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How should I talk to my teacher about this??? Please help?
I probably have MRSA. What objects in my apartment do I need to sanitize?
Could I get sick if I never left the house?
Why is it harder to find medicines to attack infections caused by viruses?
Have any tips for forgetfulness?
Another question about pink eye?
How to control being nervous?
How to stop acting like this?
how can i fight shyness?
Am I fat please help?
Does water make u lose weight?
How to exercise without getting tired?
Burning 885 calories a day?
how to become anorexic?
I am 13 and i am 5'4'' and my BMI is 23.5 is that bad?
Why have African women have become the largest group of victims of HIV/AIDS in the U.S.?
Is herpes type 1 (hsv-1) curable? ?
what if you have white discharge,no smell no itching no pain?
Gold eye's?!!! is it normal?
How Does it feel when you take ecstacy?
i rock back and forth while sitting?
Am I Alright? I Blacked Out?
I just finished my midterms, and now there's papers all over the place, what should I do?
i've been cleaning my bathroom all day with bleach, and i think i've inhaled to much?
Is it possible to go deaf from an ear infection?
How can I get sick or something soon?
Lyme Disease getting worse, where can I find an LLMD?
I almost passed out on toilet, dizziness, ear ringing, vomiting sensation?
i dont have any money..what else is there to do other than smoke weed?
Cutting Help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Depression and anxiety?
Are there any differences between a sociopath and a psychopath?
Can someone tell me whether or not this note I'm sending is embarrassing?
Hypochondriac ? 16 years old. Any one give me advice? x?
Can you loose weight if you only drink water ?
Is he right about this?
What do you think of my upperbody?
which are the healthiest fruits?
Does eating healthy make you prettier?
Is this a fairly healthy dinner?
I think I'm fat but people say otherwise?
Is this diet sustainable?
How can i get rid of these nasty mices in my house!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
Breathing is anoyying me..?
What can i take to get rid of phlegm?
39 weeks, horrible cold symptoms?
How long does the treatment of bronchitis?
What should i use to smoke a joint?
Will taking Tylenol on an empty stomach cause diarrhea?
What is Anemia & what can it do to me?
My eyes feel really tired... any solutions?
Will i need two prescriptions?
Is 100.3 degrees feverish?
Is there anything over the counter that will work for a dog ear infection?
What is this?!?!? Reoccuring vomitin!??! HELP!!?
Back to School after one day with Scarlet Fever?
could it be erythematous candidiasis?
iS iT sAfE fOr A pErSon wHo hAs hAd A pRoStheTIC MeTaL hEaRt vALve tO hAve a mRi ScaN?
Cough medicine that I'm not allergic to?
The back of my arms are really dry?
My uncle has cancer, with these symptoms, how long do you think he has?
Help! I'm confused with my eye grade?
I'm very confused about single vision vs. progressive lenses for my astigmatism?
Does Red and Green deficiency majorly affect my left, and do I get to miss out on all the fun stuff in life?
Scared will my eyes get worse as i have heard a lot of storys?
Where can you buy an eye chart (preferably not online)?
omg blood i think on a dollar?
Why cant I read without grinding my teeth?
How much does brain surgery typically cost with really good health insurance?
Can your dog visit you in the hospital?
I need help, I'm in really bad pain right now and I don't know what to do?
how to get rid of hiccups?
How Do I Stop Saying "Like" All The Time?
Do you think that Society is becoming to clean?
Is it possible to overdose on Vitamin C?
I'm on a diet... Did I eat too much today?
Would this be conseridered as skinny or curvy?
how to lose wight for teens?
How do you get through any Fast/Diet?
Losing weight!? Don't feel pretty enough hate looking in the mirror?
I dont know what to make of these feelings is it depression i'm suffering or a low from drink?
Help! I'm having an all-nighter writing an essay + other hw. I keep getting distracted, I can't focus! Advice!?
Is it still considered self harm?
1 month after my parent's suicide and I still feel sad?
Is thinking about your death emo?
Boyfriend has dissociative identity disorder and I can't tell if he is manipulating me.?
My boyfriend broke my big toe ?
I broke my little toe. I buddy taped it. How long will it take to heal?
Do you think my hand is broken?
If you or someone you know had a blood clot in the leg years ago...?
How can you tell chornic muscle tension from a pinched nerve?
Im scared- i think i killed my self?
optometrist appointment?
What is wrong with my eye?
Two aspects of how cylindrical distortion: how do they work?
how many hours a day can i wear my contacts?
Lasik - please tell me how u feel when it is done... 10 pts HELP!?
Do I need a prescription from walmart to buy glasses from them?
really sore throat, drinking after friends?
Out of date prednisone in an emergency?
Illness! Please help!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have sleep over I have to go to tomorrow and I'm sick, help!!!!!?
Is it possible to be born HIV positive?
Are These Signs I Am Sick?
Cant sleep stopped up nose ?
What is the best method to reanimate the dead?
Volunteering at a hospital as a teen...?
How to not care about something you feel so deeply about?
What now? I need options.?
Thoughts on marijuana?
i asked not to be judged but does anyone know where i can buy anabolic steroids?
Where can I buy laxatives without a prescription ?!?!?!?
Why is cup ramen bad for you health?
After eating this salad, can I take a shower? or do I have to wait a while to digest?
Is this a reasonable weight loss goal?
Why did my glasses make my vision worse?
Costs for eye exam and a nice pair of glasses?
I have weird shaky vision?
is Diet soda really bad?
On my Wii fit it says im at risk of overweight. Should I be worried?
would you stay with broken glasses until Monday or go far to get contact lenses ASAP?
Can five months change my body alot?
Should I have access to have my results for my eye exam and eye fitting for the contact lenses?
I think my eye is scratched?
Is it okay to own two pairs of glasses?
If you have a Urinary Tract Infection, does it make birth control less effective (or not effective at all)?
Can dehydration from flu mimic a stroke?
Can you get creutzfeldt jakob disease from a drop of blood?
How do i prevent further vomiting?
Why should I even care?
I'm afraid to ask my parents if I have ADD, Help?
What are emotional problems?
does weed have this effect on you?
NearIy got kiIIed yesterday by thugs, but managed to escape, I want to enjoy my Iife, but how?
Should i be scared for surgery?
how long am I in a cast for?
do you think this is okay?
I think i have a finger injury?
Could my sons foot be fractured?
My eye just began to be 'lazy'?
Contact lense question??!?
Can someone help me on RED EYES?
What exactly is astigmatism? (Please no scientific/complicated answers, I need to understand it)?
Is a yeast infection a std?
Do guys get mad or offended if you ask them to get a STD check?
Can I get HIV from this?
Am i overweight for a 15 year old?
Body Weight Question.. Guys and Girls Awnser:)?
Did I eat good today?
Is Something Wrong With Me?
can somebody tell me wat this is plz? kinda worried! x?
Is Diatomaceous Earth dangerous for humans?
At what decibel levels can hearing loss be achieved?
If I donate blood regularly do I reduce my weight?
Where is the best place to watch satellite tv usa?
Marijuana Withdraws And How Long do they last?
Why do some people get panic attacks?
My left eye hurts when I blink?
My Chest Is Killing Me Lately... Did I Pull A Muscle?
Help! How to I help myself with sore muscels?!?
Numbing in certian areas of my head?
my throat is gone!!!!! help!!!!!?
Does it really matter to sleep with contacts in?
Has anyone had cataract surgery on their eyes?
Can I still get the flu with the current flu shot?
I just found out my dad has hepatitis?
Random Debate: Sneezing with your mouth closed. Possible or not possible?
How to sterilize needles?
Why is Polio drops immunization administered in a wave/collectively in a geographic region?
Do you know what Pleurisy is?
My eyes hurt cause of smoke?
Can anyone give me any reasons not to smoke?
does anyone know of the best way to give up smoking?
incredibly unfit or asthma?
cough. sikness. please helP?
What does right lobe pneumonia mean?
Pain in mylower left abdominals?
Help Foot Cramps!!!!!!?
If I put ice on my aching back will that make it more stiff?
Please help! pit swet problem!?
How do people run such long distances ?
My Feb. Weight Loss Plan?
Are these true facts?
Where can I find a fitness program for 2 months?
How do you lose weight in your upper arms, your thighs and lower stomach?
Are vegetables enough for breakfast?
Apple shaped ladies ! pleasee help !?
what can i eat for desserttt? NO CHOCOLATE!?
If you have HIV can you only have one symptom or is it more likely to have several symptoms at a time ?
What are all of the signs/symptoms for HIV & how long would it take for them to show ?
How can you make your voice crack?
What do you think's wrong?
How come I am never sick? Like ever.?
what is it when your girl friend is having back pains and also having mood swings and she ain't pregnant.?
Will getting your appendix removed shorten your lifespan?
What happens to the medication when it expires?
My guineapig is sick?
CUTTING HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What's the best and tastiest source of nutrition you can think of to help with stress/anxiety?? :)?
How did I turn into such a weird freak?
How do you help someone who is having a panic attack?
Why do I WANT to have a mental issue? Read for more info..please.?
if i end up having schizophrenia am i going to end up in the looney bin?
Numbness in right hand for over a week? Ulnar Nerve Damage? Workers claim?
My friend fractured her ankle?
I hit my knee in a basketball game, it hurts really bad, help?
Should I get my knee checked out?
What could be the cause of a randomly swollen side of my thumb?
Stepped on a thumbtack...what to do?
Do they make contacts that are -5.75?
Will I eventually go blind?
new eyeglass prescription for 3 year old?
What are some methods of touching your eye without blinking?
What could be making my one eye blurry when I'm wearing contacts?
are you a person that just can't wear contacts?
Why do my eyes constantly change color?
Help still have a headache?
Peirod Cramps killing me!!! ?
Muscle spasm in right side of neck?
entire body aches, nerves tingle what is it?
Why is my stretched ear bleeding?
What is causing my gas problems?
Why do teenagers laugh when things hurt?
do i have strep throat?
Does...... infect people?
I have a little ball inside the bottom right part of my chin,it's painful, what is it? sometimes it's bigger?
What will happen if I dont take salt with rice?
I'm just wondering...How tall are you?
Am I too young to be eating fiber one bars?
What is healthier? Eating a fruit or drinking it in juice form?
I am on my school powerlifting team. We are going to weigh in in two days. Diet help needed?
Honesty, Do you think someone could lose 42 pounds in 120 days?
Do you think i am chubby?And is my waist big!!?
Right side of my chest hurts when I breathe?
about steroid shots for unborn child's lungs?
I just got rid of a cold about a week ago and Ive woken up with a blocked nose. ?
Do u know lung facts?
I'm having sharp chest pain what can this be?
Do I have a sinus infection? ?
Is lasik eye surgery worth it?
How come when I look in eye glasses I see everything better?
what kind of eye vision do you need to pass the driver exam?
I'm nearsighted, is it okay if i wear glasses when i read a book? Is it bad?
Question on astigmatism and myopia contacts?
Color Contacts- no prescription?
My Moms Arm is hurting her bad?
is there any way to make my throat feel better?
ANYONEE my legs are killing me after basketball, anyone know why?
can constipation cause dizziness?
How do I prevent from coming down with a cold. I can feel it coming?
Having pot brownies... help?
Alarm clocks don't wake me up?
how to get rid of a cold or at least feel better by tomorrow?
Do I have Mono? Should I go to school tomorrow?
I think i might have the flu...?
How many times can I get AIDS?
what about herpes, what...?
is there something wrong with me? do i have a disease?
herpes go away on its own?
Why does my jaw always have sort of a cramp?
Can I take naproxen with water instead of food?
help on relieving neck pain?
Left and right sides hurt? what is this! ...help?
Maximum weight loss in 1 week?
Question: Good workout songs?
How do you start to get fit again?
So if you eat greasy foods you can breakout?
What can I eat to speed up my metabolism?
What can i do to be healthy...?
Kinect or Treadmill better for exercise?
Benifits of not eating sweets chocolate or junk food for a month?
I just wanted to tell you...?
How to fall asleep______?
How do I explain my anxiety disorder to my son?
I'm 13 years old I am depressed ...? ( a little long )?
Feeling depressed after smoking weed. Please help...?
If I get my eye lanced at noon tomorrow will I be able to play in my basketball game at 7?
Will putting saline solution directly on your eyes after taking off your contacts harm you?
I haven't been feeling to great. Am I okay?
Can i get tinted sunglasses tinted darker?
I accidentally punched myself in the eye and now I have a lazy eye that is pushed further back in my head the?
Visual hallucination or something of that nature? Help!?
I can feel the early signs of strep throat...?
I'm 18, but my parents won't let me have my tonsils removed?
Can Ciprofloxacin cure two bacterial infections at once?
PLEASE HELP, is this strep throat?
What strand of Meningitis can Strep B cause?
I have some questions related to AIDS/HIV infection.. is it ok to ask them here..? And if not, where to ask?
Sore throat... Flu? Could I have contracted it in the ER?
How to grow taller (best answer 5 stars)?
Any way I can grow more at 18?
I've been cutting my wrist.?
Restless Leg Syndrome?
How is it that i do not feel pain?
whats up with my wrist?
is bad to put more than one icy hot on?
I need help getting rid of physical pain, just for one day?
Left side abdominal pains.?
Hurt my lower back, likely pinched a nerve?
I broke my baby toe but was still able to walk, it did not hurt, and I was super chil and relaxed about it.?
do u think i have a concussion?
How Can I Heal My Hurt Ankle In Around 12Hours (close sprain but not sprained).?
Please help me, My side hurts so bad?
which patiet will make a full recovery in this scenario and why?
How much longer do you think my foot will hurt for?
Is it possible for a cast to come off a broken arm in less than 2 weeks? Someone told me this and I dont agree?
Asthma or out of shape?
tickle in my throat causing uncontrollable cough?
How do I breathe? Please....?
how can i stop smoking pot?
Side effects of weed?
How Doctors can save a diabetes type 2 who doesn't take insulin and has gone to coma due to high blood sugar?
What's a good name for a resturant for diabetics?
Is it dangerous for a person with type 1 diabetes to emigrate to an undeveloped country and live forever?
Did diabetes cause this or is it just coincidental?
blood sugar level 125 - non fasting blood test?
I am 443 pounds.i was 497 pound.i am working out and trying to eat right.but I havent lostpounds in months.why?
Will I loose weight if I eat like this? ?
How long does it take to become anorexic? ?
How i can loss weight in 2 weeks?
What weigh loss pill to bye?
what happens when a girl get there period when they supposed to get tested for STDS?
A fat woman want to loss her weight!?
I need help from someone who has experienced my problem. Need to lose 20 to 30 lbs?
birthday weight loss?
Everyday I wear my contacts my right eye is always red?
How long does it take to get used to glasses?
I got hit in the eye today by a metal pole (Don't ask)?
Is 18 too young to have laser eye surgery?
Arms aching after work out?
I'm deaf in one ear and never going to hear again?:'(? So ive been deaf since i was born on my left ear, its s?
I started with a personal trainer yesterday, and today my legs are killing me...?
My friend has a headache every day...?
back pain websites? Know of any?
why do people faint when they stand a long time with locked knees?
What's a cheap way to see the Doctor?
What is the cause of bright red blood in stool?
how to get rid of hemorrhoids?
Isn't there a type of hepatitis that eats your flesh? Does it look awesome, like ZOMBIE-variety awesome?
How can you bring down a fever that has been constant for 3 days?
After Heavy Marijuana Smoking...?
Drug test help? How long weeds in system.?
Top Lip is wierd help?
What to do for an acidic stomach?
What sickness i caught help feel like ****?
what is anal abscess?
can aids be passed through mosquito's?
Mystery diagnosis please help?!?
Why do my eyes hurt after being in bed for 3 days cause of fever?
Is it arthritis or just my old injuries asking up?
Where's your appendix? ?
How to get rid of a headache ?
Gallbladder pains and diet.?
When they say to rest after you sprain or pull a muscle, what do they mean?
Is this going to be a problem?
Does anyone actually pay their emergency room bill?
what is causing my knee pain?
What are the types of self injury? ?
Why does sight go bad?
Is there something wrong with my eyes?
am i underweight or normal?
How come I lose weight/muscle mass so easily?
i want to grow my height. i am 16 year old girl.please help?
Is it healthy to try to set your own record for how long you can hold your breath?
How much is P90X????????????
I need to increase my soccer skills for the high school varsity soccer team...?
What workout machine is targeted for belly fat loss?
What vitamins or herbs help prevent herpes oubreaks?
How do you get rid of herpes, that are inside your mouth ?
How can I get rid of my lower back pain?
Sniff Neck...I think?
How bad does a tongue piercing hurt? And How much does it cost?
Sharp stabbing pain in lower right side of stomach?
The back of my head hurts feedback pls?
Every morning I wake up both my hands are always numb, what does that mean?
SEVERE throat pain. Please answer, should I go back to the doctor?
How do you know if someone is stalking you?
what does it mean if I have low blood pressure but also have high cholesterol?
Can I get addicted to the sleeping properties of Benadryl?
Painful when I sneeze?
why cant i sleep???????????????????? help please, its very frustrating. im 15?
I read a lot of self help books. What does it mean?
how can I beat depression? how can I stop wanting to kill myself every time something wrong happens to me?
I become obsessed with thing help?
10 Points best answer... Self harm issue?
Headache lasting over 24 hours?
Pain in feet when swimming?
How to calm leg cramps?
Is it bad if you get a headache almost every day?
my friend has a tylenol wih codeine pills that he has for his knee and he wanted to snort them to take away?
does it hurt that bad?
whats wrong with me ????
Okay... So I decided to do eye exercise?
How can i keep my prescription stable?
Iam a boy 18yrs old,i hav eye sight,how can i reduce my eye sight,my eye sight for left eye is 0.75,and for th?
Can I photograph my own iris transillumination?
Do i have pink eye or some thing else?
How many sit ups and push ups can you do without stopping?
I want to join the US Marines but I'm over weight. what is a quick way to lose the weight?
What's a realistic ammt of weight for me to lose by the end of May (and how)?
is my body shape a hourglass, pear, ruler, apple, etc?
when drinking a lot of water does the stomach bloat up? and then goes away if yeah then in how long?
How can I lose 20 pounds?
Looking for a new way to loss weight rapidly?
How does one combat the pain in the finger tips after blood testing for diabetes?
Ok, been drinking water because dietician said so. how can I go green?
why is diabetes classified as a noninfectious disease?
could I have diabetes?
If my A1C is 13 and have been for about a year should I have pain and headaches?
Diabetics I have a Important question PLEASE HELP!!!!?
If my gf tested positive for chlyamydia ?
I Got Antibiotics Before STD Testing but never took the Zithromax medication for 5 months and getting retest!!?
What did i do to my shoulder?
how to treat a pulled muscle in neck?
anyone had knee surgery? 10 points!?
Have you had patellofemoral syndrome or "runners knee"?
most imbarresing thing ever?
some 1 help me,I am hurting?
Good ways to get rid of killer menstral cramps?
i have this eyebrow twitch?
whats wrong with my knee?
electrocution on finger?
Acetaminophen Overdose?
Do you ever feel SO lazy that you...?
Why do my ears hurt when i swallow?
What are some things i can do to relieve stress?
my heart pump'd and raced for some reason?
How does he got a Negative result on Drug Test when we all know he is an Addict?
Can other people put your contacts in your eyes?
Where can i buy colored eye contacts?
Prescription coloured contacts in Canada?
Non-FDA approved colored contacts?
I've been dry coughing a lot due to a scratchy throat and it's not going any where...?
I keep hacking stuff up from my chest when I cough?
How safe is it to use a vaporizer?
Do you think I have Asthma?
How to loss weight very fast?
is this an okay workout?
what are some good workouts i can do with a small amount of time?
Need help with some supplements?
Can your body change?
HELP, i eat under 2000 calories a day and.....?
Is life worth it when you have absolutely nothing going for you?
What is the best cure for laziness?
I want someone to talk to. (PLEASE READ!)?
Should I just go ahead and start therapy...?
Why did I push this kid?
Why do you get sick when you're extremely scared?
Can you please sign out. I need to test something?
I keep loosing hearing in my right ear?!?
my left ear is clogged. can't hear.?
What will be problem of ganglion cyst of anterior cruciate ligament ?
i have terrible lower back pain.... any causes?
whats the easiest and least painful way to kill yourself?
Best way to heal a wound?
Peroxide plugged my ear?
How do you know you have hemoroids/internal bleeding?? HELP PLEASE! I'm scared?
Ink deep inside my skin by a pen?
My mother has herpes?
anyone with ideas to help me quit smoking?
Second hand smoking or not and can it hurt me still?
What causes twitching and excessive eye blinking?
In the winter do you prefer to stay indoors?
How long does it take for Senokot to work?
Hallucinations from lack of sleep?
Four fingers on my right hand are always really cold?
eyes hurt when itry to put contacts in?
got pink eye need help please!?
Why does my son blink all the time?
I'm going to get contacts pretty soon...?
What if i dont itch in the daytime but at night do i have scabies?
list all the ways lyme disease is transmitted?
My friend has explosive diarrhea many times a day and takes Immodium, but that doesn't help.?
What do i do if i have a temp of 105?
Can two people share the same eye contact?
I am REALLY shy, do you think I'm going to get anywhere with life?
Is it okay to go #2 in the shower if it's liquid?
I swallowed a key?? Help ?
HELP PLEASE! What should I do?
average weight for a 15 year old girl 5'2"?
How many calories should i eat?
Is it okay to have one day a week where you eat what you want?
Too BROKE to eat healthily?
Can any one help me lose weight?
What do these symptoms lead to?
Should I stop taking metformin (glucophage)?
how do i get big muscular legs?
What is the life expectancy of a person with achondroplasia?
I ate Salmon and Cabbage just a few minutes ago and I had a sugar crash does anyone know why?
simptoms for dibetes?
what are some specific foods that are guaranteed to cause diabetes?
Can dialysis harm a recovering patient?
How much can the average guy lift?
Exercise injury help please?
neck Injury dont know what to do?
Should I take my husband to ER?
ACL surgery-I am 13 years old!!!?
Am I the only one who didn't feel pain when breaking my leg?
I have a bone spur on the back of my heel.?
i have a question about my Side abdominal pain?
Hit head on edge of table, should I worry?
Weight lifting and headaches/migraines?
How effective are cortisone shots?
how do you know if you got a alergic reaction to a acne medication?
Could a Humidifier help my dry skin?
Black dots on bruises?
HELP! Deep painful cracks in my lips!?
Help with quitting smoking?
Cough for about 2 weeks, should I go to a doctor?
How do they perform pulmonary function tests on a patient on a ventilator?
Are perfumes deadly is inhaled enough?
had some sort of attack and not sure how to go about it?
Sick... PLEASE HELP!!!! :)?
If anyone has a mental health problem just email me and i will help you?!.................?
my husband has committed a crime, but I believe he has schizophrenia...how do I prove it?
am i depressed and how can i stop feeling sad?
i keep stressing out and i dont know how to chill!!?
i have severe abdominal pain.i think its related to gallstones.What r the doctors gonna do to me if i go to me?
Should I be worried about my abdominal ultrasound I had today?
Cracking noises when lifting?
What is wrong with me, I feel awful?
why do i keep getting migraines?
my pupil got dilated for almost a month and it doesnt seem to be going back to normal what does this mean?
What causes an eye to become bloodshot?
I lost my bottom eyelash due to blepharitis?
Wana know the truth about albinism (albino)?
What causes a sty in eyes?
Are all cold sores caused by Herpes virus (HSV1 or HSV2)?
Do you think i have herpes?
Best workouts for ripped abs?
How to lose weight without dieting?
Does weight training help you lose weight?
How do you stop cravings?
What are the top 15 cancers in adults?
My grandmother has stage 4 bone cancer? (serious questions!!)?
How can I lose 25 pounds by or before May?
I have hydrocephalus...?
How to lose 10 pounds and not gain muscle?
Is their daily color contact lenses?
Does a fast metabolism mean you can fight off illnesses more effectively?
Drug Test ?i really need your help?
sould i try to brake my leg so i can get out of school?
I got sick twice in a month?
Is there anything I can do to help my stomach booze better?
help, i have bad anxiety!?
Is Multiple Sclerosis contagious?
whats good for you when you have a soar throat?!?!?!?!?!?!?
cold sore kissing?does it always spread?
What in the world should I do?
My friend took half of a vicodin?
Name three types of personal protective devices that can help to protect you from potentially infectious mater?
What may be causing my daughter's stomach pain?
What is this painkiller called?
Is it true that certain types of sunscreens cause cancer (not skin cancer but other kinds of cancer)?
how many cigarettes would it take for someone to develop lung cancer?
Bone marrow Transplant ....?
can wireless connections cause cancer? or something else?
Large hard lump behind ear, photo included, what is it?
What disease would do this?
What are the chances of survival for patient suffering from both leukemia and sickle cell anemia?
Should I get contacts or stick with glasses?
Can contacts freeze? Will they be damaged?
Product that changing eye color temporarily?
What do they do to check your eye pressure at the eye doctor?
My cat just scratched my puppy's eye, he seems fine, but the eye has a foggy/smokey look...?
Does type 1 diabetes have to run in your family for you to have it?
Why did this meal make me tired?
boarderline or onset type 2 diabetes?
I checked my blood pressure it was 25.5 (Canada) i weigh about 155 pounds does this mean i'm diabetic?
i have pre diabetes sometimes even if i don't eat my blood sugar 200 will that make it hard to think?
How long till diabetes?
What is the point of a glucose test if your gonna fail by drinking that sugar drink?
What's the term for when your blood sugar drops to a very dangerously low level?
What should i do in this crazy situation?
herpes and tanning beds?
Can you get aids if this happends?
Does Vagisil help the itching of herpes?
Should i wear a knee brace while i run until my tendinits heals?
I think I have gall stones?
Sprained Ankle Help !!!?
I have a problem with my left eye?
how do i lessen the pain when gettin beaten/?
I feel fine, but am dizzy. Especially when I lay down at night and close my eyes; the room begins to spin.?
Fitness regime question?
Why am I so much heavier then I look? (PICS)?
How should I lose weight?
What should i do first stretch or warm-up exercise?.?
What do you think of this new diet I just made up?
How much do I look like I weigh?
Can five months change my body drastically?
how much weight will you loose if you eat 100 cal a day?
What if I take an Epi pen?
Since i have an ileostomy and no colon does that mean i'll never be really fat?
Which Patient Will Regain Function ?
HELP!!My sister is being very violent!!?
Obsessive thoughts or compulsions?
Can you die from Bowen's disease AKA "squamous cell carcinoma in situ"? I can't find any info online. thanks?
How do you spell the letter "S"?
Torturing myself with Sleep Deprivation?
is there a chance that i could get cancer again? can anyone relate?
do these symptoms sound like ADHD?
Is that normal? Getting aroused by something like this...?
why can't I stop sleeping?
Why does my stomach keep making noises?
Everything i need to know about weed?
walking pneumonia please help me its the first time ive had it?
How to get rid of nasal congestion?
did my medication due to lung infection do this?
I was smoking weed and this happened?
Could i have symptoms of cancer?
What would you do if you found the cure for cancer?
What do they mean by "irregular bleeding" as a symptom of uterine cancer?
iknow i just asked 2 other questions about UTI and staying home, but this time its even more seriouse!!!!!?
For lymph nodes do you have to press down to feel them or no?
What do people with metal fillings in their teeth do, for MRIs?
Can antibotics chew up ur organs?
Can writing ink on yourself give you skin cancer?
I need goofy/crazy excuses for Self injury scars?
After squatting for 30 minutes while picking through pecans, I have severe left knee pain.?
Boxer's fracture! HELP!?
I cut myself and when I do my arm gets slightly tingly and feels swollen?
How long should I miss p.e?
Can exercise aggravate a gallbladder condition?
What would make my body ache everyday if I don't have a cold or flu?
Lower abdominal pain in men, with symptoms of nosebleeds?
Sore Hands and Fingers?
How to get rid of ear ache?
is it painful for a woman to have a catheter?
Constant Sore throat for 9 months?
should i stop taking the antibiotics?
Swollen lymph nodes and cold like symptoms?
How does someone get "Mono"?
Why do gameboys blind you so fast? Do cellphones have the same screen as gameboys?
I woke up today with very large pupils?
How do I take out my contacts?? Pls help!!?
Is it okay to wear Colored lenses and then Prescription lenses after?
Endometrium Thickened what i need to do?
"My mammogram shows a shadow. Should I be worried?"?
Need some professional answers if doctor present?
testicular cancer treatment process?
I had a CT scan of my abdomen and they said everything is normal.. but im still scared I have cancer would ...?
nausea after surgery?
Pain relief following a laporoscopic appendectomy?
Sharp pain in lower left abdomen?
Prolonged Shoulder pain help!!?
Ringing in ears wont go away?
im 17 yrs. old i always feel weakness,neck pain,headache but not severe and dizziness.what is this?
blood vein near my right ear is pumping?
Fingers hurt when i play guitar?
How do you solve headaches on acyclovir?
Question about something a little awkward?
Why do people get dizzy at high altitudes?
Trying to get pregnant, is it okay to take vitamin d injection?
How can I check if I am eligible for Medicaid or whatever?
If my height has been stuntd, do i still grow taller?
why do i feel so unmotivated to hang out with friends?
When I put deodarent on why doesn't it work unless I put A TON on?
is a thyroid witha mass and lesion usually cancer?
who on here has neurofibromatosis or knows someone who has it?
about my leukemia and why am i coughing so much?
What to write when making someone a cancer card?
Dexamethasone during chemotherapy?
Is it fair that my fiance...?
Am i fat and if so how can i lose weight?
what is the best equipment to use to lose weight?
Has anyone ever lose 30 pounds in 30 days?
How many calories are in 2 slices or pineapple pizza?
Why am I not losing weight?
How are my abs so far? any advice?(pic included)?
My breast have been a little soar and been hurting,i've been craving and eating alot,also lower back pain.?
Feels like there should be a bruise..?
what can cause mysterious bruising on lower back?
How to get rid of/alleviate a stress headache?
Possible addiction to NSAIDS?
How often is it good to have a massage?
Why is it when I drink the daily recommended amount of water I get a headache?
What is a 20/400 vision perscription?
my 2 year old has a white spot in his left eye and the left side of his eye is red what could this be?
Eye floaters? Should I see an eye doctor right away? What causes eye floaters?
Honey to lighten eye color?
How do I avoid diabetes?
What could cause the blood sugar to go up during the night?
Thirsty, hungry, peeing a lot, and more tired then usual?
Diabetes Question...?
Diabetic medication problem? Maybe?
did my sister have food poisoning?
What should you do about your sore throat?
Can infection only be treated with antibiotics? or........?
took antibiotics four times in the past three months and I still have strep throat!!!!!?
I hugged someone with the stomach flu -does that mean i'm going to catch it?
I think i pulled a muscle in my neck..if I did what should I do to help it heal& if not what else could it be?
does hydrogen peroxide cause scars?
Fell off of a treadmill...?
Im not sure if my finger is broken?
excruciating pain and crying because of physical pain?
Is cancer a communicable disease?
Is it true that every woman who does not have hypothyroidism that she will be diagnosed with cancer?
Is it normal to be sad and cry when a friend has been diagnosed with cancer?
I need a catchy name for a benefit softball tournament for childhood cancer research?
Mirtazapine question?
How can I make my sore throat better in 1 day?
What is a good herbal treatment for black eye/swollen face?
i threw up before because of orange juice?
What fiber supplement should I take in place of Metamucil that works well?
How to become a natural pathic doctor?
Numbness after laceration?
How can my pain stop ?
What is the proper way to get rid of old prescription medication?
How do i tell my boyfriend i have cystic fibrosis?
Two harmful effects that tobacco has on the lungs?
why is it when i go to the emergency room with shortness of breath and chest pain all of a sudden theres like?
Really bad coughing?? help?
What will help this cold?
At the right weight, but do I still need to exercise to ward off cancer?
Is what you do the night before going to affect a brain MRI?
Hypochondriac or real problem?
golyghtly colonoscopy prep?!?!?
Can getting in touch with a erogenous zone wish away cancer?
What does a person with cancer look like when he only has a couple of months to live?
How long does cancer in your pancreas take to kill you?
Do cellphones cause brain tumors?
Why is my urine like this? Dehydration symptoms despite drinking lots of water?
Tips for a college student with Irritabel Bowel Syndrome?
Is this too much medicine?
What all should an eyeglass prescription include by law?
what shud i do to reduce the power of my eyes?
Is it possible for a scratch on your eye not to heal?
Contact lense hurts my eye?
Leaving contacts on for a long time?
Tell me about eye twitching?
why eyes are horizontal?
Why is my hand tingling :(?
Front & back knee pain!?
Can someone tell me why my throat hurts?
Whats the fastest way to get rid of heartburn? Please help!?
my doctot gave me three prescriptions for lower back pain is this normal?
Why are there different rules for donating blood after having cancer?
Exam ultrasound thyroid doctor help?
what color ribbon signifies prostate cancer?
Will you get cancer if your on your period by being around someone that is dying of cancer?
I have a large nodule on my left thyroid, and now I have two smaller ones on my right,is it cancerous?
What kind of blood test should be taken for seminoma and malignancy?
How do health care professionals deal with patients that have AIDS or HIV?
why is there only one country that has the most infected people with aids?
did i put myself at risk?
Can Pets Get HIV and AIDS?
STI test, what should I do?
Where can I go weigh myself for free?
Will I lose weight with 1,000 calories and Dr Siegal's Cookie Diet?
What is a good way to lose weight?
Food for losing weight?
i want to go on a diet, how much of everything on nutrition facts should i have a day?
i get bloodly nose all the time what does it mean?
how can i get chicken pox?
I have conjunctivitis. Will smoking weed effect that?
i just threw up a handful of mucus?
Options for contacts? Please help!?
Astigmatism PLS help +/-?
Fluorescent lighting hurts my eyes- anyone else have same problem?
PINK EYE HELP>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>?
What if your bleeding on your under wear but its not red it's pink?
Swallowed a little dip by accident?
Does anyone remember Mercurochrome Iodine or Merthiolate and are they still manufactured today?
Rusty bolt found in penne vodka entree should i be worried?
Are EMT responders all volunteer?
Is it normal for me to be 22yrs old and still have as broad of an imagination that I had when I was 10?
What would cause someone to have a thick black line around the colour of their eye?
Relieving stuffy/runny nose ?
true or false (medical question) 10points!?
how long do you live with cancer of the pancreas?
Sweating while you eat....?
Sleeping way too much....why?
Why is it that when a celebrity gets cancer everybody makes a big deal about it ?
my dad has cancer :(?
Should I get tested for leukemia?
Why do my arms go numb at night?
Feeling lymph nodes in groin/armpit?
Squishy and painfull lump on my knee?
I have a high pitch noise in my right ear?
What else can i do for a sinus headache?
What causes an inflammed vein near temple?
what are the symptoms of influenza a?
Smoking in a house where are non-smoker are living?
I was diagnosed with pneumonia..why wasn't i hospitalized? ?
My mom has been sick for a little over a month, it started with just the common cold then progressed into?
i got a tb shot almost 4 days ago and it's still swollen and itchy?
Why does my chest hurts from time to time?
Type-2 diabetes...what do you think about my essay about it?
What are the top five foods or drinks that a type two diabetic should avoid?
which kind of soluable and insoluable fiber good for diabetes?
My Daughter Just got in to the C 500 MG :(?
What are signs of Diabetes?
I am underweight!!!???????????
Can you drink Protein shakes when your Diabetic?
Frequent nose bleeds? Please Help!?
Why do Germans have a higher risk of Melanoma? (Cancer of the Skin)?
Short summary of lung cancer?
Why would someone have an MRI scheduled if they have a thyroid problem?
How many people in California die of pancreatic cancer each year?
This is a question for girls! which is less repulsive, dip or smoking?
Is there a point in taking multi-vitimins to strengthen my immune system?
if you have level 3 in usui reiki and learn first level in another system can you teach it?
What is it like to get acupuncture?
How do anti depressants make you feel?
how to put rx lens on my maui jims?
Is it ok to keep contacts in your eyes over night?
How do I get my 20/20 vision back (no laser surgery) ?
Colored contacts on ebay!?
what is the length and width of an eye chart?
What happens if I wear one contact?
Explain the anatomy of the human eye that causes blind spots?
Depressed, stressed and have very sudden sharp pains through out my head, is this normal?
Help me cant breathe !!?
What type of headache am I having?? Please help!?
How can I obtain oxycodone if I don't have a prescription?
How do you know if you have a MINOR concusion?
How long would it take for a stab in the belly area?
How do you break a bone?
I sprang my ankle today..?
Help injured leg but I have a game coming up soon?
i dont know if my toe is broken or if i should go to the docter?
sports injuries when do you use an ice pack? and when do you use a heat pad?
Wierd question but what should i do?
Can I loose 50 lbs by June?!?! Easy 10 lbs!?
What is my activity level, sedentary or lightly active, help?
Does this sound like a low calorie meal plan?
Building calf muscles?
how do i lose weight fast?
How to get a flat belly?
What organizations allow you to volunteer with cancer patients?
can changing your diet prevent cancer?
my dad says ive gone really pale, and should go see our doctor?
is this leukemia? help!?
Will little boy with stomach cancer survive?
is his leukemia back? please please answer?
What do i do about my kidney?
can you get a yeast infection on your tongue?
Do you think this man may have had Parkinson's disease?
What is the difference between measles and german measles?
Fever of 102.1 degrees?
has anyone here ever tried flavored suppositories?
How abundant are STDs in America?
How can I stop all this sweating?
I have tiny black hair growing on my nose.?
Homemade remedies to get rid of acne scarring....?
Is distilled white vinegar good for acne?
How do I get rid of my horrible acne without paying a fortune?
Infection from cheap earrings?
Soft stool but haven't felt sick?
Are there proper ways to sleep?
Why did i have a nose bleed when i was alseep?
What does my blood type mean?
Is it okay to sleep after shower?
how bad is ecstasy for your health?
Was I going to Pass out from holding my breath too long?
why do i have a hard time waking up in the morning?
My back is hurting! Please help?
Car accident, sharp pain in ribs?
I am 30 and i have been mustarbating since 20 years. Now i have more back pain when i do more mustarbation. ?
What will motivate me to get up in the morning?
Will the doctor prescribe me pain killers if i have bad headaches and aspirin doesn't work?
can cluster headaches be a symptom of brain tumors?
How to reduce hand and wrist cramps? ?
i can still see comfortably about 10 inches away while reading and don't need reading glasses...normal?
When I close my eyes in a dark room, I see colourful flashes. Is this normal?
Isi it normal for your vision to be blurry up close if you just got your glasses?
Sort of like tunnel vision randomly at school?
Is my eye color pretty?
do i have cancer on my cheeks?
Why are so many people being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer these days and saying that doctors didnt know?
can you get cancer from a heating pad or electric blanket?
My boyfriends grandma is dieing?
please help!!!!!! lymph nodes(16 years old)?
How does someone get osteoporosis?
will my body eventually get use to this workout routine?
How can I lose weight fast?
I want to lose weight for prom!?
Did I eat too much on my diet????????
Am i having a second growth spurt?
What's a good diet plan?
is breast cancer curable?
My friend just informed me he has terminal cancer . How do I respond ?
Can spiritual healing cure cancer?
What is exactly " The one-minute cure " ?
Lump In Neck Hurting?
Where can we get free diabetic supplies?
is whey cheese bad for diabetics?
what are some good insurances for illegal residents with diabetes (websites or places you can go)?
is diabetes a dominate or ressive trait?
low blood suger. please help?
Caught my diabetic little sister taking ham when she wasn't supposed to eat? Should I tell my mom?
I found out im insulin resistance?
Does anyone know how to relieve Carpal Tunnel short of surgery.?
Feels like something is in my corner of my eye,what is it? o:?
why do i get stomach cramps when i run?
Lumps on left side of neck?
Where can I buy poppers (relaxer)?
I lost my eye contact soloution?
are you allowed to pour contact solution directly in your eye?
Whats wrong with my eye?
Is my eye prescription worth worrying about?
I understand that staring at the sun for 10 seconds can cause damage to your eyes and cause you to go blind.?
If my contacts have a base curve of 8.4 could I wear a contact with a base curve of 8.3 or 8.6?
Alot of blood in urine, what does it mean?
does my daughter have sickle cell symptoms?
what can i not eat when i have a fever?
Shaking? Led poisoning?
Colonoscopy prep tomorrow - I'm underweight... HELP!?
How do u get cancer i reallt need to knw?
Is my aunt coming down with lung cancer ?
The path to get diagnosed/treated?
Why does my right breast, shoulder and back hurt only?
Lung cancer symptoms? ?
Would a tanning table increase vitamin D production in the body ?
what does a pap smear test for?
I am going to a Magic Johnson autograph signing, will I be infected with HIV?
Will my nail grow back?!?
how do i get rid of this infection from gauging my ears?
My nose has been runny and I've had a sore throat for 5 weeks?...?
Whats a really interesting blood related disorder/disease that you would want to hear a presentation about?
I have a bad taste in my mouth........?
Pain on foot under cast?
Stabbing pain in throat and back of neck, when swalling cold liquids.?
What is the best prescription for migraines?
Is it normal for your body/muscles to ache when you have a fever?
Really bad stomach pain?
How can I help my cramps?
Whats your weight loss motivation?
Will i lose weight with this diet plan?
How to lose weight fast?
Do you think this is average weight for a 13 year old?
How can I loose 25 lbs? And what is the amount of time it will take me?...........?
My boyfriend does body building,has a really hard diet,injects all these steroids.Once in a while he eats?
Honest opinions: Do you think I am fat?
what is a good diet for a 14 year old?
Is there a chance I might have cancer?
my favorite cancer fighting foods. What are yours?
is a pediatric oncologist better compatible with a family or single life?
Will my mom quit smoking?
Seeing a white light in my eye....?
Do I need glasses or not?
What is my vision on a 20/20 scale?
I wore the wrong contacts and my eyes got worse, why did this happen?
After a knee operation when I walk too long, I get a wet feeling inside my knee. Can anyone suggest why?
Is it possible to miss a hairline fracture on a xray?
Finally out of my cast :D (Broken Foot)?
neck injury should i seek help?
I Seperated my shoulder 2 years ago during football practice and i never went to my therapy or anything now ?
is it safe to smoke out of anodized aluminum pipe?
Does this sound like a sinus infection?
Does this sound like more than just a cold?
im coughing up phlegm?
is it possible for my asthma to get worse?
Does Z Pack work well for sinus infections?
My knees crack all the time?
Why is my wrist randomly become wet ?
Growing pains in teens?
Just took 10 5-500 hydrocodone. Need some opinions. ?
Blood Sugar after Eating?
Could i have diabetes?
my daughter takes 14 units of humalog at breakfast 6units at dinner and sliding scale 3 times a day?
Can I substitute Slow-Niacin 500 Mg (2/day) for similar dose of Niaspan?
why am i always so tired and sleepy?
IMPORTANT PLEASE RESPOND - Does marijuana help nausea after chemotherapy?
Brain Tumor: My 70 year uncle just had a brain tumor removed two days ago. Dr doesn't think it is cancer.?
Is it possible ,that chemicals used in manufacturing process are part of marketing strategy to boost sales?
Breast cancer spreading?
I just found out my grandpa has cancer?
Are there any articles that link marijuana use to the remission of cysts/cancer or other kinds of sickness?
Can facials be done with the help of aroma therapy?
Has Anyone Taken Spirulina While On A High Blood Pressure Medication?
How do I pass an oral drug test?
is snorting vicodin better than taking it with water?
Someone stealing a liver?
Why am I feeling so nauseous?
How do I approach a doctor about the following?
Do I have a Stomach Cut?
What's the fastest way to get sick?
What are your favorite snacks/meals that are really good for weight loss?
My exercise plan. Does it sound healthy?
Can you give me some ways (exercise and diet) that you can loose weight in a week?
what is 5% and 10% of 11.11 and a half pounds as in weight pounds? 10 points best answer? :) <3?
I'm trying to lose weight. What should my correct dress size be?