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Do you have ANXIETY? Have you tried this?
Ear infections?
Do Parrotlets carry diseases that could harm my 12 month old child????
I am interested in becoming an HIV/AIDS activist .How do I begin?
I had the flu for five days now?
My brother has trouble breathing and he get's muscle spasms, and some numbness in the limbs. is it anxiety?
panic attacks,please help!!!?
How do ppl with cystic fibrosis (CF) die?
Is this bad for a sinus infection?
sleep apnea and my mum wont take me to the doctors?
i had scarlet fever as child now I'm 33 I have trouble conceiving, could that be the cause?
HelP! Do I have a fever?
what are some diseases that have these symptoms?
What are some of the H1N1 symptoms?
how to know if someone has mono? PLEASE ANSWER?
Is it possible to get strep throat twice?
can i get hep c from sleeping with some one who has it?
can i get a bladder infection from my period?
If someone has a cold sore, how easy is it to get it too?
What is the name of the gene that is defective in Cystic Fibrosis?
what is a noncalcified pulmonary nodule?
can asthma come and go?
Please help, I need diarrhea?
When I swallow, I get a sharp piercing pain in my throat. Glands are swollen but no runny nose or flu sympt.?
Why do we need booster vaccines?
What happens when you get Dengue?
Do i have "mono"?????
Swine Flue? I So Need Help 10 Points For The Best Answer!?
I had a 102.3 fever last night and it broke, do you think I still need to goto the doctor?
Trouble Breathing, can't breathe deep enough?
i have constant phlegm in the back of my throat and always hafto clear my throat?
i have got a pile and it bleeds all the time could that be it or could it be from straining?i had a full?
What is an easy way to cure a soar throat?
What are some sicknesses worse then Chicken Pox and highly contagious?
How long does it take to get better from Conjunctivitis?
Why is it that dogs can give humans rabies, but humans can't give dogs aids?
What type of medication for HIV keeps you from aging?
My sister says 2 friends have told her that her husband has flashed at them. Is he dangerous?
Why do i feel uncomfortable eating in front of people?
Survivors of incest and abuse: What has helped you move on in your life? Did keeping it secret help?
What if we are the crazy ones?
If someone goes under low energy neurofeedback could it have a negative effect on a persons musical ability?
ARIZONA Is there such a thing as Valley fever?
Some questions about asthma?
Lowering triglycerades....?
my dog got lost and......?
I punched my grandma! I am not wrong!?
how do you cope with bad news?
When i breath my chest hurts, sometimes i cough.. what's my problem?
expiration date on otc meds?
Will my asthma go away ?
is Psychosomatic like hypochondriac?
Can a doctor tell if i smoked months ago?
is strep pneumonia contagious?
What makes the swine flu epi/pandemic more serious than any other strain of the flu virus?
Can H1N1 symptoms be something else?
Swine Flu maps where you can track it?
What happens when the people who died from swine flu start coming back as zombies?
i have no idea why but for a few weeks i have been dry coughing and retching mainly when i have an empty tummy?
My Right ear feels clogged, blocked, etc?!?!?!?
Cpap machine question?
why am i so cold all the time?
How long does a sinus infection last?
any doctors watch house m.d.?
what are the symptoms of meningitis?
I think Lyme Disease is the biggest threat to our health, how many people have lyme or know somebody that does?
who has the syan flu i dont?
I am asking people with/ have had swine flu. What were your symptoms personally?
Preventing the stomach flu?
how do u tackle a small cold.i suspect it due to houseflies?
The Swine Flu is a real viruse or man made?
Is it possible to get both the flu and the swine flu?
Has Anyone Been Diagnosed As Borderline Bipolar? If So What Is the Difference In The Two?
Whats the best way to die?
Pain in chest/heart and back. Hurts when breathing but no cough.?
Are these the symptoms of a lung infection?
could a person kill him or herself by using an inhaler too much?
when i run i get a pain in my chest but not with any other exercise, what does that mean?
How can I know if my office has mold?
What are the symptoms of HIV?
question about a spider bite?
Black lines in fingernail bed?
How do i get rid of a sinus infection or possibly stuffy nose naturally?
How does oxygen get to the brain?
why am i coughing so much?
If a persons TB test is positive but its not active will he not be allowed to start his Certfied Nursing Aide ?
What is the meaning of principles of safety,hygiene and sanitation?
What causes a person to hiccup?
asthma help???????????????????????????
Would you sleep with an unmedicated, raging schizophrenic?
What is the best advice you can give the partner of someone newly diagnosed with Bipolar?
What you feel inside of you?
how do I say it out loud to someone?
Help, I'm scared of myself?
Do I have to eat something before I take the medicine Lexapro?
Is it normal to never want to give up?
Why doesn't the Child Protective Services consider a mother breastfeeding her baby while on Meth endangerment?
Is 88 a good blood oxygen reading?
what can i do or eat or drink to reduce vomiting from GERD?
I'm having trouble breathing?
Can a asthmatic adult get croup?
what are the symptoms of tonsillitis?
How do you stop a cold and fever fast?
My mom has shingles?
Could I have mono?
Why do salt crystals form on patients skin that have CF?? (cystic fibrosis)?
hospitalized due to anemia?
is it possible i have asthma?
I have a licensed home day care. I have a child who has a cough and green runny nose now for six weeks.?
I am recovering from a cold, why does a clear, yellow liquid continually drip from m y nose?
Will the Russian GP-5 Gas Mask harm me?
Is stuttered breathing a symptom of a disorder?
Is it pneumonia?
what's this thing on my hand?
Why do my feet hurt so bad when I first get up in the morning?
my finger's been burning for 11 hours?
Can people become addicted to vitamins?
I got mucus in throat,bad breathing and i don't how to solve it?
wondering if it's normal to gag/vomit chest mucus?
how to contain mold from spreading until i can fix it?
How can I treat nasal congestion when normal treatments haven't worked?
is being suffocated different from drowning?
I got the flu and now I'm over it but I'm still coughing?
when can i smoke after draining a peritonssilar abcess?
which of the following health care providers is a specialist?
what is salmonella, is it deadly?
is there any surgery that will elongate your neck?
is this a problem...?
Anyone with information on COPD?
How do you know if an antibiotic is working?
what is the difference between claritin and claritin d?
I have really bad anxiety attacks!?
Why can't I get rid if this sinus infection?
One nostril is always stuffed most of the time?
camel or malboro cigarettes?
Thinking of committing suicide?
Why do bipolar people lie to push you away?
i hear voices talking to me at night and it wakes me up but when I try to move or say anything i am unable to?
how do you stop vomiting after smoking weed?
how is central sleep apnea treated?
WHAT'S THE WORSE ADVICE YOU'VE EVER TAKEN? care to share the results?
is nasal spray an addiction?
mono...how long am i contagious for?
my boyfriend has myrsa on his lip, and i kissed him, and now i have a dark red bubble in my mouth with pus.?
Putting plastic wrap over a cut?
Should I remove my toenail?
How can I stop smoke from getting into my bedroom?
whats the best treatment for airplane ear? nasal decongestants or oral decongestants?
How to get rid of phlegm in throat-mucinex didn't work?
can you treat bronchitis at home?
Why does my back hurt in my right lung area?
central chest pain. anything to worry about?
Can a Hepatitis B carrier accept Hep B vaccine?
how can hepatitis c be contracted?
Why is it that I can infect myself with the common cold?
Why don't people just stay home when they have the flu instead of going around spreading it to the rest of us?
how to prevent the stomach flu?
Would staying indoors during a lethal viral pandemic be enough so you wouldn't have to die?
Tips on how to stop snoring?
My hand tremors and shakes.?
Ingrown toenail getting bad?
Is prednisone bad for me? I use it to help control my asthma, I think I am on it way too much, my DR. prescrib?
How does a marijuana users lung look like?
is life is a fatal disease you contract at birth?
i get this really sharp pain in my chest when i breathe what could it be?
Can this be anything serious? involving inhalants?
Is it normal to have an occasional bad cough (wheezing) a month after pneumonia?
Does anyone knows the cause of not breathing when sleeping?
Help! What do you think, Ear infection?
Is there anything out there that can help me get on a plane i tried hypnotherapy but has not seemed to work? p?
What causes a blood clot to form in the lungs? How serious is this?
how come im short of breath randomly during the day?
Where can I find latest journal about infectious disease?
Differences between the H1N1 vaccine and the flu vaccine?
Coughing Up Black, brown, Green?
How does an asthma attack (not the medications) but the attack itself, affect blood pressure/ heart rate?
Just coughed up dark green phlegm with some red. What does this mean?
I have awakened twice in the past two weeks nauseus and dry heaving. What could this be?
What is the function of the immune system?
How to treat spider bites on forehead?
I feel myself slipping away from my humanity. Should I just let it happen?
What do you call a person who change personalities? ?
Addicted family member?
borderline traits and borderline disorder?
cymbalta. can cymbalta cause an elevation of liver enzymes in sensitive people. (not a drinker) If so, how?
How do I help my bf cope with his brother's suicide?
a critical component of hemoglobin is?
Viral or bacterial infection?
Emphysema is a disease, frequently caused by smoking, that results in....?
how to cure a sore throat and the bacteria from the sore throat?
How does Codeine effect African America?
Can eating Flaming Hot Cheetos worsen your Sore Throat?
How can you catch hepatitis C?
can you get alcohol poisoning with out going to the hospital?
Is snoring harmful and If yes, how does it affect our body?
What can I do to aid my asthma symptoms?
Do Penicillin (antibiotics) make you feel drowsy?
arrghh will i ever get truly better?
How many, is too may infections? I have had 7 infections in 2 months and taken 5 different antibiotics.?
Can you catch a positive virus or disease that does you a bit of good for a while?
what are the first symptoms of swine flu?
How to clean your liver?
My broken arm is vary sensitive to hot and cold and is causing me a lot of pain?
I have a sinus infection different than most, and it wont go away... someone help?
how to take good care of a person who has minimal ptb?
I have wheezing in my throat. Does that mean I have asthma?
answer to my ques?
Could any of this be contributed to my quitting smoking 3 weeks ago and now improved circulation and oxygen?
What is the best thing to put on shingles?...?
if ur lack tose an tolanarnt can u drink milk? or if u cnt what will happend to u?
What is hemoglobin and what does it do?
Why is only 1 of my nostrils clear?
What is causing this sickness in the morning?!?!?!?
Cold or sinus infection?
what can happen if you take to many hits from an asthma inhalor?
my life without my father they are taking him off the machine today might notbe able by to breathe by himself?
I just cut my foot! HELP!!!?
Finger nail is half black and half healthy pink, what do i do?
can i give budesonide inhalation suspension to my 2 year old in a breathing machine for her asthma?
I smoke marlboro menthol 100's?
What are the symptoms if you need your tonsils removed?
I think I have Swine Flu, I also have a ferret. Will it be affected?
Why am I always thinking of death?
How come people with depression can't just snap out of it?
What is the best way to relieve stress?
What type of mental disorder causes someone to pester another all day?
why do I get sharp chest pains?
I have cold what should I do to get over it?
how does asthma effect peak flow?
is the meds my daughter on effecting her?
Best prohormone steroid?
Do I have Food poisoning or The Flu?
i did the medical check up and dr says that infection in urin found he says it could be because of kidn diseas
If someone has hep and they cook dinner is it safe to eat it?
How do I increase the pressure on a RedMed Elite S7 cpap machine? I need help with my sleep apnea!?
What is your personal experience with sleep apnea?
Has anyone here ever tried smoking mugwort?
preventing of halitosis?
Is a CPAP machine considered an (IPPB) intermittent positive pressure breathing machine or life support?
How do you know if you have bronchitis?
Ant bite or something else?
What's best for nail fungus?
How long should I rest after the flu? Crew practice?
About 80% of food-borne illness in the United States is caused by?
What is the relationship between the codes for respiratory conditions and other codes ?
can you take theophylline for copd if you have liver damage?
Have you ever woken up sometimes & you can't breathe?
eye swollen shut from a bug bite!?
what can bring me out of this depression?
Severe Depression: How can I get back up and live?
Does anyone else feel this way?
help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!serious question?
Can anyone help me get out of my negative mentality?
Does anyone understand how consuming and addicting Anorexia is?
Is it weird that i enjoy being alone than being around people?
For Seasonal Affective Disorder, what's the difference between full-spectrum bulbs and light therapy lamps?
When a child takes large amounts of Vitamin C is it because he/she needs it?
What Bug Is Biting my little brother at night....?!!?
Novalog insulin isn't working like it usually should. What could be wrong?
should a diabetic have a level of 250?
symptoms of the flu.............?
Non-professional piercing can lead to Aids?
Could the Epstein Barr Virus make a herpes test positive since the EBV is a herpes simplex virus??
Cutting in your twenties?
help is this depression and how do i get out from it?
My girlfriend is anorexic, what do i do? (STORY OF MY LIFE) HELP ME!?
Psychopaths and negative connotations?
Soldiers suffering from PTSD?
OCD and cognitive behavioral therapy?
Homework help for diarrhoea?
german measles and im pregnant!?
Is this cut serious.....?
My brother got cut on his leg with a weed whacker?
Why should one should not indulge in mental work directly after eating?
Why is blood running out of my wife's ear?
What should be blood sugar levels with gestational diabetes?
What are the connection between diabetes and TB?
Wow.. i have not been on Y!A in ages... what a new look...?
How to stop over-analyzing EVERYTHING?
Why am I so confused about life?
How is the CAMP test performed?
My 2 week old newly pierced ear has a cut and has a lump on the back.?
is it normal that my tongue is bleeding?
what to do for an ear piercing infection?
my son has poision Ivy.?
White pus coming out the side of my toenail?
My sister likes to smell herself. Is that normal?
Why do people always answer on here 'talk to your doctor' and nothing else as if that helps?
how do u get a????
Can you get diabetes from not having breakfast?
I'm 21 and recently started having sugar problems?
how much sugar in beer wine or liquor for a diabetic?
i had a urine test with sugar in it,no symptoms what does it mean?
Could I be diabetic, i think i might be?
i have gestational diabetes, i still get levels over 200 at times normally around 150-180. do i need meds?
Am I at risk of disease from my tortoise following a needlestick injury?
should i get the gardasil vaccine?
what are the sighns for a stye?
ways to make my teeth whiter?
Is the tomato salmonella outbreak over?
Snake bite piercing Info?
If a mosquitoe or fly goes into your ear can it reach your brain and kill you?
what is a good tooth paste to buy? ten points if best answer?
can you tell me about braces?
Is it unusual for a 14 year old to be getting there wisdom teeth already?
my blood sugar is 388?
Is it safe to take 600 mg of Tetralysal a day?
1000ml to run 60ml/hr on a 60gtt/ml set?
Knee Pain?
What are the symptoms of Parvo??
throat closing up, low fever, headache, fatigue?
my sister has a cold, and i really dont want to get it because im going overseas on tues. help w/ prevention?
do i need stitches on my thumb?
Please help with this small burn?
Need help NNNOOOOOWWWWW........?
Can you literally startle someone ,either accidentally or on purpose, into having?
pink eye question?
having FOUR wisdom teeth taken out under general. has anyone had this?
can i take insulin at night if the readings is 70?
diabetes with high blood pressure and obese?
i take 0.5mg of clonazapam and i was wondering does 0.5 mg + 0.5mg = 1 mg?
How would I write an email to get a support group started?
Diabetes & Blood Pressure problem.?
Orange Juice Makes me VERY thirsty. Could this be a sign of diabetes?
Why do it sting when i pee?
How long will it take for my sunburn to stop peeling?
What cleanses have you done? What about fasting for health reasons?
Why do people in the mental health catergory think that anyone here is qualified to diagnose a mental disorder
Are curses real?
If global temperatures increase, do you think Malaria might spread to other areas?
if a person has had hepatitis A before can they become ill to it again?
Huge burn blisters on bottom of feet, what can i do?
is deodorant burn meant to be numb?
how long does it take for a cut to heal?
How can I perforate a girle without pain?
what are some strange diseases and/or conditions, such as losing one's perception of quantity?
STAPH infection?
Ive been feeling unwell for about 2days now, i had a small drink on friday night but i doubt its that ?
How long does it take to get the results from a tuberculosis skin test when you see your doctor?
what can happen if you dont treat a yeast infection?
What is the fastest remedy for when you accidently bite your tongue?
Piece of tooth stuck in gum? What to do?
I swalowed a pop tab?
What is an appropriate meal plan for someone who has hypoglycemia and insulin resistance?
High numbers while checking blood sugar?
Calling all pre diabetics and full blown diabetics?
A question for Diabetics. If you had the option, would you continue to use a needle?
I have smoked two times this week...if I go to the dentist next week, can they tell i have been smoking?
Do you think my dentist can somehow close a small gap between my teeth before making me a new retainer?
I have really horrible toothache, what can I do?
Where can I find pictures of dry socket?
good cheap teeth whitening toothpaste and mouthwash & good acne treatment?
Why are the new flu strains evolving out of china?
do i have pink eye!?
as you may recall I have been inquiring about HCV,,,,?
When is the best time for ******* a woman for receiving maximom enjoyment and how can we detect that a woman?
What is a disease you can get from handling a dead animal?
Should I worry too much about a bad sore throat but no fever?
Why don't I get a fever with a common cold?
hemorrhoids are spreading like small pox 2night!?
Is Herpes ( disease) infectious?
Any MRSA Disinfection Service Companies?
Throat Ulcers Hard to Swallow?
Can a Vitamin make you puke?
How to treat gingivitis???
How sore will my mouth be after getting my wisdom teeth taken out?
How to take my nail off?
Temporary Home Remedy for Toothache - But I have Liver Disease?
What has to be wrong with your teeth inorder to get braces?
Do I have hyperthyroidism? My TSH level is .55?
Why am i really thirsty?
Scared for my grandpa please help!?
what are symptoms of diabetic neuropathy?
Is there a way to diagnose nocturnal hypoglycemia?
Am I showing signs of diabetes?
at the age of forty, how can stop my hair from falling? can you give me concrete solution to this problem?
I like, Inhaled, Chocolate powder. am i gonna die?
straw stuck up nose and bleeding?
Could this be pink eye?
What types of microorganisms are considered to be germs?
glucose levels 107-111?
Need info about steroid and insulin......?
My grandmother (on my mom's side) had type 2 diabetes. What are the odds that I (an 18 year old) will get it?
i want to know if my blood type is normal?
Am I just being paranoid? blood sugar question?
What systems of the body does diabetes affect?
Hypoglycemia and diabetes?
Can you catch malaria in the Okavango Delta Botswana?
Do I have the flu?
what do you mean by "H5N1" in avian flu or influenza virus?
I have MRSA, will it be automatically killed from taking antibiotics?
Have you shared somebody else's toothbrush, ever?
how much do braces cost?
Im getting clear braces but i have a tongue piercing...?
Is it I'm possible to swallow right after you've already swallowed?
What nutritionally am I missing if I'm always getting cold sores?
MY toothache only comes at night time & when i lay down.Why?
Im always really insecure about the smallest things. Help?
think im depressed but dont know how to tell anyone.?
Please help.. why isnt this healing..?
Teen Teeth Whitening? Please help.?
Can I get sick from my child's vaccine?
i just got snake bites and i have a question..?
My eye has been watering non stop and is burning, what should I do?
What's the best way to deal with having mono?
Have you ever had some "leftover" glass from old wound come out years later?
Flu Question?
Could I have a type of diabetes?
Is it legal to exclude Diabetes Education from a Health Policy?
help/advice about my insulin pump/cannulas?
Im 16 constantly thirsty?
Blood sugar 31. What does it mean?
Is there a type of syndrome for this?
Rabies examination Meanings?
I need help with getting over the common cold?
My 9 year old has had a sore throat, headache and stomach ache for 6 days with no fever. What could it be?
What is mono how do you get it and how do you do get rid of it?
doctors cant make you take insulin can they?
Eating for your blood type?
My GTT results are fasting 76, glu 1hr draw 65 and glu 2hr draw was 49. I always feel sick.?
how can i save my sight if i have diabetes 2?
braces ................................?
What can i do to help my stretched ear heal faster?
OMG Please Help!!!?
Have you ever had a filling( Teeth/Cavity)? I am scared! 10 points!?
How much does it cost to fill 7 cavities?
Stitches/roof of mouth
What to do if I lost my retainer a year ago and tooth has shifted?
How do eye drops work?
Mother is a diabetic and insulin depended; she got medicaid cut off and now she has cataracts..?
should i be tested for diabetes?
What should I tell a pharmacist in order to acquire syringes?
is metformin the best medicine for diabetes type 2?
When blood glucose levels increase, which of the following increases?
Is it bad to eat straight sugar?
how efective is getting your tubz tide so you don't get pregnant?
to date, how many people has lyme disease killed?
how bad does gardasail hurt?
can an alkaline water cure or prevent diabetes?
how much water do you have to drink to suffer from water intoxication?
Do you believe the anthrax vaccine is causing diabetes?
95 fasting glucose level and glucose in urine does this seem normal for a 3 year old?
how can i get my mind off of something?
Physiological effects of "Us and Them" by Pink Floyd?
Borderline Pers Disorder + Bipolar Disorder at 17?
I can't stand leaving the house?
if the esr is more than hundred, does it mean that the patient got any specifid decease?
does any one know what is celiac sicknes because i have it.
can u make your teeth look more shiny and white with some home products?
teeth teeth?
i'm achy, always sneezing, got a temperature and headache. what is this?
kissing!!!what could happen?
Can Leaving Chicken Out at Room Temperature for 4-5 Hours casue salmonella?
what is a kissing disease ? like i heard you can get it from kissing to much ? but not like from other people
How do you know if you have ring worm or MRSA (Staph) skin diseases?
Problems with teeth after getting cavities filled, is this normal recovery or should I be worried?
Do you splatter toothpaste on the medicine cabinet mirror?
What do they do when the BOND your teeth?
Wisdom teeth.... arrghhhh...?
sunburn ? ?
Is it ok to have 2 slices of pizza even if I have gestational diabetes?
any complication for insulin dependent diabetes patient while air trip?
today i had blood on tissue in the trash can and i went back this afternoon and found ants around it and does?
Can a person be both type 1&2 diabetes?
Question about non invasive diabetes monitors?
Does biting on a hard object constantly make your teeth crooked?
My 14 year old daughter needs braces on her teeth, but doesn*t want them?
How long can I keep my Invisalign out for emergencies?
i had braces 4 years ago and now my teeth are crooked again....what can i do?
is chewing gum addicting? i like to chew gum ALL THE TIME...?
Being put to sleep while getting a tooth out?
How many hours on average do Dentists work? ?
My gums itch!?
how to make a mouth guard fit?
Help Plz!!!!?
What is worse for your teeth? Chewing candy or letting it dissolve?
what is the fastest way to whiten your teeth without using whitening strips?
do you think there will be a cure for diabetes in ten years, or 20?
Is a fasting blood sugar level of 8.5 good or bad?
i have a blister on the bottom of my foot what do i do?
ate HOOKAH COAL help!!?
huge scar issue?
I feel like im dead inside, please help me?
Is it normal to want to be alone for a long period of time?
i have weird thoughts about gettin things & it comes over & over again with images & it hurts i need help?
You know any home made pain killer?
Im not sure...?
whats the best idea to avoid knee pain, swelling on legs while travelling?
what are the signs that my cat may have feline diabetes?
i need some DIABETES HELP!?
Can HIV Elisa test still be accurate after sero-conversion?
Fever, high wbc, low lymphocytes?
How long does it take to get results from a culture and sensitivity test?
What is Merca staff?
Stomach flu?? PLEASE HELP?
has anyone heard of the infection uria plasma?
can HCV live and survive in the water and how long?
My cat has a cut behind his right ear it wasnt bad at first but now its swolen...what do i do?
Scary dentist visit?
Do Teeth Whitening stripes really work?
Tooth filling problem? Please help.?
can a flame from a lighter kill HIV??
Natural cures for tonsilllitis-pharyngitis?
How many meters does a lion, a tiger and a bear need in separate cages in a zoo?
is it the flu?
how to lower blood sugar?
can you get rid of pcos?
help for excesive sweating and BO!!!!?
Diabetes question..........?
Does anybody know a healthier sweetener than Truvia?
what do saprophytes feed on?
A good friend of mine overdosed on sleeping medicine. The police ruled her death as accidental, but I don't
i am bipolar and have some funny storys about manic epasodes does any body else have any?
How does schizoaffective disorder differ from bipolar disorder 1?
Need help figuring when i got knocked up??? :)?
Do dental students get paid during the last 2 years of dental school?
Infected Tongue Ring?
Diabetic? Or Hypoglycemia? Do you think?
What is plasma? Like in the blood?
Doctor wants to reduce metformin and I take other medicne?
Sysmptoms of diabetes?
I coughed and my nose started bleeding!?
what are some sympthoms of hiv?
Is there a way to get me to care?
what type of diseases are caused by arbovirus?
Any one know home remedies 4 severe sunburn?
microorganism that cause food borne ilnesses?
My wife has a staff infection in her body forever. MRSA. It is bad. Can I have answers?
help with borrelia bugdorferi?
Anorexic...and diabetic?
Will 80 mg of Ambilify, make you feel high?
Diabetes Type II Help My mom needs different medicine?
Is this really diabetes?
My friend's daughter has an unusual addiction to tanning?
Can depression be hereditary?
Can someone help me with time management?
Bipolar mania and music, do you experience/perceive a change in the music?
Any links from the web wherein I could see all the list of food and supplements needed for a diabetic patient?
is potato bread good for a diabetes?
how to use a gluclous meter?
Does Yellow Mucous Always Mean Infection?
questions about mono?
Chicken pox in seniors?
Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with work that you cannot accomplish anything?
get it out of my head!!!?
What has depression done to you?
what does ACA stand for?
Girls: what is your cure when you are feeling down and just want to let yourself go?
Antidepressant question...?
My doctor put me on lamotrogin and i keep falling asleep. HELP ?
How do I stop being a a joyless, chronically-depressed perfectionist?
What does this advice mean?
was it laced?
What's "Low albumin" mean in Arabic ?
Friend had cold sores can I eat from her?
Do I have pink eye or not?
Is Rock Candy (Nabat) Ok For People with Diabetes?
i am diabetic and urinate evry 3 minutes?
Diabetes Type 2 Help.!?
Type I and Type 2 Diabetes?
Are there special treatment options or different antibiotics to treat chronic infections?
why do i wake up at 3.14 every morning?
Im scared...Im suicidal and I dont know what to do or where to go.?
How can we increase our memory power?
After severe heavy traumatic shock,I was left with what was termed chronic emotional fragility?
I'm starting to forget what's real and what's not, help?
Happy stuff making me Depressed. Help?
Depression at 15?? ?
Do I have OCD?
after how much time does the child suffering from thalassemia major show symptoms of disease after birth?
What Home remedies treated your headlice?
can I use doxycycline for a blader infection?
Possible Bladder Infection?
What is the likelyhood of me getting HIV-2?
What does it mean when your child bites and chews his cheeks and tongue severly.
Regarding Hepatitis A, B, C--how contagious are they? Please answer for each one.?
if I am found to be ppd positive , will I be isolated?
What are the ramifications of using 2 month expired insulin?
Why am I always thirsty?
How does malaria affect the population of individuals with and without sickle cell anemia?
what are all the reasons you can have white blood cells in your urine?
Can bacteria affect people through television?
question about mental disorders?
how can i help this before it ruins my relationship?
Why do I carry around a teddy bear?
what kind of job requires cheerfulness?
How I can know that I am affected with Aids?
can someone who has hep c tell me what are the real symptoms?
Does periphal neurophathy get worse with everyone, what should I expect?
My sugar test level was 101 the Dr said it should be 100 or under fasting.?
I have a question about my vision.?
i am a registered medical technologist from philippines, also passed the ameican medical technologist(AMT) ex?
bubbling in my ear? HELP 10 points?
Bad sunburn?
How do you get rid of bruises on your legs?
I got some menthanol on my hand...?
Whats a good remedy for Poison Sumac?
Bee sting pain? HELP!!!!?
how can i HELP make chicken pox go away quicker?
Is it pranayama can cure Hepatitis B ??? please suggest me if any one cured this problem?
what is causing the honey bee epidemic and what can I do to prevent it?
how to know if someone has aids?
pregnant women with gestational diabetes,, could she get deliver baby with malformation?
foot neuropathy treatment?
Does vianex effect my blood preassure?
Who developed the first rabies vaccine?
Mental unquietness...advice please!?
What spcifically is wrong with VA mental health that?
How can I make myself pay more attention while studying?
Can animals get mental illnesses like schizophrenia/bipolar etc.?
Suffer from an eating disorder? Don't have any "money"? or Any type of Insurance? Can't get disability? What
Have you ever felt like running away or commit suicide?
My ear is infected! What should I do?
Which is a reducing sugar, sucrose or glucose?
can mosquitoes transmit hiv?
Who can tell me about Flu liquid ?
should I????
I'm 31 years old and nervous to start a relationship with anyone I'm interested in due to little experience?
Is it possible to overcome depression with just your mind alone?
Recently, my best friend died in a car crash. Now i am scared my life will strike random too. HELP!?
is this okay??
i need help i dont know what to do???
Do Bipolar patients feel they need to be accountable for their actions?
how to increase concentration?
When you are a diabetic how much do you have to watch what you eat?
I posted in general health what can cause extreme hunger in the morning as soon as I wake up?
How can I increase Vitamin D levels.?
do u really have to be 16 to get snake bites i mean wat if ur 15 does it matter and does it hurt?
What can I do?
Will pepcid complete help stop Nausea?
Swollen Splinter HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
medicine for a person with a yellow discharge?
strep throat?
How does someone who was diagnosed with hepatitis c for 10 years suddenly find out it cant be detected anymor
Does anyone know anything about Roseola?
Could i get an ingrown tonail?
How far is the scientific research for finding Aids cure?
Has your child tested positive for Giardia?
support groups for parents with hiv?
I'm feeling sick, suffering nausea/ vomiting (liquids)/ fever, what's wrong?
I can't block out the noise?
How can I let go?
how can i increase my intelligence?
What is your definition of an abusive spouse ?
i feel like im wasting my life, do you think so?
Why does the american "mental health" is so serious??
white stuff come in out of my eye?
Even though I had chicken pox as a child can i still contract shingles?
I had mono this summer, can i still give blood or am I banned for life??
PLEASE HELP!!!: Severe bleeding nose, do I need too go too the hospital?
I got diabetes and my foot seems to change?
What is difference between cortisol and adrenaline?
Question about Juvenile Diabetes or Type 1 Diabetes?
What can cause double vision?
How much sugar should average person consume in a day? max?
Why do I see myself in such a bad light?
what are the effects of getting high?
How do you deal with stress during the holidays?
Anorexia - Illness or influence?
Do people with Borderline Personality disorder have periods of feeling 'normal' ?
EEEK I'm scared! There is a thunderstorm here!?
What number can I call to FILE FOR A COMPLAINT for a Ear, nose and throat private clinic?
how can pseudomonas aeruginosa be controlled?
I have been having food poisoning these last couple months.?
whats it like getting a blood transfusion is it scary i want to know??
Do I still have Lyme Disease?
Everyday I perspire way too much and I always have wet spots under my arms, help!?
How can I fight with hard itch?
Any doctor or nurse?
I'm a substitute teacher and get sick all of the time being around so many kids.?
My friend is puking and drunk what should i do PLease help?
I'm fed up of my life, how can I change it?
Why does my girlfriend get severe anxiety attacks before going to see a psychiatrist?
Who has ever broken a leg?
What should I do if I take aspirin and it doesn't work?
I called 911 for my daughter and now I have received an invoice for more than 1000 $ just to take her to the?
what is the best medicine for treating high blood pressure problem?
........please help me//?
Where is your fear?
Are you an adult?
Blocked memories, how to retrieve them?
how do men who have diabetes?
Humalog mix 75/25?
Do you ever cry yourself to sleep?
has anyone had their therapist cry during therapy?
Depressed and Suicidal?
I have a friend who needs serious help please respond!!?
How can i be more OUTGOING? HELP me please :]]]]]?
WTF,why do I like being depressed ?
I think I might have ADHD. Should I see a regular doctor or go to a therapist???? And what should I say?
will i lose the use of my fingers if carpal tunnel goes untreated?
how can i let smoking?
I've read a lot about fluride being super bad,,,has anyone else?
i would like to now is it good to take multivitamin tablets every day?
Worried about tingling sensation?
are there any health risks or concerns for a child whos Mother was gestational diabetic?
How do low blood-sugars affect weight?
I'm anemic, what good iron food i should eat?
Insulin brand types?
I have diabetes insipidus and i ran ou of my meds yesterday. I just got out of a hospital setting and moved?
f-150 complains? suggestions?
Please help, i was told i have a underactive thyroid 4 months ago, my levels was 5.35?
Can Zyprexa make you have no emotions?
OUCH! wasp sting!?
What chemical controls blood sugar levels in the body? Where does this chemical come from?
what are intended outcomes for clients with Diabetic Retinopathy?
Wake up SUPER thirsty, and stay thirsty for a while, why?
What is a normal range for blood sugar?
What does it mean when my blood sugar is low and then im like im drunk?(forget what i say)?
I want to take this girl to lunch, where, she has type 2 diabetes?
where do you give the byetta injection?
What is the simplest way to keep blood sugar levels from fluctuating?
How can you start trusting people again after being molested?
what are the reason to suffer from depression?
Can you tell someone is sensitive by their facial expressions?
I need help, but my mom refuses to give it to me?
If you were abused as a child; can that affect you when applying for a job or getting into a relationship?
I am so tired of life already...i'm only 19?
what kind of medication do they take ,,and does insurance cover it?
Dehydration? Do you think I am dehydrated?
Can honey cause diabetes?
Am I underweight overweigh or normal? ?
What would happen to a person who took bipolar medication if they were NOT bipolar??
How can i overcome a extreme fear of people?
overdose, shall i go to A&E,call an ambulance or just leave it.?
Are you afraid of dying?
Are suicide hotlines even helpful?
Why is it that i feel so paranoid and hear and see things that my parents don't?
Does hypnosis really work in curing and improving your mind?
I had a thumping/waving effect in my head and my vein starts emerging from both side of my head.Why is that?
How many times a week does the average person make love?
How come girls think there fat or why they ask u if they lookfat??
I pretty much hate everybody, is there a medical term for this condition?
Can psychiatric medications cause permanent problems?
How can I tell my Mom that I think I'm depressed?
Is this post-traumatic stress disorder?
Why does depression hurt?
what limbs are replaced with prosthetic devices?
yogurt good for blood sugar patient?
My neurologist put me on Carbidopa 25mg Levodopa 250 for my Parkinson's symptoms. It contains aspartame?
Do any of you take anti-depressants?
www.mangusteen.net does not come up in the search engine this is a registed site?
Any good remedies for allergies?
what quirks do you have?
Does this ever happen in a manic episode [bipolar]?
Borderline Personality Disorder?
What is codependency?
Why does everything always happen to me?
Has any one experienced Depression after hip relplacement surgery?
Do blood clots hurt? What else could be making my foot hurt as if it is going to explode?
Why shouldn't you use deodorant if you have kidney disease?
Is the liquid in outdoor thermometers poisonous? I stabbed my hand with a broken one and some got in my blood.
how can i get over death
What keeps you alive while being at school ?
Anyone have experience w/ adhd computer software therapies like braintrain or playattention?
If you are mentally ill, do you notice this?
Why is it good to eat less eggs in a hypoglycemic diet?
How to fix Annoying tantrums?
Is it Winter Depression? Or un-diagnosed schizophrenia? Things really feel off... Help?
i cant handle stress. i need help.?
hearing voices before sleep?
How do I stop obsessing over what people think of me?
what causes morbid obesity in spiders?
Do you think i got over?
What medication is known for affecting hearing?
why do we hiccup?
Is this classic A.D.D. ?
Have you ever triumphed over a drug addiction?
stooping xanax?
What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Teen Suicide(if any)?
Do anti-depressants really work? Most people I know who take them, still show clinical signs of depression.?
I'm angry at life, anyway I can change this attitude?
I am finding it more and more difficult to be social or to leave the house what do I do please?
how can i overcome my fear of heights?
do you know what kind of food cud increase Hb (hemoglobin)?
What do I do when food won't digest?
I'm paranoid about hair being in my food or mouth?
Why do I get a deep emotional attachment to everyone I meet?
How to control anger problems?
I don't wanna grow up. i'm terrified.?
i'm feeling so down right now, i need someone to talk to...?
High calorie food for diabetics? Recipies please help?
Best Fruits & Veggies for Diabetics to eat?
If I think my blood sugar rating is too high, I retest immediately, and it's always lower. Why?
Has anyone tried Mannatech Glyconutrient products? It sounds to good to be true?
What foods do I eat to lower my blood sugar?
I might have diabetes?
Am I having a micro seizure?
i have a type 1 diabetes my bilirubin is 1.3 how to control it?
how does poverty affect our everiday lives?
How much is too much time to be spending on Yahoo answers? Could it be an addiction?
help me please.....?
what are weird people?
You Struggled With Depression/Anxiety For Years. What Cured You?
What are some symptoms of PTSD?
Im not happy anymore . . .?
Why do my hands shake after I exercise?
How high can a blood sugar go on a NONdiabetic....say 1 hour or less after eating carb meal?
Glucose test?
for the diabetes , do you know .........?
I am diabetic and need to detox at home?
blood glucose question?
How should I deal with my mother? How should I deal with myself?
Does everyone have autism or asperger's nowadays?
I think I actually like having mental problems?
is it normal in the manic stages of bipolar for the sufferer to exhibit the following?
too many noises drives me crazy?
Does this count as hearing voices...?
Does anyone have OCD, but without the compulsions, just the obsessions, and is there a name for this?
Are you angry at someone?
what do i do if my friend wants to comit suicide?
How do you deal with increadibly negative feelings?
After we all burn-out playing this Y&A game, are we all going to need major therapy?
I think I may have Adult ADD or ADHD? How do I get tested, my doctor won't test me?
What are the best remedies or herbal treatments for a teen with quit strong anxiety?
How can I curb my appetite for sugar? I’ve tried the lower glycemic index foods?
Artificial sweeteners?
is my blood sugar low after eating?
Gestational Diabetes Testing?
How do you keep your mental health ?
Depression....and my struggle?
under what conditions systematic desensitization is not recommended?
paula abdul?
Seeing the same numbers all the time? Mostly "111", "11", etc. Creepy, Weird?...?
Can I take Zoloft with Topamax?
Friends won't leave me alone?
How do you know when it's time to go to the doctor for your depression?
What are the differences between brisk walking and jogging, re damage to knees, feet, vs. any cardio benefit?
Grieving for you mum? Only 16!?
Why di I have 4 children w/ adhd?
anyone in a violent relationship?
how many people have diabetes in america?
Has anyone used u 500 insulin instead of a pump? How much did it cost ?
Is it possible that I have diabetes?
Should a almost 40 year old, diabetic woman, with ...?
if you have fractured ribs is ice or heat good to help them heal?
what do u do for friction rib and how do u know if u have it?
Anybody else feel numb and empty all the time?
Help. please.?
Am I Bipolar?
are there any health professionals on here?
Could i be bipolar?
my dad isnt the one he used to be!!!! =,,,(?
how do you know if you are depressed?
How is OCD treated???
what's stoping you from living up to your full potential?
Byetta and Phentermine?
Question about medical insurance?
if my blood glucose (r is 106 is it good?
how much sugar can your body take before it starts hurting your health?
Upper limb amputees with diabetes?
i lost my patient and he died and my doc said at 66 I shoud retire and at 500 i cant afford this rent a?
My vision fluctuates.?
Can I get diabetes from eating too much sugar?
I have type 2 Diabetes how can i keep it under control? ?
How can I get my husband to listen to Dr. and stop drinking before it kills him? HELP!?
hi any one using centrum multivitemans , does they work, pls comment?
what is the cost of one trimix injection ?r=1265170835?
How long does the flu shot vaccine last?
What do you do to make a patient feel like king?
how do you heal a broken thumb?
I just had sinus surgery,and vomited up blood twice. The nurses said it is not uncommon to throw up old bloo
name the seven chakras?
Any occupational therapists out there? I am interested in studying the field, any advice on what you do?
How many times does the muscle of the heart contract a day?
how can alcohol lead to pancreatitis?
What causes white spots on fingernails?
what is bactine?
What is an at home remedy for candida?
how to not get diabetess?
Is there a way to test your blood sugar without blood glucose test strips and meter?
If they can implant a devise to track down your pet,?
Did byetta help you lose weight?
hypoglycemic ppl/non diabetic?
What could cause discoloured bowel movements?
Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Will having a diet really high in sugar cause me to be at a much greater risk of diabetes?
Can the lenses in our eyes expand and contract as our blood sugar rises and falls? What condition is this?
What are the major causes of diabetes?
Of late, my mom who is 62, has been feeling nausea. What could be wrong with her?
I just lost my job and now have short term insurance that doesn't pay for prescriptions, ........?
just diagnosed today?
who can tell me what is diabetes?
Can the symptoms or results of the diabetes be treated? If so, how?
How does the aetiology of Type 1 and type 2 diabetes differ?
?►► http://about-diabetes.atspace.com/ ◄◄?
what are the symptoms of diabetes?
Do you think Dissociative Identity disorder (or MPD) is a valid reason for getting acquitted in a court of law
anyone beaten severe depression?
do i have an anxiety problem..help?
Natural remedy/medications for stress, depression, anxiety, and migraines?
My mothers (in Africa). her level of Blood decrease, and we have to transfer her blood every month. ?
diabetic dooners needed in northridge, ca?
symptoms of diabetes?
friend has heriditary telnangictasia and now the doc has her on insulin to keep sugar to below 100 makes sic?
help with checking blood sugar count?
how do you get your life back on track after coming out of a major depression?
How to deal with shyness?
Should I have any say in the matter of my wife stopping taking her medication?
Is there a link between depression and marijuana use?
when is the next date of the full moon (in the united states /arizona)?
Can a baby be malnutrician if he/she is not feed with meat? I mean, can a baby be born a vegetarian?
I need a color pic of Va. snakeroot (the herb). Does anyone have knowledge of it?
what is the physical therapy protocole for total hip and total knee replacement?
when your knee hurts what you should do first...where to go to make appointment?
what does your anxiety feel like...chest pain?..etc?
What is a good job for someone with severe social anxiety?
Is it crazy for me to be still affected after 9/11?
Stress relief techniques?
Carrying Insulin when traveling?
I have a son who doesn't have diabetes and a type 1 diabetic daughter. My husband and I are considering...
If diabetes are diet controlled and you stop eating right what are risk are you taking?
Had 4-way, infraction, diabetic, and get swoons when take diovon, why?
How could i lower my blood sugar?
How do I get free diabetes supplies?
if i go to a different pharmacy can i get my prescription early?
Is there really a difference between cooking with boiled filter water and boiled tap water?
self guide for breast examination?
Is it safe to drink egg whites for protein?
i think i had depression. what do you think?
What is aspergers syndrome?
What percentage of Americans are on antidepressants?
my friend has schizophrenia(split personality) now his other half wants to hurt me and im scared what can i do?
CedricSplodgebottom RIP?
Do you think i'll be denied my first time applying for disability?
What separates Borderline Personality Disorder from common personality traits? [like asking for help]?
I need some suggestions on how to deal with a control freak.?
If an Std is Dormant,can it still be passed on? Do their test results come out Negitive?
Why does my 4 yr old constantly blink hard over and over?
Do I Have HIV if This guy I slept with- had a mom who was a carrier of HIV when he was born?
Where is your blood sugar supposed to be at when you first wake up?
breaking dawn?
i was always able to drink alcohol heavy now i am in my 50's when i drink i get drunk quick. Why?
Diabetes makes it harder to get 'strong'?
diabetic help???
I woke up with a blood sugar of 351;however, I don't have any tradtional symptoms of diabetes. Any thoughts?
DIABETICS I've been on insulin for over 25 years.?
i don't understand why i'm like thiss :(?
Will social skills training help someone on the Austism spectrum?
Losing my grip on reality or what is going on here?
What is the quickest remedy for soothing my eyes when I accidentally soap it in the bath?
tricks on going to sleep?
Can working for an unfriendly boss hurt you psychologically?
I don't think stress does this to people?
I either need a shrink or I am not crazy...?
Hypomania: How can you tell if its just regular confidence vs a hypomanic state?
my 11 year old had blood glucose of186 2 hours after eating fasting was 106 should I be worried?
Alcohol question?
difference in diabetes and type 2 diabetes?
Thyroid levels all out of wack please help me someone?
Insulin Pump?
How can I control my temper?
How much insulin before you need to worry about bad side effects or death?
10 yr. olds glucose level?
where can you get free blood tests in New Zealand?
Overnight urine can decrease or increase Glucose result for Urine Feme test?
In type 1 diabetes is low blood sugar or high blood sugar more common??? wat about in type 2?
Does anyone take Remeron?
Why can you have panic attacks in your sleep?
Do i have a depression disorder?
Telling Loved Ones You Are Depressed?
How NOT to be LAZY?
Is it a serious issue to start to feel uneasy with not being sad or upset?
How do you apply drops under your tongue so they are absorbed by mucous membranes?
nondiabetic...Dr. did a A1C..it was 5.4..fasting 99?
Nutrition and Diabetes?
diabetic type 1 with dizzy spells?
what causes water retention?
i heard yogurt is good for yeast infections! do the go-gurts count?! lol?
What is the reason for sweet craving after dinner. Is there any medical reason for this?
Does anyone have idea's to help a family in need?
i heard giving lemon and honey to children while sick will cut the duration of a cold, if so how much to give?
Since I've quit smoking I've been getting pains in my left chest, what could the problem be?
Do you know of a very good website where i can learn more about good diet for diabetics and elderly people?
what is the norm for junivenile diabetis?
My mother is diabetic and I am not.. Anyhow I just was curious to see my level.. I got a 70?
If my parents don't have diabetes, will i not have it?
Can somebody please tell me what Diabetic PNP is?
3 hr glucose test HELP!
I keep hearing voices, what should I do (serious question)?
How can I stop cutting myself?