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I have RA in my hands, I am on methotrexate, any suggestions for the pain, I am taking tyleno 3, but it does?
What is up with my wrist?
Back hurts when breathing?
do i have the symptoms of appendicitis?
Is it okay for me to take this amount of Tylenol?
Should he wait to see the physiotherapist?
What are good back stretches?
shoulder pain what do i do!?
Aching body (especially stomach) when waking or sleeping?
what are the symptoms for someone who is dependent personality disorder?
If I put it on the end of a spoon, then will be able to read it better?
im kinda sad because my favirote store closed?
i know i always ask questions on add ,but i was curious. do adults with add get frustrated? very mad, ?
does anyone like feeling depressed or..?
Need some life problems and help?
Need some help with figuring this out?
Paxil for depression and Anxiety ?
Is this normal? Please help me?
Hmm...Odd question but sometimes on occasions I feel like I dont need air underwater? haha?
I have never had a nosebleed in my life. What does that mean?
Can i take both a multivitamin and a hair and nails vitamin everyday?
how much blood does a human body have?
I had an earwig crawl into my ear last week while I was asleep!!!!!!?
massive stomach pains cramps?
heartburn at 15..............?
Is using a serum underneath the moisturizer a good idea?
Okay serious question, are you able to get any diseases of any sort from drinking someones blood?
my sister has a stomach bug?
Epileptic seizures?
Questions about cancer?
When a Doctor is giving a patient a bad diagnosis.?
he y eever got this itchi feeling?
Something is biting me and I have red marks all over me? What could it be?
what should i do in the hoildays if i have chicken pox! eek?
Do you think I have a developing case of Appendicitis?
why cant i stop vomitting whats wrong with me?
I have a lump on the back of my head! What do I do?
how to take the stinging away from a burn?
can kidney failure lead to puffyness?
Jaw Hurts on only one side?
there's something wrong with my tongue?
Pain in thighs, stretching doesn't help much!.. help!?
i have some questions about the femoral hernia, could you help me?
is it possible to have a middle ear infection with little to no pain?
I got a spinal tap last night, should i be this sore?
What can I do to relief pain from pinched nerves?
what's the difference between generic tylenol 3's and tylenol 3's?
my head hurts at certain times of the day?
My throat hurts when I swallow?
HELP NOW PLEASE(punctured eardrum home remedies)?
i want to get fit but i need help?
how long does it take to recover when you get tonsils out?
I think i had a siezure? Help.?
18 Year old with Polyps?
can you get pills that make you forget things?
what are some benefits from taking vitamins for hair,skin,nais etc.?
Can an Iron deficiency make you feel like you are having a sugar low?
Why does marijuana make you lose weight if you don't binge eat afterwards?
everyone !!! please answer?
What is wrong with my throat?! :(?
Need suggestions. all iI do is itch and its unbearabe help pls?
Is this insomnia?Please help.?
Is it possible to get sunburnt eyes?
blackheads best way to deal with them and what to use?
Sweaty palms?
BAD sunburn/tan! HELP!?
what causes itches that cant be scratched?
cancer support for teen in hospital - gifts and things she will need?
hi for about 5 years i have bad rashes between my legs like my legs rubbing together and i think i have tryed?
its tongue piercing ok for hiv positive ?
Regarding shingles, I have a bad blisteresd rash on the inside of my leg, near my groin. I am nearly 60, have?
I don't eat all day and binge at night....healh risks?
Hi all. I have cancer of the uterine, and would like to ask some people in the know here if possible?
What is the best way to stop crazy nosebleeds?
Sneeze when hit by sunlight?
what drug would you administer a patient with chronic inflammation if the patient had alergies to voltaren ?
What Kind of pill has the imprint N/80?
Headache at 15 not sure what to do for it...?
my body always hurts?
Help Im sooo desperate!!?
On-Line Pharmacy"s Needed?
O.k so I looked up abdominal vibrations?
how do i get rid of a kink in my neck?
Whats with my knee?!?
ive been having some pains in my legs, while i sleep ?
fractured vertabrae.. my aunt recently found out she has one, after being in pain for months. ?
Should I be able to control my thoughts?
What can I expect from my doctor if I have an eating disorder?
How can i help my sisters anxiety problems?
cannot sleep!! having problems...?
Why do I feel like I can't do something when 5 minutes ago I felt like I could do whatever I wanted?
Severe blushing problem!! Ruining my life?
Routine change for autism?
Am I suffering from depression?
does this ever happen to anyone and what does it mean?
You wake up and can't move, you feel suffocation and scared then you burst out of it gasping for air?
Does Cindy Crawford have female baldness and have to wear a wig?
I was dreaming about wetting the bed and did?
Question about kyphosis?
with exceptions to thyroid problems, is obesity a choice?
Help for bad acne???
the nurse clean my blood after testing by her gloves iam afraid if she touch someone infected before me???
how to get rid of acne for good?????????!!!?
can someone catch a sty by looking at it?
i keep getting pains in stomach, chest and back and finding it hard to breath and throwing up everything i eat?
Is there any medication I can take daily to go the bathroom?
Will my Acne and scars finally be on their way off my face?
I would like to find out how many people who have had cancer, currently fighting cancer or ........?
I had a few tiny red bumps I popped and they were early zits. Now I cant get the redness to go away..Help?
How can you remove a tattoo from your forearm without laser treatment? Please Help!!!!?
Does anybody know if there are any cures for fybromyalgia, I've been told it's incurable..?
Binge drinkers - please answer this question?
Anaesthetic Question, need an answer.?
Addiction Psychiatry? anything can help. read on :)?
Harder an harder to eat.?
yellowish brownish blotches on chest and back?
white blood cells???
i feel sick when i finger...?
Does bottom bleaching hurt?
I want to get a nose job, does it take long and hurt a lot?
Stomach pain?????????????????
My stomach hurts really bad?!?
what happened to my hip ?
My ear is really plugged up and using a q-tip hasnt worked at all what do i do?
General questions about cocaine.?
What to expect from a psychiatrist visit?
How can I have good posture?
At what age can depression appear as debilitating in teens?
My Daughter has been diagnosed many years ago with ODD/ADD..I think it's something else.?
How does a Gastroscopy work?
What is wrong with me?
Diastolic pressure lower after exercise?
Can obsessive compulsive disorder?
I am 15 and always get dizzy spells..?
I had a polyp removed from my bowel?
Is anyone a doctor?!?!?
My 20 mo old got his sisters nail polish pen and has it on his chin. Can I use nail polish remover on his fac?
not strep or mono, white patches and sore throat-what could it be?!?
I have acne and i need something to clear it up! HELP?
High temprature, headache, back pains, no energy, coughing, sore throat and NO APPETITE?
How can I get rid of a very annoying cough caused by post nasal drip?
I am 52 years old male asian.?
Do I have food posioning?
he everyone. I have cancer of the ovaries as you know, today my doctor orderd a CA 125 blood test?
What would happen if someone who doesn't need dialysis goes through the procedure?
Will being on the pill...improve my acne?
Pain when swallowing?
Stomach and Lower back pain?
is yoga helpful for shoulder tendonitis?
Sudden toe pain with no swelling?
Sharp pain under ribs after Gallbladder removal?
I always get headaches when drinking this?
What is this pain in my knee? is it arthritis?
pain in the back of my head?
Anyone with advice on how to deal with fibrommyalgia pain?
why am i having very sharp pain when i jog?
Is it normal for around the scar of the implanon to be sore and look like a rash around it?
14 weeks pregnant with cough and sniffles?
Has anyone had this before?
weird shapes in vision?
what is the strongest medication to rid of acne?
Do you think gymnastics benefited me?
I seem to always burn instead of tan when I'm in the sun!?
Are pediatricians covered by medicare?
cold remedies,i have a bad cough and feel like i am feverish and everything hurts ,need some Natural Solutions?
What is the price of the medicine ,"Pariet" 20 mg,1 pack(14 tablets) in India?Especially in Kerala?
Can Minors (Under 18) purchase Nicotine patches in Australia?
I have a serious problem...I accidentally killed a living being?
How can I pretend to take ecstasy?
How to deal with depression and anger?
Could you die if you miss just one night's sleep?
I really need emotional help!?
Why can't I dream....?
How can I prove I am managing my bipolar to posible adoption agencys?
Programmer, depressed and insomniac. Am I going to recover?
how can you tell the difference...?
my leg's messed up??!!!?
bad neck aches?? any1 can help?? :(?
Tylenol 2 over the counter or prescription?
Why do I have all this pain all of a sudden?
Why would my right hand hurt?
whats the best thing to use for severe acne ?
Sharp pains near lungs/heart?
Us my piercing healing ok?
why is cancer much more common in older individuals?
Rashes on body after getting out of the hospital?
how do i get rid of my dry skin patches?
my baby has psoriasis please help?
home remedies to cure anameia?
brain cancer and brain tumor?
Can brain tumor patients ever get back 100% healthy and active?
Drugs the rising tide
hi all. I am going on for an emergency surgery on Monday at7am for a gyni cancer?
I have small little zit-like bumps all over my body..what is it?
Why was I asked when my last period was when I got a CT scan?
How do i know when I cant use my contact lenses anymore?
How can I gradually learn to spend less time away from the computer?
my parents are 5'6 and 6'0,how tall will i be at age 18?
what happens if I accidentally consume tattoo ink?
Should I trust the information at www.stevepavlina.com?
can u excel at nursing degree/career if ur bad at maths/science?
Insomniacs, have you tried yoga and does it help?
im 22 years old and find it very very hard to sleep away from my own bed. read more info?
why does socioeconomics status affect health?
I have RLS,it has got worse,where I have aching pain sometimes so painful I wanna cry & not only at night but?
Rib went from brutal pain to tolerable pain & buldge?
Why do I have Tailbone pain?!?
I've had lower back and abdominal pain ever since my c section. What could it be?
can i get sick from taking a pain medication that 6 years old?
Why does my back hurt in the upper right?
What's wrong with my throat?
A sore lump on my head / behind my ear?
How can i become a Pediatric nurse?
Does it seem like I could have adult ADD?
Teens With Social Anxiety, Other Anxiety Disorders, or depression?
I cry over everything!?
how to manage stress?
Why is there a direct connection with vegetarianism and mental health..?
would this be considered self harm ?
Anxiety and Weak Legs in morning and afternoon ?
I have a question, What is an alcoholic? My husband drinks about 6-8 units a day because it gets him to sleep?
I get diarrhea when I run, why would this be?
I have cystic fibrosis? When is the usual dEath age?
How likely is it I have a clot in my leg?
what is athlete's foot?
My son is 10 years old, but not the average 10 year old child. He has psorasis pretty bad does this shot work?
Cancer from burning too much?
warts... on my hands... what's worked for you?
Hi all how are you? I would just like to know if anyone on here had or has cancer of any type?
Is this an Eating Disorder?
Could my daughters scratching be more than eczema, could it be her nerves?
Can anyone please help me list 8 different kinds of people that are at risk of developing skin cancer ?
bump on the corner of the eye
Where Can I buy Acne cream in USA ?
What's a cancer a guy can get, that they can fix?
Why do i feel anxious and depressed two days after drinking?
when drawing blood, what do you do if you colaspe a vein using to large a needle?
Is this normal or not?
smoking weed health risk?
are there any clinics, doctors or hospitals in NE U.S. that test veins in neck for blockage?
Whiplash and Occipital Block?
Shoulders always tense up...have to keep relaxing them?
Help, I have a big headache, what should i do?
intense stomach pain...what do i do!?
How to find the right size for a ankle brace.?
Please Help!!! neck stretches and upper back stretches to help improve posture?
Left side Chest pain! oww!, Please help! ( any doctors would be great)?
My dad has a headache for a week now , and he dosent really do anything anymore .?
My mommy is really sick ! HELP :(?
What happen to my back did i pull a muscle? How long until im recovered and what to do for recovery ?
My daughter has faded white patches, spots on her face?
HELP ME NOW!!!!! 10 POINTS?>!!!!!!!!!?!?!!?!?!?
What happens when a Bladder infection spreads to the kidneys?
Have really cold feet/hands?
my dog has a skin infection?
My friend can't remember things..what is this?
Do you have irratible bowel syndrome?
I've just smoked weed for the first time and felt nothing?
WAXING HELP!.................?
does anyone know about the disease that mice carry and what are my chances of getting it?
I think I have an eating disorder!teen girl help!?
red dots on my legs >.<?
i've got cough.what do i need to take?
liver function test abnormal?
Anyone know morning sickness cure ?
Strange bloating and burping?
how to get the perfect tan skin?
Can I gain weight on Paxil if I'm on it cause of Panic Disorder?
how can i get over my fear of not being loved?
Wanting to go into Psychiatric Nursing!?
Is it harder for a late transfer student to make friends?
Does anyone else struggle with this? Fear of Abandonment?
Can you help with my ending for my speech on stress?
Whats wrong with my foot?
headache, dizzy, nausea?
sharp pain in my knee?
The extra -ocular muscles have tendons inserted in the ....?
i think having a gallstones attack, help!?
My Achilles tendon been feeling wierd when walking?
I have pain in my face under my eye?
Sharp pain at the back of head!!!?
stomach problems and very frustrated?
hit hand ... it is now blue?
Pain in all my major bones??? What is it?
Having to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes and have diarea?
Why is yawning contagious?
What is the cost of a Cataract Operation?
how to get rid of a lisp?
how to actually?
looking for a website that has information about Meniers and a new cure called Meritin. Anyone know it?
My hands are very yellow, any explanation?
Does anyone know a cure for mucous buildup?
prep for colonoscopy using the pills its been 3 hours and no results?
My mum was questioning a doctor about whether i have cancer!(read the added detail)?
I need advice on my wart please!?
why do some ovarian cancer patients get a lot of symptoms and some only get a few
Can some one help me with my sympoms?
Has anyone ever delt with or seen someone who was diagnosed with Harlequin Syndrome? This is very rare.?
health issue .?
Help!! Is it Normal??!?
dry lips from driving with window down - fix?
When will people realise that perfume stinks?
My Head Hurts Can You Tell Me Why?
He cut his finger tendons and it still bothers him... suggestions?
Pains in fore arm and veins?
Why does my left leg and arms hurt.?
About 3 months ago i stepped on something sharp?
I have a sore thigh . sometimes when I step my leg will give out and almost fall I am taking therapy ?
I think I have a Fallen/Pulled Arch?
i cut my finger on a table saw two days ago, what should i experince after getting stiches?
Is the suicide of a close friend traumatic?
What is a good medication for someone who constantly worries?
is there anything i can do about my brain power?
What should I do about my panic attacks?
Why won't Enviroment Gov. keep the children home on -32 C ? Am i being paranoid?
i dont know what it is...?
how to not come off as a spiled brat?
I think my behavioral meds are causing some problems! ?
what are somethings ill notice about some with asperger syndrome?
I dreamt last night that there was a blemish on my skin and when I pushed it, a needle and syringe came out...?
If healing is Essential then should it not be free? What caused it to be a business?
can a person be treated for dysthymia disorder without drugs and make a full recovery?
does smoking make you thin?
What are some well known facts and anatomy, medicine or medical knowledge?
What are some good articles about the long and short term effects of smoking?
I'm supposed to take 500 mg of Penicillin three times a day for ten days.?
help, i think my brother has malaria, the doctor has sent for blood tests but its getting worse!?
cold sores!!!! H3LP!!!!?
my son is on amoxicillin 4 tonsillitis & now has very bad glue like diarrhoea & have 2 change his nappy alot?
i keep urinating out blood, what is happening, someone help me.?
Oily face/Acne/blackheads!~~~~?
OK so i got sick and now i just coughed and spit up blood and it was disgusting can someone plz help?
symptoms of liver failure?
thank you for your response!?
i have a sore throat and a runny nose. it isnt very bad but i want it gone fast. what can help?
tea tree oil rash on face!!!!!?
what do i do for strees relief?
what does it mean when when your lips go numb for no reason?
I bit my inner lip, and now it hurts. anything to speed up the healing?
How to get up in the morning?
How many people in the US die each year from smoking?
When someone dies, why do the eyes bulge like their about to pop?
Pain in lower left side of abdomen?
What causes wrinklie finger tips?
starting the year on the wrong foot could only drag on through the year right, or is there a way to counter th?
Tramadol followed by Dimenhydrinate?
Yesterday I hurt my back and....?
Leg and bum cramps sometimes out of the blue?
I broke growth plate is that bad?
Why is my ear popping?
Help with my urinalysis? Is these can be considered normal or okay?
Long hours infront of computer can course health issues ?
ive been nauseous for 3 days. is this how the flu starts?...?
How effective is Tamiflu in fighting off Influenza A?
Why do the slowest of movements cause me to become dizzy?
Schizophrenia and adolescents?
I just found out that..?
People who suffer from Anxiety disorder and depression ?
What does a psychiatrist do?
Is it better to test morning or night?
Is this guy an alcoholic?
<.< i need help with something (Acne)?
I've used pantene, until I switched to garnier, but my roots are waxy, does garnier have wax in it?
i always get respiratory problems..?
I have a lump the size of a pea near my nose. I had put it down to infection because?
should i get a nose job?
i have problem of headache since last 4-5 years-how to cure? provide with any homieopathic treatment
how long do asthma attacks last for?
Dry skin? lack of what?
help all, this is regarding cancer I have. ovarian. I went to my preadmissions appointment today?
does anyone know a good herbal remedy or oils that can help insomnia?
On a really hot humid day what does it mean if u r soo hot u get cold chills while working outside?
I am 28 years old & have a hernia, what is better, open cut or keyhole surgery?
abdominal discomfort I have no clue what's causing it.?
What could be causing pain in the middle of my back?
Why is the back of my neck getting stiff.?
Neck problems, dizziness and sick, what is wrong?
i been having severe discomfort in my back?
Head pain after what seemed to be the flu?
Question about Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Chest Pain after an electrical ablation?
Please help, minor pelvic pain, advice needed?
Has anyone used LightRelief for backaches, etc.?
What do you know about lamenectomy?
Xanax Info?
Whenever i wax i get horrible rashes and it happens when i shave too. What´╗┐ can i do?
I have an eight year old daughter with cerebral palsy. Will she be able to have a family of her own one day?
Who should I see about my jaw.?
Will cetaphil help my acne?
I have a really bad sunburn with blisters and I'm starting to peel is that good?
the latest new on the asthma medication SINGULAIR? What is it?
i think i might have mouth cancer.. HELP im only 17?
what can i do to clear up my skin?
have a dry skin i dont apply the moisturiser as it darkens the skin,,can any one tell me their daily routine?
Tiny bugs on Myself and kids?
I'm coughing constantly and coughing up phlegm too, is this bronchitis? Pregnant so dont want to take medicine
Experiencing knee pains, spreading, and getting worse ?
how do you relieve hand pains at home?
Please help I am in pain but....?
How long will phantom limb pain last?
How do I get back from an injury like this?
What is wrong with my arm!?
how old of an MRI can i use to get pain medicaiton i had surgery a little over a year can i use my former mri?
Will my pinky finger be forever bent since my injury?
Why do some people bruise easier than others?
my daughter is 9 n she has been told she has too much acid in her body what do i do?
Anybody know why my shoulder and elbow keep clicking?
Cipralex: How has it helped or hindered you? Any success/horror stories?
I lied about my identity on msn?
What can I do about this?
Dissorder of no muscle control, not able to talk, but is able to understand?
what can i do i want to study but noting still in my mind i forget a lot sometimes i can't understand help me?
Doctor Prescribed Acne Medication ?
What is the maximum age you can remain on your parents medicare card?
Constant lightheadedness and headaches. HELP!!!?
I'm wondering if I have an ear infection, but no pain?
how to deal with dislocated/fractured jaw?
Sternum pain and body feels heavy?
does a tingling in the leg have to do with bones?
Should I wear a wrist splint?
Can someone please help me with neck pains?
i've had severe earpain for the past 2 weeks and motrin and drops don't do anything no more HELP!?
When I get nervous I shake and the right side of the middle of my back hurts?
Sudden hand, arm, and back pain!?
sharp pain in my chest around my heart? what could it be?
I have abdominal and a stomach ache?
what are the chances of having a bad trip on dmt?
ways to make you sneeze?
i think i may have a split personality? ?
Why do you think bullies bully for?
good tips for quitting smoking?
If i take lortabs that i had since october will it matter on a drug test now?
what are the symptons of a male kidney infection? and what can you do to help?
is afrotism a disease?
i have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and it has some bad side effects.?
rabbies could i have it??? please tell me?
Is it possible to obtain lithium in 30 mg doses?
Why do infected areas on the body feel warmer than non infected areas?
what is a sebaceous cyst?
can avocado make ur stomach hurt? like really bad.. then have the runs? why me? why haha help?
I want to become a school nurse. how can i achieve that goal?
What are natural ways to get rid of nervousness atleast even just temporaraly?
I have bad acne and bad scars, I need some help!?
I have a blood clot in my eye from a fight i dont wish to go to work this way please tell me of some treatment
7 year old has walking pnuemonia-now he is complaining that his "heart" hurts and he has been on zithromax 2 d
Is drinking mineral water good for you or not?
muscle pain. quick relief.?
Leg and abdominal cramps, headache and back hurts. What is it?
What is wrong with my doctor and my wrist ?
Is shoulder replacement surgery the best thing for me?
why does marijuana have a different effect on me ever since i started taking ecstacy?
do chawauwa's help with astma?
I feel full, like I have a knot at the top of my stomach , when I lie down. It also feels like I have a knot
I am not a frequent drug user....?
I was asking before about dry head and some say using olive oil. Is that a cooking olive oil???
how can i relive infected ear pain tonight .bad.?
Chest pain?
14years old and heart rate at 120?
body doesn't act well since a few days ago?
There are 2 pink spots on each side of my chest. What are these? Is it AIDS?
A friend of mine just found out he has lung cancer?
is it ok to take zoloft and abilify when getting a tattoo?
Does hypothyroidism cause miscarriages?
my 9month baby got bit by misquetoes?
someone please help me i have had a bump on my nose for a while now and i dont know what else to do !!!?
How to stop constant itching at night?
My ears hert........................?
Is inhaling anti-foul paint fumes dangerous?
What can I do if I'm prone to get arthritis?
Olanzepene and Weight gain?
What are the steps in curing binge eating and purging?
Can someone be a closet claustrophobic?
i am the strongest man on the earth i am the man the legned?
Help!! weird things happening..?
What should I do about this?
Need panic attack help? good how-to site?
What are signs of attachment disorder?
Please help my mornings better?
Does your apperance change as you get older?
how many brain cells do you lose a day from smoking weed?
is it safe to use nicorette gum that past its used by date?
How can I fix the extremely dry skin on my nostrils and my very chapped upper lip?
I lost my voice, how to cure this problem?
Is the nit free comb really useful and painless?
what is a good herbal rub or treatment for sore hands from manual labour job?
worried about cancer?
Does anyone know about or have Adrenal Fatigue?
is there something wrong with my immune system ?
how to get rid of a funny tast in my mouth?
My Platelet count is 554. what does this mean?
my tongue is really sore. and its looks like its pealing whats going on?
what are the symptoms for anemia?
tanning with high pressure beds?
who has gotten a cortison shot? did it work?
how many villages and cities are suffering from malnutrition in year 2009?
What does it mean to have dilated pupils, ALL THE TIME?!?
cold and flu prevention: ive seen alot on the internet that a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in each ear?
Financial advice for someone on disability ?
How come when i.....?
My 3 month ols has Eczema does anyone know how to cure it nothing the doc gives is working?
my question was he is smoking a drug on foil with burnt bits on it and someone asked me how old is he?
How to fix a messed up finger nail?
i hav Swollen lymph nodes under jaw, chest pain, high fever, stiff neck, stomach pain, tiredness, sore throat?
my 85 year old dad is in hospital with pneumonia,it's day 4.Is it safe to take my 6 and 3 yr old to visit him?
A mole on my arm hurts! ?
i have a white bump on my tongue thats been there since summer!how do i get rid of it?its annoying me!!?
I have been told i may have Retinitis Pigmentosa is there treatmentcure for this?Is laser surgery an option??
lactose intolerant............?
How to get rid of blackheads?
When you have an appointment to go in to the lab for blood work and you do not want your blood to show high ch
What is this pain on my right upper abdomen?
Should we panic again about the flu: avian....swine... whatever?
aids and syptoms...?
if someone in your classroom had poisen ivy what would you do?
i need to get some info on HPV....what is it? what does it do? can it be controlled???
What are the causes of gallbladder polyps?
What ticks you off the most?
What types of activities would paraplegics best advised to complete?
Insomnia- Breathing Problems, Any suggestions on how I should build up my health again?
Does anyone know of any good home remedies which can help get rid of a blocked nose within a week?
Help I'm Itchy Everywhere! What Do I Have?
my son has developed a rash on face and hands.?
Waking up with bug bites on my legs.?
how to get rid of acne?
Irritation after shaving my legs, but no rash?
please how do you get rid off brid lice from humans?
is this a serious medical condition please answer asap thanks?
Why is dental tissue so sensitive to cancer infestation?
Can you get sunburned between 8 and 10 am?
how can i stop my best friend sneezing in me?
Does anyone here suffer either ....?
Whats a good way to shake depression?
What is a boarder line personality disorder?
More Weight Gain After Effexor ?
Suicide, cutting, ED...HELP!?
How to boost my confidence?
Any really scary mental disorders?
eh complicated...any way i can get help?
Whats happens when I am falling a sleep help !?
Can someone give me some advice. Effexor does me no good and made me gain a lot of weight?
Im missing something, can you help?
How can I fall asleep within minutes of getting into bed?
At wits end with this flem!?
What do I do about asthma in my sleep?
Can anyone help to identify my symptom's?
panic attacks, symptoms + brain tumor symptoms?
my dad might have bladder cancer please help?
Do people with appendicitis ever cough or vomit up blood?
ulcerative colitis? my aunty has just been diagnosed with it?
How much is the possibility of survival of a patient who suffered from leukemia in 2004?
i am in a nursing course need help with information on why immobility can cause pressure sores. please help!?
reflux came out my NOSE!! PLEase help me - i am so scared!?
I have these strange orange lumps in the back of my throat, what are they?
Weird, thick skin on ankle?
What could cause an increased appertite, but no weight gain/weight loss, irritability/anxiety, fatigue?
Cholestrol range in a normal person?
I used alcohol on my belly ring and now its scabbing what do i do?
"Can anyone tell me whether there has been close to a cure for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) all ideas needed"
Mouth Ulcers; my hubbie gets them a lot. They are large and painful.?
Sensitive SKin Help ?
iam unable to go to everyday bath room please suggest i need to do ?
whats the cure to obesity?
Where to buy Lubriderm?
HELP ?? lower pain left side abdomen female?
How did i get this rash on my face? picture included :(?
I have been sick for over 3 months now.. idk what to do anymore.. HELP PLEASE!!?
Does this represent Schizophrenia?
ugh whats wrong with me?! please help?!?
what to do if you forget things easily? im 20 and i hardly memorize things that im learning..?
what percentage of people suffer from a dependent personality disorder?
Effect of prolonged stress on intelligence (IQ)?
What is happening to my friend? I'm worried!?
HELP REALLY SORE NOSE!!! wat can i do?
My stomach is hurting.. plz help :(?
I have a huge problem?
Can your brain ever repair after ice abuse?
Why have I felt extra tired?
is it safe to use melamaine utencils in microwaver?
normal heart rates question?
Why do I have bumps under my arm?
How to get rid of head lice from bath towel?
How high does a person's fever have to be before they start having convulsions?
How common is epilepsy in teenagers - specifically teenage girls?
bump under armpit?
PKU (protein free) recipes?
my friend has a very bad facial hair prob,has tried different things and it just makes it worse?
When I cough my large intestine and middle left back really aches coughing up blood,nose bleed please help?
i feel dizzy for just 3 seconds at times why ?
my rat just bit me and it bleeded alot, and now my finger feels numb. should i be concerned?
health issues of today?
Are there any females with a cochlear on here that I could talk to?
redness around the nose?
I have a follow up appointment with my psychiatrist on Thursday, how can I bring up my suicidal thoughts ?
What can I do about having no appetite at all ?
I can't sleep any advice?
i am so frustrated right now more bs with my crush?
hi, a question I need to ask ?
What kind of emotional trauma would cause memory loss?
How do psychiatrists react when you tell them you're suicidal ?
Is it a sign of Alzheimer when you have?
Can my psychiatrist hospitalize me because I feel suicidal ?
PLEASE HELP!!! please please please?
Does smoking give you a sore throat?
Whats wrong with my hands?
My 5 monthold is not sleeping well,coughing, spitn up, fever, any suggestions or ideas? PLease help?
my son is 7 weeks he has trouble breathing and has a deep cough ,in his breathing i can hear a sort of gargle?
what can i do to get rid of this burn?
I've had osteochondritis (OCD) since I was 7. I'm still in pain why?
What can that line on my lung be?
My son has been sick on and off for the past 2 weeks, with vomiting, loss of appetite & lethary a sore throat?
Cleansing oil for acne?
My two year old started having severe nosebleeds. Is this normal?
i think i have been bitten by a spider?
one day i urinated constantly but small amounts,next day urinated normally like i should,now my side is sore?
I think i have herpes , but it does not look like the pictures on the internet ?
can stress/anxiety make you sick and less resistant to catching things?
Joint pain -why does it happen?
why when i walk it feels like the ground it moving up and down does that mean im about to pass out?
Really bad circulation in my hands and feet, plus my toe went numb?
What is the impact of infertility during adulthood?
What can I do to stay happier?
If you had appendectomy & you have a child...?
Subutex: Has anyone successfully left the program?
what are the reasons and why do hair follicles die? 10 POINTS!!?
What could cause persistent vomiting?
Why is it that when i have a shower or just get wet i get itchy?
How can I feel better with Chronic Fatigue?
is there a way to get rid of blisters?
Does alcohol affect the liver or the brain more?
premature aging signs ! any natural/chemical therapy for sundamage(blackspots) and wrinkles ?
mona 84 year old woman visited by her doctor and he tells she has high BP.Is high BP part of normal ageing?
Recurrent Nausea... Help?
how do you control dandruff?
How can I get rid of a bad cough, i've tried many cough medicines and vicks and nothing works?
what happens if anorexia is not treated?
the urine producing unit within the urinary system is the _________________?
Does it really take til you're fading away to get professional help for an eating disorder?
im hungry all the time but cant eat enough to fill me up because i thow up from over eating?
What are some good sites with Anxiety Chats & Message boards.?
What are good self-help books for?
My body still adjusting to Zoloft ?
What happened to me this morning in bed? I'm scared and now I feel really strange.?
Which is more common? Bipolar disorder or panic/anxiety disorder?
which is the best mental health site to blog and why?
Do you have depression?
Poem That I Wrote, What Do You Think?
i am a person who self harms i need help i cant stop can some one help me please i don't no what to do?
Hi. Im bipolar. Hypersensetive to stimulants?
is this a separate sickness or the same one?
sweat problem................?
whats shall i do, food or a house..?
what ingredient(s) in multivitamins cause stomach pain, nausea?
Q: Every month or so i wake up and my ear is pounding. ive heard people refer to it as ear crush?
I just started working at red rooster, i'm a school student and the fumes are making me sick?
my son whos 10 swallowed a quarter?
Red soreness of the mouth?
Why does giving nutrients to a malnourished person increase the chance of them to die of a bacterial infection?
my boy friend has crones whats the %of my child getting it?
i want to erase my marks which is on my face?
My entire body hurts?
possible problem with appendix?
can ginger tea cure my bouts of constant dizziness?
Stretch mark and stretched skin solution?
I need help im sick and i need surgery that could give me a much better quality of life.?
reason for swollen ankles?
Do Blind people hallucinate on LSD?
Common Cough?
I am 40 years old lady.While waking up from sleep,I experienced black circles in front of eyes momentarily.Hm.
What is the difference between outpatient and inpatient treatment ?
OCD obsession: Prolonged exposure to small amounts of carcinogens?
add treatment and cost?
How come recently I don't want to do anything and is sad most of the time?
Can a sociopath want to feel certain emotions.........even just for the experience....?
Please help...Really need your advice?
has any of you been on lithium/seroquel?
Staying positive....Depression?
Oh no!!!! Get rid of this for me!!! Read me and help me!!!?
who's bored? yawn.... but too hyper to relax or sleep?
i used a dose pack of Prednisolone to help my breathing problems . can i take a low dose each day to help ..?
treatment options of eating disorder?
treatment for a 16mth old who's sick - not eating, gastric, tired.....?
how does the body repaire an area that has been burnt?
Black mole on upper right shoulder?
could this be a specific condition?
are all warts a hpv virus?
please help my grandmother is very ill and doctors have no answers?
Question about my tmj?
I need your help . I have a task?
Is it the male or female funnelweb that kills?
Stop sweating everywhere at school/on the train? ?
what are the side effects of having your tonsils removed?
ever since my last panic attack...?
ive got 2 cerebral palsy sons please help?
is jawing a sign of someone using cocaine?
I have Bell's Palsy but I am recovering...skin still looks bad though..help?
My daughter just had lice and i think it spread on to me is hair dye a good way to get rid of lice?
Do i have sleep apnoea/asthma???What can be done about it?
Is there a position to sleep in so coughing doesn't hurt much?
Bug bite? - diamond shaped rash - incredibly itchy?
i have a huge but shallow cut, will it scar?
Could I have appendicitis?
Are there any non perscription anti inflammatories?
Sharp pain in side...help?
im really scared.. any answers?
information on rare and deadly diseases.......?
Is it being paranoid wanting to know whether my waxing therapist double dips her wax??
Does this sound like fecal impaction or diarrhea..ANYONE THAT KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT THE SUBJECT PLEASE HELP!?
what can i do if my stepbrother is sick and has to stay in the hospital?
My Right Eye Hurts When I CRY!! HELP!!?
dettol burn in my face?
is it bad if a boil pops in your sleep an now has a small hole in tne spot?
how do steriods work in a case of pneumonia? in this case, pednisolone.?
how to have energy with untreated sleep apnea?
Has anyone ever had a lump found in their neck?
thalasemia major. my nephew has this and is 4 years old?
what happens if gall bladder is cut off?can it be dangerous?
My thyroid results were:Triiodothyronine is 1.69nmol, and thyroxine is 96.76nmol and my TSH is 1.06uiu. is ok?
iv got a Rash help me its spreading !!!?
What are the best skin treatments(for ripped skin? and/or scar treatment to remove them?
should i get scoliosis surgery?
Royal Canin Urinary SO dog food?
What are the signs of liver damage?
My feet sweat, yet they are real cold?
What is with my sore throat?
What is the best way to quit smoking?
Why do I always shiver after drinking milk?
Why don't they preform a lobotomy on depressed people anymore?
what can I expect ...increasing ?
self help books are they padded with filler?
why does this happen?
Can I have Bipolar Depression?
Do you feel nervous or awkward around girls?
Please help me with the Mental Health Crisis, what I should know about...?
Im 20 & unemployed, Can the doc still prescribe me anxiety pills?
Does Tylenol 3 cause itchiness?
Is it ok if u only inhale a cigarete once?
how to get ride of shoulder acne fast?
I just found out I'am 5 weeks pregnant and I have been taking one .5 mg alprazolam daily should i be concerne?
why am i spitting bloody lugies?
thick cornea, big cupping in eyes - not glaucoma?
headaches, breathing, and extremely tired.?
I have eczema nd usually when I tan or drink alchohol, the day after I get blemishes with a orange crust ooze.?
really dry skin on my arms?
how to get rid of back acne?
My head hurts, my skin aches I've got itchy cough, and I've vomited the food i had this lunch. what do i have?
What are reasons for feeling bloated?
Why does my ear remain blocked for hours when I swim?
what could it be if the pains i have in my side and my back are like some one is stabbing me and then twisting?
Has anyone had the CastCooler?
Why does my grand daughter keep wetting her bed?
Whats wrong with me???
Could it be appendicitis?
tightening in throat ?
Feeling really weak and fragile after cutting all sugars from my diet a week ago?
what can you use naturally without medication to get rid of the common wart.?
problem with vitamin e???
for years if i eat late in the day?
Does Benadrly HCI have any damaging effect to the liver.?
Why does it itch when healing?
does anyone know of a real good prevention chat room?
I've had a cough for about 2 and a half weeks now. What could it be?
can popping a balloon on your skin cause a bruise?
My skin! My skin!!!! Help!?
Prevention is better than cure.?
can any one help my psoaris as its really bad now?
Is it common for people to have Tonsil Stones?
what is the best cream for un healthy black skin?
Has my body stopped reacting to acne medication?
Are people with ADD more prone to getting depression?
Paranoia ...........?
Alcohol and Antidepressants?
How can we fix up someone who is sick and ill and give him a mind and head again he is old?
Why I'm thinking about having a girlfriend all the time even after a JF?
i'm in need of some music, please read.?
Oh my, so annoying (again)?
I worry a lot. What can I do to feel safe?
What is happeneing when you "crack" your knuckles or any other bone/joint in your body?
What are your best, tried and tested health tips?
Where is a good place to get ear piercing done?
when i get up i usually get head rushes. im just wondering why i get them?? thanks?
Why do i get pain in my inner ear the day after i have consumed alchahol.?
Kidney Infection: Can it get worse??
My feet are often cold to touch (although they don't feel cold to me) but also get really sweaty ?
Everytime I shave it leaves a horrible rash/red dots. Help?!?
bumps on arm pits?
i need some fun facts on the Repiratory system please thanks?
my toe is has been numb for a couple of days what is the matter?
Remove dust from the air?
really bad rash all over my face while pregnant what could it be?
ear piercing soreness issue?
Hemorrhoids and how to deal with them?
are stretch marks hereditary?
i have a itchy skull on the very top back part of my head and my hair is really thin there?
I think i have Tonsillitis?
sick, I feel sick. My esaphagus feels swollen, sharp stomach pains, and really bad insomnia.?
IBS, weird stomach, something else anyone know?
why might an elderly patient be put on antibiotic cream a minor skin tear, when people not need medication?
Through all the stress and troubles that everyone faces. What helps you get through the day?
are there any doctors or more importantly any australian doctors on yahoo answers?
my brain is creaking when i rotate my head?
My daughter has just been told she has ketones in her urine . What is this and what can happen.?
I would like to talk to someone that has lupus sle?
throughout the last year, i get sharp pains under my ribs.?
how much do acne scarsreally matterif theguyis very good looking?
my 1 1/2 year old has a 101.19 fever that goes down then up?
Can someone dumb (can't talk) please tell me.........?
My brother having fatty liver, what should be his food list? Help PLS.?
tonsils enlarged?
How does fever affects metabolic requirements?
i have these red bumps in the middle of my underarm and they never go away? anyone no what they are?
Is there treatment for sinus conditions?
i have this idea to cure cancer please read?
i am currently taking 60mg of prednisone for ibd and i was wondering if i could smoke marijuana advice?
Help me please help my mom!?
what is the best cure for dandruff?
Why does sunburn become red when you have a shower?
What do you think is the best thing about being barefoot?
My limbs go numb, really easily but lately when I sit down from my knees down gets numb, almost immediately.?
Is it bad to push your stomach?!?
My 1 year old girl has full thickness burns to both hands?
what are side effects from antibiotics?
Hospital bag for surgery?
Can A.D.D occur later in adolescence?
what could this be? Going to the drs in 2hrs.?
Beta-blockers for social anxiety?
can depression turn into schizophrenia?
Can xanax make depression worst ?
Fear of talking about problems?
what do I do now???>>?
im 34 weeks pregnant and i know that the fetus is having a left multicystic kidney?
Rash after waxing upper lip?
How do i get rid of the lump on my ear?
How long does it take for sunburn peeling marks to fade?
I have wierd skin REACTIONs........ HELP!!!!
On going sleep paralysis?
I asked this question the other day. I have a fatty liver disease unfortunately?
7 Day Acne Detox how long do you have to take it?
Does anyone have the home remedy for expelling gallstones - not the olive oil & lemon method, didn't work!
Severe nose bleeds, dizziness, and coughing up blood!?
What are the health symptoms for being scared?
how long does ecstasy stay in your system?
alright what can this be? im scared ill die?
Really sore shin, what could be the problem?
Are there any over-the-counter drugs that are meant to keep you alert and focused?
strange sensation when urinating?
How long does it take to get marijuana out of your system?
Does anyone know what a blow test is?
Why am I always cold?
i have "problem" in the lower region....... what should I do? also it burns and it shoots liquids from the sid?
Iam finding hard to breathe.Please help?
can someone please help me!! my face worse now!!?
i have warts on my hands!!!! help please?
what is cramp .i am frequently pray for that.iam 54 ,my doctor told me don't worry.?
red cheeks i need help?
can a ear infection cause this?
Medical professionals, doctors and cartiologist help!>?
why are my eyes usually yellow doesit mean that i have liver failure?
It really hurts when I make a fist...what should I do?
fibroids, enlarged uterus, enlarged ovary(malignant)?
Skin Irritation?
I frequently get bubbles (around my lips), what might be the reason of it?
Does anyone know what is the best treatment for spider veins?
does Lamotrigine and Duloxetine helps me to improve my mood and my depression?
Is there a link between anxiety and headaches ?
Does therapy (seeing a psychiatrist) really help?
how to heal obsessive behavior?
suicidal thoughts...self injury?
I want to commit myself?
Why do I enjoy doing this?
Please help me get over this OCD obsession!?
Things to do for permanent memory improvement?
Why do I have a bad memory?
Concerta Side effects ? any input appreciated.?
fluid and small pieces of bones in knee but not painful.is this something serious or is it just fine to leave?
Is there any risk to taking Tramacet, Tridural, Gabapentin and Robaxacet?
know about bone scans..........?
How long after a clexane injection can I drink?
How does exercise reduce or prevent osteoporosis?
i have a planters wart..what are some home made recipies to get ride of it?
My daughter suffers from hot feet at night.?
are these symptoms of anxiety?
Stabbing right armpit pain with blister-like rash.. what is it?
help i have been put on steriods for my endo and so many horrible side effects with them does any one know wha?
is malaria communicable?
glucosamine,omega3 have been proved to be useless..what is our future?
Is MRSA or staph infection dry and crusty or pustulous?
Coldsore question..how to deflate it?
what does blood , ketone and protein in my blood mean , along with nausea sometimes vomiting and shakes?
a great friend suffers from cancer... how much time she's got left if she's started to inject morphine ?
I need something lightweight and skin-like to wear that covers my hands and forearms.?
What are some medications that help attack GBM brain cancer?
hep ! olcer in my mouth.?
irregular heart beat, hard to tolerate heat, ectomorph?
how to get rid of black heads ?
Why is my vomit green now and why am i sick only during the very early hours?
How do i remove hair from my face?
are oxys and morphine hard on the body?
blocked ear after plugging ears?
I have Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome - is it true that it can cause you to lose all your teeth early.?
Why Am I Sleeping Way Too Much?
what should i do????????
I sometimes sleep with one eye open, is this normal?
Xxy klinefelters syndrome?
Havings second thoughts of going to the psychiatrist on Monday..why am I so nervous ?
I think i have a sleeping disorder?
best way to deal with depression?
Is my boss justified for being such a stress bag?
I have an appointment with a psychiatrist on Monday and I'm nervous?
I have an appointment with a psychiatrist and I am too nervous to go ?
OCD Obsession: Print on T-shirt?
Can anyone please give input to my question ?
I have continuous bloating?
is there some kind of little-known cure for warts that may kill the virus?
does anyone know how to get rid of uneven skin and stretch marks and lighten it a bit?
Dizziness, headaches and the shakes...please help!!?
Dead skin on top of finger?
How does obesity lead to a shorter life expectancy?
Blood test for GGT ALP AST ALT..very high ..what to do..?
If protein is eaten along with the consumption of sugar, does the body produce less insulin?
is it possible for a person to have a life threatening infection and it not be detected?
Really Bad Ingrown Toenails On Both Feet???? HELP!!!! What Can I Do For Them?
I sometimes have a sudden pain in my left, front side, Ive had it since I was in kindergarden?
Seeing an ENT specialist in january...?
ppeeaacchhhh ccaarreee?
Eustachian tube problems.?
arthritis problem..........????help me please.?
Why do people in shock feel cold?
I suffer from a terrible urge to scratch from itching?
Sore Throat & Cold for 1 week & it Refuses to go,Help please anyone?
right eyecontact hurts too it out and blurred vision help ?
My 12 month old has been vomiting for 5 days, 1:30 am and two times am. Dr. says reaction to vacine ?
Does drinking heaps of water, eating natural fruits and vegetables help clear my skin?
I have had this sore throat for a few days now with flem in it. My glands are a bit big.?
Hemorrhoid's/Anal Fischer?
Where do Head lice originate from?
my son has a bad rash all over his face?
Can't catch my breathe....?
how to get rid of a headache?
What can i do? this pluged ear is making me insane!?
Medication question...please help!!!!!?
How do you let go of all your feelings?
help i really need as many advice, opinions, answers etc plz. sorry for the super long question.?
i feel like takeing my own life?
has anyone used wart off?
suggest the reasons why more asthma deaths occur inolder people?
I want to fake a skin diesease, how do i get my skin to change colors?
does anyone know how to get rid of hanging warts from under arms?
My brother in law is in coma due to stroke?
What sunscreen will work well with sensitized skin (because of microcycline)?
Is CD foil dust toxic?
Viral gastroenteritis in toddler, vomiting, hasn't eaten for 2 days?
Pale patch of skin?
How can I treat a 4 month old, red, itchy, flakey scar on my arm?
Can you get rid of mosquito bites over night?
why has my tattoo scabbed up and become soggy?
does claritin work for someone who has chronic flem?
What does liquid morphine look & smell like?
My wart won't stop bleeding?
What kind of fit did I experience? Confused!!?
smoking and oral cancer?
I have a cyst in the groove under my right breast that goes down about an inch and a half towards my stomach?
I need location of travelclinic or place to get immunisation in Rome or Florence for overseas travellers?
What is the best herbal remedy or over the counter sleeping aid?
Wrist pain while doing bicep curls?
How do I cope With My Epilepsy?
will having my gallbladder removed?
constant cold and sweaty hands & feet?
I think I'm a little bit losing my mind?
Can a person really change who they are? 10 points?
Sibling with schizophrenia?
OCD (minor) Obsession: Harmful chemicals?
What happens if you tell a psychiatrist that you are done with life, just sick of it ?
How Do I Distract Myself From My Anorexia?
Is bipolar genetic??
How do I relieve back pain in the middle-lower back?
why does it burn when i insert yeast infection cream?
How long do throat infections take to heal?
Do fleas stay on you?
i have scar in my right cheek which i got in earthquake is there anything for clearing it completely plzzz tel?
What would these symptoms mean?
best way/s to get rid of redness on your skin?
How to get rid of alcohol rashes!! HELP!?
I have acne and would like to know how to get rid of the acne and the darkened areas from it.?
i get dry flakey skin around top lip and around edges of nose baby oil helps but it comes back after i wash?
My burn blister just popped . Should i do- cover it or let it air out?
What is causing my diarrhea??!?
Anyone else have/has had parathyroid cancer?
question here.I found out today I have very very low hormones as I am 39 almost 40.?
hi people anybody know what this is?
how old of an MRI can i use to get pain medicaiton i had surgery a little over a year can i use my former mri?
MRI of the Lumbar Spine - How serious?
Since my skin is sensitive and nothing works, it broke out maybe a week ago i have been taking tetracyline?
I Found 6 Bumps On My Pelvis Area?
My eye is red and hurts a lot when i move/ blink it.?