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Bipolar my daughter has it, what to do with her?
I really hate seeing my psychologist?
how to get rid of stomach ache :(?
i feel my body is vibrating ? why?
Yesterday i fell think i broke something help please?
was i laced with pcp?
Why does my left leg always hurt at night?
would a vertical tragus hurt as much as a normal tragus piercing?
Need help finding a way to pay for husband's hernia surgery?
Strange feeling on bone behind my ear ?
what can i overdose on that is untraceable?
I want to stop cutting but I cant Help me Please...?
sprained left knee pain?
my left foot is swelled what could it be?
My wife can't hear out of left ear. Dr. says hearing aid won't help.?
Do i have appendicitis?
I am feeling so depressed and all i do is cry I sometimes think that my life is to hard and not worth it?
I have OCD and i worry about everything that I do. Can you please help. Some examples are below.?
college depression?
I"m always feeling dizzy and/or head fuzzy - like fog is covering my thoughts?
I dont think I am skitzophrenic but what is wrong with me?
How can i lose weight besides starving mysefl,purging and overexercising???
how do start to fix your LOW self-esteem?
Anyone on meds and always tired?
do i have it or not??
Talk to myself??????????
Should I get myself checked out or will this pass?
ill be seeing a psycholgist soon for my anxitiy, what will they be doing?
how to get rid of panic/anxiety attacks!! help plz...?
Please Help? My symptoms are getting worse. Anxiety, insomnia, nightmares, rashes, chest pain...?
Would one know if they were actually going crazy?
Is something wrong?
Can i take a panadol tablet while i'm on valium.. Serious question, I am in pain now?
stomach pain........?
Can neck problems cause bad vomiting?
Finger chopped off yesterday, can't sleep even with painkillers, any advice how I can get through this period?
Arm/Hand Pain - next step?
What's the best medication/painkiller to take after I have my finger partially amputated?
Is my right hand left?
am i blacking out???
whats the best way to stay up all night when out clubbing, appart from pills?
Why depressed with no reason?
How can I wean myself off Paxil?
I have a crush on a guy with bipolar?
why are people (me included) so scared of spiders?
I need help I have an eating disorder?
My councellor wants me to smoke put?
Are eating disorders only characterized with trying to lose weight?
I fell like I am going insane! HELP?
Should I talk to someone?
I am about to cry because i am soo bored!?
Could I have depression?
What are symptoms of depression?
I want to contact a free counseling service for teens, but I'm worried my problems aren't important enough?
I self harm, I need to go to the doctor next week, and i'm scared!!?
could i be crazy?
Quick question about anti-depressants..?
what are the medications that require grinding or dividing tablets?
how does salty water cause pain relief?
Does anyone here suffer from FIBROMYALGIA ?
Pain in the shin and calf?
Is it normal to have gall attacks after gallbladder removal?
Sick of being depressed?
Help! I hate turning off the light when I go to sleep?
im 16 and have lost motivation in life. i feel i have no friends n that ther is no mor point to life. help?
What to do when nothing interests you anymore?
I just found out my boyfriend has paranoid schizophrenia, what am in for?
i am depressed and have skitzophrenia..?
Why is one of my children a monster while the other three are fine?
Ok. I tried talking to my mom about the things I've talked about on here before, but she doesn't listen.
What are your most enjoyable childhood memory's , besides Family.?
i need to snap out of it!!!!!!!?
the best way to get rid of depression?
Sleeping Problems!!!!!!!!!!??????????????
I took 8 temazepam sleeping pills yesterday - what is this going to do to me?
how do i stop a relapse in cutting?
last night i took 10 panadols (at one time) with water then another 6 with wine.how come i'm not dead or sick?
Why am i always depressed?
im really stressed out.?
does this poem relate to anybody??
Do i have anxiety?
What are your favorite names?
what is the name for this condition?
why are there so many ppl suffering with depression?
did anyone taking celexa for anxiety and depression feel?
i feel so......... DOOMED?
Am i depressed Cause i try to make others happy.?
what should i do i feel so mean?
BIPOLAR PEOPLE: help - what do you do to come down?
I think I'm insane, what do I do now?
Girlfriend is having panic attacks?
Why are so many people terrified of clowns?
What can i do to stop bordom?
Are you ashamed of yourself?
I suffer with Bipolar and I feel like I am drowning. Does anybody else ever feel like this?
why do some people see anxiety/panic disorder as a weakness?
Xanax for sleeping better?
My parents keep my medication from me and use it?
i am terrified of yahoo?
Depression, anxiety? Please Help.?
What is the mental illness were you are a psychopath and like killing people?
can your gp perscribe ad's...cause i dont want to go to a psych....?I need help with anxiety and depression
Pains in my lower stomach?
does oxycodone and hydrocodone show the same in a standard 10 point urine test for employment?
My veins hurt, why is this?
i need to know about bipolar?
would it be inapropriate if i told my school councillor that i cut myself?, How can i tell her?
Why does drinking cause me to be depressed?
How do i Stop having nightmares every nite?
Best ways to help anxiety?
how long will my ingrown toe nail take to heal?
What are some causes of chest pain ?
My wrists keep clicking and hurt?
what should i do to help manage pain myself?
sore eyes and headahes?
How do you know if you are suffering from depression?
Is anyone sleeping yet?
Is addiction a choice, a disease.. or a combination of both?
What to do?
How do you cope with the stress of looking after a suicidal person?
What is wrong with me?
HELP!!! I dont no where to turn.?
I don't know where to go, or what to do...?
I get a headache on hot days. Is that normal?
Eating People?
Help! obsessive compulsive disorder problem?
why am i so depressed at 15!?
okay......... i still need help?
im smoking weed and i know my family knows but i just dont care i know what i should do but im addicted.?
I suffer from very very bad depression and even tried to commit suicide a couple of times, I try to get help..?
My 15 year old son "sniffs" all the time 24/7. He has been doing it for years.?
How much noise is too much?
those on anti depressants...how do you 'feel'?
Back pain related question....?
what would cause pain in your knee & also behind it?
can i take 1/4 of oxycontin by cutting them into four pieces?
Bad knee pain & crunchy sounding knees?
is going back a big mistake?
Could I have been misdiagnosed?
Are school holidays invented to torture us parents?
How can you help someone who has depression?
Can someone please answer i really need help :(?
Can grief/anger/fear be causes of memory loss in an 87-91 year old?
Does anyone know if cold showers help?
Tidal wave dreams?
mental health and menstruation help?
Does the thought of having to give Xmas presents upset you?
Ok need advice please?
Paxil question...?
question for u all.?
since finishing school do u often talk/think about the grades u attained?
There are only two questions of value in life, What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for?
Do you leave out some truths when you talk to your councillor / psychiatrist?
How do you choose a therapist?
I have been suffering from depression and need to take time off work?
eating disorder and rape?
What should i do??
My brother killed himself and I feel guilty?
eating disorder...I'm worried?
I think I have depression... suicidal thoughts... will you help?
How can i learn to trust people?
friend has bipolar & suicidal thoughts?
Its my birthday tomorrow anyone have any ideas of something that i can do that will make my day?
question about cutting?
I feel so horrible about myself...?
How do I cure Paranoia?
my sister has that eating disorder where she throws up after she eats and i dont no what to do to help her!!?
Does anyone else out there pick at their skin obsessively?
have i got A.D.D or something?
I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANY MORE!!!! plz help!?!?!?
what did i do wrong?
can anyone help i dont no whats going to happen?
I think my daughter has asperger's syndrome, what symptoms should i mainly look for & where can i get help!?
Whats the best way to get out of a depression?
I have pins and needles in my left foot and hand?
help severe pain from sinus infection OUCH OUCH OUCH?
Arch of my foot really hurts?
Today was the first time I couldn't fall asleep at night, do I have insomnia?
What makes you depressed?
How can a change my personality, so I am not anxious?
What is wrong with me, will this ever go away, does anyone else feel this way!!!?
I am burnt out from a job I've done for 17 yrs and have always disliked.?
Have my meds stopped working??
I have a history of depression and am trygin to quit smoking, will this make depression come back? ?
Why did i react to pot this way?
What's that mental condition called where the person loves themselves?
how to reedeem self-confidence?
Am I STILL suffering from Depression?
im 28 and i always feel anxious that im running out of time, im not sure for what, anyone else feel this?
I hate myself please help!?
How do i get over being Quite And SHY?
Help Please! about depression?
can shy people have bipolar disorder?
Please help with antidepressants?
Are my depression meds causing this?
What can I do for aching feet?
I have a hard lump that feels like it's behind my uvula.?
why is my ear hurting?
swollen legs with pain in the right leg?
Why do people on YA always give diagnoses for mental disorders??
Have all these difficult emotions I'm not dealing with - help?
why are some people more seseptable to mental illness than others?
I had Postpartum depression, anxiety, maybe psychosis? Does this Make me a bad person?
Feeling of knives being dug into me - nonstop?
depressed need help with how to cope besides cutting or burning are there any other ways to mutilate yourself?
What are some of the rues people with OCD follow?
how to get rid of internet addiction?
I don't know how to get out of this depression which is eating me inside?
Why am i always tired?
help what is wrong with me?
Why is my largest toe numb?
extreme pain on right side?
My Moms ankle is not straight HELP?
what is panadol elixir for kids?
help i need serious addvice here?
sleep talking in spanish / idk spanish?
my 16 year old son had just been given catapres to improve his concenration and focus at school..?
Have you ever???
When is physical harm or abuse ever ok?
Help for headaches?
Is it possible for anti-depressants not to "work" after a while?
Best friend depression?
Just out of curiousity.......?
if i say.....?
i smoke when im mad or when i want to relax should i quit?
If a person is just starting to clean up from a year long drug addiction,can one event that they are sensitive
Can stress from work/friends/partner/family etc make u do crazy things?
Is there a medical/psychiatric/scientific term for someone who is overly pedantic when it comes to interpretin
does anyone take xanax daily?
the stigma of mental illlness?
URGENT PLZ!!... zanax abuse?
what self help books can anyone recommend for depression?
Can someone simply tell me What is splitting?
okay i need to know what would happen if...?
I have a pain like near my pelvis on the right side?
Aching Legs From Cold Floor ?
I have pain on my left side of ovaries. It hurts when I walk?
how do i know if i need knee surgery?
Weird feeling in right shoulder/back?
What is wrong with me?
Choosing a career with mental illness?
am i being overworried???????????
The Signs of An Anxiety disorder?
deppression problem, NEED HELP, B4 i do something realy bad?
Is there anybody out there that has made a conscious decision not have children?
should i go on antidepressents?
I cant take it anymore?
Long term depression sufferers.....?
What do you do, when professionals say 'Do something for yourself'?
Do you feel like you are strange and weird?
Does anyone with clinical depression have problems communicating or talking to your friends/partner/family?
Do you believe that young people today have terrible sleeping patterns?
i don''t know what to think about life anymore?
What's wrong with me..?
What do you do if you feel that your worthless?
I just started on effexor-xr (last night) and I woke up feeling very 'wired'?
If you stay awake for three days straight, is it true that you get admitted to a psyche ward?
weird after effects from pot?
What is OCD, the diesese?
Anxiety/ Panic Disorder sufferers, what makes you panic?
does is it hurt getting a belly percing?
I have a really bad pain in my back!!?
What is wrong with me? [personal]?
are there women out there who've had hip replacement in their 40ies?
How do i fix forward head posture?
Hip Pain when running/walking?
Do you ever feel like you've had life tougher than most people you meet?
Is this really a normal reaction?
Do you think old people are short tempered?
how do i STOP cutting when i kno i can hide the scars??
I feel like i have to cut myself?
I'm in year 6 and i have tried to commit suicide 3 times. My mum just found out today what should i do?
Do you ever get scared of dying?
Do anti depressants work for all?
Bad patch or depression???
How do you cope with Anxiety?
How addictive are drugs?
What Does "Bi-Polar" Mean?
Is Wicca potentially dangerous?
i really want to cry since 6 months but unable to shed tears?
suicide HELP?
can depression progress to bipolar?
Should psychologists provide help over the telephone?
feel goood drugs?
Is it possible for two people with severe mental illnesses to have a happy stable relationship?
Eyes aching whenever I move them?
Lower left back ache/ leg ache?
Pain under my shoulder?
im really sad?
My brother just tried to commit suicide....?
If you were feeling depressed, what will be the first thing you will do?
I've been... touching my dog... how do I stop? please help me?
Help! I think i might be having symptoms of anorexia?
I need help now! Can you help me, please?
What are you most likely to die of?
Is there anyone out there with Borderline Personality?
Bipolar 2 and only taking lithium?
Who has recovered from depression?
can taking caffeine pills start anxiety attacks?
how do u know if u have depression?
help me, i think im lost?
Can someone please share their methods for coping with anxiety w/o using drugs?
i don't have a talent...?
Antidepressant Survey: Has your medication been helpful for you?
Is Anxiety a killer? and dangerous to your health?
When I get upset I keep thinking about killing myself...is that normal?
What are the sings of Depression?
Why Am I so miserable with my family?
Anyone know a physician who will prescribe Xanx?
I want to know abt my daughter?
how long is a hip replacement recovery?
Do things get better once you finish school?
Does these problems have to do with my mental health? Plez read?
lower left back pain from twisting it?
What helps you sleep?
why do i feel like nobody cares about me?
What is going on? Is someone trying to make me think I am crazy.?
I keep sighing (like every 2 minutes). Help!
My friend is getting bullied im worried she will go into a depression?
Need help with depression?
Has anyone else tried all the 'treatments' for depression and they dont work?
Am I suffering some sort of mental issue?
Why do i have pains on my chest so much? HELP?
Is there anything better?
Confidentiality Between Patient and Doctor?
Ear hasn't popped from altitude & is also blocked with a cold. How do I take away pressure?
My mother passed away?
Can depression be passed on?
I can't find help...?
why is it when I laugh i get a shocking headache.?
I ate yesterday and im getting surgery today?
What can you do right NOW to make yourself TRULY HAPPY?
i am a 24 year old guy, and i still pick my nose and eat my boogies. is this normal?
What do you do when you have hit the end?
is there something mental wrong with me?
Feeling very close to the edge, need advice to talk myself down..?
is this possible or was i imagining it?
This is a question for people who actually have ADHD?
There's something wrong with me...?
When you call the suicide hotline, why does no one ever answer the phone?
How can i stop believing that ill never be loved again?
am i a mental case????? honsetly please answer?
Does Cutting Always become addictive?
Pregnant, Relationship stressful and Im falling apart..help?
who likes taking the drug Effexor?
I'm lost in my life, I'm empty?
I am so stressed. Pls help me?
ear pain when lying down feels as if something crawling inside?
Leg Cramp in middle of night , Now a lump?
Having chest pains light headed and hard to breathe what's going on?
PLEASE HELP! What are these symptoms of in a 14 year old girl?
Is there a link between anxiety, and loneliness?
if you wanted to teach your children the name of flowers what flowers would you choose?
i have deep depression and need anti depressants, are the side effects from them bad?
What to do about girl being abused?
Is it common for menopausal women to have suicidal tendencies?
What do i do about my bruised nail/hurt finger that i trapped in a window?
Sternum pain or something more serious?
i think i am being possesed be somthing demonic what do i do?
I,m so depressed latly& I carn,t pick myself up. I am haveing bad throught about my husband and just people.?
my mom is destroying my life... and i dont know what to do.?
am i suffering from depression?
I suffer from severe depression, and plan to jump off a building...?
did Freddie Mercury suffer from mental illness towards the end of his life?
am i girly? tomboy? or inbetween?
how do i get motivated to study for exams?
please help?
Are psychotropics safe?
how do i convince my parents that i dont need therapy?
What kind of medication do I need?
Anxiety Disorder?
Heath Ledgers DEATH?
wanting to die........................?
Should I be worried about going back to school?
Is it possible to get over anorexia without professional help?
Should I go back on medication?
what are good drinks to give you good concentration?
i cant stop thinking about him
Has anyone been driven insane from watching a film?
Do you think this is a normal reaction?
How can I get professional help for my sister who is depressed and suicidal?
Am I addicted to self harm?
HELP?!?! how to cut and stop?
anxiety problem?
how do you know if you are depressed?
What happen if you don't sleep ?
Can I get a prescription for ADD meds from a physician?
After reading I can never remember what I have just read.I get so mad to where I don't read.?
why is it that sometimes when I turn around in a room by myself I fear of something strange to be there.?
massive stomach ache please help?
Im 21 and I cant stop rocking back and forward when i sit down. What is wrong with me?
is oxycontin and oxycodone er the same thing?
Lower Back Pain - Nerves or Muscle?
Feeling suicidle please help!?
Is it weird?
My boyfriend wants to try and FIX my depression, he wants me to hit him?
If you tell a school counselor about "over-dieting" would she tell your parents?
help!! i need some im so massed im deppressed, i cut myself, and i want to die half the time?
I want to create a will but I am not of sound mind. What can I do?
Is this a typical symptom of anxiety?
depression, christmas & child loss?
I've been off anti-depressants for almost a week now...?
What is the connection between self injury and anorexia ?
When I fall asleep my body falls asleep, but not my mind, what does this mean?
Can Magic mushrooms permanently mess me up?
Does anyone else feel like this before a job interview or start of a job?
im a cutter but i want to stop by keeping ocuppied
I need some opinions about my relationship please. She is quite a drama queen!?
whats the best way to relax after a stressful day? Given I'm a teenager.?
Please help me!! If I stop taking Zoloft will I lose the weight I gained whilst on it!?
help please...........?
Should I feel bad about what I did 14 years ago?
not sure if this is a phobia?
My sister gets migraines?
I'm suffering pain on the right hand side of my abdomen? Could it be serious?
I think i bruised my lungs, can someone please tell me what i can do to releive the pain?
I cannot take calcium due to constipation?
I have right hip pain after an awkward landing?
I have a secret of something that happened to me, dunno what to do.........?
with bipolar disorder how often do you have mood swings,?
how do you change a lazy persons way of thinking and doing?
Does anyone know any good depression websites for online support?
depression,anxiety,depersonalization hope :) - hang in there!?
What would you do to help someone who clearly has a mental illness, but refuses all help?
to someone who knows alot about life and decsions?
Should I get help straight away?
what are the symptom/s of O.C.D. (obsessive compulsive disorder)?
Do you feel like depression is a?
what should i do with my life?
Help for my mentally sick girlfriend?
Are people who are more intelligent than most more prone to mental disorders such as anxiety and depression???
Am i crazy to think of my life like this?
Social Anxiety? Please help!?
How to tell my parents?
Does everyone do this?
if you have social anxiety do you automatically have depression?
Why Cant i Sleep?
I have right hip pain after an awkward landing?
what is this tablet please?
do you know if you can excercise while you are on Effexor (Anti Anxiety/depression)?
i have clinical depression but my parents dont agree on me taking prozac what should i do?
Do I have depersonalization disorder?
How i can build self-confidence?
Have you ever been scared of going to high school b/c of teasing?
Why do I feel so lost?
I have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality/ Bipolar and start DBT on Wednesday.?
Weed and Anxiety/Paranoia?
what does the urge for drugs feel like?
Would you call this a "personality change"?
Need advice to sleep?
How do i talk to my doctor?
Scare to drive after a car accident
have i got a psychological problem? what do i do?
PLEASE help..My sister has been and still is a heroin addict for 10 years..?
anxiety relapse, having CBT this time and considering meds again too. what did you do when u had a relaspe?
Ways to manage stress/anxiety?
I've done something I really regret, what do I do?
scary: does this happen to anyone?
How can I rid myself of this toad phobia?
camera's in bathrooms in clinic's?
Can Techno music be used to relieve pain?
i had severe stomach cramps and it gave me a pain in my right shoulder which they said is normal?
Hi. I'm manic depressive and get anxiety attacks almost every day. I need to know if there's hope.?
Can you be medicated for depression to the point that nothing upsets you at all?
Why isn't there more awareness of mental illness?
I'm looking for any Australian websites that allow people to chat about depression or vent their problems?
Has anyone been on Lexapro? Is this normal?
new boyfriend- do i tell him now that i have anxiety and depression or do i wait a while?
Is this normal at 15? What is wrong with me?
I need help but I'm scared - what can I do?
Naked dreams? U know the ones where ur naked in public?
Help through the teenage years?
In regards to addiction, does this make any sense?
What are some natural things I can take to stop thinking so much and usually negative too?
Paxil personal experiences...?
Have you ever been stalked by a CRAZY poster?
Do u feel like u lose it....?
helP!! i wanna die but im too scared?
If you are ever on suicide watch in a mental asylum, will it go on your criminal record?
i have this attention problem.?
Could this cause pins and needles?
Why does my chest hurt?
Whats wrong with my dad :( ?
I need help with my 8 year old son. Just been diagnosed with add and odd.?
Help? what's going on?
I feel so depressed right now!?
deep down i know something is very wrong with me...?
My dad's been diagnosed with alzheimers, how long will he live?
can meditaion replace sleep?????
Am I depressed? As explained below, I dont know anymore.?
Is it called an addiction, when?
How to Feel Confident?
My Girlfriend is really depressed and scared, what do i do?
i sometimes get really bad chest pains on my left side its been like this for a while?
I'm 13, my mum's making me see a doctor tomorrow about not eating and self harm...?
I dont know what to do anymore-HELP ME PLEASE?
how do i become a leader ?
I'm suspecting my mom is doing drugs. What do I do?
do animals get depressed?
I can't seem to admit that it is depression that i have....?
Do I need to see a psychiatrist?
Does it scare you that you could die at any moment?
little lump on my neck?
panic attacks and school.. should i tell my teachers this year?
What would you do if your daughter, who has down syndrome, is getting picked on by a naughty boy in her class?
can sleeping increase brain power?
Why do ppl feel depressed and sucidal when alone or unloved?
How do you know if you should be admitted to a mental hospital (inpatient or outpatient)?
anti-depressant that has or is working for you?
Im addicted to yahoo answers?
How can I get my confidence back?
Why do I not feel anything...?
How can I handle the borderline personality disorder? My girlfriend has BPD and we seperate during t?
What is the most effective way to kill yourself? Guns are not possible.?
Are "flat feet" reversible if you lose weight?
how to get toothach pain away for a while ?
i have groin pain in the morning,what could be wrong?
Side effects of effexor?
i cant stop crying..help!!?
How to let go?
does anyone esle have this with anxiety?
Is it possible that Asperger's Syndrom is hereditary, and that women can suffer from it?
I always need to be alone, i cant tolerate people, and i dont want to turn into a mean old person?
Do you think Mark Priestley's death will alert people to the dangers of depression?
How do i get out of this lifestyle?
cramps in bed in lower leg at night?
how much amphetamine's (speed) would i take to induce psychosis?
am in deppresion after got suspention frm my first job in year 2003.ny one can help me?
i'm not sure what's wrong with me?
What is the best drug to zombify you?
Is she abusing drugs or not?
name 2 interventions appropriately used for mental health clients?
St Johns Wort or Prozac, which one would you pick?
Is this a Sign of Depression?
Solian is giving me very bad restless legs, what can I take to stop this?
Is this a delusion of schizophrenia?
What is the point?
i think i am going to die, help ??!?
No one can help me (see details below)?
Does anyone know about valium?
what gives you stress..?
Inconsistent head pain, one side only. :(?
Im only 14 and i have back problems is that normal? (bones hurts)?
my mom has a headache and i dont know wat to do . i had just come back from the swine flu so i guess it might?
how do i tell my parents im think i have manic depression?
I've started to realise more than I'm wasting my life?
Is there a medication that treats lonleness?
i was diagnosed with depression 3yrs ago i was on anti depressants but i came off them about a yr ago.?
has anyone have an idea to help me i think i might be suffering depression?
I need all the advise I can get regarding my 37yr old daughter?
Prednisolone (Panafcortelone) - Your experience with this drug?
My foot stings, help?
i have a bump in between my chest and its painful i went to the doctor and he did an xray and it came back?
how do i draw back smoke when i have a cigarette?
bones cracking,knees,toes,ankles?
Why cant i find a surgeon to help me- i have an active malpractice lawsuit and need a hip replacement- im 19?
Im always grumpy - any tips to help this?
do you think there is something wrong with me?
Sugar Cravings?
I always feel that life is so unfair. How can I be more optimisitc?
what can i do?
How do i get over being scared of death?
HELP ME! I accidentally took 75mg of Seroquel half an hour ago and I took 75mg last night?
Some help about antidepressants?
Should i go to the school nurse If I'm depressed?
Question for people are on or have been on anti depressants?
Why is my mum so crazy?
What calms you down? A POSITIVE QUESTION!!!!!?
Do you feel like your loved ones/ carers missunderstand your symptoms?
I am Having lower back pains please help diagnose?
I woke up today(7:00pm) and I felt like I had to vomit and my throat felt a little swollen?Doctors w/ advice!?
I am 50 year old femail in good health I have a pain like someone pushing on my left upper chest with finger?
Advice/experience re CT guided epidural treatment (back)?
can a fractured coccyx give yo leg pain?
Stabbing pain behind eyes...causes?
Do you suffer from depresion?
ocd, depression, bipolar, add...............?
please help my brother i think he is going to kill himself!!!!???
Anyone ever gotten over depression withoput taking drugs for it?? Any suggestions please?
are bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder one and the same?
Is there any danger or excpected side effects to taking Lexapro and Xanax together?
I think I might need help :( .....?
I can never sleep?
Is she paronoid schizophenic?
Self-Diagnosis Website?
help finding info on diagnosing aggression and behaviour problems?
Is there anyother way of controling emotions other then self harmming?
Does anyone have any really bad fears?
Getting rid of old,bad memories?
how is mental illness and fitness related and what are the benefits?
How does weed /or alcohol effect your memory?
Do you have an anxiety disorder....Feeling really nervous??
What do you do when you want nothing more than to die?
Does schizophrenia cause brain damage
Is it true that a high percentage of psychiatrists/mental health workers are insane or go insane?
I can't stop thinking about death - some advice?
My foot stings, help?
i have a bump in between my chest and its painful i went to the doctor and he did an xray and it came back?
Why does almost all food make me feel sick?
Addicted to plucking my eyebrows out?
Is Dissociative Indentity Disorder curable?
What to do when someone you love doesn't want to live?
what would u do help?
overcoming depression?
signs of a psychopath?
What can I do to become a better listener?
what inappropriate behaviour have you dealt with your clients?
How Do I Deal With Bi-Polar?
why am I always deppresed could it be because of past problems?
My Boyfriend is really depressed and wants to kill himself. He has problems at home and I really want to help!
What is better to take for bipolar? Seroquel or Risperdal ?
What are signs of emotional abuse in a relationship?
Please help, mother problem! she wont let me sleep at day cause i dont sleep at night.?
How can I help an alcoholic? (I can't just say "I'll support you" and drop it)?
I Cant Sleep Help Me Please!?
what happens in our brain when we sleep ?
Help about OCD?
Why can't most people with schizophrenia handle stress?
Do we get pain on the face (near lips of left side,chin) due to infection?what it can be?
how do I get to sleep with an unbearable pain in my ear?
why do i keep getting cramps in my calf muscle at night?
it hurts when i breathe?
does the injections hurt?
I have bipolar and I often threathen that I would kill myself...?
Is it normal to think like this and be like this?
why do people hide your things?
whats wrong with me...?
What is a good over the counter med that I can take for fear of flying?
any ideas on how to tell my husband that i may have bipolar 2?
How can u be a friend to someone who hates themself?
Depresson/Anxiety - any advice would ease my mind . Thankyou?
Is it weird to hate odd numbers and have things uneven?
Is there a name for a fear of teddy bears?
i think i have dyslexia?
Should I pursue friendships with women while depressed?
Another seroquel question?
help me, cant deal with my nerves!!!?
are these thoughts normal?
Maybe I should admit myself to a mental ward?
I know im Crazy, but how much?
am i depressed????????????????????
what is yours?
Why am I so exceptionally addicted to Yahoo Answers?
Getting over my fear?? :/?
What are the characteristics of somebody with an eating disorder?
My brother in-law is possibly paranoid schizophrenic but never been diagnosed. Recently he has become violent.?
Signs of rape/molestation?
How bad do abdomen tattoos hurt?
how do little kids releve stress?
am i the only one who has this prob?!?
Should you study if you are taking anti depressants?
Marijuana withdrawal..?
Has anyone else had schizophrenia?
when I dream about being attacked by Guard dogs, what does this mean?
Is Bipolar 2 the same as borderline personality?
To anyone who suffers from depression, can I give you a hug?
please help with my deppresion?
does it mean depression?
My dad always talks very negatively..?
how do i help myself with depression?
Advice on my figure? (Pics included)?
is it ok to humiliate myself in public?
Can being bi-polar be damaging in any long term way if not treated? ?
I've recently been put on a new medicine, lexapro, is there anyone else out there that's on it too?
How do you fix an obsessed way of thinking?
Can someone visit you in your sleep?
Lower Left Abdomen near small intestine is hurting and is a bit puffy?
I have a deep aching pain in lats and my mid back. This has been going on over 2 months. what could this be?
how can we help our spouse to reduce pain during the time menstrual cycle?
i've been having this pain in the bottom of my left shoulder blade....when i'm laying down it bothers me?
how you wish I were there?
What are some good songs to listen to when someone close has JUST passed away?
What should i do now?
Does anyone who has Bipolar feel gifted?
how can I improve my memory?
I have lots and lots of trouble sleeping at night?
Losing your mind.Blurred thought patterns,to many things too think about at once?
I'm trapped in a thing called life?
Someone please help me?
did anyone read the question 17 year old girl depressed before?
Any mental resolution to you guys for 2009?
I done a bad thing, and i don't know what to do ?
I've been on on a low dosage (75 mg) of effexor XL now for about 7 weeks.?
Is this normal big brother behaviour or abuse?
Am I Paranoid or is there really...?
Any welcomed suggestions to help ease chronic anxiety? - Very Appreciated, Cheers.?
I keep feeling lost like maybe I'm just floating by what could be wrong with me?
How do you stop the addiction of procastinating..? ?
I'm addicted to the computer! Please help!?
I've started to cut and it's scaring me?
What is Boarderline personality disorder?
is addiction for the weak willed? those damaged in soul? or can it happen to anybody?
Does volunteering help with your mental health?
why do i feel this way?
I have borderline personality disorder. I believe I will die by suicide. I don't know how to get help?
What are the effects of not enoguh sleep?
is tonsilitis suppose to hurt this mmuch??!?
sharp pains in my chest?
why do I still have pain 6 months after gall bladder surgery?
Overdose again?
WHat is an "electric zap"?
what is an eating disorder?
how do i cope with my husband having epilepsy?
Difficulty Communicating with people?
codiene+aclohol?what will happen plz help?
Is it time to walk away?
Does taking anti-depressants make you fat?
Seroquel abuse?
I have no personality?
Can depression,anxiety and/or panic attacks cause this?
How can I get through the day?
Is This Bad Because I'm Really Worried.?
zoloft how did it help you?
i need to stay in more.,?
Is something wrong with me because I feel this way?
What to do...thinking I'm Autistic?
Borderline Personality Disorder?
Did anyone else have pain months after a tonsillectomy?
what do i do?
So Confused?
My Mother says the music i listen to makes me depressed?
I cant cope with my kids anymore, i dont have anyone to help me. I dont know what to do, been thinking they wo?
Do any other anxiety suffers question reality and feel weird?
Why are artists more mentally disturbed?
My daughter is nearly 12 and has been diagnosed with Inattentive ADHD any suggestions for treatment?
if you were to murder someone how would you do it?
really bad dreams? Now I'm worried?
What makes me, suddenly, less of a human being?
are anti depressants useful?
How do I tell people I have bipolar without it being used against me?
social anxiety?
should i take medication?
please help!?
How long does Zoloft start to work? Did it help you?
Help Please?
Friend did LSA?
Is bipolar always a bad thing?
is it possible to go crazy from anxiety?
This is for men who lost their fathers young? Or their partners.?
anyone had sever sciatica nerve pain during pregnancy, did anything work to help it?
Can you mix Panadeine and Ponstan?
Should i ignore the professionals?
i have a question about self-injury?
How long before paxil withdrawal symptoms dissapate?
what is the best medication to take for drug induced phycosis?
okay i need some help with the ladies...i realise i have huge anger issues that my therapist cant explain...?
Ned some positive self talk to deal with my mother?
my son has aspergers and torretts..?
major help quick wat type of tablet is this?
A Myelogram...have you had one or has someone you know had this sort of lumber puncture where dye is injected?
whats is it? whats wrong with me?
Im panicking.. school is coming up. My depression/anxiety will go up.. :/?
How to become less angstful?
Having depression is depressing, im on effexor and the psych wants to put me on epilim for anxiety what do you
Suicide prevention chatrooms?
I'm being forced to take risperidone for a misdiagnosed psychotic illness. Please help me?
Depression tablets?
So depressed and dont know what to do?
psycological issues with sleeping and controling my body?
Anyone know some non-medicinal ways of coping with stress?
cannabis and bipolar?
I think I might have a compulsive disorder?
About meditation.. is it okay when clearing your mind to picture yourself getting rid of things & such?
Why don't I have a talent? Im not good at anything.?
Nobody's in my house, but I think there is. Am I paranoid? There's more in description.?
Do I have Depression?
why does this bother me?
How can a paranoid who doesn't trust anybody seek help if he/she doesn't trust the psychotherapist either?
I think I might be Bipolar?
Hiding my cuts fast?!?
I Need To Know!!!?
what mental disorder am i suffering from?
Just a habit or something more?...?
why do i keep seeing the number 7 evreywhere i look !?
Has anyone else been like this and gotten better? and how?
I have a bipolar sister who may be placing herself in danger. with the hipa law how can i help her.?
How do I cope with loosing someone?
Will it be better for children if mothers only worked part-time?
Too old for imaginary friends or is it schizophrenia?
am i a psycho? i just tried to commit suicide for 5 times. i was walking with my hair open falling on my face.?
Please help me with advice, its driving me insane!?
Can someone help me with my addiction? I'm addicted to buying electronics.?
How do I go about getting something to help with my anxiety/depression?
How to stop freaking out over my age?
Do most women feel terrible about themselves & have low self-esteem?
how long does it take for anti psychotic medicine to work for an 18 year old who is bipolar?
Is there a cure for split personality/schizophenia/ bipolar disorder? Can a person fully recover?
What do you say is the best way to make friends?
what is wrong with my ear?
I have a pain above the bridge of my nose, between my eyes, what it is?
I am trying to find out why I experience chest pain also when I drink alcohol. Its in the bones of my chest?
Help me please now !!!!!!!?
How to beat fear of flying?
does any1 else feel like this???
Is laughing in bad times a sickness?
under stomach hurts what can this be pls help?
do i have to go to class today?
Bi Polar Medication What's Available?
Should i just go back overseas?
Do we really sound like that on voice recorders?
Please help me with Anorexia?
how to stop myself from overthinking everything and stressing WAYYY to much.....like worrying about EVERYTHING?
drinking salt water???
Good ways to help remember things?
how to tell my mum i have depression?
Zoloft and comments on suicide?
Have you ever wondered?
Have you ever had depression?
is this social anxiety?
what are other peoples stress releif???
a question about bi polar?
Why do i fell so depressed and have mood swings?
What are the symptoms of depression?
Has anyone actually lost weight with Lexapro? ?
i have trouble sleeping. im a 16 year old girl, dont wake up to late. please help im geting realy bad hedaches
Inflammed nerve in wrist anyone know what it could be?
what happens if you overdose with panadol?
Hernia Or Just A Cramp?
Is Celestone Chronodose a Cortisone Injection?
What's wrong with self harm if it isn't badly injuring yourself?
There is something wrong with me but what is it?
Do you take an antidepressant that doesn't make you drowsy?
what should I do? BTW this is a serious Q not a joke?
How to overcome guilt?
do you know when to stop inflating balloons or do you carry on until it pops?
I just got diagnosed with long-term depression. What can I expect?
Sleeping habits for a student?
How long until Zoloft gets out of my system?
How do you cope when your heart wants to keep the past, but you head wants to move on.?
how do i get help for myself?
How hard should you work when you have a job so you can keep it?
Hey Drumming situation here! Plz help guys. throbbing?
why is it every morning everytime i wake up i am experiencing discomfort on my stomach?
brain pain....ping or twinge im not sure...but it hurts?
why is my right hand going numb/falling asleep?
Sudden sharp tooth pain?
Serve pain in chest- right side?! help?
pain in abdomen, cramping severe?
how to get stronger collar bones?
Lump on my left shin, need help.?
why my leg keeps hurting?
what does an old lady screaming really loud mean?
If psychiatrist's don't know the cause of mental illness or have a cure for it,?
Was depressino the last thing you thought would happen to you?
Bi-polars unite! where are you?
Any cured people want their mental illness back?
Is drug addiction related to genetics or environment?
Nuns withs guns,Nurses with sick sadistic smiles,or mutant care bears-Should these dreams worry me?
Does the thought of suffering from grief scare you?
I'm on suicide watch from recent "attempts" it has been 8 months and im better but my dr. wont let me off....
Do you find this happens, if you don't get enough sleep?
How do I find out if I am depressed?
i'm always nice, friendly etc but why do people want more out of me?
How do you change an anorexic's thinking?
I'm Worried And Need Help ASAP PLEASE :( :(?
I have an 11 year old son who suffers from separation anxiety disorder. I had this as a child also. Help
Could this be Pyschosis or schizophrenia???
Is my BF a Peadophile?
My Pinky finger is numb. Could my fall have caused it?
i have had a tummy tuck 4 weeks ago i am still healing the process is long is it ok to fast would it affect me?
What can cause sporadic and excruciating upper and lower abdominal pain that causes frequent urinating in men?
has anyone here had champix to quit smoking?
my daughter taught our dog to go between her legs?
How can a physciatrist diagnose you with severe depression and anxiety within 30 mins?
Suggestions to control my daydreaming?
Anxiety and bi-polar?
Free online counseling a 13 year old can use?
i have an burning pain in my back?
Why is my boyfriend in so much pain?
Labor pain relief what worked for you?
ankle sprain treatment?
Is it normal to have constant recurring thoughts about death?
AHHHH HELP =[ [ plss?
shaky hands /nervous?
is there such a thing as being too nice?
What is my nightmare telling me?
how can i stop myself from feeling so sad about it ?
Who have i become and has this happened to anyone else?
UGH why am i so shy :( or is it somethin more serious?
Are you bipolar? Do you take lithium and lexapro? Are you coping with these drugs?
how to cope with crushing grief?
Am i Depressed? Can Someone Help?
Which of these are Psychoses or Neuroses mental illnesses?
I don't feel like living anymore but I'm too much of a coward to do anything...?
Help! How do I organize my life?
Stress... Can u help me?
does marijuana give you bipolar if you already suffer deppression?
What is YOUR definition of Mental Health?
i have nothing left and im getting suicidal urges?
what else is to do when somebody suffers from mental illness and refuse to take medication?
Borderline Personality Disorder Q...?
What is mental health and why is it becoming a major concern?
Are there medications to counter feelings of despair?
Sore eyeball, feels bruised?
My leg feels really tense.... it's making me tired..please help why is it so tense?
can you have an esophageal tear with no throat pain or difficulty swallowing or breathing?
tensor bandage confusion :S?
How to make shots not hurt?
My daughter is paranoid about ghosts, paranormal acivity, ect...?
I've lost my self-esteem.. whats happened?
Does drinking dettol or detergent kill you?
sleeping pills?
Dopamine, being happy?
How does one become a pirate?
do u or any family members have bpd?
Is This Considered Self-Destructive?
Advice needed please on dealing with my husband during a depression cycle?
being violently feels good y?
Having trouble with moods?
why does crying feel so good?
I think I need to stop taking antidepressant but I'm worried about withdrawal effects....?
Can a person fatally overdose on Paxil?
Why am I scared?
How to treat post-traumatic stress disorder?
sleep problems?
Is this counted as self-harm?
Have you ever experienced rage so powerful, you had a hard time restraining yourself?
How long does it take for the bad effects of bulimia took effect the body?
How do u get out of an addiction?
Post Appendectomy pains?
doctors, which one do i choose for my neck?
what causes a headache?
Need advice on Osteoarthritis?plz?
Omg someone help me a docter would be good?
Stop my sister's computer game addiction?
I have no personality?
I took 1250mg paracetamol is that bad?
severe lower back pain?
will mental illness ever be cured?
Please tell me why I'm doing this! It's taking over my life!?
Is there anyone out there with Anxiety/Panic attacks??
What should I do about my stress?
How to get thoughts of death out of your head?
Looking for some relief from sleep talking and nightmares.?
i have generlised anxiety?
Has anyone conquered anxiety for good?
Does anyone else understand what I am going/went through?
As an future Addiction Counsellor I was told that...?
how do you know if you are having a mental / nervous breakdown. what does it feel like?
Lexapro ..... HELP!!?
I feel really depressed and exhausted right now?
Depression?...Am i depressed?
how do i handle epilepsy?
do you think taking the drug ecstacy can cure depression?
Anti-depressants and coming off them, withdrawal symptoms?
online support for bipolar?
Help! What is this trance-like state?
I drank almost half a bottle of cough medicine...?
How to get over my past?
Is it possible to volunteer in a mental institution?
why am i so sad?
is it rioght to live a lie to stop ppl from asking?
Why do brain activity go down during sleep?
am i schizophrenic????
I dont know whats going on?
Is this a symptom of low self-esteem?
Is Adderall available in Australia?
Depressed in a mess already had approx 28 standard drinks and 10mg xanax .. no hope what do i do?
I feel very lonely and bored, but have noone to go out with?
Friend - depressed, recently "came out" now cutting! PLEASE HELP!!?
A question about ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy)?
scared of applying for a new job?
for those with a therpist!!!!!?
I cannot live without him, does that mean I will die now?
Bi Polar Medication? is it the same treatment/drugs they give a person for depression? or different?
Antidpressant medication is good for you!!?
What is wrong with me?
whats the difference between autism and asperger syndrome.?
Do you want to get better or don't you, and why?
Can inhaling too much paint in the job makes you feel dull?
Help! What is wrong with my sister?
Is anti-social behaviour the same as anti-social personality disorder?
is depression Narcissistic are they one and the same?
why should the community be concerned about depression.?
what are the first signs of some body developing bipolar disease and at what age can you expect this?
Do i think about things too much?
why i am depress in near 40s?
Do I need to tell my doctor about self harming?
Is this in any way, a normal reaction?
I need to understand something please...?
Do I have depression?
how to help someone fell better after a family member commits suicide?
PLEASE HELP. I've been contemplating OD-ing?
Can You Die Of Tiredness?
Loneliness or stay in an impossible situation?
ADD, ADHD and the "medication" for them?
Has anybody Else been diagnose with adhd,later in life?
Is there such a place where one can go to be treated for severe depression, and live there whilst receiving?
HELP ME!! my dreams are taking over...?