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what is a good medicine for a tooth ache? ?
if i have a bad tooth ache with a broken tooth and my face is swelling, am i in trouble?
I'm getting braces soon so what do i need to know about them?
Does anyone know of dental insurance or a dicounted dental plan that covers invisaline ?
I have 2 teeth that have been capped over 4x each, ?
The dentist didnt take tartar off my teeth?
what is the best whitening toothpaste to get?
I got a Root Canal done less than two years ago, i did not get a crown, it was a front tooth and the build up?
are all dentists qualified to prescribe?
7 Year Old With Bad Breath?
My Tooth Broke and I Need Oral Surgery....?
Will I have to get a root canal?
Can i apply crest white strips and then put my clear retainers in over night?
is mouthwash necessary?
i just had my wisdom teeth pulled two days ago but the top doesnt hurt at all?
Elastic band problem?
My orthodontist has a weird smile and it freks me out. Should I tell my mom or forget about it.?
My mouth is reacting different to toothpaste lately. Does anyone know what is causing this?
sensitive teeth?!?!?!?!?
17 year old male, underbite?
Is this enough to get a Six Pac?
how do i loose weight off my cheeks?
What is the best way to lose weight effectively? I tried everything? Help?
exersise help!!!?
Are Protein supplements such as protien shakes steriods? and do they cause anything?
diet question?
Confused about Sugar-Free diets, what is ok?
Curves- for those who have gone?
i have been doing about 50-100 crunches a day for the past few days,is this to many or to less i am 6'0 188 lb
I ve been working out for a couple months and i still get a little sore the next day is it normal?
i really want to lose weight. im 5'7 and weigh 142lbs. i need to lose some weight not a lot but some. help!!
Is there any gym in NY that i can pay a fee only when i use it?
how long does it take to obtain a defined stomach?
what would be dangeriously underweight?
how much kg is 1% of body fat???
need to lose weight fast?
Approx how many calories does a human body burn sitting at a desk for 8 1/2 hours a day?
help with my fitness?
Not eating only cucumber?
what to do about an eating disorder?
Is this excersizing routin good for me,or is this too much or not enough ?
Do all breakfast cereals that say they have 100% of the US RDA(or DV) for iron really contain that amount?
Does anyone have a really effective exercise to lose weight?
A question to do with cement on braces?
Does drinking coffee really yellow your teeth?
Braces For Only Top Teeth?
My tooth Cracked what should i do?
what effect does the moon have on migraine headaches?
How serious is an ulser?
which is the website for Adyar Cancer Institute?
thalidomide for stage four lung cancer is there a cure for stage four lung cancer maybe with other drugs?
where is Asia's biggest breast cancer hospital??
Could this be a Brain Tumor?
What is making my mouth hurt?
Just got my wisdom teeth out and to late to ask doctor!!?
i had my wisdom teeth removed 12 days ago and i dont appear to have a dry socket?
filling came out atleast i think?
whats a good workout plan?
Is my weight normal??
How would you find out the percent lost of total weight ?
I have two weeks left of swimming season is it worth it to take creatine???
Whats the difference between?
how did i do today for my diet and workout?
Would I lose weight if I didn't eat meat for like a week?
do vitamins c and e have worth while benifits?
Healthy weight for someone 5' 8"?
my ? is what is normal weight for a 5"8 Male and what is the lowest weight?
what is the proper amount of calories to have to loose weight for a female?
new way of eating advertised on tv?
what effect does over the counter drugs have on tooth formation?
do you get your braces on after da x-rays?
Question about getting a retainer replaced..?
I just had a incomplete root canal?
Whitening my teeth =D.?
weird /s/ sound i make?
what could be wrong with my teeth?
Grillz how to make them?
Time frame for acquiring a permanent partial denture from extraction to installing the finished plate?
Difference between orthodontics and orthodontist?
Where can i get a tongue piercing kit ?
treatment for swollen gums?
Are permanent retainers really supposed to be PERMANENT!?
Swollen/lump in mouth ..?
anyone need a patient for the dental licensure exam?
Do you have to get your teeth shaven down, which looks all nasty, in order to put Porcelain veneers on?
If the crest white strips expiration date has passed, does it still mean that they won't work?
How important is the orthodontist for Orthognathic surgery?
white teeth ???????????????????
Nose breathing in issue?
can a person who does not do drugs, drink alcohol, have much stress or anxiety still sleepwalk?
Am I crazy if I occasionally (like 2 or 3 times a week) hear voices like they are inside my head?
dieing dosent make sense?
How do you tolerate a sister with down syndrome?
What causes this specific anxiety symptom?
Any hint of herb tea or other drinks to help give up Alcohol?
Why is this happening to me?
I need these people to realize that I'm not okay... how?
how can a person not sleep walk or anything invlving waking up when u sleep?
48 hour detox from Effexor to Zyprexa?
Why do I have so many cavities if I brush and floss regularly?
Braces and a palate expander?
i have this strange taste in my mouth that has been in my mouth for most of the day today.?
orthodontist question?
Help finding dentist for kids in/near Watertown, MA?
Receding Gumline does OralMD rinse work?
It's been nearly a week since my wisdom tooth extraction - I'm still feeling woozy...?
How long after you get a tooth extracted...?
had 4 wisdom tooth extracted 10 days ago, should i run?
Should I switch to a new dentist?
Saliva keep flowing out on my tongue, when I speaking. ?
we had badger care and dental insurance, im 18, moved out and not going to college?
TP Orthodontist Treatment for Elastics?
My mom won't let me get my gums laser contoured?
i went to the dentist almost a week ago and got a bunch of Novocaine shots and my mouth's still swollen!?
My orthodontist is putting "bonds" in my teeth. I have no idea what those are. Can someone tell me?
How to buy cancer medication for a patient that lives in another country?
Does the function of the esophagus change when undergoing esophageal cancer?
what foods do are body need?
Which is the best daily program (sleep/work/leisure time)?
would it be healthy to.....?
do you think i could be a nutrionalist?
Does anybody have a nice diet ALL MEAL system that could give it to me? So I can follow.?
i want to gain weight again help??
what is the.....?
Am i developing an eating disorder?
How do You Lose Weight?
Help me out please?
I'm 5'9" and 174 lbs. what should my proper body weight be?
My dad just had a stroke?
Workout Supplements???
best way to get rid of a tickly cough?
Is having dentures that bad?
wisdom teeth extraction?
My thooth and ear hurts?dentist?
Rabbit Tooth Replacement?
Dental Implants or Veneers?
Gum disease or braces problem?
What are my chances of getting dry socket?
i have a root canal question!!?
Best General Dentist around Irvine?
i had my wisdom teeth pulled and never had my stitches removed now have an infection, what do i do?
Braces and expansions..i forgot to..please help!?
How do I get my teeth white?
I'm going to have oral surgery, my dentist recommended?
I have food stuck in the hole left by my pulled tooth, what do I do?
very bad toothache a remedy for a bad absess tooth?
I taste blood on my two front teeth there is a lumpish thing in my throat. that goes and comes back?
When was chewing gum first invented?
best method to whiten teeth!?
im nearly 3 months preganet, is it ok to visit the dentist, im due for a check up?
this is off a commercial! Do You Rinse At Night?
when i woke up this morning i noticed my top front tooth hurt when i would clench my teeth together, wat is it?
I need help conquering a fear, I need videos that have girls speaking in man voices in it?
Should I be myself or who I want to be?
Help me ive taken lsd and im flipping out?
Do you guys think marijuana is Related to St Johns Wort?
any one else think during the shower?
It looks painful. What the heck is going on here?
Worried about my crooked tooth?
Can you get your bottom wisdom teeth removed if your jaw is locked?
I think I have A hairline fracture?
Wisdom Teeth Question....?
Question about braces?
is it possible to be allergic to retainers?
Which brands of mints and chewing gum are people talking a lot about at the moment?
Can you insert fake teeth in braces?
root canal or extraction?
top of right foot toes hurts to the point that i feel someone is standing on it and sticking it into fire?
On a scale of 1 to 10, what kind of pain would you say is a 1?
Has anyone ever undergone iontophoresis therapy with cortizone?
Will exercising help me to...?
Would this work for me???
do you lose weight during or after the marathon?
what is an example of a good detox diet?
Good weight?
is HGH technically a steroid?
how long will it take for me to get a body like LL COOL J I am 5 6 242 i have lost 34lbs in 9 weeks?
what a good protein to buy from gnc store im try to build up muscle?
How to lose lagging stomach fat???????
Gym instruction??
Is there a product that can make me crave sweets less?
Will It show on my body??
The Bleep/Beep Fitness Test?
I feel like I cant breathe...Why?
i need a job for the week end i have am 16 and not boverd wer i work as long as i am getting muney can eny plz
help with exercises to do at the gym !!?
Will i gain weight?
For the Summer People!?
exersize* and eating well?
Is there any quick daily workout?
HeLP ME!!!!!!!!?
QUICK! Click here!!?
Diet Question?
Does anyone know about Thymic Carcinoma?
Info on skin cancer...?
i need graphic pics and info on the hazards of chewing tobacco. ?!?
is it true that flat irons are not for the hair and could cause cancer?
The Cost of Invisalign?
Going to canada for dental procedure?
i don't like my teeth and i need and want them done?
What hot drink (besides water) will not stain your teeth whatsoever?
Getting my braces took off this friday.. what to expect?
i got braces about a few months ago and i want to ask do they always work?
Whats it like to have a Root Canal done?
How much are Crest White strips?
Can i get rid of a slight lisp ?
what should i say...?
dental implant dr in sc?
accidentaly washed retainer?
Ive bought some crest strips, they aren't working!? someone help please?
how much do teeth braces cost these days?
please please help!!!!?
i have trouble eating cause of root canal!!?
had a wisdom tooth extracted yesterday with 2-3 stitches in the jaw along with the cheeck. i am suppose to ?
my long leg sharper has a rip in the crotch can be fixed or get a new one?
teeth does this look infected?
I want to know more about dental prosthesis bases and wax?
I need overbite help!!!?
Am I sick, or just short-tempered?
How informed should I keep my mother regarding the conversations I have with my psychiatrist?
Im quitting tomorrow, should i tell the main boss in letter the truth about why im leaving?
can you plz help? psychiatrist?
what if I fail the test because a gigantic dino turtle with fangs interrupts me by beating...?
My mom is in the early stages of elzheimers, she forgets things. What can I do?
Am I wearing myself thin?
9/11 Emotional Advice or help?
I think i almost electrocuted myself?
What are the effects LSD Has on A 14 Yr Olds Health?
what is it called when you have no common sense?
A question about sleep patterns?
I have pogonophobia..?
Does anyone know if once you have braces on but you have to move, will a new orthodontics cont. treatment?
can i be a actor if i have a fissured tongue?
questions about wisdom teeth extraction?
Currently treating an abcessed tooth?
chipped tooth question?
are my teeth bad????
Dental Question.........?
aluminumn foil for FAKE GRILLZ? ANSWERRR ?
Why did this happen to me?
On the bottom of my right foot when you touch it, it hurts and when I walk I get sharp pains What is going on?
worried about hospital trip....?
Want to lose weight for wedding in October im a bridesmaid.?
what are really good bi-cep excercises?
is there a website out there that u type in your weight and age and it tell u what u should be at.?
how do u get quick ripped abs?
I want it soo BAD! I feel PATHETIC!?
calorie burning exercises?
i need advice for weght loss?
What's good to snack on?
Weighing at night?
push ups problem?
How would you rate this Workout schedule?
I'm 40 pounds overweight and I'm muscular i just wanna get ripped i need a good exercise program?
hury plz answer life concerning questinon?
I am 14 yrs. old and I am 5'7" and 114 pounds. Do you think that is fat/too skinny/ or normal? Thanks.
outline the principles of fat weight loss lean weight gain and weight maintenance?
don't think im crazy...eating disorder stuff?
weight problem?
HELP!! whats a good easy and safe diet?
are my eating habits bad?
Please can someone try and answer this!?
body work out advise?
eligibility for liver transplant?
how to start 150beded multiple specialty hospital?
can anybody tell me more about Esophagus Cancer?
can a three week old tounge pircing close for taking the ring out a maximum of 2 hours?
One side of my jaw is thicker than the other?
What's it like to recover after wisdom tooth is removed?
invisalign OR braces?
Do dentists charge a fee to reinsert a filling?
what color braces???
oral sergeon said to pull my teeth out within 3 months and another oral sergeon said 6 months?
Another question about the braces......?
a weird question but one that does pop up in my mind.....regarding listerine?
Braces+ plastic vampire teeth=?
i went to my dentist and he told me i have a 3rd wisdom tooth pushing my teeth to make them crooked ?
A dentists point of view on smokeless tobacco?
Where to get dental insurance?
Wisdom Teeth Removal?
my brackets r starting to loosen up and theyre not conencted to my tooth. and the one on my other side is too?
Recent Bad Breath? Please Help!?
I have not been wearing my retainer for like 4 years since my teeth were aligned. Is this an issue? ?
So i got my wisdom teeth taken out about two years ago..?
I just got a temporary crown. Will it be okay if i accidentally bite on it lightly now and then?
Neck problems and headache?
Pictures of Invisalign braces on a person? (Like, the tramlines.)?
uhh help, wih some denistry expert or someone who knows bout teeth?
I have an invisalign retainer and it cracked between the 2 front teeth.Do I need to get a new 1 or is it ok?
what causes black line on molar?
what makes a bracket pop off when you have braces?
How to make get my teeth white?
How can i whiten my teeth fast?
My gums are hurting help!?
Ever sinse I've had fixed braces my breath always smells, but I clean my teeth properly?
My braces are killing me......?
what are affordable/cheap ways to make your teeth whiter?
So once I get my braces off I have to get a permanent retainer...?
what should i do bout my sore gums?
Am i able to get retainers?
when can see a change in my teeth?
I am having an insurance dispute with my dentist...any advice?
Home remedies to whiten teeth?
Can i get my tooth filed down just a bit?
dad=80 years has only 8 teeth just came from zimbabwe.need a good samaritan dentist to fix his teeth. ?
i have 3 loose teeth but the dentist tells otherwise...?
Wisdom Teeth Question?
Is getting braces difficult if you have a severe gag reflex?
sore throat help!!!!!?
i have the fattest arms everrr!!!?
is it bad to eat?
eating helathy?
Workout for saddle bags?
Vitamin water replace regular vitamins?
am i eating ok?
topamax and weight lose?
I recently bought protien power by body fortresss do i drink before or after my workout? how long?
plz help me?!how do i lose dis weight?
Free, Working, Online Diet System?
what is the easiest way to get protein from normal every day house hold products?
Turkey Cutlet Dinner- Healthy?
Workout plan for building body mass fast?
i have fast metabolism..how can i gain weight then??
2 pounds a week to not have excess skin?
any good tips for getting rid of love handles?
Which out of these will do it worst?
How much does a body fat test cost?
how can i get tall???
Is this workout good?
Will I even lose weight?!?!?!?!?
Healthy snacks on the go?
im 5'3, 17 years old and i weight 145 lbs. what kind of dress should i wear so my sides wont show much???
how many calories are in an average size orange?
Bone chipping out of my upper jaw, but no recent oral surgery. Help?
Can grinding my teeth at night affect my teeth?
wat is gum really made out of?
how to close this one gap in my teeth?
Did it hurt you when you...?
What does the ortho do when they take off your braces?
Should i get it looked at?
gum in between tooth is loose normal?
Information about Clindamycin?
What do the dentist do if there is 1 or 2 front bottem loose teeth?
what could i use so my tounge pircing dosent get infected?
How can i get my jaw unlocked?
Braces Tomorrow? (ahh!!)?
Orthodontic braces need help answer please?
Tooth pain (maybe gum). The pain is around my molar, right under my the gum at the tooth.?
What did you have periced when you were 14?
strips or toothpaste?
do you need your dentist's consent to get invisalign?
Advice on Whitening Strips?? ?
A few questions about getting a tooth pulled...?
how oh how can i make my mouth stop hurting so much?!?
getting rid of insecurities ??? help?
Is yoga a good way to deal with stress?
how do I stop worrying about death?
What is a 'respite home'?
Mental Health Chat- any good sites ?
Do you think I am depressed?
Can an underage teen seek and get medical care?
need help for eating disorder but to afraid and embaressed to ask?
Has anyone had any positive feedback from hypnotherapy?
What is aspergers? I think I might have it?
hi everyone. question here. currently I am being pumped up on medication as I have?
i got my tongue pierced 3 days ago. wen wil i b able to eat properly because its reli hard. help!?
My Dog has been exibiting pain in its hind leg but i dont know what happen does anyone know what i should do?
Cat scan issue!!!!!?
Has anyone gone threw a bone marrow transplant and if so ...?
Describe the two general ways radiation is currently used to treat cancer.?
Do you know of any sites that have interviews or testimonials about Blacks who have skin cancer?
What are the best chemotherapy drugs for secondaries of Pancreatic cancer completely resected?
Dental extraction question?
Does a 3yrs old need to go to an oral surgeon to pull a molar that is infected? I don't have ins. , how much $?
My gum hurts real bad?
Is there a such thing as a Dental malpractice lawyer?
Can braces make you a little bit smarter?
I have a dental abscess.?
How long does it take for a wisdom tooth to poke through once its on the move?
what does scaling 2U mean?
How do you whitten your teeth? ?
Im looking for a strong Denture Adhesive?
i got my wisdom teeth taken out on tuesday and i wanted to know when will i be normal again?
how long does it take...?
I'd Love to Gain 5 Pounds of Muscle?
i need some help about muscel development?
loose a couple pounds....?
is this a good lunch for school or home?
Does Jumping Stunt Your Growth?
Excessive Weight loss?
Weight loss ideas anyone?
Anyone out there ever lost any weight by walking??
what is sitdown bone?
I walk with a 20 pound vest?
trader's joe omega 3?
Tooth question help please ?
Is someone with a bds dental degree qualified to practice & perform surgery on a patient? ?
need to take ut my lip ring but its really swollen?
Which braces should I get?
Wisdom teeth removal?
what type of degree is needed for dentist ?
braces color question.?
Question about mouth...?
Everytime i eat something sweet, my molars ache really badly and i get a huge pain in my mouth?
$450 for 1 veneer - is it worth it?
how do you stop from drooling?
Do ALL 'double' teeth have two root canals? ?
Moving out of state and braces?
i have a tooth ache im gonna kill myself HELP?
do you think i need braces.?
what is root canal surgery ?
VERY loose adult tooth?
Should i be afraid of the dentist ?
are crest white strips safe?
what is going on with your teeth when they are sensitive to cold heat touch,out of the blue?
Question about braces/rubber bands(really easy)?
How can I improve my breath?
is the use of Accuretic good for relieving heartburn?
HELP!! something on my lower lip?
Braces... Elastics (Rubber Band) Question?
how do you like colgate tooth paste?
I got my wisdom teeth out 2 days ago; should I eat solid food yet?
tounge pierceing infection what to use for it?
How do you fix this? Please help?
How to use mouthwash?
What could be causing the pain?
Is this my wisdom tooth ?
what are the parts of an xray tube?
i have a really bad toothache , my tooth fell out the other day and my gum ?
Should My Wisdom Teeth Still Be Hurting?
I was wondering if I would still have dental insurance?
Dentist in kl or dentist in Malaysia do you know any?
I am doing a senior project on a dentist can you please help me out?
whats the fastest way to heal a tounge piercing?¿?¿?
Is there any thing I can do about this other than finding a new dentist?
Can anyone tell me where i might be able to find help to get my really bad teeth fixed without insurance?
How many cavities do I have?
Oral Surgery, Frenectomy!?
Just came back from the dentist, I have a question?
Would a very outgoing and social man be interested in a quiet woman?
agoraphobic guy,i`ve been stuck in a room for over ten years,what should i do to get better?
What should I do when having a panic attack?
personality disorder?
How to get to sleep i'm having trouble getting to sleep?
How do I know if I am a recovered bulimic?
What's the latest health update on Tammy Faye Messner?
Is there anyone who is a doctor and is willing to do an online interview about sickle cell anemia?
Breast Cancer Awareness free products?
5ft 8 MEASURMENTS!!!!!!!!?
comment pls with this article "Five years ago, without warning, anorexia kidnapped my 15-year-old daughter".
I'm doing research on smoothies and I need help for my nutrition course can you help?
My weight is 173 lbs. I'm 5'6". How many carbs. can I eat to lose weight?
What are the best strength and resistance training exercises w/ out weights?
Which is better for you...Whole wheat or whole grain noodles?
how much calories is one slice of pizza bought at random pizza place???
Am I FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i am 5'7 and weigh 140......?
how much do u think ill grow???!!! please help?
Is this true?...please i really need your help?
How Can ii Put Orn Weight Real Quick?
Please Answer My Question About Calorie Burning!! I want to be sure i am doing my exercise the right way??
is it possible to weigh more post workout than pre? if so, why?
if i eat 2 shredded wheat 3 times a day will i loose weight?
im sore from working out?
am i overweight/should i lose more weight?
How can i lose weight if I am not overweight?
flabby legs ughh help me!!!!!?
what is the best way to get rid of fat on your hips and thighs?
I'm 14 and I need some help with my health, about my body. Please??
how many sit ups should i do??
is it normal?
Can anyone help me??? please!!!?
teeth whitening?
Do you ever think of hidden germ areas in public and become paranoid?
I have a cavity in my uper left 2nd molar?
wisdom teeth inquiry?
Fixing Teeth to look straight?
In what ways are the different teeth in your mouth adapted to perform special tasks?
Loose front tooth?
my gums hurt?
teeth gaps?
I got a novocaine shot at the dentist on monday and it hit a blood vessel.?
Dental problem, twisted teeth, please help?
Is Crest Whitening strips the best whitening product, that you can buy in stores?
will eating mashed potatoes yellow my teeth after bleaching?
invisalign question?
Whiter teeth?
how should i clean my retainer?
my gums are weird!?
sore on my lip?
does empire health insurance cover braces?>?
I have the habit of biting my lips and the inside of my lips and cheeks. Why do I do that and how do I stop???
wisdom teeth swelling!!!?
Wisdom Teeth?
Rubber Bands For Braces?
what are detail wires [braces]?
Is it true that if you get damond braces you dont need rubber bands? ?
I have bleeding gums, by using Chlorhexidine.......?
a tooth breaks off and part is left in , then the gum turns black.?
I had a root canal infection for about 7 years. Would treatment help to get rid of ?
I just got my braces off last week. I am having problems w/ my retainer...kinda...?
braces... numb gums?
is the oral-b pulsonic a good toothbrush?
how can i heal up my tooth problem?
braces help please!!?
Questions on Dental Bridges and Root Canals?
One of MY back molars with a cavity?
Dental bridge. Which looks more natural?
help with my teeth pleasssseee? ?
My jaw has been hurting. why?
after your tounge piercing heals in the 2 weeks is it ok to take it out?
I know of someone with a gap between his teeth?
I have toothache in a previously broken tooth, any similar experiences?
WISDOM TEEth extraction pain.....help?
I just got elastics today.?
insurance on teeth what should i do?
whats the best kind of gum?
heart burn...?
post surgery question. thanks!?
My right side of my throat hurts?
How Can I Build Muscle Mass Even Having A Superfast Metabolism?
Weight question?
i'm 5'4 and weigh 105. don't want to loose weight but tone up..will soy protein help me than regular protein
I have 5 kids and want to know how I can get rid of flabby stomach vs surgery. HELP!?!?!?
how do you know wether you have fat or muscle?
i can't understand my body, can anyone help me out please ?
I really want to lose some weight, what sort of things should I be eating in one day?
Losing weight from swimming! Help!?
Lipoma MRI?
Bone Cancer..?
What kinds of food & diets can apatient with acut lymphocytic leukemia eat safely?
Chewing habit help!?!?
i think i have 3 wisdom teeth that need to come out, i don't have insurance how much should it cost?
I NEED a lot of dental work done but, can't afford it. Is there a way to fix my teeth without breaking my pock?
When will I get to use commercial mouthwash etc... after wisdom teeth extraction?
my gums have been bleeding?
my teeth hurt. I chewed ice?
hi i'm a dental hygienist new to bc, i was wondering if anyone knew where I can find job postings?
Braces? please help! I need some advice?
Help!! I am afraid to go to the hospital to get my dental work done!?
is there a way to get your jaw to come together without surgery?
Is this soreness normal?
wat is going on with my tooth help?
I have a tooth that is sensitive to heat and cold. Also seems to hurt when I bite a certain way. The dentist?
Having dental work done in Mexico?
I think i have chronic halitosis?
how can i stop my wisdom tooth from hurting?
What is the best teeth whitener? Need before wedding!?
Flossing with braces?
On the tip of my tongue some of my taste buds are enlarged and every time i touch it, it hurts. What's wrong?
A week after molar extraction?
Wisdom tooth extraction. Will I vomit?
how long can you last a gum infection?
Is it possible to only get braces on the top of my teeth? ?
Dental work question?
Wisdom tooth pain and removal?
how do you no if your teeth lose?
sensitive tooth?? ..........?
taking the space maintainer out?
Retainer- tongue keeps messing with it...?
i need a full operation on my teeth all the bad ones removing and a brand new set putting in i have no money ?
root canal cost question?
tongue piercings & x-rays?
I was watching Rudolph the rednosed reindeer, and one of the elves wants to be a dentist. I want to be one too?
Wisdom teeth removal, medicine help?
Help with root canal cap?
does anyone no why i have a fat lip because i do not?
How long would it take to get a PERIODONTICS appointment.?
should i get my teeth whitened?
can i ask my dentist to...?
what causes ulcers???
about brace .. please answer :(?
Two of my teeth have just started to hurt?
My wisdom teeth are coming in?
i have darkish lips n darkish gums...what should i do ?
How come my orthodontist didn't put any rings or brackets on my last molar?
I got my wisdom teeth pulled Friday ?
is it normal for your teeth to feel a bit wiggly once u get ur wire tightened?
When does someone need gum surgery?
What are teeth veneers?
I have two little white patches on my tongue?
What's better mouth wash (listerine) or dental floss?
Root canal's and fillings?
what is the best way get over braces?
why do my teeth keep hurting me?
How to lose twenty pounds in four months?
has anyone ever tried the diet pill - the internal cleanse does it work?
from a scale from 1 to 10, how do i look?
how can i lose 10 pounds in 3 week??
muscules instead of getting skinner, help!!?
Does the weight loss pill Slimage work or not?
am i to skinny?
What exercises will burn fat? [not build muscle]?
can i lose a signifacant amount of weight in 2 months?
My 10 week puppy stomach is really bloated help!?
Whats the best way to lose as much weight as possible in 2 weeks?
I want to loose weight and get defined?
is it easy to lose 11 pounds if you put your mind to it?
is this workout bad in any way?
can a clean colon boost one's metabolism?
Please help i am confused!?
the nutrients that yields the most energy per ounce is?
Workout Question!!!?
Which gives a better workout: Elliptical or the Gazelle? What's the difference?
Throat Problems - Anyone had this?
do they charge alot 4 co pay? ?
how can i close my gaps?
Pain in tooth several months after tooth extractions next to it. ?
could this be my wisdom teeth growing?
what is the best way to clean the teeth?
will puttting my retainer back on help?
had a back molar tooth pulled out on friday. Now it is filling with pus. Why? ?
looking for teeth Implants?
How much am I looking at?
Lingual Braces vs. Regular?
i am getting train tracks soon, and was wondering if you could get the block bit coloured in uk on the NHS?
Lump on inner thigh did not reappear...now skin in said spot is sagging, and tissue seems depleted?
Who discovered chemotherapy?
What can I do about this tooth?
does it hurt getting surgey in the mouth for a tooth?
I went to dentist for a cleaning today now have a mouth full of sores? any ideas why and what to do?
do you think i got scammed by my dentist?
Stitches From Wisdom Teeth Extraction?
People with no teeth, what do they eat?
Can i Get braces even if i'm missing a front tooth?
How can I get rid of a tooth ache due to vomiting?
Wisdom teeth in the past?
Wisdom Teeth and pregnancy?
Sandy Texture on teeth?
How do you read dental formulation?
Wisdom Teeth taken out a week ago.. lots of pain still and back molar turning black. what is happening?
Ceramic Braces? ?
how to become a Dental Hygienist?
The section of the tooth where the anatomical crown meets the anatomical root iscalled the?
okay.. my tongue is infected, well so i hear.. is there anyway i can stop the infection?
ways to strenghthen your jaw and joints etc, my jaw has gotten really weak, i have tmj problems, what can i do?
Im getting braces soon and don't know what i need like what kind of food and painkillers.Can anyone tell me?
had a root canal done two weeks ago by regular dentist not a specialist?
Wisdom Teeth Surgery?
does anyone knowss the phony diet plan from american heart institute that asllows one to lose 10lbs in three d
I smell like beer when i sweat..but i dotn even DRINK!?
I need some tips of how to mark my six pack,i'll be working out for a year now and nothing seems to work?
good body's?
is green tea a healthy way to increase your metabolism?
Any help for my younger brother's weight problem?
What is something good when your on a diet if you don't feel good about your weight?
anyone tried Hoodia diet pill?
Has any one used xenical?
What do you do if you think your friend is anerexic but wont admit it?
I am have 2 questons about my weight loss!!!!!!!?
I have a six pack. Do you?
why do my shoulders hurt sometimes after gym class?
working out?
Weight loss plan? Is this a good idea?
I need to gain about 10 lbs?
What are carbs?
Who is overweight???
Anyone kno any good diet plans?
running for teens??
Is it possible to get braces only on your bottom teeth?
what is this? everybody could help with this! EASY( almost)?
Can hot foods damage your teeth?
Smoking and your teeth?
The wire of my braces got bent, I fixed it now but ..?
Braces: I have a loose bracket. Can it wait or should I contact orth?
I have a question about braces?
do lumineers look bulky?
Does anyone know where the teeth whitening kiosks are around butler, pa?
hey i have nice straight teeth and they are kinda yellow but not to bad i was wondering how i can whiten them?
Tell me about braces if....?
dry socket and still in pain?
I have been very concerned lately because I don't have dental insurance and I am low income. ?
Braces off soon: please help me!?
I need 2 wisdom teeth removed...what would one pay for something like that?
How can i convince them to let me get braces?
Am I almost done with braces?
About a dental surgery i just had.?
how can you tell if your breath smells bad or not?
Can you chew on implants that do not have teeth on them?
Broken Bracket? What Should I Do?
Teeth Problems..SCARED?
Im scared something bad is happening to her?!?!?
My Dad has a HORRIBLE tooth ache.?
Is this Gingivitis or what?
malpractice insurance for dental hygienists ?
Is manitol as effective in preventing tooth decay as xylitol is?
I think i might have abcess on my tooth because it hurts and i have a swollen cheek..?
if your in your 30's can you still get braces?
Has anyone heard of an accelerated radiation treatment specifically for breast cancer?
what percentage of mastectomy patient have breast reconstructions?
Can short legs still be hot?
What's a good way to lose?
does anyone know if nutri-system really works?
Is this a good diet plan to follow?
what is the fastest and healthest way to lose 25-30 pounds?
What are the benefits from taking antioxidant vitamins?
Suggestions about having more stamina or physical energy?
Attractive size for me?
how do i get a lean back?
How do I give up cokes?
Help, i need to lose weight?
what is the effictive weight loss pills anddo they really work?
isnt there a medical condition....?
Can you get kankersores under your tounge?
Can you get something where it just goes over your tooth?
overbite, what can l do to fix it.?
Where does the tongue actually start?
Where can you buy Rembrandt toothpaste for Canker sores in Vancouver, Canada?
any home remedy for teeth withening?
what do you breathe laughing gas with?
Is Tooth Recession Reversible?
information about my veneer...?
Help! Getting tooth pulled...?
Brother has dry sockets and refuses to go back and get them packed/looked at. What can I do?
Do you think I have an abscessed tooth?
Ahh! My friend & I were hitting eachother (we were just playing around..dumb I know) and one of my teeth ?
My daugther had 4 wisdom teeth removed 6 days ago and is still having pain. ?
Weird red bumps on the back of my tongue???
How do i know if it is bone or piece of tooth left after having teeth pulled?
Can invisalign fix protrusion?
bumps on my tongue...?
twll today i broke a bracket off of my braces....?
If i used whitning toothpaste while i had braces wil the stains come out?
whats something that can make ur teeth whiter?
Do you have to loose your canine teeth to get braces?
lump in mouth?
Braces are slipping off !!!?
does my 6 year old NEED to have laughing gas to get her fillings?
Trying to read my panoramic dental x-ray...Help?
somebody help plz..major toothache due to decay...its in my nerve....its 2 am i cant go to a flippin dentist?
Can i get veneers on the NHS?
Is there anybody else who is unable to work through i dissability & has trouble getting free dentist treatment
Is there any on-line or disk Dental Simulators? A program that allows you to remove teeth, do cleanings, etc?
i need orthodontist opinions? ?? braces/retainer?
i have a few teeth stained yellow nd a mark left from my brace with a yellow line going dwn im 17 nd i hate it
Will this affect?...?
Can a wisdom tooth cause an abscess?
How many calories do u use by climbing 49 steps?
How to get nice traps??
Burning kcals?
i have high cholesterol?
Animal M Stak or IsoStak?
How much food and what food should you do if you are 12 years of age and what exercises should you do daily...
Will This Get Me Anywhere?
how many calories do you burn when excercising for about 1 hr 10 - 20 min?
How much are you supposed to eat? {im NOT anorexic?}?
About how many calories can you burn per day while breastfeeding, without affecting your supply?
when i run or work out i yawn? how can i change this?
someone please give me advice?
should i consider doing this?
Slimmer Legs?
Gaining mass?
Fact or fiction? Advice?
How can i get taller? and am i over wieght?
how can i feel better?
How long do you think?
girls help?
what are the directions that im suupposed to follow after a tooth removal, ( cordal in spanish)?
my jaw hurts anytime i eat or even drink something?
Should I have my teeth ground down?
is it normal for my year old to have extra teeth?and is there anything i should do about it?
I have a bad habit of grinding my teeth. How can I stop?
Wisdom Teeth??????????????? Help me?
Any tips on what you should do if you badly over chewed the inside of your mouth while on Ecstacy?
Wisdom teeth extraction?
ouch! help! wisdom tooth partially broke through.gums are sore and red! OUCH!!!?
do you guys think doctors/surgeons andd lawyers can make 50,000 a month?
Dentist help.????????????please?
does it pays being a dentist?
A friend has bad breath?
Does it hurt when you remove and get braces?
What are all the dental specialties?
i had a tooth pulled out and there is still some of the tooth there what do i do my dentist is gone?
i have a couple sores on my mouth and my tongue and it makes me super worried, what is it?
Broke and need veneers. ?
I haven't worn my retainer...?
i need a remedied for severe abdominal pain.its very sharp pains,i sweat like crazy yet i am freezing cold?
Headache for a few days now ... ?
Persistent Head pain: take Tylenol or see the doctor?
I just had knee surgery and I need a bath?
ahh my leg so painful?
Does acupuncture hurt?
can you smoke and be on a diet at the time?
does anyone have any good diet tips?
How much weight can i lose in 6 weeks with this plan??
what are the good ways to burn fat?
im 117.6 lbs, i want 2 b 100 lbs or less, how can i do this?
how may calories is a 13 year old girl meant to have a day?
Low Calorie High Protein Diet?
How much supplements can I use?
do ppl drink coffe without creamer or sugar??
What are some footwork exercises I can do in my room?
Big Eating Problems. Need advice?
Is It Cod Live Oil or Fish Oil I should be taking for Cholestral?
My girlfriends weight problems?
I wish i could just be happy with how i am.?
what are some workout exercises for your entire body without equipment?
What are negative calorie foods!?
Critique My Workout Plan???
who are the best suppliers of wu long tea?
I need a way to make my grandmother gain weight. She is 62 years old and weighs around 90 pounds.?
should i take it?
Random bleeding in my mouth?
What teeth whitener stuff actually WORKS?
whitening teeth? Please help Me!!!?
I want to become a dentist but I;m not sure what program in university I should take (biochem etc.)?
does ivory smiles teeth whitener actually drastically change your tooth color?
What is the best way to whiten my teeth?
Can I brush my teeth ?
effects of having overbite?
Can a general dentist be an orthodontic?
i need to now how to make a retainer now?
scared about wisdom teeth..please help?
My daughter just lost her tooth?
Ouch, ouch, OUCH! Is there an orthodontist in the house?
will a brocken bracket or a loose bracket be noticable. ?
what was your expected time to have braces vs. how long it actually took?
will crest white strips work if I use them back to back for long periods of time?
any advice on dentist apointments? i'm going soon, my fillin broke.?
Is it bad to brush your teeth more than three times a day?
I used to have White Teeth, now Yellow..How can i get it back?
Help! Orthodontist said I have a "serious gum infection". What does he mean?
Why does my mouth/throat get sore after not sleeping for a night?
Knee Feels Like It Popped Out...?
Knee pain in my right knee?
Where is the location of adrenal glands?
Carbon-ion therapy for lung cancer?
I have problems putting on my elastic on my braces. what should i do?
Why is my gum covering my back tooth?
Considering becoming a dentist..?
i have a poking wire from my braces. it hurts! help please?
why am I still having pain to hot foods and liquids after having root canal and crown placed on the tooth?
Molar teeth problems?
should i be concerned?
Why is there a blister inside my lower lip?
i got my wisdom teeth pulled out 4 days ago and my cheeks are still so swollen, is there anything i can do?
Reporting a crooked dentist. How do I go about it?
Friend's tooth is rotting, how can he save it?
Is it possible for an adult/permanent tooth to become loose? help plz?
Do teeth whiten back naturally by themselves, if you take care of them?
Wisdom teeth and dry sockets....?
Pain under the right side of my tongue?
my tounge has gone weird?
Got in a fight, will dent go away?
Flatish bump next to my incoming wisdom tooth?
Braces cutting!! All of the sudden!?!?
what makes a tooth dissolve faster, bleach or lemon juice?
needing missing tooth?
Should I have infected wisdom tooth extracted or save it?
protruding teeth after braces?
walking vs running?
how many miles is 8 88 mmmmm in 1/2 marathon?
is hip hop dancing it a good excercise than fitness club?
Is there a weight lifting gym somewhere in columbus OH thats for kids 12 and up??????
lose quick??
Is it okay to exercise at night?
Why doesn't strenuous exercise work?
Has anyone tried nuphadrine?
what is my activity level??
when you exercise and after it you become sore... what exactly does it mean?
What are the best kinds of dietary suuplements out there?
how to get buff? big chest big calfs?
how long do i load when taking creatine?
i want to have a stomach like nelly furtado... how do i get it without looking anorexic?
how long does it take to see results on a carb free diet?
how long and how much do i load when taking creatine?
Working out tips!!!?
Will eating 6-8 boiled eggs be a good protein source at breakfast?
Does anyone have an unhealthy fear of becoming fat when there is no need to feel that way??
It'd be great?
how many pounds can i loss in 50 days?
Should you eat before or after exercising?
am I overweight ?
Does this mean it's infected?
how does your teeth break ice and ur teeth dont break?
regarding dental health (cracked tooth)?
i am unemployed no insurance need 8 broken teeth removed and dentures is there a free dental clinic i can go 2?
as a person who sings in public i am faced with getting dentures...will my singing career be over??
wisdom tooth stich hanging?
i had a crown placed on my tooth. Now my doctor tells me I need a root canal. Is this normal? What happen?
Any advice for braces? Does it hurt playing an instrument?
Hard time opening mouth with braces?
Help with garlic breath?
My boyfriend dips..help?
where are the free dentist or dental schools for low-income people in Kissimmee Florida?
Quite a few teeth haven't fallen out?
chipped enamel off of tooth about 2 years ago..?
Teeth question??????????
When I get get braces "if"?
I bumped my jaw on my couch 9 months ago and my teeth feel loose. I went to the dentist and they took x-rays o?
Crest Whitening Strips?
I have a dental question. I know everyone will just say go to the dentist, but here we go anyway....?
Why is my spit light brown?
When will my face stop swelling?
Tongue irritated... help healing?
What can I do for sciatic nerve pain?
i've dislocated shoulder many times before, can this effect me now?
Does anal always hurt??? is there a good way?
how could i tackle the patient with complain of Endometriosis?
How does breast cancer affect the body?
Is it challenging to get a job as a dentist when you graduate from dental school ? ?
I could use some teeth/braces advice.?
from where i will get high resolution images of following medical instruments ?
Are there any non-surgical options for dealing with benign jaw bone tumors?
My husband (33yrs old) grinds his teeth during his sleep.?
When you go to a dentist and he gives you a shot in the jaw to numb you, can it cause you to have further pain?
how do i cure my inflated gums?i brush my teeth 3 times floss once and use mouth wash twice. ?
what is the best tooth paste to help whiten teeth?
wisdom teeth worries?
tooth extraction and alcohol afterwards?
Wisdom teeth- numb mouth?
wondering about braces?!?! ?
Do the teeth whitening pens at walmart work? ?
Tounge issue; please help!?
Flexcare or Oral B sonic toothbrush?
Help! May be a cavity?
Why is my mouth so sore in the morning?
Is there a dental credit program not dependant on good credit?
i have a pea size lump on the left side of the roof of my mouth....painful to the touch...what could this be..?
Sensitive teeth problem?
braces and retainers?
what should i do? help?
i DESPRETLY want my tounge pierced but i have a problem.?
my son has a strangely disorganised teeth growth?
Walking vs driving?
how do you get mucels on your abs,forearm,and legs?
what is the best way to lose weight in a month? please help.?
can a 17 yr old female become thin in 3 months?
i weigh bout 15 stone, if i lose my beer belly by diet an exercise will i have saggy skin?
i am 66kg am im 5'8 and my nurse tells me im underweight but says there is no problem.should i be worried?
im taking twice daily 5mg of methandrosnolone how bad is for my body?
A good diet?
can omega 3 hurt you if you are anemic with low plaltlet counts?
average height and weight for 13 year old girl in the uk?
is it possible?
how do i get fat.?
Eating and teen years?
how healthy was my dinner?
whats the easiest and fstest way to lose wieght?
is it possible to lose 20 pounds by june 1st?
What is the averge wieght for me?
If i wake up earlier in the morning, before school, and excersise, how long should the workout be?
i was a gymnasium all my life but then i stopped and gained a lot of weight... and i want to lose weight HELP.
What are cafene diet pills?
amount of proteins in carbohydrates?
What is the best way to get huge muscles in a 3 month period?
whey protein?
Experiencing headaches/migraines?
Whats Wrong with me????????????
have you ever heard of a dentist combining 2 teeth with one filling?
how much do braces cost?
I have a sonic toothbrush, and I don't feel it's doing a better job than a manual toothbrush?
how long dose it ke to put on braces?
time frame for dental implants?
Bad teeth, even though I take care of them well...?
abcess tooth pain help??
any suggestions for anxiety over going to the dentist?
brace+teeth problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I wanted to ask can a tooth infection spread to your heart and if it does, can it be treated with penicillin?
Annoying sores in my mouth?
is there any positive effect of the quality of any tooth paste?
how to deal with the pain from rubber bands on braces?
Mouth guard for Herbsts appliance?
do you have tendons in your cheek/jaw?
hey wats better a plastic tongue...?
i am getting my braces of next thursday. what is the best way to brighten you teeth FAST?
how do i keep my gap?
Will I Get Dry Sockets?
Is flossing every other day better than not flossing at all?
does anyone know of a dental college that need people to practice on?
dizziness ect whats up with me ?
I 've given up smoking.help please?
I have become very unhappy & lethargic. Why?
Thyroxine and exercise?
How do I make my teeth whiter?
Question about crest white strips?
Help need advice about dentures? can anyone give me info?
Reoccuring swollen gum?
do braces make stains on your teeth?
could a DDS (general dentistry) do crown lengthening or should i be referred to a specialist?
What does it mean when you have A sore in your mouth ?
why am i getting my bottom and top braces taken off on different days?