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is having a cystoscope inserted very painful?
I have faint shooting pains in my head and top of nose. What is it?
I get random pains in my chest, stomach and back...?
shooting pains down arm?
has anyone else experiencd a headache this bad?
sharp pain in head no normal headache?
how to treat a sore leg?
what's wrong with me?
My feet hurt, how do I know if I need arch supports?
my hip is in alot of pain?
I have sharp pains in chest and shoulder baldes...why?
cures/treatments for Chronic Daily Headaches/Tension Headaches?
why does my neck,shoulders and wrist crack nd they crack real loud so does my toes,ankles?
My partner thinks he has hemmeroids?
can't swallow properly?!?
Hard lump on crown area of head?
all of my joint always clicking we moving (doesnt hurt) whats the problem?
Is it possible to loose teeth even if you brush and floss everyday?
Listerine Whitening?
What are the treatments for pleurisy?????????
Nasal rinses?
Has anybody had nasal polyps on here?
Is orange mold toxic?
Have you ever gone through periods when you really HATE yourself? For no apparent reason?
Laser Therapy for Addictions?
Do you use work sick days for mental health days????
very serious sensitive topic, another Q about my niece?
I had a nightmare that i was looking at a 3-4 yr old who was gagged with red electrical tape.?
screaming, do you hear?
what work does and occupational therapist do in a correctional facility detailed response please?
Does Everybody Feel This Way Alot.. Like Bill Murray "Groundhog Day" Same day everyday?
I'm 13 and 5'6......................................?
How much should a 14 yer old weigh?
my parents won't give up about me losing weight.?
I am 5'10 and weight 120 pounds and i'm a male am I underweight?
Will Drinking 1 can of red bull or coke a week make me fat?
Are caffeine pills dangerous?
I am 15 and 5'1, am I a late bloomer?
Did I eat too much today?
how to loose 20 pounds as quick as possible?
How much weight can i lose doing this for 5 months?
what do you do or eat or not eat to stay fit?
Any information on Super Slim diet pills?
i am joining the marines this coming summer need diet help?
what are some good diet pills?
I weight 200 pounds, I am 16 yr old boy, and i am 6 feet tall. I need to lose weight by May/June?
Why am i always tired?
Any Dentists?
Does anything know anything about a dental device called a "nesbit"?
DR Sam I need ur help! Im worried extremely overwhelmed 24 year old?
My husband needs his teeth fix?
What is dental porcelain?
What do I do if I need to get a jaw problem fixed (speech slurs occur as a result)?
I just had my wisdom teeth out any tips on how to reduce the swelling?
Getting wisdom teeth removed...help!?
Bone graft for front tooth...what are the after effects?
Angela DDS .preparing ceramic veneer, finish preparation on the incisal edge or slightky above.?
Can i trust a dental school?
small squishy bump?
my daughter is 8 and she has a loose bottom side tooth is this normal?
how to search the dentist history?
I brush my teeth after every meal ,but will that affect my enamel???
What are 23 things you do with Dental floss.?
Best electric toothbrush?
Stabbing Pain in Heart area and Head?
Im getting very intense shooting head pains just above my right ear. Been happening for the pass couple?
i have recently found small lumps on both sides of my neck and the collarbone?
shocking pain in right arm?
diagnosing my back pain.?
why am i getting a pain in my side?
Could a magnetic blanket cause this?
i have a headache, a running nose and the left upper part of my tummy aches?
When I Lay down sometimes?
Pain killers and crutches?
back pain? What to do?
Arches Of My Feet Really Hurt? Help Please?
Whats wrong with my heart/chest?
REALLY bad back pain :(?
Can a 14 year old take creatine? when i work out?
what is a safe supplement for a 16 year old to take to get cut?
workout plan? can someone tell me if this will work? thank yaaa :D?
What is considered a small meal?
Has anyone used weight watchers, and if so, how did it go?
What's a good way for a overweight teen to lose weight?
what should my weight be?
Why can't I gain weight?
Why is mt collarbone so visible?
does working out cause stress?
what's the best way to prepare for a fitness test?
How do I convince my friend that not eating is unhealthy?
Trying To Lose Weight?
How can you tell if the wire in your braces is loose?
i gotta get my tooth pulled on wensday.. how much it usually costs and does it hurt (i have not insurance)?
Do you believe in research?
someone said to me it CANCER?
cancer?!? please help me i am so scared!?
stage 4 cancer with tumor in brain why treatment?
why do people think cancer is funny?
why would one doctor tell someone that leukemia can be brought on by stress & another doc say it cant?
One breast is small and one little big is that the sign of breast cancer?
how do you help a stiff/sore neck?
My calves are killing me??
A pain in my Chest in between my ribs?
What works the same as Epson Salts?
What are the effects of popping my jaw?
IM going to the dentist in 1 hour. when was the last time you went?
Any kind of free dental programs in the state of Kentucky?
Where can I get Listerine Agent Cool BLue?
Porcelain Veneers vs. Lumineers?
What is the best dental insurance/discount?
What can help my receding gum line. I wont to try and get it back.Can I??
better than salagen for radiation induced xerostomia?
How do I find a school that will do dental work?
I have a black dot on one of my molars, what exactly is it? its about the size of poppy seed?
What can I do about enamel loss?
is there any chance for an indian dentist having B.D.S degree to work in singapore.?
Can an untreated severe cavity in your tooth eat a whole thru your neck/cheek?
Wisdom teeth gone but gums swelling and painful where wisdom tooth was what is this?
Late Growth in Upper Jaw, Top Teeth Do not touch bottom teeth when I bite?
tooth extracions?
can you get sick after going to the dentist?
does anyone know any alternative routes for periodontal disease?
What could be the cause of sudden onset severe upper left back pain?
Strange Head pains when I touch it.?
I have such a painful back and stomache at the moment and no painkillers that I have tried work?
how to sooth 3rd degree burns?
how do i stop using my neck when doing cruches and abdominal ecxercises?
whats it like having local anesthetic on your head/scalp?
Why do joints click? And why does it sometimes hurt?
Locking Knee (HELP!!!!!)?
In classes When I was sitting down my bladder was hurting.. why?
I get migraines REALLY badly?
What is wrong with my toes?
Weird Chest Pain?????
Ok, so what will nhs24 say about this pain?
Can Morphine Sulphate tablets (15mg BD) be the cause of my bad hyperhydrosis?
Am I Fat??????????????
I'm 107 pounds and 5"6 am I overweight?
I am 14 how many hours sleep must I get to be healthy?
Which has more fibre oats or wheat?
How much running would i have to do a week to get rid of cellulite?
Do you think I'm fat?
I want to lose weight!? How did you do it?
Working out and have some diet questions!?
Is he trying to tell me I'm fat?
How do i get rid of this fat?
Any Steroids to Grow Taller?
How much weight can i lose doing this?
Does my boyfriend think I'm thin or fat?
how do teenagers lose weight?
weight loss help!!!!!!?
how is the spirometer used to measure lung volume?
coughing fit?
Is post nasal drip contagious?
Help!?!? URGENT-cancer?
what the symptom mesothelioma?
Do you think Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an Italian oncologist, finally found the cure for cancer?
I recently noticed on the side of my tongue these white taste buds that are sticking out,howto get rid of it?
what is the best and most inexpensive way to whiten teeth?
Question about braces?
I just put on my braces... when do you usually stop lisping from them????
Conscience Sedation Dentistry?
Are these good quotes on orthodonic treatment?
Does it hurt when you get your braces off?
I'm skinny but want to gain some weight in order to bulk up!?
Wondering if there is a reason I feel really good after eating pork?
how to lose weight 20-40lbs by summer?
How does white bread make you gain weight?
How can i motivate myself?
Simple RMR question for weight loss (easy 10 points)?
Trying to lose weight for my NYC trip :) 30 lbs in 5 months for a teenager .. healthy?
im 14teen and im getting lower back near my bone?
Weird 'ripping' sound in left arm? Stretch marks also?
Are the any doctors that could help?
I need information on pediatric dentistry?
what is a cementoenemal junction?
Why does your face puff up when you get your wisdom teeth taken out?
My gums have started to receed. Will they regenerate back to being healthy?
Can tapping on teeth from a dentist cause things to happen to the nerves under your teeth?
How much does ORAL surgery COSTS, to straighten teeth..really FAST???
Wisdom teeth studies?
When you burp, if u breath out through your nose where does the smell go? why doesn't it smell?
Any opinions on Maxwell, James P DDS - Maxwell James P DDS in Watauga, TX?
How long does it take for a abscess to kill you?
For Dental Hygenists: If someone had SRP done on all quadrants, how soon should they be probed again to check
Braces Question!?
help!!don't know where to turn to?
my friend wants to smoke pot with me ?
I have breast cancer and I feel nauseated the whole day.?
Flesh colored bump under breast?
Exercise without loosing weight?
How many calories do i have to eat to lose weight please? 10 points!?
what happens if your 600 calories at the gym.....and?
Personal meal and exercise plan?
losing fat from thighs?? help?
Lost a lot of water weight, when will I start losing FAT?
how to lose 70 pounds in 6 months?
what is the nutrition value of....?
Black blood,sharp pain then chucks of skin/meat coming from my virgina.?
lower back pain cant walk!! help?
I got a large piece of glass stuck in my foot, what do I do?
the school bully is going to bash me. how can i defeat him?
i have a sharp pain in my wrist that won't go away i didn't injure it but it hurts when i turn it and put?
what's the best way to recover from muscle fatigue/stiffness?
what's wrong with my tailbone?
Swallowed Two magnets? opps! Extreme Pain? Please help.?
i have 11 fingers. what do i do with the 11th finger? please help me with this. any suggestions?
i found a round white pill with a small 30 imprinted near edge and on other side a deep halfing i live in aus?
feeling that my legs are in knots when laying in bed?
Is there any living benefits or grants for cystic fibrosis patients in england?
What could this be?
Does anyone know anything about dental concussions?
who are the best dentists in tijuana?
Anyone who did at home-whitening had it bad???
i just got a tooth extraction today.....need help!!?
Does Teeth whitening help your teeth?
how can I find a good dentist in Mexicali?
I just had a temp. cap on one of my back tooth Monday and still have some problem?
For the last few months my throat has been burning a lot because I've been bringing up acid in my throat?
Laser beam to help with breathing-what's the procedure called?
can anxiety cause tightness in face?
Working out and eating the same?
How can i lose weight and some what faster? or am i doing it right. Or what can i do to make it better?
Need a good healthy pasta recpie? thanks so much for your help?
Will I be able to lose 15-20 pounds by March if I do this?
What nutriets does whole grain pasta and rice contain?
What Is The Bad Effect Of Electric Shave Machine ?
I'm getting neck pain that comes and goes?
I have this bump on my earlobe and it wont go away but its not a zit,but how can i get rid of it?
whats wrong with my ear?
10 hours sleep a day and I'm still tired, what's wrong?
I need to go to the doctors, but i cant?
Friend taking too much Tylenol -*** SERIOUS***?
Aren't police expected to shoot below the hips or knees?
im 13 yrs old im a boy and my left niple hurts?
will i need my gallbladder removed?
brusing very easily! does anyone know why or how i can help this?
i hurt my back when skipping. how long till i can skip again? is there any way to help heal my back pain?
Pain in my hip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!urgernt please help?
Hangover Cures??!! Anyone?
How do i get whiter teeth?? With braces?
Has anyone used home bleaching systems?? How well do they work?.. I believe the brand is Rembrandt?
Gums! My Gums are receeding, Any way to Reverse it and they regrow back to normal?
I have a really loose molar. It's very painful and I need to pull it. NO DENTISTS!!! What's the best way?
How does a sonic toothbrush clean teeth?
looking for free or low cost dental work near venice florida/will travel some please contact celticrottie yaho
At what age do a persons teeth stop moving or could they move anytime in a persons life?
Where can I find a good dental plan?
When my wisdom teeth get pulled, will my other teeth spread and cause my gap to come back?
i am geting braces sooo excited! i hope it dont hurt too much?
when i eat frozen foods like ice cream or when i have ice in a drink, it is painful.see more info?
Periodontis KL, Sel?
-err, My tooth just..?
Which branch of dentistry is concerned with the treatment of gum disease?
how many more days?.... weeks?
Does any other company make heat injected dentures other than Aspen Dental?
how do you inroll on healthy kids for dental?
I did tell my dentist I was taking coumadin. So, can it cause the gums to be inflammed after the crown be ceme
Can I wait to have a tooth cleaning after I stop taking coumadin? (3 to 6 months)?
I have no Enamal on my teeth. Anyone had this problem?
How many dentist's / oral surgeon's are super generous?
my son is 3 .there has no enamail on his 4 teeth .that's why his teeth?
Anyone have their teeth bleached?
Gum Pain & Wisdom Teeth?
How much would these prescriptions cost??
In Bad Pain...Tylenol not Working!! Help!?
My jaw hurts!?
why are caps stainable?
Question about braces/gums/white spots?
Which face masks are effective in protecing against inhaling the air pollution in Beijing?
is there a new treatment efficient for asthma?
what is liver cirhosis/nodular mass?
does anyone else have rheumatoid arthritis?
Another TB jab question?
How do I get a good healthy diet?
Master cleanse Diet question?
I need to get strong fast.?
How to get a decent body for this year!?
How long would it take to get a body like this?
110 pounds at 5 foot 1 ??
I need some support and help..?
help me........................Save me from painful morning?
having a stomach ache, headache and slight fever is a symptom of what illness?
i've had the same headache for almost a week now, it wont go away,?
setting my arm on fire?
Back pains when running or standing too long?
should i stretch when i'm sore?
how long does it take to recover after an appendix operation?
had a baby 3 weeks ago ever since ive felt fainty and bad tummy aches and sore throat getting migraines bad.?
Cracking my throat, should that be possible?
i have pain in the left side of my stomach?
I had a birth mark on my leg and had it sugically removed, Now it's worse then before?
i sleep for too long?
what is the cause of leg cramp?
is this safe to mix? xD?
I broke my nose yesterday...?
Painkillers - what can I take together?
What might this be? Please answer!?
Have you tried apostreatment for aching knees/feet or poor posture, and does it work?
Neck Pillows - can anyone recommend a good one against neck ache?
broken wrist...skin on hand...?
Why am i getting such bad pains?
I think i might of pulled something in my foot?
Can TYLENOL be used for muscle spasm?
ive been taking slender xcellerate but have been getting severe heartburn...could it be from them?
Pain/sensitivity after temp crown?
Can scar tissue from an upper lip fernectomy really hinder teeth from straightening?
what to do for realy bad breath?
What ever happened to enamelon toothpaste?
how do i behave mature?
I have to get a deep cleaning for periodontis this month any advice for me?
How do people let their breath get to the point where you can smell it through their nose?
is there a machine that test the freshness of your breathe?
what is the most common bacteria in the failed root canals? and what are the best ways to kill it?
any chance of free tooth whitning with a dentist?
Is sensativity normal?
any advice on getting a deep cleaning/scaling? does it hurt?
Can Septra be used to temporarly treat an infected abscess tooth?
I need a dentist that accepts Aetna insurance in Mesquite, Texas?
This is for perioligament?
how expensive is tooth implant?
How much do grillz cost?
Where can i find low cost dental care?
what are the benefits of paleo diet?
Is cottage cheese a nutriious breakfast?
What's an alternative to whey protein?
do you know any good ways of losing weight fast?
i see things on walls that are not really there. help?
Why do I have the greatest ideas come into my head when I'm driving ?
Frontal Lobotomy the full frontal you don't want!?
Specialists in Sydney? plz help?
Does anyone know how long it takes for elavil to get out of your system?
If you don't want to see a psychiatrist, but someone thinks you should, what should you do?
Anxiety Caused By Depression OR Depression Caused Anxiety?
Re: Mental Health is Corrupt..?
Please help im getting exscrutiating sharp pains at the back of my head.?
Lower left back pain?
pain in lower abdo really sharp had it for an week?
How can i Sleep easy?
i think i just had a seizure ?
Does anyone else get neck pain from reading? Would a neck pillow support the neck while reading?
how can i ease muscie aches in the arms quickly?
stomach pain i think due to back please help need opinion?
Very bad lower right pain?
how can i improve my backpain?
Have back neck pain. what could be the problem. what drug to take.?
why does my back, front and sides hurt when i sleep?
are severe bloody noses, as well as headaches, a symptom of leukemia?
impacted tooth?
How can I stop the pain of teeth growing in?
How hard is it to remove the stitches yourself from gum surgery, as from a difficult tooth extraction?
my wisdom teeth have all come through but i have no pains?
What are some suggestions for tuning out the sound of the dental drill?
Does anyone else get lumps on the hard palate of there mouth. I think it happens when I am sick?
How can a denist not be sure if I could get a root canal?
1199 Dental Insurance?
Has anyone had porcelain veneers? does it hurt? what is the process?
My jaw hurts when I eat?
Looking for a specific brand of hard candy containing Xylitol?
When you brush your teeth your enamel gets worn off from the pumice in Tpaste, do you ever regrown enamel?
Is there a homemade remedy to cure numbness which is causes by novacaine injections during tooth extractions?
Any opinions on Padavettan, Sujatha DDS - Apollo Dental Care in Brentwood, CA?
when a dentist numbs your teeth for pulling. how long does it take to unnumb???
Who's taken a vitamin called niacin??
i need help with aftermatch ice baths?
muscles,tendons and ligaments?
how do you avoid abdominal pain after gallbladder surgery?
What is a good weight for....?
will doing this help me loose weight?
What fitness routine do you recommend for someone like me? please help?
what would be your dream body?
How can I make my stomach grow?
will this weight loss plan work?
i got pain beside my shoulder blade how to stop it?
what can cause rib and shin pain?
My throat feels constricted, or it feels like it has a lump in it.?
I have a really sore back...... help?!?
i have a lump behind my ear, what is it?
i have had all my teeth extracted, and finding it hard to eat, no pain, but awkward feeling,what should i eat.?
I have bad lower back pain that is mainly on my left side then gets worse?
Pain in stomach while working?
i want to stretch my ears from 14g to 2g; how long should i take to do this?
why does it still hurt?
standing 9 hrs on my job...anything to help the pain in my feet?
dont eat chest pains can sombody help?
question for gallblader attack?
pain in left side of body?
Any doctors out there? Help,please?
New Asthma Drug?
why ??????
got my wisdom teeth extracted on both lowerjaws last week.n still feel dizzy until today.help me!?
I have a friend who is getting invisaline (sp?) braces how are these different from metal braces in appearence
had two teeth removed on friday now....?
can leukemia kill you?
suicide? or what.?
how is stress eez for axiety ( by natural resources)?
Non-Medicated therapy, Why won't they do it??
How can I stop getting freaked out by scaring images and letters?
How long should i have med free when changing anti depressants?
about depression for losing a loved one?
When is life worth living?
For: Nicole M. age. 16 (I'm tired of my life) How are you feeling today?
How many points in Weight Watchers Berry Flakes + 1/2 99% fat free milk?
life style behaviors will help decrease digestive disorders in humans?
For some reason I seem to be gaining weight?
When on a diet can u have raisin bread?
How to lose weight in a healthy manner?
why my mouth feel swelling specially my tongue? I also feel thick on my lips, i feel that i have anastesia.?
Wisdom teeth always need to be pulled?
Who will pull my teeth and put dentures in the same day and let me pay with a credit card?
Why are my teeth sensitive after replacement of silver fillings?
Has anyeone had experience with "invisline" braces??
I am a dentist graduated from Istanbul university.i need to know the procedures for internship in usa?
Are dentists be able to fix your teeth while you have braces on?
How long does it take to put veneers on and how long does it take to recover?
best pedodontist in the phillipines?
Has anyone ever had jaw surgery?
Should my retainer be doing this?
how can i avoid sensitivity of tooth after fixing the crown?
can you really lose teeth when you are stressed out?
Orthodontis Work?
orthodontist said hes gonna widen myupper jaw with a rubber band what is that?
how do i make my breath less smelly?
why is there swelling on the left side of my mouth about one month after wisdom teeth removal?
what foods can..prevent/stop heartburn ?
woke up this morning with ym head spinning?
only one of my breasts are sore what causes this?
i have rib cage pain! what should i do?
what is causing the fluttering in my lower abdomen?
Why do I hardly feel pain?
Which is safer for tension headaches? Disprin, nurofen, or Voltaren.?
i am t 50 years woman, have too much pain in my left shoulder,painkillers dont effect anymore?
Why does my ear bleed and i can't hardly hear anything?
Severe Pain - please help?
muscles are tight in left chest, constant stabbing pain and burning, also burning pain at lower side back?
My whole body is aching for some reason, what can it be?
I have a pain in the outside corner of my right eye only when i blink. Nothings in there or no swelling & bump?
Has anyone had side-effects from Voltaren Rapid 50? ?
What is the average weight for a teenage girl.?
Did I eat a lot today or normal?
does it look like i have 21 percents body fat (pic included)?
Are my friends over reacting or can this kill me?
What's the best diet?
Does anyone know how to calculate points on the new weight watchers plan?
I had my tooth refilled and now it tastes bad. Why?
the roof of my mouth feels raw it hurts to eat fries or anything rough, i dont want to eat paste,?
What is the step by step process for Dentures?
I just came from the orthadontists and i want to know if could eat something?
How do I find dental schools that need volunteers with dental problems?
Why do certain foods stain teeth permanently?
Kinda gross but 2 People the other day told me that my breath smelled like Johnsonville Brauts?
How can I reverse bleeding gums until I get dental coverage?
do you know anything about wisdom teeth removal?
I just got a root canal done by my local endodontist and it used up all of my insurance..................?
My baby now 15 months old but shes teeth just 4Up and down why ?what will I do ?what will I DO to her food ?
what is a Forensic Odontologists salary?
Rembrandt WhiteStrips and white stains on teeth?
how do i whiten my teeth?
How long can u wear?
why does only one side of my gums hurt after I flossed my teeth?
What does pulp testing of a tooth consist of? Can it be done on a tooth that has a crown on it?
dental schools that do free or low cost dental work?
Could I have a wisdom tooth?
what happens during a root canal?
will going to china get me cancer?
can men get "breast" cancer?
Should I be with my mother on her Chemotherapy?
Do you think I have leukemia?
I am 21 years old and I found a lump in my left breast?
How much do regular smokers smoke a day?
Is Leukemia for children only?
so bored..... in hospital on iv what can i do?
I have a serious migrain. is there any good site or book that can let me know about the triggers 'n management?
Left lower back pain and nausea?
things to do when your ill/cheer me up?
what is cranio-sacral therapy?
is there anything that can be bought over the counter for opiate wihdrawels?
i have a large dent in my thigh? can anyone tell me what it is?
How do tablets know what they got to do and how?
My gf had a needle this morning, ever since shes been having pains and numbness in her arm an neck?
My wife is suffering from pain in knees. The ortho surgeon recommendedLansoprazole. How is it justified ?
What's happening to me? i am sure this should hurt?
Aching pain in wrist and hand. Started in one hand and moved to other. What is it?
my girl friend been drink loads and now had to stop gone in a clinic to stop and now is fitting now come?
I found a lump on my lower back just over my hip?What could it be?
i've just recently had my tonsels out.?
people say that she works16 hours aday?
What happens after facet joint injections?
why do i get pins and needles in my knees and they feel cold ?
methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis dose it work and anyone had side effects?
is shingles airborne?
immune system??.................................................................:p?
Help to stop a friend from smoking what can i do?
Is it ok to drink lemsip after taking a benadryl?
how can you get rid of painful thighs without using medication or going to a doctor?
Please help me before I go back to hospital?
A friend of mine just had five panadol and now she is sound asleep. Will she be okay?
Arthritis need help with the pain?
What is wrong with my right arm? Doctor and specialist said I was fine. Please Help!!?
Why don't pain killers work for me?
i wanna get my nose done, ( DOES IT HURT ) AND HOW BAD? whats best gun or needle.?
Is Deralin prescribed to help with migraines?
Why do I wake up shuddering and then feel nauseous all morning!?
Is there any way of strengthening your joints? (such as your knees)?
Uncomfortable pain when eating certain foods?
back and chest pains?
My left fingers/hand/arm have progressively gotten numb. What's happening?
Any body else love BLADES?
lifespan of dissolving stitches?
How do you know if a tooth is infected?
Whats da best tooth past to whiten ur teeth?
what is teeth veneers called in spanish?
How much does a dental office manager get?
can i get free dental work in new jersey?
i have a whole bunch of cavities and i dont know what to do since i am doing everything right.?
how to do a total dental prosthesis?
Starting a diet and exercise regimen tomorrow a complete life style change, can I lose 45 lbs?
What can I do to become fat?
What are some affordable foods I can eat to help me with my healthy diet?
how to lose 10 pounds fast if your 13 year old girl?
is it true that when your abs hurt it means that they are starting to form?
What else can i do?
Xanax vs. Klonpin? Which is better???
Is there something natural I can take to improve my memory???
hi, please help, has anyone ever taken olanzapine with cypramil for bi polar,?
why do people with mental illnesses enjoy heavy music? especially when suffering depression?
Why do channel seven send me junk email and sms that i didn't subscribe to?
mental health/bpd?
uncontrollable crying?
My braces seriously hurt. i need help making it less hurt.?
Do I have a jammed finger?
My stomach's been hurting for 11+ hours, i've taken stomach pain relief tablets, and it still hasn't all gone?
I have persistent numbness above the knee, about 8cm circle ,no pain ,numb and tingly?
i have pain in lower legs?
randome sharp pains by my ribs?
Pain in upper abdominal?
I've had a headache for a week?
Pain in my lower stomach above my pubes?
What are the exercises to reduce back pain?
My cousin and I are doing a walkathon for cancer and we need a short, catchy name. Any ideas?
What do you say when someone's dying of cancer?
would i get a six pac if i did this?
What kind of workout plan would help me gain mucle and burn fat?
How often should I workout my abs?
i have different sized calves?
Should I almost be done growing?:)?
How much weight can i lose?
im 13, how long, and how much will i have to do to....?
Skinny/Normal/Chubby person go through personal training?
Second hand furniture from SMOKE home-The effects?
The smell of honey when sneezing..
my husband has liver diease and bag lungs(from smoking)? can anyone tell me about the symptoms?
im getting my tongue re-done in july.but i just took it off in feb. i would like to know would it hurt ?
i was riding my skateboard and i had an accident. i tried to stop and when i put my foot down, i bent it.?
I am giving my gf a massage in like 17 hours what household stuff can i use to make it a really good massage?
I have been having strange headaches ..?
why does my lower back hurt? ?
my kittens foot is bent and tender?
Painful Lump on Achilles?
problem with antibitoics and don't know what to do about sinus pain?
When I run my knees get a tingly-numb sensation?
i just got my teeth cleaned and now they hurt alot?
help with dislocated knee, please!..last 7 yrs?
i got tripped in soccer and now the side of my calf hurts when i straighten it?
Has anyone had a knee replacement done in the Royal Melbourne hospital ? Thanks?
i sort of told my friend that i'm anorexic?
How many calories should I eat to lose three pounds a week?
types of fat in leftover chicken?
Is there any reason for American food to be so BIG?
Emmalue: Your my hero! Can I get some praise for the dental professionals on here?
Is it possible for a baby's first teeth to emerge and then recede into the gums?
help are there any dentists out there this question is for you?
I have permenant stains on my teeth after braces can they be removed somehow or no.?
which is better : silver or white ??
which is better?
Day after wisdom teeth?
can i use teeth whitening??
Has anyone ever received a root canal and not received antibiotics and pain medication?
This is the second time in two months that my temporary caps?
My tooth hurts really bad after cavity was filled on tuesday this week?!!??!!?
Can you get a big canker sore on your upper gums?
Can impacted wisdom teeth cause you to have headaches?
How noticable are black retainers?
How long will it last....?
I Have an overbite and need HELP!!! HELP ME!!?
My boyfriend has two new raised freckles/moles on his back. Please read for details! Could they be cancerous?
Can you take you tramadol for pain while on micardis plus?
How do i counteract Midol? ?
ongoing shivers and pain in neck and joints?
Wrist pain in both wrist,i really need your help?
Hole in my ear drum. What to do?
Is there anyone else who feels this way =(?
I had mild back pain in my upper back. I realized I had this when I had woken up.?
My Knees Are Darker Than My Legs??? Help?
Does anyone know of a lumbar support that works and is comfy to wear?
is it genetic for people to have hard to find veins?
for the past 2 weeks ive been having horrible stomach pains.?
should i go see a doctor or is this caused my stress?
help i have a really bad pain, im 16 ?
Dancers ankle problem? Urgent!...?
What's wrong with my body atm :(?
what should I do about cronic shin splints?
how to lose 20 pounds quickly?
how can i loose fast belly fat in a month?
Can my younger brother work out?
am i going to loose weight?
Will increasing my testosterone and decreasing my estrogen remove GYNECOMASTIA?
Are there any protein foods that have low carbs?
Is it better to have less calories or less carbs?
i had a question about working as a DA?
what is a bloodclot?in the mouth?
Why is it bad to eat Ice?
Did your kids lose their top or bottom teeth first?
Anyone had any experience with AFFORDABLE DENTURES in PSL?
I want to learn the background of some doctors?
Should I Pay ???
brushing your teeth to much?
How to pinpoint an inflamed tooth?
where can i get information about complete/partial dentures?
Cavity or just a stain? Confused............?
dr pepper? toothpulled? and read for cig?
What are Vesticular Tongue Lesions on an Adult Woman age 38?
where is there a dentist who bases fees on income? (texas answers only please)?
dark gums??
What should we do when your 26 and your teeth are of a fifty year old and cant afford dental work? Not Smile?
Whats the best thing to use for a toothache?
I've got horrible migraines!?
i feel like my left ear is clogged but i can hear fine can anyone tell me what might be wrong?
i have heartburn all the time?
dose head jobs hurt for the first few times? help?
I sleep walk and talk after consumption of alcohol?
Red wormy looking things in toddlers poo? worms or just food?
Whats wrong with his back?
Horrific pain! Does swallowing and yawning open the Eustachian tube?
I have cramps, but they're not really cramps?
i woke up with a lump in my leg?
i have chest pain almost evryday its coming like needle and pain in back and my neck,iam scared what can i do?
is a constant pain on the left hand side of my head a sign of a brain tumour?
Im a male 15 year old at 5'6 and 145-150 lbs. i want a flat stomach.?
Does the Flex belt actually work. I really need to know.?
am i strong for my height?
how many grams of fiber should i have a day ?
How to lose weight..?
Exercise and eating plan ?
Are there any good diets?
how do you count calories in food?
Why do people lose there hair when they have cancer?
Simple Diagnosis of Cancer Question?
I have cancer and i don't know how to respond to how are you?
enlarged lyph node NEEED HElP!!!!!!?
I have cancer and no insurance?
i had cancer but i just can't talk about it?
I think i mite have throat cancer. Please some one, i need an answer?
Could food be contaminated by microwave┬┤s radiation?
can i get lung cancer from second hand smoke?
my whole family died cancer what are my risks?
How long can I expect my sister to live, she has Stage IV colon, lung, liver, adrenal gland cancer & small int
My friend is having symptoms of ovarian cancer.But because she receive a medical card a gynecologist won't see
I have to get a biopsy on my breast and am really stressed about it any suggestions on how to calm myself down
What are the permanent, long term affects of chemo and radiation on your body and mind?
I think I'm dying. Can you help me?
fiance needs mental help were do i Begin?
How to help adult dyslexia?
How often does a teenager commit suicide in America? Are there statistics?
My friend recently just told me that she really thinks i need help, like therapist help and i dont know how ..
Doyou know training the implant by internet?
what is calcium deposits on the teeth?
After two root canal in June, I'm having roof of the mouth pain. Is it another bad tooth or sinus or what?
what are the common effects of drinking softdrinks?
I have a piece of gum tissue that is dangling from the space between my two front teeth, post scaling and my?
Is Western Dental The same company as Newport dental?
Are the stitches after wisdom teeth removal supposed to be attatched to cheek?
I've had bad sciatic pain since my baby's birth 2 wks ago, but had NONE of this pain during the pregnancy?
back pain, need help to why it hurts?
i have lost my sence of smell seems perament?
my ribs hurt when i lift?
my feet and lower legs ache intermittently when seated. Why?
Back pain lower left side?
Really bad abdominal pain ! Help !?
List eight causes of poor posture?
why does my head hurt everytime I cough?
what are some things to do to get excercise with osgood schlatters?
Always tired, have had blood test they found nothing conclusive.?
Ringing in ears after concert?
lose belly fat tips ? please :]?
how come when i run outside i crave junk food?
Having serious weight problems?
what are some good workouts for my back?
can i stack Nitric oxide,creatine,protein,and a test booster together?
help with weight gain pleaaaaaaase?
why do body weight exercise?
What have i done to my arm?
How to stop pain after a leg cramp?
cramps help please rofl?
Really bad shin pain? What do you think?
healing process of a wound?
Am i having growing pains?
Sore Fingers using mouse?
I have a stabbing/stinging pain in the back of my head/neck?
How do I get a mosquito bite to go away?
I have a very very deep sleep?
just wanting to know if anyone else has experienced this pain?
I hit my head last night and now having trouble to sleep?
help my throat is so sore?
what could be causing the pain in my legs when I'm in bed?
broken tooth question on yahoo homepage?
Can I wear the new clear braces at age 14? There is one kind called OrthoClear, can I use that at my age?
ok i got a sore mouth none of my teeth hurt but both sides of my mouth?
Does "Crest Whitestrips only whiten your teeth temporarily?
Is there a situation when a root canal retreat cannot be possible?
peeling mouth?
What is the longest amount of time that someone has had to wear braces?
Apple Cider Vinegar bad for teeth?
Where can I find a dental plan now that I am disabled and on ...?
Why this occasional tooth ache?
is speech therapy indicated with a palatal expander?
Are colds and cold sores related?
Orthodontic treatment @ NYU dental (braces)?
Who here has extracted their own molar? If so, how did you go about doing so?
My sister just got her wisdom teeth out is there any thing I can do to help her?
is this normal?
Do you think cancer could go away if ?
Why are My abbs Uneveven?
Planet fitness tags???!?
I'm 19 and 5' 4". How can I lose weight?
All right, I begun a diet, but the suga jones are killing me, what do I do?
This is random but I wanted to know the answer?
I need help with my diet and excerise?
Is it likely that I'd get asthma for the first time in my 50s?
what is best remedy for sore tailbone-probably from bad sitting posture?
I have been experiencing pains in my stomach....?
boston terrier with maybe arthritis?
What is causing the pain behind my eye socket?
Uncomfortable aching pains after eating sometimes?
What causes pain in the middle of the palm?
what does it mean when you feel there is a feeling like almost a lump in your throat?
Sharp pains in the gut?
my back hurts because i think that im putting to much books in my bag?
What do I do when I have shin splints?
severe stomach pains when you wake up?
what do i do 3 weeks post op?
i have a pain right next to my ulna?
how can i whiten my teeth w/o damaging my teeth?
My 5 year old daughter has a small painless bump on her upper gum above her front tooth what could this be?
hi friends, my baby is one year and 2 weeks old, she has not yet started teething.?
Will I have to have my teeth extracted?
dental help?
Wisdom tooth problem?
I need help losing 30 pounds?
is binging bad for you?
What is the biting surface of a tooth called?
I am 5'9 and 122 pounds how can I lose a few pounds in 3 days?
IF u have a brown spec on your teeth and you have braces..?
what are the cons/negatives for getting teeth implants?
do you floss every night??
Where can I get solder that's safe to use on a dental retainer?
How much does it cost to have a filling in your tooth replaced?
cuts on gum?
If you have treated tooth that is burning all around it what does?
Does getting a tooth crown hurt?
How many calories are there in 100g of liquid glucose?
For a 29 year old man who is getting up there in age and ran a mile in 8 mins....?
What is the best way to start losing weight?
I have uneven teeth.?
How can I fight my cravings?
How much fat should i have a day if im trying to loose weight?
Pain in Finger - any ideas what it could be?
Odd pins and needles.?
what are some of the after effects of antidepressants?
Could depression cause my husband to feel like he no longer loves me?
What are your beliefs about mental illness and people who are mentally ill?
What's it like to be hypnotised?
history of hypersomnia?
Feeling isolated......?
Does anyone know much about ADD or ADHT?
What are anxiety manifestations in the physical aspect?
Why am I getting nauseous when I smoke? I've been smoking for 15 years, could it be my body telling me quit?
List some ways to prevent skin cancer from happening to you.?
Can anyone help me with my thesis on cancer and nutrition?
anyone had bad experience with radiation therapy?
CT scan with contrast?
I am surprise to learn of appendix cancer today, I am an R.N. and never heard of it, have you?
what kind of people are at the risk of developing skin cancer ?
What is the percentage of probability that in a pair of identical twins, one will have cancer and one won't?
I urgently need to stop smoking. Any advice?
Does the breast cancer cure completely?
What would the world be like without leukemia?
Which is the best test a CT or MRI?
Why do my hips hurt when i stretch?
Knee surgery information?
Head pain question???/?
should i be worried about abdominal pain 5 days after laparoscopy for endometriosis. It feels like gas pains?
I am 27 year old i feel pain in my legs in morning and night and feeling weakness in my body?
Right side abdominal pain?
Spondylolysis? The pain is gone , can i go the gym? I have only had 2 weeks rest!!?
I keep thinking of my friend often but I feel in pain cause I can't see or touch her, solution?
Pain in between my ribs?
I am feeling a pain in my right ear that shoots through my right arm? Could this be an ear infection?
Mixing panadol and aspirin is it lethal?
anyone had surgery for bunions?
The last few days, I've been experiencing tingling fingers?!?
I'm 5"4" and 155 lbs I'm supposed to be at 125lbs?
how do you make the lift go up?
diet/exercise plan help please!!!?
Losing weight by drinking apple cider vinegar?
Why are there not more questions about breast cancer awareness on here?
what causes joints to pop out of place and joint pain?
whats the best way to stretch ears?
High table = Lower back/middle pain?
Just starting Topamax, for nerve pain from spinal fusion, nervous! Anyone else take this for same reason?
theories on how not to get tired at work, usually my knees & back?
is r/arthritis a nerve pain?
Managing pain without painkillers?
Anyone know what's wrong with my ankle?
Should I see a podiatrist?
Help I'm Really Sore?
i am not having sound sleep atall?
100 crunches ?!?! ADVICE!!!?
how can you increase your height?
Do you lose weight by playing the game "just dance 2"?
Food is ALL that I think about?!?
Is P90X good for a 14 year old turning 15 in a month?
Is it possible in 6 months?
thinking about getting the girls shake weight?
i have sore joints very itchey headarce?
My Back hurts... I dont know whats wrong?
i been geting really bad headache im?
Frequent headaches, knee pain and fatigue. should i be worried?
Diagnosing and treating surgical adhesions?
Annoying Swelling Help ?
My neck randomly started to hurt and I think I have a kink in my neck on the left side how do I get rid of it?
My left side of body has been sore for a while now.Could this be nerve damage? the pain is constant & exercise?
I have a Jaw pain...?
Upper right abdominal pain?
I keep gettin pain near my eyebrow?
how to get this body type?
How to Avoid a Hernia in gym?
What are some effective ways to recover mental and physical energy after morning workouts?
Is creatine worth taking?
why do my hands always hurt?
Pins and needles in hands and face ?
When I swallow, or talk my jaw hurts, why?
which mattress is good for back pain?
Hi I keep having pain in the middle of my abdomen?
pain in upper chest area. what could this be?
what do it hurt so bad?
How do you stretch for a heel stretch?
Bladder pains in Morning?
what is a small central lumbosacral disc bulge with slight encroahment onto the thecal sac ?
what is this ball on my leg?
my right leg seems like it will fail on me?
I need help....my jaw hurts bad!!?
i have had an on/off headache for the past week?
Is there a big difference between the WHEY PROTEIN & CREATINE at walmart than the more expensive brands?
weight training to burn fat.. i do mon-biceps/chest....tue-triceps/back/shoulders/legs....wed - (rest ..?
Spinning 4x a week and gaining weight? What should i expect?
good food to eat and exercise to get rid of fat on the legs and gut?
Where can I get a coupon for crest whitestrips? NOT the "renewal" kind...?
Does anyone have AmeriPlan, and is it good for dental..?
Teeth Grinding? What should I do?
how much for 3 crowns?
Need info. on dental care for person over 75 with medicare?
Does Major League Baseball or any professional sports teams carry a team Dentist and/or Dental Hygienist?
Does anyone know of any low cost dentistry, especially implant dentistry in Los Angeles or surrounding areas?
looking for a dentist that takes medicade in IL around peoria ,pekin chillicothie,galsburg,ect?
How can I find a dentist that will let me pay the bill a little bit at a time?
what are the side effect to too much I.B profen on the stomach?
are metal or clear braces more effective?
A month ago my 12 year old sister knocked her front teeth loose. Will she lose them?
Ive had my tounge pierced for 2 years now and for a wee while it has beenm hurting a while lot, wot can i do.?
Pain behind right outer knee?
Has my mum done a hamstring?
sore joints, weak legs and arms?
Aching pain in forearm after drinking alcohol?
behind the knee pain (would a knee brace work)?
weird feet feelings help me out ASAP?
How do you stop pain in the crotch area?
my leg ouch help people please?
Has anyone ever had slipped discs before?
I have a stinging sometimes burning sensation in my back...?
Headache Pain on Right Side?
Night-time knee pain: How do I resolve it?
bad pain on my right side?
Why cant i move my arms?
Had a fever and it pass within a day now my body aches of pain my legs shoulders neck 34 fit male.?
Do i need to bulk? Bulking tips??!?
Are asian cup noodles typically high in fat?
tingling numb lip, is it from my tooth?
sore tender hand pain?
Why are narcotics bad for you?
frequent aching feet its getting annoying?
what is the difference between an acquired brain injury (ABI) and a traumatic brain injury (TBI)?
so full.....it hurts.?
but what if im dibeitc and broke a toe?
Has anyone brought tramadol from www.tramadolking.com?
Pain in Left Side when I lay down?
what should I do when on earth I have sore in my throat?
My ankle hurts when i lie down.?
Why is it bad to work out at night?
is the pain medication nubain being discontinued?
left side of my kidney area hurts after exercise?
best medicine i can find in perth?
Problems With Cracking My Neck?
Am I short for my age?
Snacking during all nighters means weight gain?
Have u taken GNC Womans Ultra Mega active vita pak?
How old do you have to be to have a gym membership?
Which is better Free Weights or BioForce for a home gym?
Im going to start the Master Cleanse the day after tomorrow, how many cups of it should i drink a day?
What home remedy is effective pain relief of fever blisters?
Cannot Bend or Straighten my knee fully?
Whats wrong with the top of my head?
i have lower back pain just to the left side?
Ive been getting shivers on the side of my face top my head and random vertigo?
why do i feel nauseous all the time?
stabbing pains in my feet?
When my i sneeze my back the back of my neck really hurts?
Sugery Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I might have torn my meniscus.?
Relief for lower back pain?
How do people become maimed in a fight?
I have a constant stitch feeling, What is it?
when can i go back to work after appendix removal?
I woke up this morning with a sore throat and discolouration on my tongue what could this possible be?
Ways to lose weight, preferably fast.?
Is this a good workout schedule?
drinking lots of water and gaining weight?
How can i fell comfortable with my body?
when is the best time to drink a weight gainer shake?
what promblem do i have when i always ask the same question over and over again. and also have a history depr
ADD meds and my period?
Has anyone out there been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder?
does anyone have a copy of 'the emotional indicator exercise' by earl gordon curly?
I think I might have ADD???
what is life?
What are the side effects of lexapro and kalma?
Treatment 4 marijuana addiction anyone please?
How can I stay thin while having a broken ankle?
I had a sore eye and now there is black stuff dripping out of the side of my head...?
Anyone ever had a constant chest pain and the doctors can't find anything wrong?
Why do I get shin splints while horse riding?
I think i bit my nail a little too hard yesterday because today the whole finger hurts.. help?
Can't straighten my knee fully, or bend it to far?
where can i get yoga for knocked knees?
What is this pain in my abdomin?
headaches for 2 days now?
Upper AND Lower Back Exercises - can you help me please?
i am 27 and have heaps of pelvis pain goes from side to side but mostly in my right side any one help me ?
Leg in great pain ? Please help?
I'd like to lose 3 pounds a week..?
When weightlifting... read rest of question please?
you know benylin cough and conjestion( with dmx in it) do you have to by it over the counter? ?
What does this mean.. Lung Cancer?
has any one had withdrawls from vicdon because they stoped?
Sprained joint in spine causing severe discomfort. Help?
stomach pains after i eat?
what would cause this too happen?
nausea, muscle soreness and fatigue?
How do I make my feet stop hurting? PLEASE!!!!?
Pressure build up in neck?
i took tablets (omeprazole) and Codeine Phosphate...?
is pain common years after a testicular surgery?
I have a headache that started last week in the back of the head and the area was sore to the touch?
Suddenly my knee is popping and aching when bent.?
I have a sharp stabbing like pain my back near my rib cage. This pain comes and goes. Any ideas on what it is?
Why is my back always so sore?!!?
Random shoulder pain yesterday, now worse this morning!!?
Does cutting back on food consumption help with weight loss, with exercise 2-3 days a week?
Lose 15 pounds in 4 months?
How can I gain weight?
Does water help lose water weight?
What does illicit mean?
Panic Attacks and Driving?
I think my husband is a narcacist?
what do people know about compulsive eating?
My boyfriend's sister (19) tried to overdose this weekend, what now?
did anyone gain weight with zoloft?
NEED ADVICE! Is this a good way to support my best friend with bipolar disorder?
has anyone experienced panic attacks?
How do I balance uni, work and a serious relationship?
How much value is a dental crown/cap of porcelain fused to high noble white gold vs.fused to high noble metal?
About how much does it cost to get a dental check up and work done on a cavity without insurance, please help?
how do i find information on a dentists?
once we lose enamel from our tooth do we get it back?
will cipro work on a gum infection?????????????/?
I am looking for a really good dentist. Practically painfree. I am in the Downey, cypress, los alamitos area.?