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Am I on track to losing a few lbs?
from experience only, what is the best diet aide & why?
I am 18 years old and I am 38.5 kgs. Am I under-weighted?
i have lost alot of muscle in my calf area of my leg what do i do.?
How do I improve my weight loss strategy?
my sister is asking for some help with a sweet tooth?
I'm 38 yrs. old 5ft 4ins. 160pounds.I've been walking for the past 3 mths. How long before weight loss?
inexpensive yoga in chicago?
Why are fat people discriminated?
If I want to loose at least 10 - 20 lbs in a month what would I have to do?
Are you or do you know someone who still has their wisdom teeth?
How do you whiten teeth after the teeth have been bonded?
How does the local anaesthesia (at the dentist) affects me if i'm 5 month pregnant?
why are my dentures gagging me?
My Fiance' had TMJ surgery this past Wed.4/12/06 & is still in Severe pain,anyone ever had this surgery???
What is an effective cure/preventative for mouth ulcers?
what are dentists saying about gold grills?
how to get teeth whiter i have used crest white strips, no results.?
Could my late shift work be affecting my mood?
Im 15 years old and i think im seriously depressed, please help?
How to thank a professional for going above and beyond for you ?
Please help me to interpret these myspace messages!?
What can cause Bi-Polar and what can we do to avoid it?
What has peoples experiences been on topamax and wellbutrin? Especially interested in those with bipolar. Ta!?
Is there something wrong with me? Do i have some sort of disease?
How can people deal with the stress of keeping secret identities?
does he have a personality disorder?
bi polar disorder without medication is this behaviour that could be blamed on this?
How can I be more alert?
Can depression manifest itself into anger and unhappiness?
Need to train my mind?
Bi-polar disorder symptoms???
Bipolar get drunk? What would happen?
what is with me wrong?
have you ever been prescribed ambiem?
strange shyness problem?
homesickness... what should i do?
Depression? Please help.?
My boyfriend admits he has depression but won't get help?
How much weight could I lose??
how long does it take for hoodia to get into your system to feel the full affect of it?
If you're a fat person, are you ashamed of it?
Can someone give me tips on running?
Are liquid diets safe?
how do i lose some wieght?
I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Tried everything to lose weight. Any suggestions:?
How many calories do I burn jogging?
can subtramine and orilstat be taken together?
I lost 230 lb. how do i get the excess fat off?
how do i be stright and go on a diet in order to lose over 30 kilos really i hate my self ?
What is a good, not too complicated, beginners dance workout video?
Has anyone tried isogenics to loose weight?
How long can a person go without eating?
I want to become a vegetarian?
can you gain weight going off relacore?
If I wanted to go on a low salt diet to control pitting edema, how much salt is considered low?
has anyone taken creatine as a teenager? can u tell me 'bout it ?
Is fat really important to have in your diet? What happens if you don't have enough?
Is ceramic filling healthy and durable?
i have to get braces VERY soon. i want to know if it will hurt?
Why do we grow wisdom teeth?
i hve braces and my gums are growing downwards towards my braces. i do now know what is wrong...?
my child developed painful gums unable to chew ,red in color.could not easly respond to metronidasole antibio?
How danger Tooth fillers which contains mercury?
where can I find financial aid to get dentalwork done?
im geting braces soon will they realy hurt when im geting them put on or just after they are on??
what are the causes of pain during extraction of tooth?
What frmula is in the bleaching solution the dentist uses?
Sore tooth?
I need a dentist in the antioch,ca. area that will let me make payments to them?
I need a dentist.Do you know if there are free clinics with dental help?
Do teeth naturally become more stained and have more plaque as we age?
what about a white color put on your teeth ?
Why do we get fur on our tongues as we get older?
[FOR TEACHERS] ... my friend is self-harming and NEEDS help :'(?
Suddenly felt really depressed..?
talkling to myself when i was akid?
Best self-help books?
I panic when i am on public transport - advice?
My Dr of 20 years has changed practise, they wont tell me were he is working how can I find him?
Is this behaviour normal?
please help me im not happy :(?
What does seroquel do to you if not prescribed?
Foods anti-DEPRESSION?
Why are people so ignorant?
If someone is really fat and rude at work yet she talks bad about everyone else, what do you do?
What is a good way to get in really good shape for the NAVY? I have 4 months until I leave for bootcamp.?
how do I lose weight without losing self confidence?
r u bulimic?
how can you do more exercise if you got an office-based job?
Does colon hydro-therapy really help you lose weight?
food and calories?
What is some specific cutting weight workouts for upper body and lower body????
how to gain weight, what foods will help a 33 year old under weight male to put on weight and muscle?
Can I change my eating habits and try to make my friends understand?
How can I lose the pounds?
Where could I take pole dancing lessons in the Kansas City area?
Where is the best place to find current material for writing magazine articles on fitness and nutrition?
How many milligrams of antioxidants should be taken daily?
What do onions have in them that makes them good for you?
What happens if a bursa isn't treated?
does eating ONLY special K and kiwi's make u loose weight?
so ive been on this diet for 5 weeks, ive peaked,whats the best way to get the rest off?
GUYS (not girls) ---> Are the soles of you feet more ticklish when you're barefoot or when you have socks on?
does running alot help my forty yard dash?
Does anyone know a good detox diet ???
how can I drop weight?
Why do milk teeth fall?
Whatever happened to stand up tubes of toothpaste?
does anyone know the effects of having tmj(Temporo-Mandibular Joint) disfunction/disorder?
Had a toothache and was told I need root canal The pain is now gone Should I still have rc or get 2nd opinion?
i have just removed the nerves of my no6 tooth but it had pain and i usued ice water for decrease the pain?
i need to know how to remove a broken tooth from a denture so that i can replace it with a new tooth.?
is there any free dental care in near mission Viejo california?
where can i obtain a list of dentists who occassionally do charity cases?
Do those whitening strips really work?
tongue blister?
Does scaling and root planing always result in lower gumlines, leaving the gums healthy but unaesthetic?
has anyone ever used the white light teeth whitening stuff? what is your thoughts on it?
I just got braces on like two days ago and my mouth is swellen? Is that normal?
A motor nerve to the diaphragm with sensory fibres to the pericardium?
What's a good product (cheap) to clean nicotine stains off your teeth?
what is the best way to whitten your teeth and how much does it cost?
what is the best solution for whitening teeth?
strange bump?
the pros and cons of dental inplants?
toothache help?
my 2 incisors in my upper jaw are not properly lined.they form a v,am 19,is there a way to line them corectly
What type of infection is a white bump on your gums in the mouth?
Brushing Your Teeth?
how do i stop from bottling up my emotions?
what's the quickest way to whiten up my teeth??
How can I temporarily fix my tooth?
I just has my wisdom teeth pulled. What is the best way for me to prevent pain, swelling, and infection?
How do I get rid of canker sores for good? I get them all the time!?
How do u help some one with a mental illness?
Question about braces?
islam says that brushing your teeth vertically may lead to lepracy please send me how is it possible?
Do you think if teenagers were taught how to journal in schools,it would help in the prevention of depression?
Can you overdose on seroquel?
Are youths' being affected by media advertising?
why is it so hard to find patrik?
severe tiredness all day and night...Is this a side effect?
How can i help myself...?
I feel completely helpless - advice?
Is this more than depression and anxiety?
Does anybody know of any good websites for downloading textbooks for dentistry?
Why do the voices in my head have to argue with me?
How can I control mood swings caused by medication?
If you think you have depression, can you go to places like school and be happy?
Is saying 'uh...' and 'um...' a lot while talking a symptom in aspergers?
Pressure to be perfect, but fear of failure?
I need some remedies for around the house to reduce stess! =D?
What kind of problem does this U.S.A. Family Medical Doctor have. He's more concerned with satisfying his?
13yr old xanax&effexor afternoon?
7 days into suboxone withdrawals?
Lumbar spine causing tight neck head and shoulders?
Under my eye is sore, any ideas why?
What energy tastes the best, besides Monster, Rockstar, Redbull, & speed stack?
Whats the best and safest diet pill available? And why is it the best and safest?
hey how do you loos weight on your theighs and your stomach???
how many calories a day should i be taking in? in order to lose weight fast and keep it off.?
why did i gain weight INSTEAD of loosing it?
are six packs as in the stomach over rated?
Does anyone know how celebs stay so skinny and models?
What is the proper way to do a push up?
I'm looking for a low salt, high calorie diet .?
How do you loose weight if you are having problems with your thyroid ?
no appetite in the morning?
hey ppl wazup, i need a BIG help i am tyin to lose weight and i am walking ma a** out i am 105KG plz hlp me?
What is the best way to get rid of belly fat w/o losing too much weight?
How do i convince my mom to get an appointment for me to get my braces?
laser whitening?
what is the definition of prosthodontics?
What is the best way to find a dentist who will treat a child with Autism?
What is the average age for a child's teeth to start falling?
Macrobid or Keflex for a gum abscess?
How do I find a good dentist in my city?
Has anyone else had problems...braces....gums?
Any advice on retainers?
How is a wisdom tooth removed in an operation?
To be a Dentist...?
Please help - how can I love myself again :C?
how do i detach with love?
i think i have ADD?
Should I get Counseling?
What have I got no live for?
Do bone grafts hurt? How much?
Pain killer question!!?
My mum was doing something the other day in the kitchen?
pain in lower abdomen?
Headache Help On school days ?
Why does my leg keep twitching??
what is the ideal diet for an indian woman?
How much should I weigh if I'm a girl, 5'6 and 15 years old and have a large frame?
what do u do if u friend hates u but pretends to like u?
what do u do if a lot of people hate u at school? and how do u get people to like u more if ur a "loser" and..
My doctor has put me on a 1000 calorie per day diet... PLEASE READ DETAILS!?
What should you eat before and after a workout?
How much sugar is in a small bag of wheat thins?
how much of weight trainng do i need?
Is it ok to run for 45 minutes 7 days a week? Will I see weight loss results?
Approximately how much muscle will I lose not working out for a month...?
how much is the maximum amount of water i can drink?
do you like a life??
If you are a runner, what is your best tips....phrases, mantras, equipment...? Thank you!?
I am a Male Having slender Body otherwise but a Lot Fat around my Belly. Tell me how to reduce fat from belly?
Which mouthwash is best for soaking retainers?
if u have periodontis and they give you the novacaine shot will it hurt?
orthadontist located in hurst ,texas,76053?
Visible Cavity?
what does implant means?
I need to find another Jaw Surgery Surgeon?
does anyone know where i can get my bad tooth pulled for free?
What causes mouth ulcers?
I had a reaction to a novocaine shot at the dentist. It is painful to open my jaw. Any suggestions?
I am looking for information on how to clean your nightguard.?
does tmj disorder become more of a problem when you are on your period?
Can someone come over with pliers and pull my tooth out, its Fukin killing me.?
How to get help for my partner who is suffering depression?
Do you consider OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) to be a mental illness (DSM 4, code 300.3)?
memory stuff?
my next door neibour has split up with his de facto and says everyone has to suffer what should I say?
I came off Zoloft after about 1 year of it and have never felt better. Is Zolft only a short term fix?
has anyone got bipolar?
How do I run away so that nobody finds me?
Help.... with my spouse's breakdown?
Taking heavy metal/sadistic music off a depressed teen. Is this right?
I'm taking seroquel & think I'm gaining quite a bit of weight. I just read aboout Abililfy is this a good alte
I cry the night before school.?
what are the symptoms of bipolar?
If your denetist gave you the option would you get braces or porcelin veneers?
wat should i do if my teeth r yellow bsides go 2 da dentist bcause she says my teeth r fine?
how much does it cost to have a cavity filled?
can you feel salivary duct near teeth with tonge?
I had a tooth pulled 3 days ago, should I be concerned that I still have pain in that area when I eat?
Braces Tips?
How can you keep your teeth clean without brushing?
anybody out there know anything about osteoneucrosis of the jaw??
What can I do to stop clenching my teeth/jaw to tightly together?
Do you brush your teeth at least twice a day or are you one that has the growth?
what is the best DIY teeth whitener on the market?
how can I tell what dental implant system is usedm by looking at the xrays?
I need help. I am terrified of dentists because I was injured by two of them, but I need to find one, so...LA?
Has anyone ever got bridges and veneers on their teeth?
do you know of a place or a general dentist for low income person like me?
what are the symtoms of a cut gum or brushing hard?
can a doctor fix never damage in a jaw bone after having two teeth removed and having bone cut away?
How do braces feel at first?
i recently removed the nervs of my tooth but it still hearts,if i drink cold it stops but when hot it got bad?
how can i lose a lose tooth?
recipes for lowing potassium?
Who knows a great anti-perspirant. I workout very hard and I can't seem to stop sweating?
What is a better workout, riding a bike or walking the same distance?
whats' the best way to increase your bench press?
What is the relationship between blood pressure and exercise?
will you help me?
Bigger Neck?
For the low-carbers, what do you miss most?
Which is better - liposuction or tummy tuck? Pros and cons of each?
has anyone lost wt. from leslie sansone walking workouts?
what are sum wayz 2 loose waight ??
want to do cardio but....?
What is the typical/ideal weight for a 29 year old woman that is 5 foot 5?
Running for a long time?
Anyone got their tongue pierced?Did it hurt and can you have it done at 16?
y did my knee hurt???
ouch...my mouth hurts.!! help?
heart whats wrong?
I recently had a vein embolization to resolve a varricole, how long should i be in pain for after the op?
Neck pains from way I was sleeping.?
bad back ache.?
Plantar fasciitis?
is my back ache causing stomach pains?
Anyone who has had a Total Knee Replacement ?
Frozen shoulder. What is the outcome and reason?
Will my root canal hurt if my tooth is dead??
I have an open faced gold tooth how would i get it removed and stop the decay of my tooth?
are cranker sores cause by an std???
what causes gum disease, what cures it, and how to prevent it?
dentists north port florida?
Dental shots?
Is it safe to bleach your teeth if you have crowns? Will they be ok?
Where can I find afforable dentures in Indiana?
Depression over Christmas?
Valerian overdose????????
Self harm: do you think it will pass?
depression, really not coping?
I cant help lashing out and being a b*tch sometimes - help?
Can any one tell me what its like when you have deppression? i think i might be clinically depressed...?
read this and give me your in put?
Regaining my life after a schizophrenic episode. How do I face things?
my cousin's got borderline personalty disorder....?
What is Bipolar Disorder......?
Can Lexapro worsen anxiety?
Did i ever have a case of OCD when i was younger? just out of curiosity...?
can i take any cold medicine if i take wellbutrin?
Why Do People Make Me Sick?
Unintentional weight loss from taking antidepressants? Help!?
What is the best way to get over a particular "hang-up"?
Why am I increasingly out of breath?
how to keep my life safe from second (h1n1) attacks?
how long can someone with cystic fibrosis expect to live for?
Breathing problems (blocked nostril for whole life)?
if you have had a hiatus hernia what is the pain like?
symptoms similar to asthma, is it worth going to a doctor?
what is prognosis of mylomadysprasis?
Have had a cold, now started coughing, no temperature, what could it be?
Phlegm? How do they make Flem out of that?
my 2 month old has had a cough and sneezing for like 2 days now can i use the salt water for his nose also?
I've got a cold and have developed wheezing and a cough?
I have a daughter with Cystic Fibrosis what help can I get for her in Flordia?
Salamol and Ventolin.. what is the difference?
When your lung capacity is peak flow tested what do the Doctors look for on the test?
food borne transmission?
is anyone out there has take apex diet pills how much weight did you lose on them?
I'm a skinny guy, how do i get ripped?
i want to lose 20 lbs. in one week. does anyone have any tips?
how many calories would you have to burn to loose a pound?
is Pearl White slimming pill effective in loosing weight?
six pack abs exercise/gym rats?
how I can loose weight?
Will situps get you a flat stomach?
Tongue ulcer??
teeth probs?
I have TMD and now have had another case of it, any advice on how to lessen the pain?
Do I need a crown on one of my molars?
is anyone familiar with the use of braces to counter bone loss in gums?
is there a point to flossing more than once a day?
will 800mg of erythromycin kill a tooth infection?
what is PDS in dentistry?
owww painful spacers =(?
I get sores on my tongue that look like circles?
Information on Denests in Baja California?
What is the difference between a tooth extraction and a surgical tooth extraction?
what is the best treatment for exposed teeth roots?
What do the dentists do to give you a filling?
Can grinding your teeth cause a constant headache?
is it agianst the law for the dentist to work on an absess tooth?
How do you define addiction?
Clicking of my pulse in my head?
Have You Ever Hallucinated etc?
Lump on side of my foot?
I have had headache facial pain and weird sensations in my head and ears for nearly 4 years. Can anyone help?
Got bad cat tar. feels like a tennis ball stuck in my throat. any suggestions ?
is there anythink i could use to help with this virus?
have you ever seen your dad, husband or grown man (+18) crying cause of physical pain? if so, cause of?
pain in my leg sometimes a breeze over hand and leg?
Pins and needles!?
Why do I get pins and needles when I sit cross-legged?
leg cramps?
Please Help How do i go about....?
I thought i'd finally kicked the habit of cutting...?
i cant sleep. help!!?
Will my mind ever stop and go back to how it was?
I have been prescribed Lovan 20mg for depression, was wondering if this will make me put on weight?
is it normal for teenage girls to feel like they have no chance at life?
Is it depression?? !! ?
I can hear distant voices.Even my neighbors moans.what do you think is my problem?
What should i do if my daughter really wants to be her twin?
I'm embarrassed to cry?
how many friends have u stayed in contact with from high school?
what is ODD? I know it is a mental disorder but i need more info.?
What should the immediate response to children emotional distress?
What does this all mean?
Is this self harm or is there nothing to worry about?
whan can i do for reduce my breast?what food i uses for it?
what is a better workout a stairstepper or a thread mill?
How many calories does a 12 years old girl need?
I am doing gym and getting best benefits but i am gaining fat on my abs what shuld i do?
Can someone give me a diet to gain 3 kg in 2 weeks from today?
whats the benefit of eating cottage cheese? good for, bad for? what amounts and what to eat it with?
Is it really necessary to eat fibre? Wouldn't it be best to just eat good steaks and ribs and chicken breasts?
what are some proven techniques to eat less?
what are good exercises for the tummy?
Will I lose weight on a raw food diet?
My three year old son loves hot sauce?
Is the 100% Pure Hoodia More Expensive than the One with Herbs?Can you get'em at a Store Pharmacy?
what are the benefits of yoga?
weight loss in 6 weeks?
How can i can i loose 10 pounds by the end of may?
What diet plan worked for you?
how can i lose weight in my thighs?
Is it very necessary to wear sports shoes while skipping the rope?
Going to Fla. Looking to lose 10lbs real fast and HEALTHY! Got any answers?
anyone ever take adipex or phentermine? Did it work?
What exercises can I do at home (without weights etc) to increase my muscular mass?
I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life; is this true?
How many calories does orange soda have?
how do i get muscles and six-packs, and what do i eat to get musles,packs?
I bought medicine from ubuyrx.com & now I'm worried if the site is a scam. anyone heard of it or know anything
Why do my teeth sometimes vibrate, and how can I stop it?
Has anyone had experience with Lumineers porcelain veneers?
I need a good individual dental plan for my family!?
what are the job and income opportunities for a 4 yr degree dental hygienist graduate?
Are false teeth better than struggling to maintain your deteriorating own?
how do you properly treat the problem of bad breath when you've tried almost every means?
I have had a permanent bottom retainer for 8 years. It's very difficult to floss because of it.?
Any government grants for DESPERATELY needed dental care?
How can I polish my teeth, How can I make them Bright White ones ?
What's it like to get a crown put on your tooth?
How do I reverse a small tooth cavity?
How do I deal with braces?
Had tooth surgically extracted Monday when can i start doing things normally like drink through a straw?
on that dentist question I need them on Sunday April 22,2006?
For a junior in high school would you reccomend ceramic or metal braces?
what if a friend or employee has bad breath?
Can chewing gums often make your jaws bigger ?
do your gums bleed when your body is adjusting to an altitude change?
What is the best advice on healthy breathing?
advice please...?
what is a good spot preventer which isnt really expensive ?
What is a histamine PC20 TEST is it to do with lung function?
Could anyone tell me what "Florid Koilocystosis" is please?
Breathless and feeling of unease?
Can asthma effect Physical strength?
I have a really sore throat and holes on my right tonsil?
i was getting blood in the mouth whenever i wash face with cold water,ENT docs couldnt tell whats wrong??
Is shisha bad for you?
Does taking cough mixture interfere with the effects of a steroid nasal spray?
I caught the legionella bug through air con resulting in 6 bouts of pnuemonia inc a- typical twice.?
Hi there has anyone else got this virus that is making them tight of breathing high up around the throat xx?
what causes the blood supply to be cut off to a baby in the wombe and then restart?
is it normal to throw up after treatments how long does it last?
does anyone suffer with recurrant attacks of cystitis and thrush?
anemia - i feel sore to touch and....?
my head hurts?
What should I do about this ?
What is the fastest and best way to get buff?
Does anyone know of a weight loss product that actually works?
is liposuctin covered by insurance?
how can you lose weight when youre on high blood pressure meds which lower the metabolism?
Smoking- does it make you lose weight ?
how can i starve myself. i fave tried diets online but it all costs money i dont have any. im starving myself?
What is the best way to eat healthy on an extremely low budget?
how many calories do you burn, walking at a normal pace, in one mile?
How does my body lose weight through eating properly and exercising?
What is the average weight of a 13 year old girl that is 5'6''?
Do water pills help you lose weight?
Is there any way to get ephedra in a supplement since it has been taken off the market?
I have lost 38 lbs, in 9 weeks but now have troubles eating, any suggestions?
is there any way to make thr muscle on my leg between my ankle and my knee bigger?
i have 2 kids and weight 136 pounds and i want to loose 20 pounds whats the best work out do do?
How do I get more motivation to excercise??
I'm a mother of 2! I need to lose some of the weight I put on during my last pregnancy.I have no motivation ~
how many oz make a pound??
how to increase stamina in 4 days?
What is a resin posterior?
why do hik-ups come?
Dr Stephen Locasio prosthodontist?
Is it a cavity if your just sitting there and your tooth hurts?
TMJ Surgery - How long did U have 2 wear braces beforehand, what did you pay for braces?
how to get dentist job in U.S being an Indian dentist.?
What determines that a crown lenghtening is needed prior to having a crown?
Does this tooth need to be removed?
hi there..i recently got my braces removed abt 4 mths ago..i wear my retainers full time every day..?
does a water pik replace brushing and flossing?
Why do people get dentures? Can't they just get 'crowns' everywhere?
which baby teeth comes in after the bottom two in front?
My tooth hurts a lot and I can't open my mouth?
after oral surgery my jaw swelled and the swellings moved down to my neck is that normal?
My teeth are killing me!!!?
Severe tooth ache after sedative filling .. Please help?
How much does a dental implant cost and how long a process (months?) is until complete?
How to get up from depression?
What is CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) does it work? Has anyone tried it?
What is it like to live as a conjoined twin?
Weak Legs pain in left knee?
Q1. Why do the back of my things hurt?
Can my gallstones be causing a trapped nerve ?
Anyone been diagnosed with Fibro myalgia If so how do you cope with the pain and stiffness?
Any one know the difference between Asteroids and Haemorrhoid's ?? as I have sat on something red hot.?
How common is this coccyx pain?
Where in London can I try an inversion table if it works on me?
overwieght and pain full shoulders?
I am 38 and have just been told I have the early stages of arthristis in my hands. Any advice, Please :0)?
Tendon Slippage - Elbow?
What exercises/training can I do to stop my recurring(2x) hamstring pull from happening yet again?
what's the best diet plan?
is 89 pounds too much for a 10 year old?
great cardio tips?
what are some other good tummy trimming excercises besides situps/crunches?
How do I work out?
What are the negative effects of Air Conditioner?
Flax Seed Oil?
Is creatine ethyl ester malate safe to use? does it contain ephedrine?
What is the best way to work through the soreness you get after you start lifting weights?
I think I have an eating disorder, where do I go for helP?
does anyone smoke Marlboro Lights?
I've had a 'Radical Nephrectomy' in Feb.02., was told "Lining of lung" was perforated,-is this serious or.....
Anyone else addicted to eating lollies?
How do you lose weight if you have hypothyroidism?
What are some excercises that work on your thighs?
HELP! im addicted to sudafed nasal spray!?
I sing, but can i have a few cigs as well?
I wanna buy protein supplements to build muscles but I don't know what to buy.?
how to remove fat belly...???????????????
why does my tummy grumble when im hungry?
i am 10 kg overweight. what can i do to reduce my weight and lode the 10kgs within the next 2 months?
What suggestions for getting energy back after flu?
what foods are high in cholestrol?
how can i make my physique stronger ?
Is omega-3 really that good for you?
Chest pains ?
OK what could this be and should I be worried. It's about my breathing..?
Raw or Boiled egg? What's good for health?
what is the best medication to take for oedema (fluid bulid up)?
Is there any good dietitian around western Sydney area (near Parramatta)?
What are refined carbohydrates?
anyone know about hoodia weight loss patch, does it work, is it safe?
What does the vitamen/mineral Chromatin (?) do for you?
HELP, my daughter can not breath at all through her nose.?
I work with children with autsim and would like suggestions on how to reduce hand banging?
symptoms of swine flu?
what colour is your mucus plug ?
what makes nicotine so addictive?
dreams about a child being abuse?
i need a self conficdence boost?
What happens on your first appointment with a psychiatrist?
Might I have OCD?
i think i'm going crazy???????
i am feeling down, will some people give me some help?
nervous breakdown?
Have i made the wrong decision?
What can I do about my never ending depression, have not left the house for ten months. Started after breakup.
is my sister crazy ?
To support depressed daughter or not?
Do you ever think that you have totally lost your mind?
Why am I depressed?
Why I am always feeling sick, thinking the worst, being scared?
Do you think everyone has some form of mental illness?
Can children be diagnosed with bipolar?
This happened 14 years ago and still I worry. This is not normal I know?
My son is 20 months old and very hyperactive can you help me?
Am I depressed? As in the disorder?
Where do you find "grillz"? Dentist? Where?
How can we take care of our teeth?
can an architect get into dental school without doing premedical- elaborate- location- usa?
i have little or no money to pay for dental work, need help in answers such as college or whatever is avail.?
how do i sooth my toothache.iv had the tooth out?
How long should I wear my retainers till?
are childrens molar teeth suppost to fall out?
Need Advice on Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction-Twilight sleep, novacaine, or what?
How do I find help for a tortuous toothache?
what is the effect of radiotherapy as a treatment for cancer on dental management?
Why does My root canal hurt so bad?
what are the over denture attachments?
Does it feel weird to kiss with braces?
Has anyone ever worn a mouthguard, was reassured by your dentist that it wouldn't affect your bite, but it did
how long do i have to wait to eat after having a silver filling placed?
I had 3 teeth removed about 4 years ago and now my gum swells . Hurts really bad, cant eat on that side ?
what does my dental plan cover?
What would cause twitching in the upper left hand part of the mouth days after a dental cleaning?
All periodontists and dentists please click open this question and answer it.?
What are side effects of chemotherapy besides losing your hair?
how do i help with cancer when im onli 13 yearz old i really wanna help!!!!!!!!!?
facial pain, help with teeth online?
my shoulders really hurt today!!!?
does anyone know the name of the oral spray that calms you down and works like the calms tablets?
wrist pain?
abscess on my lower back?
if u get a really bad neck pain what can i do as its painfull and cannot move my neck very well.?
Slight tummy aches?
I have knee problems in my left knee, Only happens when i walk though. Any ideas what it could be?
Clicking body! Including hands, feet and back!!!?
Achey Legs?
What is the difference between an osteopath and a chiropractor? Which would be best for upper back pain.?
pain in right sacral ischeal joint area?
What is referred pain?
Whats the best exercise to lose wieght off your stomach? Not gain muscle, just lose fat from that key area.?
is there a safe herbal supplement i can take to wake up in the morning? coffee disgusts me. thanks!?
Any ideas on serious tummy excercises.....for post pregnancy weight?
What's the best way to build upper body strenght?
How much should a teenager weigh at 5'6 and 15yo?
which current diet seems to have the best results and still be safe? There are so many, it gets very confusin?
The Wealth of Almonds....how many more secrets does nature have?
How many calories does the body burn on its own a day?
What determines flexibility?
can bike riding help burn stomach fat?
Do you know where I can find Body Fortress weight gainer online?
what exercise can I do to pump my middle chest?
what is the best way to lose weight in like less than a week! I am like addicted to sweets!?
Do you think you can play any sport, well if you have a very athletic body?
my mum have high blood pressure,what food should she consume?
Does Anybody now a diet that makes you lose weight fast??
What is the best website for free rapid weight loss instructions???
What is the relative importance of exercise in a weight loss program?
need some help?
how many??
What is a great fat burner pill?
How do you cope with Anxiety?
What Does "Bi-Polar" Mean?
Do I need help or is it just a normal thing?
where can you buy prozac in N.S.W?
Questions about rape and the mental abuse that follows..I know i need help.?
I don't laugh loud. I take every incident (good or bad) that comes my way quite normally. Am I ok?
are there any antidepresants out there that dont slow you down.?
How do u get out of the Mental Health Section?
Mind flashes, buzzing, inability to think?
borderline personality disorder?
How to get over a pot addiction?
How can you get even for very poor dental work ?
what do the dentist mean by 'doing a root canal'?
I want to become a Dental Hygienist? How do I take the right steps to achive my goal?
Can gum disease spread from person to person?
I lost four small lower permanent teeth and they want $5,000 + to put in a Bridge - Is this too expensive?.?
Anyone familiar with dental veneers? I hear that they only "last" 10 - 15 years. Do they wear away? Fall off?
i just put a q in the forum and a dentist helped answer my q but i need more info. help im so scared!?
havent filled script yet paper script expire?
Anybody here ever have invisalign?
Hey, I got this teeth whitenning stuff @ the dollar store, the kind you brush on, it works, BUT its so GENERIC
I have a white dot of about 2mm on the inner side of my cheek near wisdom tooth. What is it ?
prices on dental implants?
What is this feeling in my chest?
Are there any home remedies for dry socket?? I am in PAIN?
does hiatus hernia cause pain?
Do you think she could have asthma?
every year my nose gets worse plz help?
so nervous have dla tribunal for crohns hate the thought can anyone give me guidance this illness is destroyin?
I am recovering from Laryngitis, can I get it back straight away?
Is it possible to care for a tooth cavity at home without seeing a doctor?
what damage can the dental curing light have on the operator?
guys? what is ciliated mucous?
For a couple days I've had a tickle in my throat and slight sinus pain but no stuffy nose. What is it?
I'm a girl and I have the flu and whenever i breathe in my chest hurts and when i sleep on the side..?
is being an active smoker better than being a sedentary non smoker?
chronic systemic sarcoidosis, with garanulomas present to liver/lungs /eyes?
Any cures, prevention for Post-nasal drip or Seasonal rhinitis ?
can anyone tell me what causes hardfile failure im on my 3 hardfile in 7 months?
ive got a cold and when i breathe it feels like i have a caugh in my lungs?
Do white blood cells produce antitoxins or antibodies to fight of TB?
can Taking Theophylline and Implanon increase the side effects?
Can leflunomide cause bleeding to the back passage?
what is hoacham of the heart?
I've been diagnosed with a small pleural effusion on my right lung, r they common? and how worried should I b?
Neck question! Help/advice please?
what is this pain???
Went to sleep and twisted my body and my neck and head didn't twist with it-caused a crunch?
how many bones in the human neck?
Has anyone ever had a cervical nerve block? if so what was it like?
left pain in ab muscle and side and back pain irritations inside body stiff and aching pain to shoulder?
i have had a spine operation 1year ago ,discectomy.. will my pain ever go?
Inversion table for back pain- yes or no?
Wrist strengthening??
lump of bone on my foot?
Stomach ache 1 day of school?
Severe Knee pain (not injury related) Help?
what is a good way for 14-17 year old's to lose weight with out diet pills or medicine?
What are some good song for the gym.?
can i buy wu-long tea at walmart?
Whens the best time to take Creatine when you do a work out? Before, after or during?
does clothing make a big difference when stepping on a scale?
I been eating a lot lately..?
What are some good ways to gain weight fast?
I've recently hit my ideal weight but I still have flab. How can I get rid of it without losing more weight?
How can my children (ages 9 and 4) put on weight?
Need sponsers for my childs weight loss camp, what charitys are out there?
Does drinking a lot of water really help to reduce one's weight?
lose weight?
What can you take (aside from coffee) to keep you awake to study for exams?
i use to go to gym now. what should i do, what should i maintain on this time period?
What will lack of sleep do to myself (health/fitness...)?
What does it mean if when you are walking on a treadmill your legs start to itch?
Lower back pain, a lot. Know any back excercises for lower back?
Hi - I am a 32 year old woman and I weight 171. I was 189 in March and I have been cutting down the major fat
Is there a Safe diet pill that a 18 yr old can that that weights 300 lbs?
what is the diff between protein and protein isolate ? does it harm us if we consume more protein then we need
What is a good source of Citrus Aurantium?
What is the best home health hint for a tooth ache?
I have crooked teeth,and i don't brush my teeth much.What should i do?I am in desperite help!!?
Do antidepressants like Prozac work for reducing the severity of intrusive thoughts?
I have a mental health case manager for brief psychotic depression. Is this a voluntary or involuntary service?
Worried about pleasing people?
How do I get over my fear?
what can i do to keep occupied?..im currently not working!!?
unbelievable pain in my nose?
Being fat and shortness of breath?
Clarithromycin! Sweating profusely?
i feel tingling shock on my chest and back?
What are the point in Menthol filters?
Could this be asthma or something else?
Not breathing right? Mature answers.?
what is quincey throut infection?
Why did i get dizzy and short of breath?
My dietry problems...?
i have tonselitis.. am i meant to be coughing aswell?
Sleep Study Results - what does this mean please?
How does this affect you?
Swine Flu or Broncitus What is Worse?
whats the best way to gain wait for a little bulk up?
I am having the worst time trying to lose these last 10lbs!!!?
what is the best work out for my calves that i can do at home?
Question about red wine...?
whats better when you build muscle, high or low.?
Why do we have eating contests when there are starving children in the world?
what's a fast way to lose 50 lbs?
Anyone have good weight loss tips or good excersise tips that really cut fat!?
Group exercise classes?
does hoodia lower blood pressure?
Why are Overweight people so obsessed with quick weight loss rather than slow steady weight loss?
how safe is it to loose weight with doctor prescribed pills ?
Does anyone know how many calories you burn doing yardwork?
muscle building versus weight loss?
Do diet pills actually work? Are they safe? (a.k.a has anyone used them successfully before?)?
I want help?
How good are Slendertone Gymbdy Abdominal belts?
How can i put on weight in a short time?
Has anyone had a front tooth gap closed using bonding?
How many pounds does it take to lose 1 inch from the waist?
What are some tips on getting a six pack abs?
Cardio Workout?
I need a dentist bad & no where will help!!!!?
looking for a dental clinic i have no insurance and not working?
Can You Get Periodontal Disease From Kissing Someone Else?
what is the price for crest teeth whitening strips?
What is the Best and the Fastest way to get whiter teeth?
i wanna info about the postgraduate studies of dentistry in USA & the easiest university to get registered in.
i have all four wisdom teeth growing in. do i have to get them pulled out? why?
How much do dental implants usually cost for the whole mouth?
What if you are toothless, but have crooked gums? Would braces help?
How long do the average person teeth take to be fixed with invisalign have anyone ever had invisalign? tell me
Will fixing braces hurt?
are there any affordable health and dental insurance plans out there,i mean really affordable?
I've had full dentures 39 years, this set is the best so far, but looks dingy,is there a safe way to clean?
How much are Lumineers?
SEVERE Neck Pain!!!! Lol, Help!!?
Should I be worried about a clicking noise in my right elbow?
How can i stop my back from pulling the same muscle when i sneeze?
Anyone with type 1 brittle asthma ?
what could indicate malfunction in the respiratory system and why ?
Any natural remedies for nasal polyps?
Bellend Choking ................?
Lung Problem and inconclusive results to date?
why am i getting chest pains?
Symptoms of ms... Is this normal?
Can i claim DLA for my son's asthma?
lung capacity trainer, as seen on 'something for the weekend'?
Settle a bet! How long does hashish keep? (no jokes please) can it be kept for 2 years or more?
how long for steroids to get out your system?
Help with my Symptoms?
what is the root cause of salivating while sleeping and thick salivas in the morning?
breathing difficulties?
Has anyone here ever had cancer?
Do you always have to get CHEMO when you have cancer?
How can you tell if you've broken a bone?
How to be more confident/outgoing?
I just had to endure the dreaded?
anyone who has bipolar disorder/bipolar depression.?
i get really scared easily.. like with pop ups that yell and stuff on da comp.. i get really scared.?
Help Me!!!!! I have Issues?
weird phobia's....?
Im so scared to sleep, please help me!?
Is there something wrong with me??
How EXACTLY should you aproch some one with the same problem as you ? SEE ADITIONAL DETAILS TO MY QUESTION?
Do you think that it is a new sign of relief for me?
i wish i was dead ...hate my life,?
Do i need anger management?
My dad and older sister both have chemical depression, is there a chance I have it to?
Just over a year ago my mother died (I was her carer). I have moved on with?
i have been taking sleeping pills and each day that passes i lose most of my memory from the day before help?
Anxiety/panic attack - how do you calm yourself down?
Encouraging Rehab?
how to kill depression mood when it comes without notice every week or so?
What do tourettes sufferes say if they have not been subjected to swear words?
Why am I so scared to sleep in the dark?
do i have a problem?
Does depression make you selfish?
how long does it take to get over your teeth hurting after a filling?
Which wisdom teeth hurt more to have pulled?
Endodoncy tomorrow morning?
crest white strips?
light therapy for whitniing, how does it work, how long does it last?
How do you stop a child from grinding their teeth all the time? Not just in their sleep (always)?
Is $800 too much for a crown?
Only have 100 pounds of weights, trying to gain muscle mass. Is it possible?
Is there a running group in bangalore where people train for half marathon ??
I NEED to lose 20 lbs before July 20th, someone please help..?
Is it ok to drink more then 2 cups of WuLong tea in a day.?
What if your friend is white and she claims she's puerto rican?
im a fat girl, what should i do?
i'm about to eat lunch which has less fat,chix lo mein or a grilled chix sandwich?
Whats a good source of protein?
Would like to know the best way to get rid of excessive fat upper arms?
Does tanning make you look thinner?
is it benifical to work out in sweat pants and a sweat shirt while doing cardio?
does anyone know any good recipes from slimming world for the red days please, sin free ones?
What/how is the fastes way of getting a six pac and loosing some weight within' a month ?
How much should i weigh if im 5'2?
Is it good to drink more than 4 cups of green tea everyday?
What is Metabolism?? Is it good for me?? How can i slow it/make it go faster???
What do you think about stomach stapling?
how can i gain weight easy?
Is it bad for your feet,knees,legs,etc to run on a treadmill without shoes?
I was wondering..... if though diet and exercize if it's possible to lose the fat on my belly?
best, easist, and fastest way to burn calories and lose weight daily?
what is CFC air con? is this different to just air con?
What's this????
pnd please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what causes a spontaneous pneumothorax?
how to we exhale (expiration)? ?
Treatment for Bronchitis?
my son has been ill and have found spots on his spleen due to have scan anyone advise me what could be wrong?
Strange sensations in chest?
It feels like something inside me is pushing up against my chest, any ideas?
Hiatus Hernia Athsma symptoms, croaky voice and constant clearing of the throat..... Cures?
Loud heart beat, Asthma, Unknown symptoms please help?
How much water is needed in your lungs to drown?
Combivent Inhalers?
Is it possible to get Lipid/Lipoid Pneumonia when putting Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) in the Human Nose?
What are the signs of Asthma?
Anybody knows the cure for sciatica after a slipped disc?
Sciatica- what can help to stop the pain?
i have a real sharp pain in my right foot and therefore cant stand for long..
how much does it cost to have your wisdom teeth removed?
Where can i go to get braces for cheep? and how much is it to remove small stains?
Are there any programs that provide dentures for one that has no insurnce, unemplyd, cause of teeth, Young Mom
Should I get rid of any dental fillings containing mercury ?
Is there a way to get free dental care in Manitowoc, Wisconsin? I don't have dental insurance.?
Whats the best advice for a person new to dentures?
How often should I Floss?
What is a normal age to get braces?
My amalgam fillings have changed colour from silver tone to a copper tone and some to a black tone. Why?
Home remedy for a toothache or abscess?
are there any over the counter remedies to repair a chipped tooth??
how many years in college do you have to go to be a dentist?
Whats the most effective way to whiten your teeth without having to go to a dentist?
what are some salary that dentist get?
I had my wisdom tooth pulled 5 days ago, and I still have a deep hole in my mouth. How long until it heals?
After intrusion, what is the modification required in looped archwire for retraction?
Is it more beneficial to brush then floss or floss then brush?
im in pain please help?
Chest problems, especially at night?
Is there any thing that can cause Sinus problems and clicking joints?
Can You Have A Scan With Out Doctors Referance?
what is the reason of exctreating protine?what is the treat?
Lump in throat feeling, nausea, regurgitation & tired?
Does anybody know?
Which one is the No.1 fitness website?
hoodia gordonii risk factors?
How can I quickly and safely lose some weight?
Why is there an expiration date on sour cream?
Some say that running everyday is bad for you and some say that it is good for you...which one is it???
in what ways have american eating habits changed over the past decade that affect a barbecue sauce manufacture
I need some good excersise plans!!!?
what food can be used instead of beef in the GM diet program?
My pedometer gave reading,30in.,1521 steps &.71 mile.How much i did i walked?And,what is my stride length?
Will a thermal wrap around your ab's help burn fat?
best workout music?
what happen if your scared to go to middle school?
Why don't people listen to "Eat Healthy and Exercise"?
Do you want to lose 10 pounds in 3 days?
Anyone know any good excercise that you can do on the sand (other than running)?
why does the green tea makes you burp after taking 3 or more sips...is it good for the body?
has anyone tried reductil and if so did they find it effective? I am struggling and can' not seem to curb my
My waist is big, but i am not overweight, is something wrong with me or what?
Best ways to tone your body......?
Why do I get calf cramps when I am not running?
Weight problem?
Whats the best way for a 13 year old kid to loose weight?
How can you get rid of Abscest infection on your gum?
I want one of my teeth temorarly filled can they do it?
how to whiten tellow teeths?
i have a toothache anyone know any ways to ease the pain?
I want pretty teeth again!?
Straightening my teeth??
Is there a number I can call to make a complaint about a dentists rudness?
how much does orthodontist make a month?and how old do u got 2 b ...state of illinois ???
is anyone using Invisalign, are you seeing results, is it expensive etc.?
Developmental anomalies of jaw&teeth?
what can i do at home for TMJ?
Looking for a Dental School to have dental work done in the dallas area?
Can flu-like symptoms be caused by the growing in of wisdom teeth?
If you have a stain on the tongue and looks brown?
Braces help?
What are the signs of a cavity?
how can i find a bf??????????
Where can I find info on the best dentists in Montreal Quebec,Canada?
Dental Question--?
why is he pinning me up?:
buccastem tablets? has anyone ever taken these tablets and if so did they work??
Migraine conundrum,answers please>
What else other than vigorous exercise can cause stitch. I keep getting a stitch like pain
My throat and my head hurts. I constantly have this problem everyday. I have to drinks lots of water to help..
Numbness in left hand?
Gateway one day Indian Head Massage course
is 13 to old for correcting misaligned joints at the ankle causing a bunion?
I have problems down stairs!!!
cough doctor gave me prednisolone but?
Do You Agree UKers - Re Quality Medicines - against cheap synthetic generic drugs?
Why can't caps and veneers extend slightly into the gumline?
how do i get discounted dental insurace for a familyu?
I've lost some of my front teeth at a car collision, instead of using denture,what should I do for replacemen
Any help? Want to practice Oral hygiene in Canada/America?
How can one whiten their teeth without using harsh chemicals or expensive whiteners?
I am getting a crown and I was just wondering am I getting ripped??
Can a cavity be filled with braces on the teeth?
Why do my two molars with root canals hurt?
What is the difference between the OLD dental Crowns that have been used and the new glass crowns? (procera)?
how do i make my teeth look whiter?
is laminate harmful for my teeth?
Antone over 35 still have a baby tooth? Are you going to leave it there or pull it?
How can Iose 30 pounds in 1 month?
does anyone know of a good way to surpress your appitite?
Ten year reunion... How do I lose weight fast?
*********Can you help?***********?
will jogging burn more calories than just walking in the same amount of time? and if so is it a drastic amount
Is it really true that body fat don't disapper ... it only shrinks!!!????
i need to lose alot of weight by the end of august can anyone give me some tips?
Has anyone used "Tony Little's Gazelle"?
are there any really good, full service gyms in Corpus Christi?
is walking better exercise than palates?
What is the best diet pill out there?
i found a red pill with 3 letters on it, help!?
Why are you holding back?
Are there any foods that generally burn fat?
Walking across america?
I know this will sound dumb, but how do you dive off a diving board into a pool?
Why do our bodies hurt after sports or other activities?
Do your ears hang low?
how many calories does hula hooping burn per hour?
the exercise belt with the heat, does it work, will u loose inches by just wearing it for a couple minutes?
How to get rid of extra hip weight or "love handles"?
what is a god way to only loose weight in your stomach?
.worrying abt my partner...anxiety attacks.?
Am I suffering from depression?
Are you in an emotional limbo?
Why can't I stand up for myself?
what is the best way to achieve self confidence?
Does anyone have experience with hypochondria?
I've decided who to tell my secret to - how do I tell her?
My Down syndrom Baby is 5 year Old, she can't speak properly please help.?
Bipolar Disorder Complications, delusions of misdiagnosis...?
How to help someone who doesn't want to help themselves?
question about zoloft?
Advice on my mental state? Will this eventually pass?
OCD and social anxiety as one?
What's wrong with me, I can't stay interested in anything?
Theres this 'troubled' old man with idk some disorder...can u tell what type of disorder it is?
How does someone with Asperger's love differently?
I have a very suicidal persona...?
any good site for learning yoga?
Should I tell my doctor about the bitter taste in my mouth from Clarithromycin?
i was diagnosed with pneumonia 4 weeks ago..feel like i've been steamrollered.?
oxygen therapy facial treatments?
What steps can I take to cure/control perennial rhinitis?
Know anything about automated adjustable beds?
is bronchiectasis a serious illness?
legs wont stop moving?
why am i getting this pain in my upper back?
HELP! I have a cramp in my foot
I've just had a blood test...
Sore Ear - forgot to ask the doctor.
lower back pain and hip
headache/ or migraine i do not know
is 13 too old to correct a pronated ankle/flat feet?
what is akp syndrome? please help
what's that clicking in my leg?
Does any one know how to get ride of a cole sore in a short amount of time?
Can a minor toothache give you headaches?
I need to have jaw surgery for an open bite. What is the range for what this would cost without insurance?
Where is best place to get dental implants? Too expensive in USA and not covered by insurance.?
What is TPB, Cervical HG and Class II mechanics? What about bands on maxillary first mollars for expanded/?
Any opinions on Dr Raymond Choi in Tustin, CA?
How Do I.....?
my teeth tickles now after i took of my whitening strips. whats going on now?
what does it mean to have dry-socket?
Bad toothache or what?
Is it normal to have a slimy feel at an extraction site even after stitches are out?
I have really bad teeth what are my options other than dentures?
Has anyone been to India for Dental treatment implants etc? If so where did you go and how was the experience?
Why are there so many dental emergencies over long holiday weekends?
dental help part 2?
dental article on Fanconi's disease and cerebral palsy on children?
How long does the swelling take to come down after a maxillofacial surgery?should i take some meds to aid it?
Mild self-harm: Is this psychologically healthy?
usage and results from vitrex testosterone booster?
What is the best way for someone to lose weight..??
What is the best fat burning pills? is hyroxycut hardcore a good pills?
What is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to whiten teeth?
Pain under right shoulder stretching at times around my ribs to my chest?
Please help! Umm, headache, tummy ache, kinda hot.. but not sure if a fever I had my period at 13 and ...?
Anyone know about muscles/nerves in the neck?
Last night I couldn't move my hip!?
throat problem help?
due to have a pleurodesis this month any one had it?
My chest hurts on the lower right side of my body.My ribs feel slightly tender when I touch them.?
Doctors, help me, please?
Have some back pain in my upper back on the right side. Can I take Feminax as pain relief?
ive had like a hot feeling in my head for 4 weeks now its just as if im sitting in the sun what is this?