dental wax!?
i had my teeth extracted exactly a week ago...?
Dental hygienist, how much would they make & how long does it take to go to school to get that degree? thanks?
Do you have braces on your teeth?
I dont want braces . . anything like that I can use instedd ?
My wisdom tooth is coming in and i have a dark circle in my mouth?
how long does it take for my teeth to shift after i get my braces off?
can you get rid of a tooth gap without seeing a dentist at all?
i have got a tooth which have grown on top of the other tooth since i was 6yrs old,now i`m 24, what can i do?
why is my jaw cracking ?
I need help with my invisalign retainer!!?
i have a question about braces?
Do i have gingivitis?
Are my braces supposed to be like this?
sinus infection cause absess tooth?
is there a dentist in the house? Q: toothbrush in water is it recomendable?
ive started smokin for a week now y i got yellow teeth? ALREDY?
are there any places that help with braces the paying for them and things?
Are there any Dentists or Dental hygienists, that can tell me what the white spots on teeth really are? I have?
Im 16 and my molars are a little wiggly?
how do u stop the pain?
Regular Dental Visits w/ Braces?
My stomach is sooo fat!?
wats a good exercise??
how much pounds can i lose in?
Please help me!!!!!?
how do u get a six pack under a month?
How come I gained 5lbs but all my measurements are the same?
what are the benifits of eating healthy?
i love vegtables do u?
dieting question...?
Skinny B*tch anyone done it?
Does anyone have a good ab routine?
how to lose fifteen pounds in fifteen days?
Standing a punch skinny or fat???
why is it that when i work out im the same, then the couple days later w/no working our i lose weight?
Healthy Living!?
How many calories in a sushi roll?
How many calories should I be eating & burning?
Any tips to make you look taller?Or even a diet?
im 16 and 176cm tall...is it possible for me to reach over 6 foot?
Height problem help.?
how can i tone up - what exercises are best?
is it true that if you take more than one egg a day only one will be useful to your body?
Does pilates really work?
what type of exercise can i do?
question for weight lifters or for someone who knows alot about it....?
cost of braces (i live in california)?
about my wisdom teeth?
might have a cavity but one dentist says i have none..the other said 6!?
all your teeth have to grow in before you get braces?
red bump towards the back of the tongue, how do i get rid of it?
How do I stop GRINDING TEETH!!!?
what kind of braces wouldn't change the way your face looks like too much?
why do many people suggest us to drink water+salt when i got toothache?
Can braces straighten the alveolar bone in the gum?
how to heal a abcest tooth?
Swab plus for teeth?
Another Option...?
Price of Orthodontic Treatment in Central CA?
does a 3 year old get molars?
What else could this be?
Small skin-colored benign skin lesion?
I am in a dental emergency, any advice?
a lemon peel for white teeth, how should i clean?( the way?) and how many times? please!?
Should I file a complaint against NYU Dental?
only half of my tounge is hard and its been periced for 3 days. is this normal?
pain after a root canal?
question about gettin teeth worked on?
i have this white spot inside of my lower bottom lip....its kind of like inside the skin but still visible?
what is the best product for at-home teeth whitening?
How long do you guys think would have to have braces?
are there any side effects if you take off braces to early and how much would taking them off cost?
tongue piercing with small lisp/tongue thrust?
Tingling front tooth?
Iv broken my hawley brace?
My shiny teeth and me. :D?
bubble Gum and Europe?
Upper wisdom teeth extraction... exposed jaw bone?
When can I stop where my retainer?
losing weight, and Maritain power?
I have a serious eating problem. I actually think I might have a disorder?
what should my weight be?
Is ground beef bad for weight loss?
How does this diet sound?
I just started a diet today..please answer its important!!??? PIC!!!?
Am I underweight?
Lower body fat percentage??
Does Fiber have direct correlation to weight loss?
Where can I find a product in helping elderly with getting in and out of the car?Lifting or getting out of bed
what can you do to stop gas from building up in your stomach (any medicines,tea etc. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
help me lose weight?
Vitamins: Which ones should I use while dieting?
help me i t?
help me please?
weight lifting?
im 14 and want to loose weight are the patches any good?
Have I lost muscle mass?
How does the pill really work for you? does it mess you up??
Fitness Question?
I need help on my daily calcium consumption?
whats the best and most efficient diet to keep good muscle strength after workouts?
Am 17years old and i have a problem with my teeth,there is a hole in it and i feel so much pains.?
how do dentist treat cross bites?
retainer wear after a long period of time?
Dental work and getting knocked out!?
wisdom teeth removal?
Would a fixed retainer help tooth length? ?
mouth ulsers [20???]?
If I have a space that needs to be held together, is invisalign right for me?
I have to do a debate in 8th grade for reasons why we shouldnt chew gum...help!?
Very loose adult tooth, help?
cavities or teeth growing?
Please help.... this is weird?
Open Tooth Whitening dilemma ?
Why are my teeth gaping?
abscessed tooth pulled, swelling not going down?
what are the gold teeth called not the grillz the ones you put on the teeth u want like four on the top ?
my tooth hurts, no hole in it?
Diet and Exercise Question?
I heard you can get a six pack by flexing?
19 yr old college student needs a workout plan!?
what is my body shape?? i want to know what clothes will flaunt it best.?
Which Weight Gainer is better?
Anyone want an online "exercise buddy"?
i need some work out tips on how to get rid of stomack fat and develop abs.?
i m a 14 yrs old im slim but i hv a huge ponch so wat m i to do to hv a flat stomach? please help me?
Is there a special creatine made just for woman or?
What is the best...?
Why is hormonally altered beef bad for you??
I'm 6'4 240 lbs. Whats the best workout routine for me to build muscle and shed fat?
i just bought steroids from fitness labs im 18 and not sure how to use them, do i take them after i work out?
Please Answer?!?!?
Diet & exersize Need to get this weight off !?
I feel like i'mma throw up?
what is Addisons Disease?
What are Lymph Nodes?
I can't breathe properly?
lymphoma symptoms?
trigemeni & bigemeni in heart E.C.G is it serious ?
How do you think Cancer has changed you?
my jaw and teeth hurt really bad,on my left side,plus i keep getting sharp pains on the left side of my head,t?
My 2 upper front teeth are loose, not falling off or wobbly, but just loose. The dentist say that i have lost?
tooth that had a root canal still hurts 10 days later?
Left, inside roof of mouth gums are sensitive/irrated and bleeding?
What is wrong with my jaw?
I'm getting braces soon....help!?
what are some home remidies for tooth pains?
How long till my teeth shift?
I am having bad breath there's nothing wrong with my gum, teath, i have regular dental check up?
my 5 year old daughter has swollen lips with sores on them and swollen gums. what should i do.?
case in dental surgery?
Scared dentist will hurt me?
do you grind your teeth in time to music?
POLL : Have you ever used crest whitening strips?
Metal taste in mouth?
how many push ups should i do a do to get a good size chest?
herbal laxative teas?
i need to find a belt for my treadmill model#831297231 serial#g21133255.can anyone help me?
I am 5'3 and weigh 134 pounds i just started using taobo amped, how long before i start seeing results?
i'm having problems losing weight what do you think about ALLI weight loss pills?
Gaining weight - Dont eat a lot of calories?
Who can help me with this? 10points to best answer!?
how to lose a pound or two of weight in a day?
4 inches in 3 nights!?
Is the anti-depressant medication `milnacipran / IXEL available in Australia? Thanks?
Memory Loss?
What part of the brain is affected by obsessive compulsive disorder?
i am afraid that i wont fall asleep at night. i have camp coming up and i am getting really scared.?
Are there any risks to the pneumonia vacine?
Are LPN's Allowed to smoke?
Cosmetic smile which route is the best way to go?
Any tips or tricks for...?
Are my teeth discolored (pic)?
Those with dental knowledge only; once enamel starts to dissolve, is it irreversible, even if all sweet stuff?
my daughter is in braces and her front teeth are now separated. the dr says this is normal and has to happen?
Question about braces---broken or loose?
wisdom teeth! helpppp?
What procedures are these?
Does hypoactive thyroid affect your teeth?
Wisdom Teeth?? Help me URGENT?
advice for someone who gets tons of cavities has very little enamel on teeth?
There a peace of skin on the back tooth of the left of my mouth?
my boyfriends mouth is all swollen on one side , we think its from a tooth?
Middle of my chest hurts when breathing or bending?