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How long will I have braces?
is it really painful to get your wisdom teeth pulled?
I just had my rook pierced and am getting my wisdom teeth removed in 5 days.?
I had 8 teeth pulled, a bone graft & sinus lift.?
I had a root canal a year ago, do I HAVE to get a crown? And what does it involve?
I really NEED Braces!?
I had my wisdom teeth removed last week. Now I have a dislodged suture. Cany I remove this on my own? How?
White on side of tounge?oral cancer?
How do I get whiter teeth with braces???
white spot in my mouth?
I want to get abs so bad!and i want to get them fast?what are some of the best workouts i can do to get them?
i need advice!!!!!!!!!?
someone give me a good routine for my biceps triceps and chest with only a ez bar and curls?
how many pounds can u lose by eating lettuce for 4-5 days?thanks?
What exercise equipment (gym or buy for home) is best for trimming your waist?
body building tips?
what is the deal?
Help me wiiv weight troubles plz :(?
What is a Good way to Make my Appetite go away?
When doing body weight exercises should I drink protein shakes?
Biggest Loser Contest!?
how much weight should i lose?
working out?
i hate being skinny :( how can i gain weight?
Work out question. I'm a smaller guy, 5'11 155ibls and I just started working out.?
Simple questions?
How to get it?
wut will happen?
Should I still bulk up or gut cuts?
I have gained weight n i don't know how to reduce it ..should i do dieting or wat food should i do?
What does 0'1 mean?
how to lose stomach fat?
Ideas - my teacher has cancer and I want to make a surprise.?
When was cancer first discovered ?
how much do Epidemiologist make a year and hourly, etc..?
Oral surgery/ Jaw surgery?
how would you advise a friend with a bad smell from the mouth or any other part of the body.?
Sensitive Teeth?
Drinking hot water damage gum line?
do i qualify for medi-cal?
I still have severe LOWER jaw pain 3 weeks after having UPPER crowns place. My dentist doesnt know why. HELP
How to straighten barely crooked teeth?
It's been over 72 hours and I have no blood clot or inection left after an extraction. Is something wrong?
What Benefits can u get from being a dental hygienist?
why do you bleed from your mouth?
Molar bands??
if i get a root canal...do tey but a crown on it or something?
Should we extract baby teeth molers, in a 7yo, when the adult teeth are not present underneath?
I want to know what kind toothpaste stops from clearing my throat?
I ordered one tube of Celebrity Teeth Whitening on Aptil 9th but never received it!. I want a refund, but how?
In need of braces?
can a 13 yr old get lumineers?
Scab lost prematurely: one week post wisdom tooth extraction?
Is the oral b hummingbird suitable for braceS?
pushups question?
I am 13 5 ft 11 145 lbs. if i lift wieghts everyother day cause i do will it stunt my growth?
fitness workouts?
workout routine i need someone to give me a routine for tue thur and sun but I only have barbell and curls?
do u have to diet to lose weight using boflex?
Exercize :) anyone??
If you 14 years old , 5'7 and weight about 137 , lose about 27 pounds is healthy right ?
when you gain more muscle why does muscle burn more calories you s till gain more weight even thought your c?
how many calories are in ..?
does lifting weights affect flexibility?
hey i really want to lose weight and get toned out.. plz help?
Is it normal for your pulse to rise after eating?
how long can you be bulimic w/o dying?
Am i fat?????
can anyone tell how they came to be able to do a MUSCLE-UP?
I am losing weight but I look fatter?
is there anything we friend can do to help those people who is anorexia?
Sports "struggle"?
What are the disadvantages?
how much walking ???
Im in a lot of pain, wisdom tooth?
should i??
How much would this cost??
its been 12 days since i had my wisdom teeth taken out and my jaw is still aching...suggestions?
Do I have an abcessed gum....I have a lump or bump where my wisdom tooth used to be?
What happens if i brush my teeth for too long?
does getting braces hurt?
TEETH ???? molars ?
i already have my braces on but i'm getting spacers again? does that mean i'm getting my braces off?
braces off tomorrow, ive got a few questions?
Can a regular dental clinic take off my braces or do i have to go to an orthodontist?
i just got my braces off!?
what causes tmj, or swelling amd tightening of jaw musel?
i hate my teeth !?
My Braces are white right now, and they turned yellow, how can i turn them back to white?
cut in mouth?
i have a question about my gums/teeth....?
how much do braces usualy cost ?
Dental experts, can you give an opinion of the following whitening strips?
How long does it take to fall out a shakey tooth?
white line on my left lip and bump on the bottom but i cant feel them i dip so what can it be ?
Has anyone here been abused by a certain person on Yahoo answers in the past hour?
about my mental health?
I don't care if anyone dies?
i'd like to be free...?
what kind of mental disorder could this be?
Any TV programs that include a plot about eating disorder(s)?
THINK RIGHT NOW"by mark brescia" self help programs?..ANY GOOD STORIES?
Who's child has Aspergers?
What are alternatives to anti-depressant medication?
my boyfriend thinks i have ADD he thinks i dont listen ?
Suffering with visual distrubances...please help **long question**?
suicide. i can't comprehend this.?
my family died and i cut i have tryed to kill myself and i cant take it anymore what should i do?
Bipolar and borderline personality disorder...how can they co-exist?
Whenever I am tired my teeth hurt?
I am looking to get a bridge on my upper teeth?
retainer help?
Can you professionally whiten your teeth if you are pregnant?
i had upper oral surgury 5 teeth removed on friday i have a stapelet my gums are not healed?
Dentists or Dental Hygienists: Please help!?
has anyone done a study about the "Most likley to secuess?
why does weight loss usually follow surgical removal of a section of the small intestine?
What products work well for teeth whitening?
why does it take so long untill your next ortho appiontment??
question about braces?
can yellow teeth get lighter on their own?
how to preserve skeletal material for collection? like an extracted tooth?
Has anyone else had an apicoectomy?
When will my wisdom teeth heal?
I have a bad pain in my mouth when I chew on one side...what could it be?
a dot on upper gum?
Help....denistry- having a tooth pulled???
What kind of braces do I have?
Approximatly how long will the whole prosecss of putting braces on take? Like how many days?
Cleaning braces?
ahhh braces pain!?
Help with mi braces...?????
., what are the plants that has whitening abilities?
Back lower molar extraction after care question?
Heeelp please bracesssss?
do i need to put the whitening gel everyday?
i got this bump on my face that came on my face when my teeth got bad could you tell me what it might be?
very scared dont know what this is?
how can i get the good body ?
Losing 25 pounds?
I just started jogging again??? NEED HELP??
Im 17 do u think i can do this and how long will it take?
lose belly weight in about a week?
How to tone up the stomach and thighs?
How do i tighten my thighs?
why am i gettting fatter?
my thighs :(?
im 25 years and im 67 kgs is that good or bad?
If i did back and bies yesterday is it ok if i bench today?
How to get arm muscel?
How do i get fat like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGvVaTwxC7E&feature=related?
food thru night shift?
what is the best diet to gain mass?
What is water retention?
What/How much should one on a diet eat?
Am i fat??
Best fitness/diet regimen?
help looking for recipes?
How do people with Asperger's perceive non-Aspie people?
What's the best medication for OCD?
what r the restrictions for braces?
Oral Pyogenic Granuloma?
i have a few pictures i need to whiten my teeth but i dont know what to do /?
Is selective mutism common among teens or adults? And what are the causes?
Are men considered more normal (mentally) than women?
Is there anyone that can please help me?
Best Concentration Of Salinity For Mouth Sore?
Have you ever chipped a tooth?on what?
Weird crying fits...?
Is it ok to do??
I have been drinking rock stars and my mouth has became swollen ....does anyone else have this problem?
when does teeth pasta expires?how many months should you replace it?
Milk Tooth Damaged?
Stopping the habit of teeth grinding?
what toothpaste is nice and cheap but, affective with whitening?
pinkish white puffy gums?
Can I fill an Australian pharmacy script in the USA?
having braces?
is it normal to have sensitive teeth 10 days after cavity?
Chipped tooth?
what do u do first brush teeth or use mouthwash?
will they still take my braces off with a very little gap still?
what are some nutrients which increases memory power?
Mental Illness - genetically pre dis-positioned? Do people just "get better" or is it extreme cycles?
Does anyone know something I can do to get rid of a kanker sore?
What do I do?
I have a problem!?
When I put my tongue near the middle of my teeths, it feels like I got meat trap on my teeths but theere isn't
I want to whiten my bridge... I don't have dental insurance any suggestions?
3 dental questions i need help with?
What's wrong with my tooth?
Braces scare?
Do you have your wisdom teeth?
My dental crown hurts when i tap it gently, i got it less than a month ago. anyone know what it may be?
i had jaw surgery 1 week ago, is it safe to get the wires cut off already...i am frustrated with them on?
I have TMJ and am trying to find a cheap way to get a replacement nightguard?
Florida Hospital pull wisdom teeth?
best teeth whitener?
Dentist phobia?
im getting 6 teeth removed (baby teeth) so i can get braces. How long will it take estimated before they grow?
how long do you think it would take me to lose 60 pounds?
why is it when i do 3 sets of a certain weight like say 265 for 5, i do the first set to 5 which is all out,?
I am fat!! Help!!!?
Burrito with just rice and chicken...calories??
easy ways to lose wieght in ur own home.?
Can i lose 2 pounds in a week by running 6 kilometers everday and dieting?
will squats and deadlifts or any other work-out exercises stop my growth?
How can i lose weight quick?
Random Question?
I need help.?
Male and Female workout videos??
Is my diet plan good?
can i have protien tablet in order to gain weight?
im only 17 and i weight 190?
how to loose weight fast!?
My dream is to compete In Worlds Strongest man contest, (help)?
how can i get a better body?
fell better and look better??
why do I feel overweight?
Im ver worried about my sisters weight..??????
Is there any place in Ohio or some sort of online program for people in wheelchairs to lose weight??
How Can I thicken my legs without working out ? my upper portion thighs?
Why colon cancer screening at 50 and not earlier?
Kidney Ultrasound...There were large white markings on kidney & around...what does that mean?
rectal vin III?
what are the incretients of aranesp?
my child have fever and difficulty in breathing while sleeping.I have used nasal spray and decongestant.?
Hole in tooth?
what are black spots on the human tounge and what causes them?
help please?
Can woodwind reed instruments move your two front teeth?
Should I be concerned if my temporary crowns are larger than my regular teeth were? (Front teeth)?
Went to the Dentist today for a root canal that hurts, he hit two other teeth and now they are killing me!?
Imm sorry for repeating the question (my litle bro. deleted it)Do braces hurt?
My teeth won't come down, what should I do?
Teething Gums have little Cuts?
I broke my denture on holidays and have to wait for fixture are there any temp quick false teeth soulutions???
i live in florida and need braces but i have medicaid any one no a orthodontist that takes it??=]?
How long will a root canal procedure and will it hurt more than a tooth extraction?
What specialty dentist would I need to see regarding the irregularity of this Xray picture?
are there any free or discount clinics in Indianapolis?
what is better toothepaste with fluoride or without it?
is it possibel a tooth infection can spead to your skull ?and even neck?
how long does it take to get braces in??
Is it safe to go jogging with temporary filling in molar after a root canal? (concern is dry socket)?
how do i make enough money to pay for my replacement retainer????
i got my teeth drilled today?
one of my adult tooth is?
my son has a cold sore on his lip. what over the counter and persscription remedies are ok for a 6 yr old?
what should i do ???
which is stronger:vicadin or percocet?
wisdom teeth aftermath of surgery..HELP ME?
How can I cure my cold sore?
Question about Braces?
People that have braces or have had braces plzz... help?
Is teeth straightening possible? Cost? 10 points!?
dental spacer fell out!?
tongue problems.......please help me?
Mixing Listerine Pre-Brush Rinse with Crest Whitestrips?
Who builds medical, dental, vet websites?
what if i don't have insurance to get my teeth pulled?
please help my lil sis?
is their anywhere (like a dental school) where i can get teeth implants free or REALLY cheap?
how could i lose weight so i could play football next year?
big question, please help!?
getting back into the gym after a long time where do I start?
How to lose my muscles,stomach and whole body pls help me?
i want to increase my weight mean i hav a good height am 18 yrs but jst 45 kgs.. i look vry thin.. wat 2 do???
i only eat 2 times a day i do 100 sit ups evry night i been doin that for the last 2months when am geting abs?
Does it hurt to miss one day?
I've recieved a massive belly after christmas. Will it go away?
is it true that if you eat too many carrots you turn orange?
weight loss?
weight lost help?
Workout Sandals?
your opinion?
What happens if you drink 5 pints of water in 20 minutes?
help, how long will it take?
Is a 'Grainless' diet very much better than one with some 'Whole Grains'?
what are your tips for weight loss?
if i do a strength training workout tape is that enough workout for the day?
Does anyone have any tips on building lean muscle without putting on sloppy weight?
How often do body builders work their calves and abs?
i want to run, but its painful, help?
is it hard to lose weight while you smoke cigarettes?
can eatting right getting good nights rest and working out help you grow?
i need help to find a healthy diet?
My S.Uric Acid is 6.4 i have a very acute pain in legs. suggest me diet and some exercise.?
I'm borderline... and I don't want to get better?
when I press really hard on my eyes I can see the devil through my eyelids?
What is scalloping of the knees?
Pain management:?
Can wisdom teeth coming in cause pain in ALL of your teeth, and do I truly need to get them removed?
my wisdom teeth hurt. they just finished coming in. should I remove them or wait it out?
My gum is growing in between two of my molars what should I do?
how much do veneers cost??
is this normal?
Whiter teeth?
Is this how normal lips look??
My teeth are really crooked and i have a huge gap how many appointments do i have to go to to get braces?
what is the latest technology to treat cavities ?
Is there another way to get teeth instead of surgery?
I tried to clean my retainer by boiling it. Big mistake! Any suggestion to reshape it?
An Orthodontist's opinion please?
Odd question bout thirsty?
can anyone translate a 1 page letter into chinese? Help!?
Uncomfort in mouth?
top of my gum is sesitive and hurts?
how do i make fast money?
Is it wierd?
Wisdom Teeth Removal?
Braces colors??
Becoming a Dental Hygienist?
I have a baby tooth that hasnt come out and its not very loose. Is there any way to take it out?
how much damage would you have to do to cause oesophagus rupture?
Teeth.. Help please (:?
whats the real time frame got alot of different answers?
numbness from wisdom teeth?
I just had 2 of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and I am wondering if I should be gaining weight like I am?
tips for whiter teeth?
It hurts to eat fruit?
I'm getting my last wisdom tooth removed?
Had wisdom teeth pulled 4hrs ago. Ok to eat a water ice now?
Mouth feels weird inside.. what is it?
due to years of illness medicine destroyed my teeth.I need dentures but have no insurance.How do I get them?
Help on brushing my teeth with braces?
Learning dental instruments.?
Solve this mystery?
omfg its gonna hurt?
is it ok to brush suede?
I had dental surgery a week ago & now the metal root filling tastes of poo!? is this normal?
I've had a clicky jaw on/off for a while infact years since a i got kicked in the mouth playing football...
what is the best home method to whiten teath in 1 week?
Bad breath? Garlic?
What's wrong with me?
I have pain in my belly just above belt line on right side if I look down. What is it?
how does cymbalta and ultram react to each other?
what's a healthy weight for me?
How to lose 60 lbs in 6 months?
What is an HPS cleansing program?
get rid of back fat???
Should drink less?
gym question?
whats an easy wy to gain weight?
want to register for the 50million weight loss challenge?
what website is the one where you type in what you are doing for how everminutes long...?
what is rhe best way to work your abs with no equpment? besides crunches?
I seem to be losing energy and can't expain it other than my age (39). Any ideas of what may be causing?
what's the perfect everyday exercise?
Do you know...?
fake sugar/ carrots = gas?
How do I stretch big calf muscles to make them look smaller??
im 16 and im wondering if its okay to take suplements in building muscles?
how to gain weight fast???
Great exercises.?
what exercises should i do?
weight loss help for a teen girl...?
This is the year I qiut smoking.?
Can Tooth Enamel Damage Be Fixed?
mouth gaurd with over bite?
Name of family that had child to save another sibling with leukemia in San Fernando Valley, CA in 1990's?
How likely is safrole to cause cancer, if consumed in large quantities?
Circular wields (wepts on my chest)?
how to whiten your teeth?
im producing too much saliva?
About Metal Braces?
I have a sore spot uner my toungue. It started as a semi-hard bump but now is soft. Any ideas?
my tooth came in very bad?
Remember the days when you could go to the dentist and they used to be able to do everything in the office??
what is the blue, sour liquid that dentist use before filling your teeth?
Medicaid need to found out who takes it?
vicoden-culprit?/mood swings from my loss could be it!?
Treatments for trochanteric bursitis?
why does my tongue go numb when I pinch a nerve in my neck?
What stores can you buy ephedra from in Montreal?
How much weight would a 150 lb woman lose...?
Need Help Reallly Bad?
Preparing to lose wieght?
how can i get an exercise program?
why do vegetarians claim their so healthy when...?
I NEED Help please!?!?
weight issue please help?
What is the best way to lose weight after having a baby?
I can't seem to get my sugar to stay down, its low one day and the next at 160?
Will this help my workout?
too much cranberry juice?
Workout Goal for 2008...?
what is the 'idiot proof diet'?
workout tips??
has anyone tried the new denise Austin Cardio Blast DVD? What do you think of it?What results did you get?
I have just realized that my bmi is 31.0! In order to be at a normal, healthy weight i should lose 50 pounds.?
ok im about 6'0 tall and like 70 kg and im 14 is this bad?
i gained 35lbs and grew but im 18?
Please tell me is this a low calorie meal I have the contents here please I really need opinion.?
I'm fat what do i do?
Oral Surgery...Being put to sleep?
my tooth is halfway out. how to i make it looser? i really need to get it out in about 2 weeks. please help!!!
Wax for braces?
Question about whitestrips?
Are the metal kind of retainers comfortable?
Does anyone have degeration occurring in their jaw...and?
tooth question!?
Swollowing making me sick?
How much can I expect to pay for braces on just the top set of my teeth?
shortage of saliva ? help please?????'?
I have had braces and my smile becomes worse after that.?
fresh breath?
Panic attacks and anxiety?
do you gain weight on lamictal?
Is this really depression?
I cannot stop looking back!!!?
What to do when you are just too exhausted to keep fighting depression?
Is it normal to be tired all the time?
if a person does a y a h o o marathon for hours on end, is that a mental health issue?
I am afraid to commit to anything. Can anyone help me?
I have a bump in my cheek?
What are 'partial bony impacted' wisdom teeth?
Can i use 2 component epoxy glue to glue tooth back on to partial?
I have had my tongue pierced for 5 years and want to remove it permanently. What is the safest way to do this?
does it hurt to get dental implants;How expensive is it;how long to recover from surgery?
Wouldn't it be great if this type of dental instrument was invented?
Plaque Removal?
cracked tooth - what to do?
Teeth Question?
about braaacess !?
any good teeth whiteners?
My 5 year old has puffy white gums?
is it possible to have straighter teeth without braces or dentail stuff??
invisaline braces...?
What do I do: I swallowed around 15 metal pieces off of a pencil?
I have to have route canal done, does it hurt ???
my retainer for my teeth is broken...will the orthodontist repair it or i hafto get a new one?
my tooth hurts after the root canal?
Dental Questions Ouch?
Why is my jaw popping when i eat?
sharp pain in bottom of my neck?
Has anyone tried SONIC RELIEF ULTRASOUND THERAPEUTIC DEVICE and found good results?
I am taking generic tylenol 3 for arthritis pain.Seems that is worse stopped taking them can this be true or i
what is a good breakfast when you wake up in the morning ? something that is healthy and energizing ?
are there any supliments or anything that i could take to make me feel full?
Toned tummy?
How should students lose weight?
what is the density of fat and muscle?
is there such a website???
Will fasting one meal a week hurt me?
Is this bone cancer?
nanomedicine in diagonistic and tharaputic usage?
What is a malignant brain cancer called gigleoma?
What treatment can be used for chronic canker sores?
I have discolouration of the lips and gums looks as if I have permanant lip liner on. What could this be?
Why don't more teeth rot out of skulls?
Can u find a spitting stick person for me?
should my parents sue?
Is waking up with a stiff/cramping leg or hand and having cold hands and feet a sign of poor circulation?
having pain in stomach and right side oof body goes around to back?
My sternum? ahhah (pain)?
Brain Hurts !?
How to give a really good relaxing back massage?
what muscle is right below your rib cage i pulled this muscle i think on my left side from coughing?
sleep help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are some things that happen during psychosis?
i want to be someone else, does anyone else feel this way?
how do you truly relax?
does anyone know of a good and easy healthy diet before the someone is here.?
Hi I wanted to know could you give me the names of some good work out videos.that can be found in india?
How long will it take me to see noticable results?
weight watcher points? PLEASE PLEASE HELP!?
is creatine usefull if you are under 18?
how can you get fat out of your side hips??
how many calories in french bread?
Foods and Drinks full of Vitamins A&E ?
How can I build muscle.?
what are you currently doing today?
what is the best part of ur body?
how much weight have you lost in 5 weeks? whats your secret?
dieting help?
Lose 20 lbs in a week?
fitness question?
The best energy drink???
do energy drinks help you stay active longer. Because i want to use them for my footbaoll practice.?
how do u do that eat 6 meals a day thing?
I am 13 and i play lots of sports and im athletic, im not comfortable with my weight and i dont know what to d
what is the fastest way to burn off 1 kg?
can you help me set up a workout regimen?
How many calories does your body burn trying to get your temp back to normal when u drink cold water?
why have i been throwing up today??
Am I using my mouthwash right?
Does anyone have INVISALIGN BRACES? Quality and price please
Dental Insurance and Teeth Bridges
dental question.......
Invisalign for Overlapped Teeth?
Hey do tooth fairies really leave scrolls with money in it?
What do you do when you have a canker sore?
how do i get away from this pain?
I need a root canal but i want to get my teeth whitened?
Braces, pain, camping...
how much do braces cost?
Stitches from wisdom teeth extraction.
Has anybody ever died from getting their teeth pulled?
I have a Question....
OMG plz help, my hamster broke part of her tooth
Where can I buy a mouth night guard in Dubai U.A.E?
my mouth is VERY sore. any help?
How Do I Get Whiter teeth?
Whitening teeth for under $50?
What Are Brace Rings ?
Crest Whitestrips question!
Toothache but......?
anyone here have gum?
orthodontics question?
has anyone dealt with or had inflammatory breast cancer?
does ur stomuch hurt when u have a kidney infection?
i had my galbladder out 1 year ago on mothers day and now i ivomit onece a week or every two weeks i also hav
whiter teeth ! tippsss!!?
braces are cooooooool?
has anyone ever used shoprite brand whitestrips ? are they good ?
What's wrong with my teeth?
Where can i find a free or at least cheapest dental braces in The Phil.?
Foul taste in my mouth?
Can biting your fingernails give you ringworms?
CREST whitening strips?
i got my tounge peirced thursday .?
what is the best option to get my crown fixed without having to use the same dentist.?
hi ya so i went to my orthodnest and he said?
In a picture how can You make it look like there is smoke coming out of your mouth? ?
Retainer rather than Braces?
Headache after dental visit?
Had 6 teeth pulled today (wisdoms, 2 abcesses) help.?
am i going to need a new retainer?
Do braces really take a year and a half ?
are braces really that painful?
if you have very strong teeth and have never had cavities can you get marks under your braces?
Numb chin after wisdom teeth?
What does a lose bracket feel like?
Dental Implants on NHS?
overnight dental cavities????????????????
wisdom teeth pain HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
do we report suicide threats to anyone?
is there a disorder where you think you have disorders and things?
What would you do to help with depression?
I miss my counsellor....is this normal?
the wind of their glances has opened a hole in my forehead?
my bestfriend is outgoing, I'm quieter, she gets annoyed at me sometimes because I'm not as confident as her?
Why is the relationship between twins different from that of other siblings?
suicide temptation,HELP PLZ!!!?
who do i turn to now? i need someone who wont panic?
kick start after xmas diet!!?
One meal a day??
Whats a good healthy lunch?
Should I stay on my diet?
i want to be flexible?
I have a 5-pack, instead of a 6-pack.?
I'm genetically very thin, 16 years old almost 17, and I'm looking to bulk up a bit. Any suggestions?
how many calories does 60 sit ups burn?
how many almonds is 1 gram of almonds ?????
i feel exactly like that scince august 2005 !! what is it ???
how can u gain weight?
i need to lose this tire around my waist?
Help I need some more advice to give my sis on how to lose weight?
what is the best way?
i need a partner...aroun 190-260 pounds, around 13-15 that is willing to commit with me 2 loose weight b4?
arms help?
Plz help me achieve this !?
muscle in my leg??
what is the cross st for max fitness gym in sherman oaks?
Which is better? Protein Shake or Creatine supplements?
one month.?
Once you decide to get invisaline braces?
my gum is swollen and my tooth is chipped! HELP ME WITH THE PAIN?
Have you ever used Listerine Whitening...?
I just got my wisdom teeth pulled out..?
Remedy for tooth crowding?
about a dentist. my crown keep coming off?
Taste buds, can't taste much?
What is the best tooth whitener ?
wisdom teeth and beer..?
Would drinking the mercury from a thermometer be worse than the mercury in the fillings in your teeth?
is there a numbing spray out there thats stronger than 4% lidocaine?
question about going under anesthesia?
After a year, my insurance company 'requested a frefund' from the oral surgeon?
what kind of fillings do celebrities get?
After brushing my teeth?
I wore my crest strips for an hour!!!?
i had my wisdom teeth out about a month ago..?
Upfront dentist fees?
Tips for wisdom teeth removal please?
does the derma-wand in any way effect dental work?
cavity will i need a crown?
I just got 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out last week.?
Does ionic teeth whitening really work?
Headaches everyday...!?
A follow up on what does 'rest' mean?
Why do I faint when I hit my elbow or knee?
Nicorette patches and inhaler.?
why is formaldehyde bad to inhale?
can sprey fumes affect me?
how do you loose 15 pounds as fast as possible?
I've to work in office from 5:30 eve to 2:30 night...I do manage to sleep in the day time..?
What makes an attractive body?
how to get taller faster and to the max??
Does Weight Watchers Work for "younger ones"?
I weigh about 135 and am 5'4, what can i do to lose weight and tone up?
Can i workout my calves with weigths 1 day and next day w/o weights? like stairs & jump rope?
What should my BMI be?
i barely have 300 minutes, im 13 and no excercise equipment. how do i stay healthy?
Can someone give me a good healthy dite that will give me energy and make me loose weight in 2 months.?
I Don't Gain Weight Easily?
why do people say loosing 2 pounds is the most you should a week?
How can i slim down my arms?
im still growing will my body end up looking normal?
Is it ok to substitue protien bars for whey protien drinks?
this is not my account.......but help anyways...i have some really annoying stretch marks on my inner thighs?
i am 11 and 5'4 but i wiegh 118 lbs, is that over wieght???
weight lifting enhancement for muscles?
Can i have my porcelain veneers whitened? I don't find them "that white" anymore.
Braces help!!! What's the donut?????
HELP! braces [:uhghhhh
If yo have a cavity on a baby tooth will it be on the permanent one too
What is the best individual dental insurance?
Is scatching a personality disorder symptom?
Bi Polar?... but I seem so aware of it.?
my personality disorder is ruining my life?
I would like to know if anyone out there has fibromyalgia and how are you coping with it.?
ive had.....?
I just had cubital tunnel surgery 3 weeks ago, I still have numbness and the pain is unreal. Is this normal ?
Pain in my left hand keeps me up at night, what do I do?
Has anyone ever gtten their wisdom teeth pulled out? I have a question....?????
Had Root Canal done- wearing silver temp. crown..Hot/Cold sensitivity, bacteria under crown?
When and eleven year old has permanent teeth do the teeth keep growing?
Question about retainer
How many extractions is too much?
is using hydrogen peroxide on teeth bad for the enamel?
I had a filling replaced three weeks ago and I am now having toothache.
4 extraction tommrow help?
Water trickling down arm while brushing teeth?
is it bad to have cavities at the dentist?
A wire is poking me. HELP?! Just had braces yesterday.
Why is there blood in my stool?My gum bleeds ,and my gum line is receding.
Do you feel really embarrassed at the dentist when they find a cavity?
Is using tooth bleech bad for my teeth?
One of my teeth at the back of my mouth got chipped...?
help problems. wisdom tooth
Sore on roof of mouth
how long does it take for a tounge piercing to close?
help please!!!!!!!!!!!
Has anyone got any advice on brushing your teeth
I got my wisdom teeth cut out on monday can i still get dry socket
What's the name of the new dentist?
What does anyone know about limu or fucoidan?
What is good and bad to eat?
I eat healthy and exercise, why no weight loss?
can i lose..?
How do I tone my toosh without making it bigger?
I need to know about healthy foods can you give me the list of healthy foods?
How do I lose weight if I'm in good shape?!!?
is this too fat or too skinny or just right?
Does having blood clots cause lower back pain?
Why do I have cramping and abdominal pain?
What do I need done with my teeth?
Would you have gum surgery?
What could this round inwards bump be?
I need to know what full implants cost in the U.S.?
is colgate total and colgate cavity protection good for braces being that they don't say whitening?
stiffness feeling in my jaw...wisdom tooth?
Just started wearing my retainer again?
whats the best way to healthy,white teeth,especially bleeding gums?
If I don't have my wisdom teeth yet, isn't orthodontics pointless?
I'm going to be an orthodontist and I was wondering...?
Wich Foods Are Non-Acidic?
10 points best answer! my tooth...?
braces emergency????
Tongue Piercing Infected?
Why is my mouth dry?
Effects of wisdom teeth extraction?
i got my tongue pierced yesterday and now i have a indentation on my tongue!?
dental help plzzz it huuurts!!! (pic included)?
do re-fillings hurt and if they do how?
question regarding oral surgery.?
is there a orthodontist that accepts payments regardless of bad credit?
what should she do for bad teeth?
tooth pulled face swollen infection in mouth?
My daughter is 8 years old and has not lost a single tooth. She is getting her 6 year old molars now. ?
I am looking at the possibility of dentures, just a terrible awful problem. I feel so badly ?
braces or invisalign ?
Clashed my teeth together yesterday!?
does anyone know how i get this bad taste outta my mouth? just never seems to go away!?
how old should toddlers be before taking them to the dentist?
Steps For my Braces?
I need help on somthing?
SICK after dentist visit!?
whitening for sensitive teeth?
Dental Bridge????????
can dental fluoridation be treated?
i just got my 3 of my wisdom teeth pulled this morning around 10 am when i got home i changed the gaze and ?
Whitening of teeth?
Do you have to pay for a retainer after braces separately?
Changes to Insurance Plans?
Does listerine whitening really work?
2006 article on tetracycline injection on thyroid nodule?
Brain Mass, more info on percentage question...?
hey guys, anyone of u hv interest in body building? can u advise me...?
does anyone else have a problem with denying themselves food they know is counter productive to working out?
if the grain products (bread, cereals, crackers) in your cupboards list the word WHOLE within the ingredient l
plz help me!!!?
nobody ever answers my question?!?
whats the fastest way to loose weight and gain muscle dont give me websites?
What is the fastest way to lose about 30 pounds?
how do i eat healthy?
I am in shape but I just want nice firm abs. Please don't tell me to do a bazillion sit-ups please!!?
why does god hate me, my stomach hurts and pepto doesn't hep!?
Pain UNDER my chin?
Dull Pain in the Eyes?
My doctor has me on OXYCONTIN for 6yrs now and they are wrecking my life! how can I get off them? HELP!!?
How come every time I relax, I get a headache?
what should i buy to whiten my teeth?
Swollen gums and pain in crown area-Experts opinion?
Am I getting wisdom teeth?
periodontal disease/treatment?
anybody knows where i can get Supersmile toothpaste ship to Hong Kong?
Can anyone tell me what these small white bumps on my tounge are?
Wisdom tooth mistake..?
Does anybody know of a denist that excepts medicad in pampa, texas?
braces tomorrow!!!!!!!!!?
Does anyone know how to make an abcess on the inside of my gums to come to a head?
tooth ache it hurts ,its lose a baby tooth?
dentist or docter in need!! please help. D:?
Bleeing Gums & Gap (due to that?)?
i am getting braces on september 2nd and i do not know what colors to get, please help?
i'm going to the orthodontist on fri is that bad and what do they do??? ?
What's it like to be in a relationship with someone who has BPD (borderline personality disorder) ?
Are there any mental illness's that are based on episodes of EXTREME anger?
how should i treat my friend after this incident?
Will I be ok? What's wrong with me?
im meeting up with my teacher to talk about my situation but im extremely nervous and scared. What should i do?
Help Me PLEASE!!! Strange heart-beating problem?
I'm bored. I'm bored. I'm bored.?
do any of you patients take Rivotril for your condition? it is clonazepam?
At what point do hallucinations start occurring to someone who is sleep deprived?
Please , I am really wanna "Quiet Mind- sleep now" - Hypnosis Downloads"?
is this normal in panic attacks?
It's 3:15 AM and at 7:45 AM i get ready for school. how do you think ill do with no sleep?
does our tooth become shorter after it is bonded?
Question about teeth?
I had a molar tooth pulled at 10am this morning... It's still bleeding. Is there a way I can clot it?
what can i do for a dry socket ? i had a wisdom tooth cut out on monday and i had to go wed.for a dry socket..?
What should you do if you have a split tooth?
MY DENTIST TOLD ME THAT MY BRACES WILL COST 1000$. what would be the way of payment?
where do i buy this kind of teeth?
do i have gingivitis?
what do you call that white cloth that dentists give you when you pull out a tooth?
Sore mouth from braces... any tips?
my mouth is killing me?
Lump on Gum 3 weeks after wisdom tooth extraction?
Removing teeth - changes your facial structure?
teeth straightening ?
i have geographic tongue?
Expansion or pull the baby teeth? Any advice?
Water spraying out of my mouth?
Question about braces for orthodontists?
iam lookin for a place in greensboro,nc or near by to get my theeth pulled and dentures put in cheap?
how much are braces ?
Could a grey tooth be caused by a recent filling?
how much does dental implant coast?
What can i do for indoor excersize?
Am I looking bulky or slimmy!?
they have send me this bottle called "PowerTea" is this safe to take?
who makes a whole grain pizza? Any of the pizza chains??
loose 14 lbs on this diet?
whats a good work out to lose weight w/o dieting?
What is the easiest way to loose weight without dieting?
Cardiac health...?
Doing crunches with hands crossed?
6 pack really quick?
is it possible to be a size 8 or 10(Australian,ladies) and still be fat?
Can I take Propolene and Relacore at the same time?
What is the most important food section in the food pyramid?
I do need to know how can I get a medicine named Giorno Notte?It is for losing weight.plssssssss anyone knows?
Will this work in one month?
I want to loose alot of weight. Mainly my gut and tin out my face... Help only please.?
Whats a good diet for someone that excersises for about 4 hours a day and stil has love handles?
Diet help!! please read...?
what time should i stop drinking water to make sure its out of my body before 10pm?
how many calories does your body burn in a normal day?
does anybody know any good ways to lost 10 pounds in 3 days cause i just binged and now i weigh 97 pounds!?
Does anyone living in the Kitchener Ontario area know where I can have Botox performed for migraine relief?
Knee Pain...?
I have scar tissue in back muscles which makes me very stiff any remedies?
Pain in my foot?
does anyone out there have small cell lung cancer?
Health insurance/dental rut. please help....?
how can i whiten my teeth with house hold items?
should a 72 yr old male post stroke and on coumadin consider a dental implant? It seems risky at his age.?
Anyone have geographic tongue?
can the dentist tell if you smoke?
How long till a tooth is dead when knocked out of your gum?
...........mouth sores..........?
I cut my tounge biting a sandwich. It's been bleeding for a half hr. non stop. Any ideas?
Gums hurt dentist says nothing worng?
why is my jawbone stuck all time?
is dental discount cards worth paying for?
Help! Im in horrible pain from a broken cavity, as well as having a molar that has come away from the gums?
Raised white patch / lump on daughter's tongue? What could this be?
wearing a retainer???? HELP ????
"There ain't no way to find out why a snorer can't hear himself snore" (Mark Twain). But why not ?
Are there any free fitness facilities in/around Hyde Park?? I run, but want to do more?
How long does it take YOU to return to resting Heart Rate?
Did anyone watch E! Investigates Fad Diets today?
I weigh 65 Kgs, how many calories should I consume a day to loose weight?
how do i tone up my bum? I dont really want to loose weight off it, i just want to tone up whats there?!?
Is jogging okay for me?
How to flatten stomach and lose a couple pounds while staying healthy?
what is the maximum # of lbs to lose in a week?
best way to lose weight in 6 weeks?
kidney problems from cutting weight?
I wanna know is eating all day good for you or not good for you?
anyone ever try weight-watchers,how does the point system work??
am i underwieght or overweight?
Are elevated push-ups good enough to do or should I stick with regular push-ups?
how long will it take . . .?
getting my wisdom teeth out! so scared!? lots questions?
will tenncare pay for my braces?
What is the most effective teeth whitening product?
when will i get my braces off?
how long does it take to get eyes back to normal after interocular implant?
mouth problems still!! dont know what do anymore!!?
Pressure in back of jaw when bending over... wisdom teeth?
I have this really strong taste like I have been chewing on a pencil in my mouth? ?
my teeth so yellowish...how to make it white?
is my wisdom tooth coming in?
Will I need to have my tooth pulled out?
questions about getting my braces off?
i got a lump in the inside of the lower lip?
Help with my Teeth!!!!!!?
will I need gum disease surgery?
i have a hole in the front of my gums should i be worred ive been sick for like a week now and it just came.?
Do I need my wisdom teeth removed?
Do you need numbing for second veneer appointment?
Just part of my gums taken out in the back>>?
Are my teeth good enough?
Whats the best vitamin supplement for your gums and teeth?
Why was it so painful? (The Cavitron)?
I can't floss one of my teeth?
What is wrong with the arch of my foot?
Neck and whole right side of my head pains?
i have pain in my hands during the pregnancy and still after delivery from wrest up to elbow what should i do?
Does Mega Glucosamine alone really work for osteoarthritic pain?
Anything wrong with me? (Family/Attitude)?
How do i tell my parents that i have OCD?
Feeling blue:-(?
How to deal with Depression?
What do you do when you have completely isolated yourself and can see no way out?
Is there any kind of antiinflammatory tablet that can be safely used with Lexapro and or Cipramil?
For people who have managed a nervous breakdown without drugs. How do you deal with things in the years after?
Anyone's anxiety worse after drinking alcohol?
wer do u turn wen uv tried everything already?
Bipolar?? i HEARD some things about this this morning i think i may have it?
Am I paranoid?
29 yr old who doesn't get math?????
abrupt growth....!!!?
Partial Braces and Movement?
why do i have to have some thing in my mouth all the time?
Is the braces hurt when you do it!!?
does anyone know if network health forward (doral dental) covers tooth colored fillings on all your teeth ?
Where in NJ or NY can I get a good plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck that's affordable?
HELP! root canal problem?
Why do I have to wait one year for a root canal.?
Can veneers fix small crooked teeth?
Ok, my gums at the back of my mouth hurt esp. when I'm eating and they sort of bother me the rest of the time?
Dental College in Eastern NC?
can i drink with antibiotics?
help me please read this know pleaseeeeeeeee i need you to?
Excessively chewing gum; good or bad?
back molars are coming in not straight?
Who thinks braces hurt?
just got braces, need some tips, and stuff not to do?
It hurts to breath and i need to know what it is.?
do you have to get teeth pulled if are getting braces?
Does any one know how much of a shock I would get if I stuck a fork in a socket? ?
abcess question on lower gum?
does TMJ change what your jaw looks like on the outside?
Why my teeth turned yellow shade ? ?
treatment for oral precancerous changes?
My Sister-In-Law has Leukemia. She lives in Amarillo Texas. I am seeking a support group and help for her.?
if i ran 4 days this week (mon, wed, thurs, fri) about 5 miles each day .... is that enough to put me in shape
Why do I yawn so much?
Lowering my blood sugar?
I need good dieting tips for swimsuit season????
What can i do to improve my body??
Weight loss for a mom with no free time???
Just wondering...?
what is the best way to loose weight?
A good workout plan?
exercise question?
how to loose 10 pounds in 3 weeks??
What is this hard lump at the back of my throat?
Is it true that your lungs dont recover 100% from smoking?
I think my bronchitis has got worse ?
any natural pain relievers?
if i have a indwelling catheter which way should i wash my bladder for it to work?
About a root canal..?
can teeth naturally straighten after your wisdom extraction?
Question about crowns.....?
When does a child start losing their baby teeth?
How is dental hygiene schooling?
Mouth sprays saliva sometimes?
what is a dental hygienist? ?
Did I make the right decision Clear braces?
Will orthodontic braces help me or do I need more?
Question about new retainer?
do braces hurt you when they get tightened?
John McCain's Maxillofacial deformity? (lower left side)?
Wisdom tooth, 2nd day (blood, but no pain.) Pls help.?
teeth help?????????????
On a scale of 0-5, how effective are Crest Whitestrips?
is it possible to have to have a tooth removed?
HELP! I just broke my retainer!?
How much does invisible braces cost in delhi or NCR region?
I have a ring on one of my teeth to hold one my braces...?
Something wrong with my tooth?
what is a partial denture?
is there any way to turn amalgam fillings into tooth-coloured asthetic restorative material?
How do I get rid of swelling?
I was wondering about a cold sore or something in my mouth?
braces removal question?
wisdom teeth experience?
Help! re: crack tooth root real dentist or student dentist please or experience person please help?
I would like to find out about having my remaining teeth cut out.?
How to make teeth grow quickly?
Discomfort in my lower lip?
sensitive teeth solution?
is it my wisdom tooth?
Why is morphine not effective for pain relief after I have had it several times over the years with no effect?
Is There A Docter In The House????
leg mussles question?
Are seafood muscles good for you?
I have always been very skinny 5'10" 120 what is the safest way for me to gain weight?
how come i weigh 216 lbs but i look about 240 lbs?
how did i do today for my workout and diet??
Brides to Be. Are you working out and dieting, ETC? I can't seem to push myself to begin dieting....?
How do I get pecs?
Which is good for health Tea or Coffee? Do they have bad effect on human health?
will more intake of antibiotic lead to obessity??if so how can the person loose his weight??
Getting rid of a beer belly?
What is your best diet recomidation?
What's the best workout to loose stomach fat? How many times a week? Aprox. how many mins. or hours?
What is the best way to work out?
Is there a website for Aspergers where people with Aspergers can talk to each other?
How do others cope when caught between a rock and a hard place?
STRESS leave? Should you or not.?
will i go crazy if i don't go crazy tonight?
over the counter mood stabilizers?
I want to know If this is bullying. Help please?
Can OCD NOT be genetic?
How does competitiveness feel physically for you?
Can an overdose of Avanza (Mirtazapine) be fatal?
Has anyone ever studied Occupational Therapy and has some advice about the job?
Has someone got a book suggestion for loneliness?
my 7 month old puppy been sick for 2 days?
Will I Be Able To get Braces?
Whitening teeth-what to use?
I just pulled my wisdom teeth......?
Is it okay to use someone else's elastics for my braces?
Wisdom Teeth - Please Help?
i got my wisdom teeth removed last friday and was wondering when it would be okay to drink?
why are my teeth throbbing?
Dentanurse used for a filling?
Is there a way I can tell whether or not I have a cavity...?
My husband had his wisdom teeth cut out, still bleeding a lot...?
I am getting braces are they sore to get in?
getting my wisdom teeth pulled?
Question about possible impacted wisdom tooth?
My retainer has broken?
All bottom teeth pulled, and now 13 hours later front part of my chin area is still numb.?
I may be getting my wisdom teeth in and I have no insurance HELP!!!?
i have a problem slering words with f in them.?
homeade rubber bands for braces? ?
Are there people today that get violently sick with chemo with the drugs they use to calm nausea nowadays?
My Daughter had transplant and then cancer....?
How exactly do bio markers detect gastric cancer?
Pain in my chest when running?
Anyone taking the medication DOSTINEX ? ?
what are gum abscess?