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Does Diet Coke bloat you noticeably?
Should I be doing multiple sets of the same exercise one after another or after my other exercises?
Why do you want to lose weight? What is your motivation?
How many calories are in a 40g bowl of oatmeal and a banana?
Dog walk, dog baths, 15 min exercise dvd, sweep, mop, vacuum - good workout?
where have I gone wrong? I don't understand anymore?
what's a good weight for a 15 year old girl (height 5'2")?
I want to lose weight. How much should I lose?
Why do I weigh so much but look thin?
does anyone know how long it takes to get over a caterac op?mums had 1 two days ago now she has it infected.?
i am taking rhodiola and i am also on inhalers and i would like to take echinacea can anyone advise?
Help for pain in my feet after seeing My Podiatrist !?
Recently diagnosed with aml leukemia?
not donating to a cancer charity: do you think it will bring bad karma?
What is worse depression or anxiety? Cause at this moment l feel like l'm suffocating and l cannot breathe.
Does anyone take celepram ?
Are these measurements good for a 16 year old girl at 5'1?
What are some simple and quick exercising to do in the morning?
49 year old female looking for ways to start loosing weight again.?
How much should a 5'4 to 5'5 person weigh?
do you know why i don't exercise?
Does marijuana make you loose weight?
Did i eat too much? ?
lose weight fast!!!!!!!!!!!????????? thighs and belly fat?
Is kayaking a good form of cardio?
If I Lose 45-50 lbs,Will My Face Be Slimmer? 10 points?
When you take Synthroid must you also take Iodoral for it to work effectively?
After braces are removed...?
lower cut gums?
Whats the fastest way to get rid of that "new retainer" taste?
Tongue trust and open bite! Please help?
What are the pains and pleasure of braces?
What happens after fillings?
If someone recently had braces , but when they took them off their teeth went back can they get braces again?
what date or month does grade 10's have their TB jabs done? please be honest, i live in northants,?
virtual doctors office?
Excess burping, anxiety and left side pain? What is it?
how do i tell my parents this?
Can I see the report on anger management you spoke about today on Sunrise?
list 3 examples of formal methods you may be asked to use to observe client behaviour.?
Always tired is it Seroxat or what????
define depression and compare difference in neurological and intellectual?
Why is it that when adults have multiple personalities they are put in an mental hospital, but when a child ha
why do i hear voices?
Emotional Freedom Technique- this is brilliant plse try it?
What wil happen if i take too many panadeine forte+ alcohol?
If I get a bridge?
Are porcelain veneers really worth all the money they cost?
Only five more days...?
Any good home remedies for toothaches?
Does anybody know if abri health insurance will cover the cost of getting a crown?
Is it normal to get retainers before braces?
my moms teeth are rotten and have wholes on them... they smell soo good and i want some like hers?
Is it odd to get your wisdom teeth at 14?
how effective are retainers at straightening teeth?
No more e-mail?
is the gum surgery painful?
who has the best dental insurance???
Extreme Jaw Pain?
wht is actually pyruvites?can it happen in the age of 17?
Can u help me ????????????????????????????
white lines on inner side of both my cheeks what are these?
I had my tooth pulled last week, and still am having pain? The medication is not working. What should I do?
any have a dental skin graft done?
heavier than i look? (20 characters)?
Losing weight --34-24-34 (or close)?
Was wondering i joined the gym and i want to do p90x as well is that bad or should i just stick to one thing ?
Do GNC products actually work?
Getting rid of side/hip and thigh fat help?
What's the best way to load my creatine when 1 scoop = 6 grams and im shooting for 24grams a day?
I have bad knees, what exercises can i do to lose weight?
was working on getting the Beyonce body unTil...........l````````````l............?
Can i take 24 grams of creatine monohydrate all at once after my workout?
who is the old exercise trainer?
i need to lose 15 pounds.. how can i diet with being so picky?
How much to lose 3 BMI?
healthy snack ideas????
what age can you have baby fat until?
When should i take protein and creatine?
what are the diets they use for the people on 'I Used To Be Fat'?
I caught the end of o ne of the news stories on 7 about doore program helping children with ADD.Didn't get all
Iget anxious after studying for long periods? Can some one help explain?
has anybody else gained weight taking antidepressant Lovan 20?
where is the action bar so i don't get all these emails?
Rapid cycling Bipolar II?
How can I help someone having a nervous break down? It's my mom...?
this can't be good...?
What hapens to my coumadin therapy if I need dental surgery?
What to do when child has abscess on gum?
i have a question regarding tooth gums...is there a way to make it stronger?
How much will I be paying on my next dentist visit?
Insurance coverage question....?
about braces?
when is world diabetes day?
I'm getting my braces off soon. Any questions I should ask my orthodontist?
How much do braces cost?
how long does it take to study dentistry in England?
Is there any where i can go in the dallas fort worth metroplex that offers low cost or free dental care.?
DENTAL question!?
i chipped my tooth, what should i do??
Any suggestions for not getting numb with novocaine?
I had an extration on 7/25/06 and I am still on pain mainly my gums now I wake to pain what can be the reason
Does anyone know of a good dental plan for florida that is reasonably priced?
Are skin tags cancerous?
im so afraid about getting cancer. please help?
Do you think the American Goverment is hiding the cure for Cancer?
Trying to keep my metabolism up, is this right? please help?
how long does it take to become anorexic?
Working out before I go to work.... questions?
how do i flatten my belly?
How vital are weight lifting supplements?
how much water should i intake while using creatine monohydrate?
okay, I am wanting to get back in better shape. What's a good idea for food and workout?
cofee diet to loose 5kg?
should i lose weight?
What type of excersise do you lose the most weight doing?
Shakeology? what is the cheapest way to purchase shakeology?
Does dieting to a binge eat one day work or do they cancel out?
Help, Help, Help! Diet help?
how to loose five-10 pounds before summer?
what is a free way to get teeth whiter?
my gum(triangular part between teeth) are swollen in some parts?How do i reduce it ?i have braces.?
Does anyone have Damon Braces?
damon 2 braces?
Is it a really bad sign if a tooth falls apart after being out of a mouth for a while?
whats up with being emo why do people do it there are other ways to ease pian you kinwo no affence?
I woke up today and noticed my back tooth is broke really bad?
what hurts most pulling your wisdom teeth out or cutting them out?
Do dentists have to complete a residency (like doctors) after earning a DDS?
Do braces really hurt?
Are sociopaths , physcopaths born that way or is it bad parenting ?
does hypertension causes the person to easily lose their temper?
Does anybody else ever find themselves humming a particular tune randomly during the day... ?
Why do i feel like i have to travel?
Drug rehabs in NSW?
i used to be indecisive but now im not sure whether i am or not. can someone please give me reasons for this.?
I was in the sun for about 30 min. with a uv rate of 7 without sun cream. Am i at risk of getting skin cancer?
can motor oil give you cancer?
can you lose muscle strength if you work out to hard?
Do you girls find sweat on a hot muscular guy working out to be attractive?
Help me make a plan to loose weight?
Weight loss without going on a diet?
exactly what does dietary supplement mean?
How could i loose Alot of weight Plzz any help?
P90x after 90 days? Next 90 days?
What should my weight be at 19 being about 5'1 ?
Been doing yoga for about a week straight and now all my joints are popping?
Lift heavy or light weight?
Is too much muscle healthy?
i had gum surgery performed a while ago. how do i reduce the appearnace of gaps?
My friend's 10 year old daughter knocked her front teeth out a few days ago. Is there a cheap way to fix it?
I need a grant for my dental school training .I'm a single mother.?
Can I please hear from some orthodontists about possible allergic reaction to braces?
Do spacers hurt bad as everyone say?
what countries chew the most gum?
Electric Toothbrushes?
Should use actually brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush? Or just hold it on each tooth?
Is it better to use Crest White Strips before or after you brush?
Has anyone heard that dentist won't do tooth extrations if you are now or have taken fosamax?What can you do?
colgate whitestrips...?
What is the amount of income that would qualify a person for free dental help?
do you know a humanitarian or philanthropist as one is needed to save my friends life. this is the only hope l
can any body tell me about the application of laser in dentistry ?
do they do dental implants at UCLA?do u reccomend it?
I got my cavity filled two weeks ago and it's hurting?
what can you eat when you have braces?
i have history of ENT problems and got like a real bad viral infection over the last week?
How can i make my bf comfy he has a slipped disk which is compressing his nerves he is in a lot of pain?
How much Calpol can I take?
Wrist Pain Question - What Is It?
broken leg..............?
Recently i have been getting a sharp pain in the back of my head?
Do you think i should give my boy friend a bath tonight he is parlayed from the waste down and has arthritis?
Severe Stabbing pains in the top of my stomach?
What should I do about this terrible headache?
Pain At The Top Of My Foot?
Whats the difference between.....?
ihave had an ache in my upper arm for a while now i have a burst blood vessel in my eye any connection?
Why has my dosage gone up?
Side Effects of Zomorph, Amitripyline and Diclofenac tablets...?
how long will i need to wear my expander?
how can i stop biting my tongue when I'm sleeping?
all my teeth are broken,need to come out,im on medicare,medicaid.diabetic (no pancreous mouth,pain is severe,?
what is a guava mouthwash? how about its history? i need it for my research paper.?
retrograde fillings in non endodontically treated teeth?
Why do condolezzas?
does a filling hurt with out freezing?
Will they give me braces?!?
Infected Gum?
Crown or Surgery?
When you get an expander put into your mouth ..... do u sound/talk different??
Does anyone know how to relieve pain from a possible cavity. I can't get into the dentist for a while?
How long does it take to get your retainer after braces?
I would like information about soft proflex dentures including costs?
Tooth decay: If its around the gum line, can it be drilled and filled?
cancer runs in my family alot!!, i'm having syptoms of cancer.... i'm 13. but my mom doesn't think anything is
can men get breast cancer?
Am I losing weight too fast?
how do i lose lovehandles?
Is it OK that I am not getting sore any more off of the insanity workouts?
how can i LOOSE weight,what kind of excises should i do?
why does my bmi say that im under weight?
Workout routine please?! ?
Am I eating enough calories?
Will I gain weight after I stop dieting?
Did i do good today in eating?
Calories to eat a day to break a plateau..?
I need to stop binging/purging.?
What is an unhealthy food that has a healthy alternative?
I am in love with a serb girl .?
is cephalexin used for abcess teeth often?
Tooth extraction site not healing?
Has anyone worn a splint to help with TMJ symptoms?
Need some dental work on my teeth. in Georgia?
I plan on getting invisalign braces, you're supposed to wear the 20hrs a day at least. When playing sports can
what type of treatment for paedatric dental patients are carried out under general anesthesia?
Anyone know of a website to by Dental Floss for implants by GUM?
does any one know of good dentist s in mexico?
When you eat alot of artificial sweeteners what do you enter to your body?
How can I find a job in a dental laboratory in Virginia, United States?
how long does the effect of Listerine mouthwash remain in the mouth?
Cavity or something else?
How to solve jawbone infection?
is this normal to have after tooth extraction?
what chewing gum will not stick to false teeth?
Mouth rinse for poor-healing tooth extraction site?
i have a lump over a bad tooth?
my chemistry teacher said its best to brush your teeth in WARM water rather than cold!?
What is the approximate cost of Damon Braces for a 1 year treatment?
i want a female friend to share here...?
Someone help!!!! ANYONE?
How much does it cost to get all your girlfriend's teeth pulled?
Yay or Nay.. a pill that would kill your tastebuds...?
p90x & bein fat...............?
Eating under 800 calories a day how much weight loss in a month ?
If I weight 118 pounds right now, how many calories should I consume to loose 18 pounds in a month?
Am I fat or just big boned?
Addicted to salt.....and chewing ice?
How many Ensure Plus should I drink per day?
requirements for physical trainer?
how can i burn thigh fat and still grow tall?
Is Gluten Free Chocolate Cookies Healthy?
Question about visible six pack abs?
Good work outs for losing weight?
Running and weight loss:help?
Are there secret drugs for the rich, or is everyone equal?
I'm sorry to be asking but it is driving me insane, not sure how to cope?
I was around someone who was smoking pot will it show up on a test?
Can you develop a cancer on the side of your big toe?
Question about pain & swelling in feet...not gout, could it be from chemo?
has anybody had an under-bite?
I got my wisdom teeth out....I didn't get any sutures. Am I supposed to?
how do you soothe irritated eyes?
A sharp pain in my left leg?
reallly need medical advice, pleassseeeee? very very much in pain!!?
How can I relieve pain from flat feet?
I have a cracked and sore tongue?
why does my back hurt?
what causes night cramps in your chest i have them and the doctor has put me on tablets for it?
Lyrica Pregabalin 75mg capsule?
Anyone help with hip problems?
has anyone had steroid and cortizone injections in their spine?
Are sports masseuse's and regular masseuse's the same thing?
It feels like somethings going to pop!!?
My legs really hurt what is it?
I have bad jaw pain.cant close mouth all the way on right side and now my ear hurts too.what is wrong with me?
Explain the leech diet?
Can you use Naked Juice or odwalla for a juice cleanse?.?
I am really afraid of getting fat, Should I be?
How do i increase calories without increasing carbs?
need advice on the food i need before and after workout?
if you binge eat once in a while would you still gain weight?
I feel really weird after working out...reasons as to why that is?
Lose weight in school!?
Will the exercises I'm doing give me the results I want?
Have any1 every tried the HCG diet? if so do it work?
How many calories should I be eating?
What are the main things you want out of a weight loss site?
what would happen if you eat bread thats been out for days?
Why the weight gain?!?!?
what problem ?my daughter age 7 . teeth falling but not coming even after 4 months very slow growth pls adv?
What's the Difference? Root Canal/Crown??
tooth pulled thursday, still hurts?
Question to dentists.?
Does anyone know the average cost of a dental visit & cavity filling in SC? We don't have dental insurance...
How much money earn a dentist in US in a moth?
white tongue?
Dontisolon D?
I've just taken out my wisdom tooth yesterday... I want to know when I can start to eat solid food again?
dental crown types?
Why are root canals soo expensive?
Cosmetic dentistry question?
Tomorrow Teeth Extractions!!?
Are porcelain fused to metal crowns supposed to look greyish (ew, gross!) on the sides not facing the front?
Tooth veneers, anyone not happy with the results?
I read on internet that laser teeth whitening isn't so good?
Best treatment for teeth that have lost all the enamel-lm considering Lumineers but will cost $20G?
Is it okay to have periodontal work after getting porcelin veneers. My dentists says I have gum recession.....
Which type of skin is more prone to skin cancer?
Can TB be caught in hospital, without your knowledge, but within 10days symptoms manifest?
Is this arthritis even though i've been told no, read on please :)?
Pro plus Caffeine tablets and Pararcetamol?
pain at the top of my mouth?
Eye pain in the morning?
I've just had my cartilage pierced, I did it myself, and well it's really sore and hurts when its touched even?
i have pain in my right side?.?
Why do i feel so bad?
why is my right knee hurt when i walk?
how do pain killers target the pain?
what is a bunion i'm wondering because of coronation street...?
Why are my knees hot?
I need a cure.............?
Help, Why can't I straighten out in bed!!!?
what kind of meds can i use after i have a root canal?
tool used in filling?
How long should a clot stay in after having a tooth extracted?
Has anyone tried the Viazi Fast Braces?
can dental implants be bridged between them,or are individual implants needed for each tooth postion ?
What happens when a side of a tooth breaks off?
I am two weeks in to wearing my new bridge,that closed a large gap between my front teeth and replace a tooth?
are ther any discount dental clinics near weirton,w.v.?
About braces???
Does anyone know of a night guard for teeth grinding that ONLY covers the molars? Whether a one-pc unit or two
I need a dentists opinion bad!?
Any dentists working pro bono these days?
hi my son has just gone back to school after the school holidays and i have noitced that his breath has been?
Free of charge ?
anyone who has experienced dental implants .......does it hurt?when the do it?
what is 1800docsmile?
is there any help to pay for adult dentistry?
I am so scared of getting my cavity filled b.c i know what tooth needs to fill and where they will shoot me at
I have to go to the dentist tomorrow!?
Healthiest food at P.F Changs?
new to the gym, where should I start learning?
What do you think about Life Fitness Energy Beans?
does eating bad when your a teen/ early adult will affect you negatively later on?
What are some exercises to get rid of touching thighs?
When should I take an amino acid tablet?
i have been running, and doing a lot of cardio everyday, how long until i start to see weight loss results?
Weight question??? Please answer!?
I need to lose weight fast, any ideas?
Quick weight question......?
Is it okay to eat alot of fruit?
How to lose inches from the waist and hips in a little over a month?
My BMI is underweight?
If i can pull my skin does that mean i am out of shape?
How much should I weigh?
Tongue, Lower Surface - Pain & Redness?
Which is the best ENT clinic in Hyderabad, India for Tympanoplasty? How much it costs?
I have Sore Ribs. They Look bigger than Normal?
Can someone please help me....for a few weeks now both sides of my neck below my ears is aching i get it?
Severe pain in ankle bone with shooting pains up leg 2 weeks after a sprain?
Weird pains in my left leg?
anal shooting pain and stomach cramps what is it?
Why am I getting severe muscle pain?
There does come a point when chucking it all in seems a more appealing option to the alternative,doesn't there?
My jaw starts to ache?
Can someone tell me what iv'e done to both of my legs?
Ear Drop Help - Please Help?
I have a foot problem called morton neuroma and have?
i m having numbness in my right tip of toe, anyone can tell me why?
I have mild upper/lower back pain and lower neck pain. Are there any effective supports that can help?
I want to lose weight...?
Does anyone have obsession with hotsauce like me?
exercises I can do in my room?
How do i get thinner inner thighs?
what do i have to do in order to lose 20 pounds in a month to two months?
How many lbs can someone lose in 5 months?
What are legal steroids I can buy to get muscle build quickly without making me sick ?
Um any input on the hcg diet. :)?
how do i lose 20 pounds fast?
Do I have Bulimia.......................?
Should I eat eggs after working out/weight lifting?
I want to loose weight. Here are my stats:?
Did I eat horrible today?Should I go puke?
I just got full only after a couple bites?!?
If i do pilates 3 times a day how long until i see results ?
I had Gastric Bypass 6 months ago ...?
Do I have Bulimia...?
Why we get wisdom tooth? and why the wisdom tooth is so called as"wisdom" tooth???
Where can I puchase orthodontic insurance?
I've had a white bump on my gums for about 15 years is it possible that it is a tumor?
How much does it cost for a tooth filling?
My tooth hurts?
i think i have a problem with my gums?
its been 4 wks since i got my braces after 2 wks he to me i had to get them on the top instead of the bottom y
has lingual orthodontic the same effect as normal one?did anymone try it?
dentist in Penang, Malaysia?
How can I come up with $600.00 for crowns for 2 broken molars?
IF i got 100% coverage insurance (medicaid), is it possible to get braces for free?
after i get my braces out and i dont need my retainer anymore will getting wisdom teeth removed mess them up?
I just had dental treatment today . it was suppose to be 2 fillings and 1 extraction (through sedation)?
Why do the sides of 2 teeth (one on each side of my mouth on bottom) hurt to touch, but no cavity.?
How do you know if your tooth is cracked and can it be saved?
can a ps3 slim give you cancer?
DrFloras colon cleanse?
can u purposly get cancer?
How long a gap do I have to leave between taking Cocodomol and Tramadol?
my ear ache...........................?
I have a horrible pain in my stomach?
Pain Coccyx,what shall I do?
Painful arm and really fast heartbeat?
has anyone had a hiatus hernia operation by keyhole and are you in pain for long afterwards?
i have exercised for years and recently started jogging when walking and know i have hip pain any ideas?
Injections in your arms.?
I have realy bad neck pain and would like some tips on massaging it ..please?
back ache really badly help?
pains in stomach in morning?
what do you think my hip pain is ?
just started weights 4 the first time monday ever since then i cannot bend my arm the pain is unreal?
Since I had Mirena fitted 2 weeks ago had bad pain,have to take ibuprofen every 4hrs 24hrs day,Is this normal?
AM tingling & numbness in the fingers of my left hand has turned extremely painful. Any hand exercises help?
Im feeling so down :(?
I need help on pull up bar exericse?
Is trans fat guaranteed to stick to your arteries?
Have I eaten too much/ enough to gain weight?
muscle repair suppliments?
How can I improve my cardio?
How many calories did i eat?
Is this considered anorexia?
I my bmr is so low that i only burn 1200 cal day. I am losing weight but its so slow and its like fasting?
Does eating 5 oranges count as your 5 a day ?
How Many Healthy Choice Meals Should I Eat In One Day?
Does any one know Jordan's last name from "I Used to be Fat"?!?
How to lose weight and tone up?
Do i need to gain weight ? ? ?
Is this a realistic fitness goal?
about how much water would a person have to drink in order to cleanse thc from the body?
Natural immunity to TB percentages?
I have a chesty painful cough in pregnancy?
Does anyone else have alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency?
i'm a new dental graduate living in california....anyone know a dentist who's hiring???
braces or invisilighn, what is better?
I have tonsillitis?
will the lisp go away?
Isn't it damaging to have repetitive deep scaling and root planning? Each time it is done, more of the gum
I want invisiline?
How do I get rid of an infection smell from wisdom teeth in my mouth?
how to manage caries in a patient with ventricular septal defect?
Teeth Whitening?
HELP Please???????????
HELP ME PleaSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is a root planing quad?
How can dental decay be treated in the thin, spade-like end of an upper incisor?
My back tooth really hurts when i drink anything!?!?
Is routine dental care available to all citizens of main land china?
How to tell you have a cavity?
What is a good wholesome food to eat when you don't have any upper teeth?
i have no insurance and need to remove my wisdom teeth, does anyone know a place in FL?
How Long does it take for teeth to grow??
If you can feel the sensation of your tongue accross the surface of your tooth does that mean you need a....?
Allen Carrs Stop Smoking?
Abdominal pain?
I just quit smoking cigarettes - will the damage done by them be reversed with time?
Did people find a cure for cancer yet?
If doctors of today are so smart, why have they not found a cure for Cancer?
What should I have before I workout in the morning?
How can I put on some weight?
What weight should I be?
Can a difference be felt when someone supplements with a multivitamin?
So, im gonna eat my 5-A-Day, what do you suggest?
Why do I have so much back fat?
How do i know im losing weight?
Can you calculate some excercize for me?
Is it okay to eat pizza that's been sitting out overnight (covered)?
which muscles are workout with military barbell press shoulder?
How do I tone the body core. Links would be great.?
what's that stuff you take if your constipated?
Why I only lost 2 lbs in 3 weeks?
diet pill question? Lipozene Vs. Alli? which one is better?
How many calories can you burn by shoveling snow?
Where can I find oral care instructions for kids?
Are there dentists who serve uninsured college students? I have a cracked tooth and it's starting to hurt.
Is there any chance that listerine whitening prebrush-rinse can increase the chance for cavities?
wyman is a drug used to relive toohache what is its side effects on overdose?
i have pain in my wisdom teeth. should i get them removed.?
Why is the gum going away from my teeth?
I have a14 month old and he is getting his one year molers. But one is soft.?
florida medicaid?
Is this normal after a wisdon tooth is removed?
does anyone know of a latex-free dental office in San Francisco?
Why are my teeth so bad?!?
Can scaling be done in one doctors visit?
Is it common for a retainer to give you a severe lisp?
What Burned the upper part of my lip during a crown and vennier procedure?
How do I properly care for an impacted wisdom tooth until I can afford to have it removed?
what are the advantages and disadvantages of a doctor`s life?
information on sectional dentures?
Why are dentists in California working without mercury amalgam, while dentists in Tennessee still say it's OK?
So help me out. my son has changed asthma medications from .5mg/2ml to 40 micrograms is he getting more or les
what is the best thing to do if u have a sore coccyx.?
Im in pain? help please?
any thing i can do to ease brace pain?
eye pain all around and nose?
Is this back pain normal?
dull ache, probably muscle or a strain?
I have a young child with a weak neck and a floppy toungue is this a serious problem?
Left Arm numbness chest pain?
i think ive broken my collar bone?
how to stop aching muscles ?
my mate is 24 and he is getting really bad pain across his tummy where his heart is and there sharpe pains?
Recent piercing is still sore... help!?
i have done something to my leg/hip?
Wisdom Teeth?
Get braces for a while, then get Invisalign ?
what do i use to fix cracked dentures, super glue dosen't work?
Should i get my teeth whitened?
Gum growing over a tooth?
Dental plans international?
I am on medicare and medicaid and need emergency dental work, does any one know if an extraction is covered?
If you had a mole of molars, how long would it take you to brush your teeth?
Full braces with herbst appliance?
what are some claims of scope mouthwash?
i need to get antibiotics, but cannot afford to go see a doctor,besides i know it is for my teeth?
How to strengthen teeth?
new to braces, had a TPA?? fitted feels like its dropping is this normal?
where can i find really good dental insurance?
Anyone try that new Smart Mouth oral rinse?
hole in tooth- dentist apt. 1 wk away. Need temp filling?
Can abcess or peridontal disease cause chronic fatigue, etc...?
Does tooth whitening actually change the "color" of u/r terth, or just remove the coffee/tobacco stains?
does anyone know of any aid for help for disabled who need major dental work?
How many calories did I have?
Skipping school to go out to eat?
Would it be ok to eat 2 medium potatoes now?
how do i get Joey Gloor to be my personal trainer?
Do guys care if girls have big thighs?
If I exercise, will my body ever store fat?
How much should I weigh? -diet?
Is this a great way to keep fit..?
ways to build muscle and get tone without lifting weights!? (i'm an athlete)?
Problem with one of my Biceps?
How long does Fat sit in the stomach?
I Broke My Front Teeth. How much will it hurt to get fixed?
average cost of a tooth cap?
my sister got braces and she says they hurt, but i don't know. do they hurt?
What do braces cost (on average), and are they very painful?
My 6 years old son has a little pain in his gum (upper side) .?
how old do kids have to be to get braces?
Has anyone used Invisalign? If so, how do you get rid of the smell?
I had a tooth extracted 5 days ago. Why does it feel like I have something stuck in my throat when I swallow?
I got my wisdom teeth pulled should i still be swollen?
What are the best over the counter teeth whiteners??
What do you think of Listerine whitening mouthwash?
how to ease a toothache?
Is it ok to wash my retainer with antibacterial hand soap?
do you guys know any Dentistry Voluntary opportunites around Cal State LA within 20 mile radius?
son with braces is a runner and takes lots of Ibuprofen. Can this keep his teeth from moving to correct?
Dental insurance or no? Cost of a crown?
What should someone expect from wisdom teeth being removed?
dental floss?
Nasal Polyps?
medicine for urologic infection?
can your diapraghm make you not breathe properly sometimes?
how do i deal with this?
Why do children sleep walk,is it genetic?
people think that I am responsibile for my friend cutting herself, what should I do to change people"s mind
Why my mind wander anywhere anytime. How to concentrate on what I am doing. Does my chakras/mind have problem?
Am I getting depresion?
Anyone have any tips for chemotherapy sufferers?
Is it possible for the human body to fight off cancer without any medical help?
Why government doesn't want to spend money for Alternative medical research, and both-Conventional and?
How much did a pack of cigarettes cost in 1920?
Why do people think having cancer is not a disability?
What is the big fuss about breast cancer?
what should i not eat if i have cancer please help me?
what is cancer of the breast?
My friend just got diagnosed with cancer and has no insurance. What are her options?
Ive had about 5 Cat Scans in my lifetime and Im 20 now....Is that safe? 10 Points for best answer!!?
What's the chance for survival?
The aching is driving me crazy :( { re askd for serious answers? )?
I have a really bad pain in my nose and...?
What is wrong with my ear?
Pain in the arse. Why is my coccyx hurting?
Knee Pain .. Help !?!?
Trapped wind for 2 days, any remedies?
How to treat stiff neck/shoulder?
What causes cramp and how can I stop them?
Whats wrong with my arm :|?
Do I have a leg to stand on?
Can I still use paracetamol that been stored above 25 degrees Celcius?
Dull ache pain's in legs....?
how old should i wait for knee replacement.?
is temazepam tasteless?
Question about pain in my chest?
What is the best brand of whitening toothpaste?
What can you do for a chipped tooth.?
I just got my wisdom teeth taken out on wednsday...?
Why does it starts to hurt just by listening to the sounds in a dentist's office?
teeth?what is crowning?it works for whom?how does it work?is it pain ful?
how to remove tetracycline staining from teeth ??
Will I be OK if I to have to wait 3 weeks before I can get painful wisdom tooth with bad cavity extracted?
Anyone out there that is a qualified to do probono orthodontic work?
I would like to floss between a tooth and a temp. cap. I want to know am I suppose to do it or not.?
i hace an abcess an i feel sick but i got antibotites that the dentist gave me will i feel better.?
i just got braces wed.?
I have a huge gap in my teeth-Need some advice?
why is my mouth too small?
I tried to floss my fake teeth this morning. Do you think I am getting a little forgetful?
I need a Professional Dentist to answer this. please?
Do you really need to floss while wearing fixed braces? (traintracks)?
what is knotted blood vessel inside the cheek called?
Why am I hungry 20-30 minutes after a full meal?
Salad dressing help? Is it healthy?
i want to loose weight but i dont want to stop going out.?
Chest Problem!?
I wanna be on diet,but I can't resist on food.I am so fat.Pleace people help me.?
What causes nasel congestion?
If i just eat applesauce and vanilla yogurt for two weeks how much weight will i lose?
Will this low exercise help me achieve my goal?
Are BMI scales always correct?
When using an unhealthy diet...?
asbestos analyst.?
What foods should I eat while doing the Insanity workout?
will i go same way?
Am I on the right path? How long until I see results.?
I weighed in last week at weight watchers?
If I put an ace wrap around my stomach will it help me loose weight?
Any opinions on Kundinger, Kim K DDS - Kundinger Kim K DDS in Naples, FL?
I pulled my baby tooth out, will it come back?
who are the bad dentists to avoid in Menlo Park, CA?
Why do my teeth look like Cheetoo puffs?
Root canal...bad idea to get it done the day before my senior pictures?
anyones teeth ever feel loose?
I had a numbing shot for my teeth and the day after I have this little bump where she gave me my shot and it?
due to rupturing of blood vessels, if the teeth has turned grey, can it return back to white after sometime?
Why does the skin on my leg feel so sensitive?
pain in the lower right of my abdomenal?
i wake up and all my joints ache and glands are up?
How can you get rid of eye strain?
Can anyone help with a question about an iliostomy and a stoma?
Cramp? What causes it?
Extra mucus, thorat aches, belly aches? HELP :(?
i`ve got a pain in my lower stomach?
Help with my nerves for tonight?
why does sole of foot go numb?
Constant pain in guts.?
Is this serious? neck noise?
Ear surgery info?!?!?
What causes this pain?
is pain threshold same for every person not pain tolerance?
i getrandom back pains..?
Is it safe to take workout supplements and NOS energy drink at the same time?
What is the best all in one protein shake?
How many calories should I eat?
do you think Size 8 is fat?
on a diet ..but freshly inured ...help?
What should you eat in a 'SIX TIMES A DAY MEAL'?
Is there a good workout program?
Im not sure why im not loosing weight?
I started a low carb high protein diet and i haven't stopped shaking since?
Too skinny? Have I lost too much weight?
How to lose 7-10 pounds in a week?
Whats a torso and abdominal muscles?
can you sneeze inwards?
On average, if a Child was to have a chest x-ray, how long would the radiation stay in the body?
As any body had a sinus operation?
mechanism of salivation?
What are the requirements for in-office teeth whitening?
does having a tooth out hurt?
explain seizure?
If you woke up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?
has anyone used laser accupunture for anxiety? and did it work for them?
Does anyone else have lucid dreams/out-of-body experiences when they miss a dose of Effexor?
How do i help when nothing can be done?
what did the worst psychologist you every saw do, that caused you harm as opposed to helped you?
once i tried preventative medicating rather then constant medicating eg:?
How can soft drinks say they have 0 calories?
how can i loose weight? as of eating proper foods everyday or taking vitamens?
losing weight and antidepressants?
My bmi is 20.7. I weigh 128 lbs. Is that good?
any recipes for dieting?
Gym workout to lose belly fat.?
i need help on planning a diet?
Does anyone know of a cookbook or recipe book that gives calorie totals of that meal?
Which is better for to loose weight?
I really want to lose 30 pounds, and im 16.. any ideas?
Can a fast start in the middle of the day?
At what age does teeth stop growing?
is there any natutural remedy for gum recession?
Does anyone know of a good holistic dentist in or around the Tallahassee, Florida area?
Dental floss injury to gums - I sliced my gums with new sharp dental floss. Any quick cures?
Can I Lose 20 lbs in 3 Weeks/1 Month?
when i exercise does my fat burns?
how is it if somene doesnt eat much and doesnt excersice they lose weight?
Still nervous please help?
how can i get rid of my tooth pain without going to the dentist?
can anyone help in giving slogans or catchy captions related to preventive dentistry or dental topics?
Is there anyway to make Novocain wear off?
can someone tell me at what degrees celzius are all dental instruments sterilized at dry heat?
in how short of a time can cancer develop while using dip tobacco?
any last words.>.???
I live in San AntonioTexas,and where can I find an affodable or free emergency tooth extraction?
Did the dentist hit a nerve or what?
Do I have breast cancer? Please help! Very scared.?
Breast lumps - benign to malignant?
it' annoying to find people that go through chemo,how ever long that is and die?
Do I have breast cancer?
Cancer question please help?
A classmate has blood cancer...what is the right thing to do?
a friend had chemo therapy on 6/4,6/5,6/6 for colon cancer.lost hair yesterday is this normal?
Does this world really need to find a cure for cancer?
Is this cancer or will it kill me pls help?
If my grandmother had breast cancer, is there a risk i might get it ?
can any one give details about Asbestos cancer?
My boyfriend's dad just found out he has cancer. He hasn't really been one to share his feelings?
Unusual pain on my left side?
My legs have been hurting alot lately..?
Burning pain and high temperature...?
gross question about nose?
Possible cause of sudden knee pain.?
I have piles and a bad back and other things.....?
Pain in left arm which starts at the tip of my shoulder?
sore spot on thigh. it has a black head and the skin around it is hard and red. its very sore when i walk.?
My back is sore, please help?
Ouch, what can I do about this *SHORT and 10 points*?
My hands are really sore?
IS GILDOR DE CHATEAU WRONG?re dla and incapacity benefit?
i have a abscess that just came up and iam going to the oral surgeon will he be able to pull it?
what is the best method to straighten my teeth?
to Dr. SAM?
I cannot adjust to my dental partials. Isn't there technology to create less intrusive partials?
what is meant by "none surgical dental implants"?
X-ray damage of throat organ and tissue?
Where to find photos of molars?
How do 4/5 dentists recommend brushing with each different type of toothbrush?
invisalign bracets?
Dr. Sam, I need some advice and info?
where is a affordable dentist to extrct teeth in indiana( terra haute area)?
how i can to make good shape for composite filling?
How do I get rid of Tooth Stain's and under the price of $10? I need it off by this Sunday.?
What is cracked tooth syndrome?
How do you remove a piece of dental floss caught & shredded between your teeth?
Opinion on mouthwash containing alcohol?
zumba workout routine?
Healthy fat rich food and protein rich food?
How to exercise at night?
need help losing weight at 18!?
For about how many calories is that? Also is it healthy?
every time I work out I end up....?
What is the best way to gain muscle in the arms?
spanx & booty lifting jeans....have you lost weight?
I eat when I'm bored? food tips?
im 6'0 and 240lb, and im only 15, tell how to lose weight fast and efficiently?
I am losing weight, What items do i need for a whole new wardrobe?
How to tone up my arms?
YOGA- Has any one had a hiatus hernia caused by doing yoga if so how do you cure it.?
Sleep apnea?
Why do you get a headache when your braces get tightened?
i want to know about post graduate dental education in netherland in english?
can you use whiting strips on teeth veneers?
Can you helpe me with my TMJ problem?
How much is a Dental Braces?
Can anybody reccommend a cosmetic dentist in Belgium or France?
is the composite resin used in dental bonding the same with the white fillings?
dentures info?
Why am I having pain on one side of my face?
How longmust one wait before getting permanent dentures that won't need realignment?
what happens if i leave a shaved tooth as it is?
what solution do orthapedics use to remove braces that are glued on teeth?
does anyone know what a tounge strecher is?
give me pictures about proper tooth brushing?
tell me about one year old baby boy name emmanuel?
Is deep cleaning absolutely necessary b4 periodontal test?
what is the best way to clean tounge?
Tongue Piercing Lump [HELP] :(?
need taughts on my workout routine?
how to be thin again ?
How much can I lose in 3 weeks?
Does Shakeology work?!!?:)?
Will I really gain MORE weight if I eat under 2,000 calories?
Lost 30 pounds by diet and exercise but still got chubby chin and neck! HELP!?
How to lose weight fast?
Losing 3 pounds in 3 days? Possible?`?
What can I eat to lose fat?
eating soybeans everyday?
how to lose weight in 7 days?
I lost my appetite? i do not have a eatting disorder?
i saw my late mom beating me in dream?
Where's my name tag!?
How many of you out there can say that this works? For people with Mental Problems - Counselling...?
mind and body become one?
What are the concequences if you have OCD and dont take medication?
can youre mind cure anthing,i beleive so?
for carers of people with borderline personality disorder?
for carers of people with borderline personality?
Sharp pains in the back?
Help please! I have pain in right my arm - any ideas?
will wearing heels help with my sore knee?
Help with pain and clicking in hip?
i have i cyst on my leg like where my quadrieps are on my right leg, its slowly gone redder and more painful w?
Does anyone make a homemade muscle rub cream for sore muscles?
Should I go to the doctor?
I Have a ligament tear in my right knee from last one year but its not heald ?and it pains occasionally?
why does my tragus piercing suddenly hurt 4 years after its been pierced?
Right Shoulder Blade Pain?
How to make feet tougher(make skin/soles of feet harder wearing) so you don't get blisters all the time ?
Permanent headache......?
Burning Pain in the Neck?
Dentist, right or wrong?
can u get blisters in ur mouth?
my teeth hurt when i bite down?
Hi. I was wondering what exactly is getting one's teeth capped? Thanks?
Effective way to smell one's own breath?
Are my gums that hold my teeth in my mouth actually made out of Bubbl Yum?
What are the side effects from getting excessive amounts of vitamin intake?
How to make thighs skinny!?
How do you lose 50 pounds quickly?
How can I reach my weight goal by summer for a hot bikini body?
What are some exercises for my stomach?
i am getting pain in the upper abs part while doing bicycle crunches? how is it going to target the obiques?
what is considered a good bench press max for a 19 year old?
How much weight would I lose by doing this?
What do you do/use for exercising at home?
I shouldn't starve myself, but I should eat to much? what?! HELP!?
SWIMMING vs. TRACK & FIELD; Which sport helps you get in shape better/sooner (with a healthy diet)...more info?
Any Personal Trainers that can tell me what to eat?
Just got Wisdom teeth out 1 week ago. can i run?
getting braces off?
one of the rubber bands on my braces broke.. is there anywhere where i can get another one?
Can CRESOPHENE be used in pulpotomy for children.?
My dentist tries to collect money through collection agency after he did malpractice.?
Does rinsing with calcium rich water make sense?
Do it hurt when the orthodontist mold your teeth?
Help! I bite my inner cheek,without knowing it?
how do i numb my toothache for somedays?
Tennis Elbow?
Does gargling with rubbing alcohol help infected gums?
Will laser whitening eventually make your teeth turn blue?
Braces Help?
cortisone injection for neuroma?
has anyone ever woke up with rubber arm,?
I have a painful lump on the side of my neck?
My sides ache and feel hard, what is it?
will an orthoses knee brace help?
Very bad "twisting" pain in center of calf and behind knees?
pain lower right side?
Right upper arm pain?
can you still have growing pains at the age of 17 ?
Anything to ease the pain of my ear infection?
Pain in right side of neck, left side of torso, any ideas?
Got concrete in my open wound, now I can't stand with the pain - it might have burned into bone - my chin?
serious knee and leg pain?
Strange happenings with my left elbow, arm, hand and fingers.?
What should i eat to lose wieght?
I feel like I'm fat but according to the charts I'm not?
so ive been doing p90x since jan 10th and eating well......?
looking for weight loss experiments in Melbourne to get paid for?
im 17, 5 foot 9.5 inches tall and weigh 117? is this normal, or even healthy?
Someone help me come up with a plan for Weight Loss!?
is this a good excersise and diet routine for a 14 year old? and is my weight healthy?(more info)?
Good exercises for lovehandles?
P90x bicep help!????
I don't know if I am fat or skinny or chubby or right.?
Need help losing weight!!?
Exercise for young children and autistic kids?
What are the best diet pills that deliver results?
whats the difference between fat and calories?
What's better to use for weight lose... hydroxicut or slimquick?
Ok my question is for wisdom teeth extractions?
Hey! Is there any Dentists out there in New Orleans. Thank you?
I have a problem with removing adhesive from my mouth and dentures..My mouth feels so disgusting..any help?
we need a seaweed toothpaste recipe.?
how long does it take to have a night guard for teeth grinding made by a dentist??
Cavity prevention?
Will my gums be okay?
Has anyone had a gum graft?
how can you get your teeth whiter?
wisdom teeth question?
I am having a real problem with a tooth?
free dental care in northern mi?
Is there anything i can take for a gum infection?Yes i have bad teeth.No money for denist or doctor.Help me!!.
What should I do? My gum is swollen and there is like a bump on it, it may be abcess but I do not have money..
Has anyone used invisalign? How did you like it? About how much does it cost?
What happens when displaced teeth knocked from trauma isnt put back into place immediately?
what is the definition of epidemiology?
What can we do to prevent unwanted diseases that may be caused by silver amalgam?
Trouble with speech after getting Veneers?
three reasons that smokers die?
Does listening to music affect your concentration or brainwaves?
Re-occurring dreams?
Paranoid Schizophrenia?
I need help!?
who has bipolar disorder and how do you cope and what meds are you on for this?
what are the causes for people to become emotional eaters?
What is the basic definition of asperger's syndrome and is it curable?
Workout plan for fat people?
whats a good way to lose love handles?
Losing weight- stomach?
i ate about 1200 calories but burned 500 on treadmill, is that bad?
How do I get a flat stomach?
What is the perfect weight for a 17 yr old girl?
Needs help losing weight?
Is there such thing as eating too much grapefruit?
has anyone used the perfect.sit up? does it work? I put a link up so you know what it looks like?
Feeling guilty so I......................?
what is the best creatine to buy?
Flax seed oil vs Fish oil?
When will I see results doing this?
Does dancing make your thighs fat?
Has anyone had their top and bottom wisdom teeth removed??
How can I see a video showed at Yahoo.com one week ago ?
When can I open my jaw after having my wisdom teeth out?
Does wisdom teeth extraction hurt that much?
Afraid to loss his teeth. What are the alternatives?
Have u ever heard of any dentists having (or have had) bad teeth?
do vegetarians have sharper teeth?
Has anyone ever had a novacaine high?
Can the eye teeth cause the eye to hurt?
why does mouthwash have alcohol?
Will food getting stuck into wisdom teeth removal site cause dry socket?
Ineed teeth pulled and dentures on disability and am a senior?
My gums are kind of dark, Is there any way to lighten them?
What's most important qualities for Managers to have?
I have 2 dangly things at the bottom of my tongue they look like part of my tongue is this normal?
What's the difference bet Light Cure tx of posterior MO#37 from Light Cure Tx posterior #37?
hip leg joint pain when sleeping on right side?
can anyone recommend a good memory foam pillow?
What to do when I ache so much?
Pains In Back Of Head !?
Weird feeling in head?
Pain, cold and cyst problems!?
what is this aw full pain in my belly after i eat?
pain around my right hip?
Breast pain and lumpiness?
When i swallow i get a pain in my back?
how long is the waiting time from seeing consultant to surgery?
swollen wrist, quite sore.?
regional anesthesia anesthesiaoligist?
Whats wrong with my knee?
Clicking bones and joints bad?
Whats the step of getting braces?
How much do braces cost?
have you heard of orthodontists cutting the gums after braces to prevent tooth movement?
how a crown works? what is the process?
Is there a type of dental service provided by dental students for volunteers in Beaumont, texas?
infirmation on intermittent positive pressure ventilation, positive end expiratory pressure and c-pap?
Where can I get a free heaf test for TB in London?
what are holes in your lungs?
Circulatory System?
What is it like to be the disease of ME and MS?
I only know of 1 more person with Idiopathic CD4 Lymphopaenia in the NW of UK.He can't speak english.?
get a flat stomach for a 13 year old?
What joint supplements would you recommend?
How many calories should i eat each day to lose two to three pounds a week?
Eat before or after a workout?
How much does your body weight fluctuate?
does aspartame really cause cancer?
Can leukemia kill you?
Is she lying about cancer?
what can cause missing vitamin d in the body?
How do i lose weight??????????
looking for a good pre-workout powder?
Can a 13 year old girl have breast cancer?
Best workout for mass?
my sons chew tobacco and they don't want to quit how can i help? they don't think anything will happen to them
This doesn't make sense........????
how to lose weight if you can't burn how many calories you obtain in a day?
Do any other bulimics throw up by regurgitating?
I can't lose fat...PLEASE HELP!?!?
Jack3d side effects? Specifically at night?
how much will you sell your brain?
how to get rid of belly fat?
If I eat 1200 calories a day and exercise for an hour a day will I lose weight?
WHAT TO PUT IN A EGGWHITE OMELET? how many eggwhites should i use? (i'm an athlete)?
is there any other way to rectify our teeth structure without using braces.just like in the extreme makeover?
Question About Full Dentures.........?
are there any good medicaid dentists in columbus, ohio?
sample of dental paper exams in the uae?
what is tankorex the antibiotic?
How much protein and carbs should i be eating to lose weight?
What single steroid can I take to get me a little beefier but not fat?
How to tighten loose skin?
How can I lose 15 pounds 7 weeks?
Too skinny? Too fat please help!!!?
Help Me Plan for "Getting Big" ?
how can i lose weight the healthy way? and stop purging?
Why are so many people fat?
What is binging?? is this considered binging?
Are Twinlab ripped abs pills safe?
Does it give a negative reaction if I walk a mile or two before and after my workout?
Carbs in tomato soup ?
I'm 16 years old and I have a binging issue?
Anyone know what could cause this?