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i think i am .?
What are the behavioural and psychiatric changes manifested in Thyroid disease?
Is talking to yourself a sign of intelligence?
How can i beat my low self estem?
How to deal with borderline personality disorder?
Can you feel nicotine withdrawal even though you aren't completely cutting it out?
I have a hard time caring about anything. Is there something wrong with me?
Is it bad to drink 200ml of jim beam in 1 hour while on anti depressants?
What happens after u get diagnosed w/ hypoglicemia?
Type 2 Diabetes...Foot care??
why has my 2 years and a half son stopped eating?
Who manages the food service at the Georgetown Hospital?
Does a memory foam mattress topper work on a waterbed mattress?
my fingernails curve downward, ive been told this is a lung problem, is this correct?
How to lose weight with hypothyroidism?
What to eat if have diabetes and are a vegetarian?
can u advice on my GTT result?
Is it safe to say i do not have diabetes?
Are these diabetes symptoms?
i have type 2 diabetes and am pregnant what kind of juice can i have?
why are my BG numbers around 100 when they were in 70-85 range. I am still xrcising and eating right. ? hapnd?
i,m losing my insurance.i stopped my actos,& glipized meds. what vitamin or health food can i use instead .?
How can I lose weight while being diabetic?
What's The Link between diabetes and Heart Disease?
how can i make my body taller?
Do you think it is safe to order meds online?
What wil be health complications when one take soya products when taking Thyroid medications?
In Gestational diabetes ,which one is better 2 hr or 1 hr blood glucose tests?
Are there any tissues or organs that are insulin independent?
How can you gain weight if you have diabetes
What can you not eat when you are on coumadin when you have Diabeter?
what brand of blood sugar monater is the best one to buy?
What is glucose bloodtest reult 123 mean?
Insulin-dependent diabetics: if your blood-sugar is 250 before going to bed, and you awaken in the middle of?
Do you think this would be a good idea ?
Is it possible to have both Avoidant Personality Disorder and Dependent Personality Disorder?
I hate asking...?
Causes for compulsive skin picking?
Can anyone suggest any informative books about Borderline Personality Disorder?
Why do so many teenagers get depression??
what are some signs of diabeties?
I am Diabetic (type 1) and Vegetarian. What supplements/vitamins/minerals do I need?
Normal Blood sugar level?
What level is diabetic?
Is anyone scared about gettin old?
Playing "The Price is Right" theme song on your trumpet at least 10x a day. That's Asperger's, right?
my eye keeps twitching, should I expect a call from my mother?
How can I ask my psychiatrist for antidepressants?
My parents they emotionally abuse me?
Wasnt it the most incredible feeling the first time you weren't paranoid and anxious and depressed?
heart beating too fast, feel like fainting,excessive blood being pumped,anxiety attack ?
help me im turning emo!?
Are there any people who don't have a sense of smell, what are they called? Also how about the other senses?
Can ink poisoning really kill you, or just hurt you?
can i get my girl to go get a check up?
Therapy for rotator cuff injury?
I have misquito bites that don't go away?
Anyone know what "imolin" is? It's supposed to lower glucose levels by 1/3. I don't know how it's spelled.
what causes rapid rise in blood sugar?
Should I get tested for diabetes?
Do I have Diabetes or Hypoglycemia?
how common is diabetes in australia?
How many times can you tell someone who is constantly TEASING you for things you cannot control???
why do i appear to be so serious?
why are some people more prone to depression than others?
should antidepressants be banned for people under 18?
Am I having a panic attack?
Should i start taking st johns wort for depression?
why do i make things up like this?
how do i get a pic on here???
Do I have diabetes? I keep getting Headaches?
avandia safety?
Any ways to drink a liquid that is repulsive and not taste it?
ok, i just found out i am hypoglycemic. And im not a diabetic.?
i lost 2 or 3 pounds overnight?
My fiance' has diabetes, what should I do?
Hypoglycemia or Diabetes or something else?
I dont know what this is Please Read!?
Help!!! I am in urgent need of the instruction manual for Eli Lilly's Humapen Ergo II?
how much units of insulin should be taken by a diabetic whose fasting has lowered to 114 from 250?
when someone is in a coma?
How often should a diabetic be having a hypo? ?
Can pollen and allergies give you a larger tonsil?
is it ok to take alupurinol whilst having a gout attack?
is there a at home test to see if you are diabetic?
blood sugar level?
coffe and alcohol have sumthing in common?
I lost weight gained weight. Both rapidly. At different times. What is going on?
Why am I afraid of firefighters and paramedics?
What are symptoms of bipolar disorder?
I can't ****ing sleep at nights! why is this? whta keeps me awake?
What is the most effective way to lower a fever and ease upset stomach? Same for child as adult? Thanks!?
How much is the cost of kidney transplant?
Do I have Diabetes ?
My iron is elevated and my doctor told me to limit my alcohol consumption to 1.5 oz. a day.?
HELP ME! my aunt has a diabetic problem?
No family history of diabetes, am a little overweight, fond of sweets, but am not feeling any problems?
Bleeding from the ear.... something to be worried about?
how to cure a sore left lung?
what is the diffrence between internal medicine doctor and family practice doctor?
What can cause painful fluid build up in your inner ear? (repeatedly over the last month without infection)?
Do people withType II Diabetes crave pure sugar? My friend is eating about 2 cups of sugar every night.?
How do you lift yourself out of depression?
Can I combine my antidepressant medication?
Is it normal to not be in control of your thoughts? Also, why am I always doing things without realizing?
Looking for Yvette b?
Where can I find help for self harm?
how to fight bipolar without meds?
My brothers is sick, what is wrong with him? read details?
do you think the bird flu will run amok and make the world a total disaster?
What can I do to relieve some stress?
is there any difference between behavioral counseling and psychotherapy?
Are there any bipolar people wide awake out there that can't sleep right now?
I think I have ADD what should i do and who should i tell?
What are the symptoms of Bipolarity Disorder?
Am I Emo????
Billi Rubin having to do with blood or kidneys?
what to eat and drink for the stomach flu?
panic attacks! help?
How do I get rid of the urge to run away?
what advice do you have to beat depression?
cutter.....or dead?
social anxiety?
If pain is mental, if pain is a disorder. Is pain a mental disorder? can we control pain mentally or psych...?
I'm confused about blood sugar & glucose...?
can you get liver damage....diabetes?
how to make a diabetic cake without enriched flour and sugar?
can your pancreas die ?If so then what?
What keeps you Stuck?
Help! I get stressed and worried easily & i don't get enough sleep help please?
help!!!! help!!!! help!!!!!!?
Are long term sufferers of depression likely to die young, because of the effect on the central nervous system
Can a Bipolar person quit smoking?
Is Bipolar II Disorder something that can get disability benefits?
What should someone do if they think they might be depressed?
i'm confused!? about mental hospital appoiment!?
When you go into a doctor's office and have diabetes...?
How to prevent diabetes ? I am 52 years old. I am fond of eating.?
diabetes patients! How you feel.........?
Yesterday in my reports cholestrol was 224/mg in blood. pls tell me how can i reduced cholestrol.?
i have a blood test in 5 days time will cannabis show up in the test?
What is wrong with me?
TGIF.......at last.........what are you doing tonight (or tomorrow) to unwind and have some fun????
What are the connections between Epilepsy & Bi-Polar Disease?
Is stress linked with depression?
How much damage does 30 panadol overdose do?
What's so bad about hurting myself?
How do healthy well-adjusted people feel most of the time?
if someone is addicted to cyber is that a sin or sickness?
If a teenager tried to kill himself/herself...?
How do I learn to stop caring what others [especially friends] think of me??
How do you know when someone make fun of you?
i havent seen a real werewolf but i have a strange sensation when i move into moon light like im not me anymor
how do i improve my memory?
About my sometimes low blood sugar, is this normal?
what are signs of diabetes's?
Do you think I have diabetes?
diabetic with mrsa in foot stage four what are the chances of survival?
Diabetes: Exercise and Insulin?
giving blood????? how is works....
Type 1 diabetes?
Ive decided i dont want anything to do with people, what can i do to escape?
Sadly My MOTHER is addicted to Runescape?
Have you ever just lost interest....?
Trying to find myself, please help?? (really depressed)?
sleep talking?
Suicidal helplines what happens?
***URGENT**Pain on left side of my stomach after OD???**URGENT**?
Do i have Diabetes ? ?
If a person is diabetic now (type 2) loses weight and the diabetes goes away; is it likely to return w preg?
Everytime i play a sport i get tire easily? why?
What happns if the report is 0.22 in D.Dimer test?
what is the relationship of ketoacidosis (diabetic type) with fungal infections?
Why do mental health doctors listen instead of fix?
Does brainwashing kill brain cells.?
How do I know who is the real me? I feel fake and silence is what people get from me.?
im lost...can you help me find myself???????
Does cutting yourself really make you "weaker"?
Has anyone with type 2 diabetes been diagnosed with "Frozen Shoulders" and put on the medication CELEBREX?
I have PCOS and as a result cannot manufacture the good cholesterol needed.?
is parathyroid and parathyroid hormones the same thing?
Is Vicky Tomas anoying?
I need to know the types of insulin and insulin manufacturer oll over the world?
i was having armpit infection and i underwent surgery and latter i observed my blood glucose level is high .do
What is insulin made out of?
Gestational diabetes and bad mood?
i need help finding the blood glucose levels for diabetics, and what is normal for up and down levels.?
what is the funstin of the gall bladder?
Does any one has the problem of their kid having DIABETES?
how can we deiffernciate type1 and type two diabetes?
what amount of food is needed to keep my diabetic sugar level from dropping?
What are ways of preventing diabetes?
how do you get diabetes from alcohol? what are the symptons and recovery?
Can you have too many ketones in your body while doing the Atkins diet?
Why do I crave sour food items?
hemoglobin A1C...how low is TOO low?
What are the symptoms of pre-diabetes?
Diabetes? I have heard of when the kidneys spill over........?
How many seconds PER UNIT of insulin do you count for a Humalog pen injection?
how do triglicerides affect your health?
What is the ICD-9 code for noninsulin dependent diabetes?
what are strategies on health teaching for diabetic children and those who are at risk of Type II diabetes?
In which race is diabetes found in most?
does anyone know the cost of the new animas insulin pump, or prices of any others?
Help! I need advice I don't think my glucose meter is working properly?
Diabetics please...at bed time what are your blood sugars...?
Are there any programs available for free diabetic supplies. After all Medicaid is exhausted?
Anyone experience a lot of sweating when taking glucophage?
How can I fight against chocolate adiccion?
If you were born with 2 pancreas will you produce too much insulin?
What multi-vitamin supplement is suggested since I'm a diabetic?
What are the benefits of ACE Inhibitors and Angiotensin 11 receptor blockers on patients with type 1 diabetes?
where can i get special diabetic slippers in mumbai(not very expensive)?
Is there any kind of program that helps diabetic students with no insurance get supplies in Burbank Ca?
what is the name of the shot/pen made for level 2 diabetics to help with weight loss?
i have taken 30 alprex .25 mg am i gonna be ok plz help ?
Diabetics sleepy or wired?
I want to know what diabetic sores look like on the legs.?
Where can I find a list of low fat cheeses?
help my 12 yearold is hypoglycemic?
Is there anywhere I can get free insulin and diabetic supplies? I need help. PLEASE?
what is gas gangrene?
can a diabiatic sugar burn out without their being aware of it ?
what to do about hyperglycemia?
drug companies which manufacture insulin?
How long does it take to be able to see again after a silicon enjection operation for diabetes persons?
What does E9 mean on the blood sugar testing?
What is the best way to control diabetis - insulin dependent?
how to get rid of excess water retention?
what produces insulin in the body?
how high is too high for blood sugar if you have type 2 diabetes?
What is drug Procrit used for?
High IQ and mental illness?
how to fix my personality?
What are some good ways to deal with depression?
syndrome x?
Is it ok to take B-12 shots if you are diabetic?
Anyone else on a insulin pump?
what kind of trees are used to make toilet paper???
What's the best over-the-counter mood-enhancer?
why is the autism rate so high??
Is weight loss a symptom of dipsogenic diabetes insipidus?
is sea salt healthier than regular table salt?
Self Mutilation (Cutting)?
What ? Su su andate a vedere il Grande Fratello ?
How does counseling work?
What is Considered To high a reading for diabetes?
will nasacort spray raise my sugar level for my diabetes?
what is ketoacidosis? What causes it?
my boyfriend has diabetes could you tell me some stuff about it?
what is the population of uganda?
Blood Glucose Numbers!?
how can i help my dad reduce cholestrol?
How to be emotionally independent?
Ok what should I do?
How to cope with the death of my best friend?
Could I have Aspergers (form of Autism)?
What is the known side effects of prozac?
If someone I love dies, will they sedate me?
So in the end, was it worth it?
dos diabetes effect your hearing?
Iam doing a research paper . What topic should I write about?
what illness causes extreme weight loss and bad stomach cramps?
Neuropathy & Gastroparesis: ever wake up in pain everywhere?
Does chocolate helps memory?
Getting out of a panic attack!?
Reasons to live?
can anybody help me, please?!?
I need help getting over the death of my pet rock...:(?
can cronic depression be cured?
Every time I try to help myself, I get more depressed?
Is there a ghost in my house?
Does anyone know about any support groups for bipolar disorder?
How can i feel the opposite of depression?
how do you know if you have high or low blood pressure?
Any teenagers with diadetes want 2 talk??
Ineed to get DOT certified to drive truck how do i get it with my having to take insulin?
Any diabetics type 2 enjoying candy tonight?
what is a good weight plan for diabetics?
Can I be hypoglycemic without being diabetic?
Whats Your Phobia? Any Strange Ones?
Should I kill myself because I'm a man and can't have periods or babies?
how do you deal with a control freak ?
Can you feel better with less Lexapro (10 mg vs 20 mg)?
What can I do to feel happy?
Want to help exgirlfriend - I think she's in depression?
Why does diabetis meds cause loose bowels?
Resources on Hyperglycemia?
2. Why is the serum bicarbonate low? 3. What is the acid-base status of this individual?
bad circulation?
can insulin be damaged by xray light machines in airports?
I have violent fantasies?
Does therapy work? Counselling, therapy, psychoanalysis.. Does it work?
any one have advice on decision making? i experience severe anxiety about making choices on big decisions and
how do i tell someone that iam self harming?
How I deal with my inferiority complex?
Have I got teh Disease?
Depression vs. dysthymia?
When is someone diagnosed diabetic?
how bad is type 2 diabetis?
what are sites for recipes for diabetics and low on sodium?
How can a person with diabetes prevent dehydration?
I am so confused about what I can eat...?
do I have Post traumatic stress disorder?
I have a personal question in regards to heroin withdrawal/suboxone?
How do you make yourself happy when you're depressed?
can one be paralised by diabetic neurothopy?
Is hyperglycemia a form of diabetes and is it genetic?
recently (not morethan 1 month) i came to know i have diabetic problem. when i do test 1st time, that was 280 ?
How do people get hypoglycemia w/o diabetes?
Why do people say its dangerous to wake a sleep walker?
Why do i always feel tired...?
What is wrong with an adult who wants to wear diapers?
people who have overcome self mutilation?
Is it normal to think there are demons near you and get scared?
Have you ever called 911 and told them you were about to commit suicide?
What can cause such forgetfulness that you can't tell what happened yesterday or today?
what can i take naturally for ulcers?
im diabetic & 2months ago my level was 289 now lowest is 84 is it 'cuz i drop 20 lb with no med & eating well?
Hamsters testing negative for glucose and keytones?
will diabetes mess up your hormones?
How can I hide my eating disorder?
can depression go away and come back?
is depression an illness ur born with??
How do I deal with too many problems?
Social Anxiety: How to Move on and change?
What is it like to have an anxiety attack?
I just want to be left alone.?
hey is there anyone on here thats on any add/adhd medication?
Can narcissistic parent cause their children to be borderline?
Does the lack of satisfaction with life start within ones self ?
whats the best way to let anger out!?
I have been on a lot of medications for bipolar they never helped.ill be happy one moment and then want to die
how can i make myself motivated to do all work in the school?
If you have done this, tell me how to fit a good diabetic plan into a $1200/mo budget w/o health insurance!?
what is meant by subdued mood?
Common sites for myocardial infarction?
Do I have Diabetes?
hi, how can a doctor find out if a person is deprissive?
What can happened if you fall into sleep on acid (LSD)?
I can't Stop MASTERBATING!! does anybody have any sugestions of why i keep gettin in the mood for masterbating?
I'm scared i need help read detail's and find out.?
Why am I so depressed?
Do you feel uncomfortable being around quiet people with mental health problems?
Can anything serious happen if you dont treat take your medicine?
I cant keep a job because of anxiety and emotional problems. which causes more problems! help?
What is life like for people with Schizophrenia? I want to know as much information about people with this.?
How can i raise more awareness on Autism in my school?
Why do i feel like im falling?
Peeing too much during the night?
how many ppl kno that nick jonas has diabetes..i do btw?
When i inject myself with Novolog insulin.?
What, other than diabetes, could cause vision to blur after ingesting a sugary meal or drink?
how do you know if you are bipolar?
have been feeling pretty depressed lately. need help from somebody around my age. please help?
Help, I'm going mad!!!!!!!?
What do I do for uncontrollable nerves??
Can someone explain in more detail what depersonalization/dissociation/derealiza… is to me??
we pain when we think about the pain ....am i right?
Why don't people think Compulsive Overeating Disorder is a legitimate problem?
is life really better sober? HELP!?
Does anyone feel totally alone?
How can I avoid being tired after work?
Are there any movies about Schizophrenia, Schizo-Affective Disorder, Bi-Polar or Personality Disorders. etc..?
How should you deal with a suicidal 14 year old?
Can a narcissistic personality disorder be created?
Please Help Me. My sister is going mad?
When a human has rabies, are they aggressive and insane?
Sleep deprevision affecting intelligence?
i have a computer addiction and i really need help!?
What can i do if i have bipolar disorder?
What do you believe the doctor would do in my situation?
Am i suffering from depression or do i have a personality disorder?
I just heard this....?
What is a trigger for YOU that can set off feelings of anxiety/depression?
how do u know if ur really crazy?
Why would my teacher ask me if I liked him?
can you have depression but not feel sad?
reasons for high blood sugar in the age of 22 years?
uhhhh, diabetes?
Who is an expert on this glycemic index stuff?
ever felt a strange certain feeling that makes you feel uncomfortable all of a sudden...?
Is it true that exercise helps with depression problems?
I have a few questions for cutters?
How do you help someone who's under a lot of stress?
Grandmother in early stages of alzheimer's?
Diabetic Exercise Recommendations?
What recipes to make for people who have diabetes 2?
How can I fit Pop-Tarts toaster pastries into my meal plan if I have Type I diabetes?
Went to the doc today w/ symptoms of a bladder infection which was confirmed but I also had sugar in my urine.
How do you calm yourself during an anxiety attack?
anti depressants forever?
I tried to kill myself last night.....I need you serious advice ONLY please!!!?
if i didn't suffer from anxiety i might _______?
Have you ever Had A panic ATTACK and if so please tell me what happen?
I've been on xanax for 4 yrs now for anxiety. 1.5 mg a day. Lately it's not working. What is happening?
What causes Depression..?
my OCD is growing , what should i do?
what is the best meter for teens? i am thirteen years old. thanks!?
Should I be ashamed of seeking help?
"Please give me some tips for handling sudden anger!!!!?"?
Why do people keep finding ways to depress me and bring me down?
how do i become happy again?
Do you believe that society is over-medicated?
Does anyone know if there is a generic version of the med prandin. Im on prandin to control my blood sugar?
Anyone know anything about neuropathy?
i work in health care and i got stuck with a needle and the person has heptiitts C?
Is there any harm in ingesting expired glucose gel? It expired 6 months ago.?
what goes through a shy guy's mind?
Have you ever had to get a digital rectal exam before? Are they.......?
how do i stop over thinking?
depression, depression, depression?
Living with a mentally ill person?
Is there such a thing as "a pathological need for affection"?
Stress that relates directly to a particular incident or situation is known as:?
How to get rid of procrastination?
if i make money to donate to nick jonas' diabetes fund, who do i write the check out to?
i hate how thin i am!?
Recently i've been advised to go check if i have diabetes. is there a specific doctor i have to go to?
when do you think "cutting" yourself started?
Creativity, unusual imaginations, realization of relations are signs of superior intelligence or even a genius
have you ever....?
Borderline Personality Disorder? Please help?
How to recover from depression?
What is stress and how it affects the human body?
Getting pregnant with type 1 diabetic husband?
would like to now how blood is made?
Is insulin flamable?
define - total peripheral resistance?
Accuracy of blood glucose meters?
If a person has very low blood pressure and some of diabetes, is it diabetes or could it be something else?
What could cause blood sugar to be high,(120-130)in the am?
how can u end up being diabetic??
Anyone taking Byetta?
what is the normal blood sugar level for children 2 to 5?
How much (exact quantity in ml.) is safe for a 70 year old diabetic?
ways to cure or treat learned helplessness?
How many of you feel trapped in your life?
Counselling made me feel worse this week?
don't want to get better?
Does anyone know a web site where you can chat with a diabetic dietitian?
Fiber does NOT prevent constipation.?
well this morning i took the wrong insulin ?
What do i do if i have suger?please read?
This version of Windows is so dumb, it almost makes me cry. How can i stop this sabotage? :(?
Please help me persuade my parents?
why do alot of bipolar/ schizophrenia people dont want to take medication?
what causes a persons blood levels to be low; when there is no visable signs of bleeding?
can low blood suger from pregancy continue after?
Is master cleanse ok for diabetics and or people with stents ?
will alchohol thin my blood?
sugar count?
What percentage of dialysis patients have a job?
can people with diabetes take energy pills with ephedra in it?
Sun exposure and blood sugar?
Anyone know if you can have diabetes, but when they test your blood sugar/glucose levels are normal?
Pump wearers: swim season is upon us?
is that possible to be diabetic and have normal blood sugar?
How should I adjust tonight's insulin dose?
what is a brief synopsis of your diet history?
what food plan should i eat for hight blood sugar?
Hi! When you damage your optic nerve or eye blood vessels, does it make your vision all blurred or...?
water affected?
Bleached flour contributes to diabetes?
i need to know the do's and dont's of the 1800 calorie ADA diet. please help.?
why have a type 2 diabetes, non alcohol beer "Odouls" raised my sugar?Why?
diabete in the army,can anybody tell me if you can serve in the british army with diabetes,i am still serving?
Diabetes prior to insulin discovery?
I am looking for a blood glucose testing kit that . . .?
Why is it that certain ethnicities have higher risk of getting diabetes than other ethnicities?
I'm getting really afraid of loved ones dying? :S?
What am i supposed to do ? :( 10 points ?
I need a help line number?
i talk to myself, am i crazy?
How do you get more self-confidence without being stuck up?
What is considered a low count for blood sugar?
What's the chemical on the end of diabetes urine test strips?
I often have cold sweat after injecting Insuline?
is big feet a sign of diabetes?
My doctor told me to go on the South Beach Diet. Will my blood sugar get too low?
how can a person pass a UA for alcohol consumption.?
what does it mean if my body is making some insulin?
i have a yellow lab who is 13 years old and has diabetes i need and sugguestions trying to get her sugar lower
what is neuropathy to a diabetic?
Is diabetes one of the standard tests that doctors give at a routine physical?
I have Hypothyroidism & my levels seem to go up & down along with my blood sugar is this caused from STRESS???
Is brown rice fattening? Does it have any health risks?
whats up with avandia?
What happens if everyone cared what people think about them?
why is it harder to control blood sugar levels at mid life?
Can impaired glucose in a 6 year old lead to type 1 diabetes?
Why is it that there is the narrowing of blood vessels or capillaries in diabetes?
What is a good diet recommended for diabetics. (Atkins, Weight Watchers, South Beach, Etc.)?
eating before being tested for diabetes in a 2y/o.....?
I need some serious advice from someone who is familiar with depression?
Is being a celebrity worth the risks, stresses and general dysfunction that seems to go with it?
How can I make myself tired?
Can you give me some sites or information on Bipolar Disorder?
self harm how do i stop?
What are the daily things you tell yourself to get by ...? =) ?
nutrisystem diet for diabetics?
Is it possible to imagine a new color that is different from all the colors that exists today?
Do I Have Insomnia ? ? ?
can stress make you lose weight?
Should I take depression pills?
How to stop feeling detached?
Why do kids at my school pick on me?
Diabetes - Is this Normal?
Diabetes testing supplies?
I have been having a dry mouth ..... and ... numbness in my hands and some type of itching. What could it be.?
Could i have diabities?
Do diabetics need be be aware of anything when they start an exercise rountine?
How can you convince someone that you're NOT delusional or hallucinating & you DON'T suffer psychosis?
i'm depressed. please tell me what there is to enjoy in life that will make me happy.?
How many people here think that yahoo should...?
are you living ..just because ..you're afraid of dying ?
Psychiatrists: Do you think that LSD has genuine therapeutic value?
does not getting enough sleep affect a person's memory?
Do you think I could control preventing myself from becoming addicted to Klonopin?
Correspondence with shut-ins ?
does uncontrolled blood sugar causes you to loose your hair?
Diabetic mothers?
does wheat diet help to reduce the probability of possessing diabetes?
What exactly causes Anxiety (panic attacks)?
Does anybody know what a**Peachy**is?
Am I normal? Is anyone?
I don't know what to do with myself.?
Do herbal supplements work on depression?
please i really need help!!!!?
What's the likelihood that I actually have schizophrenia?
Blood Test Results Flag Some Stuff, what do they mean?
gestational diabetes question?
what happens when the body cannot respond to insulin?
My dr. report says my alcohol level was 307. What does this mean?
My fasting blood glucose was 104?
Do you know of any good online support groups for cutters?
Does smoking pot help with anxiety?
To intervene or not to intervene....that is the question?
How can I improve my outlook on life?
How do parents who have children without autism deal with raising an autistic child?
Do you think that pedophiles and child molesters are aware of how much they destroy children?
having a tough time getting over the death of my grandmother?
Where can I donate my mothers' prosthetic leg?
best food scale for diabetic child?
I'm a diabetic and I always experience numbness and pain in my toes and hands is it normal to all diabetic?
what is a normal hab1c reading?
Diabetic and having bad headaches like migraine for a while??
How can I just forget about an event that happened?
Can meds make you depressed?
Diabetes and Prenatal Vitamins...?
Do preservatives in foods bring on diabetes?
The DR said my mom could have nerve damage in her fingers from diabetes and that it may not be reversable...?
If my glucose is slightly high and i take reading on a empty stomach next morning . Will it read lower/?
What is Epilepsy?!!?
Does anyone else out there suffer from panic disorder/attacks?
I can't Stop Crying?
my grandmother refuses to do anything about her depression?
What are the Exercises to increase the Memory ?????
When you've worked yourself to death?
Are there exercises that can control OCD?
I hate my life. Each day is awful. I'm miserable at work, I'm miserable at home, I'm never happy.?
How long does it take diabetes to develop and what exactly causes diabetes?
Rooibos Tea Without Sugar?
why would my blood sugar sky rocket to 300 immediately following an intense workout?
Does anyone with Type 1 diabetes take Amylin?
What is diabetes?Is it a terminal disease? How can it be cured totally or managed successfully?
what are health risks of consuming to much sugar?
Blood substitutes?
what happens when you tell your teacher that you self harming?
Anyone here have Social Anxiety Disorder? What have you done to overcome it?
I have SOCIAL PHOBIA. I would love to hear the stories of other people going through the same ordeal Please?
cloning pancreas should be a priority with all the diabetics is it anywere in USA?
Is a high-protein diet dangerous for diabetics?
I am diabetic type 2 according to my doctor. Can a vegetable bittermellon help?
Pros and Cons to medication Metformin, for insullin resistence and Type II Diabetes?
In the glucose level 114H mg/dl what does the H stand for.?
is there any non invassive method for monitoring blood sugar eg. transcutaneous?
How effective is meditation?
How to deal with grief?
Im really depressed and I started to cut myself? What should i do to cope?
Why is my memory so awful- I'm only 16?
Couples consisting of two equally good/bad looking people...?
Caffeine good for diabetes?
I'm hungry... what can I eat??
what are some complications of being diabetic and pregnant or risks of getting pregnant?
How does obesity affect infertility?
"Diabetic Diarrhea"?
what do I have(mental diagnosis)?
Why is there an orange in my pocket?
whats it like in a mental hospital?
Do you know anybody with schizophrenia (friends, family, coworkers, etc)?
2 causes/cures for mental illness?
My mentally ill mom 'meeting' voices - PLEASE HELP?
How to decide if medical leave for a mental illness is the right decision?
has anyone ever taken more than 150mg's of adderall in a single dose?
Do vitamins enhance memory?
Anyone out there diagnosed with an eating disorder? Could you answer my question and tell me your exp please?
Why does emotional pain cause so much physical pain :(?
Are you afraid of the thought of dying?
Help. New job and I have to wear long pants!?
How can i help my friend who suffers from Depersonalization?
Not really sure what's wrong with me...?
im really paranoid?
How do i know if i am lazy by nature or just lazy because i am not happy?
Anyways to cope with severe anxiety?
Has anyone out there avoided Holiday parties due to their weight?? -Depressed and looking for support.?
coping with emetophobia?
How to Quit Pot?
is it normal for a 13 yr old to have imaginary friends ??
What are the effects of bi-polar medication (ex: Abilify) on someone who has been misdiagnosed with bi-polar?
I told my mom about my depression and.....?
Is Fish Oil Good For Depression?
How I can make friends with Asperger's Syndrome?
i feel panicky? what should i do?
schizophrenia or esp ????????????????????????
im so scared im not going to get any better.?
I am depressed, where can I turn?
What is Depression..?
Do you have to be suicidal to have borderline personality disorder?
How many years older are girls mentaly?
what is inferior complex?How many of us have it ?Am I also one of it?
whats the difference between voices in someones head and having a conversation with ones self?
Can someone feel lonely even if they have people around?
i feel pretty depressed?
if all psychiatrists do is trail on error with medications then where is there expert knowledge?
what are the best medications for depression and anxiety?
Ok, I have this big problem with LIFE.?
Why do so many people cut themselves these days?
Never been this depressed before in my life.....?
Why am I so unbearably lonely?
What are some good songs about cutting?
what would happen if i take Tramadol 100mg tabs with Celecoxib 200mg ( brand name is COBIX-200)?
lactic acidosis because of alcohol while on Metformin?
I had a low blood sugar and passed out causing an accident what should i do?
is it hard to get put on benzodiazepines for insmonia?
Question about diabetes?
What can a type-1 diabetic eat after oral surgery?
I am a type 2 (insulin dependant) diabetic.After working out with weights and treadmill etc.My sugars hit over
what kind of foods? (for diabetics)?
Is phở healthy enough for diabetics with high blood pressure?
How can I help with my stress?
Someone please give me advice?
problems sleeping...?
is reversing diabetes possible ?
diabetes type two?
what beverages can I drink with slightly increased blood sugar?
What is achondroplasia and who discovered it ?
What are the main stages of diabetes?
My Diabetic cat's BG level is extremely low......?
Do u recognise the person in mirror?
natural ways to help generalized anxiety?
What do you do when something is really really bothering you?
How do you get diagnosed with a mental illness?
Traumatic Memory keeps haunting me?
What do I do, I'm depressed?
How to get my doctor to give me adderall?
What are the symptoms of a nervous break-down?
I need help with my anxiety attack ASAP?
what is the most amount of time to get blood drawn?
i dont know how much longer i can keep fighting the urge to cut?
i know this is weird but im serious and need help...?
Can your brain hurt from thinking too much?
My voice is making me depressed?
WHY am I sooo thirsty?
Can you tell me the cost of glucophage without insurance?
about diabetes coma?
diabetics- please help...?
Pregnant and high blood sugar? Help!?
Need answer pretty quick.?
I want to hear what you believe about addiction?
Does being the victim of rape have the same emotional damages on men as it does on women?
Which parts of your brain are not aware that you have a mental disorder?
Help cutting school? killing myself?
wierd scary feeling after smoking weed after 3 days?
i've tried, and i'm completely incapable of moving on...i'm tired of this. please help?
what is the purpose of life??
Always Sad and Depressed?
Does this sound like social anxiety or am I just over-sensitive?
Afraid to sleep at night?
Do you suffer from OCD, mild to severe ...?
I have a problem dont know how to tell anyone!?
Why did so many State Mental Hospitals close in the 80s?
Why do I always go to bed so late?
is it possible for a bipolar person to go totally psycotic? seeing and hearing stuff? combative?
I need help, plz read?
Hi, I have been 3 days sober?
SOOO Scared about my Mom dying?
What are the long-term side effects of anti-depressant medication?
I was obsessed with a guy for 2 years and he died a week ago. I need help?
Could you stay with a baby that has a lot of mental challenges? (Now it is worse?
Why does MENTAL pain cause physical pain????
how can I reduce stress or deal with it better?
Do I have social anxiety?
Does anyone on here know of a number to call when you are depressed?
Weird question about molesting?
how can I build up my confidence?
Why should anybody care if others hurt themselves?
Can someone help me understand what Aspergers syndrome is?
What are the leading causes of depression and anxiety in women today?
depression pills? do depression pills actually help?
Is it ok to break promises?
wats the best way to relax i tryed to kill my sellf?
what should i do if im tired of everything and want to give up?
Have u ever felt like crying, but u had no tears?
Since childhood i used to stammer,but in my teen years my stammering was gone,but again since last 2 -3 years?
Please help, why does this turn me on?
What causes a person to fear they will hurt/kill someone?
when you want to cry and to cover it up do you cut an onion up?
Are energy drinks antidepressants?
Websites to cure boredom?
I'm taking these three antipsychotics. Am I doing okay?
Seroquel...know anything?
I like to pop my zits, and then smell the stuff?
How can i make my tounge pink again?
How to make a cold last longer?
Rabies wound nyahhhhh?
Why (say you have a cut and infection) would your neutrophil % be elevated and your lymphocyte % be decreased?
how high should a 2 year old fever be?
Can someone answer this cause I'm worried?
My friend is throwing up she's so scared?
earwax has been building up in my ear and now its hard to hear and my ear hurts a little...?
When will a daddy long legs bite me?
Is a water moccasin/cottonmouth bite fatal?
please help i need advice about a i think a spider bite?
what do doctors do if you get bit by a black widow?
I stapled my finger and now I cant feel it. What should I do?
Is it okay to use expired dipping tobacco?
What is more likely to break and cut hand?
I need gallbladder advice?
what happend to my friend today?
After ear is repaired from ear stretching, can i restretch big?
Do I have Swine Flu Or The regular flu?
Mononucleosis? Please help!?
I have mono and im scared of not getting better what can i do to help the process of getting over mono?
PLEASE HELP :( Please?
What causes ear and throat infections?
Bad swollen throat even though I am on antibiotics?
curling iron burn on my face?
Who evacuates in what order.?
What happens if ice is applied 2 a snake bite?
What is the easiest way to get glass out of my gumline of my teeth, its a long story.?
Help! Sunburn-like redness on 10mo old's skin!?
Tonsillitis help????
I have a horrible head cold?
Does acupuncture treatment can cure hepatitis C disease?
What are some vegetarian cures for a sore throat?
Question about influenza shot. ?
How To Stop diarrhea?
I cut my finger open with NAIL CLIPPERS? It KILLS please help!?
Did I scratch my cornea?
HELP! My brother got fragrance oil in his mouth!?
Blood on McDonalds wrapper, is it possible to catch HIV?
Why does my throat feel raw?
Should I go to the doctor and get this looked at?
can a person get Hydrocephalus from getting hit in the head?
Help. My boyfriend cut a piece of his finger off while fixing a door how can i cure it?
Sudden hearing loss after scratching ear?
How do you take off a VERY sticky band aid?
ear piercing infection?
my boyfriend got stung by a scorpion?
What is a good topic for Senior Project that is relating to children?
knee scab hurt really bad?
What is first aid in case of receiving a bullet wound anywhere on the body?
Is it possible to get 2 strains of flu within a few weeks of each other?
Could you use femnine wipe to get rid of a infection?
Bug information needed!?
What can 76.8 mg of codeine (6 nurofen plus tablets) do to a 14 year old girl? PLEASE ANSWER?
Where should i go? (Chronic Halitosis)?
Can an EKG tell if you have heart disease?
Am I getting enough sleep?
Jumping in front of a train, would I die instantly?
How come I have such trouble falling asleep on Sunday nights?
Are blemishes and acne pits same?
Can asthma go away for good???!?
Why is my tounge white?
What will reduce the swelling on my lip? Help!?
How do I get my cut to stop bleeding?
health anatomy questions?
EMT's what would you do in this situation?
What can i use to reduce the redness of a cut?
i accidentally went to work drunk?
Afraid of hand infection. Wheel cleaner on finger cut. How to sterilize?
How to get water out of my ear?!!?
How to heal a cut quickly?
Am i a certified midget?
Why is this happening? seriously? I have started to grow a tummy?
I need help sleeping!?
Can coughing slightly flatten your stomach? Or tone your abs?
What is the best way to stop a zombie?
Why do I have morning sickness?
I hardly exercise and I have pretty good guns but when i exercise nothing really changes?
Is it too late to eat dinner?
Need to lose some weight?
Am I a good weight for my age?
What type of figure do I have?
If I took the next 3 months off and just lifted weights?
Hearing loss from ear wax?
Do daddy long leg spiders sting?
I just got shot in the face...?
Hair dye reaction? Please help!?
Ware Kan you get ipecac?
Why is a warm bath better than cold bath when you have a fever ?
How can you lower you RBC count?
How Long Can You Stay Home If Your Sick On A Day Of School?
diseas home work help>>>>?
How high should a fever get in a 27 year old man before he needs to go to the emergency room? ?
Whats wrong with me? Am i normal?
How much sleep do I really need?
Chronic Fatigue, how do I "catch up" on sleep?
I can't fall asleep, Why?
What happens during an MRI?
I hit my head, what's going on?
White People! Would you be OK going to a black doctor?
Stomach pain? Nausea? Please help!?
My bottom lip just started swelling up? Help?
Whats the best way to clean a pierced ear infection?
How do you get rid of bite marks on your neck?
What the H is wrong with me?
How to build up leg muscle?
Dieting snacks please?
How can a skinny guy gain weight?
effects of running on the body?
How do I regain lost mass and strength?
Chocolate milk ;D ??? ?
What is epstein barr virus in SIMPLE WORDS?
Does any one known if there is cure for HIV/AID?
why are my hands cold all the time?
How safe is swine flu vaccination for children under 5? UK only!?
Have the stomach flu but no vomiting, is that okay?
What is it like bieng a paramedic?
what should i use on a minor face burn?
something to soothe my sunburn?
If you bite a zombie do they turn back to normal?
Hydrogen Peroxide and Clogged Ears?
Antidepressants and Marijuana use?
How do you get away with cuts at the doctors?
Whats the risk of having back surgery?
When youre sleeping are you unconscious, subconscious, or unconscious?!!!?
honestly people, is weed really bad for you?
How to get extremely fat really fast?
Am I overweight!? [20 characters]?
Will this workout work well? EASY POINTS!?
personal trainers? hand weights size for women, that dont want big muscles?
I'm becomming bulemiccccccccccccccc?
Any tips on how to gain weight?
I have been bullied because of my weight, and i lost nothing?
How many calories should i be having for breakfast?
Can I cange my ear rings? ?
Just ate raw turkey help?
When you start your ear streching for gauges and you leave the earing out will it close?
Can anyone help me with my anxiety?
How to get rid of stuffy nose?
What makes on hospital different from another?
I hit my head, will I die?
What number do you call for 911?
Help with my stitches?
why is my nose bleeding out of nowhere?
what happens if I step on glass and a grain of glass gets stuck in my skin like a splinter and then it is?
Splinter for 4 years...?
Two months after cutting my middle finger knuckle pain is worse than the original cut. Told tendon severed? K?
What do you put on your knee when it is swollen?
what heals scratches?
What should I do to get rid of this [picture inside]?
How much weight can be lost in a month?
whats a better snack a kiwi or pear?
Is it bad to go workout at the gym everyday?
how do i loose weight at 5ft 2 and 135 lbs?
How to lose that, The hangover skin from the Csection?
How can I gain weight healthfully?
What do you think of my physique?
Please help, I have taken all my antibiotics and my symptoms have not gone away!?
Is it to late to get a rabbies shot? and where do i get them and how many in how many days?
blood in stool! what does it mean?
What illness could this be?
would i get the stomach flu?
how long before i can drink alcohcol again after being treated for ganjula fever and hep c?
I need to loose 5 pounds in 1 week! how?
What does metabolism do to you?
how can a 14 year old girl lose 20 pounds in 2 months?
Help 14 and need to lose weight pox help?
Can you give me some weight loss tips?
How long will it take me to lose weight?
anybody have a heartbeat like this?
How can I get my nose to run?
A 12 year old taking 800mg of ibuprofen ?
Quickkkk Question.......................?
do heated blankets cause cancer?
How long does weed stay in system?
help me i have had enough?
A girl told me that she has herpies?
What are some foods that help build immune systems?
what causes a sore throat?
If HIV dies and cannot survive outside the body, then how come they can be transmitted through syringes?
How long till i get sick from botulism?
Does anybody know what these symptoms mean?
Is it common for every one to wax down below theses days?
can urethritis cause bradycardia?
Hospital: Code Blue..What is The CNA's role?
Should I get my tongue "clipped"?
My cat Scratched my face,And it hurts what Can I put on it? Also I am afriad there will be A scar, what can I?
I have a blister on my heel?
What Did I have for 24 hours?
Is it possible to lose 10 pounds in 1 month ?
How can I lose weight on my stomach?
Will I still lose weight/get slim if I only do home workouts?
Please answer this.... Will I be able to reach 6"?
Home workout plan some one can help me with?
Is it OK to have a large meal for dinner if their are no starchy carbs?
effective morning exercise for weight loss?
My girlfriend is cutting, i need some effective ways to get her to stop, please help!?
Is it bad to be under weight?
How can i change my voice?
How long would it take for a person to die of not eating or drinking?
antibiotic pill for my lip?
I feel like i have a fever?
how to grow taller? (teenager)?
HPV, Genetal Warts, Aldara, and Apple Cider Vinegar.?
how is aids transmitted through blood?
HPV vaccine, is it safe?
Is it a UTI or what please help me..?
What Should I eat if I have the Flu?
i need to gain 10 kilos in 10 weeks.....?
This is depressing me?
Is my birth control effective still while taking workout supplement jack3d?
did i eat alot today?
Does drinking grapefruit juice before bed really help you lose weight?
I eat alot however dont get fat?
How healthy is Soy Milk?
is it bad for your brain to get choked out?
What is an alaskan pipeline?
Why does it take me so long to feel high when i smoke weed?
Is it good to take 5-HPT after an ecstasy?
To all the weed smoking experts?
Poo problems! what can I do?
COULD I HAVE AIDS????????????????
Wat do herpies on your mouth look like?
I do not have type 1 herpes and still am waiting for test on type 2. ......?
How are HIV and AIDs related to each other?
Why do sometimes I feel really tiny and some times really huge and some times like I'm empty inside?
my blood dosn't taste like blood?
Someone with dyslexia?
How do you deal with failure?
Panic attacks? Anxiety? Depression? Or Pregnancy-hormone related?
why am I not sick right now?
H.Influenza vaccine ?
mucous retention cyst?
Really sick from flu?
What Tea is good to drink for a cold or flu?
Strep throat? help.......?
How much weight do you lose a week when on medicine for thyroid?
Should I work on my weight first?
Be honest..... am I chubby?
How does jump rope benefit your health physically?
Anorexia? Should I try it?.......?
How can i lose weight while on vacation?
Pro ana / mia buddy needed?
What are some diseases that make you lose a lot of weight?
how do i get rid of a wart?
Gym class..body acne?
girlfriend has mild to severe headaches, occur randomly but mostly when getting hungry or from not eating?
The corner of my lips is pulling apart?
how to get rid of a small spot?
Why do my left ribs stick out?
What do you do when you're sick at home all day?
What would cause long term tremors?
Where can a 14 year old buy natural marijuana?
Can my pins cause HIV/AIDS?
whats the best way to tell your mom you have an std? :(?
I have HPV? never in my life thought it would happen?
My mom wants to go on a diet? what type food should we buy ?
Is there a natural way to get perkier, but not smaller, breasts?
I have a friend who eats a TON but is super skinny?
How to resist the temptation to eat junk and sweets?
what weight size am i suppose to be if im 15?
Should i lose more weight?
How am I not losing weight?
Skinny faces vs fat faces. A person can be pretty but if they have a fat face?
If you shoveled snow a few days ago can you get an irritated and upset stomach with diarrhea?
How can I grow taller? Any Tips? Help.?
Consumed a lot of sugar at once? Odd symptoms?
anyone else getting cabin fever?
This is a bit weird but when i get nervous...?
Am I okay, normal?????????????
How to get past being short?
I have too many pens...?
how do people meditate?
I don't know what to do?