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what is the best medication to relieve chronic pain?
Has anyone been treated with an ENAR device as seen on TV ?????
a sore right side of back and front?
I need to pass the time for the next 2 hours?
Pain meds and numb hands?
why does my lower back hurt? my period is two weeks away?
I suffer with bad head pains, for a few years now and they seem to be getting worse,it effecting my body.?
Help! I am stuck in a strange yoga position and can't get out!?
Why do you feel someone's forehead to gauge their temperature and not their other extremities?
has anyone had a cervical polyp just fall off?
Sports injury?
Why do I have pain in both my arms?
whats wrong with my ankle and arch?
Im depressed, why cant i get back into school?
I just wanna die..now?
Music lost its meaning?
how do I get past this...I really need someone to talk to??
yet another benzo??????
Is this Obessive Complusive Disorder?
I got a terrible neck ache from bending over at the computer for a long time?
can someone tell me why the right lobe in the liver is bigger then the left lobe?
Why do I get so many migraines.??................?
Questions About New Migraine Treatment.?
im guilty about this? is it again excessive? i have severe ocd?
How can I tell my therapist that I'm really struggling with food?
I have a son,15, who has adhd, he does not seem to care or want to care about school, he seems lazy, HELP?
how do you disinfect a home lip piercing?
home treatments for osteoarthritis?
is the medication OXANDRIN used for any type of a pain reliever?
Is this a condition/disorder or something?
I don't really know what is wrong with me?
sentite canadesi...?? heard Canadian ...?
I would like some personal and professional information about experiences with TOTAL HIP JOINT REPLACEMENT'S
Orthotic shoes?
what can i do meanwhile to help the pain when im waiting to determine my stomach problem?
Has anyone here had luck with Welbutrin for increasing libido?
backpain vs pillow?
Is my eye Infected???
Has anybody had nerve endings in the spine fused to control pain?
can a pet scan detect ovarian cancer?how about breast cancer?
Labyrinthitis cures?
What causing my burning sensation down my calf muscle?
Arthritis question?
Burr Holes?
Do you have arthritis?
what does having a very fattly liver mean? I have found out tonight that I have a very fatty liver?
Explain my diagnosis?
Work and arthritis?
Heartburn relief?
knee issues?
what would you call my current living standard? any advice?
Where to get antidepressant prescription?
how did you bring order into your life after being a mess for a while?
What's the phobia for falling over sideways?
How do I cure an addiction?
Seeing someone that suffers from PTSD ?
I just got my test results back and my ferritin levels are staying high does that mean I have a liver disease?
Anyone with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis have this?
Back Pain - Disc Bulge?
i woke up with so much pain in my knees,can't even walk.Never happened to me b4.I didn't fall or anything.
The heel of my right foot hurts after i wake up from sleeping, it goes away but its getting worse, any ideas?
i have a really sharp pain running in my lower Left side and back do u know what it might be?
6months after being pregnant my back is still so sore,would a massage or chiropractor visit be best!?
In the tablet form of Oxycodone, in mg’s, what is the highest strength available to consumers -?
Indigestion...eye burning feeling as well?
I notice that I stiffen up my uprleft arm involuntarily, specially when I am holding something in my left hand
Continual Lower Back ache/twinge?
How bad does it hurt not get you cartilage pierced?
ongoing pain in left shoulder along with chest inflammation & suffer from shin splints can this all be related
shoulder pain??
I have had a headache for 3 days its in my whole head and eyes. Its not a flu or a Cold.i sweatbad when move?
my legs hurt everytime I bike to work?
What can I expect as I get older? I am not comfortable now because of widespread osteoarthritis?
Teenager with bone pain!?
push on abdomen?
Pain above right ear, goes into right eye & check Pressure in eye Treated for inflammed temple month ago?
my symptoms..... whats wrong with me??
My bones hurt!?
What causes this?
How do i make it less painfull?
i have and upper middle slightly to the right back pain, i had heart burn last night after i made myself throw
i hurt in my chest arpind 15 minutes, and sometomes in my ribs, and i get shortness of breath, and also?
Help! Heartburn?
Calling anyone that might know what this is!!?
? treatment with ketamine for severe chronic pain.?
What can a doctor (GP/Psych, etc) do for alcoholism?
why do i isolate myself so much?
Does anybody have Ankylosing Spondylitis?
this is a weird question but is there a way to get smaller feet?
Is it a Virus?
im in a seriace pain!?
Pressure in my neck, feels like tightening.?
I just bought a weird "energy" pendant by mistake...is it ok to wear such a thing??
what is memory gap. is it curable?
I have sore muscles and pain in my legs right side seems to be worse then left. Stiff can't get up sometimes?
tips for dealing with a migraine?
I crack my back in the morning and the evening. It is relieving and i feel so much better. is this harmful?
18 year old, pain thought arm from hands to elbows, and also back pain. Could it be from improper sleep or ?
swimmer's ear and work?? help!!!?
Can anyone help with a few ailments I am having with my legs and backside of head?
i have had a pain in the lower right hand side of my stomach for about 6 hours.?
Interested in Vitamin B Complex to help anxiety!!?
How effective is the new medication for Alzeimer disease Aricept?
what kind of ADD meds r u on? How do you find them?
if u have ocd the doctors will send you to a psychiatrist? or will they prescribe something there for you?
Auditory Hallucinations? Hmm...?
What a good way to get use to being alone all the time?
is this just my ocd and there's no need of any praying for forgiveness in my life?
Do you suffer from anxiety?
I don't want to do anything. What should I do?
She was stalking him and now it seems she stopped.does that means she gived it up? is in a bad situation?
Did I burn my Esophagus?
Pain in the back of the hand.?
What do you think the doctor would do if I told him.. ?
Have you ever cried in therapy? ?
somewhat depressed over a girl ?
How long is "too long" to be in the angry stage of failed relationship?
Hi to all, Just wondering, How do you know when to be happy?, life is good, but i Feel really sad.?
Panedeine Depedency and Withdrawls??
My knee guard feels too tight but the measurments are right???
Severe throat pain after ERCP?
How long does it take for a canker sore on my tongue to go away?
what does the giver do to try to relieve the pain of training?
can i be pain free in the back if i practice straightening it?
Cutters? How long will this last?
Please Read!?
better way of say...?
Would it be ok if i missed my second meeting with a counsler?
What are the advancement potentials if you are a physical therapist?
Where can someone who is using Ecstacy get help?
If you have depression, do you have to take meds or do therapy?
asprin overdose?
Anxiety disorder...feel like a burden to family?
Is there a medication for treating depression that has a similar affect as marijuana?
I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, methods of calming not working anymore?
Is it considered Pica...?
Does anyone know a good web site on dementia?
sooo stressseddddddddddd need a way out!?!?!?
Girl in school...? I feel really creeped out and i feel bad?
Pain shoots thru my body when I sneeze!?
How do you "deal" with Fibromyaligia?
nerve damage from excessive untreated pain?
Whats a good way to get rid of stomach cramps?
What is a good Pain Medication For a stitched up toe?
i have 3 lumps on top of foot?
Throat hurts terribly!!!???
how can i splint my 8 month old puppys leg. no vets are open today and i cant just let her stay in pain?
Head hurts?
what is the best treatment for obsessional thought disorder?
escitalopram or paroxetine?
I'm Clueless about Social Anxiety! SOS?
How do you get over a relationship when you broke up with the person because of your ocd?
This is random but: what pens are the best to write fast for a long time that wont strain my hand?
How Can I Get Over My Fear of Driving?
clonazepam makes me feel weird?
Taking Oxycontin?
I hit my elbow REALLY hard on a piece of furniture, I'm in a Lot of pain,I had exrays and nothing, PLEASE HELP
im sick and when i cough it hurts.how can i stop it?
Period Headache?
what streches training can decrese my dysmnorrhea?
How to fix foot muscle spasm?
Why do I wake up bad ( psychologically ) after general anaesthesia?
back pain relief what works best?
I hope someone can give me some advice on knee pain.?
How to find a doctor to talk to?
What's the best mental health site to blog and why?
Pain and symptoms of infection after eardrum replacement surgery..?
Wrist pain?
Have I hurt/damaged my eardrum? please help?
Hectic teen life = no sleep?
Please help Numb Face?
Has anyone had bursitis and if so how did you fix it ?
My arms keep shaking?
I have a misaligned sacrum. How do I find someone to do an adjustment for me. I'm near Seattle, WA?
Lower abdominal pains with a missed period.What could it be?
I have recently been diagnosed with severe arthritis in my lower spine. Will pregnancy be difficult?
Can feverfew be used for tension type headaches or only migraine type headaches?
my head hurt and i have lots of pain in my legs how do i stop it?
strange terrible leg pain?
memory pillow?
Need sites to hold me over to my next AA meeting?
Can someone with schizoaffective disorder eventually get off their meds?
Unconscious and Conscious mind complications.?
trouble with memory?
getting help with prescribed antidepressant addiction?
I love my boyfriend. Since a surgery and illnesses since Feb. he does not call or seem to care. Any ideas why?
Help? Brother problems?
arm pain sports?
pain medication.....?
I've chipped a bone in my wrist how roughly to heal in most casses?
It Hurts To Breathe When I Lie Down, And my Back Hurt, Plus I Have Headeaches All Day Long. HELP!?
what can cause pain under the right shoulder blade radiating to the right side?
Whats wrong with me?
cold sore problems?
I've just been told i have a mild case of Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Can any1 tell me what helps with the pain!
While push up,bone would have sound?
I think I have ocd help!?
Is it normal to get a pain around your jaw a day after getting your lip pierced?
I sat on the floor indian style and heard a popping sound in groin and intense pain followed.?
Does anyone know anything about bunions surgery?
Eye Problem?
does anyone know who created aura-soma?
can ativan .5 mg be taken while taking clonazepam 1mg?
Paracetamol and aspirin!?
Stomach pains in lower abdominals???
could anyone tell me what this could be?
Are there any women recovering from alcoholism and bipolar?
boat sickness?
Is it possible to suffer from seasonal affective disorder (sad) in the summer instead of in winter?
Obsessed with thinking about situations that make me feel loved or appreciated?
magic mushrooms?
Both of my eyes hurt alot when I look to the side?
Hurt my back today, now what?
help with fluid in ears please?
My ear and throat?
Sore leg muscles from exercise?
Left Iliac Fossa pain?
im so sickk..?
Why do my lungs and heart still hurt?
back2life machine sounds interesting but hidden supplements after 1st free mth - costs? cancellability?
how do i get rid of smelly burps?!?
Is this normal?? HELP.?
I don't understand why I feel so disconnected from everything?
How to stop drinking alcohol?
Am i depressed, have anger problems, or mentally deranged?
What Is Wrong With Me?
Wondering About Bi-Polar Disorder?
endone? anybody been on this painkiller?
Has anyone else had a broken ulna??
Extreme indigestion at nighttime, and shortness of breath solutions. ANY HELP?
Pain after nerve block...?
I have pain in stomuch left side?
waist hurts and bad leg cramps..? what does it mean? i drink plenty of water and i don't know what to do..
Does anyone know much about opana pain meds..are they addictive?
please help. does anyone feel like this?
why do people with ocd do physical compulsions? am i the only one with mental compulsion?
I have found a pill in my mans pocket and it is blue round and says 50 on one side and oc on the other side?
Syndrome..Please I need help?
If you had ADD, what is the average dosage of adderall that one would take in a day?
More help with my stepson...?
Any medicine, home remedy for cluster headache?
Has anyone used Norspan medication patches and did you find they helped you. This is mostly for people in Aust
The outcome?
mood swings and cognitive behavioral therapy?
I have stomach pain!?
how can i break my wrist?
I need some advice on CADMIUM in drinking water of a workplace?
creating healthy boundries - who can help?
Im really really scared!!!!help!!!?
How do psychologists (or other mental health professionals) figure out if you have depression?
I'm depressed and school has just gotten really hard. What do I do about this?
Self Confidence...?
Terrible back pain!?
Why is it or what makes my wrists pop in and out of their sockets everytime I lift anything heavy???????
What is causing extreme sharp pain on top of one of my feet mainly at night.?
38 Years male, I've been getting pain in both arms, dull mainly but if I take a deep breath it intensifies -
herbel / dill?
where are the best doctors for rsd in texas, new mwxico, or ariz.?
i cry over having to move on from things like grade 8, hockey, and all the thigs that i have to move on from?
Is Therapy Right for me?
are words just words?
how to prevent negative effects of stress?
Help, I forgot to take my Sanity pills today............?
im really tired!but i cnt sleep!help me!!?
Psych/Mental Health check-up test?
Can your liver spasm? or get cramps ?
Does a CT guided injection help for postero lateral disc herniation?
Strange pain in my right bicep?
Got hurt from a job hurt my back very bad now diognose with fibro or may be AS but still can find doc on your?
Guitar posture problem?
i am terified i need to calm down!!?
How can i make myself sleep longer?
Do you take any medication for compulsive obsessive disorder that has worked for you?
What do these symptoms sound like?
Could it be a cyst if it hurts?
chest/breathing is bad?
Little bump on my head is hurting me ?!?
the pain is getting stronger but i am keeping it up do u think it a good thing i am doing?
piercing, bellybutton side affects?
On both of my legs i have some swelling from the knee down could it be water retention and if not what?
Something is wrong with my ear and hearing?
23/m - diagnosed with psychosis today?
Would a Toastmasters course benefit a painfully shy young adult?
Why can't I sleep at night?
Is that two taps, or three? Did they go to 4 now? LOL!?
hip clicking ?
Plucking Eyebrow pain! lol?
can u take panadol while on duromine?
I have a sharp pain in my right side that gets worse when I sneeze or cough.?
OMG!! HELP ME PLEASEE!! I am SO worried and SO confused!!!?
what can happen if you overdose on ibuprofen?
What can the pain on my right side near my rib cage be?
Fracking Bumbs.!?
I hate the number 6 im going crazy!!!??
tmj problem Doctors and Nurses please?
How long do you need to rest a stressed knee and how much pain are you suffering?
Shoulder supports/braces???
What could I do so my feet won't hurt when I'm wearing heels?
Any suggestions for how to cope with chronic nerve pain?
What can cause pain in the head on the left side that moves from neck to temple and causes a black out?
pain management?
low abdomenial pain?
girlfriend raped multiple times.?
please i need lots of help!!?
Need you help!!!!?
Heahaces, gum shields, topamax and all thast inbetween!?
Having pain in my lower leg when running.?
sore knees?
am i depressed? if not, whats wrong with me?!?
one of my students has told me she is bulimic. i promised not to tell her parents. how can i help her?
Ways to treat depression?
How can this be???????
How to treat panic attacks?
Is it normal to have serious thoughts of suicide 24/7?
When I talk?
I'm afraid he's going to hurt himself..?
How do I keep a couple of girls awake :D?
Would anybody really care if I killed myself?
what do you think of mental illness? Schizophrenia, bipolar, depression etc etc
Is it normal to remembering something from when I was 1 or 2 year old?
what should I do live or die?
I am in grade 11 and I am 4'9?
Can anyone PLZZZ HELP me??plzz....(any serious ppl around) dont know what to think anymore...?
Is it wrong to cut myself out of curiosity?
natural cure for depression?
How can I cover the cuts on my arm?
It makes me feel weak to admit that I need help.?
Thinking about suicide..?
Every morning I wake up Sick?
my knee hurts from kick boxing?
Should my broken leg be aching?
Can amoxil that has been given in a four day period when is was for seven days cause a convulsion?
Pain in arm and wrist 4 days after having IV?
throbbing pain in the right upper breast?
why don't i have mucsles?
Chronic pelvic pain?
Sore throat and neck pain after eating? Why?
am i immortal?
Why am I so scared to talk infront of a class?
Homesick problem that needs help ?
Is it just me?? Or do we all have TONS of secrets we keep to ourselves??
What's wrong with me?
Am I in an abusive relationship?
Depressed. Sleeping most of the day, awake most of the night.?
My best friend cuts herself, and she has told her parents, but they don't believe her, help?
What is wrong with this girl? Just curious..?
My loneliness is making me really depressed?
serious question, serious answeres.....?
I'm scared of getting sleep paralysis even though I've never had it before?
I like to cry????????????
hi. they want my daughter to take effexor, i'm not to keen on the idea?
Family member is self-destructive and wants to bring me down with him!!?
please help!?
Natural way to get to sleep when having sleeping problems?
Is this "depression"? Or am I just a spoilt teenager, looking for attention?
What is a good way to deal with stress?
severe and constant headache n tiredness for over 8 months my doc dun wanna help any ideas what it could be?
flat feet!?
Why might my spleen be sore?
I have to have a cortisone injection in my shoulder under an ultra sound, do they help?
How do I deal with suicidal thoughts?
Were they panic attacks?
I smoked weed a couple days ago...and I've been feeling kinda paranoid since...please help?
im 23 and still play with.... toys, sort of..?
I'm very lonely but scared of rejection -- what to do?
I'm overly-sensitive, what should I do?
My mom attempted suicide today?
Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy...my mind goes 1million miles an hour...does this happen to anyone else?
in your own words and opinion who do you consider a alcohlic?
i have to stop thinking about cutting?
is there a cure for insomnia?
how do u get over depression?
are all psychopath dangerous?
what can i do for fun?
Could I really be addicted?
Im 14 and afraid I might have a problem!?
What happens if you're in the hospital following a suicide attempt and start starving yourself to death?
A question about funeral arrangements?
I turn my alarm clock off in my sleep. What should I do?
Can I talk to anyone going through an Anxiety Disorder?
is this a good idea.....?
I can never stick up for myself?
Starting college at age 23, too old?
Depression Medication?
Am I gonna be alone forever?
Does this sound like Bipolar Disorder to you?
What are next steps for treating depression/ anxiety disorders?
What is going on inside of my sister's head?
I am so depressed, I cant go on?
Some kind of issue or disorder?
Could I be addicted, is it a sickness, will I be able to stop?
How can I help my manic depressive/bipolar friend?
How can I deal with all this stress?
I'm really concerned for my friend's 6 year old sister...?
What is going on with my friend?
How to hold back tears?
Is it wrong to like the taste of blood?
How to have a calmer personality?
Why Do i keep having nightmares? What do i do?
I am very stressed, how do I prevent myself from snapping?
best way to get through depression?
when is someone considered suicidal?
Im bipolar and I don't know what to do?
What could be wrong..?
If i were to slice a vain deeply. would i die for sure?? or what if i burn it shut?
What advice would you have for someone like this?
I've been isolated for about 9 months, but minium talking. People make fun of me.?
Is it Depression?
I want to commit suicide so badly :'(?
Was this girl being mean or am I just thinking wrong?
Irratability and feeling wierd 2 weeks of paxil!!!?
Important question, What could this be?
So many problems.. overwhelming?
Which of the following is NOT an example of neurosis?
Depression? Anxiety? What mental condition could this be?
should I not drink coffee while taking effexor?
I wish I'd never been born?!?
how can I get over this fear?
Why Do I Have To Deal With This Horrible Anxiety Everyday?
Masterbation to Help Depression? Does it work?
is it good or bad to dream high?
I just can't take it anymore...?
How Do I learn to Express my Emotions?
is this normal? how do i stop it?
Will antidepressants make me fatter?
Xanax and exams? Need actual answers please?
why am i so scared ?
how can i stop emotional overeating once and for good...plz help?
Having much trouble sleeping & when i do get to sleep having really bad dreams.. someone help.?
Hi< Can anyone tell me where I could buy AIR LEG Massager in Australia?
addicted...i can't be sober for the life of me...please i need advice.?
How can I get my mother to stop denying I have a problem?
Drug addiction problem, NEED HELP.?
How long is Effexor withdrawl?
what is happening to me?
Depressed and suicidal?
Help!! Urgent, I think I did something to my brain.?
Suicide.. I'm seriously thinking about it..?
im depressed.. i need a counslor....?
Hiding scars from a doctor?
Can ADHD come from depression?
I can't do this anymore..?
I have trouble sleeping .. because im scared.?
feeling days after doing cocaine?
I hate change, even the small simple things. Whats wrong with me?
What's wrong with me?
Help with cramps!!?
Day 4 after Tonsillectomy, need advice!?
Have you ever felt like this.. ?
is this anxiety or something else?
What's wrong with me?
I'm afraid of going insane? help?
how to tell parents I have depression?
I have a chronic anxiety disorder, do any of you have this and how do you cope day to day?
Can you be bipolar&&have cyclothmia at the same time?
How to help someone to become resilient from a damadged childhood?
Why am i anxious for no reason?
I feel shaken when people I don't know die?
How do I deal with depression after being let go for unfair reasons?
im thinking about.. suicide?
where do old psychiatrists reports go?
my friend has a morphine and codein addiction..! help!?
Is it possible to be bipolar like be sweet one moment and be mean the next for no reason i think i suffer it.?
Pills for happiness ... ?
I am a cutter, and I don't know why?
Why do I wake up with Sore Feet, Is this lack of Exercise?
i have bumps and welts mostly on my neck and head. pain under ear behind jaw is swollen?
Have you got CHRONIC PAIN ??
explain these symptoms? tiredness, constant headaches, depression?
What is the impact of smoking Salvia Divinorum on a person with Schizophrenia?
i need some support...anyone have a loved one with bipolar disorder?
bad, evil, thoughts in my head, please help.?
Why do doctors worry about weight loss related to anxiety and depression ?
Resident acting up?
Are these some symptoms of depression?
How can one increace their memory power?
i need help because i cut my self and drink?
I am 25 and feel so fat. I weigh 150 lbs, and ugggh, I was never this fat until I took anti depressant meds..?
I stress WAY to much!!?
serious question, need answers quick?
how do i get over the death of my daddy?
why people get angry?
What does it feel like to be depressed?
What's the cure for being alone too long?
Sore sides?
do i have an eating disorder?
Do I have Obsessive Compulsion Disorder ?
So I'm 17 and I want to move out eventually. How do I do this without ending up poor?
the cake was a lie! D: Help me recover from this?
How do i know if i need help for my depression?
What questions would you have about cutting/ self harm?
Craving painkillers at 14?
Cant remember why I ever started to self harm?
How can I help my stressed out girlfriend?
is there such thing as emotional defense? or lack of emotion?
Procrastination Issues AHH Help me please ?
Is this normal behaviour..why/why not?
When I am outside I feel everything is unreal and fake and pretty much like I am dreaming?
what to do on sad days?
What would you call this?
How can I stop worrying/obsessing?
For people who been through teen depression, bipoler how long did it take for you to fully recover?
Grandfather's death.?
Is cutting or Drug Abuse more common amoung troubled teens?
why do people think there is something spiritual about drugs when it is just chemical effect?
i dont think i was put on the right earth or somthing?
do you think that im crazy?
relationship problems after abuse?
is lexapro good for depression.. and are anti depressiants enought to relief depression?
My bf a heroin addict.. (read description) I need help?
what's wrong with me, my memory is like messed up?
can someone please give input ?
self destruction..?
Self esteem issues, any help?
I WANNA TELL about my eating disorder?
Scared of doctor....?
I just took Paxil and?
Is it possible for me to get schizophrenia?
Help I'm nervous to go to school tomorrow?
does anyone understand the mental health act in Canada?
I was speeding 78 in a 50 zone, what does that say about my mental state ?
Questionable young innocent experience?
Have you had and would you recommend Lapband surgery?
Stomach cramps?
what's a body pillow?
Leg pain due to hip problem? Any help?
how can you I stop the pain from a kidney infection, or atleast mask the pain a bit?
I'm scared of becoming anorexic?
how can i stop taking things so sensitvely?
Is this anxiety or something else..?
How do I get my dad to go to sleep?
how long does anxiety medication work????
Why can't I sleep at night?
A question for people who where depressed and got help?
does depression affect empathy?????
how can i stop being so insecure?
Does seeing a Doctor about depression, usualy result in being given a perscription for meds?
How can I handle nausea and stomach aches from anxiety.?
Should my art show be open in supporting Mental Illness?
how can you gain confidance?
Help for severe depression until I find counsellor?
Why do my ears hurt when I drink soda?
is LICKING OUT a 1st timer likely to cause the HYMEN to split & bleed?
what should i do about all this stress?
Question bout a weird love story?
Psychiatrist diagnosed me with a disorder in 1 hour 30 minutes?
I don't know what is wrong with me?
Fear of abandonment but no cause?
Is this a disorder?
sleeping disorder kinda? anyone else do this?
I'm so so sad....need someone who will listen...freaks need not apply.?
social anxiety?
Im depressed and I dont know why?
I can't sleep at all I keep having terrible dreams about my ex please help!?
I'm going to join my daughter at the therapist for the first time....?
adderall xr for add/adhd and bipolar?
was my weed laced!?!?!? 10 points for best answer?
I have no emotions lately... is there anything to deal with it?
How do I get my life started?
what is happening? no joke?
if gallbladder infection in body there is pain in head?
What does Louise Hay author of "You Can Heal Your Life" - say about pain in the lower back? ?
I thought I was too young for hip pain! I've been experiencing really strange pain in my hip for two days.
I sometimes get really bad headaches ans pain in my eyes and nose is there anyway i can prevent this?
Does it hurt to get pin removed from my wrist?
How do you break an addiction ?? Drugs or otherwise ?
Do I have ADHD? Really worried.?
What's the Best Way to Relax?
DO I have Panic Anxiety Disorder?
HELP ME! can I go on employment insurance for severe stress and anxiety?
How do I balance everything? Is it possible to live with only four hours of sleep every night?
Are you afraid of change? Have you gotten past it?
Are these Signs of stress?
Please help!!!?
i feel that ive become very selfish and angry since i broke up with my abusive x? can anyone relate?
Could my boyfriend be bi polar?
What do you think about me when I say this?
Panic attack: how to calm down at school
whats wrong with me?!?!?
Is my depression causing me to avoid my work?
rib pain..?
Shoulder pain between blades in the back???
In Which Part Of The Head Indicates Which Headache?
Back pains help!?
i woke up this morning and it felt like my throat was swollen, my glands were swollen, i have a headache and..
How can I get rid of a ear ache fast?!?
I get alot of sharp stabbing pain in the area where my appendix is every now & then I don't know why this is??
I'm on wellbutrin for bipolar and looking for a friend?
Am I afraid of the dark?
What anxiety/depression problem is this..please read?
Am I going CRAZY? Please Help!?
I think I'm bipolar, and I really don't know what to do?
care too much of what others think of me..?
I felt like crying at work today on my break..?
Anxiety after two doses of anti depressant. How long will it last?
What are some ways to improve memory?
HELP!! Stress levels getting to high! Want to kill myself!?
about borderline disorder- why are people with borderline complicated...?
I haven't shed a tear for years?
Abusive relationship with parent?
How bad is this???????
Does anyone know of a suicide/depression chatroom, or would you like to talk?
Should I take medication for my ADHD?
is this anxiety pain or something more serious?
how do i stop procrastinating?!?
My mom is P*ssing me off!?
Why have my knuckles become swollen?
is getting an external fixator removed sore?
pain in my leg just 3" above my ankle?
Why am I so tired when I think I'm doing things correctly?
how to overcome Arachnophobia quick!?
what are you supposed to say to that?
HOW CAN I Deal with hating My body?? Thank u:)!!?
I need help dealing with my anxiety attacks....?
I am plauged by the numbers 7 and 11.?
how do you deal with things when you are mad?
Why Does this happen?
How much can I lose by late December? I am fourteen and want to lose about 12 pounds...?
How can I concentrate better on my school work while being emotionally upset?
my friends think i should get tested for adhd :O?
Is there such thing as a coma whisperer?
I cry when I'm really stressed?
Why Am I Hallucinating?
Anxious around people?
feel really sad and miserable! zombyish kindof. just want to feel somehting?
How can I overcome this fear and get motivation back ?
Do you think that late?
New boyfriend, old drug habit.. HELP!? :|?
I get really scared at night?
when i bend over i keep getting very bad pains in my head?
Why are beginners predisposed to lumbar spine hyperextension during some abdominal exercises?
Huge gut cramps. Sick of it. Help from doc or nurse??
Can GERD cause neck pain and give you hiccups all the time?
Generalized Anxiety Disorder..?
do i have anxiety?
Should I seek proffesional help?
Do I have a personality disorder?
What If I don't want to go to the doctor! (bipolar)?
How long can you make a pack of cigarettes last?
How can I accept myself for who I am?
HElp Im scared of "School Shooting Rampage"?
What does it mean if...?
Which type of counseling should I be looking for?
Anti-depressants and fatigue?
School Anxiety?
How much sleep should you get?
why does my back always hurt?
Is this Carpal Tunnel or not?
Oxycodone info?
Sometimes I just get really sore eyes and they get watery....why? :]?
i need help my brain has gone to mush?
Im sad and lonely and I dont know why?
I'm feeling depressed after moving to a new city?
Bipolar Disorderr. ? ?
Hearing voices in my head during certain events?
It's wearing me out!!!!?
Quiet or shy? whats my problem?
Help! My Brother is having anger issues.?
when mental patients talk publicly about their illness experiences do they get paid?
PLEASE HELP ME!!! I am going a bit crazy here and I need someone to explain this to me.?
does anyone have any suggestions?
confusion in elderly?
Help! i think my co-worker is strange.Im afraid to ride in her car.???
I severely detest talking to people about everyday, random things (small talk)?
why do i hear a low whisper sound in my ear? i feel freaked out and i don't think i'm going crazy, i hope not.?
Do I need serious help?
Im soo stressed?
Are schizophrenics aware of there surroundings?
how do you get people to like you? help plz?
depressed and need help...?
does anyone know about folloing meds?
does any one else feel like life is redundent?
is there a self help group for Anxiety in St Johns newfoundland?
trying salvia for the first time?
Is something wrong with me ?
withdrawal from Effexor and intense night terrors/nightmares?
how to feel good when losing?
was my food laced?!?!?!?
dating someone with a boderline personality disorder?
can anxiety / stressful thoughts hurt/damage/negatively affect the state of your brain?
Why do I get so anxious before leaving the house?
My life is so...blah! I just want it to start!?
What can i do about this?
What do gangs do when one of their members has a severe mental illness?
I feel depressed but it could be just me unhappy?
Am I bi-polar or just trippin'?
getting help with my eating disorder... telling dad... yes... no?
Hey! Dontcareanymore??? please read this!?
do doctors prescribe benzo's to kids?
confusion in the elderly?
Do i have an OCD? Some type of anxiety disorder?
Is my thesis is too broad, help~ Its about Job Stress and Health...?
I think i lost myself?
How can I help deal with depression?
What's it like to actually care about strangers?
Need some help with depression issues? I don't know what to do.?
Am i crazy and what can i do to stop it?
How can I be more loud/crazy/fun/confident?!?
How do i SAFELY light myself on fire?
the right side of my head hurts bad?
For Jacinta who just replied to my question?
i have fibromyalgia/panic/anxiety attacks and night terrors?
Really need help and advise. Thank you?
Going to see a psychiarist for add?
How can i get use to my mothers b!tching?
Should I be concerned with this behaviour?
How can you manage extreme stress?
Where does someone turn to when they are ignored and made to feel like a joke and worthless?
Is there a name for this? Or is it normal...?
I am so down. I dont know what to do. Nothing makes me happy. Every little thing frustrates me and?
Chronic worriers/ocd sufferes how do you deal with life?
do you think i have ocd?
Alcohol and cocaine....out of control!?
What is wrong with me?
I need help with my work anxiety?
can't live with guilt and obsession- how can i get help?
Childrens aid impact and the people that phone on you?
What can I do to help my Panic Attacks?
What should I do in terms of treatment?
what are some easy ways to get some sleep?
i feel so depressed, what wrong?
What do you think I have? Please help.?
(Gay Guy) I get these random online infatuations due to Social Anxiety...?
Would anyone else with anxiety find a restaurant a difficult place to work at?
what this could be? HELP!?
What does a relationship w a bipolar feels like?
I dont know what to do, im in serious distress?
its at the point where weed insnt enough?
What do you think stress is?
Im confused I just found out im bipolar am i crazy?
How can you get over depression?
How do you find who you really are?
Paxil 20 Mg did not work for me?
I'm very Afraid!!!!!!!?
i am so angry?
i talk in sleep am i going crazy?
I want to see a therapist, but how?
For the past 3 months I can't sleep I either fall asleep at 5 and wake up at 7 or I can't sleep does anybody?
I don't know what to do anymore..?
I think this is insomnia.?
uncomftorable in one's own skin?
What is the best medication for treating ADHD?
Is depression genetic?
Zoloft - how long will it take to work?
what is schizophrenia?
i have mental problems?
I seriously think i'm becoming a hypochondriac, do you think i am?
I think he's addicted? Please help!?
I have Depersonalization Disorder?
Citalopram ; what's it for?
What does this dream mean?
Hey everyone please help?
i i forget where i have parked my car.i left key in car and forget to close window of car. after hiding thing?
why do I fear being unsuccessful?
medicine making me sick?
Throat trouble?
strong pain in lower back?
Cervical Neck Issue?
what is a hypoechoic collection i have it between my shoulder muscles and it is painful esp when it swells?
Are all major sicknesses/diseases hereditary?
where can victoms of cyberbulling go for help? -contact information?
Anyone else out there suffer from Depression?
What is the point anymore>?
i feel so messed up, all the time. depression, insomnia, crazy fears, self esteem problems . help! please :'(?
I keep hearing these words in my head?
What's wrong with me?!?
How do I learn to move on?
How do I stop feeling sorry for myself and be positive?
Hi everyone, i need some help with my mental problems, I am curently 16 with major depressive disorder.?
im obsessed i admit it....?
What are some pills that will make me happy?
sudden burst of tears in public / anxiety attacks when alone / i need a cure for depression please_____?
where can i learn meditation online?
how to feel happy for someone else when you are depressed???
my dd is very quiet, barely talks,fidgeting fingers, barely eye contact,could this be part of autism?
Side Effects of CONCERTA®?
is it ok to keep smelling you breath while praying or do i have to do it again?
can metaphorical punches cause external bleeding?
Why do people want to level others?
boyfriend depression?help please!!?
have to go to my sister's wedding and i have a MASSIVE socialphobia?
How do people get diagnosed for Attention Deficit Disorder?
Are there any older people out there?
OFF Paxil almost 2 weeks.?
How can I stop being a pig....?
Is there more to life than this?
I'm Just wondering what the heck is wrong with me.?
I feel like i might have 'ocd' i worry about every little thing, everything has to be quite and still?
How can I get over having an abusive dad?
i feel like i need to go over things that are in my mind before i do anything that i like or is important?
What should I be when I "grow up"?
Why does this happen?
Starting to doubt reality?
bloating with acidic/bitter taste/indigestion?
What methods can I use to calm down while having a panic attack?
Anxiety and Depression medication in Canada?
My friend was was wondering and not to worry, she's not planning anything.?
what can help me get on the hospitals side?
My brain feels like a tv with all the stations playing at the same time?
How Do I Break Free From This?
cutting with hairspray?
Effects of Wellbutrin?
Help, something is really wrong.?
HELP: I can't stop daydreaming i do it 24/7 can someone give me some tips?
What is risk with all this?
How can i cope with rejection?
What to do about stress?:(?
i think i might suffer from depression what can i do?
What do I do now...please help?
Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder?
Feeling anxious in the morning, please help!?
Is there a medication that calms you down and over time cures anxiety?
Help or advice would be good...?
why am so hungry, keep wanting to go on fb& fs o-o?
Does this sound like bipolar disorder or an abusive cycle?
Do I have some sort of talking disorder?
Major Sleep issues pleasee help please?
Trouble sleeping because I am excitable?
Will I ever recover from this psychotic break?
what's worse schizophrenia or purely obsessional ocd?
what are abvious sings you have adhd?
Is this a good speech introduction for schizophrenia?
Do I have a mental illness, or am I just imagining this.?
Getting over my fears?
CPP Disability Benefits?
A bit of help?...I just need a quick opinion...?
How to avoid getting a mental illness?
Do you think my eating habits are too much, or am I a binge eater?
How can I get out of my depression and my anxiety?
Depressed about work?
is this my ocd bothering me again?
personal/stress/family leave of absence from work -- please read?
think 'loneliness" can kill?
i feel i wanna thu up but whenever i try nothing happens ?
Is it safe to take ritalin if my heart beat is fast?
Please help... im scared :(?
How can I be happy at work?
What should I do (help asap really sad)?
Can anxiety cause symptoms?
Im confused? What should I do?
How can I help my gf get off ecstasy?
On Parnate, no sleep! Recovering Addict taking Bromazepam for sleep!?
Can this give you a seizure or am I paranoid?
what happens if you take all prozac xanax wellbutrin and amitriptyline at the same time?
How can I become comfortable around people?
Anybody help me, my wife has dis-associative identity disorder?
blood in stool?
why is it that when i read i never ever take in anything, i can never focus?
Am I overreacting? Either way, please help: need to relieve stress, QUICK!?
Bipolar disorder........?
Is this just me, or is what I'm saying making sense?
Weight gain while on Celexa?
How do I break my addiction to music in order to improve my life?
How to get over extreme anxiety?
stop being a stalker?
How do I become mentally/emotionally stronger?
how can i gain more confidence?
Is this a seizure?? help!?
did i get scamed?!>!!>?
Celexa. I need an opinion. Feel very confused., can someone talk to me , please.?
I cry all the time and it doesn't make sense?
i feel like i can't think. like i'm brain dead. and always stuck in what i want to say ? why ?
A good friend of mine is suffering from cocaine addiction and alcoholism.?
Sleep walking? related to a suicide attempt?
How do I keep from being lazy and unmotivated?
Recent Teen Memory Loss?
Help... Doing a project about Anxiety..?
my first time getting high off of pot really scared me and now i think im depressed or ..?
is purely obsessional ocd going to ruin my life?
how can i talk to other families of teens online?
how to deal with disapointment?
Physically Sad .....?
I didn't need to pray for forgiveness in the first place.?
Friend is/was attached to a tv character...unhealthy!?
why do i keep crying ...? :'(?
I think i sleep too much, whats wrong with me?
Paranoia from smoking pot?
can you be depressed and not know it?
I have been on prescription drugs for bipolar and have had severe side effects. I want to try Luminex,?
what if someone who was diagnosed with bipolar, was on a medication combo for three weeks and then stopped all?
Schizophrenia Therapy?
Can't afford antidepressants, now what?
Question about Sleep? Please Answer?
I am really down... :(?
Deathly scared of throwing up, need help!?
sleep issues?? exhausted?
Will I Ever Be Okay? How do I get to feeling okay?
Does anxiety ever convert itself into fatigue?
cilexa (citalopram) 10mg...Is the really tired side effect one that goes away?
can people with purely obsessional ocd worry about having compulsions even if they don't do it?
How can I stop worrying about dirt on my hands?
What should I do??????????
Why am I so moody/rude lately?
how do i go about?? ... and how do i get over it ?
Something is not quite right....?
what could i do to make myself feel better?
My best friend is a compulsive liar... how do I deal?
Im acting like myself but still nervous?
How do I get my life started?
Alcohol Withdrawls???
What do you do when you know that....?
my 5 years old woke up with rush oer his body what can it be?
Trying to act nervous?
Am I Making Myself More Anxious?
Anyone taking Citalopram? Does it work well for anxiety?
Concerta withdrawal effects?
Stress Leave? Will I get paid while off on stress leave?
May have BiPolar Disorder?
What should I do with the life Im living?
Being tired something has to give?
Can you refuse meds if you're admitted to the psych department?
What should I do? feeling so depressed and...?
How to get over an addiction?
SSRIs: Are you one of the people that gets no benefit from them?
What should I do here?
Why is it that depression can create thoughts that have neva happened?and why does your mind lie to you?
i just had another panic attack?
do you ever plug your ears when having a panic attack?
Anyone experience racing thoughts and found a medication that helped?
Am I doing way to much?
How do you help a person who is addicted to Oxy's?
i didn't or will need to pray for forgiveness because this is all my ocd?
MY sleeping problem, what am i doing?
Anxiety Disorder Immediate Help Please!?
is there something wrong with me ?
A few sleep questions... Help?
Did I have a nervous breakdown?
NEVER HAPPY close to eating disorder please help?
Information for major depression?
is my mind playing tricks?
Scared... helppppp!!! :S?
biting themselves?!?
where can i read if a teen can give consent to take medicine in hospital -?
Are these emergency symptoms of lamictal withdrawl?
SUDDEN depression, extreme negative feeling?
Can you help me identifying my disorder please?
Help i really scared!!I i want to cry!!?
Im nervous about taking my first anxiety pill before Day Program?
Can Xanax cause light-headedness ?
Are bi-polar people more sensitive while pmsing?
please help i cant stand my anxiety?
Is this all in my head?
How do you know if you have a mental illness?
could this really be me?
Cymbalta, the best time to take it?
do i have insomnia or something?
Any coping ideas to finish off highschool?
What over the counter drugs would cause someone to be overly mood swings and irritable?
How has a diagnosis affected your relationships with people?
I never know what to say, how could I become less quiet?
what do you think is wrong?
how do i tell my friend that i think i have ocd?
i need help, and i dont have anyone to turn to...?
Sleep problems.. im not sleeping welll.. help?
i need help in figuring out with whats wrong with me : one major symptom is memory lose?
What to Do About Family Member Abusing Prescription Drugs?
Sometimes I get the feeling that things are going to end up badly. What's the deal?
Sleeping/not sleeping issue?
I need to know if anyone can specify if / what disorder I may have?
Do the clinically insane tend to "over-think" at times or do they normally just act on impulse?
Glimpses of things that aren't there?
What can i keep with me so it helps my anxiety?
how do you know if your shrink is good or not?
What's ur opinion on what I was honking when I wrote this? This is one of my late night muses?
can i get antidepressants without my parents knowing?
Withdrawal from Citalopram/Cilexa...Any cures?!?
Can anyone please provide me with some advice on a struggling student in university?
Do I have multiple chemical sensitivity or is it my anxiety disorder?
What's happening to me?
Is There a herb or Tea ???????????
Has anyone heard of and tried Brainwave?
Sometimes i feel sad when i go to sleep due to sad thoughts, so what can i think about so im happy when i slee?
How many children in the world get abused in a minute?
how can I stop being confused?
What disorder do i have?
Do you have a color disorder or know anybody that suffers from it?
I Am Obsessed With FAME (and, to a lesser degree, wealth) - PLEASE HELP!!!?
Am I a hypochondriac?
HELPPPP what do you think?
I think I might be getting depressed .... how can I make myself happy again?
When I am doing sometimes, sometimes my brain freezes up and I forget what I am doing?
when do you start noticing sleep deprivation?
How to cure my depression? (known cause, unfix-able)?
ADHD disagnoses is it possible?
does anyone know a lawyer who deals with mental health in toronto, canada?
i got a sharp pain going down the center of my head and i am dizzy and feel like lying down?
Help. I'm obsessing right now if I did something wrong that has to do with work and I can't stop!!!!!?
Might be becoming an older sister?
Did my doctor prescribe me a paxil look alike (placebo)?