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will seeing a psychiatrist help me figure out what I'm feeling?
How can I wake up without an alarm or without someone else to wake me up?
how does zoloft work? what does it do to your body?
how to be stress free? am serious!?
What is the statistic of Depression in America?
going off anti depressants?
I hate seeing my psychologist - would it be bad if i just dont go for a while?
Is it advisable for someone with multiple personality disorder to be in a relationship?
depression tablets......?
should i be embarrassed?
Does anyone take amitriptyline? if so, do u think it is helping you?
Is it weird to talk to imaginary people?
when u feel down wat methods make u feel happy and joyful??
PLZ Help?? Depression?
Why do i get tired really fast after reading?
Is my friend a Schizophrenic?
how to improve concentration?
Should I take the Tofranil (Imipramine) I was prescribed?
i cant sleep at night! i havnt fallen asleep before 430 or 5 am. this has been going on for like 2 weeks now!?
How much antifreeze has to be injested to kill a human being?
How do you control your addictions?
I feel lonely and empty at times... (please read description)?
How to make shots hurt less?
i need some help with my anxiety ?
a cup dropped from the cupboard and broke into pieces?
what are the best ways to gain self-control?
Short term memory loss?
Everyone says there'll be someone there. What if there's not?
Why do I hear songs when no radio is on?
I can not get on with my boyfriends children,what can i do?
Good ways to reduce stress / anxiety ?
My mother is sick suffering from bi polar,dunno what to do?
what is the exact cause of crying?
Panic attacks during exams???? And mindblanks?
Do u watch dr phill??
What's the point of a suicide help line that puts you on hold?
I feel so incredibly over stressed at the moment and unmotivated, any ideas on how to deal with it?
i feel like i have been dreaming.?
How do you feel your Spirtuality helps or influences your Mental Health?
My dad never loved my mum - i think thats made me think no one will love me?
Opinion of Zoloft, did it work for you?
i had an emotional break a month ago and im still being affected; anger, random crying, and for no reason why?
Alcohol withdrawel or something else?
Im a 16 year old guy and i feel very uninterested in social interaction.?
I am sooo Paranoid.. How can i stop it?
EXTREEM homesickness and nervousness?
Suggestions on dealing with my bad sleeping pattern?
Is This Normal ? BPD "best answer"?
How do I deal with annoying repetitive sounds?
What is the diginoses of shaking when distressed?
do i have depression?
What symtoms does medication relieve for social anxiety?
whats the difference between schizophrenia and psychotic depression?
Christianity and Schizoid Personality Disorder?
Who diagnoses mental illness in India?
is there a situation where i'd be trapped in britain & wouldn't be able to leave? i have an 'iam stuck' phobia
Is there anyway i can stop night mares?
What are some proven methods for overcoming fear and anxiety?
Anti Anxiety Medication?
Ive jut started taking lexapro for my mood swings, and weight issues im over weight as it.?
son is severly schitzophrenic he worries about dying; every question he asks is related to dying. what can do?
Doctors: How long does it take to diagnose schizophrenia in someone?
Im really fat but Im to depressed to do anything about it, should I GO to the nuthouse?
Do I Have Bi-polar... If I Have Alot Of Mood Swings?
How many bad, average and good days do you have per year, as a guess?
What do you think of people with aspergers .. ?? :)?
Why do people only ever talk about children suffering with Autism/Autism Spectrum Disorders?
Does anyone else out there, feel worthless Iike I do?
Hi, I have stopped taking Zoloft after 2 years. Can anyone advise of any good vitamins/minerals to take?
Post Traumatic Stress?
My son has ADHD...should I medicate or not?
adrenaline from anxiety !! help !!?
have offended my friend-help! she bears grudges..?
Why Do I Always Feel Tired... And The Simplest Things Seem To Take So Much Energy To Finish Doing?
how do you know the doctors med is the right one ?
Why is it that everytime im around home, my neighbours tend to play his freakin saxophone or some instrument?
Why is my mother becoming upset?
What are the benefits of a mental health care plan?
Has anyone out there ever received ECT? (electro shock therapy?)?
Does anybody need ...?
How long can one stay at a Psychiatric institution?
The cause of depression? at almost 16?
how does my family and I help my 15 year old sister who has withdrawn and become depressed. She is seeing the?
How do you deal with a cruel child?
How to do you manage your OCD.?
Major Depression - Does anyone recover?
is hypochondria actually an illness ?
Can people have a panic attack?
bulimia help!!!!?
how to gain confidents in yourself?
can this disorder manifest as a delayed reaction from a long lasting event of about 1 1/2 years?
How to relieve worry and stress?
whats the best way to clear disturbing thoughts of your mind, and focus on the job at hand,i.e.Not having OCD.
!!!!!! scientist TURN ME ON it so wierd!!!!!!?
Please help, immediatly please?
Why can't i stop ?
what effects does depression have on the individual suffering from it?
Talking to a male suffering depression, how can you help?
anxtiy and despersion?
Is everything I see or think real or am I really off the planet?
Grieving Caretaker driving me crazy!?
How can I increase my mental strength?
are there any natural remedies for bipolar disorder?
GDay,i was just wondering whether any1 has sappled using st johns wort for depression??Friend in need of alt!?
Im terrified of being alone?
I have extreme moods changes... I can be so happy one min and 5 min later i am so depressed..what do i do?
Is a sense achievement / accomplishment necessary for happiness?
depression anxieety help?
im terrified of the grudge!?
something to use for binding?
Mindfulness meditation?
How effective is Lexapro in treating SAD,OCD and depression?
Schizophrenia?? (school project plz help!)?
please help addition to drinking?
seriously need help!?
Suicide? Anxiety? Depression? i think i need help?
IM FEELING SAD............................?
Signs of anxiety and/or severe stress.?
Lost my confidence at driving...help!?
How to stop depression?
Social anxiety tablets or not?
Wha do you think is wrong? (:?
How much dose a psychiatrist get paid?
how not to think too much?
Am I overly obsessed?
antidepressants are they good or bad?
Can you list your daily routine from you wake up until you sleep?!!!!!! ?
Are there others with my sleeping problems?
questions about anti depressants?
Will eating less, dieting cause depression?
what will they do when/ if they see my cuts?
Does anyone know about mental health and suicide?
Does my dad care about the effect he has on me?
what should i do??? please, really need some help here?
How can you treat anxiety without the side effects of medication?
What is the psychological illness that causes fight or flight response?
Sad, Angry, Depressed, Hurt, needing help?
i suffer from depression and have been single for 5yrs?
Could the 'mad hatters' mental condition be called a severe panic/depression disorder now?
what exactly does social anxiety effect?
why cant i just die i hate my life and im just over why cant i just you know go and die?
wot shud i do?
has any one fully recovered from recurrent depression?
Anti-depressant medication?
What are some side effects of Prozac?
Whats Wrong With Me? Help!?
what does self denial mean?????
Are shrooms worst than pot?
Can alcohol make us smarter?
is it really that bad for somebody that has a...?
Social Anxiety Disorder?
how can i feel better about myself?
hearing my name whispered? am i becoming crazy?
Do you need a parent's confirmation to go on anti-depressants?
Ever tried to stop taking EFEXOR?
Why do Doctors contradict each other?
the meds i take give me really bad nightmares.what r some things i can do b4 bed 2 help stop the nightmares?
Im worried i might become schizophrenic, or is it just a phobia?
Are You Learning To Survive With Borderline Personality Disorder?
Is depression just the brains inability to overpower awful feelings?
Anxiety & worried i have food posioning?
Mentally ill ppl:Do you feel like you will never get better and what do you do to cope?
Why does most people tend to hide their true self in public and would rather look serious and unemotional?
Do you guys get emotional pain when you see a psychologist?
How mentally-depressed is England?
does anyone take ambien for sleep.?
What is wrong with me? Cant cry, no humour?
why am i still affected by this past incident?
What are the signs of depression and anxiety ?
what can i do when you what to kill Everyone and your dr what not take it seriously at all?
how do i be/get proactive?
Is there such a thing as fear of you own bedroom and how do you get rid of it?
serious question here. I am an adult now but when I was at school many years ago lol. I could not?
i dont understand how people with true adult add can say they only need medication on days they need to focus?
Diabetic - Personality changes?
Are these panic attacks?
Stress at work, please help :(?
whats the point in living?
How can I get rid of bad thoughts?
dreams of a house falling into pieces?
how do you know if you have depression or anxiety?
am i suffering autism?
when do you know when an anti depressant starts to work?
Someone help me, I feel so sick?
How to be confident? And Belive in myself (as corney as it sounds)?
Whats wrong with me? I just feel so worthless all the time.?
has anyone ever gotten rid of(overcome) anxiety?
What happens if you overdose on anti-depressants?
Interview Anxiety?
Is depression linked to cutting and is it normal for someone in their 40's to suddenly start doing it?
Im so confussed. help?!?!?
I think I have an anger addiction?
The best SSRI? I sure am depressed!?
Why people dont like to see other people be happy?
can you help?
how many friends have you stayed in contact with from high school?
I am taking Efexor 75mg and seem to be doing ok but wanted to hear from others who are taking it?
What was it like finishing school and the time period just after, realizing you were out of school for good?
Does anyone out there know what treatment for Bulimia is like?
Diagnosed with depression need help?
PTSD & Anxiety?
What does a panic attack really feel like?
Does depression cause speech problems and overall mental dysfunction? ?
do you ever feel like your brain is...?
Is it normal to feel this way after uni/college?
Do I Have Bi-polar... If I Have Alot Of Mood Swings?
What do you think of people with aspergers .. ?? :)?
Depression and Pushing People Away?
what can i do? i need help?
can over-emotional people find employment or have a career?
Is there something wrong with me ???
Im on welbutrin 150xl was told i could up it to 300, anyone can I just take 2-150s, together or 12hrs apart?
Can paranoid schizophrenia be detected in clinic without true history of the subject?
I think my mother is mentally ill?
Help for severe deppression?
how did you overcome depression?
What should i do?!?!?
What chance does someone who had an abusive childhood have of ever having a healthy adult relationship?
Feeling really depressed and just not coping, help?
How do you know if your a geek?
People who experience, or know a bit about stress?
Please tell me which drug is most symptom free....aropax or lexapro....?
TOURETTES - anyone know what the cause is?
i wish i was dead?
You can only live in 2 options, which one would you choose?
I'm going to tell my psych that I'm suicidal...?
Does anybody feel like big brother is watching?
Is there anyone out there who is involved with dialectical behaviour therapy? I want to chat? Struggling?
seriously need help!?
Panadol for children?
Headaches everyday for 11 weeks?
Is Hydromet another word for codene?
Leg soreness? What could it be from ?
Why can't i answer questions in a few lines? Am i addicted?
What do you think of my personality?
What is the mental disorder?
How come i feel so stressed & scared every time i have to deal with people? Do i have social anxiety?
Do prescription painkillers such as Loratabs Kill brain cells and create memory loss if abused.?
how do I stop sleep talking?
Why did my grandma say no to me dancing?
Social Anxiety? Anyone Please help?
Depression recovery stages?
I suffer from Atychiphobia(fear of failure)just wondering if anyone suffers from it too?
if I'm not sure that i believe in God, can i still complete the 12 steps?
HELPPP!!!!!!!! schooling?
ive just started having panic attacks and i dont know why?
Are ghosts real? Do you believe in them?
Cant get out of my head?
Can anyone help? i cut myself?
Mood Swings. When are they classed as extreme?
Treatment for depression?
Help please ASAP!!!!?
help! why do i get so nervous for such silly things?
Why am I getting dumb?
Why is "Mental Illness" always looked at as a permanent dissability?
What do you do to cope with stress?
No motivation for college, too stressed, how can I get myself to graduate?
Feeling down on anxiety medication.?
lexapro - what's the max you can take, what happens if you take more?
Bipolar and cold weather?
Bi polar girlfriend/baby momma restraining order ?
How do you tell if your depressed?
Are the side effects of fluoride similar in any way to the side effects of lithium.?
Any one here have bi polar?
I think I have depression, but I don't want to go to a doctor to confirm it, please help?
how can you go back in time?
telling a therapist your gonna hurt someone?
Self.harm :/ depression?
whats on your concious??
a question about anxitiy?
How to kill the depression state that comes often though you try to avoid it but that not helps either?
ZOLOFT, What are your stories?
Are there any over the counter memory enhancement drugs I could use for studying purposes?
If i dont like to eat or visit friends or leave the house and have a history of depression........?
What artistic language can I use for someone who is extremely hopeless of life that wants to commit suicide?
Would going to the greek islands help me?
How do I get a psychiatrist to see me?
Awoke to sudden panic then seeing a figure!?
Mmkay, help please.....brain issues?
well i have this memory that wont seem to pass, serious question and i need a serious answer.?
i think im depressed, am i? what do i do?
my boyfriend has schizophrenia.?
Drugs or mental illness?
why people that has a downe's syndrome have the same faces?
PLEASE somebody tell me if you have suffered trembling of the hands with Lithium medication?
i am very worried about a friend of mine who has a horrible drug addiction can someone tell me if he is ok?
can someone tell me if they treated their anxiety, how it improved their life?
When is the best time of day to take Lexapro? Does it make you sleepy?
she just sat there..when i was upset?
I Do Not Feel remorse For Anything?
How can I stop over thinking every little thing?
How do I stop my mother driving me crazy?
how can i tell my best friend im depressed?
I have been having this deep feeling inside of me that I am going to die soon...Am I?
I think i know whats wrong with me?
Taking different dosages of anti-depressants on a daily basis..safe?
I've lost my job, pushed my friends away and am sad all the time. can anyone please help?
I am so random..is it a mental disorder?
i am from Romania?
Is 'social phobia' a type of psychotic illness?
HELP!?! What do I do about the satanic chants coming from my walls, they are flat on their A notes?
Why am I always weeing in public in my deams?
I here the speed way but it isnt really there?
Is it normal to constantly think of suicide?
Ir . I had a wonderful fiancée, the best, I love him. He broke it off last week, our wedding was in 3 weeks.
Has anyone ever been to couples therapy?
can depression go away in time? (without taking medication)?
Family experience with borderline personality disorder?
HELP: I'm having these weird visions!!!!?
re: Valium and Effexor .. Please help me im 18 and female?
hey guys i need some help sorting out some tension with me and my mum over my ED?
Does anyone have any answers for Opposite defiant disorder?
social anxiety question ?
factors affecting mentaI heaIth?
I feel trapped and depressed?
Why do I want to stay up all night, but sleep all day?
Is there any methods on how to control nervousness?
Schizoeffective, Bipolar, Borderline personality?
Do you take antipsychotics? Schizophrenia etc.?
Suicide Aftermath - What Happens?
How to not feel lonely?
I need help! my eye keeps twitching, how can i make it stop!?
Which is the best place on the net to find out about Phobia's, their meanings and the solutions?
Please Help me. (Crying)?
living with someone with depression?
Angey managment how do i control it?????
I was a junior doctor and I gave up my job because of bullying?
I just feel really lost. Help?
Could the dimentia have something to do with his lies?
Does anyone know if i have had a reaction to medications?
Severely depressed, can I have some advice?
Parents & my anxiety problem?
Changing from Cymbalta (antidepressant) to a different one?
In depression is it normal to not know how you feel?
Do you think the fact life is getting harder?
What drugs cause paranoia and agression once taken, and how/what is used to help the Overdose?
What is social anxiety?
mental problems?
Why is it that the so called professionals really don't know what is going on inside someones head?
What do you do unconsciously when you get stressed?
i am afraid will u help meeeeeeeee please?
what would be the phobia name for fear of fear?
Would a person finish the entire bottle of sleeping tablets if they want to commit suicide?
Why do we suffer memory loss when we're only teenagers?
why do i always fall asleep?
please help i think im going crazy?
I started a new job. Feel a bit worried.?
Anxiety and lots of dreams/thoughts?
how to know if you have fallen arches?
joint.jaw,back and ear aches?
Can dexamphetamine be used to treat persons with anxiety disorder?
if you had a friend who started cutting wat would u do?
OCD and Bipolar?
anyone taking generic wellbutrin?
Would you say this is serious?
I want to go to the doctors to get myself tested for OCD but how do i conince my parents?
Depression help...Please....please.....please?
CELIAC DISEASE.. Anyone out there suffer depression for long time?
Im very lonely and antisocial...?
can someone please add me?
Is it possible for someone with bipolar disorder tohave "rational" thoughts while experiencing a manic state.?
Does anyone know of a good book written, personal account, of coping with a mental illness.?
over the counter anti depressant?
Ever since i was little...?
Is my friend depressed?
Can you give me a real life situation of drink driving?
Do i have psychotic depression?
Why did I feel so uncomfortable?
How did you quit smoking? How did you deal with your cravings and cope with anxiety/nervousness?Thank you!?
I think about death nearly everyday...Is this normal?
Is 30mg of zyprexa considered an overdose?
bulimia help?
What some good food for memory enhancement?
Is it weird to feel like this...?
parents death and school life?
I am concerned about one of my contact's mental health?
How well do you feel your psychiatric diagnosis accurately expresses what you are going through?
i think i am depressed. The only person i trust is my teacher from last yr. how do i approach him and tell him
How is schizophrenia diagnosed??
when you're suffering with social anxiety disorder and depression do you feel like you're already full?
i cant eat infront of ppl?
Can you move on without counselling?
Does my boyfriend have bipolar or is he just depressed?
My friend is depressed. sometimes he feels like killing himself + smoking. ?
Random thoughts please help with advice?
Is it safe to mix pethadine and valium before surgeries?
I take some meds that make me clench my jaw.. how can I stop it hurting?
What would make you vomit really soon?
my dr has prescribed me tramadol and zoloft shuld I take them?
what does it mean if you have no blood flow to your tendons in the elbow?
Can I drink a glass of wine 30 hours after a flagyl iv drip?
I just started to take Zoloft yesterday and im very worried about the side effects ,as other ones iv tried has
social anxiety disorder/paranoia help?
please help?
anyone else got Aspergers?
Psychopaths and animals?
Does anyone have advice on speaking with a person with severe anger issues?
I live in permanent chaos - can anyone help me?
Approximately how many hours can you expect a 150mg dose of Bupropion SR to work? Like, when does it wear off?
cutting question?
I feel sad when i see people killing insects?
How can I stop worrying about everything?
Do you think people with asperger syndrome are still being alienated.?
Has anyone else felt like this?
Anger Problems?
does paroxetine work for people under 18 years old?
Depressed and unmotivated : VERY behind on my tafe work, advice? ?
I pretend i'm happy all the tine?
Could someone tell me if i have OCD?
When you have a back ache/pain/spasm, is it true and correct, that lying on your back makes it worse?
very severe back pain out of nowhere?
I have no choice but to home detox from suboxone[or buph]can anyone give me some useful tips PLEASE?
why don't i care about my future and what will happen to me?
Do you think i have depression?
What is the difference between autism and asperger syndrome?
What are the most common causes of misdiagnosing a mental disorder? What disorder gets misdiagnosed the most?
treatment for general anxiety disorder?
Is it true, only boring people get bored!!?
what am i supposed to do?
Brother is having meltdowns from being bored?
how to know if you suffer from Insomnia?
My brother is recently taken to hospital for treatment and medication for the illness called “manic psychosis”
Im depressed and im scared to tell my parents... help?
Do people with better memories remember their dreams better?
How to prevent worrying about Anxiety?
Do u ever just wake up and think what am i doing here?
how do you know if you really have schizoid disorder?
help this has been driving me crazy since it happend?
Panic attacks in children?
Prozac has no effect on me.?
why do i always sleep talk?
Natural pain relief for neck/ back?
Why are my knuckles aching?
What exactly are suicidal thoughts?
I get panic attacks alot, what should I do?
How do you deal with a series of disappointments?
My friend is wrong [in the head]?
The twins who died of starvation: Do you empathise with the mother's cry for help?
Is this just my anxiety?
Have you taken Lexapro? How was it?
Has anyone heard of a drug called "Tweakers"?
My man is depressed...help?
always sleepy and have no energy and don't have any motivation?
When a person is suicidal, why are they more likely to take extreme risks, then actually kill themselves?
What is wrong with me?! Please help.?
There's so much missing in my life...?
Teenage Mental health..?
what if they come back again?...what I mean is...what if it's not... over?
Does my 5yr old have ADD or ADHD? If so, what to do and where to go from here?
QUICK QUESTION .. Need help asap?
Citalopram causing tiredness?
how do i surive 2012 December 21st?
i have a doctors appointment in 3 hours i am terrified ....?
im depressed, pills dont seem to work, who else has this problem?
How can I be less self-conscious and less attatched when I meet new people?
What is Bipolar Disorder. ??
Dont know what to do about my self injury (warning may include triggers)?
anxiety means you have OCD??
definition of paranoid delusion?
where an i buy adderall online without a prescription?
Would Sociopaths make someone kidnap another person and torture them, again this is for a story i'm writing?
Is this Separation anxiety disorder? If not, then what is it?
Hi recently my doctor prescribed lexapro for depression but im worried as ive heard it can cause weight gain ?
How do I know if I am with the right counsellor?
i broke my tooth, can't afford dentist. I haveno pain. What can i do to fill in the missing 4th of my tooth?
Why do some people have to wear those rubber band things that hook onto their braces?
what is teeth whiting product that you can buy over the counter that is cheap?
What are some ways to organize things in a dental office?
Sent to a mental hospital?
changes in child's behaviour please help?
pls anxiety and getting to sleep?
Depression in the family.. Advice Please..?
Best advice?
question about valium...?
do i have social anxiety??
Difference between Bipolar and Borderline personality?
My son is in jail and for some reason they crush his seroquel.Does anyone know the health effects of crushing?
I have an anger problem?
I need depression..ect.. help..?
does anyone have a solution..........?
Are there any on-line counsellor's that are free?
define akathisia and give a clinical example related to psychiatry?
What is the opposite of vertigo?
Hi, my mum is addicted to Prescription Medication? What do I do?
What the youngest someone can be diagnosed with schizophrenia?
My wife is freaked out when she is not around water?
where can i contact to report my neighbor who is suffering from mental health issue?
Obsessive compolsive dissorder?
How do you motivate yourself?
is thrush do because of bad teeth/oral health?
What could be causing my jaw and mouth muscle aches and tiredness?
I need a very good and cheap orthodontist in new york?
my toddler has a discolored tooth?
how to bring an outer tooth and inner tooth to correct position,what is the solution?
In what order should I brush my teeth, floss and use antiseptic mouthwash?
Im on disability and need dental work but cant afford it.Is there any grants/programs that will pay ?
why do you have lingering pain and problems after a root canal?
how can you get rid of thoot pain ?
I need Know the toothbrush industries corporation?
does the listernen with whitening in white bottle really work?
Can you name 5 tools a dentist usesand 5 pieces of equipment?
costs of Endodontic endosseous implant?
what is the best way to help my 5 year old's loose tooth to come out?
how long does it take to get braces installed?
What's the quickest way of getting your teeth whiter?
How to stop teeth grinding?
When I hear teeth trays, I produce too much spit. What can I do to stop this?
i just had a tooth pulled out this morning, will i be able to eat supper tonight?
What laws says that the patient owns their dental records, not the dentist?
new jaw popping question more specific?
what can you use to reduce swelling?
Braces help?
Why don't people know when their breath smells badly?
how muh does it cost to replace my lost tooth?
how can i make my teeth white?
to extract or not?a badly carious deciduous anteriors on a 7 yrs.old dental patient?
is there any hindu which much knowledge about religion ? then plz reply me.?
who thinks hilarys teeth are fake?
any home remedy for a tongue bite?
I have horrible teeth, where can i get free dental work done?
how to cure serious dentist trauma/phobia?
Dentures vs. plastic jacket?
I have a friend who has an abcessed tooth and cant make it to the dentist can anyone help with a home remidy?
I am looking for info on diamonds being used for esthetics on teeth. They are bonded on as veneers by dentist.
my 9 yr old wants braces but she is still losing her teeth when is the right time?
How do i pull my own tooth out?(((((PAIN)))))?
my husband had an accident and he bit his tongue.is there a home remedy for his tongue and a swollen face?
How do I support him through this?
Need to gain confedence?
Is there a difference if you snort your medication or swallow it?
i dont know if im depressed or what?
I know I buy too many clothes and shoes, and my husband just got fed up and bundled heaps of stuff to get rid?
Paranoia on ecstacy & marijuana?
when i sleep on my back how can i stop haveing nightmares??
what does one do about a 9 year old who is a compulsive liar?
i hear so much hype over medications for anxiety?
Antidepressant Overdose...Please Help?
What exactly is this?...?
HELP URGENT UGENT URGENT my dad smokes and i want to stop him. but i dont know how please help?
is it irresponsible to have children if you have a genetic mental illness you could pass on?
why is it that depression makes you remember things differently?
How do you reduce stress?
Do you become beautiful when you like someone?
Am i really loosing my mind? Bulimia/anorexia/self-harm/suicide?
Definition of General Pathology?
Is the dental caries infictious ?
Can you do this daily: chew 1 kilogram of tough green leafy vegetables?
Are there different methods on how to place a dental implant?
how should i quit chewing tobacco?
My son needs a orthodontist?
Can anyone recommend an over-the-counter teeth whitening product that really works?
how much does a dental visit cost?
Teeth grinding...guard recommendations?
My friend is so self-conscious about a little gap in her front teeth. Is there a permanent way to fix it?
Why is britesmile $600 every where? i live in California.?
what does it cost to hav e periodontal diseases taken care of?
what is TMJ? and how is it caused?
What is the most effective way to whiten my teeth?
Do they really have "Faux" Gold teeth that Rappers can instanly put in or take out?
What is the surgical management on abscess like symptoms on six month old root canal?
why is it that teeth treated with formocresol pulpotomy had earlier exfoliation than those with IPT ?
I just had two molars (teeth) pulled yesterday, when can I eat solid foods?
What is the proceedure for Indian Qualified Dentist to work at US?
what is the difference between all the crest whitestrips?
Expired Anesthecia.?
How can I tell if a tooth is abcessed?
can supporting bone around the tooth be re-grown?
Have you lost 30lbs or more? How'd you do it?
what kind of exercises will make you lean instead of bulking you up?
anyone know of a good diet I could go on to loose a lot of weight not a dew pounds?
Do you know how affective the Ab Lounge is?
How can I lose weight around my midsection without having to do too many up and down motion, I have vertigo.?
how to increase weight?
what is the quickest way to gain muscle in your arms?
is it possible for a strong twelve year old girl to be stronger than a small weak adult man?
why is the corner of my big toe tender?
The right side of my jaw hurts and keeps clicking.?
I have a dull pain coming from my lower left abdominal region, what could this be?
very painful throat pain!!!?
What is the advantage of a food pyramid where one size does not fit all?
How long does swelling in the face go down after being bulimic?
I am looking for a front and rear basic human muscle diagram that I can use for youth athletes. Thanks?
Looking for fun muscle facts that I can use to tell youth athletes.?
i'm a belly-dance teacher, how many crunches should i make my girl students do daily?
to get this clear, it's better to eat less or hardly at night and eat heavy during lunch and afternoon?
I'm fem. 5' 6" 123pds (looking to lose 4-8pds), what's daily calories/fat/carbs/protein I should have?
I am thinking about becoming a vegetarian but I have a problem!?
is it good to lose 4lbs in 3 weeks or can i do better?
What is Xyience supplements?
I prevent colds and gum disease and I'm found oranges and tomatoes. Who am I?
has anyone tried the apple cider vingear to help lose weight?
What diet do I choose?
does any one know how to increase my calves size?
i need to know the right diet intake for a cancer patient?
Girls: Any good recommendations for home workout DVD's (toning, strength-training...)?
What does does Akai rice do anyways?
how can i get rid of major fear of the dentist?
Prepay for Invisalign?
Is hydrocodone/apap 5/500 stronger than percocet 10?
Does chewing on drinking straws cause cavities?
What's the best way to get whiter teeth besides bleaching?
my cousin's dentist s missing!aftr paying off PHP30thou for her braces n a few sessions,doc is nowhere?
Does anyone have such severe gag reflexes that it restricts them from going to the dentist?
how do i cure a nagging toothache.?
dentalcare for senior citizens / denture?
what is the normal age for teething in babies? My Son is 1.5 years old he has only 4 tooth :(?
do crest white strips really work? how long does the whiteness on your teeth last with them?
is there away to fix buck teeth? also what is it?
how do you check a dentists malpractice history?
how to remove bone from the gum line after a tooth has been extracted?
Health question about my mouth?
while brushing my teeth i got my bristle caught in my gum?
I had two big teeth in the back pulled 3 days ago, when will the pain stop?
Are there any Dental Schools in Houston that will fix your teeth for little or no money?Especially when in pai
I need to find Dr. Paul Wilkes DDS MS Dentist?
I had a root canal a few months ago, it still hurts. Should i just get the tooth pulled out?
My gum is swollen and i have a wierd taste in my mouth?? What causes this?
My gums are receeding, some say I have pyoria.What is the cause and remedy for pyoria? Thanks.?
I have a FEAR OF SUCCESS and also a FEAR OF FAILURE. What DO I DO?
is it normal to still...?
What sort of child would you call a problem child?
I have abnormal sleep patterns. HELP!!!?
I am deathly afraid of needles, and I have a hep B shot on mon. (please read more)?
can you drink alcohol on zyprexa and effexor medication for bipolar?
Can't stand fingernail biting!?
why do YOU cut yourself?
How do you tell people you have depression and not scare them away?
what is wrong with me help?
I'm 44 and an Australian male who suffers from panic attacks during work meetings, is there a natural cure.
Should I admit having the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia?
What is the best way to alleviate stress and anger?
I've stopped taking my anti-depressants without doctors permission?
is it unhealthy to listen to music all the time?
My friend is emo? do you know any emo's?
How to get help, when you cant ask for it?
i am highly concerned about one of my friends she has started hanging out with the "emo" crowed what can i do?
Bipolar disorder/ Boaderline personality disorder?
Which is the best source of protien in our daily diet?
middle split streches???
Has anyone tried the Jello diet?
Best excercises to get strong biceps?
I have lost 12 pounds and have gone down 2 pant sizes. Is this average?
What Are The Long-Term Effects of Eating Plant Food?
Does anyone know after cateracts surgery how long it take to completely heal ?
What r the best ways to workout and get really inshape?
How can I lose 2 inches off my waist or hips in under one week without doing something drastically dangerous?
Are their any excercising machines that can shrink calves?
Are there really effective fat burners?
Eating Disorders?
How come people with darker skin seem to be able weight more without looking as big as fair skinned people?
Does anbody want to teach me how 2 get into shape by the summer? Workouts, eating plans, etc. Thanks!?
what is the Aloe Vera Diet? and is it safe?
where can I find a good dentist in Wichita, Ks for my self and my 2 year old that medicare pays for?
free dental services around midland?
Teeth grinding, has anyone found a solution that works for them?
Will eating grapefruit or pinapple before having your wisdom teeth removed help in recovery?
I find my teeth bleeding when i brush it. will it make my breath bad?
How often should a toothbrush be replaced?
Do braces hurt when they come off??
I had seven back teeth pulled and I am wondering which is better?
what will a tooth abscess do if the tooth isn't pulled?
I have a loose tooth. What should I do?
I had a tooth pulled yesterday, is anyone out there sympathetic to my pain.?
pain after 2 crowns put in?
dental hygiene job turnover rate?
What is the difference between Colgate Total toothpaste than Aquafresh toothpaste?
what is implant?
have you tried the colgate simply white, if so, do they really whiten ur theeth in 14 days,but really white!?
what is laughing gas like at the dentist?
where can i find movie star dentures?
What's the best way to straighten teeth?
what is the surgery procedure called that removes the boney growth I know the first word is alveo?
Can tooth enamel be completely restored, or just preserved?
Do pilates really work?
Where can I find the new diet drug called rimonaden?
Are anchovies good for you?
Which is the best diet to get rid of cellulite in thighs?
how can i lose 15 pounds by july 1st?
Can anyone tell me if Phentermine weight loss pills have worked for them and is there any side effects ?
Which should I do first; Cardio or weights?
does pro heath fitness center in mount airy north carolina have a web site that i can visit?
what is a supermodel's bmi?
Is there a way to drink lots of water and NOT get cold?
Losing weight too fast?
who can i lose 50 poundz in 2 monthz?
how can I lose weight ?
How often is too often to work your abs?
What does it mean when something is "partially hydrogenated"?
what should i do when i have 100 kg of weight?
To save my energy I'm adopting a fly's eating habits - how would I partly digest food before consuming
how do you calculate your RMR and BMR?
tooth helth?
which drink stains your teeth most,coke ,mountain dew, slice,or fruit punch?
I need dental partials but i have low income. i need help but dont know where to turn?
Is there a listing of dentist in the phoenix az.metro area that are willing to accept payments?
I recently had a molar extracted and now, the premolar next to it is giving me trouble. Is this usual?
How do I get my teeth healthier without the cost of expensive products?
whats a good dentist in nashville tn.in rivergate?
iam trying to find a dentist for a 5 year old that take medicaid?
How long does it take for a numbing shot's effects on gums to go away?
TMJ Relief?
what do I need to do to prep for the dentist?
how do i know i have a cavity in my tooth?
how do i get my 1 1/2 year old baby to brush her teeth?
Has anyone actually had a bad experience with invisalign? Are they noticeable and do they stain badly?
Any tricks to help me stop playing w/my retainer?
Can you get a job in Springfield Missouri to be an orthadontist?
I am looking for free/discounted dental care in richmond va.. do u know where i could start? thank you!!?
Teeth Whitening?
my daughter is green card holder in oklahoma . she is interested in masters program in detal / medical non cl?
masters program in non clinical dental subjects in usa. if possible with stipend?
my right side of my mouth is numb and i cant completely open it.And it is spreading the pain deeper.?
I am addicted to sugar?
Is it ok to eat that stuff that gets in between your toes?
I have an over active metabolism how do i slow it down?
what should i do when he touches me in my fat body parts?
What is the ideal weight for an 18-20 yr old??
What's the perfect exercise for getting stomach in shape for summer?
Describe the concepts of stress-relaxation and creep?
Discuss which types of force, duration, and temperature favor plastic or permanent lengthening in muscles and?
what is a good way to loose weight with out exercise?
I am looking for an old rowing machine from the 70's but am out of options of where to look or whom to ask?
I weight lift and my shoulders are killing me painwise. Not a SORE type of pain though. what could it be?
I've heard apple cider vinegar is really good for you with water. But does the water have to be distilled??
Running on a treadmill for 30. minutes everyday. Would that help lose some fat from my thighs?
I keep gainnin weight, and I"m not eating junk food. what's up with that? I have gained at least 20 pounds in
Anxious and Eating?
I am starting to excersice and eat right, any ideas on how to keep motivated?
Are there any nutrients in cucumbers?
What are the best workouts that you can do at home to gain muscle mass and overall tone?
nick lachey is advertsing a excercise ball an dvd what is the name?
I'm only 23 and my body dosent look like it,?
i'm 160cm but i'm 75 kg,so i want to lose weight and have a good body in 2 months,what should i do?
borderline personality?
what is my boyfriends problem? i mention stuff like i wanna go horseriding..which i can do right.....cos i can
I can't change my clothes because i feel safe?
I don't know what to do?
is compulsive lying genetic or hereditary?
how to tell if i have depression?
Anyone out there on cipramil? I need HELP!?
Depression or depersonalization?
a friendship slowly drifitng apart? or is it ? help!?
how can i stop being scared of this?
I'm going to counselling - what can I expect?
What would happen if I?
What can I do to help my Mom get past my Dad's death?
Has anyone tried EFT for anxiety?
Question about my therapist....?
sleeping problems help please?
I have low blood pressure and this is probably just my paranoia but is it still ok to take Xanax?
Has anyone dealt with a partner on antidepressants?
How do the Samaritans actually help people just by talking to them?
why am i so angry lately?
how can I help someone with anxiety?
How do I get a personal trainer in the Dallas/Mesquite area to train me?
what diet its really efective?im 5'6 and im now 185lbs?
fitness!!!! ~*!!?
ladies! stomach burning help!?
how to lose weight within 2 months?
Everytime after i eat my stomach bloats like a big ballon, why ?
I am looking for www.fns.usda.gov/fns/menu/programs?
i want to reduce my arms.Please help !?
what is the fastest and easiest way to loose weight???
Losing Weight.?
What is the best pregnancy workout out there, easy and simple?
Can sleeping lose weight?
What is the best diet pill on the market for extremely overweight women?
what is the math equation to find out you body fat percentage?
how should i increase my height , i m only 5'4"?
i accidentley cut my gum while brushling alittle and while brushing in one part were i cut it it bleeds?
What's the best remedy for a sore inside your mouth?
How long will it take for you teeth to fall out if you don't brush them?
how can i ease gum pain?
I need dental work?
Can you get a filling if you have braces?
Could anyone please help me about tooth implant (by platinum)?
What illness can cause tooth discoloration?
Is two times a day brushing your teeth enough?
Would you have a tooth pulled if a root canal failed?
if you brush your teeth before you go to bed, why do you get 'morning breath'?
how can we deal with Halitosis ( bad mouth odour ) for the best ?
how do u make a mold of ur mouth?
do girls care if mens teeth arent perfect?
Does chemotherapy cause tooth decay?
How come brushing your teeth becomes tooth decay?
I need to find a dentist in phila that takes keystone mercy healthplan?
Why does eating fruits and vegetables keep the mouth moist long after the foods are consumed?
Is there a new style denture news?
the cost of implant-supported overdentures?
What are the different stages of braces???????????????????
are any of the home teeth whitening light systems any good?
what the best remedie for sore gum after having a tooth pulled?
need help with sleep?
Can you help,my daughter is suffering panic about going to school?
Your thoughts please on SSDI?
How to prevent laughter before starting hypnosis?
help i think im a prisoner to my environments?
started antideppresants 14days ago... question?
I am plagued with reoccurring zombie attack dreams please help interprut!?
Pyscho Grandmother, Is this Normal at all?
Why don't meds work for me? I have agoraphobia?
How do Mental Health service providers (People who treat the mentally sick)get help?
For men who have taken "Efexor" to treat depression?
I just got fired from kitchen helper job, Girls reject me, Fail my first year uni. Do u think i have a life?
What is the difference between borderline personality disorder and bipolar?
What is the best brand of xanax , generic or brand?
Are having mutliple personalities and being Schizoprenic the same thing?
my daughter, who has down syndrome, is looking really pale and weak. she has no energy. can something be wrong?
Does anyone have tips on toxic colleagues?
Is it normal to have a phobia of males?
why is it that depression causes you to think so empty and wrong about the past present and future...?
Could pains in the right side of the chest relate to a gall blatter weakness ?
neck pain, concussion ,two strokes whats next death?
I want to feel pain,..?
always tired, small lump in right side of neck and always dehydrated?
Why is it so hard for me to watch other people in pain?
How do use baking soda to brush your teeth? Plain, mix it? Does it work?
should i get dentures?
what is underbite?
where can I buy the best Sonicare electric toothbrush for the best price?
how much does it cost to have braces in america?
How does the orthodontist install braces?Is bleeding involved if yes how do you make it stop?
This is important, I don't mind losing 5pts. Any oral surgeons out there want a tax write-off....?
wut is the effect of radiotheraphy to oral health?
I want to learn orthodontics online??any help from dentist please????
What is a good dental plan for children in Tennessee?
What are some home treatments for TMJ?
can you get a cortizone shot for bad teeth aches?
What does it mean if my teeth itch after i work out?
whats a good whitening toothpaste that works?
How can I make my theet whiter?Is there a special solution or there are also natural treatments?
At what age is the human jaw fully developed or stop growing?
if you knock a tooth loose does it have to be pulled??
how much does invisible braces cost?
If you pay a dentist with a credit card and then declare bankruptancy, is it the dentists problem or the credi
how much does it cost to get your teeth cleaned, how 'bout teeth fillings?
does anyone know how to repair a chipped tooth?
What are some good tips on keeping your teeth healthy with braces?
how do you say "to floss" in Spanish?
how to get rid of bad breath in natural way?
how do i get rid of this terrible tooth ache?
broken. decayed wisdom tooth...can this cause medical problems?
What kind of dentist specializes in treating TMJ?
How to select a postgraduate Dental Program?What would be its criteria?
Why do I feel like I'm in a toy store when I shop for a new toothbrush?
should u gargle with warm salt water for sore and painful gums?
what are fillings?
what is a black fungus on the tongue caused by overuse of mouthwash?
what is the name of the Dental University in NC that make discount dentures for people?
On a radio show they said regular use of antibacterial mouthwashes are bad for you, is this true?
just had root canal, how do you make novacaine wear off quicker, i feel sick and dizzy?
\\\I need a crown put on a back molar. Which works better, gold or a porcelain crown.
does haveing a root canal hurt?
How much the Damon braces cost more than the conventional one?It really more faster ,less painful?
how do i prepare mouthwash myself?
I got a tooth pulled 3 days ago and it still hurts is this normal?
I need a remedy for a sore mouth!?
Diet Pills?
What is the best way to lower your Salt levels in the Body?
What is the daily allowance of sugar grams per day for children ages 10 - 12?
has anyone ever had mesotherapy?
has anyone tried herbalife and do you believe in it ?
Does the weight watchers point system work?
Healing Muscles?
How good for you???
i am a slim guy and want to improve my health very much how should i do it?
how can I trick my mind into thinking my stomach is full after eating a good sized meal?
Turbo Jam???
What is the best, and quickest way to lose about 10 lbs?
Ok I need to lose weight for bikinis, I am going to up my cardio should i leave out weights until I'm lighter?
Growing muscles and becoming buff for a 15 year old beginner? Experienced weight lifters only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do soy products that are made into other things count as soy or the meat that they're mad into?
home remedies for paralasis attack facial?
How much sodium is too much in a day?
when you lburn 300 cal. every day by exercise but when u finish you eat will u still lose weight.?
13 Year old daughter gained 20 pounds last year. What is the best way?
Has any one used the turbo-jam workout?
How can i get abs in 10 days?
In smoothies which type of juice is it?
my teeths doesnt set .i cannot grip (chew) food properly.?
anyone know about Retainers?
can i use teeth whiteners? i have wore a tooth-cap n i wanna know if it will cause any damage to it?
How do you get rid of a toothache when over the counter medications and gels dont work?
Some tooth pastes contains sodium saccharine is it carcinogenic ???
does deep cleanings hurt if u have periodontis?
how do you know if your child needs braces?
How often should I floss, brush, use flouride rinse, and chew sugarless gum?
What are the name and number of dentists that offer dental implant surgery at a lower rate?
Should you have an MRI on your brain when you have braces on your teeth?
why is my dentist doing this?
Why is my doctor asking me to take in 3,000 calories a day for 2-3 days after my wisdom tooth surgery?
pl advise, dentist charged me $1100 with insur. for a crown,on the phone they said $900 without insurance?
what can i do??
Is there something worng with me? WHat?
I get angry too much help me?
what can i do to occupy myself mentally?
Aniexty?HELP PLEASE this is driving me mad =[?
question about a reaction during an EEG?
Question for Anorexia sufferers?
can 4 sleeping pill and alcohol kill you?
Has anyone with psychosis travelled overseas, obtained travel insurance and got through customs easily?
worried about changing clothes in the locker room?
have ever experienced bullying at work?what did you do?
are you BORED??????????????????????????????????????
Does anyone have a teenager with social (school) anxiety?
Did I Do it or did my Brain do it?
im 17 years old and i have really bad anxiety and stress over school, what should i do and am i in danger?
what kind of help for drug user?
I hate being unemployed, help me=(?
define immunity and explain the different ways individuals develop immunity?
What is the difference between a Psychologist, a Psychiatrist & a Counselor?
Does anyone know where to get a copy of the diet plan you must follow after gastric bypass surgery?
Supplementing 2 meals for a smoothie? good or bad?
What would be the best bathing suit for my size?
I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!i weigh 117 and i want to weigh 105, any helpful hints? i go running almost everyday...?
i am 15 and i weight 230 pounds how do i lose it during my summer vacation?
I'm overweight but losing.I want to exercise but have a back injury & knee problems.what do you suggest i do.
How do I concentrate more on dieting?
Has anyone tried the rice diet?..results and opinions welcome?
I'm going on a diet. Does anyone know of a good diet with fast results?
Can swimming 20 mins a day help me to lose 50lbs in 7 and a half months?
Every night I run for 30 minutes on the treadmill and I usually run about 2.26 miles. Should I Do more?
Help on losing weight!!?
is jogging a mile pointless if its only 10 min of cardio work?
Recommendations for yoga retreats in South India?
what vitamins are bananas rich in?
is nonfat (skimmed) milk healthy?
what food(besides milk) has high calcium content?
Eating Disorder question. PLEASE help me!!!!?
What should be included in making a client Fitness Log?
how do i mentain my weight and get my legs slimmer?
I am looking for a waterpik alternative to clean my teeth. I am looking for homemade waterpik that i can make.
can you get a canker sore on your tonque, i have a irritation on my tonque and i don't know what is is?
Does the primary human incisors have roots?
How do I go about sueing my dentist when he fixed the wrong tooth?
Teeth aches!?
How do you stop lisping????
why do sometimes the person opposite you itches his nose when you speak?
If you brush your teeth at night do you need to brush again the am?
i am looking for dentist that take medicaid?
Dentures from Mexico ?
What are the signs of a toothache?
after an extraction, how do i know if a blood clot has formed?
What is the best brand or class of toothbrush(es) that dentists highly recommend..?
what is the main ingredient in teeth whitener and/or bleach?
what is the name for the two verticle lines on the upper lip starting at the bottom of the nose.?
What is the problem when everything tastes bitter, even sweet food and drink?
Veneers? or crowns.?
Random energy bursts and jumping fits?
My fiance is acting crazy, possibly suicidal! What do I do?
I am bipolar and taking risperdal, but I have a mania high almost everyday should I be on lithium?
Anyone with adult ADHD that can help me?
Stopping panic/anxiety attack?
Please help social anxiety I just dont know what to do anymore?
Where can I meet a woman with a germ obsession?
How can I get over my fear of driving?
Has anyone stopped taking bipolar medication for good? If so how do you feel now?
does adhd have something to do with depression and bipolarity?
If your treating psychiatist had a mental illness?
Luvox stopped working?
should i take lexapro?
I`m scared help me p`se?
How many panadol can you take without an overdose?
a teenager i know blinks continuously. why is this?
i can't feel anymore?
i depressed a lot due to love failure, how to recover?
what can you use to relieve pain from an extraction?
whats an absest?
how come some people's front teeth rot in the middle?
can wisodm teeth become impacted after they are particaly through the gums?
how can i get some free Dental care.and iam a veitnam vetran?
I am needing to get a full set of upper and lower dentures. What should I expect?
I'd rather a dental professional answer this since they have experience with this problem?
What's is the general opinion of a 26 year old guy with braces?
Ericka M. Edmonds, DDS?
Post extraction care?
Mouth Ulcer?
y do v get wisdom teeth after 19yrs?
Why do english people have bad teeth? Do they have dentists there or at least toothpaste?
Why does it hurt when aluminum comes in contact with a tooth filling?
Why does my toothbrush have a 2 minute timer in it or.........?
What is the best way to conserve teeth which have fallen from your gums/mouth ?!?
will my teeth grow together ?
hi i want to lose weight but i have hypotension can u suggest me a diet?
what is the best & fast diet to loos weight?
What is the best way to gain weight and increase body size healthily?
lost weight?
Does drinking soda make you less hungry?
Two of my friends are belimik and they are both really skinny to start out with. wat should i do.?
do heart rate monitors measure extra calories burned - not part of your Basil metabolic rate?
Anyone tried Extra Strength Dieters II True-Slim Tea?