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I'm so sick in the head!?
Chest pain 8 days after car wreck?
Why does my HPV injection HURT so much!!!!!!?
Questions about toenails?
Do you think that people who donate organs should be given priority on receiving organs?
Why is the lumen of an artery relatively small whilst that of a vein large?
how can I relief of grief and regret ?
Can caffeine kill a mouse?
Is there a ADD drug I can get that does not require a prescription?
is that ok giving set for red cells to be used for platalet or need to be changed with new one? and why?
I'm having knee pain but on the side?
My leg is sore, what do I do?
Heading, nausea, dizziness and fatigue are still occurring after hitting my head last Monday..?
Time Management Problems? Please help :(?
Rotator cuff inflammed what do i do?
Severe Pain in all of abdomen?
Vaccination help..?!?
Can lithium make me more aggresive and angry?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Upper GI Endoscopy Procedure?
I think I have a nasty sinus infection?
The Right Side Of My Head is Numb. What Are Some Possible Diagnosis?
Large lump in breast found in ultrasound...?
What actually happens during high blood pressure?
what is the correct way to breathe?
how to prevent teenage suicide?
12 Step Recovery? What are the 12 steps exactly?
What happens if you tell a nurse or therapist that you want to die?
I've become extremely impatient and restless all of a sudden?
Help With Anger Management?
how do i get rid of the nightmares and get a good nights sleep?
Can you name the most effective treatment for anxiety and depression?
bipolar boyfriend plz read the details any help is appreciated :)?
Does anyone else have ADD?
For those going through problems. Remember when?
I have a phobia of..?
Am I expecting too much too soon ?
Why are Canadian Suicide rates higher than the USA Suicide Rates?
driving with tourette's?
Do people who have depression have jobs?
Addicted To Intoxication. Help!?!?
Please help me, feel like my toes are hanging off the edge?
If I tell my psychiatrist that i quit taking my medication, he said he'll re-admit me to the psych ward?
Severe Chronic Headaches?
Define policy and procedure in a clinical practice sense?
i have these symptoms do you know what i have?
how much paper is it safe to ingest daily with no digestive problems?
Does anyone have any info about fibromyalgia?
Is it a tongue cramp or nerve pain?
Does anyone know if the disease MS is inherited?
my parents want to put me in an eating disorder clinic. has anyone been in one and was it worth it?
my nephew has just been diagnosed with mild autism?
anorexia nervosa school report help ?
What causes scoliosis ?
bone matter around my left eye hurts when I touch it, what's the cause?
Can't swallow Omega3 capsules - help?
What are symptoms of anemia?
What's a normal resting heart rate for a young teenager?
I have just noticed a red jelly "mucus" in my sons poo?
are there any girls at least 5cm taller than their dads???
How strong is the femur joint?
What does a stoned persons voice sound like?
Is it practicable to inject antibiotics into the prostate in order to cure persistent UTIs that have infected?
what does a heamotologist (sorry about spelling) specialise in?
Whats glasgow ac-coma score mean?
Constantly feel like I am swaying when im sitting still?
How Do You Get Rid Of Your Hunch Back?
what is cervical stress? and how to relieve this?
When Did Your Myopia Stop?
what does low Eosinophil indicate?
How does one strain there ribs?
Is it possible to sneeze out a piece of brain?
When you need to have a blood test,?
stomach problem .help? =x?
Breast implants?
What is a good way to get rid of blackheads?
Is it true that in your early 20s you get heaps of bugs and illnesses?
a drug Ancients used for forgetting grief?
dizzyness,and hearing?
I'm really stressed about my final exams next weeks. Any tips to de-stress a bit?
How does your anxiety affect your daily life?
How can I tell my close friends that I am anorexic?
Please help. When I was a child I used to have a voice in my head that would tell me to do things?
How do you conquer someone's fear of school?
Jobless, broke, alone and depressed?
Is this Emotional Abuse?
Songs about grieving?
Do I have PTSD?
How do I help and/or deal with a friend who is recovering from anorexia?
Intense pain in arm socket?
I have a bump on my neck?
Pulled Leg Muscle ???!?
if u swallow somthing and it gets stuck how u get it out?
I keep having odd pains since Scoliosis surgery?
A friend of mine has got Atelectasis?
how can a person get so angry they blackout?
Is someone who has reoccurring multiple tumors more or less living on borrowed time?
How do you prevent your stomach from growling and making other weird noises?
why do my legs feel so shakey and weak?
what is the equivalent dose of MS-Contin to 240mg of Oxycontin?
Would I be alright to drink tomorrow or not?
How can I increase my social circle ?
I'm 17 i have long arms and wear an size 13 shoes, but i'm 5'9, will grow into my size?
How are some ways i can relax?
Why do I forget my dreams?
can someone answer this please?
Has anyone gotten off of their low thyroid medication (with Dr. approval)?
Rushing fluid sound in back of neck by base of skull?
How to remove nicotine stains from fingers?
what kind of container should i use for my drug test? (probation)?
I have been on zoloft for a while and I sweat so much everyone thinks i have had a shower, am i alone on this?
baby with delayed development?
How much does an average pair of contact lenses cost?
why is improper garbage disposal a health threat?
Is everything normal?
what should i expect? aneurysm-cerebral artery?
Faking sick gone wrong?
Q11. The nurse is setting up a community safety program about car seats. What level of prevention is this?
Can you grow in one day?
conjunctivitis or just red eyes? how can i get rid of it?
causes of blood in urine?
Is there a sympathetic fibromyalgia doctor?
So...have a high grade squamous whatever..?
What does it mean when you have white and red blood cells in your urine?
I have this massive phobia of contracting Head Lice..?
Post gallbladder surgery side effects?
infrequent bowel movements and feeling of bloating?
How long do you sleep after having a major seizure?
I have a cold but started z-pack antibiotics im at day 3 i started having alot of dirahea and I feel so weak?
my 5 year old got hit in the eye with another 5 year old chin now his eye is swolen and puffy what should I do
does hep c attack the nervous system?
Are there any remedies for dizziness and other side effects caused by strong antibiotics?
Severe hand, arm, shoulder, and forearm numbness + pain?
Should I go to sleep I took 500 mg of tramadol 24 hour extended release?
Why the sudden stomach and back pain?
What is this, and how to relieve the pain, do you think it is Dr worthy?
Does iron deficiency and underactive thyroid cause constipation and compact faeces?
does any foundation will give funds for brain tumor operation?
please help ! Blood test result?
Can Effexor Xr cause fainting?
can using the computer too much fry your brain?
What are Emo kid's to you?Please post your opinion's!?
I am very very sad, what should I do?
Why do people go into comas?
I was diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder.. but what exactly is the disorder ?
Does anyone no where to get....?
What is your morning routine before work to get you going for the day?
Got a flu and cervical cancer shot in same arm....ouooooouuuccccchhh?
My Blood Calcium Level Is High?
In case of mercury poisoning, what should be done?
hairloss... question.........................?
Why does it feel warm when you're having an MRI?
Alopecia - has any one experienced going through a metal detector with a wig which has metal hair clips?
what is vallium drug & what does it do?
Regarding the body's paralysis when you sleep?
What happens if i take 6 endone all at once?
What is the most effective massage technique?
2 time i had done bone grafting,and need 1 more again, can i hope poitive result? ?
Why do you have to wait 2-3 hours until you can have another Strepsil?
is being a xray technician safe?
how should a provider behave when providing or refusing to provide health care?
under what conditions does the average person die? ?
I ate a Hungry Jacks Stunner DealĀ® and now I have explosive diarrhea, is this normal?
Why does a body get hot when sleeping?
hot flush then my hearing went funny ??
What does it mean when your ears feel like they need to be poped but they wont and it hurts your jaw?
Little blue tablet ???
chest shoulder pain.?
My mom has foot pain?
i just got ear spacers and they hurt, i need help.?
why do i get cramps when i run, i drink good amount of water, stretch warm up and cool down i dont understand?
Ilio tibal band syndrome with hip pain, have you had it?
Does my Mom have a Broken Finger?
Can I sue my doctor for keeping my on Paxil?
question about the amount of sleep I have?
my 4 year old has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Where do I go for help, support, information online?
Can Someone help me Understand What my Brain CT Scan is Saying?
Multiple swollen nodes for 5 months?
Can you gain weight from synthroid?
Unusual ear pain when on planes..need help?
aren't you supposed to be doing something right now?
What do i do????????????????
why do i get cold chills after i smoke a cigarette?
How do you know how tall you are going to be?
Cost of Calling Ambulance in NSW?
I smell of really bad BO ALL THE TIME!?
Question about a Polonidal Cyst?
Has anyone else ever heard that tanning can help with stretch marks?
I have been given the prescription " concertra" medication for my Son?
does blood type have anything to do with ethnicity?
why does the area around my lungs hurt when i am emotionally hurt?
whats wrong with me!!!?
How to cure a sore throat and a cold?
Is there a Phobia about hearing people eating food?
How long should it take to fall asleep? It usually takes me two hours. ?
can anyone give advice on drugs and running away??
What is causing the tingling sensation in my thigh?! :S?
Can pain in the groin be a sign of a blood clot?
What effects does PCP / angel dust have?
How many ex-smokers out there stopped cold turkey ?
What is the symbol used to represent cystic fibrosis?
Do I have leukemia, or am I just freaking out?
4 year old with badly cracked Heels?
my grandad has cancer in the blood brain chest liver lungs wondering how long he has to live?
i have circles of hard skin things on my forehead, solution?
Small scab on back that won't heal?
Headache that just won't go AWAY?
i just got prescribed fentanyl patches,? how do i put them on?
tailbone hurts real bad .!?
did i break something in my leg...?
Anyone out there ever had a Laparotomy operation before?
Are tampons safe to use? If yes, how? If no, how not? Are they better or worse than pads?
Medical - Phlegm in throat. I have had a frog in my throat for two weeks, but can;t really cough up much?
What is wrong with me ?
go doctor's without insurance?
Blue toenails but pink fingernails?
why does the smell of human stool vary?
If I touch a frozen fish packet and then touch my mouth am I going to get food poisoning?
Body Temperature Is 33 Degree's Celsius Normal?
What is wrong with me (health)?
Eating makes me skinny!!?
hay can some one plz tell me what this is called i dont no what it is call plz help me out?
It always feels like im being choked?
i have vertigo and i faint as well?
Why does my tummy look like I am pregant when breathing out?
the pill and St John's wart?
What can I do to help my hay fever?
what nutrition am I lacking?
What is this big lump on the base of my skull?? Its big and im worried.?
Why do I always get bad headaches after school??!!?
How do you get rid or lessen the intensity of muscle pains?
I have had headaches for awhile! What is it?
Sharp pain in my ear. what is it?
i have a odd cramping right underneath my right rib cage.do you know what it might be?
Sore Legs and Feet at Work =O?
How much does surgery to correct Pectus Excavatum?
What are the names of these blood tests that I just had?
blood test on friday for ana and several others dr called today wants to see me tomorrow?
My girlfriend has a myoma and she doesnt want to have surgery...is there an alternative to fix this issue?
way to help kids with cancer?
Is this an effect of chemotherapy?
would you donate your body after death for future Health professionals to learn from?
If you eat too much food colouring on a dish at once is it bad for your health.....?
Whats the best way to get rid of a temperature?
Do I have nits?
How come sometimes,when you drink something cold?
WHY do I breathe through my mouth?
urine drug test?
length of fingers?!?
How do you get rid of a croaky voice(Preferably no medicines)?
Hi I'm really worried about my height. Any tips to grow a bit taller.?
my mujm sends me to bed 6:00 how do i avoid this?
what does drinking chlorine do to the body?
What could this possibly be? (picture)?
Right thumb numbness (almost pins&needle-ish), aching shoulder / upper arm. What should I do?
Going back to antidepressants- anyone know one that doesn't make you gain weight?
Why am I always feeling exhausted for the rest of the day after working out?
If your doctor prescribed you some meds and you had an adverse reaction to them, could you report him?
why does my index finger hurt a little when i bend it... in the bone part where all the lines are?
Anybody have Panic Attacks when ur about to come to a red light and your stuck in traffic?
How do you know if you have burst an eardrum, and what do you do about it?
scared to go to sleep and die?/ please ghelp, iv been drinking?
How are people born with Shyness? Is it hereditary? genetic? developed? what causes shyness/anxiety?
Depression questions?
What drives you to get better and recover from depression?
Unregular Stress Level?
Is this OCD?
Why do I keep on hearing a buzzing and ringning sound in my ear?
Atavan to treat symptoms of anxiety disorders?
Where to being when talking to a therapist?
i need anxiety medication but nobody wants to prescribe me any?
Dull pain in lower abdomen and lower back?
Spine curved backwards?
How can I stay awake in class???
A survey for people who have suffered Panic Attacks or Anxiety?
How much are ambulance bills ?
Is this Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
i am so confused in life?
I was molested at a young age, should i tell my psychiatrist?
Is this paranoia/schizophrenia?
Setting myself up for a disaster?
is it OK to cut my 150mg wellbutrin pill in half?
Am i hallucinating? Please Help!!?
I just want to be happy for christmas?
my son's got cerebral palsy please help?
i had an ultrasound and it shows two white spots in spleen?
Why don't we snore when fully awake?
Can a blood test detect cancer?
How long to exercise and naps for brain tumor patient?
I still get mucus in my lungs morning and night. But the doctors say it's not asthma. What could it be?
I have a lump in my ear, what is it?
I have given up smoking after many many years?
Chest Pain!?!?!????????????????
Pain in the back of my mouth?
hmmmmm whats this type of headache called?
What should I do for random knee pain?
My symptoms are... what have i got, help me!?
My brain hurts, but only when I think. Is this normal? Could my head explode?
Does this sound like OCD to you? or not?
my ears are rining?
Is she a copy cat or just mentally disturbed?
lymph nodes.... very scared... please help!!!?
My cousin is 12 years old and he would like to know if he is over weight?
How would you convince a person with Alzheimer's that a miraculous healing hasn't worked?
Induced Coma.............?
Problems with grandchildren of vietnam veterans?
Can Temazepam cause fatality to a 13 year old?
I am moving to Canada because of Universal Healthcare..?
why shouldn't Australia be smoke free?
Smoking emissions from 1 cigarette
How do I get rid of or prevent stiffness?
Does it hurt to get a wart frozen off on the ball of your foot?
Where can I hire a wedding dress in Melbourne? Is there a shop that specialises in this?
How does dehydration cause fatigue?
whenever I eat I have to go to the toilet ten minutes later?
I'm 20, but I have panic attacks before I go to bed. I imagine suddenly a horrid zombie standing in front of?
Do you know a "friend" over 60 years old still using illegal drugs?
how can you have an orgasim by yourself without toys? HELP!!?
The use of Gloves in Aged care facilities in Australia?
MRI scan results, dont understand?
I am wanting to know to be an anaesthetic nurse.?
Sharp stabbing chest pains in the center of my chest?
Are antidepressants right for me?
How can I stop cracking my knuckles?
Should I see a doctor if my ankles have been cracking for years, but are now starting to hurt?
I hit my head on concrete stairs - should i seek medical help? or am i fine?
Numb finger from spray painting - Will it improve soon?
What is the right temperature to have the water in the shower?
About Quinine and its effects on certain conditions?
Why, When you drink alcohol is your urine white? doesn't that mean your hydrated?
Is their a insurance company that will allow you to have surgery and claim after the waiting period is up?
Diet pills???????????????????????
What are the effects of long term social heavy drinking on the brain and moods? ?
What is the most important factor that helps to stabilize joints?
what disease or thing can make you.................?
I have a really weak bladder and I always need to go the bathroom how do i stop this?
HELP PLEASE. ASAP. Ecstasy drug...?
Why are there more right handers in the world then left handers, is it true its becomine even, is what hand?
If our bodies are always regenerating new cells why do we grow old and die?
servere chest and stomach pain?
What is the main difference between a Registered Nurse and a Enrolled Nurse in Australia?
Do i have a high matabolism and low blood sugar?
can you see when you're sleepwalking?
What is a likely explanation of her condition?
How come me and my family keep having such bad luck. With jobs, money, health etc?
should i go to the doctor?
What could be wrong with your thryroid if you have a low thyroid function but normal T3/T4 levels?
how do i completely numb my ear?
doctor told me to take antibiotics but doesnt know if i have a uti or not?
can anyone help me with this question. my colesteral level in October was on the high end of normal in October?
how can i feel much better when im on crystal meth?
Is it possible to get vertigo or have balance problems after having ear tubes put in?
my 11 year old has an ingrown toe nail.the doctor said to do nothing but salt water bath.does this seem right?
I have lower back pain and have had diaherra for a month every day usually 2 times a day any connection?
Is it bad for pool water to get in a guys pee pee hole?
the actions of an alcoholic?
Baby has flat head at the back. Can this affect head circumference?
am i epileptic?? please, please help.?
is it normal to feel breathless when suffering anxiety on a daily basis?
I am in a lot of pain and I dont know how I am suppose to hold a job...?
Cold Weather Got You Down? Aren't You Just Sick Of IT With Sinus,Colds,And Flu?
what is the medical term for being a vegetable?
Is my thyroid "guaranteed" to fail if I have a TSH of 3.6? My doctor said it is-- how pessimistic!?
normal stools to mushy stools!!!?
Where should I start to have my soil tested for distemper disease? I lost two pups from this horrible disease?
What causes a sudden and short headache+blackout?
I need a really fast way to make my sore neck feel better.?
I want to get my lip pierced but I can't stand needles, bad idea?
What's a good remedy for sore throats (fast relief!)?
What diseases/conditions will a chest x-ray show?
why is snot green?,,,?
could i have an enlarged ovary & does that lead to ovarian cancer?please answer?
i think i might have Munchausen Syndrome ?
are you an organ donor? why/why not?
My lasagna is sick, how do I take care of it?
Does a blood test hurt? And how much blood to they take?
Can someone please tell me When a patient dies whilst indergoing surgery What are the next steps?
What is the difference between the 'Use by' date and the 'Best before' date?
In which sleep phase does the body get the most rest?
Has anyone ever cooked an egg with your cell phone ??
My 3 yr. old son just had his tonsils and adnoids taken out and tubes put in how long before he can eat?
Why do I feel sick when I eat?
how does the rise of fast food in our society influence the media, sociocultural, lifestyle and education?
Can you help me with this?
Please help me... What can I do to stop feeling like this?
vitamin c tablets 100mg?
How often should a fat person air out their junk?
Help putting an earring back in?
is there a support group website for carers of old parents?
need obeisitysurgery medical emergency insurance rufused 6 times?
i have trouble sleeping at night!?
Skakey Hands? worse when i hold things on a certain angle.?
Is anyone here on Prexige...... important new informtion?
Why are there tears after i faint?
Staying Awake eat work?
Depression and suicide?
Feeling bad/remorsed for buying minor ciggerites?
Are you sleepy right now?
What is causing me to wake up in the middle of the night?
how do i tell my mom i cut?
Does your psychiatrist genuinely care about you ?
Why do i get frequent blood noses?
is homephone or landline singal/radition cancerous?
What happens if a person already infected with (for example virus A) is exposed to more virus A?
can i repair my kidneys due to kidney failure?
i think i may have insomnia?
Is 'Angina' a seriouse disease? I mean, can it kill you?
has any one badly damaged nerves?
How long does it take for acidic foods to reach bladder if you have IC?
What are the odds of us getting any form of cancer in our entire life?
Husand has pain on left side below belly?
Why do my knees pop, crack and hurt?
Does anyone know whether boiling tap water kills off the flouride?
What do you know about Bee stings?
I can't sleep is there any home remedies that i can use so i can get to sleep tonight?
Do you believe that the mind can heal the body?
i have to pee bad but nowhere to go..?
I need to test clean from meth tomorrow?
Is obesity a mental health problem or a physical illness? What drives people to eat more than they need?
I have white spots on my tonsils... help?
If I have 7 irritating mosquito bites what do I do to get rid of them?
I want to go to bed early but no motivation?
Blood in poo, HELP!!?
i feel sick when i finger...?
I used to be able to drink 5 drinks at a time and never feel sick and then... please read on and help!!!!?
Sleeping problem help?
:[... who to pick please help?
Its 1:46am how do I get to sleep...?
PHow to use push ups to get bigger arms?
legs sometimes twitch?
Sometiems i have dreams where I'm truggeling to get away from water eg: big waves???
Household remedies for warts?
my poo is going green?
Is it odd that I always want my back tickled?
Do I have O.C.D? Please help?
Pins/Needles/numbness/tired/other aches and pains. Do I have MS?
What can you say to a person who has just been diagnosed...?
I'm 15 and just found out I have a teratoma?
what are the causes for compulsive lying?
Anyone had any side effects like dark or "evil" thoughtts?
Is there any such thing as chronic fatigue syndrome?
does this sound like kidney infection or uti?
wot is the best reflux drug?
What Illness?
VIP I'm losing the fight with my head lice but what to do?
Does arthritis show up on blood tests?
When is enough, enough?
Is it weird that my doctor gave me Metoprolol for studying?
Where do I get anti-depression pills?
How long will I suffer from anxiety after quitting Oxycontin?
My child 13 Diagnosed with Bi-Polar after reading the surveys am I crazy to think I am Bi-Polar??
Can people with high cheekbones have naturally rosy cheeks?
Whenever i feel my lower right side of my back I feel a bump?
Can wisdom teeth crowd all your other teeth so bad that it causes your jaw to put pressure on the skull?
I have some chest pains...?
Pain on ribs on my right side of my body and in the middle of my chest?
I feel like I'm getting a bladder infection, how can I deal with the discomfort until morning?
Anxiety? Stress? or something else?
How long will marijuana stay in my system for a drug test?
Foods with a natural laxative effect?
Why do i keep getting stomach cramps after i eat?
i need some birthday theme ideas?
Ive got food caught in my left tonsil. How do i dislodge the food from my tonsil?
Can astmatics use vaporizers?
in March 2007 and i took a small hit and blew out really fast to pretend. I was oustide. will it show in hair?
How to fix rough, sore feet from walking?
Why do I have a compulsive urge to steal things from my employers?
What can i do to stop headaches?
My body clock is out of whack what can i do?
Something keeps coming up my throat.?
Missed 2 days of anti depressant?
does the sons blood type ALWAYS match the mothers blood type?
how do i stop my nials from snapping?
how do you stop a nose bleed?
Why am I getting bitten from laying in bed?
i suffer from migraines and have been having memory loss is this normal?
What causes bowel cancer, and why is it so common?
my peripheral vision makes it seem like things are moving when they aren't. Could these be hallucinations?
My friend from work died today from epilepsy - how common is this?
What are the common Chest infection symptons?
Am I sick...? Lung cancer?!?
is it possible to like, get an epileptic seizure during a rave or club?
Why are we more vulnerable to asthma at night?
Do cartilage pierces hurt?
a fish bone stuck my neck?
Have sharp pains under my ribs?
How to get over a cold as quickly as possible?
I feel like i'm getting a cold, i feel sooo nauseous. What can it be and how do i get rid for xmas?
my son has a lipoma?
I'm anaemic and I feel my condition is worsening, I was wondering if I could get any advice about what to do?
one side of my labia is swollen, red and stings a little.?
Is it serious liver damage?
How can i boost my immune system?
Are epilepsy and migraines connected?
what is an "s" with a line over the top? without OR with??? Help! thanks.?
i have been getting vertigo for around 4 years , is this normal?
Y...y do u want to die (if you do) y are you willing to do this.......its not worth it?
Endo surgery recovery time?
why does this keep happening?
How can I find the INNER strength and patience to care for my mother who has mid-stage Alzheimer's?
What do you do to help your anxiety?
How can I help a friend in need to recover from Alcoholism or rehabilitation?
major major boyfriend trauma. please help!?
What to do to ease the my nerves of my Wedding day?
Has anyone taken Lithium for BLPD?
Whats better Effexor XR or Wellbutrin XL? ?
cognitive decline in elderly after surgery?
How can I tell if my friend is taking illegal drugs?
hangover ... no head ace?
Why does God get me to help painful people.?
Feel i need to pee but don't actually?
what do you think of septum piercings? (just wondering)?
Do we grow taller while we are asleep?
What is the best remedy for a sore throat?
are there any Helath risks living next door to a Telstra Exchange?
muscle cramps in leg. what could be wrong?
Can my doctor tell that i overdosed on panadol from a blood test?
All boy's n girl's please answer!?
does anyone freak out when they hear ringing in ears???
In a hospital what is a Sister?
Anyone have experience dealing with dementia?
Husband very sick drank 2 much how can I help?
Allergic to Alcohol?
Addicted to masterbating??
Is it true that you can overdoes on panadol?
Do I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
does this sound like leukemia?
How long can you live if you have cancer between the lungs and behind the heart where it cant be reached?
My last cigarettes!!!!!!!?
Urination question help plz?
is smoking 10 cigs gonna kill me?
Pain near right hip?!?
my right ribs really hurt?
Stomach ache for almost 2 weeks?
Will my severe acne scars holes at least be closed up and surfaced.?
About asperger's syndrome?
How would a massage therapist recognize someone with a urinary tract infection??
Question about heroin cost?
Who' thinks Cloning is ok?
Has anyone had an operation where the anesthetic did not work or wore off before the operation ended?
why do fingers and toes appear white when cold?
If I sleep more, will I get taller?
anyone got any ideas about what is wrong with my teenage son?
i was sitting in the sun for 2 hrs now my legs arms shoulders and back is very burnt?
Feel different because of drugs?
Why do i have swollen feet?
does a lack of sleep make you depressed?
dose ear piering get infected easly?
how to differentiate hiccups from kicks or other movements?
How does lack asleep affect Human Behavior?
How do you get rid of a bloated stomach?
Can bad air ciculation make you sick?
How do you like the names Jacob & Ella and do you like the name Jaytee better than Jacob?
what would happen to me if i replaced water with mild for the rest of my life?
how fast can you become addicted to marijuana compare to other drugs?
Does anyone here have scholiosis?
Do counsellors really help people with depression? how?
How can you overcome being anti- social?
How do you know when a person should be put on aniexty medication?
I feel so down all the time, what should I do?
PLEASE help, need advice?
tired and confused all the time?
Am I suffering from depression?
Why do I see dead people in my sleep?
How to help my sister who is anorexic ?
Should I tell my friend the truth about how I've been feeling?
could somebody help me feel better? i can't get rid of it and it seems to me that being dead would be better
Should I continue to work?
Depression...How does it effect other family members?
to anyone who's suicidal?
Why does my neck hurt so bad?!?!?
i have a bad head cold and my ears are clogged, help?
What to do about Insomnia?
I think I might have coeliac disease?
is it strange that i like the smell of feet?
lump behind the middle of my ear. !!!!!!?
should i go to the ER?
Post-operative antibiotic for a patient that has just had colorectal resection. Health professionals pls help?
has anyone heard of this disease?
does anybody have the tunnel carpian what are your symptoms?
not Bladder infection?
Is Compartment Syndrom considered a disease?
My husband's aunty has MS. Is there a high risk of our children also getting the disease?
what is the treatment if you may have pancreititus?
phenergan and weightgain?
Smoking ciggerets question?
okay if 100 people got some form of cancer, how many would statistically die from it?
What could this be? Bad cough?
Blood disease? ~(help)~?
Does Liquid Nitrogen Mole Removal Hurt?
Sweating Problem. Please help?
Bacteria... What is it?!?
When there is total silence, why does silence make a noise? What makes this ringing type noise?
Why do i have ache now?
the arch of my foot 'falls in'. I wear supports in my shoes and bandage my foot but it still happens.?
just wondering purely out of interest?!?!?!?!?!?!?
i have what i would call an addiction to caffeine, how much caffeine is too much and what are long term effect
How hard do you have to hit your head to get a concussion?
The back of my tongue is a baby blue colour, I haven't ate or drank anything blue today?
Why do my hands and feet go purple when its cold and bright red when its hot?
Can a child get a sore throat from wearing wet shoes???
HELP! Is there something wrong with me?!?
when your heart rate is low does that mean that your fit?
how to get rid of a blocked nose ...?
i had my gull bladder removed a year ago and every time i drink just a little alochol im sick the next morning
29 girl with chest pain?
About a week ago I felt what I would describe as a bruise like feeling on my hip, (where my panty top hits)?
Is marijuana dangerous?
Which drugs, when overdosed, kill you?
What is the worst place a mosquito could bite you?
What is Lecithin?
spine twisted? is it muscles or liagment ,tendons problem?
Intense pain in lower abdomen?
My NecK Hurts! Can't go to doctors because it's Canada day?
having gallbladder surgey this week, what can I expect, during, after?
Meningitis and Male Fertility?
Possibly Lactose Intolerant?
Can someone STOP depression without medication?
How can I bring up the topic of suicide when the psychiatrist says I'm flat ?
ADD help!?! what can i do to cure it???
Is happiness possible?
does anyone know a good eating disorder therapist/doctor in toronto canada?
started takin effexor, now MAJOR NAUSEA AHHHH?
i have a female friend who has a mental illness and on Meds. but thoughts of harming either herself or others?
does anyone know if harrison ford is taking any medication for his ocd?
THE SECRET? Anyone read it? Watched the DVD?
Why can't I stop crying?
Can someone help me please?
My friend has ocd?
Mental Examination by the public.?
I think I may be addicted to the internet?
I'm suffering a delusion?
Exercises to increase self control?
im wondering if this is Bipolar?
Are you worried that positvie thinking will backfire?
Is there harm in excessive sweating from taking anti-depressant?
trouble with memory?
Pain in my ribs? but theres no sign of bruising?
Something so happened omg I alomst died in laser tag HELP!?
what causes numbness in left middle finger?
Sharp pains in my back and stomach after eating, nausea, and constipation. Help?
Can waking up in a bright room cause a headache?
have you ever been in severe shame or pain... when?
Knee arthritis problem?
Still getting cramps from a heat cramp?
seeing things when i have a conversation?
Is there such a thing as being too crazy to have a girlfriend?
Subliminal downloads 4 anxiety?
I stopped taking Effexor 300 mg's two and a half weeks ago.. And I took 150 mg's this morning and feel sick?
Does weed cause anxiety?
What if someone loves animals, is a member of PETA but then loses their mind and chokes a cat for 2 seconds?
My best friend is bipolar but she refuses to get help. How can I help her?
I called the psychiatry nurse and left her a voice mail..Should she call me back ?
Social Anxiety/Depression/Insomnia.. I'm on novo-trazadone but i was wondering...?
for the depressed, panic stricken, suicidal, angst riden?
Help! What should I do?
I get very weak on weekends :( plz help me.?
does this sound like asperger's?
Is it time for me to move on and forget about the past?
how do you eliminate stress ?
I need help.. but can' t ask the question here please answer!?
Is it good thing that I relazie I have a problem?
I don't care about life anymore ? I just don't care. What's wrong ?
Could it be colon cancer?
What is happening to me through the night?(mature answers)?
My dad was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, we are considering chemo and stem cell, which one is better?
what organs involved in thyroid problems and asthma?
Strange Problem with my throat ?
What could this illness be? Please help!?
Guy has asthma had to take some sort of steroid tablet/drug to help asthma when younger makes him non-fertile?
Been getting headaches a lot this week. Been under extreme stress, could this be causing my headaches?
My headaches are suddenly much worse, why?
Need help...back pain from work?
what happens when you eat a lot of pepper?... not the very hot ones though...?
What medications are available for Osteoporosis?
Can someone tell me what is wrong with my...?
Can a person contract Reiters Syndrome any other way than from an STD infection?
WindBurn. What should I use to cure?
radio iodine therapy?
Why am I experiencing so much fatigue?
Whats the best cure for reoccurring mouth ulcers?
what can i eat while taking coumadin?
Could I have MS OR ANXIETY?
Swollen nodes for months.?
can extascy make ur lips swollen?
What emotions express confidence?
are these nightmares even nightmares?
whats wrong with me .. I often feel like I don't need to sleep?
What to do in memory of a persons death?
Anti-Depressants - which ones are good?
For anyone who was on Zoloft.. How much were you taking ?
I have a big problem!?
I REALLY NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are your thoughts about Suicide?
why does blood pressure rise when you are scared?
What are some positive influences related to the prevention of teen suicide?
what are 5 problems that could deelop as a result of having to much stress?
Can panic attacks somehow effect your memory?
i think i have social anxiety PLEASE ANSWER?
How does one change from being a life-long depressed person. Unipolar?
How to not rage and be frustrated at everything?
Is there a way I can wake up easier?
Depressed Teen.... Darkishly dead inside??
Help asap seriously!!!!!!!!!!?
why is prozac hurting him more?
I fell on the stairs, and a part of my leg is bumpy?
What exactly is a bone spur?
hurt elbow! is it broken?
I have had a sore throat few days a go,which was followed by a cough and a running nose!does it mean i have th?
my chest hurts,im constantly coughing?
How do you get paint off your skin? 10 points asap?
Why do I have a build up of ear wax?
why do people prefer to stay fully naked in a spa?
Has anyone tried giving up smoking through hypnosis?
I am having flashes before my eyes. It comes and stays with me for about 20 minutes then goes.?
how many times does the average person see a doctor each year?
Can you burn your tongue so badly that you can't taste anything anymore?
how do waste products get to the lungs and kidneys?
what are the long term effects of ecstacy and marijuana?
Sleeping pills really help me - how bad is it to take them every night?
Is it True about non-cotton underwear and electric shocks?
Clicky jaw?
My ears popped going down a mountain and ther still havent popped back?
How do you get rid of a sore throat?
Would you believe this? [Fake sicky?]?
Am I at risk for brain damage?
Prevent myself catching the cold?
Pounding headache for 3 days, gets worse when suddenly get up and with light. Please help?
what is the negative effect of drug 'speed'?
What's the connection between rabies and hydrophobia?
Does anyone know if there are side effects to taking nicorette gum?
Can that be signs of asthma or something like that?
Can anyone please tell me anything regarding testicular epidermoid cysts?? in a child?
Can a 14 year old have Hodgkin Lymphoma?
Do you know of anyone who has had a lipoma in the breast that has turned into cancer?
Iam so scared my aunt gets cancer, does she? please read this and help me out?
Teenage Tourette's Camp?
has anyone heard of this disease?
Burning stomach pain, barely can eat...?
my stepdad has been in back pain for many years. the doctors tell him theres nothing they can do?
Which would be better? Mayo clinic/Diagnostics?
i have a weird twitch in the back of my shoulder?
What pain could this be?
Anyone know what is Nycoti-nate means? thanks?
Where to get vicodin online?
Nose Picking!!???
Depression. The illness of our times. Do you suffer?
How hasThyroid problems affected your daily life?
about faintings or seizures?
Why are my toes curled? Is it something the doctors should see?
chestpains after smoking?
Renal Kidney Failure Hospital Stay?
My blood Grouping is B+So what kind of food must i eat?
My left side of my stomach hurts?
I inhaled a piece of lint a few months ago and now i'm having some breathing problems?
I have gallstones helpppppp?
Can head injuries caused when you were younger cause you to have really bad headaches?
Do you have to wait a couple days for Naproxen to work properly?
Pain at the bottom of my foot?
Random sharp pains in the index finger..?
what do i do with a fingernail that has turned black after i slammed the door on it?
can you give cpr to someone who has a pacemaker?
drive laundry detergent manufacturer?
Do you get leg cramps at night when you're trying to sleep?
What is a benefit of swimming and walking? When it has to do with the circulatory system?
how do I convert 5 feet tall into cm?
what is a lumbar puncture?
Do i have mild OCD????????
what is pseudo convulsive syncope?
I have discovered I am severely allergic to nickel.?
Passing blood with stool when defecating?
what is wrong if you have right side pain under your rib cage?
Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
I have a under active thyroid, anyone else ?
Can a Patient get records from A Dentist on every visit,as we had bad experiences which has lead 2 gum disease?
Eating disorder??? please help!!!?
Nausea and Weakness when i dont eat immediately?
question about gastroparesis?
Diseases and child birth.
i have sore stiff joints no swelling?
Why am I so out of breath when I sing?
Somethings wrong with me and i don't know what is is can somebody help?
What's the point of antidepressants if they make you more depressed?
Please help. My Dad has been told he has Cronical Kidney Disease only 10% in total working.?
tinnitus question plz help :)?
Is this arthritis.....?
know of a fatal illness that teenagers could develop & can cause som sort of mental disorder like memory loss?
Pain in abdomen similar to when had gall stones??
Swollen glands?
I have these strange orange lumps at the very back of my throat, what are they?
Is this a bladder problem?
How many tylenol is ok to take for a splitting headache?
Healthcare - free at the point of delivery???
what is snot made of and were does it come from in the body?
Has anyone ever had a bad experience with Herbalife?
How do I remove make-up stains from a white shirt?
i have neutrophilia with a mild left shift its to do with the blood can anyone help?
What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten or drunk???
Is it normal to despise a certain time of day?
if someone is too depressed to talk would you say it is part of aspergers or bipolar or PTSD?
Why Did All This Happen To Me?... Anxiety, depression, suicide... Please Help!?
PLEASE HELP!!!! Nightmares, nightterror?
Anyone know where I can find solid, unbiased info on Rispradone (risperadal)?
Memory and green/white tea?
can hypnosis be used to increase self esteem?
personal safety at risk?
The Drug L-Dopa???
im really depressed what should i do?
What are your thoughts/feelings, when you have taken a great deal of time to answer a question?
How can I improve my memory span?
Why can't I cry when I'm really depressed?
My arms kill after a work out?
I have social anxiety disorder, and it prevents me from dating. What do I do?
Why do my meds only seem to be work some of the time?
please help!! why am i like this? is there something wrong with me?
Wrist not healing properly?
Can a chiropractor help with potty training?
for some reason i have gone from producing a bowel movement from every other day to about once a week!I?
Ovary removal question?
Can any form of cancer be detected through a blood test?
should alcohol labels have graphic health pics on them like cig pkts have?
if your pregnant can the pulse feel like a regular pulse?
What are compulsory areas on an x-ray request form that must be filled in before an examination?
hi ... can anyone tell me the difference between epidemic & pandemic diseases ?
Is there any prevention or cure for legally blindness?
Should I use all my remaining skincare products before I start a new regimen?
Ringing in the ears & Advil...?
Numbness in one foot?
What is wrong with my tailbone?!?
Any suggestions on how to make my shoulder pain stop?
People sudying medicine..?
I have a swollen tongue and sore mouth. Anyone have any ideas how to fix it?
my m8 is abused ????
Please Help!!!?
how long does pot stay in your stytem 4 and whats the best way to get it out fast??..?
Why does head hair grow long but body hair is always the same length?
What can be done to minimise the effects of tinnitus (ringing in the ears)?
What organs sit on the left side just above the hip bone?
Should I leave sydney and a great income to move to Port Macquarie for a lifestyle change?
expand on the 5 stages of the reflex arc?
my daughter who is 3 wont eat meat and vegetables are a fight what can i do to help her eat meat?
What is a name of a phobia?
what is this?
Any Doctors out there?
Sydney Medium or psychic - know of a good one?
Has anyone ever been to a psychic and they were accurate, and the?
I feel so sad and depressed tonight because of my mom?
Had anybody had or is having social anxiety?
bipolar medication?
Can Anti Poison Control track down a phone call ?
lack of focus and fatigue?
question about schizophrenia?
Pro anorexia websites...what are your thoughts?
What caused me to this way?
what is the link between depression and early morning wakening?
I am 16 and I have severe anxiety and Panic Attacks.?
I think I'm Depressed.....and need to know what to do?
How to get back to school?
Is there a name for when people tend to obsess over things?
i think i severely traumatized my friend psychologically?
I am loosing it...loosing it like crazy. What can I do?
Last night... I found him puking.?
What are some symptons of depression?
What do i have .?
Can you take Panadol Rapid while pregnant????
Uncontrollable eye rolling to the back of my head?
How can i get ahold of the Epilepsy Foundation of America?
i have PCOD (polycycstic Ovarian Disease) has any one else suffered the symptoms like i have?
i'm suffering from frequent urination.more on nights..how can i get rid of this?
is it ocd, my 9 y old son had signs before but lately he thinks his eyes will be harmed any one has same exp?
Does anyone know anything about PANCREATITIS?
What are the long term effect's of hyperthermia?
I need to get nose surgery,not cosmetically,but because I have chronic sinus disease,would it cost money?
skaters toes?
Multiple sclerosis? alot of symptoms.?
my vision is perfect, im 22 and i suddenly started seeing floaters!?
I just started using "Flush the fat - Internal Flush"?
I pulled my leg & under-bum muscles doing splits, any home remedies?
sharp pain in the palm of my hand?
What's your hart beat bpm?
what can i take to help me concentrate better? drugs or vitamins or whatever?
What is xylocaine used for?
Does it matter?
how can a person from the philippines get a apprentship for nursing in western australia?
Who is more qualified??????
illegal drugs?
I would like to know what would be the safe distant to be from HF aerials located at an airport?
My ankles click and crack sometimes when i walk, what can i do to relieve this problem, as i don't want to su
ever been to scared to flush a log becuase it may block the toliet?
Should people with kidney problems drink coffee?
Antidepressants Long Term Use At High Dosage?
blood and mucus in stool?
Are these symptoms of a disease or syndrome?
How to calm hacking cough for a 2 year old?
why UMNL of facial nerve just affect the lower part of the face but LMNL affect whole part of the face?
Help! Pain in my bladder...?
is there something wrong with me....?
I just took two tylenol 3's and I feel very tired and sick. I want to sleep but im home with my daughter?
Why are my ribs hurting?
I am trying to locate a very dear nursing friend from Ireland with the name of Levina Cassells without success
My 7 year old daughter has a brown birthmark on her neck ,is there any safe fading creams out there .?
what makes you feel about yourself and life?
has anyone out there suffered from snapping hip syndrome? If so have they had any success with treatment?
Do you know what is the best remedy for varigos pain, I'VE taking many drugs and still in pain?
how can i cure my cold, without taking panadol?
what is the causes of appendicitis?
Post op are there groups that meet to discuss recovery, including therapy, after knee surgery?
Is it true that you can see upside down the right way up after being upside down for a while?
can you mix ibuprofen and Hydrocodone -apap?
Why do my legs feel like pins and needles?
My friend is newly married. She says her husband finds difficult in inserting his.?
what is the recovery period for tummy stapling?
what is claudius de lange syndrome?
can overdosing on sominex kill you????
wondering if anyone new how to look up on the net births and hospital records?
gingernut biscuits?
Do you think i might have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome?
Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery (cholecystectomy) Yes or No?
my husband eat something that had mold on it will he be okay?
Advise on how to help an alcoholic?
Left Ovary cannot be seen in an ultra sound?
is there a doctor that deals with things like ocd ts add/adhd?
my daughter has been diagnosed with slight LEUKOPENIA?
I keep getting bites all over me, and I don't think they are mosquito bites, anyone know what they might be?
my wife has being diagnosed with discoid lupus are there any cures of any type?
Whats the best home remedies for the gout?
Why aren't there any medical brokers?
Blood traces in urine - shadows on the kidneys?
My father-in-law has been diagnosed as having pageants disease.?
What are some causes, symptoms and characteristics of Autism Spectrum?
Does anyone have fibromyalgia?
I have a rare genetic disorder called Galactosemia. What are some good web sites so that I can contact?
Running out of Oxygen?
Did I dislocated my shoulder?
I thought I had a high pain tolerance...why am I in so much pain right now?
I inhaled bleach and ammonia I cough so much and now my stomach and body is in pain?
why do filtered ciggarettes seem more harsh on ze lungs than unfiltered maryjewwanna?
Food stuck in throat causing dry itchy throat?
I honestly think I have A.D.D. and I want to get tested. How do I ask my mom?
why do u get more pressed when u see the toilet seat?
how the nervous system affects muscle control?
I require a list or booklet of abreviations ie toilet TLT, ultrasound ULT... etc where would I get this?
what are the principles of catheterization?
how long does percecet stay in your urine?
How do I change my voice tone?
could the edema in my legs be at all asociated with my bladder infection?
If u take a vow of silence do you scream when u get murdered?
I injured my vertebra,?
Is this going to lead to health problems down the road?
Toddler complaining of leg pain?
pain in lower right side can you help?
Coated tongue a good sign of liver function?
Can you play a sport football (Aussie Rules) with a un-healed ear lobe piercing?
what affect does cervical cancer have on womens lives?
i have a horrible cough and i leak after a bad coughing fit it doesnt feel like i'm urinating?
Is this a type of epilepsy, I am experiencing below in more detail?
are gallstones hereditary?
PLZ help me...........?
i have gout... i have to keep clear of foods rich in iron... Is folic acid bad too?
Explain the major causes of oedema. Explain why oedema is common in patients with liver failure, or the kidney?
Migraines - I don't have any underlying medical cause for them & believe they are psychologically caused?
numerous bowel obtructions?
How do I get rid of nits?
What side effects have you had using a CPap machine for sleep apenia?
Hyperthyroidism Symptons (overactive Thyroid) how many of these affect your daily life?
I have Graves disease, will i always be on thyroid medicine?
Swollen Neck glands and chest pain?
My face keeps getting really hot...?
How do u do with yr face&body everyday?......especially.......?
i am scared to eat most foods incase it gets stuck half way down my throat.?
wat is slab gel electrophoresis?
WHY do i crave smokes at my work place?
I want hiccups!?
how does Aromatherapy work in wound care?
what is it when teacher whats to ask me a question he hits my leg with 's leg?
What are the benefits of taking Acupressure?
How long does it take to get a good tan?
psoriasis need help?
Does anyone know anything about drusens when they are the sole cause of legal blindness?
where was Dr William G McBride born?
somtimes I dream that someone shot with a gun but i know his conna do it but icant stop it happens usully?
The link between anxiety and mental/physical health?
Why would someone be on prednisolone following a Myocardial Infarction?
a urinary tract infection....?
how long does it take to pass a kidney stone?
The left side of my throat, left ear, and head hurt?
Any ideas whats wrong with me?
a vein above my right eye and below my eyebrow is going crazy, why is it?
I need to find the article this came out of?
What can I do about gas in my stomach?