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How can my teeth be fixed without getting braces?
Will the hospital ER see me for a toothache?
my dads leg is really sore?
Pain In Stomach After being sick?
ear stretching from 3mm to 4mm?
why do my knees hurt while doing exercise?
my hips are sore after stretching?
Herniated dic 07/08, dicsectomy and decomp 10/2008, 12/2009?
what do you make of the revelation that Botox is now approved as a preventive treatment for chronic migraine?
My tailbone feels really uncomfortable?
My silver fillings are sensitive to cold drinks.?
When i put my ear buds in my mouth the sound sounds really good?!?
My teeth has a whole and it bled?
okay so my mouth always has canker sores in my mouth from my braces so what do i do?
should i have root canals on 4 teeth or have them extracted and wear a denture?
does my mom need stitches?
6 y/o Swollen Gums After Recent Fall?
I hold saliva in my mouth while sleeping, is this bad?
warm pain in leg? What is it? Any advice?
tooth infection cause pain in upper nose?
Cold sore in mouth or feels like it due to bitting lip?
I Have my gum over my tooth and my dentist said the tooth will come through but it hasn't what can i do?
Veneers - a dangerous or good decision?
is fill in the air and holding for 2 or 3 minutes in mouth help me too get chubby cheeks?
why wont my teeth stop hurting?
Problems with a friend's verucca treatment.?
Im always cold.......?
Recovering from a cold?
need medical advice. Constant clearing of throat (coughing), ear drums keep popping. keep sniffing.?
Seroquel usually helps me get to sleep. How come I am still up right now at 1:48am? I did take it earlier.?
Childhood Depression?
Has anyone *NOT* had side effects stopping Cymbalta 'cold turkey'?
insain ? this is not the defanition?
What Are These Dreams?
Ran out of my anti-depressants and going crazy?
Slow Psycho-therapist?
i have sharp pains near my heart please help?
When I run my arms hurt, is this normal?
I get this weird feeling when i stand up?
Help!! Tooth Extraction!! ...........Please help me =[?
why do i get a very bad headache whenever there's a storm coming?
strange heated feeling in my eye,?
What are these violent leg spasms I have?
I have scoliosis and have a question?
Can someone help me with these headaches?
Trigeminal neuralgia,advise please?
Discomfort around the knees?
Whats the difference between Co codamol 30/500 and sopadol 30/500?
My jaw keeps clicking and locking although it doesn't hurt that much...?
Horrible pain in the top of my feet? what could it be?
Weak and shaky with light head?
My knees hurt when standing in a spinning class, is this normal?
Is it normal to be able to feel lymph noids in your body?
Sore Wrist of 1 year?
stomache pains Ive been getting sharp belly pains for the last week,?
anyone had gallbladder problems?
Wrong perscription of glasses?
It hurts a little, can anyone help?
bad period pain any help on getting rid?
Clicking/poping/grinding sensation under my left ribcage!!!?(pic included)?
naproxen. am i ok to take it?
I don't feel like eating, so I don't. I'm very weak, and I have a migraine all day. What's wrong with me?
what do you think about nutrilite double X?
I have headache,diarrhoea, tight chest, cough,lightheaded occasionally , and hot sweats not a raging temp ?
Freaking out, snapped my upper retainer in half?
is dizziness and lightheadedness a common side effect of coming off a long course of lexapro?
my muscles seem to shake when doing sit ups or any kind of physical movement..many other problems (anxiety).?
which medicines that are proven effective? can help me enhance my brain memory?
How do i explain to someone that i feel they may have a personality disorder?
EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique. Any information appreciated.Thanks!?
I want to see a psychologist,?
how can women get cervical cancer when most women get pap every year?
is cancer in the digestive tract curable or treatable successfully?
Has anyone seen a vast improvement in their skin after stopping smoking?
Im just wondering how long will it take to get cancer from cigarettes ?
i feel pain in my left arm?
Why have I got this constant pain in my foot?
numbing spray humans?
I have pins and needles in my left arm it's quite frightening?
Have i got tonsollitus and what to do?
how can i stop my second toe on my left foot from curling under?
what helps with back pain?
tonselectomy Pain relief?
Is there such thing as pain intolerance?
How much is it for a 4 tooth flipper? I've got an appointment this next week.?
Dental Crown hurting?
Inflamed gums causing fever?
Lost my retainer earlier this month, how long do I have until my teeth start moving back the wrong way again?
question about my teeth?
What type of retainer?
When is ok to dip after wisdom teeth removal?
Better to have dental work in France?
Front tooth in need or a crown?
pain in the tip of index finger?
Could someone help me about my DLA?
Feels Like Food Is Getting Stuck,What Could It Be?
Vascular Surgery on Hand?
i am getting sore in the groin area and back pains am i going into labour?
Never ending Shin splints!!!!?
keep waking up like i cant breath?
How do you stop your finger hurting, from resting the pen on it, when writing lots in exams?
what is less painful a gunshot the head or a knife to the heart :(?
Earache, headache, sore throat, body ache - What's wrong with me?
What's wrong with me?
How many years of smoking will cause someone to get a smoking related disease or cancer?
Worrisome Lump in Neck?
What is cervical cancer?
Terminal Cancer - will i get the chance to say goodbye?
does any1 know of any organizations that provide funds for cancer?
is this cancer or anxiety?????
Is there any prevention to Hodgkins lymphoma?
what exactly is immune deficiency syndrome?
My friend wears a pressure ventilater at night.And wondering.Does a hernia or an upset tummy trigger if of?
Manuka Honey Question???
had a cough for 5 days and it wakes me up at like 5 in the morning, and had 6 hours sleep in two days ?
Stomach Pains- Why did this happen yesterday?
my doctor has prescribed Lovan for me, to help me deal with my depression, anxiety and stress?
Is the drug effexor effective for social anxiety disorders?
Does anyone have a bit of info. regarding depression and possibly bipolar disorder in (female) teenagers?
Juvenile ward?
What can I do to get my braces off sooner?
Can someone help me with these headaches?
Why does the left side of my face ache and feel swollen?
Sharp pain in previously broken toe?
How long should it take for my tonsillitis to start to feel better? Any tips/help for pain reduction?
My elbow pops and hurts..?
i have to have a shoulder arthrogram, can i request that it to be done under general anaesthetic?
can i claim for carpal tunnel synrome?
Eye pain...help would be appreciated.?
the lubricating liquid in serous cavity?
My husband has been smoking pot for the past ten years.?
What is the doctor looking for when they want to do a CBC?
What are the chances of actually getting lung cancer from smoking?
tanning/skin cancer question?
can advanced stage liver cancer be cure?
How does one give themselves cancer within a few months.?
could I have brain cancer?
How long does it take for antibiotics to work on swollen lymph nodes?
Having a Nasal Endoscopy check-up. PLEASE HELP :)?
I have blocked nose and can't sleep for it. Any ideas that will help.?
please describe your bi polar lows to me?
were't we taught NOT to judge a book by it's cover..?
What are the risks?
panic attacks?
do you believe that people hooked on heroin can stay clean?
I'm depressed right now?
Whats wrong with me?
how tall is 1m 65cm in feet and inches?
do i have an addiction??
Sharp Pain? What is it?
what have i done to my hand?
I have bad ear wax and can it make me dizzy!?
I keep getting this pain on the side of my neck that shoots up to the side of my head, any idea why?
i have a really sore throat after taking the cinnamon challenge?
Really painful neck pain.?
4 days ago i took 14 8/500 co-codamol tablets i know it was wrong ive been trying to come off them?
need to get my ankles back into shape?
my ears feel like their going to explode!?
hip pain help?! 10 points!?
pain in my leg like a growing pain??? muscles or what is this pain?
Could severe pain have any bad consequences after recovery?
Should i go to a Osteopath?
my eyes are red and sore, feels like i have something in it,?
My head is thumping so hard! and my head seems like it would burst any moment! my eyes hurt so bad!?
can anyone give me info on spinal aneurysm's?
type 4 physiotherapy patient?
Really horrible ear ache... is my ear drum going to rupture?
Pain in my chest...feels like a bruise but there's no bruise!?
I have to get up 5 in the morning on monday, how can i do it?
Are Requip and Wellbutrin compatable?
whats the weakest part of a thumb?
achilles tendon pain?
meditation for pain relief?
male- under left armpit pain help NOW pleaseeee?
my right collar bone is alot larger than my left. it is starting to hurt my shouler. what is it?
How Do I Stop The Pain Of Costochondritis?
how do u no when you have dislocated your finger?
what remedy for back born pain?
i feel ill again after feeling better?
what could it be that is causing the pain?
Weird bump on my upper gum?
Which is better crest or colgate toothpaste?
Why do some people have calcium spots on their teeth?
My Retainer Is Cracked and Will Soon Break. Can I fix it?
how long does it take to recover after you get your jaw wired shut?
Dying from cancer?
how do I stop being SO angry all the time?
is it weird to get nosebleeds during panic attacks?
Have I asked this question before?
very stressed help?
Stress! What are some icons on stress?
help i think I've Strained my Bladder?
if i go to the bathroom and find blood in the toilet water that looks to me to be alot ?
Im scared i have prostate cancer?
I have decided to quit smoking... now what?
Recently diagnosed...so many questions...not enough answers?
HELP! a friend has Stage 4 breast cancer. PLEASE send her a hopeful holiday card: Patty PObox 234, Hanover, Md
What is the best treatment for mesothelioma?
renal cell carsanoma and chemotheropy?
Is there anything that eases the pain of a stomach bug?
What would cause intermittent burning sensation in back of left thigh?
lump on the side of my neck appeared - any suggestions?
HELP!!!!! Shooting pains going through my left knee and only my left knee?
I have a pain in my leg. It seems worse when I have been sitting for a while.?
Dealing with tonsilectomy?
gabapentin help with dose change ....?
Cramps, pain reliever/killer?
Suddenly my toes are stuck together painfully and I can't move them. What happened?
how do u stop elbow pain from boxing ?
Fallen arches?? ?? ?? ?
Can you get a grant for an Orthopaedic bed if you have a medical condition?
Im In Pain Why Is This?
think i have tmj? (jaw pain) anyone know what u do to sort it?
severe pain in right side of chest when coughing or deep inhaling?
Can homework affect us mentally?
Bipolar Disorder?
Does anyone know where family / friends of someone with depression can go to help them understand it all?
where can i get teeth braces in Steubenville Ohio?
what to do after wisdom tooth removal?
Running after a bone graft in mouth?
Are there two ways for a dentist to clean teeth?
crest 3d whitening mouth rinse reviews?
What is stronger black filing or white filing & can I ask a dentist to remove them to trade them for white one?
can withdrawing from heroin be fatel?
What medication/s do others take for constant jaw/facial pain?
Why do I get pain in my lower back when standing for too long?
I feel as though I've trapped wind in my stomach, similar to mild heartburn/indigestion.?
i have this strange pain in my chest?
Extremely Odd Sensation?
Gallbladder pain? Any ideas?
Have a sweet tooth, what to do?
Can I eat a little more today?
what do you think of this body building routine, im new to this?
Is it possible to get back on track after eating bad all week?
Could you have Cancer for six years without discovering it and still be living?
How common is cancer in a 14 year old? 10 points for BA?
okay, i might have cancer.............?
How long will it take to catch cancer from second hand smoke?
Does morphine drops speed up the process of someone dying with cancer?
what side effect does morphine has?
what are the chances of a girl in long island getting breast cancer?
Concern over colour of faeces?
What to do?
how well/badly the smoking ban in UK is going?
EMERGANCY friend overdosed on 30 paracetamol??
a question on pulmonary fibrosis?
How many deaths related to carbon monoxide poisoning are there in the uk annually?
i feel sick, is this why?
Has anyone had Nasal Surgery what should i expect?
HELP! I have a blood spot back of my throat!?
can sleep paralysis last hours or has anyone else experienced it?and for how long?
what should I do? pshycologist?
can appendicites start off?
Cramp in leg lasting ages.?
My dad has a pain on his lower back/waist?
how do you help someone addicted to painkillers?
Lower pack pain advice?
Help! Feeling down quite alot :S:S?
Headache that gets worse when i look up or yawn...?
I often do suffer from stiffneck and pain in spinal cord?
are such things as these tablets?
Are there any really comfortable light weight & bouncy mens shoes / sandals?
sharp pain in my back,?
i keep felling dizzy and mainly at night i suffer panik attacks wat cud it be?
What could this lump feeling be?
how sickle cell anemia can affect osmosis in our body?
tounge piercing pain?
why is my cystitus so bad.?
What should I do about my knee?
HELP! why is this pain so incredibly intense? wheres the answer?
pain in knuckle been to docs been on arthritis tabs not worked bloodtest for arthritis showed clear?
when to get injections?
Headache and rushing sound in ears?
I have been told I have a frozen shoulder, what exactly is this and what causes it?
I have a very bad headache that i cant seem to get rid of i took some medicine and it didn't work at all?
Percarditis and hyperventaltions pain for 4 weeks?
my dad is 60 and developed a constant cough for 6 weeks he has had chest x-ray showing he has shadowing of the?
Pain in side of throat?
How can you treat a bunion?
Cuticles & Water pain?
Really bad back pain, feel sick , headache might be linked to a jab?
Stop the burning????
Sharp pains lower abdomen right side, dulling ache under rib cage too?
My jaw hurts badly on one side, why?
my knees are hurting when i run why is this?
Has any one tried any remedies for?
What are speed /mdma use symptoms please give advice?
Do emo people want to be happy?
help! what do i do and how should i do it ...?
Can I drink alcohol while taking strattera and luvox?
Where would be a fun place to go in Australia NSW for a break/fun if you had a parent with a mental illness?
Whats wrong with me? I secretly hate my life?
Joints pain and working out?
constant ankle pain over a year after break?
pain killer for arthritis?
Lower back pain - driving me mad!?
Friend has a pain in her ribs...what can i do to help her?
Why does my eye hurt?
question about my nether region?
New rubberbands for braces?
i have black stuff around the brackets of my braces on my teeth what is it and how do i get rid of it?
Question about sonicare toothbrush?
How to stop the habit of breathing heavily through my nose ?
Exercising while stopping smoking: something unusual happened. Help please?
Chest infection? Any tips of easing the discomfort?
armpain that hurts to arm pit what could it be?
Why is my knee occasionally sore?
Why does the bone just above the eye hurt?
I've had a headache for 2 weeks?
What wrong with my Bone in my wrist?
Best pain Relief for back pain in pregnancy?
Chest pain lasting 30-47 minutes wont go away please help.?
Why did stress give me 4 wks of agonising stomach pain?
crackling in ear what could it be?
Sciatica pain please help?
key grip-to make turning key easier?
knee pain! please help?
Is anyone else taking Pregabalin/Lyrica? The side effects are horrible - is it worth sticking it out?
My neck hurts really bad! I think I have popped it too much...?
why do my feet get so numb?
could this be tonsillitis?
This is for anyone who has knowledge of or experience with custom orthotics...?
is it true that people with cancer have a higher rate of surviving if they have the love and support of...?
is intestine considered a form of meat ?
Why do cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy often have weakened immune systems?
am i alright?????????
Anxiety attacks and drugs?
im 15 years old and need a job!?
Has anyone used brightspark for adhd? I am trying to find more information from real people who have used it.?
i have a mother who has schizophrenia and she is upset and i dont know what to do she says she is leaving help
i hit my head on the floor tiles and it hurts?
Is the Alexander Technique any good?
why for the last couple of months do I wake in morning,during the day and night my mouth taste bitter?
Weird Pain in the top right back of my head?
Painfull Jaw..!.....!?
i am a 38 yr old male and my joints hurt elbows ankles wrists they are pain full what could it be?
yesterday whilst out walking i had pain im my left breast?
What Is This Twisting Pain In My Stomach?
Strange pain, when I yawn, can anyone help?
What's causing this pain in my lower back?
Sharp pain around left shoulder blade.?
Neck and head problems?
I'm 17 and have a slight bony ridge on the right upper side of my nose.?
I have achy shoulders =[?
Why does my neck,back and shoulders hurt?
upper left arm pain with finger pain?
Can you take the color tie of your braces off?
Wisdom Teeth Questions??!?!?!?
How do you get rid of the random white spots on my teeth?
german shepard teeth question?
I just got an expander?!?!? please help!?
How do you get rid of an extra tooth and is it very painful?
Is this a DDS's area of expertise or an MD's?
Tooth suddenly sensitive to heat after having dental work?
'mental illness' and being a parent, can we have/be both?
How can I improve my sleep/stop the disruptive dreams?
Hypnotherapy To Overcome Trauma...?
how to concentrate our mind without diverting other than meditation?
Is anyone easily upset by disturbing images of suffering on television?
Alcohol and memory damage, how quickly can it happen? Can it lead to Alzheimers?
Why do i feel a pain in my heart?
what have i done to my knee?
why does my left leg always feel horrible?
Please help me i dont know whats wrong and the doctors have given up?!?!?
I get a spasim in my arm n get dizzy wen I stand up?
Painful cuts on knees from working?
I have 2 abdominal hernias which cannot be operated on until I have an op for something else.?
Why does my back seize up?
Problem with ear, need help.?
a really strange pain in my stomach?
lower back pain and upset stomach?
Does this mean something serious?
My right thigh hurts when touching it?
is it possible to have a mans pelvis either repaired or replaced with an operation ?
blood pressure of 175 90 on various meds, suffer badly from back, foot and leg cramps, take normal salt?
Advice or opinions on this head pain?
Pain in left side of torso after lifting heavy box?
Can you please help with my MRI report?
thigh & butox hurt when trying to stand up?
My bones ache, please help,?
why dod i have a lump in my neck?
Pain in my left side?
Aching pain in thighs and lower back?
Numbness / Pins & Needles?
im prescribed oxazepam and have been taking the brand alepam 30mg, which i found worked great. I've now been g
what does pRN mean in connection to medication?
My wife has has had back surgery and was diagnosed with mild arthritis?
Why do formerly broken bones hurt when the weather is bad or is going to be bad?
what can i do for Tendinitis pain?
i have sciatica also hip pain?
Really Need Help with a blood blister before tomorrow?
Can I take Co Codamol Effescent and Doxycycline together?
Does having jaw surgery hurt and do i have to do it?
can anyone tell me about chronic pain?
Can someone help with IBS pain?
Has anyone had a grumbling appendix?
Muscle/Joint pain question?
The side of my right foot has been numb for a week, why?
How to lose your voice?!?
I have a really sore foot?
is coincidence that my partner who i live with has a sore throat and bad tummy too?
Whats something i can do [eg.like chew gum] during a test to have less stress?
Periodontal laser surgery?
What is wrong with my wisdom tooth extract? Sharp pain after a week!?
What is on these braces?
Do sensodyne have any non-mint products?
Darkness at the bottom of gums?
What color ligatures should I get for my braces ?
Can you lye down after wisdom teeth extraction?
How long do dry sockets take to heal?
Orthognathic Surgery questions ?
What is Lipo Carcinoma?
Ouch Why Does my Tummie Hurt?
What's wrong with me today?!?
sinusitis- paracetamol just isn't helping!?
Wanting to do something inappropriate?
My bro has Asperger's syndrome?
how do i meditate and get rid of these anger issues?
why is it,?
im having divorce issues....?
How fast will I lose weight if I do 3 reps of 15 sit ups& push ups,30 squats and 6 reps of jumping rope for 5?
How much calories is in a subway footlong with ham, cheesr, lettuce- and bacon?
What would happen if i stopped weightlifting for 2 months?
losing weight rapidly for prom?
Has anyone tried the new diet pill out called leanspa acia?
I wanna lose 38 pounds, gimme every tip?
What causes you to get a spot on your tongue & should you pop it?
I just got elastics on my bottom teeth and one of my teeth has just gone wobbly! what should i do?
What is the best procedure less painful...?
what shoes for work should i buy and where?
what can I do about the numbness in my fingers?
operation enquiries! i have been waiting for an operation on my foot for a year now!?
Why do I feel so dizzy?
i have a swelling on the back of my head/neck and im always dizzy.. what could it be?
My head started spinning around?
Anybody know what these side pains are?
What are these painful bubbles of air?
how much is the total cost of shoulder impagement SURGERY?
Always having back pain and sometimes it makes my eyes hurt ?
Limited jaw movement and wisdom teeth.?
How to take dental x rays using a snap-a-ray?
What symptoms cause you to have a yellow tongue?
whitening my teeth?????? help?
how do diet, life style, and exercise affect your chances of getting oral cancer?
self confidence?
Do I have ADHD?
crying without any reason? i am?
how can i get over emetophobia (fear of vomiting)?
Are middle of the night panic attacks the result of suppressed anxiety?
I think I have an illness, I just have no idea what I have. Can someone please help me?
depressed, feeling worse then ever.?
What has made u angry recently?
after total hip relacement why do i get pain in my big toe?
How to help brace pains?
Why did it hurt when i breathed in?
Painful cuts on knees from working?
could somebody please explain the difference between bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder?
Has anyone out there taken Fluoxetine long term?
What would u do if u were living in a house with stress ?
where can you obtain lortab from in nc when you have no insurance and no doctor?
How do i repair my retainer?
Swollen gums in extraction site after braces?
What is the Herbst appliance like?
question about tonsil stones?
Why are my teeth sensitive to hot and cold? When you have a cracked tooth what will they do to fix it?
Why are my gums purple ?
Is it possible for kids to loose too many teeth at once?
How much does it cost to get braces?
Will you please tell me why ?
How do I build my pecs to look strong?
I am 13 and weight 202 pounds are there any diet pills i could take?
How long would it take to lose 23 kg, in an unhealthy way (starving yourself, purging, etc)?
How do I Gain Muscle Really Quick?
Is snakebite piercings sore?
Problems with rheumatism. My dad is experiencing severe pain. Please help?
What is the matter with the attitude of British Doctors?
I feel a bit left out?
Ive getting alot of pain in my head recently and its been going on for ages?
i am so nervous about having a general anaesthetic for gallbladder surgery and what i will feel like after?
My 9 month old son has an inflamed tibia (shin bone)?
i have a pain in my upper chest?
Unbearable pain!! Please Help!!?
Ive really hurt my rist..?
whats the quickest was to get rid of pleurisy?
painful lump on my knee?
I have had a pain now for ages! please help me?
what do i put to relieve a burn to the forehead caused from turling tongs?
I have a severe pain at the back of my ankle which comes on suddenly for days?
How much does patient pay for PET scan or PET/CT scan in united state without insurance ?
how do i find a copy of nj supreme court ruling 619?
I get a Pain In My Heel Whenever I Step and it throbs after doing sport, How Can i Treat This?
I had pain in my eye and now it's bloodshot. I didn't rub it or bang it so any ideas would be appreciated.?
What is causes pain in the eyelids?
Pain in chest area? Growing pain?????
What can you do for pain caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis?
I have small hands..I'm 19...and guitar playing is a pain?
i get earache and a pain in the side off my head i have lost my filling has that got anything to do with it?
anyone know why my left ear is hurting?
Arrghh any help right now?
why does my neck crack when I move my head?
Should Ganglion Cysts hurt when you bend your wrist? Also should my wrist be clicking an awful lot?
why do i get pains in my legs?
just a epidural nerve block for herniated l5/s1 disc pain in worse pain now has any one had the same?
how much do injections hurt?
Social Anxiety "Are we alone"?
marijuana. pot. weed. cannabis. grass?
what is the highest dose for effexor xr?
I've not taken Zoloft 100mg for 5 days and I feel really anxious...?
What are these panic attacks?
Because I suffer from manic depression, will i ever get a g/f?
does having confidence help to prevent bullying?
How can i get away from all my stress school, personal issues, tired, homework, life.. lonely..?
Im new at this so bear with me. Does anyone take Effexor who has experienced some side effects ?
Is this normal for ADHD?
REPOST: why do my teeth hurt?
Anyone with Lumineers(the teeth things)?
Which whitening strips are better? Crest 3D white or Crest Advanced Seal?
I can't move my jaw after getting wisdom teeth removed, help?
Why is the roof of your mouth have indentations and ripples?
Can anyone tell if you have a filling on your cavity?
My teeth get chills from eating chocolate or drinking water. What does it mean?
How much do braces cost?
Things are getting worse again and i can feel it and help?
appendix scar.. is this normal?
Does having jaw surgery hurt and do i have to do it?
Why do I get a hard on a lot of times when I wake up in the morning?
I'm really worried. lump on my neck?
management of ovarian carcinoma with massive ascites?
Is there an exercise program for patients during cancer treatment with Chemotherapy and Radiation?
any good tips to help me though this pain i have with my shoulder op?
Is it bad to continue work with carpal tunnel?
Migraine with ‘Aura’ What can this be?
Help! Back and chest pain!?
Shooting pains in my arm?
Any idea what my back problem is?
do i need to be referred by my doctor for bunion removal?
Can anybody help with this pain problem?
Why is this so painful?
Sore lower chest, PKD?
help with running and leg pain...?
Why are my Migraine pills (Sumatriptan) causing me to have more frequent migraines?
Can analgesics block pain?
Stiff neck from running?
Should I choose Bally Total Fitness 1 year membership, or Monthly?
Will I gain weight....?
how to lose 50 lbs??????
Good healthy daily snack?
Effective steps to losing weight?
Are Red Potatoes Healthy?
Do I have an eating disorder? If yes, WHICH ONE?
Any Ideas on how I can do this?
Does PTSD always last forever?
my 13 yeard old son took majic mushrooms about 3 weeks ago, hes really strugling how do i help him?
are u scared or clowns or balloons and is there a phobia for any of these?
im so scared?
has anyone got off seroquel any experiences?
What's a good way to regain confidence in ourselves after a failure?
Optimum way to take Xanax for intense GAD?
can you get arthritis by clicking your bones?
does anyone know what a metallic taste on the tongue mean, it also tingles ?
back in them days????????????????????
Question on Bones and Back?
Why am i getting lower abdominal pains?
i keep getting sharp pains in my lower back around my spine, any ideas why?
Pain in the right knee when walking?
there is a shocking pain going throught my breast what could it be?
I just took four Anadin maxi strength tablets?
tights, toe pain =S help please!?
Using Tens Machine for ear problems?
Should I go back to the Doctors?
pain in my right side?
Do I have some sort of problem?
what are the chances of survival for medically unstable patients undergo chemotherapy small cell lung cancer.?
adult subject matter for denture wearers (or their partners)...please help?
what effects does tea have on the teeth?
my braces wire broke?!?!?
how much cheaper are dental schools that private dentists?
How do orthodontic braces work?
help! iv been doing some research and i think my partner has Intermittent Explosive Disorder..?
Stopping Bupropion SR?
how does Paroxetine help you with disorders?
What can i do if i never want to leave my house again?
Could I have aspergers syndrome?
does generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety effect your aggression?
i woke this morning with a throbbing pain in my lower leg feels like a throb right inside?
I always seem to have an annoying stomach problem where when ever I eat I have to go to the toilet, help!?
Lower back pain any ideas what....?
im 24 and have hip pain, can i do anything 2 help without seeing a doctor?
what can I do about my back pain?
Have i overstretched my back muscles?
help meee..!!!!!pleaseeee?
What is this sharp pain?
Why is there pressure in my wrist?
I popped my ear too hard and heard cracking.What causes vibration discomfort & off pitch sound while singing?
Why do I have painful, swollen finger joints, with occasional pins and needles?
A question regarding NHS Pain Clinics UK?
Right hand side of the body by the right hip bone i feel pain....?
If i don't eat anything all day, and only drink water, how many pounds can i lose in 1 week?
what is this bad headache i got while working out?
Is it ok to lose 5 pounds a week?
I am 14 and weigh 150 lbs im benching 175, squatting 260, and dead lifting 250 am i over weight?
did i over eat today, or eat healthy?
Out of curiosity my measurements are 38-27-40. Is that classified as an hourglass figure?
Help Vitamins Urgent?
prescribing information for Thalidomide Pharmion?
I have been diagnosed with Epstein-Barr Virus. I also have low WBC and Platlets. Could this be cancer?
Can I request crutches from my GP for pelvic disorder pain in pregnancy?
why knee keeps locking its so painfull?
How to treat an achilles tendon swelling?
why do people click their knuckles?
head pressure and pain!!!!!!?
What is causing the pain in by big toe joint?
what is the best way to lower drink driving?
i am to start pregablin tabs are there common side effects.?
i have knee pain, any way to solve the problems?
i get sharp pains in the right side of my chest when breathing at the high point of the inhale and exhale?
My right ear is in a lot of pain?
Why does my neck click?
headache .......had a headache for 76hrs?
Both sides of my ribs are hurting?
What can i do........?
does any1 else have trouble lying?
How long does it take for two, "holes" on the roof of your mouth to heal? At the front?
Is it true that only Diana Ross uses shade B1?
Is it hard to become a Dentist?
can someone answer my question?
Can you get sores on your tongue from drinking too much soda?
How do I get my leg muscles to stop twitching?
what is it when in the middle of the night?
Dislocated knee recovery?
bad headache for about a week now?
is anyone on Lyrica for nerve pain?
Has anyone had a CT scan?
Back and stomach pain plz help!!!?
What is the pain relief creme that I'm thinking of?
throat pain and nausea?
Pain near my right hip what could it be?
i'm 37 and have have hip pain?
hip replacement recovery time ?
i have had a headache for nearly 2 weeks?
left leg fingers pain?
a bout a pain i keep getting?
What is the expected cost to the patient for treating kidney cancer with Naxavar?
what is predisposing factors of gastric malignancy?
Boyfriend depressed / unhappy! Advice???
My Mother Is Driving Me Crazy - Please Help?
how can i find out if my daughter is dyslexic?
Has anyone successfully ordered medications from www.canadadrugsonline.com or www.canadadrugsonline.ca before?
Anyone here diagnosed with Aspergers or High Functioning Autism?
How do people out there cope with anxiety?
can migraine headaches last for longer than2 weeks?
Can an osteopath help with osteoathritis?
Family member is getting an Endoscopy! Want advice for afterwards to help ease any pain or discomfort?
Hi can anyone recommend health sites whereby you can ask a doctor a question and get sound advice?
why does my back crack?
medical problems with my arm should i be worried?
I have a painful red mark on foot?
My collar bone sticks out more than the other' is that norma?
what do you think about this workout routine?
Skinny everywhere on my body except my stomach and I think it's genetic? How do I get rid of it?
What should i do to get a lil more fit?
Is drinking 23 units of alcohol in one night at the age of 14 bad?
Very loose skin on stomach ......?
My girlfriend sore under left breast what this mean ?
Trapped Nerve please help URGENT?
Do you suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome>?
Stomach Pains....................................?
any explaination of why my foot hurts?
Bad back pain in lower left side?
Whats wrong with my legs ? knees are so weird ?
what can you take along side co codamol? carnt take ibpufren.?
i got a tooth filled a coupe of yrs ago and the tooth is like grown in upward towards the side of my nose?
Really bad period pains?
ok. Well, my problem is that i look at the clock every night at 9 11. Now im really scared of planes.?
What are 5 conditions that suppress T cell function and, therefore, increase cancer risk?
Severe Elbow and arm pain?
ive had two operations on my lower spine and a mini stroke...?
pushup pains plz help?
Snowball in the eye pain?
Ichty toes, its not athletsts foot?
Why am I uncontrollably shaking and freezing!?
I cant talk or swallow!!?
Im in agony...hopefully a doctor could answer this...?
Got a temp filling yesterday but still in alot of pain, even more. Is this normal?
Muscle cream suggestions? (UK)?
hurts to swallow but not to drink or eat !?
Is this a bone on the back of my neck?
what pillows best recovery ones or memery foam,only answer if tryed these?
what did people in the past do to relieve depression?
is hypochondriac a mental disorder?
Permanent brain damage from alcohol?
What do you think about online counseling?
what can cause bipolar ?
why does my calf hurt when I walk and even when I am sitting down?
How do painkillers harm us ?
i have severe cramp in my legs, running down my thighs and calfs and i cant stop it :(?
I keep getting a pain on the right side of my head???????????
i have a dull on and off ache on my right side!?
Severe pain in the lower left abdominal area?
journal genetic epidemiologi?
could anyone find a soothind message for my friend who lost her aunt to cancer this week?
how many hospital beds are taken due to cancer from smoking?
was wondering anyone had keyhole surgery,?
i have dvt in one leg and also?
Could this be right ?
Why do my toes click when I walk?
pain in ankle and bad hamstring help please?
does cod liver oil tablets start your labour?
what groups of people most likely to get this type of breast cancer?
Have had abdominal ct-guided biopsy and 2 pathology labs can't identify (atypical) What next?
How to manage leg pain?
does anyone know anything about bad back pain because i have alot of trouble with mine?
why have i been feeling so dizzy?
random sharp pain in my toe?
what factors affect your choice of activities for lifelong participation?
what does Cherry Pickers stretch?
Aspergers' Professionals Unversity Education - Where Are you?
what is a Self Defeating Disorder?
can a disorder (socia anxiety, social phobia etc) make you scared instead of angry?
Have anyone had problems with being nervous around people ?
i need some positive thought, can anyone send me some?
what are the research paper on the anticancer drugs?
My foot has swollen up but I havent hurt it?
What can i do for soreness in my body?
Are heated back massagers any good?? What do they do?
My thumb is bruised and I want to know anything which can ease the pain?
should I have my recently chipped 1st premolar, filled? grind it down? or just leave it alone?
i loste my tooth when will da tooth fairy give me a pencil?
weird tooth/gum ache?
Just had surgery on my mouth today? Question?
When should my gums stop bleeding after a tooth extraction?
will this tooth ever grow back?
Very early tooth loss and what is happening now.?
Will I need Headgear for my teeth?
im 14 and i really need help?
can social anxiety stop you from getting angry?
why are my Gums swelling 2-3months after i got work done?
How much would it cost to have braces removed without insurance (Oregon - USA)?
what is the best way to get perfect teeth like the people off the hills?
soon I'm getting braces.... do thay hurt?
how much long would it take to finish xray technicien?
Ive had my Lip pierced for almost a year, Im having my Tonsills removed, can I wear a retainer during surgery?
Why are my gums so receeded? Specifically my Bicuspids...?
Going to dentist with recent lip piercing?
Would taking Erythromycin interact negatively with Canada Dry Tonic Water?
Where is the vestibule of the mouth located?
Is it okay to get my wisdom teeth pulled a day after i get my braces adjusted?
question about a gap?
Lips are numb after wisdom teeth extraction?
I have a dead tooth. What should I do?
What is this pain in my arms when I wake up?
Waistline pain, right the way round...?
What would happen if you took the Alli tablets as usual but stopped eating?
i have a slight stomach ache after each meal?
Bandage for the midriff?
i keep feeling dizzy and faint and head-ace?
Do anyone know what could cause left abdominal swelling?
Pain in groin leg and lower back?
my tongue and throat hurts when i swallow anything. i have an ulcer on my tongue and a small cut?
severe back and neck pain!?
Why does your stomach feel better after drinking soda?
Can you take painkillers to ease the pain of cystitis?
im still bleeding 24 hours after rhinoplasty is this normal?
I bit something really hard and my jaw clicked and it hurt a lot?
Yoga and pranayam ?
Is there a store to buy fake teeth?
I recently had a root canal ( less then a month ago) after the pain from the procedure went away the tooth?
how do you trigger your spit glands?
Can you tell me about a gingival flap?
my jaw clicks sometimes when i chew or open my mouth?
ZOMG my retainer HURTS, IT'S sooo tight!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Should I ask about the name of the material used in composite (white) teeth fillings to make sure of quality?
How to get rid of the white spots on my teeth?
question about crest white strips please answer?
How long should I wait to smoke after wisdom teeth removal?
On a scale from 1-10, how bad do braces hurt?
has anyone on jersey heard of celabolin europe?
what have i done to my thumb?
has anyone tried the eskimo 3 oil. is it any good and worth the money?
is my headache serious?
Abdominal pain really worried can someone please help!!!?
My problem with my big toe. (PLEASE PLEASE help me)?
my toes are numb after wearing heels on friday night?
Help With Arthritis please ?
Worried about lower abdominal pain please help!?
What is this headache? (nausea,anxiety)?
Feeling dizzy and i don't know why?
sharp pains and blacking out?
Relieving period pain without medication?
Area where my liveris is hurting, could it be gallbladder?
What is it called when you have pain in the first joint of your big toe? NOT WHERE A BUNION GOES.?
What can cause the tops of the feet to ache all the time?
Been prescibed co-dydramol but not working?
i need help please!?
sleeping out :o?
I 'm mentall-troubled man, how can i doing well with people?
Do I Have Depression??
is there such thing as sugar rehab?
Scary Dreams?
sleep talk?
Recently I tried to come off efexor.I suffered confusion and agitation.Has anyone the same experience?
how do i find someone who has been locked in a mental health facility against there will?
How can I straighten teeth without braces?
i swallowed a tiny bit of mouthwash?
tooth extraction gap, when will it close?
How often do i need to change the dental wax for my braces ?
How to stop numbness from dentist shot?
I know it does in kids, but does calcium help maintain or improve the teeth quality in adults?
I have developed back pain over the last couple of months after never having had back pain before?
Taking painkillers with heper sulph?
How can i give my cat pain relief?
has anyone suffered head pains where it feels like all the nerve ends in your scalp come alive worst in evenin?
has anyone had any problems when taking fluoxitine.?
Could being pregnant make my foot hurt?
I have been having very intense pains around my intestines?
Can you suggest any treatments for my abdominal complaint?
headache when bending over?
has anyone else heard of a pain nurse?
is loads of pain please answer?
Help im worried whats this bump on my forearm?
I went to the Doctors the other day and they said i had something bad..?
my finger index finger tip is numb?
Help! I'm a young drummer with a bad back!?
Non Hodgkins Lymphoma?
from a utilitarian approach should a ptient recieve new tretment that is more expensive than standard?
current treatment trends for prostAte cancer?
Can anyone offer me gym workout advice?
Can eating a pack of skittles make you fat?
how to handle teenage stress........?
I'm bored with my life.Every week the same,every wknd I go out with friends & get drunk.I'm 39 & want change!
Random Noises in my head?
How can i get over depression?
I had my wisdom teeth removed 2 weeks ago and still cant open my mouth! Whats wrong?
my tooth hurts with warm water?
Another ? about the wisdom teeth, stitches came out while brushing?
which Kaiser plan(Cheapest please) covers jaw surgery for braces?
what is a good way to whiten your teeth?
I Hate Eating Meat With My Expander!?
Do you like the Oral B Triumph?
I feel like i have around 5 or 6 cavities! Will it cost my mom a lot of money to get them fixed?
i cant take tablets!?
Is it bad if you have stabbing pain here in your tummy? (pic)?
Can diarrhea tablets make you constipated?
Just had a tooth pulled... need help?
Starting Invisalign in a couple weeks and have a question?
I've had a decaying tooth for quite some time and now it's starting to smell?
Food for the first few days with braces list? Did I forget anything?
Help about Wisdom teeth?
Will a whisky harm the gums ?
Bad dentist i had is gone and i cant chew on the left side of my mouth and now out of insurance...help!?
When should you put crest 3d white strips?
Does hot water and salt get rid of thrush in tongue?
Information on Orthovisc or Simvisc?
Do I possibly have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
Can pregnancy cure chronic migraine?
do benzo diazapams interact badly with effexor, do they stop it from working?
Do I need to disclose my mental illness?
Is it paranoid to think someone may recognise you from the question you ask?
Can use nicotine while im on an alprazolam regimen of .5mg 2x a day?
I just told my psych I'm bulimic and can't stop, what now?
dose anyone else?
I had a dream..... what do you think it means?
It's 4am, I can't sleep, and all my body is telling me to do is slice into my wrist.....?
i have been on luvox and bad side effects have caused me to change and have been given effexor?
what the nwest madicine of lucimu blode cancer?
Who discovered Breast Cancer?When? Where? How?
I have a rotten tooth and i cant afford to get it pulled?
Can I get free dental care if I'm disabled ?
Teeth Whitening Help! Please?
Would Invisalign even work on me? Dentists, nurses, or similar cases please?
Just got my dentures and have a couple questions...?
I'm getting a filling at the dentist on Thursday and I'm VERY scared...?
how much does it cost to change a spinal cord stimulator battery every 9 years?
Leg pains, loss of appetite, fatigue?
out of hours doctors?
does getting your tongue peirced hurt?!?
Got A Pain Underneath my Arm?
is it normal to have pain a week after a d +c?
I went to my GP yesterday as i have stomach pains?
Left ribcage tender and extremely sore. What could it be?
Should I try Amitriptyline to prevent migraines?
what to do when kidney stones are moving?
i was running and i smacked my knee and it hurts?
has the percentage of oxygen in the air decreased in the last hundred years?
My wife had the Pneumonia jab and now has the following side effects, Palpitations, headache, swollen arm?
what are the symptoms for swine flu?
end stage sarcoidosis... anyone has any information please help?
anyone suffer from this?
when i have an asthma attack for the following 2 day i need to sleep could any tell me why this happens and wh?
Orthodontist purposely put bends in my wire?
I'm having uncomfortable spams in my jaw?
How many frenum in the mandibular and maxillary arches total?
Do I Need Braces I Hate one of my front teeth?
i want to get my braces off!!!!!!?
I'm in pain what to do....?
how get rind of back pain in the bottom of spine?
Joint ache! help meeeeeee?
Knee pain- can't straighten it or put weight on it?
How do I get rid of a trapped nerve....?
Whats wrong with me now........pains down my sides leading to my hip area...?
Why does it hurt when I cough or sneeze? like (please answer)?
What is wrong with my wrist?
Back Pain. What can I do?
I have a sharp pain in my thigh have been diagnosed with osteoporosis of lumber spine what is the treatment?
What makes some people feel more physical pain than others? I apparently have a low pain threshold.?
Dihydrocodine DF118 Painkiller?
Why is there actually love pain in the heart?
why are the fingers on my right hand shaking all of a sudden?
Pls could tell me what is Writer's Cramp?
Side effects from Tramadol?
when was lung cancer discovered and by who?
brain halo and radiation ?
my daughter had a bone marrow and the cellularity is 70%-80% is that good or not?
Atavan and Methadone: Former cancer patient is having memory loss...?
What can I do about my teeth?
What does a bleeding roof of the mouth mean?
braces problems/ worries (again) best answer gets 5 stars?
What are these, red wave bumps on the upper roof of my mouth from?
i have badly stained teeth from tetracycline and would like to have venners?
I was diagnosed with asthma when i was 5 I also got a dog at the same time my dog recently died and i have not?
My boyfriend is depressed how can I help him?
I have severe agoraphobia and cannot leave my home. How can I get help if I am not able to leave?
how do you know if your shy? or if you have social anxiety?
How can I help myself?
please help theres somthing wrong with me?
Before when i was sitting down i noticed a random throbbing pain on the bottom of my left foot. It huts alot?
Re-occuring ulcers and back pains?
im bleeding from my neck. HELP!!?
Does crying make pain feel better or worse?
I've been getting randomly dizzy lately?
Throat sore on right side only but no other symptoms?
What is the difference between codeine phosphate and dihydrocodeine tartrate?
causes and treatment of bursitis?
My legs are always aching but, they have never been broke.?
How come my teeth hurt really bad sometimes and other times not at all?
Removing only upper part of braces?
can anyone help me with finding a dentist near lakewood ca that's free or takes a I.O.U?
Question about braces?
On antibiotics for dental abscess but have some questions and worrying?
Sinus infection or tooth problem? both?
I have pain in my lower right gums?
How many calories should I eat?
300 workout, each exercise has to be in one set or not?
A main source of fat and saturated fatty acids in childrens diets is...?
How to lose 8pounds? Im finding it impossible?
How can I control myself with food?
What is a hohm device for chemo?
How dangerous are machine cutting coolants?(Especially to women)?
soft tissue saroma wide excision done now delayed wound healing role of radiothrepy after 3 months of surgery?
Poly-cystic ovary syndrome i got told today i had this ?
I get a bad belly ache before and after tea?
Headache and hunger pains?
having discectomy would like to hear from sufferers.?
Excerise making my legs hurt...?
i have numbness in the side of my face, tingling sensation in my cheek and side of my neck, somestimes the who?
Surgery problems!!! Dont no where i stand?
i know co proxamol is no longer manufactured but what about dextropoxyphene?
does getting your jaw broken hurt?
I need a cure for period pain fast!?
I have to wear six elastics on my braces?
Little white dots on gums that feel like ulcers?
How long will i be at the dentist?
I just lost three teeth in the same month?
What to expect when getting braces off?
Blood coming out of gums! HELP?
How long does it take to start bonding 2 peg laterals?
How to prevent yourself from gagging while getting orthodontist impressions?
does smelling your breath kill you like smelling glue does?
Can a crown prevent from having a root canal later?
Do you think prescription medicines for depression are bad for you?
Do you think that eventually everyone has to grow up?
What would it be like to live a whole day relying primarily on just one of your senses?
Can you really hypnotise some one?
Does anyone suffer from the OCD pulling out hair strand by strand?
I keep dreaming that my stepfather is dead. The other night I dreamed his oldest daughter died. I need help.?
Do you think I have ADD?
Right Side Pain??????????
Is a treadmill bad for someone with bilateral knee pains?
is there anything else i can ake other than tramadol for back pain?
Can i take Co Dydramol when i'm hungover?
'Outer Foot Pain!! Help?
should i see a doctor about my arm pain?
Paracetomol 500MG???????