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im getting my teeth whitened next week and i was wondering about the procedure?
i want whiter teeth !!!..help?
I have a gum infection? it really hurts?
Anyone on Lovan?
When a spouse loses a child ...?
What stratagies do you use to prevent suicide in loved ones?
Will hydrotherapy(spa) be able to cure cancer?
How would you know if you definitely have leukemia if you have almost all the symtoms?
do i have a brain tumour?
should i have knots in my breasts or is it muscle?
Give two ways in which Cream Cheese is used!?
How do you loose fat from the inside of your thighs?
If I starve myself how much weight will I loose.?
what is the most affective colon cleansing pill or diet pill. im looking to lose about 25 pounds. do not tell?
How much calories is in this?
Does eating Whole Grain with Calcium prevent proper absorption?
Weightlifting question?
What happened with my frenulum of my tongue?
Approx. recovery time for oral surgery?
Im regretting having this operation :(?
Questions about getting braces?
My wrist goes all stiff...?
Bad headaches, neck and back aches, thick throat and pressure on ears?
mild discomfort in left arm & sharp chest pain?
How can I relieve wound packing pain?
Braces information and ideas.?
pick up lines to use on my dental hygienist?
Why dont my teeth whiten?
Why do bottom teeth hurt after workout?
please explain the whole process of invisalign?
what is it like to be under conscious anesthesia?
how to get rid of dental plaque?
How much does a dental hygienist in Hawaii make?
I felt a bit funny the other day and ending up have a panic attack sort of fit, why?
my dad is 71 he has chronic kidney failure,co-pd n mrsa in blood.whats the success rate?
My teeths are sensitive to cold so should i visit my dentist again?
Few questions about braces?
When weighing food for Weight Watchers, do you count the bones/fat?
Is it healthy to replace your meals with protein shakes and take vitamins every day?
Is the monster drink bad for me ?
4 ft 9 ageed 14 have i stopped growing?
After exercising, how long does it take for your heart to get at rest again?
How to get life on track.?
How long does it take for your lips to go back to normal after Jaw Surgery?
There's a bump on my gums?
How do I know for sure my breath is not bad smelling?
How can I reduce swelling from my wisdom teeth removal?
Anyone know anything about tooth enamel?
I need help with retainers?
Who makes $100.00 Dentures?
My teeth are yellow! how do I make them white..?
who can i go talk to?
What happened to the guy with the fictional alter ego?His question seems to be gone in 15 minutes.?
where could i find stories about emotional abuse children?
I think there might be something there between myself and my physio?
I am 13..Do you think I will grow any taller??
Lumbar Puncture side effects?
Does the "fluid"loss out of a disk after a disc herniation ever rejuvinate itselff?
will i be able to get a chiropractor on the NHS?
why do i keep getting headaches and feeling dizzy?
what happens if you swallow antiseptic cream?
HELP!! I took two Spanish fly pills will it hurt me?
What's This Pain On The Right Side Of My Back?
i have a really bad pain? help?
if u think u have frostbite on ur hands, as they're sooo cold, how do u warm them up, as warm water hurt more?
My breast on my left side feels so heavy and my throat got a bruise in the center of it?
Is my chest pain Reflux acid?
My ear is killing me!?
My Leg feels weird sensitive just above my knee as if it had been burnt.. felt as if in a vice as day went on.?
Chest hurts when i sniff in? Read on?
pain in thighs and constipation?
Help me, PLEASE!! I have an ulcer but getting my braces on?
How can I help my cavity?
Where can I buy dental stone in quezon city?
way to fix a crooked/uneven smile?
I just got back from the dentist and i passed out!!!HELP IM SCARED!!!!?
how much does it cost to fix a chipped tooth in ticson?
Can Dentists tell you smoke even if its only on occasion?
Big bumps onthe back of my tonge?
sleep paralysis question please read.?
my coughing is still on with fever and joint pains,i have also realised that when i breath i hear some sound?
pulmonary fibrosis question?
What does voice fatigue sound like?
Why are your bogies green?
What are the symptoms & causes of Hiatus Herna?
Sleep Breathing Problem?
My girlfriend has a cancer. Should I withdraw from college?
Should we get a second opinion?
How to tone body all around?
should i wanna lose weight then build muscle what should i do?
Quiet cardio exercises ?
Is 15 minutes of exercise a day enough? Either brisk walking or jogging on a teadmill?
How do I gain weight?
I got my to upper canine teeth pulled out when i was 8 now im 14 and they haven't?
does your medicaid cover yearly dental exams still or do you have to pay part of it now?
Does Minocycline cause yellow teeth? And if so, does it go back to normal over time?
how long does your mouth stay numb with novocaine?
Getting wisdom teeth pulled out :/?
unfinished root canal?
The day after I take Xanax I have a HORRIBLE toothache along with a migraine. My teeth are in pretty bad shape?
dental / bit into an apple it lodged between teeth and gum and I got a blood blister?
if i move country can i finish my orthodontic treatment that new country?
do i need braces??..................................?
Can hydrogen peroxide hurt my gums ?
Dental Cavity curiosity ?
Do you feel pressure from the dentist to whiten your teeth?
Dentistry - Sells methods?
Tiredness, Dizziness, Headache, Aching etc....?
how to cure this stiff neck problem?
Chest hurts when i sniff in? Read on?
I need surgery on my knee, i have no insurance or enough money to cover it what are my options?
i get really bad pains just under my rib cage?
why is my right collar bone much bigger than my left?
is there any cure for phantom pains for amputees?
Yawning Pain In My JAW!?
I have a pain in my chest, and im struggling to sit up from laying down?
Toothache. Has been packed, advice needed.?
What could be the cause of a middle sore back and are there any good remedies?
can you see a dentist without insurance?
Is chewing gum bad for you and which ones do you recommend?
Would braces work on a 21 year old guy?
any ways to whiten teeth?
bad breath from post nasal drip?
Dental cavity curiosities?
do you need your doctorate to be a dental hygienist?
My teeth look bad afyer being sick??
If I have a cavity on the top left and one on the bottom left, will I need 2 separate shots?
Altogether, how long does it take to become a dentist?
I have really tight jaw muscles, how do I fix this?
what is the 17 day diet, please explain how it works?
How many calories do I need?
How much will I lose in a week?
When are you considered 'Anorexic'?
Taking purple K, how many pills should i start off with?
How does one "push" through the pain of being out of shape when one works out?
do you think my cousin is overweight?
Harder bristles toothbrush can cause receding gum lines?
If i have a decayed tooth how difficult would it be to get the doctor to just pull it?
Does my breath really stink?
how long will it take for my tooth to be pulled down by a gold chain after i have it exposed?
After wisdom teeth are out can I drink Friday?
Kissing - How to avoid bad breath and how do I know if it's smelling bad?
In-Ovation R braces and colors?
is this normal? for teeth?
I have infection causing teeth to hurt?
Can I take vicodin 4 hours after taking 800mg motrin?
How Long until my tooth extraction hole heals?
is it normal to have a really big bump on the left upper gum?
minimum calorie intake?
This is what I have eaten for the last 3 days.?
What can i do if you overdose on multivitamin?
How do I get a beach body? ?
Body Fat percentage effect on athletic performance?
Is it true that anal helps you keep regularity in your colon?
question about getting not 'picture perfect teeth'?
Should I get braces? NEED OPINIONS?
brown stuff around the glue of my braces?
I have a question about my filling. Please help.?
loft iinsulation-- asbestos??
my sister has just been to specialist who said she had an anti bodie that needs investigating her red platelet
what action does ammonia have during an incompatibility test in hairdressing?
i have no clue what to do and its tearing me down!?! HELP?
Why do i feel nausea after every meal?
Whats could be wrong?
Pain in upper arm can anyone help?
Arm feels bruised and heavy and sore ? ANy ideas?
Could soaking my toothbrush in Listerine help disinfect it?
I'm anorexic and I want to stop...sort of.....I weigh 119 at 5"3 and I hate how fat I feel all the time?
swimming two hours a day medium slow pace how many calories lost?
If I do this how much can I?
how long will it take me to lose 20 pounds if I run on a treadmill for an hour everyday at 4.0 speed?
whats the best way to jog?
Does this diet pill really work? [adipozin]?
How to Prevent Inflamed Gums?
Wisdom Teeth & Stitches?
How long does vicodin and soma's stay in your system?
Abscess: Bump on lower gum.?
How Long Does It Take For Medicaid To Approve a Crown?
Can some one help me?
has anyone done weight watchers online?
how should i start working out with a curved spine?
Is this weight healthy, and or seen as fat?
If i workout every other day and follow a flawless diet could i gain 10lbs of muscle by summer?
what are some exercises i can do to lose weight?
whats happening?
How Absurd Can Some People Be On Yahoo?
Difference between mental illness and alchohol addiction?
Mental health care needed....yet no insurance? Advice?
obsession or compulsive behaviour to answer or ask.?
how to get help, and if it's needed.?
Whats the youngest person you've known to commit suicide?
why is my singing voice going due to a frog that keeps crossin over my vocal chords. no nodules on voice box.?
Can you get enamel back or artificial enamel.?
Teeth In Pain Help!! My Daughter!?
should i bite hard while I using braces?
Where does the fee pop up at ,for broken brakets on braces?
My baby tooth will not come out?
Did my nightguard shift me teeth?
am I allergic to novocaine?
is this normal? (jaw popping and lumps?)?
i have tearful pain from some teeth that broke?
I'm using the Crest 3D Whitestrips but I'm not sure if they're working?
how long does it take to recover after an appendix operation?
i got up this morning and tried to get up but my neck started to hurt really bad in the back right. what shoul?
What do you do for exercising?
if i were to run 45 minutes a day, how many calories would i burn?
Everlast Slimming Belt?
muscle growth help!!! please?
Lost 8 Pounds/Look the same?
Can I get a Planet Fitness membership at 17 and go without Adult supervision?
Insulin resistance, obesity, diabetes, and what not?
I have lots of time to loser weight, but I'm panicking?
Black-purple stain on my lip?
I have tonsilitis, should I still go to the dentist?
what do i need to become a dentist.?
Whats better to help whiten teeth?
how much is a teeth cleaning without insurance?
Orthodontist shortened the expected time of having braces...?
bump on gum/palette of my mouth?
Who makes more Sonographer or Dental Hygienist? Nortern Va area? Anyone know the salaries in that area?
Worry about aspiration pneumonia?
After suffering severe head injuries in an automobile accident, a woman developed anosmia. What is this condi?
My laptop gives me mussle spasms. My friends say theirs do the same. Why does it happen. Is it dangerous?
does anyone know how to stop sinnus/rhinitus attacks.have been suffering since64.nothing seems to work.help?
tooth asbcess.....help?
Are dentist trained like hygienists to clean teeth?
If I had a root canal and a wisdom tooth is coming out right beside it, would it mess up the root canal?
Wearing my Retainer again?
i want to be able to do the splits!?
Does 5 HTP really help speed up your metabolism?
does anyone have a weight watchers points plus food list?
How does someone stop eating till their full?
lump on armpit, swollen no pain?
Does Medicad cover braces?
will i get a wire or clear retainer?
geting my wisdom teeth in and im only 16?
i have a bump on my gum that's quite painful?
20 pounds shredded by march?
How many should i eat a day!?
bloated stomache after eating?
Is optimum nutrition 100% whey protien ok for a 13 year old?
is this too much food?
Is the Atkins Caramel Cafe Shake good?
best strength exercises for each part of the body?
What causes white bands on teeth?
i had upper first molar extracted and i m 20 someone said to me that it can appear b/c it was milk is it so?
hi.iv been smoking marijuana for years.heres the thing.iv got some really really stinky stuff.and im moving?
husband got laryngitis?
Self ligating Braces?
iso active toothpaste?
Flap over tooth after wisdom tooth removal?...help please!?
Loose clear retainer on one side. more details...?
private small dentist offices versus big size dentist buildings?
Do you think my tooth has a cavity?
Hole in tooth?????????
I have this strange bump on my gums that is quite painful and red?
Wisdom Teeth! Help!!?
How do i lose love handles?
Workout routines with the iron gym?
Does hydroxycut work?
Fun ways to lose leg fat and belly fat as fast as possible?
gym pants?! please help!?
How can i be more limber?
Am I Depressed?
well.is it a new year coming?
Why do People think of Emo as a trend or a way for attention or avoide "emo's" and think they're gay or creepy
I have to do a dementration speech. It has to be 2-5 minutes long and i dont know what to talk about.?
Anyone got advice to stop cuttin my wrists?
I have panic attacks which causes me to be agoraphobic, how can I get help?
Suicide signs??
whats the difference between at psychologist and a counsellor?
Spacers Are Bleeding , D:?
how much is the cost for a dental retainers in calgary?
why cant i open my mouth all the way?
why do I get kanker sores?
Blue Elastic Spacers Hurt !?
Haven't had a cigarette since yesterday, but am starting to get cravings now...?
Will gnc help gain weight?
Ab Circle Pro or Mini--- pros and cons? Comments? Reviews? It looks cool!?
How many calories do i need a day?
Is there a chance for survival? ;(((?
what are these bloody fleshy things coming out of my mouth?
in ur mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is?
i used baking soda to brush my teeth?
I have bad toothache to cold and hot please HELP? PLEASE ANSWER?
My gums moved down and i have no idea what it is?
tongue tied surgery? does it hurt???
what kind of glue should i use to glue my retainer together?
How soon would i get dentures if i get my two front teeth pulled out?
What can I do for my 3 years old son who has bad teeth? I don't have money the doctor ask me.?
i have a little white spot on my bottom teeth and I have braces? :/?
Why I have two small "cuts" on my tongue?
How long would it take for orange peel to whiten your teeth?
I think I'm getting a Cavity?
I never been to the dentist could that make me sick?
Wrist Pain, help please?
joint pain causes and remedy?
i seriously need help here?
How can i make it hurt less ?
Why does my back "creak" when I roll my shoulders back?
Why do my ears always pop?
How do I calculate my new weight watchers points plus?
I'm 17 years old and I'm wondering if i can increase my height by taking velvet antler supplements?
Why do i weigh less at the gym then at home?
How long until I see results?
Breathing endurance exercises?
I have severe toothache but?
After taking out a tooth how long it takes ( DAYS ) to SET new one on the SAME SPOT ?
Why are my braces not working?
Gums and braces troubles?
Why is there a pain in my left eyetooth?
Why white people kiss mouth to mouth? Does it feel good?
Petrified of the dentist...wisdom tooth pain...possible removal?
how do asbestos particles stop O 2 and C02 to be interchaged between the lungs and red bloodcells?
Bronchoscopy & Biopsy?
my daughter is 12 weeks old and having the barium test done and im worried it will hurt her. will it?
can a doctor please help me?
What could be wrong with my knees?
Why do I get cramp in my feet so often?
what effect can beer have on the bladder?
What causes the pain in sickle cell anemia?
Do granola bars make you feel more hungry?
How should I deal with GYM personal trainers?
Weightlifting Plateau ADVICE NEEDED?
Health risks of zero carbohydrate diet?
is my workout scheduele going to burn more than fat?
What do you guys think about the Reebok Easytone shoes & clothing? Is it any good?
Valium anyone?
Advice hippocritical?
Help with depressed spouse?
Psychiatrist for OCD in Sydney?
People with bipolar parents?
Side effects from Effexor?
Pain in upper abdominal?
Can you take you tramadol for pain while on micardis plus?
Sometimes I find I can't take a deep enough breath?
how long does it take for geographic tongue to pass?
How to cope with toothache in school?
When I woke up this morning I had a huge bump on the roof of my mouth, and it's very sore.?
Can I just wear my rubber bands at night?
I have a gap between my front teeth 6 months after getting braces removed, how can it be fixed?
Teeth really hurt when I turn my head?
What hurts you the most?
Steroid injection for hip bursitis?
I keep having pain in my shoulder when i use weights in the gym...why? i never feel it otherwise?
In Pain When Swallow ... Any explanations ?
Why are my legs burning?
ive got cramp in my neck by sleeping on my neck and it gets worse what do i do?
Pain at the back of knees?
Herniated L4/L5 disc?
What is causing me pain?
Whats wrong with my neck - very painful :( ?
Why do I get sharp pains up my neck?
Fibromyalgia help and pain relief?
Dentist trust issue 2 crowns waiting and don't know what to do?
Laptop hit me in my mouth ..tore my gum. Should I worry?
Teeth Grinding: Do you ever stop?
Which Garmin watch should I buy?
Is the reason the NHS struggles with hygiene due to with nurses thinking cleaning is beneath them?
I have a Abscessed Tooth?
I have a cyst inside my gums, any advice?
Where do you normally buy dental equipment from?
Broken tooth at gums?
food guide to lower cholesterol?
how many calories is a gram of fiber?
my head looks big....or does my neck look small? exercises?...?
What is underweight for a 13 year old 5"5 girl? ?
I have fat legs and calfs, if i do squats and calf-raises will that help me lose fat or gain muscle?
will the belly fat ever go away?
I need a good excersice for toning my arms?
Sinus/Nose/Turbinate Surgary Question?
What's a DoS attack.?
I'm on the 2 week asthma trial, what happens next?
my three year boy has chronic lung diease and austim?
Can people with photosensitve epilepsy hate coulers in vidoe games to the point that it makes them feel sick?
Why is my breathing so difficult?
What does CH=CL mean? My GP wrote it in my notes after listening to see whether I have a chest infection.?
What do I do when I have shin splints?
Can't concentrate - severe anxiety and stress?
What has happened to 'le Fantôme du désert', alias 'Omega'?
why i panic when i think about and driving a car?
Mental health. What is a CTO? How does it work?
Is there a ( phobia ) name for fear of boredom ?
Mental health. Venlafaxine/Efexor. Why is it better than other Antidepressants?
Information about Esipram?
please give me some info about play therapy.. the more info the better.. thanks?
what are the symptoms of soft tissue damage to the knee?
my 14 year daughter has got some lumps on her left leg,?
What is the worst kind of cancer?
smoking sage or cat nip?
Will there ever be a cure for aids? or breast cancer or anything else like that?
does biting your cuticles cause cancer?
Can cancer be contagious?
my mom has breast cancer...?
how long can my friend keep going not treating her cancer ?
I gained weight trying to maintain my weight! help!?
how long will it take to lose 40 lbs if i do tae bo 1 hr to 1.5 hrs a day?
Can i use Andrew Lessman New Joint Effort Plus capsule just because i feel uncomfortable while weight lifting?
Nature's Measure Green Tea Slim Dietary?
How many calories does a Mushroom & swiss angus wrap have from McDonalds? ?
to many baby teeth?!?
I have lines around my mouth?
Will my teeth be discolored when i get my braces off if i didn't brush me teeth well when i first got them on?
Help can I repair my bracket?
Rubber bands with braces?
Heeeeeeeeelp............what can the dentist to too fix this?
I have care first dental insurance is it valid in every state?
My gum swelling wont go down!?
can a bad tooth cause oral thrush?
dental needs and SRP question?
dehydration question?
why does my lung ache when i stopped smoking?
Bendroflumethlazide Side-affects?
what do people mean when they gag/ gagging?
I cannot get over it, ugh.?
Why am I being sent for s ct sinuses scan?
Is it true that if you brush your teeth without?
Dentist - denture help please?
I'm getting all four impacted wisdom teeth out at 15?
will my permanent crown look better than my temporary one?
TMJ problems- Any help please!! Especially Tooth975?
Would teen celebrities be scared or nervous at the dentist?
How much would it cost to fix my teeth?
Been getting this pain.....what could it be?
What kind of vitamins are these?
Overweight, normal or underweight?
Is carl's jr's burger healthier than mcdonalds?
severe abdominal pain and urinating very often!?
am i fat or what?????????????????????????????
Dizzy rolling over in bed?
Strange feeling in the side of my neck?
i purged last night i went to sleep with really bad belly pains and woke up to it worse what should i do?
How much Creatine should i take??? with P90X!!!!?
Can anybody tell me how to get past the unending unhappiness or "not contentedness" that dogs my life?
What is the difference between OCD and OCPD?
what kind of day planner to use for adult adhd?
How do I gain more self confidence?
Lexapro and alcohol?
How can I break it to my husband that I suffer from 'Agoraphobia'?
Is Psychopathy An Actual Disorder?
i have a 9 year old that needs to start ritalin i need advice?
sad question please help?
How long will composite bonding on my front teeth last?
will a certificate course in clinical research help a dental student?.m doing my internship in dentistry..?
should i wear my retainers even though my gums are swollen?
How can I stop cleching my teeth?
Whats wrong with my mouth?
left calf pain only walking forward?
What would cause my partners big toes to turn up, pain in the area of her feet accross the base of the toes ?
surgical hernia repair will it ease the pain?
whats that chill down my spine when i listen to music?
I have pain in my groin that makes a cracking noise. What is it?
What are carcinogens?
Why do I weigh so much but look so light?
Can anyone recommend a good brand of resistance bands for men that are effective and inexpensive?
Should i strength train every other day or everyday?
Am I skinny or average?
Does doing squats make your thighs and bum bigger?
anyone no the answer to this..? help..?
Primary cillia disease...............................?
why are my teeth so messed up?
The filling fell out of my tooth?
why does my mouth taste bitter after i use mouthwash?
Will I regret cosmetic dentistry?
Do braces hurt??? (teeth)?
Is there a shape thats stronger than the triangle?
How do I burn off these calories from this humongous meal?!?
Can I substitute regular prunes for chocolate-covered PlumSweets if I need to start eating Prunes every day?
Can you lose weight without dieting and just working out?
nose problem. Wierd cracking noise.?
Do jellies (wine gums, etc) help your tendons, ligaments, etc?
lower abnominal pain?
period is killing me (painful and so embarrassing)?
on and off pain in top of stomach? please help!...?
Urgent help on depression in schoolwork?
How did my agoraphobia start? Why do I still have it?
Son's Temper Outburts?
How do u kno if ur bipolar?!?
i have a phobia of balloons popping?
How do I get rid of this posessiveness/depression?
I would like to improve my self-discipline, anybody been there?
am i going through depression?
Tonsil stone black hole/crater? help!?
i have excruciatin tooth?
How can I lessen the throbbing feeling on my tooth?
I'm going to the dentist tomorrow. 24 year old, Baby Canines Still in and Adult Canines coming?
Question about viral problem and blood tests PLEASE HELP!!! xxx?
Hi,Please is there a medical condition that cause saliva to be produced in excess? What could stop it?
what dose smoking to the filter do to you?
Its getting me down now :(?
Bad chest, with really bad phlem?
Tonsillitis - blood clots?
I just had oral surgery recently and the medications are making me uneasy? Sometimes vicodin doesn't act fast?
How to tell what i will look like without braces?
Is a little bit of an overbite okay?
So i have had spacings between my two front teeth. will they ever straighten? if so when?
If braces is not controlled whats the negative effect?
what does brushing your teeth mean?
is there any dental condition where your temporary teeth and permanent teeth are connected at some parts?
Do you drink tea with a straw so it doesnt stain your teeth?
what are some good braces colors and combinations?
height affects your weight? HELP :)?
Can somebody give me advice for P90X?
Is this too much today? Teen trying to lose weight?
do you smoke a cigarette?
Is swimming in a clean, private pool that is heated really a risk factor while undergoing chemo / radiotherapy?
Can people who can easily tan under the sun, can still get skin cancer?
I have terminal cancer but when I take the morphine and or Oxy's I get nauseous what can I do ?
How long does a person with leukemia survive? This person's age is 68 yrs. old and has just been diagnosed?
I have cancer and my 3 year old grand daughter is living with me. My doctor advised me to avoid people.?
What are you Inhaling, Smoking?
Can you get skinn cancer by tanning?
Although not being a smoker, one can suffere from lung cancer and dies, why ?
Help! what do I do with a sprained knee?
I have a marathon in 2weeks? Can you but pain killing injections?
why do i keep waking up early and getting stomach ache and being sick what could this be?
Breast cancer survivors please?
my yorkie will be 15 next month. His legs are starting to give out and he has a hard time getting back up.?
Help! My back keeps cracking- what shall I do?
relieve chest muscle pain.?
Quick questions about braces?
what is the size of the hole after wisdom teeth extraction?
is eating ice bad for your teeth?
Red bumps on the roof of my mouth?
Wisdom teeth biting my cheek- Do I have to get them removed?
Does chewing on rubber help keep your teeth clean?
how to slim down hips?
If i have a little fat on my arms will weightlifting help lose that fat?
Can you help me create a healthy, budget friendly GROCERY list?
what burns more calories cleaning the a room or working out for a few hours slowly?
What can i do to stop plantar fasciitis? Casting?
can i do anything to sooth a sore throat?
I Have a really bad pain bottom left of my tummy?
what medication can i get off my gp with Methadone?
would this work to break your wrist?
After fracturing my collarbone I now have a trapped nerve in the other side, what can I do to get rid of it?
Why am I having pain underneath my foot?
Heres a question about astma?
pain in the CENTRE of my chest when breathing in could it be from my windpipe, sternum or gullet?
Why Do Our Lungs Have Lobes?
whats the pathway of carbon dioxide from muscle to exhaled air?
When I breathe out it goes on forever?
Dad has prostate cancer, should I be consider I might have some form of cancer?
Can you extract DNA from a dental appliance (bridge)?
How long do you need to wear and expander before you get braces?
What kind of braces do I need?
What would be a good way to treat my cavity at home until I can afford dental work?
My tooth cavity hurts. Any way to make it stop hurting? :(?
how can i ease the hurt?
Does having cervical cancer jab hurt, got it on wednesday, everybody says it does. xx?
Why does my sternum hurt?
can i take migraine tablets while im taking AMLOVASC?
What's the best thing to put in your bath to help with back ache?
Ear infection - should the pain be this bad?
why cant i see every morning when i wake up?
have cramp in my right leg, any tips please?
is 9:00 too late to work out?
People who are on their diets who are skinny and maintaining their weights don't you miss foods?
Looking for a 3 shade or more tooth whitening system?
ate icecream and whole side of mouth throbbing?
Best Teeth Whitening Using a Tray?
did people used to have jacked up teeth and stinky breath?
What kind of toothpaste do you use?
Why can't I feel my tongue?
Anyone out there with anxiety issues?
if balloons were being popped would you join in?
I have been diagnosed with Agitated Depression. Has anyone heard of this or suffers from it?
What are memory loss, headaches and disorientation symptoms of?
Left jaw joint hurts when trying to open my mouth all the way.?
Wisdom teeth question?
How to remove inflamed gum?
What are speed braces?
Second time re-visiting the dentist , temporary crown will not stay on , what to do , say or ask for?
Can I whiten my front tooth if it's capped?
Painful Teeth...Help?
What is this lump in my nose?
What do you guys think of this Bulldozer XL5000 Pre-workout supplement?
"Cheat Day" during Diet?
How to keep up the weight loss?
Question about Monster Mass Supplement?
i have this strange pain in my chest?
what whitening toothpaste works the best?
How long for a soft food diet after wisdom teeth removal?
Stopping/Preventing Receeding Gums?
I'm having my twin block brace off tomorrow, will i have to wear a retainer before i get a fixed brace?
What does it means when your bofy feels empty and the inside of your mouth is dry?
Wire poking my cheek ... HORRIBLE pain! Wax/Gum not working?
Whitening/Grinding Teeth Surgery?
i just have my tooth filling done on my front tooth (9) and i was wondering what i can do and not do?
Why do I suddenly want to chew everything?
temp crown verses permanent crown?
Can I use white strips on teeth bonding?
i am 47 years of age and think my wisdom teeth are coming through is that possible?
my best friend got diagnosed with cancer on her bday last yr and her bday is saturday and she dont want one?
How do you gain overall muscle mass?
How many calories did I burn in 20 minutes running?
I'm freaking out?
What are good, quick to make foods to eat after working out at the gym?
will you get fat eating this diet ?
Would it be weird for a 14 year old to join a curves gym with her mom?
I was elbowed in the throat in a game of footy. My adams apple has been displaced by 3cm?
What are your chances of smoking again after your first time?
Four month old with leukemia.?
do i have breast cancer
How could you give someone cancer?
Should I tell my boss that my mom has Cancer?
Will this help get my Shoulders biiger?
my dad has cancer and im only 13?
leukemia symptome?!?!?!?!?
Do I still have to use weights with squats and lunges if I increase my calorie intake?
A question for smokers?
If someone has a history of breast cancer in the family?
Is it necessary to wash grandma's fruit since she already has cancer?
hanging out with someone with cancer, i woke up with a cold. should i cancel or just wear a mask?
I just finished a half marathon, what should I do to stay in shape?
Do sympathy pains exist?
how long till i feel ill if i don't take my methadone?
My daughter rdw count is high at 24.2 and her hemoglobin count is low at 9.4 and her wbc count is low at 3.5?
What is Vocal Rest? (because i have a scary feeling i have it)?
help me about oxygenation?
HELP! Am Trying to move on. . .?
can i overdose from using sertraline?
Taking Abilify...?
If something is meant to be, it will be.....?
Is 300gm x 36 Aspalgin dangerous?
my friend abuses 1 mg lorazepam. how many would be overdose or fatal? i'm scared for her?
How do you win an argument with yourself?
eek! belongs to the cat?
i have trouble sleeping?
What happens if someone attempts suicide and fails?
Does anybody know when Dr David Rosenhan was born?
Should I date someone with Schizophrenia?
I recently got one of my teeth extracted. When will it stop bleeding, and when will I be able to eat again?
what is the cheepest color braces?
IS this normal for braces?
If your bit is not right after a filling can it affect drinking or must that be sensitive teeth?
can somebody smoke weed through my nose after having my wisdom teeth removed?
Dental wire that holds?
question on proper brushing technique?
Can I use flour and lemon to make my teeth white?
Have any good healthy smoothie recipes?
Good workout music>>?
I'm 5.7 and I weigh 127 pounds how do I lose the extra 7 easily?
Teenage bodybuilding?
can you get braces for fun?
Pulling out wisdom teeth?
Hi, My name is Sarah, Would it be easier to become a dental technician if I have a degree in Biochemistry?
Can i Chew Zoft if im only 13?
My ankles keep locking and really hurt, what can I do?
Ankle Pain. Any Help? Anyone experienced this?
Why do I get hunger pains all the time even after I have eaten?
Really bad back pain?
Diarrhea in the middle of the night?
why have i got a frozen leg?
Ankle Pain - going to podiatrist help please?
Why do i get a pain in my lower back/bum after standing up?
Why do my ankles hurt at random times?
Headaches! driving me insane!?
whith an eletric tooth brush do i use tooth paste?
How to give an inhaler to a 22 month old?
what are the symptoms for a inflammed lung?
I have panic attacks a lot...?
Am I doing enough to get toned?
Does five hour energy really work?
i have bleeding blood from teeth?
Wisdom tooth removed am i able to play?
can u drink with a retainer?
broken tooth extream pain?
Braces... Can someone help?
Sore ribs and chest pains, what should I do?
Ankle Pain. Any Help? Anyone experienced this?
hi there i just want to know how can i straighten my own foot for should i go to the doctors?
Diarrhea in the middle of the night?
'reactive attachment disorder' or 'anxious attachment', 'dysthymia'?
Stress !!!!!!!?
I'm depressed, i don't know why?
What makes anyone think of suicide?
when does it finish?
Can't stop going out please help me out don't know what to do?
Reverse pull face mask teeth cavities orthodontics?
Can the cost of a crown be split over two calander years.?
How do orthodontic springs work?
How to make yourself feel better after having wisdom teeth removed?
Please answer,What will the oral surgeon do?
What will my dentist need to do to my teeth?
Cross trainer/eliptical machine... What does it exactly do for legs?
Did you almost die too?
If 600-800 calorie diets don't work then why did I lose weight?
Whats a good gym session for a 180lbs person?
what do i do now b/c im seriouysly gonna die i have cancer?
How can you protect yourself from skin cancer?
Cancer I need topics help quick?
My best friend has brain cancer... What would you do?
Does the Possibility of getting Cancer have anything to do with ones diet or lack thereof?
Why do we never hear about celebrities dying with cancer?
my friend said he has skin cancer and he got it from the docs?
My tooth hurts where I got my cavity filled?
My 6 year old daughter is about to lose her first tooth?
Pallet Expander questions?
Should I have braces or reshaping?
brown spots between my front teeth?
White spots on teeth after using Crest Whitestrips?
Severe asthma, help!?
What happens when you get admitted into hospital and...?
Has anyone else taken norethisterone?
When will I get my breath back?
migranes and light headedness and pain at the back of my eyes and im only 15?
How can I stop the pain in playing guitar with cuts on my fingers I have 2 days it's on 3 fingers?
Why is it that my teeth straightened out on their own?
My teeth feel really tight?
Alternatives to anti-depressant drugs?
As a child I remember seeing monsters at night.?
can anyone tell me what effect gas sniffing does. I know someone who did this, and seems not normal now.?
Am I weird?
Paranoia OCD help?
why is everyon so sentimental when it comes to self mutlation??
How long does it take to get six-pack and how can i get six-pack abs?
How many sit-ups a day do i need to do to have 6pacs?
What are fast easy ways to loose weight?
Still can't explain why I'm getting more body fat?
Looking for some decent products, suggestions, comments on getting big:-Gym Question?
question about braces molds and spacers?
How do I get started getting invisiline?
what should i do if a piece of my tooth is loose ?
how do you cure a dental phobia?
Will i have 2 get braces?
How many M&M's can the average adult fit in their mouth?
what is name of pain in upper leg?
should i see the doc?????
sudden, brief severe pain at the back of the head?!?
Physiotherapist or osteopth?
Have I got Carpel Tunnel?
do you get sharp stabbing pains in legs?
what is causing my chronic pelvic pain?
i have r.a and now dr. says i have o.a. also where do i go for pain management?
Stomach Problems and Peppermint Oil Tablets?
Pains in side of arms?
Help My Foot Hurts!!?
anyone tried VOLUPTUO tablets?
Does anybody get regular sleep paralysis and if you do you get frightened?
Blocked nose, can't breathe?
asbestos exposure do you think this is dangerous?
Enlarged tonsils and croup?
What happens if water enters a Tracheostomy?
The effects of fake tobacco?
How does hydrogen peroxide cure aids and cancer?
Can laughter cure cancer?
What kind of people are most likely to catch cancer?
Do I have Leukemia???????????????
how old can you be to get breast cancer?
Anyone interested in a Cancer Cure that WORKS?
what should I do if my grandma has leukemia?
Question about chemotherapy?
I need to find a type of cancer that fits the following:?
may someone please give a few reasons why the government should help people with cancer.?
Can they see if you have Cancer or Tumors in your body, regardless if whiteblood count is normal?
I feel sick and my thigh is warm?
I have a prolapse disc in my lower back?
i weigh 140 and have about 13.29% bodyfat i work out alot to is that a good or bad %?
Help please! Multivitamin Pills. 10 Points?
i n need help on how to gain the healthy way?
should i lose wieght?
Thank everyone for the answers on chemo. Now can someone tell me if any of my hair will return?
Why cant white blood cells destroy cancer?
How much does the numbing for an ingrown toenail hurt?
Pain in the leg muscles (shin muscles)?
random pain in my right leg on the outside of my thigh just above my knee?
Stomach feels weird and im woried help?
Ive had Sciatica for 5 months, will it go eventually?? :(?
what kind of physical therapy exercises for a dislocated knee are there?
What is the best time to take Effexor 150mg? I already have trouble sleeping, any major side effects?
Anyone out there who wants to talk about (Shape)Shifting, Therianism and Otherkin?
is methadone/opoids a 'depressant' is it very dangerous to drink alcohol? death?
Male ashamed of nasty thoughts with nice women?
memory gap.......solution?
My friend's mom has a wierd sickness?
What do you do when you are sad???
How do I go about getting my 24 year old son to seek help for possible depression and/or social anxiety?
Will Bipolar II become Bipolar I over the course of time?
What do you think of mtv's new show "I use to be fat"?
I'm trying to gain weight the healthy way, but the more I eat the more I lose!?
Weight training questions.?
Cant stop eating help!!?
A few things I cant be bothered going to the doctors about?
Question about codeine?
Why dose my knee hurt i did fall on it?
Stomach ache in the morning..?
My Upper Back and forearms are aching, what could be the cause of this?
how to handle with a medical pin in my wrist for 6 weeks without a cast?
Diclofenac is leaving me drowsy/giddy, how does that work out?
my head is cramping left side, tiring, less motivation to do tasks but I want to accomplish them, rough sleep?
Is my heel of my foot broken, please can you give me advise.?
I have problem in my shoulder?
telling your friends you have brain cancer?
Prostate Cancer- What should a daughter do?
What are your chances of surviving Lung Cancer?
I have Breast cancer .What kind of mild shampoo should I use ? My Pantene shampoo irritated my scalp.?
im bipolar and want to get pregnant. how do i stop taking my meds do i stop cold turkey or gradually?
Is something wrong with me?
i was just wondering but with stress, does making love with your partner help bring down the stress?
i have no idea whats going on!?
How does depression affect intimate relationships?
Is this being paranoid or some other mental condition.Serouis answers only?
When I get upset I can't eat, what can I do to make myself have an appetite?
I need guidance?
finding, creating and accepting myself?
Can Zyprexa + Lithium cause aggression?
What would you do in this situation ?
do whitestips still work if you have leftover cement on them?
you know that feeling you get in your mouth when you wake up is there a way to wake up without that feeling?
What dentist doesn't charge so much for braces in Yucaipa,California or near there?
What Do I HAVE To Know For A Dental Termonology Test?
If I my teeth my teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for 3 minutes every time I brush my teeth..?
How do I get rid of plaque??!! or is it plaque?
Can you lose your teeth while wearing braces?
Can i smoke through my nose after surgery?
My wisdom tooth started growing since I'm 12 but it seems impacted now.?
why do my wrists and ankles ache/crack?
Frozen Shoulder - does anyone have exercises I could do pls?
why does my head and neck go numb even when im sitting or standing?
Hurts to swallow real bad?
what alternatives are the for painkillers?
i have a painful small lump in my left hand that comes and goes?
Does the coffee bean have a natural laxative content?
Why do my calves have a burning sensation when I jog on the treadmill?
Do they make and give you your retainers the same day you get your braces off?
Wobbly permanent tooth?
Problems with oral stitches!! What to do?
How do you repair weak enamel on teeth?
How to get rid of saliva after wisdom tooth extraction?
Swollen gum around one tooth?
Retainer Fix Question?
what is this white bump?
i cant find my tongue?
How hard is it to get into Dental School?
Glucosamine Hydrochloride and Chondroitin chewable tablets 500 mg + 400mg?
Is there any home remedies to get rid of catarrh in the throat?
i have hypothyroid and take throxine 100 everday in the morning.do i have to take this medicine lifelong?>?
can i get dla with me suffering from depression,and artritis,asthma.?
I taste blood and my throat is sore.?
Why can't I stop coughing?
Will the shift be noticable if i dont wear my retainer for four days?
cost of methadone per day in NSW And Victoria Australia? at pharmacy?
Anti Anxiety pills - another way?
What can be gained by considering the historical context of mental health?
How would you identify & ensure your personal values & attitude regarding mental illnesses r taken in2 account
What have peoples experiences, with bipolar (I or II), been on topamax and seroquel?
Alternative School for 9 yr old with MAJOR Problems?
Is This A Good Health Routinee(im 13))?
Is this a good diet-exercise plan?
My back is in agony, I am only 15. I got my mum to walk on it and it was cracking. any explanations?
Stomach Pain????????????
why do my back hurt after i run or sit?
how can i get walking again?
I have problems with my hips, had mri, tests etc...advice please?
Any ideas what might be going on with my feet please?
CARTILAGE HELP..its in my ear.?
I am having severe pains in my lower abdomen, could this be trapped wind?
Really irritating stomach pain?
Cant burp and always bloated?
Can I take more painkillers for my ear infection whilst im on anti biotics as well?
Does getting my felix (ear cartilage) hurt?
My leg feels like it's vibrating - could it be my sciatica?
agonising hip pain all the time PLEASE HELP!!! (details below)?
How do you become a dental technician?
Am I required to put braces on? They say I'm still too young? I'm 14.?
My left canine tooth is out of place, if i got braces, how long should it take for the braces to fix it?
Do I need braces again? (pictures included)?
Will amerigroup pay for me to get braces?
Crest Whitestrips. Good or Fail?
To Dental Lab Techs in Chicago Area: What's the average starting salary for an RG and for a CDT w/ less than 5?
can you use dentemp on a cavity that has never been filled before?
How to whiten teeth without removing enamel?
a question about mouth and tongue damage?
So is good oral hygiene best known way to treat gum disease?
What is getting adult teeth pulled like?
Why does this happen??
im looking for a orthodontist in il that's accepts medicaid?
i got my braces off a week ago?
Alternatives to Mirtazapine?
Why do I feel anxiety yet? I thought the excercise would help me to calm down,but I dont feel better?
I'm Scared To Tell My Parents I Have An Anxiety Disorder?
I'm always feeling sad and/or angry, What should I do?
Do you cop out of things to keep yourself safe.?
zyprexa + ativan?
in pain since last night!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!?
What is the difference between Bipolar and Bipolar Effective?
memory loss ? HELP?
Trying to sleep with a cough?
Is this just a cold, or is it something else?
If vaccinated and a PPD skin test is contraindicated, a chest xray is required to rule out active tuberculosis?
hi i also have a staffy 8 months old can someone tell me the best food to feed him as flatulence is awful.?
How to scaling away black dots on your teeth at home?
What to eat when your molars are growing in?
Help! Canker Sore on Gums?
What 2 do after i get my braces off ?
tooth thing!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!?
It's been over a week, and my wisdom teeth extraction still hurts?
I cracked my retainer, help?
Sharp pains in the left side of my chest?
whats best for pains in my legs?
i had hemeroid ligasure 2 weeks ago and after bowel movement the pain is still unbearable,pain killers don't w?
MRI leg scan Dye Help?
Is it good to stand or sit down after eating?
leg pain? anxiety. help?
does Anti-tragus hurt more than Tragus?
My lower back feels very painful in certain positions?
lump feeling in throat?? HELP!?
Urgent Epidural Question....?
a numbness which has developed in my arm?
My legs really hurt. Any Stretches I can do for them?
Why does my foot still hurt? :(?
i work 52 hours a week over 7 nights its to much am i covered by the disability dis act?
sharp pain in neck, left back and going down to left arm?
Is it true that we all have cancerous cells in our body ?
lumps in breast.?
breast cancer?? can i have breast cancer?
can you help me with pros and cons of surgery.
Does grapefruit really cause breast cancer?
What's wrong with my friend? Is it serious?
would cancer show on a complete blood count if it was anywhere in body?
Breast cancer?
Can Hemroids cause mucus in the stool, dark read blood coming out of the bowel?
does milk promote the growth of canerous cells??.?
a person I know has been told she has two years left (she has cancer)?
How long until ill be able to get Braces?
Will my braces cut into my gums?
wisdom teeth removal question?
What would cause a jaw spasm?
how to fix gaps without going back to braces again?
Does anyone have porcilene vaneres if so do u like them and what was the cost,,?
I got tonsil stones again how can i get rid of them?
My hand keeps going numb! Help!?
why do i get mussel pull?
small pain in upper arm sometimes?
Right side of neck feels sore to the touch?
What is wrong with my neck (after fair ride)?
which is the stronger? dihydrocodeine 30mg or codeine phosphate 10mg?
what is the procedure for a cortisone injection into the hip joint?
Really scared about my neck?
will smelling my breath harm me or kill me?
I hate braces....question about 12 year old molars! Please read additional details.?
Is it normal for me to experience absolutely NO PAIN after putting on my braces?
Broken molar/filling - What to do?
How to clean out wisdom teeth sockets with syringe?
Is this cavity filling going to hurt really bad?
Bleeding after seven days at wisdom tooth extraction site, should I worry about infection?
Jaw misaligned to the left?
About braces important, please?
can anyone tell me what this is and why?
Help with my retainer?
Yellow-brown fluid in the back of my mouth in the morning?
Dose Central City Dental Group in Riverside, Ca Still take MISP?
How long dose it take for swelling from getting my wisdom teeth pull to go down?
One of my front teeth hurt very badly?
One swelled upper gum?
how can i tell if my tooth is about to break, may fall out?
salt water how much salt do you add?
what should i do with my retainer? helpp?
i got my wisdom teeth pulled and im in a lot of pain?
Can you still wear my retainer after a relatively long period not wearing them?
What can I do to get my braces off sooner?
Eating things with braces.?
Has anyone else had this with Lithium?
Should i let people know that i self harm. its been going on for around 2 years now?
If you had or have bipolar disorder, what kind of information would you want?
hi i was just prescribed clonazepam for anxeity i read on the side effects that u can loose your hair or?
I get depressed wen I dont get any answers?
please help? my mums an addict?
Has anyone else noticed that Nicole Kidmans husband just looks a little 2 self absorbed and not into her?
will reiki help in calming down my friend who's becomes very angry & abusive often??
whats the sharp pain on my right side of my ribs?
Why do I get these stabbing pains in my throat?
My thighs hurt ??Help Please!!?
Has anyone ever took the painkiller nefropam and its made you sick?
I have a constant pain in my right forearm on the top near where you arm bends. straightening hurts even more?
How to reduce the pain of braces?
Sore Gums, i don't know why!?
When will I be able to eat? Sealants?
Do dental retainers straighten your teeth?
Do they clean your plaque off your teeth after you get your braces off?
What should i do....mouth pain!!!?