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how can you whiten dental crowns?
I recently got 2 of my 5 wisdom teeth pulled on the same side of my mouth, I'm still in some pain?
Open sore in mouth ...Any dentists in the house ?
Best substance and method to adhere chipped off porcelain to dental bridge?
Orthodontic headgear, -- has anyone actually had to wear it for dental treatment?
What type of corses in college do you need to take to become an orthodontist?
does anybody else get alot of mouth sores? (Its not herpes I'm sure of it)?
what does removal of tori palatini involve ? is the surgery painful afterwards?
I have a burning sensation in my right leg.?
what is the ingredients opacode S-1-8144 black(printing ink)in tiloryth 250mg erythromycin?
Help with teenage depression. Mild?
Can't stop thinking about regrets?
I need serious therapy?
What sort of things will she ask me?
Nobody to talk to???
Could this be causing me to cry?
I suffer from Dysthymia from child hood trauma?
How can you over come inferiority complex?
What do those of you who have panic attacks take for it?
I am trying to find ways to make money, and save money, not for myself, but to help others?
If believing in gods and saints and devils and angels is not a mental disorder...?
feeling spaced out, cant relax, always need something to do, i get bored then depressed 2 months drug free?
do councillors help when yo have a low self esteem? What benifit have you had from speaking to one?
Is it best to take a mood stablizer or anti-depressant for BPD?
How do I increase my willpower to do anything?
Can Zyprexa + Lithium cause agrression?
I'm scared and I dont know how to cope with the wait?
I have social phobia. I am afraid of meeting new ppl and answering phone calls. what job wld be suitable 4 me?
Can people with Bipolar have episodes of hypomania before depression as well as depression before hypomania?
Whiten teeth?
what is the best drug one could take when one has chronic tooth ache?
Has anyone ever used HMO dental Insurance of any kind, where the dentist has not tried to sell you the farm?
how bad will it hurt?
comparaison implant dentaire et pont?
How soon should a childs tooth come out after it gets loose? My daughters back teeth are already growing in...
A friend says dentists refer you to a specialist for root canals as a way to scam prices. True or False?
hi Dr hamesh4000 can you answer me again about gum desease?
is there anything --especially alternative health, nutrients, or herbs that will help stop severe bruxism?
what is the best immediate step that can be taken to relieve sensitivity in a broken tooth?
please help.I have constant pain in my left ear.?
I am taking a lot of pills can they cause severe lower back pain?
i have a very bad back pain that i can't even move well, im so scared because my wedding is in 2 months. ?
how do i cope at school today leg cramps last night?
I'm playing a football match for school on Saturday and i have a sore back and inside leg pain?
ive got to have a bone graph in my arm ?
my son has a cough, i gave him covonia, can he have pain killers as well?
Knee trouble .please help?
as anyone felt this way?
If I weigh 176.5 pounds, and I want to weigh 130 lbs by December, how many lbs per month do i have to lose?
is drinking protein shakes bad for you?
i think my stomache is hurting from Fiber One Bars?
How to make a protein shake taste better?
diet experts please help me!?
What to get at subway?!?
Should I get the p90 or p90x workout?
Is my work out good for weight loss?
weight lifting question?
what benefits do egg whites have in weight loss?
School dance tommorow..?
what pills can i take to speed up my metabolism?
Healthy alternative to tortillas.?
Diet question....please answer!! 10 points for best answer!!?
if you know about digestion please try to help me?
Is it true that swimming is the best sport?
My mum doesn't want me to exercise?
Am I fat????????????
Can anyone know how to build up biecep muscles fast? ?
Why can I not stop eating?
How do people get cancer?
What causes the horrible impromptu tickle when one has a tickly cough? And what is the best cure?
How much do asthma inhalers cost in Canada?!?
peak flow readings?
I think I'm losing my sense of smell, should I go to the GP?
pains when breathing, laughing, coughing?
gasping for air ....?
What are you the symptoms to cystic fibrosis?
bronchial wall thickening?
every time i eat food i sneeze and cough and get a pain from my chest that goes?
Swelling inside of nose/sinus type problems, ongoing.....?
my nostrils are odd - fix?
Cigars With Filters ?
Unkown Pain In Lung ?
deffriecne between congestion control and flow control?
dizziness and blackouts?
Political factors asthma?
sabrephantommask for asbestos removal?
best cure for a sore head?
what is diclofenac sodium?
thinking about buying a finger splint later what type should i get?
help with waking up in the morning?
Swollen face, hands and legs?
Knee Trouble and Diclofenac Tablets?
What can be causing my neck to?
help morhine addiction?
I have an extremely sore stitch-like pain near my bladder - what is it?
whats wrong with my left hand side?
is there any way to stop the pain of self catheterizion?
How can I ease my sciatica?
what causes pain in the heals. it is painful when body weight is on them. no pain while lying down or sitting ?
Spinal anaesthetic question?
what degrees do you need to become an orthodonist?
looking a dentist office located on Yale off 610 west. 2201,7201 or 1201 Yale?
Is headgear still common.?
my son is seven and lost his four milk teeth last year, he has new growth and they are going in all directions
are there any dentist in corpus christi tx. willing to do pro bono work?
What are the symptoms of an infection?
how do you recycle an orthodontic bracket?
what is the etiology of teeth crowding?
Does your Dentist give you a lollypop or other hard candy each time you visit?
I see some people with braces that have hooks, but don't wear rubber bands or head gear, why's that?
can a wisdom tooth cause sinus problems?
Teeth clenching during the day. Will a night guard help?
Sore tongue!?
Is it safe to use Crest Whitestrips on your teeth? Do they work?
Has your child ever chipped his tooth before and...?
When can intelligent people find a way to regenerate gum tissue and bone?
whats the best way to ease a toothache ?
Any dentists out there - are these all cavities??!!?
how to avoid tooth odour naturally ?please help me?
how to get rid of nightmares?
Psychologist salary?
Is it ok to take TEMAZE (pills for insomnia) and LEXAPRO(depression/anxiety pills) together?
How long do the withdrawal symptoms last after the last dose of Effexor?
i feel like i need help?
how to get solicitor when family put you under guaridanship to doctor for experiments troed 4 yrs. am rare.?
I need a thesis for anorexia nervosa!!?
what do you think would have happened if mothers were only allowed to work short hours?
What are some things you can do to make you feel good about yourself?
Is there any treatment or prevention for bedwetting?
What's wrong with me?
Lexapro results?
PCOS and Mood Swings...?
Telling a new partner you have bipolar?
Techniques for dealing with anxiety?
what's wrong with me? please help.?
Kennel cough question?
Could this be caused by asbestos exposure?
Conkers bad fur days?
my mum's got a load of cattargh in her throat and can't talk what's the best way to get her better ?
Chronic Cough what could it be?
Sharp sensation while breathing in?
you know the vaccination h1n1?
Could heart problems / medication & chrons affect your vocals?
Chest Physio or Respiritory Therapists?
my step dad has puliminary lung diseas need medical advice.?
Did i eat alrite today?
Can doctors check for serious lung probs (lung cancer lung disease) by listening to ur chest/back?
Been coughing for 3 days?
Asthma with chest infection?
Can you give me 20 different names for a ciggarette?
ive had positive test but hosp said theirs was negative?
what is the difference between a spinal block and an epidural?
have a stabbing pain near my ribs ?
Are my bunions causing cramp during exercise?
Is there anything my mum can do to help her cope with the pain of Shingles?
what do they do in a pain clinic?
Possible finger ligament damage what do i avoid to help it heal faster?
i injured my shoulder now i feel pain down the side of my neck and on my shoulder.it is also swollen,?
Nasty pain in the right side of my head when i walk ! what could it be?
Best way to get my immune system up?
There is a lump like a bone on the left outward side of my foot it feels as if i have bruised it ?
Bad Bad Stomach Pain!?
Hip pain after exercise -mostly when sitting or lying down?
back pain help! please! :S?
L4/L5 herniated disc post op?
I want to get in shape! Help!?
How important is water in regards to building muscle?
How to get 6-pack abs fast without going 2 the gym and without any equipment?
Good exercises to loose fat for a 15 year old girl?
How far can i go with this time and exercise?
How to lose 3 lbs a week for 8 weeks for a total of 25 lbs!?
Is sheperd's pie healthy?
Am i fat...................?
Is this dinner healthy?
what food has proteins?
Why did I just almost pass out?
I have stretch marks on the inner side of both biceps from lifting ?
Need help with my diet!?
Can my Tummy talk??? plz help!!!?
Do you loose weight EXACTLY after exercising? :)?
How to i tone my stomach and legs?
Is 230 pounds fat for a 15 year old that's 6foot?
What muscles are worked out when benching?
im i too tall and skinny ?
what's the best protein powder for a 16 year old?
someone called me fat?
Can you get braces if you have periodontal disease?
what does it mean if you have bumps on your tongue?
i have 2 canker sores that hurt really bad i tried puting salt what is another thing i can do so it'll go away
what are the beginning stages of gengervidas?
what are the principles of over dentures?
how is an inferior dental nerve block given?
Dentists please answer now!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have TMD and was wondering the cost.?
when can children start to use fluoride toothpaste?
What is the process of putting braces on your teeth?
Why my baby teeth was broken when she 12th month????
why am i so scared of the dentist is it because its always been because they always hurt me?
How can I get whiter, healthier teeth?
Chocolate Problem?
How do i cure a toothache and cannot get to a dentist for 3 days? i am also unable to take paracetamol?
What is the average # of patients seen by dentist offices in the Greenville, MS area?
I have serious problems wit my teeth. The front two are rotting can they still be capped? or be pulled out?
Stainless steel dentures. These would be cheap to make. A set of molars would last a long time.?
anyone out there care for someone with huntingtons disease?
has anyone had any withrawral effects from stopping warfarin?
I have had a bad cold all week.?
what are the human symptoms of e.cuniculi?
pain in chest below ribs?
i gave up smoking 8 years ago but i seem the need to cough up sticky saliva ever since. whats causing this.?
Cystic Fibrosis? How Does It Affect You ...?
I woke up at 2:30 in the morning with a strong smell of someone else's perfume in the room?
Deviated septum? 14 years old?
Does ritalin help with Sleep Apnea since its a stimulant? Can it help me breath during periods of Sleep Apnea?
wat foods to avoid when u have a hiatus hernia?
health question: long lasting, dry, non-productive coughing question?
explain how the respiratory and renal system's compensates for metabolic acidosis and alkalosis?
how different is a care plan in the community to a care plan in acute setting?
Stopping smoking? Nicorette capsules?
Is there likely to be Carbon Monoxide in the room
NG tude aspiration and different pH levels?
lymph nodes, pain, fatigue and weight loss.?
Does anyone know why my back ache now itches?
Cramping pain just now!?
How can I get some exercise when I have severe arthritis in my hip?
how can i tell my ear is iinfected?
Has restricting aspirin pack size made any difference?
Stabbing stomach pains?
Pain in my jaw and neck when i eat food after drinking alcohol?
Why does paracetamol not work for me?
how can i make my knees straight?
Help! My arms go dead in the night when they are bent! I cant feel them.?
What causes carpel tunnel and?
Extreme nerve pain in tooth with crown during flight?
umm.... i cry really easily? why?
does post traumatic stress stry with you for life, and how does it affect future relationships?
Depression - are you on tablets?
What is wrong with my sleep i keep having these dreams?
Where is the best place yo get information on bipolar disorder?
quitting school /depressed at school please help?
where can i find free samples for gum?
I'm 33 years old and I speak with a lisp. Are there any training exercises that can do to help me speak normal
Floride poisoning?
where are bristles in a tooth brush made?
should i get braces?
would you rather go to a male dentist or a female dentist?
I had gum grafting for receding gums, but can still see the root on one of the teeth; is this normal?
How can you get rid of TMJ?
how do your gums feel after pulling a tooth?
Had a tooth removed but gum is ripped. Am I in trouble?
how much does it cost to get your teeth whitened by a dentist?
I am getting braces and I was wondering hat color would look right on a black person?
What is a dental damb.?
Has anyone ever injured their gums and caused recession with an electric toothbrush?
I'm getting braces and I have in spacers...?
How do I get my braces clean?
how often should i brush?
Should I let my daughter watch me get a filling?
best whittening toothpaste?
I don't see the site for coverage for a dental hygienist...Please help me fine it...?
i am female and have always snored, it is getting worse even though i am trying to lose weight.?
Does anyone know someone who has had MDR TB, I have to talk to them about medication side effects.?
mordern living had made the people of india weak unhealthy and disease prone?
What is this tightening feeling I get near my lungs?
what could be causing my doue debordeaux to have a dry nose?
Reflux what is the meaning?
Do I suffer from mild depression?
Ear infection/cold/cough?
how to treat kennel cough?
friend poorly with breathlessness...has no lung disease....no heart disease...daily cough...some sputum...?
No cough or wheezing but shortness of breath with mild exertion?
Can i be a pilot in the Navy if ive ever had asthma?
Spontaneous pneumothorax pain?
What is the operation called that cleans out your lungs?
what might the consequences of having a very slow or very rapid heart and breathing rate be?
A question for doctors?
Help me lose weight!!!! How'd you do it!!! (video enclosed)?
Did I have too much for breakfast? and a BQ inside?
Please help, how can i lose inches?
How can I stop craving bad food?
Am i fat please tell me!?
I need help finding the perfect workout dvd's that will get you in to shape good, please help?
What is the best weight gain [email protected]?
has anyone had bad headaches on this pill i'm not sure if its this but i've had a headache for a week?
I'm 5"2, 79lbs, should i gain weight?
how many calories is a tea with two and a half teaspoons of honey and half ounce of milk?
I think my friends are just overreacting, but I'd like a second opinion...?
How much weight should I lose?
I need a diet plan?...?
Best way to lose weight within 2-4 weeks?
when i change my workout can i only change the intensity of it?
My wrist is hurting me......?
My spot on the left side of my head is giving me a headache?
Is My Weight-Loss Plan Good Enough 2 See Results Soon?
how many points boston lettuce in weight wachers ?
I'm wonderring about a real great healthy diet program?
will pasta help me lose weight?
Is 11:00 to early for lunch?
I am 5"ft 10.3 inches and I am 18 going on 19 is this considered short?
Why do i get a headache when i study?
Severe Ear Pain? Ear infection?
Should I loose weight?
embarrassed to jog / run ?
tendon pain after lifting?
pain in bottom left of stomach?
what piercing hurts the most?
Does this warrant calling an ambulance?
when i wake up and throughout the day i constantly have red eyes?
Electric knee warmer?
can any one tell me why i have jaw pain?
had some Diazepam aboy 5pm ?
what could this pain in my hand be? its agony!!?
I am having surgery for a slipped disc in neck?
Please help me i am having chest pains?
when I tense my right arm my shoulder blade sticks out?
what is the difference between a dds,dmd,pc and which one is the best if i want crowns caps or implants?
Anyone know of a Dentist in Waikiki?
How many dentists are there in Mexico?
This question is for dentists-I know SOOOO many people who are in dental pain or are losing their teeth becaus
Anyone know any good ways to whiten teeth?
Teeth Whitening and Military Insurance?
My teeth start forming strong Tartar soon after i have my dental cleanings, no matter if i stop eating junk???
i have an expander!?
I am thinking about invisaline braces..?
does any body have a bad experience with INPLANTS?
Is it standard procedure for a dentist to prescribe an antibiotic when they have extracted a tooth?
Why cavities?
Gingivitus ???
If i don't wear headgear at night is braces next??
I got my wisdom teeth extracted, and I've taken my pain medication, but my cheek hurts more than my gums?
Is there such a thing as a fear of meeting new people and trying to be friends with them?
changing from luvox to effexor xr, have been feeling terrible for 3 since stopping luvox now taking 75mg effex
Can help be given to the helpless?
why cant i sit through a movie?
ADHD (no medication) and school problems?
Can meditative states be brought about under hypnosis / nlp?
oi weed is the only thing that works on me. drugs like MDMA, methamphetamine, lsd etc dont do anything...?
Forced to play the violin... by myself?
do i have an eating disorder?
How can i release all this anger i have against her?
Anyone know/went to an eating disorder treatment centre in Australia?
Could i have another dvt or post thrombotic syndrome?
Carbon Monoxide worries...?
How long does it take for the effects of erythroped (erythromycin) to wear off?
is there psychological coughing?
Can someone explain to me what "organising pneumonia" is?
How can I stop myself sniffing? (Other than blowing my nose)?
any info on lung nodules please?
I have to really strain to talk and force out what im saying the left side of my throat and ear hurt and?
is it very difficult to get va disibility from copd even though you cant prove agent organge?
When i get sprayed with a water gun I get a strange tickle in the back of my mouth, does any one else ?
are these the symptoms of panic attacks?
I have a very serious chest condition and need to live by the sea for fresh air.?
i feel guilty?..................?
I came across a site that showed nutritional information of virtually every food, I cant remember it now?
What are good exercises to strengthen and tone biceps without using equipment?
if i want to mainly focus on bigger arms.what exercises shud i do in one session.so for tricep,bicep, else?
i want to lose 5 pounds per week. plz help?
weight gain help !!!?
I have this problem with wanting to binge eat at night.?
If don't go on a diet and exercise will my body become bulkier?
Why bananas have a curve shape?
I just started back exercising going three times a week to the gym and walking.?
getting rid of calve muscles by not using them: is this true?
How much weight can I lose by doing this?
what happens when you eat a mars bar everday?
Will i lose weight slower if im already thin?
if you have naturally big calves is it possible to make them thin?
How to slim down my face?
Does anyone go to 24 hour fitness? (question)?
Can you give my some feedback on how to lose this weight (video enclosed)?
15 year old who weights 264 pounds?
How to lose 30 pounds ?
Any advice on cystitis / pain relief / remedy?
help for restless legs syndrome?
How do you stop your feet from getting sore in kneehighs?
how to get rid of really bad cramp?
What is the most powerful paracetamol based painkiller?
How do I get rid of a migraine?
magnet therapy for the relief of long term pain?
Nerve damage..........?
my back has stiffened up what are good exercises to loosen it up?
Why is the place where I got an injection 3 months ago still hurting?
Hi. Where on the Internet can I buy the painkiller Co-Proxomal?
What is wrong with my tummy? Pain!!!?
I had a tooth pulled today,and lost my instruction sheet.Am I suppose to rinse with warm salt water?When?Thank
why does my gum get a little bit of numbness on the bottom row of my teeth everytime it touches cold stuff?
Does it Hurt?
What is the difference between dental insurance and a discount plan?
Tongue Ulcer?
To strengthen weak teeth?
teeth staining?
My tooth hurts!?
I am looking for Dental ins...Can anyone give me some names of dental ins companies??
Any opinions on Family Dentistry in Elon, NC?
Abcessed crown What can be done? I have a crown that I know has abcessed under it.?
Does chewing ice harm your teeth?
what is Dyhydro Bitrate?
Do you no of anyone with sarcoidosis "chonic"?
what causes hiccough's?
What are the long and short term effects of pneumonia?
methotrexate - need information?
Why is Vicks Sinex nasal decongestant spray not safe to take during pregnancy?
Why do I want to self harm?
Help with depression and stress?
Can you help me? Im so insecure?
I have a.d.d. How can i help this. Pill recomendations, cost.?
What are signs of depression ?
this girl makes me feel uncomfortable?
Missed a day of Anti-Depressant meds...Side effects?
Pain in forearm whilst doing arm curls?
post surgical adhesions?
is there any harm n side effact of kegalexcersice?
Does this mean anything?
help please :( feel like killing myself.?
why am i getting a sharp pain under my ribs?
best treatment for osteo arthritis?
Headache with temperature?
Aching and sore pain travelling down body?
Should she be taking this much Tramadol?
All my joints click loads, help?
discomfort which seems to be around diafram area and when eating feels like food is not going down .thanks?
How do I tell my family, guy I'm dating, friends, and my school I have cancer?
Sinus pressure / headache?
what's the solution in asma inhalers that's used to dissolve and propel the drug?
can 5 days of clexane 150mg clear small blood clot on lungs?
I have a new PIKO-1 Peak flow meter for my asthma. Can't see the setting instructins. Help?!?
why the lightheadedness/faint .?
Is airborne house dust bad for your health?
What cigarette contains a filter, and delivers the least amount of tar, nicotine and CO?
My blood count has changed?
a new strategy to cut-down on smoking - question is though, will it work?
Doesn't feel like sinus problems any more?
Symptom of sinus-mouth communication?
why does my snot sting? No smell and it is clear?
How does pulmonary fibrosis affect the lungs?
Difference Between Powder Inhalers And Gas?
exercising in bed, yes or no?
help with other exercises?
Had 1 day of rest, still sore, should I keep working out?
Do you think sport drinks are going to lose business?
quick question.......?
Muscle soreness; Go to the gym tomorrow?
Cheerios with Almond Milk?
It is nine o' clock, should I grab a snack?
How can I stop snacking? Please help?
Is it bad to eat beef at night after doing exercise?
Where can I find a sample meal plan for an anti aging diet?
Is measuring more accurate than the scale?
Can I lose weight by running on the treadmill and eating better?
What is the best creatine to buy?
i need help with a workout schedule please?
Is weightlifting twice a day effective?
How to lose 5 pounds in 1 to 2 weeks?
Do i have body image problems?
should i continue exercising?
I am hungry anytime, anyplace?
Is this a normal weight?
Looking for an oral surgeon in southern Illinois?
Any suggestions/recommendations for finding a dentist in Alexandria VA?
Help! Is there a dentist in the house?
Can you change the color of a porceline crown tooth.?
i've lost my retainers?
gums bleeding, do i need scaling? or a good paste?
Should anyone who is allergic to codeine be prescribed hydroco/apa 5-500m?
Should I floss before or after brushing teeth?
what are Canker sore?
Questions with BRACES?
does the laser procedure for teeth whitening work well?
what is root canal treatment?
sore on the inside of my mouth?
Scary lump on my jaw week ago and I have a hard lump now on my jaw area about the size of a penn?
Best dental schools in the US, best area of specialization?
I am quite skinny .. on my chest i have abone that sticks out .. like my rib why ?
help! joint pain in fingers wrist ankles knees and legs and shoulders! ?
what causes heartburn and why?
people who are familiar with 'Champix" to quit smoking, would you mind giving me some feed back as to how you
ok so is this a good idea or not?
What are the effects of emphysema on the respiratory system?
Sleeeeeeeeeeeeping problems Arghhh?
Has anyone had any trouble with printerinks.com?
what is the breathing reflex?
is it possible for somebody who has cystic fibrous to have only mild symptoms?
Has anyone who is prescribed Candesartan experienced bad side effects?
What is the relationship between `vital capacity` and `tidal volume`?
What is the difference between hypersensitivity pneumonitis and Asthma.?
why for the last two days i can't quit sweating?
What is the pH of tobacco smoke?
what risk is there with a hiatus hernia and a gastric band?
anyone heard of asbestos compensation claims in rep.of ireland?
will this device help me with my Cystic fibrosis or make it worse?
what is the basic structure and function of the respiratory system?
Pictures of the 3 types of Asbestos?
can i become a fire fighter in the uk with mild controlled asthma?
Partner has a narrowing in his stomach, has reacted to a tb test so doctors say that they need to operate?
Tips on how to recover from Pneumonia?
Why would the gas transfer factor be low in a person who had interstitial lung disease?
Whats the difference between pleural friction rub, pleuritic pain, pleural pain & pleural chest pain?
It is excruciating to walk on my right foot. Can anyone help?
how to fight with foot pain using natural methods?
HELP -Pyelonephritis?
Why does the thing behind me knee hurt so much?
Really hot spaghetti burnt my lip :O?
Pain in my inside left legg at the top of the thigh after walking walking down the street...then it gets worse?
Whats this pain in my finger - i get it quite often?
Stuck in bed and feeling really ill?
White chocolate headache? :/?
Fractured foot, pain in palm and other foot?
what is a safe, effective over the counter teeth whitening system?
Will braces make all smiles beautiful?
Dry Socket Experiences.....when did you get them? How long after wisdom teeth removal? Stories....?
The removal of metal spacers AFTER braces?
I'm going to get Jaw Surgury next month. Has anybody here had Jaw Surgury and have any avice for me?
How can I get an insurance for orthodontics?
if a person has rheumatism that that person needs to be premed before treatment??
colgate or crest?
I am looking for a doctor specializes in excessive salava in the mouth , my teeth hurt !!!!?
i had my wisdom teeth cut out last monday......?
has anyone used whitestrips back to back?
Free FLA.Health Programs?
What is a good insurance plan that will cover orthodontics?
can health insurance cover my caps teeth?
How to prevent tooth decay?
I just had bonding put on 2 teeth, but they're not as white as the rest of my teeth?
How do you brush your teeth?
would I lose weight? or just maintain? please answer!?
Does the HCG Diet really work?
How to get toned muscles vs. ripped?
why am i not seeing results?
would I lose weight eating this?
How Long Until Results?
Tendon Pain while doing push ups?
Best way to lower body fat percent?
Is white rice good for me?
Taking four multivitamins dietary supplements when I am only suppose to take two, is that bad?
My goal is 2000 calories a day.. Im at 1800 right now.. And?
Losing weight! I'm 138 and 5'4!!!!?
Is eating Chicken Breast bad?!?
Can I gain strength with weights w/o gaining muscle?
How did I do today, help please?!?
I haven't eaten anything all day?????????????
Is it good that I'm 94lbs & can bench 70lbs :)?
10 points 5 stars. Weight loss?
pseudomonas and bronchiectasis?
ive just had my 12 week scan and i was wondering when i will get my blood results back?
Did i just have a panic/asthma attack?
im tired during the day but cant sleep on a night?
What is the quickest way to recover from cough?
Why have i got this chest pain and how to get rid of it?
pain in chest and sore throat?
When do you think my cold/cough symptoms will go?
Got a chest infection?
What makes you feel better in a crisis moment?, what relieves it?
Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty for a Deviated Septum on NHS?
How does infection enter the body?
I've had alot of mucus and now i've gone deaf HELP!?
Recurring cough and lethargy since Xmas?
I have been told I need to have a stent put in?
Motor Neurone Disease. Why does it happen my mum has got it and it`s upsetting me cause of what happening?
Do I have pluerisy - if not, what is it?
What does angina feel like?
Should I go to A&E because of the pain in my shoulder?
i have a severe pain that is in the lower region of my spine. i have had xrays but nothing shows up.HELP ME.?
Banged head yesterday-anything I can do to relieve the pain?
help...sore gum! in pain lol?
i have chillbains on my left hand any quick way to get rid of them?
Had Ears pinned Back Pain?
Tension headache with neck and jaw pain too?
when u have a leg cut off do u feel it when they put it in the fire?
reasons for pins and needles in head?
help me what is this pain i get after each meal i eat and why does the pain make me feel sick ?
How do I email Nurofen?
i have persistent headaches everyday and when i start reading my head pains?
Polo mints causing stomach ache?
How can I perform the alexander technique?
An Epiglottis Lump???
i take cardura 4mg xl tablets can i take harnal ocas 4mg with these?
sharp shooting chest pains?
how do i get rid off flem?
i have a problem im sick help?
Have I got an oesophagus rupture?
Does anyone know any massage therapist in ottawa?
13 year old daughter who has constant bouts of Croup...is this worrying?
Is mill due harmful..............?
Oranges make acid reflux worse?
TB helpppp pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
Why do I feel breathless?
what are the environmental factors that influence tuberculosis?
Does cauterizing your nose hurt?
Nodules on the vocal chords?
stop me flooding the floor when sleep walk?
Good chin strap for CPAP user?
what is comprimidos normon for?
how many people suffer with svt?
Help please I have such a bad headache and bad pains, what do I do?
How much does wisdom tooth extraction cost?
what causes saliva in the mouth in the morning?
what is hippo?
What's The Difference Between Dental Bonding And Porcelain Veneers?
Why is it that the person with bad breath always has to tell you a secret?
Wiggly permanent teeth...help!!!?
How do you unnumb your mouth faster after getting teeth pulled?
What is the cause of morning breathe?
How do Lumineer veneers compare in cost to regular veneers?
what causes gapping of the teeth?
soft teeth?
Toothbrushs: Manualor Battery?
have you ever heard of a tooth moving after a filling?
Do I need a root canal?
Are lumaneers effective and how expensive are they?
can i wear braces to straighten my teeth?
I have done a lot of ecsacty which makes you grind your teeth now i do it even kow i am sober and i freak out?
braces r a prob?
I have a perminate tooth over my baby tooth what do I do?
why are my teeth getting really crocked??
i have a rather bad pain in my knee that is bugging me?
Dislocted knee and weak thigh muscle!! HELP?
Pain on one side of my back and bloated sore stomach?
help: waist down really hurts?
HELP PLEASE! errm yh?
Why do I have a gentle feeling of pins and needles in my right hand?
Is our world in fact possibly part of a chair leg?
Any knee experts out there...?
Why can I not sleep and could this be the reason that I have a terrible neck and back ache?
About Hip Replacement?
How to get rid of Foot Cramps?
Is there anything that will get rid of sciatica?
Is this a good way to lose weight?
what's your diet.....?
is string cheese a good snack for a diet?
Pull Ups, Crunches.... Work?
Is it possible for me to get a six pack by spring break?
how much should a 16 year old girl be able to squat?
if i run 3km everyday how long will it take to improve?
I'm young and obese...?
Does jumping rope help lose weight? Are my eating habits healthy?
Chest fat????????????
How to lose weight FAST and EASY?
I think I could be anorexic..?
Do i have to rest a day after doing arm workouts?
would you consider 5'8 130 pounds chunky?
How much water a day is too much water?
HOW CAN I GROW TALLER??? Inversion tables?
How can i inspire myself?
What can I expect for FLAG FOOTBALL conditioning for Girls :)?
is it okay if i have a snack right now?
What are GREAT ways to lose weight when my mom works as a cook of 50 and i am always surrounded by yummy food?
At what point is it considered anorexia?
i have been wheezing and short of breath for 2 months plus now what could it be?
is there anyone on here with sarcoidosis?
HELP? my daughter has just been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Sore throat near nasal passages?
What OHR is someone unhinged?
I have Brittle Asthma and work frontline in Social Services.?
Why can't cattle be immunised against TB?
hi any one else out there have a horse with sarcoids? how have you treated them? what sucess have you had?
I cant breathe through both nostrills?
is it normal for a cough to go from chesty to dry and back again?
Does anyone else suffer with sarccoidosis?
pains in chest after being ill??
chest pain.............?
Swallowing problem (UK) Waiting time for NHS consultation?
Would the British climate be good or bad for Pulmonary Fibrosis.?
Fungus on an interior wall?
Cefalexin for tonsilitus?
Is it a tumor or something?
Kidney stones my friend and I are supposed to be going away for long weekend on friday ?
Nobody Really Cares...?
I am really Depressed Help Me ASAP?
can anyone relate to me at all?
what does Cet 2L for?
can i just turn up at glasgow dental hospital for treatment?
breakdown my monthly salary?
i was working in my car and a got alittle bit of brake fluid in my mouth and now the tip feels numb, is it go?
Any DENTISTS here.. ? Have a bubble on my gum?
how long does it take for a dentist to preform a root canal and crown?
how can i work as a dentist in canada?
Sedation dentistry - Is it safe?
can you get porcelin veneers if you have a cap?
Any advice on how I can recover more quickly and minimise any risks after today's wisdom tooth extraction?
Can a dental specialist (for example orthodontic) open a practice and work as a general dentist?
Dentists and eye-sight?
any suggestions on what kind of painpillers i can take to help ease the pain of braces?
do gold grills look good on ''redbone'' gurls in the ATL?
Class act law suits against MicroDental laboratories?
In what way does Nicotine make you feel more alert?
Iv had vertigo for the last 4 weeks and feel so down and anxeious and panicky help?
Where can I find advice online regarding Asthma in Urdu language?
does the isle of mann have a no smoking policy?
Is there any chance of having anosmia a few days after having an operation on the nasal cavity?
have i got a chest infection?
My freind from New York has aksed me to send her Migraine Tablets from UK, she says it is too expensive in USA?
I keep getting liver pain whats up?
i have a pain in my chest?
i am 33yrs old and have legs like a 90yr old, varicus veins, cannot get done on nhs even though they hurt etc ?
does spinal fusion hurt more than having your discs removed?
headaches and side pain?
Is It Normal To Still Be In Pain From Kidney Infection?
What could the pain in the lower right hand side of my tummy be?
how can i deal with back pain?
whats the best exercise for a frozen shoulder?
I have had mild pins and needles in my left arm, leg, hand and foot for a day now what is it?
anyone heard abt the needles injection for burning of the fast?
Lump on neck.. what is it?
has any1 had problems adter total knee replacement..?
What are the benefits of Oolong tea and does it taste good?
height 5'2'' weight 90...........anorexic?
What are you supposed to drink after a work out to help replenish what you burned?
Help, I'm really underweight?
Why am I so tall?! (14 year old girl, 6'0 feet.)?
How to lose the extra bit of fat?
I'm on labetalol for blood pressure, and want to lose weight, I was thinking of trying Acai-trim.?
Why is my stomach so flabby lately?
Would it still be breakfast if you wake up in the afternoon? Lets say 2:30PM?
Does anyone have a good calorie counting app for iphone or ipod touch?
Have you ever tried Alli, the weight loss pill?
How come these health know it alls are always 80 lbs heavier then I am?
Am I overweight? ? ? ?
Please help I'm confused ?
How to get slim/toned thighs really quickly?
how to get strong knees for soccer please help me?
Will doing this sabotage my weight loss goals?
Is it bad to have no physical activity? (pls answer)?
how fat am i rate 1-10?? be honest!?
What Rowing machine should I get ?
A Lot Of Phlegm ? Had it over 8 Months Now?
i am thinking of joining Buteyko clinic or Buteyko practioner to control asthma, any?
what can it be?
how is a punctured lung cured ?
Who has Sarcoidosys?
I've been prescribed Amoclav for laryngitis started my course on wednesday taking it 3 times daily,?
what causes sickness and a non epelectic fit?
Changes to the National BCG Vaccination Programme in the UK?
Discrete parenchal lung lesion?
I'm getting a slight ache in my left side if chest especially lying on it. Doesn't get worse with excersize.?
I am suffering tinitus for almost 2 years and its really bothered me, what will I do? I have been to many EEN?
Aching Neck, Upper Lungs When Inhaling Deeply?
Does anyone have children on Vyvanse? Id like to know more about this medicine.?
can the medicines given in the treatment of lung sarcoidosis cause a personality change?
sharp pains in lower chest?
everyone says that i will have pain medication for my wisdom teeth removal?
Does it hurt when u get braces on the 1st time??What should I expect?
HOw can I prepare myself before I take off my braces? any medications? what should i expect?
x-wife took son to dentist that works out of his kitchen?
does having a cavity filled hurt?
What are orthodontic molds like?
Anyone with braces please help?
How long do you have to wait for your braces to stop hurting?
Braces problem!?
I just got spacers put in yesterday b4 i got braces?
Please help.?
how long does it take for your mouth to heal?
do any of you know how to make braces noto hurt?
What is the chemical in smokeless tobacco that causes teeth stains?
what are the ingredients in denture adhesives and is it safe to swallow?
Salt/taste in Mouth - would could this be?
i have pain on right side of chest very dull hurt when deep breathing?
Ovary Cysts ??
I remember learning once that cancer cell's divide abnormally into three, instead of?
Have cancer doctors ever considered possibly freezing tumors then removing them?
seeking smoking facts?
I have been told I need a operation on my wrist and am very nervous.?
Muscle exercises for after the cast is removed from my leg?
Sleep-inflicted neck / back pain?
i have had a constand pins and needles feeling in my right hand and fingers for a week what could it be?
Upper back/neck/left shoulder pain?
My partner for the past 3 days has been experiencing mild back pain?
why do i get headaches?
getting a tongue bar downsized...does it hurt?
Is it normal due to the swelling going (Knee Pain)?
This is for Dr Frank. About the needle stick.?
for over two weeks i have been having pain in my neck it is mainly one the sides?
i have shooting pains in the back of my head, like behind my right ear?
My dad is on death row. I am extremely gutted and upset. What should I do?
are you scared of balloons popping too?
As a teacher how would i deal with a bi polar child?
I find it very hard to trust people, or see goodness is humankind.?
what do i do if i think i have depression?
empty void?
How can feral children be helped?
Would you say i had bulimia ?
Small definition of the great depression?
is there such a thing as being too lazy?
Am I going crazy or not?
What to do when you have a seriously broken heart and suffer from depression aswell?
What helps you distressf stress and calm down?
Why is it so easy to help others but can't return the same favor to ourselves?
has anybody ever gotton over their severe anxiety disorder?
oxygen debt tolerance?
I get chest infections if I train too hard,?
Has anyone tried Sinus Doctor (USA plant oils for sinusitis)? Effective? Is it inhaled or applied? Thanks.?
About TVT ,I had nerve damage done,still having problems,don't go to newport,vt?
How come I have trouble breathing in strong wind?
can i still take my meds?
Nose pain - feels like i've been punched in the face. Advice please?
my husband has been diagnosed withpulmonary fibrosis but is self employed he finds it difficult to work fullt?
Does a dvt come on gradually or suddenly?
How long does it take blood to dry?
if you have a flu jab does it stop you getting the flu?
can i take my son ou even though he has a caugh how long does it last?
what is milo fibrosis?
fibrosis,emphesema,scarring and mass on lungs also c o p d and chronic bronchitis r they individual diseases?
congential cystic adenomatoid malformation?
why do i have cough/cold symptoms at night but not during the day? ?
Aren't my arms supposed to be sore after every workout?
How much weight is healthy to loose in a week?
I had 3 eggs this morning...is that bad?
Joining a gym at 14, underage?
Will Eating Extra Veggies + Fruits = Weight Loss or Weight Gain?
Do you think I should loose weight?
Becoming a Personal Trainer?
What are the pros and cons of an elliptical machine and a treadmill? Which is better?
new diet. would eating this make me lose weight?
Is this an effective workout and when will I see results?
What is the best exercise to reduce the fat located on the hip?
1000 calorie burning exercise ?
Does stress cause weight gain?
Ways to burn 500 calories?
has anyone else had funny effects after an epidural?
Why the "funny bone" is so sensitive?
What can I do to relieve bad back muscle pain?
Whats wrong with my Funny Bone HELP?
pain under right rib cage?
how much pain is normal after surgery?how do you cope with it?
I have a pain in my left gut - any suggestions?
Medical Question?
can anyone tell me the price of the drug interferon beta 1b that's used commonly for ms sufferers?
I have been informed that i have emphysema in the upper lung,if i stop smoking now will it stop being worse?
What's the name of the condition where,when you drink or eat something cold your heart stop's because of?
Have you had any success with the Neilmed sinus rinse kits?
mobile air condition SILENT any one know of a make?
Any adult using Qvar or Becotide had experience of depression or mood swings as a side effect?
hi is there anyone home sick?
I have COPD. Could there be a connection with Reynauds ?
How do I get rid of this horrible cough?
do 20mg temazipam have 5k2 on one side of them?
any one suffering from dry eyes?
For Emphysema COPD sufferers - what do you think is best place in the World to live?
gerd?? can it cause this?
Can an agonist reverse the effects of an irreversible antagonist and competitive antagonist?
Throat and/or chest infection?
what is community acquired pneumonia is it caught in or out of hospital?
why do many parents/children kill their children/parents?
Experience with Damon braces?
i need invisalign but i cant afford it, wat can i do?
Had wisdom teeth few months ago, in the last few days I've had a hard lump come up, anyone know what it is?
1. Why green tea is more preferred than black?
how do you get a bulimic to see herself correctly?
Borderline personality people (BPD) - what's it like for you?
Question on diazepem?
Steroids and Anxiety Disorders?
HELP!?!? I hear voices but......?
what do i have ? ?
Can you OD on antidepressants and ibprofin easily?
Can anyone offer help for Generalised Anxiety Disorder?
Cymbalta - 20 mg verses 60 mg?
how many people a year die from bad drugs?
No one loves me, why do i feel depress cause of it!?
question about weed and parenting?
Anorexia question? 10points best answer! :)?
how can i resolve chocolate addiction?
How can i get rid of these shoulder pains?
Has anyone had 'Ulnar nerve entrapment'?
is this pain normal for a 19 year old?
How is sciatica in German?
i see flashing lights and no headache?
On my first delivery i had an operation they operated me through injected in my spinal since my back is numb y?
What should i do about my knees?
I have really sore pains the whole time!?
Why Is My Knee Is Hurting Me?
Clutching yourself when your in pain...?
Throbbing left wrist?
throbbing pain in my wrist??
Pain in the back of head and neck?
I have been on 14 antibiotics a morning plus amikacin drip for 2 years, what are the post side effects?
Does a chest X-ray show inflamed airways caused by asthma (amongst other things)?
Efficacy of anti-microbials on E.coli?
can anyone give me peace of mind?
How can I dry out sheesha tobacco so that I can roll it in a cigarette?
a small lump on windpipe?
Why is my blood like this?
is primary complex dangerous?
how much does cigarette smoking increase your liver enzymes on average?
I have a sore throat, and that cough that rattles in your chest..?
How does the greenhouse effect works?
Is my shaking caused by anxiety?
Why dose the body need the circulatory system to live?
Can you drink two days after a pneumothorax?
In how long timewill i be able to smokea cig without feeling indescribably bad?
im addicted to sugar. how can i stop the urge?
I've heard tea is good for you when trying to lose weight, so does that mean lipton iced tea is a good drink?
did i eat too much today?
Can pushups give you defined chest? or is it just for maintainance?
I'm 20 years old, 5'4 170 pounds, how much would you say I am OVER weight?
Will I lose weight doing 30 minutes on my exercise bike (about 10km) or 30 minutes of treadmill and ex bike?
to anorexics..i need your help?
What is the most effective over-the-counter weight loss pill?
What's better: to be too fat, or too skinny?
Why on earth am I hungry?
Am I drinking too much water?
Need help on what to drink for healthy kidneys?
How can I make my tummy stop growling?! Please help! w/out eating?!?
How to get through the day without any sleep?
Weight loss experts: Once you've reached your goal weight?
Why has my leg swelled when cast was removed?
Has the dental paste any role in normal oral helth than only brass?
After my dental braces are removed, is there a residue?
Wats the healthiest gum for teeth? Trident, Orbit or wat??
how many dentist follow all on 4 protocol for implants as Dr Paulo Malo does? Are they satisfied?
whats wrong with my face?
Any opinions on Gateway Dental Care in Higley, AZ?
Does anyone know if there is a way to have braces as well some kind of bridge or denture at the same time?
What exactly are dental caps?
Why do I have a sore lump in my cheek?
Tonsils hurt?
How long after I have a tooth extracted can I eat, drink, brush my teeth etc without affecting the wound ?
What metal is used to make a Temporary Crown?
who has tryed Invisalign? did it work was it worth it?please tell me?
Is Floride in toothpaste bad for you?
my braces.....?
What does "DMD PLLC" next to your dentist's name stand for? What does "DDS PA" next to the name mean?
Why do I get canker sores and how can I prevent them?
surgery on torn subscapularis tendon and dislocated long bicep tendon?
am i depressed? help?
How can i Stop stuttering.?
is insanity an illness or is it just the collective term for mental illnesses?
How does a 3 year old be away from supervison long enough to have a video made.How could she not have known?
Constant cramp in my toes!?
woke up in a dead sleep with my right leg acting up. It felt like a sting where the muscle of leg is.?
throat pain and the problem?
Strange headache why?
My knee is clicking and hurting, but I don't know what's wrong. Answers?
I have had a pain above my right eye (just above my eyebrow) for about a week now, has anyone else had this.?
surgery !!!!!!!!!!!!????
Why do I keep getting pains in my chest?
i have been told that i am suffering from rsd?
not sure what to think of strange headache?
What is the highest strength of co-codamol?
what happens in the US when you have cancer, but have no insurance and no money. do you just die.?
Is it posible for a woman to get prostate cancer ?
I have a type of cancer that isn't easy to treat but is treatable ?
Is there any sure way to get cancer?
braces and eating in public?
Why do we have wisdom teeth?
Any advice? I am having oral surgery today..?
Wich is stronger pain medacine?
how long is your mouth supposed to stay swollen for after getting braces?
What's that 4th dentist's problem??
Sonicare Toothbrush Owners: Will it turn on without the head attached?
Will this keep them clean?
Why would my tooth start hurting again two weeks after a root canal? The pain just started today.?
arms not sore after hard work out?
What is the very LEAST amount of calories needed to stay alive?
Opinions greatly needed!! 10 points for best answer!!?
At what age should you start working out? Ex: pushups,sit ups,gym,etc. Thanks?
14 years old; 134 lbs; 5'6" help!?
How effective is p90x?
Where online can i find a site that will count calories for me.?
is your bmi normal, underweight, or over, or obese?
is exercising important???????????
How easy is it to lose muscle when losing weight? Is it overexaggerated to the amount you'd lose?
How to get a flat belly? Tips and plans?
Grilling with charcoals in aluminum tray bad for health?
17 year old male help chest vain from working out chest?
How to get Fit????????
I'm 14 and 5'8 .. Is that tall?
I suffer from Dysthymia from child hood trauma?
Everytime i move my neck it clicks?
Anybody had polyps removed from their womb under local anaesthesia?
i have a trapped nerve in my neck/back thats now cause numbness in my arm. Is this normal - been 6 days now?
Sharp headache with numbness and tingling feeling?
has anyone had surgery for spinal stenosis? ?
have all the doctor's left the UK?
how can i stop the pain?
i am going for pain relief injection in my back for a slipped disc ?
ive got a really annoying sotmach ache any tips to help?
Leg/Hip Pain Advice please?
Do I have get numb for a temporary crown?
my teeth hurt cuz of my braces wat should i do?
wanna know how braces are put into your mouth??
how much do braces cost usually?
teeth straightening with out getting braces?
Has anybody heard of osteonecrosis..or ONJ..caused by taking fosamax?
How do these work?
Anyone did bone or tooth root implant. Mine is gooone gone with the wind?
what are my rights as a dental patient on medi-care?
anyone know a good immunologist on the NHS in Glasgow?
Other than getting addicted to tobacco, what are the dangers of smoking tobacco with a volcano vapourizor?
why is it that people snore?
i was hit in the center of the chest?