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What causes shoulder joint pain?
has anyone experienced back pain with chest pain after having a c section? its so bad to where it wakes me up?
Is anyone wiling to share their experiences of having a hip op to talk to my dad? Thanks?
Do fixed brace's hurt?
codeine isnt working!!?
whats wrong with my knee ?
i have arthritis in my neck and spine and bottom of my back a says i should apply for dla?
My knees get sore when I stand up, run or ride my bike?
pain in shoulder and collar bone?
Spot that really hurt????? :(?
breath blocking and bone pain in my chest?
Is there any correlation between lymphatic drainage and acupressure?
Help? Does Baking Soda work?
how long do i need to wait to take suboxone after taking valium?
I have had braces for 3 years and my cross bite won't move...?
would dark blue braces look nice?
Sinus Infection and Throbbing Tooth Ache?
Do we smell are breath when we talj?
I have a chest infection and am on antibiotics but...?
An effective home remedy for a persistent cough?
how to stop help to my brother coughing?
pain chest when i breath.?
how to be great at hiking?
What happends if you workout the same muscle every day?
Zaxbys Fried House Salad good for diet?
How many times a day should I do high intensity cardio a week to burn fat?
Do you burn calories while sleeping?
Is it better to eat breakfast before your morning workout or after?
what are the side effests of carmustine,dacarbazine and cisplastin ?
what can you do to fight a conservatorship for yourself? how can i prove that to the court?
what are calcific density findings in lung mean?
If u dream your teeth get knocked out what does it mean ?
Crest White Strips....?
Does anyone know of any dentists in st lucie county that accept medicaid?
Does getting a root canal hurt?
Should I get brace? :"?
Triazolam (halcion) questions?
not getting a lot of sleep due to back pain?
plz help!!! i am having heartburn constantly, and i finds it only happends in the night time, and there also?
my lower spine cracks.....?
Help, i have bad chest pain...?
pain in my right lower abdomen what is it and what to do?
what is this bubble in my wrist?
HELP!!! i have a bad neck!! does anyone know a cure for this?
very painful just above right knee,back of thigh, what could this be?
Constant headache (no time for doctor)?
Pain in lower left abdomen while walking?
Can my doctor get me an Osteopath?
I have hurt my ankle falling down the stairs, just needed some advice...?
Accidentaly missed tablets.?
I hurt my back, not so badly?
How long does it take for lungs to clear after quitting smoking if I smoked for two years?
looking for a strightforward answer about pleurisy?
May I switch the doctor for further improvement /consultation or no further improvement could be achieved?
how long do teeth usually take to grow in?
Does chewing gum do anything for the face ?
Why are my teeth so bad?
Will I get my braces off even though my jaw locks into place and clicks?
White spots on my two front teeth... What could they be from? How to get rid of them?
Did i have a migraine?
Sharp pain in my knee when i bend?
Bunion operation ? ( no pin)?
Are fish oils good for shin splints? and what causes them?
PAIN in my stomach? Please help?
Headache for 3 days...What's wrong?
Whats the cheapest hip replacement?
I fell down stairs yesterday but why does my muscle seem to ache? What's wrong with it?
Any one know the best Meds. for CHRONIC PAIN. Changed Ins, Plans, & Cant get my usual for 4 years, OxyContinMS?
pains in the lower abdomen but im not due?
why do i keep having heartburn for ?
i have recently had horrible pains in my chest, i need advice:?
Oww!!!! my eye hurts, What could it be?
pins and needles???????????????????????
Neck pain that is also leading to a headach?
wher can I buy kanglaite?
Kind of have difficulty breathing/shortness of breath, any idea why?
anyone know of a good sleep remedy?
how to keep my life safe from second (h1n1) attacks?
hi i need causes and effects for these illnesses URGENT!!!!?
testing in pregnancy for cystic fibrosis?
I'm struggling to keep my breath but...?
How Much For A Nose Job?
I have white spots on my two front teeth... What's it from and how can I get rid of them?
Tonsil stones because of mouth piercing?
14 years old, loose tooth. Fear of blood and dentists. What do?
does dental insurance cover braces?
Working as a dentist in Ireland .. ?
dental filling might have fallen out?
I have two bulging discs in the thoracic region of my spine (had x-rays)?
i have been experiencing pain in my back the whole of my back what is it?
I started stretching my ears yesterday. Was this a good idea?
if you gave viagra to a hunchback would he stand up straight ?
When it is winter time i start getting a dull pain down my left arm, and my hand feels cold, pins an needles?
Shooting pains in my lower leg?
Is appendicitis a gradual or sudden pain?
migrains have attacked me!?
I did some sit ups and then went to sleep and woke up and my ear bled?
bad joints, what can help?
Cramp when swimming HELP?
Causes for sharp stomach pains..?
One side of my neck is quite tense and I have light headedness.?
back and stomach pain! :'(?xx?
ive been ill for the past two weeks and feel worse?
I was playing soccer and then my ankle fell on its side. It hurt but i could walk. Did i twist it or tore it.?
lower back pain and traveling round hips now?
Is this how a pointe shoe should feel at first?
Has anyone else felt the same or an i just weird?
i think i need help with my walk with Jesus?
Mental health question! Urgent!!A person has a problem when he gets angry over a small or big thing, he gets o
I'm taking Rivotril and Avanza at night, but the Avanza does not help me like an antipedressant at all.?
Reactive Despression?
I have been diagnosed with Conversion Disorder?
i think there was drugs in my food?
what can i eat with braces on?
Getting braces? Tell me anything you know about them please?
Has anyone used Piascledine 300 for parodontosis ?
intense pain in my chin bone?
Getting top & bottom braces!!! Any advice?
my shisha dosen't work?!?
strange problem i have, when i am tired trying to sleep some time i feel blackout and tightness in chest?
Is it better for an asthmatic child to live in the countryside rather than the city?
could someone please tell me if i got a left hip xray will this show my both hips on xray?
who is the best doctor in the uk for working with liver cancer patients?
When is a lymph node considered swollen, how big does it have to be?
Tips on men's fitness and workout?
After I lose, I'm getting fat. So fat.?
What are frontal plane deviations?
What are the best cources of calcium and potassium? 10pts?
What kind of grades do I need to get into a state collage?
what colour braces is best- please help!?
Would it be possible to buy my brace from my orthodontist?
Does getting a Novocaine Shot hurt scale 1-10 1 being least 10 being worst?
How much does bonding cost?
How long does it take for a tooth abscess to go when taking 200mg Metronidazole 3 times a day?
A question about braces?
One of my crowns just fell off, Whats the first thing I should do.......there are no dentist available at this?
Should I try Amitriptyline to prevent migraines?
whats this lump in my neck?
Every night I awaken with sore hips?
oh no...Injections Dx?
Fairly bad lower right back pain?
about a Mental healt hospital.. emergency area.. how is ?
"The Secret"....Does it really work??
Whenever I fall asleep on my back I have nightmares. Does anyone else have the same experience?
proloftin? natural stress reliever?
What is adult ADD and how do I prove I have it?
aren't night terrors just for kids?
I have started to hurt myself again, physical pain, cannot block it.?
I think I keep coughing up blood?? :(?
Tingley and Wiggly Adult tooth ?
what should i do about my nephews tooth?
colour or silver braces?
I have tooth bumps. Can someone give me advice?
What colour braces should I get?
How to restore deep damage in teeth?
Clove came out of dry socket?
How to get the puke taste out of your mouth ? Nothing is tasting good to me.?
Is there a mineral/vitamin that is supposed to stop cramps?
Best treatment for lower right backache?
What exercises release lower back muscles?
i have lost my voice?
My knee gives out. why?
hurt my elbow really bad?
Lots of stomach aches, headaches, nauseated,?
Does Anyone Know of a LEGAL Natural pain killer that a terminal Cancer patient can get and use in the USA?
what is immunofixation electrophoresis?
description of how lung cancer affects the body.?
What is a hurthle cell, neo plasam?
Care to share your wisdom teeth extraction nightmares?
Does teeth clashing cause much damage to enamel?
If i get my wisdom teeth removed..(read more)?
Front top tooth wobbly after braces?
my teeth are so bad.?
can co2 from our breath kill us if we smelt it?
My spacer fell out the very day I got them!?
Gargle hydrogen peroxide?
I had a cerec procedure done for a crown on my top molar,my bite was off so the dentist filed my real tooth?
Ulcers on lower lip, how to treat?
What is the cause of pain over the left temple region?
Everytime I twist my wrist it hurts and makes noises. I went to go pick up my backpack and it had a sharp pain?
My doctor has given me Reductil 10mg to take in the morning?
How long should a bee sting hurt for?
Headache :-( all the time..?
has any one taken diclofenac sodium suppository?
I hurt my back at work, they sent me to the doctor.?
I woke up with very bad back pain and neck pain, what could be the cause and how to help I cant move properly?
what can you do for incredibly aching shoulders?
I have to wear hippster trousers at work and I have a pain on the hip.could this be the cause of the pain?
What are Therapy Outcome Measures?
Should I cancel my long-haul holiday because of my back?
Is it normal to get an ache in a leg when driving?
pins and needles in my left arm?
Ouch! Help me please?...?
Is all this clicking bad for me?
Dental Operation: Gotta have a sedation where I'm half awake half out (high apparently) what's it like?
Can i continue my braces when i left my dentist for a year?
dental nerve separation technique?
Why does treatment take longer in ceramic braces vs. meatal bracket braces?
Braces elastic bands?
Can TMJ be caused by wisdom teeth?
my friend is 12 and has a little bit of an eating disorder?
What happens if you go to a doctor with depression?
Does risperidone (risperdal) make you gain weight?
Lamictal changing the way things taste
why do some people sleep talk?
why do i feel 'strange' in angry siutations need help
I am boring with no life and no personality. I really wish to turn things around, can you help
putting up with negativeness
anyone with pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma (brain cancer)? how long does one live?
I have had some enamel put on my tooth and it feels weird, is it normal?
Can I just get surgery for my open bite?
What causes gum pain in someone with no teeth?
Was anyone born with 3 sets of teeth?
I can't bite down like I use to help?
Do steriods help with arthritis?
Is all this clicking not good for me?
What is this wierd pain in my ear?
why do i get back pain and heart burn all the time?
What is the best treatment for torticollis ?
Burning Throat Sensation?
Does anyone know what causes these symptoms?
pain on the right side?
My eyes ache.............help!?
Heartburn related question?
Left of neck is swollen and throat hurts to swallow. Whats wrong with me?
Bottom righ of my abdomen hurts,what does that mean?
im 13 i do pointe and i have a bunion?
back is aching often?
Constant Headache For 5 Days, Should I Be Worried?
gettin bad chest pains for like 5 seconds?
i was given the wrong edd when having my son. and consequently died with his lungs full of maconium?
Ive been unconscious in ICU and am told i can't fly because my lungs are scarred.W can't i use Oxygen?
Long time smokers (over 10yrs) ..how do you feel health wise?
Advice regarding toddler with tonsillitis?
Is there any problem if I take TB Medications at different times each day of the initial two months ?
Are there certain kinds of cheeses I can not eat with braces?
Was the cost that my orthodontist told me sound about right?
Do i need to take off my lip piercings if i get braces?
Should I have tetracycline removed from my gums, Please help?
When I read out loud a lot of saliva is in my mouth so I have to swallow read swallow read but not every 2 sec?
swelling in lower jaw near ear, wisdom teeth is coming in but i dont know if its related, nausea?
How can i improve my chances for dental school?
do retainers have a limit on how much you can turn them?
Apart from Sumatriptan, what other migraine tablets can i speak to my doctor about?
Abdominal Pain What's Wrong?
Back pain and tiredness?
I took 3 Rennies followed by 3 Ibuprofens...?
I've had heartburn for 3 days, how to shift?
lump on back of neck?
How can I ease my headaches and migraines with out painkillers?
I have been feeling depressed for no reason and have a headache and difficulty breathing, what could it be ?
my foot hurts a lot whats wrong?
How much does it hurt to break your arm?
Advice for severe shoulder pain?
Whats causing these pains in my hands?
why do i have pins and needles in my little finger and ring finger?
stomach ache for 4 days and its constant?
Painful calf and ankle muscle cramps (normal?)?
Why do my arms ache ?
really tight calf muscles...scar tissue?
I have suffered from depression since I was 16, now 63.?
I need advice?
examples of an investigatory project?
is wellbutrin as an antidepressant available in Australia,?
I'm on 300mg of Effexor-xr daily. I don't think it's working?
If a cancer cell have reached its final stage , are there any way to minimise the spreading ?
Has anyone had a child with a cancerous brain tumor, any advise, on treatments and what to expect?
what cancers do you get for using steriods.?
How do calcium deposits form on teeth?
my gums hurt?? is it toothbrush irritation?
How long should I wear my night guard for TMJ?
Can decalcification get removed?
does anyone know if dental hygenes have a BS dreegree and which university would be good or easy to get in?
Toothache pain extreme HELP!?
My 5 year old has pains in legs.?
severe stomach pain for 13 hours?
pain on my left side?
when it is cold outside i get sharp pain in the lower part of my spine?
Any A.D.D. people who feel androgynous?
My friend is having alot of problems at home and with her life. she wants to kill herself. what do i do?
Feeling spaced-out, "dreaming" while awake, checking-out from reality, not alert?
I need help with Expanders.?
teeth problems, what are my options?
Can I crown a tooth thats been knocked out and put back to its socket?
i need help with my teeth!?
has anyone gotten a retainers chewy?
.i have inside of my teeth i have to get surgery on it have you guys got it dose it hurt ? how can i make?
please help i worried 16 year old here?
looking for dr. armand cognetta's address or phone number in CT?
What is the mechanism by which colloidal platinum nanoparticles kill cancer?
what is the procedure for safe administration of cytotoxic drugs?
abdominal muscle?
i have this pain in my righthand side bit like a stictch hurts when i move about any ideas what it can be ?
how can i stop my hand from stinging?
The top (centre) of my head feels a little tender sometimes? What can it be?
What do carpal syndrome symptoms around the shins and ankles mean?
What's wrong with my 14 year old son?
my back is killing me?
my bones seem to 'click' all the time?
whats the damage done by repeated x-rays?
serious spot problems ? xx?
Back problems (lower)?
Degenerative Discs - what job can i do?
weird head ache , can anyone help me ?
what does a burning sensation in the bum cheek mean ?
Pain in lower back and hip? :(?
is it possible for a 17 yr old to have empysema?
Could someone please tell me the symptoms of a blood infection caused by tonsillitus?
How much will it cost me to hire a staff nurse to look after me for two days? I am in Liverpool, UK?
sorry this sounds a bit nasty but does anyone no why . . .?
Why don't i like smoking pot anymore?
Being fat and shortness of breath?
Have lost 7 pounds in 4 days since taking Biotin, is this normal?
What am I doing wrong? What needs to take place?
Braces , Spacers , Invisalign ?
I got my 4 wisdom teeth out 4 weeks ago and the bottom left of my mouth is still numb, what are the chances...?
How long can a dentist hold a bill and then surprise you with it?
Does Medicaid cover for braces in Louisiana?
What color braces???!!!!?
how much would braces cost for me??? pics included ??how much did yours cost?
How to whiten teeth ?? ?? ?? ?
Weird gum/wisdom tooth question?
Do you know what train track braces are?
Can you chew chewing gum when you have braces?
Best Percocet for wisdom teeth?
my left jaw hurts when i close it, i have a slight headache whats wrong with me ?
I have had a pulsing in my right eyelid constantly for the last 3 days. What is it? How can I stop it?
I sometimes get a pain in the back of my head, and it travels to the tip of my tongue. What is it?
painful twinges in arm and finger and tenderness?
Problem with my bones?
help with my knee pain please!?
Painful Lump on Heel - Haglund's Deformity, Bursitis? Best way to reduce the pain whilst playing sport?
My Cartilage piercing hurts?
weak and sore legs {which sometimes feel cold} ...?
i have pins and needles in my right arm and hand?
Why do my eyes hurt when I look upwards?
my varicose vein twitches in my leg/calf?
Knee Pains and Clicking?
I want my Cartilage Done, Does it hurt?
Can a dental office withhold x-rays if you have an outstanding balance?
For a few months now I get random swelling gums which hurt temporarily?
Do you think becoming a dentist at age 28 is a little to old?
i think my wisdom teeth are coming in?
Tooth pain after tongue piercing, anyone know why?
How do I know if I overpaid my child's past orthodontist or not?
Can I get a retainer without braces?
My jaw has been hurtin 4 the last few days and this mornin when i woke up i couldnt open my mouth that wide! ?
Are the Crest Whitening Strips a Good Brand? Or should I buy something else? ?
what is Schiller-Dugal bodies?
I fell off my bike, and now I think that i have TMJ?
I'm having bad hurt burn right now...what can i do?
Home Clinic digital mini tens machine/clock/effective pain relief machine - we have no instructions .help!ta?
Slipped disc, will it heal? my response?
why do i have pain on the right side?
I have small spasms on different places on my body...?
Took soluble anadin last night and have been bringing up bile all night. Also pains in stomach,?
slimming world HELP!?
Going gym today Need help with weigh training?
How many 2mg xanax would a man take to OD?knowingly?
Could this be a sleep disorder or just part of my bipolar?
What will happen if i overdose?
is something bottled up that you need to get out to the point that it burns with a passion but aren't able to?
Epilim for bipolar II?
Can you get braces if you have porcelain veneers?
When are my teeth going to be fully grown?
my dog has bad breath and is loosing his teeth what can i do?
i just tried that baking soda and peroxide theory and.....?
can somebody explain how a chest x-ray works please?
what health problems can damp and mold cause?
i have had this tickle in the back of my throat since last summer?
my 3 year old son has bronchitis and i got tired of using allopathy treatment as it keeps on repeating.Please?
Urinary Tract Infection?
Cluster Migranes - has anyone tried accupuncture?
Any particular sleeping position/method to eleviate back pain?
lower sternum upper back pain?
pulled leg muscle last night !?
My left side of my thigh aches :( its been aching for about 5-10 minutes. It came on almost suddenly. ideas?
Serious Lower Back Pain ...................................?
I suffer from migraines & take Migril tabs. Anyone know anything about these painkillers?
How to get rid of tension?
i got punched in the stomach right underneath/in the middle of my ribs and it still hurts from about ayear ago?
Left wrist hurts and is clicking?
I keep getting migraines, can you help?
Possible drug interaction?
How to get rid of this thing in my head?
Help with my teeth worries!?
questions about nitrous oxide!!?
Wisom teeth Removal Pain?
loose bracket on braceS? common?
I recently got my braces and the wire came off.?
Gum ache where wisdom tooth were?
is it my wisdom tooth?
what is the diagnostic code for basal cell carsamonia?
How long to loose this fat? picture incl?
how do I know when ive started hyper trophy?
How can I reduce my body fat percentage?
What would be my results of pushup?
Can I mix these or not?
I have had this weird cramp in my tummy for over a week what could it be?
Pain!!! Can someone help please?
Please help, whats wrong with my foot!?
Lower right tummy pain, but results are fine?
Chest Pains- have I got pcs?
How Do I Get Rid Of Constant Popping In My Right Ear?
Morning back and sides pain?
I have had a pain in my side since last night (left side),?
Can i get some help with this problem?
What happened to my teeth? HELP ME?
What are the specifics on tooth extraction?
Can smelling my breath kill me?
I Just Got My Wisdom Teeth Removed...help?
Braces Question......?!?
Sports mouth guard or dental mouth guard?
Chipped Tooth on the Front?
What are these internal white spots on my two front teeth?
I recently knocked my head......?
In an emergency is there a way to numb the pain before making an incision?
How much does a powerchain hurt?
My gums are sliding down???!!!?
Are whitening strips acceptable to wear under the age of 18?
Question about getting braces off?
A bone sticking out of my gums diagonaly NOT VISIBLE. But can feel?
how do they put a broken bracet of brace back on will the wire come off?
What are some healthy food options?
Who can I collect pop tabs for in Illinois?
How do i break the cycle of being lazy?
I am bipolar, I have tried everything...how do I help myself?
HELP ME!! I feel depressed, and don't know how to pull myself out of it!!?
will Listerine kill bacteria that could lead to an abscessed tooth?
Why does a crowned tooth hurt when tapped?
How many years to be a dental hygenist?
better to use whitestrips all in a row or spread out?
if i got a tooth pulled for invisalign could they..?
How can you tell the difference between right and left posterior teeth? Thank you!?
Is the unaligned teeth feeling normal with braces?
Five year old route canal gone bust? what to do?
Braces coming off but teeth still crooked?
Dentist filled chipped tooth, and now I have SUPER sensitivity to cold...?
I do soccer a lot now and i keep getting cramps under my rib cage area.?
for months have a mild pain/ache coming from lungs at bottom of the left rib cage. any ideas?
i have really bad neck pain?
cause of migraine headaches?
Extreme right shoulder pain?
whats up with me? can anyone answer?
Something hurts :-( Can someone tell me what these pains sound like?
Can anyone please help with some advise? I have had a carpal tunnel decompression.?
Really bad stomach pain!!!?
The best way to rebuild atrophied leg muscles.?
having headache Pain in left temple?
Tesco Senna Tablets:has any took it?
What Is Wrong With My Legs?
itchy inner thigh and knee pain?
I have I done serious damage to my back here.?
Pain Close To Ribs,Not Stitches?
Hi I have two prolapsed disks of L4 & L5/S1?
why are there no pediatric doctor's surgeries in the UK?
why do you cough when having a cold?
what are the effects of inhaling smoke from burning paper regularly?
chesty cough and bad cold what could it be?
what is the best way to break in new orthotics they are different from?
breat pain right side?
Had a knee arthroscopy nine days ago...?
Why does my Bladder hurt when I sleep?
hip piercingssss??????????????
Ear piercing cartilage how much does it hurt?
Can an osteopath put bulging discs in the neck back?
how to cure peritoneal carcinamatosis?
I am lazy but I want to lose weight, how can I motivate myself?
Do you think she is fat?
When you pick a girl up with your arms, what muscles do you use? is it the biceps?
I'm 14 and weigh 100 lbs.?
Question about after getting braces off?
Braces Help Plz!!!!!????
Are my teeth going to have white spots on them after braces?
What do yogis, yoga instructors or those who practice think of chiropractic?
Is my lingual bar retainer unbonded?
Could growing wisdom teeth cause my molars to become sensitive?
DENTISTS/ SCIENTISTS? Is this whitening gel still good after ~10 years?
can certain blood pressure pills cause coughing?
i've been having trouble breathing, my coughing is weak, and i get hiccoughs?? did i train to hard?
If my Grandad has symptons of TB, but not confirmed by a doctor, should i go out with friends or stay in?
Tell me about oligodontia, a severe form of hypodontia - Personal or professional experience on the therapy?
Anyone know what this could be?
Is it normal to have minor aches and pains in your face after a dental filling?
I have been given erythromycin for a tooth infection?
please recommend for me a good dentist in garland?
Are my Wisdom Teeth growing?
What are the requirements to become a dental hygentist?
my 20 month old just fell hard on her mouth?
I have Chondromalacia Patellae?
I experienced a blood clot in a deep vein in my right leg, above my knee in april.?
What would you suggest for fast effective relief for period pain.?
Infection of my cartilidge peircing?
my belly always hurts and it feels like it 'pops'?
ive been having pain?
Stabbing pains in stomach?
Walking problem causing upper leg pain?
How do you soothe a sore tongue?
my knee hurts. please answer!!?
Tender breasts and back pain?
i have just been eating and my jaw suddenly hurt...?
Can you add chia seeds to your lemonade during the master cleanse?
do I have to wear tennis shoes if I want to walk as an excercise?
so how much protein do i exactly need?
what is better 24 hour fitness, gold's gym, or la fitness? is there comradery in the classes or do girls find?
What's a really healthy meal plan and exercise plan for a 15 yer old girl?
Give it to me straight, can I successfully fight cellulite but still eat ice cream?
Anyone had a nose job?
I suffer from aneamia, need advice?
The hook of my braces broke?
Wisdom tooth removed and it hurts every time I drink anything-usually cold or luke warm?
jobs for dentist in America?
Good dentist in st augustine fl?
Taking out my wisdom teeth ...read if u like?
Dental Pain/Emergency?
pain next to and above both hips?
What is causing the pain in my right shoulder blade whenever im sat at a table/desk?
Can you have both rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteoarthritis?
Anyone know what this could be? It's really painful :0(?
my neck move one sided i cant look straight what should i do?
Can you help me find places that serve freshly juiced wheat grass to drink in Tampa Florida.?
Anger Attacks and anti-depressants?
How do you know if you have a mental health issue????? I don't know what's wrong with me.?
Why do i get ulcers? ?
what do you do when you get a bump on the side of your gums?
Is it expensive to get Wisdom teeth pulled?
Extreme pain in gums?
Free dental care in columbus ohio?
how can i get rid of this?
Will I need braces/retainer? PLEASE HELP!!!?
pains in my foot please HELP !!?
best medication for colic?
Week long headache...?
A sudden pain in my neck?
Disconfort below breast bone burping and pain?
UK Medication question: Pain relief gel Voltarol enquiry?
pain in the stoach thatr keeps coming and going? help please.?
i have pins and needles in my hand for about 4 hrs should i be worried?
anesthesiologists please answer?
I have a Pain, can you help please?
would you have an epidural?
Sore throat and ear when swallowing and sharp pains in my head?
Eye/Headache/Sinus Type Question?
My Husband has some kind of pain in his body specially hand and legs ?It is bit different then any muscular?
HEATH care on knees??????????????????????
How often is it good to weight yourself?
I need to boost my metabolism i never feel hungry but eat anyway, i need your help!?
I Keep gaining weight!! Thyroid problem?
How to throw 150 ft in a week?
A FREE website where you can put in all your ingridents in your meal and it produes the calories, fat etc?
What's the best brand of whey?
Need Help Losing Weight...?
i need help NOW with my weight?
Flutterings in chest after food?
can you have asbestoes and the doctors miss it and think you have something else?
my mumkidneys are failing ? got doctors 2 day,they cant help her cuz her other illnesses?
Im an asthma sufferer, Do you think I will be able to do this?
Would this psychological technique improve my mental health?
Are my chest pains related to my Anxiety?
why am i like this, its effecting my life
can i withdraw a voluntary release of info because i do not agree with doctors written diagnosis?
Is it common to have chronic depersonalization with anxiety?
a quick question about GAD/Social Anxiety
How do I boost my self esteem with my partner?
Braces? They're really bothering me!?
how much do it cost to have a bottom teeth pulled?
I have advanced periodontitis, do I have to treat it quickly?
Is it okay to exercise and run during/after root canal surgery?
How long will front teeth be weak with braces?
Does Crest Pro-health toothpaste cause mouth/teeth problems?
interaction of a tooth extraction with blinding?
Do body building steriods cause brain cancer?
what are the medecinal values of grasscutters?
lowriders or lung cancer? do you put off quitting smoking in the fear that you'll gain weight?
can any one help with rls restless leg syndrome?
I'm having MRI scan on both knees, I was told I may need an injection but where would they put the injection?
Really short, intense headaches when out of breathe. Anyone know whats up.?
dull right upper abdomen pain when i breath also pain in my side when i touch it?
Could i have appendicitis?
Strange pain and sound..?
pain in chest all the time,left side?
Please help when i talk i get a sharp pain in the right side of my head and i can feel it clicking?
i was involved in a car accident & need physio on my neck & shoulders in a lot of pain been told i can claim?
I have a Headache any help appreciated?
chest pains when jogging?
What do you do about swelling and pain in the breasts?
name of ligaments in the leg?
I had an injection today and now my arm keeps twitching, why?
I have a pain in my jaw?
i have a pain in my upper stomach?
What does the grind-sounding dental instrument do?
Do orthodontic metal bands hurt?
my 4 yr old recently has been having bad breath and orange/white tounge even though i brush twice daily?
I have buck teeth? What can I do?
Ah!!!! Dark brown between my teeth?!?
Recently got braces and there's a bump starting to form instead of my cheek?
please help. question about my teeth duh?
Where Can I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?
i`am bring up blood when am being sick?
Why do thyroxine levels in the blood, rise and drop?
my mum has copd, would love some advice?
What should i do about my chest problem?
Weight Issues...HELP!!!?
do you eat breakfast?
how can you lose your belly fat fast?
is there something wrong with me?
Good cardio with limited space?
burn off extra calories?
Why do my ears feel funny?
my friend is getting really bad pains? Any help?
so i bought this gel pack for pain relief..?
leg pain from gym+craaaaamp?
Pulsed radio frequency leisioning?
Where can i buy co-codamol online?
Why dose my left arm often tingle or go dead?
What hurts the most??????????????????????????????
what damage is taking 20 cocodamol a day going to do to someone?
Cervical Cancer?
Has anyone ever had breast cancer with calcification's?
Where can I find an article about a patient with Mult.Personality Disorder, where ONLY 1 identity had a tumor?
how do we know whether 1 gene is involved in cell death pathway or cell proliferation pathway?
What happen to tooth tunes?
is an oral surgeon covered under dental or medical insurance?
root canal? im super scared?
I got my braces this summer and i was wondering how long does it take to get the second phase of braces off?
Does dental insurance cover braces for adults?
What is getting braces like?
can I drink alcohol after having a tooth extracted?
back pain at a young age?
I have 2 vertebrae with fractures. What can I do?
How can a deal with Anxiety?
can you have an anxiety of pysically fighting with someone
Hi there,Im 37 yrs old and have been taking 5mg valium for 3 yrs.Can Remeron help with withdrawl? ?
how to get over my fear or diseases?
What are the boundaries of forgetfulness ?
I want to become a dentist. HELP!!?
I had root cannal done in May without a crown for 6 months. Now I have mild toothache?
I have a small white bump in the back of my throat?
Am I losing my teeth Because I need braces?
I have little white bumps in my gums up in down since august they dont really hert but you could feel them?
Will they change the color when i visit again?
fractured tooth healed wrong position?
How many times aday ?
Shortness of breath when inhaling?
Blood circulation problem?
For those of you taking Thyroxine....do you take your dose in the morning or before you go to bed?
DO you need a operation to remove a blood clot from your lung?
What can happen if you inhale butane/propain?
woke about 6 weeks ago with breathing problems, what do you think please?
if a 52-year old male was diagnosed with emphysema what would be some alternatives to quit smoking?
My throat is dry in the morning and my nose aches every so often what's wrong?
Do I have to give up on Soda Compleatly?
What Popular Kinect Games for Women will help me lose weight?
Is this a right exercise to do for flat stomach?
Would these shoes work? (Powerlifting competition)?
How quickly can I lose eighty pounds?
Is eating from the My Pyramid eating plan...?
numbness in the left side?
ihave had an ache in my upper arm for a while now i have a burst blood vessel in my eye any connection?
My mum just had sigmoidoscopy and she is in so much pain.?
I have musculoskeletal problems in my hand, can you tell me what caused this AND..what treatmnent there is ...?
Torn tendons in my knee how can I stop the blooming pain.?
My GP says it is Plantar Fasciitis but can offer no cure?
how do you deal with angio sarcoma ?
what are the effects of too much 5FU and Leucovorin on brain cells and digestive functioning.?
Is anyone taking the drug Hydrea?
How many children in the U.S. are diagnosed with burkett's lymphoma per year?
I mixed up my invisalign trays?
what is the maximum for dental insurance?
Want my teeth white fast?
Plastic surgeon referral in WC CA?
I think I have a Torus Mandibularis?
How to make my 2nd molar grow in faster?
are braces a good choice?
Abscess after root canal?
how long till you cant get a dry socket anymore?
What's up with this rigid edge on my back molar?
What do rubber bands for braces do to your teeth?
Why do i get a thumping headache for about 5 sceonds when i bend my head down to the ground and up again.?
Can i get a sick note for depression from my GP to give to my university?
How can I avoid getting caught smoking by parents?
I breathed in mould, what should I do?
wakening up through night feeling winded?
my daughter recently had glandular fever and since she hasn't been right.?
deffriecne between congestion control and flow control?
white sore on my gums. what is it? and why does it hurt so much?
Is there any benefit from wearing a nightguard for TMJ if don't grind my teeth at night?
Can you get teeth whitened under the age of 16 in the uk?
Does TRICARE cover dental implants?
h have spacing in my teeth recently and the gingva is replacing the empty space why what can i do?
Why do so many people in the san francisco bay area have Gaps in their teeth?
planning on going to planet fitness to gain muscles and abs...what should I know?
Question about Weight Watchers points plus calculator?
i worked out and feel bad now?
What should i do to prepare?!?!?!?!??!?!?
Short Torso and long legs, help?!?
Want to lose weight Please help?
I am 25 and I always feel nervous and pressured when I wake up in the morning.?
What brand of St. John's wort is the best - Blackmore's, Herron, or Nature's Own?
depressed after a holiday?
need help with my anorexic and suicidal friend?
HELP how do you get rid of shin splints?
ive take an injection steriod on bum its gone hard and sore will it be ok?
Looking for an article about Lukemia and the effect Monavie has on it.?
could having a toothache make your ears hurt?
Can my teeth erode my retainer?
Do I need to get my jaw fixed before I get braces?
Strange build up on teeth?
SCARED! Toothache upon touch?
Wisdom teeth recovery- NO HOLES?!?
When you first start to dip, is it normal for your gums to be sore?
what are the treatments for an overbite?
questions about my teeth?
Infection of my cartilidge peircing?
Why do my legs ache SO much after a night out?
since dec 09 I've had a cough which now gives me pain in my chest and middle back?
Going to start working out?
What should I be focusing on for my wedding diet?
Can Woman's One Daily Make you gain weight?
Whats the difference between egg whites and eggbeaters?
What exercises can i do to lose inches?
How to get strength in neck for pilates?
How much did you lose in your first 2 weeks of dieting?
Severe Sciatica - Please help!?
I have a verucca and it really hurts (bad), please could you tell me how to get rid of it?
12 and got pains on left side.?
Pain in both sides? What's causing it?
How do we get the world to better fund and better recognize the various forms of childhood cancer?
What is "precarinal" in terms of lymph nodes, etc?
what is the connection between solitaryplasma and testis?
From Isabel G: to all those insensitive people who adviced me to write in English when I look for a Cuban doc?
how long does it take to get use to molar brands for braces?
A purulent abscess is a?
I had a cavity filled about a week ago and it still hurts.?
Is this a wisdom tooth?
What color should i get for my braces appointment tommorow?
Lately teeth have developed white spots and feel extra dirty?
I'm getting a tooth pulled?
whats the advantages, disadvantages,indication & contraindication of cpitn dental index?
Why is half of my lip numb?
need uperdenture lost other, still have bottom?
Is it safe to drink on Doxycycline?
Can asthma come back?
Asthma inhalers - one or two?
breathing problems in nose cant breath from it?
Why am i always lethargic?
what is the cause os asma?
Am i good or bad for my age?
Is her weight considered medium or thin?
how to get stronger for gymnastics?
what should i eat tomorrow?
Fish oil can cure migraine ?
loin to groin pain :( help?
Has any body got a cure for sore feet?
Oral care for cats keeping teeth plaque free?
Are braces as bad as people say they are?
Alternatives to veneers?
Pros and Cons of getting Bicupids (premolars) vs Wisdoms removed?
My finger is throbbing from inside?
who prescribes special insoles for foot problems osteopath or chiropodist?
Is My Pain Serious Could It Be A Hernia Or My Spleen?
Is Modafinil (Provigil) available in Brazil?
Help me, my friend is depressed by lack of gf?
so what do i do now (information inside)?
Is drinking to excess a form of self abuse ?
Looking for an accupuncturist in Mississauga or Toronto with success in treating anxiety and hyperhydrosis?
I get around 9 hrs sleep a night, but all my dreams are lucid. Is this the reason I wake up exhausted?
can bulimia ruin my nose job?
Anyone here interested on being Spiritual as a cure for their anxiety/depression?
Heroin addiction - cure?
Three months ago i had endoscopic surgery to remove nasal polyps and clear my sinuses.?
getting rid of a chest infection fast?
Can any one tell me what is diffrent between asthma and COPD ?
Would my nose get thinner ?
For people who have had Tonsillitis?
Why is my asthma so much worse now I have nasal and post nasal and sinus polyps?
my cold tap works for couple of weeks then does not?
should tinglying in face from a panic attack last for long?
Anybody had a total thyroidectomy owing to papilary carcinoma?
Using salt to brush your teeth?
what colleges in GA are accepted by ADA?
What is a serving size of chili?
I have some questions about TMJ?
I'm 5 foot 8 inches, what should my ideal weight be?
I have 4 visible wisdom teeth in back of mouth which have turned a dark gray color, what does this mean?
What is the best stay at home workout video?
I just used Crest 3D White Whitestrips Advanced Vivid?
permanent retainer came off the top teeth!! help panicking?
What is a good workout routine for a 16-year old girl? (10 pts best answer!)?
When does eating healthy get easier?
Could i have a concussion?
eye pain all around and nose?
I always get pains in my knees, are they growing pains?
migraines could mean something else?
4 weeks ago i woke up with high temp,stomach cramps,vomitting. this stopped after few days but felt rough.....?
Questions about Herbst appliance?
Should I keep wearing my retainer?
Severe pain in my gums?
what could this be on my tooth?
Small Black Spot on Bottom of Tooth?
my night brace hurts.?
Could I have a Sinus Infection but not know?
An eldery relative has had a fall and is in hospital. The Occupational Therapist says she is a level 2?
i have no gag reflex sound?
My wife sleeps... a LOT?
Anyone know someone that killed themselves of depression?
Why do my hips click all of the time?
Ouchies! My back hurts, help me out?
Pain in back of knee how do i get rid of it and what is it?
Tendon pops out of place?
Chest pain when i sit down?
have i got a stomach ulcer?
am planing to take dinaball 2mg steroid for a month?just suggest me some tips?
do tan tablets work ?
Is suffering from headaches a side effect of low blood pressure?
I need to know if Massachusetts genral hospital has liver or hepitic cancer center or not..?
Push ups? Gain muscle? 10 points!?
So I want to lose ten pounds, whats the best exercise for that?
I'm 109 pounds and 5"6 is this okay?
In the Shaun T Insanity workout, when am I supposed to do the Bonus DVDs?
How many days a week should i do concentration curls,thats my only workout because i cant go to a gym im 14?
How bad is this do this dentist know what she is doing?
What is a good way to whiten my teeth at home?
Help with bad breath?
low cost great dental clinics located in the East Bay Area, CA?
Are these the same things?
How to tell a baby tooth from an adult tooth?
How do I get my gums to stop hurting?
How much do braces cost?
My tooth is still moving after root canal is it suppose to be like this?
little bump on my lip on the inside?
Can people with braces drink lemon juice from a raw lemon?
How far can I live from my GP? And can I be forced to move my GP?
when will these packet of cigarets go off ?
what does it mean when you cant get enough air into your lungs?
is this the start of a illness.my hubby is 72,and for the last few days.?
Will playing outside make my cold worse?
Chest Pain and Breathing problems?
Just back from doctors?
What is an orthopaedic mattress?
Pain in neck with no rash!?
Weird cramp like pains?
Sore from my retainer?!?
I havent worn my retainer in a year, can i still wear it now?
rootcanal tooth straightent?
How much is a Retainer on the back of front 4 teeth?
My top gum at the front is hurting when i tough it. Haven't had any dental work in 4 years just check ups?
Front tooth pain after braces?
How many slices on average come in Buddig Original Ham lunch meat packages?
Non-electrical alternative to treadmill?
Need 4 tricep workouts please?
does anyone have tony hortons 10 minute trainer calander or menus?
Is there a link between rising obesity and depression?
how do you deal with grief of losing your health and your job because of someone else's nasty acts?
Gettin put in a psychiatric hospital, my final goodbye's?
Looking for a therapist in Abu Dhabi?
Dr. Amedeo Cabral Doctor's Hospital Miami e-mail address?
what does borderline high IgA indicate?
What's wrong with my ear????!!!!!!!?
I can hear my joints and bones crack, when i move? My wrist, arms and ankles and hip bone crack.?
Stronger painkiller than Tramadol?
Stomach ache after eating? If i vomit my stomach will feel better.?
What's involved in the first physiotherapy session on your knees?
whats a better pain medication?
Lower (musclular) back pain due to lack of exercise?
Anyone know anything about a natural pain relief called Celadrex?
can anyone help please in pain right now?
can a bad tooth cause thick white phlegm in throat?
I broke my 2nd last to the back tooth. what can I do?
Question about widom teeth... help please?
Can you get braces with partial dentures?
can smelling your breath harm you in any way?
"Idol White" and "White Now" whitening teeth scam or real?
my 6 lower front teeth are longer than rest !! what should i do?
Is it ok for me to place a damp towel over my space heater to humidify my room?
Ive had a tight chest for a few months now, was wondering what it is?
stress and head and sinus pressure help?
had sinus infection for quite a while?
does anyone rate champix?
What is the Tar, Nicotine and Carbon Monoxide content of Silk Cut Menthol?
HeadAche , EyeAche , EarAche and Sore Around Nose. What could it be?
How much does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth pulled?
Can decalcification be reversed?
Can u drink cordial with braces?
how to get a loose baby tooth out with out it hurting?
Permanent Retainer Keeps Falling?
What does it mean if the top of your gums are dark red?
Ok to swim 5days after tooth extraction?
Workout/diet suggestions please?
Foods that build muscle and in a timely fashion?
What is overweight for 5'5 and 5'2?
When trying to lose weight while in college? *food question*?
If you were a pathologist and met a girl with scars over her arm? (plz don't delete, I'm only asking for help)?
Have you ever been on SSRI's?
is it borderline personality?
What do I do about this?
has effexor fried my intelligence?
Why does love do this? ?
(▪¿▪)(▪¿▪) Suicide (▪¿▪)(▪¿▪)?
how do you show the core conditions to someone who is depressed has low self esteem and has a trust issue?
Adderall Tolerance time?
I take lexapro 10mg a day for depression is drinking alcohol ok?
Ear infection??? Blocked? Plz help?
can you take paracetamol with ramipril?
Soex - hookah molasses, what long/short term side effects are caused by smoking it?
does anyone know.Could a lifetime working as a janitor(chemicals) cause leukemia?
medi-cal fertility coverage for cancer patients?
any help please.. need help with tablets?
am i just worrying? Arm ache?
Keep getting pain in my armpits?
Someone who's had bracess please answerr!?
What would this be called?
what kind of education do you have to have to become a pediatric dentist?
Am I safe now from getting a dry socket ?!?
Why does my tooth fxucking hurt so much :(?
The best training center for dental implants in Asia is Indian dental academy?
Threw-up, swallowed mouthwash, spit blood. Should I be worried?
Should I close or open the Gap?
i weigh 83 kilograms ,im 13 and 6.6 ft ..is this normal ?..how much weight do i need to lose ?
calories in a rear steak?
How can I find my weight watchers points plus daily value?
what is Yoga-nidra explain?
My second premolar broke off at the gumline will my wisdom tooth help close the gap?
I'm getting all 4 wisdom teeth taken out next month?
Is there any way to speed up the cleaning of teeth?
have you ever had this surgery done or preformed?
Why is My Tooth Hurting ?
Am I supposed to lose my 2nd bottom right molar?
fifteen years old and needs braces but wants invisiline?
Do Dentists get crushes on patients?
one brace ligature wasn't applied! do i go back and get it on?
Health problems...Help?
Is smoking weed dangerous for M.E/M.S/CFS patients?
how do you tell symptoms of ADD for symptoms of depression in a adult.?
Is media going over the top these days that it cuases alot of negativity for others to handle?
Just got my first skin cancer. Basal Cell Carcinoma. Doc wants to cut it away, but why not laser? Or cream?
Where can Ifind Plum Start for Digestion ??
Is there any place in Indianapolis that help people with cancer, i mean financially help.?
throat cancer symptoms??????????
i have a wbc count of 1.4 and a platelet count of 92 what does this mean 4 me???
Help please regarding NSAIDs?
Hi everyone, getting off presc. Sleeping tabs?
Sore akeles tendon pls help?
How can I help relieve my 16 year old roommate's stress?
HELP my foot hurts after 4 weeks! and i can't walk?
Scoliosis and back pain DDD?
In the night i wake up with an extremely painful knee and the only way to get rid of the pain is to move about?
hip pain help!!!!!!!!!!!?
help with noise in my ear?
Had a constant pain in my stomach for like 2 weeks now?
carpel tunnel what can i do?
co-codamol during pregnancy!?
back molar question...?
Lost my retainers. will my teeth go back to my overbite : /?
Can very lose dentures trap food and alcohol causing a high alcohol breath test?
what are the best kind of whitening strips?
How do i stop from my breath from smelling terrible?
Ah braces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Red&Green braces, is that too tacky?
Is not brushing teeth for a long while make you less able to quench your thirst?
is there a boot camp type workout with a website you can pay to go on to help you?
Has anyone done the weight watcher new plus point system?
what are those milk shakes you buy on gnc for?
My breathing feels shallow?
How to help/get rid of a chesty cough?
lump on my wrist?????
Cavity filling Pain when I strain, lol that rymed?
Does anybody know any good kids dental places where they give out ipods?
A couple general questions about wisdom teeth. Help?
I have this weird tooth pain?
Braces in Seattle! Help please.?
Are my teeth crooked enough for braces?Over crowding?(Pics)? Read more.....?
why do i keep getting mouth ulsers?
Braun 390cc or Philips HQ7390? Which one should I buy?
answers on bee venom therepy, in NY, specifically Sally millls?
Best Method for teeth whitening?
I have a swelling around my molar, the gum is slightly swollen + sore,appears to have receded, any ideas?
What is.................................................?
red blister? on the roof of my mouth?
does permanent crown stay better than temporary crown?
How to know if i need my teeth pulled or a root canal?
how can you tell if you have a wisdom tooth coming in?
A Gingivitis Question?
Are steroids going to cause problems?
why does only one lung collaspe?
What are the side effects of Hydroxycut? Does it cause insomnia?
Does gelatin stay in your body for a month?
Does working out build muscle alone?
Can you get addicted to Zoloft?