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I've got Costochondritis (pain/inflammation of the ribs) that will just not go away! Help?
If u bite your nails as a bad habit and its down to the nub will it grow to its normal form if you stop?
Green Spray: How can I get my skin to STOP BURNING?!?!?
How much to get teeth bleached/whitened?
What is the best night guard you've used for bruxism?
Jaw stiffness after wisdom teeth extraction?
Why does my tooth hurt SOOOOOOO bad? Is it just a bad cavity?
Has anyone had those white composite fillings done & still experiencing pain?
Can I get rid of gingivitis with braces on?
Can I exchange a gold crown for a porcelain crown without having to pay twice?
"Back 2 Life" Infomercial on TV Guide Channel...?
What causes eye pain? The pain is from behind my right eye, not really the eye itself?
Cole sore . i feel it coming ,.?
What did I do to my knee?
Would you feel pain if i pinched you?
is there a way to get Ibuprofen without a doctor?
what are the names of pain killers.?
what causes a person to have hot flashes and lower abadom pain?
Why is universal health care bad?
Is drinking urine good for you ?
My left eye?
Went to Hospital for High Blood Pressure Last Night?
how do i know if i have a 'sinus infection'?
this is a quiz on the swine flu?
Am I just being paranoid?
Am I dehydrated or do I have something more serious?
how to bring down high blood presure?
Would smoking weed help cure a rash i got on my stomach?
urgent help?!?!? ?
Clear discharge from a wound behind my ear?
Throbbing pain behind my ear after exercise?
Why is my ear clogged? Just getting over a head cold and now my 1 ear wont unplug. They need to "pop"!?
Does this sound like Plantar Fasciitis?
lower right side pain, appendicitis?
How effective is Tramadol for back pain?
Help Show Choir and Sore throat ?
my brother got burned by hot coffee!?
What's a good remedy to keep sand flies from biting?
I burned my finger, help?
How do you treat a rug burn?
my eye is swollen but i don't know how?
what should i do if my rat terrier got bit in the ear and its bleeding a little bite?
I branded myself, and now I think it might be infected?
what is the fastest and safest way to eliminate scopolamine from my body?
If you have a bee stinger stuck in your hand, should you take it out yourself or wait for someone experienced?
Is placenta really works as an anti-aging or helps in skin care?
Their is blood in my bowels?
Baking Soda??
At 6:30 This Morning i had a fever i fell asleep and i felt better now it is 9:00 at night i lost the fever?
Which is more dangerous? Swine Flu or Bird Flu?
My niece had strep throat and constantly washes her hands now the doc said its linked?
Dont you hate the "Swine Flu" hype?
I have a hair in my throat, How can i get it out?
Headache for 2 weeks now, advice?
Stomach/abdominal pain?
i heal within 30 seconds??!!?
Day 3 after tonsillectomy- lots of jaw pain! :(?
how can you stop a foot cramp fast?
which is a comon diabeties medican?
Is there a word for people who are obsessesd with blodd?
How can I pop my lower back myself?
Blood clot after tooth extraction.?
what is the best way to make my teeth white?
I need information on free dentist work for someone with no income in the state of south carolina.?
im getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow?
Can you suggest a good dentist in Melbourne (Australia)? Thanks.?
is it possible to have a blood type O if both of your parents had a blood type of A?
What makes that crack sound when you crack your nuckles?
Is my doctor right to deny me my request to have complete physical examination regularly?
Can't Decide...Nursing School or Sonography School?
who knows of someone who had the lap band procedure.....?
I would like to know where i can find catalogs for handicapped people?
I passed out yesterday, how to stop if it happens again, (Please see details, will give full marks !!)?
How can I whiten my teeth?
question about the flu?
Is this a cold, or lung cancer?
Air moves through the bronchi to the alveoli by a network of tiny tubes called?
i feel like im falling when im about to fall asleep?
how old were you when you lost your virginity, every gender welcome?
what are some problem with our health care system?
Is Hookah as unhealthy as cigarettes?
My mouth is extremely dry when I sleep?
was born with crooked pinky fingers. was told it was part of a royal family. does anyone know of this?
Is it true that if you crack your knuckles too much, you can get arthritis?
have sleep will take?
If I smoke one cigarette a day will I experience any side effects?
Anyone Here Have Social Anxiety Disorder?
How can I be myself? Please help?
How to recognize a narcissist when I see one?
im sick. what do i do to feel better?
should the cigarretes smoking be banned as heroin consumtion?
Why does it feel like there is something in my throat?
Are there any side effects of Tuberculosos (TB) Shots? IF so what are they?
what races can get sickle cell anemia?
i was bitten by a spider?
I have a small bite on my right index finger. And suddenly my left foot and right hand start to tingle! Help?
Help! Earring stuck in my ear!?
Am I addicted to cigarettes?
Doctor stories?
My girlfriend seems to be always hot or cold.?
how long can gas or indigestion last?
Can somebody tell me whats wrong with me? (NOT for people with weak stomachs)?
best way to quit smoking without nicotine patches?
what are these pains?
coughing fits till sick?
air embolism??? Help!?
is the swine flu in staten island?
Lets take a look at the category "infectious diseases"?
what is a really interesting disease?
What to do if you caught swine flu.?
Does the regular flu reach pandemic level each season?
What is the diff. between glucose intolerance and diabetes ?
Is an iron level of 8.6 too low?
What are some cookbooks for children with type one diabetes?
Why does high blood sugar make you tired?
Elderly eating habits?
Will it be okay to put a retainer in for a couple of hours while I am at tryouts?
how to get paint or water out of your ear?
Why does my pinkie finger 'pop' when I bend it?
It has happened 3 times this year. I wake up and I can not breathe for 5-10 seconds. Really scary. Why?
What makes mucus different colors?
I just had a panic attack at school today, lasted 45+ minutes...?
Do I still have asthma?
what does it mean if an 18 year old had a capillary refill is less than 2 seconds?
What will my doctor do to help me sleep?
Need Help with Problems with Waking Up?
Based on your own family's experience, what do you think we should do to improve health care in America?
how to fix a bad sleeping schedule?
Can we live on less than 8 hours of daily sleep?
What you call that thing that grows in your eye??
I can't take it?
Liver health - what hurts it and what helps?
Daily headaches? Not migranes..not sinus infection...but?
What is the symptom of dwarfism?
If you go to a orthodontists does that mean that your getting braces?
how does silence help our body physiologically?
Do you think socialized Healthcare is the answer to affordable healthcare?
does anyone know if insurance will pay for a lap band surgery ? Has anyone on here had the surgery?
question about blood pressure?
is it good to sleep on your back, is a soft or hard bed better.?
Suspected bladder infection?
I have a bug bite on my ankle that has a brownish clear fluid coming out of it and it's really itchy.?
I've been really tired lately...why?
What virus causes Conjunctivitis?
If you were told on Monday you had to get the swine flu shot and/or the flu shot or...?
Who here has had the swine flu?
how long would someone be in the hospital after having a stomach ulcer removed?
ear feels very clogged for 4 days now!?
How does a "puffer" of ventrolin work?
Help! What can I do to relieve nasty persistent sympt - sinus congestion, cough, ear pressure? Home remedy id?
What can I do with a REALLY BAD cough?
Coughing up blood in phelgm?
My mom has had pain on the left side of her chest this whole day . What is the cause?
What is with this weird cough?
What is Pleurisy im just curious help?
my dad has had a REALLY bad cough for 3 months could it be serious?
im talking to my friend and she keeps complaining about breathing?
Are ammonia inhalants bad?
Mold.what can it do to you?
mg/ml antibiotic with water?
How long until I get the results?
Incorrect place of injection?
Support helps flow or not?
Im 13, and having horrible chest pain?
Do I Have A Case for Misdiagnosis?
Can my vocal cords heal if i stop?
UI've been spitting blood and having headaches for about a week. What could be a cause?
whats wrong with my right leg?
hey any body can't sleep ?
Always getting goosebumps on my legs?
Getting tired early in the evening?
If you're on an antibiotic for a sinus infection and get a bladder infection will it help that too?
Dental qualifying exams in dubai?? i am a dentist (BDS) from india i would like to know about MOH & DOH exams.?
What is the best time to floss?
if you have a small stain in the centre of a front tooth?
How do I make my cough better?
Why does my chest hurt when I cough?
Does anybody know any companies about asthma?
I need help with my sore throat?
which is more dangerous, first hand smoking or second hand smoking?
Really bad asthma attacks that wont go away. Please!! help!?
How can i convince an adult to stop smoking?
why do i sleep so much?
is there a faster way to fall asleep?
Gosh what could this be???
Colonoscopy preparation solution flavorings or techniques - any suggestions or advice?
Having a hard time figuring this health care confientiality question?
has anyone experienced mental issues with the medication chantix?
could it be c diff? 4 year old being sick?
shortness of breath after just a little exertion?
Sick, and not sure if my room is a causing it.....?
my girl friend is pregnant and she has been coughing alot which makes her throw up. what can help?
How is a TB test read?
Water in my ears cause headaches?
Sleeping for 10 days?
tounge pierced?
Would you please scratch my back, that one spot a little to the left that I cant ever seem to reach?
Could I be at risk for Diabetes?
Kennal cough and not eating and drinking.....?
i am tired all the time, i have a dry cough and lately i have been getting chest pains when i play sprot?
Why do I get a sore throat from smoking cigarettes? I feel like my lungs are constricted and I can't breath..?
Why does my chest crack?
I know that I have a mild case of sleep apnea but...?
Why can't i breathe when i run on grass?
What causes my scratchy throat in the middle of the night that makes me gag and choke and struggle for air?
Will people with asthma who get Swine Flu get it worse than others?
Half My Tooth Fell Off.?
what toothpaste do u use in the morning?
Tooth extraction: How long after a tooth is extracted can a person resume normal eating. Don't want to risk
Do I need to remove a partly broken wisdom tooth?
what should you eat for breckfeast after you get braces?
first time traveler needs help.?
How much ibuprofen can you take before it could start hurting you?
How can I quickly learn to go to sleep at a reasonable hour?
Are the non nicotine cartridges safe for the electronic cigarette?
What age is at least suitable to have 5 hours sleep as max hours?
What would cause blood to be coughed up?
I cant sleep at night?
Do I really have asthma at all or near as bad as my Doc mad it to be?
what kind of medicine can i give my 4 year old for a cold?
what kind of asthma do i have and how do i get rid of it?
Is this sinus issues/infection?
is a respiratory infection in a turtle contagious to a person?
I smoke about 5-10 cigarettes a week, which isn't a lot, so why does my chest hurt so much when I smoke?
How to cure a fever and a cough?
why do people cough up blood?
trouble breathing and dizzy?
Should i avoid the hospital?
Where can I purchase grape flavored dental floss?
My cuspid teeth are wearing away near my gumline, as if their chipped to the inside by my gumline, what to do?
Do black people have whiter teeth than white people?
Has anyone out there had success with hypnosis to quit smoking?
My eye keeps twitching from stress.?
Is it possible to stay awake for 3 days? Serious answers only, please!?
yesterday i just got back from a protest in dc, and now im feelin like shiit...?
Short term health insurance helppppppp!?
How often is recomended to clean your ears with cotton sticks?
im 14 and my leg is numb and i cant seem to get it to go away?
always tired?
Sore throat. How to make it better?
my son tore his pinky toenail back. How long will it take to heal?
What is wrong with my ear and how do I treat it?
I got 2 mosquito bites on my upper arm. They got larger and their hard when touched..is this normal?
So I'm worried that I have a bad spider bite...?
What is the best cough syrup?
i inhaled burning plastic fumes?
I have a really high pitched cough doc whats the cure so I can get rid of or at least reduce the severity of i
is there any injections used for cough?
Cough when exhaling deeply?
are dental schools a good place for extracions?
Crest whitening strips do they work?
Metal or clear braces in high school?
does it hurt when u go get invisalign on your teeth for the first time?
how do you repair a chipped tooth?
How can i make my teeth straighter without braces?
What was your worst braces experience?
On a scale from 1-10 how bad does it hurt to get braces tigtened?
What does it mean to have protein in your urine?
I lost my voice to the cold I need it back for work what works best?
Is this because of lack of sleep and not eating properly?
I don't know what is wrong with me?
Question for doctors: what does weed really do to you?
How to fix an ingrown toenail?
how can i go to sleep?
how do i stop chewing on the inside of my lip?
any natural toothache remedies that work?
how much do braces cost?
Is there a way to numb my mouth before going to dentists office to get cavities filled in? ?
Vegan diet advice please!?
Can you naturally have an oder of alcohol with Diabetes?
Why is it that whenever...?
government subsidized healthcare?
help am i ok ??? help i need to know?
I just quit smoking & now I can't sleep at night - can someone help?
is whiskey actually good for a cold.?
What is the best way to sooth chapped lips?
is it possibly to have a blood clot in the lung without having a dvt somewhere else first?
Help! I have this whooshing sound in my ear.?
Ugh!!!!! IM SO SICK! HELP!?
How does a lung blood clot occur when you just have had kidney transplant?
how much do you smoke a day?
¿Como Cantar mas afinado con un tono agudo y como le ago para gritar cantando?
I had a panic attack and hours later I still feel like im breathing quickly and hearts pounding!?
Just ate a few ounces of raw chicken. It was covered in sauce-couldn't tell. How can I avoid getting sick?
How to sleep less and better?
I think I smoked too much pot, should I call 911?
How do I fall asleep faster?
Do doctors ask you back to discuss the results of your blood tests even if there's nothing wrong?
What could be the causes of this?
what's the most stiches/staples you've ever had?
Help Please? This is a Repost?
Whats the best way to finger yurself?
What is an alternitive to sergery?
Has anyone ever been on Depo-provera... and now has type 1 Diabetes?
what is the sign and symptoms of hypothyroidism?
what is ketones on the human body?
Anyone familiar with Glycogen Storage disease?
Best time to exercise and what about any?
My little sister, a type 1 diabetic, is constantly sick with colds and fevers.?
Should a dentist be handling the drill bits without gloves before putting them in the drill?
getting invisalign im january. im 14. was this a good choice?
I can only sleep for a few hours at night sometimes?
Waking up to an Alarm Clock?
Question about surgeons.?
Need some advise from a Nurse or CNA !!!?
Has antbody tried the electronic cigarette?
i have a question about burns.?
Have you ever dealt with a bad case of poison ivy, are there any quick ways to get rid of it?
i been getting sick for the past two weeks?
Disease to do with respiratory system that prevents people from playing sport!! help please ! due tmrw?
Am i the only one, with this condition?
is erythromycin good for ear infection?
Why can't asthma sufferers get the swine flu vaccine?
How much do you pay for a pack of Cigarettes?
Right side pain?! PLEASE HELP!?
Is Obama's health care plan going to affect how much nurses and doctors get paid?
When I work out or play sports, my face gets beet red.?
I was playing with a toy and it is now stuck in a undisclosed area of my body.... What can i do ????!!?
Ive got protein in my urine stick analisis what does this mean?
Does getting braces change your face/facial structure?
Why am i always tired?
I have a 2mm gap inbetween my front teeth? How can i fix this without braces?
does this work good if you have and used this ANSWER?
Just had a tooth pulled the other day.?
I have pain in teeth on right side of my mouth and under eye along with pressure in my ear. What's wrong?
Will Vick's Vapo-rub help heal my dry, cracking paw pads?
What is e-prescribing? and which software is the best?
What do I do when my friend has Chiari attacks?
bee sting, need help quick!!?
My tonsils grew back?
I crack my knucles all the time. Is this harmful?
I want to get a minor nose injury on my nose so i can get rhinoplasty covered by msp?
Internal Medicine vs. General Practice vs. Family Practice?
How much small and /or large intestine can a person lose and survive?
What can be done to combat sleepiness?
is it possible to perform a heimlich maneuvre on yourself?
What is the recovery time after an appendectomy?
What can 4:44 mean?
Do I need to take wisdom teeth out?
Gum grafting on receding gumlines?
what can be used at home to whiten teeth?
What causes varicose veins?
Which do you think is worse?
Help! I Just tried smoking?
Im so scared about swine flu?
Could this be TMJ..........?
Help please .. my husband has a snoring problem?
My toenail is starting to become ingrown, help?
Why do you huff and puff and get really tired in a Higher altitude more than a regular altitude?
I have not smoked weed for 8 Months .?
I accidentally inhaled a cocoa puff, how do I get it out?
What does it mean when the doctors say you have betas growing in your throat?
work out of town 4 days 3 nights no problems come home and wake up with pounding headache every morn at home?
I breathed in my own saliva?
diabetes? i have a jean mark for diabetes, can i go blind?
just got braces help!?
Wisdom tooth surgery problems???? HELP PLEASE :(?
Will adding a little extra baking soda to my tooth paste do any harm to my teeth?
Have any of you tried to quit smoking after 42 years?
Is it safe for a guy to fall asleep inside of me?
How do I act like a gymnast when I'm really not?!?!?!?!?
constent dizzyness for 2 weeks?
Quit smoking????????????
What is wrong with my boyfriend?
Need help with my over active bladder?
How long does it take for the ache to go away?
Do my teeth look good?
how to stop bad morning breath?
Odor between teeth when flossing?
Do braces always stain your teeth?
Mosquito bite OWIE!!?
Is it possible to make single eyelids bigger without double eyelid surgery?
Why do I feel so worn down after school?
what health risks are there when you take up smoking?
Question about my health?!?
How would someone correct a sleep disturbance problem?
what type of insulin pump should I get?
Ive just recently got blood work done?
Coughing after running?
boyfriend smoking...?
What does it mean by air dry?
Trouble breathing after panic attacks?
i have astmah and i have to play in a game what should i do my lungs kill me?
How comfortable do you feel coordinating the care of two ICU patients both possibly ventilated atthe same time
Can all human body organs be transplanted?
i get the sleep i need at night, but how come i cant stay awake dureing the day?
Are these health risks true?
What is happening to me?
Social security question?
How to treat soar shins?
****what should i do about my fingernail?! PLEASE HELP.****?
What will help? I just burned my fingers with hot glue that got stuck to them while helping son w/school proj.?
what is meant by milk dentition?
is it dangeous o have 6 teet pulled at once?
When you have braces, how do you put on the wax so that it wont rub against your lip?
Why don't new teeth grow back when your adult teeth fall out?
How to brush with braces?
Is it sinus infection or something?
I have no pulmonary valve. I was diagnosed with asthma 2 years ago. My asthma keeps getting worse.?
Why do i feel so dizzy when i stand up??
How long does the process of testing for diabetes take?
Tattoos and diabetes....?
Second hand smoke Quiz?
what causes bloody noses?
I have been coughing for months and given antibiotics. was x-ray and found to having bronchitis. I'm worried?
what do you know about cystic fibrosis?
Can too much sugar weaken eyesight?
Quitting Smoking HELP continue reading...?
Does a fill in for my tooth hurt, and what happens?
How can I get my husband to brush his teeth?
does palatal expander effect my nose or cheekbones?
Why is it so hard to get Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) from the Dentists ( in Florida)????
An acute diagnosis is one which begins slowly and lasts a long time True or False?
having a sore throat for a week...what can i do!?
Need some help with doctors?
Took 5 days of prednisone, could these be side effects?
Expedite Medi-cal Application?
what can i do to make my boyfriend stop smoking?
If you smoked a tobacco plant that just grew from the ground, would it be better than smoking a cigarette that?
Even if I go to bed late and getting 7+ hours of sleep, why do I wake up really tired?
Over weight & my heart feels weak. My veins hurt sometimes too.?
What Food do People with Sencetive Teeth Should Avoid Eating???
get rid of puffy gums???
i need to teeth pulled :(?
Teeth Grinding while Sleeping.?
What is the best cough medicine?
is it true that the use of salbutamol inhaler causes tachycardia?
cough with green mucus?
I need to know how much each person makes?(average $)?
Will it hurt much to get a tooth pulled?
How is tarter build up formed. How can you remove it at home?
Getting surgery to get my wisdom teeth removed?
i have cavities, at least 2 that i know of, what will happen?
My lungs sound clear and my oxygen level is 97-99, but I am still wheezing, could it be pneumonia?
Can taking hydros and than smoking weed have a negative affect?
Influenza type A / Cough, sore throat?
Functional endscopic sinus surgery?
I am afraid to get an endoscopy HELP!!!?
anyone know how deal with mosquitoes bites!!!?
plzz help sore throat need medicine recommendations?
why does my friends throat hurts so much when he coughs ?
A question about asbestos exposure?
do i have swineflu? have nasal probs takn meds for it saw a guy on tv has no fever bu has h1n1 ami i affected?
How Can You Tell If It's Bronchitis Or Just A Cold?
How do I quit smoking, seriously?
how to check whether a person has smoked?
How long has asthma been known to the world?
What about nicotine patches?
Anyone have a job in which they have to shred paper documents quite often and you've found that...?
Are there nose strips or anything to stop snoring?
Today, I breathed in insulation. Am I okay?
how do i improve the air quality in my home?? The air is so dry?
Has anyone tried electric cigarettes?
What could be causing these symptoms/?
what causes high cholesteral?
Why every morning i wake up my mouth is full of spit.?
To the ex-smokers........are you glad you quit smoking? Why/Why not?
Why do i get headaches so often?
why does my leg fall asleep while Im walking?
getting a fever from smoking weed ?!?
My dad has gallbladder stone!!!?
how to avoid or prevent hangover?
Blood glucose meter reading was 106. Good or bad?
what color is healthy urine spose to be?
Cystic Fibrosis in babies?
what's mucus made out of?
Doctors office question. Not a diagnoses question.?
15 years old, need help quitting cigarettes?
what can i have? here are my symtoms?
Has anyone gotten relief from chronic pain by taking HYDROXYZINE PAM?
Camel crush cigarettes make lungs bleed?
My throat is swollen and very sore!?
How long does it take to get used to contact lenses?
Is it just me or the first few times driving at night are REALLY stressful?
What does it mean when my eye twitches continuously?
White sugar is supposed to be bad for us Is that true for brown sugar too?
I cant fall asleep!!?
Just got diagnosed with exercise induced asthma and got jittery when i took my inhaler?
How to cope with the smoking habit of my husband?
I Cough alot and My Chest Burns.?
is minocycline antibiotic?
Would like to make my teeth "bigger" (less gums, more teeth). How to go about?
CPT-4 Codes?
Can I chew gum with a retainer?
Nurses? Docters? ANYONE!!?
How do you breathe properly and with control?
if you smoke just plain paper with nothing in it like weed is it bad for you?
Z-pack dosing question?
A few asthma questions?
If you test positive for TB but are told that it was a false positive....?
What if i don't treat a splinter?
Painful Sunburn Help! (please read details)?
Does smoking effect your work out?
I just swallowed an MnM whole will I be ok?
I have really chapped lips?
Is it possible to faint in choir?
Is it bad to sleep more than 8 hours?
GI problems related to shortness of breath?
Does diabetes effect your growth?
My sugar count was 382 tonight after i ate. i am taking metformin twice a day. does that help bring it down?
do i have symptoms of diabetes?
For a diabetic, what is the difference in these 2 cookies?
I am a blood sugar patient which liquor is good for me?
is it safe to gauge my ears if i have diabetes?
if a child under 9 needs a second dose of h1n1 does it matter how long in between doses?
My husband ran out of allegra 180mgs i bought him the zyrtec but it's only 10mg's does he need to take 3 or 4?
Helpppp?smoking related question?
I think I have Bronchitis?
does this sound like a infection or what?
Can kitchen smoke cause asthma symptoms to act up?
Why am I out of breath sometimes at night?????
Do blood clots in the lungs show up as Grey Spots in the lungs in an xray?
would lung or prostate cancer show up on a blood test?
Things to avoid while having a cough?
What is breathing loudly a symptom of?
i have been sick for a week and a half what should i do?
List of ways to whiten your teeth?
Why do my teeth bleed when i brush my teeth?
How long before your teeth look straight under the braces??
do braces hurt for a long time after you get them put in?
sinus headache???????
i have rlly bad athsma i get tired in sport and running quickly what can i do so im able 2 run longer (time) ?
What could cause a sharp chest pain when inhaling?
Why am i having difficulty breathing?
is it possible for a someone to be "resistant" or "immune" to tobacco addiction?
The abdominopelvic cavity?
what causes the common cold?
Asthma Question?
Can smoking while recovering from a cold make it last longer?
Can you tell me what are vital organs?
Why am i being forced to quit smoking against my own will because i can no longer afford it?
got a cut on cheek that won't stop bleeding?!?
WHO should be responsible to know your medications?
Sharp chest pain when i breath?
I need help with a possible medical condition?
For a weeks I was having trouble with slight dizziness, soreness in my body and pain in my chest that would?
What happened to my ankle?
My five year old sister has pneumonia!!! help?
What do you recommend for sniffles, cough?
Help! im pregnant, and have horrible head congestion. I cant take meds, any home remedies?
Does quitting smoking cause someones breath to smell?
smoking pot question!?
Why would my doctor want me to come in after a test was ran?
Could I have diabetes?
Do you always use a swimming patch?
Question about diabetes?
If diabetics cant use heating pads can they use a electric cover?
Should you rinse your mouth with water after you use your mouth wash since it says 'Do not swallow'?
I sprayed a lot of axe outside, will I be ok?
Is it okay that I swallowed part of my tooth?
What if I don't remove a bee sting?
HELP!!!!!!!! I got a cut on my foot, is it infected??
Is this normal for a wasp sting?
I have a sore throat but no fever, cough, or any other symptoms?
can having bronchitis kill you?
Burn on finger turned to bubble?
What is the best way to quit smoking?
How can i stay up after work?
I can a droning sound in my head, using some muscle in my ears?
my mom has this weird pain, is it somehing bad?
ok my left thumb has been numb for 3 days. the only digit that hurts... could it be a blood clot? or what.?
Can dentists and doctors really give you a mask filled with gas that makes you fall asleep?
cigarette smoking??!!?
Why do I constantly have a runny nose if I don't have allergies?
Will they take away my ssi if i work ?will it be effected in anyway?
What is wrong with my lungs?
13 year old smoking....do you?
What kind of coughing is this?
question about Omnipod?
Diabetes and heart beat/iron levels?
What is a home remedy for chigger bites?
How can i correct this driving posture?
Why don't I have any energy?
Best method to quit smoking?
What are your sleeping "problems"? ex. grinding your teeth, snoring, sleep talking, ect.?
Braces will i need rubber bands?
What is the absolute best at home tooth whitening product I can buy?
why does my throat feel like it is closing?
I doing a story on kid's using chewing tobacco, I'm in trouble?
why is the partial pressure of oxygen less at the alveolar level in the lung than in ambient air?
can someone help me with AZO uti pills?
2010-11 flu shots, are you getting one?
Does the HIV virus itself , cause fatigue ? Or the medications taken to treat it , are they the cause ?
garlic is it a natural antibiotic?
Should my child go to the pediatrician if she has a temp of 100 and has had diarrhea today?
Does any one knows how to cure colitis, or what sort of medication should i take?
help! My mom wont take me to the hospital.?
Do multivitamins go bad past the experation date?
Stuffy nose?
Your country's heathcare?
What kind of specialist do we need?
autoimmune hemolytic anemia?
Would a nodule on the upper right lung cause a persistant cough?
Losing Weight Cause I'm going to be a Diabetic?
i had my gall bladder removed and cauliflower made me sick is this a food to avoid?
Expired insulin injection medication work?
I need to know what " other carbohydrates " are and I need to know if detail terms. I have diabetes!?
While on crutches, did you gain weight, lose weight, or stay the same?
My 4 year old daughter has bad gas pains?
Today is my 41st day that I have not allowed any nicotine into my body whatsoever?
What is a good home remedy for sinus infection? ?
After taking a hard blow to the head is there a set amount of time you are suppose to stay awake ?
Can't sleep! Please help!?
Why do you have to "drink plenty of fluids" when you are sick?
how to breathe in helium without killing yourself?
I'm 20 and Have Been Smoking Ciggarettes for 5 Years.?
How do you get rid of garlic breath? ?
Do you floss before or after you use mouthwash???
Black spots in mucus after quitting smoking?
I have this breathing Issue..Help?
I have a cold, cough and a little light headed. What kind of sickness is this?
how does it feel during a nose job recovery?
is a diabetes health counselor the same as a diabetes educator?
How can I stop my post nasal drip?
Does anybody know what it means when a chest X-ray shows crackles? any doctors? or something?
I've the bruise under my eye. Can I take Petroleum jelly that has Vitamin E and aloe vera to reduce my bruise?
Weak, dizzy, and some mild chest pain, what is going on?
if my husband uses inhalers for his asthma, could they make a drug test show up for opiates?
i forgot to take my antibiotic what should i do?
what does this word mean "respiratory ailments"?
I have to get wisdom teeth cut out in a few days... how bad is the whole process?
On average what is the cost of a full set of braces , without insurance ?
My gum is acting weird?
What color of bands should i get for my braces for a wedding?
What is the effect of exercise on pulmonary veins?
pneumonia question.....Help Please?
so i ave had this dry cough for several weeks now but i don't feel sick, should i still go get it checked out?
landlord smokes cigars upstairs and im pregnant!?
My cough just won't go away! What should I do?
How many ml of insulin does the body make per day?
my calcium level very low what do i do?
help i might die i think its my diabetes i need help?
what foods should you avoid if you have a kidney stones?
My fingerstick blood sugar was 167. Is this the start of diabetes?
sweating and dizziness?
Nueropathy and genetics?
ouch...help!! burn question.?
How long will it take for this bite mark to go away?
What can I put on my 18 month old sons face, for a burn?
What are some natural remedies for back pain?
How do i fall asleep easily?
Does Anyone Know a Way to Fall Asleep?
How can I help someone when they are trying to quit smoking?
do shots hurt that bad??
Doctor or medical professional question!!?
Will you grow old gracefully, or will you stay wild?
does anyone have experiance with 'black mold'? everyone is sick including my 9 month old... cant get better?
What can happen if you have a deviated septum?
Do inhalers have expiry dates?
which of the following systems is directly affected if the liver is damaged? immune, circulatory,or nervous?
How long do zombies remain contagious after you kill them?
Should i get my tonsils taken out?
Do i have the right to know Patient HIV status?
is goiter transferrable to other people ?
What will doctor do to check for stomach Ulcer ?
Do you have to have the same blood type to donate a kidney?
How can you get Gastric bypass to cure diabetes when diabetes is a risk for complications for GB?
how does the vitamin c help to reduce blood sugar?
weird? any reason?
Please Help ankle hurts,swollen picture?
If cell phones were found to be more hazardous to your health than cigarettes or alchohol, would you quit?
ant feeling in fingers when i dont move them(lasts like a minute)?
my boyfriend gets so dizzy he almost falls over, whats wrong?
Terrible breath after tonsillectomy!?
Question about ingesting blood?
How serious is pneumonia in a woman over 70?
What does a CT scan feel like?
What are nicoderm 14mg patches like?
Dizziness, some nose bleeds, and a stuffed nose.?
Why do I have a hard time falling asleep at night?
Ear problems...?
How do you prevent varicose veins (spider veins) on legs?
Peeling and flaking nails?
Why have I turned really moody within the last 2 hours? i'm a 17 year old guy and i've got no reason to be...
help me out before i fall asleep?
How can i get medical Marijuana in Oregon?
Which teeth whitening product is the best?
Inside of stretched ear lobe bleeding! Help?
having a chest ct scan?
Are seizures in itself harmful to the body?
If a person don't know how to spit mucus up but it comes up and swallowed back down is it okay?
i have asthma?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
My chair does not give me enough lower back support...?
Is there a medical condition caused by too much sugar?
Is it normal to sleep for 4 to 5 hours daily?
when i'm feeling cold,my lips starts to blacken, what should i do?is it because i have a heart disease?
Hi, i have to go to the dentist this friday , but i havnt brushed my teeth in over 2 months. what should i do?
Whats the best that whitens teeth?
Getting wisdom teeth cut out......?
how can i picture myself with braces?
I grind and clench my teeth..what will happen to my teeth if I can't stop?
Crest Night Effects for Teeth Whitening???
why do i have increased fatigue?
What happens in a TB test and does it hurt?
is snoring bad for your health?
So I have bronchitis, and I have coughed so hard i think I bruised a rib. Is that possible?
Attention Smokers - Your help please.?
im quiting smoking :) anyy help?
Itchy throat and excess saliva?
Anyone else have panic attacks?
Does it sound like I may have diabetes?
Can a person have BOTH untreated hypoglycemia and undiagnosed diabetes?
How many times should you go to the bathroom?
how long will a teeth extraction take?
braces question?
Wisdom teeth...ouch!?
What is done for numerous broken Molars?
I have a deep overbite.?
i have a sore throat and kinda hurts to swallow. could it be related to dipping tobacco.?
Would you have the nerve to tell someone they have bad breath?
bronchitis or phneumonia?
How do I treat my new ear piercing that got pulled on?
Bitten By Fisher Cat last night.?
Blood Sugar Cocerns...?
Insulin pump verses Insulin pens?
how do i get rid of my cavitie ?
How Can I whiten my Teeth like the Stars?
I accidently bit my tongue and I got 2 medium sized ulcers and one small one. How do I cure it? it hurts a lot
If today is wednsday and i have a physical exam thursday. But last friday i smoked weed. WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!?
I've had a dry cough for about a week with no other symptoms...?
Smokers: Favorite Smoke?
What would happen if I drank Vicks Vapo Steam?
ER said my sis had strep throat and sent her home. she died 2 days later from pneumonia. is this possible?
Does my mom have a urinary tract infection?
I burned my finger? (20 characters)?
What is the first aid procedure when someone faints?
what kind of a punch stops your heart?
What is the best thing to get rid of nausea?
What is the best affordable way to whiten teeth at home?
what is the best chew/snuff you have had?
What is TMJ and what does the dentist do about it?
Why do I have furry teeth?
What is it that causes the teeth of people trying to whiten their teeth to turn them grayish looking?
dentist help?
Does toothpaste with tea tree oil really work?
theres this stuff that someone put in my mouth and i have no clue what it was i never put anything in my mouth
what are the names of toothpaste made in china and sold in the united states?
Can you get a grant for dentures and if so can you tell me how?
I have a lower right back pain?
Can anybody tell me why I am having trouble breathing?
Do these two episodes sound like asthma?
how quickly would someone die after you slice the back of their neck open?
dry socket or just normal post-removal pain?
Since I have no teeth should I brush my gums?
Wisdom teeth removed and I'm still bleeding?
Make my cut heal faster?
what happens if you have a lump on your shoulder?
Can less sleep affect the oxygen levels in my body?
If anybody experience sleep paralysis...?
If i make wheezing sound after strenuous excercise, does that mean I have asthma?
Having some problems with my medication?
Why do I become so hyperactive from sugar?
husband diagnoised with type 1 diabetes and.....?
Mouth ulcer?
Anything for the pain of a tongue ulcer?
i'm only 25 years old and i need 7 implants, please help me find information?
What is the life expectancy after a double lung transplant if you have Cystic Fibrosis?
Weed actually helps asthma. It dilates the Bronchioles just like an inhaler?
If smoking were to be banned...?
blood cough and nose bleed.?
How can i smoke for the first time and whats smoking feel like? Is it fun?
Mortality rate of pneumonia for the elderly?
What would happen if you smoked weed, meth, crack, tobacco, took caffeine and chewed tobacco at the same time?
Why does everything appear to be spinning? It happened once when I was sitting down and a few times in bed?
Deep cut, filled with pus on knee. HELP?
I am diabetic, I just want to know can gallbladder problems cause my blood sugar to be high?
Can a urine test completely rule out diabetes?
Can I feel bad when my blood sugar is normal?
Is there any specific nerve on the behind of our head that can suddenly make us sleepy if we touch it?
How to get my ear to pop so I can hear again?
Why is it they say Never move a casualty with a spinal injury unless it's a must, but in my first aid course?
how can you tell if you've been bitten by a brown recluse spider?
Can someone help me stop my Daddy from smoking?
I think there is something wrong?
how long does it take for an antibiotic to take effect?
How to twist your ankle?
I have an inner ear infection and my doctor prescribed Amoxicillin 825 tablet how long before it works?
Is it okay to go in a steam room if you have an ear infection?
How do you get of the redness from mosquito bites?
is bleach less effective over diluted in a spray bottle?
my head is bleeding, how can i get it to stop?
Black Mold in my Hospital, what do I do?
Is it normal to have a sore arm after a TB test?
Is my smoking causeing this?
choking in my throat when I'm in cold weather?
if u are having chest pains?
So I am an idiot... used gas oven for heat for a few mins, then realized it was dangerous, but...?
What kind of insect bite could this be... red dot (where bite is) and swollen all around it?
How to pop my ear!!!?
What is the best way to stop a nose bleed?
My friend has started to self harm. This is not the first time. Please can you help me?
Im really nervous abuot my first therapy session ?
Two questions about needles?
seemingly healthy 8 year old loosing his hair?
how bad do my lungs look after 8 years of smoking?
having shortness of breath?
In the past two days, I've done about 80 blocks of walking, now my legs feel like they're on fire...?
Can bad breath come out of your nose?
I have nerve damage in one tooth getting it pulled next thursday if i apply clove oil enough will it numb it?
I'm having a root canal today...how painful is it?? How long is recovery time?
how can i get rid of the gunk on tongue?
teeth lol easy answer:)?
Is Anyone a Qualified Life saver?
Should I put ice on my puncture wound?
Help ASAP! My Ear Piercing is bleeding!?
Wht are little blister on your tongue caused by?
Cure for severe itchy sunburn???? HELP PLEASE!!?
Is this burn first or second degree?
I'm coming down with a really bad cold..what are the best things to do?
Aren't people smoking a bit too much?
Can I get high from second hand smoking?
How long will it take for me to recover from pneumothorax(collapsed lung)?
omg, i sniffed coke and got a diease?
why i still feel a sharp pain in my chest?
do you know of anybody who has died of smoking weed?
Terrible hacking cough, should I see a doctor?
Is it really wrong to be a homebody or a hermit type person?
How dangerous would it be to remove 7 stitches from my head, by myself?
a piece of meat got caught in my throat and now it hurts to swallow even water?
i burnt my finger and its turning white in cold ice water.. what does it mean?
How to get rid of band aid residue?
How long does it take for a wasp bite to go away?
Suggest some remedies for sandfly bites please.?
Sack of fluid under my tongue?
chest pains. need answers?
Is it possible to snore without tonsils?
Lung nodule infiltrates?
has anyone else found nhs 24 useless?!?
How can I get rid of my cough???
Do you have to have a Trach when on a Ventilator?
What do I do if my ear piercing has gotten swollen?
How to heal a cut fast!?
Is this an infection?
Big blood blister in mouth?
How do i stop the burning in my nose when i have a cold ?
Piece of glass stuck in finger?
Temporary crown has crack what should I do?
this is only if u have stained or yellow teeth. which teeth whitening product works the best?
has anybody used walgreens...?
How often are you supposed to change you tooth brush?
why isnt my pillow breathing?
Every time I cry, it turns into a panic attack. Why? And what should I do?
how can a lung specialist refuse you?
can you get asthma by taking medicine for it when you dont even have it?
Does Cipro Works On a Cold & Flu?
how effective is mucinex?
Pregnancy with Pre-existing (Type 1 or 2) diabetes?
my nose is always stuffy?
rapid..fast..hard pumping heartbeat..for no reason..wats up with that?
Do I have pneumonia? 20 characters?
How can I slow down my heartbeat?
Been sick for weeks. Just Coughed up blood?
Can I use an inhaler if I have pneumonia?
Does crest pro health toothpaste stain teeth like crest pro health mouth wash?
Toothbrush Cleaning?
i have a rotten tooth in the back of my mouth but i have no pain. will i need a root canal or just a filling?
I need surgery and have no insurance...where can i get help?
peridontal disease.. gum disease..??
my hamster bit me and now i think my finger is broken?
Is there more to my nose bleeding?
Dance practice after giving blood?
is my ear infected or is it just the earring?
glucosamine, chondroitin, and/or MSM supplements do these suppliments work well for YOU ?
do you wash your toothbrush before put tooth powder?
what are some ways not to have "morning breath"???
How to get rid of Canker Sore by Monday?
Give me step by step of what you should do when you have braces.HELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPH…
How long does it take for the clothes to decay once a dead body is skeltonized and properly buried by today's
i think i got pneumonia?
How long does it take to recover a Metatarsal injury?
What are my chances of getting diabetes if I drink 4 liters of coke every other night?
For how long do you feel the anesthesia after a nose job?
Can you have a fractured or broken bone with no pain?
Why or how does our bladder fill when we sleep?
can pneumonia give you asthma?
Is coiffing up green mucus with tar normal after 2 weeks of quitting smoking?
Depression? Thinking about suicide?
for those who have or know someone whos had a psychotic episode?
Are you experiencing intimacy deficit?
CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! My friend is trying to get my Klonipin, she is addicted & gives hers to her 81husband?
(help) suicide, what do i do to prevent it?
Can I die from drinking too much apple juice in one day?
What are penlights used for in First Aid?
If i call an ambulance for somebody, but not get in it, do i have to still pay?
I knocked out twice? Is this serious?
Why does this girl cough when she sees me?
----is anyone else sick?
Tight chest and wheezing, dust!?
Is the tuberculosis an eradicated disease?
Is it safe to cook with alchohol while taking Metformin?
what sympton of parkison?
What should I do?
what's a root canal in spanish???
Has anyone had tooth pain the day after a filling?
Braces Tips?
please...i'm in pain....how can i stop the pain of a toothache, without a dentist or doctor...please?
Swelling on left side of face, 1 year after apicoectomy.?
how do you make your teeth whiter?
How much does it cost to get dental surgery to replace your entire mouth of teeth and get new teeth put in??
Remedy For panic attacks??
Why do you do airway breathing before circulation when perfoming CPR?
How to cure my cough?
Please help me get feeling better?
Been taking Prevacid for years. Dr. recently added Nexium to the list of medications. Are they the same?
Pulmonary embolism information?
why did i stop breathing for a few seconds whilst watching tv?
Can you get burnt by sitting too close to a fire?
I need more time to myself?
Is anyone on, I am freaking out?
What can I eat or do to improve concentration?
what are some best jobs for people with social anxiety disorder?
if i have hydro peroxide in my ear, would i be able to get it out?
how much does a naimal cost?
How can i soothe a toothache until my dentist appt?
Why do some folks have so many teeth?
does medicare cover dental work?
how do get my mouth to cool down?
I'm getting braces in weeks how badly do they hurt?
How can I stop bad breath or the bad taste in my mouth when I wake up in the morning?
Where can I find cheap dental work? ?
Why are people so afraid of Swine Flu?
help! Breathing Problems?
Bee stings? what to do for them?
Stitches in my finger what should i do? ?
Can I wash my face while I have poison ivy on it?
Anything for a sore throat, besides lozenges or cough syrup?
How contagious is mono?
Have you changed your life in any way due to Swine Flu?
What if you don't take Tamiflu during the first 48 hours of the flu?
Do I have strep throat?
how are things in mexico?
my dr suspects i have h1n1 but wont test me for it nor gave me antiviral meds should i be concerned?
What do you think these symptoms can mean?
what type of sore throat?
can you get the flu even if you already had your flu shot?
How close are they to finding a cure for MRSA?
Head cold: How do you stop the itchiness inside of nose?
How do I know if I have asthma?
Whats the best way to control GERD?
I'm having chest pain please help.?
What is the recommended way to take aspirin when one may be having a heart attack?
Do I have a spider bite?
I was recently diagnosed with mild asthma and was prescribed a Pro-Air HFA inhaler for a reliever inhaler.?
does anyone here have COPD?
Can you overdose on Vitamin C?
What are Triglycerides?
often had fever/cold?
Appendicitis or constipation?
Help!!! No cigarette rolling papers?
Anyone know the relationship of pulse ox, blood pressure, FEV1?
Riverside County California, can I sue my neighbors for exposing me to second hand cigs, cigar and pot smoke?
best way to deal with a cold!?
My son is smoking continuously and drink as well. I worry about him . What can I do to make him stop?
How come i can only get 4-5 hrs a sleep a night and then i try to get more and i cant. What could help?
Some of my Teachers @ my school refuse to let students use the bathroom even if you really need to go.?
Why is it important for the cartilage around the trachea to be C and not completely O shaped?
Is there anything that can help ED when one has diabetes and hypertension. Please help.?
Which hormone is primarily responsible for the physiological manifestations of a panic attack? ?
ive burnt my hand on a hot cup out of the microwave, help?
Should I go to school?
what does this symptom mean?
My lip won't stop bleeding?
Is anyone on the new medication for diabetes called Januvia? Anyone have good results?
how can i register my one touch meter?
What activities or kinds of exercise increase the risk of a retinal detachment?
Freaked out! What does it mean when you get a bubble after injecting?
What are some good snack and meal ideas for a diabetic who loves carbs?
Am I a diabetic or a pre diabetic? I have several doctors and saw one of them on Thursday.?
Can the world have smallpox again?
i have pinworms!!!!AHHH?
Is it possible to have pneumonia with out a fever?
Can I take all of these herbal meds together?
For almost two years now, I've had a mucus build up in the back of my throat?
Has anyone tried these e-cigarettes??Also, how much did they cost?
what does it mean when someone says their blood boils for you?
Diabetes signs, quick reply please?
My dad just found out he has shingles what are the chances my family could get them?
May Have Mono?
Kill me..Related rates please help me?
I think I have Glaucoma and im only 17....?
Blood sugar of 93 after a meal?
How do I improve my concentration?