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what is the worst thing to say to someone suffering from deppression?
I am 23 and depressed and suicidal and I just can't snap out of it?
DOES Anxiety Effect Concentration?
How to stop dysthymia (mild depression)?
OCD - Abnormal Thought Process?
I long for a time gone by, can I get over it?
How long does Wellbutrin XL typically take to work for treating depression?
How do I approach my doctor about Depression and SI?
ritalin addiction - ive been snorting ritalin for 10 months?
Are Brain lesions serious? MRI needed?
something is wrong with my ears!!?
how do i know if i need knee surgery?
Is it really cystitis?
streches to stop spine/back pain? help. please.?
Some times when i lay in bed i tend to?
Could this be a kidney stone? The pain woke me up?
what cause this problem?
what is the best way to treat sundburns, (the least painful)?
are there any foods/remedies that reduce leg cramps at night?
Does extreme stress cause temporary memory loss?
anxiety/depression?.....anyone had this?
Anxiety ruining my relationships and life?
How Do You Know Your True Feelings?
Should i see a physio or a chiro for my neck and headaches? Not sure which one would be best to see?
Is there pain relief for crowning/tearing in birth? I dont want to feel that burn again!?
I'm sick and feel a liitle dizzy and nauseated what should i do?
Knee arthritis?
Whats happening to my?
How to get rid of an on coming headache?
Ive been getting migraines after playing sport?
Gout can get I get in my wrist?
i have serious mental problems?
Help Me! Please Read! - What's Wrong With Me?
What is the point in?
Self Harm Scars, I know i'm stuck with them?
Living with a bipolar husband for 15 yrs?
short term disability?? through work...?
this is going to sound weird but it feels like my brain itches?
Sunburn Relief! please help!?
Sore tongue?
I overdosed on Wednesday and I just took some more pills.. am I okay ?
Why do strong antipsychotics make me cry?
Attention Deficit Disorder?
Has anyone ever taken the drug Valproic for anxiety or depression.?
What do you think my brother in laws condition is based on this behavior?
Is the anti-depressant PROZAC classified as a narcotic in Canada?
Persistent unbearable throat pain at exactly 7:55 EVERY DAY for many days! :(?
I really need help please anyone with answers answer me?
Anyway to stop the pain of a pinched Nerve?
i have lower back pain and i can’t figure out why.?
how do i get my husband to get an mri?
I've been having hallucinations for the past 2 years at least?
Voices in head at night?
if i told people that i have?
I have a few questions about seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?
How can I read faster?
Hallucinating on sleeping pills?
How to talk to doctor about prescribing pain meds such as Lortab,Percocet Etc...?
Have you ever had a 'carpal tunnel' cured thru acupuncture? How successful was it?
My legs collapse, my symptoms match MS but MRI says no.?
it's been a week but my girlfriend is having stomach pains and headace could it just be from worring so much
pain i never get before..whats going on?
how can i get confidence?
Weed Anxiety Issues? Help please!?
Is it possible to develop motion sickness later in life?
Intermittent hearing loss in right ear and pain in moving my jaw?
I have a lump?
dull throbbing pain when pressure put on bottom of heel gets worse after rest what could this be?
i get forearm pain when squeezing someones hand and it lasts for a few days feels like something tore?
will i ever get better?
carpel tunnel, what is the best treatment as I have it in my two wrists, is painful and reduces my sleeping?
What form of exercising can I do?
my ear hurts after going to concert? when will it stop?
Was i sleep walking...........................?
Help headache won't go away. Ideas?
My arms hurt so much when i bend it especially when im sleeping.?
Chiropractor in North Shore Sydney?
HELP! my leg ahces so much! :-'(?
Are these type of appendix pains for 11 year old?
My stomach hurt extremely bad and it wont go away! HELP!!!?
HELP! Please, I need some serious advice!?
Just talk me through this, help me, please.?
how do i get my mother to quit operating based on emotion?
I NEED HELP :( I'm scared.?
If I Killed Someone At Age ( 17 ) Femalee.. What Would Happen To Me ?
i have this upsetting feeling. and i dont know why?
Do you think this girl has some sort of mental pathology?
Stability with Bipolar: Missing Hypomania?
Blood on toilet paper. Was not on stool (I think)?
Lower left stomach cramps?
what is the difference between OTC and prescription pain medications?
Really bad headaches........?
Is Fish Oil benificial for Arthritis sufferers?
Last night I had the strangest experience of watching my arms moving around while I was asleep.? Anyone else??
Can crushed up asprin mixed with moisturiser (or anything else?) work like voltaren get to relieve pain?
what kinds of adhd medications are there and do they have after efects?
am i in denial? and where do i go from this point?
Helping a child cope with death?
does anyone know anything about the drug called seroquel,?
why am i always asking "what if"?
17 YO female, prescribed prozac & trazadone?
How can I stop caring so much about what other people think?
does 1mg do as much damage as 12mg?
really bad lower back pain?
Bowen therapy - what have your experiences been?
Will I have sciatica for the rest of my life?
headaches... idk whats wrong...?
Have a few questions here, opinions?
It's 5:36AM but I don't feel tired?....And I haven't slept yet..?
How Can You Feel Less Alone? and Depressed?
sometihng wrong my with right shoulder?
um is there anything i can do?
Is there such a thing as referred pain? (One for the Orthopeadic Surgeons)?
having chest pain at 20yrs old...help?
How do I make my eyes stop hurting when I blink?
Any help with ankylosing spondylitis?
I was wondering if anyone has had the drug Tegretol before?
why do i feel like my right vein from my neck is going to explode?
Homedics Infrared Massager?
Do i go to the Eye Docters or not?
cortozone injection?
Pain in My lower left abdomen?
What drug group does heart medication belong to? Example mylanta belongs to the antacid drug group. Thanks?
Loss of appetite and flatulence - any help?
The doctor said I had bursitis of the hip. What can I do to relieve the pain?
Liver Function and Iron Study Blood Test Results?
I was officially diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder yesterday. What is it exactly?
Why can't I just be happy with what I have?
What Anxiety/Mood Problem Is This?
I attempted suicide on Friday and I heard the nurses say I was somewhere between psychotic and schizo?
how to get your doctor to prescribe Valium?
I'm not sure whats wrong with me....does anyone have any ideas??
Very bad pains in my legs arms all joints?
my dr thinks all my pain is in my head?
Can you get high from Zoloft?
What do you think i have?
Is there such a thing?
help my friends scare & intimidate me?
How can I be less sensitive?
What can I do to fix/help this situation?
What should I do (please help)?
Lately I have been scared for no reason, what could it be?
I had my galbladder out on dec 06 i still have attacks i puke but only oils and i get extreme paid on my lower
How do i get rid of a headache really quick?
What do I do about my bone spur in my foot?
Moving because of Rheumatoid Arthritis (Canada to Australia)?
Why does my tailbone hurt?
Which of the 2 piecings hurt the most?
Would an anti helix piercing hurt when your not so good with pain?
Pain behind the knee, trouble straightening it.?
sore body, could it just be my back or something more serious?
could lower back pain be a cause of a uti?
I found these lil lightgreen pills labeled pms on one side and i have no idea what they are.?
2 weeks after dose of methotrexate?
Can I take duel action cleanse with my synthroid?
Is Myositis Ossificans rare?
my sister is depressed, please help?
Can I Be Hypnotized Into Loving Life?
What time frame are depression tests' "used to" refering to?
what could cause memory loss in a 15 year old?
Do police and ambulance techs get annoyed when someone attempts suicide too many times?
What happens to your body if you overdose on medication ? Do you lose consciiousness or die ?
What is the Stigma attatched to mental illness?
Generalized anxiety disorder causing a lot of problems. Need Help!?
i can't seem to get rid of my toothache?
I have been prescribed Lyrica 75mg to help ease my back pain. I am concerned about getting hooked on them!!!?
Anesthetic For A Piercing?
My mouth really hurts...?
I have a head ache in the back of my head (HELP)?
hip pain in a 21 yr old female?
what does bone pain in your legs, pelvis, lower back and arms mean?
I have been diagnosed today with coeliac disease is there any one else who can give me some tips on diet plans?
Why are my toes curled? Is it something the doctors should see?
Based on experience, which hurts worse?
im about to have my cerviacal? injections does it hurt?
/rotates wrist... CRUNCH!?
Tendonitis in right shoulder?
Could i have osteoporosis?
Im on CHAMPIX... Have had a mild headache since i began using it?
HELP healing a tragus piercing.?
Anyone use Lyrica for sciatic pain?
Bulimia Presentation activity?
I just got out of the hospital on Thursday and I am still suicidal ?
What are some treatment centers in Canada that deal with changing behaviours (not addictions)?
feeling pretty emotional lately..?
I think im depressed, and im not too sure what i should do.?
What sort of treatment centers are there for changing behaviours ?
what do you do if you are terrified of fat people and you teacher is one?
I have a habit of cutting myself...?
Is it safe for a 15 year old to take xanax?
I keep hearing voices and seeing stuff that no one else can see. Whats happening to me and what should i do.?
i don't know what to do, please help...?
will i ever be happy?
I can't sleep and I have tried various things.?
I think I have a personality disorder... what to do next?
"normal" range TSH but symptoms?
Cant Breath, PLEASE HELP ME !?
Thyriod problem?
Places hurting?
Medical opinions? Please Help! Pain in the right side of my chest!?
What is it from?? chest pain?
My parents think i might be schizophrenic?
I recieved my blood test back and it showed an abnormal liver funtion test result?
Headache won't go away?
I have fibromyalgia and suffer from depression. I have a biscon frise and helps me with my depression?
Bunion surgery?
What's making me so nauseous?
My cartilage piercing (earring) won't come off!! What do I do!?
Why does it hurt when he fingers me?
half of my fingernail is broken!! ouch horrible pain?
bmx back pain hurts alot?
whats in povidone its in Anaprox?
In the middle of the night my leg locks up and i can't move it? OWW!?
Has anyone heard of 'Vastilitic Neuropathy'?
How much does one usually snort when they snort cocaine?
What is the best option for relieving bulging disc / prolapsed pain without having an operation?
Going to the Chiropractor..?
Pregnant,cough and rib pain?
Surgery on C3-4 disc protrusion?
Could neck pain and stiffness be caused from general anaesthetic?
Everytime i play netball my knee hurts after the game what should i do?
I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, whhat would help my pain?
What can i do to reduce the pain in my legs?
Should I go see my doctor or go back to work?
Does osteoarthritis cause a reduction in overall height?
Is a stiff neck normal with a migriane?
i banged my head against the wall and heard a crack?
Frusterated with my friend?
i feel weird it feels like something is missing?
Sharp pain in my right shoulder blade?
Pain in my lower abdomen and back on the right side?
my back is fine all day , but i wake up in the middle Of the night with back pain(all over my back)?
how do i get pain relief when passing a gall stone?
Do Rheumatoid Arthritis flareups cause you to be sick as well as in pain?
My legs have been numb for 3 days now?
virus, brest bone pain & hard to breathe?
need help with my friend's health?
what do you call a doctor that treats the muscle?
I took Extra strength tylenol this afternoon and I feel so nauseous right now.. Is if from the tylenol ?
What are people referring to when they for example say "I had clinic today"? What is clinic?
If you are suicidal and say you want to be admitted to a hospital, would you get admitted right away?
Is hating your voice a phobia?
what is wrong with this youth who has been abused as a child?
I feel down in the dumps all the time I think i am depressed, what do I do?
Anger Management Question, How to Deal with Rudeness?
What happens to your body if you overdose on medication ? Do you lose consciiousness or die ?
Why do cricketers chew gum all the time when they're in the field?
How Do I Stop Worrying About What People Think of Me?
I have a habit of cutting myself...?
How do you gain more confidence?
Questions about pills for depression?
Big problem. Suicidal depressed and miserable and got into a car accident?
Finally Over Depression?
Is Dissociative Identity Disorder a neurotic or psychotic disorder?
What brings you joy in your life?
How can I stop my serious depression?
Is There Any Drug That Makes You Emotional?
Fatigue, Body Aches, No Energy, Chills, Some Headaches
Oxy Question?
Why have my sinus infections / headaches caused a painful lump on the top of my head?
throbbing ear?
I think i got a really bad cramp the other day, what causes it?
How to make shots hurt less?
I have a dark circular bruise on my left arm and my whole upper arm is sore- it feels after an injection?
my back/hips have been hurting since I got a new bed. if i lay on my side my arms or legs go numb?
Do i have an ear infection?
She was raped, and now she is isolating herself from everyone?
do i have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)?
please leave your comment and idea ! I need your idea !Thank you !?
How long to have correct Hydrocodone level?
I got small throbbing pains in my left arm mainly...?
Is it normal when i walk my ankle moves inward? plZZ answer?
Is holding nose, closing the mouth, and then swallowing a good alternative for popping the ear?
When I turn my head to the left, something behind my adam's apple moves and there's a dull snap. Any ideas?
Random Pain. =(?
I just had my second surgery on a shattered foot?
Burning Sensation in Calf?
How to get rid of heel pain when relaxing?
Foot arch?
I think I have been doped with a lot of drugs atleast 5 to 6 times? Please answer....?
Long Term effects of the usage of Xanax?
I tears come into my eyes very easily when i am hurt on very small thing. is it sign of depression?
People of the world please help me figure out my brain!!?
In your opinions, what antidepressant/anxiety meds have worked the best without alot of the side effects?
9/days this morning -off suboxone--still not feeling right - " very proud of myself " 9yrs on how much longer?
I keep getting this pain under my ribs.?
Exercise & Arthritis?
Neck pain and cracking?
Why do I have pain in flat feet?
How long does a crick in the neck usually last for?
Why do I have stitching on the bottom of my scrotum?
Sleep Paralysis or was i visited by Demonic forces?
Why do I have insomnia?
Has anyone become addicted to Zopiclone, also known as imovain, and been able to get off it successfully?
I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder ? What exactly is it?
Why can't I sleep, its been four days now...?
What is happening and why?
Teenager going through LOTS of stress?
I feel like I'm always sad or grumpy...?
please help my friend- something is wrong with her!?
what is browns syndrome(its in the eyes)?
what can i do about my right hip pain?
What is is the medical name for the back of your knee?
How to reliefe neck pain?
My far back teeth hurt after wisdom teeth romoved!?
I get a sudden feeling of throbbing in my ears and then the pain suddenly rushes to my head. What is it?
Top of foot hurts when i walk?
Help me please...i am having problems breathing?
What's similar to oxycontin,besides fentanyl patches?
i have had a really sore back, i have put on some weight and i get a pain up under my ribs, does anyone know?
About my annoying right knee?
Can overdosing on meds have a long term effect on memory ?? I am seriously considering killing myself?
Why do life get more and more depressing you older you get?
Why am I feeling so tense and frustrated about everything thing in my house?
Is it possible for a depressed person not to even phone/txt/email to let you know their okay?
"How can I make myself happy???"?
Is this a common or do I really have a problem?
what do i have to look forward to?
I may have neurosis, anyone with it answer?
purple spot on calf, just a bruise?
Why won't my left elbow stop twitching?
My head hurts and my neck hurts as well. I'm not sure if it is due to a sinus headache but it is irritating
Past 4 days, been having left side neck pain. Thought it was way i slept but no avail. Still have day neckpain?
burning through out my body?
Is it normal to have bruising after visiting the physio?
Help, My mom has booked me an appointment with a Physiologist?
Is Zoloft good for anxiety & panic attacks (when stopping Benzos)?
I have asperger's syndrome and severe generalized anxiety disorder?
i think i have anxiety?
Always feeling really drained?
I had a finger amputated in hospital today. Pain is killing me! Now I want to chop off the stump! Normal?
Every time I'm bout to fall asleep,my leg or arm twitches/jumps and wakes me up.It's NOT a falling sensation!
excruciating headache and eyestrain when sleepy?
hi i am on suboxone 8mgs for opiate addiction, because is is a sublingual tablet i find it very hard to bare?
Feel like I need to blink constantly, muscles feel tight around eyes.?
Has anyone been addicted to Cesamet/Nabilone?
I keep thinking of suicide. Planning it all out and I can't get rid of these thoughts?
What do you know about Mental health hubs?
im freaked out. ive been thinking about death all the time and always think im going to die?
How to not get anxious/depressed about school?
Why do I have to live like this?
Thoughts on Concerta?
Do I have an eating disorder?
I am WAY to young to have hip pain!!?
Does Oxycontin show up as an opiate in a drug test ??
Help for neck pain?
How can I tell if my ankle is broken or sprained?
if i get stabbed in the face will it hurt?
I am so distressed, and I can't cope almost with anything. what should I do?
I cannot deal with stress...how will I be able to cope?
Do I have O.C.D? Please help?
How do I face going back to work, I am so embarassed?
citaloparm(celexa) 10mg will it work?
Boyfriend quit steroiods now depressed after a year?
Has anyone experienced a seizure on 75mg of Effexor XR?
Do you hate needles...?
What's the popping noise in my ear?
Mysterious bumps on my knee cap? what are they?
my left eye hurts when I move it...?
Knee-Pain (2 years after the accident)?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
I feel so mad? It's so easy just to get me so mad now?
"How can I make myself happy???"?
Someone with neurosis answer?
i have a horrible nervous stomach...?
I hear voices ?! **Twenty charactors**?
Rapid cycling bipolar?
Muscular pain? Right side of abdomen?
im 14 and sometimes have pain in my heart for no real reason and im pretty fit. should i worry?
arm and shoulder pain?
Are there nerve endings inside us?..If not, how do we feel internal pain?
get a headache from thinking?
Painful shoulder to eblow... i have a sharp pain from my shoulder to my elbow, all down my arm.?
How to sleep when suffering from the pain of an injury?
Why is it extremely painful to even touch the skin on my legs.?
My feet hurt very bad. Feels like theres a needle going from my heel to my knee cap?
how can a hospital let the parent who only had visitation rights take my daughter out of hospital?
how do doctors, or psychiatrists treat derealization and depersonalization?
info and stories about peoples overdose?
I'm feeling depressed!?
What happens if you overdose, and minutes later, regret it?
Is zoloft better than prozac for anxiety disorders?
Should I Tell the Physio thereapist about my Eating Dissorder?
I have attempted suicide three time in the past two weeks and I am still suicidal?
does anyone know about the consent and capacity board in canada?
can doctors tell parents about anxiety?
salt water not hurting my eyes?
i have taken panadene forte today for a migraine, my sinuses are blocked, is it OK to take phenergan?
Flying with a Back condition (disc protrusions) left sided sciatica?
My bf, has been having knee pain for quite sometime now! He says surgery and I say No! Now what?
What do you think about antibiotic in toddlers?
Citalopram Side Effects.?
how to tell parents about anxiety?
What are the side effects of "lorazepam? 1mg?
What exactly is addiction?
What are the warning signs of anxiety?
Do you think I need counselling?
Feeling depressed at university...any help/tips?
What should I say to the counselor?
Is there a link between clinical depression and feeling the effects of illegal drugs?
Eating disorder coming back?
Is Clonazepam really a strong medication ?
It feels like someone is punching me in the back and reaching out through the front of my chest..?
It's not the first time that this has happenened. This sharp pressure, or should I say pain, on the?
Shooting pain in the left side of my chest?
Do you keep in touch with friends via email and tell them everything about you?
I'm a teen and I'm depressed.. Help?
I just called 1-800 273- TALK...and I told the guy that I was suicidal ...?
Is This Complications Of Anorexia, And Bulimia ?
If you have a learning disability, will it cause you to have bad memory?
What is the point of using hallucinogenics in your opinion?
why is it so hard for me to accept compliments?
why do humans instigate for no reason?
What medical treatment is required for overdoses ?
I get a Minor pain in my Calf?
Please tell me how many goes for a lumbar puncture my wife has approx 40 holes in her back and no result?
sharp pain in chest which follows through to my throat and bottom teeth?? ?
Are these fears abnormal or am I not the only one?
Depression & headaches help PLEASE?
Is percocet 10's with 625 strong?
i don't know if anyone can help i've been feeling funny for a month, like dizzy, feet feeling numb and hands?
Eating Disorder Help?
Diagnosed with Bordeline Personality Disorder today and I am furious?
I take 200mg of Fluvox daily - today is my 3rd day of not taking any? I feel fine when normally I feel yucky?
Pinched nerve??
how to heal a pulled tendon?
I have Basilar Migraine, what is it, what can be done?
i had carp tunnel surgery the pain is bad?
How can I make it that I have know pain in my ankle?
Any chances of everyone getting on, without too much pay-out?
Where do you get anti-depressants?
I yell in the middle of the night?!?
Anxiety Help, Cipralex, Techniques?
Can Panic Attacks Kill You?
Is love a type of disorder?
Ways to commit suicide?
Extreme Depression... please help...?
Okay im writing a story about a girl who cuts herself.?
What does balancing your life mean?
I feel overly emotional, is there something wrong with to much crying?
why am i so unemotional right now?
What is running through my head?
What's the difference between Social Anxiety and Personality Disorder?
Is there something wrong with me? I always talk to my self.?
Alternative medicine for depression/anxiety?
Do I have emotional eating?!?
I'm in so much pain all the time, My friend tell me stop stressing, but I can't control it.?
Please help.. Advice needed?
i am an addict...to shopping. Seriously. I need help.?
Does it hurt to get your tongue pierced?
headache, lightheaded, nose pressure, sore ears and eyes.. help?!?
Is this a normal level of anxiety or is it something more?
What could cause me to 'forget' about my loved ones and friends if I can't see them?
I get nervous about everything, even when I know there is nothing to worry about. Why?
Just before my psychiatrist went on vacation for two weeks, I told him I was really suicidal..?
I used to fantasize about getting hurt for sympathy and now I like fantasizing tv people gwtting hurt?
How to draw the line between achieving and perfectionism/ocpd?
Are these normal side effects of zoloft?
Severe panic attacks and anxiety.?
hi i have a backache and to my neck and hurts when i move my head sideways and also i have a headache?
I had a spinal fusion in 2007 and still have severe pain in my neck !Help?
Pins and Needles feeling when I see people in pain?
Are you on Oxycontin , if so , does it make you angry ?
How do I forget something scary? And please don't call me a sissy or anything. I haven't been able to sleep.?
What is your secret OCB?
I need help with purely obsessional ocd?
How can I know for sure that my Dad has an anger problem?
am i pathetic because i dont have any friends and dont understand social situations?
How do I know if I have depression / personailty disorder?
I think im mentally ill?
why do i feel morbid and like my life is too short?
How can I forget my past 1 year ?? and Is this normal ?
Can I mix lamictal and lithium together?
Hydrocodone versus oxycontin?
Taking 20-40mg of methadone for up to 3 weeks...how long since last does can it be found in system?
My arm doesn't unbend?
Sharp pain in leg after urinating ?
i have lower back pains/stomach cramps what could this be ?
I have sciatica in right side in leg but also have pain in my hands and wrists is there a connection?
How can I possibly stay sane?!?
How do I start to like myself?
Can UTI's go away without using antibiotics?
Gastric pain after taking headache pills!?
I am overwieght my left leg is killing me it hurts to sit down or lay it is terrible pain !! anybody know why?
Has anyone actually tried glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin?
i have been getting a stabbing pain in one of my eyes...what could it be?
if u are constipated all day tried a suppository and it didnt work hurts so bad u gotta lay down should u go ?
I have been blessed with scoliosis.?
i had a pain shooting up my arm to my brain and everything went numb.?
Why am i getting these joint pains?
Is this Worse then a mood swing?
I'm sad and i don't know why?
How do you shake a bad feeling?
What does MSW and RSW stand for?
Anxiety pills - can they lead to impotence?
really need help before its to late?
If my mom has depression, is it more likely that I have it too?
What are the long term affects of Oxycontin use?
Numbness in arm when waking up?
i have a sore throat after kissin this guy last night what is it?
can paracetamol be given 4 hours after last dose if frequency is 3 times a day?
my tailbone hurts, what could this be?
left arm feels heavy and also am slightly dizzy? what could be the reason ..?
Cant control this axiety. The news is to upsetting :( help.?
Fix depression on my own?
I think I'm overly paranoid?
How to help depressed mom in law?
Stitch like pain on my right side but not from exercising?
Stomach ache! What's happening?
Sister addicted to drugs?
Should I cancel my appointment with the psychiatrist ?? Please help?
forgetting days of the week?
I don't know what to do anymore?
If you could " Take care of somebody "..who would it be ?
How do I tell the psych nurse about my true feelings about my life ?
What is SiS? And who can help me with it?
Questions about Cipralex / Clonazepam?
I need help with my eating disorder..?
Emergency question...Please Help?
does anyone have experience with lithium/seroquel combo?
Do you ever get over first love? Seriously.?
eating then sleeping bad tummy pain?
abdominal and stomach pain?
Spacer (tunnel)???? answer urgent needed?
I got a filling today and now my teeth hurt really bad, is this normal? what can i do to stop the pain?
Why does my ear hurt and have an echo??
what part of the body is located on the left hand side underneath the ribs?
i have had a really bad head cold for 3 weeks and i thought it was getting better untill i woke up yesterday..
Hot, Dizzy, light-headed , and nauseated, what is this?
I really think there's something wrong.?
What is a brain test?
Form 42, mental health act?
Depression and able to fuction?
Every time i get up i see black?
left arm pain hard to swallow and fill odd?
Something happened to my knee when I fell during basketball?
Shoulder pain, tendinitis or something else?
The area near and around my appendix has a burning/tingling feeling. It does not hurt, what can it be?
ear piercings hurt?
What are some good ways to de-stress?
depression, i need help?
how can i keep my job?
Is it possible for people who cut to feel traumatized by the violence they do to their own body?
Do I have OCD or just symptoms of it?
regarding muscle pain?
I am 12 years old and have osgood schlatters disease. Will i hit puberty soon?
Is it normal to feel dizzy, wobbly and have a banging headache after hard exercise?
My orthotic is too big to fit into any of my girly shoes?
i have achilles tendinitis and have to go to school tommorow and it really hurts and i don't know how to strap?
Trigger point therapy center in hyderabad, India?
how would the age of the person affect the drug response?
Just a bit of tongue trouble?
Help with this type of pain please?
shoulder and arm pain?
do you know any other groups were you can ask questions, maybe legal or hospital related?
I feel so emotionless..it's actually quite scary. What can it be ?
What will the psychiatrist say if I say that I just don't want to go on with life. That I can't go on.?
how do you cope before a fight?
Sprained ankle advice?
What is causing this sharp stabbing pain in my back?
Have just been told I have Spondylo Arthropathy. What can be done to help with pain or to fix the problem?
Can anyone offer any advice to relieving sinus pain?
How Do I Keep Myself From Purging?
I've got a dull lower back ache which i have had for a few weeks? Does anyone have a clue what might cause it?
painful issues with wisdom teeth and braces?
Lower Abdominal Pain....keep waiting?
Very bad stomach pain for up to 20 mins after drinking and eating anything sweet?
What is the sharp pain below my right rib cage?
my husband had pink eye and now his leg musles hurt could he have gonnorrhea?
does risperidone make it impossible to lose weight?
Is 1-800 SUICIDE good to call?
Borderline Personality Disorder?
How do i stop talking in my sleep?
Have you tried kinoki foot pads?
Sore hip and back!!help please!!?
Weird thing that happened this morning?
What can I do to cure my arched back?
Kidney pain or muscle strain?
Someone please help... a doctor would be great!?
Help with Leg pain?
is my leg broken ???????????????????????????"??????????????"??
14 weeks pregnant and sharp pain in right thigh.?
my head hurts when i move my hair. why?
How to help take away the pain of a root canal?
My friend is suicidal and I'm really scared?
Anyone from Canada ; help?
What does it mean when somebody visualizes themselves?
side effects? pls help?
Why did I have a severe headache out of nowhere?
Pains under left breast espcially when sitting down also when breathing in deaply. pins & needles inleft arm?
hurt my wrist?
Help. Having trouble with sciatic nerve in leg?
My psychiatrist called me this afternoon and he wants me to go see him tomorrow face to face ?
I know this sounds crazy, but I feel so depressed and sad because of MJ's death?
Help! I have OCD. What can do about it?
My friends leg is numb?
At the time of the incident does a paraplegic feel pain ?
due to excessive writing my thumb is paining what can i do?
My left hand and arm are tingling.
Standing up all day - very sore ankles?
Help Pain in my wrist & just about every were PLEASE help me?
Fear of Stomach Aches?
What is wrong with me? I have had really bad nausea and felt exhausted for last 8 months? I am NOT pregnant.?
When doing calisthenics should i go down slow and fire back up?
Lower left back pain?
After I drink a cup of coffee i feel pain in my right neck part and upper right back what is the reason? thank
Have you ever suffered from negative affectivity, only to (PLEASE HELP!!)?
Does everyone gain weight while taking the SSRI Cipralex?
Is anyone on Celexa for depression?
How do you now when you are depressed?
im feeling sharp pains in my wrist?
Any home remedies for Planters foot?
does anyone take endone?
People who suffer from Scoliosis?
how to help the ouch?
what are some things I can do to stay comfortable and not bored after surgery..?
i just had a total hip opperation?
Why always mind and heart fight with each other and make more confusion.?
How can you talk about suicide without doctors/nurses/therapists thinking it's for attention ?
Depressed for over 3 years.. Help?
He crushed my confidence and laughed @ me, what u think?
Antipsychotics question?
How can I get over my fear of calories?
Does anybody wake up after a good sleep with stiff and sore joints and a headache?
Why does my arm still hurt while in plaster?
stabbing pain in back of leg after knee reconstruction?
Hey im 16 and deciding if i should get the bunion surgery...does it hurt after the process...?
I want out of this life?
Tell me about your experiences with Adderall XR?
Why can I remember numbers but nothing else?
Time flies.. I need some support. Do you ever look at your life and feel down about yourself?
How do I help my drug addicted boyfriend?
when will my zoloft 50 mg start to kick in ?
TERRIBLE fear of spiders, help!?
When can I expect to see some real improvement ?
Im really scared that I have no-one in my life who actually cares, is this a bad thing?
What type of stalking is this and what is he trying to do?
I was started on 25 mg of Zoloft last night, and today I feel so hungover, is this normal ?
I'm losing my mind! Care to join me?
why does my upper stomach hurt?
I wake up every morning with tired legs and feet as if I have been walking all night ,any Ideas.?
Lower abdomen pain whilst doing push ups?
why do my veins in my hand ache and move out of place im 15?
What does it mean when you breath in and it hurts?
painful back?
Is there a medical reason behind procrastination?
Help! Im in need of relief. ?
HELP I take panadeine forte and endone for back pain whilst waiting for my 3rd operation,other options.?
advice about weed. please help..?
How do i stop cussing & lying?
Are you a suicide survivor?
how to stop pins and needles?
I Just started Jogging after many years of being on the computer but my legs Hurt!?
What happened to my arm? :[?
can i take paracetamol with anti-deppressants? ?
When i cough my abdominals hurt?
Glucosamine, Where to buy some at a cheap price? I live at Marion, in Adelaide, S/A. ?
Sibling problems???????????
Soccer pain- back of my thigh hurts!?
Does getting spacers ON hurt?
i have diagnosed with cervical protusion . WHATS side effects of this on my body and whats?
What could it be ??
L5 spine causing tight neck and shoulders ?
I am 27 with avascuar necrosis of my left hip, about to have core deompression surgery? anyone else had this?
I'm depressed, but do I have depression?
Intese upper right abdomen pain that burns? could one die from this?
can I mix DayQuil gel tablets and naproxen 500 mg tablet?
sharp pains and stiffness in brain/neck/ears/face/jaw/legs/eyes/feet/stomache/pelvis/intestine/spine/shoulders?
Whats this pain in my throat/neck??
Have pain in shoulder, that goes into top of arm than into my thumb. My shin has pain, and a vein sticks out?
What does HYDROCODONE/APAP 5/500 TAB MCK mean?
Why do my legs get so achy??
Is there anything wrong with me or is it just a passing thing?
I have been diagnosed with bulging discs - one in neck and one in lower back. Why do I have knee pain?
"Panafen +" the codeine content in this is addictive and i'm hooked, help me get of it, PLEASE?
Muscle Cramp in hand after bike accident?
i have a burning in the right thigh is there something i can do to stop the burning till i can go to the doc?
why is my left arm so sore, it was just the elbow, now also the top part of arm?
Cystitis :(?
Depression symptoms returned while on treatment?
Dealing With Stress......?
Extreme Anxiety or Phobia need Help Please someone help me?
Please, Please, Please help me! I broke my wrist and...?
Sometimes when I am kneeling my left knee clicks loudly and then aches afterwords. What is this?
Can't bite down on left side of bottom jaw. Very sharp, intense pain. No toothache/sores/swelling. Temp of 100?
What is this pain in head from?
muscle cramping?
What jobs could i try?
i have a stabbing pain in my left lower abdomen PLEASE HELP!!!?
I have a headache after a nap?
Its bothering me a lot....pls help me..?
Will my back pain go away?
Voices? Panic? Anxiety? Help?
Extreme insomnia since very young.?
Can Klonopin/Clonazepam cause depression ?
Can you have post aborion stree syndrome? is there such a thing? ?
Cutting and healing question?
light headed and anxiety ?
unexplained leg pain. need help..?
headache issue?
Is cortizone useful for back pain/injuries?
McGill pain questionnaire?
my friend says he's hearing voices...?
any cutters please help!?
Are the tears of children addicting, because the other day i got my first taste, and now i want more.?
Anxiety and Weak Legs?
Help this is driving me crazy!!!!!?
pain down thighs what could it be?
Do i have some sort of ear infection? Help!?
How to feel better?
Knee gives out?
I have booked my first appointment with a new doctor I have never been to.?
Whats wrong with my finger?
i am doing a project about tourette's i need help its due tommorrow ?
What are the benifits of treating depression naturally?
I am so lost about crazed, dellusional brother. Please help?
Tylenol cold and NyQuil?
Tennis elbow question?
mixing alcohol and antidepressants my friend needs HELP!?
Feel bad every day, have seen all help avaliable, can anyone help?
Can pain from a tooth spread to eye, nose, ear and throat?
i cant breath....... help? ?
im 13 and i woke up this morning with really bad neck pains.it wont go away,what should i do? please help.?
Shouldn't I feel relieved not guilty?
Pain in the knee? Help?
Fioricet for migraine?
im 15teen i get lower back pain?
Does this mean I have?
Muscle problems?
Months ago, I started to have strong pain in my heart, I am 40 years old.?
period pains....?
pain in lower back?
Headache/migraine - what could be the reason for it?
When I wake up my throat and nose is dry and sore it hurts to talk?
What is the next step drug wise for bulging discs?
Sore after working out?
How to deal with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain...?
The stump of my left-ring finger which was chopped off two months ago hurts/aches. What would cause this now?
Is there a differance between wanting to sleep, and needing to sleep?
has anyone heard of treating migraines with cymbalta, an antidepressent? side effects?
Money making business woman or starving artist?
I have just been told i have gallstones, just a couple of questions about them !!!?
short term memory loss/Alcohol?
How do i attain , my goals at big disadvantages?
is this just ocd? i am on meds and doing cbt with a psychchiatrist?
where can i find a dr (locally) for fibromyalgia?
why is euthanasia illegal?
What's with this sore on the bottom of my tongue?
Degenerative Dics Disease?
pain in ribcage under breast on right side?
how many xanax 0.25mg will make me unconcious?
how to stop feeling dizzy?
A question if I may; What is going on?
Has anyone found that Effexor didn't work well for you and you switched to an SSRI with success?
How do i know if i'm full of self pity?
Why is life so dangerous without reading every minutes of the day?
Should she have gone to the ER?
natural ways to cope with depression?
Post traumatic stress sydrome and depression in the military?
does anyone have a teen or know of a teen with this?
can repressed emotions cause temple headaches?
When is the best time to cure sickness of the brain? What time of day?
I over think everything! helpppppppp?
Pain ---how did you cope and did it make you a better person?
Why is the ball of my foot sore ?
Can you buy the anesthetic the doctors use at a drug store?
Is there a pain killer that does not affect your concentration?
Ok, last question now this migraine is just about kicking in!?
lower back pain how to recover?
Should I get my appendix removed?
I got my ears pierced and they closed up and now I have VERY painful knots. What can I do?
Please help! what could this be? it's in my neck!?
Pain in my dominate wrist. It hurts to grab things. Could it be serious?
weird headaches?
Lower right hand rib cage pain feels like a stich?
lately with my periods i have been getting unbearable back pain and chronic cramps?
what does it mean if i want to cry but my body wont let me? something mentally wrong with me?
I may be depressed and am wondering what to do?
A few Concerta questions?
120 Advil's in a month!?
Question about pain..?
Just had microdisectomy and not sure about what pain to expect in recovery?
i keep getting a pain in my back everytime i need to go to the toilet, its a very werid question.?
how do i stop my feet hurting?
I have a UTI and now i have a severe back pain from my lower back to my left side?
aqua rehab for knee reconstriction?
My question is about pain management medication abuse specifically morphine, suboxone.?
Whenever I breathe in or out, there is a pain in my chest?
swelling in stomach and severe left hip pain. help?
Does this sound like Autism?
Would i be a celiac (gluten free) if my mum and twin tested positive for the gene?
what causes the disease hypochondriasis?
How to get your stress level down?
HELP! I am suffering back problems?
I have acute pain in sciatic nerve. Can I take Feldene 20mg + Panadeine Forte?
Can I make the tendons in my arms stronger?
knee pain problem D:?
how to get toothach pain away for a while ?
Please help? Downslip of the pelvis?
Why have I lost my voice and my throat is "not" sore.?
Pregnant with a constant numbness in my right arm?
Is there anything worse than this?
Inside of my heel bone,its painful.?
whiplash!? neck in pain?
Sometimes when im starting to fall asleep i stop breathing for a few seconds?
why do i feel pain when there is deep penetration,that i have to press down mylower abdomen?
Help....would a Panadol help me when i get my lip pierced?
my leg burns, in one place on my uppercalf at the side, no visable marks, feels hot about 5 times a day.?
How old do you have to be to be diagnosed as Borderline?
What is the process of a depression screening test?
i've been taking celexa for 6 weeks. when does the effect start kicking in?
My 62 yr old mom is becoming blind and needs to be cared for. What services are available for someone like her?
which mental illnesses have more of a benefit than a defect?
What does this dream mean. ?
what are some good techniques for dealing with stress?
my 7year old son has small lumps on the right side of his neck and head.?
Dull Headache?
Have you ever used a TENS unit?
mobility when you suffer from hip displacement and find it difficult to walk long distances
3 days to do a dc methadone test?
Is it normal to get a headache after I go running?
is voltarin any good for ibs ???
what is best pain relief for constant arthritis?
Can I get a Charlie Horse from not getting enough calcium?
Restless leg syndrome..any natural relief?
Depression questions?
I have a very sharp pain on my gluteal muscles whenever I stand for more than 2 hours it starts to hurt so bad
Before and after my period I get sharp stabbing pains through my head and terrible headaches is this normal?
What is the best remedy for tennis elbow?
Severe pain near l/r hips and below rib cage?!?
What wrong with my hip it keeps clicking?
Why the swelling ankle does not return to its normal shape?
I have one long sighted and one short sighted eye. Specially made specs make it worse. How does one cope?
What do you do with social isolation?
i heard bag balm was good for streching ur lobes and if ur lobes are dry is that true? dont wanna hurt myself!
im 15 and have this tiny little lump in my earlobe its quite painful at the moment but thats because ive been?
Knee pains?
Has a vaine in my head burst? please help.?
Feeling bad from the past?
Can i see a psychiatrist in Ontario without seeing a family doctor for a referral?
Lumpy thing under my skin near the end of my eyebrow?
are nurofen plus prescription only in australia?
so my neck kind of stick outs as well as my bone is there any way to fix this?
what to do about pain?
Pain just under right ribs?
sharp pain on each lower side of stomach?
Sharp abdominal pain, that spreads?
woke up this morning feeling a bit sick ?
Need URGENT help with MS CONTIN tablets 15mgs?
Can I remove steri-strip from my eye lid after 7 days?
I think my wisdom teeth are coming in?
Chest pain 24/7, anxiety, fast heart beat when scared or shocked, feels like I have a bump in neck.?
I have had pain in my right side for 7 days and it is not constant, but when i move suddenly or jump or run.?
i have a pain?
Recurring knee pain..... part 2?
Does it hurt to get your cartilage pierced?
why am i getting sharp pains in the back of my left arm hurting mostly at my nuckles?
Question about a nose sergury?
why does my back hurt?
Sometimes I get this tightening sensation in my throat, kind of like it's closing up.?
Laparoscopy- how much longer until this swelling and pain goes away?
lump on hand please help?
Why am I still tired if I went to bed at 11pm last night and woke up at 11am this morning?
Ear ache! Heeellllppp D:?
Intense pain in my toes when I cross them? Normal?
Is lower back pain related to the kidneys?
back hurts?!?!? please help.?
How to sooth a saw throat?
Any ideas on how to help ease the pain with an ingrown toenail?
I have back pain at night?
Have you ever had the problem...?
Could i have coeliac disease?
Any tips for writer's cramp?
Endone/Oxycodone Dosage?
for a while now, ive been waking up with my tummy feeling sore...what causes this?
hi does anyone know if u dont have any bruising and your legs not sore?
sharp head pain for three or four days now?
Had done a hip arthroscopy in Hip/Labral Tear,still in a lot of pain most days unbearable can't even walk help
swollen lymph nodes? sinus related or ear?
found white oval shaped with 1721 on one side on the other side is a capital M with a square on it?
is a 'disc block' the same as a 'qortisone injection'?
Is this depression? How can it be measured?
What happens when you go to the guidance counsellor?
Why am I losing my memory?
Depression and Racing Thoughts?
Sore Wrist, not carpel tunnel what is it?
Why do I have pain in my hips?
Back problems?
i a have red swollen irritated lump on my forehead that is very painful and large,what should i do to get rid?
my neck glands hurt me so bad help?
about pain in throat?
A Phase or ADHD/BiPolar?
My brother has anger management problems! He's crazy! What do i do?
Is this just my ocd? Im suffering too much.?
mas help with my wrists!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How painful is a Frenectomy? Please compare the pain to something. Thanks?
The right side of my jaw is extremely painful whenever I yawn or eat.?
Pains in my body hurting!?
Herniated Disc in lower back ?
about my toe..please help?
My nephew has nerve pain in his feet. He is also hyperextensive. Is on Lyrica & Naprosen in pain all the time?
What if you had no doctor?
How can i make the nightmares go away?
If you drink between the ages of 10-15 by how much is your changes of becoming a alcoholic increased?
How should I deal with this depression?
Is there such a thing as too much sleep?
effexor welbutrin and life?
I feel like I'm defective and should kill myself for having these faults. What do you think?
Can you get Lasik eye sugery as soon as u turn 18?
what is/are the names of the diseases caused by hyper/hypo secretions of the hormone?
Tapering prednisolone?
What exactly is borderline personality disorder?
Girlfriend got raped?
do you understand this? is this a mental illness?
why does it seem like?
What's the difference between schizophrenia and alzheimer's?
What should i do? commit suicide? can someone talk with me on msn or at least on email?
whats the difference between add and adhd?
is this just my ocd again? it get so unbelivably complicated and it looks like i can never get out.?
i HATE my job..it depresses me so much?
Why is my Right Shin numb?
had a dvt in the leg warfarin for 6m ankle and knee still swollen will this go?
what are your asperger's symptoms?
Effexor for depression and Anxiety?
How do you know if you have ADD or ADHD?
Why does my heart feel so tired and weak?
I tend to stay up very late without much sleep, what are the side effects?
I feel like no one is there for me...?
Insomnia after anxiety attack?
where can i buy adderall or Dexedrine online - no RX, legit source?
how is your tv routine?
Help! Bad Situation.?
Music Therapy........?
Has anyone taken Zydol medication, or know anything about it?
Cost of medical care in the US?
Why do i get a burning sensation in my back?
What can block a "fight or flight" reaction ?
what is the best way to deal with bad neck pains/ cramps without panadol?
Do you think im an alcohalic?
How common is it for some who is premature born person to have mental illness?
I'm SOOOOOOO paranoid!!!?
What does it mean to grieve?
Why are things so hard?
Do u get stressed a lot?
Do I need therapy...?
are they're any common side affects from ADVIL cold&sinus?
How do you control your temper?
Please pray for my friend! They have a rare virus that almost killed them.?
What is the best antibiotic for a bladder infection?? I have had two courses of Bactrim, one of Cipro and the?
running shoes for general walking in not running !!!!!!!!?
has anybody heard of arthroflex or arthriflex its a relief for arthritis and if so were can i get some.?
how do i strap a chest muscle i have pulled severely painful and need relief?
Can a gel be injected into human joints when cartlidge deteriorates?
Help! Jaw pain is preventing me from sleeping!?
What are the risks...?
Why does gatorade help me more than water?
how 2 find my oldfriends details includes his email at da comptr without searcing at the friendster?
Help, I have injured my neck while working out in the gym.?
any home remedies for sore and swollen knuckles?
What is morphine, and what exactly does it do?
Are Dihydrocodeine and Codeine the same thing? Is one stronger than the other?
How much hydrocodone can a person have in a days time?
Does anyone suffer or know someone who suffers from chronic pain syndrome?
Does anyone have any remedies for Cartilage damage in the shoulder? Natural or otherwise? Thanks :-)?
red rash around eye?
Head pains? Help me please!?
what website can i find a picture of thehuman presure points?
does anyone have a herniated disc in back if so please explain pain symptoms?
Lortab or ultram?
Ibial Tibial Band Sydrome???
Asprin in Broccolli?
what is ear problem, phonically sounded cholestoma?
Ebay category for a Better Built Slant Board!!?
Where can i find exercises to improve my lower back ? I need medical gymnastics,medical exercises.?
what will relieve cramping of feet legs back neck throat &scalp?
Was riding motobike even in the winter.Now I have constant headache.Could you help,please?
my husbands feet are always cold is there anything we can do for bad circulation?
Im 15 and i have clinical depression, when i go to school i get anxiety attacks and i have voices in my head ?
Why am i so attached to material things and how can i let them go?
have you ever completely lost faith in yourself?
Choosing a therapist?
I had a allergic reaction to DF118. Major swelling + breathing problems. Since then I am very tired.?
How do I fix this??
Burning pain behind shoulder blade after sitting, reading, writing(anything where my back is not or backrest)?
Why does my neck hurt when I turn it to one side like I have slept on it wrong?
Register Nurses and fractured bones???
chronic reccurent osteomylitis?
Lipodissolve-how long is the average recovery time of swelling, pain, bruising ect.?
I have lower back pain(Left side). Pushing thiis area is not painful. What could it be?
Tired of hating my life...? help here?
I think I have Avoidant personality disorder?
I have been getting a dull pain?