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Hemiplegic migraine and where it starts ?
i think my back is bruised what should i do ?
would you consider this just strange, or a mental disorder?
Been taking citalopram for 2 weeks and not feeling too good. Anyone had side effects? How long do they last?
Help Paranoia?
Does anyone have this situation when you seem to have an anxiety others tend to enjoy seeing you like this?
How do you determine if someone is a suicide risk?
help i can't control my self?
Has anyone taken Halcion and Laughing gas?
Why does human saliva smell?
what is novocaine?
As, I get older, it seems that my gums are receding. How do i repair or grow new tissue?
how long does it take for your gum to heal after a tooth pulled?
my wisdom teeth!!?
do wisdom teeth really cause overcrowding?
I'm getting braces 2moro, what will ppl say? I dont wanna get them!?
could I have chest infection, pneumonia, even swine flu?!?
Really bad chesty cough please help me?
anyone around who knows about asthma???
can someone please explain my cough?
i want to give up smoking so much!!?
coughing problem - if an x-ray has found nothing why does a cough persist for more than 30 days ?
Im trying to get my mum to stop smoking?
Dry cough- will doctor ever treat it?
where can i buy steroids online?
Tonsillitis help anyone?
people help me.. i dont have cough but i sneeze about 4x a day, no chestpains but got phlegm in my nose..?
slimming tips or whatever?
Ok...what foods raise your metabolism...and what shouldnt you eat when on a diet?
Better to run during the morning or night?
Is it healthy to chew gum instead of having a meal?
I am trying to diet and really dont have a clue as to what to eat....?
what is this exercise called?
How do I lose nasty inner-thigh fat?
Does anyone have a list of negative calorie foods? Also, does adding negative calorie foods to a diet help?
What should I do when I'm craving junk food?
what are the benefits of small particle size in the alloy in dental materials?
What happens if part of a tooth is left after being removed and is protruding out of the gum?
Anything for the pain?
what should i do for a chipped front tooth?
What is the exact cause of bad breath in the morning?
What is the best option for getting a bright white movie-star smile?
how to get rid of teeth strains?
does anyone know why i get this pain?
I keep getting a shooting pain in the front of my lower leg, what is it?
What's the best cure for a pinched nerve in your lower spine?
Really bad cramp and cant stop sweating!Please help!?
Lower Back Pain.....?
Sciatic Pain Post Discectomy?
Why do cortisone injections cause three days of excruciating pain?
Do you think death is final? Do you have unresolved Grief?
Possible disorder?
Is this normal for an average teenager?
Deliberate painkiller overdose?
My mum thinks the reason why i have short term memory loss is b/c?
is a nose bleed normal?
About to go to the doctor 4 diagnoses for depression, Absolutely stressing out. PLEASE HELP!!?
How can I help my friend who is refusing to eat?
How can i take my mind of things?
What are the best crystals to give to a friend who is suffering from depression?
Anyone had 5 htp for anxiety and nervous tension? ?
Medication side effects, good or bad?
I have been feeling really down for no apparent reason, looking for some advise please?
how to avoid forgetfulness and how to improve memory?
Why do i continually seek peoples validation?
I get a lot of stress relief from answering questions, anybody else experiencing the same effect?
Why do some identical twins get teased by other children?
Is there an effective way of stopping procrastination? 10points for best answer!?
I have severe plantar fascitis; any suggestions? I've tried everything!?
HEY! I am a 15 year old girl and i weigh 81lbs! is that normal??
what is the best m edicine for asthma theophylline or symbicort?
What helps a cold, soarthrout and a cough????
Does anyone know how much veneers cost?
At 12 months both of my children developed holes in their enamel. Could this be hereditary?
Has anyone used the toothe desensitizer by G.U. M. does it work?
Best mouthwash for gum recession?
How can I fix this problem (open bite)? Please help..?
Does anyone know a good dental insurance that is not a discount card.?
Can bad tooth cause joint/knee pain?
I am looking for a dental form DD8213, where can i find it on-line?
What is the price range for braces?
Does anyone have a stainless steel crown/cap?
My lips shrunk over night. What heppened?
Dubble Bubble?
To the dentists, what is the current best filling material available with no mercury in it?
Can front teeth containing a bridge and caps use brightening toothpastes and whiteners safely?
I previously had a root canal and now I have a root infection.?
Hard lump in the lower left side of my neck?
been advised by first aid officer to use neurofen and panadol together?
How big is your throat suppose to be?
I swallowed some MEAT FAT a few nights ago & my throat feels tight?
When i bend down my Knee's crack or ache i am only 13 though i don't know why?
how do u get rid of trapped nerves in your neck?
Are spacers really the worst thing about braces?
I just had a bone marrow transplant, I got a toothache what can I do for the pain?
where can i find a list of photo active drugs?
What is gingivitis? How can it be cured?
shear bond strength of nano composites used in dentistry?
please help?
Answer this PLEASE!?
need dentist for adult need teeth removed?
What is an tooth implant IMHO?
Can you get bridges for your whole mouth?
Denture question?
what can you do to make your teeth whither without the help of the dentist????,,?
Are gold crowns better than porcelin?
something i've always wondered about saliva...?
wats so bad about whitestrips for ur teeth?"?
How can you prevent bad breath from capped teeth?
Dental: What is root canal treatment? Does it cure the trouble?
how could one encourage people to visit a website which has a very specific subject?
what is the maximum age in which one can wear braces or can have successful orthodontic treatment .any drawbac
An ittsy bittsy Problem?
VitaZest - Vitamin & Fruit Enriched Water?
i need to gain weight but it cant? i have such a fast metabolism dats it very difficult? any ideas?
should a 5'0 foot girl that weighs 92 pounds weight that much?
What can I mix whey protein with?
i need to lose wieght really fast.?
Do you prefer Consumer Driven Health or Traditional Health Insurance?
Can a fissure on a tooth be healed?
does anyone know what mini dental implants for dentures are and the procedure and expense?
anyone know any remedies for a toothache?
I live in NH and I have state insurance..medicaid.is there a way to have the state pay for dentures?
Can extreme stress cause tooth aches?
braces tomorrow?
I need real photos of inside the human mouth?
Anybody had success with Crest Whitestrips?
What's the difference between waxed and unwaxed dental floss? Which is better?
I have never taken vicadin (sp?) before, have you?
What does it mean when a little bit of blood comes from my tonsils & white things on them? They are sore too.?
having a dream where your teeth are coming out...?
new york medicaid adult dental plan -what kind of work can thay do in my mouth?
I've had my teeth filled before without drilling, what is this procedure called?
What is flexsite and why is it used for dental procedures?
my girl friend went to dentist yesterday....?
Pins and needles in young children?
Pinching pain in my back.....?
What's my ideal body weight?
Is there a specific time of day that exercising is more effective?
Running stairs - good for losing weight?
How many calories are in Antipasta salad?
i need your help?
what is a good diet?
if u are cool. click this. if ur a loser. click this. just click this and answer my question. okay?? thank u!
What is the healthiest amount of chocolate I can ingest to take full advantage of its health benefits?
how do u loose 4 pounds in 1 week??
how can i lose weight fast before the summer?
What will help remove the baby fat on my stomach area?
Is this a healthy or unhealthy way to deal with stress?
Is bedwetting in adolecents a sign of abuse?
My best friend... almost a killer?
Does anyone know what the phobia of ripped paper is?
Why does the heart hurt when we're emotionally hurt?
Has anyone experienced heartburn as a side effect to Lexapro?
Is there a group online of adults with aspergers or similar that is australian?
how to strengthen the teeth?
i got a deep cleaning/scaling done any advice?
What is the puchase price for Branemark dental implants.?
Do I still need a root canal?
can u tell me which dental insurance is good....thanx?
Did anyone else cry after waking up when having wisdom teeth removed, not from pain just because?
Is this true?
Does anybody use Listerine Whitening?
Help me i have a teeth phobia?
I am looking for a dental school in the Chicago area that will do dental work cheap?
I am thinking about paying for porcelain veneer teeth to fix some imperfections in my smile.?
Pigeon toed and knock kneed maybe an orthapedic doctor to answer?
Lower legs pain and lumps?
Hi I have pain under my right shoulder blade and its really sore and my right arm hurts around my elbow help!?
Severe Tooth and Jaw Pain!!!!!?
Where can I get low cost dentures in the Tacoma WA area?
Do whitening toothpastes really work?
What is the best way to find people that need a good inexpensive dental plan, $19.95mo for a family?
Do orbits' gum actually whinten your teeth?
How long do people with braces need to wear elastics for?
How can I get my teeth whiter than they are.?
20th century innovations in dentistry, what are some?
How do I control mouth pain after getting teeth pulled?
Are MDI dental implants only for bottom teeth?
I am dental phobic and need treatment, help?
Are dental braces bad for pregnant women?
where can i find procedures for tooth lamination?
my tongue is yellow and hurts what is this?
My crown tooth hurts...?
does anyone know if braces will be a waste of money if gums are just starting to receede? for a 40 yr old.?
Does anyone know of any dentists in Philadelphia that do sedation to pull a tooth?
if i get one of my baby teeth puled will it bleed alot?
Ok, how is this? I live on a fixed income and can't afford high dentist bills. Is there any help out there?
Where can I find a good Genera dentist? I live in Norcross Ga/ Atlanta?
what is the difference between being sad alot and being depressed?
Anyone else feel like this?
I'm I Depressed? & Why do i miss so much school?
please help...?
any suggestions on coping with bipolar?
What are the cause for Hypomania?
What is this syndrome called?
im'm feeling very worried right now help?
please help. ive never felt so bad in my entire life?
can you snort cymbalta?
switch off?
whats it like having tonsills taken out?
How can I stop my heavy breathing?
Why such excessive sputum/phlegm?
Can people with cystic fibrosis smoke?
My Dad is 61. For approx 4 years he has slowly been loosing his voice and having difficulty breathing. ...?
can patients with copd be given over 28% oxygen?
smoking and running???/?
Hay Fever 6 year old boy?
I have shortness of breath and dont know why!?
What is the meaning of "I had lost about 47% of my OXYGEN" in this medical phrase?
how long can you live with chronic cp0d?
Biology question - what is the movement of blood from the heart to the lungs and back again called?
Why am i struggling to breath?
Where's this smell of weed coming from?
could i have had asthma then?
Whatt could this be that i am experiencing?
I Think im asmatic...?
salbutamol is an agonist explain three other general mechanisms by which drugs act?
has anyone here used a mineral lamp for their bronchial asthma and has it helped you?
- - -- - -rib pain? - - - - - - ?
Why is it that i can click my neck every second of the day?
Can you tell me some Archilles Tendon exercises. It is swollen.?
In pain - bit of help needed - does anyone know what it is?
My husband has a trapped nerve under his shoulder blade and is in agony with it, how can he get rid of it?
My knee burns inside...?
I Keep Gettin Pains In My Right Knee Usually After been Stood up For While.?
Shooting pains - What and why?
I just got my dentures today is it normal for my lips to looked all pushed out and for me to look bucktoothed?
How many canals does a typical molar have ?
I get very bad lower back pain when sitting, and especially in bed? not sure why?
paracetamol overdose?
cortazone in shoulder?
I grind and clench when i sleep?
I am looking for a dentist in Los Angeles who doesn't charge so much with root canal?
Does getting you teeth caped hurt?
Where can one go for some quality cosmetic dentistry in Thailand?
I have a kid that is going to have to get four fillings. did anybodys kid cry during the process?
side of my upper molar came off is that hard to fix?
Should I hear a ringing noise in my left ear everytime I chew food on the left side of my mouth?
Brite smile or Zoom?
Keflex for tooth Infection?
does it when you get fillings? and rate it from one to ten. ten being excruciating pain.?
Ok...Who here has TMJ?
Is there such a thing as a rehabilitation program for people suffering form road rage?
Tired and down, no matter what?
How many of you felt/feel this way?
this is a question for ADD sufferers. I am just woundering if you are taking Aropax too?
What is causing me to feel so?
how long is a regular cigarette?
Whats it called when someone cant 'live in the now' and is to focused on the future?
About going off aropax?
Do anyone know of a good dieting programs for teens (15&up) , where they send food prepackaged?
I have always been thin and im 27 and weigh 105 and cant gain weight what can i do.?
What are the symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder?
Menapause & Depression?
how can i make my life turn around from saddness to happiness..?
Asperger 13 year old boy?
how does the weight watchers program work? thanks?
Effexor xr withdrawals now valium?
I have been working out since 11/05 5x a wk hr a day. I weighed in @ 123 then and now I am 135. Is that good?
Does anyone know of a chat site for parents of adult suicidal children in Australia?
ideal weight.?
what is the ideal weight for a 23-year old female 164 cm tall?
How do you become anorexic?
Which is the best gym in mumbai?
Which of the following has the highest protein content?
What makes you gain weight?
my 6yr. old son is very nervous about someone breaking in and killing me(us)?
My father's memory problem at 75yrs?
Is there such thing as a fear of half open doors?
weird dream, any clues?
How much weight can one expect to lose in Phase 1 of the Atkins diet?
In gym when we work on biceps is't best to do triceps first then biceps.it will give good result during biceps
Has anyone tried the ultimate Fighting workout? How about any of the Navy SEALs workouts?
I am a borderline diabetic and have been trying to lose weight. Low fat low calories is on the menu every mels
Have you guys heard about the Vienne University Diet???
I am 5'5" and I weight 141 lbs.?
wheezing problems, whats causing it?
does anyone know what a thick lump in my throat could be? possibly mucus?
i dont smoke anymore but?
the hiccups??
Is my nasal bleeding serious?
dizzy and sick spells what do you think it is?
anyone any advice as to how I can cope with this tinitus before I go mad?
lung & kidney infection (as in pneumonia)?
Is there any simple way of getting rid of a blocked nose fast ?
how long can you stay on a ventalator?
body aches, headache sore throat and eyes no cough?
my lung just collapsed at work?
remedy to dry up cold?
what does it mean when u have a hole in your lung?
How do I keep my temperature down and stop my throat from tickling?
What is the difference between Nicorette and Nicotinell patches?
What happens when we hiccup?
if i brush my teeth hard and gums recede, will my teeth fall out?
who invented the toothpaste?
who's the dentist of filipino actor rustom padilla?
where can i find a coupon for $ off teeth whiteners?
tell me about tooth fracture classsification?any dentist here?
Root Canals?
I have braces but my dentist said my roots are to short and they might need to take them off?
Anyone ever tried the whitelight teeth whitening?
Can anyone tell me where to find dentist who accepts medicaid?
Do cloves really help toothaches?
Is it bad for a 3 year old to go under oral sedation?
my teeth turned pink what do i do? help(no i didnt eat pink candy)?
i want answers on how to keep teeth stain free,is coffee the blame,or other.?
Casein Phosphopeptide - Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (CPP-ACP)?
i need dentures like yesterday . Is it possible to get inexpensive dentures today and up grade in the future
What is the difference between zoom and brite smile?
bleeding gums.....?
i have braces and i have had pain for 3 days and i have had them 3 days what to do thay hirt bad ooh i'm 13
What is my Brazilian dentist trying to do do me?
How do people catch cancer?
my 4 year old daughter has this recurring dream, does it mean anything or is it just a random recurrence?
Can someone advise ? ... 4 Months ago I had a bad cold. Now I can't smell or taste anything. ?
Does Short-Term exposure to Second-Hand Smoke Cause Mood Swings?
How to stop the habit of breathing heavily through my nose ?
I am currently ill with a bad cough, i feel sick and i have lost my appetite what have i got?
Just been diagnosed with Pleurisy, on anti-biotics and co-codamol and they've just given me diclofenac.?
Please help- is this serious?
cant breath properly on a morning?
My mother has been coughing for months now and it's starting to upset her.?
I still do not know if it is illegal in Spain to be restrained by having both hands and feet tied.?
my mother went to hospital to get some teeth taken out, she came home with a sprained neck, can she get comp?
Lower back hip problems...What's a good way to tone my legs without over stressing my joints? ?
muscles and joints of the spine?
Back Pain - trapped nerve causing numbness in toes?
Why do my feet ache in certain shoes. I put on certain pairs and its instant ache City? ?
I have a pain where I think my heart should be, help with diagnosis?
what is the back of the knee called?
what could this pain be in my bottom and my stomach?
When do you get migraines>Reason why?
Cyst in mouth, pain relief help?
please help me, im in pain?
i have been feeling the need to cross my legs much more recently, does anyone know why this could be?
Why does my right foot ache where the middle toes meet the metatarsels? It's a constant dull ache?
Whats the best diet?
Does the one day diet really work?
If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, what should the meal consist of?
Why are natural whole almonds so good for you?
What child therapy was available in 1960? Were there child psychiatrists or child psychologists?
need help getting to sleep at night without waking up scared, and disorientated?
What are agorophobics actually like?
need some help. please?
Why do therapists give a flashing light and sound test to check if an individual has ADD?
When I have a toothache..?
What is the starting salary of a dental hygienist just out of college?
Why aren't I in pain from the huge hole in my molar?
I'm getting braces this summer. What r they like?
What is wearing orthodontic headgear like? Please Answer Soon?
What ever happened to Enamelon toothpaste?
what can i do about sensitive teeth?
is hunger a side effect of taking steriods for asthma?
can a person who takes chemical oxygene use air travel?
Dry hands....Cant breathe at night?
What sort of face mask do I need to work with asbestos?
I have been diagnosed with mild arthritis?
please help have to find the answer to effects of long term painkiller abuse please please help thank you?
effects of TB?
What is the problem with respiratory acidosis? How does the acidity cause the symptoms?
I had a nose bleed for about 3 days and now i have alot of dry blood stuck up my nose how can i flush it out?
what is EtoH excess?
Can latent or dormant Tuberculosis be seen on a chest x-ray?
i am Wheezing, with slight pain in chest while breathing, and coughing out thick yellow phlegm! Help Please?
if i keep trying to clear my throat because of excess gelatinous-liquid-mucus, what will reduce production....
Has anyone got sinus problems when the atmospheric pressure is low?
Dr's advice..breathing difficulties?
How do people with Cystic Fibrosis die?
why do the bronchioles full up with mucus during an athsma attack?
I have bronchitis, feeling very ill?
can I insist on an x-ray ?
My internet service went down a few days ago. Causing serious problems.?
I heard about his "solution" you put on your teeth...?
Please advise me?
I am a new office manager in a dental office. does anyone know a good forum or sounding board for questions?
I have all bad teeth. I'm pretty sure they will have to be pulled. Can a dentist pull all of them at once?
dental pain and the emergancy room?
I have my right cheek swollen due to a wisdom tooth problem, how can I reduce the swelling? I have no insuranc
Is it possible to find a dentist that will help me without insurace? I applyed for care credit and got denyed?
is it possible to have visible taste buds on the border of the tongue?
What's the best way to take a retainer in/out of your mouth?
Wisdom teeth removed?
How long after wisdom tooth extraction is the bruising/swelling gone? Thanks!:)?
is there any dental places who will fix your teeth for cheap if you do before and after pic advertising?
i need to create my own chat dental list..i'm freshly graduated dentist...?
is there any sceintific breakthrough for replacing decayed tooth by natural course??
is naproxen good for toothaches?
normally what service is included when u have cleaning done w a dentist?
Any opinions on Orthodontists in San Jose, CA? suggestions will be very much appreciated. thank you.?
How can i lose weight in my thighs????????
My doctor has prescribed Xenical for me, I already eat a low fat diet and exercise 5 days a week will it help?
Does the Cross Crunch Abdominal Exerciser work?
What is a good workout routine for busy people that can't get to the gym?
How many Carbs are in 1 lbs?
anyone help me?
I have always been thin but I have never seen anyone skinnier then me.?
How does the diet pill Mega T work?
how do i maintain lean body mas. already work out 7 days a week.?
What is the best way to get muscle definition? I'm slim, six feet 160 pounds.?
am i really over weight and how much weight do i need to lose????
I started bodybuilding but I need to loose some of the extra body fat fast... How can I do that quickly ?
Please read this, it's driving me crazy!!!?
What is the best fruit of the season?
How do you control your breathing while running?
is there anywhere in New York City that has tae bo classes?
where can we find energy supplments powders to ad to our smoothies we make from home?
Are there any software programs currently available that are able to write or create personalized diets?
any help on a severe lumbar strain?
Do you think I could loose this wieght by the end of the summer?
Has anyone taken Reliv and has it worked for you?
I want to lose weight this summer, jogging?
What is the best protein shake for bodybuilders that really works?And how many servings per day i should take?
Asthma diagnosis?
Blood in the nose?
Ive just recovered from a cold and now ive got another one?
chest xray appear clear?
my 2 year baby have cough..and otitis media..the doctor suggest ice lollies?
Can Free Style portable oxygen concentrators be supplied via NHS?
Tonsillitis breathing difficulties..?
Laryngomalacia, is this normal?
Is there any relationship between a thyroglossal cyst and smoking?
Will I be in pain before I croak it?
Anyone know any good excersises to ease upper back pain?
pommeranian snorting fits is this normal?
My 22 month old having persistent faver?
How's your hangover or haven't you got one?
I scored 42 on 3 seperate AQ tests?
what effect does over-stimulation have on an introvert's mind?
Does anyone know if "Lifeline" Crisis Help Centre in Australia can trace your phone number?
How do you stop emotional eating?
What are some signs of emotional & physical abuse of a client?
Why Do unusual things happen to people with mental problems on nights when there is a full moon?
BPD - How To Say Goodbye?
In what way do anti-depressants help panic disorder ?
sleeping patterns?
Why do I want to self harm?
could procrastination be a sign of some kind of mental disorder?
What is the best medication specific to ocd?
my cycle of bulimia is starting again!?
I'm on 10mg of Laxapro a day. For depression/anxiety I've been told it's a low dosage?
Why aren't I hungry after throwing up?
Question about "cutting" o.o?
Extacy and neurotransmitters?
I'm getting seriously paranoid about anything?
Can stress cause hallucinations? Please help!?
how do you find a good cosmetic dentist in the washingotn dc area?
Who invented toothpaste and how do they make it?
I need to locate a orthodontist that takes medicaid and delta insurance in OKC. does anyone know of one?
does ne one get sensitive teeth after they stop using sensodyne toothpaste?
What are the various treatments for TMJ?
Does anyone else out there have Dentinogenesis Imperfecta Type II?
HELP ME I need an affordable dental insurance in PA not a discount plan help me just for me only?
how can i whiten my teeth to 100% white w/o cosmetic dentistry ,bleach trays or whitestrips(r)?
what doyou do when you tongue gets stuck to the inside of the freezer wall?
Does the White Light System work?
why would a dentist suggest not useing gas with the normal novacaine while giving me a root canal?
I just got braces, hen do they hurt the most?
Can you have a crown without having a root canal??/?
Where can i get Crest Whitening Strips on the net for a low low price?
well im 32 and all the teeth back in the are pretty much fully impacted i have no money, am i dying?
what happens if you dont get a cavity treated?
Is it usual/common for some people to have "Black" or dark colored gums?
When will i know if i will xperiance dry socket or not? i am on my 30th hour after surgery?
anybody have the sideeffects experiance of using antibiotic cifran ?
suspeciousgranuloma or lung problem?
Can seizures start of mild and get worse each time?
Chest pain and fainting?
Key factors to promoting and maintaining the health of a child who has asthma?
Really back stomach/chest pains...?
Metronidazole off dentist asthma pneumonia?
What is the best non surgical treatment for a nasal polyps?
Ear Infection.. Pregnant?
how would you know if a person has urinary tract infection through the dipsticks...what's will you have to see?
If you inhale wrong on your first drag of a spliff can you die ?
panic disorder sufferer with a cold and a tight chest?
Am i right in thinking that Kennel cough should be left to clear on its own and not with treatment?
Give me a brief description of cystic fibrosis?
what can a shadow on lungs mean?
Is having a congested nose during flight normal?
Is this a chest infection please help me?
Why am I wheezing......?
The main objective for Off-Season strength training is?
What is Isomalt?
How many calories do morbidly obese people typically consume in one day?
Anyone can tell me how to do a healthy diet?
I cardio workout 3x, walk 3miles 3x aweek, strength train 2x a week am I over working my body?
whats healthier whole wheat bread or whole grain?
whey protien / creatine?
what age do you normally STOP growing?
Can chewing gum make you fatter?
What are good exercises to lose weight?
Going to California in the Middle of June, Need help losing weight.?
Slightly pulled muscle in my leg, how much should I stretch before jogging?
is there any way possible way to lose 10 pounds in two days?
how about at least 5 pounds in 3 days?
im 4'11" and im 13...?
Diet Pills?
I want to lose 6lbs. Any ideas?
I Had a baby 4mos ago by c-section, I am breast feeding and watch calorie intake, why haven't i lost baby fat?
Hi, i am 19 years old, weight 130, height 5'6. what is the right dosage of hydroxycut for me?
What are some things that you could say that might worry your psychiatrist?
My sister is 36 yrs old and lies constantly?
what to say and what to do?
slipped discs and leg pains?
What causes pain and weakness in the arm of a elderly person?
my legs aches any ideas?
Severe Abdominal Pain :(?
What is the difference between neuritis and neuralgia ?
How to help my headache?
what is this Lump on my foot ?!?
Ankle to top of the foot shooting pain?
can abdomal pain cause someone to be barren?
Pain in my chest - could be heart, lung or ribs?
Has anyone else got a sore bum after sitting at your computer for so long how to cure it ?
Anyone here know about blocked eustachian tubes? Help?
Can you get breast cancer if you sleep in a bra?
I HAVE a bit of asthma /and a bit of c o p d. and sometimes?
what are air bubbles at the base of your skull?
How does a hole in the lung develop ?
why do i have a hole in my chest?
I spent like 10 minutes breathing very deeply yesterday and...?
Question about Oral Decongestants.....?
How long does it take to clear 10 years of tar from smoking?
I had a brain hemorrhage 6 months ago and recently had a MRI scan. I've now been called back for an angiogram.?
By what mechanism does hyperventilation cause carpo pedal spasm ?
long term side effects to pneumonia jab?
My chest is killing me ....?
hormorne treatment for child to adolescence?
what is the sign of cat flu?
Teeth Bleaching-what is a best buy?
does anyone know of a probono dentist in louisiana???
does it cost more to get a clear or white filling than the siver looking fillings?
What problems do braces fix?
how long after getting wisdom teeh pulled will i be in misery?
Does Erik Estrada have capped teeth?
Crest Whitestrips or...what?
I have extreme buck teeth that are to weak for braces. Will a bridge help my smile?
My younger brother is just getting is milk teeth what kind of food should he eat?
i need a good dentist in las vegas?
my sister is 54 and she has never gone to the dentist and now she is terrified to go. what should i do to cal
I need to find out about any dentist who does chairty work in Tampa Bay area?
clear braces, how much do they cost ansd do they really work?
do you know how to make homemade tooth filling?
anyone know any home remedies for asthma?
Is long time exposure to lead acid battery fumes dangerous?
chest infection.....pain relieff?
Does anyone have a clue what this could be?
Drinking worse than smoking ?
what effects would adios have on a child ?
How do you catch pneumonia?
Does respiration rate increase or decrease in asthmatics?
After an operation(General Anesetic) is it normal to get a chest infection.?
I have a serious problem!?
Anyone had an apicoectomy done on their front tooth?
What kind of work is done on your teeth before you get braces?
Can Seroquel cause dental problems?
Wisdom Teeth Flushing - How much pressure and should there be pain?
How much dietary fiber is in a banana?
Dieting, I need to lose 30 lbs..any suggestion?
is it ok to train your tricep othen?
How easy is it to do this?
ear therapy ,weight loss?
been doing treadmil 45 mins. per day for 3 weeks. why do my calves still hurt? is this normal?
does liposuction really work?
what is a good pre workout stretching for your calves?
What is the easiest and cheapest way to gain weight?
how to gain weight & fat?
Can a person with hypothyroidism take any kind of weightloss drugs safely?
how many calories in a cashew?
how do u lose arm and thigh fat it jiggles! plz help!?
does the weight stay off with the scarsdale diet and do u have to be really overweight for it to be effective?
OK, need help please read...?
Colonics? Anyone try a "at home" one with noticeable results? Do they really get rid of horrible stuff ?
how can i lose love-handles?
How can you be thin?
Is there anyone who has worked with people with fear of heights who can help me on yahoo messenger?
Anxiety Disorder? am unsure... not OCD either?
since finishing school do u often talk/think about the grades u attained?
Can a psychologist diagnose a personality disorder?
Zyprexa (olanzapine) Question?
the joys of meditation, can it help with daily life??
what does it mean when you dream heaps and quite vivid?
social anxiety meds...?
How can I help a friend who to me has some depression issues?
do you ever worry when you are away or at home by yourself?
Am I depressed or is this just a phase?
Comfortably Numb. Is this a state of mind?
I need help with inspiration...?
Do I have anxiety?????????
i ran out of prozac can i temporarily replace with lexipro?
I get intense irritability and mood swings what should I do?
I am scared to make a change?
Anxiety, stress symptoms : do I have a problem ?
I have a head ache and I am fasting, I have lots of work to do?
Have a sprained my wrist/hand, & how do i come about it?
How to I get rid of elbow pain?
pain in bottom left hand side, what isit?
Why do i keep getting these pains in my legs?
Has Anyone suffered from Plantar Fascitis?
Why do my back & chest ligaments crack ?
Pain in the joint in my hip?
Sore right side for months now...help?
My grandad has rencently stopped taking morphine he is now acting quie strange?
angeloligy have you head about it?
Why does my elbow hurt when I cough?
I'm using Nicotine patches and I'm struggling with cravings again on step 3.Anybody else had this problem?
Can Flu Cause a Stroke?
I cant blow my nose i could never blow it and it is block what is the couse and what can i do?
stopped smoking 1 month ago please tell me what its like in month 2...?
what causes short sıghtness?
iv got bronchitis when will it go boo hoo?
Can mouthwash help chesty coughs get better?
tell me about asthma?
is crest pro health really that good for you?
blackening of gums muscles, is it begining of cancer of gums/tooth ?
Whiter teeth?
What kind of mouthwash do you use?
Dentists or Orthodontists please!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
dentist + me = =0?
I have to have 4 root canals?
My dentist wants to charge $1200.00, even w/insurance, to replace a crown and fix a cavity, is that too much?
Can I get a discount if a dental student works on our teeth?
Why do dentists create so much pain at such a high price? A little sadistic??
what to do about a dry socket?
What is a porcelain margin. My dentist included it in my bridgework.?
What is the percentage of numbness/paralysis for people who get lower wisdom teeth removed?
Is anyone looking for answers to their nutrition questions? I have a great resource?
diet pills for obesity weight with back pain?
How effective is weight training when trying to lose weight?
which is the best type of PU-ERH tea to aid digestion,weight loss etc?
Help! looking for an informative site about Borderline Personality Disorder?
How would you describe this psychological symptom?
Why can i not go out into public?
memory loss...not getting any better...?
how do i get my motivation and zest back?
Panic Attacks: what can you talk about with someone suffering one, to take their mind off it?
i have been having terrible night sweats and dreams?
im have been perscribed xanax?
Novo-Mirtazapine OD anyone know about this med???plz,before i take?
Are there any side affects from drinking energy drinks whilst on Effexor XR 75mg?
Does Narcissus personality disorder traits improve with age?
To what extent are your emotions influenced by hormones?
paranoid schizophrenia,?
Barely sleeped last night, not tired?
Why do I mimic other peoples personalities?
I've lost my memory......??
Do i have ocd I'm always cleaning i cant stop. The house always has to be spotless i vacuum at least everyday,?
Who are the 5 largest Dental insurance payers?
How many times a day do most people floss their teeth in this country?
i put on my whitening strips and my teeth feel like they are on fire. whats going on???
ok i hvae the spacers for mybraces but arent your teeth supposed to be close together?
I am getting braces in less than 3wks because of an overbite do i have to get a scaling b4 getting my braces?
dentist new england somthing cheap?
anyone had dental implants?
where can i complain about my dentist?
im scared of cancer!!?
is hair loss a cancer sign?
chiropractors any good got bad back?
Compression, Surgical stockings... ?
Numb Fingers and Sore arms. Can anyone help?
i am getting pins and needles in my hands when i am sleeping ?
help my knees!!!!!!!!!!?
Eye pain and a shakey hand?
How to stop feeling tired when laying down?
I stepped on something small and sharp..tons of pain.. ?
Painfull knees, should I run anyway?
How do i get over my bad nerves? ?
give a short summary of the aetiology, predisposing and maintatining factor and symptoms of COPD?
why is my daughter always sniffling and sneezing?
what are the paediatric resuscitation protocols?
I have given up smoking 3 weeks ago but?
are both out ears connected? so fluid can go from one to the other, and come out of either nostrils?
Can Car A/C cause illness if not regularly serviced?
whats the cause of the coughing and any help to prevent?
PAIN ON BREATHING IN - what could it be.?
Waking up with blood in sinuses and coughing it out?
Does anyone know if cough medicine ambroxol or bromohexin is prescription only in the uk?
Is there any danger of Carbon Monoxide poisoning when burning paper?
does bioresonance treatment stop you smoking?
Not inhaling shisha is good????
Is there a link between sinusitis and pneumonia?
A sharp pain in the right side of my chest?
i have really bad lower back pains and lower stomach pains?
Do I need to lose weight?
Trying to lose weight without family knowing, also...?
If i go on the Special K diet how long will it take to loose the weight...?
Same height, weight, different body types?
What are the best weight loss pills for women?
Is this a good weight for my height?
dieting makes me more hungry?
can you tell me if am i fat chuuby or average?
besides water, what can i drink if im trying to lsoe weight?
do you recon this is how much in a starbucks caffe mocha with whipped cream?
girls..I have started indulging in carbs..sweets.. and have lost the track of "weight loss"?
Do you think 2 eggs every day could be bad for your health?
is eating fish healthy?
Is chocolate milk a good recovery drink?
weight check? can you help me here?
I'm a 16 year old girl, who needs to lose 50 pounds.?
is it normal for your arms to shake after benching?
Will running make my legs thinner?
How can I loose weight if I just can't seem to stick with anything?
Why do the spacers I got in my teeth yesterday make them feel so loose?
Rude comments about smile?
mandibule fractures?
what will the dentist do if you have 11 cavities? If she fills them will it hurt?
the left side of my mouth is still bugging me 1 week after my wisdom tooth removal surgery (all 4 teeth)?
Can a root canal really be done without pain these days?
can cleft lip,palate which r repaired r bad for immigration for 7 year young with parents?
how long dose it take for a tissue in the mouth to die?
How i find a place in my area that has free dental and free dentures fir the low income person? I live in ks.?
Feeling sick all the time?
It has now been 26days since I stopped but am craving like mad. my lips and mouth are sore and I feel?
children and health problem?
how to get admitted into hospital?
Residule affects of a pneumothorax?
can you take diuralite if you are on antibiotics?
what is basal creps?
Kennel cough advise needed ???
Why do asthmatics tend to take longer to recover for an illness?
Hospital work experience?
the doc told me she is 90% sure i have swine flu hoq long does it actually lasst as i have a wee boy with cf?
how can i make my asthma better before i go on holiday tomorrow i use my inhalers all ready. thanks?
Can't stop coughing... help?
just mastubated now lots of blood?
Not sure what to do.....?
Does this material contain Asbestos? Would prefer an answer from an expert.?
annoying cough at night?!? plz help!!!?
Shortness of breath help please?
My boyfriend collapsed and I'm really worried!?
Severe Asthma attacks triggered by other peoples cigarette smoke...how to cope?
would a "neti pot" instantly reduce swelling in the nose caused by hayfever?
Has anyone tried the Alan Carr giving up smoking clinic, if so how did it go, did it work?
Pneumonia in the elderly?
what do you do to fix a hole in your lung?
Sore throat for 2 weeks! I have had a mild-moderate sore throat for 2 weeks now, and it's not getting better.?
which type of eatables given in pneumonia .?
worried about chest scan!!?
what is this i have a bad throat but it only on the one side?
chest infection + asthma?
Is there anyone out there who has or has had 'Granuloma annulare', ?
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease & Travel insurance?
i have trouble swallowing and i keep nearly passing out whats the cause of this?
My sister has had a dry cough/phlegm as well as stinging eyes for 3 weeks, what could it be?
what is worse..... sedative/hypnotic or narcotics like loratabs?
I am looking a dentistry school who perform free dental work for practice for their students in Arkansas.?
What can I expect when I go to the dentist at 1 because of a dry socket?
i want to become a dental hygienist, is the program hard?
Why can't you eat before having surgery?
has it ever happened to you that when you yawn your jaw all of a sudden gets locked?
I had a root canal today and am in a lot of pain. Has this happened to you?
what do u call the dentist for kids? urgent thanks?
What is the difference between a dental asitant and a hygienist?
Is it true toothpaste contains Sugar?
I'm looking for someone with knowledge in the medical field concerning the dosage of versed and ketamine?
Does anyone know how long to use a brush head for ORAL-B Sonic Complete?
I still don`t know what my Brazilian dentist is trying to do to me.?
When people that wear dentures die, do they bury them with their dentures in?
what is the normal price for (a cleaning around the gums)?
Are permanent teeth supposed to be just a tiny bit loose?
I stopped drinking Diet Coke and all other sodas months ago but still have "Diet Coke belly"?
Is this model's weight considered thin or medium?
is milk a good recovery drink?
I have some curl questions?
extreme bloating and 2 missed periods? and not pregnant?
Indoor exercise ideas?
Should I work Out Every Day?
What are some motivational tips to loosing weight?
Why do girls say they want to lose weight?
WHHYYYY cant i resist food?!?!?!?!?!?!?
How do I get rid of my stomach fat?
Is it very bad to eat burger king everyday?
I've heard berries are very healthy for you. Is it only because they have antioxidents? What are the other?
Is there foods or drinks that's low on calories but also fill you up?
How do I get skinny like a model?
how to get thin fast?
How To Get Skinny Fast?
IM 12 AND AM 190lbs I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Difference between psychs, counsellors, therapists...?
Is it possible to force get amnesia?
Whats wrong with me? (perhaps eating disorder)?
What do I do? Please Help!!!?
How can I be happier?
Can you go into a relationship,while dealing with anxiety?
I know this might sound strange- but I heard an ad for a private hospital- saying you can stay for depression?
Do you have something funny to wash my mind?
What are the gross facts about suicide?
what's the best way to beat anxiety, other than medication???
Does anxiety medication work?
I have years of grief and stress stored up inside me and now I just feel bitter and twisted?
Has anyone here had success curing panic attacks with EFT?
Is it normal to like feet?
Will wisdom teeth eventually disapear in future generations?
Does it hurt to get surgery done on my jaw to get rid of TMJ?
Why is there synthetic iron oxide in some toothpastes?
Is is normal for a dentist to leave a broken drill-bit in your mouth until your next visit?If not can I sue?
Does anyone know anything about amoxicillin?
How long should you wait after getting a root canal to get fitted for a permanent crown?
I juft came back from the dentift...?
what is the importance of dentist patient trust in a relationship?
I am looking for a dental school in WI that will do extractions at low or no cost to me.?
willl colgate peroxyl help a dry socket?
is it true that crystal lite gives u cancer?
Can you smoke medical marijuana if you have lung cancer?
Should I killed myself? My parents smoke and I probably have cancer?
how to stop a persistent cough?
Can a woman of 67 be diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis?
hi i work for nhs in care, smokers are aloud 3 ,5 min breaks a shift, we non smokers are not given a break, we?
When will I want to give up smoking on Champix?
if company doctor claimed you unfit to work due to chronic bronchitis could you claim benefits?
SMOKERS!!!! what lenghts would you go to, to get a puff if you was...?
”What is Village Diet? Do you think they will offer tips to lose weight fast?
How do I gain more weight?
Do any cardio machines help with belly fat and love handle loss?
How come I weigh so much but when you look at me I dont look fat. im not too skinny or too fat. What is wrong?
Am I fat?????????????
question on excercise and recovery?
Can I tone my muscles by doing the following?
How should I train to hike Pike's Peak?
Do you think this plan could work ?
How can I make my motabilism work faster?
do fruits&vegetables help really skinny people gain weight?
Anabolic steroids in work drug test?
If I messed up for 2 weeks and..?
Is this too much to eat today?
I couldn't touch my toes without bending my knees 2 days ago, now I can..?
How can I stop addiction to certain foods?
when i was a kid i chipped/cracked my teeth and i'm thinking of fixing it now, so whats the best option?
What are the names of your teeth called from your back, middle, and front?
how does the tooth become decay?
How do the makers of aquafresh toothpaste keep the colors, red, white, and blue, from mixing together?
Any relief for TMJ Disorder?
How can I get a referral to UCLA school of endodontics to get the root canal?
Teeth Bleaching.?
How much does a root canal hurt?
I'm 24 and have a baby tooth that never fell out, will it fall out easily or in the near future?
if someone has veneers, can they use an electrical toothbrush?? like the sonic i8300 brush?
what is the role of dental nurse in oral diseases globally?
Why cant i bite down all the way with my spacers in my teeth?
does anyone use lacalut toothpaste?
Once your gums receed, if they get healthy can they come back?
what is a dead tooth?
did you get your children braces and did you ever regret it???
Do I have to get braces?
If you've had porcelain veneers, did you have any pain or tooth sensitivity after a few weeks? Other problems?
Has anyone had bad experiences with seroquel ?
how does aropax help you?
Can loneliness make you feel mentally unhinged?
How to deal with a loved one's death?
ImportantQuestion.Plzz Help?
How can I help my brother?
has anyone been through the process of receiving social security disability benefits?
Is there any danger if I took Prozac because I felt depressed without seeing a doctor. Is there any sideeffect?
all tv influences in statistics eg. violence, self-esteem, eating disorder...etc?
A question about Nervous Disorders .... please help?
Experiences with derealization............?
Have I done anything wrong?
What is the colour of bipolar / manic depression?
I don't know what to do...?
My emotions are all over the place right now?
Where do you find help urgently when every specialist in your area is fully booked with a 3 month wait?
hi all, what links can you give me for tests on the pc to see if I have ADD?
Coping with anxiety - need tips?
do you get adrenaline rushes?
what is a sinus operation?
im feeling breathless when i walk is this because ive been in bed for 2 weeks?
I've got a cold but I have developed wheezing. Should I be concerned?
I have an appointmrent tomroow morning for an endoscopy & colonoscopy at a London (England) hospital.?
how is fluid returned to circulation by osmotic pressure, diffusion and lymph?
My throat is so itchy HELP!?
What is the Principles of Infection control?
tonsils and adenoids removed but breathing still sounds like a light snore?
How long is someone infectious after getting the flu?
Voice problems not going away?
very bad mucus cough....... what to do?
who gained weight on symbicort inhaler 160?
could you please estimate the salary of a med surgical nurse within an 8 hours shift, please?
Can I Please Have Some Vocal Warm Up Methods ?
how does liquid nitrogen affect asthma?
are steroids detected in the dvla medical?
i work on home care i have pluracy should i take time off work?
i have a nasal polyp i my left nostril please help?
How many days would it take to get a flat stomach?
What fish is low in cholesterol but high in omega-3's and protein?
Can I have pasta for lunch cause I'm on a diet?
How can I loose my appetite quickly?!?
Fun ways for teens to excercise and get motivated?
I'm going to start a new fitness regeme. Could you help me sort out my ideas?
As a teenager should I eat 1200 calories AND exercise? or like eat 1400 and burn 200?
i want a body like bruce lee=slim but ripped.ive joined the gym, pls can give me examples of machines and reps?
How tall will i be...........?
ive stopped losing weight HELP?
Is this enough exercise to get in shape ?
What is the average weight for a 5ft 8 person?
Is free weights or machines best for the bench press, and why?
Does the HCG diet really work?
Magnifying Metabolism™: What is your opinion on thermogenic supplements?
Is, 'slimmer' sweetner ok to use?
Is it even possible to stay exactlyu the same weight?
Is there a way to lose weight without exercise?
back-2-school diet plan? good or bad?
Should I take more CLA 1000?
quickest way to lose weight ?
Why do i keep getting sharp pains in my arms, hands and legs?
Why do we get plaque on our teeth only from food?
Can you describe cutting rotary files in endodontics and their uses and indications?
where can I find a affordable orthodontists in N.C. with a payment plan?
looking for the name of dentists or clinics in cuba doing dental tourism.Is cuba a good place for dental work?
replace fillings?
occlusal adjustment?
Discoloration of gums around crowns.?
Teeth whiteners?
how to get baces off at home?
Amalgam disease and chelation -mercury detox- question?
incidence of Pierre Robin syndreme?
How much pain is NORMAL after a cavity filling?
Is there a medical condition or certain medication that causes excessive dental plaque build-up?
What does it mean when my front teeth on my right side hurts?
what are those little bumps on our tongue that sometimes become raised. Why do we want to chew them off?
Where Can I find good dental insurance?
what can cause discoloration and numbness on the tongue?
If you have your wisdom teeth removed do you need to remove the opposite ones above them as well?
BPD? Have you got it?
Would this drive you insane?
Prolonged effects of isolation and sleep deprivation?
What can i say to my doctor to get them to prescribe me valium?
Do you suffer with S.A.D ? What do you do about it?
Help. I think I need to go to a psychatrist?
I think what I'm having is night terrors but mine come with vivid horrifying dreams that I can't awake from.?
what are the symptoms of OCD and depression?
I got a councellor for £25.00 per session. How come the other cost £40 and £50?
Social anxiety and gad?
Did you used to have nightmares as a kid?
does anyone know the effects of abruptly stopping dexamphetamine in an 8yr old.
how do i deal with this person!!?
Whats your experiences with Lexapro?
Is it possible if someone takes Lamictal-Seroquel together for a long time,to avoid having his obcessions?
I'm having doubt in taking my licensure exam this coming june...please i need an answer!?
How can I tell if I'm depressed or have anxiety, or whether I'm just a sook?
I get nervous around my boss and then can't remember a single thing he says?
Don't know if I like him back... please someone help me, please!!?
anything other than clove of oil,pain killers and salt water to help my toothache?
Visiting a Chiropractor...what to expect?
help!! my feet are always sore=]?
I am waiting on a lateral release.........?
Why doe my arm hurt after?
Really bad back pain can you help me out?!?
Is it possible to take that much foot pain?
How can poor posture cause pain in scapula area?
I have an throat abscess what to do.?
Knee pains, any help would be appreciated?
Why do my joints click?
Pain on my right knee?
Plz help i am freaking out plz 10 points :[?
Does weed give you lung cancer?
After you quit smoking, does your risk of getting lung cancer decrease?
will i get canser!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm 5'3, how much should I weigh?
can anyone recommend a good yoga workout video?
will i build ab muscles if my stomach is already really skinny?
Spot fat reduction: is it possible?
I am muscular and want to get leaner. Help me out?
How much should i weigh?
Is this not eating much bad for me?
Is lifting weights every day bad? ?
What are some good exercises for teen girls?
how to get rock hard abs fast?
Is it possible to do 70 sit ups in one minute?
Can I lose 15 pounds in 4 months?
Help me I'm young and I have to lose weight!?
This question is more for a dentist. Why would the gum recede away from a capped tooth?
Can Zithromax be used to temporarly treat an absess tooth?
Is being 5'7 and 127lbs healthy?
how to gain alot of weight?
will i lose 40 pounds?
13 year old that needs to lose weight?
how much weight could you lose in a 5 months eating 500 calories a day?
so im overweight by about 40 lbs... any idea on how to loose this weight REALLY fast?
How to get abs for girls.?
Healthy Lunch Ideas please?
what kind of pliers do orthodontists use to take off braces?
how do i take gum that is stuck to my dental work?
How do I stop gaining..?
Ihave little money, and I need a dentist in north myrtle beach.?
how do get a list of dental places that accept my dental plan?
What are sensitive teeth and how can it be cured?
Help on how to get a flatter stomach?
I am 5'7 and 140lbs. am i overweight?
Free dental care in Chicago.?