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If you wanted to make yourself vommit.....?
My life is a mess how do I fix it?
what is wrong with me?
how to help carb addiction?
What is a more sophisticated and technical term for a "nervous/mental breakdown"?
Now I can't sleep what should I do?
addiction,cant tell mother. help please?
I dreamt 2 of my older cousins convinced me to take ecstasy. What does that mean?
Psychopath emotions? ?
With TMJ disorder, during recovery will the joint heal back in place?
Around what price range are braces?
is my tooth dead or alive?
Dental Issue and now I am VERY Worried my teeth are ruined?
How can I fix my smile?
Continued dental care in another country?
Wisdom teeth surgery issues?
what happens to your gum when your moloars come?
What Are The Chances Of Incense Causing A Fire?
how long does it take for my dental records to reach my insurance and they verify it?
What is this tooth condition?
when can i stop using the salt water rinse after tooth extraction?
Why do I find fillings more painful than extractions?
i want to be an orthodontist.?
what to do to reduce the Paunch?
With TMJ disorder, during recovery will the joint just heal back in place?
Dentist found a white growth in jaw x rays, anyone know what this is?
When your wisdom teeth are starting to come out....?
Should i continue wearing my retainers?
Will i need a Root Canal 10 points+?
How did I gain 4 lbs. after eating sushi?
What's a fast way to get abs?
Painkiller questions?
what do you think this pain is?
Last night I was hypnotized on a stage show and I was in trance for two hours. But today I feel strange.¿Is it?
Who has complete control of the future?
Am I crazy or is it just coincidence?
have you ever felt lost?
Chemical castration???
Help with all encompassing Negative thoughts?
What has my boyfriend got?
I want to give up smoking..what support does the NHS provide?
i feel like my hearts in my tummy an i feel as though i cant breathe?
Does anyone know any reliable UK Anobolic Steroid sites?
Blocked Ear ??????? Any ideas what it is?
My wife has chronic asthma?
Anyone else suffering from rhinitus, anyway to STOP it?.....apart from piritize?
GMT Monday 10 am 14th June 2010. "Hospital to use smokers lungs for transplants " How contrary can you get?
How do I talk to my dentist?
How much does your dental hygienist charge you for a cleaning?
i have about a 4mm gap can i get it filled?
How much do orthodontists charge for replacement retainers?
Freaking out over Dentist visit?
Dental insurance help.?
I forgot to put my bands on?
When i work out, it feels like my right arm is doing all the work?
Working out at the gym?
Is the way I drink my coffee in the morning ok?
ii have a pain in my leg ?
Hi, can someone please help me. I,ve got a dull/ache pain in my left groin that aches sometimes down to my....?
stiff knuckles is it carpal problems?
Have i done permanent damage to my back by cracking it too much?
Does this sound like genuine cartilage damage?
are powerstep insoles as good as the adverts say?
Sertraline Tablets 50mg?
I have degenerative disc diseases?
Co-proximal prescribed over a long period for osteo arthritic pain?
Woke up in the night with chest pain (left side)....pulled muscle?
What are the signs of nose cancer? Will one's nose shape changes because of it?
What is your experience with Lexapro in relation to your body weight?
can smelling your breath kill you if you did it alot?
Is my tooth suppose to look like this?
What does a waterpik exactly do?? And what does it feel like? Also does it replace flossing?
Is it normal for a crown to be slightly sensitive at gumline?
Tooth higher than all the teeth with braces ?
Why are my teeth moving back into place ?
Wisdom Tooth Impacted?
Help! Getting teeth pulled...?
I have gaps in my teeth during braces?
what happens with a tooth falls out from braces?
how to strength the lungs?
How does asthma and emphysema affect the respiratory system?
Acute pulmonary Embolism?
having trouble finding a song from "doctor who"?
Mri, And incidental findings?
Do normal hiccup solutions work with a constant cough?
does anyone suffer from rsd/cprs?
How long do ENT referrals take to come through?
hi i really ache round shoulders and ribcage?
i take my dental care very serious and at the start of pain, i'm in the dental office?
Can I get my Trans Platal Expander removed?
In real pain with my teeth i cant eat?
Pain after fillings!?
what are the wisdom teeth responsible for?
can some one please answer my question?
Esperate please what is calling my tooth pain?
What would you do if you went to the dentist for fillings and you wanted a silver filling removed and replaced?
Wisdom teeth and bracess?
Most Effective Whitening Strips (Any shopping store)?
I am very scared about my teeth, please help?
How much do dental mechanics earn ?
What are the personality characteristics of someone in a state of mania?
Sometimes I am so angry that I start shaking. How do I control anger management issues?
Girlfriend cutting self?
Does anxiety just get progressively worse?
can i get depression again?
Why is depression known as the ''Black Dog"?
Can a schizophrenic who is healthy and well have a baby?
ADHD - Is medication the only answer?
Anti-depression medication and possibly preg.?
Why the eliptical Says that I did more than the treadmill?
Why is it so hard to lose weight and keep it off?
Is there a door frame chin up bar that will fit 7 inches trim to trim?
Kosher salt for salt water cleanse?
Is it better to exercise in the hot or cold?
Why is there Blood in mucus?
I need to get the web site for the cuban embassy in washignton?
How much does removing moles reduce chances of skin cancer?
SKIN cancer?
My dogs mouth (lip) is swollen?
still have four of my baby teeth?
anyone heard of Tooth barnacles?
I am predicted: A, Biology B,Chemistry & C,P.E at A2. What are my chances of getting into dental school?
What's the name of the plaque removal method that doesn't use the pick, and how common is it?
I had lower jaw surgery to fix my underbite and now I'm hearing whistling, weird sounds in my ears!?
Why is it called tooth brush?
how do i con my mum into leting me sleep in living room plese help any think acpted?
is the way people treat you directly proportional to how good you look?
my sister is an alcoholic! i don't know how to help her? i fear she will die from alcohol or drugs.?
Really confused can u help?
Do you think majority of mental damage/illness is done by social/public behaviours?
Help i feel like im falling apart?
ok well i have this dream that i get every night is there some meaning behind this?
My gums are slightly receding...?
wisdom tooth pain (easy question)?
Is it normal to see changes in teeth after only 6 days of wearing braces?
Can massaging my gums straighten my teeth?
I have a dull toothache that keeps persisting?
question about braces and wisdom teeth?
Mother has sudden bruising and facial swelling after a 4 day toothache/headache?
gum laser? after i get my braces off.?
Do you have a choice of being knocked out when getting teeth drilled into?
I would like to get my teeth whitened?
How to keep a pulled tooth White?
TB help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
How fast does the Denise Austin plan work?
Will i lose this weight?
How to lose fat off your INNER thighs?
do indoor bikes help you lose weight?
could any of the kinect fitness games make you stronger?
has anyone tried the 17 day diet?
i am interested in the 17 day diet as seen on dr. phil, but would like to know if those?
I have Coccydinia, any pain management ideas?
IBS..advice needed on pain relief..?
I have had a headache for 5 weeks now. I also get twitches in my legs & arms. Any ideas?
When i walk i get a burning pain inside my thighs , why is this?
vetmedin side effecis?
I'm 13 years old and I keep getting sharp pains in my head. Why?
should i go to my docters walk in Centre??? my liver?
What is a slipped disk and why is it so painful when a disk is tiny?
Help with migraine what to be free?
Knee pain after injury?
My girlfriend has a painful rib cage?
Tingling/numbness/pins and needles in hand?
Do you need a prescription for codeine or can you just buy it in boots?(UK)?
pain in sides of hips after lumbar spine mri scan?
Pain whilst doing press ups??
really sore stiff neck hurts to move?? please help?
does anyone know anything about squamus cell tonsil cancer-stage three?
stomach cancer question.?
Has a fully practicing Shaolin monk ever died of cancer.?
Husband doing Dr.budwig protocal . 3rd mo. of procedure. Anxiety and sleeplessness need remedy. Thanks Glo?
Abdominal and back pains..?
Back pain : Doctor says if i dont stop slouchin it will get worse . . .?
How can i stop my eyes from getting any worse?
Chest pains?? (20 characters)?
i think i have a femoral hernia?
whats wrong with me....?
Why cant i relax my right arm?
really bad ear ache, how can i stop it?
Why am i feeling so ill in the nights.?
My friend took a morning-after pill today, around 3, can she have a paracetamol for a stomachache, now?
Why do my hand and wrist still hurt?
Whats the cure for a blocked sinus?
Fear of mothers insensitivity at Christmas and my anxiety?
What are the ways diet and regular soda pop can damage the body?
I am Skinny but im UBER FAT?
how my diet? or lifestyle change plan?
Is this a good workout plan to gain weight?
Could I be getting another tooth?
How long does Amoxicillin last?
Can wisdom teeth cause TMJ and Malocclusion?
would hot pink and black look good for braces colors.?
is there a removable brace that can widen a gap between two teeth?
I am afraid my teeth may fall out and I am obsessed and blame myself?
What A- levels do I need to become a dental nurse?
Is it normal for gum to bleed during scaling of teeth?
2 of my teeth got knocked back but i can push them back into place with pain. should i?
has 'seredyn' helped for any1?
Have you tried...... Electroshock ? ?
Can the mind form a tolerance against certain anti anxiety medications, in particular, aropax?
How to deal with anxiety and paranoia?
I am having financial issues and I can't fall asleep at nights. any tips or advice or chicken soup?
Sleeping disorder, or just sleep walking?
I'm in the worst mood, please help me!!!!!!!!!?
Is a person with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder responsible for their lying and stealing?
What could be wrong with my wrist?
Help with easing a bad headache?
What could be wrong? Ankle problem?
Schollosis of the spine get incapacity benefit.?
Intense Head Pain After Being Sick?
tonsillectmy- what can i do at night?
If AIDS and cancer already have cures could you think of reasons......?
are all houses build before 1960's have asbestos?
My fiancee just found out that he has 2 stomach tumors. Is he going to be alright? How do I cope with this?
What are results for using Ensastaurin for recurrent glioblastoma multiforme?
I hear you can get psychological cancer from peoples bad vibes, its corny I know, but had to ask?
i have a spot between c-5 and c-6 on my spinal cord how do i deal with this?
How did scientists discover chemotherapy and radiation to heal cancer patients?
What would this do to my body?
Should I doubling my workout?
How many calories are burned on the average school day?
How can I get slimmer legs?
how much is dental silver powder worth?
How much should I charge to clean a dental office ?
Is this normal? My retainers felt like they were trying to move my teeth!!?
how do i make a tooth tht i have had a root canal on look whiter ?
Black stuff on gums, in between teeth?
Do i need to get my wisdom teeth extracted?
i just got my expander off and know the roof of my mouth feels weird?
What are the benefits of a mouthwash containing alcohol?
How does a dental cleaning go?
Sinus infections.. And deviated septum?
Is there any good food for depression?
Is Trachotillomania self harm?
How do u cope n not get caught up into depression?
what are the symptoms of bipolar in teenagers?
Why was my question just deleted that I posted?
There's something wrong with my sister....?
Pain at bottom of by back...?
i have been of work with neck and shoulder strain 3 weeks feel my work is pressuring me to go back what do i d?
Things i might ask my dental hygienist.?
Loose painful gums between teeth?
My tooth is really lose?
If the had the choice..?
What is the best brand and name of teeth whiteners that I can buy at the local store?
What type of training do you need to be a dentist?
I have a lose tooth and it's really annoying?
Is there anyway to ease the pain of braces?
Braces. . . . Advice I need It.?
are meal replacement shakes okay to have for breakfast and lunch?
whats the healthy weight for a 14 year old girl who is 5'4?
how do i get rid of back fat, or fat on my sides?
is it safe to use expired whey protein?
Recovering from having my toncils out?
nonhodgkins_lymphoma disease found in spleen?
n someone receive chemotherapy and radiotherapy at the same time. The person have a follicular b cell lymphoma
What is breast cancer?
My sister tried to commit suicide. I don't know what to do.?
Does seroquel cause nightmares and how much is an overdose?
what fish oils are used on ADHD/ADD?
Question to a dentist, about cleaning?
Wisdom teeth? Or am i freaking out too much?
how long should i wait to eat after using orajel?
Is it bad if I don't gargle with salt water after losing a lose tooth?
will real teeth grow if there's fake teeth on top?
Pls help ! my teeth is bleeding badly!?
How much are dental flippers?
I keep getting trapped nerves in my leg while i sleep?
Can you describe waking up from a coma?
Anyone use those big jugs of protein powder?
Is there any way I can get to size 6?
How should beginners work out? Should they do higher reps or the heavier lower reps?
How much weight will i lose in 5 months time if i do this?? please please help?
does anyone have any good exercises i could do to lose weight?
How much weight did u loose if u lost 85 pounds?
How much physical strength can a person have?
Effexor and weight loss?
Effexor 150mg withdrawal symptoms?
teen depression? no friends and want to get out.. how can i get out?
whats wrong with my gums !?
Inflamed gums due to braces: Please help!?
Why do cheeks swell up fter wisdom teeth extraction?
Just Removed Braces HELP!!!!!!!Root Canal and Whitening Teeth Prone to Cavities?
crest strips on cheaprogaine.com?
Anybody got a 'mild' fear of needles ?
The very bottom right side of my back is achein?
tonsils swollen and hurt - help!!!?
what percent of people in san diego have cancer?
How safe is Effexor (225mg) taken throughout entire pregnancy? Experiences sought on newborn withdrawal sympt?
How long do the side effects of sertraline last.?
what is VALE when used in a death notice?
Are there any other agoraphbobic women in South east/west Brisbane?
I would like to learn about the stages of recovery from depression when taking medication.?
Why do I get lightheaded and numbness in my teeth when doing Squats?
Help somethings up with my gums!?
Is it true you can keep your teeth white after bleaching?
Got wisdom teeth taken out yesterday, I want to punch a wall?
Braces with crowns/filling cost?
Braces and crown or implant?
How long can I wait before going back in?
went to the dentist and got this silver feeling for my cavity?
I have a big weight problem?
5'7 182 pounds so am i fatty or what?
will high reps keep you from building muscle but not losing it? 10 points?
Do bodyweight squats work out your back ?
chronic regional pain syndrome?
has anyone tried "alcachofa" to loose weight?
What exercises should I do to work my abs, sides, and chest?
How can i get rid of love handles , quickly ?
Is nitro force max a scam?
What's a good sport for someone that's not very flexible and has a thick body mass?
I work out at least 9 times a week, 3 times arms once legs and 5 cardio. I take in over 100 g's of protein/day?
Question about wisdom teeth?
Does anyone have A dental plan they like? I live in New jersey?
What are the complications after having an underbite correcting surgery?
Small lump inside my cheek?
How long do it take for braces to be put on after consultation visit?
right eye sore and bloodshot?
Hypermobile joints and pain?
today i feel so weak, im scared i have atheritus.?
Neck pulse is burning?
What are the long term effects of chemo drugs and side affects?
Does anyone else get this?
what is the chance of lungs (pleura) cancer cure?
what could be wrong with me?
My brother had a probelm with his knees and the doctor asked if he was scottish, why is this?
i woke up this morning as usual stretched as usual but i ended up on the floor with a sore head?
Lump in my throat help.?
how do i get rid off flem?
cold and chest remedies?
I have stomach problems causing excess gas and chest paims any idear?
on boxing day i was diagnosed with pneumonia have i gone bk to work to early?
How many calories am I burning?
Low carb lunches??!!!?
HCG Diet Drops and good websites?
why am i underweight?
can anbody out there please tell me if acupunture works. for osteo-arthritis.please.?
Heat pain relief pads?
i had my tongue pierced a couple of day ago and when i woke up it was bloody ?
Do you think it's possible for a rubber band to pop a bracket off?
how much do universities charge for their braces at dental school for a child under 18?
where is a cheap place to get your teeth whitened in los angeles?
Tooth Pain After Filling?
do i have to get an xray after my braces come off?
what do you do when you feel lonely?
How to be a good girlfriend to a guy with bipolar?
goodluck everyone whos hurting?
Selective Mutism-help me plz?
Procrastination help?
All bulimics please read and answer!?
depressive or emotional poetry anyone?
what is in your opinion the best language in the world?
does anyone else have these symptoms with anxiety?
Wisdom teeth help please?!?
think clove oil gauze has fell out?
is it weird to take out only one?
What are small bumps on my inner lower lip?
Getting my braces off soon?
how can I make my teeth whiter naturally?
I don't know what should i do?Latex Rubber band?
sore tooth because of braces maybe?
Has anyone tried the zumba fitness DVDs and actually lost weight?
Does this count as exersize?
when your body stops bloating are you recovered from anorexia?
How much does an average bouncer weigh and how tall are they?
I do weight training and im still tiny?
what diet should i go on for maximum muscle build?
How can I loose weight on my calves?
explain the carbon monoxide co?
What happens to your alveoli and cilia when you smoke?
What are respules and what are they used for and do I need a prescription to buy them?
Headaches, no appetite, constantly tired.?
what is painful neuropathy?
help with sore tounge?
Is this a bunion!?????
I'm worried about the chest pains I get when I run, any suggestions?
Would you rather your left arm became an eye, or your left eye became an arm?
Do anyone now people with bladder cancer in Israel?
side effects of iressa and whole brain radiation?
why do some gamma treated skull metastases get bigger immediately?
braces problems im begging for an opinion :(?
Do Spacers help for an overbite?
I have two teeth that are slightly crooked, and I want braces...but I grind my teeth!?
Will they have to file my teeth?
how to see what you will look like with braces?
Open bite? How to avoid making it worse? Tooth extractions?
Question about my new Invisalign?
Should I continue to use my retainers? ?
Chest pains for 3 weeks now?
Left arm pain in my elbow ?
How to lose weight on my thighs and calves?
What are easy ways to lose weight and get a six pack?
Any good dance workout videos?
When we breath air in, what pecentage of the air is actually fresh air ??
Are 3 ten minute workouts just as good as 1 thirty minute workout?
How should I increase my bench press max?
constant wheeze on chest examination?
how much is it to pull wisdom teeth?
about pain from front teeth extraction and bone grafting?
Is there such a place that offers free dental care?
Is xanthan gum good for a person?
how does it look like?
is husband responsible for paying wife dental & medical care?
Advice!Please!Help! DENIST!?
pain left side of chest?
I need a doctors/experts help here please!!!!?
Need a Hematologist/Oncologist's opinion please!?
If u're test results states that the findings of preliminary examination of the abdomen demonstrates?
is leukemia genetic? what are its symptons? can u still have children if u have that cancer?
I get distracted soo easily at work? is that ADD?
Anyone diagnosed with depression..what are some good ways to......?
Has anyone here seen a psychologist? If so, how many times you have seen them?
Can doctors use medical things to erase memory?
Is there ever a chance someone is beyond help? I'm a cutter and an have PTSD and feel completely alone. Help!?
I don't understand what is wrong with me?
Does anyone here do smell from public anxiety?
Tips on toning the following areas?
How do I deal with an acidy stomach? Without pills.?
what is the easiest exercise or fastest way to exercise to lose weight?
is working out three times a week enough?
is there any good ellipticals under 500$?
weight lifting d-anabol25 in ireland?
Is coconut oil fattening?
does a spoonful of vinegar cure hiccoughs?
Do dental spacers hurt to get on?
Does breaking brackets extend treatment time?
Post Wisdom Teeth Extraction Questions?
how do i fix my problems for sore gums!?
what will they have to do?!?
Sedative Filling/ Root canal?
Is whitening toothpaste safe for Essix retainers?
Keep getting bad back pain?
Dumbness pain and tingling in left arm at night. what can be the cause? Keeps waking me.?
headache for 5 weeks?
Swallowing saliva causing bad nose breath?
Does my tooth need to sink in more (And is that even possible)?
What food can help a persistently dry mouth?
Stitch came out of tooth extraction site, normal?
Tooth pulled and Fake Permanent?
Cracks in teeth? What's wrong?
What Colour Braces Should I Get?
Is exercise ok during migraine?
Anything wrong with me ?
constant cramp feeling in leg help!!!!?
Scoliosis , what is my future ??!?
if apple cider vinegar has antioxidants in it them will you lose weight?
Do i need supplements?
Anyone have any experience/knowledge about Indian food and dieting?
My top teeth and my bottom teeth don't connect?
Which on is prior, floss or brush?
Issue with my tongue... please read this incase you can help!?
If someone was planning to get a filling, could they get a white filling on one of the back teeth?
Clearwater FL Pediatric Dentist that takes Medicaid?
Can I get free braces for an low income budget?
Crown hurts after year.?
can an enlarged liver cause back pain?
jaw pain please help?
does getting a tattooo hurt? read under?
Whats good for ear ache?
I have recently over the last 3-4 days have been getting a lightheadche at the same side of my head.?
I have suddenly lost interest in everything.?
my horse has a cough?
Do you Think I Can Save Up Enough Money for Braces?
nasal congestion????
Can you get spacers for your first orthadontist appointment?
How to get rid of bad breath?
Which is better: Ceramic Braces or Lingual Braces?
what colors rubberbands should i get on my braces?
Can teeth be raised through surgery or braces?
I have a horrible bitter mouth.?
haven't been wearing retainer...?
Is shoveling snow a good exercise?
which protein powder is the best in the market for building muscle. Soy vs. Whey vs. Egg protein? please help?
hey guys, need your input please?
P90X Workout worksheet Reps?
what are interesting facts about complex carbs?
does the appointment to set up a regular doctor cost anything?
How do you use retainer brite?
my daugher has a new tooth growing at a 90degree angle,xrays show that it has no root,is this possible?
Ever since i got my braces off and started using retainers, my gums are real red !!?
what do you do when your tooth is aching?
Filling at the dentist?
What do you need to be a dentist?
Who was the first person do "discover" lung cancer?
is lymphocele cyst cancer?
as a man i find it heart breaking to watch mypartener with breast cancer?
mental health question?
will the military discharge you if they find that you have attention deficit disorder?
Is it easier to share feelings with a girl than a boy?
Does Ginkgo biloba really help with memory loss?
Why am i such a hypochondriac?
Why do my legs ache when i have my lap top on my lap? I get shooting pains?
Tummy ache for afew days now?
Tooth decay and hair loss?
I had root canal treatment on Thursday but..?
The left side of my tongue feels tingly...?
Hypothetically speaking...?
How long do braces take to get on?
Hole in tooth with fragments falling off?
to volunteer as a dental patient for students in Las Vegas?
I have a HUGE cavity on tooth #15. Is it harder to do root canal with a cavity between the root structures?
how much do invisiline braces cost?
Getting wisdom teeth out! HELP!?
My ceramic braces are making my teeth yellow why?!?
...really bad body image problem to the point of being desperate....help?
Food ok i am hungry and want dinner but i am in the mood for something i havn't tried before any suggestions?
can i lose weight by switching from diet cola to water?
Diet question..help!?
aneroxia.....? help?
Am I healthy enough to exercise?
what should i make for a heathy easy snack for the holidays for my class?
fitness quest plz read?
how do i lose weight fast?
PLEASE NO LECTURES! How much weight could I lose if I ate 600 caloireis a day for 2 months!?
Vitamins?????? Help!!!!?
i need to gain weight?
Help me lose wieght? or not?
How much am i suppose to weigh?
How to lose 30 pounds in 3 months?
how much time do you spend sitting down?
please only seriouse answers?
3 Week Diet Plan?
can every one go onto www.freerice.com?
How is my diet!?
so far today ive had....?
tips on being a good grinder?
WIEGHT LOSE?! Help :)?
Diet Help ??
ive been on my period now for 2 weeks i hav reli bad stomach pains .also?
What is an enlarged lung?
I have a question for dentists. ( or if you know about where i can get ....)?
lumpy feeling in throat and white stuff on tongue?
Should I be okay to eat on both sides of my mouth by Thanksgiving?
if one of your spacers falls out will it effect getting your braces?
Please recommend a good and reasonable priced Dentist in campbelltown.?
how much are braces gunna cost if you have and overbite?
I might get a frenectomy?!?
Tooth hurts when i brush it?
how long does it take till an abscess becomes deadly?
I have this blister in my upper lip n it seems to have pus. Anyone knw how can I get rid of this? ?
Will my retainer fit?
Tooth randomly hurts when weather changes?
Got braces off in March, and...?
which vitamin store sells vitamin K3?
whether doctor's cure my disease or they create new witch work later on my body?
does any1 no if pylons give u cancer?
Have you experienced Dissociative Identity Disorder?
what should i do????????
Im not sure where to start from?
Is It Anxiety????????
how much pay would i get as a mental health nurse?
i wanna practice orthodontics at germany, is it possible?
painful bump on my tongue?
I have braces and I smoke ?????
Question about braces and rubber bands?
How much would it cost for me to get braces privately...? UK?
Should I wear Crest White Strips at night or in the morning?
Rounded edges on front teeth?
full mouth extraction.....how bad is it?
why do I have this with my braces?
What must i do if i wear braces?
Hawley Retainers to correct mild overbite?
hoe to treat a dental patient with a lock jaw?
What gum flavor last the longest over all?
Can i get porcelain veneers with crooked teeth?
I am dying of a rare lung disease.Is there a website to guide me about what to expect and how to ease my going?
How to lose weight and have a 4 pack?
Which one of the following statements is true about Glycaemic Index?
Dad 6' mom 5' daughter's height?
which is more effective in bicep size and strength?
I've got really bad ear ache :'(?
is this a good weight?
hey can yall give me some info on fat and non fat foods?
Tone a bit in 2-3 weeks?
Hey guys quick question. I need answers! =]?
pain in left upper arm?
how much am i supposed to weigh?
if i start lifting weights will i stay at the same weight?
average height for a chinese male is=????????
my legs and back ache help?
I'm having trouble not eating sweets. Is there any tricks to stop?
What are the long-term effects of the Alli diet?
Workout Help Please?
I need a doctors point of view?
Does anyone like to use Rice' Shine or Think Straight?
I know everyone wants to do it, but how to lose weight?
reduce neck muscles?
How would i be able to run better if i am overwieght? And what is considered overwieght?
what foods help support healthy skin?
What you think?
I had a baby 5 months ago and I need to loose 45 pounds in a reasonable amount of time. Can you help?
whats the best weight gaining supplement to take?
love handles!!!!!!!!?
Best way to quit smoking??
im losing the 2nd to last tooth in the back on both sides?
Can dry socket make you skip class?
Anyone who has made it to dental school or knows how to help me in this area?
braces and dental care question?
Whats the difference between a gingavectomy and crown lengthening?
can a dental hygienist get a job cleaning animal's teeth?
what r the side effects of Gemfibrozil?
What are possible ways of getting rid of Pineal Cysts on the brain?
While taking Gleevec for leukemia is it possible to have a two disk fusion? If so will it hinder the fusion?
Has anyone out there heard of The Brazilian Cancer? If so is there a cure?
the platelets are 127 what that is mean?
how can smoking clog ya arteries?
i would like to know the about NEUROBLASTOMA stage 4, chemo is d only treatment for my son, help us-Philippine
is it possible to cure bone cancer?
Sara Goal Is So Close PLease Donate For Her cause?
why cant i feel this good sober?
If you find it hard to sleep what should you do before you go to bed that could help?
Question about sleep.?
headache or something else?
strong pain within my chest..?
Anyone got good stretches for hips?
I am peeing a lot, I got kidney stones, I am on medication - I keep on getting pain in my right side.?
I just noticed these four white bumps on the way back of my tongue?
if i need braces again will i have to pay this time?
what does it mean when you have an inflammed gums when your pregnant?
They put a Denture right away?
i've just had an exctraction. but my gums are very itchy.?
Elastics on braces creating underbite?
How long will my tounge be burnt like this?
Does having teeth pulled hurt?
gum close to wisdom tooth bleeding and hurts?
Cute colors for braces?
i NEED A PROTEIN DRINK??????????????
What is the best one..............?
Daily calorie aims?
bed for a person who is 6'7" in height?
Gain weight for football?
cardivascular training and weigth training question???
bench press???
What would you do if your partner said it was to big?
20carbs ... help please ....?
best product for colon cleansing?
Your Daily Water Intake?
how much would i have to weigh???
Is this an eating disorder ?
Has anyone tried one of those cleansing fast/diet things?
Exercise Question (Running) ??
I'm 5'3 and 123 is that ova weight? what should my weight be?
Design an ideal workout for a day.(Be specific with the names of equipment that you would use)?
How much can you bench?
What is the best exercise and diet (lifestyle) to do to lose weight?
weight issue!?
Is it normal for a mouth abscess to keep growing and shrinking?
Pain from wisdom teeth coming in?
can i have an icecream after 3 hour of tooth extraction, i am really hungry :(?
How/Where to make teeth even lined?
Bad breath - Goes shortly if i drink?
If I get braces on Thursday should I be going to school on Friday?
Braces off soon! What to expect?
A small brown hole on the front of my tooth?
How to whiten teeth? the other day is was speaking to a girl she called me a black yellow teeth rag head.?
Why does my my mouth numb up when I eat?
I have a bruise like pain under my right eye?
A friend of mine has to have a hip replacement?
cardio workouts...?
how much sugar is too much?
How Much Weight Can I Lose?
how much pounds is too much weight for adults?
I'm a 15 years old guy and i have TUMMY!!! i dont want it..?
Do you have any idea of what I should take?I NEED more calories!!?
what is the most fatty foods?
how to loose weight easily ?
How can I lose weight quickly?
Help! I need somebody! Help! Not Just Anybody!?
nike cross trainers good for weak foot?
how much weight is it possible to lose in 3 weeks?
What are some low-card high-fat foods?
help me with this issue!(PLEASE!! URGENT!!)?
Working out/ exercising with a belly ring...?
i play soccer and weigh 110 pounds...?
help with stomach.?
How much pounds would you say skinny was?
counting calories yourself...1 gm fat is = to 9cals right?
Want to lose some weight ( im a teen )?
How can I increase my appetite when im underweight?
am i fat..plz help me?
Is it true white fillings for cavities are more sensitive to COLD? MY DENTIST TOLD ME THIS?
Do I still have gingivitis?
Question about hydrofloss jet tips?
I'm fourteen can drinking from a baby bottle cause buck teeth?
Just got braces 2 hours ago, tooth loose..?
how can i relieve the pain of my braces?
so my spacers hurt like ffffffffffff....?
Tips on getting braces?
Any DENTISTS out there help!!!?!?!?!?
Whats wrong with my tonsils? pic included.?
id like to ask about a pain in my foot?
Pillow! What is the best pillow? Every pillow I try just isn’t right. What is the best?
is this a trapped nerve in my arm?
EMERGENCY................My Ear?
ribs really really hurting ...OUCH!?
my daughter has a cough and occasionally her nose will run shes 2 and a half months been to the dr.?
Why would the person do this?
i want to know if i am schizophrenic?
Would this drive you crazy?
what mental illness is this??? Or could it be something else?
is this healthy?
im 15 and weigh 144pound and im 5.8 is that average?
what can i eat that will give me energy?
I need to lose 10kg in 2 weeks?
Is an ALT score of 38 high?
Is Muscle Milk a Good Protein Supplement?
how do i gain weight and keep it on?
Would this be good to gain muscle?
What is the best way to tone up?
i need work?
I have 5 feet and 4 inches height and my weight is around 47kg. how can i reduce fat around my hips and thighs
how can i loose weight in...?
how do u manage???
a easy, healthy lunch?
Is it abnormal to have a heart beat of 215 per min. after a workout?
Worried about my boyfriends weight?!?!?
tips on losing weight?
Do I seem underweight?
how can i lose about 20 lbs without losing muscle but gain muslce in the process?
how long does it take to lose muscle if you dont work on it?
Why didn't I lose any weight?
Working Out Help?
ow do i make my legs bigger and my hips/stomache smaller?
Tooth Extraction Questions?
My teeth hurt randomly? Might be because of retainers?
Dentist! Can someone help me?
Have you ever had an allergic or bad reaction to the local anesthestic dentists use?
bite guards for overbite?
Tooth filling gone wrong?
Is $1,600 a fair price for a root canal and crown?
root canal and alcohol?
I want to become a dentist then an orthodontist? Help?
what is a good estimate on porcelain veneers?
Why is lung cancer so prevalent among non smoking women?
does an ultrasound detect prostate cancer?
does anyone have any children that have been diagnosed with jmml?
Can we restart ABVD regimens therapy later?
Where is the best cancer hospital in canada?
what are the survival rates for CLL Cancer after donor stem cell transplants for a 60 yr old male?
How do you deal with fibromylagia?
anything reccomended for bad backs?
how do u stop ur arm hurting after a jab?
People with low pain tolerance!!!?
legs is very painful ?
What could this knee pain be?
seemingly random abdominal pain?
my gums are getting dark by the tooth?
Does anyone on here work at a dentist office or do you know if dentists give out toothbrushes?
How long will the swelling last after my wisdom teeth removal AND...how do you prevent dry socket?
How would they fix this tooth? Pic included?
How to get rid of a cough?
Good diet plan?!?
how can i lose 5 lbs by either decmber 24th or jan 3???
am i overweight?
best diet medicine?
energy drinks? doo tellll....?
weight problem?
what can i eat or do, to gain weight? anyone can answer?
follow up to previous question?
Can someone give an in depth workout of how to bulk up and get quicker for basketball?
lifting supplements..need help?
how much protein do the average guy use per day?
Whey protein?
Heart Burn Problems?
weight question?
Given if you work out regularly, eat healthy, burn more calories than you eat, how fast can you see change?
How can i lose 25-30 kg in 2 weeks?
Any help, please!?
how do i increase speed in my muscles.i have strength i just need speed?
how can i pass a ethyl glucuronide test in under five days of drinkin?
How many weights should I do a week? I've just turned 15 (5ft7/8)?
What can i take to get more muscle mass??
how much calories can you burn when you exercise for an hour?
i keep getting sharp pains in my lower part of my stomach?
I have a swollen glan, on the left side of my neck, does any one know what it means or can cause?
What could be causing a pain in the front of my left shoulder?
what is the most kind pain relief on the stomach and organs=aspirin,dispirin or paracetamol.how do they differ?
have i damaged my arms?
Do you think my Orthodontists did a bad job on my braces?
Home teeth whitening pain?? Please help!?
Trouble swallowing saliva?
Do rubber bands help straight teeth?
Is my Crowned Tooth infected or is it the one next to it?
I'm supposed to get my braces off in 2 weeks, why are my teeth moving?
how much extra is Invisiline then braces?
Pic included, Would I need braces or the tooth pulled?
I'm in need of a dental plan in south florida broward county.?
Who has complete control of the future?
How long for a rectal tumor to get to Stage 4? Last whole yr. dad went to doc w/ multiple symptoms; no exam !!
Cancer Ruining the world?
Want free food and free girls clothes to help a child who's mother is dying.?
what are normal side effects of taking veenat medicine?
Medical professionals- Are you having any problems with the NOPR for pet scans?
how much is a MRI scan?
I keep getting a werid pain in my head?
i weigh 217 how long will it take me to get to my 1st goal of 199 if i work out to the fullest and eat rigth?
best way to build muscles (bodybuilding)?
question on suppliments and bulking up?
are there any web sites where u can see what u might look like into a different body weight?
17 5'6 not fat but wanna lose weight i need openion?
My body weight is 150.Can someone give me a direction how to make a diet myself?Note:I don't eat pork and beef
Im trying to lose weight. How should i eat.?
Can anyone give me a website..?
how many calories does the average american child comsume in a cafeteria , weekly?
my stomach has been hurting for 2 weeks and it's making like digestion sounds,could i be pregnant?
Where is the best place to buy N.O. Xplode?
Tone up love handles?
Any link for home training muscles?
I wanna loose 20 pounds and I do NOT have time to work out....What should I do??
I am 33 week what is the prefect fundal hight ? please help?
another thing i need help in?
My Brother Said You Have To Be A Certain Age To Start Devoliping Muscle Is That True?
any other physical workouts?
what is the empirical formula of a substance that is 5.35%C, 15.5%H, and 31.1%N by weight..?
I need 2 get a six pack b4 summer. I'm 170lb my height's "5"9" I got a gut & love handles but I'm not obese.
Is it normal for regular humans to eat baby food?
I think I have asthma but I am not sure, What are the causes and what happens when you go to your GP?
Small "Black Hole" Space Between Front Teeth?
best dental insurance?
Why don't my front teeth come together anymore?
spacer in mouth with brace?
phone number for dental school?
imp for appliance in kids , dentist?
Will I know if I have an infection in one of my extraction hole?
any one know how to whiten teeth in pictures for free?
tightness in my head and pain at the back of head?
I had two teeth out earlier, and my lip is still numb? how long does it take to go normal again?
What to do about dental pain.?
Can I eat easy cheese after my wisdom teeth have been removed?
Can grinding push the filling too high or that's not possible?
I Dont understand these dental codes, could someone help me with them?
my 2year old son's fronth teeth look stained for the past few months what could be the reason?
Why is the second ingredient in Listerine Zero mouthwash sorbitol? Isn't that sugar?
I'm Having A Root Canal Done on friday?
What can I put on a scab that's INSIDE of my mouth?
how to you get enamal?
Wisdom Tooth - Regular Bleeding?
7 days after tooth extraction...pain?
Question About Testosterone?
What weight should?
getting my gall bladder out, wot should i be aware off??? I'm afraid ill put on weight and have the runs!!!!
am i too thin?
Creatine question?
umm is 100 lb fat for an 11 year old who is 5' 1"?
Does Skim Milk have Lactic Acid?
My weight!?
I am 6'1 and 160 pounds. I would like to gain 10 pounds of muscle. Help me out?
Is 5'5'' and 115lbs at 17 years okay or should i go to 100lbs?
How much exercise do you reckon i should do to lose 1.5 kg's a week?
My dad ls 170 pounds and he wants to lose at least 15 pounds what should he do?
Yoga without the e.r. trip?
has any body tried "Proactrol" for weight loss ?
How much calories is this?
Losing Weight @ Home, with 2 5kg dumbells?
What if...?
i am starting to work out wat kind of supplements should i take for fast muscle growth?
how can you get rid of celulite fast???
I want to stay healthy for the rest of my life. Who makes the best vitamins and other supplements?
how to get fat out of your side hips?
Need information on John Wayne Cancer Plan thru Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company?
agent orange card ?
how likly are you to get cancer from sidestreamsmoke?
How come I have trouble breathing in strong wind?
Dialectical behavioral therapy?
bipolar? need help to understand have to one to confide in?
Only Experienced Cutters?
plz help! i need reassurance???????
what is this?, it is annoying?
what is emotional dependence?
Would stabbing you self in the brain kill you right away ?
What would happen if i took 12 nurofen meltlets tablets?
Does anyone know if tramadol contains codeine?
Loss of weight after wisdom teeth surgery?
My neice just lost a teeth and its empty inside?
I think my tongue pricing is most likely infected can i take of the pricing on my own?
my gums are starting to cover my bracket and the orthodontics are going to make a "laser appointment" HELP!?
Loose feeling tooth with invisalign?
Mouth hurts after deep fillings? Please help!?
Why does it feel so good to stick my tongue in your mouth?
What does a General Dentist do?
How is it that a 41 yr old healthy,smart,experienced person cant find a job.?
how many hours of daily excercise i can lose 10 pounds for 2 weeks?
What are lunges in excercise?
Does aniyone know of something to help me lose fourty pounds fast?
Did i eat too much today?
What I can I do to stop eating?
Can someone please make me a daily meal plan with 4,000 calories consumed 220g of protein and under 70g fat?
trying to decide?
Running 3 miles everyday?
lean proteins and good fats?? like what kind of foods?
is she eating enough?
I eat about 40 times a day i'm real tired, and my body is swollen.. how can i stop eating?
I need to know if this is healthy?
Do the AB lounges work?
is it alright for me to eat a apple before i got to sleep?
How can I get my old habits back?
What is the average weight for a 15 year old about 5'4 girl?
I want to lose a little pudge on my tummy and tone up...what to do?
If i were to eat oatmeal everyday for dinner.......?
i have heard a lot about aminos....but dont know what role does it play in body building??
I am 5'10 18 year old female?
my baby (2 & half yrs old) still insists on drikning tin milk,during meal istead of normal food.is it good?
what foods are both low carb and low fat?
i want to tone and tighten my legs if i jog a mile every day will this work and how soon will results show?
black patch on my neck?
help with carpal tunnel?
How to naturally whiten your teeth in a week?
How does Teeth Decay?
question about dental insurance?
When you have oral surgery to remove a tooth, how long does it take to heal?
General anesthetic: Anyone been referred to hospital for dental treatment?
does celebration hospital in fl accept medicaid?
Should I bleach my teeth?
I need to know about personal experiences with Pituitary tumors and treatments?
Are there any other companies helping with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation ?
Braces in 5 days.....scared! help?
my friends teeth help?
crest whitestrips premium?
HELP brace help/does it hurt/what are good colours gor girls?
Dental Emergency but I have medicaid?
Should i I get my tongue pierced?
do i have gingivitis?
abysess after teeth cleaning or cracked tooth?
can fillings get bleached?
can CEPHALEXIN be trated for a tooth infeccion?
Do I need my tooth pulled?
is my whitening gel working? or making it worse?
Is there lead in electrical conduit, and if so, how much? Is it dangerous to be bathing and brushing teeth?
just got my two front teet bonded last week.?
My second molar?
how long to wait to eat "real" food after an extraction?
I had my wisdom teeth removed about a year ago, and now I seem to be getting more...is this possible?
my boyfriend is getting his wisdom teeth out on friday. i want to be nice and bring him some things.?
my wisdom teeth are coming in..?
after teeth extraction..is this normal or could i have an infection?
did u wear your retainers alot?
how not to get sores affacted?
What color braces should I get?
dentists plz help?
can i get a pass to be excused from gym class due to..?
When should I drink a protein drink- before I work otu, or after?
Not quite sure what to do, Help?
what is the ideal daily nourishing requirement?
Are there normal things around the house I can use to lift weights and lose some fat?
I want to lose at least 15 pounds by summer. What can I do so i can resist those sweets??
what are some good reaction workouts that i can do?
What is the best way to get abs?
recently i lost about 10 pounds but know it seems like my arms are too big for my body? What can i do...?
what do you suggest as a diet and fitness plan for a teenager?
i need to lose 16 pounds? help?
I Want to Loose 15 Pounds by Feb 11th(My B-Day). Is It Possible?
if an individual works out in the weight room and lifts back and biceps hard?
What weight should I be?
What is the healthiest way to gain weight?
i need a workout plan, trying to become jacked?
quit smoking with a pill ?
i want to bench press more so.....?
Can I loose weight doing this?
Tips For Gaining Weight?
how long will it take? ( PLEASE ANSWER!!!)?
6 pack in 3-5 weeks?
Does any one on her have Crohns Disease?
I have been biting the inside of my mouth just below the lower lip. I am doing this almost every time I chew?
teeth whitening!?
Partially Swollen Gums?
whiter teeth?
where do bands really make the money from????
Typically how much is it to get wisdom teeth out...top two/?
i have had e 5 immediate dentures fitted today how long before they willbe straight on the top?
how do they fill a cavity that is between your molers?
Gingivitis, i think! Please help!!?
A good teeth whitener.?
Is an acute apical periodontitis the same as a dental infection?
Braces omarrow???
i have braces i that a bad thing?
Whats a really good electric toothbrush?
Tooth Extractons?
Is vasting bad for you?
someone please help?
Does the stuff that dentists put inside cavities stay forever, or does it repair the tooth and "go" away
How to get adderall prescription from doctor?
Can you be diagnosed without your permission?
what do you do when..?
Have you ever been misdiagnosed with a mental illness?
pain in my head?..please answer?
Teeth whitener?
Zoom treatment?