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the first time you wax and you get bumps....if you keep doing it will your skin eventually get used to it?
Phlegm for four years?
how do i treat a sty?
red spots all over?
Has anyone experienced problems with their feet?
Body mass index of a person who has Bulimia?
what was your experience with oratane/ roaccutane?
Difficulty breathing after lung cancer?
Combined respiratory and circulatory questions & anwsers!!?
HELP! Just found some small pea-sized yellow dunk on my scalp!!!?
my son is a acid child is there a diet i should follow,his also adhd?
does any one know what acne free cream i can use without precription?
Anyone know about leg length discrepency?Any medical advice?
Rhinoplasty - important!!!?
how to get to sleep in 5 mins?
hi, a question I need to ask ?
help i dont know what to doooo!!???
My aunt is 42 years old and is acting crazy?
I need help with pure o ocd?
why do i feel morbid and like my life is too short?
How long before flaygyl is out of my system.?
bed bugs how to avoid then?
Severe abdomen pain, and feeling and seeing my abdomen moving?
i always go bright red in the face when im hot how can i prevent it?
How come I'm still sick??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why is it everywhere i go people keep saying yuck when i have seen worse acne scarring on other people.?
small red bumps/dry skin between fingers?
dry skin and nothing helps?
What is this sickness and how do I cure it?
Howcome my eyes water?
Whats the best night time treatment for acne prone skin?
what causes warts??..............?
Hard pea sized lump under chin?
I have times in the day when my hearing will go entirely for a few scary seconds, ?
Is there any such medical condition where the body can't process vitamin C?
What's wrong with my leg?
Is there any nutrition, like fibre, in kiwi fruit skins?
What are those puffers you get in an ambulance to make you happy?
Why are the most mutated births delivered in India?
Night terrors and epilepsy, any connection?
Why do people tend to get headaches when it is cold?
Leukemia enquiries, if anyone could help?
What is causing my diarrhea??!?
I have very sensitive skin and i need an acne solution .?
Should i go on roaccutane/accuatane?
what kind of damage do you think travis barker & DJ AM will be left with?
How can you tell that you are depressed enough to see a doctor? How bad do you have to be to get medication? ?
Internal muscle tone?
red dots on my legs >.<?
Oily face/Acne/blackheads!~~~~?
I bit my inner lip, and now it hurts. anything to speed up the healing?
What is homemade treatment for dandruff and itchy sclap?
Does anyone know a doctor in Melbourne (Aus) who removes tonsils?
How can i de-stress without meditation or yoga?
My ears get pain sometimes i hear like clicking noise?
Why do I get pain on the ball point of my foot?
I need lots of answers....plz help?
Breathing problems. What's wrong?
Sore, sensitive, painful scalp?
is this permanent? who else has had an overactive brain?
Always feeling tired all the time, and I can't concentrate.?
question about how contagious pneumonia is...?
what do bone mets feel like?
Psoriasis the worst disease ever?
Hi, How does a doctor "know" if a patient is brain dead? I thought it might be from the EEG?
What responsibilities do alcohol and ciggarette consumers have?
Help! is this chickenpox/shingles or something?
I think i am having a Lung collapse... What could happen to me?
My face is peeling.. No Sunburn.?
sleeping probelm.?
Herpeszoster and ulcer crisis, medicine for both at the same time. White stools, why? [email protected]?
where do i buy appetite suppressants?
What is the best way to relieve PMT symptoms?
I have a really bad sunburn with blisters and I'm starting to peel is that good?
What's this Bug-Bite Like Rash on my Back and Stomach?
Acne help please, i dont know what to do?
Why does my left leg and arms hurt.?
Am constantly tired on celexa and have no energy! Will this ever go away?
Can someone please share some stories about struggling with a loved ones bipolar disorder? 10pts?
Am I a hypochondriac?
Why do I worry so much and how do I stop?
I am tired. I do not want to sleep. I want to do something, but I do not know what I should do?
How to stop Nightmares?
How do I get myself out of this depression?
Panic attacks and driving?
What is wrong with me?
Do people who have ADHD have that ADHD look to them?
How do I answer employment gap questions at an interview?
Is it normal to get gas pains everyday?
I think i feel a cold sore coming up, i need all the advice i can get to avoid it please..?
has anyone else got bad acne? i need ur help :(?
very sharp shooting pain in stomach?
Major Headache, Numb Left Hand and then Numb Left Side of My mouth?
sore stomach 3 days - NOT pregnant?
Is it dangerous to take 4 extra strength tylenol in less than an hour?
Medication and body size ?
How Do I Get Rid Of Sore Throats... FAST!?
weird urine smells- like food?
what does having protein in the liver mean? is it bad?
why do i have what feels like a swollen lymph node?
What supplements will help with stress, nerves, and moodiness?
is it normal to have a sixth grader wear a size 12 in women's and only 10 and 5'4?
doctors, nurses anyone who can answer please help...?
I feel robbed, because I can't get a refund?
anyone positive resulta on combo lithium/seroquel treatment?
Type of medical help for depression?
Psychitric hospital ..Please help?
Would a detox help an intestine infection?
What has made the hair on your neck stand on end?
Whats wrong? My abdomen feels like its going to EXPLODE?
Is it appendicitis?
my rash is dark and it itches, it was small now its big from scratching?
Blood testing with abnormal values...?
Can pollution permanently damage your skin?
I have small black spots on my nose? What are they?
G6PD defeciency?
My daughter has a fixed hard growth, what could this be?
My sister has to wait 6 weeks before having her Gall Bladder removed what can she eat and not eat, List, links?
lymphoma?! help please?
Aloe HELP???? please!?
Tailbone pain (physical injury)?
Effective mole removal creams?
Sensitive SKin Help ?
How did i get this rash on my face? picture included :(?
my two year old son has some sort of rash. no fever doesn't seem to itch. started with face spread to chest?
What could this mean?
Need Help!!!!???????
please help me??????
My sides hurt! Did I pull something?
weird feeling in my hand when in use.?
i think i have been bitten by a spider?
my baby is 3 months and has ringworm on his eyelashes. they seem to be falling out... Will they grow back?
i have a rash, its green. and its in a place you dont really wanna know about? help me please. its so itchy!?
Has anyone tried Progurt?
Please help.. Emergency question?
borderline personality disorder question . 10 points for best answer?
Anyone out there on Dexedrine!?
So paedophilia and child molestation is okay as long as you are a great musical talent?
can xanax cause hallucinations?
Have you ever gone for a Psychosomatic Energetics appointment?
Is this is disorder or problem?
DO you have things you loved as a child that make you emotional?
I feel so detached from life that it's scary?
How can i stop myself suffering anxiety. I get short of breath quite often from it. Im so sick of it.?
i get pain on both sides of my ribcage just at the end of both rib cages, can any one suggest?
sharp pains in the middle of my chest?
How to stop a post-nasal drip?
Are cancers always caused by mutations in genes?
Leg pain is so horrible i can not sleep a wink. HELP?
What age group is most affected by skin cancer?
My mum in 50's has a dark black dried skin its oval/rectangle and very thick?
why do u not get high the first time u smoke weed
health and human development help!??
I am having knee stiffness and elbow ( side) pain while pulling or lifting stuff.?
Does anyone know what this could be?
I have been starting to have feeling for my mom! HELP!?
for those of you who work in an office... white collar people?
What kind of disorder would I have if I had a consistent need for approval and?
Can someone help me ( a very important question )?
I saw my psychiatrist today and he wants me to go back next week ?
Trust, sleep, and psychs. HELP?
What do you think of this poem I wrote about depression/Derealization? It's short....?
For anyone who has taken Zoloft or who is taking it ?
Super dry skin?? help please!?
i have soar throat and i have cough. if i take expectorants, would it make my cough more productive?
What is tubulointerstitial nephritis?
Is there any treatments for convulsive syncope? Or at least any medicine that will stop me from passing out?
complete lung whiteout?
Inhaling Grill Cleaner?
How to unblock an extremely sore ear?
Is it possible Sleep-Apnea can be caused just by either a blanket over your face or the way you you sleep?
Chiari Malformation and Syrinx Info?
Skin help???????????????????????????????
My facial skin seems damaged?
Can a blockage cause...?
How long does it take for a tan to naturally fade?
What insect bites r these??? PLz read.?
Why does it itch when healing?
Everytime I shave it leaves a horrible rash/red dots. Help?!?
What would you like to ask?how can u tell if its fleas bites or bed bugs?
can worm in stomach cause skin problem or itching?
I went to the doctors to get my wart froze off and..?
why do i have a swollen lymph node?
I love going for walks but whenever I go for walks I get this pain in my side what should I do about this pain?
my thorat hurts and i dont know what to do?
lymphoma?! help please?
ok, i have a bad cough and my throat feels like it is spiky, and i am having trouble breathing i am aching?
Chicken Pox or No Chicken Pox?
Why when I sleep in front of a fan do I wake up congested with a sore throat?
My daughter has pain in her upper right abdomen, is there an good specialist that can help her in Melbourne?
Do I have a bowel obstruction?
can heavy tonic intake cause tinnitus?
if i got a flat mole removed would it cause some sort of cancer?
is there a difference in body odour deodorant and anti perspirant deodorant ?
red spots on legs with faint white ring around them.?
how much does a regular laser mole removal cost?
Is Phenergan an OTC or Prescription drug???
What is the difference between showing...?
Memory loss? What can it be?
does anyone get little bits of white stuff in your mouth from the back of your throat?
Females on Accutane..?
School sores....does anyone know much about them?
can someone please help me!! my face worse now!!?
Can I mix extra virgin olive oil with my moisturizer?
sore foot from splinter? HELP?
I have a pain in my lower right flank, pain is 2-3 at rest 7-8 when I reposition myself, or try to get up from?
can you get cists on your toes?
acne diet that really works? ?
Is this a freckle-spot or something else?
I notice my toenail was turning black, then it began to flake off, eventually the whole nail came off..?
Repost diffrent section......My daughter who is 6 has been diagnosed with a arachnoid cyst posterior fossa?
red nose help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
taking a pediatric history?
Immediate remedy for getting rid of ALL marks?????!?
Well if the tiny tiny tumor at top of right lung lobe?
graves disease-Swollen lymph node, ear, jaw, & neck pain, sudden fevers, generally feeling unwell- what is it?
Can I take vitamin A while on Resprim Forte?
My 4mo has eczema. Has anyone got anything that really works for them?
uncontrollable shaking,muscle pain and weakness?
Anyone been a live kidney doner?
why is Valium still in my system after a month?
why do we get headaches?
What would be the affects of somebody taking anti depressants, if they took half a ecstasy?
What is spring ligament complex?
why does it feel like my temples are inflating and going to pop?
Does a sore lowerback= kidney problems? other symptoms?
burning stomach around rib area?
Acne troubles! Please help?
Does drinking heaps of water, eating natural fruits and vegetables help clear my skin?
best way of fading stretch marks?
Why do i get oily face?
I have a black/brown dot on my finger??!?
Hard pea size lump on calf?
Another skin problem? stage 2?
How to stop bikini rashes?
I have a rash on limbs ?
Chickenpox Third Time?
My heart and my hypochondria?
Can being paranoid that ur going to get Schizophrenia cause u to become paranoid and hullicinate?
BPD, Borderline Personality Disorder. How can I make my life fresh and wondrous again?
Do I have Achluophobia?
If someone talk to me while i'm sleeping will that effect my dream?
I think I am starting to lose my hearing?
What are some ways to relieve stress?
Is there anything about fasd in adult hood that is positive?
how does it FEEL: depersonalization/derealization?
Im not sure if i have insomnia?
So I'm thinking of going on Roaccutane?
getting moles removed.?
i get bumps on my skin when i go out in the sun?
massive stomach pains that i dont understand?
my arms and legs are full of dimples?
swollen face, vomiting blood?
I am 13 years old .i have a finger that is not infected?
does anyone on here have a mass in one of their ovaries?
what are some really rare dieases and sickness?
What are some risk factors/causes for leukemia?
What's the transmission of stomach cancer?
potassium deficiency?
how do u no if u have syndrome x?
Whats this red dot on the white of my eye?
Is my heart rate... bad?
smoking coffee to get high?
My knee hurts frequently. Why is this happening? PLEASE HELP .?
Colour deficiency... free home kit?
does anyone know how to prevent and remove Brown agespots of my body?
How do i make a callus?
what is it called when you have scabs or iches in the head?
red bump next to nose piercing??
Blackheads everywhere / acne on back of neck?
a question about deodorant?
jock itch cures what are side affects?
how do i stop chest acne from reappearing?
why does it burn when i insert yeast infection cream?
What does it mean if you have Itchy ring fingers ?
Something in my throat?
Mole remover remediess????? =D?
what is the functional unit of the kidney?
Do I have the swine flu?
Painful Rash.. Please Help :(?
Strange symptom for me. Pressure, fullness & bloating in lower abdomen.?
Sinus Bradycardia and pacemakers .... experiences?
Bump on the side of the head help me :(?
Acne scaring laser treatment?
Is Effexor XR an SSRI ?
Can anti-depressants affect your period ?
why do I always feel this way before going out?
Is not being able to not listen to another person's personal conversation considered a mental illness?
Is this any type of sleep disorder?
Need Help about depression and other stuff?
I had at least one focal seizure in 1998, and I got an EEG that was positive...?
Relationship advice? Lies....?
I heard about the process of donating eggs...is this permanent?
What is does risk-taking mean?
Does Stress Cause Excessive Saliva?
Shoes for a cancer patient?
My back hurts, please help!?
good exercise for getting a 6 pack?
Can you get rid of mosquito bites over night?
How to get rid of scar from blisters? Any recommended creams?
Anyone got any good cure fo cold sores?
about my min pin,he went blind all of a sudden?
what does it mean when your skin hurts??
how to treat abdominal pain?
would 6300mg of acetaminophen, 315mg of caffeine, and 163mg of codein kill you?
so my family thinks i am depressed, should i get antidepressants?
How can someone deal with severe depression after having a stroke?
I think I have OCD- Voices in my head ..?
How much does doug heffernan make as an IPS driver from The King of Queens?
high humidity in the air, my golden retrievers skin starts smelling very sour. Baths don't seem to help. Help
black small pigmentation?
Headaches, dizzy spells, loss of concentration?
Anxiety and shaking?
Curing impotence due to suspected black magic?
What do cholesterol tests show?
Still have poblems after my tonsilectomy.?
i have these symtoms? whats my diagnosis ?
Is it hard to get ear infection?
What could cause.....?
Any way to quicken the pealing process,?
Does anyone know how much it costs to join Curves? They won't tell me without making an appointment.?
Limited chest expansion and Anterior chest wall inflammation.?
Need help with bad dandruff and armpit problems?
how long does differin take?
from the book the skin im in niss saunders has a skin disease what is it called?
How do you get addicted to cigarettes?
How to get rid of a scar by a day?
Itchy Scalp - NOT LICE?
my hands gets very cold,no matter what the weather is? any advice?
how do i get rid of dark armpit marks?
Help! Any doctor with sun damage info would be appreciated!?
Why do my hands get so sweaty and how can I help it?
Why can they fix burns victims faces but not completwely restore acne scars.?
How come whenever I get a scratch, it is itchy.?
If i dont eat i feel sick!!! HELP?
Restless Leg Syndrome Has any body been taking Lipator that has noticed a worsening of RSL?
Has anybody here been made to feel better by taking anti-depressants?
I have back problems, can anybody help me?
Is theire any difficulty to chew the food in microgravity?
How to treat a very sore toenail?? Please please help!! 5 points best answer!!?
how to get rid of dry skin? fast?
wanted exercises that work for a herniated disk L/S1?
Lumps behind ears??
Will my toe get infected?
I have black skin on my underarms nd its kinda like itchy, patchy. i dont know what it is. how do i treat it??
Leukemia diagnosis/symptoms?
I think my doc made a mistake as he diagnosed me with ecsema?
Is cod liver oil good for people with weak eyesight?
How to treat visible facial veins?
Could I have Cancer? What Kind?
how to know my ears have cauliflower and how to fix ??
i have a clothing iron burn.. how long till it goes or is it permanent?? :S?
why is it my index finger on my right hand is irritating me?
What is a serious TSH level?
Are my big toes abnormal?
whats wrong with me? I keep getting these weird feelings!?
I think I am depressed because of my best friend, Help please!! ?
Extremely confused!!!?
Has anyone ever been cured of Emetophobia (fear of vomiting)?
what does a psychiatrist do?
Should I travel as far away as possible?
Urgent question if you suffer from borderline personality .. when you get in arugments ( or not even arguments?
Do you or don't you beleive in "LETTING GO"?
Has anyone tried Apo-Divalproex?
how do you know if you have short term memory loss?
Is it weird if touching fish turns me on? I have a few pet fish and I stuck my hand in the tank.?
if i got a flat mole removed would it cause some sort of cancer?
how much does a regular laser mole removal cost?
What is this little circle of bumps on my arm?
I have come out in a rash so asking for help as to what it could be?
can meat cause styes?
How long until scarless healing.?
My facial skin seems damaged?
Skin help???????????????????????????????
Is my elbow pain serious?
Did I have an anxiety attack or am I just over-reacting?
I have my third bout of cellutis in both legs in two months. I am presently being treated with IV antibiotics.
how can i solve the problem E-6 on optium xceed?
do you know what vira cream is ? It is used to treat shingles?
Kidney infection?
I have a red nose problem...?
which is more painful kidney or gallbladder stones passing?
i have rash and itchyness have not changed anything olease help?
Trouble with nerve in leg?
what is this?
What happens when you take an overdose of ibuprofen when you are sick?
Does Elizabeth Arden's perpetual moisture cream contain vitimin E ?
How would you treat and avoid a workplace risk?
Bakers cyst causing a bone marrow abnormality...Ever heard of this?
How do I make the swelling in my eye go down?!?
i have an angry rash what should do what do i have?
is this normal for post opp tonsil surgery?
questions about cold sore???
Slight pain in the upper side of the left breast (towards arm).?
radiography: focal spot size?
my bowel keeps hurting.i wake up in the mornng i just constatnly have to poo.i do smoke.tests came bak postive
painful sore in my nose now my upper lip is swollen and very sore?
what are these tiny dots on my hands and feet?
Sometimes the skin of the roof of my mouth sheds off.?
Can acne scars make you look older.?
I have sudden itchy bumps that first appeared on hips and knees and now moving to my arm, what is it?
Is it likely that I caught tinea from a pair of shoes purchased from an op shop?
Puffy lumps on my face?
Will the black dots on my leg stay on forever? Will it disappear; how?
Reflux. I need to ask people with really bad GERD a question?
If I pee on my hands, will my skin get tougher? Why?
What is the difference between heart rate and respiratory rate?
why do i get this its so gross?!?
what characteristic of cell membranes may explain why?
Tingling sensation in forhead?
Cancer paranoia- a few suspects?
serious nose job question, rhinoplasty/septoplasty?
pilonidal cyst/dimple?
symptoms of conjunctivitis?
Does autism make someone helpless?
Ever since someone close tried to strangulate me, I have panic attacks. How can I make it stop?
is alchohol or marijuana more likely to get anxiety and/or depersonalization/derealization?
I Gotta Write My English 10 Exam Tomorrow?
I'm afraid to go to sleep at night.?
What would be some symptoms that someone has overdosed on medication ?
What are physical symptoms that someone overdosed on meds.. and what do I do ?
Should I Take pencillin instead of Erythromycin 400mg?
Health Conscious?
Skin cancer and skin graft on forehead?
Is headaches a normal sideeffect of grommet, adnoid surgery, he is 3days post op. & he is 4 years old.?
what foods do you eat after you have had your battle with acute pancreitus?
What is glandular fever and what are the symptoms of it?!?! Please give correct answers :]?
i have picked a mole during my sleep not knowing and it was bleeding badly. what will happen??r=1236952444?
had hives for 5 days hives vanished but 3 days later i still itch all over is this normal?
Acne scaring laser treatment?
accutane side effects..?
are medical grade salicylic acid for warts available in medical shop?
What's wrong with my throat?
Why is it red????
My feet are a mess. tell me whats up?
Still feeling 'off' after a stomach bug?
how does australian medicare work?
Lower left quadrant lump and pain?
Yellow colorless skin, sleepless, red rimmed eyes, blank eyes, and aching stomach?
What is a good quote about being a lonely 15 year old boy...?
Am I bipolar or is it just Anxiety?
Do men become more subconsciously attracted to a female when she chases him or plays hard to get?
If you are "autistic" what things do you think were taken away from you due to this disability?
How can I stop pulling my hair and eye brows out?
Should I let them hotline I called..contact the day hospital I attend ?
I think if I take bipolar pills my personality will change?
Lung nodules am I dying?
why do i have purple legs?
I need a lot of help and advice?
I'm Always Tired, And Yet I Sleep All The Time And I Don't Know Whats Going On?
What is the difference between learning disability and asperger syndrome?
What is Gabapentin and how safe is this for my H?
what are the cause (how it started) of Murray Valley Ecephalitis?
How can i relief my shortness of breathh?!?
ear dandruff?
URGENT!!!!!: How can I stop my stomach from rumbling after having a long period of time with no food?
What can help my acne big-time?
Do you think acne scars can make a 23 yr old guy look 35?
Sharp stabbing pain in skull?
breast cancer walks ?
A sore lump on my head / behind my ear?
cartilage pericing bumps?
Which is the best Certain Dri product to use?
What is this lump on my leg?
black small pigmentation?
anyone know anything about petrol burns to the face (not on fire, chemical)?
is roaccutane bad for your long term health?
when removing plantar warts, is it absolutely necesary to uses apple cidar vinegar as opposed to other vinegar?
Scarring and scabbing problems?
Creams oils or lotions? 10 points awarded..?
why do some birthmarks look like bruises?
do you think after 10 years or in 5 there;ll be a solution for acne scars and scars in general?
Even if I'm freezing why don't I get goosebumps?
Prescribed medication side effects for Rheumatoid arthritus Has anyone had any?
Do you get a quicker tan in summer rather than winter.?
How do i get a medical certificate when Im not sick?
im gonna puek. what can i eat or drink to settle my stomach?
What are the risks and/or side effects of getting drunk while on antibiotics??
I have size 8 gauges, the skin around the hole is dry and itchy..?
I've been using tazorac and i cant handle it, should i stop?
if u get piercings does it affect or disturb the pressure points there?
What comes out of the airconditioner boxer on the outside wall is it harmful/ pollution?
the pain on thes chest that gags me plus wierd shaking feelings inside the chest. (not the heart)?
What are the differences between Sun Spots and Freckles?
blood and oxygen helpppppp?
can you get germs from ulcers?
will tylenol make tinnitus worse permanently?
does any one know any thing about the lapband system?
morning sickness or just head cold?
insomnia question..would like a few anwsers plz?
medical referrals?
I have a pre-exisiting condition of my spine, Anyone have back problems?
What's the best way to get rid of a cold or at least stop coughing?
Can people with epilepsy reduce seizures by cutting out caffeine from there diet?
Has anyone had or know anything about surgery to get rid of extra skin on the stomach and face?
what did i do to my foot?
Extremely sore arm after shoveling ?
Can imodium make you constipated on your period?
what do i do when ihave had swollen tonsils for a week and i still cant swallow?
Is taking too many Berocca in one day bad for you?
Any kind of tablet i can take that will make me forget a really bad night?
My fingers are cold?
A question for those out there who are taking zoloft or who have taken it before?
how long can frontaltemporal dementia manifest itself for?
sudden coughing fits?
could this be sphenoid sinusitis?
What can I do about stretch marks?
Coeliac Disease, Muscles and Weight!?
4mm lesion Right frontal lobe?
i have a blood clot at my spleen. how did it get there and am i gonna die?
gastritis problem?
Painelss bruises near front of armpits - no blunt trauma?
Baby with blackheads?
What are my symptoms?
Itchy red dots after shaving?
Do you think me should be entitle to get scar treatments.?
I have Citricial pemphigoid. in my mouth. Anyone else have this and what has your Dr recommended?
20 yr old woman is diagnosed with gastric ulcers. why is she prescribed antihistamine medication?
How do I stop my hands from sweating?
Have i really got Gastritis?
I waxed my chest ,it left red bumps that I think may be acne and they are still there,how do i get rid of them
how to properly treat dermatitis with zinc? apply the zinc on the dermatitis or consume? 10points!?
is my mole cancerous?
Why am i having night seizures?
Is this common among people who suffer from anxiety?
what's the best dosage when using prozac (fluoxetine) for ocd?
I have a question about depression?
emetophobe dreading winter?
Seizure ,or am I just being paranoid ?
What Triggers A Dream?
Is this bad to tthink of?
ok I accidentally ate double dose scared ? :(?
Do you think it's a good idea for someone who doesnt sleep well at night, to sleep during the day after coming?
sore throat or swollen throat?
Having to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes and have diarea?
I keep waking up with a runny nose, a headache, earache and i feel lightheaded, why??
donate blood for money?
Lump on lower RHS rib cage?
horrible question, but what is the life expectancy of a person with microcephaly?
Are all of these things connected?
Bad Sinus... Help please !!!!?
Baby with blackheads?
IBS Underweight Problem?
what is artificial cron syrup?
going in for a gallbladder op this month?
Am i anarexia huh please answer it right.?
do i have menieres disease?
as anyone heard of rods getting put in the back even though spine is fused?
Spiritual Health? Please help!?
Can 15years olds do work experience in hospitals?
Ultra cleanliness?
how can friends be so stressfull?
Smoking increasing the risk of stroke?
Why do I feel like I have a bruise??
I have a dull aching pain wich i tink is my left kidney it is in the gap between my rib and the hip?
i have a head ache, a stomach ache, my whole bodys achey. what do you think i have?
I always feel sick after I eat?
what is wrong with my back?
Why is my wrist so small?
Basketball injury, whats the best pain solution?
What can help treat Keratosis Pilaris?
Deformed and Distorted Flat Feet.....HELP!!!!?
Marks between Thighs.?
How to treat acne on lip border?
Why do I have tiny little scabs randomly over my torso?
Vitamin A Peel for acne prone skin?
how to cure hand dermititis?
home remedies for sty eye infection?
What is wrong with my skin?
how do i get rid of razor burn?
Red, spotty rash that appears in minutes?
how long do i leave my warts cream on?
hi! iam 20 year old my skin was crstral clear but from last one year i started getting white heads and black h?
does anyone know if Drysol is bad for you at all?
how to remove black marks around neck?
My haemorrhoid is still there and has not disapeared yet., Why? skin health?
will lemen untan my skin a little bit?
How do I remove eczema scars on the inner part of my elbow?
how to get rid of a minor burn?
146 Reasons Why Sugar (Sucrose) Is Ruining Your Health??? Comments Please?
is it possible to?
What is the best way to Catch up lost sleep? All at once? or gradually?
Does anyone have any quotes funny or touching about nurses?
How do you control contact dematitis?
what type of places sell carbon monoxide ?
What are some other etiologies of perinephric hematoma in the absence of trauma?
Nerve--Pain in knee?
home remedies for sty eye infection?
I have a report reading of 25 *H from hospital for T.Bilirubin, how dangerous is this?
Food poisoning? Or just something else?
WHy would my legs be burning?
Do you ever get the feeling like something bad is going to happen to a loved one?
Can I get tested for asperger syndrome?
Okay.. Seriously I need your advice again?
Cutting off a man that has depression....HELP!!?
connection between ptsd & adhd?
Okay.. Question about suicide. I think about sucide constantly?
How do I get help for my sister? What resources are there for families battling mental illness?
am i bipolar or just depressed?
How long does it take to feel normal again?
help i dont want to cause problems at work..?
Eating Disorder And/or Courage, inspirational, etc quotes?
Do i have ADHD?????????
Accuracy of forehead theremometers?
what's up with doc?
How could Maslow's 'Hierarchy of needs' relateto 'holistic nursing care' of aclient with achronic health cond.
Medical question?gas problem in belly?
i have a bump on the left side of my shaft how do i get rid of it?
Red Eyelid, Sore, Maybe a bit swollen, Could it be an ingrown hair?
please help, why does my scalp/body(mainly back) itch when im tired/nervous/hot/emabarassed.?
Red rash on feet??????????????????
if you go to a clinic for 18+ treatment do you need ID?
Please help re petrol burn or mrsa/staph?
my brother has a swollen lip and bumps on his arms chest and back?
prescriptions in australia?
what is Ayurveda treatment for recurrent foliculitis?
dry blood under skin?
Scared skin caused by acne?
I woke up this morning and my eyes had all lines around them?
DIY home remedies for dark eye circles ?
how to help stinging from sunburns?
How to avoid a itching?
Hi, I will be glad if someone let me know if there is any gym near by BTM 1st stage....?
what are the signs symptoms of varicose vein?
how long do i leave my warts cream on?
I recently started feeling bloated after every meal..Help!?
Should I Complain to the Hospital ?
food & sick?
how to get rid of seafood smell from the body?
Breathing the air in Mexico City for 1 day has the same effect on one's lungs as smoking 1 pack of cigarettes?
What are the better anti-depressant manufacturers available in Aus Pharmacies.?
i have the flu, and have rashes wich are very ichy on my legs and thighs what could this be?
how end drug covulsions?
why am i soo tired?
head aches all the time....?
why do they do a bone scan?
Contact lenses; The dangers?
Handwriting issues?
hi been sick had a kidney infection but now got a really sore left leg?
Where can I find people to take my survey on on-line counselling and psychology?
Is it normal that I have a fear of floating away?
why am i like this? Is this just a stage?
If there is 2 poles on the earth, does that mean everyone is bi polar?
God finally ...finally atleast it was not all psychological?
How much stress can a person take before they go insane? What are the signs you're about to lose it?
I think I may have had a panic attack about starting high school?
Should bullying be considered emotional abuse?
How can I manage my stress?
I dont feel myself anymore whats wrong.?
upping concerta medicine ?
is there any new antidepressant on the market, iam on wellburtrin 150mg daily and have been for 5 years?
Is my ear infected? Can someone please help?
hard bumps under skin on ankles?
how to get rid of acne fast?
Boil skin infection?
coldsore problem??? please help?
how much does it cost to go to a skin specialist in australia? for a quote.?
how do you apply Retin A Cream for acne?
can almond paste with rose water be used on oily skin?
why some girl problme with boyfriend?
What is wrong with my legs? Please help me!?
Whats wrong with my face? Is it a reaction of some kind?
how to treat a burnt upper lip from nair that has scabbed?
I have a Skin-Condition called Ancanthosis Nigricans and I need it GONE.?
6 month old child with constant fungal infection on toes....?
How many times and where should i spray my body spray?
I have a rash on my arm!!!?
how can aloeplecia areta be treated ?
keratosis pilaris, help.?
The skin on the inside of my mouth seems to be growing over my Labret....?
can a stool sample can be kept refrigerated for 10-12 hours before lab exams?? thanks?
What happens after death ?
Can you overdose in Vitamin C?
are heavy shoes bad for back or knees?
hi got a really sore right side starts from the back too the front?
All people must go to jail for possesion of drugs.?
Shaky hand=carpal tunnel?
Why does my neck and chest hurt?
I have a severe fatty liver disease (non alcoholic) and my levels are elevated on my liver?
I got metronidazole with 4 of the 500mg tablets is there suppossed to be more doses with 500mgs?
What does the lower lobe do on a shark?
how i can control to my digestive problem?
under what conditions people resist change in an organistion? How this resistant can be overcome?
Folliculitis Help Please????????????????????????
Alzheimer's, when do they start to forget family?
can i take chantix and efexor - xr together?
wife diagnosed with scleroderma, where can I look for a doctor that still takes stright medi-cal?
Anyone been prescribed zoloft to treat anxiety-related insomnia ? personal stories please?
is appearance shows our personality?
Sibling problems???????????
Concerta adhd medicine ?
Is this considered long term stress or short term?
why am i so hyper . ?
I am feeling really sad?
Stomach Aches and this causes me to not want to go out or have fun! BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!?
Mental Illness treatment?
Does anyone else pull out their eyelashes?
advise... My career counsellor red flag me because i over reactive.?
has anyone used trilastin stretchmark cream? and has it worked for anyone?
DoesClinique CLARIFYING LOTION 6.7fl.oz/200ml Strength 2 get rid of acne?
accutane side effects help?
how come i have 3 cold sores?!!?
what is the cause of perioarl dermatitis? please answer!?
If you can use oils etcs to get rid off scars but dont work?? is laser the next step?
Why does the skin get red (rashes, eczema, etc). Is it the blood vessels dilating that make it red?
I have a brown blotchy sort of a rash on my neck, and I was wondering if its serious or not?
anyone out there suffer with corns?
I just saw a derm. and they put me on all these diff. medications, how bad is tazorac supposed to make my skin
How to prevent skin cancer and what should you do if you have it?
anyone no what this weird rash is??? sorry photo isnt very good?
Scar that is itchy and lumpy. Will it go away?
how do you treat a metal spoon burn?
which is better for healing wounds Aloe vera or paw paw ointment?
How do you treat cradle cap in an adult 40's?
What is the difference between dermotologist recommended, dermotologist approved, and dermotologist tested?
Whats the deal with scuba divers with nitrogen?
how do i get rid of Aphenphosmphobia- Fear of being touched. (Haphephobia)?
Why is there a 2 week wait just to see a doctor?
what will happen if i get exposed to a paint uv drying lamp?
What illness does my mother have? She has severe episodes of head spasms with pain that last aproxx 5 minutes.?
deer tick question???
Out of the following age groups, which has the highest risk of developing an eating disorder?
Strange lump on my wrist.........?
Does anyone know much about Epilum medication in children with Epilepsy?
Is it possible for post nasal drip to be the only symptom of gastroesophageal reflux?
help me please? my Mum? MS? HELP?
i had a blood nose today twice. it wouldn't stop bleeding for about 5 or so minutes, is this normal ?
im getting a sinus infection and have all state auditions tuesday! help?!?
I have really flaky face skin, how do i get rid of it?
Blue hands hour after being outside?
skin rash/redness that won't go away?
What do you think is the best oral acne medication?
Did biore nose strips work for you?
skin peels inside my mouth around my lips?
WHY do i have skin taggs in my right arm-pit?
what is the best skin care for a 10year old girl?
Nail polish remover into wounds?
what is Blackheads or whiteheads ?
should i wait 1 hour inbetween taking 2 different medications?
i had a sad life?
Do you think it's weird that I always talk to the mirror?
Is it possible that I have ADHD predominantly inattentive and OCD?
emotional help. mature answers only?
OCD Problems need HELP!!!?
Anxiety troubles!! Need help!?
Olive oil to help with ear wax and ache?
Hard lump on inside of wrist. HELP HELP PLEASE, WORRIED!!!!!!?
You are doing burns dressing on a 3-year-old child. The child is terrified and crying. She has been having dre
Why does grass make you itchy when you sit/lie in it with bare legs/arms?
answer the question 1 to 16 it is for science experiment?
Does this sound like a decent excercise plan?
How much do we spend on cigarettes and mobile phones?
Depression? Help?? I have a few questions.?
I was diagnosed with severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, after I was diagnosed with mild PTSD?
What examples fall under if someone "falls" emotionally? In the context of "I will catch you when you fall".?
Anxiety Disorder Problems? Self harm etc?
What steps will a psychiatrist take if you tell them that you don't want to live anymore?
Lately I have been scared for no reason, what could it be?
I need to escape myself, but i have no clue how to?
How can I get my adult daughter some psychological help for a genetic disorder, she suffers in silence.?
What is the difference between Xanax and Generic Alprazolam?
What can happen if I take to much Tylenol?
Light headed & the runs - Why?
Hi, has anyone had anything to do with Cherry Fruit Extract Capsules, and do they help with gout & arthritis?
can you use B-Clear to get the THC levels down in your body?
Why Do I vomit When Smoking?
RHUMATOID ARTHARITIS i was diagnosed with zero negative ra and was taking prednisolone plaquenil somac?
How do I remove eczema scars on the inner part of my elbow?
can you take advil with doxycycline
Why lucid interval more common in epidural haematoma?
why do my lymph nodes swell up everytime i eat frozen pizza with meat on it?
Photo Epilepsy (Opinion/Help)?
I have contracted Cellulitis in my eye...?
If someone injures their knee ligaments, how does that stop their body from working properly?
Abnormal EEG after seizure, MRI findings minimal?
Fidgetting? Tappping feet incessantly, wiggling fingers, etc., etc,?
what causes enlarged pores?
is caffeine really so bad?
I have health partners and just had my baby 4/13/08. Will my husband plan cover his first visit for check up?
how do i grow taller? i am 14 and i am 150cm?
If one eats rotten food in a regular basis, would his body eventually get used to it?
What are the healthiest foods/ drinks to help prevent lung cancer for smokers?
itchy all over, fever and exhaustion?
Question about Insomnia?
Can't Get to sleep please help!!!?
Is it normal with alcohol?
How long will it take for my Dexedrine treatmant to begin?
How to start communicating with girls?
What is making my eaer hurt so badly?
Amy227. Please let me know what your diagnosis was as I am experiencing the same symptoms. Currently on anti'b
My haemorrhoid is still there and has not disapeared yet., Why? skin health?
I am pregnant and have Rheumatoid Arthritis.?
Strep throat or Viral infection?
My youngest has renel agenisis and was told told protect the other kidney by remove certan foods from diet?
82 yr old lady with hypothyroidism,hypertension,is on levothyroxin tab,aspirin,will metoprolol a good choice?
Folliculitis Help Please?????????????????????
Can someone explain cataracts?
I've been having involuntary movements. ?
I have a lump on my feet, no pain , no swelling, what possible is that?
I feel like my left ear is clogged but i can hear very well out of it and im very annoyed?
glands back of neck and groin are swollen? 18yrs old, female, 5month old son?
What is haemochromotitis?
Is it normal for your voice to come and go when you have laryngitis?
Can you plz help with this?
at what age does life begin?...and?
ADF medical for women?
cervix feels swolen on norplant FP white discharge and no periods?
I was vaccinated at school in the 1950's who do I contact to find my records.?
What does peeking off drugs do?
black streaks in phlegm ?
Do you know that perfumes and cologne are bad for you?
Dr L what is spontaneous pneumothor?
I have a swollen knuckle?
my daughter woke up telling me that she felt her heart?
After I had my son almost 5 years ago, i apparently developed a hyperactive thyroid.?
My sister has an issue with her skull. It seems to be caving in on both sides. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?
how do I get rid of AC fibro (concrete asbestos) dust safely?
Vertigo and throwing up as soon as I come out of sleep for the last 3 days?
Do you think I'm lactose intolerant?
how can i cause amnesia to myself?
what coul be the potential impact of the common health problem regarding a person's nursing care requirements?
Recent gallbladder removal operations?
How do I remove DHT from my scalp most effectively? Any good real life experiences?
My neck is killing me... right side is swollen and there's a REALLY hard ball?
Allergic to latex and polyurethane???
Drug question?
8 paracetamol tablets consumed, but not within a day.?
Once again I have been able to collect two medicine bottles of earwax.?
is it true that when ur in ur teens that u usually grow out then up?
blood donation and nose piercing?
i have had laryngitus for 7 weeks?
I Hit my Rib Bone and its 3 weeks now and i still feel pain if its a crack how long pain will stay?
Whats tonsilitus?
Having problems with my stomach not sure if it is a gluten and wheat issue but have had ultrasound all ok?
what are the effects of the respiratory system and lungs due to smoking?
What kinds of pills?
Stomach problems}on my left side i have this bubbling gurgling sensation it feels like a volcano is uesing lav?
Recovery Time After Bulimia?
explain hepatic cell death.
Drug testing in a physical?
i want my eyes to be white,what do i need to take or do please.?
ive got a hard vein due to an iv, but..?
what is growth spurt?
Having feelings for the coordinator of a mental health treatment program?
Does it show up on your records if you see a Psychiatrist?
I'm seeing a psychologist, can she help me?
Sleep Paralysis?! please read the details?
why does coffee make me feel pessimistic and depressed?
How should I bring this up?
Does anybody know about Coldsores?
do antidepressants kill libido?
This may be the last post I make to Yahoo Answers.?
are hormonal shots safe for kids to grow taller ?
I have been sick for 3 months now... HELP PLEASE!! : (?
Hi all. I want to ask a question here about baldder cancer. probably wrong section but since you hardly?
What motivates you in life?
does sugar cause long-term mental effects in kids??
help me please ! :D?
Stomach bug?
Why do Lucimia people need a donater for maro bone?
how can you tell if you have an ear infection?
Step-By-Step to recover from Coeliac Disease, please read details below?
Burning sensation in stomache?
Reflux, Sore Back, Bloated?
Anyone know what these symptoms suggest?
Im 32yr old female, with two disc bulges in my neck, hv bn diagnosed with arthritis. Question bout glucosamine?
have a knot on side of throat?
Could swimming help with physical well being of people with sleep apnea?
Does anyone know of a proper long term THC detox kit?
I find that I am noticably more fatigued in the morning, both physically and mentally. What would cause this?
cyst like lump on back shoulder just below my neck?
I feel so detached from life.. I feel suicidal?
Family problems???????????????
Is too much overtime bad for my mental health?
Do you this has anything to do with a mental disorder?
I really need help to stop cutting..please,help?
How do hospitals sedate you if you lose it ?
What is the technical term for "fear of getting lost"?
I think I might be Bi-polar,what do I do now?
What happens if you call a suicide hotline and ask them Why suicide is not the solution ?
My psychiatrist asked me to go back and see him this week to have my medication renewed.. What If I don't go?
Could my neck be sprained?
anyone experience a burn out? what were your symptoms?
medical question.. 10 easy points?
plz help me out girls this is for classI i no their weird but just answer the question?
Can the anaesthesia drug Ketamine cause blindness in animals?
Bio Magnetite.com.au For human body's and arthritis?
hiv virus can be dead within 20 seconds outside host?
My mum has scleromerma and also a prolapse bowel, she will be having surgery in one month.?
can anyone tell me if having adenoids is a contra-indication to beauty therapy?
Does NIVEA give cancer..?
How long should i take my Acid Reflux tablets for?
Groin Lymph Nodes? Is there something wrong?
feeling like i'm going to faint, vomit?
I've had viral pharygitis for 3 days now. How much longer will this be going on? I'm in so much pain.?
Re my earlier question re connection between snoring, sleep apnoea, hypertension and asthma.?
what should i do for dry nose and throat that i experienced in the morning after i wake up due to heater i use
What happens if you overdose and than call a hotline to talk to someone ?
Common Stress Situations?
Anxiety, depression, paranoia?
I know this may sound weird but I keep getting a feeling...**see details**?
How can I cure my depression..?
Anxiety attacks? What is going on with me...?
Is there a way to feel uncomfortable?
aged care and registered nurse whats the difference?
It's like I'm not even alive?
What should I do about my mental health?
Always feeling sick. Please help?
how do you diagnose encephalomyelitis?
fibroids on the lungs?
Pain in my chest, not sure what it is!?
what does it mean if a ct scan shows that the tail of the pancreas appears to be full?
with no feeling of constipation and not going for several weeks?
Recent ear problem, please help...?
Ihave a lump under my jaw and it is now quit painful I feel like it is getting bigger what should I do?
Doctor, Nurse, Resp Tech??? Spirometry after a single cigarette?
My nursing baby is lactose intolerant. Will a pill with lactose monohydrate bother her?
39w4d feet started swelling yesterday and are worse today? Does anyone know why(bp is normal)?
can propranolol make my birth conrtol not work?
What structures and support mechanisms exist to prevent noncommunicable disease, namely cardiovascular disease?
Sudden knee pain won't go away?
should i have to pay for private hospital room that i did not ask for?
spider and babys?
how do i keep quit smoking chewing gum from slipping off the back of my mouth?
Does having IC (Interstitial Cystitis) effect getting pregnant??
does1mg cigarettes do as much damage as 12mg?
How long does temazepam stay in your blood system? (not for a drug test)?
I am thinking of becoming a peadiatric nurse and was wondering what duties they perform?
Whats the difference between Predmix and Redipred?
chest/lung pain and feeling sick?
curable blindness in children?
has anyone used trilastin stretchmark cream? and has it worked for anyone?
i took a little bit of cocaine 2 wks ago and i now have this exhaust smell in my nose and somtimes i can taste?
How do I know my asthma is not under control?
For all those who suffer from hyperthyroidism what has it done to u?
cancer questions? can you help me?
anyone else have this?
Syndrome & Disorder: Do they mean the same thing?
Paranasal Sinus Disease?
Touched roundworm infected pet?
should I go to a doctor about this?
What to do when your depressed?
Anxiety Problems! Need Help!?
Can someone tell me the effects of weed (hallucinations...)?
Starting to have a panic attack help?
Expressive Language Disorder?
why is it that when I recall good times I get an overwhelming feeling of sadness rather than happiness?
I have an appointment to see a psychiatrist for the first time?
How can a 14-15 year old deal with a bossy, abusive, attention freak, insane, brother?
High BUN/Creat Ratio = 40.4 : What Could be Reasons?
Why does Stretching your ear smells?
Renal Cell Carcinoma and Thyroid Problem?
Something to worry about?
Pulmonary Infection not again, please!?
I have really flaky face skin, how do i get rid of it?
calf pain on and off, just left calf please help?
Who can a anorexic talk to?
Got Blood Test Results got slightly low HGB, HCT and slightly high WBC am I low in iron?
Nail polish remover into wounds?
my son is having the dark green almost black very offensive stools on neocate. Is this normal ?
has anyone used neo healer ointment for hemorrhoids?
Flu Shot - Help?
Lump on jaw hinge?
prescription meds...how much is too much?
what sorts of foods are recommended when u have your tongue pierced?
what is Blackheads or whiteheads ?
what helps the infection go away?
Will NSW schools close due to swin flu?
Nauseous, loss of sight and hearing, dizziness?
i have this burning sensation in my stomach every so often like at the top of it...?
is there any medication for stage fright with no sideeffects?
What to do about alcohol addiction?
Can someone help if you know anything about this (listed in details)?
Need help or I am going to kill myself?
Does anyone have information on Pituitary tumours?
Forgot to take my Cipralex?
I have agoraphobia and panic disorder .anyone know how to deal with these things?
fat gene??
What combinations of sleeping pills can kill you?
blood transfusion?
can swallowing chew tobacco spit cause strong body odor?
does bach rescue remedy counteract zoloft?
Do you think I am getting the flu?
Dr George Hopkins? Mid band lap band surgery?
I'm wanting 2 set up a foundation 4 my best friend who's now paralysed, how do i go about it. pls help???
What are the first steps to change?
is the chance of getting a mental illness lessened with each generation?
Chicken Pox or No Chicken Pox?
I quit smoking a week ago and I too feel awful. How long does light headness last. I hate this feeling?
what are the general steps whenever you get sick?