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Why cant i show any expression of love ?
can social anxiety disorder be the same thing as avoidant personality disorder?
Cilexa (citalopram) 10mg...Is the really tired side effect one that goes away? please answer?
Is there a term for having a fear of chemicals?
Why do I have a hard time memorizing quotes (especially but not limited to movie quotes)?
How do i make the stress go away? School&Drama stress me out?
Could I have Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder even if I never took drugs?
weird pure ocd obsession?
How long does it take for the body and Brain to completely balance out when quiting Wellbutrin XL or SSRIs?
is this normal? How do i fix it?
how do I control my..?
i got a sharp pain going down the center of my head and i am dizzy and feel like lying down?
Help. I'm obsessing right now if I did something wrong that has to do with work and I can't stop!!!!!?
Is it worth being a zombie?
what is borderline personality disorder? (BPD)?
I think I might be addicted to my anxiety medication?
Does this ever make anyone feel emotionaly wierd?
can you help find a funny acronym for ADD and ADHD?
why are antidepressant users under 24 more at risk of suicide?
How to deal with OCD?
Fluanxol depot side effects?
5-HTP or St John's Wort?
Have you ever been treated with Hypericum Perforatum (St John Wort) for moderate depression? Does it work?
After I was angry, I felt tired and not in the same state of mind. Can someone Help?
admitting depression to doctor. what next?
I just started taking Paxil for my Anxiety disorder and OCD, anyone familiar with it?
Is it working, should I give it more time?
can adhd medicine (Concerta) cause following effect.?
I don't know what to think, i'm sick of crying..?
Do i have ADHD and/or OCD?
why do these things keep happening to me?
do you think everything that makes me feel bad is ocd and i don't need to feel guilty?
why do people sleep walk?
I feel guilty about having self-confidence- How do I get beyond this?
Whats wrong with me? More than shy!?
I'm feeling really depressed lately, I don't know why ..?
Help boyfriend with social anxiety + depression but i have mental health issues too?
scared to start my depression medication.?
How do I get rid of anger?
Why do I feel I am losing control but in control while depressed?
Do you know any courses in Canada who help people with Dexlexia Seizures ADD and the parts of the cerebellum.?
I don't know what to do anymore. I feel so......empty.?
I need some help with the Mental Health Crisis Services (story behing it), please help me.?
sometimes i get these obcessions....?
how do i pay my bills?
Feelings of being watched, monitored accompanied by ocd, or some other anxiety disorder?
help i wake up a lot during the night?
Is it strange to have different personalities?
I keep picturing New York City on X-Mas when I hear this song!?
I want to have children with my husband, but I am worried b/c he has an addictive personality, is it genetic?
I need advice on sorting my life out. Help.?
Lying on the internet?
Could a seemingly random increase in stress indicate a serious mental problem?
I think I'm Depressed?
sharp pain?
Dissolvable tablets?
Where can you purchase numbing cream in adelaide?
Help with extended release morphine withdrawal at home?
Do I really need meds for depression?
Is it considered an anxiety disorder if?
What high does one get from Xanax?
anyone else have a social problem .. a stage?
Will Anxiety Medication magically cure my concentration difficulties?
how often should i work out?
Extreme calmness to calmly executing violence?
Maybe I forgot how to trust...?
How expensive is adolescent therapy in montreal, where can one get it, and is parental consent required?
Depressed about work - How can I be happy and enjoy my job?!?
i know someone who doesnt like certain people at work, so what treatment options are there?
how do you get giggly? Cause I'm looking for the ultimate giggliness!?
How do I overcome my obsessive compulsive disorder?
Obsession Problem ... Help ?
What would youIf I take half of my Cipralex/Lexapro...?
Has anyone tried the program "The Change That is Right Now" for anxiety and phobia?
What's this exercise called? (link in description)?
Psychosis Recovery Help?
Who practices psychotherapy more, Canadian or American Psychiatrists?
Guess ive just kind of given up...?
Should I go on a blind date if I have very low self-esteem?
what is stress in a part of the body?
what to do to overcome the comfort left behind from anxiety?
any known treatment for kyphosis.now scoliosis after surgery?? left with chronic pain.?
I Think I May Have Arthritis In My Shoulder...??
When I'm taking a bath and go to put water on my left side of my chest, I get really bad pain in it, it's been
Chest Pains On The Right Side Of My Chest?
Why would I be depressed?
Have you heard of the CES ultra? Have you tried it?
anyone ever been on an SSRI for over 10 years and try to go off it?
compulsive skin picking, do not want to stop self harm? help??!!!?
can lexapro help this depression?
why do i always have the same dream?
What should I do to overcome this feeling at school today?
what can i do to help me manage my emotions?
Sleep problem (remembering and anger)?
could it be my appendix?
i recently had my tongue pierced i have 3 days with pain and i can barely talk. Will this go away anytime soon
how you release your tension??
Does anyone know about attachment disorders and how to deal with them?
I have been toldI have schlarderma in my lungs, would I be having shoulder to elbow pain plus body pulsations?
how is it that you wake up one morning feeling great and then by lunch time u cant swallow or breath?
what's the name of this song? girl i know the pain you feel over time the pain will heal?
Head pains?
Treatments or advice for someone dealing with a person with a learning disability and has stealing problem.?
I wanna help my family?
how long will hydrocodone show up in a blood test?
Any ideas?
my ear hurts...?
Sign effects on reduced dose on anti-depressants?
i always have to think something before i do something?
Constant pain.....anyone else???
chronic lower back pain 2 yrs gangrenous appendix gone could this have been cause, pain now greatly reduced
I have to have a mylogram done on Monday, I have heard nothing but horror stories, are they true?
pain in left side comes and goes
is this just all my ocd and nothing to be worrying about?
im a truck driver my legs hurt all the time ???????????????????????????
Seroquel problems?Can't sleep Anymore Help ?
I have a pill and I dont know what it is?
How can i get rid of cramp from my knee?
Has anyone experienced side effects after accidentally injecting themselves with ultravac 7 in 1 serum?
Anyone been on work cover?
what are hoops called that go inside of my 00 stretched ears? they go inside a flarred tunnel earring?
lump in front my tongue bar?
Question about Celexa?
i have ocd. am i weird?
How will you interpret this one unique poem or not?
I hurt my neck on the couch?!?!?!?
Has anyone had a total knee replacement?
what is the retina part of the eye?
should i purge to relieve my gallbladder pain?
I feel really sick right now and dont know what to do?
neckpain help !?
what will happen if you are only on Ativan and Zyprexa for a fews and then on no medication?
Friend on psychotropic drugs?
Is taking pain medication straight after a local anathestic ok ?
why do i get this headache?
what is it?
Is it normal to get chest pains when you drink alcohol?
I have had the worst headache for the past two days?
Sharp abdominal pain?
how do i get rid of the migraines that do not stop?
What is the best insomnia cures website out there?
Can anyone please give input ?
Severe Back Pain when i go to sleep. Doc's r also not helpful.All reports r clear.Pls help me.?
Why do my ankles hurt and twitch when I get stressed out?
pain where leg meets hip, have had broken tail bone, cannot turn head to left without dizziness, pain wakes me
does anyone know about folloing meds?
transcranial magnetic therapy?
hey i want to ask that when i am do something then i cant concentrate and i cant take patience about that w?
Can someone please give me information about a mental health.....?
i cant get over this fear?
Yes, but how is it different procedure-wise. It seemed like the same thing only I got charged an arm & a leg!
What wrong with my hip? Any medical professionals or people with similar expereinces?
Is my Throat really bad?
when i get hurt mentally i have a sharp pain start in my lower body and shoot up...?
What are some good forgetting-bad-memories songs?
Extreme Pain? What could this be?
ive got pain in my right wrist and the back of that hand,?
what is the difference between hydrocodon/homatrop and hydrocodon/apap?
People call me immature?
How to find social worker?
Have an Eating Disorder? Want a like minded female in Toronto?
How can i boost up my confidence?
is there any alternative medication beside psychotherapy?
i sometimes feels a little pain in my left side. is it my kidney?
last november i hurt my knee. i was putting on jeans felt something move to the right and move back, then
Why is my knee in so much pain? Should I get it looked at?
I am so depressed, I cant go on?
5-HTP or St John's Wort?
My friend has symptoms like MPD, but not quite?
Weird Dreams.???????????
how can you have a parent diagnosed if you think they have a emotional disorder and they refuse to get checked?
could this really be me?
should you call your (bipolar) friends on their bull or just support them?
end of summer depression?
i i forget where i have parked my car.i left key in car and forget to close window of car. after hiding thing?
What causes pain in hamstring area that comes and goes, usually worse when sitting down or when standing up
help? swallowed something small & now pain in my throat
who knows a lawyer in toronto that deals with mental health?
I think I have OCD, please help?
How much Ativan is too much?
Is it easier to concentrate when your tired when you have A.d.d.?
cilexa (citalopram) 10mg...Is the really tired side effect one that goes away?
what's the risk using prozac abusively. i consume prozac when i felt i would need, quit them just like that?
Headaches, ear ache, and jaw pain. Please help!?
Constant Burning and Pain in the Knee.?
how do you stop the pain of a painful burn?
My foot is messed up, I need help!?
ya mins curved to the left does it feel better dereing intercours?
Are there any other options rather than surgery for Tarsal Coalition?
how long lorcet 7.5 stays in the system?
I have developed cervical lordosis on c5-6 post anterior fusion, have pain in upper arms and numbness in one?
What is Fluid Build up near the Temple?
Is there something wrong with my memory?
Long Anxiety disorder Story, Please Read?
How to help a friend?
Can I go partying on New Year's eve with this much seroquel in my body?
Need help in regards to someone suffering from bipolar disorder?
I have search over and over to find out what could be causing this leg pain in both of my legs. ?
Panadeine Forte doesn't affect or help me?
horribal mid back pains?
Does my nephew have turrets?
Is this because of change in seasons? How do I ask for help?
leg pain ????????????????????? ?
sore left side of jaw?
What is tmj? i think i have it :S?
pain in my right side?
Why I am having this pain???
do you think that im crazy?
It makes me feel weak to admit that I need help.?
Out of touch with reality?
Why is it that depression can create thoughts that have neva happened?
How do you tell your parents your suicidal?
How can I help my manic depressive/bipolar friend?
Pulse and viens pain?
throat hurts realllyy bad!?
What test should I get for upper back pain?
My right arm keeps coming out of my shoulder socket...?
Tylenol? in australia?
Does your anxiety cause your depression, or does your depression cause your anxiety?
Help ! depression is got me too far?
Psychiatric help IN Canada?
how often should i work out?
How to handle leaving day program?
Will Anxiety Medication magically cure my concentration difficulties?
I hit my leg right under my knee which immediately made a huge bump. ?
Why do i get constant painful headaches?
Pain on right side just under rib cage?
Numbness in finger? Want to make it go away!?
Can I own a gun in Canada with ADHD?
my first time getting high off of pot really scared me and now i think im depressed or ..?
Anxious around people?
how long does it take for zoloft to work?
How do i tell my parents i think i have ADHD?
ear poping problem after nose bone operation how to solve it ?
Where can I find doctors that are willing to prescribe narcotic analgesics (at a price)?
i got a mole frozen on my nose and its really blistered and nasty. when will tat recover?
Does this make sense? Bipolar?
I'm sleepy all the time...help?
I don't know what to think, i'm sick of crying..?
Self confidence? please help!!!?
how long does it take wellbutrin to work when dosage increase?
Can I own a firearm in Canada if I have ADHD and mild anxiety?
Do I have glossophobia? (A fear of public speaking)?
I'm scared of getting sleep paralysis even though I've never had it before?
Public speaking help?
Sleep problem (remembering and anger)?
Is it child neglect if I am only allowed to shower once a week?
why does my voice quiver and my throat feels dry whenever i get scared?
How can I cure my horrible sickness-phobia?
Can this give you a seizure or am I paranoid?
Left side of my head and neck hurts. Why?
I have something under my earlobe?
What is this pain in the right side of my chest?
Any ideas on rib pain?
I fell down the stairs and hurt my shoulder ?
Anxiety issues as well as issues with my moods being all over the place.?
Why is my mind so hyper and my body so tired?
Why do my calves cramp really bad at night? So painful!!?
Has anyone ever been woken at night by a sudden pain on their tongue?
what is another drug a doctor could prescribe to go with oxycodone 30mg for breakthrough pain?
I am having some heavy headedness lately.?
My pain management specialist has put me on Topamax.?
Blurry Vision + MIgraine?
I get pins & needles in my hands when I have a shower?
What causes pins and needles?
Should I see a chiropractor for Sciatica pain?
what should i do!?!?!?
Why sleep or be awake, when doing so great either way?
are ativan and valium the same thing?
I think I had a nervous breakdown.?
I have sever OCD and...?
Why has my eye been stinging for about 3 days?
Neck injury and work cover ?
Ear infection is getting worse?
Right abdomen pain help please!!!?
Why am I so tired when I think I'm doing things correctly?
addicted to being wanted -bi-polar- need help?
is a school counsellor required to tell your parents (or anyone) if you are cutting yourself?
Why am feeling this way? Has anyone ever been here?
What questions would you have about cutting/ self harm?
HELp!!! i have a stabbing pain in middle/lower part of my abdomen?
Dull but aching pain in my left leg?
Feeling of pressure in my head?
I had Rhinoplasty 3 days ago.. I have some questions..?
do i have depression, can anyone help me?
serious question, need answers quick?
Does anxiety ever convert itself into fatigue?
What percentage of the Canadian population that have personality disorder?
can they deny a paranoid schizophrenic from disability?
I have a really bad back and nothing is working. Advice?
Why my knees are red always?
Ibuprofen, paracetamol and my normal daily Meds?
Sometimes I feel depressed when I wake up?
I have a imaginary boyfriend, HELP?
What is the best exercise for a bulging disc?
I can't sleep at all I keep having terrible dreams about my ex please help!?
Bipolar disorder........?
Pills for happiness ... ?
when do you start noticing sleep deprivation?
is a knee replacement considered a disability?
Remedies for a sore throat?
Tongue piercing indent?
bad chest pain on the left side please help?
my shins hurt realy bad?
How do you stop the tears?
Are these emergency symptoms of lamictal withdrawl?
What to do with sore arms and shoulders.?
gardisil shots??? which hurts most?
sore neck? can anyone help?
is there any problem taking antihistamine with pain killer?
do you just go the local GP?
Did your parents help or support you in getting your SIN/SSN and your first job?
why do i keep crying ...? :'(?
My best friend cuts herself, and she has told her parents, but they don't believe her, help?
I suffer terribly from depression and take meds and don't seem any better?
Help for pulling leg muscles while sleeping.?
Is my wrist broken, it is hurting alot?
I get constant cramps, is there any way to prevent cramps or any quick way to get rid of them?
i have extreme pain and swelling after thumb surgery with 2 pins why is it still painfull and swelled up after?
Every time I breathe in I feel pain in my left shoulder and on my left side?
my mum, 86 yrs,has dislocated hip and cant walk since july 08. what are the treatment other than surgery?
knee feels swollen when working out/after working out?
Ive been getting pain under my left arm near my rib cage and it feels like...?
i think i may have a knee problem?
sleeping on hand???????????
Is it normal to have bones slightly longer/bigger on your right side?
what type of mattress should we sleep on for good health ( i.e. no back aches problems etc.)?
I don't have any feelings or remorse. Also, I constantly lie and take advantage of other people?
Help! Soo Scared something will happen!?
this is my 6th kid so I know it's not a normal pregnancy pain.Having intense pain under my ribs..?
Knife sharp pain in lower left tummy?
im getting my lip pirced. is it ok if i take oxycottins or like vic's for it?
i have a weird/bad toothache?
why does my arm hurt ?
I hurt my leg running and i need help because the pain hurts?
Please help... im scared :(?
Does anyone else out there have a serotonin deficiency?
Death Of Mother At Age 13?
How do I balance everything? Is it possible to live with only four hours of sleep every night?
Need a bit of help, depression?
how can i stop my back from slouching? i want a good posture?
Pain in lower right side not sure what it is. Can you help?
help with wrist pain?
Something is wrong with my hip?
Ouch what does this mean?
Claustrophobia question...?
whats wrong wiith me?
Abdominal Pain Fever Fatique?
Princess Chair (it is a mobility aid)?????
Is it normal to have unidentical bones?
Advice about my foot pain?
pinched nerve in elbow?
chest pain..Anxiety related?? All tests are clear.?
cant sleep nightmares need help asap?
Is there anything at all that i can take to help relieve pain from a gall bladder attack? Thank you?
back pain?????? Help please?
I have a refill on lortab on 11/28 I am going out of town for a week for t-day. Will they fill it on 11/26?
Sleeping disorders caused by pills?
help with anger problems.?
Why do I feel so depressed all of a sudden?
Alternative pain relief?
I'm having chest pain.. right in the center. When I'm slouching and correct it, i get cracks from chest bones ?
How come I don't get tired?
I keep hearing screams in my head?
how can i numb my tounge for my tounge piercing?
I have migraine headaches every day what could be wrong?
My arm wont stop hurting!?
My ear piercing still hurts after 8 weeks of getting it done. Help!?
Has anyone had tennis elbow ?
can depression do this to you?
What do you do if you think you might get schizophrenia?
something stuck in my head?
Who can give me a good meditating position so I don't get pins and needles in my foot? ?
What is going on inside of my sister's head?
Burning chest pain, left side. Is it heartburn?
Please help! I am in so much pain when I run?
A recent uncomfortable pain in my ribcage. ?
Tightness in my chest.?
How To Stop Cracking My Knuckles?
What is a Bending Machine?
swollen nodes in neck, doctor says its a virus?
Pain in my knee from the weekend?
Why do I tend to each so much even when I'm full?
Ankle and shin pain, driving me up the wall!!?
Say- today i have taken 6 Ibuprofen n 4 cold n flu tablets? i feel fine- i am fine right? ?
Comeon! seriously some one must know how to cut a fibreglass cast off!!?
pain on outer sides of thighs?
how can i get over my depression?
When you overdose in a suicide attempt, are they supposed to put you into the psych ward?
HELPPPP what do you think?
today i got my cartilage pierced and i soaked it in warm salt water but it only moves one way wen itrytomoveit?
every Morning i wake up with terrible calf cramps!?
pain along top ribs on the left side.?
Do you know what's a magnetic bed pad?
What can I do for a sore back and neck?
What to do about my stomach pain?
How Can I Get Out of My Head?
Am I Making Myself More Anxious?
Lump on back of my head?
my thumb hurts! help me?
can pain sometimes be just psychological?
my leg muscles tighten up when im not excercising?
Left hand, 3 fingers, elbow and left lower back has been going slightly numb, can someone help find an answer?
sides of my back are burning?
My head hurts on the left side?
Clicking Jaw. Painful?
transcranial magnetic therapy?
When will my arm stop aching?!?
How to recover from strain eyes? My eyes are extra sensitive?
anyone know about back pain?
My shin gets realy sore at times?
HI I suffer chronic back pain and i am in a wheel chair 24/7 I am on endone and also Oxycontin for the pain ?
symptoms of liver failure?
Constipation or period pain?
Help please Constipation Pains?
Growing pains, i cant think of another reason.?
I have a stabbing chest pain, what should i do?
i am 10 weeks pregnant and 2 days befire i was suffering from lower abdominal pain and severe back pain?
Help - My friend has a Slipped Disc?
what is the difference in roxicodone and oxycodone?
rotator cuff tear...ouch!?
Pain in under jaw after yawning?
Foot problem. help ?
what could this pain be? ?
What could cause persistent vomiting?
Does anyone have carpal tunnel? ?
Pain below the breastbone?
pain under left lower ribs upon inhale. can't sleep for pain. Possibilities? Any past experiences?
Anyone have suggestions for migraine relief?
diagnosed with depression...prescribed effexor any comments or opinions on that med?
Does anyone know about attachment disorders and how to deal with them?
Stabbing right armpit pain with blister-like rash.. what is it?
i think i may be getting my periods.i have been getting bad lower back pains and stomach pain and been tired.?
right eyecontact hurts too it out and blurred vision help ?
How to lower Cholesterol?
I'm afraid of thunderstorms-ALOT! I need help to over come my fear! Any suggestions?
I have a really bad Headache and dont know why or what it is!?
does anybody know what can be wrong i just about had it feels like my jaw pushed up?
Should a person drive if they feel drowsy and if they have not driven in 10 years?
please im begging for help?
How to tell if I've been raped?
Help. Please !! Im 12?
Looking for feedback if you've had c5/6 anterior cervical discectomy & fusion recently?
Why are my knees making a sound when I bend them?
11 year old girl with sudden back spasm?
i have growled for about 3-4 months now and i have the technique down relatively well, (always adjusting)..?
i have a problem of my eyes? now what to do?
I think I have something wrong with me. I have absolutely no motivation to anything. Whats Wrong with me?
should i start hurting myself again?
i am suffering from recurring kidey stone problem.kindly suggest permanent remedy?
Has anybody suffered severe whiplash?
I have a Sore Neck :(?
When you are feeling low or depressed?
What should i do about my ex boyfriend ?
im ready to die?
How to calm down at school?
I'm in desperate need of help for my addiction - I might die?
weird eyebrow ache?? help?
lower left stomach pain?
What is 'happy gas'? and where are people able to use it?
Stomach Cramp and Lover Chest pains.?
my headache wont go away!?
2nd opinion for my headache problem?
standing most of time while work?
I am feeling cool sensation on my left leg since morning . What could be the reason?
Is there a way to fix being over emotional?
I'm in this cycle with eating that I can't get out of. I'm 13 years old. Help?
Why some kids looks older than their age?
Convince me why I shouldn't kill myself.?
is there anyone else out there on the verge of suicide?
How do I get over death?.......?
My bf doesn't get along with my mentally challenged bf?
is it possible to commit suicide by just holding breath?
I really want to erase my memory?
Headache on right side of my head and some bruising?
always tired and headaches?
Pain in my right hand that has been keeping up at night. Any idea what it is?
what do you do when your feeling really depressed?
Do you feel badly answering suicide questions? What if the person really did it?
Is it normal that somewith with bi-polar claims to be the son of god... or god himself?
I suffer from Depression and right now am feeling so low. What can I do to make myself feel better?
I hate everything about life. People, relationships..etc. It makes me want to die. What can i do?
what scares you the most?
Why is it that a lot of suicide attempts fail?
Is it wrong to push away a family member that has a mental illness?
What is a form of self harm that isnt noticeable and that you dont have to hide?
i hate my life?
Does anyone understand?
can any body sum this up (identify disorder)?
why do i always feel so empty?
Bi-Polar or ADD?
going in for a gallbladder op this month?
Are u scared of anything??of what?
i have given up of life and i want to end it?
I'm scared and I need help fast, I don't know whats wrong with me!?
I'm so upset about my appearance i think i should take anti anxiety drugs?
Why is occurance of mental illness in women so prevalent ?
is this the end?
Boyfriend off anti-depressants...?
Do people self harm out of boredom?
how do you get free from anorexia on your own?
What do you think about me wanting to throw myself down a flight of stairs?
G'ma has nearly lost her battle with Cancer. What can I do to help MY Mum? I'm afraid I'm going to upset her?
death!!! i need help with this!?
my husband just took 40 lorazepam (my meds) in a suiside attempt? will he still be alright? or call e r?
Do you think people that take drugs deserve to die!?
Best way to cheer yourself up in a hurry?
I have a Craving for an eating disorder?
how far back in childhood can an adult person remember?
Lower back pain and on sides?
When will the pain stop?
How do i swallow tablets?
Can some one help ive been addicted to oxycontin before?
can appendix kill due to severe pains?
Do I really need to just 'get over it'?
how is it possible for a person's own mother to be completely oblivious that they are suicidal?
Is it strange to not care about anything?
how did antidepressants effect you? does it really help?
Depression & Anxiety - Experiences with medication ?
Is it bad to be on anti-depressents long term? I've been taking medication for depression for about 8 years.
Do you think there is such a thing as having a Split Personalitie?
is it normal to be having suicidal thoughts while im pregnant, i have a history of depression?
my boyfriends mind wakes up before his body should i be concerned?
Does anyone think talking to yourself is crazy?
Bulimia or anorexia? How do I choose the lesser of two evils?
i feel so depressed, anyone to help?
Losing temper (extremely)?
Have you a traumatic event that you haven't told anybody about?
What kind of depression causes a person to fall asleep while ordering or eating food or even talking to others
Are you afraid.......?
can i kill myself?
im taking zoloft but am still getting anxiety what do i do?
Can you help me?
Does most everyone on here take some psychiatric meds?????
what do you think seeing 11:11 on a clock means cause i all ways see it and its weird?
Out of the following age groups, which has the highest risk of developing an eating disorder?
Why do my toes go numb in an rpm/spin class?
My back really hurts!?
shoulder blade agony-trapped nerve?
I have insomnia! It's driving me crazy...HELP!!!?
After smoking pot for a number of years, I found that now I have given up, I have lost my zest for life?
help please, really please?
i avoid situations....?
What are the best ways to treat depression without medication?
help!! i feel useless?
my 16 year old sister is very suicidal and she has told me that she really wants to die, what do i do to help?
Feeling worthless and suicidle?
What is the best way to study?
What do you think when you see ppl with cutting scars?? ?
what are your thoughts on autism?
why do i get depressed!?
I am suffering panic attacks, i think i am going to die!!?
anxiety, depression.....?
Yesterday I lost my marbles, any idea where they are?
How can I feel confident?
im 29 years old still vergin?
Brain overload, it won't shut down.?
my m8 thinks i might have Scizophrenia.....can sum1 explain 2 me what it is please....i dont understand it..?
i just told my girl friend that a have a minor mental illness and I'm scared what she thinks of me now.?
I think i have mental disorder, but I don't know what it is, I know this not a proper diagnosis.?
do you ever feel lonely?
Am I crazy or is this normal??
I think my boyfriend has borderline personality disorder?
painless ways to kill myself?
I get so depressed .. but im too embarressed to admit it to anyone. What should i do?
suicide please help?
is suicide the correct option?
I am coming off effexor, i went from 150mg to 75mg, now im not taking any?
Suicide thoughts?
I wanna stop, But i can't!!!! HELP!!!?
can mental disorders such as severe depression and anxiety etc be considered as disabilities?
is there anything wrong with upping my Anti-Derpressant by myself?
HELP! I am so happy and positive I can't stop smiling. What can I do?
what counts as emotional abuse?
What do you think will happen to us when we die?
HELP! I'm addicted to Yahoo Answers!?
Adenotonsillectomy? how did you cope my 2.5 year old is sore and miserable (obviously)help doctors,midwives?
Weird head pain with certain movements?
How do i stop myself from taking my own life???
What happens if you stop anti depressants?
have you ever tried commiting suicide? Or have you thought of it?
What should I do tonight?
What do you do to deal with stress?
Can you get anxiety even if you are not anxious or depressed?
does anyone know any good exersice to help with depression and anxiety?
Why does a girl at work stay with her violent boyfriend, who puts her in hospital?
i watched really scary videos and now i cant go to sleep :[. what should i do??
is this normal for my 14 yrs old daughter ??
Is anyone here bi polar?
I feel that I serve no purpose in this world...?
am i crazy?
Whats wrong with me?...Is there something wrong?
anyone ever felt so deppressed......??????
do you ever feel like you'are loosing your intelligence?
Are you this strange?
If you mix 4 or 5 different types of sleeping pills can they kill you?
My Teenage Daughter is Cutting Herself, why? Is what I am doing correct?
Help please!?! Lower leg muscle pain!!! =[?
Why do I take everything so personally and why do I feel it is my fault when ever anything goes wrong?
Denfine Normal?
Can anyone tell me why I keep having hallucinations?
Am i a compulsive liar?
Am having pain from few weeks around upper back and ribs. Its worst when i am out of bed after overnight sleep?
i really really wanna cut myself but i heard its not worth it,and im so close to doing it.how do i stop myself
is anyone on heroin in newcastle?
A guy i "kind of" know committed suicide on 4 days ago, should i attend his funeral?
How many cuts does it take to become addicted to self harm?
i have been depressed for years and am scared to take anti-depressants please help!?
how do u cope when mrs wont put out?
I just need someone to tell me that this is normal and it will pass? part of depression?
Do you feel like you are living to please everyone but yourself?
Why can't I get over it?
anxiety and fear of dying?
do you self harm?
How long does it take for 20 aspirin pills to kick in?
how do i ask my dr if i have a problem with anxiety?
Does anyone have tips on coping with anxiety attacks?
IS 'CUTTING' becoming an epidemic?????
Why do i feel this way? Please dont call me emo.?
Can Borderline Personality Disorder be diagnosed in 1(one) 75min consultation?
i get realy depressed!!!?
I am a fuller figured lady and usually have pretty good self esteem but?
I've started cutting again, l do this every day. cannot stop. I need something to stop this.?
how much sleep should a teenager get each night?
what is a good anti-depressant?
Some nights I have anxiety...
What is one repetitive question you are sick of seeing?
how to cure panic attacks and anxiety?
you would know if you ran over someone?
is there a difference between obsessive and compulsive. if so whats the difference?
Is there something wrong with my head?
I need a medication for severe anxiety disorder that will definitly not cause weight gain? Help please?
why is it so hard to get a job with a mental illness?
help me please!?
Do anti-depressants work?
Paxil and moodiness?
i cant sleep?
help!!! my leg hurts really bad?
Body aches when first waking up?
Is there any hope for a relationship in which one of you is bi-polar?????
what sort of things do you need to see a psychiatrist for?
Whenever I watch a horror movie I can't sleep for the next 2 months atleast. Can you help me?
What's so wrong about suicide?
do you smoke?
Is anyone else worried about the future?
my life is boring right now?
I've agreed to see a psychiatrist, but not sure if he will be much help. Has anyone seen one?
how do u prevent stress? not deal with it. PREVENT it
throwing up?
I view myself VERY harshly ... wish I was dead ... help.?
What is going to fix me?
help me with my depression?
I feel like I'm the "all seeing eye". e.g. if i die, then the world will too .. like I'm the last Consciousnes
Does depression ever really completely go away?
How do you cure the blues?
What can I do to ease my anger?
What's the worst thing you can tell a depressed person?
HELP!!! i cut, and school starts 2morrow!! PLEASE HELP!!!?
How do you know if you're thinking about suicide?
Question About Depression?
Do you think people with Bipolar need a therapist??? Or just medications??? PLEASE?
How do you convince a man there is reason to live? He's suicidal.?
I think i am having panic attacks?
Are you scared of the dark?
How do i beat depression?
How can I help someone with bipolar disorder?
have you ever felt so miserable and stressed out that it hurts to breathe?
do i have a mental illness?
i am 14 and I am manically depressed. What can I do to get help?
Do I have OCD if I shower daily?
why are some people terrified of clowns?
I need some advice... My teacher told me that i would never...?
I am depressed, but I don't know why?
popping noise when he bends his knee?
My mum's doctor has prescribed Panadeine Forte for pain after a fall, but it says about high blood pressure?
How do you let a four-year-old girl know that it is not acceptable to fight with another child, who has cancer?
whats this lump on my right hand?
HELP depression?
i need help...suicidal?10 points..?
I can't be nice to people?
Have any types of food been shown to help in the treatment of depression?
Has anyone ever ....
I get in strange moods & do things that sabotage my life?
Should i try the meds and the therapy???
Depression - Any positive success stories?
Any suggestions for something to do?
Could I be mentally ill?
Does anyone take amitryptaline? Do you get any side effects?
I am not a child and I am not crazy. I am just tired of living this life and I no longer want to live?
Does anyone have an unusual or ridiculous phobia?
about my life?
is anyone finding there getting addicted to answers?
I'm seeing a counselor... now what?
When someone dies is it normal behaviour to smile & laugh?
Any ideas on how I can stay focussed?
a pain in my leg every time i walk or try to get up?
Will a cannula still hurt if they put on local anesthetic?
Hand hurts from writing?
ow why does my head hurt?
i am holding a tea bag on my eye is this working?
Are YOU scared of DEATH?
How can I improve my concentration skills & stay focused?
I hate eating in front of my boyfrend...is that normal?
Where does everyone keep their medications?
I don't care If people like me is that a sign being mentally I'll?
Is loneliness better than living with someone who's always angry?
do you have a weird phobia?
why cant i be pretty?
i dont kno if i have depression or not?
I think I might be suffering from depression, but how do I know?
What is the best prescription medication for anxiety?
signs of teenage depression?
what happened?!?
should i be in a mental hospital?
Can a relative take you to hospital and get you scheduled without your permission to do so? plz help?
I'm very stressed out ..... need advice.?
Help me I'm drowing in my own life.What do I do?
What's your addiction?
how do u make yourself feel better when u are so depressed that u want to just end it all?
why do I hate myself so much?
What do you do to deal with depression?
How can I give up marijuanna when living with a someone who doesnt want too?
im so scared to close my eyes....?
Is it possible to have too much happiness?
what is your most painful life experience?
I am so embarrassed about being schizophrenic?
I'm feeling suicidal?
why does my depression become worse in the summertime?
do bipolar people, use their illness as an excuse for their irrational behaviour?
how can we make our mind peaceful?
Do you think someone could beat Bipolar or Major depression alone?
i am so depressed i need somone to talk to..?
Am I weird for a teenager!? Please answer...?
Can anyone suggest some ways to help get out of a depression.i constantly feel down and like life is worthless
Antidepressants are making me crAZY !!! I have lost all hope and l'm and emotional mess. What do l do now?
my arm hurts like crazy..?
My jaw hurts so much, probably the worst pain I've even been in?
Do I Have Appendicitis?
Should there be law to protect people with mental health issues?
so unbelievably bored, what can i do?
Can snapping elastic bands across your wrist really hard in order to cope cause any permanent/serious damage?
is there a cause of schizophrenia?
does anyone care at all?
suidice. who else agrees?
How to conquer my fear?
What are you scared of?
Why are there so many people experiencing mental health issues today?
Im on Fluoxetine, what will happen if i tell the doctor im suicidal?
i've been "lieing" about something quite serious.?
Something's wrong with me mentally. What's a good site to look up symptoms of mental illnesses?
I was raped almost 3 years ago And i cant stop hurting over it?
am i different?
Do you think its possible.......
What do i do im scared?
left knee pain in adolescent ??
hey please help me! ear pain!?
Is this a sign of mental illness?
I can't cope nomore, Anxiety is becoming too much :( Help?
What's wrong with me? Is it depression? I'm not miserable... I just don't understand the point of my life?
What'sthe difference between a physichologist and a phsychiatrist?
Should I drive while this is going on?
This is police! U are under arrest?
My wife is suffering with anorexia its breaking us she thinks i'm having an affair what can i do to for us?
screaming alone?
please help, my 13 year old daughter wants to kill herself.?
how can I love my wife , when I see some ladies are more beautiful than her.?
i hate feeling happy?
please help im 15 and cant stop cutting!?
Is my mum being selfish? I have been having suicidal....?
how do u stop over-analysing everything.my head hurts coz i think too much, and the more i think?
who are you? which coping method do you take?
Dose everyone on yahoo answers not have a life?
I talk to myself? Please how do I stop this?
what is the reason of life?
Stabbing pain! please help?
My legs very sore and I have a game tommorow?
Why can't people accept depression as just another illness?
I am really nervous about giving a group presentation in school. How can i calm my anxiety?
is it normal to depend on your laptop for body warmth?
How to tell mum i think i have depression?
how to deal with boredom ?
Will you help me? (may be disturbing)?
have you ever sat on balloons?
Anti depressants what's your view?
i want to kill myself?
Can anyone explain the prevalence of depression nowadays?
I'm so sick of my Anxiety Disorder. Looking for people who can relate?
Should I go see a psychologist.?
why do girls get embarrassed if a boy rings them and their dad says "shes in the bathroom''?
Extreme guilt?
What do you guys normally do to release stress?
I feel scared for my safety even inside my home?
A family member has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Is it possible she is just a compulsive liar?
I have OCD with generalised anxiety?
what slippers shud i wear for my aching flat feet.i wasted lot money no use.help me?
Metacarpal bone pain?
My knee keeps going out of place?
a crazy 6 year old hugged me by comming up behind me and squeezing my tummy really tight and....?
Scoliosis surgery...?
I have,what seem to be, deep de ja vu experiences that last a couple seconds. Then I actually pass out.Help!?
I feel pretty sad...?
How do I start to love myself? I have heard this many times, but I just dont know where to start!?
why do i feel beautiful by myself but not when im with others?
Do you give your therapist a gift?
What happens when a girl with depression stops taking her medication?
Oh, this is JUST too hard- I want to die, people expect me to keep doing things, and I CAN"t -tired, depressed?
My dad has Parkinsons, what can I get him for Christmas?
why do i like to stay up all night,and sleep all day?
Are you afraid of dying?
What issue do I have?
I really wanna go to a counsellor, but im too embarrassed.?
I can't face life right now?
what is the most strange dream you've ever had.?
Questioning my Mental Health?
Medical reasons for my 12-year-old brother daydreaming all the time?
i have a provlem with cutting i can stop can youplz help me to stop any suggestion?
how come every one else has a mental illness and i dont?
i think im deppressed but i cant tell?
Borderline Personality Disorder Question?
Anyone taking Effexor? Cymbalta?
i think i need help.?
i seem to suffer from cronic depression how can i stop it?
every time i read this, i freak out....?
Are there any anti-depressants that DON'T put weight on?
what is day dream?
What is it when someone accuses you of there own faults.?
How likley am i to have bipolar?
What are small things you do to pull yourself out of depression?
My dr wrote a new rx and it is oxycodone M 05-52 what is that?
Is it abnormal to think about death alot? and when i walk over an overpass/bridge to picture myself jumping?
Why do i feel i cant open up ? ( Am i the only one ?)?
Whats the longest anyone has ever gone without sleep?
I've lost my feeling in my left arm and I can move it but cannot feel anything. How do I get rid of it? HELP!!?
oppinions people??????????
How do I improve my confidence?
I keep wanting to hurt people close to me?
how do i get rid of this pain???!!!?
i think my depresion?
My left arm is giving me trouble.?
My abs are hurting with no exercises!?
What should I do to make my wrist better?
Heat or ice for spasming neck muscles?
Is schizophrenia a genetic disorder?
Is there a way of lessening (bad) dreams?
how do i get more confident??
Is my mum's response normal?
Can Just Laying Around Alot and Depression Make You Feel The Way I Do?
What do you think? Im insane?
Manic Depressive ??
has anyone...?
I don't want to die, but can't stop the feeling?
Do anti-depressants work or do they worsen the depression?
bad gals bad gals whatch gonnna do wnen i come for you?
How do I help my mother overcome her loneliness which is causing her to suffer mental illness?
In your opinion, which anti-depressant do you think is most effective dealing with depression?
How do you get over loss and grief?
my flat mate has borderline bipolar and wants to go off her meds to lose weight how dangerous is this?
need and excuse for going home half way through the day?
No matter if i get 10, 12 or 8 hours sleep i am always tired what is worng with me?????
I'm so sad, why???
is depression pasted on?
What should i do about my friend who self harms?
I think i seen death?
How long can you go without sleep ?
why is everyone so quick to diagnose?
Is there life after death?
How come I cry after I have a panic attack?
I have adhd. Is it a good idea to inform my boss at work?
Help me. (Long question but please help if you can)?
Is a Brain Injury/ brain damage the same as a mental illness?
Have you ever forgotten what you entered a room for?
my girlfriend has BPD/Bipolar 1?
Im 15 bored with life recently found out im depressed i cant even explore life thanks to parents. Help?
Alcohol and memory damage, how quickly can it happen? Can it lead to Alzheimers?
my son is 8 years old and he says he hears voices and and sees shadows and now hes in a hospital?
can you have internal bleeding from your foot?
What causes the tight lump in your throat feeling?
my wisdom teeth are developing wats the best cure for d pain?
Had really bad day - need some help/ advice?
Jumping off a cliff should i?
what happens to those who take pills to die?
Free Counselling? Does it exist?
what do dreams mean? are they true ot not?
how do you get thoughts of death out of your head?
A teacher knows i self harm, i dont think she has told my parents though, will she have to?
is self harming addictive?
Do I have pyschotic depression or schizophrenia?
when was the last time you were crying?
Mental hospital question?
Why do some people cut themslves?
drug addiction getting past the next step?
have been a fairy heavy drug user in past, will zoloft work for anxiety and slight depression?
What ways are there to calm my mind?
How do I tell my parents?
How do I stop nightmares?
How to help a broken wrist?
Is efexor rd any good for trigeminal neuralgia?
i took 5 panadols..now my left arm is giving me a stabbing pain? will i die?
How do you get water out of your ear ?
Is it okay to never slouch?
why cant nobody elses see him? why is it just me?
Any tips on how to decrease anxiety before and during a speech?
I Don't Think That Im Happy With My Wife Nor Is She Happy With Me Anymore..What Should I do?
Do i need professional help?
I'm Currently feeling really depressed, what do i do?
does this sound strange to you ?
What causes DEPRESSION? How do you PREVENT it from happening?
my bike got stolen like 18 years ago should i like let it go and get over it yet?
Miscarried, depressed where do I turn now?
if my relationship makes me tired and drained ..even though i love my partner and we have been together ...?
thoughts on Zoloft?
Question about bipolar?
Depression and video games?
Can a 5 yr old suffer with depression?
what are the symptoms of a anxiety attack?
what are some good song relating to self harm and eating disorders?
How do you cure "artist block"?
What realy happened to me?
do you think bullying will affect you later on in life?
i feel sucidely please help?
Am I in denial?
I accidentally stuck a thick sewing pin right through my hand and it didn't hurt, why is this?
Can i fix a knuckle that has popped out of my fist.?
lost of feeling and sensation in my hand?
Anxiety and Depression help!!!?
what are some of the after effects of antidepressants?
I need help -- suicide attempt?
how come ppl?
can depression kill me?
How can I tell if my antidepressant is working?
Whats the best thing to overdose on?
What do you do when you think you have depression?
How Do I Beat My Pokies Addiction?
Is It Normal To Think This?
Please help me with this problem?
Hate to be around people & leave the house?
I want meds...?
Do you really think i should just stay on the meds and they will help?
I think i should just give up what's your opinion?
Therapists don't do anything but be nosy...Are they running a scam?????
Does music lift your spirits?
help wanted what are signs??? 10 points best answer?
What is this guy doing to me?
why don't teens realise that weed addiction is the cause of many of their problems?
what should i do i get abused ?
After agreeing to stop seeing my therapist due to mutual attraction yrs later I slept with him he wont talk?
has anyone ever been put on wellbutrin for panic disorder?
Can I pass my bipolar type 2 onto my children?
What is the best cure for depression? medications or other therapy?
Insomia!!!! Real Insomnia!!!!?
does getting a cyst on your knee removed hurt? i'm so scared?
My lower back is painful. How can I stop?
I cut myself again!!!!!!!!!!?
to cry or not to cry...talk or not to talk?
How do you lift a bad mood/depression?
how do i be happy all the time?
Weekly panic attacks, physical sickness etc?
Does this make me physic?
How to stop being so nervous
What do you think about my personality?
Can people with bipolar disorder type 2 stay happily married or are the destined for doom?
Does anyone throw up at the thought of going to work?
Bi Polar Disorder?
Would u say I was depressed if?
Why do kids think weed is harmless ?
Do you live with Agoraphobia?
why do i see myself as fat?
Is this weird behaviour?
Is this what your depression is like?
Trying not to start again....self harm?
My wrist under my thumb and near the wrist area hurts when i bend it backward and press on it. What could it b?
Do teenagers suffer from mental illness more than adults do?
How do you stop youself from gettin scared!!!?
Who likes to sleep alot?
I need help with self harm?
What to do about Bi-Polar?
What can you make out of these symptoms? Can you relate to any of them?
how do i stay off crack and be happy in my everyday life?
Anxiety medication?
What do you take when you are depressed or tired.?
what are some of the affects of antidepressents?
is there anything doctors can do for me?
Is there a cure for bi-polar disorder?
I dont like going to sleep?
I have bought the wrong home. What will I do?
cutting self again??!?!?
really really bad Nightmares.........help plz?