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What to do if somebody is suffocating or choking?
Chest infection and tonsilitus?
list of boilers containing aspestos?
Adding in flixotide to Seretide & Ventolin inhaler combo.?
how do i get rid of a cough?
What are the pathological contributions of Aspf1 of Aspergillus fumigatus?
can you help me with GERD?
looking for a booklet by Dr Warwick J Carter called Pathinoterp?
Where can I purchase Buckley's Cough Mixture in the UK?
Is there a hospital person out there?
has anyone on the net hwy,used or ever heard of prostarol b-4? if so what are the side effects.?
can you get cancer from too much cell phone useage?
How can I gain weight? I'm underweight (but I'm not anorexic!). What should I do?
What is the advantage of fat as solids and fat as oil?
How many inches is a size 6?
When you weigh yourself, do you do it naked?
has atkins diet worked for anyone?
Why does my stomach hurt so much?
Please Help It Hurts >>>>>>>?
Excersizes for inner thighs?
GALLSTONES :what shall i do if pain is too hard to handle?
Cura Heat Pads Why Only 12 Hours Usage?
my daughter has leg pain?
What are some healthy snack options?
What works better, highly strenuous short workout, or much longer but less strenuous workout?
EASY 10 POINTS! strength training warm-ups?
is it ok to eat cheese??
Are there signs in your body that shows you are losing weight?
think ive got a fever helppppp?
What is FVC? lung function test...?
Are there any side effects whilst taking Adios?
Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms?
Has anyone had or got Eustachian Tube Dysfunction?
How do you deal with a choking fit?
Drip rate for a dog?
How do i know.......?
Is Knight Sticks E-Cigarettes is best other than Cigarettes?
Asthma attack.........?
are menthol sweets such as halls or lockets addictive ?
I feel so tired but i cant sleep?
Feeling like I can't get enough air?
i want to work as an asbestos operative in australia does anybody know how to go about it thanks?
I've had this cold for weeks!?
I got white fillings like 1 month ago and hot/cold food stil bother them anyone else have this problem?
bad teeth and high blood pressure connection?
Is it normal for swelling to be more evident on one side of face after wisdom teeth surgery?
I have excess gums in my mouth...?
Tooth under the crown.?
What effect does not going to the dentist in a year and a half besides possible cavities?
do breathmints just cover the odor?
who know the eamil address for quincy omondi?
please help me in making my EVS project on diseases caused due to poor sanitation?
Which is better after having braces removed? Retainers that are removable or the permanent ones?
What does rinsing with salt water do?
how do you get rid of tmj or tmd and the dizziness?
how do i find the average pay in ohio for expanded funtions dental auxillary?
How serious is periodontal disease and what is the cost to correct it?
I just had my wisdom teeth removed.. my lower jaw where i got them removed is very hard?
Is there any way to straighten teeth without braces (or invisalign)?
What will happen?
Anyone have 'any' experience with Zomig or Bedranol?
Why is the end of my finger numb with pins and needles?
my friends got kidney stones, what can i do?
get head aches after exercising why?
How can I ease the pain in my leg?
Sore ankles from playing 6 a side football-I'm 6'2'' -14 stones -is this too heavy to play as my Doctor thinks?
Headache ?
What could bad back mean?
I have pain all over?
pain, like or dislike?
What do you know about low cortison levels?
if you had pleurisy ?
i have a really bad cough?
how does your body defend itself against the tb bacteria?
pneumonia and asthma recovery?
I have a chest/lung infection but im still getting pain?
constantly had a cough and cold for five weeks.?
can anyone please explain increased lung markings?
Does anyone know what an abnormal scapulothoracic rhythm is and what?
imformation on floppy larynx?
i have 1 wk. old boxers and the have gotten nasel congestion, what can i do beside the antibiotic from the vet
Was this a hypoglycaemic attack?
explain the short and long effects of communicable diseases?
Is there any chance to recover from paralize that arise due operation of correcting oscoliosis.?
can you have fits in your sleep?
what is cordotie or apicel view on xray?
does nicolas tavares snore?
Pleurisy? ?
What is the easiest way to lose weight?
what is the DIFFERENCE between these ROUTINES?
easy way to lose weight without buying stuff or taking pills?
14 years old; 134lbs; 5'6"; help!!?
Can this be too healthy lol?
Did I eat too little,too much,or perfect?
For Women In there 20's.... Only if you workout? please read?
What do you think about doing cardio for one day for about 2 hours low intensity?
How come when I work out I get a runny nose and I sneeze?
Confused about iron absorption?
Can five months transform my body?
What is a diet pill that helps you lose weight fast?
What is Asperger's Syndrome?
PLZ HELP!!I im saddddd.....?
Weird and Deluded thoughts ? What could be the cause ? is this a sign of....?
I am in pain and have to go out any suggestions?
Wisdom Tooth question?
on a scale from 1 -10, how much does ibuprofen help with braces?
my bottom right gum is bothering me, could it be my wisom teeth growing in?
can any one help?
i still have all my spacers for my braces is that ok ?
Teeth Whitening and how much it cost?
Chemical Cure Compoite Base paste 3 g/REF 145-002?
what is the best non painfull teeth whitner?
what is flossing?
How can I have a pearl white teeth?
How do you tell a friend that he has a rancid bad breath without offending him?
Had my wisdom teeth removed last Thursday....is it safe now to go out to Cracker Barrel for dinner?
A little worried about my sister,her chest?
Scarring of the lungs?
what are the symptoms of cystic fibrosis?
Chest pains, what could this be?
I have had a chesty cough for a week now, not sure antibiotics are working, and runny nose this morning?
saved cystic fibrosis pictures i tagged it my book and now i cant find them?
cement on lungs?
which crest whitestrips should i use as a a teenager?
my teeth is bending outwards.my dentist suggested me to apply gbracels.but i dont want bracels.?
ohhh my wisdom teeth...?
Sharp, shooting pain, travels down - a quick pain?
Pain in right clavicle possibly caused by side impact whiplash.Can anyone suggest a cure?
what happened to my foot?
Sudden onset of back pain?
has any one got sponylolisthesis in their back? or had the operation to fix it?
Should I be worried about this pain in my side?
ive got a bump at the back of my throat?
can any one explain what my neuro surgeon has told me and if i can get better as i seem to be getting worse?
Symptoms from side impact whiplash please,especially those that develop later?
What has happened??????
Skullcap/Scullcap? Anyone know anything about this stuff?
was out in the cold for two hours now I ache everywhere?
glucose in urine but not in blood?
Is it physically possible to loose 7 pound in 4 days?
What Is The Best Food To Help Me Put On Weight!?
Can you help me plan out a diet?
how many calories will 10 minutes of jumping jacks would burn?
What is healthier of the rest?
How can I tone my body without losing weight?
Can anybody give me some tips on how to lose weight?
Is it bad to workout in the after noon even though you already ate breakfast earlier?
How much weight (ballpark guess) might I have lost going from a size 18 to a size 10?
could this be a type of hole in his throat?
Swallowing comes up through my nose?
steroid tablets side effects?
Smoking: biology help :)?
im 28 and have a 12yr old with cystic fibrosis when i was 16yrs old my baby was taken away from me at 6mths ?
Clear braces or regular?
Can you still drink alcohol with braces on your teeth?
A friend of mine often experiences 'pressure of speech', I am wondering how much this extends to writing?
what kind of disorder would cause someone to harm another person?
I am a disgrace are you this crazy?
Please help me, I feel very ill.?
Help, advice with bipolar...?
Might have an internet addiction...help?
Foot & ankle pain in the mornings?
why do i get a pins a needles like sensation?
headaches, ears popping, jaw pain, body jolts, whats going on?
Binge drinking....can it cause paranoia/psychosis?
concert , panic attacks?
Help please. Mature answers please.?
is it possible for depression to create negative spins on events that didnt actually happen?
how do i stop my self sleep walking and talking?
hand and arm problem?
Head pain in teenager?
I keep getting a pins and needles feeling in both my arms and legs?
Is there a proven link between food and depression?
i have a pain in groin area can any one tell what it could be?
chest pain making my shoulders ache...?
Will my heart ache go?
i think i had AdHD///////...........?
will the put me on meds when/if they see?
sharp pain occuring every 2 minutes. help.?
Has anyone ever had inter costal pain in ribs? If so,what has pain been like and how did you treat it?
Please can anyone help with my brused finger nail?
Arm movement causes pain in right rib.Any ideas?
how long to recover after relining of hip?
36 weeks pregnant and the veins in my right leg near my knee stick out and it is sore?
how many cases of Schizophrenia are there per year among Aboriginals in Australia?
Does anyone think aircon at work makes them ill?
i have a problem with my jaw i get pain in one side wen i yawn or eat?
I think I should see someone...?
Been home isolated all the tiems can lead to asperters ?
WHERE in uk can i purchase the gel band for tennis elbow?
Unusual pain, what could it be?
Does anyone here have Nosocomephobia or know anything about it?
Sore throat after sinus infection!?
aches and pains in lung and what seems galbladder?
How many calories would I have to take in and burn a day to lose 4 lbs a week?
Want to feel happy healthy and look good for the summer?
Green tea and it's benefits?
I need a workout program?
what weight would you go for?
Would it be unhealthy to eat salmon every day?
Being realistic how much weight could I lose in 5 months?
whats the GM diet? ? ? ?
i started a diet and i feel like im on drugs. what happened and is it dangerous?
Does being overweight make facial features appear different?
What do you think. Should I buy it?
My knees hurt when i bend them.?
pain in wrist and hand?
Does Anyone Out there suffer with pain brought on by 'work related stress'?
random ahces and pains?
can someone help me out?
I have BONE PAIN - what is going on?
Bunions !! do you suffer of have them removed ?
Serious pain in the lower back?
Cramp in leg and now it is extremely sore. Has anyone else had this and how long before it feels better?
help with sciatica!!!!!?
Why do i have this burning?
head cold pains and aches?
Tramadol and co-codamol?
When I Exercise I get pains at the bottom of my stomach when I put pressure on it?
Front tooth extraction?
i got braces 1 week ago and my teeth dont hurt its just when i bite down how long will this last?????
what can i eat?
Hi, My question is how long do you have to wait after tooth extraction to get a dental implant?
What philanthropic groups offer emergency funds for dental work to the disabled poor?
how doe ibuprofin work?
how can uget your teeth to get white?
What kind of experience(s) have you had with "Mercury Poising" & or Root Canal work?
Will Rubber Bands That You Put On Your Hair Hurt Your Teeth?
what do retainers do to the teeth?
why do I crave sugar so much?
Root Canal......YIKESSSSS!!!!?
How much more expensive is veneer than composite bonding at closing gaps in the front teeth? Also, what are...
i want to make my teeth white it is damaged by water when i was a childe?
where do you find english speaking dentist in taiwan??
How do you treat gum-line erosion? Actual enamel erosion, not gum disease?
Is is possible that a root canal would need to be redone 6 years later?
TMJ question................?
how do cuts in the back of ur tongue occur?? they hurt!! how can i stop them from hurting? how long till they?
cant go any where near strong smells like paint purfums sprays?
My chest is sore, why?
how does Respiratory systems interrelate to Reproductive System ?
Robitussin gels in the UK?
Any beauticians out there? Facial sauna question?
What are the causes of cystic fybrosis?
Worried my mum could have COPD?
Why do I develop mucus discharge when physically exerting myself?
80 year old in hospital!?
Right shoulder, back and right side pain?
hand tendinitis anyone had it and how was it treated, as my BRO'S got it bad, 3 months on ibuprofen?
my son has been ill he has various symptoms; listlessness, stomach ache behind the bellybutton, feels hot etc?
I'm ill!! any home remedies?
hi i have pain in my neck can you help?
Quitting gymnastics is the cause of my joint problems?
Im in a lot of pain !!!?
I need advice on what to do? ive had a cold/flu bla bla bla this morning i woke up at 4:30am in ALOT of pain?
The last couple of days i have been getting a constant shooting type pain from my lower back to my knee?
How to cure my infection?
Foot ache - really painful, unable to walk... what could it be?
pain in my left leg at the bottom of my shin ? any ideas what it could be ?
Weird feelings in my Arm, Adrenaline?
Help...Bad Chest Pain When Coughing!!...Feel Like Im Gonna Die...?
Help Please: Have i had/got Pneumonia?
I have a problem breathing properly. A feeling as if my throat is closing and pain in my shoulders.?
Could my iga deficiency be the reason im so tired?
salt pipe technique.?
Can You Catch Up On Lost Sleep?
Anyone got any ideas of how to recuperate from borderline pneumonia quicker?
Frequent Deep Breaths?
ive been taking inhalers for years,and recently atrovent?
Having a bit of trouble...?
anyone know 6 key aspects of respiratory arrest?
aspestos in building i was working in?
what are the physical effects of cystic fibrosis?
Wondering about my Chest Pains?
What signs show you are going through depresion ?
what is the prefrect....?
Who is a good dentist in Burbank/Glendale/North Hollywood?
Are teeth strong like bones, or can you know them out with a simple tongue movement?
Cost Of Six Month Braces?
dental absesses does the swelling go down on its own?
How many dentist offices in the US?
i just got braces...?
how many primary teeth are there?
what teeth are included in the anterior section?
Im getting a root canal and a crown done on my lower right molar but i beleive the tooth is infected. The root
what is celara dental procedures?
how much root canal trtmnt. cost in india?
Scope, Listerine, Plax, or Generic??? Why?
Do Braces annoy me in eating & talking ?
thdoes tea contain nicotine?? why does tea or coffee stain your teeth??
Looking for orthodonists with discount pkg. for family, in rock hill, sc area?
HELP!!! I just ate SOO much...?
Is 125 lbs 5'3 considered to be fat for a 14 year old girl?
How does a person get to the stage of being morbidly obese?
How old do you have to be to buy No-Doz or caffeine pills?
what do i need to do to get to my goal weight? I can't afford a personal trainer, nor a nutritionist?
Is This A Health Weight?
What would the effects be, if some alveoli lose their dividing walls and become one chamber?
day 1 of quiting smoking anyone else?
can sleep paralysis last hours or has anyone else experienced it?and for how long?
Have any of you ever heard of a Dr Robert A. Primhak?
Do you know any medicine which have got ability to protect from disease.?
Does artex contain asbestos?
can bell's palsy attack children under three years?
Tech can you help?
Does anyone know the withdrawal side effects of Methotrexate?
How can you tell if a patient has a blocked airway by looking at a capnograp?
carazette side effects?
a question about copd?
My friend had an attack after being severly tickled?
sharp pain in my chest?
Why am I only 3% of people immune to H.I.V and A.I.D/S but no doctor wants to study my blood?
Best medication to help rhinitis?
They said it was probably tear in the lung / cyst burst in the lung / said caused by coughing n vomitting?
does a tickly throat and cough follow a cold?
blood clot on the lung?
Would asthma inhalers show up on a drugs test?
TB Statistics Help??
I know a women who has brest cancer she lives by my aunt Linda.Yet,shes just about broke.How can I help her?
the packing is coming out of my root canal?
Would it be best for me to get a dentist to whiten my teeth or buy a do it yourself kit? thnx?
can molars that hurt cause swelling in that area of your face?
Anyone else have veneers?
Why are Mexican Dentists out to get me?
Is it normal to feel something poking out from my stitched up wisdom tooth extraction?
what is the difference between the sonicare elite 7300 and sonicare elite 7500?
Can a wisdom tooth cause ear pain ?
Do braces hurt???
Whats is a good teeth whitener?
Oral issues, how do you deal with them?
My daughter 12 year old is afraid of the dentist??
Listerin Crest ot some other mouth wash? & what flavor?
Making dentures?
when you have braces, how many times do you brush your teeth a day?
can my swollen lymph node located under my lower left chin heal after three years of wearing braces.?
Where do I find a list of the prices of all US dental licenses?
I have a rare genetic condition called galactosemia. Lately, I have been blaming myself?
guinee pig laugh... is this normal?
how can i find myself?
Do i have some kind of autism, ADD?
Is this anxiety or am i sick?
I cry for no reason lately and always feel down and bored, what's wrong with me?
Do i have any future?
Sleeping problems help me with some answers?
Missed Cymbalta tablet?
Is it all in the power of the mind?
How do I stop myself from losing the plot?
Sister with depression - I'm not coping too well?
Does anyone know any holistic/wellness cures for Derealization/Depersonalization?
GAHHHH HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Bipolar and Winter?
What would 2000mg or more seroquel (quetiapine) taken with alcohol do?
I do i get off amphetamines.?
every day you dont get enough sleep , is one day less you live?
Im stressong to much?
Rivotril(Klonopin) gets me to sleep, but I wake up 4 hours later?
2 small lumps on both side of neck?
Severe thoracic back pain?
What would be the best form to relive the pain?
am i being paranoid with this pain in my leg?
ive bin getting really bad headaches in the left side of my head and somtimes go dizzy?
what is the best type of exercise for someone with sciatica?
Trapezius muscle pain neck/shoulder?
Can i use gorundnut oil for massaging?
is my back and leg alright?
i keep getting shooting pains through the back off my lower arms that goes through to my fingers?
Does physiotherapy help lower back pain?
i pee loads and my whole bardy aches and hurts wasup with me?
Why do my knees and my ankles hurt when I run?
white swelling my right side, back of throat....?
when i walk i get an unbearable pain in my shins ?
Is this amount of pain normal?
Body temperature 35 degrees celsius?
My kitten has short, shallow, rapid breathing. What could be the cause ?
Im hypothyroid, ive rhesus o negative blood type and im pregnant, anyone else been there done that?
seriously though..relation in hospital?
Why does my chest feel really cold?
What are the early symptoms of respiratory arrest?
I have Bronchiectasis and have a chest infection at the moment, but also i am have pains in my right shoulder?
Anyone else find that when they get asthmatic their chin tickles and itches?
I recently had my blood test done, I was quite suprised to note that my esr rate is 60?
any one out there with chonic systemic sarcoidosis?
anyone with huntingtons coreah out there?
Does anyone else just get coughs?
my new puppy has colitis?
does anyone know why I am so cold and I hav a fleece on in the house and have a chesty cough that?
been prescirbed salamol for ashtma syptoms from a viral infection!?
Why does TB usually first affect the lungs?
How many calories do I burn in this work out?
good excercise to lose weight????
What are some good "dieter's" foods?
How much should I weigh if I'm 5 ft 8 in and a medium frame, I'm 18 F?
How to increase number and speed of push-ups/sit-ups?
If i reduce my body fat percentage to 9% will my abs be visible?
I am 5" 2' and 72 pounds and...?
Work out before prom?
A healthy lunch to pack to school?
How to improve metabolism?
I have a friend who eats a TON but is super skinny?
Is hcg activator for men and women?
Invisalign users...?
where in connecticut can i find a good dentist that does implanted false teeth??
How do i put in my spacer .?
Braces and receding gums?
What is one of the best teeth whiteners over the counter?
Searching for one of those Dental Discount Services?
health care?
Pls enlighten me with dieseases related to teeth .?
how many years does it take to be a dentist?
How much does it cost to refill a cavity?
whiten teeth?
I have boy/girl fraternal twins. Extra tooth in 1 twin/missing tooth in other twin. Can anyone explain that?
how do you know if one of your braces is broken?
How is a regular teeth cleaning (scaling) different from deep scaling and root planning and why does it take?
Is there such a condition as teeth that won't whiten?
Teeth Whitening...?
Does anyone know where I can go to get major dental surgery done without any insurance and set up a pay plan?
What is the best toothpaste for getting teeth really white in a short time?
slipped disc severe back pain?
Help with Dihydrocodiene withdrawal?
can you buy codiene painkillers off a shelf in an english shop?
getting physiotherapy?
Is it best to eat before or after Voltarol?
Pins & needles in my left hand keep waking me up at 3am?
My neck feels like it is bruised??
I went to the doc with a swollen leg and terrific pain, DVT was suspected but it was a ruptured Baker Cyst.?
HELP crippling pains?
Please help, my chest really hurts?
Feeling as though something is stuck in my throat?
Temporary pain relief for toothache?
Is a shoulder brace a good idea for a 12 year olds dislocated shoulder?
What are side effects of Doxepin?
I feel very depressed and lonely?
Help! Im Terrified of Being in dark spaces alone and going outside at night! HELP!!!?
What can I do? I was so close to embrace an old man (70/80 y.o.)?
Does hot weather make you anxious?
How does it feel to be aging... the fact that you wont be here in less than 10 - 20 years.. does it scare you?
How to help Self Esteem?
Has anyone benefited from craniosacral therapy?
What exercises can one do to improve your senses?
Muslims please give me your advice about this years ramadan and struggles.?
What side effects has anyone had whilst taking Lithium?
Do i have a mental health issue?
Even with bipolar disorder?
my anxiety is really depressing worrying me?
Why am i suddenly afraid of the ocen?
ssi stoped becase i have no bills?
How do u handle the greif of a close friend that has committed sucide.. i wanna work but cant i wanna eat but!?
I really need a doctors opinion. Do I have depression?
Was there cancer 400 years ago? Was it some same as it is today or more rare?
Am I fat please help?
How can i calculate my BMI ?
Best exercises for preventing/removing neck fat?
Does that Green Tea or Mega tea for belly fat really work?
How old were you when you reached 100 pounds?
Trying to lose 25 pounds before march easy or effective ways to do this?
People have to eat low glycemic for the rest of their life in order to have the body they always wanted?
Can suddenly cutting dairy out of your diet upset your digestive system?
What are the steps in cleaning human teeth?
What are braces like are they that bad?
what the causes of class III mobility and insufficient attached to gingiva?
will braces work for adult?
why does my mouth and gums burn when I eat apples,cherries and other similar fruit?
what is the best bleach product/.? and whitening tooth paste??
How many teeth are you missing? and where?
how many teeth that normally adult has?
when you are a kid, are any of your teeth permanet?
i had a root canal. help?
I have a big flat mole on face you think laser surgery is possible? to remove any scars?? its in my skin?
after a tooth is extracted, how is the gums suppose to look?
I've gotten one root canal, and 5 things to fix it. The'll do 1 more thing to help. I'm scared. What do I do??
night guard question?
what should i do?
3rd molars erupt at what age and describe infection of the molar erupting?
my tooth s broken..broke it 7 years back..wanna know the best way to fix it.. front tooth..how much ll it cost
how can i stop grinding my teeth??
Any way to whiten teeth without having to go out and buy a teeth whitening product?
I have a gum infection coz my wisdom tooth is impacted. Can gum infection be treated without tooth extraction?
the bodys own natural painkiller?
crikey! My head hurts :( ♥..........?
Does anyone know what this pain could be?
Help me! Bunion surgery?
what triggers your Migraines?
Why is my side hurting at night and in the morning?
What is this burning sensation in my throat?
Whats My Pain? Plz help!?
how do i ease the pain of a curved spine?
sharp pain on ribs what is it?
Ear Infection or TMJ ? Confused !?
worn disc and trapped nerve in the neck?
what is safe to take for a migrain headach?
I got poked in th eye by accident now ive an awful headache !?
What does it mean if Mirtazapine does not help me sleep?
Question for ADHD sufferers?
Does anyone here feel like they changed due to their livin environment?
bulimics? why do you do it?
When and how can I get over this fear!!!?
Who has used Paroxetine for Anxiety?
Where can someone living as a carer get away for a few days in order to restore sanity?
How do I become less of a control freak?
antidepressants dont work anymore am i immune?
why do people get put in mental homes?
What is the next dosage level of Lexapro after 20mg?
does excessive drinking lead to psycho motor dis-coordination?
does everyone lose contacts with school friends?
my kid is havin severe memory loss?
the impact of bullying on an individual?
I think I've gone insane. Help!?
Binge Drinking Support Websites?
What are the long term effects of stilnox? and seroquel?
Can you help me out please?
what do hospitals do about broken toes?
When i yawn and other things my ears pop and stay like that for ages?
i have a sharp pain on my left top groin...what is this? and what this cause by.?
I trapped my hand in a door and now it hurts so bad!?
i have being prescribed zopiclone sleeping tablets?
BAD Lower abdominal pain for 3 weeks?
Why do my knees creek when I bend down?
What's the best website for finding a good masseur in the UK?
sharp pains in my neck when moving?
Back and shoulder pain..plz help?
I'm having pain in my lower abdomen?
Neck, jaw, throat pain, any ideas what is causing this awful pain?
I'm really scared of my next injection, what should I do?
On my top teeth...when I press on a certain part of my gums, it hurts. Why is this??
How long do you think i'd have to wear braces??
gum over braces....ow??
Do adults need more fluoride?
What should i do?
I have a toothache and i need someone to answer me from Iraq being of course a dentist?
Should I brush my teeth every evening before sleeping and why?
More denture questions.......?
were can i find or buy dentist tools in atlanta Ga plz tell me thanks?
complaints about dentists in plano texas?
Got a new crown, slight inflammation...is that a problem?
in what ways could i help reduce the time of wearing braces?
im getting braces in a week do i need to not get used to eating anything thing special a 13 yr old would eat??
Any other adults using Ortho Clear teeth straightners?
at dentist office, why do they have aluminium foil wrapped on the work lamp handles?
how long do you think i'll need braces , i have...?
What's the best kind of toothpaste that is whitening and strengthening?
I really want/have to lose weight! please help.?
Is this a good bicep workout?
Will I loose at least 2 pounds a week with this diet & exercise schedule?
will this plan help me lose weight?
How do you throw up!?
When will the "skinny" trend disappear..?
how many stomach excerises should i do?
How can i lose 20 pounds fast?
I am very thin. Is it okay to go to gym?
Is it true that I should slim down first before going to the weight room?
How many of you have heard this term before?
bump on my armpit... what is it?
are cancer cells self renewing?
Does smiling really help you not have cancer?
Does this mole look like skin cancer?
POLL: Have you ever donated to cancer research?
i just got my bracest they really hurt what can i do to relive my pain?
Why do most dentists take credit for crowns and other?
Wisdom teeth removal advice!!!?
Cheap dental In Butler County Ohio?
cytopathological examination meaning?
any medicine for my psoriasis but without cortisone ??
im getting 2 teeth pulled out tomorrow and i dont know the process. will it hurt?
Whiter teeth?
top right wisdom tooth??
How can i stop the pain?
is it bad if ur doctor grinds your teeth so much they start bleeding even if it was just for a root canal?
i had a root canal done a week and 2 days ago and it is still hurting.?
explain how a dental implant is done...? tom311?
Cold sore or not?
Does everyone do this?
How do I cheer myself up when I start to get that sinking feeling?
i am getting a blood test and i am so scared is there anything to be scared of or am i a big scaredy cat?
What is the main cause of depression..?
Would smoking damiana relieve anxiety?
Is it true that people with borderline personality disorder cannot have relationships?
Bipolars what meds work for you?
I tried to help someone, but Im scared it had backfired.?
my fren's mom is suffering frm schizophrenia and is very upset........?
Do women have a higher pain threshold than men?
Why have i got pain in my calf after a broken fibula?
Knee problems!Weakness?
sharp pains ???????/????????????
Pain In My Back!! any 1 know what this could be?
What is this pain in my arm?
what is the best way to deal with a ripped nail when it goes part way down, i have a plaster on at the moment?
aches and pains any ideas?
natural shin problems.......?
i've got a pain at the back of my right ear what can i do?
Do you ever need to take off your boots?
would taking 14 paramol tablets alltogether make you ill?
is a cluster headache a disilbtiy?
I suffer with migraines which cause me to have a lot of time off work. Am I entitled to disability/benefits?
Please help ? Sore Heads?
what exercise shall i do to have nice abs?
I want to loose some of my weight?
What's the best way to gain muscle? P90X.?
Is this too little to eat in one sitting?
Trying to Lose 20lbs?
How long to get from 16% body fat to 6% body fat?
would this be good for a cutting phase?
hows thing weekly workout?
Which one is better for you, instant oatmeal or instant cream of wheat?
is phenphen (the weight loss drug ingredient) safe?
do you think it would be possible to loose 50 pounds by june?
what's better for a toothache percocet or vicoden?
What is gingivitus?
Can Taking Aspirin Daily lead to gum disease and tooth decay?
Braces with a overbite?
how is glycerin good for mouthwash?
Welll i have sore knees kinda ruled out shin splints any ideas thanks?
Whats the strongest Liquid you can buy what knocks you out quickly???? without feeling pain?
Is the SH*T about to hit the fan in N Ireland, AGAIN, or what?
I think there's something going on with my foot?
How to prevent back problems on the future?
Hi Im getting really bad cramp pains in my upper stomach and back?
Has anyone tried botox for migraine relief ?
Today my knee dislocated itself, what are the chances of it happening again?
left flank pain worse when i walk or move?
What is / are orthotics?
HELP with getting comfy enough to be able to sleep with a bad lower back.?
Help! awful stomach pains?
Can plugged ear's cause neck achyness/pain?
What to say to a girl who's grandmother is dying?
when washing hands in the sink, should soap be applied first then rinse off, or rinse, soap, then rinse off?
If you have cancer and you get treatment are you 100% likely to survive?
When I tried cigar smoking for the one and only time, I accidentally inhaled. Have I increased my cancer risk?
help me please lump!! 14 years old don't want surgery?
Am i the right weight?
How Long does It take to gain muscle on your arms that people can see it?
How much weight can I lose?
What's a healthy lunch?
How should a personal trainer look?
I've gone off course with my diet!?
10 points is steak fattening for lunch?? or too much?
How does one become a certified yoga instructor?
How can you handle a child who is too high-spirited after she recovers from a serious illness?
i need help to quit smoking, how can i? PLEASEEE answer.?
has anyone out there been involved with Munchausen's bi proxy syndrome. Would love to hear your thoughts.?
is nitrazepam used for anxiety?
i think my friend may have Schizophrenia?
Ive been prescribed Effexor XR and have only been on it 3 days...?
Lonely and confused for no reason?
Am I going crazy...?!?
I'm always down when i think of my future?
i have been taking lithium for bipolar for a week. i have a work function tomorrow night?
Medication for Anxiety Disorders?
How do people with skitzophrenia see and hear things that arent there?
really scared and anxious..i cant go on?
Help! I have a weird phobia?
What is the percentage of teens that are diagnosed with anxiety?
Get real answers from millions of real people.?
I am taking too many drugs and I can't seem to stop?
how can i recover from this?
Lexapro side effects?
Whats this pain my man's been having?
exercise with severe shin problems?
i have a strange pain in my foot!! can anyone help please?
why have i got numbness in my hand?
Can Dentist fix a brain cavity?
Is a job in sports physiotheraphy any good?
Will I walk again & how much will it really hurt?
Please Please answer this about my fiance's pain!?
Head pains when coughing!?
What Have I Done To My Upper Leg.?
Why does my right knee lock up ?
Pain in Left Side of Body (Chest) Under Ribs?
I have been having sporadic aching to my right had side hip area.?
I have a dull pain just below the left shoulder blade?
i have a stinging pain now and again just above my navel what is it should i be concerned?
I keep getting a stitch (side cramp). whats my problem?
help i just my foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are some foods that will make your breath smell REALLY bad?
Any opinions on Cooper, James M DDS in Jacksonville, AR?
Is it unusual for someone to still have a deciduous (baby) tooth in their fifties-it is their canine tooth,?
Have you had braces?
TMJ disorder?
Need the location of 1-800-336-8877?
Why does jessiek's vocabulary not go beyond Moron?
wisdom extraction?
What's the price range of a tooth extraction (wisdom tooth) for somebody with no medical insurance?
TTC and dental work.?
How long does it take for a child to lose a tooth once it becomes loose?
Any opinions on Dream Smile Dental in Canton, MA?
How can you tell someone politely that their breath smells.?
How long after the dentist does the numbness and "fat lip" feeling last?
What are the steps of putting braces on .?
Is Dennis A. Parrott DMD good with children and his staff?
zahnarztpraxis verkauf europaweit?
can taking tramadol have any effect on the oral contraceptives?
locked neck muscles pelase help?
Have you ever suffered from a sore cracking chest?
I have really bad back pains!!?
Whats the best way to relax my muscles after a work out?
Is there something wrong with my hips?
What to do about my chest pain?
Bad Pain In lower arm?
I'm 24 and fairly overweight, is this pain in my knees arthritis?
Sore side of tongue. Painful on movement/ speech etc. Recent tonsillitis.?
slipped discs,13 of them and arthritis in spine,c1-7+t3-8,?
could anyone please tell what causes rib cramps and how to stop them?
bad back pain. why is it still hurting?
Do you believe that the government knows?
Why isn't hydrogen peroxide therapy taught to our potential doctors since it has been proven to .......?
Small Pee Size Bump Under Armpit Skin?
what's the average cost of veneers in the Virgina beach area?
Any opinions on Dishmaker, William J DDS - Dishmaker William J DDS in Kewaunee, WI?
Who makes the Readybrush toothbrush?
iBraces and Invisaline?
Is it normal to have swelling all of a sudden after having my teeth pulled?
how do you correct this kind of crossbite?
Can i be Charged for Cannibalism??
It amazing with technology how it is today, the only way to...?
freedentures /or low income?
best available teeth whitener product and no tooth damage.?
I have a bottle of 'solucao bucal' from portugal, do you know what its for?
Where can I get dry ice?
can i get my lip peirced with braces?
Braces and CLOSING THE GAP???
what does a dental hygiene do? during the 2yrs. of school is it really challenging?please help me.?
Could someone help me lose weight! Get rid of belly fat! Get rid of leg fat!Get rid of lovehandelds, arm fat!!?
how do i get a bigger but without making my thighs bigger?
Is it possible to recover lost stamina from smoking?
Does P90x really work?
I have bipolar and still have to last till Thursday till I see a psyc and get my medication?
I toss and turn a lot in bed...?
Has anyone been on risperdal?
I don't know what I should do?
Why do many teens fear telling their parents about depression and such?
My granpa just passed away?
what do you think would have happened if mothers were only allowed to work three days a week?
Antidepressants and restlessness?
Mind activity upon waking?
Are Dementia patiences still there somewhere in their brain?
what is depression?
How do I control sleep talking?
Is obsession just harmless and amusing fun, or close to mental illness?
how may stress affect a child's performance at school?
Anxiety,how is yours,what does yours feel like,are they bad as mine?
mum has depression what can i do!?
Help, I live to eat, I am at the end of the rope?
i don't know if this is depression or what it is..what do you think?
on trazodone, got chest pain... any docs/nurses, plz help?
Is chewing uncooked pasta bad for your teeth?
Why does Listerine BURN so much???? I drink 80/90 proof booze every night and it doesn't burn at all.?
what do they do for babies with bottle rotted teeth? My adopted son's teeth were terribly neglected!?
Is there any way to move a tooth back?
I just had a fixed bridge cemented into place yesterday!?
Does anyone know if it is safe to use capsaicin in ones mouth/on gums to relieve pain?
My jaw cracks when I yawn, what's wrong?
my friend having tmj,any treatment there?
I am looking for a 3-d type picture of a tooth?
to all the mothers out there! what would you rather have? contractions for childbirth or a toothache?
root canal?
what do they do when u go in to get ur braces tightened what is the steps or process???????????? help!!!!!!!!?
I am looking for dental insurance?
Painful Toothache?
Does anyone know about Zostrix/Capsaison-would it be safe to put on gum tissue?
Nosebleed three days after wisdom teeth out...?
Why would my 13 year old have to go an endodontic for a root canal?
Does anyone know of a site or a place where I could find a coupon for the zoom tooth whitening procedure?
have been having pain in my left upper arm?
Strange pain in my side? Please help :O?
have just got out of bed my foot is really painful and swollen have not knocked it or anything dont drink or?
Pain in my lower left side between the ribs and the hip?
Ok recently the right side of my jaw has been sore and when i chew it sort of cracks... why is this?
How can i avoid pulling my hip when i run?
DOCTOR PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Leg pain, please help :(?
what exercises should one go for strengthening your back?
What is a good example of a diet consisting of 4-6 small meals a day?
How much weight can i lose by drinking alot of water and not eating much?
Dieting needing a little help....?
weight and eating question?
I need a diet plan for a 14 year old?
is my body shape a hourglass, pear, ruler, apple, etc?
How much weight do you think I would lose on this diet?
Why am I still hungry!?
Is it okay if half of my workout is warmup and cooldown?
Are women more likely to suffer from mental illness than men are?
Do Psychiatriatic medications lower potassium?
i heard one standard drink per night builds up a kind of immunity to alcohol?
if you take wellbutrin can you take?
Why shouldn't you wake up someone who is sleepwalking?
Help! Lack of sleep trigger my manic episodes...?
Can you help me find out whats wrong with me?
How can I learn to do things for myself to make myself happy?
I have panic disorder and need advice?
depression help..wellbutron and lexapro?
Argh Why can't I sleep?
how long does it take to work out a problem and get healed?
How does Nada Yoga help?
hiding depression......?
Why am I so Angry/Anxious? And what can I do about it?
What are some of the ethical concerns in giving mood controlling drugs to children with ADHD?
what does it mean to be on the edge of total psychosis?
Stress & friends + lack of sleep?!?! too much!?
side effects of Zyprexa?
Why do people on this site make such a joke out of cancer?
What's up with semi transparent teeth?
I just got braces...and......?
Where can I find people who want to do dental or medical travel?
Does anyone know the cure to chattering your teeth while you sleep at night? Please let me know!?
Toothpaste Help?
My wife needs major surgery on her leg, I'm not trained or anything but are there any do-it -yourself remedies
What makes tooth decay so darn funny to me?
A filled tooth that keeps acting up?
wisdom teeth swelling?
Braces coming off in 2 months?
Are underbites common?
what is a dental implant?
citanest plain drug used in dentel field?
a dental drug called citanest plain is used for what?
I have a nerve overgrowth in my cavity...?
has anyone had their teeth professionally whitened how much and how long did they stay white?
What are the surface areas of the human tooth?
have u ever worn braces? are u wearing them now?
how much will braces cost for me?
Does anyone out there have this-certain teeth hurt-almost a burning sensation or feeling like there is a vice?
How much is a dentist consultation for dentists?
can anyone tell meif they have tried humira treatment for rheumatoid arthitis and if the results are good.?
Stabbing feeling when touching the bottom of my toe?
Can you take by capsule, turmeric & bromelain, if you are also taking advil for knee pain?
should i get a x-ray done of my head?
Why do I have pins and needles in my hands?
hard lump?? any ideas?
Question about my foot?
very very bad stomach ache.?
Stabbing Pain...help?
i've had tonsillitis quite alot now, how many times do i have to have it before i can have them out?
Pain near my kidneys?...?
how soon should i go back to work following spinal surgery t9 t10 microsurgery?
Pain in lower left stomach and groine?
After a very bad chest condition the doctor put me on?
Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain Management / Medication?
How long should a workout take?
Does Red-Bull Energy Drink Curb Your Appetite?
I really want some help here, please help me???!!!?
Will exercise improve mood? 10 pts tonight?
Why does my double chin go away so quickly?
i know u can get coricidin cough and cold in usa, but what about the uk?
Anyone else experienced this?
I have dreadful painful sensations in my back and my legs keep kicking out on their own .?r=1238569034?
Intense TMJ/ Sinus Symptoms - please help!?
serious nerve problems?
Does anybody know who owns the rights to a drug called cizolirtine code e,4018?
my friend has a pulse of 85, pins and needles in arm has been having pain what is this?
i have pains in my middle/upper back near me lower shoulder?
I get sharp pains on the muscles next to my shins?
I have this pain that has been happenin for 3 days and its like a light headache on the side of my head.?
Advice please! I feel so much pressure on top and side of my head, and my eyes really hurt.?
Pain in the left of my chest?
I have been getting thease pains under my ribs and some weird red sopts on my somach and legs but dont know wh?
i have costochondritis will physio help?
cavity price?
Teeht grinding!!!???
If your under 18 what do they give you in steed of vicodin for wisdom teeth removal?
Wisdom teeeh removed- can I drink alcohol?
How good are braces for curing underbites and crossbites vs. overbites?
Has anyone every had a cyst in there gum.?
Is there a place on where you can buy Braces retainers?
do spacers hurt more than braces?
My jaw cracks but I haven't been diagnosed with TMJ...?
I know to whiten teeth........?
tooth problem...?
Looking for a good pediatric dentist in Burbank/Glendale (LA)?
i one month ago i remove the teeth,but that side don't function like b4what should i do?
can you get a root canal...?
root canal?
why does toothpaste colours not mix?
i had a tooth pulled on tuesday the 25th of july. how long will there be pain, typically.?
Is there any cream or anything available that can be applied on teeth for immediate whitening?
What do you do when someone has a fit/seizure?
I obsess over me weight, my appearance etc.?
whats wrong with me!?
Depression causing illness or death?
why does my body go numb when i'm scared ?
What health/life insurance will cover those with bipolar illness?
am i depressed?
Wierd Thoughts?
How do i escape from my own mind?
How can i improve my IQ?Any suggestions?
Advice please?
what was or is your experience with wellbutrin?
How to deal with anxiety when it makes you physically ill?
Why does pain hurt so much?
Has this sleeping issue ever happened to you?
My brother has been hallucinating?
Why isn't hydrogen peroxide therapy taught to our potential doctors since it has been proven to .......?
why is it painful for him to?
why am i sore and what is it?
Should I have been prescribed Solpadol?
I have broken my kneecap in 3 places was in plaster for 7 weeks what sort of physcio should i be doing?
im really sick burning pains?
pains after eating anything?
Pain under my ribs on right hand side?
Pain in lower back Pins and neddiles in saddle area and left foot?
can a pysiotheripist refer you on to a consaltant or would they refer you back to the doctor?
Leg going numb after being hit?
migraine right front and right back of head for 4 weeks.?
I have a burning pain in my right side what is it?
when i have a headache i always tied my head.make me feel better.why?
okay i dunno whats wrong with me?
steriod injection for tennis elbow?
Has anyone used methotrexate and also been prescribed a NSAID by their GP for RA.?
Pain when squatting?!?
Seriously what can i do about my back ache?
Why can't doctors figure out why I'm skinny and use that to help people that are over weight rather then?
How can I lose 25 pounds by or before May?
Is this weight loss goal okay?
how do i gain five pounds in a day?
How can I get fit and strong?
Can you recommend a good body/colon cleanser?
What's better for a lactose intolerant person? Skim milk or fat free milk?
I'm a 16 year old guy and I want to gain muscle the right way... suggestions?
Which treadmill do you suggest I should buy?
Weight problem??????????????????
idk whats wrong with it but i have a little problem with my gums. well its actually one small part of my gum?
has anyone had gum grafting done? What was you experience with it?
is there any spraying matterial biocompatible for taking imperssion and moulding?
how do you get rid of gingavities?
teeth trouble?
thanks for the answers on my gingavities question..he brushes 3 times a day and flosses.but his symptoms are..
Can anyone suggest a dentist?
how long will pain from braces last?
Can anyone give me a basic idea of how a impacted wisdom tooth extraction goes?
Could this happen?
How long can veneers on teeth last?
Has anyone had a jaw extension? Does it hurt?
I have had bad teeth for so long I have forgot how to smile. Does anyone have any got sites that teach how to?
what should i do if i dont have insurance and i need to go to the dentist?
Over the counter teeth whiteners.?
how do you get your teeth white fast?
I have been told by my GP to do knee strenghening exercises?
Digging Pain by right rib?
Can anyone suggest any stress relief tablets or remedies?
I have sharp pains in and around my ribs. they started on my right side about a week ago but now they're worse?
how horrible is this?
Urgent help please for my hip!!!?
Lump on my piercing!?
does anyone know this problem i have?
Is Wii Fit good for arthritis, or not recommended?
Burning then increasingly painful sensation in upper thighs, any ideas please?
Sharp Pain in chest..?
What can you do about it if you are actually a sllut?
Can Seroquel hurt you?
Lexapro and weight gain?
why do some people cry and talk in their sleep?
Grieving, mourning... what are the stages??? I know there are some stages in grieving/mourning, anger, sadness
I think there could be something wrong with my sister?
addicted to neurofin plus?
bipolar I & bipolar II - what is the difference?
Long term usefulness of anti depressants?
weird question...whenever i read something i tense up my throat..?
Wondering how helpful a natropath would be in treating my depression.?
just started on anti- depression meds?
My son with Bipolar 1 stabbed his older brother and was badly injured,i am so confused and i dont know what to?
Please Please Help. I have depression...but im getting worse?
i have a question about how a child`s mind works?
does anyone have a good site to order vicodin or ritalin?
How long does it usually take for Cymbalta to take into affect?
how do bar pills look like?
white and one side says 05/52 the other side says m?
So how am i gonna get that "perfect" beach body?
would this be considered anorexia ?
Is this a bad way to lose weight?
Is it safe to take 400 mg of magnesium everyday for weight loss?
how long until i see results?
Will I lose weight with this plan?
What is a good muscle mass home work out program?
Am I taking these tablets correctly?
How can i resist eating snacks?
which is the best brand for the hcg diet?
Do calories make you full or does volume?
should i gain weight?
Starting back into heavy training what to do about shinsplints @ / pains in the shin area .?
Why are my hands numb?
arm pain in left arm?
Whats this pain in my abdo?
Back Pain - Professionals in medical field appreciated?
random spot sort of thing on my head?
pains in arms..................?
I keep getting a werid pain in my head?
Can you take indigestion tablets (rennie etc) with Zantac?
I have severe trapped wind for 4 days what is the best remedy for it?
Lower Back pains after working out?