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I want to drill a 6mm hole in a round aluminium tube on a wheelchair, best way?
is anybody else out there addicted to U2?
What are the current curriculum requirements for registered nurses in the USA?
Is drinking milk bad for tummy pains?
How much does the average smoker spends on cigarettes in Australia a year?
sinusitis and antibiotic advice?
what is exposure leading to sterility, carpal tunnel syndrome?
What are some good recepies for people who have celiac disease?
Can Bacteria make you sick?
how do you think the doctor will treat my wierd sick stomach?
i have ITP and im not sure what to do...?
I have digital behind the ear hearing aids but springtime blocked sinuses seem to be affecting the sound.?
why would i suddenly feel tired and sick after a few hours being awake?
I Don't Want To Sound Like a Hypochondriac BUT?
Does the 2nd gardisil shot hurt? what about the flu shot?
Any great ideas on giving up smoking?
Headaches from overeating?
HIV and Kids?
raynaud's phenomenon/disease?
What else can I do to help my blocked ear?
Fish bone in throat? Is this a problem?
When I push on my Diaphragm my throat has a pain in it, also when i bend over. What is wrong?
Chest pain and under armpit pain?
What is this pain in my wrist / hand muscles?
Does anyone have allergies to sun cream lotions?
how you get flat feet?
what r sum ways 2 stop having a har.d on?
what does it mean if my throat is always sore and hot?
bi polia people have bi polia doctors have studyed on it?
Why are some people immune to travel sickness? Can we overcome it by travelling repeatedly to become immune?
How many people are low vision in Australia?
What is your latest premonition?
What's wrong with me? I've got a sinus infection, a sore throat, a cold sore, & a lump on the side of my neck.?
What exactly is an IVP Scan?
Is pneumonia a disease?
why do i have trouble breathing on duromine?
can u get bowel cancer by not going to the bathroom wen the body needs to?
i just found a boil on my lower back what do i do!! its new years eve so there's no chance of seeing my gp!!?
Why is it that these tylenol are not working :P?
Pins And Needle pain in arms!!!?
Am i small ?????????
My husband snores at night and neither of us gets our 8 hours sleep what should we do?
where is the neares hearing place to tamworth is?
How do you tell a friend that she needs to get her act together without loosing her as a friend?
why would a person with intellectual disability and the start of dementia take primrose oil caps?
MRI's and adhd?
why am i suddenly happy/suddenly sad?
Fear of Working?
How to talk (Openly) to my consalur?
Zoloft side effects ? did anyone experience this ?
What are the stages of grief when a loved one commits suicide?
What do I do now....?
illegal drug use DOES NOT cause mental illness?
Does a stay in a mental hospital result in problems later?
I need some help with my head!?
What is the name of the mental disorder when one thinks they're God?
Not sure what to do help me out?
Why did my eye hurt when I was kicked in the sack?
im trying to find a substitute...?
Am I mentally sick?
hair pulling?
A long term side effect?
what is the genes location, DNA size, mRNA size and protein size of the gene that causes Cystic fibrosis?
Why are TSH levels elevated in Hashimoto's disease?
Can the non-cancerous tumor in my leg be connected with lymphoma-cancer in the lymph nodes?
does va pay benefits for vietnam vets who die of pancreatic cancer.?
Can anyone help me with my wrist pain?
I had some drinks last night and my head is POUNDING. Should I go to the ER?
why my right hand's palmlines are different than the left hand?
has anyone heard of monavie?
i need some info on lifestyle deseases?
Do people snore under general anaesthetic?
What does bleach do to ur heir?
i am looking for a telephone number for a company called Vitacare who are based in newzealand?
i am trying to find a hospital in glenelg sth australia that is run by the josephinenuns?
What can I expect when I go into Rehab (alcohol)?
Nana's back pain while shopping (and/or standing still)?
swollen lymph node under chin, when will it heal?
what is a good remadie for flem?
Can you get HIV/AIDS if someone wipe blood on uncutted arms?
Is there any disease that is related to Schizophrenia?
internal hemorrhoids?
why is smoking a health issue?
Do wirless networks cause dangerous radiation which can lead to tumors and cancer?
What causes Sleep Apnea besides being overweight?
my daughter has bad blood shot eye and pain behind eye she is on warfrin?
4 days ago i went to the doctors and they diagnosed me with tonsillitis. im having trouble eating?
pain in left side of body, almost below rib cage!!?
mengilicopal bacteria, where can I find information on it? (sorry, I may have spelt it wrong)?
westmead childrens hospital?
have a small round yellow pill, with 2101 and a v below the # what is it?
how painful is leg-lenthening surgery?
How much do theatre scrub nurses get paid per hour?
I vomit at the sight of yukky stuff. Do you?
Do contact lenses affect your tear stream?
Blood Donation High?
what is the differnt between HIV and HIV carrier?
Am I increasing my risk of cancer by having my laptop on my lap?
what are the symptoms for lung cancer?
My mother-in-law has bulimia. How do you know when they are in danger?
what is sun radiation levels?
What could these be symptoms for?
What is a good website for a child with a terminal illness?
Communicable diseases when peforming cpr?
what do i do if I had a sorethroat from a flu?
Is smoking dope and drinking beer not good if you have schizoafftective disorder?
master cleanse?
Cost of smoking to the government?
aany refuges for young people in sydney?
What is green colour blind?
Why do we cry when we yawn sometimes?
I've developed an itchy rash under my platinum wedding band all of a sudden after wearing it for years.?
Can someone who has an allergic reaction to penicillin die from minor skin contact with amoxicillin?
can having an electic shock cause you to get polymyalgia?
can anyone help me?
I have to have a Total Thyroidectomy and am very anxious and fearful of it. Haven't booked it yet.?
can a doctor give me medicine to stop or slow down hair growth?
What could be the cause of the vision impairment in my right eye?
When will this pain go away?
mmr immunisation and autism link?
Any tips on how to handle some one with epilepsy?
Has anyone had their gall bladder removed?
Epilepsy not a disability?
Hallucinations without Schizophrenia?
Sudden weight loss.....?
i am getting the taste of blood in my mouth! anyone have any idea wot it could be?
I just found out i have pocs... any info?
bladder check up please help?
Who is most likely to be affected by cerebral palsy?
what do you see on an mri that says you have ms?
Finding it hard to breathe?
I have Kyphosis-Lordosis, what to do?
Can i take 2 different kind of pills on the same hour but different times?
What can help with oxycodone withdrawal? I hate the stuff, i just can't take the withdrawals.?
My Left Wrist Hurts bboying, when will it stop?
what could this be , pain in abdome, back pain , cramps.?
Ummmmmmmm does anyone know if beauty spots stay forever or if you can get them removed?
where can i buy cheap perfume online?
Whats the best way to get rid of pins and needles?
Does anyone have an answer for restless legs syndrome?
Stomach promblem?
Why do I get a sore neck when I sit or lie in a draught?
I have my ears peirced twice. my second hole is sore. Is this an ear infection? What can i do?
HELP!!! I need a remedy for getting rid of coldsores quick!!!?
i have a small itchy portion under My eye my eye.it becomes red and dry if i do not apply a mouisturiser on it?
Do I have a mental disease or disorder?
Does Hallucination = psychosis ?
How do i increase motivation in life when i have nothing to look forward to?
How to relieve anger/frustration in a positive way..?
i harm my self should i tell my mom?
How can I ask for help without sounding like I'm looking for attention?
is getting no sleep better for your mind and body than getting say, 1 hour or less of sleep?
My brains hurt while I sleep?
Does this ever make anyone feel weird?
how can i cheer up my bipolar boyfriend?
Easy 10 Points, Where would You Go With These?
should i see a ed therapist?
don't know whats wrong with me.. mentally.. hope someone can explain?
Bipolar I vs. Bipolar II?
can you...?
Do you think addiction to something causes your brain not to focus and think right?
MAJOR trust issues?
How can I go to the emergency room for wanting to commit suicide when I am emotionless ?
I have an appointment with my psychiatrist on Thursday.. and can I tell him that I am sick of life.?
How did you know you had diabetes?
Possible ear infection?
What is a medical cure for varicose veins?
Can I use this for Sleep Apnea. Before I lie down on my bed. Spread out a few layers of blankets below my?
what is my illness-help?
Should I worry about pre cervical cancer?
Does Robitussin Chesty Cough Forte contain DXM?
Sever stomach pain? Please help.?
Help?? What's is wrong with my hand?
What's causing the pain in my shoulder? and what can I do about it?
lower left abdominal pain during urination?
Could this be whats wrong? (Rib pain at 37 weeks)?
Leg/groin pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
why laughter is the best medicine?
I need to relax!?
I'm suffering with the early stages of a cold can anyone give me some tips?
Anaesthetic - knee surgery?
Is my weight ok????
can people with anemia get a tattoo?
i'm 5'7'' tall how can i increase my height age 20?
How do I take care of my new tongue piercing??
Trisomy 18 - Have just had results from combined 12 weeks screening and they came back as a 1:2 chance.?
I'm about to get panic attack. Am I going to get food poisoning from this milk?
What are the chances of a 17 year old having a brain hemorrhage?
how do i stop my eyes watering?
Scared im getting sick again?
Dialysis - Problem(s) With Having Pure Water In Dialysate?
33 Year old female with pins needles, numbness - face, hands and feet?
Is the fibromyalgia pain in my head or is it real?
Does anyone recognise why it is not smart to tell recovering anorexics that they are "looking better"?
Is there a high risk of catching a disease?
blood count?
I have an ulcerated tonque.?
how and what are the signs of ill health diagnosed through our eyes?
Can I get Sleep Apnea if I'm not overweight. But I eat mostly Junk Food & little healthy food?
Where can I find a undergraduate paediatric module/distance course to make up the hours for the US nursing?
I have to pee every hour during school but at home i can hold it in for a long time. whats rong?
uncontollable bowels?
I have a really bad body image. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Need to find a site that sells uniforms for Hospitals?
Why do my hips ache from standing, and 'pop' when I walk.?
Bump on back of neck?
could patella femoral syndrome be mistaken for something else?
Strange pain that travels from my throat to the top of my head?
Why get your Gallbladder taken out do it naturally!!!?
Whats the best at home remedy for a cough that's bothersome?
What safety precautions follow administration of a premed to a patient?
What can be done to cure BPPV for my elderly pop. usual exercise and movements will cause too much stress.?
I think my wife has food poisoning? symptoms are, severe lower abdomen cramping very painfull , what to do?
how can i vomit on propose?
What type of science does cancer fall into?
Device to stop snoring, created by Pedro Mayoral?
smoking up to 2 ciggarettes a night?
My jaw hurts really bad?
What is normochromic-normocytic anemia? Causes? Treatment?
Hi does anyone no of a good chat room for people in Australia with crohn's disease??
are subarachnoid haemorrhage or aneurysms genetic?
Is my bulimia real/dangerous...?
will i die if i inject bleach into my blood stream?
Are piles and hemroids the same thing?
How can you rid nurves off
Thiroid problems and soy?
Crohn's Disease need help?
Does this sound like reactive Hypoglycemia?
PLEASE! My dad is sick. I think hes diagnosed with fibromyalagia?
Does costal cartilage show up on x rays? I injured my left ribs......?
I have really cracked toenails and have been tested for fungus to no result can You help?
i have a bad cold sore in my mouth and it hurts on one side of my throat?
Depression ? Is such a bad illness ;(...?
Is it almost my time?
Music before bed how does it affect stress levels?
Can you really call 911 for being suicidal ? Is it really a medical emergency?
is this social disorder? or what kind of disorders is it?
is there a link between ADHD and smokers?
Which mental illnesses would include this?
anxiety and sleep deprivation?
Am i social phobic?
what are ways to get around border line personality disorder?
i think my boyfriend is bi-polar?
How do you get rid of a FOOD addiction?
Im only fourteen and im having serious stress issues?
Please help. I am serious and need your advice. Thank you?
Scientologists need to find somewhere else to go.........?
Is most depression caused by lack of sunlight?
do males that get their ears,nose,lips pierced have a lot of female genes?
Is human& duck ecolli bacteria different?
Sleeping pills? overdose?
Will sally in home and away survive?
im not sure?
What is the best basic health insurance for a single male, 40 in NSW, Australia and why?
I am scared I might have to pee?
why does my nose run when the weather is cold?
Does any one else have the same symptoms as me and can tell me what exactly it is?
What are the chances of a baby having sickel cell anemia if only one parent has a trait for it?
Can one ct scan give you cancer?
is it true that if you have a hair growing out of a mole, it isn't cancerous?
I've been having such bad headaches and migraines during pregnancy - sometimes it's hard to keep my head up?
the right side of my hand is going numb..why is that?
Can someone help me here? i don't feel good?
What is the shelf life of naproxen?
help i hit my head and now it hurts?
What can I do to ease the pain of tonsillitis while I'm waiting for my antibiotics to kick in?
Best remedies for sore muscles from sitting a lot?
Foot hurts then stops shortly after?
how does a person with a lazy eye see?
Over the past 2 months I have been having HUGE red itchy welts appear, they generally go away within 48 hours.
Effects of taking too much panidol?
I think i have developed insomnia?
What is a moon clinic? My mum has to attend one and we're intrigued...?
I'm worried my life may be at risk with this headache.?
My 10mth old daughter is sick with a respitory infection.?
weakness in the arms, worried?
How long until I feel better? Sinus Infection?
Can iPods cause Cancer?
how long would it take for an asthmatic to get emphysema?
How to manage a cancer patient with shortness of breath while sitting upright?
while swimming in the ocean i got bitten??? (pic)?
What is Anemia and Pneumonia and the side effects of both?
Is it normal for a needle to cause your whole arm to throb for days?
anyone know exactly what complex regional pain syndrome is ?
Is It A Sinus Infection?
Food Intolerance question...?
illness question, please help! pregnant and paranoid.serious answers please?
My C-Reactive Protein reading is High & having chest discomfort?
what happens when your diagnosed with ceoliac disease?
Blood while coughing & also when going to the toilet?
I would like to ask a question here about my liver. I take Aropax an anti depressant?
What Is Fribromialgia?
What do you think my symptoms are?
what is the role of the media in dealing with the outbreak of disease?
help with my iron levels?
I am an epileptic. Are my side effects normal?
ear pain & tooth pain?
I'm looking for an ana buddie?
Can inhaling helium from a balloon harm you?
Does anyone know how one can have an OUT OF BODY experience?
i need to have a MRI test done but am claustrophobic?
whats some Related conditions to anxiety?
Why does someone vary the temperature in his bedroom and how does it affect sleep?
If my sister is schitzophrenic and bipolar, who else in the family might have it?
depression what comes next?
Is this all in my head ?
how to deal with this stress. please read extra info?
Trouble concentrate on reading?
Has any one ever had to visit a psyche ward?
What things help to relieve stress?
What more can I do? Suicide? is it my fault?
how to improve memory?
what’s the difference between, insane, lunatic, psychopathic, and schizophrenic?
I am extremely bored right now, what should I do?
What should I do? Help Please?
anger management problems?
What's the name of a murderer that has no feeling?
Put me out of my misery?
Why don't I get excited about stuff?
Light Headed and Headaches?
what do inflammation pills do?
It hurts when I massage under my eye?
My son is scheduled for a tonsillectomy....?
if studnet have alot uni work, can they be be stress if so, can their body change over time?
SLENDER SHAPER or VIBABELT? Which is a better buy?
My right knee creeks when i walk up stairs - should i be worried?
What is smoking?
Does anybody know how much caffeine is in the following?
What does a cluster of little black dots in a mammogram and ultra-?
What is this lump at the bottom of my neck, above my collar bone?
severe back, knee and foot arch pain?
Possible causes for lower abdominal pain?
What could be causing my head to feel like its a balloon that's just keeps getting bigger and will soon explod?
What does this mean?? The pancreas, spleen, kidneys and aorta are unremarkable.....?
How has technology aided in Addison's disease?
my head hurts really bad at the back of my head!!?
brain tumor operation...?
can you please name some common sleeping pills in available in Bangalore?
Help!! My Best Friend Is Bulimic and i dont know what to do!?
my sisters daughter is sick
what is mono? I don't have a sore throat, I have a lump and soreness under my left rib cage.?
Why does it say to avoid excessive sun exposure on my thyroid medication?
Chance of Down's syndrome 2nd child...confused.?
How do you heal fatty liver cells?
Am I a hypochondriac if I I keep taking blood and urine tests and everything is fine?
does anyone know where info on anti cardio pillum syndrome can be found?
vomiting stomach acid every?
Stomach Aches in waves?
Hyperthyroidism and Hives?
What to do with the joins cracking often?
Chelation therapy (Detoxamin), anyone used?
Can I swallow chewing gum without deadly side affects?
How would I access funds to start a health related project in one African country? Any organisation to help?
Will getting a perm/relaxer affect a hair follicle drug test?
Which Dr.Scholl's insoles are best for flat feet?
why am I not asleep yet?..It's 12:14!?
can someone who knows, tell me what results sudofed can show in a urine drug screen?
What are the causes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder?
who's on effexor and proud of it?!?
Performance anxiety?
How to get tested for ADHD?
I'm so unmotivated and restless and bored...?
Question about quitting Paxil cold turkey?
What should i do if my wife has manic depression?
What to expect at the doctor's?
I think most of my stress is caused by my mom.?
Do meds help if you have OCD?
What are some tips for anxiety (like situations at school)?
Is it OCD if all you do is remember the past?
clycothymia? I just recently came across this 'mild form of bi polar' does anyone have it? and how do you feel
I know this seems wierd, but I get these bad dreams, and I was wondering if someone could help me understand.?
my mind is leaving me...?
Do you think I have OCD? Is it severe or mild?
where is good to talk about stuff if you are depressed?
how do i no if i have depression?
Serious rhinoplasty/septoplasty questions. please answer if you know anything on the matter!?
i've been suffering thyroid eye disease for 10 years?
Do you believe passive smoking from pot?
what does this mean if you cough up thick dark blood.. cuz i did and have ben smoking for 6 years and have?
What is cancer remission?
Cancer in family advice please?
Red Cheeks--- weird?
Help me? My heart started hurting randomly.. -cries-?
I have a cold, pains in the left side of my head?
Putting on a shirt when I can't move my left arm?
I've lost feeling in two of my toes...?
I was in a car accident doctor told me that their is nothing wrong with my knees but I don't believe him?
running, arthritis and osteoporosis?
What medicine will i take to lower down my uric acid?
Approximately how many people in Australia have a rare genetic disorder/disease?
how long can a patient survive after stopping dialysis?
What does the liver do and how does it work in the digestive system?
Heart Pulse?
question about liver failure. I am just woundering if you knew anyone with liver failure who died and before?
2/12/10: I have a refill for Xanax, last refill was 1/13/10. When is the earliest refill date for March/10?
why is a swollen lymph node a contraindication to a massage?
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and Fast Cars?
Is this Narcolepsy? Should I go see a doctor?
How long would this take to occur?
Abnormal hilar structure in a lymph node?
Oddball stomach ache?
Minor crack in retina (should a operation be done)?
My baby has had a lump in his paroid gland for 5 mths it's 3cm. Dr's can't figure out why. Please Help!?
is there a way to get my 20/20 vision back?
I would like to know if anyone has experienced Multiple Sclerosis and what the attacks feel like?
pneumonia to many times?
How do you get rid of a sore throat??? and...?
Minor spasms?
can i grow to 5'7" (170cm)?
3.5 year old constipation issues?
im sick with some throat irritation and tastes bad 2 eat/drink so i took emergenc a source of vitamin c wut el
My 63yr old Dad has Dimensia?
Bone Pains?
what kind of gas relief brands sold in austrlia?
Where is Australia ranked in the WHO (World Health Organsiation) health system rankings?
Why do I have a sharp pain on the back of my head?
strange uncomfortable feeling on the right side of upper back?
Help,Sharp pains in abdomen,help plz?
started getting inner groin pain?
Leg pains when it's cold or damp?
problem with my right knee?
after a hard cough I have a bulge in my side what is it?
Is it OCD if all you do is remember the past?
quiet person?
Do you think I have OCD?
How can I make my mental illnesses go away?
How can i be happy Again??!! PLEASE help!!?
I have anxeity attchs?
I have been having visions!!! Please HELP!!!!!?
Why do p.c. types deny any connection between drug abuse, mental illness, violent tendencies and crime?
What is PAAN juices???
Vitamin A Question?
have been asked what side effects I experienced whilst taking Lipitor.?
what do you do when someone is choking on their food?
What do I do when someone is choking on their food?
wat could it be?
freaked out, raw chicken?
Restlessly Exhausted?
Constipated & Pain on my right side under stomach.?
What could my symptoms mean?
i have a lump under my eyelid were u would get stys from but its not a sty what is it?
I started having pain on the outside of both knees. now i have a small bump under my right knee cap.?
What will happen if I need to see a GP?
is drinking of cold water but mixed with a warm water can cause goiter?
protein leaking and bleeding internally?
Is this at all possible? (Water and stomach issues)?
Stomach cramps = IBS ?
What make pressure (bloating) in the head?
I need a website where it shows a human skeleton that it's been hit by alzheimer's disease where it shows the?
TB test ! T_T?
prescribed citalopram 20mg today with trazodone 50mg?
Really weird symptoms, please help!?
Can you please help diagnose me?
Would a moped (petrol operated) be a safe mode of transport for someone with Multiple Sclerosis?
Nasal voice from swallowing phlegm?
Back pain!!! Please help?
Father has cancer and i need advice please?
is my cancer returning?
I have stage iv rhabdo but they recently found osteosarcoma in my skull?
I'm really scared about this, i need help.?
People with high blood pressure: Do you experience the symptoms 24/7?
How do i get rid of bloating fast?
when i drink alcohol, which is not often, and not much, i break out in a blotchy red rash on my arms, neck and
explain psycosocial profile of person with hearing impairment?
Hump in Hemidiaphragm on a chest x-ray?
calf pain when walking?
I have a toothache and a headache?
Looking for more info on amitriptyline? Could it help panic attacks?
I'm having really bad sleeping problems?
Does sunscreen lotion cause cancer?
Is it possible to have breast cancer with out the 'lump'?
What is the worst place that you've had (or have) a sist?
I have itchy flaky skin & red pigmentation on my feet?
Ear Drum Hurting????? HELP?
bottom of my feet hurt?
Headache after donating blood?
i am suffering with bilateral varicocele i want to know that is weightlifting is safe in this condition?
a friend with Bulimia?
Husband sick - what's wrong!?
I had tympanoplasty(?) - skin graft on ear drum and get lots of wax. Is there a product around to remove wax?
The depression medication,tofranil have side effects such as mouth ulcers?????????????
Guys, is having one flat foot and one arched a turn off in women?
When I get a high pitched sound in my ear NOT caused by loud noise, is it true that cells in my ear are dying?
Why do I get headaches walking up stairs??????
does any know about alternative treatments for lymphnode cancer in dogs?
I tore my acl recently. I have been experiencing imbalance and vertigo since I've been back on my feet. anyone?
I think I want to quit treatment. How do I tell everyone?
need a good nuerologist for my son's seizures?
pretty sure it's chicken pox!!!!?
can you have symptoms of UTI then they disappear in 12 hours?
how do you remove a dermal anchor?
if a child is prescribed antibiotics 1x5ml spoon will giving 2x5ml cause any harm?
How bad is it to have digital bitewing xrays without a lead vest?
If you develop a gallstone while pregnant, will Medicaid cover the treatment?
IBS : Irritable Bowel Sydrome????
How long does a migrane last?
i noticed that i have a lump in both my hands i think its bone, Becaus it doesnt move plus its in a boney area
Someone called me anorexic today, am i?
Can certain medication cause high blood preasure?
Feeling sick every morning ? feel like vomiting but nothing comes out sometimes,NOT pregnant?
What is the longest you have gone without gallbladder attack?
Is my friend seriously ill?
I want to ask a serouis question here. I have a family history of very bad circulation?
Hi - Mystery Disease - Please Help!?
I'm a 20 year old girl, and my toes on my right foot suddenly became swollen, sore and hot.?
medication is giving me heartburn even on a full stomach?
What's wrong with me, symptoms included?
How do i get confidence?
something wrong with me..? (12 year old girl)?
For anyone taking Effexor - What time of day do you take it? I can't seem to find a good time of day!?
How do you get your drummer to come down from a bi-polar cycle?
What are your fears ?
I feel like I am letting myself go .. How can I make myself feel better?
How do you leave this life?
Anyone on Seroquel? Does it affect your appetite?
what is the best thing to do when your stress?
my brother is very depressed, how can i help him?
I don't really feel much emotion?
Alone ?
How much Celexa would cause an overdose?
Do I suffer from B.I.I.D.? (Body Integrity Identity Disorder)?
I've overdosed a few times with my medication and I was given I.V. every time I was in the E.R.?
What should I do if my bf might have Skitzerphrenia?
Why can't sleep at night??? Whats wrong with mee??
Always thirsty, not diabetes or thyroid problem?
Which would be the best college to attend, Georgia State or Morehouse College?
increase appitite?
does ORTOPEDI really work?
tear in shoulder tendon (ligament)?
Body Check?
How bad are my eyes and could my eyes get worse in 3 months?
I have a pain almost in the center of my chest, it's a bit to the left?
I have a minor concussion from 2 nights ago. I'm 17 and this is 2nd cncussn. Is it safe to drink tonight.?
in the case of dog given tylenol er 650 mg?
Can anyone help diagnose my eye problem?
How long do I need to be off work with my vertigo?
Roche maker of Tamiflu has been caught out in fraud since tamiflu has never once been?
does blood poisoning show up in blood test?
How passive is this passive smoking?
Is the fibromyalgia pain in my head or is it real?
Are you meant to take antidepressants at the same time every day?
Appendicitis or gall stones maybe?
Is there such a phobia of insect eggs??
what Disease did the fist sttlers have when they got to australia?
Does carpal tunnel syndrome heal itself?
Hey, i just recently got a blood test, and they found ?
lost a lot of blood via nose bleed?
My partners corneas in his eyes are filled with blood whats the best way to treat this?
Is it okay to use nitric oxide supplements if your on asthma medication?
What's the perfect weight for me if I'm 5'5" and have a large frame?
Strange pain in crease of my upper right thigh?
How Can I Increase My Flexibility Without Injuring Myself?
Why is my stomach hurting?
Can you get internal bleeding around your chest and ribs?
What is involved in a lung function test?
Is this wound infected?
I'm REALLY worried about my little sister!!!?
What is chronic bronchitis and what effects does it have 2 a 13yr old teen?
Studying Mental Disease?
Urine test need some help?
safest level of acetimenephen with lortab?
i need a home remedy to pass a drug test?
paraskavedekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia.?
For those with fibromyalgia?
I have what feels like aswollen vain behind my left ear and the area around it is sore, should i be concerned?
Extremely sore shoulder? I thought it was just sore muscles but it won't go away.?
songs that will convince people that a disease is bad?
tiny white bump on side of throat
can you tell if a urine sample that i very clear be only water by looking at it?
Weight Gain?
How do I get tested for Fragile X?
Cure for bad breath in mornings?
i have hashimotos disease and im 16 is there anyone else out there my age or close with this?
colchicine vs allopurinol for gout?
Medical question - I'm freaking out here!!!?
what is carotid doppler test?
TSH levels after full thyroidectomy and pregnancy?
why is my left thumb tingling ?
i have a question about Eyesight?
is 3 sprays near a glass of milk deadly?
Will "popping" Dilaudid (Oxymorphone) do anything?
Sternum piercing, does it hurt?
How long do you use corn pads?
hi this is for school so i like bast answers girls?
Is VANIDERM GLUTATHIONE good for our health?
Newcastle Doctor for cosmetic surgery?
do i have big feet?
can i take mersyndol overseas i take it for migrane and neck pain it is a over the counter medicine?
How would insecurities effect a person at the end when they have to live with it?
Who is sick of yahoo's Q & A?
Why can't I eat grapefruit while taking Lipitor?
Possible anxiety attack?
information about upcoming hay fever trials?
is it lung cancer? i need to know if i am worrying about nothing?
75 Yr Old Man diagnosed with CLL and now found to be anemic?
just started taking lyrica today, i thought the pain would instantly go away..?
Am I coming down with something?
Sore eyes, what do I do?
Information on Fefol (Iron & Folate Supplement) 30 Delayed Release Capsules?
Bio Pro???
Is there anywhere i can get free online counselling?
what is it?
What's the quickest and easiest way to get rid of hiccups?
should i ask my doctor?
Help please - does my child have a brain tumor?
my grandma ma died of alzheimer's and i want to know as much as i can about it?
I want to sell a kidney of mine?
My knee is Really sore and hurts alot?
i just got 5 stiches on my shin and i have been lifting wieghts for football season can i still do legs tomoro?
How many icona is in a box of icona?
My gran has just been told she has hypertension.?
Would Perth be the safest city for the inevitable Zombie Attack?
Is my blood pressure low as I keep feeling awful in mornings?
Living with Spina Bifida?
Extreme tiredness, pounding chest?
Yellow Diarrhea and nausea - liver problem?
Does smoking give you a sore throat?
Is it dangerous to have a lump on your back?
my head hurts alot...?
Back Pain problem ouchh!!!?
Generalized anxiety- anyone want to talk?
im worried about my mental health?
Question regarding SSRI (Zoloft)?
Panic disorder and subconsciously holding my breath.?
Really need help with this aggression.?
What to do about a 23 year old who spends 12+ hours each day playing video games?
How do you tell people that you have an eating disorder?
what is fear? is it something emotionall or physical?
I'm extremely in love, is there any hope for me?
can someone give me a little cheer in my rough patch of life please?
I honestly think my stress will kill me..I cannot deal with my stress for one more second?
Trouble sleeping... Help?
Life problems and Sadness?
Do you find it normal for a man to have a neck fetish.........?
How to fight mid-life depression?
What is the best medication for depression and constant worrying and negative thoughts? (in your opinion)?
PLEASE anyone who has experienced postpartum depression can you help me?
please help me give up smoking, im too young ..?
Based on knowledge/ experience what do you think of this cancer diagnosis/ prognosis? Help please?
Any way to get rid of tonsiliths without a tonsilectomy?
how soon can you go back to the doctors on a 90 day script 3 times a day xanax.?
Can you start a new antibiotic right away?
Anybody else suffer insomnia?
Boyfriend prescribed Corticosteroids. Already scared of agro side-effects.?
my daughter is being tested for crohns disease. what are the symptoms, treatment?
outie .....................................................?
Loose stools?
HPV vaccine side effects?
has anyone lost alot of weight with being diabetic??? and what did you do??
What is the difference between specific and non-specific immuntiy?
I would like to know if it is safe to take paxam(clonazepam) if you drink alcohol regulary.?
my wrist hurts, any remedies I can do at home?
Back Pain, not again!!?
Right bicep bigger when not flexed?
My Thighs Hurt..............................??? :S?
What keeps you motivated tghroughout the day?
WHATS it like at times for people actually about to the pull the trigger on themselves?
How can someone increase their intelligence?
I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality and I am not depressed, just very suicidal. So suicidal?
My Girlfriend has Borderline Personality Disorder, How long are the hate moods suppose to last?
How can you really get over the anxiety of rejection to tell someone that you love them?
Drinking occasionally as a teenager?
Is it wrong of me to want something bad to happen..?
Question about sleep?
I think I'm depressed?
someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Should I just pull an all-nighter? Please read & help =)?
Anyone over come anorexia? 10pts!?
Bi Polar and depression, How do I help my sister deal with these conditions?
Can someone give me some advice?
If I want to switch to generic welbutrin xl from welbutrin xl brand name?
How did you do it?Fams. who successfully moved to Aust from Sth Africa with child with disability.?
Can tranylycpromine (parnate) when taken ALONE induce severe serotonic toxicty?
what is the pains in my lower right back?
Head problem?
How to use a tourniquet when using illicit drugs?
Please help! Strange leg pain...?
Just wondering WA people, if you have had cosmetic surgery, where how much and are you happy with the results?
Overworked Muscles -How to Ease the Pain?
My right leg spazzes out.?
Is Tylenol Ultra Relief good for migraines?
Cracked my back, now have pain?!?
Cancer? Please help need some idea if it may be.?
what illness do i have?
Haematoma in abdomen - causing pain?
I get very sick when i'm hungry and feel like i'm going to faint?
Felt pressure in chest, dizzy, couldnt breathe.?
can marijuana be the cause of my eczema flaring? on my cheeks, and arms? how can i treat this, im insecure?
how do you apply abreva? with finger or q-tip!?
What is this thing? A cyst? An Abscess?
Help me with my problem?
is it weird that i have no life yet im really happy?
After i use the bathroom, i have some trouble cleaning my bottom, any tips?
I read my sister's diary and she has plans to kill herself?
What is the average dose of anti-depressants ?
For those that have had depression...?
How do I become an optimistic/positive person, even when life is bleak?
I'm a bit of a hypochondriac...are you?
Not diagnosed with an Eating Disorder: girl, 15. Social worker? Please help!?
drugs and Mental disorders?
Am I going to die? Or am I just paranoid?
please help me - im in agony..?
how do you get rid of sleep insomnia ?
about my Anxiety?
Effaxor XR: its effect on brain; why do I feel "weird" when I move my head if I miss a dose?
why do i lose control and get upset so easily?
Can you let out gas and not know?
what are the so - called pressary used for hemorrhoids and constipation ?
Its getting worse please help!?
Is nausea and vomiting (even on an empty stomach)...?
Can anyone recommend a good doctor for Hyperthyroidism in Sydney?
what are the reasons for macular degenerescence at young people?can somebody who has this illness be cured?
What are the main causes of kidney diseases? How could you avoid kidney damage?
Illness causing temporary deafness?
Milk Allergy/Lactose Intolerant? Which one?
Just breathed smoke and now I have a weird feeling in my throat?
Red blood in my stool bin there for a few months now more.?
My son has Crohns Disease and is being tested for Coeliac ?
I need information about epilepsy please websites?
Why do my feet smell?
Where does your sense of taste disappear to?
I can't quit smoken weed!?
my husbands blood result showed his CK level to be 289,,, what makes it go this high?
How to fight against insomnia?
what is it called when someone looks dead but they are really alive?
is this a health issue? what's a cure?
What are the Substances in cigarette smoke?
Why do I feel the heat more than other people?
sore lower back, happened just from bending at the waist...?
Can arthritis in your foot cause burning pain and redness?
blurred vision and headaches...?
skin problem caused by liver disease?
Has anyone had a colonoscopy drinking miralax in gatorade ? It's got to be better than that other stuff, right?
Low lymphocytes, what next?
Need family advice urgently?
need help for paying bipolar meds.?
what do you think this is (serious)!
denied admission?
i have depression, am i qualified for short term dissabilty?
what is the difference (if any) for SAD and dysthymia?
my friend suffers from depression... Please read.?
I need the definition of two medical terms........?
Are there any sites where a person can go to "talk" to someone when they're depressed?
is 14 years old too young to go under computer hypnosis?
why do i fear intimacy?
How many Chinese children die a year?
Is smoking arghile harmful?
Is there vitamin D in Unatural light?
how to stopp snoring?
If you live quite isolated from the outside world, how might this effect the microbes that are found there?
I drink tab water, but the more I drink, the more dehydrated I feel and the more my throat becomes drier!?
Jobs that rely on eyesight?
I feel like there's a weight on my chest, or a knot or something...?
Persistent sore throat and coughing?
How often can I take Xanax 1mg pills?
Could it be a blood clot?
Do i have asthma? and no one thinks i do but i thinks do but do i?
Can stess slow down your thinking?
Where can I find a Thai speaking doctor in sydney ?
Sleeping problem?
My right side of my jaw click up high by the ear?
I Accidently Cut My Wrist?
My wrist hurts, and pops a lot?
Having surgery to fix flat foot, what exactly am I in for? Anyone have personal experience?
stress relief?
Why doesn't my psychiatrist take me seriously?
Does this count as computer addiction?
Anyone ever heard of addiction to benedryl or gravol?
what should i do!?! 10 points for best answer?
Bring a friend with me into theripy?
who cried them self to death?
My job is driving me to insanity, what do i do?
have you ever put blood in your journal?
Is it easy to adjust to a semi large move?
okay important question 10 pts! anxiety?depression?mental health?
any advice for somebody throwing there life away hurting people around them.knowingly self destructing?
My Friend Has This Thing..?
Any experience with misdirected anger?
What's wrong with my dad?
antidepressant medication?
Paxil and Xanax combination ?
Can anyone smart translate these big words into something I can understand? especially the last part?
Question about abdominal lump bursting inside skin?
I need serious medical advice?
Breathing problems in the military?
What are the risks involved with consumption of Red Bull and No Doz?
What are some low iron symptoms?
what are some tiredness remidies?
Pain above my eye giving me headache?
Taking Aleve and Advil?
Rhioplasty (NHS)?
What are the symptoms of a blocked sinus/sinusitis?
stuttering problem im 15 please help?
I have a white little oval pill that has a 377 on one side and nothing on the other. What is it?
Describe the effects of neglecting physical activity on your health and sense of wellbeing?
can medications make urination more frequent?
what is the disease where people have involuntary movement known as ticks?
How long does pneumonia or a sever cold last?
how much is lapband stomach volume reduction surgery.With no insurance?
After i work out my back hurts ?
Numbness on the right side of my face?
why does.............?
I have a problem with my feet! help me out?
I think its an anxiety attack, I feel like i cant breath and if i relax I stop breathing?
Myth or reality?
Do lights that give out heat give out uv rays?
Irregular heartbeat?
How do people get drugs/get to know drug dealers?
Omega 3 mg?
Sudden red and blotchy skin? Help PLEASE.?
Does bath salt help get rid of acne? I've heard you can rub it on your face. Help?
I think most of my stress is caused by my mom.?
Can mass self diagnosis on the internet and googling symptoms cause sickness?
My dad has Castleman Disease!?
Can somebody who has had their appendix removed please describe the pain they felt before going to the doctor?
please help...intense headache?
Funny Bone,.. A Little Too Sensitive?
Wireless LAN and health?
Mystery Diagnosis: who do you see for help like these ppl when you've been doing it for over 20 years?
what are symtoms of a hernia?
Is/are there any diseases/conditions that cause tingling in the body but without numbness?
Is the reason why digital prostate exam is done once yearly, because its danger to damage or infect prostate?
What situations other than breathing move air into or out of may modify normal respiratory breathing?
Nausea after surgery?
are premature babies at a higher risk of developing leukemia?
I take 3 lycopene pills a day. will that interfere with a PSA prostate blood test result?
what are some food tolerance, something like celiac?
How did you pick your therapist?
what to do because i want to kill myself?
things like using a plastic smoothie cup make me happy?
Tired of myself loosing hope ? Is it end for me ;(?
I've been depressed constantly since September '06 (about 4 years I suppose)?
what do i do?
Flashback to something that didn't happen?
Are Anti-Depressant drugs actually placebos?
PTSD possibility, please help!?
What do you do when someone blames their addiction on you?
What could be wrong with my brother?
What the heck is wrong with me?
Swollen lymph node or something else?
I have trouble waking up in the mornings and by late afternoon start feeling tired early.?
i have this little bump on top of my lip ?
can u see or spot a ripped ligament on an x-ray?
HELP!!! Badly burnt tongue!?
Should i just force my stiff knee?
what is the cause of encephaloma?
Does this sound like Autism Spectrum Disorder?
Is it true that being cold too often leads to bad circulation?
Do ambulance drivers develop hearing problems?
Any doctor please read?
Do i have an Apendicitis?
Alcohol related brain damage as a teenager.......?
I have a issue with my brain:(?
I need some advice on how to not make it obvious that you just cried.?
Is there a dating site for people with Aspergers Syndrome?
How do I get rid of bad dreams?
what are the symptoms of being stressed?
How Can Someone Tell If They Are Traumatized?
How should I go about telling my parents I need a psychologist?
Could skipping school be good?
Help with anxiety/stomachaches?
Why do I feel lonely at school?
How do you get over emotional; abuse from a relationship? Could this be the cause of my issues?
Where Are Places to Get Help For My Drug Addiction?
Hormones hit me like a ton of bricks, can any one help?
What is a Type A personality or a Type B personality? Is there a Type C?
kaye really weird. but pleasee ansewr.?
violent schizophrenia and preventing??
I want to help?
Is anyone on Citalopram for depression? I feel like it is losing its effectiveness on me.?
I called a suicide hotline not too long ago and eventually ended the convo when she was still nervous?
Pasta sauce food poisoning?
can people taste with their feet?
Where can I get a medical certificate for a nursing job?
Whenever im in shopping centres or the shower I get really dizzy and start getting all nervous and want to?
what are the side effects of taking glutathione if you are pregnant?
can you please give me the list of december 2007 nursing board exam passers?
My Hip REALLY hurts? Anything that can help?
Can Lymph Nodes Throb? Can it be swollen Lymph Nodes if ..?
About the disease called Alzheimers?
What causes electric buzz?
I suffer major depression,have severe medical and physical problems. What is the best forum to use?
My lower right abdomen hurts?
How important is medication in the treatment of bipolar?
I always have to pee?
How can i prevent myself from having nightmares?
I saw a psychiatrist this morning, and she wouldn't prescribe me meds because of past suicide attempts...?
I attempt suicide quite often. 3 times in the past week and yet I always get released from the hospital?
What percentage of people do you think are depressed or have some sort of social anxiety?
Parents view mental illness as purposeful rebellion. How to deal?
I took some meds a little earlier and I feel really out of it?
Do I just have anxiety, or is it something worse?
I need answers. Am I crazy?
Anyone on meds for anxiety?
How can a mental illness affect the victims family?
What's the diff between a psychologist, psychiatrist and therapist?
How do i get over depression at the age of 15?
Agoraphobia & Loneliness **Ten Points**?
emotional drain from difficult demanding people need help?
Can panic attacks make you poo your pants?
Self improvement backfire, boredom strikes.. help?
How long does it take for marijuana to be out of your saliva?
What happens when you take a certain painkiller?
diarrhea and antidepressants?
just a question??
needing help with my OCD?
the right side of my chest hurts when i stretch it!!?
what does it mean when you have black spots on your liver?
what is this debilitating problem?
Have i got Conjunctivitis, starting to get a black eye or is my eye just swelling .(Picture Included)?
What causes bad social health?
Getting over cronic fatigue?
i have a red spot in my eye????
I saw my psychiatrist on Friday and he wants me to attend the day hospital program three times a week?
How can you stop yourself from sleep talking?
Missing daily anti anxiety medications for a few days..?
Please help. I need your advice. Beyond suicidal and just can't take it anymore?
Why Do I CONSTANTLY Feel The Urge To "Repeat My Life"?
I was diagnosed with Borderline personality, and I am not sad, just absolutely suicidal. So suicidal?
panic attacks and caffeine?
Is it normal for your conscience to have a voice?
Child with bipolar frequent complaints of physical illness or pain?
Fear of confrontation and low self esteem?
Are scientist close to finding a cure for depression, bipoler, etc?
i'm about to reach out and get the help i need to deal with self injury, but i don't know what to expect?
Is this behaviour normal?
feeling of depression and stress are holding me back, how to admit to someone?
Please help my parents don't understand!?
So, now im in Canada, right?
help me i am going down.......?
Does anyone have personal experience with Early Onset Parkinsons Disease?
i have an uncomfatable feeling in my stomach and when i press on it or rub it i belch or pass wind.?
i listen to music everyday, everytime im on da bus til i get home nd sometme wen im at home culd i go deaf?
How is vestibular neuritis diagnosed?
Have hard knot on sternum -10 months now getn larger.?
my ferritin levels are down to 7 again, i've been prescribed nothing, what should be my next step?
My left ear is plugged and hurts?
I have a strange type of neck pain?
What is this yellow corn type objects that i am coughing up?
I have a ache-ish pain in my leg..?
is there anything to relieve the pain of nerve die back in the feet?
blocked ear?
What is high acid level in a 4 year old?
How to get rid of hayfever?
Can does Dustmite allergy decrease over time?
Do you have to take antibiotics to get rid of tonsillitis or can you fight it yourself?
What's super duper dose of iron infusion?
Why am i having chest pains?
What should I pack for hospital?
Suicidal thoughts????
My fiancee left and I am 8 months pregnant ... think he may have bipolar?
How do I stand up to my mother without hurting her?
Trudging through Life....help?
My therapist wants to put me on anti-depressants but I dont want them?
I need some grief songs?
Looking/Not Looking At Your Therapist?
Is head fog a symptom of depression?
Want to see a counsellor but afraid of 'rejection'?
I just got my appendix removed 26 hours ago, and now I have difficulty breathing. Is this normal?
Back of knees stiff after sitting?
Where did you get ur breast implants?
I have a emergency with my son and his girlfriend,if i get a drs. note can they get home today. fl to bos?
Plz help me girls so i no what to do with my moles,freckes on arms Hi i am emma me wood like to no what to do?
Severe stomach aches, blood in stool..?
have you gained weight on celexa?
how do you go about explaining to a first time family doctor that you think you have severe depression?
confidence advice and help?
I woke up...I first thing I do is go to my laptop.....Is something wrong with me?
I just wanna say !!?
What would happen if someone took an overdose of pills before an appointment with the psychiatrist ?
Have extreme troubles sleeping! please help?
Why am I so paranoid of everything?
Can I blame him for losing interest in my life?
Question about neck pain?
Chiropractor, is it worth the education?
is this sciatica, i have pain on my upper left thigh?
I have this ringing in my left ear & decreased hearing?
hi, we had our female lab at the vets 8days ago to remove a tumor it was succsesfull ,but now her wound bad?
i think my dog is sick help!?
what do you do?
Does group therapy relally help ? Because it frustrates me more than anything else?
I need answers. Am I crazy?
help with diahorrea problem?
bad symptoms of lethargy, tiredness, feeling 'out of it' all the time and memory loss. Problem is?..?
ehler danlos and shoulder dislocations.?
how to reduce passive smoking at home and in public places?
Why did I get acute pancreatitis?
my son is 6 weeks old and has kidney reflux. how do they treat this?
Ulcerative Colitis advice??- serious answers only pls....?