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Please help with my medical mystery?
Where can I find a web about people who have cancer and how they feel about it?
bleach smells and chest infections?
Are all skin cancers visible?
tinntuis for 2 months ..... from viral ear infection only 14 ..... want silence so bad , cry all day?
What could it possibly be?
My friend has a back problem and i dont know what it is?
wanting to do a 20 day detox, anything i should know?
What country is leading the way in medical research?
I felt very hungry and have just eaten soup now I feel rushes of nausea fading from mild to quite strong,?
can you drink alcohol while taking aldactone?
Why do feces smell unpleasant, as they do?
are you more likely to get motion sickness if you're tired?
my nose bleeds after I blow my nose or sneeze?
Why do I have these stomach pains?
Why does everybody want to pick a fight with me?
How can I get over the end of summer blues?
Why Am having trouble sleeping at night?
Painful Feeling?
are oranges bad to eat after you have vomited?
A friend is off drugs as of a few weeks, they must take a drug test for new job what can help them pass it?
How do you get rid of a stitch in your stomach?
psuedo ephidrine and methamphetamine?
Does anyone know what the average length of a human face is?
hi have had lower back pain for a few weeks, also my stomach is a bit acidy, and really bad headaches?
Any tips for deep sleeping?
Do Teenagers tend to grow out of blushing if it is caused by anxiety, feeling nervous, or hormonal activity.?
sleep apnoea and surgery?
Does anyone know if Invega can cause nose bleeding?
Words of advice?
why do i feel like this?
effexor and dizziness..?
Do you have obsessive thoughts during anxiety? I don't mean OCD.?
i am not get higher markers but i read more than any body ,what is the reason please?
Why is it important to know the person's past when they have dementia?
genetic disorders??
What do you think this is?
is there something wrong with my wrist?and can i do anything to make it feel better?
what's your opinion of fluoridation of QLD water?
help with sleep problems?
Codeine and alcohol combined?
What effects to drugs and self harm have on a person?
anything wrong with sleeping like this?
how would you cope if your daughter had cancer?
in some villages in India, when they have a snake bite they use to give a patient to drink lot of urines.why?
what are some reasons people are in the intensive care unit?
Is it possible to transplant a pituitary gland stork?
Would blood test results indicate Fatty Liver?
Why can't people who smoke just stop smoking?
Im feeling really sick...?
My daughter has cancer. how would she feel about having a baby sister?
My husband has recurring right-sided chest pain, sometimes stabbing. No real trigger.?
Gall stones dissolved?
Can hyperthyroidism disappear when ur an adult or does it stay with u 4eva?
diets for ulcerated colitis?
Scalp constantly numb/sore in the same spot.?
little lump on my eyelid help please!?
Pain under right rib cage?
Crazy and needing help?
medical term for loss of memory due to a blow to the head?
hi my name is pete, is there anyone ouit there living with bipolar and in recovery from addictions?
Can teens get Alzheimer's?
Has anyone been to the Renfrew Center, Florida?
OCD question? anyone with ocd?
Can't move past the hurt caused by former friend...?
does anxiety cause other health problems?
every few weeks i get a painful lump on the side of my tounge that feels sought of like a mouth ulcer?
I have a really sore throat - What are some things I can do to stop it turning into a cold?
Anxiety Stories? First experiences and symptoms?
do people who live in cold areas get tinea versicolor?
how do u get rid of hiccups?
How General is a General Practitioners knowledge?
Help for bipolar male?Dealing with agressive manic state?
am i the only one feeling this way?
so lost and dont know what to do...........?
pinching and dreams.?
I have heard that there are withdrawal symptoms coming off Champix. Has any one experienced this?
I was wondering what the usual side affects are for a kids taking Ritalin?
looking for advice on anger management?
have you gained weight from seroquel?
What's this sleeping disorder?
Does This Sound Like A 24/Hour Virus, Or Food Poisoning?
How to put on weight?
How to battle a food addiction?
whooping cough question?
Do you find that the nicotine patch commercials advertise against each other?
how can you prevent bruises on your pelvis bone when surfing? ?
Is it normal for your body temperature to jump around when your sick?
What is the nursing intervention of PAIN related to breathing?!?! (breathing=lung disorders)?
is HGH pill a steriod?
Where can I buy Colostomy Bags which is 60 mm?
Has noise from EastLink affected you?
Most common type of chemo?
Breast cancer or Mastitis?
Health Question - tonsils...?
If Daddy Long Leg Spider is the most dangerous, what if..?
ahh help me please my hair is falling im only 12 z.z read for more info?
HELP, need to know asap !! re: "Good" bacteria replacement..?
How long does a tooth usually take to grow?
Tummy tuck surgerys ?
OMG! What has stung me?
swollen lymphnodes, bacteria?
Can you get a sore stomach from.. READ?
Why do People abuse Children and Animals,everything thing that's helpless?
lost your memory and reaction to it?
how can I be freedom from depression cuz of migration?I am far from my country and my family?
Can this possibly be depression?
What can you do to get rid of restlessness?
Feels like im losing myself, or becomming worse at communicating everyday..?
OCD or hypochondriac ?
My whole body got numb and i feel that it was so heavy then suddenly i collapse i fall concious wat do it mean
Could it be Fibromyalgia?
back, stomach, chest pain...help!?
Help Low blood pressure?
degenerative disc disease?
Bedwetting problem ?
My feet have been swelling up over the last few weeks?
what is the main function of your gall bladder????
My son smokes Opiate? What kind of drug is that and he has little bits of foil with burnt marks on it?
What would happen if you went cold turkey off Zoloft?
Neck pain - Feels like there's a bruise?
How to get rid of stomach pain?
What is the best way to stop smoking?
why do your fingers go wrinkly after being in water?
What do all of you sleep in?
Tickle-y, fluttery feeling in the bottom of my throat and top of chest??? Help!!!?
Australian hospital with overseas patient. Who pays?
Sore neck who to see?
Why are my bones 'clicking'/is my back cracking?
what does it mean when gnats fly around you?
What can soothe an itchy eye?
What are HEMEROIDS???????????????
Does zinc prolong growth?
i suffer from homesickness?
Does anyone have any tips for quitting when you only smoke occasionally?
B12 Deficiency tests?
where is the north bay psychiatric hospital?
Normal to get controlling when you are uterely exhausted?
ways to improve memory?
Is this a controlling move on my part, or a good move?
Fear of Dying?!?!?
how to fall out of love with someone?
what can happen if your missing cromazone 1 and 9 are the two missing please help?
fear of doctor?
if i forgot to take centrum is it ok take 2 tablets the next day? 10 points~?
Benefits vs Drawbacks of filing for disabilty.?
When did know you didn't need anymore talk therapy?
when developing anursing plan with interventions including pharmacological ?
What is so bad about kids drinking coffee? I know it has caffeine in it but what does it do to you?
Eating Disorder?
Intravenous therapy... For iron..?
What causes you to get car sick?
wierd health issues ?
help losing weight - due to medication?
Sleeping problems??????????
A close family member has recently been in hospital due to pneumonia.?
Osgood-Schlatter disease and playing paintball?
the ball of my foot hurts does anybody know why?
is anyone self medicating for the holiday....how and why?
sudden darkening of skin above lip?
How do you get rid of boils? and do i have one?
weirdand painfull symptoms?
i think i have tonsillitis, here are my symptoms:?
I've been having bad chest pain and headaches and I really want to know what wrong with me?
Runny bowel movements?
What is my maximum heart rate?
Horrible Cough and Sore Throat?
Everytime I pee it feels good and not a lot of pee comes out and I have been peein a lot.?
what is the bestest way to get rid of headlice?
4 weeks to live? What disease?
How do I cure bad breath and tightness of throat?
After a car accident, why should go and get check in the hospital emergency department?
please help me? diagnosed with a enlarged liver?
my symptoms are feeling tired constant body aches pulsating sensations and constantly feeling cold pale skin?
lower back pain waking up in the morning and stomach hurts.?
Can you exercise if you have hyperthyroidism?
Iam a diabectic,iam suppose to have my neddle 2 a day,and most of the time i only have it 1 per day,is it ok?
Is urinating 4 times a day normal?
Is there any reason to be scared if my Eosinophils are higher then normal?
How to treat constant nausea?
first time for... does it hurt?
Is town water alright to shower in?
Southeast power outage due to Icestorm?
why do i feel so much dumber than i was not so long ago? Why is hard to exercise?
When do you think I'll have a big growth spurt?
does drinking milk make you taller?
Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) & Anti Depressants?
How to do a inventory on yourself. and accept it......?
My mom says that I have anxiety, depression, OCD and insomnia. can somebody pls explain?
friend with bi polar disorder...draining me?
Power of the book that knowwwwsss?
what is good advice to offer someone sufferring from stress?
My anxiety level is rising due to history repeating itself, what should I do?
Insecure....very insecure?
My Heel HURTS A LOT every time i run (sprint) or play soccer, footall, etc.!!?
Am i to old to have my adenoids removed?
i have a problem with my kidneys & the doctors arnt sure what it is & the pain is in my lower back------------
Why do only old guys smoke a pipe?
Why is the yuck stuff that comes out of our body yellow?
are body brushing and exfoliating the same thing? Should you do both?
What Wrong with me?
I need to know if Tuberculosis symptoms will happen straight away or if it takes a certain amount of time?
which symbol is used for rekki how to clear pains in human beings
Does anyone on here have a bit and/or complete understanding of Asperger's Syndrome?
where can a retired Elvis impersonator get help with a vegemite addiction?
Does anyone have experience dealing with a spouse that may have Borderline Personality Disorder?
Ironically, wouldn't a person with histrionic personality disorder be just right for television?
are there any over the counter drugs for panic attacks?
lots of questions about stress and school?
Do any of you who suffer from SAD know of an inexpensive and hopefully, effective, home made light box?
We are aware of *Mental Illnesses* now and the stigma is disappearing but we all seem to think we have one now
what is this?
Kids at school are so happy?
Could i really have anxiety?
1. What effects can atheroma have on a blood vessel and blood flow through it? ?
Anemia... IV... need help..plz?
How long after taking ibuprofen should I wait before drinking?
Why would be the consumption of alcohol have this effect on him?
What is wrong with me? Sometimes I blank out and when I come to I feel sick to my stomach and tired?
Time of the month making my life miserable, help?
why did i get pins and needles feeling all over my body and face??
I've been having Bad pains in my lower back Lately..?
Cultural and spiritual differences..meeting their needs?
Is spending too much time on the computer hazardous to your health?
My blood test says ferritin 457 and very elevated liver function tests, what could this be?
Pls help. Underactive thyroid?
kind of sickness do I have if you sleep for months but is not a comma I go to sleep for hours , my body hurts?
extreme stomach distention and rapid weight gain
For people with arthrits...?
Does anyone know i have Insomnia?
Arthritis at 20, in need of some advice and knowledge!?
I dont know if i have acid reflux or what's wrong with me?
Does untreated Crohn's disease get worse?
how do i fix a fatty liver?
My son just started taking Lexipro and feels better. Also started Xanax and he's acting "drunk."
t-gone tinnitus remedies website wat do u reckon?
What's a good source for tranquilizers/meds?
Antidepressant Question - Which is most effective?
What are some typical psychologist "activities" ?
Should i face my fear and try strom chasing?
anyone know of a chat room....?
i need help?
What kind of testing is done...?
Suffer from anxiety, exercises to calm down? Deep breaths don't work!?
Help please, I need really your suggestions please?
help me help him if he dies i have nowne to live for he is only three , my little man?
cough an indication of something sinister?
What is worse, having a mother with bipolar or with cancer?
What should I do if...?
My sinuses are aching?
What can I do about Anxiety attacks that I have every morning before going to work?
Insomnia please help!?
Can doctors straightin my spine?
What Would Of Caused These Symptoms That Made My Dad Sick?
how much weight do i need to lose?
16 Steps To Recovery?
Does anyone have ideas on designing a t-shirt for mental health dept.?
can insomnia be signs of depression?
Wolf Parksins white HELP!?
Are u a parent with a depressed teen???
I Think There May Be Somthin Wrong With Me.. I think hitlers really cool.?
Are ALL of these symtoms really anxiety?
How do I convince my whole family that I'm cured from scizophrenia?
Can Cold Laser Therapy cure Tinnitus?
an adult is ordered Digoxin a.125mg from a stock strength of 250micrograms how many tablets would u adminster?
I got sulphur powder in my eye ?
Why is it that before one faints their eyes roll back into their head?
what can fat deposits in your lower back do to you ?
Why is it bad that marijuana increases your heart rate by more than 4 times?
What happens if you drink Listerine Mouthwash?
Are my teeth ruining my life?
How can I make my eyesight a lot better?
What increases Serotonin levels?
Please help diagnose why I have a rash on m legs with the common cold?
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?
Could ADHD turn into Bi-polar?
I'm thinking of making a video/slide-show to express how i feel?
Is there pear help for a 13 yr that is going to kill himself? In AB?
why is my right breast sore?
An Advil gelcap melted in my throat, now i feel like i'm on fire...HELP!?
How to get X-Rays taken at public hospital (QLD)?
Am I doomed if I need blood?
Leg muscle pain?????????????
Help with Headaches?!?
Weird headpain, doctor says from stress?
Last couple of nights when sleeping I wake up loosing my breath..its hard to get back without panicing,?
So a person like Spiderman is hyper, do we medicate people like that or give them a purpose?
What is a chemical imbalance.?
munchausen syndrome and psychotherapy?
How to help another with meth addiction?
Can anemia cause/ or be mistaken as a panic attack?
Can someone please help me?
what do you call a long term and a short term of having a low count of glucose?
How do I find the best the ophthalmologist in the Sacramento Area?
what are the diseases caused by cancer?
Rheumatoid Arthritis ?
My brothers wife has Sarcoidosis and we can find her no help for her - She thinks there is no hope!?
If you were told you only had a matter of months to live what would you do?
plz help! dizziness after glucose blood test :(?
i uranate 20 times a day. do i have a medical problem?
My ankles bleed after I run?
high anxiety! would like some help...?
What's a good simple website to learn abnormal chest X-rays from?
does anybody know why i spew alot?
Our world from Terrorism?
Pain in foot & ankle, any ideas?
Had a lower back MRI - can anyone help me with the results?
How much does is pediatrician fee?
What is the best tablets to prevent motion sickness?
How can I help my girlfriend into getting help for herself? (Cutting Problem HELP)?
WHat are some ways to prevent drugg addiction for all ages?
hungry to you hungry to me (poem)?
my husmand is Bi-Polar and has parkinsons, I,m very very depresssed?
All of a sudden my left ear is plug with and the left side of my throat hurts, what could this be?
How long does it take for one to have a tumour before it affects them?
Can overuse of a puffer cause tingling in your body? (for the RNs and RRTs out there)?
will amoxicillin kill bronchitus..........?
I get this wierd pain in my shoulders leading down to my arm. Its sharp and then turns into an ache..?
What foods have pro-biotics in them?
has anyone any home remedies for a cough, for a 2 half year old?
Does culture impact on health and illness?
Your hair down there.?
How can some models be so skinny and still be walking(pics inside)?
Why are my ankles itchy and tingling?
I'm always feeling cold, lethargic and often have headaches. What could be wrong?
Free 24-hr telephone counselling in Canada - is there a number i can call?
something annoying me....?
Is this a medical problem?
what is the latest on Jade Goddy? last I heard she went down hill fast?
How is cystic fibrosis noticable and how does it affect someones ability to live a normal life?
Is smoking smarties bad?
should i be worried about my ganglion cyst?
can i still be a nurse if i am diagnosed with MS?
allergic reaction to prozac?
Would like to hear from others with experience with Effexor and depression and anxiety?
lexapro / Cirpralex?
Ways to prevent or help anxiety?
Best ways to get over a humiliating moment?
Effexor.. time it takes???
In Alaska's long, dark winter is there more SAD than in other parts of the country?
can i take a benzodiazepine and a beta blocker at the ame time to control my anxiety?
am i crazy?
How do you prepare yourself if you are expecting twins?
Can I have a small amount of water a few hours before surgery?
What's the best way to get rid of the Flu?
will an overdoes on 30 aropax and alcohol kill you or do any harm to you?
How do you cure a sore bottom?
i'm doing this project thing and i need to know what unhealthy ingredients there are please help me?!?
blurred vision after migraine or affects of medication?
I'm 13 5'7, 75kg, size 13 US shoe and i'm wondering how tall i mite be?
How Long Do Children Suffering The Effects Of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Stay In Hospital For (Usually)?
I developed a sharp pain in my lung ( I think ) just below the left shoulder blade.?
Lactose intolerant??
Why is oxybuin being used to treat atonic bladder?
Any info on donating a kidney would be greatly appreciated?
cocaine addiction?
I'm a crohn's patient who needs iron
what are liver enzymes? what do they do?
my mum is an alcholic and is taking cocaine?
My son is really pale and listless. he also has no appetite and is tired all the time. what should i do?
what are the other possibilities?
What is happening to me?
Lump in right side of neck/throat?
is there any treatment for adem?
not feeling very well feeling dizzy with eye movement and head movement?
Where is the ridge of your toenail?
how come when i breathe i feel like i'm breathing in helium?
what are the pill things called?
Is this weird? Kind of an awkward question?
how do you explain about cancer to young children?
i cry myself to sleep nearly everynight for NO reason...?
im really dizzy and idk what to do?
Can I join the air force having had a few episodes of bronchitis at age 4?
I waqs wondering if you could help me?
Upper back/chest pain?
Is Soda Water any good for settling an upset stomach?
New study finds Antidepressants no better than placebo. Discuss!?
is my iron reading considered too high?
Im sick of my life. Can anyone help me?
Is it normal to pee like 15 minutes after drinking something?
can i use a higher dose of Lovan 20 instead of ecstasy to get myself of the drug?
can i give fish oil tablets(human ones) to my 10 year old geman sherpherd with arthritis and if so how much.?
My stomach has stopped grumbling.?
What's the natural remedy for mouth ulcers?
Can you please help me? I dont know what to do?
what are the benefits of using an infrared sauna on a regular basis?
Can this drug be overdosed?
what are the white lines on your fingers?
is a resting heart rate of 60 beats per minute healthy for a 17 year old girl?
If someone lies a lot about significant thins early in the relationshp, and justifies their lies to themselves
Has anyone been diagnosed or have any experience with cystic mesothelioma in the peritoneal cavity?
A good friend has got advanced stage cancer and she has lost her appetite, if she doesnt eat soon she...?
Proof of alternative treatments for cancer?
Can Codeine make you produce more pee?
I am writing a care plan for a elderly male with mobility problems.?
My mum has had a migraine headache for a over a week now..?
torn lateral ligament?
how can i get better?
why do i sleep too much but still feel so tired after eating too much?
What causes my sensitivity to sound?
what can i do to grow bigger and taller?
heating up water bottle in microwave okay?
Stomach acid and anxiety?
How to help with insomnia?
will my anxiety ever go away?
If you have the feeling like you want to cry a lot, but you are not always depressed, what does that mean?
I used to fear my panic attacks, but now kind of enjoy them. Does anyone else experience this?
Why am I so tired?
What can you say about this type of paralysis?
I'm having problem: concentrating at work; paying attention to what my bosses is saying;?
Effexor for PPD and Anxiety..?
Something interesting .....?
Seizures and Brain Surgery?
Can a brain injury be painless?
gallbladder operation?
Why are my ears burning?
Do I have Marfan Syndrome?
Kidney Needed Asap ( A or O blood type )?
Is Lipitor safe to use long term?
Is it always obvious when someone has a fatal illness? What are the most obviously dangerous symptoms?
My Creatinine is 2.34, Blood Urea is 71. I had THR done on 20 07 2007.For BP taking AMLOSTAT-AT & Amlodipine5?
Would like to know about some medication?
Anorexia Nervosa ?!?!?
Whats is this a bad medical prob?
health issues desperately needing your help!! please?
feline urinary infection what to do?
Should I embrace the new me on medication or keep on trying to be like i used to be before?
can you get a medical marijuana card in massachusetts ?
My mom has had astma for years..her doctor pumps her full of pretizone..and now both wrist hurt.?
If you have bad eyes and need eye lenses can u get them in colours at the optometrist? And how much are they?
American health care system/Insurance. Has anyone experienced trouble,?
What does it feel like to have a "mood swing"?
What is this part of the mouth called?
Gas and stomach aches after pancreatitis and diarrhea?
Sharp stomach pain?
how do i ask a girl out?
what is wrong with me? i didn't go to school today because i couldn;t get the fritzl case off my mind.?
What financial resources are available to those that have schizophreina ??
im planning to take psychology for the summer, but will this affect my mental state?
Is depression a symptom of stress?
living with OCD...?
How to deal with anxiety and relationships?
Stay with someone with anxiety?
Were my night terrors due to unresolved issues?
What To do When Someone gets BORD?
My flank get painful when I jugging, will it get better by time and more practicing?
Do you smell pot when you smoke regular cigarettes?
To weed smokers, how much do you smoke every day?
can they restore your sight if you are blind?
Why are chin ups & pull ups so badly over-looked?
What would happen if take 150 MG of Dextroamphetamine at the one time?
Are nose bleeds serious?
Do I have a type of OCD?
Am i allergic to the sun or what can this be?
Can you take the medicines Keflex and Sporanox together?
Short eye sight- laser?
Problems with digestive system?
what is the role of an orderly at the hospital?
Apple Cider Vinegar?
How do I reduce lactic acid build up in my legs?
video games skrewed me up man what do i do?
When you turn 16 in Australia, do you then get privacy and control over your medicare card and health?
How to stop sweaty hands?
OK, weird question...?
How do you cure 'Snooping Disease' when you know someone is hiding something from you?
I am scared of needles?
How do you feel better mentally?
Ch.Heston's disease - symptoms consistent with Alzheimer. Like to know the name of disease?
how much should a relaxation therapist charge per hour or per session?
Do men become moody, defensive around the age of forty?
What should I do if I think I am depressed?
Help - Burnout from job and school!?
Crohns disease..is this normal?
organ transplant technologies?
Is there any health risks with a public spa if a guy....?
what would happen if I started drinking on a fatty liver?
Can a person with Down Syndrome also be an albino?
my 6 yr old son had osteomyelitis 7 weeks ago and is now coming down with a fever. Is it recurring?
If you need to go to the toilet and you hold it, does it make your bladder weaker or stronger?
does an inflamed gall bladder cause bloating?
Is it still effective if i take medicine withtout food even though it says I should take them with food?
Constant Headache Problem?
How long after starting Nicotine patches do I stop craving smokes?
i need help with makeing my will please help?
off zoloft for 2 months?
Why is it bad to have blood in cerebrospinal fluid?
what causes bone pain and fatigue?
Hemoglobin question!?
I'm covered in grass ticks. Help!?
whats a condition that affects behavior that is pronounced "rhinitis" or something like that?>?
Why do some peoples bodys feel like ice and start to get numb, where there partners stay warm?
what and why are some medications should be taken at the same time?
Why can caffeinne and alcohol cause panic attacks?
When i get deja vu i get really sick to my stomach, Why does this happen?
Can a bit too much sun cause a stomach ache?
Acute paranoia or just paranoia?
is there a problem with me and my work habits??/?
bad paxil!?
Acid/LSD, does it just cause visuals or body feelings too?
Acne....Where do u get it?
Pick a natural disaster and what would you do in your own way to help in order to solve it?
Why do fingernails split lengthwise and how can I stop it happening?
what should be in a clinical report?
Does nabumetone have the same effects as vicodin?
i am trying to quit smoking, i am interested in the nicotine inhaler, do i need a prescription for this?
Organ Donation In Australia - Websites?
3 days of this and counting...?
Thanks tuppenybitz?
why do we people care so much about sports?
depersonalization treatment anafranil?
Hi, i have a problem that is really bothering me. i sweat alot when i'm nervous, is there anything i can do?
If someone suffered 9 years of emotional abuse, does this mean neglect only, since i haven't talked to some 1
i am not leaving ...?
memory problem...???
is it normal that if i have depression, i feel "ok" for a few days and then i couldnt feel worse?
Giggling Fit?
nightmares and daymares?
How can I get to sleep earlier?
I have been put on ciprolex for an anxiety disorder. But I am getting depressed on this stuff. Is that normal?
Help! something about my breathing?
Worried about lip cancer!?
What can I expect after my Mom's 1st chemo treatment?
My son recently had 2 Tuberculosis shots 1 in October and 1 in January can this harm him?
is inhalation of N2/HE from a fire extinguisher dangerous?
i have gotten this pain in my left side of my chest by my shoulder?
Bowel Problems : how to tell if you have a partly or/ blocked bowel?
advice needed on this condition?
I have had a recurrent kidney infection that started with passing a kidney stone a few weeks ago.?
slight toe clubbing, toes feel warm & slightly painful to touch?
I am 25 yr Female. I have had stabbing pain in the right side of my chest. Feels like someones stomping on me
How long before a kidney infection gets better?
Osteoarthritis and numbness?
XXY and Gender Dysphoria?
my ex bf is on dialysis?
What are the first symptoms or signs of multiple sclerosis?
No blood in part of Brain?
Busted Blood Vessel that is not in the eye but below the eye and it looks like I have been in a fight.?
How do i get rid of chafing?
Can anyone help me with lipomas.?
Im waking up at 4 every morning, what the 'beep' is wrong?
hi the doc said i had high blood pressure?
where can i buy red blister?
i have a sore throat...?
whats wront with my sons eye?
Can anyone help me..... Its unknown?
Unexplained fever with dizziness and hot flashes?
Dont Feel Good .?
What does a hospital do if you're suicidal?
I'm taking depression medication. Do I really need it?
Trouble getting active due to anxiety?
Has anyone ever started or increased picking their skin after taking Reductil (Serotonin reuptake inhibitor)?
is my life in danger?
Side effects of Cefalcor CD?
am i going to have to get my hand amputated?
I wish I was normal. Everydau when I drive anxiety hits me. I feel like I am going to faint when I am driving?
I can never cry anymore?
can i buy urinary catheters from my local chemist?
Low self esteem or am I just a rotten person?
has anyone ever felt like they where being "zapped" while coming off of Effexor XR?
Can You Get A Prescription WITHOUT Your Parent's Consent/Knowledge??
My Boyfriend was recently prescribed restoril and it didn't help him sleep at all. What should he do next?
Is this part of OCD?
In what is food is there a lot of lithium?
if i listen to my speech while i sleep will it help me remeber it ?
Feeling hopeless, what sould i do?
How does depression appear?
Can anyone tell me why I do this?
Abuse Questions and Opinions?
Anxiety disorder and fear of flying?
Advice about naturopathy?
hemorrhoid question?
I have small red itchy spots on my toes and don't know what they are, can anyone help?
pain just below chest?
What does it mean when t3, t4, and copper metabolism come back abnormal?
Why walk head?
Why do i feel sick all the time?
How many 2mg xanax would a man take to OD? not cry for help. OD!?
help me quickly?
What is involved in an Ossicular Chain Reconstruction?
Impacted Wisdom Teeth and difficulty when swallowing ?
Reflux operation?
In pain with no answers?
Sleeping Gas Question??????
what should i do about my severe depression
How to get rid of the feeling like you're trapped
car thoughts (related to mental health)
Flu vaccine and injectable contraceptive....?
why do i have stabbing pain in left upper leg?
if you are sick but you dont hv any medicine, what should you do?
help with constipation, cause and what to do...?
I have a cold and need advice please?
bleeding nose!!!?? help!!?
The effect of these drugs; ice, ecstacy & marijuana?
What can I do to reduce tears?
anybody know how to get rid of a cold sore?
how do i get graphite out of my foot?
flacky lips...help!?
How bad for a Tetnus Shot?
ear infection or clogged ears?
Were there any large outbreaks of pneumonia?
Botulinum toxin for gastroparesis?
What are some characteristics of pneumonia?
Iz there anyone with Bipolar and Borderline out there?
is this just my scrupulosity or have i done wrong?
i can't decide my self and i cannot be stable at job just not to happy?
What are some of the worst symptoms causes by extreme stress?
ANY ADVICE APPRECIATED - so i had a bedbug problem and it has been dealt with i think anyways but im paranoid?
how can i get over my stress?
suicide, attention?
I like hugs, I like to shake hands, but other than that I don't like to be touched, do you feel the same?
Stress induced auto-immune problems??
What is sleep paralysis?
How do I help my 3 year old overcome a nightmare...is there a hidden meaning?
what medacations dont mix with feldour er 10 mg and?
is it safe to use tanning oils and lotions containing beta carotene while breast feeding ?
Is blackmore bio iron good?
What is the best thing to do when you have a cold? (not including going to the doctors)?
long term effects of lsd, mushooms and dmt?
Seroquel Overdose???
Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)?
I feel like I am going to snap, why do I feel like this?
Do you know a child with bipolar who is on medication?
What's wrong with me?
Has anyone taken Lithium for BLPD?
I feel nothing, whats going on?
How does Prozac make you feel?
whats the fear where your frightened of ' giving a little bit of your love ' to people incase they reject you?
if somebody has breast cancer is the operations really bad?
Mutation question on HAEMOPHILIA?
Sick of feeling 'sick and tired'...any help?
I have a really sore stomach what should i do?
What is the trippiest drug?
how long marijana to take effect when eating it?
um..................a bit of a problem?
Getting health care in the USA?
how much do nurses earn in victoria?
medical question?
does cherifer makes you vomit?
when i feel pressure down there it kinda hurts what does that mean ?
question for doctors?
Sleeping pills awakening coma patients?
What are the main causes of seizures?
Has anyone been successful in treatment of trichotillomania if so what worked for you?
How do you prevent your stomach from rumbling and making other weird noises?
Anyone having chest flutters or sinking??
Auto Immune Hepatitis??
I have been on 40 mgm nexium for a week and now have an itchy rashIs this common?
knuckle feeling on chest?
I was wondering if I could get peoples opinion on methadone...I need help??
I have strange cramps in my lower bellywhen I press on my belly it doent hurt?
is tylenol pm available in Canada?
uhhm whats wrong ??
Never- ending headache?
How do I become bulimic?
what kind of flu is it where it starts in the nose and goes to the throat and chest then to the stomach?
average wage for Paramedics?
How long does marijuana stay in your system for?
what would the fear of riding in a car on a highway like road be?
scared to get close to people?
Are there any sites that are full of disturbed misfit loners? (Can't seem to find any)?
Inhuman Teen?
How do I get over deppresion?
citopram side effects?
effexor xr?
what is a reactive attachment disorder?
Desperately need a psychic's help?
wats the best thing to use for bad breathe? ive tried every thing.?
treating cancerous moles with aloe vera?
I am finding it hard to take a deep breath?
what is the average length of a 3 to 6 month baby's foot in cm?
What are the long term effects of anemia ?
My finger nails chip and break easily, could I have a vitamin deficiency?
Today, I trained yet I didn't sweat why?
Why does pumpkin make me gag? I don't like it and I physically can't put it in my mouth with out gagging.?
smoking weed at lunch?
How can you increase ticklishness in your feet?
is it still an ocd thought even if you thought of it because you wanted to?
Should I get counseling about relationships?!?
i was diagnosed with ocd?
I hit people when i'm partially a wake. Do you think iam violent?
My Friend (NOT ME SERIOUSLY!) Anxiety Issues?
multiple mental health problems?
what is meant by emotional balance?
Why do i make things up like this?
Why are my legs hurting STILL!?
Extreme Pain in left side of head?
Signs of Cartilage Piercing Rejection..Please Help!?
new medication at cvs pharmacy?
My uncle is on a ventilator. Is that the same thing as being on life support?
BBQ's, which bit is dangerous cancer causing?
How does sarcoidosis affect the liver? ?
Can a cold cause dark stool?
Is there a difference between a regular nosebleed and one resulting from Leukemia?
Whats wrong with my Dad ?!? (I forgot to add something)?
Why does the weather affect my Tinnitus?
Is there a problem if my stools have a strong stomach bile smell?
Does anyone in the Australian Defence forces have Neurofibromatosis?
Does anybody hear ringing or beating when you squint and try to move your ears?
Would the anesthetic from an endoscopy show up in a urine sample for a work medical?
Last night my mum, brother and I were watching a movie about Jack the ripper, my mum said that some people ?
i felt dizzy so i went and laid down but when i closed my eyes it felt like the room was spinning?
what causes low albumin and what is the cure for it?
I've just been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, what is it?
tests are clear but feels like i have a UTI?
How much job restrictions do I have if I have Tinnitus?
I want to talk to people with MS?
which bone cell breaks down bone?
how long will 3 hits of weed stay in your system?
cotton bud and earwax problem?
Where do I buy "certain dri"?
HELP! how can i vomit?!!?
been sick for a few days. what do i have? what can i do?
what is wrong with me?
What symptoms would a person have if there is a hyper secretion or a hypo secretion of the (CRH)?
5 herniated discs in my lower spine?
What is phemonia?
Lingual tonsil - operation?
Sick when I drink water?
How can i become a child psychologist?
My dog is all of a sudden in acute pain when I touch him in certain areas (stomach and rear end)?
can anyone help me with my croaky little voice?
can i stop my panic attacks?
cervical cancer vaccine question...10 points!!?
Can someone go under an anastetic with braces on?
What can I do to help a headache?
Anyone else have issues with codeine? And what can cause issues?
Hey, I was shoveling snow like crazy, half way through it I got this huge pain in the back now it hurt?
Has anyone changed there body clock?
Pineal Cyst On Brain Should I Be Worried?
Pregnant with swelling feet and ankles noticeable more on the left that right.?
Numb sensation in left front thigh?
I have OCD and i really would like to be a psychiatrist when im older, would my OCD ruin my chance?
Ear issue... Really need some help!!?
Hammering nails into your nose?
everything is in slow motion.......?
aspiration treatment?
my mums has breast cancer and is having radium treatment .. what should i expect?
Con someone give me a link to find an ecoli cell with all its parts named?
Question about hyperventilating!!?
I have been told by my doc and gynae?
can my gpa wake from a coma & is brain dead?
What is the urinal stikcher? Is it operative or not?
what are some examples of pathogenic deficiency and physiological disease?
Does anyone have a child with autism?
What is the main health issue for a person with osteoperosis?
What are co-morbidities?
can someone pls tell me the difference betweeen hyperechoic & hypoechoic lesions on the liver?
I need help. I'm doing research on Rick Hansen the paraplegic. I'm trying to find out how he crushed his
i have gstric trouble and when ever gases form i suffered with severe headache so please can someone advise fo
Does sleeping less and late decrease life line??
I want safely taper off 10 mg Abilify. I have taking it for 2 weeks.?
Lap band surgery AUSTRALIA?
Where other than online can i buy Zyporex?
I have an addiction?
Is taking two 5mg Valium Tablets a day for Anxiety bad for me?
Can someone have a different blood type when donating plasma instead of whole blood?
i am not sick but i am getting thin.can someone please tell me why?
can aspirin cause crazy nightmares/hallucinations? anyone experience this?
Gillian: what does the rheumatologist do for you to help with the pain?
how do you get ride of a sore neck?
im having sharp shooting pain in the left side of my brain, and behind my eyes, what should i do?
Oxycontin and Endone side effects?
I need advice?
Is Prednisone safe while breastfeeding 20 mg dose?
Does milk really make you grow taller?
Hypo-allergenic instant coffee?
when drawing blood, what do you do if you colaspe a vein using to large a needle?
What's the difference between athletic and slender/slim?
What do you do for a sore throat?
what is the most incredible thing your body has done?
How to fix sore feet?
I have bed bugs my landlord sprayed last week but would not let the exterminator spray the intire house?
Prednisone and alcohol?
How do you take tablets if you struggle with it?
why is my stomach bruising?
Odd heating feeling of bum cheek where it meets the leg.?
Do this mean anything?
Would it be safe for me...?
My ears hurt alot.?
why a protein that has a short half life can still accumulate after 48 hs into tumors?
asbestos has been found in my school?
I have a labrum tear in my right hip and the pain is bad and constant. Suggestions for natural pain relievers?
does laryngitis permanently change the voice?
How Do I Tell?
Do Anti-inflammitory drugs have any effect on the Immune system?
How do you treat the condition Kyphosis when a person has reached skeletal maturity?
what is smoking shisha like?
When a Urologist asks for a CT Chest Scan and Bone Scan after 2 CT Scans of Abdomen?
I have bad pain in all over my rib cage and I almost pass out please help!?
Having excess blood flood over tip of needle when getting a blood test bad?
I have to fast for some blood tests tomorrow for 6 hours so does that mean I cant even drink water?
Why is the left side of my face hot..?
infected tongue ? what do i do?
Extremely sore stomach muscles?
Giving head with a flu?
every time a take ecstasy ... the week after i have tonsillitis?
Has Anybody Here Used Colostrum for Fibromyalgia?
Ligaments dying, what causes it?
have pains in stoach feels like somthing there that aint susposed to be there?
question here. what will happen if you keep filling your body with fatty stuff when you have a fatty ?
Heard of a link between antidepressants and brain tumours?
Can you "give" yourself epilepsy?
swollen glands, over heating, sore chest?
What do they do to you in a mental health institute (just wondering)?
ok mental health question?
How can I help my brain?
What's the average weight for a person who's 64 inches (5 feet 4 inches)?
Why do i hear gurling sounds in throat and strange stomach sounds?
Alternative methods to a chiropractor?
Questions about drug test
Full lotus (Pasmasena) hurts. Should I keep doing it?
My back tingles when people get close to my face!!?
can you grow extra veins?
a question about nosebleeds?
My self esteem. Need help.?
I got up from laying on couch and I got this pain near my tailbone.?
Why are we not allowed to eat before a surgery?
Whats happening? have been feeling 'off' for a while now!!!?
Do I need antibiotics for laryngitis?
how long after excess consumption of gum would you get diarrhea?
How long does Whooping Cough Vaccine last for?
what are the issues involved for those undergoing mandatory reporting?
Dr. Pankaj Naram & Dr. Smita Naram?
stomach promlems :S:S?
I am on oxazepam n have been so for over a year my doctor is taking me off them within a week is this to quick?
How to Stop Staying awake at Night?
Does anyone know how I can help myself sleep better?
Asthmatics- Have you recently been given a new type inhaler called Symbicort?
i finished my question with a link at the bottom.. i need more answers please help me
how should a child with cancer be treated?
Anyone have any comfortable words of wisdom for me?
My husband has begun snoring I cant sleep what can I do?
What am l thinking?..................
Does anyone know of any support groups for teenagers who are abuse victims? ?
Is it possible for a person to see in black and white and not colour?
painful lump above hip bone?
Can I train to be a nurse in a 3rd world country?
where can i buy sleeping pills?
If i smoke a cigarette and brush my teeth straight after will it still ruin my teeth?
if 2 albino people have a child, will the child be a albino also.?
my belly is covered in red spots, help..?
what causes bone spurs and are they dangerous?
what are the cures for a hernia?
Bloating Stomach After every meal?
Foods to avoid with a hiatus hernia?
Toenail fungal infection (onycomychosis) is hard to cure. Is CANESORAL used for THRUSH effective/suitable?
I need to lower my liver enzymes by saturday. Any ideas?
I have a ruptured blood vessel in my right eye.No pain no trauma no nausea. Take one Ecotrin daily.?
Glandular Fever or something else?
Does your friends sometimes give you a headache??
Got blood test results back, but I don't understand some of the abbreviation on it, could someone help me pls?
What is the difference in death rate for the 1918 influenza and the Swine flu of today.?
Why do I get hiccups from eating bread?
Question about sleep before school starts?
What drugs have you tried and was it a good or bad experiance?
How tall will I be when I grow up?
Are painkillers bad for you? Why?
How is a persons health affected by asthma?
How does CBT work for OCD?
Is it possible i have some sort of psychological dissorder like a pedophile just that i obsess about a legal?
temazepam troubles?
Striving for perfection?
How can I get help for my mom?
Wondering if I'm suffering from anxiety.?
borderline personality disorder forums?
Would it be fatal if you overdosed on fourteen 25mg tablets of Clomipramine?
What is the normal colour of blood in the right ventricle?
How is Dr Venkatesh Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon in Jaynagar 2nd block?
my 14 year old daughter has a very bad smelly feet help?
Have I poisoned myself accidentally?
when you passive smoke do you take nigcetan in?
Why does my ear twitch when i hear certain sounds (generally high pitched)?
Australian Organ Donation Register?
How can I correct my circadian rhythm?
Why are people so poorly informed about STDs?
I am taking Fluconazole and I've lost the taste, according to the Dr is call Gustatory Hallucination,?
Endometriosis and cancer?
Tonsillitis and Medication?
is this serious please help?
my auntie is dying of breast cancer and my grandmother had it too, so what is the risks for me?
Has anyone had valpm or diazepam?
How do binaural beats work?
How to get up in the morning?
at what age can you use auralgan eardrops in children with earache?
Why does snot come out of your nose for?
Frustrating Skin Rash ! please help ...?
Can you breathe through your tongue?
can sickness incubate inside you.. for how long?
Skin warm desease and medical cure.?
Tumeric helps to prevent Alzheimer's disease - but Aluminium helps promote it ?
what is the generic name of the medicine Naxdom?
Constant upset stomach, what can it be?
my horse has blood shot eye's and the run's what dose this mean?
How can I dissolve or pass a kidney stone? It's 3mm in size.?
Why do i smell like poo when nervous?
how to fine a cure heartburn or acid congestion?
Can migraine's 'reset' themselves and go away?
my husband has fistulas on stomach and they are not healing what can we do ????
Can Noise Cancelling Headphones increase the chance of having brain cancer?
My ear is leaking a clear fluid?
Will tobacco show up in my body?
Would having a panic attack cause pain on the front of my neck, outside of my throat area?
I am depressed inside but able to cover it up well?
Have you ever taken antidepressants?
Social Anxiety/stress problems?
The path of healing from depression?
What does Prozac look like?
could it be depression?
I have a 16 year old friend that has gotten very thin and was throwing up but says she has stopped on her own?
Is it Bipolar symptoms or is he just an obnoxious creep?
I have bad memory loss .. please help me!?
can geniuses do well in school even if they have extremely severe ocd, anxiety and depression?
Move to Canada from USA...?
With identical twins, can it be possible that one twin develops leukemia and the other does not?
Overcoming constipation...?
What do you do when you feel like this..?
my bulge in my groin dont hurt or nothing an i cant afford to have it fixed no way im disabled ok ?
does anyone out there have cervical herniated disks?
how long does a full spine MRI take?
emotional stress, please help?
rash on arms should i see a doctor?
I get a pinch/twist feeling in my heart occassionally, is this bad?
Gardasil and Flu Vaccines?
How do you accept the chance you might die soon?
I have this problem breathing...?
Can I have my tonsils removed while im pregnant?
How much does a division 2 nurse in training get per hour?
What is the cause of trypophobia?
Whats wrong with my stomach?
How do get rid of addictions ?
Is depression hereditary?
I AM dizzy and grumpy and hungry!!!?
I feel defeated and alone all the time?
is this strange ro be doing?
what can I do , so depressed ? ?
How do I find a new Trauma Doctor (Psychiatrist) in Toronto?
I don't feel hungry anymore?
How do I get rid of redness from eye surgery?
Light-headed and dizzy 90% of the time. Beupronrphine poss cause. IS there any knowledgeable ppl here plz?
past 10 days my wife was having stomach pain and In the scan we found fluid (Cloudy - yellow color). ?
My stomach is killing me...I'm fine when I eat something, but after a few hours it hurts more than before?
Is Hyperthyroidism rare.?
i think i might have Munchausen Syndrome ?
Having trouble with my appendix help please..?
I would like to know if the operation for carpal tunnel syndroms works.?
Does anyone know anything that will help-- Restless Leg Syndrone?
I had a Major panic attack 5 days ago and i still can't calm down. What should i do?
Why am I always sick?
Orange Juice and Strep throat.?
Is MDMA (ecstasy) a depressant?
How to gain weight naturally without any vitamins?
I think i am having a side effect to a antibacterial medicine. please help..?
why am I always sick feeling?
Does anyone know of any good books for help with painkiller addiction?
Secondary Liver Cancer Survival ?
Would a cancerous lump hurt?
does having 'olive skin' (or dark toned skin) decrease your chances of getting skin cancer?
my husband was on the fentanyl pain patch and has?
Can Zolft make depression worse?
I think that I am slightly or maybe partially paranoid. What can I do for it without medication.?
I'm 22 yrs, and lately i been getting very bad mood swing I want to know why is this happening to me right now?
Seeing the doctor after referral by counsellor for anxiety..?
how do i become a respite worker?
I'm scared to ask for help?
Doing Psychotherapy in Asia...?
using a bong? fire safety?
How to boost a friends self esteem?
There have been medical sleep study. My Question is dream and what it mean?? ?
Why are the veins in the hands more exposed when you get older?
is it okay to take serax for anxiety before the 8 hour time?
how long can blood related germs live outside the body?
can you grow taller in legs after a 2 year surgery that i have in right leg?
Is this a panic attack?
How can i get sick by tomorrow?
Can hearing loss in a child cause behavourial problems? Whats everything their way. Throws tantrums, ect.?
when will I get my period..?
I was born a girl but i want to be a boy?
where do i get a ,toxicology report?
do sudofeds still contain psuedoephedrine ? AUS?
Is taking ten panadol Rapids in an hour bad for you?
Berocca vs Centrum (Benefits?)?
My jaw makes a cracking noise when i yawn, will my jaw get stuck in the yawn postion?
Medication Lyrica .... how did it affect you? Please, PLEASE answer!?
Gabapentin users?
is DMT any more dangerous than marijuana?
Could cancer cells survive in space?
I've been on lasix diuretic as prescribed by my doctor for two years.?
Can You help me figure out whats wrong? Extreme Fatigue?
Pain in stomach and under right side of rib cage?
is this food Poison? i had cheese roll after 2 hrs i start hadck and vomit? now after 18 hrs past i feel beter?