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i have an asbestos induced lung desease called pleural plaques,can i get government compensatoin?
does anyone out there have sarcoidosis and have to keep having blood test and xrays dispite being well?
How do I get my parents to quit smoking?
My friend has leukemia - will she die?
Does eating burned foods is one of the factors the cause cancer?
Should a cancer patient avoid heating pads and electric massage pads?
Does anyone know anything regarding costs of Invisalign?
Help. I had a crown put on that hurts. It's been over 6 months and it feels too big.?
Nightguards for TMD?
Is there a treatment that rids canker sores of the mouth?
Im Lookin For Some Cheep Braces?
Wisdom teeth extracted?
what is a good home remedy for a tooth ache???
do toothpaste spoil gums?
Should I go to the Dentist?
Question about anxiety pills?
How do I deal with a narcissist "friend" with adhd?
what r the statisics for people recovering from drug addiction?
Can the use of speed make people?
I'm still wondering about my mind?
medication intake?
Can someone elaborate two dreams that I've had in the past 2 days?
ADHD Neurotherapy treatment, does it work?
how do you know if you have bi polar?
HELP.. my depressions taking more controll tha?
How do you work with someone closely in the same office who may have mental health issue?
Has anyone had any success stories on the drug cymbalta?
how can I help my sister?
why now in days the majority of people are so depress than 20 years ago?
Athazagoraphobia and Hemophobia?
what is your point of view about depression?
Can't change back at all?
question about anxiety attack?
Is there anywhere a person can go for a rehab facility for average person?
Some Questions About Valium Withdrawl?
Abdominal Pain For a few years?
my back is starting to come out, by sitting straight will this make my back straight?
My thighs feel "weird", not when relaxed, but when tense?
If I bought some vick rub would it ease the pain of sinses?
why does it take three weeks for x rays?
my foot has changed shape and size and i can feel it hapening now?
naproxen and alcohol. please help?
I have osteo arthritis in my toes but I love walking/?
Has anybody had.........?
Clicking/ cracking joints?
Spraned finger?????????????
5 years ago i started getting pains in my side,?
i have a headache that ive had for a bout a week and wont go?!?
identify 3 specific characteristics of cancer cells?
Can put psyllium (Metamucil) in yogurt smoothies and it will still be effective?
Good exercise to lose 80 lbs. in 6-7 months?
How can I increase the number of pullups i can do?
How do I gain more weight?
What foods (vegetables, fruits) are especially good for your skin?
Are there vitamins you can take for breast growth?
Where is a free/low cost 'open' gym in 53212 area?
Need help about working out?
what is the best way to cure sore muscle after weight training?
how to tighten my calfs?
watery bowl movement?
I'm hungry but I'm not at the same time?
what can I do about a trapped nerve in my back!?
Are my backache and headache related?
do sumatriptan tablets take away your migraines?
Has anyone had a nerve root block injection?
cronic back pain what to do?
pain in my shin what could it be?
What have I done to my foot?
Do hospitals have elevated beds for any reason that you may have to climb up to get into?
Is it possible to get a Tens machine issued by the NHS?
which doc is right?
I just got my retainer on the top put on today eating, drinking, and talking bothers me any hints to help?
Is the rumor that a good dentist can perform a tooth extraction with only a ballpoint pen and a lighter true?
I just had my first cavities filled and they had to put tons of Novicaine in my mouth. How do I stop....?
What color should i get my braces?
Do I need to get a tooth pulled?
im a braceface and i have overbite and crossbite. about how long would i have to wear rubber bands?
How soon after oral surgery can I fly?
I have a jaw problem, anyone know what it could be?
how much can a dental technician make a year starting out?
I'm a Dentist from the Philippines.I'm looking for a job related in Western Dental?
people who've had braces..?
Social anxiety. Systematic desensitilization?
how to overcome trypophobia?
Question about ABILIFY?
How long is too long to be taking 100mg of Zoloft daily?
A relationship with A person with Borderline Personality Disorder?
Is it normal to feel depressed for minutes or couple of hours every week?
Does anyone "feeling like this"?
Is it possible to just quit your job and get pension disability?
When people said left/right side of our brain, whose side?
What could this be?
can you take add medication when on lexapro?
anxiety? or something more?
help with possible depression?
Does schizophrenia medicine make you gain weight?
Ever have that feeling that if you gave yourself over to the music totally you would never come back?
well i was am addicted to vicdon?
What does the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory 2 tell about a person? ?
Self destruction again?
where can i find a tb clinic in my area of warwick?
Heavy pains in arms...?
Is there a certain yoga class out there that focuses on your back?
How to loose 5kg in 14 days?
would you say i have a good diet?
Why is my neck hurting me?
How do i get rid of my heartaches? its just been a day or 2, it happened during WWE NEC ,fireworks caused dis?
When doing sit ups do you burn belly fat?
Can someone please explain the simularities and differences betweem Co-codamol and Dyhydrocodiene?
I want to loose weight.i am 53kgs but my waist is broad than other parts?
REALLY bad pulsing and pain in neck/jaw help!?
any home remedies for a sore heel with running?
can you snack on chocolate and a few crackers when on diet?
How many calories do you think I had?
How can I tell how good of a workout I got?
whats 9 stone 12 pounds in pounds?
sore bloodshocked eyes?
How can I get a flatter belly?
Serious eye pain and very bright light?
Migraine medications?
Pain in between shoulder blades?
ouch! did i dislocate my shoulder?
Pains in my shoulders?
am i thin for my age and height?
help with this feeling...........?
CREATINE, is it bad for kidney/renal function?
why does having your wisdom teeth pulled out, cause your face to swell?
dose chewing gum effect your orgins?
Invisalign is it good...?
how should i stop by bad breathings?
how do i know if i am getting wisdom teeth?
i just asked about my infected wisdom tooth..... more depth here?
Will beer rot your teeth?
how much does of oxygen can be administrated for the treatment of syncopal patient?
It took 8 doctors to find evaluate and plan a surgery for a carcinoma in my 89 year old mothers mouth. WHY?
If a baby tooth (molar) is pulled out, root and all, will a permanent tooth eventually grow to replace it?
how can i whiten my teeth without using chemicals or going to the dentist's?
What is the part you can see in your mouth?
luminerrs dental?
ok everyone that jsut answered my q about teeth u prbly got the wrong idea i mean crooked,gap, or straight ?
What do i do for swollen gums due to my wisdoms growing in? will orijel hurt my gums before numbing them?
I need 10 sales people right away, for high-demand product and great income?
i have gaps in between my teeth, how do i gte rid of it without using braces?
I've asthma and allergies which have given me nasal polyps. Wheres the best country for me to live healthwise?
Why Does My Leg Feels Sensitive?
I Keep getting chest pains top left (muscle) and pains in the bottom centre of my chest?
My lower left of my back feels really bruised same place my kidney always had pain during infections?
My girl friend Keep feeling pains!?
i have been asked to go to a disiplinary regarding my sickness ,they use the bradford factor.over 2 mths ago?
i have pain just under my jaw near my ear?
sometimes i get random pain in my left shoulder?
my heart keeps beating strangely?
is it right to really feel pain from a dream?
what should i do about been ill?
why is it harmful to use whitening strips right after brushing?
I am suffering from generalized gingival recession and sensitivity. How long will my teeth last?
How hard is dental enamel ? Which substances are harder than dental enamel?
What is the cause of Low CSF HEADACHE, My partner was concrete cutting with a backpack saw.?
help please, i think i have depression!?
What are the symptoms of Schizophrenia?
Help with Anger Management?
actions while sleeping?
I Always Feel Dazed/Like Im Not Completely Here?
I want help. I need help. I think I have depression but I'm too scared and embarrassed to ask anyone.?
Western Australia kids help line?
I suspect my girlfriend has an eating disorder, what should I do?
Hi, i just wonder if anybody knows a free on line life coaching web about positive thinking and time managemen
I've been taking topamax for about a year; and have noticed taste disturbances.?
dermatillomania, has anyone experienced this?
How do i find my biological father? It will help my depression if i had him there to love me?
how can i stop feeling overwhelmed?
has anyone taken lexapro?
Could there ever be a Sadistic Masochist?
Depression/Mood swings after taking LSD?
I get this weird feeling sometimes.?
?? important please answer?
Should I tell my boyfriend I have cancer?
Will my belly get tighter ? Any tips ?
Average weight for a 13 year old girl?
Where can i find a 34 - 50 lb weighted vest for less than 80 dollars?
I have a few weight loss/toning questions?
am i fat? please be honest?
Jack3d VS Black Powder?
How do i include rock climbing in my workout?
What do you think about this website idea(teens)?
Honest opinions: Do you think I am fat?
Will this workout make a difference?
Can I lose 95 lbs in 4 months?
solution to target obesity?
I have a persistent cough caused by phlegm sticking to the back of trooatand the tonsils.How can I shift this?
SMokers PLZ?
what is it when you have a sharp pain in the back of your knee?
What causes pins and needles?
i can feel a dint in my skull?
My achillies is hurting! how long before it will get better?
i have a tummy ache :(?
Oww, What's Wrong With My Eye ?
Pain in lower back, leg, and lower mid arm?
How to insert a suppository quickly and painless?
whats caused this,re neck?
could somebody tell me more about neck problems?
How long does a hangover last?
What is this pain in my hip ?
Question about Arthritis?
All of a sudden my stomach is in extreme pain and it feels like a big sore knot?
what is charlie horses?
joint pains?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11?
Help Romoved teeth was it right move?
list of Dentistry books?
Calling all dentists??
How much can a retainer cost?
For those of you that have your wisdom teeth....?
HELp URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I was planning on buying braces for myself,?
can someone explain the dif. between crowns and caps?
I think i have bad breath, my dad always tells me i do what do i do?
does a root canal hurt?
Does anyone use Extreme Clean Colgate Toothpaste?
well dr sam are u gonna marry me or just sit there?
what's the cost of having "Veneers" done to your teeth?
Is there any over the counter relief for dry socket?
My herbst applience has torn off not and im hold in one of the tube thing in my hands?
is there a web site for people with emphysema?
hi is cymbalta available in Australia. If not when?
does effexor work better the more you use?
My Weight is giving me depression?
any body know any recent songs about cutting suicide depression?
I keep hearing noises what does this mean?
ppain threshold??
failure and depression?
good meditation?
Can anyone explain what is Borderline Personality Disorder in a simple meaning?
Anti Depressants and memory flash backs???
Do I tell a person with depressive disorder that they are self medicating and that its dangerous?
I was at work on Friday and a woman in our office started screaming and just going mad. Her temper had blown?
i haven't slept in 5 days?
experiences on stilnox?
Does Risperdal trigger Panic Attacks?
how does anxiety/depression exactly EFFECT you?
Will my daughter, who has learning difficulties, learn english faster at a normal school or special school?
Does everyone lose contact with school friends after graduation?
Anyone had a Epidural steroid injection? I had one 3 days ago for back pain, it doesn't seem to have worked?
Broken wrist out of work?
My leg ..............................................?
i'm having occasional pain and some kind of disturbance in my left side of head and my eye are flattering what?
look..click here, click here!?
my knees crack every-time I bend them and sometimes sore do you know why?? because is very embarrassing?
Pain right side of ribs, numbness if left arm and hand?
what are the best cures for heartburn?rennie is no good at all.?
pain in calf of my leg and achillies tendon is inflamed with fluid around it will my leg need to be imobilized?
Chest pain question???
when i look down my arms and hands fill like i am getting electric shocks?
should a plaster move after having it on for less than 2 weeks?
can i get upper back ache if my tyroid precipion is to high?
Does anyone know any leg strengthening exercises that can be done for a elderly person?
To lose belly fat you do crunches. dsnt crunches turn fat into muscles? so your stomach will still be big ?
IS a size six woman considered fat in the usa?
Losing weight for a 14 year old girl ?
why do i feel fat all the time?
How do you lose an in of stomache fat?
What muscles are used during push-ups, and how can i work them out without doing push-ups?
Can you eat frozen dinners on the HCG Diet?
Questions about The Lemonade Diet?
Am i fat average thin or skinny?
Loss of appetite normal?
A diet weight loss plan for eating 4 or 5 small meals a day?
I would really like to lose 20 pounds, Help?
is it bad to eat 2 grapefruits a day?
How can I make my face more chubby?
I am 47. How can I reduce my overweight without using any instrument. I want only day to day diet.?
How much weight should you gain/lose every year?
what happens when u dont loose teeth 4 ur whole life?
What kinda treatments does tmj get?!?!?
free conservative dentistry book?
I have gum infection[ after I saw my dentist] with pain.I have taken different antibiotics and painkillers.?
DAT Prep???
Has anyone had any experience going to a dental school for their treatments and how did it go? I am?
What happens if a person has leukemia and AIDS?
Why can't i do squats or straighten my wrists @ 90 degree angle?
What is wrong with me? My neck glands really hurt and i feel ill :(?
Pain in Upper Arm =[?
my hand hurts!!! what could this be? please answer!?
my hand & arm are aching & i've been really tired for days- is this exhaution?
any tips on getting rid of tension?
Does it hurt when your are stabbed between your knuckle, by lets say a needle?
For the past year I have suffered from arthritis and was awarded Disability Allowance.?
Stabbing Pain In Chest?
pains in both my knees?
Doctor please answer do i have carpal tunnel?????
Post Operative Help please ....?
Red Blood Cells 2,3 DPG Levels?
Bulimia Stories?
How can a person who is having a great day feel so bad?
what to expect at counselling?
is myspace healthy?
get to know people from different contries?
does anyone take 30 mg of serax for anxiety every 8 hours?
Is there any hope for us when he's so depressed?
I can't seem to get out of a rut. I think I may be depressed.?
Is this mild paranoia. Please don't be judgemental.?
long term effects of paracetamol overdose???
How to stop obsessive thoughts related to poor self esteem?
Im 15 with a really bad memory! heellp?
Why are paranoid people following me?
I feel nervous in front of my supervisor. He is nice to me but I still feel nervous.?
Why do I feel like this?
Does anyone else get bad insomnia and how you cope?
when do i use a dental floss-before or after cleening my teeth?
What questions should I ask when looking for a new dentist?
Dora Mirna Pleites Flores?
I have a set of really nice expensive dentures, how do i keep em white? i brush soak take them out at night.?
Shrinking Gums?
Milk Teeth Grooming problem in Kids?
what is the cheapest insurance company for dentist cover?
Can Anyone give me information Regarding Laser Treatment.?
Do you know anything about a 6yr Dental PRgram?
I am wondering???????
do u talk normally in clear braces?
i have given up smoking for three months now but i keep getting mouth ulcers it this normal?
Bad scary painfull funny or akward experinceS?
managment of localized juvenil periodontitis?
mouth/tooth cancer?
what would you use to make your teeth look whiter......?
Hippa laws can a drs office take a bill to your employer to give to you not sealed?
If im getting brace is pickron a good places to go to?
Could someone on a Low Carb diet post a couple days menu?
Do you have to drink shakeology with P90X?.?
??? Am I underweight?
I am a diabetic, having a hard time losing weight. Any suggestions for a good diet plan to follow>?
belly fat is not going away?
how do i make a workout schedule?
how many calories i can burn in 30 mins joging and 1 hour walk?
Is this possible? Or is it the scales fault?
which scale is more accurate?
how many calories should i be eating daily?
How to make thighs and legs smaller?
Why is it we can starve ourselves during sleep, but when awake it is harmful?
how long do i have to walk to burn 200 calories? and how many calories should i be eating a day?
is it bad for too much food?
i needa hip replacement?
JRA and Scoliosis is so painful, school is a problem...?
Pain in Wrists from planche?
i have had depression for 18 months now and since i have been taking diazepam and mirtazapine i wake up with a?
Pain in my lower right side and suddenly a bruise appears?
my sprained wrist help?
back pain - being off work?
17 year old female with hip & knee pain for around 5 years, please help!?
pain in the side of my head and sore feeling with pins and needles?
Had an operation last week .....?
my back hurts so much I have been crying all night I didn't sleep?
fat flabby upper arms causing elbow pain?
DVT and walking with the pain what can i do?
when sitting at my pc i get real bad neck ache, why?
Why do I have limited movement and pain in my wrist (see more details)?
How long can Flovent be used for?
Does she have breast cancer?
I have the worst headache ever?
i am male i got a problem evertime i eat i get a lump in my throat it fell like somethink stuff but no pains?
Why do my ribs hurt all of a sudden?
ear drum problem update?
Who else has suffered nerve damage as a result of dental surgery?
Could my headaches be connected to my apathy and bad dreams?
Why do i have this tummy ache?
DLA claim:Does a EMP have the final say?
Why have I got a temperature and a headache?
I've hurt my toe but I dont know how?
Has my day been worse than yours? haha?
my husband lakely been complining of hand nubnees and pain is that has to do with drinkig or atritis?
Getting sharp pains on my legs.?
hi, my body heat is not normal, is there is any way to reduce heat in body, any tablets or medicines. plz hlp?
rimonabant side affects r horrendous but still lost 2and a half stone since xmas?
My daughter is 10 years she has a partially blue / red cysts or spot on her gum. Can anyone explain ?
One of my spacers on my teeth accidentally came out. Does anyone know how to put spacers back in?
How can I get muscles and toned arms?
Help me and my thin friend!?
what is the best way to?
lipo 6x or lipo 6 black, Wich is better ?
Need help with weight loss ! please help.?
what would you recommend from gnc?
Does whey protein cause the same acne problems that Milk does?
How To Stop Junk Food Cravings?
I'm 28 yrs old. 5'6 180 lbs. Need maybe 15 lbs to lose.?
I want to lose 45-50 lbs by May!'?
How can i lose 50lbs fast? ?
I need to lose about 20 lbs quickly, what's the best workout?
Do i need to burn any fat off before i work on my abs? ( pictures )?
Can back ache cause jaw ache?
what causes restless legs syn?
I have a dull pain behind my left eye and on the top of my head since friday. Any suggestions?
what is mucus?
which fruit have vitamins for help sistem imunologic?
What are these abdominal pains?
my mom went to dr fri but they did no MRI dr said best place wa at home and scheduled MRI for mon morn why?
recovering from an illness - what can i do to pass the time??
What sorts of behaviors would you use to minimize boredom or distract from or eliminate the symptoms of dement?
If someone has a bizzare delusion does it mean they definitly have schizophrenia?
Does this guy have psychological issues? He keeps making invites & cancelling?
Does my sister have some kind of mental disorder?
please help friendship issues?
Does everyone lose contact with school friends after graduation?
How smart am I? snorting ecstasy or adderall/ritalin?
Is this Illegal??
Do those suffering from Anorexia see other skinny people as fat, or only themselves?
Anyone know - Selling Medication?
post traumatic stress?
i think there is something wrong with me?
Has anyone overcame health anxiety? hypochondria? or know how to?
Am I going craZY?
How long does it take for the brain to produce normal amounts of seratonin after giving up pot?
Can someone describe passive–aggressive behavior for me?
What happens to people who are sent to prison and they have Claustrophobia?
depressed, and sick of cutting myself.. help me out?
School Holidays Ughhh BORING, what can I do, as iam suffering from grief and I need something to do?
Do you suppose morticians steal gold teeth?
what is a soft tissue extraction dental? and how do they do it?
What happens if the dental surgery goes wrong?How do you know which doctor to trust on?
Dentist unable to find roots??
tips for speaking clear ...?
how do u knw u have bad breath?
i have sjogrens snydrome which means my immune system is destroying my saliva glands?
What do you call that thing the dentists use which emits blue light?
I have just gotten approved for medicaid because i am not working does anyone know if any dentists take ....?
Help! I am having a tough time stop grinding my teeth?
Do retainers hurt, and what do can't you eat with them?
Is it really MANDATORY to get an x-ray done before professional cleaning?
Are there germs that cause good breath?
what is wrong with my teeth?when i drink liquid i get a cooling or icey sensation on my upper jaw?
Does anyone know a good implant dentist in Argentina? I mean some you have personally used.?
What can I do about my son's swollen gums with his braces? We floss and brush. Any suggestions??
Side effects of Chemotherapy?
If you are likely to get cancer because all your relatives have had it, is there any way you can induce it to?
Brain cancer.................?
how old do you have to be to worry about breast cancer?
How long does it take for painkillers to work?
I ache like crazy after i excercise?!?
Can you do Insanity Cardio every single day for the 60 days(2 months) to lose more fat weight?
I was watching MTV i used to be fat, how do they get those people to safely lose weight so fast...?
What are some good abs workout for girls?
if a girl is 5'9 and 175LBS, is she fat?
why do i eat so much food?
is cereal a good breakfast to lose weight?
What does it take to get a body like...?
How to do a keto diet right and gain muscle after?
why is it such a big problem?
I weigh 128 and my height is 5 feet 4 inches I bench press 160 max how much will I be able to bench press?
how can i flatten my stomach for spring break/summer?
I lost 20 pounds and now I can't stick to a diet. Help?
I have a question concerning gaining weight but staying healthy!?
When I am angry I raise my voice?
what kind of anxiety? treatment?
anyone ever had a herbst appliance?
Where Can I Find A Dentist That Would Donate Their Services?
Did anyone have the same problem? My stiches came off and..........?
Wisdom Teeth Swelling?
I wear braces and just found gaps between my teeth is this normal?
what time and temp should i use w/ a dri-clave to sterilize medical eq.?
if u get braces are the colors on the braces more money..?
I need a headbrace at night and how do you sleep with it?
new technologies regarding ortho pedo?
What's the substance that makes the mouth smells like baby's breath?
How can you get an emergency root canal in Los Angeles?
Has anyone tried Brite smile?
when a child loses a tooth what is the stuff they have to gargle with? is it salt water?
Can a 13 year old boy still have a baby tooth molar? (because it came out)?
What is the chemical composition of tooth plaque and how can it safely be dissolved away without irritation?
Why is it that some people have wisdom teeth and why is it medically necessary to remove them?
i was working in my car and a got alittle bit of brake fluid in my mouth and now the tip feels numb,?
lower back pain, any ideas on how to relieve the pain?
Help with Headache....?
Why am i still getting head pains?
Could anyone help me with this pain I had?
What is the easiest and quickest rute to get a methadone presciption?
Why does cycling make my knees hurt?
Where can I get my ears syringed in Portsmouth. The doctors surgery no longer do it?
I have this itchy, weird feeling at the side of my throat?
why do my knees get sore?
I have constant pain in my lower back, hard of hearing in right ear and constant pulsing pain between tempals.?
Pains in my stomach ...?
lower back pain. any solutions?
Really painful stabbing headache - could it be serious?
Why am I hungry? I ate a lot?
What are some hardcore workouts?
how do you lose weight?
How can I burn belly fat fast?
I am obese. Can I eat banana in mroning with breakfast?
Am I FAT (description)?! :(?
Is this considered bulimia?
What would this workout do?
What is 10 kcals???...?
am i really fat?????????
The Mango Diet Pill/Age?
Are there any sport I can join to lose weight?
i need a work out and diet for a teen girl?
having pain on my elbow since some months.cant raise my left hand!what should i do??please help..?
can I take both mefenamic acid and naproxen?
Lumber puncture to try and finally find out whats going on?
what are brivudin tablets?
back stretches&split stretches?
what is this knee/leg problem?
my legs feel like there going to give way?
bad ear ache from loud noises. some help please?
i walked so much yesterday that i had blisters everywhere...now ihave a huge bump on the sole of my foot?
I'v got this weird lump on the side of my neck,?
i have been crying loads, my eyes hurt and sting now, how can i stop them hurting?
I have a Biobangle on my wrist and dont feel anything it on my wrist four weeks?
i have constant pain in the heal of my foot?
I keep getting headaches/migraines?
Where do I go to find out about BofA dental benefits?
Nerve twitching after wisdom tooth extraction?
I am thinking of getting dentures and have a question?
I recently had a rootcanal and they found a pulp stone what is this exactly and where do they come from?
Pallet Expander?
JUST got WIsdom Teeth out. Help please.?
Can a root canal on a tooth make one ill long after?
Dentists: would u let someone who is interested in dentistry careerwise help out and observe in ur office?
What are some ways i could stop lisping after i put on my braces???
Has anyone had tonsil stones/tonsilloliths and if so, do they make the throat sore?
is grinding ice bad for your teeth?
what is a pill with mp 85 on it?
Question for dentists. Does extended breastfeeding damage a child's teeth?
brown film on tongue?
my 1st time going to the Orthodontist is in october how long intill i get my braces about?
What is the impression for the "Invisalign" braces like?
sleep therapy, has anyone ever had it done, please answer only if you have had it?
Argh, my depression's back. Any ideas how to get rid of it?
Why do we still feel like we are on a boat after a boat trip (like rocking)?
Does anyone even believe in the Tabula Rasa?
Is there a difference between brand name and generic ativan and klonopin? What does generic of both look like?
I have fun but it is not enough. I don't know what I'm looking for, but it is not here?
Social anxiety diagnosis for a teenager?
Anything instead of father daughter dance for my friend and her dad with alzheimers?
Does anyone here suffer from PLC?
300 bees enuf for 5 flowers?or 200 flowers enuf for 9 bees ?
Do you think I am at a lesser risk of sleep paralysis ?
Question for St john wort users?
Weight loss, eating disorder and...?
What should I do about addiction and procrastination?
Socializing with my Therapist's Friend?
what type of ADD do i have?
Depression symptoms?
IBS why is it such a pain?
Is Bunion surgery free on the NHS for children?
How do you stop blisters from throbbing!?
a sharp cramp like pain in my left shoulder... .?
i have a terrible pain in my calf, thigh?
Toe pain helps?? ASAP!?
Pain in lower back, when I go to stand up ?
help my hand hurts alot and want to know what to do to help it without mum and dad finding out i hurt it?
Eye-Head ache? what could it be?
I need some strong painkillers, what are the best?
My sisters boyfriend has a slipped disk, how can she make him comfy even at school?
Why pounding in the ears?
what is this pain - what causes it?
Are my foot problems MS?
best workout dvd/best style?
I need a workout Schedule?
does evening running help curb late night eating and false hunger?
How many hours AFTER a workout can I drink alcohol ?
How can girls get 6-packs?
Would I lose weight???? HELP D;!?
Just Bought P90x Which Program should I Try?
Is cycling a good form of exercise?
Keep Cheating On My Diet?
I have all ways wondered if i was fat. Am i fat or built? PLEASE ANSWER!!?
Help... needed calories? [10points] :)?
Am i able to lose weight?? ?
how much (dental) radiation do u need to have before it starts 2 affect u?
How do some people lose weight when stressed when others gain weight?
How many calories do you think I burn using my prosthetic?
Please help i want to gain weight so badd?
does anyone in l.a. know of any place to get dentures relined or replaced free or really low cost.?
Is my mom going to be okay? She was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer.?
How serious is stomach cancer??
This will be my first AND definitly my LAST colonoscopy I choose to have! Do you agree with my choice?
If you were dieing... would you want to know?
Is having cancer painful?
tooth crown?
Does anyone know of any product that will hold your lower dentures in place. I've tried just about everything.
Baking Soda as teeth whiteners. Any side effects?
Neck pulse is burning?
How do I cure an extreme pain in my shoulder and neck?
today i feel so weak, im scared i have atheritus.?
when i smoke a ciggarette inside and some of the smoke goes into my eyes why does it hurt?
feel like hurting people all the time?
What causes Tingling in your arm, mainly my right arm.?
What could this leg pain be caused by?
pain every morning in the right hand side of my back?
Why does my Knee Click?
i have a bad headache!?
Ear/Head Pain Whilst Sleeping?
glucosamine best buy u.k.?
Whats this Strange chest pains?
began to hurt after 6" ? :p.?
unexplained right abdominal pain, help?
what is the difference between sense of self and self esteem?
Repressed molestation memories?
I know someone thats been taking lordtabes for a year or two and they are addicted when they dont have?
Do you think government should do more for the sake of People Mentality?
am i escaping into other worlds (via dvd) when i'm down?
bipolar....at my worst at night?
What happens if you have a nervous breakdown?
do you guys think that ?
OCD? Treatment? What are people taking and is there any alternatives to drugs?
can you stop OCD early? is it ocd?
What are people with psychosis capable of?
What is the maximum dosage for the mood stabilizer lamictal?
I think I'm bipolar, but how do I tell my parents?
feeling kind of depressed, want to talk to anyone who will listen,?
Quetiapine (Seroquel) users?
I have broken up with a guy and it is distrubing my abilities to function can someone help me?
Im scared to get close to guys because of my depression?
Are there any other survivors of schizophrenia out there?
Self Motivation...finding it hard?
Has anyone ever experienced this?
Is being 5'4.5, & 97lb good for a 14 year old girl !?!?
While on a diet, is it okay to have one day where you binge on junkfood?
What should she weigh?
i feel fat in ANY swimsuit..please help ):?
im going to start takeing zinc tablets what mg. should i start with 50, or a 100 im 230 pounds if that matters?
I'm 5'9, how much should I weigh? (Male)?
how to louse 30 pounds in 30 days?
What should the average weight be for me based on my height and age?
Drinking alcohol while on the HCG diet?
Why cant i gain weight?
ab work out for a 13 year old boy.! 10 points?
I can bench 135 lbs is that good?
do pushups stunt my growth?
How many calories should i eat a day?
How do you get fit during the winter?
My mum feels ill, what should I do?
Can I see a doctor i am not with?
My friend on co codamol how does she stop?
what would be the cause of a sudden headache like pain in the head of short durration?
Tonsillectomy Pain And Help Please xxx?
my back just randomly starting hurting, what do i do?
My toes, wrists and ankles click constantly?
ear, neck and head pain?
Please help me find these particular Elbow pads that I got from the NHS once?
i've been told i have sciatica?
What will help with the pain?
Is there anyone out there with scar tissue growing on the nerve in their spine? No other symptons thanks.?
painful knees- help please!!!?
Pain in the outside of my left knee?
I get very bad headaches when i play football, particularly in proper matches?
Not sure what this is or what to do?
What is the best toothpaste for painful sensitivity on your wisdom teeth? (preferably Crest)?
How long do i have to wait for my mouth to heal?
I went to the Dentist and they said I am only going to have 2 wisdom teeth, is this unusual?
How to remove yellowishness from teeth?
Bottom of front teeth are clear? What makes that happen?
how much does invisalign cost?
Nebula D: What is the reasoning behind your Yahoo nickname?
What is the worst that can happen...besides the pain?
My boyfriend just got braces and and i wanna kiss him but this will be my first kiss, should i kiss him??
Please can someone help me with some information....?
im 30yrs i have just got all my teeth out..?
where could I find the manual for dental midwest Power Optic Lighting System?
What is the difference between cementum, dentin and enamel on teeth? And what effect does DS/RP have on them?
i just got back from getting my teeth pulled...?
How can you tell if your breath smells..???
gums problem?
Tooth whitening with a retainer?
How much would a full mouth scaling and root canaling (deep cleaning cost)?
This tooth will never come out! Please Help?
what is the treatment for open bite? How much will it cost?
What can we do to this doctor who told my mom she is going to die?
My boyfriend gets heartburn from EVERYTHING. even stuff like chex mix...he's 24 years old...esophageal cancer?
Why don't people care about prostate cancer?
how long is a smoking females life expectancy?
My uncle-farmer-85-from village-no pollution-veggie-nonsmoker,diagnosed lungcancer-5dayago. What is the cause?
What's the difference between a Cancer and a Tumor?
how to prevent skin cancer?
Does anyone know about a simple device to use at home to detect skin cancer?
Growth-Flex V Pro a scam?
how many calories do i burn from 1 hour on the elliptical machine?
Does this sound like a bad diet for today?
whats a good protein powder?
Can I Lose weight (burn fat) by just exercising and no diet?
Please help-teen wanting to lose weight?
How long will it take me to lose 15 pounds?
Can anyone recommend a website with healthy, low calories recipes?
Treadmill or Gym Membership??? Which one should I do?
How many calories have I aten today?
how much weight would i lose if i only ate celery and drank diet coke?
my gland is swollen on the left hand side of my neck...?
weird tingles in my left hand and arm?
I get this pain now & then...?
what is recovery time after slipped disc surgery?
surgery for a slipped disc recommended or not?
Pain in the back of my head worse when i bend down?
Had acupuncture this morning, now left side of neck?
Whats causing this ........?
my hand and arm hurts?
Trapped a nerve in my neck a week ago I've got anti inflammatores but don't seem to work, can you advice pleas?
cartilage piercing hurts?
Knee straightening after and operation... Dr Frank if you read this please answer?
an online doctor or something to help me ?
I require PROFESSIONAL ADVICE on the unhappy behaviours of my 3 1/2 Year old son...Please help!?
HELP!......how can i convince.......?
Dysthymic questions?
any experiences with cipramil?
How do I get an online prescription in Australia?
Experiences of Depakote please?
Anxiety battle...help from those who've overcome it please :)?
Fear/anxiety of surgery & general anesthetic is ruining my life. Help?
what is methodone and buprenorphine?
Where can I find a FREE online counsellor in AUSTRALIA?
Stopping sodium valproate for bipolar?
why do i hear screaming in my head?
does anyone have an inlaw suffering from bipola disorder,?
I have epilepsy. What sort of work can I do?
Ive been taking Lithium for 6 months now and have have found that my memory is really bad.Is this normal?
What does this mean?? does he want me or not??
Why do I feel so terrible?
What stops your mind from producing endorphins?
Insomnia. How can i fix this!?!?
Am I a hypochondriac?
Any victims of HSE (Herpes Simplex Encephalitis)?
Can drugs make someone have bad teeth?
I have receding gum line on the bottom of my teeth...what can i do?
what are the Top Dental Hygiene schools in the nation?
identify 4 intrinsic non-pathological factors which, alter breathing on a daily basis?
things that leed to heart failer or unnown disses that kill in munths?
Pain gripping my chest?
ruptured achillies tendon?
flesh tunnel.?????????
Severe Pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis.?
I have a constant stitch in the middle of my ribs on the right of my body?
Why is my throat hurting?
what pain relief methods were there in the olden days?
my earache is getting worse, whats wrong with it?
ive been bit by a dog how do i know ive got damaged nerves.?
does it hurt when i have it done?!?
my leg really hurts and cant straighten without alot of pain!!?
what could this be? please help!?
how do u take care of a pulled groin muscle?
Gallbladder problems?
How can I stop getting a bad back?
Unbearable back ache???....?
what's an easy way to gain weight?
How many calories should i eat? How much should i weigh? Im 13 n think im fat?
does sensa have any side effects?
I build muscle strength but not size?
Would consuming Whey protein to build muscle mass conflict with my perssuance in weight loss?
Confused Bout My Weight!?
How can I lose about anywhere from 45 to 55 pounds by Memorial Day?
What do you think of these garlic supplements?
Can you diet and lose weight by eating or drinking only farmhouse products?
How many calories should i consume a day?
A book that provides a day to day diet?
how should i eat dried acai berries?
What do you think about this article?
what is the peice of skin that connects your upper lip to your gums called?
Everytime I go to the Dentist, i always have something brocken from my braces, yet I always eat the rightfood?
BAD Breath/Serious Answers only?
i have clear braces on the top and metal on the bottom. is it possible for me to change to clear on the top?
what can my child eat if he has braces?
How safe is wisdom teeth removal?
root canal?
Does invisalign really work? How well?
I need a dental cleaning without x-rays. Who would you recommend in the Palm Beach County area?
Is it true that if you have two of your quadrants deep scaled that the other undone quadrants will re-infect?
about braces?!?! =-)?
Would you use cucumber-melon toothpaste?
What's the difference between braces and spacers?
The roof of my mouth has a boney lump in the middle. Is this normal? How common is it?
My 6 & 7 Year olds both have lost teeth, but my 6 year olds are growing back faster. Why?
Lose tooth??
what is disritimia cerebral?
i cant stop dribbling, mum says i hav to take a sponge to school to soak it all up when i dribble...?
During my gradeschool days, I was bullied, how do i know if this is affecting me? See below for details.?
Why do some people who suffer with depression experience insomnia, while others all they do is sleep?
What are any characteristics of a substance abuse disorder.?
What effects are caused by an overdose of Lithicarb?
When was the last time you had a nightmare?
Would a professional psychologist do me a favour...?
My friend is facing problem of shivering.he is not feeling comfortable....feeling defficulty in walk sit?
why a body waste protine,and sent it out?how?what is the reason of?
im taking diazaman and wondering if i can take co codamol aswell for the pain ???????
Why are my toes turning out like this?
Why are the risks of dehydration increased when a patient has pneumonia?
Has anyone out there suffered shoulder pain and solved the problem without having cortezone injections?
Tooth ache and Ear ache?
what a good way to whitten teeth without it being to costy?
is there anyway to make your teeth grow longer if they arn't your baby teeth?
wot does it mean if i keep dreamin my teeth are falling out?, it gets anoying after a while?
I need some reassurance as I am getting my dental work done at a school and everything is in delay mode. I?
I have a sensitive tooth, what could it be?
where does morning breath come from?
Interested in getting veneers, want to know about pricing if done at a dental school?
I think my daughter is biracial because she has black gums but is primarily caucasion. Does anybody know abou
I am looking for a good med gas training course in dallas texas?
Is bruxism curable?
I accidentally swallowed a crown that was on my bicuspid.It has a pointed post in it, will it pass thru?
Someone here a dental student or actual DDS? Blister on tooth question.?
Is bonjela meant to hurt?
can you tell me at what temperature endodontic instruments are sterilized at dry heat and in autoclave?
how has bipolar effected your life?
list some strategies to help people being bullied or harassed ?
hi i have BPD. whats the differance to bipoler?
If my head used to feel like I was driving a car in first gear?
Define the person you think you are now and then the person you really aspire to be in the years ahead..?
i have an exam 2mro and im f*%kd!...what to do?
black magic? hexes and curses?
Advice on suspected burst abscess?
when do fetal lungs start to develop?
why do breathe heavy after sport?
what is The creeping (creepin') crud?, is this slang for a cold infection?
Weight loss help please!?
which would produce more results and decrease risk of injuries?
Is going on a low carb diet really worth it?
I don't eat greens like I'm supposed to so how can I get a full days worth of fruit and vegetable nutrition?
What percentage of each food group should you have per day to mantain a healthy diet?
I feel the calorie and nutritional value per serving in the preparation of the dsihes on your TV program?
I feel tired and restless after workout?
Davina fit. How much weight did you lose?
How many calories are burned from walking 2 miles?
To eat or not to eat?
I need a fish oil supplement?
Body Shape????????????????
how do i sign up for i used to be fat for waterbury ct?
websites that are free and dedicated to weight loss?
If i exercise regulary everyday for at least2-3 hrs and eat healthy & drink lots of water everyday will i lose?
What is the best weight loss pill to combine with diet and exercise?
okay i lost 4 pounds i weight 197 im height 5'11 now how can i keep it off?
ime an Asbestos sufferer,what chance the Lords voting in our favour?
Fear that I'm going to get cancer from smoking hookah once is taking over my life. Are my fears unwarranted?
Where can someon go to get tested for lung cancer in los angeles or california ?
19 year old bleeding from rectum off and on for 2 years..can it be colon cancer?
i think my mom has breast cancer..please help.?
Help with my aunt!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????/?
can my baby be around someone with cancer?
Do you think this person is lying about having cancer to get attention? (Opinions from doctors would be great)?
Hydrocodone in England.?
i have a really achy jaw, any ideas what could of caused this?
why is the area under my hips sore?
I think I have twisted a hamster in the back of my leg.?
Stabbing pain in abdomen, especailly when i?
I have a trapped nerve in my hand?
What is your favourite way of dealing with pain.?
Stomach Cramps Remedies?
i hve a sore head but dont wanna get off the computer?
weird but really sore pains?
just recently my right leg has had some sort of cramp where my whole leg burns and feels like its being torn?
worn disc in lower back?
Attn: Nebula D, Tomh311, joe, Angela DDS, Dr. Sam, Dr. TomBMW.M-3.M-5: Question Concerning Porcelain Crown!?
are there any low cost oral surgeons in santa monica area of california?
my baby tooth hurts really bad!?
dental supply?
Before braces...?
chipped tooth?
why do i get a headache everytime i use toothpaste?
i wore braces 3 years ago and have recession of the gums on some of my teeth and this really hurts?
How to cure cankersores/cuts in mouth?
I need to do some cosmetic dental imaging a place that can do the before and after photos?
is it bad for your enamel if you drink ice tea?
How much would it cost to remove a tooth?
I just got a wisdom tooth extracted on thursday and today Im feeling some kind of discomfort in the gum?
how long after you get your braces, do your teeth start moving?
Hi. I was wondering what exactly is getting one's teeth capped?
Does dry-socket cause any permanent damage?
is being excited good for u & how is it?
Can a Pyschiatrist really help with mental illness?
who has ocd here and what does it affect in you personally?
Do clowns still make us laugh in life, aren't we too serious ?
Alprazolam (xanax) and diazepam, are they the same?
My whole life Ive felt alone?
how do i meet people?
fluid in back hocks?
Do you feel a tightness in your chest and a gauge of anxiety and stress elevate with each passing year?
Is it true that eating raw egg yolks won't give you cholesterol?
why does my weight fluctuate so much?
No time to exercise lately...?
Gaining weight diet.....?
Will sour creme and onion ruffles give me a stroke?
How much chocolate do you have to eat daily to become obese?
Am i overweight for my age?
What is a good gym for weightlifting in Chicago?
Stopped losing weight...?
does it matter if you eat quite alot of junk food if you are a trained athlete?
Ok, if 3500 cals = 1 pound...then with this diet do it mean?
an inner ear infection what is the correct spelling for acute Liberian entities?
Has anyone been affected by flooding in the last month?
Does anyone out ther have Alpha 1 anti tripsin deficiency?
nose bleeds aching legs hair stopped growing whats wrong with me?
can stem cell therapy is usfull in treating emphysema?
I have yellow and badly decayed teeth.. Is there anyway to make it perfect again without using false teeth?
What is the best quick fix for lose dental bridge-crown?
what is the point of a wire in someones braces?
How do i get rid of a canker sore inside my mouth on my gums?
A dentist doesn't pull teeth right..that's an orthodontist?
what causes bleeding from the throat when you use a water pick?
Pain relief - PLEASE!!!?
Will a mouth guard keep my gums from receding?
I am 16 and i am getting molars i think?
what are some description of a dentist?
i am looking for any articles,books,sites related to establishing a private dental clinic?
What is the best toothpast to make your teeth look whiter?
I'm thinking of having my teeth whitened by a dentist, what is the dif. between the tray and laser apart from$
Has anyone had the procedure Lumineers? How is it?
How much do Dental Porcelain veneers cost. And are they bright white.?
when they put you brces does it hurt a lot or not at all?
how often can i use whitening steeps?
My husband has atypical pneumonia ?/ psittacosis. He has been told to stay out of the sun. why.?
If the person's immune system as already been compromised, how long before fluid on the lungs takes place?
has anybody ever had missing health records and if so did you find them?
I have been of medication for 1 month and i getting sick again?
Sometimes when crossing a bridge I have the compulsion to throw my handbag over the side?
Anyone taken Zanaflex? Did you have halucinations? Other side effects?
is there anyone else suffering from tardive dyskinesia and how do they cope?
Does anyone know the email address for seager house in Auckland?
How does too much Prozac alter mental behaviour with respect to neurotransmitters and/or neuromodulators?
The lonelyness is paplable now. help!?
How many of you adults are taking ADHD medicine? Adderal?
which bread is the best for loosing weight in this list?
Does eating hot food/drink actually warm you up?
Strengthening your core?
i have a question about what other vitamins i can take?
Am I at an okay weight for my height and age?
why can i lift lots of weights but im not strong?
Whats going on with my body?
Has anyone used SENSA? If yes, what's your expirience?
How many calories is in a?
I am never sore? Does this mean I can workout my muscles more often?
Apple Cider Vinegar diet? Concentrated pills?
15 year old girl wanting to lose weight.?
Needs to lose fifty pounds!?
what is the best way to diet w/o exercise and do dieting really work?
home care for post dental extractions.?
to study p g in orthodontics in irland?
how can i get dental care in georgia,i do not have dental insurance?
I need to get a wisdom tooth removed do you think £138 is too expensive.?
What kind of sedative is used at the dentist for conscious sedation and what is the minimum age requirement?
Black on gum after tooth pulled?
How do i stop teeth grinding??
Do you have braces and does it hart when you have to get them tighten?
i have had a gastric bypass 6 years ago. and im losing my teeth. im a single mom and i have no insurance now?
wisdom teeth extractions?
is it possible to have braces if i have one denture (i mean there is one false tooth in the upper row teeth?
My 1year and five months old baby doesn't like brushing his teeth?
Cold Sores?
I have a lump on the place where my tooth extracted 2 days ago. Is there something I should worry about?
what is the best way to get rid of nasty ,two faced back stabbing neighbors?
diploma in respiratory care?
Gene Therapy....How Will it Work?
need a solictor to sue and be free of doctors. illegally was put under gaurdianship?
How do I know whether I just have normal moods or whether its something more serious?
The end of low prices is here. Are you ready?
does anybody else have mild bipola. re:bipola ll?
how do you make someone see how amazing they are?
affects of a combination of zoloft/marijuana?
Can you die from eating .25 of your weight in any food or just chocolate?
Broth for a meal a week?
i am verry fit and lean but cant ever have a slim stomache?
Anorexia question.....?
I want to know how to lose weight in certain areas?
Do you have any good tips on how to perform push-ups and crunches?
Is it better to go on the treadmill before or after eating?
what do you eat through out the day on your diet?
Can you buy ma huang/ mormon tea in the US?
How do I lose fat in the calf and thigh area?!?
One bicep is bigger than the other?
i have pain that is in between my teeth that feels like i have a cavity?
does proper brushing and flossing prevent READ MORE?
Is there anything that can be done at the dentist while having your teeth cleaned to make it more comfortable?
Digital dental xray machine safety?
What product do you recommend for whitening teeth?
can my neckglands get swollen by 2 abscess teeth?
Wisdom Teeth question?
Is there any charity hospital in the Chicago where needy patients may get free treatment?
How to fix gap in your teeth?
how do u get rid of bad breathe? i brush and bursh and still Wrecks help?
Zoom Teeth Whitening Pain?
does the damon 3 system of braces use rubber bands?
Low cost Dentist in S.C. that takes out of state patients need location?
How old do you have to be to see a dentist?
metal or porcelain??
Wisdom teeth/Stitches?
Medicaid dentists in Illinois?
Whats dry socket when you get your wisom teeth pulled?
where is the cheapest place on this earth to get dental work?
Why am I only suppose to leave my retainer in for 6 months and not a yr?
is it compulsory to blanch veg? what are the health implications?
Prolapsed L4/L5 disc - options?
What analgesics can be used for people with impaired renal function?
What are the herbal remedies or medicines for chest constraints or stuttering?
How do you handle the dentist?
What happen if you don't remuve your wisdom teeth?
Is it normal to have a lot of pain on the tooth that had a white, tooth-colored filling?
Can braces be worn even with imcomplete set of teeth (especially a front tooth, to have enough space for it.)?
tongue piercing?
Has anybody here visited http://dbsa.invisionzone.com/ and if so what did you think?
I have depression with a twist. I also suffer from visual disturbances in my left eye.?
Is it possible to have a one off manic episode, when you are bipolar?
ttc after m/c in april?
how can i tone up my body and improve my posture? i have a lot of fat on my tummy or loose skin maybe?