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I Don't Know What To Do Anymore! PLEASE Help :(?
Extreme stress levels...?
any ideas on what this might be? please, help?
Why do I suddenly need 10 hours of sleep?
What is the difference between?
Do I have Dissociative Identity Disorder ? In other words , I have multiple personalities ?
another ecstasy question?
Is it realistic for someone who was in coma for two weeks, to take months to regain memory?
Is being scared of fish weird?
how can i make myself sleep without the use of drugs?
How can you tell you have a pinched nerve in your back and does it effect your one leg or both?
does anyone out there enjoy tattoo pain as much as i do?
headache everyday?
Ive just had my gallbladder removed .. what foods should I avoid??
Sore fingers from guitar?
can someone tell me whats wrong with me it's not a migrane the doc said so?
Strange bloating and burping?
Abdomen pain all day, hurting alot throughout the day and now relief, BUT pain on my lower right abdomen?
Do i have Gastritis?
Do i have a disorder?
I think my old eating habits are coming back?
I've lost my confidence, my self-esteem.. I have everything... But I don't.?
Dealing with a crazy schizophrenic... help?
Is it normal that thinking of school makes me hate life?
Is it normal to be this nervous about talking to your parents?
Why do I feel sad when I see my dad with another woman?
Mom thinks she has dementia?
why do short girls look at me?
How can I tell my parents I might have ADD?
Any tips on stopping my feet hurting during long shifts?
i wake up EVERY morning with a headache what can i do?
can ritalin stop working?
Are mythological personalities deprived from real-life mental illnesses?
How can i relate to someone who was raped, when i was never?
BACK PROBLEMS! how do you manage them?
Pain scale?
i feel like either killing myself, or disappearing into the wilderness?
Can anyone recommend a good mattress foam topper...?
How to cure lower back pain?
Please help, i am in so much pain and worried?
my 9 year old daughter keeps getting calf muscle cramps,why is she getting these?
what is artheritis?
is it ok to crack your neck?
DIZZY lightheaded after exercises?
Will my air-con keep making me sick?
Is it ok to email doctor in between visits?
Advice re diet for diverticulosis?
Like to know if anyone has used androcur and if it worked and what the side effects were?
dizziness, abdominal pain and a lot of headaches?
Where to get Mental Help in Ontario?
How to calm ones self down?
How can I bring this up with my counsellor?
what is the condition of when your lower part of your back pops and in constant pain all the time?
I have had a numb spot on my back for a while, the skin now hurts and the pain is also down my left arm?
feeling good or bad about today?
My right Wrist hurts why???
I have very bad cramping in my leg muscles, will an ultrasound treatment help the circulation?
APPENDICITIS?? please help?
how do you avoid pain when geting a new tatoo?
Question about aspirin?
are people who cut the ones with obvious problems?
Emotional Dependency problem....any help please?
what is it like to take wellbutrin for the first time? ?
Why do i hate people kissing?
How do you master self control?
I have been feeling really lonely?
I am beyond stressed..please help?
How are you supposed to enjoy life? What am I doing wrong?
how can i get ride of self harming marks?
what is best medicine for alopecia and hair loss ?
why do I get pain in my feet and legs at night and when i sit down longer than 10min?
What does it mean when you have cramps in the toes and legs?
i have white bumps on my skin?
mum still coughing up blood AFTER cancer?
i've been having trouble breathing and pains?
Does anyone else out there that think those huge windmills are kind of creepey?
vitiligo and emotional stress. ?
I'm feeling discomfort because of my age?
Will he find me?? Help!?
Please help. Best way to get rid of a migraine headache?
I've got a really bad headache??? HELP.......?
Can bananas cause cramps?
What is wrong with my right leg?
how to i get myself admitted in the hospital without killing myself or doing it painfully?
Does overdosing hurt? ?
does anyone know if there are any further restrictions after six weeks post total hip replacement.?
What does it feel like to have "difficulties in breathing"?
Bilirubin in my urine
If this carpal tunnel syndrome?
what is a spur (in the heel) and what causes it?
How do you care for an epileptic puppy?
i feel really sick, sore throat? plz help?
i had a bad trip 25 years ago and feel like i have never come down can anyone help?
How do doctors determine if I need an SSRI or an SNRI for depression?
Loosing memory/not myself....?
More life problem help?
I have a weird way of dealing with problems!?
is this a mental health issue?
Children, bipolar disorder, and medication?
need help lasting longer in bed?
do you know anyone that has gone through this?
What do you think of Euthenasia???
Really bad leg cramps at night?
?Kidney Stone Pain??
what is this lump?
These aren't good signs right?
When is a therapist legally allowed (in Ontario) to tell others if you are having suicidal thoughts?
Wierd random emotional body?!?!?
Can this be a side effect of Zoloft ?
when is the right time to switch ?
I have been extremely depressed?????PLEASE help?
what causes the disease rabies?
How do i get over a cold quick????
What indicates whether renal impairment has developed recently?
Do I have Chronic Fatigue?
Prednisolone withdrawal from 15mg to 10mg?
Why would my pain specialist want a urine test done?
neck problems?
I have bronchitis but not getting better. Back to the doctor?
hi i know im not meant to be on yahoo at 12 yo but my father died of cancer yesterday and i dont know what to?
remedy for a bad cough?
Could I have had a complex partial seizure?
what is a porcealan gall bladder and is it serious?
what is the symptoms of appendicitis?
Bad Chest Pain After Eating Some Foods?
What is Excerdrin Migrane tablets. I couldn't find them at the chemists and they haven't heard of them??????
Why do people get constipated? What causes it?
Does anyone have a remedy to ease the pain of a heal spur?
what side effects have people had from solone (prednisolone)?
why do I get so many migraines?
What effect could a broad spectrum antibiotic have on ability of a person's blood clot?
Has anyone ever taken the drug tegretol to relieve neurological symptoms?
What is the cause of ulcers and cold sores?
What is causing bloodshot in my left eye?
How can I relieve stress?
Was he cruel or just insensitive?
Please help.. Emergency question?
I feel like nothing will be good and my life is already over (i'm only 13)?
Please help..I need your opinion . I am losing it. I've had enough?
What Would You Consider Wide Hips in a Guy(WIDE-NOT the whole way around)?
Working with people who suffer from dimensia?
Please Help Can I take a pain pill if...?
I took a 5mg hydrocodone for my breast pain yesterday. I have a drug test tomorrow. how can i pass it?
what could this lump under my incision be?
I am turning 13 in july and the past few months i have been getting sharp pains in my chest what does it mean?
My finger is green, throbbing and warm, Help!!?
I am 16 and i have taken 27 pain killers, a mix of neurofen and panamax in the last 30 hours. what do I do?
Can brain tumor patients ever get back 100% healthy and active?
How to be optimistic and confident?
Financial help for anti depressants.?
I'm not sleeping enough....?
i have a really sharp pain in my chest and it hurts when i breathe?
pins and needles in both hands?
i have taken 4 pain killers in 6 hours as i have a intense tooth ache(it hasto be taken out) and the pain is ?
Why are my knuckles aching?
my daughter has adhd. i have noticed she spells simple words wrong can this be linked to dyslexia as well?
What should I do about my thoughts of jumping off a bridge ?
Does this sound like depression? :?
what causes severe cramping in calves while sleeping?
Whats the worst physical pain you have ever experienced ?
I haven't slept well since doing a good meditation a week ago - Any ideas why?
Is there any chance of servival if cancer has been growing for 18 years?
How can I avoid stress at school?
How can I stop this depression?
omg my fear of heights?
How to stop being a hypochondriac? Please help, it is literally driving me crazy?
nervous stomach aches?
Would it be worse to live with a Cocaine or Heroin addict?
Help please! How does an anxious person....?
Have you tried Aversion therapy to quit smoking?
Could I possibly be depressed?
i need help please????????????
I just had 3 sleeping tablets (temaze 10Mg) 3-4hrs ago, why am I still awake?
when i feeling the pain and go to the hospital they turn me back and i am still feeling the pain i confused?
head aches?
why do i have a ear ache?
how can i keep my heart healthly apart from doing execrise?
my neck gets really sore during the day, im a receptionist?
could ultram(tramadol)make me vomit and ill????
do i have worms in my stomach?
Does anyone know what causes a sore tongue?
How do I grow my own food?
REALLY DEPRESSED about this. I need opinions. Help?
What would happen if I took 130 extra strength tylonel right now?
are there any home remedies for anxiety :?
should i tell him that....?
How do you keep going and not give up despite past failures/disappointments?
how to gain confidence?
What is Anxiety Disorder, and what is the standard treatment for it?
I need to learn to stand up for myself. . .?
do you think that most people suffer from a mental or physical disorder or both?
eating disorder recovery centre?
can you have a mentality disorder without having all the symptoms ?
what happens if anorexia is not treated?
Dont you just hate knee pains?
Could co-codamol and ibuprofen be causing my abdominal pain?
Pounding/Throbbing headache after walking up or downstairs?
Sunburn troubles...?
How to take care of Liver?
How does scoliosis effect you mentally and physically?
Why Could I Have Bluish/Purple Fingernails?
is this ocd or something else?
what do you know about dementia and Alzheimer's? What are your experiences?
I am only 11 and I am a cutter... What do I do to stop...?
how can i make depersonalization go away fast?
Difference between Wellbutrin XL and Wellburtin XR?
How do I get Wellbutrin 100mgSR-brand name?
when i get really happy, i get light headed?
Do I have to commit suicide...?
What ADD clinics are there in Toronto?
what is a way to change your negative thinking?
Anxiety, HELP!?!?!?!?
was my weed laced with pcp?
I am almost 13 and i have had unbearable back pain in my lower back continuing down my leg. what is going on?
How to get rid of period pain without using painkillers, aspirin etc?
if i drink 2 tablets of 250 mg pain killer will it be ok?
What helps with a sore knee?
Back pains that won't go away?
Best NSAID for Degerative Disc Disease?
what can i do for a tilted pelvis?
here r my symptoms.. er docs were no help!!?
How do I stop getting obsessed over material things?
Is it possible that when my teen stops the psych meds that the big stomach will go away?
Dealing with a mentally ill son?
Stressed out over cross country move -- how to cope?
Depressed about work?
whats happing to me ? i'm hurting my self?
Why do I always feel like crying?
When I am really anxious or under alot of stress sometimes I wake up gasping for breath (early stage of sleep)?
Does anyone else have a ringing in their ears?
Lack of acidic food intake to be blamed for stomach aches?
weird lump behind my ear...?
hi all, I just want to let you all know I have a fatty liver disease (I do not drink nor have HEP)?
-----vomiting, coughing,??
Why do I get depressed when I hear music from the Zelda games?
back pain ?? please help !!!?
i think i took to many excedrin?
Are antinflamitories effective for a stiff neck?
Self lobe piercing?
whiplash? why does it hurt the next day?
When I'm sleeping I wake up in pain?
what causes oesteo athritis?
is jawing a sign of someone using cocaine?
All this pain with no where to go.. Suggestions?
i have a ball on my neck?
Can i go to surf camp a week after i got my appendix taken out if i feel fine and have been walking and eatin?
why does my body retain water more on my left side?
any real cures 4 gout?
Do cannula's hurt when they go in your hand/arm?
Does Oxycodone make you sweat?
i suffer anxiety about 2 years ago i had a lot of chest pain ekg done all clear but having chest pain again?
Do ambulances only put their siren on when it's a life or death situation?
I'm so overwhelmed for finals, how can I keep my brain going and how can I manage in the little time I have?
what is bipolar and is it a bad thing ?
Am i dying or anxiety?
Why do I feel physically ill as soon as I get to work?
Trial and error meds for bipolar meds are driving me insane?
I worry and think a lot...?
Why am I like this? Is there a disorder linked to how I act?
Im nervouse about going to garage sales?
I have had vocal nodules for about 4 years now, is there a cure without going through surgery?
I have what feels like a 'bubble in my ear' it now is quite painful... HELP!!!!?
Does anyone know what a Pain Clinic is?
For over a month now, ive had this occasional nagging pain on my right knee. Its behind the knee, on the right?
what do i do with my migraines?
Horrible heartburn from liqour
What can I give my kitten for pain until my vet opens on Monday?
Night time pain?
pain in left side of neck..it hurts when I chew or move my jaw?
My true ribs hurt?
I called a suicide hotline yesterday, they asked me to call back, but can I really call back?
I called a suicide hotline this morning and they said I could call back.. Can I really call back ?
ok so i was wondering?
Have You Taken ABILIFY?
For once in my life, I agree, I need help before I do kill myself?
My mom has recently been having a lot of anxiety. The doctor prescribed her Ativan.?
Can anyone help me..................?
What to do with a "Paranoid Type" friend's admitted jealousy of your guy friend?
How to stop a post-nasal drip?
Bedridden with MS (Multiple sclerosis symptoms) how long do people with this usually live?
Whats wrong with me??
How do I stop John Edward "biggest douche is the universe" from coming to Australia.?
I am suffering from wrist pain of left hand, when I bend the wrist down get pain continuously.,?
Does Blood Work Hurt?
What helps a headache when medicine fails?
Pressure, dull pain, in my r. abdomen?
Shingles - Only if you have had it - what has stopped the pain?
corner of eyelids relly sore?
i have abdominal pain please help?
How can I stop this headache fast?
please help before I completley sink away?
Medication for nervous, tense people?
Christmas season worse for depression?
Great Depression help!?
im so sick of these feelings I just wanna die?
How to enjoy myself on vacation?
does my son have a sleep disorder?
I have Questions about OCD?
Effect of phobias on heart rate?
Leukemia diagnosis/symptoms?
My chest is very sore when i breathe in or move? help?
what would cause pain in my back to make me lose total strength in my legs?
soar eye ball help it hurts!!!?
i have numbness in my wrist and pain any ideas please help.?
Do i have an ear infection or something else?
Sore Back after massage?
I am having lower left abdominal pain , I have done all test and ct scan also but not found anything.?
My tail bone has been broken for a few years now, is there anything that can be done for the pain I still have
my legs and lower back allwas hurt?
where to buy the original 1980 vicks inhalers?
What could be a possible kind of mental disorder that goes for this description.?
Obsessed with Dylan Klebold?
Extremely accurate memorization of birthdays and dates?
Could I have a sleeping disorder?
the pain i feel is below my ribs , left side?
Whats wrong with me??? HELP?
Please help!!!!I have been having blood in my stool and abdominal pain.?
Is Paracetamol or Ibuprofen better for pain relief?
Do i have appendicitus ?
Throwing up?
i recently started doing weights since last two days pain there and its hard to keep going when is pain still?
What happens if you mix hydrocodone a pian killer and alprazolam (like xanix)?
Am i depressed? Or just sad?
headache's help?
i threw up because of a headache?
is motrin a blood thinner
How do i ease the pain of toothache without pain killers?
Needles help!!!! I'm desprate!?
sore hand/wrist please help?
What is it like to get a wart cut off of your hand? Does the Novacaine hurt?
Getting over limerence?
Have you ever felt really upset about where you are in your life?
depressed or moody___________?
what are some books I should read before becoming a counsellor for depression?
How do i combat my fear of being kidnapped by pirates at the hairdressers?
is happy one minute, crying the next minute sound bipolar?
Ive been doing Lortab 10mg for three years, how do I know if I have dialysis?
anyone know what this pain is from?
is there any exercise that can help with numbness of the left leg after a sciatica operation on my back?
Very Sore Throat and Throbbing Earache?
abdominal pain?
Pain management without medication?
My mum got bitten by a bull ant about 2 days ago and is still itchy and swollen. What can help her please help?
the normal renal response to systemic ischaemia from blood loss is?
Is there some kind of antidepressant that you can take with an inhaler?
What are some ways to help with Anxiety for kids?
Extremely depressed friend..what to do?
why is my throat always getting sore?
i get cramps in my legs often, mostly when im in bed...is there anything i can take to stop it?
14 month old coughing up mucus and yellow runny nose?
my mole has turned greeeeeeeeeeen :O?
Are any skin cancer clinics in the Sydney area open on weekends?
how many people have died from a gallbladder op?
Can a severe knock on the head cause a brain tumour?
Does anybody have job ideas for somebody with a chronic illness?
i need help dealing with my stress?
What can I do to help my 17 year old son? He is withdrawn and depressed a lot of the time. More info provided?
my friend that im really close to, i think he has a mental disorder or something, how can i help him?
For Eating disorder sufferers: Have you "outted" yourself to anyone, and felt they didn't take u seriously?
What are some symptoms of addiction?
I got mad and scratched up my face and it was bleeding. I feel as if I am losing it?
Why Do i Have Really Really Bad Dreams Or Somtimes wired?
what do you do when you can't sleep?
i have constant head and neck pain,with a blocked feeling in my ear and face and neck,constantly off balance,?
My TSH level is 0.11 Free T4 is 15.4 Free T3 is 4.8 I should have mentioned I have a multi nodular goitre?
My TSH level is 0.11 Free T4 is 15.4 Free T3 is 4.8 should I be on medication is so what.?
im 14. i have a pretty small bunion but im worried my boyfriend will be grossed out if he sees it?
What causes frequent pins and needles and tingles in my hands and feet?
I'm so depressed and lonely, what do I do?
A few months ago, I cut up my arms and overdosed, and woke up in the hospital ...?
Mental health chat line/room?
How do you become a Mental Health Nurse?
Is it true that suicide hotline workers use code names for when they speak to callers?
Very tired and emotional, out of character for me, why?
Movies on itunes that involve Mental Hospitals or Mental Health?
can deceased loved ones still visit us?
Am I experiencing early symptoms of a mental illness?
Why do i get anxiety attacks out of no where?!?
Is this a symptom of withdrawl or a serious complication of using cough medicine long term?
I think i have OCD ? Do you think i do?
why is my neck and chest sore 1 day after a car accident?
What causes pins and needles in hands and feet?
jaw pain help?
Strange pain...?
i have been sick for about 2 weeks: Severe headache's Major head/chest congestion shortness of breath dizzynes?
Are lice and fleas similar?
Do peppermints help if you have a bad cough?
swollen lymph node, ear, jaw, and neck pain, sudden fevers, generally feeling unwell- what is it?
I am trying to find the reason at 30 years of age why my Brittle Bones is causing so pain? everyday.?
When will my headaches go away?
If you do or have done pilates click here pls......?
14 and neck pains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I was in a ton of pain so I took oxycodone but i am on suboxone. How long will that show in my system?
i have had a stomach ache now for 4 days i cannot move much, have gone to the toilet and it feels like a knot.
I think I have depression but I'm afraid to tell someone.?
young therapist/counsellor/psychologist?
how do i get over depression over a stressful life ?
Confusion. Emotions. My life...?
Why does this person fabricate facts during conversations?
why am i 24 but always think about my past from 10+ years ago?
BREAKING NEWS! Do you hate the Grinch?
Do everyone who experience abuse have a personality disorder?
I'm feeling really spaced out all of a sudden?
frozen shoulder?
i have a shooting sharp pain in my lower calf what is the cause of it?
What are some other ways to spell Cora?
Shocking pain in my chest/sernum area.?
Cannot hear through right ear?
HELP is it safe?
Buzzing in my ear due to head smack?
A possible stroke in cerebellum?
How long does odsp take to kick in after you get accepted?
Is e counselling by certified mental health professionals common?
I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality disorder, is it serious or not?
What is the education process of becoming a psychiatrist?
Mild Intellectual Statistics?
I keep seeing random movements but nothing is there?
Is it alright if your obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms get the best of you at work?
I am doing nothing all day and I am not going out, I don't know how I feel but?
Nervous starting a new job?
Why Do I Feel So Tired All Of A Sudden?
What should I do about my anxiety disorder, depression, treatment? I really need help!!?
How do you tell from your eyes if your low in iron?
My liver hurts when I'm sitting down?
Pelvic pain left side?
Does anyone suffer or know someone who suffers from chronic pain syndrome?
for over then 2 months my throat is sore. No coughing or swollen neck. any help?
Are suicide hotlines mandated reporters if a caller is saying they are going to attempt suicide ?
I'm 24 an dhave never had weight issues until now. I want to carve all the fat off of my body?
I'm 24 , have never had weight issues until now.. I want to carve all the fat out of my body?
What happens if you show up at the E.R. for suicial thoughts and plans?
Effexor XR and Seroquel expires after how long ?
Seroquel, HELP PLEASE?
My friend wants to get raped...why?
I want to die so much. I need to die, but whenever I want to, something comes up?
Social Anxiety Disorder(S.A.D.)?
Mom won't allow me to take Ritalin as psychiatrist prescribed, she is in denial?
Im 20 years old and still confused?
Listening To People Talk, Relaxes Me?
Can you take Lyrica only when you need pain relief, or do you have to take it continually?
Headache =( nothings helping !!!?
hey i discolated/broken my little toe yesterday wat should i take?
Anyone got any advice to cure long term back pain?
Pains in my hips and back?
Does anyone know of a non drowsy pain killer you can get over the counter at chemists?
is having 4 times the normal amount of bilirubin dangerous?
What happens if someone calls 911 on you for being suicidal, and when the police get there, you're gone...?
Personality change from concussion?
Christians: Is Borderline Personality Disorder just a compilation of character flaws?
I'm always comparing my self to others. How can I be confident with myself?
Does this have something to do with my A.D.D? Sorta long...?
I'm thinking about committing myself to a psych ward?
Are there any real negative health consequences of living in a routine that requires you to...?
I think im a compulsive liar? help please?
Would this be a bad thing?
When should someone go to the E.R. and get help for suicidal thoughts and suicidal planning?
why do i constantly feel like im being targeted for a very violent attack... i have nightmares?
concerned about my hubby and his diabetes...?
Can paronychia be treated with oral metronidazole?
My boyfriend lifted a pressure washer and immediately felt excruciating pain. What happened?
What to do to help relieve extreme pain?
What does the liver do and how long can someone survive without one?
sore knees?
I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality and I'm not sad, I just want to die so badly. So badly?
If someone overdoses and doesn't want medical attention, can they leave a not saying they don't want help?
depression and leave?
Is there a psychological name/mental illness that defines THIS?! Please help! Any suggestions appreciated!?
Does getting a tattoo on the top of you're foot hurt?
I think im going insane?
What can cause swelling and pain in the outside of your wrist?
sleep talking help?? so tired?
For those of you who are parents and grandparents especially, do you believe that by labelling a child,?
why is celexa used for children that have ADHD?
can asperger's Syndrome lead to bipolar manic-depressive disorder?
A Dream Inside A Dream - Having Troubles Sleeping?
What are some medications that help attack GBM brain cancer?
i have carpal tunnel does it go away or do you always need surgery?
I have a 4 month old baby and ever since I've had her I been having back pain. ?
what is better to help relieve muscular pain, paracetamol or asprin?
should I report a doctor for supplying morphine tablets?
Ovary cyst(s) help!!?
do you always have leg pain when you injure your back?
can a pinched nerve in my neck/back cause dizziness?
do ppl know when there gonna die?
Will hospitals actually believe you if you say you " accidentally overdosed "?
How to cope with derealization while pregnant?
I can hear numbers in my head?
so im taking seroquel 25mg...?
Should I admit myself to a psychiatric ward? Call crisis?
anyone else feel like this?
Why the f*** I can't control myself when I get nervous or shy I started shaking or twitching?
How effective would this be?
When should someone go to the emergency room for suicidal thoughts and planning?
Is it normal when you have your period to have pains in your leg?
My neck Hurts when I move it to the left ALOT. help?
I get shooting pains that run up and down my left leg. what could be the problem? should i be worried?
im 39wks+ 2 everything fells like its going to start then it all stops, any ideas?
From my typing am i left or right handed ?
Painful ears when I fly?
What am I doing wrong PLEASE HELP...?
Im @ a wall that i cant get over...?
Guilt, how do i recover?
My dads bin dead for a few years but im still depressed...can someone help me?!?
i never feel good enough for anyone. really?
what are the examples of synergism and antagonism hormones?
is something wrong with me do i have some type of mental illness?
When should someone go to the emergency room for suicidal thoughts and suicidal planning?
When should someone seek help and go to the emergency room.. suicidal feelings and plan?
I feel as if I have had it. I am at the end of my rope. So suicidal?
Can Echinacea relieve a sore throat?
Please help me!!! best answer get's 10 points !?
My doctor prescribed me Temazapam, is it safe?
Is stretching already sore muscles okay?
i have severe acute tonsilitis and the pain is unbearable! help?
Anyone know anything about Xenax?
Hi, i have been visting chiropractors for about 10 years sometimes up to 3 times a week.?
I had asked this question twice in the womens section but no answers maybe because?
Painkillers aren't working for me - even the potent ones. Why?
Weird pain..?
What meds do hospitals use to sedate you or restrain you ?
Question about Borderline Personality disorder.. do people want negative attention ? Suicidal ?
What happens if someone calls the police on you for being suicidal, and the police can't find you?
How does one find a job helping those with mental illness?
Can OCD be cured permanently?
How can I deal with my stress better?
My friend has OCD. Nothing is helping her get better.?
Can you leave " Against medical advice " if you're suicidal and have attempted suicide ?
Nightly Panic Attacks?
Any suggestion on how to make the loss of a close friend go down easier?
Who would a counselor notify if their client was suicidal or planning to commit suicide?
UMMMMM am i ok if.............?
Pain in trigh shoulder and down arm. Moving neck causes pain in shoulder down forearm. Driving is very painful
Please, help what should i do.......?
Why cant i seem to cry?
Can depression be cured by medication?
wierd things are happening too me...?
Do you ever feel you are lacking purpose?
my body is numb any ideas?
Should I be medicated?
What should I do i am a nervous wreck.?
Is there any research on the long term effects of postpartum depression?
I'm Afraid People Can Read My Mind? DO NOT MENTION TINFOIL HATS!?
why I feel miserable when over slept?
Is Medical Cannabis used to treat mental illness in BC?
How do they pump your stomach, give you charcoal or do a gastric lavage ?
Why are my muscles stiff exactly?
Can you actually buy pain medication (vicodin, hydrocodone) online without a prescription & if so where??
burning breasts, what is it?
Side effects of oxycodone:?
I have been getting Cramps up the front of my legs and into my front thigh and groin need a remedie please?
bad back ache?
What to do? My throat hurts so bad, I can't swallow.?
Do I have Anxiety??????????????
Has anyone ever used a mood light?
What cheers you up when youre feeling down?
I need help really bad with depression?
What's the cure for stress?
what is the percentage of teen suicide caused by verbal bullying?
Anyone taking Quetiapine experiencing Dry Mouth/Oral Thrush?
How do i sleep alone please? i'm 16?
do borderlines ever feel happiness?
What should I do about school?
i want to know that can one human live in body of other human except pregnancy although i know its quite odd?
Ive been suffering from migraine complex. How can prevent a migraine this bad when I get them everyday.?
My right heel hurts and pops on the bottem as I walk. What is wrong with it?
Clenching chest pains?? Can anyone help??
is knee pain reason deepression or depression reason for knee pain?
I have a lingering dull pain under my left breast and my upper back. It can comes in sharp waves. What is it?
How to stop pain and numbness in hands?
Brain surgery to cure my Epilepsy may be my last hope - What do I need know?
About Hypothyroidism...?
For all those who suffer from hyperthyroidism what has it done to u?
I am Booked to be induced tomorrow night.?
red spots on legs with faint white ring around them.?
my rat has had the sneezies and was on meds now she is not eating nothin but milk drops she didnt like the med?
Have you heard of pumpkin puree driving anyone mad?
how to not be anxious about school?
He confided feelings of revenge. What now?
if i was to kill myself, no one would miss me. so whats the point?
Anxiety attack and Public Speaking?
I am a 20 year old female and I have ....?
For people with bipolar disorder.... Please help me. :(?
Really upset, crying alot and skipping school, advice please?
My vision goes really blurry with anxiety, is this normal? Could it also be stress?
Pills to calm me down?
Self-esteem question?
How do you get rid of excessive phlegm?
Help any advice!!!?
can u mix nyquil and tylenol cold?
i wake up in the morning with sore wrists, why is this?
how can i get rid of these migrines with out meds? had it all week and got a floppy neck too??
When i open my jaw up it hurts and i can open it but it hurts pretty bad.. What is this?
Help with my messed up ears!?
I have a warm pain on my right side low near my ovary??
is there a type of amnesia where a person experiences both memory loss AND can't remember new things?
Whose bed are you sleeping in tonight?
My classmate has waaay to much stress, isn't this bad for her?
how to clean your ress out of a chron pipe?
i feel so depressed all the time?
What other types of attention related disorders are there aside from ADD/ADHD?
How do I know if my suicidal feelings are serious?
General Anxiety Disorder Medication?
How long would someone be on crutches for?
when i urinat it hurts the bottom right of my stamch but not at the start it like when i just about finished w
What could chest and side pain mean?
OUCh, constantly feeling sick, whats wrong?
should you pick your nose with your left or right hand?
I found some white tablets that say "Pliva 430" on one side and a line on other side. what are these?
Please help...having stomach pain....?
Will I inherit Parkinson's Disease, and , or Dementia from my deceased dad?
Why does high acidity affect arthritis?
with no feeling of constipation and not going for several weeks?
I'm really stressed out, does anyone know any simple ways to relive stress?
is it true that Paxil can cause people to become more impulsive?
When you have no strength left, what do you do?
I'm so tired emotionally and physically and of life. I don't know what to do?
Is this a normal reaction?
Pulmonary Infection not again, please!?
What does dark urine,pain in left side and down my legs especially my knees mean???
If someone injures their knee ligaments, how does that stop their body from working properly?
can i do yoga and pilates if though i have a fused spine?
I think I have Plantar Fasciitis, should I go to the Doctor?
What can cause lower right abdominal pain?
I dont know if i have acid reflux or what's wrong with me?
Do you think this is depression?
I'm tired all the time and can't concentrate?
Could this be the start of anorexia ...?
Is it normal for me to be feeling this way?
Psych nursing in other countries?
How can I get over seeing the movie Carrie (yes this is a mental health question)?
Perscription xanax?
help what is wrong with me?
has anyone ever donated blood and if not whats the reason holding you back?
I have a bad back, and when i wake up my knees and hips hurt.?
could sleeping on my head, cause my neck to be sore all the time?
Who else has scoliosis?
Why I suffer daily headaches?
how to make your room really cold?
Help, I seem absent-minded when it comes to finding items people ask me for?
I was called antisocial by a classmate?
What are some jobs for people with social anxiety?
I get scared when I'm home alone, and I'm too scared to take a shower, what should I do?
do i have body dysmorpic disorder?
Anti-Depressants, is there something else I can try?
Random obsession with fire all of a sudden?
I have been taking between 6 and 12 painkillers a day for the last 2 months is this bad for me??im worried?
I took 4 hydrocodone/APAP 5/500 am I high?
we'll try that again , I was recently introduced to "EXCEDRIN" where can I get it?
weird headaches pulsing.?
always tired, small lump in right side of neck and always dehydrated?
i keep getting pains in stomach, chest and back and finding it hard to breath and throwing up everything i eat?
Can Scoliosis create loss of feelling?
can you get bells palsy from going to bed with wet hair?
how does one contract lupus and what are the symptoms?
Is this depression..I am confused.?
Trauma team diagnosis help?
i love u Canada !!!!?
Does Ontario Works cover psychiatrist cost?
I am very depressed with my life . No one likes me . I too want be happy like everyone .?
I saw a psychiatrist this morning and she wouldn't prescribe me meds due to past suicide attempts, I want meds?
Can anyone help me with this anxiety?
What should happen at a first appointment with a psychiatrist ? It's tomorrow morning at 9.30?
Can too many overdoses affect someone's period ?
Papsmer ? How do they do them and dose it hurt?
Is it normal to feel really tired/drained during and after a migraine?
no pain no game.....?
Help needed....My legs and feet ache after only a couple of hours of walking.?
Can too many overdoses affect someone's period ? I'm serious?
please help...this is driving me crazy!!! any answers help!!?
My mom says she hates my dad?
Why did this happen to me. Did I have a nervous breakdown?
Question for people who have social anxiety?
Is death from an overdose immediate, days later, weeks later.. when does it occur ?
Why am I so worried about this. Whats going to happen, how can I stay calm?
How to control anger when it hits in less than a minute.?
Help explaining to my mom why I can't move on from this sentance?
I think Im depressed?
is chiro or physio better for a 12 year old with whiplash?
Have I broken my tailbone?
Anyone out there has neck muscle spasms and couldn't move your head? If so what did you take to help.?
I 2 get headaches all the time :(?
My physician said I have scoliosis?
can high triglycerides cause a heart attack?
Long Sighted Options?
I'm an overcaustious/overprotective/overthinker- Help (10 point, 100 points if I could!)?
Why do I suddenly feel really scared and stressed, when just moments before I felt fine?
depressed or exhausted?
Stressed about everything.?
i took too much novo-pheniram a while back, should i worry about my mental health?
Giving up On ED Recovery HELP!?
I have stopped doing school because?
I am a pathological liar... Help?
What's the difference between Anxiety and Depression?
.. what does it mean when someone constantly ..?
Paxil 10 mg not working?
How to deal with being one of the utmost pathetic people at school?
help me with smoking?
Pains in my private areas please help me?
pain in chest on left side?
Pains in legs, what can this be caused from?
I just popped my hemorrhoid with a needle it hurt pretty bad?
I am on strong narcotic pain killers which make me very drowsy. How can I stay alert?
what can I do for my back ?
besides antibiotics and Tylenol can you use a heating pad?
My wrist has been killing me?
I have been told I have ITP-I'm 36 weeks pregnant. What does this mean?
I need to beat an Addiction?
Overdosing on Advil PM or Tylenol PM?
My story.. advice needed?
How do girls become so insecure? Do you see irony when you take this post apart?
I have a severe anxiety problem, should i seek help?
How to be more out going and have more self confidence?
how can grooming contribute to a positive self image or good self concept?
ontario disability support program(odsp)?
I love to study, but i always feel very bored/restless in class?
Depressed for no reason?
Can a headache get really bad if you need new glasses?
i have a small lump on my left plevic side, it doesn't hurt but it still concerns me, what can it be?
I ate too fast, feel sick, have pains ect what to do?
have u ever been tickled in stocks before with ur arms above ur head and ur toes tied so that u cant move?
Chiropractor please...?
I felt really dizzy and sick to my stomach this morning!!?
I am really nervous/anxious/scared for high school and I can't calm down?
I have a report reading of 25 *H from hospital for T.Bilirubin, how dangerous is this?
Is this how cocaine works in the brain?
need help to build air-sampler for Chemtrail test?
I've been living in a fantasy world, daydreaming all the time for years?
i feel like throwing up after i eat all the time?
Mania/Hypomania sleep question?
Effexor withdrawal and 5-HTP?
thought distortion and depression?
My mum has scleromerma and also a prolapse bowel, she will be having surgery in one month.?
is he depressed or is he wise ? please help?
Would a working holiday help me?
I feel so low, loosing reason to be alive, help?
Do you think that someone who fakes cancer for attention is mentally ill?
My doctors didn't know, so I'm asking you guys?
Serious Chest pain Left Side?!?
31 weeks pregnant and I've been getting leg and foot cramps, what causes them and how do I get rid of them?
any one have scoliosis?
weakness in left arm?
Are my headaches (read for more of my problems), the symptoms of something serious ?
Thyroid removal...or thyroid tumours....Multinodular Goitre....your experiences please.?
Am I Claustrophobic?????
Are people with OCD unable to concentrate, and hyper?
How long does it take for a person to die after inhaling water?
Am I paranoid if people really are out to get me?
someone i know has soap or deodorant, but seems to buy more so has like?
Where do I commit myself in Montreal?
I have these bad anxieteys ( fears), what should I do, ( be serious, please).?
My daughters dirt bike crash ? What should i do?
Pervasive personality issues---destroying my life?
i am depressed and i don't know what to do help me?
how many times do you have to read a book to memorize everything in it?
My 2 year old got into my fingernail polish and i don't have any remover. Is there anything else i can use?
If I hit walls or any solid object with my bare fists can it become a problem later in the future.?
pain in upper tummy and in between ribcages (please read)?
I'm 44years old and been told by my doctor I have Osteoarthritis. I've been getting pain in my left ?
needle problem. please help me!!!!?
I keep getting swelling in one leg all the way up to the hip at end of day?
Lower back pain, and cracks when i lay down.... any suggestions would be helpful?
How do I stop my teeth from kaning so badly?
Do PCP's prescribe PCP?
I have developed dark circles under my eyes. Been to the doctor she says its lack of sleep. Please help!!?
What to do when mistakes are made in the workplace?
What mental illnesses automatically disqualify you from getting a P.A.L.?
Insomnia, should I worry?
Why am i so worried always?
does everyone get depressed at least one time in their life (50something years)?
Why am I so lazy when it comes to a job?
I have self-diagnosed myself, is this bad?
What are some good books to read on dealing with anger?
Why am I never tired?
What are fetishes? How do you know if you have one?
Am I crazy or is it some sort of disorder?
lower left abdominal pain?
how 2 search my oldfriend includes his fon number n his email at da comptr without searcing at the friendster?
Wrist pain ?
my ribcage hurts?
Cortisone Injection made it worse...why?
My appendix is hurting! and i really despratley need help!?
Aren't lapband's just another form of starvation?
Sharp Back Pain?
Chest Pains when I take a deep breath in?
I'm worried about my 26 year old daughter who has had a headache at the side of her head for days-Dr did a?
Can you refuse medical treatment for an overdose if an ambulance is called on you?
Can you refuse medical treatment after an overdose is the ambulance is called on you ?
Basic meditation?!?!?!?
Does overdosing on meds and than drinking alcohol increase the chance of death ?
How much does it cost to visit a psychologist in Toronto?
I found a large elastic band which I am flinging on my hand?
I'm actually starting to go crazy with boredom?
Does Vitamin B6 help with PMS and levelling out moods?
I am extremly depressed help me?
How and when will a suicide hotline trace the phone call?
i have cancer what foods should i avoid thanks?
my head hurts really bad at the back of my head!!?
Do I Have Fibromyalgia?
sting pain in veins along shins?
Why dp i always have a constant wird feeling in my head?
This pain is driving me CRAZY!!!?
Ive got this weird pain in my hip?
who has to take lyrica and for how long have you been on it?
If I have knee problems should I wear a knee brace? I think I just overworked it playing basketball.?
I suffer from BAD migraines where the main causes are hormones and sudden weather changes. What can I do?
Is this just OCD, or does it sound like ADHD too?
I am taking Celexa, is it safe for me to drink herbal tea's such as Chamomile?
Why am I socially shy? + other symptoms explained in detail more?
Can I get a prescription such as anti-anxiety or anti-depressants from a regular doctor?
causes of depression?
My anxiety is getting worse?
what to do always feeling tired?
Is 2 mg of resperidone and 150 mg of zoloft too much for a 15 year old?
Sleeping Problems GAH!?
Are you allowed to get a " Do not Resusitate order " for when you attempt suicide ?
When i dream i can feel pain?
how do u know if u have a urinary tract infection?
what are peoples opinions of the 'sleep number' mattress?
pains in my stomach?
pain on right side of bellybutton?
Why can i stick my finger down my throat, and not vomit??
I want to get rid of my shin splints?
Why does the vain on the right side of my head feel like its popping out?
Does lack of sleep kill brain cells at an increasing rate?
What should I do to get off paxil?
Why is my child causing trouble around the house? Am I doing something wrong?
Stages of grief: How have/are you grieving?
Ativan and weight gain?
If someone is suical/mental health issues and is missing. Do we have to wait 24 hrs for the police?
Scared to have a mental breakdown?
How long do the withdrawal symptoms of Lexapro last?
What happens if someone is suicidal, has a plan and calls a hotline?
How do you know if you have multiple personality disorder?
If a suicidal person is on the run and cannot be found, what happens ?
what is chronic pain?
does anyone ears hurt when keys jiggle?
Could this be anything serious?
compare the pain of tongue peircing!?
i have a burning sensation in my vagaina and its sensitive to touch?
I have really bad back pain, upper and lower?
What are some causes of chest pain ?
I hit my eye its half red, and that red side hurts, should I go to doctor?
What is up with my knee?
my girlfriend wants me to choose between her and my CMHA worker. What should i do?
What's a "Midlife Crisis"?
emotional break down? depression? help?
depression help..please real answers?
I can't sleep, any advice?
Weird Brain 1 second zaps ? Just out of no where? What are they?
how to stop an anxiety attack?
Does anyone have any information on emotional support dogs in Canada?
Medical Question: What could this be?
how bad is passive smoking for a almost 3 month pregnant person?
sleeping disorders and concequences?
why does my back hurt after standing for a while?
Is there anyone who has been on Lyrica who hasn't experienced weight gain? or very little gain?
i am having pain in my head at the lower part where my bones are at each side of my head?
my dr has prescribed me tramadol and zoloft shuld I take them?
How long is the pain supposed to last after an appendix operation?
Ladies Only Please" Your best back ache cure is"?
Help? I can't sleep at night?
Could I be a little bit autistic, or just shy (a tad long)?
How to not be nervous for car trip?
I had a look at my mri scan I can see a small bulge in the S1-L5 disc?
When I have to urinate in the middle of the night, I have this god awful pain in my left side by my waist?
What does take 1 tablet t.d.s written on a doctor's prescription form?
I suffer very badly from extreme cramp what can i do or take to help stop this?
Terrible neck and arm pain could this be a cervical herniated disc?
Is it normal for your tongue to go numb after eating spitz?
I need to straighten myself out. I've attempted suicide numerous times and I want to die, plain and simple?
What could happen if i took 6 prozac pills of 20 mg?
I had a dream I was paralyzed from the waist down...what does this mean?? Please answer!!?
Online Teen Counselling Chat Available?
How to tell someone that they are selfish without causing arguments?
Ongoing Anxiety Problems... Help?
why do i like ambient sounds so much?
My friend's depression?
Do I have a problem with my knees?
i have a back pain on the t upper left side and i have a hard time breathing. what could be the cause?
Do Oxycontin reductions cause panic attacks and severe depression immediately after waking?
Why does my scar hurt?
Slept on sofa, now sore neck...HELP!?
What is the disorder called where you don't think before you speak?
What mental diseases are inherited?
why I'm dizzy seat up in bed could it be a sore neck?
What do you consider the best?
i have headaches everyday, it starts from my right forehead and spreads to the entire head. i feel dizzy?
Interesting Anxiety Question ...help me please.....?
Besides taking medication, what other things can be done to treat depression?
shoulder problems?
Harm reduction for people snorting oxycontin?
Headaches - from jaw dislocation or pregnancy>?
What happens if you try and runaway from the hospital if you overdosed or have suicidal thoughts ?
I think my pot was laced? Help please!?
i have blisters the size of 20 cent coins on my feet they hurt when i walk what can i do?
mirgraine headache?
Can you tell me what did your chiropractor do when you visit him/her?
Who should I see? Am I going to loose my spinal?
I am 14 and have realy bad headaches?
What is the best pain killer for a headache caused by tight neck and shoulder muscles?
how do you manage a stroke?
Is Truehope for Bipolar good for it?
is there a connection Between eating disorder and ptsd?
i feel so fat i want to die what should i do?
how to take care of the children with ADHD?
i am feeling very depressed?
I have had back pain for 2 years. Don't have medical insurance. My pain is only on the left side.?
How can a lay-person use techniques of monks and secret agents to handle pain?
ow!!! my wrist?
What is the difference beten an osteopath and a chiropractor?
i need help with my posture?
i have pains in my lower right leg after i play cricket?
do cortisone injections work or do they simply mask the pain?
Constant headache. I have never had headaches or migranes, but for the past 5 days i have had headaches.?
why do my knees feel sore and swollen after i go running?
Is this serious?
my stomach is making funny noises?
I pain in my throut and on the back of my tongue it trades sides every few day what can i do for it?
how do you tell someone your depressed, what should i do about this?
help, could I have insomnia?
what do i have depression? r something else......HELP!?
difference between effexor and seraquel?
I've overdosed numerous times and I am still suicidal and sick and tired of life?
I'm scared that I am going to develop epilepsy?
Stress manifestation during sleep?
Are their any professionals like a psychologist, whom give opinions on problem solving as well as emotional?
Trouble sleeping only at night?
What are the Social Consequences of Ritalin?
Do i have Munchhausen Syndrome?
I need to forgive myself, but don't know how.?
Could I Have ADD/ADHD?
Why am I always tired?
How to remove some stress?
I went to the hospital because I took too many pills.. Voluntarily and they made me take the charcoal ?
My 10 year old has CRPS in her ankle. Are there many children in New Zealand RSD/CRPS?
what can I do to help my frozen shoulder? adhesive capulitis?
My laptop gives me headaches. How do I stop/reduce the affect of this?
If you know doctor terms help please!!?
Can MPD/DID only be caused by traumatic events/experiences?
Wellbutrin Abuse Question?
Depressed about work - How can I be happy and enjoy my job?!?
What type of depression is this?
Irritated when there's someone else in the room?
I was prescribed 37.5 mg's of Effexor.. How much is considered an overdose ? I seriously need help?
i keep falling down and tripping?
Give me all your best ideas to relieve stress?
Is there such thing as pre-menopausal depression?
He's very different when he isn't on his meds! It's hard to deal with!?
Where should I send him??
TENS and acupuncture in childbirth?
Hangover tablets in Australia? Where to get them?
My legs ache at night, especially behind the knees & down to the arches of my feet.?
Why am I always getting painful headaches?
What Are Some Common Causes Of Heartburn?
cramping up while stretching?
What do you do when you have bad references on your resume/CV?
need help with my autism son.?
I have all the symptoms of depression...?
What happens when a teenagers depression gets out of control?
Psychiatrist called my pharmacy to cancel all my prescriptions and not to give me anything.. can I get some ?
Why do I always feel like this?
How do I open up without crying?
Mucus AND blood in stool?
Question about an Ultrasound i had today on my pancreas/gallbladder.
how can i be there for my son if he has to have his right leg amputated?
What is the pharmacutical name for Vicodin & is there an Australian equivalent?
Depressed when i have to go to bed?
Fear of taking elevators?
Confused about counselling/pyschologist?
Confused and desperate: What can I do to help myself let go of my father's death?
I just took 1050 mg's of Effexor and I still feel nothing. I have had it. I am sick and tired of everything?
Is Parkinson's Disease hereditary?
i have strep throat and i keep waking up every 30 to 40 mins after i fall asleep help!!!!?!?!?
why do my eyes hurt so much?
what do i tel the emergency room doctors to get the best treatment for my severe head pain?
I have been having lower back pain that comes and goes and cramping lost my plug today,?
Back Pain........Help?
am i depressed???? HELP!!?
what are the symptons of a sociopath? How do you know if you are one?
why what do I do my parents are controlling me and the guy I like has bipolar?
I took 1050 mg's of Effexor and some pills of Klonopin. Will I be ok. I just wanted to numb the pain?