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Has anyone had surgery for L5 S1 isthmic spondylolisthesis?
What can I learn about "space occuppying lesion" in skull?
The glands under my face on the side of my neck are sore?
Can Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) mimic Endometriosis?
I'm not quite sure how to explain this one?
epilepsy and trimers?
Is this a serious illness answer asap?
is it possible to have my brain frozen when i die?
Can I buy Dermabond or something like it?
how long would you have to be bulimic for before your teeth start to decay?
Wart on nose solutions?
What is 'gene therapy'?
I am really scared..?
our emotions!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it safe to split fluoxetine (Prozac) tablets?
Eating disorder in the making ?
Cipralex and sleeping aids?
Do you literally tell your therapist everything or do you leave things out?
I'm 13 and I need help?
How do I stop my face and arms from turning red?
how long after using suboxone will ultram be effective?
what is fibromilaga?
Do Asian people need to wear sunscreen?
Pain in my back when I sneeze?
Question regarding lasik surgery?
What would the healthy weight....?
will lucas paw paw ointment get rid of cutting scares?
Should I have the Swine Flu vaccine?
can you take ibuprophen with wellbutrin?
please help me....am I very sick and at risk?
What I eat/do to make myself taller?
i want to get a stomach band and i would like to know what is envolved?
Shiver/Tingling/Crawling sensation on 2 patches of my body?
Can you ever get rid of Schizophrenia?
Who normally performs the ablation of small hepatocellular carcinoma?
Get real answers from millions of real people.?
I take NITE-EZE to help me sleep... Also paralized in my awake/sleep state.?
what am i to do anymore?
Apart from Herpes, what else can cause blister on the lips of a person?
do you have social anxiety?
How much does it cost to get your tonsils removed AUS?
why does it feel like drinking water is making me worse?
is it bad if you take mucinex D 5 hours after the last dose?
I feel like crying, I have a chest infection and I feel so cold but my body is boiling hot, and I'm not gettin?
I have Hayfever, and my nose is constantly blocked.?
Does anyone know of an AA meeting group in Huntington Beach?
plaquenil i stopped taking it?
What could the pain under my skin on my back be?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Can you have a stomach ucler without having Helicobater Pylori?
Is it possible to smoke cigarettes for years and never become addicted?
Is it bad to mix alcohol and marijuana?
If you drink beer with panadol will that kill ? What effects would there be ?
Is there anything being done to prevent bad media messages accociated with the cause of eating disorders?
i have an antibiotic infection?
health issue .?
Concerns with heart rate?
Should I go to school? I have bad nausea, feel like I'm gonna vomit..?
Has anyone ever used imovane? experience with it?
Out of date bepanthen...is this bad?
does power balance actually work?
Why did i have flu symptoms for one day only?
Where can you buy nicorette gum if you're a minor?
Can taking multivitamins do this?
What does a Radiation Therapist do?
Why do I get diarrhoea/stomach cramps on cold, rainy days?
What else causes tinitus other than loud noise?
I had plastic surgery on the 18/12/09 can I have salt baths instead of showers to help the cuts heal? Help?
My eyes are really sensitive to sunlight?
i can't do it anymore?
How to overcome fear of success?
Depressed since forever..?
What can i do to help me sleep?
Psychotherapist help?
Can someone explain what happens at your first therapist session?
is this just my ocd or is it dirty?
Doctors please help with -Temporary lost memory?
How can I get relief from carpal tunnel without surgery?
toridal ? pain relief?
I'm making a bath out of epsom salts and jasmine tea?
Skin Cancer / Melanoma at 15 Years Old?
will we ever get the cyber knife in australia?
why does my sculp/hair itches badly ONLY when i feel nervous,embarrassed,hot?
How old do you have to be to donate blood?
What would cause me to sleep walk...?
drug schedule table ?
Should I be subconscious about armpit hair?
my sweat smells like dog poo?
i have lack of attention and lazyness ,what should i do ?
Have you ever had a near-death experience?
How do I manage my anemia?
is there anything i can do before going to bed to guarantee no bad dreams while asleep?
why does your body heat up when it sleeps?
Headaches after bathing in Radox?
Does sunburn turn into a tan?
Drnk milk while sick feel like throwing up?
Pieces of black poo whats going on?
I'm loosing my voice?
How can I stop this pain in my ear when I yawn or burp?
Is doing the splits good for your legs?...really?
this is really annoying me. any theories?
can u overdose on too much Valium?
I'm impassive is that a bad thing?
is it bad to see grease on your pee?
Does going on the computer for long periods of time (with short breaks in between) affect the brain at all?
Ok me and a friend got into a fight she punched me not to hard but good enough wil I bruise easy I'm 12?
Feet, Legs & Hands swallon?
does sleeping in front of a fan cause dehydration?
How do you deal with a problem you can't talk about ?
Who Has An Anger Problem?
Do anti-depressant side effects last the whole time while on the meds ?
soo much stress i don't know what to do!!!!!!!!!?
are there alternatives to driving when affected by stress? what are some of those alternatives?
Will listening to baroque music for 10 minutes before I go to bed make me tired enough to sleep?
Why haven't I grown taller in the past 9 months?
im black i can i grow my hair?
How can I become an early morning riser?
Do long-term coma patients get very hairy?
My back and shoulders are so tense, help?
Left side chest pain?
what doctor should I see for growth hormone?
Why is my sleeping pattern like this during the school holidays?
Can I take more iron tablets?
Give 4 examples of daily living activities which aim to maintain independence using familiar routines?
i have a very serious problem that my sister is 20 years old and she is postoperative diagnos high grade retro?
If at a regular doctors check up when you ask for a blood test full workup can you....?
Why do I go crazy when i have caffeine?
Does anyone have any help for acne?
Do I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
My brother's second day at BELFOR..please help?
i always sleep in class, i want to change that habit but how?
My neck is really sore, what is the best thing that I can do when I get home from work tonite?
My throat is so sore and i don't know what to do? please help!?
whats wrong with my wrist!?!?!?
had a bad seizure, should i call an ambulance?
Middle of my foot hurt! When i run.?
Strange sensation in my leg.?
What is causing these sharp pains in my abdomen?
EMERGENCY medical attention needed!! severe pain in body. HELP!!?
medical exam-what happens?
Poo looks like it has stems of leaf sticking out of it!?
AGED - what type of support can you provide a client to foster the development of independence and empowement?
Can you grow out of hereditary smile lines when you get older?
I am having surgery on 12/13. I have been taking Ibuprofen until today 12/10. Will my blood be too thin?
is this a sinuse infection?
how many times does a person sneeze a year?
so stressed cant eat cant sleep feel so sick?
Does anyone else have Body Dysmorphic Disorder?
Have anyone tried Power bands?
Which bad habit did you overcome, and was it worth it?
How do I treat a horrible headache?
Have you ever drank so much , you couldn't walk?
If advil doesn't work for cramps, then what other type of medicine should I use?
OK.. what just happened?
Emergency! Help with Gallbladder surgery?
what will 20x 5mg valium do?
what is the cause of ticklish spots on a person?
What could it be? Anxiety or what?
How long do results take?
How would you get marijuana out of your system asap?
My 83 year old mother has been advised to have an operation to remove a lump in the side of her neck, but...?
Fear of Choking I can't eat?
Is diazepam (Valium) 20mg mixed with beer okay?
How do you grow your booobies? ;)?
taking glucose powder before bed reduce hangover ?
when do you know when you should be an inpatient at the hospital for depression
I have this problem where...
Mysterious spinal bruises?
Loud Drilling sound in my head when i was waking from my sleep?!!?
what makes you burp after drinking wine?
Effects Of One-Time Ecstasy Use?
Why do my knees hurt when it's hot?
Why dont we get goosebumps on our face?
Quick ways of getting rid of the fluu?
Need advice on remedys for bloating?
How do I get the dry skin from my plaster cast off?
hair stuck in mi tonuge?
can you make your nasal turbinates grow?
Pain Killer-Narcotic- WHAT IS THIS PILL?
help my friend somkes how do i get her to stop?
How do you get rid of muscle pain?
Lately my stomach has been having these shocking pains, all around my stomach, and around my private area,and ?
Least painfull way to commit suicide?
what are some stiff neck remedies that do NOT use heat?
im getting a tattoo right by my ear on my neck and i was wondering how bad its going to hurt?
i have sharp pain in my right side of my head?
What would be causing my chest pains?
Would anyone be willing to talk to me?
When you faint in general is blood sugar affected?
Super awful growing pains! Help?
URGENT how do I stop or slow down tonsilitis before it gets really bad?
Body Temperature and Weather...?
Does this sound like an ear infection?
What is parking like near the Gold Coast Hospital now?
What Do I do Im getting drug tested tomorrow?
Swollen, red, white patchy tonsils. Tonsilitus?
I keep getting chest pains, I have had about 5 ecgs?
what can i do to get rid of white rings around my iris?
Am I underweight? - 13 year old girl.?
Would you discuss these during change of shift/handover in hospital?
How do you communicte appropriate health information to a patients family?
Do you think or admit that the internet is a major cause for a.d.d (attention deficity disorder)?
How can i make life better for myself?
a constant feeling of being outside your body?
do you think i have ocd?
would you please help?
Someone please help me with my anxiety?
Why am i constantly tired and not outgoing?
whats wrong with me?????
i feel like this is that bad?
Is Life About Struggle and Disappointment?
How to reduce anxiety at my job?
Got a splinter...ouch...how do I prevent infection?
How do I relieve back pain in the middle-lower back?
Is it ok if u only inhale a cigarete once?
Need help with a Tylenol problem?
What are my headaches, and what are they caused by?
heartburn??? pls helppp? urgent?
My boyfriend had a concussion two days ago and has been very agressive?
Woke up with neck pain, then in 3 days it has turned into a lump?
I can't swallow a pill, is this a good idea?
sharp pain in left testacle?
does anybody know where Prof. E. Cameron-traub is?
What is discussed at shift handover in hospital?
what are some medication that must not be ground and why?
What is discussed at a shift handover in hospital?
What is appropriate response?
What is discussed about a patient during shift handover?
What can I do to help my sickness?
Why do I have bad nightmares only when I wear detox foot patches?
I have a lot of phlegm in my throat?
Is it normal to become a light(er) sleeper as you grow older?
What type of joint is your knuckle?
What are your experiences of having a colonoscopy?
my little daughter has cancer! how should my family cope in this situation?
Can i donate blood if i smoked weed last week and used cocaine a couple of months ago?
I've been taking Fefol Iron & Folate supplements and having bad side effects is this normal?
What causes a high white blood cell count?
i have diarea what should i do?
is it ok to take omega 3 fish oil without food?
how do you open a broken tube lucas papaw ointment?
What is the difference in symtoms in a ACL tear and a MCL tear?
hi i have this problem just below my breast bone i start to get ingestion then it spreads under my lunges its?
is it okay to smoke marijuana with a concussion?
recovering from alcoholism ?
I think I have nutrition deficiency...should I take multivitamins?
Why is it so hard to get out of bed in the morning?
what can I use for nerve pain in my feet?
Should I go to the doctor?
Pain on left side of my hip ?
Do you know what's wrong with my knee?
Pain in the muscle or in the heart?!?
Why do i have pain on the ride side of my stomach?
What causes headache and dry mouth when you wake up?
how to get rid of a headache?
Are there any medications for back pain that are not in pill form?
Is it normal to get depresed like this?
Orgasm 6 times in 1 hour, would?
How much alcohol would it take to really do damage/kill?
i'm scared for my daughters health?
Should I talk to a counselor about this?
Anyone on Seroquel? Does it affect your appetite?
ALCOHOLISM is it a disease or addiction?
Feeling waves of nausea that comes and goes?
How do I get a copy of medical records?
Hand and fingers went stiff - thumb bent strange...?
I need a disease which effects one specific organ of the body! Only one organ! Help?
How to stop Red blotches on chest?
what characteristics the future doctor should have?and reflect them on your personality?
Who picks their nose to get an annoying dried up piece of snot out of it?
I have a Fear of Needles!?
Why won't I get sick? What else can I try?
What could this be, feels like something is stuck in throat?
Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)?
headache remedys (not pills)?
Out of the blue lower back and leg pain.?
I am pregnant, I also have a lot of lower back pain?
Headaches, doctors not looking into it?
Narcotic Pain Reliever Help Please?
pain in back and right side?
I all of a sudden started puking last night twice and now been on the verge all day,what is this?
How much ibuprofen should I be taking?
I'm having this weird chest pain....?
I think i have CArpal Tunnel HELP> Im SCared?? Im 15/?
Just a quick sickness suggestion?
Why is my stomach so tender to the touch?
why do people have anarexia?
I need my tonsils out at age 24?
Me, stretch marks, weird dog actions. I need help.?
Can i get sick (flu feeling) coming into warmer weather?
Medication causing insatiable appetite?
A career in the Nursing industry?
Can I still exercise while taking the drug cybalta?
What mental illness is this?
Is it normal to be traumatized by a...?
How do you overcome the OCD ?
should i stop taking celexa. antidepressants are not healthy?
Finally, I'm going to councilling! Any suggestions?
I just got sleep paralysis and now I'm suffering from paranoia need help?
I am not really a selfharmer but sometimes I feel hopeless and don't know what to do?
Is my appendix rupturing?
Permanently get rid of heel pain?
ganglion - woke up in the middle of the night, PAIN?
Is it getting infected?
how to break ur arm doing a hand stand?
How To Get Rid Of Leg/Foot Pain From Standing Up Too Long?!?
Why is my wrist so small?
How to help alleviate scoliosis back pain?
the best mattress for lower back pain?
cramps, lower back pain and pain under rib cage?
extreme abdominal pain?
Regarding laxatives....?!?
Can you get high off of robitusin?
How is life expectancy measured?
what are the short and long term effects of alcohol and marijuana on the body?
What percentage of back braces work?
i am asking to do BSc Hons in Medical imaging technology in Pakistan would any body suggest shouold i do or no?
How many bad, average and good days do you have per year, as a guess?
Can removing a corn on your feet have anything to do with kidney problems?
Why Do I Have Alot Of Stress... And Is There A Way To Get Rid Of It?
Sleep Paralysis - Any clues on how to fix?
feel sick. can anybody help?
Any side effects from taking anti-histamines long-term?
what can cure toxic poisoning from baby powders in cats?
i dunno but could it be cancer?
Can drugs change the way you're body feels feelings, like an orgasim?
I got cut with a rusty piece of metal should i worry bout it HELP?
Canceling surgery the day before?
feeling sick after smoking weed?
I get sick after drinking water in the morning- any clue why?
rapid heart rate in a teenager?
chest pains due to stress?
Immunisations for my Daughter?
Should I take Vicodin for my anxiety disability now?
Is it normal to see my pulse beating in my stomach?
I have panic attacks when I wake up, can someone help me?
Salmonella food poisoning... can you get it from lamb chops?
Help!? whats this yellow white thing at the back of my throat? is it normal or not?
Something feels tight & heavy in my neck. Could it be that my thryoid gland is affected? ?
why does the inside of my head hurt?
head hurts weird pain?
Help? Whats causing my pain? Is it serious?
doctor second opinion?
Tell me what you do to make your feet feel better?
How do you get rid of that throat pain?
Severe Throat pain, Mono and Strep negative?
Preventing ear pain/popping on an airplane?
syringe's and needle's size intramuscular?
how do you increase your appetite?
Should someone be allowed two procedures? Three? Why or why not?
why does my nose constantly bleed everyday? before i go to bed, and when i wake up?
How do you stop the shakes / nerves ?
Scared of getting my throat swabbed/throat culture?
I feel half awake, but i am still dreaming, I hear whats going on, I try to respond but it comes out wrong!?
marijuana doesn't work on me... do i have a condition?
Sever stomach pain, nausea & vomiting?
Shisha WITHOUT Tobacco makes me sick?
Do our ears all hear with the same "quality"?
What happens if I smoke 1 joint a day for a whole year?
Does Iron make you're hair and skin healthier looking?
i still snoop at my christmas presents help?
How many people in Shanghai have bad reactions, such as mental problems, all because of stress?
why am i all of a suddenly so emotional?
My mum has a mental health problem?
any ideas on what to do when feeling stressed or disgraced?
Stressed out over this person?
Ritalin vs Adderall ?
What are the long term and short term effects of a concussion?
What do i increase motivation when you have nothing to look forward to in life?
can having rage disorder ( not simple anger ) be cured or treated effectively?
Is it okay to take 1 Advil, 1 Aspirin, and 1 Tylenol at the same time?
arthritis in all my joints?
I have a grinding noise in my chest?
My back hurts, please help!?
What's up with my knees? Should I be concerned?
My legs are sore from running?
Chest pains and Freezing hands?
Elixirs for Autism, Has anyone tried and has success?
What if I have skin cancer? How can you tell?
how do I become an active, useful member of society after being depressed and not having done nething for 2yrs?
my fiance has MS and wont talk about it.?
Triple negative breast cancer?
Is Perfume or Shampoo made from WHALE VOMIT?
i live in perth, ballajura how can i get some help getting a job, im not very experienced with this stuff?
Why do we get ill often and why can't we immunise ourselves against every getting sick?
How much is a rhinoplasty procedure in Adelaide?
do physical therapists make a lot of cash?
Ive had the flu pretty bad for the past week..?
What are your top 10 ways to relax?
Child and Community Health Question..... Please Help?
best food for elderly grandmother who is not eating?
medical sight for questions n answers?
Avanza (Mirtazapine) 15mg Antidepressant. Can i take 2 tonight instead of my prescribed dosage (1)?
Alcohol and my medication?
What household items could I use to disinfect an earring?
Is my Chest-Xray going to be accurate if I have it while I have the flu?
Is it harmful to my body to pull an all nighter every night?
Alternatives to toxic deodorants?
Help with Debate? That smokers should be denied access medicare.?
I sleep too much after I eat?
The impact of the interrelationship between health, human development and sustainability on the health?
what is pain and why does it hurt?
The back of my leg are sore?
why am i getting cramps in my side?
how to relieve severe headache?
What could be causing this pain in my thumb AND forearm?
Why am I always thirsy, but have no appetite?
how to treat abdominal pain?
I've had a headache for 2 weeks straight now, HELP.?
8 ml dilaudid? please answer fast?
Seriously painful kink in my neck, Help!?
When I go to bed very late, but sleep in, why am I still tired?
How can i believe life will get better for me?
is it ok to smell your breath while praying?
I've been hallucinating about my ex bf just for the last day or so...?
Have Any Other Adults Failed At Attaining Their Childhood Dreams?
Reducing Seroquel, starting Xanax?
If a person hasa Personality Disorder and uses illegal drugs at the sametime.Wont that just make there?
Any suggestions for dealing with anxiety and stress? ?
What is Australia's policy for the recruitment of overseas doctors?
Diagnosing an adrenaline problem?
Embarrassing question, but I have a fizzing or vibrating sensation in my rectum. What is it?
Is Panadol a type of pharmaceutical drug?
I write with my right hand but do everything else with my left?
what does it mean if you have a pain in the side of your stomach, like a stitch, not from exercise?
Medical Insurance Complaint- do they have the right to suddenly cut off a client?
Details about a drug overdose for a murder mystery?
Hhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy <3?
Have been taking Zoloft for 6 months....?
how much can a physical therapist expect to earn?
how to wear an expander for your ear?
I have a baby daughter, named Kiara-Lee, Her father has left me and want's to take Her away from me HELP!?
how much do thigh tattoos hurt?
something in my ear ?
Why do I have such horrible back pains?
Excruciating Leg & Hip Pain?
Any remedies for a sore back??
If I'm on NSAIDS, Prednisone, will Tylenol 3s interact with it?
leg cramp, what should i do?
can i fill two narcotic prescriptions?
Is staying up all night bad?
are marijuana brownies bad for your health?
I have a really bad headache?
how do i grow taller.?
does acid reflux cause this?
what does D.C. and D.D. stand for in medical terms?
my wife has very serous medical needs I work full time and have some bad credit can i get a loan?
what is the difference in structure of the trachea and the aorta and also the similaries?
Please, please help me!?
Is a 24.5 cm hand span unsually big?
Please help with chronic cough?
Right arm hurts from break dancing?
Is the muscle and joint pain of lupus constant?
when i do tredmill then i get some pain in my right knee so what i have to do?
what age does puberty stop?
Could I have a stress fracture?
I've had these horrible neck pains, help?
Is this a hallucination?
Back Pain, Fatigue,Nausea and Dizzy what could it be?
Has anybody had a bad experience with a beauty therapist?
When I try to do a situp, my lower back hurts?
Embarrassing question...?
Why should smokers get the right to Medicare?
why do i have this neck pain , any new or old way to get rid of it,?
My sides hurt really bad?!?
how to ease the pain of an eyebrow piercing?
Does anyone know what this means?
Leg cramps in bed in the elderly?
Should I go back to see yet another doctor?
Why do eyes puff up/ swell after you cry?
Severe Pain In My Back; Cracking, and pains?
drowning at water country NH?
Mild cramps and a little bit of spotting. What is going on?
Has anyone ever died from getting their neck manipulated?
How many people die from prescription medication every year?
Why dont they give a general anesthetic?
why do we have ankles?
could you live without aspirin?
What are the effects of cocaine?
Whats going on with my body?
Hurts to swallow and diarrhea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does anyone else have Scoliosis?
Why do I vomit in my mouth out of the random?
aching leg, keeping me awake?
I have the hiccups right now and I got a sharp shooting pain up my spine, is this normal?
are oxys and morphine hard on the body?
How to ease a sore neck?
my thorat hurts and i dont know what to do?
i have had a sore neck for as long as i can remember, it worsens as i take part in physical activity, help!?
Any ideas on getting rid of a wart?
agonizing pain in my right knee?
Cramp/pulled muscle in the back of my knee?
very sharp shooting pain in stomach?
Is it safe to have a fan blowing on you all the time. I have a headache on the side that the fan is blowing?
pain in my right shoulder blade and chest..?
can cervix cancer cause blood infections.?
how can i stay awake?
I have a bad cough and the Dr said I to rest, but my friend suggested trying Shark Liver Oil ...?
What causes you to be cold all of the time?
insomnia? sleep disorder? help? :(?
mouth ulcers - what to do?
How long would a 414 mL bottle of contact lens solution last for two people?
How come every time I have dairy i get headaches and really thirsty?
Are you in love with a recovering binge drinker?
Where can I find coloured crutches in Australia?
Sharp pain in my left hip?
what's a good way to get rid of wisdom teeth pain?
what do orthotics do?
What is Plantar Fasciitis?
What if, you fell on the right side of your head, and you get a lump from falling..?
does Iberogast really stop IBS attacks ?
Should you feel pain after carrying something heavy?
pain in my middle right side spread to the back side ?
why is my tongue kinda sore?
Could this cause future back problems?
Best combination for pain relief?
What is it like to work in Aged Care?
I'm Grossed Out by anything to do with the human body?
Workout for a 13 year old fat boy.?
weird feeling in throat?
Does anyone else have weird dreams while taking champix?
What do people think of gastric-banding?
Can some antibiotics make you lose weight or supress appetite?
How to repair nails after overcoming Obsessive Compulsive biting/picking?
what is the consequence of no sleep?
emailing results to doctor immediately what does this mean?
What is the chief source of nervous supply to hip joint?
Bruised coccyx ?? Management ?
what can cause pain in lower abdominal area?
do i have whooping cough?
is it normal to be right handed but equal with both feet?
What do you think of this saying i just made up?
where do gas pains occur?
Pain in back of knee?
headache on the side of my head..help?
My right side where my ovary is aching.?
Has anyone else experienced this?
Knee pain and weakness of my knee help !!!!!!?
I broke a vein a couple years ago...?
How to make the pain go away? Warning TMI?
Sore throat/ 7 days help?
Sudden pains in ……….?
I`m having pains in my upper abdomen, help ?
if he's doing drugs can it affect me?
are you a dwarf?????????????????????
Geeze Louise! Really stanky lots of gas?!?
when i close my eyes for what seems like a minute?
Light headedness, headaches, seeing stars...?
I've taken 10 pills of panadol extra, will I die?
I am currently anorexic and need a recovery plan!?
Why does everyone think smoking Marijuana is ok.?
Should I get my neck problem checked out?
Pilonidal cysts with perinial cysts...?
I have webbed toes is there anyway to make them normal?
Do you think Crocs are good or bad for your feet and/or back?
How to shrink your brain (temporarily)?
Is this an illness or a manifestation?
What to do???????SO MUCH PAIN details inside?
i coughed and had a nasty taste in my mouth and back of my throat and had a bad burning pain in my chest?
Something wrong with me?
Pain on the top wrist area?
Does anyone have tips on dealing with knee pain?
How to treat a migraine?
Yesterday, i was in a fight with one of my friends?
Strange lump on my neck..?
I think my brain is swelling up?
how to get rid of swimmers ear?
Besides nerve ending damage, what can be causes of burning hands/palms?
I feel strange. i don't feel right?
does taking Ritalin (adhd medication) or Epilim (epilepsy medication) cause Insomnia?
Can anybody list reasons why re-heating water can be unhealthy?
Where does the body store the chemicals from marijuana and how do these chemicals leave the body?
What do you think my blood problem is?
why do I hear air coming from my ear when I bend,use the bathroom, or left and get real light headed?
my heart rate is 200 beats per minute?
what happens if you take four sleeping tablets, i took the first 2 and then the other two straight after?
Tips for Spinal Fusion Recovery?
Lyrica-Complex Regional Pain?
When will my pain go away?
Pain in my side when i walk?
shoulder pain????????????????
Should I be worried about a dull pain in my upper abdomen after I eat?
RLS with pain.How do I find out why I get this pain ?
i have a question on a pain near my left temple between my ear and my temple around my cheek bone area?
Exercising makes my stomach hurt when I pee...?
what changes inside the ear when you become or already have hearing impaired?
since mucus are good, can we apply them on our wound?
Would you get a second opinion?
Small Black Dots in my eye?
is Smoking .........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are minerals? (body wise)?
what does it mean when your tired feel light headed and stomach hurts?
I might need to get my Deviated Septum fixed what will change.?
What's a quick way to get rid of fluid retention when your fingers/stomach/face and feet feel swollen?
When do most people get smile lines?
help with sleep problems?
What could be wrong with me? (shortness of breath, increased heart rate)?
Tailbone hurtsssss :( ?
Does the tax on tobacco cover the costs of smoking related illnesses to the health service?
Angiogram and heart stent?
I have been on efexor for 8 months. I have decided to go off and followed doctors orders. Why do i feel teary?
I really need a mental health day...?
i think i have a MENTAL PROBLEM! im either going to kill myslef or go crazy? HELP?
i am stressed? i have ocd. i can't study now because im so frustrated.?
i have to pick things out of the garbage to check. is this also my ocd?
My friend is being emotionally abused?
after school help!!!!!?
Can multigrain bread cause bloating/stomach pressure feeling?
Why do doctors ask you to count down from 10 just before they put you to sleep?
Where to get contacts?
wanted to see if theres a doctor on here or a pharmacist?
CT Scan, MRI, Nuclear Medicine Imaging, IVP Scan why and how do they differ?
How to strengthen bones?
When i wake up inth e morning it feels like i have no arm, is this normal?
My eyebrow got split open the hair won't grow back?
Why do singers sound like chipmunks when I go to live gigs?
My left ear is blocked and its been blocked for 3 days ive tried everything WHAT DO I DO!!!?
I Have Pains In My Wrist?
Do Broken Bones Always Hurt?
my right ear has been plugged for two days help?
Having Left Side Pains?
Pain on left side, under and around rib cage?
Why does my right thigh hurt?
Should I get a lawyer or let my union deal with it?
Being woken up by having to puke?
Pain on the right side?
Why do I have a painful hole in my mouth? (near cheek area)?
what goes on your nerves the most?
is there an alternative to radioactive iodine?
what foods should be avoided if you have chronic gastritis?
Should I seek medical help? And if so, what sort and how?
Is it possible to suffer an illness through being tickled too much ?
When is it appropriate to use opiates?
need to pass drug testing?
Help with skin cancer?
When and why do they remove a kidney cell carcinoma?
Describe research on brain damage that support the idea that the dorsal stream is the how pathway?
incense charcoal used for hookah instead of hookah charcoal?
what does it mean if a patient has a history of gastroesophageal reflux?
really bad stomach ache pls help?
My Ankle seems to be locked and wont pop.?
my nose hurts from nose surgery?
Oxycodone (Percadan) Verses Herion?
What's wrong with my feet? If I wiggle them around the muscles will lock and it is very painful? what can I do?
What do I do, please help?
Does anyone have a cure for all my stiff joints plus hips ,hand all bones everywhere u might say/?
I have a pinched nerve and it hurts help?
Swelling, bruising and wrist pain at night!!!?
Left Side of My Jaw Hurts A LOT?
tingling / sharp pain any ideas ?
how come after i had surgery when i was in recovery.......?
Why does my stomach hurt when I lie on it and when I stretch out a bit?
Hydrochloric acid in stomach?
how do u get red of stomach acid?
CT SCANS How many can you have within a certain time frame EG: a week?
ear popping mean anything?
what can i use so my cuts dont scar?
Question of Charachter- legal action for medical malpractice??? Is it the right thing to do?
I sweat profusely-can some help?
Why do i feel drunk the day after i take sleeping pills?
How much would it cost me roughly, to do an independant study of the short term health effects of Neotame?
What happens if you get scared half to death, ...twice? ?
Why do I still want to smoke cigarettes?
i was having a nap and tried to wake up but couldn't?
forty hour famine????/?
What could be the cause of excessive amounts of headaches and eye blinking?
Help, MultiVitamin questions!?
MRI ....Shrapnel ..... What does this mean?
Could a 14 year old catch croup?
What causes the ringing in the ears?
I broke my foot and don't know what to do to keep sane.?
I have a lump on my lower right leg?
why do I feel this pain?
how do i treat my back pain?
Migraine or something more?
I have back problems, can anybody help me?
What is a rye neck? help?
I took a prescription pill yesterday and now have chest pains?
My mother feels pain in her ear?
burning stomach around rib area?
Im only 13 and im having lower back pain?
Do you think mental health experts are a pack of idiots for not admitting that all drugs cause brain damage?
Why is it that ppl ask medical questions that only seeing a doctor face to face could answer?
What is likely to cause my hair loss?
Moderate to Severe heartburn for 3 days, why?
How are acne scars caused?
My body clock is constantly DRAMATICALLY out of whack, how do I correct it permanently?
Could this be something serious or not?
Can anyone help me, I have tried everything to give up smoking, but still can't give up this terrible habit,?
Calling all ANEMICS!!?
Whats the difference between laser liposuction AND laser lipolysis?
how much macro nutrients is required and what do they do for the body?
The finger I chopped off four years ago has started to blister and show redness, why would this happen now?
If blind people have acute hearing, do deaf people have acute vision?
How long should a child wait to go back to school after getting their appendix removed?
My ribs are hurting, any ideas why?
She hit her head and got a concussion!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
C.O.P.D. - A death sentence?
Can you be a firefighter if you have asthma?
I have cancer, how can i cure? If I can't cure, tell me how to die quick? But i don't want to die.?
When Artifisially inseminating cattle the bull's semin is frozen in what ?
How long do antibiotics stay in your system?
head ache and eye pain?
My lower back has been sore since new years what could it be?
Anger management and exercise?
What can I do about my joints?
Will doctors knock me out ?
iv been having alot of trouble sleeping at night..even though im exhausted?
i have chronic ankle pain from a cracked bone can you recomn;d any medication other then prescrip?
I am suffering from carpel tunnel, should I be ables to get worker comp ?
Lately, I've been hearing my heartbeat in my right ear. Why?
what does icu mean? medical terms?
my back side of the head is very painful after i wake up from sleep? is that because of pillow or sth else?
Am i a nutter?!?!?!!?!?!?
does anyone know how to deal with wrist pain? i keep on getting doc said something about copper?
Im scared to sleep again... somebody help me?
Pressure in my ear, how to take it away?
Does this sound like O.C.D, possibly?
Are the short memory lost forever or just around those couple of days?
My girlfriend is a cutter, what can I do to help?
What are some good, fun ideas for a sleep-over with my BFFA?!?!?!?!?!?
Should i tell me best friend i self harm?
Question about brain shivers?
What are the affects of crying a lot? (in particular, physically)?
Nurses in Australia still alive today?
Does anyone have any experience working within a retirement village?
High altitude training... what health benefits are there?
How does laughter affect health?
How can I learn to eat less noisily?
How can I stop sweating too much?
Do health and happiness go hand in hand?
Fluoride in water,good or bad idea?
Repeated Sinusitis??
What can be done to alleviate coughing caused by croup in a 3 year old?
worried about excessive thirst?
Is the Swine Flu Vaccine safe?
can women with leukemia have children?
what is the best dog to wake someone up? My husband has sleep apnea and almost burned the house down.?
Ovarian cancer> how young can you be? what causes it? how long does it take until symptoms are obvious? etc?
Chemo and Radiation advice?
My low back really hurts. Kidney pains?
lower left side pain ?
weird small lumps in neck?
whats wrong with me lower back and pelvic and side hurt?
my knee really hurts when i crouch or bend my knee...help?
I have been having dull lower abdominal pains (feels generalized to my bladder area)?
I cracked my back and now am experiencing a lot of pain.?
what could this possibly be?
high fever dizzy back pain?
I have a consistant dull achy pain under my right rib n around into the ride side of my back.?
Why do I get sore eyes when I go out in public.?
why do i have to wait two weeks for an appointment to see a doctor?
Hearing voices? Creeped out?
Nasal spray rebound anyone?
How can i start going to bed early?
Has anyone used the Circulation Booster machine or would you recomend it?
Sharp Pains In Stomach , Diahorria , No Warning?
I have some questions about schizophrenia who can help?
so im kind of scared.?
Please help me i feel so left out!!!?
Agoraphobia or something like it? Help, any idea what I could have?
Extreme withdrawal alcohol continue drinking?
I'm always scared, what can I do?
is it depressing to stay home on ?
I'm Nocturnal...any way to cope with society?
i get frustrated and worried so easy ?
My left ear feels as if there is something in it what is wrong?
Repeated Sinusitis??
Today I became a non smoker?
Hey im 15 and i have asthma...not severe but i still have it.is it really bad to smoke pot when u have asthma?
im REALLY constipated. please help?
what is this, i really need help on what's happening to me?
Can't dislodge massive poo?
Does anybody know the Symptoms of Obesity????
Skin is a mess-- help!?
My husband has been told he has stage 4 cancer Jan. 24th 08?
Could i have cancer?? ?
will you turn blind if you wash you face at night?
What are some long term consequnces of smoking?
I'm having upper stomache pain? Y?
I'm having weird left side cramps. Help!?
Who do I mail my medical receipt too in order to get reimbursed?
oh god my head... so much pain?
Fingers hurt after playing guitar on stage?
my left foot is swollen?
i found this pill its round green and says apo 40 on one side?
Tendinitis in my wrist, naproxen not working. ?
Huge PAINFUL to the touch (thumb nail sized) lump under my right armpit. Sharp pain right side of chest too?!?
what do cat scans show?
What could these symptoms mean?
how to make your room really cold?
Why are my eyes so red!?
Can i still become an actor with a few acne scars on thy face.?
tired, frequent headaches, and little bit of blood while urinating.?
Could i have a brain tumor?
how easy is it to catch an std?
A serious question about cancer?
my friend is sick with a strange illness, can you tell me what it is?
What is the best way to cure warts?
I have a 101.8 temp, I just took 2 Ibuphren and I am starting to sweat perfusively is this Normal?
I accidentlly swallow 1/4 of visine and want to go to hospital?
bad itchy rash on my legs?
Iam a 27 year old ,have 2 kids. but sometimes bleeding starts between my perid. and thats very heavy. Why?
why do some people have these self delusions of grandeur?
School problems with anxiety???
Is it normal to hear voices while having a bad hang over?
How do I help my suicidal friend?
Lexapro or Effexor for both Anxiety and Depression?
what do I do I think my rooster is sick? he kinda coughs & gasps for air?
is there a flu (stomach)?
I recently had a cardiac arrest, during CPR they broke 3 ribs. Now when I sneeze it "stops" half way. Hurts!?
After poping my zits, a black mark appears in that spot?
My baby is seven months old?
What medical problems can occur for someone without a gall bladder or a spleen?
Could my 3 year old be suffering from panic attacks?
How Will I fall asleep again?
Why do my calves hurt?
I have painful cramps on my sides, I feel dizzy and have a headache.?
Crippling cramps in hands and feet? Emergency please.?
How Long Does Plantar Fasciitis Take to Heal?
can you explain my pain?
Is Severe Hearing Loss A Disability?
Do I have a headache or a migraine?
i have pains on the right side area under my kneecap it prevents me from putting all my weight on. why?
back of my legs are hurtingg why?
Need information on any Australian company that has straps for drop foot syndrome.?
My tongue piercing start hurt after 3 weeks is that normal?
My Back Hurts So Much?
Severe pain moving through my leg?
I have been having these horrific pains down my arms and into my wrist and palms at night.?
Why does my hip stick out to the side when I get back pain?
ruptured Achilles Tendon?
broke my hand, in cast, and my fingers numb?
when you have wet dreams is there ALOT of semin?
What is the best thing to do if some unknown person reported you ?
pros and cons to antidepressants?
Lying on the internet/msn?
I need help with this, need to forgive myself and know if what I did is really bad?
Coming of two days Panic Attacks?
What are some of the physical symptoms of depression? ?
Need help, I'm stressed over this decision?
i lost one of my favirote earings today and im so mad?
Effexor!! Oh God is this side effect ?
What could be implemented into society (social programs etc.) which would boost mental health and well-being?
help I'm dying of thirst?
Why do you feel sleepy after making out?
I keep getting nosebleeds in my sleep?
what are the symptoms of a brain disorder/injury/tumour?
Does anyone have any good ways of getting rid of your acne?
I have a skin irritation...?
do i have a kidney infection?
I have an unusual 'lump' feeling in my throat? Any ideas?
I dont think i have lice?
im very depress, please help?
Can Good Nutrition Beat The Effects Of Smokin Cigs and Pot?
Can paracetamol cause liver damage?
Bed bugs and me ! Please help before it spreads!?
Intense Head Pain Whenever I stand Up?
How much pain will I have to experience while getting a mole removed?
son who is 9 was given amoxicillan. he has major sore throat, head hurts, ears hurt, stomach hurts?
Waking up with headaches, trouble sleeping, neck pain...?
strange headache...migraine?
i have Costochondritis and wondering what i can do to take away the pain?
Help me out with my Coca Cola addiction?
Why is it difficult for me to act naturally in social situations? How can i improve this?
I was just prescribed Rivotril by my doc...?
I think I am completely losing myself?
is this just my ocd? help?
Constantly in my own world/zoned out?
Wondered if anyone in Brisbane could recommend a Psychologist, to help with depression?
Is worrying hazardous to the body and mind?
i am only 21, how did i get arthritis of the spine bad facet joints and a bulging disc?
What does it mean if you have an overwhelming urge to cry after a hot shower?
HELP, my left breast is really sore! comes and goes...?
why wont alcohol affects go away?
Popping sensation in head?
Stomach Ulcer? or stomach problem help!?
my 3 yr old son had a fall which leaves him a 2cm scar on his forehead.any scar remover to recommend?
what deoterant keeps you the most dry? i sweat ALOT so i need help!!! PLEASE?
why is my lips dark?
where can u find PURE vitamin e oil??
If I lose weight will I become paler too?
I have a mole that looks strange and is growing.?
Is it normal for a person to feel gross without showering for a day?!?
can you get rid of an infection without getting rid of the piercing?
does anyone know if xanax is the best anti-anxiety med. for a severe panic disorder/anxiety?
I have been told you can use embalming cream on your face to reduece wrinkle's is this true if so is it safe
How do you get rid of vertigo?
HELP! Spontaneous headache/nasea/vomitting/strangled condition! What's wrong with me?
i have gallstones ... now what?
How long do Brazillians hurt after you get them?
My elbow, knuckles, and finger bones have mild numbness, a tingling sensation, and pain when in use?
Back Pain, help please?
My throat or esophagus hurts..... but NOT when i swollow?
Experiencing pain in abdomen?
When I was maybe 3 or 4 months pregnant I discovered a lumo under my arm. At first it hurt then the pain left ?
How do I recover from a sore throat?
I found a red capsule with Fal on it does anyone know what it is? thanks?
Should I see a doctor?
Broken wrist help????????????????????????
What are the long term effects of sleeping with a form of media on, i.e. music or television?
Feeling Really Bad, Sun Stroke and Dehydration?
Im Sick And I need help?
Checking if i'm low in iron?
What is the cause of coldsores?
lung cancer at 22 years old?
How long does it take for the pain of a sunburn to go away?
Do people with bone cancer have to wear casts?
I have tiny pin point bumps all over my body that itch. what is this?
What would you do if your daughter is picking on her sister, who has cancer?
Would it be possible to live with a paralyzed diaphragm?
what is wrong with me?
IBS---looking for something to help?
my brain feels like its swelling. it feels like my whole right side is heavy. what could that be?
If somebody smokes, I smoke, how long does it take to get cancer?
What is this pain in my leg?
What is making my eaer hurt so badly?
I just got my tounge pierce n i took it off cause the side look werid i think its infected ?
Something wrong with my hand?? :l?
What is this pain in my elbow?
i have very bad pain please help me?
I get a weird feeling at the back left side of my head it feels like its numb and tingly help ?
stomach aches when im cold?
best way to com mite suicide?
Scared about weird stuff?
what does it mean - collapsed vein?
Anyone on Seroquel? Please tell me how you deal with sugar cravings?
Is my friend depressed?
Wellbutrin is causing insomnia!!! help me :(?
tough or easy question...?
is this normal elderly behavior?
How does weed rage work? has it ever happened to u?
Anyone else with bipolar? I need your advice, please!!!?
Thinking my girlfriend will leave me.?
Suicide jumps after taking medicine?
How to cope and feel better while depressed?
What age does acne usually go away?
I would like to have Keratin on my hair but the problem is?
my mole hurts!! what do i do?
Do i have brain tumor plss help?
I have had constant nausea and fatigue for 3 weeks with no other symptoms. I am not pregnant. What is it?
In the past day, I have been urinating alot.. Any help as to what this could be?
My father has MS can it be passed on through genes?
if skin cancer is treated early can it be cured?
I am waiting to get into a big surgery in the next week and a half for ovarian cancer for them to remove
it hurts in the high upper part of my chest when i breath, what could be the problem?
problem with snoring?
Can you get pneumonia while on antibiotics?
I have extremely itchy legs?
what will happen if we take five sleeping pills?
what dishwashing liquid can i use if i have eczema
why is my big toe swollen.
Can anyone tell me if these are the same thing?
Pain on the middle/left side of my chest, probably my heart area?
Pain in my side. What should I do?
lifting weights = mass head pain. Why?
Decompression- Does anyone know what happens?
What is this pain in my rib?
Tingling Weird Feeling On Left Side Hip?
Pain along my left torso?
I have pain in my left side of my leg where the calf muscle meets the bone? Help please?
pain on my hip, serious pain.?
i cant identify the difference between real sickness and anxiety induced sickness?
how does vaccinations work to support the white blood cells in defending the body against disease?
I've done ecstacy, when I remember it I kinda feel it again...is that normal?
anyone in sydney know where to get sum amsterdam special (chronic)?
I have +5 reading glasses I bought.I wear all time, dont need them.Starting to see withthem. Will adjust more?
Is it still self abuse if...?
Am I bipolar..........?
Why do my ankles hurt every morning?
I jumped out of bed now my right ear has a pulse, what is that :|?
Hand cramps after repetitious constant typing?
whats wrong with my lower back?
My neck hurts all the time. What should I do ?
Why am I tired all the time?
What would you rather....?
'Smell' from 'reject shop'?
How do I meditate?How do I control my energy?
Why does this happen to me in the cold?
What is a good over the counter detox?
i have to pee bad but nowhere to go..?
how do i know it is a mini stroke?
Phantom headaches/dizzyness?
When should you see a doctor for the flu?
Is it bad to take Iron over an extended period of time!?
How to stop a night time cough?