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Root Canal Rip Off?
what color braces should I get?
My Fiacee's top teeth are all rotting. He rairely brushes.His bresth stinks. Why?
Pain in Mouth?
Front tooth pulled well eye tooth...?
My son has a dental sedation next week. Should I be concern with anything?
Why do peoples teeth get bad as they get older?
My two year old has a weird pointy bump on the side of her bottom molar. It's on the enamel.What is that?
How long do porcleain dental crowns usually last?
I have to have all 4 wisdom teeth pulled, and I have several questions. Also wondering about healing time?
Dental bridge?
ulcer in oral cavity?
Tooth Question...?
Baking Soda question!?
I bit on chopsticks really hard and now my teeth hurt.?
after kids get their tonsils taken out, why do they get to eat so much icecream?
i am dental hyginist looking for job.I am hvng trouble finding full time job.Can i get my own background check
I am getting braces on Tuesday. Do they hurt?
Free Dental Care?
What's a good way to keep dentures feeling and tasting fresh? The part that covers the palate seems to .....
I got my braces, but now i need expander?
wisdom tooth no improvement?
results of use of the monoclonal antibodies genetically modified in the glioblastomas of fourth egree?
Any treatment for muscular destrophy for traditional method ?
Does Anyone Know someone who has survived Glioblastoma? Even if it was for only 3 years??
has anyone used essiac tea?
Got a cure for "skinny-fat?"?
Teenage weightloss buddy? (Healthy)?
In 6 months could you lose 50 pounds and get pretty ripped?
best ways to get in shape for the summer?
A movement of our body is one of our daily life, not it means to croweded ,every body must cirrectly move ,?
Getting A Great Body?
Fitness advice??
i have a narrow upper body. help please!?
exercise with out lost of muscle and keep healthy?
I have one hour after work each day?
name a good colon cleanser that really works?
how to lose weight after a baby?
I want to gain maximum muscle, but should I avoid certain foods?
I am sooo confused? Has this happened to anyone else but me???????
How long does it take to lose 100 Ibs?
In the winter, the calcium from eggs end yogurt is enough for me or I need a supplement?
am i fat? and if so how do i lose it really really fast?!?
im 12 and about 5'2 how much shud i weigh?
is my neice ovewieght???
How quick could I lose 15lb?
chest presses?!?
A 2 weeks workout plan, with three defferent workoust in 1 week?
how much will i gain?
did your body change alot between the age of 13-16?
how much do dentists earn?
can my 12yr old friend go to a dentist without parent?
i need help about my smile plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help?
Does your dentist "cater to cowards?"?
Do people use all of the teeth in there mouth for chewing and breaking away pieces of food?
Teeth hurting?
Do dentists check payment options before procedure? URGENT PLZ HELP?
OUCH!!!!! My tooth!!!!!!!!!!!?
ugh... cracks in my tongue?
damon or ceramic braces?
does anyone have an idea of how much a visit to a Periodontist costs?
Can a temporary crown take part of your tooth with it if it falls out?
i have had a problem with a tooth for 2 months ..it got filled but sometimes it evens throbs..?
Can I get braces, crowns, etc altogether and working well?
tmj maybe or wisdome teeth?
not sure if i need to get braces..?
Can A RC Tooth Stil Hurt? Dentist?
Wisdom Teeth Removal!?
Do I need to get a tooth pulled?
Weird Dentist Appoinment?
Root left in gum after impacted wisdom tooth extraction...a problem??
which representative is a dentist?
I have a bubble behind my tooth!?
cold back painfull bladde?
Question about epidural steroid injection?
I have pain in my left uper back in the teres part?
I have a friend who wants to know what can he do about bad breath.?
teeth help?
Braces Help!?
I am wearing braces, but I will be migrating to other country, what should I do my teeth is not yet straight?
no TOOTPASTE made them REDER???
Tooth whitening in Houston? The best place to do it?
Cavities Question?
what would be better?
whats the best.......?
What should a person eat or drink to keep his or her teeth healthy (besides milk)?
has anyone tried any zen toothpaste products?
I have dentist phobia, what can I do about it?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth cut out next friday, how long does the surgery take?
does using baking soda on your teeth help whiten it??
Retainer/braces question?
how many baby teeth do humans ushally have?
question about braces.?
can invisiligns work?
Please help me now!! I am so scared!!?
Does managed dental guard cover Captek crowns? not the porc. fuesed to gold?
white teeth?
Can you get braces on your teeth after having periodontal surgery (gum surgery)?
Does anyone know of any Dentist, in the Charlotte area, that excepts Medicaid for braces?
brace wire broken?
my throat is so sore and?
Which should I use? Toothpowder or Toothpaste?
Whenever i run i feel some pain(or tingling) in my teeth roots(particularly in the lower jaw teeth).....?
Tooth pulled on the bottom front?
What can I do to aleviate pain in my wisdom tooth?
kinda weird question...?
I recently got dentures. I still have stitches on the bottom. Immediate placement. How long till I can eat?
Anyone had their wosdom teeth removed while they were sick with a common cold or flu?
My tooth hurts.......why?
cost for penile implants in mexico surgery?
Nerve extraction?
How much the orthodontics cost in USA ( oregen ) ?
Help with mouth guard!!!!?
Are teeth whitening products from stores like Dentcare (UK) safe?
I have aproblem with Crest sprin.Pro. Who do I talk to for help?
Wisdom teeth pulled during pregnancy?
what causes a soar throat? and how does it get so painfull ?
Do I need braces?
will anti inflammitaries help a cracked rib?
can tea (without sugar) really help to discolourize your teeth??is it true?
how many times a day should I?
I have been wearing braces on my teeth for about 2 year now. I have not has the money to go back to the?
I've broken my foot but why the lack of pain?
Why havent I lost all of my baby teeth?
wisdom teeh removal?
Calling all dentists and dental hygienists!!! pls help.?
Mouth Peice for Braces? is there a such thing?
Creatine question?
do i have the right to loose weight to be happy with myself?
does this sound healthy?
how could I keep myself in shape?
Pushups for upper body?
What to do with my work out?
Is it okay to stack cell tech with NO Xplode?
i wanna go vegan?
whats the best way to gain weight?
if u don't sweat can u still burn calories and lose weight?
answer me.........?
is this good exercise?
what are you doing?
What is an ideal hearth rate while exercising ..,so i could lose some weight?
Can you suggest me a good post exercise supplement? I work out daily in the gym for around 45mins.?
How can i lose weight fast and easy?
How to bench press a child?
Question about weight loss and being dissabled?
Is this pedometer good?
Please help me - pedometer?
Is there any way that i can slow down my metabolism??
has anyone ever used a thermogenic product to help lose the last 5lbs? which worked for you?
What can be a leading problem from working too much with nothing else?
My friend has extremely low self confidence, how can I help her?
lip problems?
bluish Colored gums?!?
Constant Metallic taste in mouth?
Dentists.... Please Urgent. Need Help Bad.?
I had a baby tooth & it didn't get pulled fast enough & the other tooth has grown further behind the others.
Copies of my dental xrays? I am going over seas and will have my dental work done there?
i just got one of my wisdom teeth pulled.?
I just started using Crest Whitening Strips and found that I have A LOT of saliva, what can I do to help it?
Dentists... This is Urgent and I Need Help Please...?
getting a root canal and well?
is this tinnitis?
IS there a cure for cavities?
i had 2 botom wisdom teeth remove 5 day ago, my jaw & lips still feel numb on 1 side & i feel nausea, normal?
Sister? please?
how much can retainers cost if you lost them???
surgery healing?
tooth veneers, is it bad for your gums?
can i get a doctors answer? its about gum?
I am getting a root canal, do they hurt?
Are my wisdom teeth causing this problem?
ok im getting braces in about a month and i wanted to knoe what i can and can not eat.?
Dental question?
How much does a tooth extraction cost in Toronto?
mouth abscess but doctor wont help... please help me?
Whats to eat when you can't eat hard things?
Weird sore in mouth?
where to buy spacers!! (in austin TX)?
Abcessed tooth?!?
Upper teeth braces?
if my 12 year old son had to get 4 wisdom teeth pulled out would he be allowed to...?
Ache in the back of my mouth?
I heard u can get teeth whiten from tanning salon?
How does the Celebrity Teeth Whitening formula work ? Is it a painted on substance, or a bleaching additive ?
Aqua Fresh White Trays?
Help me! Floss gets caught in my damaged teeth?
what is hyper-poise system on Fixed Prosthetics?
Dry Socket...?
ok. can you still whiten teeth with bonding work?
Why does the dentist?
My teeth icky help?
Problem with Temporary Crown?
teeth whitening, help.?
Bruised Gums?
what's local anethesia?
Braces off!!?
Could i get chest infection from fumes?
how to get blood cancer?
has anybody heard of this hoxsey treatment which is a herbal therapy done in tijuana mexico,?
Does anyone know about GIST, gastrointestinal cancer?
what is rectal melanoma, and how to treat?
Does talking on a cellphone cause cancer?
cat scan results/ what does this mean?
do u HAV to lose your wisdom teeth?
do you think any dentists have molested people/kids by using nitrous oxide....?
why does jaw opening/spit swallowing result in popping of the ear?
My sister is Facing a Problem From Two Or Three Days.She is facing Pain In Neck And Bleeding From Mouth?
i have a tooth ache can anynoe help?
What is the cause of someones gum to strip after brushing their teeth?
braces answer please?
What do companies do with the waste when they make batteries for electronics? (laptops, cell phones, etc.)?
TEETH? questions..?
My friend got punched in the mouth and his two front teeth...?
how long did it take you to get crowns with dental insurance??
how do i wash my gums?
Lung problem??
can you get gum surgery with braces?
Is it normal to have pain in my nose/sinuses after having a temporary crown put on?
My missing tooh has caused the suurounding teeth to tilt.. will braces fix this?
I got my wisdom teeth removed 3 weeks ago... my stitches are still in (they were dissovable) any info???
OTC Teeth Whiteners?
enamel waring down on baby teeth?
After rinsing my mouth with hydrogen peroxide in the morning the back right side of my tongue has a red sore?
I'm told that teeth loss/extraction causes rapid bone loss. Also I'm told that I have bone loss already.
lose your tooth when your 14?
braces and retainer?
gaining weight?
Do vitamins and supplements do more harm than good?
age for vitamin b12?
diets any good ones?
how can food guide pyramid and dietary guidelines prevent nutrient deficiency?
I need an expercise that will help me slim down, and not get bulky?
i need your help!?
I'm not losing weight?
I am addicted!!!?
ahh. help pleaseeee?
hey guys i am on a diet can u give me good idea's and below is my diet schedule.?
I have brittle finger nails. What is lacking in my diet?
squats and deadlifts to gain muscle fast?
what the sweets thing u can do fore your girl?
My friend is 127 pound and she is 14. is that the right amount of weight for a 14 year old?
best deoderant!!!!!?
how much weight do i need to lose?
How do i work out my back?
Whats a good way to get abs and not spend money?
Help me again?
I need to know if Im over weight.?
what is content of caffine in coffee?
is it bad for your body?
Healing an "incipient" cavity?
Rotten teeth?
what are some dental colleges in the norhteastern oklahoma region?
Am I the only one with this problem?
sores on the ends of my mouth?
Has anyone had veneers or lumineers done by Dr. Fred Solomon in Summerville, SC. If so, were you satisfied?
I pierced my lip... and now it is numb after the 4th day.?
Braces and root canals?
Cat/dog tooth paste for humans?
Lasering of the Gums: How much does it cost for 2 quadrants?
Divorce and health care coverage?
Tooth Problems?
What's a good teeth whitener?
Amoxicillan for tooth absess, & drinking alcohol?
I want braces but..?
how many tooth should we have by the age of 18?
okay i REALLY need some help here i am desperate....?
Help! Wisdom tooth pain!?
How to reduce the cost of doing a root canal?
After getting my wisdom teeth out, I now have a weird taste in my mouth and strange breath....?
I'm getting my braces off in 3 days and i've got a black/brown spot ontop one of y braces.?
Question about dating and dental procedures?
i need to get braces in may.....and my dentist said my to back molers are barely hanging?
Cluster headaches are a horrible condition.. what do all of us have in common?
Is this depression or boredom?
Will my situation improve?
What's ironic, intellectually speaking..?
could i have bipolar?
Need Help..will i get addicted/?
Dreamt of street I grew up in and animals came & attacked?
how do you explain about serious illnesses like cancer to young children?
Do people that don't have depression understand how horrible it is- I'm on medication, but get so tired?
ways to whiten teeth at home?
Does anyone else have an extra tooth?
Cost of wisdom tooth out, no insurance, not impacted in Massachusetts?
dental help in Ohio?
i need pics for chewing tobacco?
Braces Question...?
I have never removed my right side canine tooth. Now it is shaking.?
Can you use bleaching gel in your orthodontic retainers?
omgg please helpp me!!!!!!?
which product is betterr,,?
dentist tomrrow?
My 3 y/o has swollen gums/bleeding following a fever/seizure 1 wk ago. He has normal brushing. Ibu/Tyl adm.?
my baby is 17 months he only has cut 2 bottom teeth should i be worried i don't see any more pepping threw
please help i dont wana go to the ER.?
hi i am 19yrs old n i realy need to get braces. NHS is cheap. cn ny1 tel me how much n how long will it take?
Help i have to get two fillings today!!!?
impacted wisdom teeth removal?
I just had my wisdom teeth out...?
HELP?!! my boyfriend has an infection from a tooth and is swelling up turning blue...?
Can You Get Braces Even If You Have Alright Teeth?
i had upper partials put in my mouth and my tongue is burning and the lower part of my tongue is bleeding sos
has anyone ever had gum reduction surgery?
teeth Vs Confidence.?
workout to burn 50cal 8times a day,or burn 400cal at once?wats best?Y?
I have a healthy diet but i m very thin(45 kg;height-5ft 6 inches).wht is the reason for this?
which foods are good for supressing hunger?
How can I lose weight FAST?!!!?
I am 27 an 80kg. How much calories should I eat per day and how do I count that?
what type of food should teenagers avoid gaining weight?
tips to loose weight??
I am very lazy to go to Gym, How can i motivate myself to got to gym and remain fit?
binge help?
I think I have Marfan Sydrome?
how can i gain weight?
Do i Need a different Wieght lifting schedule?
Size 8 in 2Weeks!!!!?
how many calories should i eat to lose weight?
guess what height i should be genetically?
what are good supplements to help me get more cut?
what is a really small household object that can fit in my pocket that weighs about 3 lbs???
has anyone tried trimspa?
how long will it take me to lose 25 pounds?
HOW LONG will it take?
Any good workouts (Help appreciated)?
Physical Education?
i have started working out latley, going for a 45 min walk at night, and i have aleg magic that i use?
People vs Rocketdyne, Class Action Lawsuit ?
Is it harmful to brush my teeth 6 or more times a day?
Should you be able to chew gum in school?
I had an anesthetic into my gum on the 4th of April and have been left with quite a large lump shud i b woried
Does having a Molar removed hurt?
Whiter teeth?
Can brushing with baking soda be abd to do on a regular basis, wear away enamal, or whiten teeth?
wisdom teeth - excercise + eat?
how do i pay for dental work, when my insurance wont cover it all?
i am having cosmetic dentistry and need some advice?
my gums always bleed?
my teeth......?
I am 16.. Am I too young for a bridge and how long will it take for my tooth to heal after extraction?
how much do braces cost?
A palpation (head and neck) examination should include?
Which medical condition(s) can be compromised by dental treatment?
Crack in my tooth?
colored x-ray of tooth near sinus that will show when printed?
whiter teeth?
Braces Colored Rubberbands?
how can i get my teeth whiter in one night? ps my teeth are NOT yellow!?
Gum in school.?
Motrin and Liver Damage?
Wrist/Bone Problems..?
Piles Banding Procedure help needed?
help please I have bone pain?
Sore inside right ear when eating?
Help, urgent!!!!!!!!?
knee pain from badminton?
My nans having pelvic floor surgery...?
Chronic regional pain syndrome (c.r.p.s), any advice?
pain in my thigh?top of leg?
Losing inches.?
weight problem?
Gaining Weight?
am i seriously underweight?
what is the average weight for a 5'4 girl?
I want to gain weight?
Question about omega-3 supplement?
Is there a good weight loss menu that is easy to cook and follow???
Can someone give me a good Workout Plan?
eating problems???
need to get ride of?
Loose adult tooth??!!?
Working out?
ive been going to the gym for about a month and a week or so, but now i do treadmill, exercise bike and also..
I need a health food store in Kaiserslaurtern, DEU?
lose 20kg/40lbs(aprox.) in the fastest way????
I am trying to lose wieght?
Dental Bill?
Had All My Wisdom Teeth Pulled Tuesday..?
wisdom teeth extraction?
TMJ,what can I do?
wat r some weight gaining shakes or drinks to fatten me up quick???
this is a question on one my friends seein im a little concerened?
mouth issues?
how much does maxillary expansion surgery cost??
They told me i didnt get stitches!?
Bad spacer painn!?
vicadin any one|!?
Abs Diet? 3 Question?
How much is ( ( (13 x 3) - 3) / 3)?
How can i lose 15lb in 2 weeks?
why do people need braces?
basics about braces?
What suits white teeth?
Clear Braces..?
Something black and bloody just came off my gums...?
Root Canal?
Need another root canal, should I have to pay for 2nd bridge?
do you have a geographical tongue?
I recently got my braces off. I still have residule glue on my teeth. I do not want to go back to my ortho.?
Should I get braces?
I think i have a cavity?
What could this twinge be?
i am having a lot of pain in my right ankle?
Weird question but i want to know (explained more inside)?
I have anxiety attacks about my school and at home,what do i do?
is meds their answer?
Do you worry suddenly, when you first wake up?
My symptoms indicate depression but could it be...?
Has anyone ever been with someone that was on depression pills?
i need help?
I have infection that will not go away, nor does it show up on medical testing...?
im worried about my braces?
Do braces look different on people? if they have buck teeth ! HELPPP?
my company offers health insure but i can't afford to pay so much when it doesn't include dental. brooklyn 30
Certain age for nicorette gum?
I get jaw pains once I go to bite in to something the first time around.?
how much soda did you drink wen u had braces?
Does this mean I'm getting a cavity =(?
Painful braces...?
question about cavities?
is this a cyst or what?? anyone help??
i need to find a dental student who is willing to do some dental work on me for a low fee...?
Can I sue the Oral Surgon for refusing to help me.?
Is my dental/tooth filling loose, or am I crazy?
How long after Zoom whitening treatment can I use Crest White Strips?
im scared!?
what is an absess? how are they coursed? are they dangerouse?
For long time now, right side of jaw has locked if bottom row move right or I eat sumtimes. Neva told dentist?
rubber bands on braces..?
how can i be a dentist in u.s.? i am a filipino and working in the phils.? what are the steps for being one?
Arent Whitestrips(the plastic kind) like invisalign?Does it help straighten?Can it do anything else?
wisdom teeth?
Smoking at a young age?
how to overcome the side effects of 5-flourouracil & oxplatin?
what is Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter TEPC?
sore back, curved spine?
Magnetic Patches (for pain relief) Do they work?.?
I want to change my dentist are there any good dental offices in Brooklyn or Manhattan that u could refer me 2
OMG! major crisis; please help!?
What's dental school like?
Question about tooth care?
where is the cheapest place to get invisalign in London?
will my new adult tooth growing in close my gap?
Sugary Sweetness?
Does anyone know anything about dental implants and shock from aluminum foil?
Does anyone in az know of a dentist in az that accepts ameriplan for braces?
are my teeth ok?
Lets say you get your teeth professionally whitened. Can you use an over the counter whitening afterwards?
How long can orthodontic treatment be delayed from poor oral health?
Need Dentist advice?
Retainer question?
is too late for me to go for braces?
How much did you pay?
My jaw is stiff!?
has anyone ever been really scared of the dentist?
Getting Adult braces?
back of left lower braces wire came out?
how can i stop biting my nails?
I have to get my bottom right wisdom tooth removed in hospital but ill be awake is this sore? although am numb
What is a good way lose weight fast?
Please...I need help!!!?
By doing this Routine can i lose 10lbs in 2 weeks!?
how much weight could i loose if?
Which should I get?
lose 20 lbs in 3 wks?
is benching 142 good for me...i weigh 140 and im 5'6..15 years old?
does losing 12 or so pounds really look like much?
I think I have a problem.?
building muscle from push ups?
Why is a combination of diet and physical activity best for...?
What are some great ab workouts????
How to i stop the goodness?
Diet Recipies for breakfast lunch and dinner?
what are some things to do?
lose fat. be skinny.?
New Years Resolution!!??! WHAT!?
what is the average callorie amount...?
i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Anyone on nutrisystem and does it work?
workout rotuine gain weight?
How do I lose 20lbs by march?
hw many inch(waist) are you?
What is the meaning of this dream I had?
Girlfriend says she has 'derealization disorder'?
Recovered anorexics and bulimics?
how does grapefruit effect seroquel?
How likely is it that I will have a child that's predisposed to mental illness?
Why are dementia wards and nursing homes so basic?
need help and comfort?
Is this stress or something ?
What is wrong with me?
do i have a memory problem?
Do you know about weird fingers?
Non-regular smoker with a sharp pain in top of left lung when I deeply inhale?
what are the side effects if girls take steriods?
when people have panic attack they are suggested to breathe in and out in paper bag; how does it help?
can not brushing your teeth cause mouth cancer?
OMG! OUCH! Do you sympathise with me? I Have a wisdom tooth and it's killing me!?
root canal failures?
whats the benefit of receiving your bachelors degree in dental hygiene?
So, which one is better PPO or HMO? and what are theyre differences?
OK, have a dental question.?
Braces: What's the point?
Why do dogs have teeth????
I am getting my braces on this tuesday... does it hurt?
my daughtrs 12 and wantz 2 no if it really hurtz 2 get a root canal?
Can dental implants replace wisdom teeth? please somebody answer...?
where can I file a complain about the dentist?
What types of skills, schooling do you need to become an orthodontist?
How much does osseous surgery 1 - 3 teeth (D4261) cost?
Is it true you have to have straight A's in science to be accepted to dental hygiene school?
please help me?
can a canadian dental hygienist work in the us?
wisdom teeth.?
how ot make teeth whiter?
my retainer keeps on falling...?
Can someone please answer my question? I really need one!!!?
what do i do ??
Wisdom tooth?
pathophysiology of submucous myoma?
How many inches is the top part of your arm (a little ways down from your arm pit)?
Is this good????
What does cider vinegar do for ground beef?
what's the eastiest way to get a sixpack or great abs ?
whats a good healthy way to eat?
do those pefect pushup things tone?
I am 5'8 14 & 112 i want 2 gain weight because of bball season and i notice thats my problem wat can i do?
how to gain 5 or 6 pounds fast.?
Is it good to have tomato juice everyday?
bigger hamstrings?
what does whey tech powder help you do?
i woke up with a pain in the left side of my head towards the back of my head?
is this right?
anyone taking gabapentin for post operative nerve damage ?
what's the average vertical for a girl?
can you....?
loosing body fat?
So, I've been loosing weight for a while now and my stomach is close to flat, but how do you lose the sides
How can I get rid of fat from these parts of my arms?
i need to lose 5 kg in 2 weeks!!! what do i do??
how to get stronger physically?
Creatine Supplements?
plz help <3?
Will Maine care pay for my braces and how much?
is there a dentist within 50 miles or less of albertville al that does free or low income dental work?
Can kissing my spouse (who chews tobacco) do something to my lips or my health?
how is it possible?
where can i find vampire teeth in sanjose ca?
Tooth pain help?
I have a broken tooth..?
Are these cavities?
Opinions needed reegarding wisdom teeth?
I have decay under my front veneer is it possible to save the veneer?
Will braces help?
having 14 month baby but he dont have any teeth yet y telll me answer plz?
i am really reall afraid. I think i need my wisdom tooth out but i dont want to be put to sleep can they do it
plaque problem!! PLEASE HELP!!!!?
Surgery cost?
how much do the invisaline braces cost???
will blue cross cover a front chipped tooth and a cracked chiped tooth because i cant even eat rite because?
$&#! I have a filling that came out in my gum and I have limited insurance how can I save this tooth?!?
how do you stop chewing on your fingernails?
Is $225.00 normal to pay for xrays and consultation?
im getting my braces off soon.. cant afford to get them whitend any sugg.?
Morning breath?
is there any medication to help with energy, motivation, concentration?
i am taking a combination of epilim, lexapro and amitriptyline for bipolar mood disorder?
How can i recover from such a tradgedy?
i think my friend is going to go anorexic?
i really need some help...?
How can you cure boredem?
HI, i have a broken root left in my pallet for 2 years now, and once a month now it fills up with a lot blood?
omg!theres a hole in the side of my mouth! do u know why?
will my gap in my teeth close and how soon?
i had my wisdom teeth cut out & still am having headaches & ear aches & its been 2 weeks ago.?
Crest or Listerine?
my daughter is 9 years old. While playing her two front teeth got fractured horizontally broken into half.?
How come whenever I rinse my mouthwash out,a large amount of phlegm comes out as well?
i get the same blister on my top lip every year and it swells my top lip, what is this and what can I do ?
Why does it look like i have a very very very tiny cut on my Gums?
After a filling i feel alot of pain?
Tooth sensitivity?
I would like to find out what my insurance covers for me?
Getting spacers this friday...?
Where to buy hydrogen peroixide for brushing teeth?
Baking Soda?
what is a mouth gaurd (for braces)?
I seem to occasionally bite when I make-out. How do I stop this?
looking for the best insurance in Milwaukee.?
What is the best teeth whitening product on the market?
Pains in my chest, please help?
how many sodas did you drink a day wen u had braces?
Upper back pain - between shoulder blades. I had a fall and hit my back and head?
self harming scars are ruining my chances of getting on with my life?
can anyone with depression relate to this?
Can you grow out of panic attacks?
People I work with have been there for 20-30 years, I've been there for 3, as a new comer?
I think I have writing problems! What's wrong with me?
does it make you an addict if you just dont want to stop, as opposed to not being able to?
I cant cope!?
Does anybody know of any bipolar support/discussion groups operating in Melbourne?
Is bipolar hereditary?
What's going on to me? I'm afraid to sleep, because everynight i have a nightmare?
how do i overcome my fear of sleeping alone?
I would like to get braces and i would like to know what would be the best dental insurance to lower the cost?
My back lower molar hurts only when I bite down. What could be wrong?
Numbing your mouth?
I am in agony!! Anyone know an oral surgeon/dentist who will accepts payment plans with no credit checks?
has anybody had a tooth pulled?
how do i put my crown back on?
Bump on tounge?
Should my lip be like this?
I got a fill in for my back teeth about 7 months ago and it's still very painful to eat cold foods..?
When getting braces, how far do they go back to put them on?
What field is dentist under?
blood from teeth?
All of us know that we have 32 teeth, but does somebody know what is it made of??
if my wisdom tooth is growing into the next tooth?
Yellow tongue?
my mouth/teeth?
i'm 23, i have inflammation on the side of my tooth.(the root) dentist thinks best option is an implant...?
Where can I get more orthodontic rubber bands??
Jaw Alignment?
teeth whitening?
how long till i can eat/carry on with my life? wisdom teeth...?
Sore bump on my jaw bone?
What is physiologic activity in the liver,spleen,kidneys,neck?
how many people get sickle cell in the united states?
more info.?
Any medical professionals............?
has anyone ever heard of an infection on the brain caused by trichuriasis?
Why can't I lose weight while I'm eating like this?
is it good eat a bucket of popcorn tht people sell at cinema.?
need help?
What weight should I buy?
So what's for Lunch (or may be Break fast,,, Dinner)?
Do any of you who are Christians do or practice yoga at all??
It's only been five days but i notice a difference...or do I?
if you want to lose 40lbs......what are some good tips?
Question about my knees?
what is the best way to lose 10 pounds in two weeks??
I would like to loose weight do you have any suggestions and recipes?
How active am I?
i need to eat for christmas but its hard?
My ear popped and now the other one hurts.?
weight gain?????
Protein shakes??
my spine has this tiny pain HEELLPPP!?
What are some good lunches and other meals when on a diet? snacks if any also?
How do i know if i have food addiction? Is there 12 steps i can take to get rid of it?
10 points to who answers this easy question. wouldn't hypertrophy increase strength as it increase size?
Can you eat foods like pizza, pogos, ravioli, etc on a diet?
Any home remedies for a tight bladder neck?
How can I gain weight?
What is the best way to make a habit of good posture?
how do you avoid gaining weight in the holidays with all the sweets around and how much should you work out?
What is the position of inferior alveolar nerve and vessels in the inferior alveolar canal?
Cavity filling done about a week ago- Still HURTS! Please help!?
Braces ouchers?
Does it hurt to get a Cavities filled?
I'm worried about my teeth?
how long before you can change a tounge piercing?
what are the difference of maxillary and manibular molars?
Questions about my daughter's teeth?
Root canal pain???
Teeth whitening with braces??
what should i do??
whitening teeth tips?
Mucocele Questions (Please answer if you have any knowledge of this)?
making yourself throw up. what can happen to your teeth with in a week or two of doing that?
I think my dentist is an idiot....?
Tooth abscess?
Need dental care urgently, I have no dental insurance and virtually no income, don't qualify for medi-cal.
Toothache got worse with Panadol?
did you get stains after braces?
I just got dentures how long was it before your mouth healed?
has anyone out there had extensive dental work outside USA, that they are happy with?
Need Dental Advice?
my mouth is killing me from chewing the heck out of it. what can i do to heal it? It might be infected?
for the 4 absessed teeth no insurance answers?
Could it be a collapsed lung?
what type of braces do need?
i was wondering when your lip peirced and have braces will it got cought on the them?
painful bottom right molar!?
isit supposed to still hurt a little after a root canal?
I have have noticed swelling of the gums and mouth odor- since I have had braces. Will this go away?
Choose my braces colors!!!!?
dental- How much have you paid for a new cap?
I was diagnosed with a dry socket about a week ago.?
Is 28,000 to much to pay for temp. bridges . i have a missing tooth on top and 2 on bottem?
I have a bump inside my mouth. It doesnt hurt unless i touch it....top inner cheek. male 25...what can it be?
how much does braces cost in philippines?
what kind of dental coverage does bcbs have?
if you have a gap between your front teeth is getting braces the only answer?
why my teeth is breeding?
how much could you potentialy make opening your own dental practice?
Dentist - Nervous shaking?
New braces - back teeth not touching. HELP!!!?
how could I get experience in dental nurse?
wisdom teeth?
has anyone actually tried an over the counter teeth whitener that actually works?
Replacement tooth filling hurts?
Does Michigan State University have a orthodontist school or dental school?
has anyone taken paxil and had a positive experience?
Please help... I don't know what to do anymore...?
does any one feel this away?
depression and self harm?
if you've been abused can you ever be normal again?
Approach to solving my anxiety/depression?
If i kept on clicking and cracking my fingers what will the outcome be?
What might cause my hip joint pain and how to improve it?
Why do people with an overbite look like theyre crying..?
I have a small knot-like bump inside in the back of my mouth?
help with average weight!?
How do I lose weight?
working out?
weight issues?
How mayn crunches would I need to do...?
i have to get porcelain veneers but?...?
What is in Denture Cleanser?
is it a cavity?
i need to go to an oral surgeon to get my wisdom tooth taken out and i was wondering if yall recommend me to?
how to loose fat in your face.?
Creatine use ?
slimming up?
What are some low-cholestrol foods? And high calorie foods too?
how accurate are those online body fat caculations?
how do i get bigger?
Advice on stuff to buy at grocery store?
if i just diet all together and exercise?
is weighting 116.5lbs when your 5'3" and 15 unhealthy?
i want to gain weight in 1 month atleast 5 kgs, am 50 kgs now heigth 5.6, i will do what ever it takes?
How healthy is it if I do it often?
how can i relax my tongue?
monthly payments on braces?
how many sodas a day did you drink with braces?
how are braces put on?
I am about to get EIGHT more teeth pulled at the same time in like a month from now. i need help!will it hur t
water? lots and lots of water?
I have no energy, help me!!?
A healthy diet.....help!?
i feel bloated a every time i eat?
My weight?
How long will it take to get in real good shape?
Can you suggest movements that make your stomach a little skinnier?
Retainer issue?
SEVEN peices of chocolate!?
What percentage of the population flosses do you think???
I have a lisp?
odd question i have but....?
i just had one of my molars uprighted and i have a question...?
i wasnt even born with white teeth?
i had a root canal done 11 days ago with irrev.pulpitis. i still have sensitivity and pain non-stop. normal?
I bit my back bracket off this morning?
teeth whitening !!!?
i cant go 2 minutes without coughing? advice please?
i need a power lift for a handicapped pwerchair which is to be mounted onto a 2002 camry. i need everything?
My son has been diagnosed with Juvenille Polyposis Coli..anyone have any info?
What is a root canal?
I just pulled out a baby tooth and now it has this weird bumpy thing where it came out(go to details)?
Will I need Braces?
applying bonjela more than supposed to???
I have braces and all of the sudden my gums are swollen in a certain part of my mouth is this normal?
Does having a filling put in hurt? if so how much?
why is gold often used for dental fillings?
What is it called when Dentists..?
I have my first ortho appt. in a week. One tooth is behind the rest, will I have to get it pulled b4 braces?
whiter teeth?!?
Oral Sugreon taking out metal plate...Will I feel anything?
Temporary bridge fell out?
abcess teeth?
teeth in extreme temperatures.?
how do I get vodka from my parents without them noticing.(i already know the water tricks)?
Wisdom Tooth Coming in!!?
what is the best toothpaste to whiten your teeth?
dentist and lymph nodes?
How late is too late?
What do you do when your tooth is over you old tooth but way higher?
after the tooth whitening...?
i need tooth help!?
Best thing for migraines? ?
Heat packs ?
Colchizine for arthritis pain...........?
stomach leg pains, cramps, help!?
Why is my mum's foot swollen?
Frozen shoulder pain.?
swollen lynth glands in the neck?
How to get rid my habit of clicking my fingers and my neck?
Neck and upper back pain; also a migraine. I play heavy saxophones too... Help?
Why do i feel the need to kill someone? Help i don't like it at all :(?
I'm interested in becoming a counsellor(Australia)?
Vitamin B for anxiety?
Chronic mice phobia...help!?
Seroquel -- have you tried XR?
in relation to the pathalogical or compulsive lier, what about when its your son?
i'm afraid i've lost my ability to laugh?
Whats your opinions of teens having anti-depressants?
What are signs someone has depression?
how can i blackout in a fight?
Say, I was feeling a little bit depressed - what should be my immediate reaction be prevent being severely?
invisalign braces?
very sensitive tooth.?
Teeth need to be fixed?
My last left upper tooth is coming out almost horizontally,and its kinda pinching me?
what is the effect of anesthesia in the body when taken by mouth in moderate amount during tooth extraction?
hit in the mouth with my dogs head.?
Why did two blood vessels pop in my eye? I have had bad allergies and had a upper tooth ache.?
any remedy or home medication for tooth ache during pregnancy?
Dental advice?
Bad taste in mouth..?
costs of extracting teeth in uae?
In bleaching of teeth, why is walking bleach technique called so?
Mouth sore?
Um, am wondering something.. Since one of my teeth did fall out.. Can i die if it contiues to fall out?
They say Hydrogen peroxide is good for bad breadth, where can i get it?
Anyone try the tooth whitener super-smile? How did you like it?
Just got rubber bands for my braces..?
white spot things on upper lip?
What can I do for inflamed and red gums? Is there anything out on the market?
How can i fix my teeth?
Whats the best whatever/stuff to use to have pearly white purdy teeth?
removed tooth?
does stitch removal hurt?
How Can I Make This Less Painful?
Really bad abdominal pains?
I have Knee pain..... do you know the problem ?
knee problem ....I had a bad back for 2 weeks and worked on the computer with my left leg straight out?
stomach is very hard and hurts everytime i get up - just another symptom of IBS?
Need help with IBS really starting to become a pain ?
Can my GP refer me to osteopath?
What is the wedge around a vertebrae?
Am i right .........................?
Should I be worried about this Headache?
Doesn't WBC count go up when it detects something foreign?
cancer and liver failure?
Breast Cancer Trials: How have they changed breast cancer therapy?
Impacted canine? What are the options? removal or orthodontics?
Odd denture question??
Moving to Maine - High Cancer Rates?
My teeth are wearing away!!!?
How do I help a terminally ill girl as ex online bf?
I'm getting Invisalign, is it ok to wait till my treatment's over to get a wisdom tooth out?
how does the concentration of a chemotherapy agent in a cancer patient's blood fall?
How many crowns do you have in your teeth?
Teeth Whitening?
My porcelain veneers keep breaking off. Do I have any cause to sue?
Whiten teeth with crown?
wat can you eat when you have braces?
when you have grills can you take them out and put them in and how much r they?
My jaw feels disconnected on the right side...?
Do your teeth feel like?
is normal to fill sick after having an cavities filled?
Whats this red bump on my lip?
im 12 and i have to get a tooth pulled.there gonna make me like im drunk but does it hurt?
I have an impacted wisdom tooth that is coming out and...?
Braces!!! and spacers?
Dental Composite shade guide?
anyone know what 100 percent whey i should get.? used gold standard before is there any as good or even better
Which burns more calories????
Sciencey clever people, why ain't i fat?
how do you get fatter?
What workout routine should i do?
Food containing powder causing headaches???
Working out on broken sleep ..?
this is the final straw!!!!?
I need some ideas on how to make my hair grow.?
would this be considered?? please PLEASE ANSWER!!?
hey i am gain weight like crazy but im not eatin very much any ideas to what it could be?
weightloss with adderall?
anybody know the..?
What are the five ingredients you should never eat listed in the book, "You on a Diet ..."?
what makes a pittbull fatter?
Can someone help me develop a workout plan? (more details)?
Diet Food Plan PLEASE ?!?
Gaining 15 pounds of muscle for highschool football?
has anyone stacked the black powder by MRI with CE2 or any other MRI product?
lose alot of weight.?
how much weight can i lose in 2 weeks?
how long will it take for me to digest my food?
Things that help you gain muscle weight?
Is it possible to completely get rid of Anxiety?
Do you think counselling or self help books are better to turn your life around?
Is anyone aware of Western Australian place?
Question about depression?
How can I convince my dentist not to make me take antibiotics every time I get my teeth cleaned? Please help!?
Is it possible to have all three of these problems at once?
how long do fillings last?
can hypnosis develop self confidence?
Teeth movement?
Is there any other deaf (and hearing people) who experience hearing voices?
give an account on modes of attachment of teeth and dental formula in dgfish?
how do i get through this?
Inexspensive teeth cleaning?
What could be causing this?
i want this tooth more loose!?
wisdom teeth removed I have a dental floss in there?
Any possible explaination on this situation?
PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!! : Will I be accepted in the NSW POLICE FORCE (Australia), with a history of ANXIETY?
Why is it so hard for me to write my problems down?
i had my tooth pulled two months ago, and nothing is coming in yet!!!?
are buck teeth inherited?
I am having a deep cleaning of my gums and they are putting me to sleep. They will also numb all of my gums.?
I have a hard bump on the inside wall of my gum , almost under my tongue?
what doesthe name Syndra mean?
vampire teeth help?
Do I have the flu without the respiratory symptoms or some kind of gum/dental infection?
I am asking about Thrush Mouth how to get rid of it ?
Traintracks (braces)?
why do i need a retainer 2 days BEFORE i get my braces???
which do you prefer visible braces or non-visible?
Does your inside of your cheek turn white after a bite?
Hey Can Someone Please Help!?
After brushing to hard for a couple weeks my gum has significantly receded.. will it grow back naturally?
My dogs teeth are falling??
i hate my teeth and i dont know where to turn.i don`t have dental insurance. i can`t even smile?
Bumps on tongue?
Braces??? HELP!?
Are molar bands necessary on braces?
Retainer Help?
I have braces and it seems to be that my over bite is getting worse. Is that normal?
Will I have to have a tooth pulled?
My teeth of myy upper palate are loose on one side. What can be done?
Wisdom Teeth?
clove oil touched my tongue what can i do?
What colors should I get for my braces?
video games in a dental office?
I need information on dental air abrasion?
Should i pull out my drilled out root canal tooth?
How to to find a good dentist?
NATAL / NEONATAL TEETH. Week old baby?
weight loss?
why is it protien rarely turns to fat?
i feel horrible in public?
If you're 13 years old 5'7 and 113 pounds, is that fat?
i keep losing weight with IBS?
can you eat with the lemonade diet?
OK i eat more than enough but i still am like a 16 years old? any suggestions?
Lose weight?
what is a growth spurt?
Smoke and be healthy?
where the heck is it?
i'm 20 years old and still have cheek fat. how do i lose them?!?
how can i loss inches off of my waist?
how many calories are you supposed to have a day?
Should I lose 25-40 pound by June?
Losing fat?
can i lose 2 pounds every week?
Was I Anorexic?
Is this good enough?
Why dont i feel a burn when i do abs but i get tired when i do them though?
I am 5'8 ND 175IBS AM i FAT?
what are some way to pass time?
What are the best organizations to donate for heart disease and lung cancer research?
Which tooth on the bottom, does it start with when numbing the tongue happens? I am absolutley petrafied of it
should i get braces?
Wisdom Teeth?
am i supposed to cut off the front long part of the mouthguard for football?
my bracket fell off my braces!!?
what courses do i have to take in Hight School to become a dentist?
Got braces..when can I start brushing my teeth?
lumpish thing inside my cracked tooth?!?
I desperately need $5,000 for major dental work.Any suggestions or help?
I have gum problem that make it red and red but it was too?
Bleeding/Red Gum Above One Tooth?
i had a tooth fall out do i necessary need to get a tooth replacement?
how do you feel when wearing a denture?
my first time getting a cavtiy filled?
for dental hygienists only?
Toothache: went to dentist a few weeks ago (but pre-ache), back molars, sugar hurts.?
Has anyone ever gotten there teeth whittened at a mall?
Dental problems?
My sister's teeth are all in different sizes and not straight, anything she can do?
is the overseas registration exam for dentists in uk...recognised in Australia?
agoraphobic,are they any pp like that willing to talk to me...?
Panic girl i have a social disorder and get lots of panic attacks im very parinoid around large crowds and ive?
Do you know anyone who has been accepted into the Police, with a history of Anxiety?
Is there anyone else grieving the death of their baby?
question about sleep?
Please help me im so scared i dont know what to do about this medicine.?
Help please i can't sleep =/?
Do you think Mental health category is one of the serious around Y!A?
How mentally-depressed is China?
Any advice, Mentally Drained from writing my problems down?
How do you remove your own mask and be real to yourself?
I have a lump on the side of my tooth?
Overbites and Braces??
had root canel done in mid 1990, and my new dentist did xray and said...?
Perio scale and root 4 per quad cost???