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A couple questions about wisdom teeth & more.....?
Endodontic Surgery....Anybody know?
What are snowflake patterns of? Does snow contain heat? And what produces snow?
How often does the outer rim of the Earth's?
I am wondering if one of those dental insurance plans thru AFLAC, etc. is ever a good investment.?
i have had sinus infection for 3 months have been on 4 different antib. After I had Upper Teeth Extraction ???
what's the shelf life of scope mouthwash?
Okay so put peroxide or hydrogen peroxide on it with q-tip and apply it to the tooth that hurts or what?
Crest white strips?
Dry socket?
how long should a cavity heal?
If you have braces, do you have to tighten them every month or only when required?
My friend has one intestine, but why?
What color rose should i give to a cancer patient?
Can you get colon cancer at age 16?
could i have breast cancer?
What Could The Lump On My Neck Be?
can teens get prostate cancer too.?
can u go from 165 little chubby to 175 mostly muscle in 5 months?
How many calories/carbs/proteins should i consume a day?
Is jump rope a kind of exercise that I can..?
Switching p90x exercises?
Do u use a steam room?
Flat stomach no abs please?
Doing 30 minutes of cardio and the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and my stomach is getting bigger?
Please help me with a fitness/ muscle question?
Started yoga 2 days ago & slight pressure and discomfort on left side ribcage?
anyone know about muscular dystrophy?
im 14 years old and i get pain when i lay on both sides of my hips hurts?
why do i keep getting ingural hernias?
what stretch do you use for the back, lower part of the leg?
Help with Chondromalacia Patella?
pectorial muscle pain?
How to become a masseuse?
How to ease my lower back pain?
really bad sharp pains in the back of my head?
does anyone have a raw like sensation in left side chest area?
Pain after Carpal Tunnel release surgery?
soccer tackle caused knee ligament problems..help!?
pain in my pelvic area?
Pls help! I hv ds kind of severe chest pain w hapns mostli at nyt.what cld b da cause n hw do i resolv it?
Does anybody know anything about this nervous sickness I keep getting?
why do your teeth fall out ?
Is it important to treat lock jaw? Does having lock jaw also limit one's ability to sing?
whats a remedy to help dry gums inside of mouth?
Hey a tooth thang!! help?
I had my daughter 3 mths ago. Is that the reason I have gum disease? Can I cure it from home? No insurance.?
Has anyone ever heard of the antidepressant Celexa causing the user's teeth to rot?
has anyone ever heard of a gray filling in the tooth?
how can you keep your teeth white when you can't afford to go to the dentist besides brushing them 2x a day
Yellow Teeth?
Why do we bleach our teeth.....?
overjet and overbite?
I need lunch ideas for school that are VERY healthy and easy?
How many calories should i eat ?
I'm skinnyfat can someone please give me advice?
Would it be unhealthy if I lost 5 pounds?
For people who want an eating disorder?
Will i make any progress with this fitness plan?
I stoped eating pork and i need to know what snack food has pork or pork exstact in it?
is this oral cancer?
Why can't I yawn properly?
Y do people get my pain and chronic and acute appendicitis?
I think my step-mum is a narcissist and my Dad is desperate to leave but doesn't know how. How can I help him?
Are there any good books on physical child abuse of males?
My fiancee is taking Librium for his withdrawls from alcohol, how can he wean himself off of it?
I'm having sleeping problems?
Lexapro and Headaches?
is anybody aware of how being old, ill and lonely will be for you?
If you can't afford a shink do you just live with a mental illness till you do yourself in?
I get so depressed at times I feel like nothing is going right in my life?
Please Help. or Give me some advice please?
Why do I experience bad dreams when I sleep on my back?
some home remedies for a wisdom tooth thats growing in VERY painfully?
How can we get possession of our original xrays and related dental records?
i try to get my kids to brush they teeth but im not around 24/7 to watch them im milking cows in morning s?
How much does a dentist charge for 'Deep Cleaning' of teeth?
How do you get the swelling to go down after having a tooth pulled a few weeks later?
I just got an expander and i need some help?
Dental office inventory?
Which is cheaper?
Any opinions on Hudson & Wright Orthodontics in Camarillo, CA?
how does pinicillin work?
why is flouride important for babies?
Chaboya Dental Clinic?
My kids were going to a local dentist and using MEDICAID. In Sept. of this year, that dentist quit allowing?
Is it true that rinsing with hydrogen peroxide will whiten your teeth?
How much does a frenectomy usually cost?
Dental/ortho people please!?
I'm recovering from gum grafting. Anyone have any experience with this and if so how was your recovery?
How much weight should I be losing a week?
How long before you feel back to normal and can pick up things that weigh more than 2 pound..?
Can I put microwaved rice in lunchbox?
did i eat ok? what do u think?
Im 5'6-5'7 and 21yrs. Am I too old / short to become a model?
How many feet have Dentists recommended that a toothbrush be kept.....?
curing TMJ, any suggestions???
Looking for a great Dentist?
Any adults out there with braces??
what is the fastest and easiest treatment for bruxism or teeth grinding?
I have really bad breath.... wat can i do?
if you've got a really bad sore throat and cough?
How long does a cough last for when you have laryngitis?
is it a bug or just the chest infection?
During hyperventilation, carbon dioxide is "blown off' ?
Should I take creatine?
to have tone muscles do you have loose weight first or be skinny?
Does minute rice have less starch?
Am I loosing weight too fast?
how fat am I? please be hones?
what are your thoughts on the ab rocket twister?
Is this good for an upper body work out?
just got braces off and some parts of my teeth are yellow?
my teeth hurt?
what color braces do you think will soot me?
Why do I experience bad dreams when I sleep on my back?
Deep grieving again years after the fact?
effexor xr withdrawals week 4 ?
How do you help a sibling with a drug problem?
Does anyone know the medical condition called amiloidosis, it is caused by a proteen?
Essay: The journey of tuberculosis bacteria - from contraction to the occurance of primary and secondary TB...?
i have 6 year old staffy he has all of a sudden got a swelled up nose and lumps on his back can anyone ?
can breathing into another persons mouth cause their lungs deflate?
Our little girl is starting to teeth, she is 7mos old?
dental veneers, are they all created equally?
When the Dentist takes OUT ur braces R your teeth perfect????
Whats the best way to go about going to a dentist if you dont have insurance?
Dental treatment?
abscess tooth?
Can a dentist give general anethesia to a pregnant woman?
my daughter is 4 mths 10/7 she doesnt sleep thru the night. I feed her 3 X btw. 11pm -5,6am. I was told to ad
The white sticky suiff in my gums?
where in Reading,PA is the BEST place to get dentures/dental work?
can cefzil help with an absess tooth? at first i thought i had a sinus infection, but my cheek is swollen.?
Does anyone know an orthodontist or organization in Tampa who does charity work ?
looking for dentist in pa that accept pa access?
I have had an abcess since Monday and its now thursday night ?
what causes people to grind their teeth in their sleep? Any good ways to control it?
I don't want any more cavities, need ways to fight candy cravings, I love candy..help me!!I need my teeth,
If you have medical insurance can you get...............?
Veneer came off!?
This morning after I had breakfast I was flossing too hard and?
Where can I buy Ketostix?
How to stop growing by eating carbs?
i take monster mass and im 6'3 240 pounds is this good for me?
I've heard something, but not sure if its true?
Weight Gain Pills???
Has anyone have TMJ disorder and how have you treated it?
What's involved in a TMJ consult?
Has n e 1 have caps or venners?
Is there any problem if small baby's milk teeth begin to grow in the upper jaw?
How can I get rid of a toothache?
What are the duties of a hygiene coordinator?
Will I have to get braces?
Pulling my son's teeth???? help please?
Are there any dental students? I need to know some pros and cons on the Education part of the career.?
would like to find dentists in oakland county michigan for low income senior for free services or low fees, t
what are the side effects of ionic white the newly invented tooth whitener?
detal clinic problems encountered?
Can you put the toothpaste back in the tube?
Tooth Infection or what?
Does anyone know of a product that my daughter can clean her teeth with that does NOT contain mint flavouring?
my wisdom teeth are growing and i currently have no dental insurance (panic) any suggestions??
Teeth sensativity?
Porcelain Veeners...?
I have two lucky teeth (that's how it's called) in the front. It's like dracula's two teeth.?
Decayed Wisdom Teeth - extract or save?
What's the oldest age you can loose a tooth? and what if you haven't lost them all by the time you are a teen?
im getting4 teeth pulled they are giving me laughing gas and novicain will it hurt as bad as i think?
what is the name of the procedure to use professional strength anti-cavity varnish, or seal?
what is the simplest way to count a man's teeth?
why does eating sour things make me gleek?
What are pros and cons of Composite and Procelain veneers?
how do i clean toothpaste off my shirt best so i can still wear it?
How can i freshen my breath?
Dentist Recommendation for Wisdom Teeth Removal?
how can i make ulcers go away?
Filipinos : is 55K ok for dental braces plus a mouthpiece(for tmj or jaw alignment)?
How bad do implants hurt?
what are rotary endodontic systems?
Is it normal for my mouth to swell up since my wisdom teeth is coming through?
OMG! Do i have leukemia??!?
Why would I have increased joint and muscle pain during cancer treatment?
Is it possible to get free cancer treatment?
Workouts to tone thighs and belly?
I have a metabolic disorder and i was wondering...?
am i starting to get an athletic body? pics included.?
Am I overweight, or not?
between wholewheat tortilla and rice which has more calories?
i have been off sick from work and want to return do i need a note off docter saying i'me fit or just go back?
what is a tongue twister ? what is it used for ?
splinting teeth how is this acomplished and what are the indications?
ways to whiten teeth?
I'm happier than a tornado in a trailerpark?
Are "1 hour" tooth implants good?
is the occasional use of chew fairly risk free?
my mouth fills up with water in the morning when i get up from sleep?i brush ever day twice at night ad also?
Do Numb Gums Recede?
just wanting to know if anyone else has experienced this pain?
i might have pulled a mucsle in my leg how to i tell?
I had foot surgery on the 12th November, I go back at the end of January?
This is a question for any doctors or orthopaedic specialists?
Can a DDS provide orthodontic services?
What would cause my tongue to feel numb off and on?
Last night i drank 3 shots of tequila with lemon/salt waking up with a burning tongue and heat blisters under?
I have a small puffy bump on my gum. What is it?
Please tell me a strategy to overcome mild social anxiety.?
Does anybody out there have unwanted bad thoughts with OCD if so how do deal with it?
what particular hazards do you think you need to be aware of when working on mental health words or around?
i want to ask all the teengers here about how do they feel mentally?
I feel hopeless, i need help?
Oppositional Defiant Disorder?
What were the results of a lobotomy?
paxil and weight gain?
Why can't get ride of s3x from our mind when you had enough?
Why is my hair falling out?
......am i fat? help!?
How can I lose 15 pounds and tone up in 7 weeks?
Exercise after eating fattening food... will it make a difference?
What's the deal with 2% milk?
Is this too much food? Too little?
I have a cavity that is giving me pain, is it going to make a difference if I wait a couple weeks to fix it?
I've been tensing my Jaw alot, any advice on how to prevent this?
Has anyone ever worn invisiline braces before?
Good dental insurance is really hard to come by these days.?
Is there a dentist field type job in Fort Wanye, IN for non experience students?
What is a cyst in your mouth?
Does celebrities' dentist Samer Safadi have a dental practice in Phoenix Arizona?
What's the recommended age for braces?
wisdom teth?
Will it affect my treatment if I smoke cigars while I have my braces on?
Dental Experts - What Do You Suggest?
Can hard alcohol damage or affect a retainer in any way?
Help my DOG!!!!?
Couple of questions about Cavity Fillings & Braces ??
Dentures vs. Implants?
Anyone know any good teeth whiteners?
Any opinions on Mac Kenzie, Fred T DDS - Mac Kenzie Fred T DDS in Beverly, MA?
Can light smoking show up on an x-ray?
If a doctor asks me to come in to get an ultrasound-guided biopsy does that mean i have breast cancer?
do cervical cancer shots cause death?
how to sooth a toothache?
Teeth Cracking Noise...?
Does BCAA really reduce sugar cravings?
Help! I hate my body!?!?
what will happen if i do 500 sit ups a day?
Best routine for weight loss?
Trying to lose a bit of weight?
How many calories...?
What are the issues regarding eating too much chocolate?
Is there anything I can do about the 'points' on my teeth?
why do dentures smell bad?
I grind my teeth at night. I am wearing them out. I don't like using appliances. Any natural remedies?
This question is for those who wear braces...................?
Is something wrong with my teeth? Should i use whiteners?
how long would a wisdom tooth take to come out if it were healthy?
how long does it take for a cut in the gums to heal?
Is gingivitis contagious?
denist that will except no insurance?
is it the dentists fault when he gives you a root canal and breaks the root?
Anyone know if Splenda/Equal causes tooth decay like regular sugar?
who qualifies for nhs dental treatment?
my tooth hurts home remiede please i have no cloves!!!!!!!?
How do you care for dental partials? I need cleaning and care instructions.?
Why do my fillings hurt?
Where did our new tooth come from?Did the gums make it?
Any opinions on Monroe, Mark W DDS - Family Dental Care in Shawnee, KS?
Can Magnetic Wrist Bands cause Heart Problems?
Do I have to make changes in my life to change how i feel?
Has anyone ever had anxiety so bad that the physical symptoms were so debilitating that they couldn't function
I have depression, How do I stop wasting my life and get back to the normal girl i used to be??
has anyone used zoloft antidepressant?
lung function test, and x-ray?
Has anyone who suffers from crohns disease had "humira" prescribed and could you tell me the side effects?
can lack of sleep cause seizures?
Headache and vomiting?
i was practicing my shooting today, my shooting leg feels numb?
When i push down on where the appendix is it was really painful and made me feel sick and warm?
feeling suicidal what next?
Having my molar tooth pulled?
Anyone know anything about vaneers?
How do I tell...?
Crest Whitening Rinse with Braces?
what is the definition of accident and sickness insurance?
why my teeth is falling down?
What is the best electric tooth-brush?
Cosmetic Dental Question - Please Help!!!?
Wisdom teeth growth, face change?
what can i use to cure halitosis naturally?
How much for a fake tooth?
my teethe have been super sensitive lately all of themi use sensidine toothepaste any ideas on what it may b?
Tounge problem?
cannot afford health insurance!!!?
Dental insurance plan with 6 months or less waiting period for the big stuff?
I recently had to get a upper denture, but was curious as to how to get rid of the plastic taste from the roof
is it just me or did anyone else here have goofy messed up lips after their filling from the dentist?
Is it ok to break rocks with my molars?
Will vinegar remove mineral deposits on a plastic retainer?
Need a tooth?
My foot is really sore?
can pain killers effect me while trying to fall pregnant, Am taking Tramadol, Endone and cflox750?
I have 142 cal and 9g fat left, what should I eat?....?
How to get involved in a weight loss competition in the real world?
Can YMCA cards be used at different locations?
What are the percentages of teen girls who suffer from Anorexia and Bulimia in the US?
Getting my Root Canal done tomorrow =( What should I expect?
is there a way to get implants once you have dentures?
I need a dentist that will bill me or set me up for oral surgery to remove a few teeth. I live in east texas.
How cn we prevent plague?..dental problem..?
My crown on implant tooth came out.?
Cost of dentures in Chinia compared to USA?
What is the best way to reduce facial swelling after surgery?
Is porcelain really used to fill cavities?
Has anyone used the invisiline/ortho clear treatment? Opinions?
is there a cure for cryptic toncills?
Any Recommendations?
my big toe on my left foot has gone numb and my right toe is starting to do the same ive recently had blood te?
My toe keeps on clicking?
i have a cold tongue! why?
I only feel pain When i think about it.can that be anxiety ?
Are your sinuses affected by the weather?
does anyone know what these sypmtoms mean?
getting supply of oxygen?
Do u always have 2 sleep on yrv back wen wearing an Ventilator at nite?
Non smokers, Can you not admit that the tax that smokers pay is keeping you healthy?
Am i crazy to stop everything and leave?
i am severly traumatised what should i do?
How can i make my interest in studies?
What do you spend all day thinking about if you have depression?
Is there Couple Counselling with a Psychiatrist for Psychotherapy?
Does my mom need gums surgery?
how much does a upper denture cost ?
has anyone ever tried "Insta-Smile"?
Does anyone know how I can get dental help in washington county VIRGINIA?
What are the best ways to get rid of cankersores fast?
if your a dental hygienist, how much do you make in your state? what are your job benifits?
Looking for dental plan called State TX Dental Choice?
how much time will it take?
i need whiteing?
I.M Surgicals?
is it common for a gum and bone loss exam to be done without any anesthesia or numbing agents?
Bad Breath?
why are braces so expensive their just metal?
Are Crest Whitestrips safe and harmless?
Is there an alternative to braces?
has anyone out there have any type of supplement that can help control or cure gingeritis?
r there any dentists who take medicade in grand rapids michigan?
WISDOM teeth?
Endontonic specialist may have to do root canal.?
Hole in my ear drum. What to do?
What strength training exercises are the most beneficial to add to my workout?
Will i reach my goal in time?
bleeding gum problem?
another tooth question, now ive just read that having a tooth p[ulled will mess up all your other teeth.....?
Why do I get?
will my cheek bones raise after braces?
im a muslim and i wanted to know if dental procedures can be done during ramadan if a person is fasting?
when your tooth root show in your moth and theres alot of pain what do you do to stop the pain??
I got my braces tightened but soon after, a certain spot between 2 teeth got slightly red and very itchy.?
How long does it take?
Should I remove dental bridge and replace with partial?
are eskimos born with teeth?
i have had a cough for 1 1/2 weeks i don't know what to do help me!!?
what treatment is available for 'the bends' (too rapid coming up from diving) ?
Pneumonia Charities? ?
I'm getting neck pain that comes and goes?
Serpentine swimmers: Isn't getting into ice-cold water terribly bad for you?
can I take two tablets of 20mg of oxycodone at the same time?
i got a spot on my bum cheek? what is wrong with me?
What could be wrong? Suffered what seemed like severe indigestion yesterday and now have pain?
how early can I take a wrist piercing out?
How bad would it be to drink a 5 hour energy extra strengh then drink a red line after?
Yoga and Aqua Aerobics?
Am i anorexic? or not? i need to know?
How often do you floss?
any natural remedies for making teeth white ? besides teeth whiteners?
Suggestions for next time?
Does it hurt when you get fillings?
About how much does the white fillings cost?
Can someone who has previously had gum surgery tell me if I should be freaked out or not??
Do your taste buds fall off?
I have a tiny gap between my two bottom front teeth, nobody notices, it just bothers me?
How does gum heal after extraction?
How long will it take to my first pair of braces on? How many visits to the dentist/orthodontic? COST?
Is there a orthodontic device?
Dose ne 1 ever get pain in your teeth when u have a canker sore on the gum?
what are the causes of locking jaw? how can it be treated?
endodontic treatment learning students?
is this attractive?
Dental Impant - How long between extraction and implant?
What is a good home remedy for curing my tooth ache?
I'm 15 still in highschool, Do my parents have to pay for a tooth filling?
I just goer braces and i got so many canker sores in my mouth. How can I get rid of them? talking hurts!?
Remedy for cut inside mouth?
Why my jaw is so muscular?!?
how long to white teeth?
Can Nicorette gum help you stop dipping snuff?
i got a retreatment of a rootcanal & they took another root out! it still hurts in my tooth bad?
Can anyone give me the names of some good Dental Insurance Companies?
Getting braces: would I be able to do this?
A dental question. Any information is very appreciated.?
Need help with making teeth whiter?
Is Listerine good for health?
What do they call this in dental terms?
How do they put on braces? Does it hurt? How long does it take?
how to make make my teeth whiter?
Teeth whitening with Poladay?
Cold sore / Canker Sore in Mouth Please Help... In Pain?
i havent been to the dentist for 5 years?
Can i eat hot cheetos 2 days after i got my wisdom tooth removed?
Just got wisdom teeth pulled. Need advice?
If if brush my teeth two times a day 90% of days am I guaranteed to not get cavities?
can a stress test for your heart give you a heart attack?
Are there Serious Side Effects of Anafranil Medication?
Help! I have selfesteem problems because of my face.?
Wedding Anniversary?
My cousin is rank?
(For Dr's. or Psychiatrist's or anyone who can help) Is there medication or treatment available?....?
What should I do?
Does a root canal hurt and how long does it take?
What will happen if I only wear my orthodontic elastics on one side of my mouth? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER?
would you say my teeth is straight?
Does enamel regenerate?
fallen arch/sore heel?
question about rubber bands and braces?
Faint lines in teeth?
teeth pain? just had cavitities taken care of.?
amalgam fillings question.?
Do dentists still use 'Waterloo teeth' for dentures?
Keeping retainers clean?
Tooth question. Please help.?
what is the best toothpaste to keep translucent teeth strong? and is there any flouride rinse good for it too?
how do you know if your wisdom teeth are coming in?
How can I remove my last baby tooth?
can i drink soda 1 day after a wisdom tooth removal?
What happens after i swallow a Trident gum?
why am i so scared of needles?
What color braces shuld i get?
My top braces are coming off in a week! I have some questions!?
can Electric / Battery Powered Toothbrushes harm your teeth?
does getting teeth pulled hurt ?
Does invisalign cost less than braces?
How do orthodonists remove your braces? Does it hurt? How do they put the retainers on?
Why does spit build in my mouth when i talk?
Braces: Which teeth to pull?
my daughter was diagnosed with gallstones in january this year?
What are chilblains?
I have had a cough for a while?
can exposure to small amounts of ammonia / urine harm or damage the nasel passage?
Is taking L-Huperzine A and caffeine together a bad thing.?
Does having a lot of these vitamins/pills wake you up?
I need a personal trainer!?
Has anyone had creatin and had a bad reaction?
Who will replace Jack LaLanne who we have lost today ~ ?
I am in agony? Think its just because I am on my period also thought it was flu?
My eyes ache when looking far left, right, up or down? ?
stabbing pains in my chest and back when breathing in?
Who has had their teeth pulled instead of root canal and it went right and everything?
does getting your wisdom teeth out hurt?
I am afraid of having a tooth out?
Does it hurt when you get braces?
I would like to get my teeth whitened? has any one got any recommendations?
Im getting 1 of my wisdom teeth pulled out?
Does Air Force pay for invisalign?
Needing braces!! Question about them?
Is it unsafe to use expired Crest whitening strips (bought in summer '08)?
Please look at the details of the question I need help.?
How to keep your retainer from smelling?
What is the process for putting on braces and how do the cuts happen?
pain in the gums behind molar tooth in lower right jaw?
My ortho didn't tighten my braces...?
Does it matter if a dissolvable stitch came out?
What are these type of braces called?
Can braces fix teeth that are higher up?
How do orthodontists make retainer molds if you still have braces on?
In what order do you use your Whitestrips?
How to prepare for twin blocks?
BF has a toothache and slight fever?
Does magnesium help with jaw clenching?
Are my wisdom teeth coming in?
I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed, but it looks like the bottom left tooth is still underneath the gum?
Please help me before I go back to hospital?
Are the effects of braces/retainer permanent on the face?
Do people really act crazy/wacko after the dentist?
My twin block retainer is hurting bad!?
How fast do braces work?
Cavity filling pain.?
how do you get rid of a hole in your tooth?
Dentists?:Age for gum surgery?
I have 33 teeth all together-5 K9s how is this possible?
chipped front tooth cost to repair DO I need cosmetic dentist/?
Question to people who have/had braces?
braces and lip piercing?
Will I get my braces on?
Whats the best braces color?
Crossbite and braces?
Why does my hip hurt?
Why am I so depressing if I'm not depressed?
is this a healthy sandwich?
Am i supposed to cut back after i gain weight?
I need a diet plan to lose 5 pounds a week?
What kind of a diet do I need to go on to lose belly fat but not workout?
Do push ups work on abs?
is using a recumbent bike a good workout?
Had my wisdom teeth removed 10 days ago & one side of my mouth is still sore/swollen?
Why does my tooth hurt?
Gap in the front of my teeth?
Do retainers affect how you talk?
When will eating with braces stop being uncomfortable?
What are some problematic questions concerning dental hygienist?
Do YOU brush your own teeth before or after breakfast?
Dental pain, live in scranton is there someone that take the ACCESS card ?
it's Signal a good toothpaste for whitening your teeth?
cracked temporary filling PAIN HELP?
To people who had yellow braces. Do they really make ur teeth look dirty?
i have teeth overlaping other teeth do i need braces?
how long will i get use of my braces its too painful?
Im getting braces... tell me everything u kno. .. also wats in the bag they give u after they put them on!?!?
Teeth Question. Girls?
Would i be able to have another brace..?
Which Teeth Whitening Strips are better?
I have post nasal drip do you know any good remedy please?
what can soothe a tickly cough?
Lymphadenopathy on chest x-Ray, what does this mean?
What's wrong with my throat?
Can i brush my teeth after wisdom teeth extractions ?
how do i get a baby tooth out?
Has anyone ever had gum surgery ?
How many teeth do you have in your mouth?
How long should I wait to have my wisdom teeth removed?
How bad does a root canal hurt?
What can I do to fix my over-lapping front teeth? Already had braces?
Getting Wisdom Teeth removed?
Invisalign .? Will it work.?
Can Dental procedure cause Diarrhea?
need to see a surgeon to pull 1 wisdom tooth.?
What is the process of getting my cavities filled?
Bite Plate causing swollen gums/roof of mouth?
do i have a overbite? pics?
How close are we to finding a cure for cancer?
how can you get rid of painful thighs without using medication or going to a doctor?
Why are narcotics bad for you?
Pins and needles in hands and face ?
How do i lose 10 pounds in 1 week?
What are some exercises you can do while sitting down,cause of a bad back? No smart elics please.?
best way to lose 10lbs from home?
Weight Watchers on line info?
Why was my tooth filling done like this?
Question about Tooth bonding?
does pain from an abscess tooth go away from taking anitbiotics cause i can see a dentist?
how can i help my abscess tooth with no dental no car and no money. help?
When can I go back to school after getting my wisdom teeth out?
What's the white stuff on my teeth?
my surgeon appears to be cross eyed....?
Rinsing mouth with salt water (brine)?
I had braces on 15 years ago and i never wore my retainer. now i am biting my tongue and my jaw clicks too?
Buy Braces or Get Horseback Riding Lessons?
Teeth chattering and not cold?
Can you have novacaine while taking HCG?
Is it normal for a piece of tooth to come out after it's pulled?
Is it bad to force your retainers back in?
What do I do when it is hard for me to floss in the back of my mouth and brush well?
jaw pops when opening mouth?
If the root of my tooth is dead, will a root canal hurt?
Retainer holding "too well"?
Dental insureance that covers damon braces?
can i be insecure about my teeth before i got braces ?
how did the gap between my front teeth open again after only one night of not wearing my retainers?
Do Ceramic Braces stain easily?
should i keep putting my latex elastics?
How common is it for the lateral incisors to be behind the central incisors?
Can I get a jaw splint for my TMD to wear during the day? or 24/7?
I have a problem with my teeth?? Help :(?
Wisdom teeth removal recovery time for teenager?
What can you do to make you teeth stronger?
My permanent retainer keeps falling off?
Is it bad that I can floss under my tooth?
Tooth hurts wen I drink/eat stuff?
Is it bad to chew gum?
IS PREDISONOL sometimes given for chest infections ?
i have pain in the left side of my stomach?
how can get rid of the pain on top my head, and what should i do?
help with dislocated knee, please!..last 7 yrs?
does efferdent whiten teeth?
what do i need to go to dentist school?
i had 1 molar pulled almost 4 days ago can i eat pizza now?
please someone help, question about bad breath?
How can i pull out my un loose tooth?
I have braces with only one yellow tooth?
My gums are bleeding what to do?
Help my tooth hurts?!..?
How much do the plain metal braces cost?
Small bone sticking through gums.?
What is this? For biting my mouth?
does invisalign teen work better then braces?
Tooth Extraction procedures/big hole.?
Do braces make you atracttive?
My front tooth is broken from side, what to do?
How to pay for braces without insurance?
What do the rubber bands do?
How much can I ecxpect to pay for...?
What is this stomach and back pain?
Small section of my foot getting hot?
Any doctor out there - foot pain?
Best way to get motivated to work out?
How to eat after 12 hour sleep?
Can I gain muscle doing this push-up routine?
What are the benefits of jumping rope?
Is it possible to overdose on Protein?
Will this plan work for me?
What are some ways.? [ 20 characters]?
Do you think he went a little overboard with his makeover?
Delta Dental of Missouri Policy?
do i need a healthcard to see a dentist in Ontario?
Swallowing White Stuff; is it bad?
I have a yellow spot on my gum?
what can i do about my bad breath ?
Is it alright to eat pizza straight after having fillings inserted in my teeth?
is chamomile tea good for teeth?
does teeth condition makes you feel, act and think abnormally?
What causes bad breath? Besides stinky food and not brushing teeth?
is it true that there is cannibus in toothpaste?
Will TMJ cause ringing in the ears?
your expierence with Zoloft?
What are the effects of caffeine?
Are there any online discussion forums for people dealing with anxiety?
Adderall? in Aus?
HELPPPPPPPPP!!!! fried hunger pains ooooooo?
IF you had to choose would you rather be a smoker with a stress free life or stress out non smoker?
Help Please?
i dont get why people do it?
Does smoking tobacco cause bipolar disorder?
why does my head hurt everytime I cough?
stabbing pains in my feet?
Can my canker sores be a problem?
does it hurt to get ur wisdom teeth pulled just by being numbed and on nitric oxide?
Does anyone know where I can get my kids braces for cheap?
Tooth hurts when cold water touches it?
why would you agree with the licensure requirements for dental hygienists in the state of Arizona?
What if my retainer feels loose and then falls out when I talk?
I brush my teeth all the time?
what is not a color of tooth restoration?
how much will the braces on teeth cost in colorado?
how much does braces cost?? in coloradooo?
Can I still whiten my teeth even though they are stained by fluoride?
When will i get my braces off?
i have no dental insurance and my credit is not good is there any help for dental work?
My teeth still hurt from braces!?
I'm really scared and i didn't think i would have to deal with this :/?
My braces hurt and i have rubber bands?
How long do you keep a child off school with an ear infection?
Can you lose your mucous plug in pieces? Can it be clear?
why does the rate of blood flow decrease between the aorta and the capillaries?
can damp cause sinusitus?
how do the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive system interrelate with each other?
after using a nasal rinse why is it that after a while fluid only comes out from the right nostril?
What advice would you give a patient?
Will GNC's Amplified Creatine 189 improve performance in rowing?
how fast is your heart supposed to be while jump roping?
ABC diet questionn (Im not doing it)?
Do you think/agree that my mom is fat?
Eating while on the Lemon Cayenne Pepper Cleanse?
Why wont I gain muscle if I only sleep 7 hours a day?
What does the dental hygienist do to a 4 year olds teeth?
on my front teeth the gum line has lowered?
retainer molds help?!?!?
How do I find low cost Dental care in Murfreesboro Tn?
white sore area in my mouth?
I have a bump inside my mouth HELP!?
What colour bands look best on braces?
If i leave my teeth whitener in over night...?
Concerned about a pulsing eye and banging headache?
Shooting pains in my spine?
I've experienced moles under my breast from a bra.Would a bra cause moles to develop?
will the white spots on my teeth go away if I drink more milk?
Why do I always have s dry mouth?
Teeth shifted after braces, do i need braces again?
I am having trouble with white strips?
Lump/Bump on gum line above tooth, what could it be?
why are there bumps on the inside of your lips/mouth?
I am soon going to get a root canal at a dental school in nj...?
What would happen now ?!?!?
Cavity fillings curiosity?
Suicidal about teeth.?
Non-Profit Dental Clinics?
Help! my brace has broken!!!?
can i eat the balance tea leaves..?
Do I sound skinny to you?
I have a big ribcage, shoulders, and I have a little chest fat. I look alot fatter because my shirts stretch!?
Will I get back into shape if I workout for 60minutes a day?
Would It Be Alright To Eat One Scoop Of Ice Cream Every Night?
How can I lose pounds fast?
im 14 years old and i would like to know should i use whey protein and how can i use it for best results?
Can yoga make you release pheromones?
chest pains problems?
Will people who have Asthma get free prescriptions in 2009?
Croup- any treatment?
how do i stop a cough from becoming bronchitis?
the reason i was fired because i was ill in hospital i had an anxiety attack but discharged my self?
I am so depressed......?
Therapist - The Rapist?
How do I deal with depression?
My Psychologist is going away?
My brother has been diagnosed with bipolar, how do I apply for SSI?
opester any suggestions on how i can find a theripist to help with derealization?
Why is it that when i am in bed ready to sleep i feel like someone is going to attack me and i know they cant?
whats my diagnosise?
Does anyone here know anything about Asberger's syndrome...?
Can poor posture in daily life cause health problems?
health benefits of clay plz?
Why do i have a small lump in my leg?
im getting braces soon!? a few questions....?
I have a severe teeth gap on my lower jaw. What shall I do?
When chewing Biotene gum.....?
how much does cerec cost?
Braces (high importance)?
Is Chemistry really needed for Dental School?
Does dental headgear work?
If you get a tooth pulled before your wisdom teeth come in will it be okay?
Dentist says he has to redo my filling after 3 weeks because pain hasn't gone away. Will I have to pay twice?
Does anyone know where to get a month to month contract for a fitness center? All I hear about is scamming u?
Do you take Diet pills -What kind?
how can i lose stomach fats ?
Loss of hunger? What could be the reason?
Im so hungry and theres nothing that amuses my tummy help?
How's this (diet/health related)?
I need a good diet and workout.?
what is the relationship between plasma cholesterol and coronary heart disease?
Is anyone else getting annoyed with Doctors?!?
Sinus Problem-should I go to the Doctors?
coal tar paste where can i buy it or can u get it of doctor on prescribtion?
What is causing my cough?
wisdom teeth question????????
I am getting braces next week, please help!?
Need Help! Tooth Filling Fell Out?
How does a dentist fill in a cavity?
Inside me cheek its hurting...?
The wire on brace was bent but...?
bottom gums in mouth are a weird color?
Feeling less physical pain?
is the pain medication nubain being discontinued?
Do you always lose your hair with chemo?
breast cancer questions?
is this cancer??????
What words of hope/encourage to a brother-in-law stage 4 cancer and?
If a few people in my family have cancer, is it possible for it to be in my blood?
How can i act likea normal kid?
wearing bra at night can cause breast cancer?
i think my dad is dying???? HELP?
Will I develop breast Cancer?
i just found a lump in my breast
It might be a silly question ...................with an obvious answer but still i want to ask.?
Do I have breast cancer?
How can I be there for him?
Why is my gum swollen and red :'(?
Tooth wouldn't freeze will OHIP cover extraction under General Anethetic?
Wisdom teeth removal..?
after jaw surgery, would my chin look smaller?
Swollen Gums!!! HELP QUICK PLEASE!!!?
i`m i addicted to gum and is it bad for me?
dose root canal hurt?!?!?!?!?
can someone who has translucent teeth still have healthy strong teeth?
if i stop eating unhealthy, will i lose weight?
Trouble with bicep curls?
weight loss buddy needed around my age?
how to tone up in one month? ^_^?
How much would i be able to lose by next winter?
how long does it take to apply rubber bands on braces?
Is there a way to see how I look with braces?
Should I get bottom braces? What are they like?
How can an ice cream truck get away with being parked next to the dental office as patients leave?!?
Can you use Biotene to clean out the holes from where my wisdom teeth were?
How much do you think bonding will cost for my teeth? (pics)?
Is it possible to get rid of my wisdom tooth when its swollen?
marijuana causing numbness days after use?
I am starting to stretch my ears?
Arthritis need help with the pain?
does anyone have a raw like sensation in left side chest area?
How can a family get one of it's members committed to involuntary drug rehab?
Is brushing your teeth once a day efficient enough to prevent cavities?
Is there any harm in an adult using a pacifier?
If i'd need braces for 15 months, how long would lingual braces take? Questions on lingual braces? HELP!?
How do you wash a battery powered toothbrush?
braces help? will i look okay? please help?
I get my braces off in a month and i don't feel like they're ready because....?
what is the best thing to use for whitening teeth(bleaching) and can translucent teeth be bleached? or stay?
Is it normal to not have "perfect" teeth?
sensitive and worn down teeth. help!?
Crest whitestrips, instructions?
Why does sugar hurt a cavity so much?
My separator fell out. How do you floss it back in?
How to stop clinching jaw/grinding teeth while I sleep?
anyone know any good songs about drugs.quitting drugs?
Streptococcus Nasal Infection?
re: emphysema and ascemic heart disease-related to former.NOT a medical question !?
This question is directed to those of you who are asthmatic. Do you get migraines too?
how is the work of the digestive and circulatory systems related to the respiratory system ?
has anybody got factor v leiden ?
Can you use your ymca membership card at other branches like say you were out of town?
Is it okay for a 13 year old to lift?
my face cheeks are round no matter how much weight I lose, how can I get a more sculpted face/cheeks? (10pts)?
Tips to lose arm, stomach and leg fat?
wisdom teeth question.?
Swelling, Possible infection after wisdom teeth extraction?
Is this for teeth filing as well?
Why my denture does not fit?
How many times on day should we wash our teeth and does this prevent the tooth cavity at 100%?
How long does it take for teeth to shift?
how long do you have to wait to eat ketchup after tooth is pulled?
Pain After Failed Root Canal Extraction?
When i wake up my lips/gums hurt?
i want to become a dentist when i am older, but how hard is it?
is there any headache by taking climen tablets?
pls help bad neck pain:((?
Fish capsules give me a headache?
Can we get are money back if we want are braces off the 4th month in treatment?
Crest Whitening Expressions Vanilla Mint?
Will a Monroe piercing affect my braces?
Im about to go get impressions to fix my retainer a month after it broke how long will i take to fix?
do braces hurt? Can you tell me the WHOLE process?
After some dental work, I have a big skin tag (with stitches) sticking out of my cheek...?
Am I eligible for braces?(:?
Bumps on my tongue? Not white... Spread to my lips?
What is the best at home teeth whitening system?
can crest whitestrips help make translucent teeth whiter? thanks! my two front teeth..have is white and bottom?
what does the braces term bracket bonding mean?
Finding a good dentist?
is it okay to smoke 5 days afters your wisdom teeth is removed?
root canal treatment?
does wisconsin drug test for being a dental hygienst?
What is the Gold content of a gold tooth usually, a cap?
(pictures included) I need braces but what else do I need before and after braces? Time to fix them?
bad cough bringing up green sometimes almost brown mucus! i also have multiple cankers now is it related?
how do you know if you have ms when the diagnosis is inconclusive?
What should be more important of a goal, finding a cure for cancer, or finding how to prevent cancer?
Weird chest problem!?
what is the life expectance of a person who has a stage 4 lung cancer?
Do I have symptoms of Colon Cancer?
Lets say your 60. You smoked all your life and are small and frail?
If a person that has cancer never took the medicine/chemotherapy how long would they live before they die?
Could I have Breast Cancer?
how come i'm not hungry a lot like i used to be?
Are my stats good enough for my weight?
6 small meals vs 3 big/regular meals a day?
How fast can I lose weight on a Candida Diet?
weight lifting supplements?
What's my optimum weight?
has anyone here done p90x+?
starting some arm and chest workouts, as well as un-covering my abs, help with diet please!?
seeing things after panadol?
Job Search/Depression/Hubby Not Sympathetic?
Hormones... They are causing me to act up...?
i felt like i was going insane!!?
I think this is what you would call drug induced psychosis... Help please??
I am not well have BPD in NSW AUS Appin 2560 want to get better but I refuse to go to a hospital without mypup
im too scared to see a councillor/psychologist etc?
How do you sleep less and end up with more energy?
Wellbutrin long term risks and effects?
panadeine doesn't work?
After how long of having wisom teeth removed can I eat oranges again?
Best cosmetic dentist in beirut?
How long to recover from wisdom teeth removal?
Teeth whitening guards?
Jaw pain please help?
is there an eazy way to start getting whiter teeth, with out vet or brushing?
What is the loop in my archwire for?
i kepp getting painful splits in my finger tips?
what are some tips for good breath in the morning?
Cavity on a Wisdom Tooth OH NO?
Who has had braces and got a regular metal retainer afterwards? Please help!?
How often can you get the colored bands on your braces changed?
ROOT CANAL :( ?!?!?!?!?
What would be a good material to represent the enamel in teeth?
Please I need help.....?
Is garlic bread bad to eat during diet?
How many calories are school pizzas?
will cycling on a stationary bike make my thighs/calves slimmer?
i punched the wall a couple of days ago and i can move all of my fingers with reduced movement ability in my 4?
My Throat hurts When I swallow?
What do I do when I know that something terrible is going happen? ?
i wanna get my nose done, ( DOES IT HURT ) AND HOW BAD? whats best gun or needle.?
how do you clear a snotty nose?
If you have a problem with swallowing, is it called swallowlitious?
Madicaid Is there and orthodontist that accepts it in miami Fl?
Question for someone who had/has the traditional metal retainer after braces?
my tooth feels funny after eating chocolate with braces?
My front teeth are a little loose! Please help!?
1-2 hours a day without rubberbands on my braces bad?
tongue piercing & dentist o: ?!?
What is a Pathologist?
breast cancer at age 15?
What is the cancer causing agent in cigarettes?
Oral Thrush as result of chemo, ideas for relief? i have sores all over my lips and im in serious discomfort
well i brok my bracket on my braces.?
Dental cleaning questions?
No offense to anyone, but why do people in West Virginia and Virginia have a lot of missing teeth?
Do they take braces off of dead people?
AHHH on Friday i am getting my wisdom teeth taken out! What does it feel like falling asleep?
feel dizzy sometime when i walk?
is there any thing to get a girlfriend back, despite there stubborness?
so sad...help?
What is the best therapy for treating anxiety? Psychotherapy or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?
Why do i feel like i should not be here?
Do i just not need as much sleep as other people?
GOODBYE Katie????????????
please help me i odnt kno wat to do anymore?
How am I supposed to live without disability?
Okay, the full Hip Hop Abs question?
How do I lose Belly fat and love handles?
how is she so skinny?!?
Am I healthy Weight and height for my age?
If you do cycle for 30 minutes a day twice a day do you get the same benefits if you were to do it an hour?
Will I gain weight drinking whole milk before bed?
Is the sugar that comes from fruit and vegetables healthy?
How good is my workout plan?
I got cavities filled earlier?
what if I refuse to wear rubber bands?
Can i become a dentist with these GCSE grades?
DO i essentially need higher math to be a dentist? please help me! 10 points?
How do I still the tongue?
Pain on a root-canaled crowned tooth , what does this mean?
Does saliva completely disappear?
How often should I wear my retainer in order to keep my teeth straight?
is oralB superfloss good for tight teeth?
when i swallow it feels like i'm going to swallow part of my throat as well?
what is it when your head feels real light and have pains going through my chest to my back ?
my eyes hurt :(((((((?
painful Lump on face near ear?
Top retainer doesn't fit, what to do?
Could second hand smoke make your teeth turn yellow?
How bad do lip piercings mess up your teeth?!?
I got a root canal on my lower molar.. i think tooth #20 but still in pain?
How long can I go without my retainers?
What could cause a pounding headache when standing?
Weight loss tips needed.?
In terms of growing taller would it be better for someone to diet or eat alot?
What's harder to do: bench press or bicep curl?
Brown stains around braces?
My two bottom teeth itch?
How can i whiten my teeth?!?!?
Getting braces next week?
is arm&hammer whitening toothpaste dangerous for teens?
Dental question help?
what do the do for an overbite nowadays?
how can i overcome phobia or be less afraid of the dentist, appointment is tommorow?
Getting 4 Wisdom Teeth Removed?
full of cold an now gettin stabbing chest pain. any ideas...?
My teeth pop out of my mouth, will that affect my kissing?
I don't have 32 teeth and I still have mamelons? Help?
I need a dentist to interview?
Can I use Rembrandt teeth whitener on spotted teeth?
if someone is missing some teeth, what could this mean?
How much does it cost to get a retainer replaced?
term for hair loss due to chemo treatments?
Which is more likely? a cure for cancer or the common cold?
Is there anyway to get the back of your teeth cleaner?
Scared about Wisdom Teeth Removal?
Please Help surgery tommorrow?
What does this mean ‘’38 and 48 are impacted in a mesioangular direction; appearances are otherwise unremarka?
What happens when I change dental insurance and then change back?
Wisdom teeth removal question?
When do you usually get dry socket after having your wisdom teeth extracted?
Why do peoples teeth rot and fall out?
How to help ease wisdom teeth pain?
Wisdom teeth removal - tongue numb?
How long do braces have to stay on with extractions?
Do you think I am fat?
Led Muscles Suddenly Extremely Tired? Please Help?
How to count calories?
5 points! how can i lose 10 pounds?
Does this sound healthy?
Why do some peoples muscles look diffrent than others?
How to lose weight? bum tummy and legs?
How much time would it take me to lose weight completely?
will my foot heal if i dont have operation?
What causes temperature rising 2/3 daily for a month with little or no proof of fever?
Right side abdominal pain?
Can I switch to Invisialign?
Wisdom teeth surgery help?
What are the side-effects that xylitol has on the body?
Wisdom Teeth Removal Swelling?
When should I get my teeth whitened?
how long will it take to fill my cavities ?
Why do my tooth feel sensitive when I touch it?
my 2 front teeth enamel is noticeably coming off! and is sensitive on my right front tooth! my tooth is white?
what is the best product to buy for gum disease ?