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In testing for blood type, what is the accuracy? Can the lab get it wrong?
best ways to treat infected earrings after peircing?
Has anyone out there had a brachial plexus neuritis: amyotrophic neuralgia?
My blood type is O-. Who can I donate to, and who can I receive donations from?
Please Help?
hey people can u all please help?
I have a trust on my father's name and i need a trusty to help my trust.So please give me some choices.?
Can a lack of calcium in diet cause bone pain?
what are the benefits of being A+?
Is gum good for your throat or any other part of your body (other than teeth)?
how do i get rid of dark armpit marks?
Explain why liver impairment would result in edema?
Any other ideas?
Chances of me having brain tumor?
passing a drug test?
when i breathe in my chest hurt...?
if you had your ears pierce for a week how long will it take for it to close up??
Chest Congestion, but that's it?
low bloodpressure dehyderated sick?
how do i use topical xylocaine for coital pain. is it safe?
under active thyroid?
Blinking eyes seeing shapes????
Burning sensation after urination?
very concerned here and do not know what to do. This is regarding cancer of the uterus?
What over the counter product can I use for blocked ears? (Australia)?
what is the first desease if a person has AIDS?
my son has a temp of 40.7 what is the temp where fitting starts to happen?
Excessive sweating?
How can you treat tennis elbow?
can someone actually make themselves sick?
does any one know what causes fluid etention ,and what can i do to stop it ,im blown up like a toad .?
how do you go about taking medication and alternative medication overseas?
Will this make me lose weight?
If seepa means u cant feel pain can u still get an itch and can u C if the room is 2 brite wen uv got hedache?
What should i do im 15?
Does everyone have some kind of?
Does quitting smoking deplete motivation and focus for other goals?
What is a good game to play during my Amnesia health presentation?
Is it Ok to....??? 10 Points!!!?
What does Adderral do to you? How do you act?ADHD?
Serious, serious question: How can I tell my mom I'm depressed and need help?
first day of Adderall and it only lasted about 7 hours?why?
I am sure I have ADD/ADHD and/or Bipolar, but what do they do when you get tested?
how to help a suicidal person?
My son sleeps day and stays up night. Ineed to know how to change his sleep cycle thanks, will take any answer
Throat Acid after shouting?
Ear wax residue?
Can somebody help me? Ear problems, this is serious!?
Trouble Breathing?
I think I have a stomach ulcer?
if i can feel my heart beating in my chest does that mean its beating to hard?
so how old are some of you people?
i been take high doses of percocet and vicodin what are the withdraw symptoms?
Symptoms from quitting smoking? What did you expierience and did you kick the habbit, any tips?
hi; m suffering from achalasia. i hv problem in eating n drinking..cud some 1 helps me 2 overcome this problem
How do i stop my eating disorder from coming back?
is this some kind of disorder?
Help me with my paranoia please!?!?!?!?!?
In your opinion, what does this sound like to you?
Do I have Dyslexia? -- Answer fast please.?
Are you crazy if you have an anxiety disorder?
My life is falling apart... please help!!?
I get random moments of depression from my peers.?
what does it mean when i cant cry? (and alot of other things)?
What can I do to help me go to sleep?
Whats the best night time treatment for acne prone skin?
Could my daughters scratching be more than eczema, could it be her nerves?
can an overactive thyroid make you feel really sick in stomach and ive started to get tremors to they are bad?
In recently got my 2nd set of ca scan results back and everything was fine. I get breally bad headaches?
List the indications to do HLA typing?
How can i get VERY sick?!?
my boyfriend has kidney failure help?
Why do I sweat almost only from my right armpit? How can I stop it?
i seem to have veins that protrude in my legs,how do they happen?
Mind awake but body asleep?
Why do I always feel nervous and anxious when I'm out public?
Social anxiety vs. avoidant personality disorder?
what are the symptoms of agoraphobia ?? {10 points]?
has anyone been treated at the Child and Adolescence mental health centre at toronto east general, doing well?
Going back on celexa?
Do I need to undergo a surgery for esophagus enlargement?
My right ear is blocked and I have a cold, what could I do to unblock it?
i have nose blockage problem. is there any laser therapy for it and is it safe and effective?
I got sick the other day?
is it possible this mole is cancerous?
Does my betta have a disease? His nose thing is a little flapped and it like going under the top of its mouth.
a cardocentesis is?
I kinda feel a bit deaf in one ear since this morning- i mean only alittle deaf?
Does Anyone Have A Baha Implant?
Im curious as to what is going on in there....?
what does it mean when my ct scan report says i have NO ACUTE INTRACRANIAL PATHOLOGY DEMONSTRATED?
What can i do to get rid or bleach black hairs on my arms/legs?
What are some of the negative effects of caffeine?
How long should an antibiotic shot hurt?
Is it normal for a person with OCD to get phases?
why do i feel this way?
something weird happens when im about to sleep?
I think i'm depressed, and I don't know what to do about it anymore. I'm beginning to give up. Help please?
Is this behavior normal?
What are these pills?
Why is it so hard.....?
how do you determine whether or not you need mental help?
Can't seem to be hypnotized?
Is it normal to feel like this?
Why should I stop hurting myself?
Do you think taking prescription medication is the easy way out?
hi! iam 20 year old my skin was crstral clear but from last one year i started getting white heads and black h?
i get turned on really easily why?
How much does your past worry you?
how can i be strong mentaly?
Getting rid of addiction? Not doing it, or not thinking about it?
What is a list of pros and cons of anti-depressants?
im confused im probably off base here?
Why do i talk in my sleep?
How do I stop too much thinking?
has any of you ever been on a treatment order in ontario?
What should I do, am I sick or just emotional?
I have an addiction to prescription meds and all my prescriptions were cancelled and I got soem meds yesterday?
Feeling sad about letting my annoying friend go?
Anyone get hip/leg pain with IBS?
How to get rid of a scar by a day?
Other Fibromyalgia sufferers use canes or crutches to get around?
I just got out of the hospital on Thursday and I am still suicidal?
Question about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
Depression treatment?
could stress be whats hurting my eating habits?
Effective mole removal creams?
Personal bug repeller - not topical?
If you lose your voice, do you still make noise when you cough?
Recomendations for a GF that snores like a freight train..?
name the hormone that stimulates the stem cells in the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells?
What causes Diarrhoea?
Natural Antibacterial Spray?
What can increase my testosterone levels?
Can anyone who has had an Achilles tendon tare care to share ways of coping with it while recovering ?
why are people born with harlequin baby disorder?
How do psychiatrists decide if someone needs to be hospitalized ?
I am so bored!please help me b4 i go isane.?
Do I have ADD? Or is this normal?
What happens if you overdose on anti-depressants and sleeping pills ?
Tips on how to with...?
Is there something wrong with me?
how can i help my mom and myself deal with death?
grave disease?
There's been phlegm in my throat for months...?
hi feeling sick the tummy all day?
Where can I purchase one of those red light boxes found outside GPs' surgeries?
Why can they fix burns victims faces but not completwely restore acne scars.?
What should I do about windburn?
My doctor reccomended Palafer (liquid) The taste is horible. Is there a capsule version of this thats 300mg
Have you or anyone you know had your ears pinned back?
I want my septum done!!!! but i want the sudes done too ummm should i wait?
Organ Donation in Australia?
Normal reaction??
Still obsessing ,still feeling guilt. Help with talking to a therapist?
My girl friend have Paranoid Personality Disorder, how can I convince her to marry me and/or have babies!?
What Causes An Addiction?
I attempted suicide last Wednesday, than I was raped on Friday. I am really struggling with life again?
where can I get free online counselling?
Is ADD something a person can cure without meds?
what kind of problem do i have?
HIGH SCHOOL is ruining my life.?
Highschool is causing me over whelming stress and anxiety. I dont know what to do about it.?
Coping Skills for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)?
How long will I be high for?
Does anyone know what might be wrong with me?
What is the difference between yellow and transparent urine?
I have a m*therf*cker of a hangover?
Your opinions on marijuana?
Does anyone else find this horrifying?
I want to grow tall but how ?
Why don't my eyes go red from smoking weed anymore?
Why did I feel sick after my nose bleed?
I'm having trouble using a tampon...?
What does it mean when you dream?
Should I get it checked out?
QUICK 10 POINTS!!!!!!!! HELPPPP!!!!!!!!?
Why does this happen when you're just about to fall asleep?
if all you drank was wine all day, not eat food, what would happen?
Can someone actually die from fright?
Will I Get Addicted To Smoking?
What happens if i give my 4weeks notice, but then get signed off by the doctor those 4weeks?
Whats the fastest way to fix a sty ?
my face is all red and peely like a sunburn but its not a sunburn what else could it be?
Wheelchair solutions - what wheelchairs or walkers roll well on carpet?
Bowel issue. HELP PLEASE, cant get a doc appointment and its URGENT!?
I am constipated help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it true that when you die, you can be cremated and your ashes can be turned into a diamond?
I just swallowed chewing gum. what do I do to prevent from anything dangerous. what is gonna happen?
My brother has a lazy eye. He wears glasses but only @ school. What are some ways a lazy I can B fixed quickly?
What r ppl called who love pain?
Food to eat while sick with a fever?
I want to grow taller. I'm 5'6" and 31 years old. Can I grow taller? Many thanks?
I think I overdose on vitamins, really painfull stomach, help?
Do you know the main reasons for female headaches?
Why do i got hypo and everything pulsates when im happy?
i'm very unwell and don't know whats going on?
Do I have a virus?
Possible cause of my diarrhea?
is it bad if you vomit up a bit of blood when on ecstasy?
is it possable to die of exteme sadness?
how can i get sick overnight?
i have broken half of my front tooth can anyone tell me the cheapest dentist to go to. please.?
How to face a teacher after fainting?
Can I still grow taller even though I'm 19? If yes, how? Getting Desperate HELP!!!?
Would like to know if anyone has heard of or experienced hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid condition.?
Frequent knee cracking-what's it from?
My child poos on his bedroom floor?
my friends reckon im too skinny?
where do teens get cigarettes from?
Effects of taking 5-10 ibuprofen daily?
do i need to eat befor doing ecstasy?
Pain in my lower abdomen after drinking alcohol?
How do I get over the embarassment?
Can anyone tell me what this might be? Please help!?
drug use afraid of mixing too many drugs?
help with staphylococcus aureus?
Why is my hair suddenly falling out?
I 17 years old and I sleep about 11 hour's each night, is this normal? I heard it was 8-9?
can i smoke right after i can my tongue piecered?
someone help me get my sleeping patterns back!?
How long intil you can give oral to a girl after getting your tongue pierced?
Sore Throat (Urgent)?
ass injection tomorrow?
why do i have these heart beat problems?
How can I appear taller?
help me de-procrastinate!! 10pts BA?
What is this?.. I really need help!?
i think i have anxiety?
Suicide thoughts/depression?
...Is this a mental issue? :(?
Reactions to a second rape?
I've just been diagnosed with Biploar Disorder..?
How do I bring this up with my psychologist?
I'm worried about touching door handles and other things in public. Help!?
Is there anyone out there that suffers from Trichotillomania and has tried NAC? Has it helped?
If you love someone let it go. If he comes back to you is yours forever, if he does not has never been your..?
Am i paranoid / Do I have paranoia?
how much do acne scarsreally matterif theguyis very good looking?
i have been feeling short of breath like anxiety i cough up plegm constantly for about 6 mths now anyone have ?
Omg has anyone had this Experience?
bad anxiety, natural ways to stop it?
When a person bites their fingernails and swallows them foes their body get all the calcium from the?
Does it hurt to have an endoscopy?
Is it dangerous to wake up every morning with no feeling in arm?
what to do to get taller if your a teen?
If I'm 166.5 cm tall, how much does that make me in feet?
cigarettes australia,do you think that the goverment should ban tailor made cigarette's?
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
fastest ways to clean system for drug test?
why do my armpits sweat?
I have been diagnosed with an over active thyroid gland?
I don't know if I should go to school? Am I sick?
Upper right abdominal pain. Normal ultrasound. What else?
drinking and smoking?
Really sharp ear aches, whats wrong?
Most awful sleep patterns. Help!?
tall, what should be my average weight?
someone help me please. so over this. 10 points?
i have a freind who is very addicted to marijuana and has been for 20 yrs, how can i help her get of the stuff?
What's it called when it feels like caffeine is going though you and your fingertips tingle?
Are you aware of the risk of brain damage with the following OTC medications?
when my ears popped the other night it was followed by a hot/burning sensation?
how to convince parent (mom) that im sick?
What to EAT/DRINK that will STAY DOWN or IN when you have Diarrhea from both ends?
Feeling so unwell please help?
Does drinking alcohol cause you to age faster?
Does your apperance change as you get older?
what are some good tricks for waking up in the morning and speeding up the process of getting ready?
I have had diarrhea/semi-diarrhea for months. What's wrong?
How can someone tell the difference between daydreaming and petit mal seizures (absence seizures)?
What is your vice? We all have one!?
I cant throw up?? Read it before you look over it =)?
coughing and abs hurts what is it ?
Sore throat and tiredness?
when you have a urinary tract infection do you bleed when you wipe? what does then mean?
ive taken an overdose?
I'm sick. My nose is dripping, my head is throbbing and I sound like a man?
i have a tension headache had it for four days why?
Vibration in the neck?
I got a Lateral Lisp. Can you help?
Shaving rash? or excema?
Please try to understand that I am not attention seeking, but need help?
Why to I always "chicken out" on everything?
I'm scared of too much things! Help :D?
What could i do to try to manage my anxiety disorders, and depression?
When does a suicide hotline breach the confidentiality part and call 911 on a caller ?
No colds or flu since 3 yrs?
No joke here but i have really wide thumbs, u could say chubby but i prefer the term wide =D why?
I need some help desperately!?
I have REALLY bad insomnia. PLEASE HELP!!?
Is it true that white ppl don't live as long as black ppl in the tropics without the help of modern medicine?
Im addicted to Berrocca - is too much bad for me?
im tired and want to go to bed but cant get to sleep...what should i do?
werid symptoms must mean something?
Is dancing for 30 minutes the same sort of exercise as jogging for 30 minutes?
There is a tiny bit of food in my tooth extraction site?
blood when i go toilet?
I want to bulk up and ive already got a lot of weight, should i still be gaining weight?
how to get rid of constipation?
Important !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
my mother-in-laws kidneys are functioning at 10% will not do dialisis how long does she have to live?
Serious - - drug related?
My feet are killing me, iv got puss running out off them......HOW CAN I FIX MY TINEA RIDDEN FEET?
Are you a folder or scruncher?
iron supplement making me sick?
What would you classify my body shape as?
on and off for 3 years?
Going to hairdresser with nits?
Why does my stomach keep making noises?
Why is my daughter taking large amounts of Codeine?????
give me famous medical malpractice?
Why has only one of my 'moobs' developed?
How many panadol tablets does it take to kill a healthy teenager?
What is wrong with me please help?
I have a constant headache?
Can you get a sore stomach if you eat hot food without blowing it?
I Get Really Bad Anxiety Attacks Over Simple Things?
Why do I need so much Sleep?
I was wondering how health care in Australia works?
Hi, Just need to talk to someone......?
How long should it take for you to wash your hands properly with soap?
Is coffee bad for 16 year olds? if so how?
need help with sleep?
Do I have asthma???/?
ways to relieve stress?
Trying Ecstasy for the first time and unsure on what to expect?
Why do i always have the same nightmare? :'(?
My mom stole my diary and took pages from it....?
Anxiety Problems, Paranoia, Psychosis?
Any regrets with OCD?
People who have dealt with anger issues through a psychiatrist- What should I expect?
Why can't I sleep?? Who can answer this?
how do i get rid of it!!?
normal sife effect of overdose?
Strange thirsty headaches!?
biggest cell of human body?
Ear Wax.... why do I have so much???
Hungry but not all at the same time?
what is it or am i just crazy?
how do you get rid of a colesaw fast?
What type of pathology lab was presented in TAU ?
Bad stomach pains at night.?
what affects does marijuana have on a chronic smoker.?
why do i feel extreme and overwhelming fatigue in the first 2 weeks of giving up smoking?
wierd sweatting. help please?
what is the quickest, most painless death known?
I am allergic to Codeine & Hydrocodone & have chronic joint pain.What prescription pain killers can I take?
Is it strange to sneeze at least 3 times a day?
Have you ever had to pee really badly, for example during sports, or at school or another time? How old?
What body shape is 37-27-37?
How to get a Six pac on ur stomach?
Positive Music to lift Depression?
Sore throat follow by cough?
Buying Pentermine Without Prescription Online?
how much could be the salary for a surgery doctor in Australia?
what are some ways to get over home sickness?
Why do I get the sweats, nausea and eventually vomit after a short period of no food?
URGENT is there somwhere/someone in perth who can help an almost 18 almost homeless person with no job skills?
My throat is feeling weird?
what's wrong with me?
Dizziness concerns!!!?
What is your opinion on multivitamins ?
I am absolutely terrified of green water...?
havin a panic attack. i cant stop shaking :(?
does these sound like the symtpoms of a panic attack?
Why does my ear hurt?
SKIN PROBLEM... plz help!?
I want to get a drug test done to see if i have anything in my system. can you go to your local GP? where?
Can you get food stuck in your airways?
How would you treat a kayaker who is experiencing symptoms of hypothermia?
razerr rashh?? yuck! hate itt!?
medical question kinda?
can i mix stilnox and X?
Pain around ribs??? PLEASE HELP?
Why cant you have alcohol when you are taking metronidazole?
Is it safe to put bausch & lomb multiplus solution directly in your eye?
just a question about st johns wort dosage?
I want to gain weight (fat)?
Is This Heat Exhaustion Or Something Else?
what social problems arise from cocaine use?
I have had a sore throat for the last two weeks - need advice to fix it?
Does anyone know home remedies for tension headaches?
Why is my vision flickering badly?
What is wrong with me? Any Drs on here?lol?
how to become an earlybird in a week! PLZ HELP?
Blush very easily, help?
what are some things that i can do to get well from my cold sooner?
Why do I get headaches and how do I get rid of them?
Please help!? i feel awful after an MRI?
what is an 'itch' on the skin?
If you have never been claustrophobic before, is it possible that you can become claustrophobic in later life?
what is the Temazepam drug?
what's wrong with me?
Took 5 g of paracetamol am i OVERDOSE?
What's with self-cutting?
What's the name of the mental/emotional illness the chracter Scarlet O'Hara displayed in Gone With The Wind?
8 week old sticking tongue out?
What effect does the amount of (mg) in a cigarette have on you?
whick antidepressant medication would you reccomend?
what are amphetamines?
Testing the quality of tap water?
Why is it that I can eat a gallon of Ice cream, tons of yogurt & cheese but when it comes to milk...?
is this serious or not?
ouch! whats wrong with me? swollen glands!?
how to fall asleep with out sleeping pills, after taking them for 2 or more years?
When i try to swallow ( even just saliva ) i can't?
Do i have anemia????
help plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
REALLY annoying Throat problems?
KIDNEY BIOPSY - have you have one? whats it like?
Will i grow any taller after 18?
What massage helps you relax the most?
Whats wrong with me? I cant breathe in without feeling pain.?
Will I ever grow taller?
What do these symptoms equate to?
How do i treat heatstroke/sunstroke?
Pain around teeth, jaw, chin an cheekbone and chest?
Is this the result of stress or something else?
how can i blush more?
i have just stopped smoking 3 weeks ago but is my breathing suppose to be so heavy and always out of breath?
How Do I Avoid Not Hurting Myself When I'm Very Hyper and Energetic?
What does it mean when your stomach itch?
Marijuana health risks?
A new Flu? I need HELP!?
Stomach Problems Isues?
Whats the difference between a Prolapse & a Relapse ?
What are the short and long term effects of limited physical activity?
Is oxygen bad for a human liver?
am i possible to get taller than i am 1.7metres. I wanna to become model but im not enough tall .......?
can you help me in to do with facebook?
Can an irritated nerve in the nose cause a sharp headache?
How can i know if my kidneys are going bad?
Can chia seed help u grow taller?
My urine is like green :?
Dizziness followed by throwing up?
how do you get rid of virtigo?
How damaging is an electric shock?
I've had a headache for 3 days now. I've took pills and everything for it. What do I do?!?!?
How do I go about getting a mole and beauty spots removed?
Other Anxiety Disorder sufferers, do you have "intense" periods every now and then?
I attempted suicide last week and almost died, and I am still suicidal?
someone help i get migrains/ headaches everyday...?
Did u know u can buy coca tea, cats claw, mate, pou'd arco, maca, yacon, lukuma at 90 Mount St North Sydney?
what is wrong with my voice?
why dont i want to sleep at night?
Do medical steroids make you stronger?
Is it possible to practice burping?
trying to find out what drug G's are.?
continuously feeling like theres something crawling over me.?
alzhymers help please. 10 points best?
Unusually Tall Problem?
what do you think of the nursing profession?
lump in neck! need an answer?
I get tired and then I'm hungry and I eat then I'm tired again?
please help, because IM SICK OF IT.?
can I consider a blood cholestrol test taken after breakfast as being accurate?
going to the doctor this arvo?
I have a sore blue tongue?
fainted/unconcious dont know why ?
I am sick all the time lately?
is it normal to experience pain when you touch your epididymis?
Super dry skin?? help please!?
how do you stop your skin from peeling?
random sharp pain in shoulder?
What's wrong with me?
sue my plastic surgen?
Is this anxiety or what?
people with anxiety disorder?
How long does speed stay in your system for?
What lower limb can be used as proper site for administering an injection.?
2 year old child's ever, rash and lethargic, when to go to the hospital?
how do i become a blood collector in nsw?
Is anyone a NURSE or DOCTOR here?
change in sleeping pattern help?
Can smoke from wood hurt you?
Would 10 endone (oxycodone) tablets kill you?
I don't have Body Confidence and it has impacted everything in my life?
sunburn? what can i do to limit the amout of peeling ?
how can i increase my height naturaly iam 19 yr old and iam 165cm or 5.5 feet tall and my father is 5.10feet?
what is macles diverticulem ?
Drinking liquid panadol?
help cartilage piercings!!?
Would this milk be safe?
im16 and ive been feeling really down lately and i dont know why?
cause positive stress?
How to asked for a better massage?
Inflammation of the stomach lining?
diet for ulcerative colitis?
RED/Hot & blotchy skin after exercise?
How much Pedialyte should I drink?
Help - I cannot sit still or relax!!?
Travelling south on Interstate 95 - hotels without bedbugs?
I had breast augimentation, can I claim any of the hospital or anaethesists fees? Medicare?
i have a torn cruciate ligament in my right knee, i can get by with out to much trouble and it only hurts when?
What's the average height / weight for a 12 year old girl?
lack of concentration and other symptoms, do i need to see a doctor?
Do girls feet stink and sweat like boys.?
is it ok to drink juice with a new pierced lip?
almost every time i try to fall asleep i hear aloud noise that aint even there?
Is this guy an alcoholic?
Why do I sweat so much?
How do you know whether you need glasses?
Is it legal for doctors to bill their write off even though their contract with insurance states not to?
Slipped lapband- I can't keep basic food down for long, it gets blocked, and there's now strange brown bits...?
what are the best ways to de-stress during exam weeks?
ive had a bit to drink if i stay up till im sober will i remember more of the night?
Is this just my mind playing games?
Has anyone been on "Venlafaxine" and "Mirtazapine"? Please help if so?
how much more of this can i take?
my leg is trembling/shaking for no reason?
Help with anxiety and people?
has anyone been on seroquel/lithium for a year?
I think I had a panic attack?
B-12 supplements and being off balance?
Im having real awful panic attacks which are filling me with sheer terror and lasting hours?
Sweating heaps??? Anyone else?
what do the tablets look like, i think i found one...its round white and has D 2 on it, but i'm not sure?
Head Tightening, Vision Dimming, Feeling Faint.?
Why does your eyes dry out when you...?
I can't understand my body, Can you?
I've been feeling strange lately. Can anyone identify my problem?
Traineeship Help....?
What could be wrong with my sleeping?
best way to get rid of lactic acid?
i streched my stomach and my chest now its painful.?
what are some social and physical effects of passive smoking on young teenagers?
Can Platelet Rich Plasma Injection replace Knee Replacement Surgery?
Mixing celapram and caffeine, any side fx?
Why does my body keep going numb?
i cant stop biting and cutting myself, can you help?
how much for this tatt average price range aus?
medication that causes suicidal thoughts?
I am always tired and I have been having horrible stomach aches?
i always feel like vomiting?
Any reliable insecticides can treat bed bugs beside pest control?
how can i unclog my ears?
Food Poisoning, green and thin stools ?
Is watching a television in a small room bad for your health & eyesight?
Bad body aches when waking up? Plz help?
When ill, does anyone else ONLY ever gets diarrhoea and never vomits (as far as you can remember)?
What can I do to help this?
Can you imagine having a toothache or similar things?
is there a class action lawsuit against the drug effexor?
how bad does an infection have to be to be deadly?
Aching head when sneezing(blood included)?
can ecstacy tablets be dark brown with chinese writing stamped on them?
Can anti depressants prevent Implanon from working?
How should I be sleeping?
I have never had shock or fainted before will I be okay after this?
What drug can I use to help me get fit?
is a nurse and a registered nurse the same thing?
What has been the best age for you personally?
Question on Setraline Anti Depressants?
Whats wring with me? Do i have migranes?
A couple of days ago, a brown line appeared running from my chin to my collar bone, what is it?
Clonazepam.. For anyone who has taken it.. Please help?
My prescribed dose of Clonazepam is 1mg.. and I took 3 mg and I feel all numb and emotionless?
I was prescribed cymbalta for my severe anxiety?
Does Hypnosis Work For Deep Emotional Trauma?
How long does it take for "mirtazapine" 30mg and "venlafaxine" 150mg to start working?
how am i supposed to feel good about myself if?
i just dont UNDERSTAND adhd , and add?
is it bad for you to go to sleep angry if so what can happen?
Did you find the body of someone you loved who committed suicide?
Does this mean I'm insane?
I want to be a doctor when I'm older, and now I need to do work experience relating to that. Any ideas?
is OD -.25 OS -1.00 vision prescription bad?
is late childhood and adolescence the same?
why do my arms shake when i am yawning?
do leads in the body system removed over time slowly in the body?
depression physical stomach pain?
what can i do to this COLDSORE PLEASE help, picture included?
What is the difference between a severe nightmare and a night terror?
On and off for a year I have been eating about 500 calories daily.?
Does a St Johns 'Instant Cold Pack' make you sick ?
i think an infection may be trapped inside my removed nostril piercing!?
which senses last to disappear when your unconscious?
small cut on my arm and mums going to jump to conclusions how can i hide it?
Why do I have aches all over my body?
How is fat digested and absorbed?
[URGENT] What should I do I need help,what are your problems atm?
why baby get stomach ach?
Does any one know anything at all about the term "vaccine sensitive"?
I have Cert. lV in age Care and want to do Palliative Care Training . Can anyone tell where i can do this?
Can I pass this drug test?
OHSS - When will symptoms end?
Why is a customer service culture/patient focused culture important in the delivery of health services?
my mom just got a b12 injection today and is schedule to have one next week and one the following week. she i?
Do you think that this is anxiety?
is bore water good or not?
Acidic feeling in stomach?
Is marijuana addictive?
If Medicare Australia has stopped paying for treatments, is it worth approaching pharmaceuticals companies?
can swimming help you get rid of a cold?
How can i hypnotise myself?
What does cocain do to you whilst under the influence, and long term?
how do u know u have done enough stretching and how do u know if you have done too much?
Why do some people get Hiccups more than others?
If you get plugs will your skin ever grow back?
why does my ear get hot?
um, odd body changes? please help?
I bought 20 kids tutus new in plastic I think made in bali they really stink anyone had this happen help!!?
cloth adult diapers melbourne?
what causes heavy bleeds?
do i take the pill while on medication pharmacy said it apheres with the pill?
Which Australian private health insurer offers flexible extras?
Why does my stomach get all upset after I finish eating?
Is there any correlation between Diarrhea & Hot Weather? (In Men)?
ecstacy question need help?
Valium for social anxiety?
How can weird neurones make someone schizophrenic?
25mg seroquel for anxiety?
Does celexa cause weight gain?
im depressed. but i'm not sure why? is that possible?
Is this anxiety, paranoia?. I need help!?
I'm doomed..I'm doomed..I'm doomed..I'm doomed..I'm doomed..I'm doomed..I'm doomed..I'm doomed..I'm doomed?
(Need your opinion!) Is depression overrated?
Controlling Bipolar without meds?
Psychiatric Service Dogs?
I think I have ADHD , what do I do?
smart people...how do i cure my stomach ache?
Can a drug screen tell if my urine is 2days old the tests are non supervised please help URGENTLY PLS?
Why does my head have this numbing feeling?
Heat pack? Ice pack? Pressure? Or nothing?
How long will my throat be sore for? I cant even eat noodles !!?
what food should i eat when there is a new scar on my hand?..?
Are anti-depressents good?
do genes matter or not ?
Gross taste in back of throat, and white tongue (thrush)?
inbreeding in red cross blood donations?
Am I tOo ThIn??? & Do YoU tHiNk I wIlL gRoW mUcH tAllEr?
cause of recent severe mood swings?
Endep 10 who uses this medication for sleep?
Medical Certificate regarding sickie?
how can I stop this joint pain? (always taking advil before practice)?
Does Cerebral Palsy Fluctuate?
Long term effects of growth hormones?
What happens if grommets have come out and glue ear is back?
Can i use sorboline as a ......?
How common is it to be a chimera (have double DNA) and how does this happen?
those anybody know of a doctor that can fix the Nervous of the mouth ?
how long do i have to wait for my results after a loop excision?
why am i coughing for so long?
Increase in chemical sensitivities among people - need some sources?
why does my heart hurt?
tendons and ligaments in my ankle?
coconut oil and testosterone?
I have a cough, blocked nose, sore eyes and blocked ears. What's wrong?
hi, i have a problems with burbing. the past few days i have to burb lots and am gettin sick of it, help?? jox?
Does anyone have a child on growth hormone injections?
Canine nappies? Need help!?
Minor blood in stool?
is it safe to buy off online chemist?
mucus at the back of my throat?
What should i do? Help me...?
Why does my hips continually hurt?
What is the name of the young American woman, who is a swimmer in the (Organ) Donor Recipient Games?
No gap between hip and ribs?
MIMS drug book question?
What do I do? Nose hurts?
What happens if you swallow something plastic that was shaped like a pill?
DoesPItees any 1 else not want to grow up?
What are the little things in life that are essential in maintaining your well being?
can you please answer this for me?
Please Help!!!?
I feel really really sick =(?
Hospitalized for an eating disorder - how to stop tube feeding?
Would anyone from Australia like to trade their health care system for ours (United States)?
weird feeling in face/nose?
is there a doctor in the house?
Is there any practical proved medical benefits in the magnetic mattress protector?
Boyfriend with Ultraticulitis?
Can I use my Medicaid in other states besides where I got it in?
i feel sick and don't know why?
Really, really bad headaches, is this normal?
why do people like move and jump when they are asleep?
feel like passing out.?
Help with my heel? I have had x rays and they say I have a dent in the bone of my heel.?
my pulse rate is 113, what should i do to get normal ?
What does burning pain in ear after being hit square in the jaw mean?
im quite a violent sleeper.......?
Problems Sleeping...Advice?
At what age can you get your tongue?
i am a binge eater and cant stop myself! helpppp?
What do i do about this?
About Being A Cop?
some ppl think my mom is narsisstic
i think i have OCD.. please help?
what to do with a gift?
Fear of the Future (leaving me stress and worried)?
What is wrong with me?
i had a dream last night...?
what am I supposed to do? PLEASE help me?
What's the difference between...?
Is this a normal weightfor a 16 year old?
whats wrong with my throat?
Pain in lower abdomen after drinking alcohol?
Emergency Department...?
I'm looking for some excisting standard protocols in emergency nursing?
Sight problem at night with bright lights.?
One bored insomniac- need ideas for activities?
can an 0- give a kidney to an A+?
can eating a hole packet of strepcils give u stomach ulcers or acid reflux?
cocaine how long does it stay ie the body?
Anxiety medication question?
My health in WOW is rllly low?
Can anyone elp me figure out what this means?
My tonsils have been a problem off and on most of my life. At 65 is there any chance to remove?
Proof reading an essay on post traumatic stress disorder?
What should i do about my itchy crotch?
Questions About Kids Helpline?
why do i hear people screaming in my head at night like they're burning ?
how many bones in human body?
What is the waiting list for lap band that is covered by medicare?
has anyone out there had there kneecap removed?
How to improve reflexes?
Why do i get headaches when i keep looking up and down for taking notes in class?
How Tall will I be when I grow up?
Anemic, Low Haemoglobin 9.8, What Could Be Wrong?
Dimatapp - ashtma + depressed?
Marijauna hair folicle test?
A bit of a Sweating Problem?!?
Does anyone take creatine supplements? What does it do?
Is hypothyroidism a hypothalamic disorder?
I am allergic to Codeine & Hydrocodone & have chronic joint pain.What prescription pain killers can I take?
How can i hypnotise myself?
I have CBT tomorrow and I really don't want to go, help!?
Could Multiple Personality Disorder be developing?
What are symptoms of Bipolar?
Helping a 72yr old Asian MIL with General Anxiety Disorder with no pharmatherapy or psychologist?
My GF is taking Metronidazole & Amoxycillin and can't drink alcohol.Harm or warning with illegal substances?
ouch! whats wrong with me? swollen glands!?
how many full (regular) push-ups should a average female be able to do?
Does it hurt to have an endoscopy?
when you have a urinary tract infection do you bleed when you wipe? what does then mean?
Does a type 1, CASA medical examination involve a drug test?
I need help please, about smoking?
Does anyone else get foot cramps more than normal?
is michal jackson a melester and an adict?
can you actually slip on a banana peel?
what effects does osteoporosis have on the body?
Ear gauging dilema, need help fast!?
Am I Self-harming or what? Plz help!?
Why do i get really obsessed with things???? help please?
Who are some famous people with mental illnesses?
What happens when somebody overdoses on medication ? What can cause someone to lose consciousness?
Is it possible to hallucinate and connect with people?
What happens when somebody overdoses on medication. What can cause them to lose consciousness?
Why do i feel like this?
what are Hindi & Punjabi words for Dementia and Alzheimer and Paranoid?
im so sad!? help me please! answer this question!?
Do you think depression is over diagnosed?
Do you ever feel like your not there?
how far over the alcohol limit is 0.162?
Lip Percings Is it safe by a professional or dangerous?
What to EAT/DRINK that will STAY DOWN or IN when you have Diarrhea from both ends?
how much longer would a Bedridden person that has had alzheimers for about 7 to 9 years last?
I have headaches when it gets cold?
ok, i have a bad cough and my throat feels like it is spiky, and i am having trouble breathing i am aching?
Omg has anyone had this Experience?
What lower limb can be used as proper site for administering an injection.?
when a person is deygarated.. is feeding sugar/gu;ucose safe?
rate my body....? PICTURE INCLUDED?
what are the main organ system of the body?
what are the best ways to de-stress during exam weeks?
tall, what should be my average weight?
Recent ear problem, please help...?
Would you snoop on people's USB drive?
What are different manic episodes?
What's a good way to boost self- confidence?
Could I have bi polar disorder?
what is a "mental complex"?
How do i tell my mother about my depression?
Why do I feel excessive guilt so much?
Panic attacks and pregnancy?
How long does Zoloft stay in ones system?
I've changed so much lately that it's scary, have you gone through anything like that lately?
Sore Throat (Urgent)?
INFUSIONS ......... please help i am stuck with this question!?
trying to find out what drug G's are.?
Do girls feet stink and sweat like boys.?
Tingling in my fingers?
Question about stomach bloating?
Feeling so unwell please help?
How can i overcome my fear of driving tests?
has anyone had sucess with Truehope a supplement for bipolar?
I tried melatonin for the first time and woke up at 2pm.....Is it supposed to work like this?...?
Why/Am I the only one....?
I can't get over this :(?
I HATE NAPS....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do autistic people???????????
Is it true that depression can?
Is this normal? Does it happen sometimes to everyone?
I am recovering from an illness and planning on going back to school..Please tell me what I need to do now!!?
Are you the same? Amazingly big fear of being alone, and not! Tips?
a question about strattera, adhd medication?
i had a blood nose today twice. it wouldn't stop bleeding for about 5 or so minutes, is this normal ?
Gross taste in back of throat, and white tongue (thrush)?
Did u know u can buy coca tea, cats claw, mate, pou'd arco, maca, yacon, lukuma at 90 Mount St North Sydney?
No joke here but i have really wide thumbs, u could say chubby but i prefer the term wide =D why?
Do medical steroids make you stronger?
I smoke but how to i prevent the hairloss?
Ok this is gonna sound a little weird but..... Please tell me how to throw up!?
naked sllepping confused help me!!?
where can i find, buy or grow shrooms in New South Wales? someone please help?
Is this anxiety or what?
Does anyone suffer from approval addiction? How is it like?
Anyone had any experiences with effexor?
Using Earphones for binaural beats?
Is there a way to stop having dreams?
I have a problem with stealing stuff for no reason,i am a Kleptomaniac.?
my pulse rate is 113, what should i do to get normal ?
How do I get rid of an eyelid twitch?
Does anyone know what this is?
Sunbed advice please?
Any reliable insecticides can treat bed bugs beside pest control?
Do red onions cause stomach upset?
do anti depressants work?
what is the quickest, most painless death known?
Help! Cold/Flu symptoms and swelling hands and feet?!?
URGENT is there somwhere/someone in perth who can help an almost 18 almost homeless person with no job skills?
I have had lower back pain on and off for years. Have now been told it is most likely a bulging disc.?
My headaches just won't go.?
Really sore shin, what mite be the problem?
Self Emotion problems affecting Relationship, please help.?
I'm am living a miserable life and I'm afraid of getting cancer?
How to become a night owl?
Question regarding Zoloft dosage.?
What does reckless behavior have to do with mental issues ?
Health Anexity..Feel Very Uneasy =(?
How come I'm so emotional in the last couple months?
how can i prevent being lonely?
OCD: 'Liquid' on my keyboard?
My Dad has constipation?
Any advice for dealing with panic attacks?
Buying Pentermine Without Prescription Online?
How can I make my ears stick out?
I think I overdose on vitamins, really painfull stomach, help?
Can you still climb trees if you've had a spinal fusion?
fastest ways to clean system for drug test?
Does Cerebral Palsy Fluctuate?
What are the effects of Cannabis on an individual?
suicidal need someone to talk to.?
Can someone actually die from fright?
I want to become a Masseuse?
I'm sick. My nose is dripping, my head is throbbing and I sound like a man?
Is it hard to get ear infection?
What's the average height / weight for a 12 year old girl?
Can anyone elp me figure out what this means?
drinking and smoking?
What is worse for you, the fly or fly spray?
my mother-in-laws kidneys are functioning at 10% will not do dialisis how long does she have to live?
Do you have a problem with worrying?
why do I have panic attacks when I'm around a lot of people alone?
How to tell my mother i want a psychiatrist/therapist?
I was vomiting all night...?
Is it legal for doctors to bill their write off even though their contract with insurance states not to?
Is my smile like Demi lovatos?
lump in neck! need an answer?
Mood ring- sore finger?
what is causing these symptoms!?!?
i am in need of a septoplasty for a deviated septum there is a year wait anyone know any fast tracks?
i have these symtoms? whats my diagnosis ?
problems with constepation.. plz help asap?
How can I get the state to help me get a breast reduction?
What type of pathology lab was presented in TAU ?
dank alot of water but can't pee?
SHould I feel so dizzy with adderall XR?
does any one know anything about scheuermanns disease?
continuously feeling like theres something crawling over me.?
please help!! how to overcome anxiety?
Can a counsellor refer/send you to a psychologist?
I listen to loud music. I'm scared that my ears drums might be damaged. Please help?
When you are in a locked psych ward ..do they listen to our phone calls ?
Am I mentally ill? Major fear of insects.?
Help i'm taking antidepressant and i can't lose the weight ?
lump in your throat, twitches , social anxiety?
When I'm really sad.. I laugh? Is this normal?
I have a constant urge to eat all of the time?
Wow that long ? r they that busy ?
what is the point in going on...?
Should you induce vomiting if you have had too many pain killers?
What happens if you swallow a bone?
I have a head cold and a sore throat. Is there a way that I can minimise the symptoms other than.?
I was diagnosed with Borderline personality Disorder when I was 15 and rediagnosed in January when I was 23?
How to get rid of obsessive compulsive thinking about Food?
Depressed about the PS1 and N64 (I know I'm weird)?
i found some hash in my grand mothers house?
Financial help for anti depressants.?
I want to die...Help me?
I got prescribed ritalin, what can I expect?
How can I tell if I have gone insane?
Why do I feel so spaced out lately?
Has anyone had an adverse reaction to fluoxetine?
headache........................................ ?
i like the feeling of pain, am i really weird?
i drank out of a moldy cup and im coughing should i be worried?
help. what are the first signs of skin cancer?
Everyone thinks I'm grumpy... kind of confusing?
Feel useless - Can't finb a job?
Do you know of any groups for teens with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) ?
is vitamin c potassium?
Dizzy, Head pains, Ears?
Is cracking your bones bad?
how can i relieve foot and leg cramps ?
Nosebleeds that wont stop until bloody phlegm is allowed to leave the body?
coughing up blood when stabbed? (Don't worry, i'm not planning on stabbing anyone!)?
is ceases in dogs curable?
Any advice about social anxiety or social phobia?
I saw a spider in my room, it disappeared, I CANT SLEEP?
What can a Clinical Social Worker do and handle for a Client/Patient?
i'm in constant pain... what is this??
what do mosquitos hate the smell of? they keep coming in my room almost every night?
There is a tiny bit of food in my tooth extraction site?
how much does it cost to have septoplasty performed by a plastc surgeon?
how to talk more...help?
Do psychologist actually help?
Why do I feel like doing this right now? (not exactly suicide)?
If someone special just died, what could I do to feel less depressed?
What you wanted to do before you die?
Why do I make myself feel like sh*t?
why do i have burning/tingling feet?
can i smoke right after i can my tongue piecered?
REALLY annoying Throat problems?
i have broken half of my front tooth can anyone tell me the cheapest dentist to go to. please.?
has anyone had epidural injections?
Master cleanse side effect?
Looking for a good medical or traumatic condition?
is there an australian equivalent to nyquil? i just want somethen to knock me out?
faint or seizure?
i have a problem of my eyes? now what to do?
ive been bitten by an insect, and my symptoms include a red streak on my vein, should i go to the hospital?
Doctor said that I have a Lymph Node, what does this mean?
whats the best way to stop tooth cavitiy pain yes ive tried tooth ache drops?
Does it hurt having your wisdom teeth being pulled out? Alot?
i have hydrocodone/homatrop in pills 5 mg/1.5how many pills can i take?
i need help, ive had 2 seizures and 3 passouts im 16.?
Have you ever wanted physical abuse opposed to verbal or emotional abuse?
OCD And Needles Or Syringes?
Does Acupuncture really work for pain relief?
does ear piercing hurt?
humanbody what causes cramps in your legs after actifity or sport?
what is wrong with my right foot? why does it hurt suddenly?
How many Endone (oxycodone) 5mg tablets can be taken per 24hrs?
morning sickness or just head cold?
What is wrong with my throat?
I have bad headaches. I feel sick to my stomach all the time. I have blood in my stool. Feel drained. ?
wot is endovasculer aneurysm repair
Annual Frumpiest Coalition Steering Committee Meetings?
What is it called when...?
Why does depression make me feel so weird for?
Intense emotions?? Need some help.?
Mental/Emotional abuse?
What happens if you call a hotline and they think that you will kill yourself or attempt to ...?
words flow right by me- personality disorder or normal?
Taking low-dose Lorazepam for 1 month - am I safe?
Anyone else experienced this?
If I'm 166.5 cm tall, how much does that make me in feet?
please help losing muscle rapidly allergys ect?
my toes are cold all the time?
a lump at my throat what is it?
First Job, Anxiety Holding Me Back Help?
What are some good natural insomnia remedies?
The police , nurses, doctors and everyone says I am addicted to my prescription meds.. I hate the word addict?
i broke the bone in my tongue?
Can slipped discs which previously causes pain in the left leg now cause pain to the right leg and both hands?
I'm terrified of needles!?
hi i have a herniated disk in my back Im only 24?
i'm 17 years old and i think something is wrong with my back!!! :(?
What might cause intermittent kidney pain in a very active, non-drinking 14 yr old girl?
What is wrong with my stomach?
I feel sick and i dont want to eat?
Recreational doses of Codeine Phosphate?
health question about a bowel problem?
Prolactinoma Question- Tumor on Putritry Gland in brain?
Nurofen or Panadol? Which is more effective?
I like the feeling of physical pain?
Can someone tell me what is wrong with my hand?
the doctors took a bag and a half of blood out of me in one go is this to much that them take out of me as iam?
What do I do about asthma in my sleep?
how can i get rid of little bumps on my forehead?
why do people lack tack these days?
Do you think this girl needs help?.........?