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Any one else like me and addicted to vicodine 100mg tablets?
Help!!!!! severe depression episode what to do with my friends???? help please!!!!!!?
I have been prescribed Effexor for depression, anxiety, and OCD. Anyone know much about this medication?
Why do I worry so much?
is the middle top or bottom part of a train carriage the cleanest?
everyday i cant get motivated?
Upper abdominal pain?
Are there any internet polls or the like that survey the public on the effectiveness of hair loss treatments?
is there an abdl or tddl store in melbourne victoria australia?
Why do i feel like this?
?PLEASE HELP? does any one no why i make high pitched whimpering cry noises whilst i am asleep....?
I have had a 'pulse' in my eyelid for over a week now? I have had this before but they normally go away after
Omnicef and Dairy?
Vaccination side effects at 72 hours after vacination ?
Can Pepto-Bismol prevent or reduce diarrhea?
What am i going through now?
What is Alzheimer's Disease? Please Help me!!!!?
Why Does My Leg Hurt in The Middle Of The Night?
Shouldn't she be seeing a proper M.D.?
Sharp pain underneath my left pectoral?
OMG, there's a cold sore in my nose! Help!?
What is a good site about lung cancer?
Diseases we are vaccinated against?
Tourette Syndrome Information.......?
Can a Pilonidal cyst heal on its own?
Cold sore or zit?
Mother's age is 70?
do big six inch black centapedes bite or sting?
drinking feeling like im going to die now sceard and depressed.?
What happens in a medical exam for Pilbara Iron?
ecstasy, or something else?
Anyone who can help me :(?
Any nurses out there that feel absoluely abused at work?
Although I am and have been for years treated for bipolar disorder I have this constant feeling of hopelessnes
I'm a seventeen year old female and I need advice, No I'm not pregnant either!?
Lost interest in my favorite hobbie, very depressing?
why am i always so tired?
Techniques to Get to Sleep?
please help any advice i got abused?
Hay anyone tried anything from Hypnosisdownloads.com?
How is it possible that people with anxiety have the same symptoms of ADHD?
OCD Obsession: Spreading chemicals around through contact?
What is a good relaxation technique for anger?
How to deal with bad coworkers?
Help, I'm going crazy! my neighbour puts on super-loud music 24/7, what can I do?
Aspergers. Is there anyone here with it that can help me?
What affect will witnessing abuse in childhood have on a person in the longterm?
Can you help me find my sorts?
Sometimes it feels like my soul is trying to escape my body - HELP?????
any cutters out there?
What exactly does an asthma inhaler do?
what is it like to live with Multiple Sclerosis?
help with parkinson's disease?
high care residents in australia do they pay for colostomy bags?
What do you think about this? http://products.mercola.com/blue-tube-headset/?source=nl?
Do i just have a nervous stomach or is this something worse?
What are the differences between renal dialysis and Kidney Transplant?
What do you do to alleviate hyperhydrosis?
i have fanconi bickel syndrome does anyone else have this or heard of it?
Asbestos - Safe lock?
How do I get rid of SINUSITIS and LOSS OF SMELL??? PLEASE HELP!!?
Hi there! Can you read this for me? It is the result of the blood test but I don't konw how to read it.?
My left kidney is really sore?
Tear in Crease of Toe?
I am 49 years old and have sagging skin already............below my eyes/cheeks/chin and neck.?
Hangnails - why do they hurt?
Whats the best way to cure back pain?
is wellbutrin xl 150 mg a therapeutic dose?
Depressed? Not sure, really blue...?
if you go to your local hospital will they get you into a detox program faster?
I live in Toronto, suffer from severe anxiety and would love to try some type of therapy, maybe CBT. Any help?
Do you think I have Asperger's or am I just plain weird?
Mental Disorders and my future career plans?
What are some risk factors which could contribute to chronic illness?
Overnight sore throat, cold/flu or not?
I feel vibrations in the inner ear, is there any treatment for it ?
bump on forehead.... its like a boney bump it isnt soft or lumpy..ultrasound has been done, what couldit be?
Any1 know some about Fibromyalgia??? besides whats on the net?
Headaches everyday for 8 weeks?
how long after a tattoo can u check for hepatitis?
Could it be carpal tunnel?
Pulling pain, answer please 10101010?
numbness in my knee ... ?
Shooting pain in my left arm?
Am I depressed?? Please help!?
im 15 and i have a problem?
Guilt over a Self Injuring friend!?
What are some ways to boost confidence?
Am I different in how I think?
Why do i keep haveing flashbacks ( memories )?
i have severe ocd, but i don't understand the symptoms of ocd manifested by others?
Which antidepressants/anti-anxiety drug is better?! Prozac or Xanax?
i have add how do i get rid of all my energy?
"getting a health message to teenagers about drugs is difficult"?
nose . . .?
how can you tell if you have Rh positive or negative blood?
what are some good ways to get to sleep?! i cant get to sleep and i have an exam tomorrow :(?
where can i get l- glutathione in India?
ic naproxen sodium?
Why are some drinks causing my tongue to swell up?
desribe what happens when u exhale?
16 help i have IBS!!!!!!!?
Faeces test ... question sorry gross!?
had a sudden hearing loss a couple of days ago. I was taking an antibiotic (Ciprofloaxin)?
Need Pain Killer Help?
i have bad chest pains, when i go outside in the cold and start walking it hurts to much?
Blood, Protein, Ketone in Urine, Hypolastic Kidney (only one Kidney)?
Is there a cure for Gynomastica, besides drastic surgery?
i took 3 equate cold/flu tablets there was at least 325 ace. and DXM, and one more what will happen to me?
blocked ears, sinus ache ...weird sensation in my head help?
How is the kidney the same to dialysis?? (URGENT URGENT!!!)?
Treatments or a cure for dyslexia?
is there a correlation with menstruation and the swelling of the carotid artery?
I get hungry very quickly after meals and very shaky and nervous?
What if you have only one lobe? I've had the scan it's working normal but have symptoms.?
how long for a food disorder.?
Why is there no help for Tinitus?
Neurological symptoms after quitting Paxil 2 weeks ago!!?
I want to start being happy..?
does depression make you sleep excessively??
who is feeling what I feel at 47. Am a working mother, good career, good house, ok partner but feel lost?
a question for cutters?
why do you get mouth ulcers and how can you get rid of them?
Pediatric Nursing?!?
does hot liquid make your throat swell when you have a sore throat?
My father inlaw has really bad gout and takes special medication hes been taking it a few years called?
weird stomach popping?
Gall bladder hurting... but it was removed??!?
What is a 'normal' reaction to physio? How can I increase mobility?
Help! I cant stand this horrible back pain!!! ?
Help with pain relief due to wisdom tooth....?
at what point in your life...?
What happens if you tell a nurse or social worker that you want to die ?
New University Student feeling overwhelmed! What to do?
A friend and i were victimized and blame myself for it. Is it my fault?
so, I want a job, and i want a job?
I have this dream about rabies....?
neurological question?
how do i get confidence in my ability? how can i gain confidence?
I have a friend on anti-psychotics?
do i have add?
What Can Stress All Do to You?
Why Is It That I Can't Move On?
Do you think that, "performance enhancing drugs" should be allowed for peoples who have genetic problems? why?
What is a mental hospital like?
Cpap humidifier question?
what are the signs of cervical cancer?
why do dead skin build up if you have a cast on?
Can i ask for steps on how to apply as PCA in Australia? Thank You!?
what could this be?
how can i get my tonsils swollen in 5 days so badly that i have to get them removed?
please help me im sick =(,,?
what does cactus oil do for the human body?
Groin Lymph Nodes?
why is it bad to leave an eyebrow retainer in? its the plastic kind.?
Has anyone had scoliosis (back) surgery?
My knees hurt when I run.?
Can anyone tell me where to find Triple x syndrome pictures???
Why does my head feel like cold air is blowing on it, current sinus infection and fluid behind eardrums?
What type of specialist do people see for liver ailments. (ie steno sis)?
Low Blood Pressure Help?!?
where can I find examples online.for apatient with acute pulmonary oedema?
Anyone know about -Neuronal Intestinal Dysplasia?...In Kids? Also known as NID...?
48hr rapid detox vs 15 day detox?
I'm a failure at everything?
If you overdose and someone finds you, can you refuse treatment ?
What happens if you try and runaway from the hospital if you overdosed or have suicidal thoughts?
What Is Wrong With me? - Repost?
why do i feel invincible?
I am going to see a psychiatrist and I am really nervous.?
how do i get some proper sleep?
how do i deal with the depression and fear of a reversal colostomy?
please help me both physical and emotional help needed?
ZOLOFT Starting doze ?
what meds are you on for paranoia?
Can you sign a treatment refusal in the hospital if you are suicidal and under suicide watch ?
How do you get past a panic attack when you feel this insane amount of panic/fear?
Any Eating Disorder Support?
Depression Literature?
What are social drugs?
Should I go to emerge? Please No Rude Comments?
Thyroid gland enlarged?
What does a bump on my cuticle mean?
Can you have a stomach ucler without having Helicobater Pylori?
How can I get to sleep earlier at night?
Fish Tapeworm in humans need fish hook and lure photos and other information?
Is there a vacine for lyme disease available that will prevent me from getting Lyme disease?
do all asthmatics wheaze? Or is there asthmatics that get no wheazing just short of breath and coughing?
Anyone know why I can't find Coricidin Cough and Cold anymore?
does the gardisil vaccination hurt?
left arm hurts when i move it in a certain way?
left outer ear pain sleeping, circulation is cut off, tried many pillows, wakes me from sleep, any solutions?
More hygenic?
Foam Underwrapping for strapping tape in Melbourne Area?
Childhood obesity problems in adult life?
i just found out my boyfriend has schizophrenia should i be worried?
How do people with no legs go to the washroom?
Latly I feel like im dreaming even when im awake?
what are some songs that can lull me to sleep?
age for surgery?
can you buy laxatives in the pharmacy? (without questions being asked)?
If a tb test is given in error, for example instead of 0.1ml given, 0.5ml is given, can that be harmful?
Is showering or bathing a health or social issue?
I'm feeling scared...?
Why do I get so stressed out, and how can I stop it?
How do you know if you're actually sleep walking?
How to cure school-related stress in teens?
Do depression survivors ever get fully better?
What is trichotelomania?
can a teen on meds for adhd keep calm after not taking her pills for a few days?
could this be a depression?
Having Nightmares!!!!!?
I can't cope with stress, help please?
Does anyone know anything about autism?
what does a weird/disturbing dream mean?
If a suicidal person is on the run , what happens ?
How do you talk a friend out of suicide? (DESPERATE PLZ HELP)?
i think i have depression?(kind of long welp)?
After having my cancerous kidney removed I have just been diagnosed with lung cancer?
how can i get over the traumatization cause by the 1976 film Carrie?
What anxiety disorder is this?
My blood serum cortisol readings vary from below reference range, to above reference range when given an ITT?
Thyroid Gland Hyper functioning nodule right lobe Multi nodular Goitre?
The Right side of my waist hurts after a fall?
SERIOUS serious MIGRAINE pounding HEADACHES!!!! Help!?
Can I Post Eucalyptus oil & Vicks vapour rub to the USA?
Is a Cavernous Haemangioma Genetic?
Addicted to smoking?
Fainting from quitting Paxil?
Where could I buy Self-Injury wrist bands online to Australia?
How many prunes should be eaten to relieve constipation?
UTI or not?
Needle fainting question?
is Ventolin or symbicort Stronger asthma medication?
Do antidepressants have any affects on your dreams?
Why is it that when it's a sunny day, we tend to be more optimistic and happy but when it's dark and rainy...
Does anyone know about following meds?
friend might commit suicide?
Looking for preferably a mother or fathers help?
Does my friend have some kind of disorder, like Bipolar or multi-personalities?
What is happening to me and what should i do?
I wrote to this catagory trying to find out?
I need someone to talk to....About my Depression?
Please help... emergency question?
Who burns inside sick with anger?
I seem to have misplaced a contact.. Lila, if you are out there, or if anyone knows where she is...?
what are symptoms of OCD?
If ocd symptoms are present for 5-6 months then you get treatment will ocd go away, or become mild?
Is it true that eating too close to bedtime will disturb your sleep?
How to open up in counselling?
is it wrong to feel ashamed picking my nose when no one else in the room?
I could really use some help?
What should I do with my mom?
How to quit your therapist?
Going to the snow...and having asthma?
Why does paxil wake me up so much?
can depression do this?
weird sleep problem?
prozac, anger, and ocd?
How can i help my girlfriend with being bipolar?
Is it normal to have irrational thoughts when you are tired?
Muscle twitch?
Have you Ever Want to Scream Out Loud?
Does anyone know any good online color blindness tests?
have a bad back but i think i have urine infection aswell?
help! my daughter is sick?
what's the truth about brain cells?
i need help with a neck injury i think it may be cervicle kyphosis?
What does the gall bladder do and why do you get gall stones?
Doctors: how would you know if you had Achlorhydria?
I have a lot of pain and no answers, what is it?
extreme joint pain and eye problems are they related?
Can I take Darvocet-N 100 MG from 22 Feb 2007? or is it too old to take? Does it lose its effect?
what causes high levels of protein in the blood?
hydrocephalus or not?
How bad can white coat syndrome get ?
Suffering from acidity and my intestines are swollen! Anyone who suffered from this before me?
what vitamin is good for severe and recurring headaches?
what can one do to get tinnitus relief?
my fourth toe is smaller than the rest of my toes on both feet what is my condition?
What does herpes do to you? I heard it on an add.?
What will they do to me? (eating disorder, psychiatrist)?
u wl remain green because of love&u wl remain alert because of death. the shock of death wl not allow u 2 go?
stomach problem?
What to do if you lost a part of your life due to illness?
overcoming anxiety..?
Is this some kind of eating disorder?
Anyone diagnosed with bipolar that also has anxiety problems?
My gf is going on vacation for a month, and I'm feeling depressed. Help?
has anyone mixed wellbutrin and adderall?
Is it possible to overload a brain's memory bank?
Are my mental "abilities" normal or could I be developing a mental illness?
After my friend said she was going to kill herself and refused to sign a safety contract she went missing?
Why do I feel bummed out today?
Do you think drinking alcohol (2-3 drinks each night) affects long term cognitive function?
I think I’m turning into a mad person?
Pills or treatment for lack of ambition and fatigue? Please.?
how to not start laughing when talking to someone?
Pain in knees and elbows?
Nose piercing after being removed and still scars.?
How much does it cost to get your double chin surgicaly removed?
contacs?!? please answer i want to go to sleep!?
I've just been told i have Fournier's Gangrene, what does this mean for me?
Chest pains and sore lungs after smoking?
Am i getting better with my depression?
Anxiety Attacks.?
In the furture I may want to become a psychiatrist?
I had an anxiety attack at work on friday. How do I keep calm?
What can i do to feel connected with people?
How can I control sleepwalking in a four year old?
did kylie minogue have HER2 breast cancer?
breast cancer h2... what is it?
Hayfever Bee Pollen Question?
I'm looking for some-one who has been through the separation process of complex syndactyly?
Muscle cramps cause complete temporary paralysis in my wife's body, Anxiety Disorder, or Dietary Difieciency?
Bananas give me cramping and diarrhea could this be allergy or potassium related?
How to fix Breast implant capsule without surgery. I've had my implants for almost 3 years.?
How to cure depression without medication?
would this be depression?
Do psychiatrists look at our gestures and if we're nervous and that ?
i am a 25 year old female.for the past week or so i have felt like my body has been leaning to the left.?
am i suffering from depression?
I keep seeing a disturbing and depressing image in my mind, what do you thing I should do?
im very paranoid ok..?
Please help.. I don't know what to do anymore?
Please Help - Thanks for your answers in advance?
How to get turned off?
How can you tell if your depression is a disability?
I called a hot line yesterday and I have a meeting with them today at 1...?
I wake up every night between the hours of 4-5 am, turn off the tv, and go back to bed. Why do i do this?
What is the best way to stop this feeling of uncontrollable sadness?
I'm Canadian - It seems very difficult to get mental help. Please read my full question and help if you can.?
I look stare at something, and randomly doze off not thinking about anything?!?!?
Do these behaviours seem like asperger's syndrome to you?
Has anyone had a diagnosis of mild swollen ankles and the cause?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
i WANT to recover from my eating disorder?
Lump in main saliva gland?
under what kind of medicine is Supraneuron?
cold sore breaks, what's gonna happen?
what is chromosome # 13? what happens when a baby has an extra chromosome #13? what kind of disorder is it?
Sulphur dioxide (220) is sprayed onto grapes & is a bowel irritant can this can be washed off or removed?
ferritin level?
Thyriod nuclear scan what will it cost?
can the arthritic lump on my finger joint be removed?
believe i have lactose intolerance?
Beef Burger Question?
swollen middle finger on right hand for no reason?
Tea causes me bladder irritation, does anyone else suffer from this?
hi iam 26 yrs old mother of two kids under 3.6 months back i suddenly started to feel my right side of face?
Sweaty, please help!?
How long do people with pneumonia have to stay in the hospital?
What can i do for my daughter, who is undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia?
What does Spoon Theory mean?
What to use for coughing until preventer starts working again?
my daughter had croup last night?
what operations do people with leukemia have to undergo?
why do some cancer patients have to stay in the hospital while others can be outpatients?
Please help me with......?
I have been prescribed Mirtazapine. Does it make u put on weight or just increase your appetite?
physical therapy questions?
In 2003 I spent $3455 for Medical care not covered by Medicare. What % was for Rxs?
any natural remedies for add adhd instead of ritalin?
Have you had your midlife crisis yet? What must you accomplish before you die?
How do you stop someone who has been hurting their self for 15 years. By self harm, cutting and picking?
Where can I get treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder in Canada?
What's the longest insomnia anyone's ever had?
For men! about GUT?
Is "mental health" a phony concept, contrived for the convenience of others? Is it really a chiseled disease?
as in palitive care that my father is in a cult state?
Has anyone ever used a life coach?
random pain in my chest?
Lower left side torso pain?
About joints and my bones? Does anyone have or know a secret cure or anything that can help me out.Pain pain ?
Could This Damage My Back?
I sometiimes poke my head-inside my hair; read this pleaz?
Painkiller Addiction is Huge accross Canada and the US and alot of people feel deserate and alone?
Is there a medication to treat Adult ADD that does not increase blood presure?
Anyone knows how to get rid of anxiety disorder once and for all ?
info on dilco?
Why are some children abused if they haven't had time to gather bad karma?
i worry about my future?
does anyone know a website that i can chat with people w/t bordeline personality disorder? thanx?
Do you believe that hallucinations will make you do something crazy and you can't control it ?
why are bogeys green?
When keeping mosquitoes away does more deet keep them away more?
Pls help!? Cramps!!?
Two left feet?
what is the solution in which mercury thermometer is kept in a clinic?
my cousin has a lump in his throat the doctor said next week they will see it is but what is it??????
What does a corked thigh feel like? Why do I feel like it's my bone that is sore?
Does eating greasy caused uncomforable in stomahc & feeling vomit?
Spinal Fusion Surgery. Any experiences?
Anxiety - Am I experiencing it?
Autism Spectrum Disorders what help is out there ?
What's the difference between a disease and a disorder?
I have an illiac popliteal bypass, will climbing to high altitude have any adverse effect on this???
how much cost for dialysis in india?
Urine a lot without pain or burn, just discomfort!?
Why does Irritable Bowel Syndrome give you such bad back pain?
Have a GGT of 250 is this dangerous?
i was recently told i have very low b12 its at 111,
Treatment for Sphenoid Sinusitis, anyone know anything about it??
how long does it take for castor oil to come in affect?
Which of the following is a common predisposing factor for pre-renal acute renal failure post-operatively?
what causes high calcium in the blood?
sore throat below my adams apple?
Mozzie bites or something more serious?
TTC and Endo?
Why is it that ciggarets make me feel worse?
Spina bifida related question?
Foods that cause cancer?
A few questions about bone scans and bone mets?
where can i find info about mental disorders in children and youth. ie. ADHD and ODD?
need help for 8 yr old diagnosed with add. medication ,diet physcologist , books,etc?
information about computer addiction, where in mississauga can I locate it.?
Where do I find help for my Son,Who is stressed out and at the point of a breakdown?
How does being hypoxic effect a person's judgement?
i have visions and anxiety and i see cross going in my virgina?
Psychiatrists -have they done any good??? 11?
Can someone PLEASE help me with my Effexor withdrawal symptoms?
I'm a 59 y/o male taking no meds. I've been having short bursts of tingling at the base of my spine. No pain.
Who know more about this... please help?
Who are experiencing this kind of therapy?
what is bulk billing exactly - how does it work??
what can I do to stop worrying about every little thing... and start enjoying the present.?
I'm looking for a treatment/recovery house for mature women with bipolor disorder either in montreal or?
Do you every regret it when you are implusive?
BABY LUV: wacked out chick or just an Idiot?
I am getting tired quickly and whole body is in pain?
i have huge ribs! does anybody else?
Please, please, please, please, please, help!!!!! ?
Yoga pains? How can I get rid of them?
I think have insomnia... I cant sleep...and i cant turn my mind off...what are ideas to help me sleep?
Pl provide me some help and tips to improve my situation.?
How do you know if you are having a panic or anxiety attack?
Thyroid problems, symptoms the same as depression?
teeth clenching in children , tantums?
Emotional depress eczema, anyone with similar experience, please help.?
i am a 41 year old male needing to talk to others with mental illness in same age category?
Has anybody been on Loxapine? Let me know dosage and tell me the side effects please and thank you.?
Is there a psychiatrist at yahoo answers? I need help.?
What are signs of Tonsillitis?
What does leukemia do to a 9 month old cat with Feline aids?
HCV experts only please. Can hepatitis C be transmitted via the digestive system?
lump on nose side of both eyes?
can you still get haematemesis( bloody vomit) if you take ketoprufen in suppository form?
odd pains under ribcage?
i had my carpal tunnel surgery 2 weeks ago. Do you know exercises to normalize my grip?
the black death- effect on family
what do you know....?
how do i grow 5 inches taller,i'm a 15 year old girl?
iron therapy....can you help... plz?
Symptoms of fainting??
Haemophilia and sports?
Can whooping cough come back?
what is a referral service in terms of health care, mental health or disability services?
how tall do u think im gonna grow?
how i ve to start meditation??????????????/?
ladies ....if my ....HEAD... was a salad bar.....?
Under Canadian Law....?
I just want to know about brain injury named -right tartiera temporal.?
What brings on moods? Is there always a reason?
Anyone else with asthma having problems with the Pro-Air?
What are the most common causes of cancer?
This little girl thinks it`s funny that her sister lost all her hair after chemo. what should be done about it?
I get dizzy/pass out if I don't eat enough, do you think I have hypoglycemia?
Cervical question please help?
What happens if get a paint reliever wen i don thave any pain?
Aspergers? What does this sound like to you?
For someone who has short term memory loss, do short term memories eventually become long term memories?
Which one - icd or dsm is used in Canada for diagnosing mental disorders?
where can i buy seredyn in Canada?
Why are a lot of people who are mentally challenged also physically "different" from you and me?
y cant i find pychologists 4 vancouver b.c?
Self Injury support groups in Ottawa ?? Are there any ??
My husband is suffering from a bad deppression. As a wife how can I help him?I am really worry for him.?
Does postartum offend other's?
Has anyone experienced a time when you thought of something with a friend and you both said it together?
I get offended over little thing's and it take's a while to get over it!?
What disorder is this?
Long Term Disability and CPP Disability. How do I get them to work with me so that I don't feel trapped?
This is a serious question I'm 14yrs old and I found a bump on my scrotum and I'm too embarresed to tell mum?
Fibromyalgia - has anyone made a full recovery??
celiac disease?
What is the rarest genetic disorder in the world?
Have i eaten to much? (i have anxiety)?
I'm pregnant and I have UTI, my doctor says to take anti biotic cefuroxime axetil? im not sure if this is safe
why am i so tired all the time?
how can i get rid of an overall sore stiff feeling within hours?
My blood flow goes to my feet and hands making them turn red. What is this?
Should i go to the doctor?
Can I practise Tai Chi with these conditions?
Is it okay to use probiotics that expired in March this year? Are they still alive?
Can a stuffy nose cause an anxiety attack?
why am i upset over nothing???????
Are you able to put earrings in your perauricular pits?
i hope you can answer my quiz?
Gastroenteritis?? who has had it and can u pls tell me ur symptoms:)?
Not feeling connected to wife and kids?
Gosh why is it that parents are so good to your partner?
Is transactional analysis the best form of psychotherapy?
anxiety disorder/social anxiety disorder?
Manic and Ranting !!!?
How to stop hurting yourself?
Can anyone recommend a good doctor who uses botox to treat migraines?
My right knee pains...
is there a cure for capd?
Where can articles on mental illness be published?
Anxity Advise Does anyone have any?
What is better,motorhome,5th wheeler ,trailer?
what do we mean by borderline syndrome?
How to stop fantasizing and acting them out?
When Do most people lose their Virginity??????
Why do I get a headache after drinking Poland Spring?
Gross question - why is it that rich foods can sometimes give?
is it ok to take vitamin B complex after eating?? 10 points!!!?
Where can i buy brass knuckles in perth?
I feel shaking inside my body and I feel tired I don't know why ?
Following a bowel resection when should diet be commenced.?
i have a mild epilepsy i was wondering because i have my last seizures 2005 it is totally gone?
What's It Like To Have Scoliosis Surgery?
what are some anti psychotics that are available in Canada?also side effects any links would be cool:O)?
What Is It Like Living With Someone Who Has Schizophrenia?
How come violent symbols are used on Hallween? Don't we tell children to be gentle with one another?
hyperventilation what is it?
Are there any Muslim girls here with an anxiety disoroder?
Help! union/empl want me 2manipulate in2 claim that works best 4them rather than whts correct + worksbest 4 me
i popped my blackhead now its a hole..?
I need help?
Do depressed people push their loved ones away?
Is there some recently announced new drug for depression?
any suggestions... I have to go to a funeral today...?
Dr. I have paranoia or OCD disease. If this is not recurrant of PTSD then I'm entitled 2 Health Ins. coverage.
With all due respect?
Can someone help me?
any recommendations for treating social anxiety that have worked?
McDonald's clown gets boot from New Brunswick elementary classrooms?
Can anyone recommend a book to help Control freaks?
ADHD sufferers? How do you cope. And do you use it as cop out?
when is best time to take luvox?
Survival Instinct?
sometimes i get panic attacks?
anyone know what recipes i can make with cream of wheat?
im hurting on the left side of my ribs?
if i smoke in my room,will it clear out by morning?
Stomach cramping and Diarrhea 7-8 hours after eating?
please help!!!!!!!!!!!!! cancer question.?
What does the liver do and how does it work in the digestive system?
I'm way too stressed out! How can I manage to let loose?
what is that spaz attack when your in bed and feel like your falling?
Hi my bp is 100/70 but...?
I am a Bipolar Disorder patient ? taking Lithium Carbonate?
How does clinical hypnosis work?
There is a therapy for a forgiveness process?
I recently ended a relationship with someone I loved, it crushed me. I have started a new job, I have been wi
i heard about sam-e and want to try it anyone tried it yet?
I have a toxic boss and am thinking of taking stress leave. Any advice on how to do this?
Does chewing gum help build jaw muscles...?
Whoever has been to Dr Beverly Yee in Las Vegas? URGENT!?
How to cure medial ligament damage?
Can listening to music on headphones cause hearing damage?
Explosive diarrhea...?
Is there a difference when it comes to Lortab or Lorcet or Vicadin or percacet concerning a random drug test?
whats wrong with me lol?
What would you like to ask?
This is really disgusting, but it popped into my head and it's going to bug me until I figure it out...?
any remedies for numb left pointing finger and sharp pain inthe same arm?
I Really Miss My Grandad, He Died Last Year But I Dont Kno What To Do..?
Where can i find out anything about Autism?
what is anti-ableism?
I'm taking a correspondence course in "Relaxation Therapist". I'd like to be one.How do you deal with stress?
Epileptic who's already had a surgery out there? and had a positive outcome?
How many people commit suicide over Niagara Falls each year?
how can i over come from mystammering problems?
Does anybody else have a generalized anxiety disorder?
What really happens with Ciprofloxacin?
How long did it take everyone's hair to grow back after chemo?
why can`t children go to school if they have cancer?
Liver Transplantation?
Albinism family tree?
what do i need for vitamin deficiency?
is it true that if you faint and your left foot is in front you fall backwards?
Efexor - xr (anti-depressant)?
can i buy promethazine without a prescription?i have a real bad back problem and i cant even sleep!?
what is hemangioma??
About 5 years ago I had a ct scan done for a dizziness I had. They found something about 2 cm in diameter roun?
The heat and humidity is making me feel sick!! ?
Serious Problem! Help needed?
why do i have red clumps of blood in my poo?
Do Iron Deficiencies last forever?
My brother's 15 with autism, need report on his condition by a Psychiatrist, where can I get it?
I am having the Gillies procedure tomorrow, i was wondering how high up into the hair the incision will be?
Patient Care Technician ?
bad smelling flatulance.?
High Blood pressure and High resting heart rate?
What are the duties of an aged care worker?
How would one, create a new profession in mental health?
My girlfrien suffer from depression; how can i help?
Ive been really stressed lately ,Christmas rush and spending too much money etc?
Help! "Emo" teenage son..in "Emo Love"...Im worried...what is going on?
any information on cutting - self injury?
I'm having hard time finding support groups in Connecticut for depression. Got any info?
Do our loved ones see or hear us when they pass on?
level 2 bipolar?
cervical cancer question. please help me?
really worried about mouth or throat cancer please help!?
help, chest pains.......... what could it be?
I have been experiencing pressure on my knees every time I take a step.This has lead to foot pain I think. ?
How to help my fingers from artheist?
Something is definitely not right with me..?
what could cause the abscence of needing to defecate?
What is the only vitamin that your body can make by using sunlight?
A problem with smell?
How much will HGH make you grow?
Why do we yawn...................?
ways to get rid of scars?
does breathe right strips really work? ?
bloked ears and pain ;(?
I am interested in peoples experience with light therapy boxes.?
Can anyone overcome their obsessive-compulsive disorder without medicine?
Every day I sit here feeling embarrassed. The way I have led my life seems terrible. Is this Social Anxiety?
what is bipolor I know its a mental diease but how does it affect a person?
possiblely not human?
does music affect memory?
how do i deal with my anger issues?
How well is the ever hastening wave of mental illness across the board being met by health authorities?
Gastric problem, need help?
When does the flu turn into pneumonia?
i have a scan tommorow?
my granddaughters lense prescription is OD+2.50 OS +3.50-1.00x180. What does this mean?
How do i become a morning person?
where can i buy the "next level human joint capsules"?
Bumped my head hard??
Is it true eating asparagus makes your urine smell?
Does it hurt when the stitches are taken out after blepharoplasty?
how do i get rid of stubborn cellulite!?
so i ate A LOT of amonds...?
how can I wake myself up in time for school?
Possible kidney problem or just back pain?
2quiz in 1...plz help
Diarrhea after meals?
how do you get rid of phlegm?
House call doctors (newcastle)?
why do i feel so sick?
Does your body have a harder time creating antibodies when there is more work for it to do?
I am having bad headaches - has anyone eles had these in relation to methadone?
If you was in my shoes would u ask ur doc ?
What you can tell me about recreational drug use diverting you from all sensible actions?
whats the best omega3 for mood and energy?
I'm a compulsive "binge questioner". Is there any therapy for this rare and annoying condition?
group homes for the mentally ill? Lower mailand Vancouver?
How long have Wellbutin side effects taken to ware off for you?
i think my bf may be mentally ill. please help.?
What are some conditions of dependence which define co-dependence?
Has anybody taken the drug paxil for shyness? Did it work? Side effects?
What is the cause of unsettling emotional or mental feelings?
What is your take on Paranoid Personality Disorder?
how to get rid of post traumatic stress disorder?
My father has epilepsy can he still get private health cover?
Gastroenterology & Liver Help!?
What's the safest class of antihypertensive in near end stage chronic renal failure?
found white oval pill with N 2 imprinted on it . can anyone identify it ?
Having a really good night or day?
every morning when i wake up my throat is weird?
how long do you keep a mercury and a digital thermometer under your ARMPIT to get accurate temeperature?
where can I buy special eating utensils and anti-thrombolytic stockings in melbourne?
describe some responses of body systems to infectious and non-infectious diseases?
Have you considered the energy therapy Emotional Freedom Techniques? If not, why not?
Lost ability to Lucid dream....?
anyone have any good information on histrionic disorder?
important question!! please help?
Is it a good idea to stop taking Effaxor XR 150 mg before starting college?
I bounce when I walk. Can someone help me?
do u know someone bipolar who always thinks that there pregnant?
Has anyone been on remeron and is weight gain inevitable?
am i depressed or do i just think i am?
how do i love a woman with ADHD.my heart is torn in two from things i can not explain and i dont want to blame
What Do You Think Of This?
i only poo every 2-3 days, is this normal?
what too do if you swallow a small ball on?
help with my ear pain?
Help please -- lumbar spine CT scan?
Drug test tommorrow?
how can we treat the deaf?
Does anyone know about weird hair growth?
Is there really a cancer drug that has been proven to restore original hair colour?
My friend has Meninjitis?
how can you tell whether you have leukemia?
Suicide help!!!?
the caregiver-client relatinoship list the things you do for client that support his health and well-being?
online therapist?
this may sound off topic lol?
Does your OCD get better if you are drinking?
A 10 yr old child wets himself (daytime), hits himself purposely to cause blood, loud outburst, what's wrong?
Im not sure what is wrong with me, things dont seem to make sense anymore inside my head. Any ideas??
I have been having lots of nightmares about various subjects . Is there anything I can do to make them stop?
I make weird noises in my sleep. What can I do to prevent it?
Discomfort in bottom row (front) of teeth?
How many people out there have been diagnosed with being Multiple Chemical Sensitive.?
I have an ear infection, how can I treat it?
how does sunscreen work?
how many teenagers die each year from illegal drugs each year?
what are the bad effects of fainting?
I'm throwing up a yellow slimy liquid but I have a full stomach. What is causing this and how do I stop it?
Anyone know much about Lariam as an anti-malarial?
I have pain above my right hip, it mainly reaches up under my rib cage? Does anyone know what it is?
Please read below and help me out :( im really worried .....?
high eosinophils & low white blood cell count. what does it mean?
can someone with cerebral palsy be a bank teller?
Is Epilim used for depression as well as epilepsy??
Urgent Medical Question - Sclerosis and Spina Bifida?
What is the link between liver failure and signs of oedema?
Anyone under 30 who suffer from Fibromyalgia and CFS?
What is Prasad's syndrome?
Alcoholism and THIQ tetrahydroisoquinolone?
blood in urine, all scans clear?
I have this lump under my chin - does everyone have it?
Pain in my left arm?
What veggies can i give my 7month old to help her get rid of the cold?
feeling sick because i am nervous/excited?
Please help me..?
SAD I am feeling sad and I am asking for a little support?
Why do I always think something bad, is going to happen to me?
do you know any good sites to download FREE self hypnosis stuff for relaxation?
Lexapro and Buspirone?
How do you protect your heart?
Why do I stay awake so late at night and sleep all day?
anyone lost weight on Seroquel?
what will my first individual counselling session be like.?
how long will it take to get over alcohol withdrawal?
y cant i stop urinating?
how can benzene cause leukemia?
what does it mean and what illness is it called when someone wants to be sick all the time?
how do people get leukemia?
did this turn in to bronchitis?
who know what is a...?
OH please help me, I really need help?
Are you Health Cautious?
Why does my Lip piercing hurt?
Headache. To the extreme.?
What can I do as a fundraiser to get money for a friend who's just been diagnosed with cancer?
For what reasons one may loose his/her concentration?How can I regain my focus?
how long does it take lexapro to take full effect?
can someone describe?
Tell me an inspirational or motivational quote?
What makes you feel all warm and bubbly inside?
kleinfelder's syndrome websites needed that are informational with hormone therapy?
ADHD children..do you have one?
Is the temp too low urine sample compared to second sample taken immediately after the first?
How can I relieve stress in school?
how much does the doctor cost?
UK only people, blood giving?
How do I recover immunization record?
can do 1km on treadmill in 6 & half min. Or 1km in 9 min walking. Which is best for weight loss & fitness?
Is there a pulse at the lower left abdominal area?
can gas stay trapped in your stomach for weeks?
Health benefits/disadvantages of eating Hot Pepper?
What could explain being sick after giving blood?
Ever come out of a depression & felt out of touch? like forgot manners, BCuz u felt real self-concious?
I have dreams and i dont' know what to make of it. mybe you can help?
how can be a better person to serve soiciety?
Do you believe that everyone is addicted to SOMETHING??
anyone know anything about anger management?
Has anyone noticed a lesson effect of alcohol when taking Lexapro?
How many people have dementia in Canada?
Where can one purchase Alprazolam, or Xanax online ONLY within Canada without a script???
Tobramycin and hearing loss?
Lower left pelvis lump?
My friend is suffering from Bipolar disease i don't know what to do?
Music to block out her pain i cant cope?
Thyroid medication Neo Mercazole (Carbimazole) Tablets -- Has any one had any adverse affects taking this?
side effects of taking extreme Vitamin C doses for an illness.?
I seem to be sweating antifreeze?
Why do I have constipation and diarrhea in the same run?
Can you get blood to blood diseases through spit?
does any one know the answer to this narcolepsy question?
Need information about BDD, particularly if your a sufferer and how you being treated.?
Could moving lumps in or near your spine be a tumor?
I have a very bad headache and ear infection....?
how do you get kidney stones, how long does it take to get them and how do you get rid of them?
Captipril what drug is this for?
Helping a friend stop using meth etc..?
ADHD/ Narcolepsy Drug Ritalin. Do you or anyone you know take Ritalin? Help!?
Can marijuana affect a woman's bleeding cycle?
Would you consider my fingers really really long?
how to deal with ADHD???
Lexapro and Chest Tightness?
Is it normal to like to move alot? I have lived in so many houses... is there a subconcious reason for this?
what is the brain condition that makes you not feel pain?
Anyone with anxiety have thoughts of past mistakes?
Which came first? "The Chicken & Rooster or the 2 Eggs?
What is it called when ???
Who knows some really good panic/anxiety websites? Are there also some for pregnant ladies? Thanks?
Which one doesn't belong? Cat. Sun. Cat. Mirror. Why?
working as a housekeeper I been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome can be work related?
how can Benzene cause leukemia?
what can a person do to get leukemia?
is it true that you can bye tylenol 3 in the stores?
public health system (confusion)?
how much do nurses make per year?
Problem with my arm please help :(?
what is 20/20 vision?
How can I know if I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
What is the purpose of the big toe on the feet and the thumb on the human hand?
what is the best and safest medication for an adult to take who has ADD?
Novo-Venlafaxine XR -- what type of side effects have you had? Do you reccomend it or not?
What kinds of meds or something is there for tourette syndrome?
Im an organized freak, I have a to do list on my mind everyday, but this stresses me out alot! How to relax?
please help??????
Bounderies with mother as an adult?
My 8 year old daughter has a swallo phobia, started 1 mos ago when she almost choked .?
Post tramatic stress syndrome?
please help, i always feel rushed, i always feel that i need to get things done?
stress reducing activities in child care?
How come i still wet the bed?
How long after you take an overdose of panadol do you get ill?
Why am I seeing little white spots?
Which is the best, most relaxing yoga position?
Do you really catch a cold because one was exposed to the cold?
Scared? Feet feel like lead?
Can you purchase medication online for Australia?
Paralysing pain in spine when I get adrenaline?
I have an ear ache!!OUCH!!?
my son's got cerebral palsy please help?
Whats the best way to treat a suspected broken big toe?
Chronic pain? please help :)?
Phenylketonuria: what's the morbidity and mortality of the disease?
I have this affliction called "pill rolling" utilizing my thumb and first two fingers. I do this constantly.
Do You Think The Government Should Do Something About The Esperanza Lead Poisoning.?
eye problem?
i constantly feel the need to use the bathroom?
ear troubles i have new ear drops and they seem to be making things difficult?
sore throat for a week?????????????????
I want to grow to at least 6 foot 2, but im only 5 foot 2, what can i do to grow a foot taller?
What is hypoechoic foci?
What percentage of the population donates their body to medical Research?
Allergic reaction to hair conditioner?
Question about Citalopram?
I heard the smirfs were demonic?
what does this mean?
Why does trazodone cause me deppression every morning?
Mental Tiredness?
Self-help book ideas?
Can I drink 2 beers while on paxil?
I find that medication for..?
What hapens to a person when prescribed too high a dose of antidepressant?
Anybody know of clinics in Scarborough and Toronto that give physciatric help to people that don't have a fami
how long dose it take for herion to get out of your system?
Working as a doctor in the US?
old recipes/remidies/ etc?
Why do i feel so sick? (Explanation inside)?
Stretches before and after a workout?
I have an Ear enfection i have no money!! HELP?
Sore throat (left side only) help?
is it ok for people to go to sleep when thay get mad with someone are will that be stressing over it?
I dont think, thinking about girls?
Will This Be Enough To Kill Me?
air embolisms-can you get them from a 'normal' blood test if a syringe is used?
Have you ever stubbed your toes so hard you couldn't help crying?
I think its cronic depression, but what ever it is i need help.?
I have experiencing red spot on my left eye, just below the pupil. No itch, nor tears, but a red spot.?
is obsession a mental illness? it is easily healed? how?
Any nurses?
Help!!!! My brother is in Fatmawati hospital, Jakarta and we can't get any information.?
... Carpel tunnel ... do you know...?
How long is it safe to talk on a cell phone a day?
Question about Omphalocele?
Alwyas paranoid and searching for lumps on my body.?
can a massage chair cause cloudy urine?
Does Hypnotherapy work for weight loss?
Girls make me feel depressed?
Could someone tell me the syptoms to scitzophrenia?
Why do I have Autism?
I love my life so much and am happy and peaceful anyone else?
I'm never happy...I try so hard to think positive but...?
I got seperated from my loved one.I feel sad and dull most of the time.How can i make myself happy?
grieving help?
Hi. What would be the best way to get over the fear of hights?
am i crazy/do i need pills?
Is this gastro or a virus?
How long will the thc stay in my system?
I broke a fluorescent light. Can that be harmful?
Heart Rate Increase for no reason.?
Whats the best way to avoid being drowsy and tired?
describe different concepts of health?
Anyone wear Ankle boots?
Swalling problem just happened on friday?
constant ice pick headaches like 30 a day for a month and now throwing up when i eat certain foods?
Hashimotos thyroiditis?
What are the remedies for irregular bowel?help please!!!?
Phenylketonuria: infectious or non infectious and what are the economic and social consequences of the disease?
Can blind people comprehend the fact that they are blind? What do they know about vision?
I have a cystic focus which is 5.1cm diameter and it is in the superficial tissue. Can anyone please tell me..
Drinking more water and now my throat is sore?
Can the cartilage in your nose suddenly move without causing any pain?
my 4 yr old yorkatese is very sick she has hypoparathyroidism they regulated her calcium but now she is not m
my wife is pregnant and in blood test SGOT=39.8sgpt=73.9 ggtp=47 rest is under normal range .please guide
Does smoking pot ruin athletic performance?
help please?
How do you add a picture?
Dent in skull?
I have had chronic spinal problems for past 3 years-3 operations and am potentially about to face spinal fusio
when my hubby was admitted to hospital the doctors asked for his U's and E's what are these?
Can eating too fast and too much as a teen cause problems later in life?
I believe that there is a definitive link between music and healing mental health problems like depression?
Speaking having sore throat hurt ?
Something in my neck really hurts what could it be?
I have a small blister on the bottom of my foot..?
Approximately how many people in the world have a rare genetic disorder?
does anyone have the Disney Digital Thermometer?
American's.Ambulance transport.Fire Department treatment?10 points!!!!!!?
can a friend act on my behalf , ie, email. call my line manager whilst i am off sick?
Pathology Specimen Collector Career?
it just poped open again?
Smelly feet....help!?
pain below ribcage? any ideas?
Questions about thyroid and cholestorol?
accutane side effects?
how do you get yourself going in the morning? do things like berocca actually help?
hi my head is really sore at the back of my head the right side?
I constantly crave salty foods?
i left my soft contacts in my car for a week where i am sure they frze at one point what should i do?
I've been getting these weird headaches...?
please help?
Tongue ring O ring embedded in tongue?
some help with bmi calc.?
True or False?
do all people with leukaemia have to undergo surgery?
ARGH! How do i stop my toe from twitching!!!?
Whats the fastest way to fight off a cold?
Elbow Neuroma?
bees are dieing why why why??
why do i sleep soo much in the summer?
How to deal with helping my partner with OCD get back on medication?
Is it ok to believe in yourself and trust yourself?
Is it possible to develop work induced hypochondria?
If people seem to like me and I can't accept why? What is going on?
Does anyone know of a way to lessen withdrawal symptoms from Paxil?
When someone dies who must you call? In Canada?
Does anybody out there take Risperidone?
What do u think the best option is for graves disease having radioactive iodine or having it out and why?
Has anyone had spinal surgery to repair worn away cartillage?
i felt blocked up with my new Hearing aid?
what does a hiatal hernia (not sure on the spelling) feel like?
night fever? (its not a joke)?
Chest pain?
When Was George Sampson Diagnosed Scheuermann's Disease?
do i have juvinile arthritis?
what effect could a broad spectrum antibiotic have on the ability of person's blood to clot?
Bone pain in pelvis? cause?
Why do you have to be over 45 kilos in weight , in order to donate blood ?
Smelly feet??
Get answers from millions of real people.I just had my first spray on tan in booth.?
cutting yourself?
Heart and chest pains?
How long until the white patches go away..during or after course of antibiodics?
Drug Test question!?
I have a behind the ear hearing aid and I've been getting funny buzzing, static type noises. What's causing it
do you put your bread in the fridge or in the cupbord?
Have you heard of GBS Or CIDP? The diseases causes your immune system to Attack your nerves?
RE: chest contusion. sereral spots that make a clicking sound/sensation with deep breath.?
does this sound like lymphoma?
I need help with Diagnosing Knee symptoms....?
What is Tic Disorders?
I am thinking of taking my child off of methylphenidate for awhile...?
Is there a link between anxiety, OCD, and depression?
When does Zoloft expire?
I should have mentioned this before but I suffer from an emotional loss, could they be related?
Why do tears come out when we cry? I know we cry because we're upset, but why does water come out of our eyes?
how long does marajunia stay in your system?
my sister is adicted to alcohol,What is the best way to help her so that she gets rid off it?
i see girls were i live and they do this all the time y?
How long does it take for cuticles to grow back?
Can You Please Help Me.....?
louey, speed? anyone used it i need some personal advice about it?
what are the side effects of freon 114 used by dermatologist?
Can You recommend some really good foot orthotics/support for me? I'm on a limited budget...?
I have a Mole on my arm. When I scratch it I get a tingling sensation on the side of my body. Why?
What's the difference between a flu and a cold?
Do I have ADD?
What they call a chemical imbalance ane dopamine?
List at least 7 possible modifications to improve quality of life for eniors?
Is there a way to disconnect the "feeling" part of your brain?
I feel so grey...?
A question about a person with mental illness,who is not willing to leave country?
What causes facial pain and/or tightness?
why do we need organ donation?
Fasting for a general anaesthetic?
living at high elevations will cause a person's hematocrit to increase or decrease ?
does my storyline make sense?