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Why every when I wake up my mouth tests bitter?
can you tell me what might be awrong with my hamster?
help surviving with lupus?
Shooting pain from my foot to my leg? I'm 15?
a medication called Modecate and why is it perscribed?
Does anyone else feel like this at night?
If a person moods change often, does that mean soemthing wrong with that person/?
Schizophrenics, and dating...help?
Is it OKAY to pretend your someone else in everyday life?
Does the shape of my face show that I have a Genetic disorder?
do i have aspergers or something else?
Why do I get depressed when I hear music from the Zelda games?
is Effexor good to control anger problems??
Is this possible?? Two versions of me?
Runescape lawsuit?
Am I Bi-Polar? Yes? No?
I get the feeling that alot of people want me to...?
Does this sound crazy (talking to myself)?
What types of therapy are there for Anxiety disorder?
i have ocd. is this also the result of it?
I have a FEAR of driving!?
Why am I always in a bad mood?
how can i tell my bf...?
Help with anxiety and ATIVAN. Please help me.?
i prefer Dry Vit E. yet hard getting lately , Oil E causeing O I L Y am i the only person with effects?
What causes Sore Throats???
My dad is 5 feet 8 inches and my mom is 5 feet 2 and 1/2 inches how tall will i be i am a female?
What are some symptons of depression?
Why does my toe hurt?
Why is it when I Blink it hurts my eyes?
Signs of cancer after being in intense hot sun for three hours?
Can anyone translate my Nerve Conduction Study results for suspected CRPS?
whats the diffrerence between a vaccine and a drug?
does bleach,ingested in small doses diluted,hide results of a urine sample drug test?
Has anyone had Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)?
How can u get rid of a cold fast???????????
are there any side effects to a large vitamin c intake.?
Can a person slowly turn depressed and stay that way for a long time?
I have a lot of anxiety.. making me feel physically sick?
Why is it that when I sleep less I feel less tired?
How can I get over my irritation with other people's?
why am I meant to suffer like this?
Using .5 mg of Ativan...?
Anorexia help - will I become fat?
Can blunt trauma to the head bring out an antisocial personality?
Do people ALWAYS feel emotions?
why do i always run away from my problems and how do i fix this?
What is the best antidepressant pill(s).?
physiotherapy when can I stop going?
Is Alzheimer's disease hereditory, and if so is it recessive or dominant?
Endometriosis mimics?
If there is something wrong with your liver will it cause to lose weight and look run down and sick?
Why does my head feel like this?
would you call this food poison of Kidney infection?
Can one eye turn bloodshot from drinking alcohol?
What happens when you have a vitamin d deficiency?
Gall bladder question stitch one side now.?
Constant nausea?
what are the pathologies that impair leg movement?
Question about the bronchus & bronchi in the lungs.?
Is there any organization in Australia that helps families financially with dogs with liver shunt disease?
How hereditary is Schizophrenia?
have you ever liked someone you don't know very well, and kept dreaming about them for a year or more?
why do I have such limited vocabulary?
It's better to say I have bipolar disorder, than to say I am bipolar?
I've attempted suicide about 5-6 serious times in the past month. I am still suicidal ...?
parents right for their kids in a mental hospital?
My partner's behaviour and personality is becoming more and more strange, but no ones listens to my concerns?
When my friend is stressed out she looks drunk?
I was diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder.. and I've attempted suicide numerous times?
any success stories with beating depression, also someone who does not eat much?
What's a person called who helps people with addiction?
In the the movie, A Beautiful Mind, what was the purpose of Nash's insulin injection in the psyche hospital?
Anyone with an Anxiety disorder I need help please :(?
How much is the selling price of CLONAZEPAM?
I have a presentation tomorrow, I was just prescribed .5 g lorazepam will it work to calm my nerves?
Klonopin v.s. Xanax?
What do you think about Berlusconi?
Preparing to see a psychiatrist for ocd, any ideas?
Who do you think has the qualifications to diagnose a mentally ill person?
what are the melanoma's effects?
why is this happening?
do i have tonsillitis?
Can I choose my own oncologist?
How can i improve my digestion?
has anyone tried a DORN spinal therapy with a breuss massage?
Please help - I'm an addict?
Swallowing tablets..?
Does anyone with moderate to severe astigmatism who wears glasses suffer from anxiety or depression?:(?
What about Universal Health Care?
Can my eating disorder worsen if i dont get help?
Can anyone please give input ?
is there such a thing as bipolar with hate?
Can you help me?
Addictions: Help! I have a gaming addiction?
When does Sertraline (Zoloft) start taking effect ?
suggestions how to help my teen help manage the hyper behavior, not with medication?
what causes anxiety mood patterns?
What happens to you if you are sent to a mental hospital?
When does a suicide hotline breach the confidentiality part and call 911 on a caller?
What do you know about st johns wort?
Gluten free for autistic kids?
i feel really anxious?
Mental Disorder? (Bipolar, Bulimia, OCD, Anxiety)?
Awful Clonazepam/Klonopin withdrawel! :(?
I am onZoloft and Rivotril and I want to die more than anything ?
any words or advice is good at this point.?
I was prescribed 300 MG of Effexor XR... how much would be considered an overdose ?
Seroquel 25mg makes me feel weird, is it suppose to?
what is this?? HELP!?
Waking up in the morning, to go to school?
I need help to relieve sciatica pain in my lower back?
do i have Hirschsprung's disease?
Brain Tumour?
what causes greem poo?
Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Can consuming high amounts of sugar cause headaches?
I have cold symptoms and took my temperture. It is 95.4?
raynauds phenomenon &/ disease... how many people out there suffer from it and how severe are your symtoms?
does anyone know whats wrong with me?
Confused About My Looks?
I have attempted suicide in the past few months, and I am still suicidal... I just don't feel any better?
Please Help: I felt so happy and hyper this morning and now I feel like killing myself.?
What would your reaction be if your partner told you they had a....?
What's happening to me?
Will a teacher be required to report to parents, etc, if you tell them you have an eating disorder?
Is it abnormal to be extremly sensitive to sudden or loud noises?
Bi-polar help..........please!!!!!!?
A question about Aspergers?
I weigh 152 lbs and want to carve all my fat off. What would my counselor say if I told her ?
What is the mental illness that would cause someone to snap?
Melatonin, can it be harmful?
If i don't pray for forgiveness nothing will happen, but should i be feeling bad?
What can I do for my bf to make him feel better about himself??
Is reading on the toilet considered multi-tasking?
Suffering from insomnia?
I have an appointment to see a psychiatrist for the first time?
Is there a link between PMS/PMDD, PCOS, Depression, SAD?
How are you able to work or search for a job while having panic attacks?
What is trichotillomania?
men and society do not try to reinforce stereotypes that restrict women.?
What are tonsils used for? What is the point of them and why can they be removed?
can suboxone give you blurred vision?
How do you get Tonsilits?
Effects of Drugs and horror movies?
Hunger Pains but Pain continues up to the chest?
Do you sleep when you have a headache?
What happens if you Cholesterol is too high?
What is the situation over A (H1N1) in Bangladesh?
what are some of the respiratory diseases?
How often can vertigo occur and is there anything else with vertigo symptoms?
sodium valproate?
what is the relationship between physical activity,exercise and health?
is the ileum the same as the small intestine?
Why the shortsighted ,and the long sighted people ....?
Is 20/50 and 20/40 vision considered legally blind with glasses on?
What's a good zit fighting gel or mask spot treatment?
would it make ny dif takin more than 1 fish oil tablet in order to reduce inflimation in acne?
Do I really need to worry about this?
food for stomach ulcers?
How rare are Sanpaku eyes?
why i taste bitter when i have flu?
How To Get Rid Of Stomach Bloating?
I was wondering if i could get some infrormation about being born with a strep?
Leg curculation stinging turn red?
Sons ears hurt from wind?
office job and lower back pain help?
Stabbing chest and back pain.?
Hips get extremely sore when walking?
Daughter of alcoholic Father seeking help.....My dad needs help with his addiction!?
Is anyone else on Seroquel for anxiety?
Feelings for inanimate objects...?
I feel intellectually trapped, what can I do?
what problems might occur of an elderly client has a mental impairment?
I'm stressed ALL the time - What do I do?!?
Question to people who take Effexor? Do you suffer side effects ?
detoxing cocaine? schizophrenia?
How do hospitals react when someone comes in from an overdose ?
As a youth (13 -19) what was it like being diagnosed, sent to and then entering a psychiatric facility?
what are some obvious signs of anorexia?
How long do Effexor withdrawal symptoms last?
I need to admit myself to the hospital. How do I go about it ? Depressed/ Suicidal and Addicted?
thought friend was going to suicide but wrong?
what is the correct word meaning that someone has more than one mental illness ?
Does this sound like depression .. ?
Do you think I have OCD?
My boyfriend want's to kill himself.?
Medicinal marijuana - Hypochondriasis?
How long does it take to recover from a total knee replacement?
is there really such a condition called alcohol poisoning? if so how much would you have to drink?
Blurred Vision, what is cause?
What are some symptoms of bleach poisoning?
anyone know about lupus?
Does it hurt your lungs when you have lung cancer?
i had a lipid health panel today and was wondering if someone could help me understand a few things?
feeling sick all the time?
Where can I buy Condies Crystals in Australia?
Upper foreskin of the eye enlargement? Accompanied by risen temperature and occasional headaches.?
I feel so sick?
I need help with ideas to make an old man enjoy life 'he is 93.both deaf & blind living in an old age home.?
Insurance coverage for Speech therapy, which service providers they will do?
I take 10mg inderal at orning and 5 at night I still get faint headaches, ca I take panadol with my inderal?
Could smelling bleach during cleaning be bad for my health?
so i can't sleep AGAIN?!?
i hav a girlish figure what should i do to get rid of it?
i would like to hear from any one who has extremely high insulin levels, but my glucose levels up?
my blood group in o,Rh negative,and my husbend also.is there any problem for us?
Okay. I am feeling suicidal. Sick and tired of life but I can't kill myself?
I have depression and I can't get out of it. Any suggestions? Help!?
Depressed on the Weekend??
All my prjoects are overdue. What am I supposed to do?
panic attack question..........?
What's wrong with me?
I am 23 years old and everyone says I'm adicted to my meds.. Effexor, Klonopin, Zopiclone and Seroquel..?
Why is life6 always like a box of *Chocolates?
My wife has OCD ,she is pregnant ,she is making my life miserable .?
How can I avoid that nervous "crying" voice when I make a presentation?
How can I help my friend who is in a deep depression?....read more inside?
how can i make the school day feel shorter?
Why are so many people bipolar?
Is mental abuse worst than physical?
Staying awake for a 14 year old, will I die?
My neighbor has been doing this strange thing. Is he mentally ill?
Wrist Hurts?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?
Forced Dislocation - defintion ?
Will a physical evening of flips, lifts and acrobatics send your body into a painful shock?
one year ago i under go a face lift , i am having terrible pain in my right ear and can't lift any weight HELP?
Knee Problems, really hurts Help!!!!!!!!!!!?
I was on 300 Mg of Effexor Xr and I stopped Cold Turkey and my body is freaking out?
Do I have obsessive compulsive disorder?
I have problems with commitment?
I am having panic attacks, I went to my doctor and he has me on clonazepam,three times a day, the trouble is I?
What are the scientific causes for me feeling guilt about being aroused in the presence of other women?
My friend is depressed. What can I do to help her?
I very rarely leave the house.... is this a sign of possible depression?
I saw my GP yesterday and he had received copies of my suicide attempts and hospital stays ?
how bad is it when people you barely know think you're lonely?
Is this strange behaviour?
could i be schizophrenic? i have severe ocd, but i don't think that my obsessions are irrational at all?
Another Effexor XR question. I took 300 mg's an hour ago and another 300 mg's just now?
what are the odds that an alcoholic could become sober?
Really vivid nightmares for at least 3 years?
When bad rumors start?
Is there any counselor who is Korean in Vancouver?
School Phobia?
Wow death hits me hard. Now what do I do? Help?
Why am I sleep talking?
how do i get rid of acne naturally?
what is the average height of a 7 year old girl?
Any ideas what's wrong with me?
Has anyone smoke cannabis for many yrs, but one day you decided enough is a enough.?
After eating lunch , I feel uncomfortable and seems my stomach bulging ?
I have a 5 month old who was hospitalized for low platelets. What could be causing this?
can bladder infections cause kidney fauler?
Sore Wrist (Ten Point Best Answer)?
Chronic back pain ??? Explain?
Are there any foods or techniques to stop cramps while excercising?
Can sleeping on your side cause your shoulders to shorten?
How long after getting a tat do i need to wait to donate blood again?
How do we get earwax?
has anyone had plastic surgery that has gone wrong, if so what happened?
Can a lack of exercise/actuvuty give you headache?
male 39 always feeling sick in stomach sore testes always nauesaus?
What effect do 'poppers' (amyl nitrates) have as a recreational 'drug'?
Four year old bitten by hamster?
Weird sensations of pain?
Please help acl surgery 2 days ago?
An old saying is “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me.” Explain how labeling th?
Antioxidants and lifestyle help?
Is it possible to donate my blood even though I have very high colesterol?
Odd sensation in jaw...?
Does acid reflux cause this? please read?
what products may lead to cancer?
What is the chance that...?
about faintings or seizures?
ringing ears?
What's the difference between psychogenic and neurological causes of amnesia?
Small lump on left side of abdomen.?
Side effects from medication for Giardia?
coeliac children in australia?
How dangerous are these poisoning's?
Overactive Thyroid (5.2)?
Why does my head crack when I yawn?
I get carpillaries on my face,around my eyes when ever i cough hard or be sick..they ae rd purple and dotty b?
With drinking 2 litres of water a day, does it matter when you drink them?
roaccutane and weed?
Blood in urine -shadows on kidney?
A patient is treated with a drug that inhibits the action of proximal tubular carbonic anhydrase.?
Ive just super glued myself to myself! one hand on p0rn and other on you know what?
Any ideas on how to make my foot pain stop I've been going through it for 3 years!?
inner leg hurts after running?
What are all the causes of sore joints?
is it possible for your lungs to collapse randomly or do they need a reason?
Is any one doing the worlds greatest sheve this weekend?
Is this normal, my eyes are turning brownish...?
Can someone tell me what liquid vicodin is? I have a big brown bottle of hydromet and want to use it.?
I have severe pain in my left heel for the past one year.?
If alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine are legal then shouldn't marijuana be as well?
cough meds?
I have extreme leg pain, what is it.?
What else can I do to help heal my sciatica?
sleeping feet and hand?
Physio therapy ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
what are the eye problems a person can be born with?
please help why have i got a high crp and esr for over 18 months and the doctors dont know why?
what if given in conjunction with calcitonin usually increases the effectiveness?
Hematemesis versus Coffee ground vomitus?
My son did a urine sample which I refrigerated. After a few hours it had a lot of sediment in it. Normal?
I'm having an anterior and posterior prolapse repair, with mesh and am wondering what to expect?
What is involved in diagnosing Tourrettes?
I am currently taking optifast as i am going in for the lapband surgery in three weeks.
puberty...What is it...?
At what dosage does phenylehrine become dangerous?
Super smelling nose?
Am i starting to lose my mind?
Where can I get Ela Max or Emla?
How is it that I've gone from being a successful landscaper(apprentice) with a wonderful g/f...?
PAXIL : I missed ONE dose.?
Why Haven't I Been Crying?
If I tell my psychiatrist I am suicidal..will he admit me to the psych ward ?
am i insane / ?
Is going to a therapist as a preventative measure rather than for a specific issue a good idea?
hi.. i am depressed for the last years, and i study hard but?
Help always scared!!!!!!!!!?
how is it to not have a crush on anyone or love anyone?
Child I'm looking after...anxiety attack?
Does depression lead to irrational thoughts?
Scared To Eat (read story)?
should i talk to my school counsellor about this?
Is there something wrong with me?
If a plane has 270 people on it and 3 washrooms what are the chances of all of them being full?
another science Q. about being paid for organ donating?
my friend said that time heals all wounds but I fell over last week and now have a huge sore on my leg...?
Could i have asthma ???????
what did Aloise Alzheimer do?
What do you do if your friend stops breathing?
MDs in medical school are taught about disease and drugs but not about health or nutrition/We badly need a ch?
Constant upset stomach, what can it be?
do paramedics deserve a better deal for their essential and stressful services?
Re my previous question on true 'Madness'?
Eating foreign objects?
as i start doing well i begin to hate myself more and more...why?
I feel like I am going crazy. I feel crazy all the time.?
post-exam depression?
Is it acceptable to ask for medication right away?
Would sleeping with the lights on help with winter depression?
How do hospitals sedate you if you go crazy?
Please any doctor or nurse help me ?
Will the side effects to my medication last throughout my time taking it?
What happens if you call a suicide hotline and tell them you have everything needed to kill yourself?
I am a shopohlic and it is completely taking over my life..?
I am looking for mental health laws?
Depression on relationships. Did you feel like your depression put too much pressure on your partner?
Will memory loss and retention of short term ever come back after PTS and severe depression?
Intentional Ear Clicking?
Olive Leaf Tea?
what exactly happens when we get "shivers down our spine" ?
who has ticklish feet?
Is there something wrong with my Jaw bone?
What involves disc extraction?
Any home remedies for migraines?
How do I get rid of knee pain after running?
weird throat pain?? what could it be?
what can a depressed 13 year old boy with no friends do for fun?
How to wake up early Christmas morning?
Mental illness or emotional problems?
i have no money for food, what do i do?
Is there a place NOT to put steroid cream?
I have been having pain in my left arm from my shoulder to my elbow for about a month.?
What is the best relief from having itchy, swollen hemorrhoids?
what happens when you take double the amount of drugs the drug dothep 75mg?
Should I use yaz to clear up acne?
my toes have become swollen due to the tightness of my old shoes, what would be the fastest way to recover?
Does anyone know if either Tamoxifen or Anastrozole have any affect on Dry MD?
I think i have Staph?
How do i de-stress to stop having seizures?
What should I do about my mother who has undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenia?
how do we hypnotize people?
how early can Bipolar be diagnosed in children?
Paxil and Trazodone?
Starting to have problems with my grades, relationship with parents for over 7 months?
What 'tools' do people use to cut themselves?
I think I am a Precog,,, Help?
I think I took double the dose of my effexor xr this mornin and I was extremely sleepy and slurring my words!?
What is EMDR?????????
Lack of sleep questions?
Anyone taking both Lexapro and Abilify?
What happens when the maximum dose of Zoloft doesn't work anymore?
Please help... Eating disorder?
why am i so tired all the time?
i feel so fat i want to die what should i do?
What advice do you have when dealing with over-anxiety due to autism?
Is it common to have high blood pressure if you're on meds for depression?
aspirin overdose?
sharp head pains every now and then!? Help!?
getting Klonopin out of your system?
how much does a blood test for drugs cost?
What does it mean if you cant hear women when they look at you and say something really fast?
if i take a daily medication like paroxetine, but am having severe diarrhea, is it still effective?
I have a tendency to lick my own feet...does anyone have the same problem?
can you buy ipecac in supermarkets in australia?
Stomach Aches and Bottom Burns?
Can you restart growth after you've stopped?
What does medication do to you for the first two weeks?
is it ok to feel like this while having some anxiety/depression?
If I'm trying to control myself does that make me a control freak?
Im depressed becuase?
why do I always have bags unger my eyes, even when I'm not tired?
How actively would the police look for a suicidal person?
After 20 years of a pack a day I have quit for 9 days now.?
What do I wear to my first appointment with the psychiatrist ?
Hitting oneself when at the peak of anger/frustration?
what can kill brain cells?
Nervous before exam!!! Help?
Can't stop having panic attacks!?
please help me, i need advice on how to deal with a sleeping disorder?
I'm constantly thinking about death, obsessing over it now and I think the next step is ...?
I'm not anorexic or have an eating disorder but i don't want to eat?
What happens to a person psychologically when they isolate themselves for too long?
How can one purchase online prescription medication without a physican's prescription?
Are you half sleeping?
Do most things gross u out?do u think u have obsessive compulsive disorder?
My psychiatrist wants me hospitalized and I'm scared?
whats the fastest way to get xanax out your system?
Help with Impulse Control disorder. How to reduce urge to pull hair from Trichotillomania?
I have just been diagnosed with spina bifida occulta...what are the treatment options for this disease?
Any quick fixes for a gall stone attack?
Would a doctor prescribe doxycycline 100 mg for a flu thats gone to the chest?
My anemia is 7 "points" below normal...how does this translate into english?
whats wrong with my voice?
realy bad headaches!!?
How common is perthes disease?
When i wake up i spit out blood?
Do I have irritable bowel syndrome?
It says on doctor' blood?
saw a question is it better to stay in bed with fibromyalgia and CFS, but where are the answers if any?
Using .5 mg of Ativan...?
Headaches for a long time? I think.?
Could I have a gallbladder infection or disorder?
My throat hurts and I talk different?
Can you explain (in simple-English) what Libman-Sacks endocarditis is?
help!!! please!!!?
Severe muscle/joint aches, blood tests clear.?
has anyone had any luck with campral tablets for alcohol dependency?
What can I do for my chronic constipation when nothing works?
can you have SINUSITIS without even having a cold?,, pain in sinus area?
hey i need help bad!!!!!!!!!!!?
does eating ice affects ones vocal cords and range?
why do cold hands or feet get a burning sensation when placed into warm water?
What happens on a 72 hour hold in a psychiatric ward ?
how to relieve anger from injustice done onto you?
Can you refuse meds in the psychiatric hospital ?
I want to die.. why won't God just take me?
How can I help my 11 year old autistic brother to behave better?
Are you allowed to refuse meds in the psych emergency department ?
Life crisis! Any help?
I feel so bad about myself?
Why do I feel like this?
Shannon wishes I would have died instead of just being in a coma?
Im On Anti Deppressants, and iv been drinking alcohol?!?!?!!?!?!!?
When is the best time to relax?
Is there such a thing as foot obsessions? Not foot fetish, but obsessions. And also where do you go for help?
Am I sick, do i have a sleep disorder?
Im gonna do it I will?
always feeling tired and fitigued?
How do I cope with losing my wife, sno and daughter in the past nine years.?
cant sleep i hear loud music in my ears?
Leg, Knee problems, please help.?
Mental Disorder? (Bipolar, Bulimia, OCD, Anxiety)?
Im 14, really short. Im 4'6" and already hit my major growth spurt. Will I grow again?
What effects does smelling ammonia from a litter box cause?
How tall Will I grow?
is it bad if i'm addicted to gum?
How do I stop sweating?
Will i grow taller?
help!! anyone who knows anything about xrays!!?
Fainting After Shots...?
How do you lower high phosphate levels in your body?
I feel like I am getting dehydrated but if I try to drink water or anything else, i feel sick to my stomach?
Can anyone tell me if?
SMOKING ?????? What is the best way to give up and quit, COMPLETELY.?
why does my arm feel kinda numb?
what is the drawback of colitis patient?
Gout how can i prevent it ?
I have Crohn's Disease and am having hard time dealing with it.?
Heat stroke?
Could my body now absorbing iron cause my IBS?
What can ezze or stop kennedys disease pain????? help?
what is this condition?
I was told about a good drug detox in Thailand Samui Island I believe it is called the channon? cant find i?
can a salicylate problem cause gout?
What food should i eat to get rid of under eye circles?
Why do I pass out when I Laugh and cough?
Urinary Tract Infection, help !?
My fistula has been coming back, what is wrong?
Had colonoscopy but am having more symptoms.?
Know Anything About Tuberculosis?
Can I blame this person for my sleeping disorder?
Do you think that knowing someone with histrionic personality disorder would be hilarious?
should i go home today or not?
how can u tell the difference between a panic attack and a stroke?
Addicted to nyquil?
I think I smell bacon...but I'm trying to fall asleep....?
What is the best bipolar medicaiton on the market at this time?
Summer Breakdown...?
How to get over the depressed state of sunday night knowing their is school tomorrow?
Is this an anxiety disorder or paranoia?
Im very scared help me!?
I don't think I can solve my social anxiety. Should I just give up?
Where can I get free psychological counselling?
Is this a normal feeling?
I attempted suicide a few days ago and don't remember anything?
I am lost and have no direction?
Sould Art Therapy be intergraded into aboriginal mental health?
description of what aged care nurses can do to effect change in the delivery of aged care services.?
Why does an excess intake of chewing gum act as a laxative???
Is yawning contagious?
What sort of things can you do to be at ease with life?
Faint during Blood withdrawal?
Orange peel questions.?
Has anyone experienced weight loss with adderall?
Can napthalene flakes in good cupboards be harmful?
has anyone out there had a lapband?
headaches after waking up?
what is a foot???????:?????????????????????????????????????
Back pain issues through out my spine?
How can a kidney disorder stunt a person's growth (as in the case of actor Gary Coleman) ?
Please tell me what these symptoms are?
should you get physical therapy to body areas where bones were fractured but did not heal?
Does cephalexin antibiotic affect liver enzymes test?
Could I be Anemic? Please help!?
zyprexa, prozac for ocd?
Please send me a list of a few true illnesses that are similar to Paranoia (yet not the sckiz type)?
Anyone Depressed in First-Year University?
Husband addicted to diet pills?
What happens if you try and runaway from the hospital if you overdosed or have suicidal thoughts ?
Question regarding xanax 0.25 mg ?
Seeing a psychiatrist?
Why is my ear lobe sore?
My face feels tingly and numb?
i help my cerebral palsy brother have a shower please?
my 8 month baby suffering from brain atrophy.Is cure possible in homeopathy?
Im always shaking, is there sumthing wrong?
Fibromyalgia genetics?
Large bump on the right side of Septum..?
Polymyocitis, anyone know of treatments or a cure?
Family member diagnosed with MS?
Does anyone know about Lupus Anticoagulant?
When my feet get cold, they hurt on impact.?
kidney obstruction question ?
I understand there is a differnce between dental erosion and caries.Can a bulimic have caries without erosion?
crystle meth - ice?
how long until safe to visit?
How can i stop this injection hurting ?
can YOU please answer my quiz.....(any doc or nurses will do)?
why do some people have a pink eye when they wake up?
What do you think are the chances are to be born good looking pus have a good body.?
If free-radicals cause our bodies to deteriorate and age, will exercise increase its effects on our bodies?
What could be the coarse for my poo being runny?
Falling asleep after excessive caffeine intake?
Sore tongue on the sides, particularly when it hits my teeth?
I get ulcers a lot?
will vinger help me pass a urine test for marijuana?
can sleep deprivation cause nose bleeds?
Why do people mutter things under their breath?
I have found a lump :S?
back problems for awhile?
I'm going to the Doctor tomorrow because of my earache, but...?
Record for being arrested under Mental Health Act for leaving Emergency after Suicide Attempt?
Paranoia..?? i think i have it..? pleasee help.?
ok my friend is going crazy help!!!!!?
Help with Trichotillomania TTM . Medication or psychology ?
What can I expect ...increasing ?
I cant decide anything for myself!?
Tricks for Social Anxiety Disorder?
Has anyone known or heard of a person with clinical anxiety whose only symptom is extreme nausea and vomiting?
Help me please? (word power)?
why there is an increase in autistic children number?
Am I suffering from depression?
How do you know if you're depressed without going to a doctor?
Are there any instant cures for panic attacks?
I need some Hypochondria Help! It's getting bad!?
What should i do if i can't get a doctor?
How Do You Learn To Love Yourself?
What's the name for ?
school nervousness help?
to cigarettes help concentration and memory?
what exactly is osteomyloma?
Shakes upon waking?
St. Johns Wart was something i tried for a bit as an anti dpressant. I dont remember its effectiveness?
Why does my face get hot when I drink soda?
Sybicort and Tilade asthma medication???
hi i am the one that like moles freckles so much on girls arms what do u think about me?
Paracetamol cause internal bleeding?
how can we "clean" the blood in our bodies?
What do you do when you are alone?
10 year old girl with elbow sounds as she flexed and extend the elbow, no pain?
I called 1-800-SUICIDE and it says that the phone number is not accessible to my region.. Are they serious ?
What dosage of klonopin (clonazepam) is good for anxiety?
Sleeping Problems?
how long will this anxiety OCD/depression last?
my husband has been seeing his doctor he is on paxil for his depression has been on these pills now 7 years?
Things to do to get your mind off of family problems?
I'm "anorexic" and i've been having these symptoms for over a year? ?
i have spina bifida and arnold chiri i had surgry last year and ive had memory problems since normal?
I would like to know what is dysthymia?
What's the mentality surrounding animal abuse?
school problems??????
Mood swings..?
How can I improve my physical balance and coordination?
bouts of coughing that take my breath give hot flushes and make me very dizzy?
How does a past abuser deal with guilt? If he (or she) has begged his victim for forgiveness and ...?
I'm always tired please help?
Questions about Quitting Jobs?
Anti-depressants & Dreams?
question regarding the allie diet pills that just became available over the counter?
Why are people so fake these days?
I am so confused right now.. I am suicidal and I went to the day hospital today and ...?
Why is cutting yourself seen as such a big deal?
Why does suicide seem so welcoming sometimes ?
Do you stay even, or are your moods up and down all day?
what is schizophrenia?
Can't sleep...scared of someone breaking in :(?
Best cure for chronic insomnia?
how can i find myself again? Please help i don't know what to do?
so bored w life feelings of hopelessness/mAny people hve died or have gone awayI AM sick of living!?
When you know when your ready to commit suicide?
do you think you are an alcoholic?
What happens at the First appointment with a psychiatrist ?
My Cousin Keeps Taking Xaxax, Large Amounts of it, How Much Could Kill Her?
do you think my doctor is right?
15 year old with back pain? Help?
Is it safe to do sports when you have osgood schlatter's disease?
I would like to know what you think.....?
I am sort of short and all my friends are taller than me. How can I get taller? What can I do to help me grow?
please help me?
being sick with a cold- whats the best thing to do?
body's most smallest bone?
When you're hit in the nose such as a hard tap, slap, or light punch..do you sneeze uncontrollably?
Hi anyone knows about ferro-f-tab for iron deficiency? Is it safe?
What is the role of a transcultural liaison officer in a health setting?
Since doing triathlon 5 days ago, my glands under the tongue(between chin &throat) have been hurting?
FOP + nose piercing = problems?
Did anyone ever get blurry eyes or double vision from a slight concussion?
has anybody been operated on for costocondritis?
High ALT and cholesterol, low thyroxine...cause?
Urine & Blood test Results - What does it mean?
Rib removal? =S?
blushing - is it a physical problem???
Is there any such thing as an unharmful Spinal Bifida? I think they detected it on me when I was 9.?
Slightly high boold cholesterol - what to avoid?
how to get rid of phlegm?
Long-term effects of no sleep?
what dose it means when the doctors says my daughter is missing chromosone 2?
I have blastocystis hominis in my system. I'm taking Flagyl but doesn't want to go away. Did anybody have this?
My adult child has a side effect from his medication,PLEASE HELP?
Binge Eating Disorder HELP!!!?
I'm going to the doctor to see if I have depression and...?
was wondering about alcohol?
im feeling sad,anxious and scared!!?
Which medicine is best as a quick fix to a panic attack?
BD: Who should I see?
Chi or something related.?
i've had a headach for over a week?
I have a throbbing hemorrhoid on my chin, please help?
Frostnip on my big toes?
my mum overdosed...?
need help, doctors cant find anything wrong?
health heart problems???
Chronic Renal Impairment, why does it produce symptoms such as nausea, weakness, fatigue, itchy skin?
will prilosec (anti acid) medicine interfere with folic acid and lipoic acid ?
Chronic Fatigue?
There is slight narrowing of the L4/5 disc, and there are moderate spondylitic changes, is that can be normal?
Is my best friend epileptic?
left my celexa and seroquil at home?
How do I get sleep paralysis? I've never had it before.?
Why do I keep having these dreams?
What is Alzheimer's Disease? Please Help me!!!!?
can i slow my recovery from brain injury if i return to soon to work?
what happened?
Withdrawn and lonley help?
borderline personality disorder and long distance relationships. 10 points for best answer?
How can i help my friend to stop cutting himself while hes sleepwalking?
how long do affects of Xanax last?
cant stop worrying about my health and in genral my life(depresion and anxiety)and angry because i know how?
how exactly do you know if you have add?
Child Abuse and Drug Addiction Survivor Books?
purely obsessional ocd?
Any idea about what's up with a person who keeps referring to himself as?
I have no emotions.?
Why do people lose their sense of taste when they have chemo?
marcus bloom - how does he cure fibromyalgia?
lumps under armpits 5 weeks?
why my lovely life is getting wores daily please help!?
what all this means FBE,EDU,LFT,ESR,CRP,TFT,ANA,ENA?
Sharp pain under my armpit? ?
kidney/lower back pain?
can you snort naprosyn e?
Could This Be Serious?
Ear experts-- Can h2o2 perforate ear drum during infection?
juvenile rheumatoid arthritis - should i get a wheelchair?
could excessive thyroxine cause Polycystic ovarian syndrome?
I need to know if I have a possible mental disorder, please help?
i lost doctors prescription for ativan five days ago.I only use it as needed so i did not go to pharmacy .?
My hubby is bipolar but very unaffectionette is this common?
If you overdose and someone finds out, can you refuse treatment ?
Anyone --on Paxil or tried before ?
How do you deal with work place stress?
Anxiety Boyfriend Issue....please help me....I dont know how to deal with this one...?
I want to make something of myself but I too afraid ?
tips on pulling an all nighter..!!!!?
Can I meet with my lawyer and write up a paper that I want to refuse medical treatment for a suicide attempt ?
What is the difference between hormonal and bipolar mood swings?
Occasional "Wierd" feeling...?
Extremely thirsty but when drink have very bad stomach pains? What is this?
Am i allergic to shampoo?
could uterine cancer be removed?
How can chemicals cause leukemia?
How can i help my friend to stop cutting himself while hes sleepwalking?
i have a major headache ..?
Fingertips Hurting When Emotionally Strained.?
My left right rib cage hurts in the middle?I started to laugh this morning and it hurt is it strained?
the doctors took a bag and a half of blood out of me is that to much to take?
My chances of getting cancer?
what are the exact symptoms of an eating disorder?
What term is used to describe micro-organisms that ony affect people whose defenses are compromised?
What do you do if a child eats a poisonous plant?
I have a problem with bloating?
Nicotine patches.. has anyone had bad side effects?
Why do i keep getting sick... one thing seems to lead to the other?
why does my lip swell ?
How come with schizophrenia the voices help you out, then they tell you to do bad things?
Why do I always remember the bad things?
My boyfriend cuts himself and there's nothing I can do..?
diagnosed with schizophrenia or just convinced they need the drugs.?
Effexor XR for about 5 years - side effects?
Unemployment Leading to Depression?
...I feel so depressed and i was wondering if this might be why? in description...?
Dementia. Please help?
My bdp and bipolar are ruining our relationship what do i do???
Is it the wellbutrin or am I depressed?
Do I have a mental illness?
What are sleep deprivation hallucinations?
How long can you have anxiety symptoms for???
Benzo - Clonazepam/Klonopin?
Depression... Please please help MEE ?
What happens if you call 911 on yourself because you overdosed ?
I don't want to take medication! What do I do?
heart related or just muscle pain?
Could I die soon from this?What do you think it is?
Need help with blocked ear? NOW?
My 3 year old is a poor eater but when he does eat good he tends to vomit?
My toenails are thickening ?
Thyroid Disease-low levels of TSH 0.060 Low levels Free T3 - 4.7 - Free T4-16.5 what is happening?
Unknown brain disorder?
blood clot in abdomen after bowel surgery?
Is It Just My Sinuses?
who do i see for a hormone imbalance a nathropath can't help due to other medical problems?
I feel sick when drinking water in the morning when I haven't eaten anything, I'm a 13 year old male?
Any suggestions for treating paralysis tick bites?
What does Ritalin's dose-response curve look like?
Could you?????????
tight feeling in scalp?
When Rheumatoid Arthritis recurs is it as bad as the first time?
i had a baby in june was very aneamic still now i am having headaches(more mugginess then pain) dizziness help?
re coeliac vaccine trials in melbourne?
Why my eyes get slightly red in colour during the day? I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke.?
Can an electric shock cause demyelination?
I'm caffeine intolerant - what medications are out there for migraine sufferers like me?
wots the best thing about mental hospitals?
who can help me in my life?
I have xenophobia (fear of aliens) I have had crazy panic attacks. NO Rude or joke answers I will report you!!?
Paroxetine pills!!?
How to tell my psychiatrist that I am suicidal ?
Wanting to die.. Fantasizing about death, suicidal, it never ends?
Over the counter pills to take for public speaking?
Should I Tell My Family?
what exactly is depression ?
What exactly is Borderline Personality Disorder ? Is it true that they experience emotions very Intensely ?
What can you do if your hospital had been released?
i feeeel so alone and empty and lonely and sad.?
Would you be able to star on a game show called "Name That Scar"?
Relationship Stress Anxiety!?
Can anyone fix my shyness problem?
Can you refuse medical treatment if you are brought to the hospital for a suicide attempt ?
Anti-anxiety pills and flying?
i feel sad and confused?
acne question???
Will folic acid show up in my 'urine sample' drug and alcohol test and is this bad?
im memorising stuff for a science test but i dunno if its all right. plz help its about the human ear?
What are the acute and chronic effects (if any) of exersice on respitory volumes?
Help! Bloating!?
Why is my throat tight when I swallow?
I have serious health problems I have been putting up with for years?
Do you believe in donating your organs when you die?
Has anyone got any tips on how to stop biting your nails?
osteotomy of the radial head?
pain in my middle left back in the side?
How do you manage being put on hold by a computerized answering service?
I'm going off the deep end. Can anyone help me?
neurological symptoms after quitting Paxil 2 weeks ago!!?
How to cure 'intense love sickness'?
i have a speech problem?
How to I cope with my best friends death ?
What do you do to keep yourself calm when feeling depressed/suicidal?
I have a conversion disorder any help with ways to stop symptoms?
could lack of sleep and lack of nutrition cause feelings of being unpresent in the world.?
Im so depressed....i need talk just get my mind of what happened.......?
Depression lifted from mercury filling removal?
Will I be able to see a therapist every single week?
Can excessive fatigue be caused by antidepressants?
Are there other treatments for pilonidal sinus other than surgery?
Self Harm for a Rush?
It's 4am and I'm wide awake, what's next?
White bit in back of the mouth?
what is an easy way to cope with being involved in an armed robbery when you are the victum?
Wellbutrin and alcohol?
what are some of the common diseases that you hear about?
what are the early signs of cancer?
my osgood schlatters disease help plzz?
How can I grow faster???
when i stretch there is a pain in the middle of my chest?
I've been in recovery for 50 days now...but I did it again...?
How could taking Melatonin effect a person who has SAD (Season Affective Disorder)?
Neck pain? help please.?
Possible Frostnip...How long will it last?
Do I have schizophrenia?
Does this sound like a panic attack?
How can I lower my standards for what I look for in a guy? PLEASE READ!?
What are symptoms of Depression?
I feel like my anxiety keeps getting worse every day?
What do you do when SSRIs make you worse?
I feel bad for my sister please help?
will this 'negative thought killer' really work?
I need some reassurance :).....please!?
Moods that switch drastically, sometimes over the period of 15 minutes?
take my mind off things..?
why do i feel so empty inside?
How do I get diagnosed with add and get Ritalin or Adderall?
bipolar question 10 pts!!!?
OCD Is hard for me to deal with I need coping skills?
I think Im depressed?
I am so lame, help!?
How do we breakaway without hurting our relationship with our kids.?
Am I so nervous all the time because I grew up in a disfuntional home?
Can anyone tell me 2 short-term effects of heroin?
Question about hemophilia?
Does sun poisoning spread if itched?
what are bland urine sediments and what are active urine sediments?
Can anyone please tell me if there is a centre in Sydney that treats and removes headlice on adults and kids?
unclosed staple?
why I feel full after sleeping?
what would bleeding from the spleen indicate if there was no indication of being injured?
does anyone have CHIARI 1 MALFORMATION ?
what are the differences between nursing and medical diagnosis?
Infliximab treatment for Crohn's?
Doctor told me i have hepetitis c but can the results be false if my cholesterol is high?
Has anyone had a problem getting a pension who has fibromyalgia and raynauds disease?
help with acid reflux?
Lower stomach pain?
two tonsils on the right side what does that mean?
What is a good Australian Private Health Insurance for a person with Multiple Sclerosis?
Is it normal to have a bit of a fat gut with a bulky uterus? I have a bulky utuerus and no I am not pregnant?
what is myoma?
Degenerative disc disease?
can you have life long gastritis?
What is a Quinsy?
i am suddenly extremly depressed?
My little cousin told me he has become emo and... help?
What are the pros's and con's on taking lorazepam?
I need help with anxiety?
For you what motivation? What motivates you?
why does depression make you feel like a different person..?
How would I go about admitting myself to a psych ward?
I have some sort of sleeping disorder I can't get to bed till like 1:00 am?
what nationality has the healthiest cuisine?
can i smoke cigarettes before attending my class 1 dgca medicals?
kidney infection?
When i go to the doctors i feel like a hypochondriac, help?
Why do I weigh more after I pee?
Worried about Percocet overdose.?
How can I motivate myself to study and exercise more?
what does food poisoning feel like? :s?
IS 50 a bad heart rate for a 56 year old women?
Cancer Survival/treatment?
soft lump in dogs throat?
CT Brain Scan contrast Dye used and if not why not?
I have pain in my sciatic nerve from my back all the way to my foot. How do I get rid of it?
Hand and arm hurts for a week!?
EAR HELP about ear lobe piercing pain?
How to rid verrucas?
If i'm 17 in canada, going to go see my doctor and ask him for prozac do my parents need to know about it?
Should I make a journal for my psychiatrist appointments?
when to go to doctor about mental illness?
Hypochondria - Fear of Death Triggers Anxiety Attacks – Any Brilliant Solution to Overcome Disorder?
how do you know if you're having a flashback?
Can someone explaine what bipolar is and all the symptons and stuff?
Risky Behaviour?
My jaw keeps clicking and I'm doing it on purpose. I do suffer from OCD and I think this may be why I do it.?
Ive just started on effexor xr 75mg and i am having some side effects?
Whick is better? Working in a doctor's office or working in a hospital?????
what causes illusional, feelingsless love ?
any ocd success stories? Like things that worked for you / how or if you got better?
My moms addicted 2 drugs what should i do?!?
How can I tell if I have anxiety?
I have tourette syndrome is there any way at all to control the vocal tics?
Topamax as an antipsychotic?
I started excersising to lose weight last week, and now all i want to do is excersise and not eat as much?
Sleeping too much = death?
Please what should I do ?
how do leukemia patients feel after their first day of chemotherapy?
what was the difference between the type of cancer..?
I Had 3 puffs of a cig last night will this effect me?
why do i have a constant burning feeling in the left side of my stomach when i eat or drink?
How to heal leg pain?
scalp psoriasis?
I am really depressed and i am having suicidal thoughts ?!?
Effexor Weight Gain. Does it affect metabolism?
Why am I always wanting to spend money?
mental health - inpatient ??
Borderline Personality Disorder Diagnosis?
Is if free to see a psychatrist in Canada?
I am going to be tested for adult ADD or adult ADHD?
Memory loss in young adults?
I have been completely off of Lexapro for 3 weeks.?
Does depression have an effect on one's temper...and?
Should I give up on counselling?
Fighting against my emotional dependency...Am I in the right path?
I pull my hair to the point i have bald spots, how do i stop this?
Is it only skinny people that have eating disorder problems, or even average size people?
Anxiety Help? Nervous about this Situation?
Over Dosing on pills?
Teenage depression help?
Anxiety Meds/vices what do you do?
how can i get over the traumatization cause by the 1976 film Carrie?
Nurse what order would you do this scenario and tips to remember?
What are the negative effects of land clearing?
Bofriend has a tender swelling?
Ulcerative Colitis..?
what dvt brand sock do you wear? full length or knee high?
Is MS the same as Moto neurone? or are they similiar?
My husband is going dirt bike riding in the dust storm with asthma?
Cold/flu/cough going around. What is it?
I was wondering about something what medications do you take if you are bipolar .....please let me know thanks?
Is it safe to buy anxiety meds online. Rivotril to be axact?
My friend wants help for her drug addiction? Where can she go in Canada?
I can't handle the stress of school! Ruining my Iife! Please help!?
What type of questions do counsellors ask?
Do I think strangely? please help?
Why is it so hard to forgive ourselves and move on?
Is your depression lifting now that the winter is drawing to an end ?
I have huge problems with people staring and looking at me.?
Are ambulance rides free for those on welfare ?
i have a sore shoulder and neck what helps?
Fell at skating, hurt my hip?
upper back and breathing pains?
why are women more likely to develop pressure area sores?
Will my hair stop falling out?
my 10 year old has swollen painful tonsils and a constant cough should she get them removed?
My powerpoint exploded and theres a potently strange smell wafting through the house. Is it poisonous fumes?
What do you think about smoking?
feet sweat in flip flops or hard bottom sandals what can I do?
What is the reason for having on and off stomach pains for a few weeks?
Whats the song that goes "that girl that girl she bad got me going insane in the membrane... she bad she bad?
is there anyone out there who feels this way?
does anyone know success and negative stories with bipolar medication?
My best friend is going through depression, and wants nothing to do with me ?
Do anti-depressants really work?
My anger and depression are getting worse. Help.?
Sorry if I seem abit jaded, I have to talk about it.?
Loosing my mind...read on..please help?
How do you develop or reignite passion for...anything?
My doctor is switching me from effexor to celexa?
My frien gets her menstral every 2 weeks, and always has. I think there is something wrong any thoughts?
What does it mean when we obsess over what others think of us?
When people tell you they will help you in the future while they watch you suffer, do you believe them?
Addictive personality??
don't like being happy?
Is there a disorder where you need to have a baby to be happy?
thought distortions and depression?
Does music affect your mood or is the other way around?
Dryy skin on myy cheek bones!?
can naproxen be taken for stomach pain?
what is bowen therapy? ?
can any one help my back been so sore?
Easy ways to fix wrist pain?
I feel like I'm shutting down - what do I do?