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How can i get rid of bad breadth in my mouth? it's causing me much embarrasment. i brush 3 times a day.?
is there anything i can do to make my tooth stp hurt i can't got the dentist since i have an exam tmrw:( help
why do i keep crying for no reason?
Does smoking too much hash cause mood swings?
i cannot let go of the knife im holding?
What's your favorite natural sweetner?
is there a such a thing as taking to many vitamins?
Why use unproven medicines from plants when there are so many tested proven medicines?
What is a gluten allergy?
how do you deal with blackheads?
Tanning 1x per week too much?
does anyone know about hickeys?
quick throat question! ?
How to know the difference between normal flu and swine flu?
Swine Flu > plz read and answer?
What do you put on a pulled or popped muscle
If someone attacked you would you beat them off?
i think its my fault my friend is in hospital!?
i need to loose a lot weight and fast! any help and tips?
Should I tell my mum?
How many times a day do/did you cut yourself?
Help On Broken Tailbone?
I wake up almost every night with severe cramps in my legs?
my stomach hurts, why?
everyone just says the same thing . . . it's not that easy?
how can i control my angry?
Swine Flu - Should I Be Worried?
Is hemorrhoids deadly?
my mother is 87 in a care home and has Alzheimer's disease?
Am i having a panic attack?
Should I go to to a doctor, or isn't it serious?
ear problem?
how long did it take yu to get yur contacts? O.o?
Can somebody please tell me the side effects of birth controll pills.?
Is it true that you don't necessarily need to get your wisdom teeth removed unless you feel pain?
so scared of getting braces!?
Why do I feel at 36 I've wasted my life.?
HELP! is it dangerous to sleep with..
Eye sight - what does -4.75 mean?
What is that crud that forms in the corner of your eyes while you're sleeping?
can i buy contacts over the counter?
Should I see a doctor? (hurt after lifting weights)?
im about to jump off a building..should i do it?
Also when do you need no its time to have antibiotics after flu?
Please help me I have acne and i am really depressed.?
what is it called if you lie and you end up beliving your own lies?
Why do I worry SO MUCH?
I have been having Heart Palpitations, HELP?
does this sound like depression to you?
What is your current worry?
I have severe depression, so bad that I am considering suicide. PLEASE HELP ME! (more inside)?
My dad hurt his sholder and the doc's want to put him on steroids. Is there a substitution he can take?
What color braces are good?
What toothpaste is best?
if weed is bad why is it used as medicine?
can my old boss give a bad reference?
I'm a bit stressed out and need advice for dealing with it at work???
My boyfriend tried to commit sucide about 2 months ago,?
Why is cutting so serious?
Dangers of mustarbation?
Contact lenses?
Is it just men who can be colourblind?
There's a visible vein on my eye all the time. Is this permanent?
Fleas and ticks are nasty! What horrible experiences have you had with them?
help my eyeball fell out!?
If you have Self injured for 5 almost 6 yrs what do u do?
Have you ever stepped on something that went through/into your foot?
Why cant you get HIV/AIDS from mosquitos?
What are 2 differences between 'Viruses and bacteria'?
Should I stop going to my dance school because of H1N1 (Swine flu)?
I've ruined my life, and I'm tired of hurting my family?
How to seem confident, and not nervous? I have a presentation tomorrow! :S?
Help im scared! REALLY scared?
I have a really sore throat - any good remedies?
whats the best way to stop smoking?
I have asthma and my dad smokes what can i do about this?
Is smoking hookah bad for your heart?
Blood Pressure is 175/75 should Seek Emergency Medical Attention?
What is the difference between being heart broken and having a broken heart?
My wife had plastic surgery under general anesthesia!?
What does this mean in normal words?
Stress - How do you cope?
I think im gonna died....?
Do pets spread disease?
Very weird symptoms ?
What can I do if Ii think my prescription is wrong?
what is your natural high?
can yoga cure infections too?
Please help, I accidently cut myself with a knife and it's really deep and I dont know how to treat it?
I just got my finger smacked down by a mouse trap and it's swelling?
Is it weird to wear eyeglasses just to look smart?
eyeglasses..do your eyes adjust?
How can I clean my glasses?
Im Getting Braces :S?
not really a question but.......?
is it ok to miss one blood pressure tablet?
OCD, someone said I have it, do I?
My eyes hurt really bad, and my tears have blood it them...Shoud I see a doctor?
Does anyone get Migraines ?
Severe Foot Cramps?
My head hurts, my body aches, my throat is a sore, and I feel a little nauseated. What is wrong with me?
14 Year Old, Chest Pain Major!?
What keeps you alive? I need some suggestions, please.?
I really like wearing glasses, but I have 20/20 vision.?
I'm looking for a sleep aid other then Tylenol pm?
How do I get my parents to stop smoking?
Lately I don't feel real...?
Do I have OCD?
something u regret u did lately?
Just told he's a diabetic....?
Blood sugar over 300 and won't go down?
Does this mean I have Diabetes or not?
Overcrowded teeth?
I left my retainer at my friend's house, but i'll get it back tomorrow, will my teeth be okay tonight?
Wisdom teeth pulled, now spitting blood?
There have been strange things going on.?
i just can't handle this? someone please help?
someone help! i think theres something wrong with me!?
dry red skin above lip wont go away!!?
Contact Lens Prescription Help !?
Can you die from being stabbed once in the stomach?
is cutting as bad as people say it is? i cut and it doesn't hurt as much now, but i feel better after i do.
my friend's 9mo old received a flu shot. is this ok?
does sweating at night a symbol for hiv/aids?
Do you recommend getting the H1n1 vaccine?
▬►▬►If SWINE FLU goes to phase 6(pandemic), will you take the Vaccine? Please read more details below▬►?
Does anyone know what kind of bacteria cows have if you get bitten and it gets infected?
Very fast heart beat when smoking marijuana, is it possible to die from this?
Help. I took cocaine 24 hours ago and my heart is beating fast.?
fainted & then threw up,what could this mean?
Why is it that once l've been diagnosed with depression, Doctors and friends don't want to help.?
Please please please i need help so bad my friend is in serious trouble!!!!!!?
are carrots a fruit?????
Does getting teeth pulled hurt?
What are ways you can get Permanetly Blind?
is this possible?
PLEASE HEP ( is it MS ) ?
If I can see everything but not clearly, do I still need to see an eye doctor?
My height makes me want to kill myself. I'm too tall for a guy at 6'2. Help me?
What are some foods that feel good on a sore throat?
I just realised ive been smoking marijuana for 5 years and im only 18?
I have been trouble sleeping and feel like I an always having?
why is my finger swollen?
i got a sunburn yesterday. it doesn't hurt its light red. is there a way i can make it go away by monday? plz!?
McDonald or Burger King or Windey's? which burger do you like most?
What do YOU do to relieve your hangover?
im 13 and my hand hurts.?
should we be concerned about swine flu?
my dad says swine flu only affects brown people?
my blood pressure is high?
I want to tell a teacher im depressed?
I'm going to be 25 in June and feel sooo OLD?
I'm taking Vicodin for my wisdom teeth removal yesterday?
does swallowing a bracket [braces] hurt you?
white spot on my gum that pusses sometimes?
How comes im not addicted to smoking?
is a bong more healthy to smoke with?
How long will this cut take to heal?
I cut the inside of my lip, is there anything to put on it?
Every morning i wake up (7am) sneezing and runny nose and i sneeze all the time till about noon. Any ideas?
What's a natural remedy to boost the immune system?
is there any home remedy to get rid of the imflammation of the knee joint?
why shouldn't i just kill myself? need someone to talk to?
What is the procedure of Lasik surgery like?
if you could chose what your eye color was, what it would be?
are these signs that i need glasses?
can a person have venticular tachacardia when they are sleeping?
okay so a few days ago i was walking barefoot and got stung or bit by something and now its itchy?
Is it true, you shouldn't carry babies if you have your period?
My niece is afraid her vision is horrible...is it?
My husband accidentlly rinsed his eye with peroxide instead of eye wash.?
Is it ok to wear contacts for one side only?
Is it advisable to do Laser Operation for eyes?
What color are your eyes?
yellow teeth?plz helppppp?
do braces hurt help me please!?
How to whiten teeth w/ out bleaching.?
Whats a really good cold medicine?
What is salvia??? is it really legal?
Do you guys think my eye looks freaky?
Does anyone have any tips on putting on contacts?
How can I lower my cholesterol in 2 weeks?
Will I die? Cause my heart started to heart yesterday night at 10pm.?
Cure Shyness Without Medication?
I'm feeling lonely right now and could do with some helpful advice?
i cant sleep at nite, what advice can you give?
I have trouble reading but I have glasses they don't seem to make anything clearer though?
Should I pop my Eye Sty?
i have acuvue astigmatism contacts: what does that mean ?
It's nearly friday night should I????
Can aids also results with kissing?
Whats a way to help me fall asleep and stay asleep?
Why there is always a polite notice in public toilets to wash your hands? Don't we already know about it?
Is my ankle sprained? please answer i have a baby to take care of!?
My heart for a while was hurting really bad,for about a week now and it just hurts bad were my left arm hurts
when we look at someone do we look them in both eyes or one eye?
why is my eye twitching?
Watching films or playing games on your iphone bad for your eyes?
i really feel like killing myself what should i do?
When your back is sore?
Whats the best cure for a hang over?
Why does my teeth hurt when I eat candy?
ok i got a chip stuck in my gums...?
What color braces should I get?
Eye question?
Blister like thing on my virgina lips what should it b
What's the best lubricant to use right before giving a b/j other then your saliva?
My boyfriend Can't sleep because of stress from his work.......?
Please Help me im terrified!!!!!?
For the H1N1, what kind of shot is it.?
Why do I feel tired all day?
severe chest pain with left arm numbness...?
i need help with a serious anorexia problem?
I was going to ask a question about Alzheimer's, but I just can't remember it now.?
how to get rid off something in your eye?
I have really bad eyesight?
what can MOLD do to you?????
What are some natural cures for depression?
Are you taking multivitamins if so do you feel any benefits?
Wisdom teeth removal?
Help!? I am very nervous...?
I'm 22 years old with severe dental problems - am I too young for dentures?
I suffer from depression especially in school, what should i do?( I'm in 7th grade)?
How can I get help- how can I explain what I don't even understand myself???
I can`t live like this anymore?
What is your eye color, and are you happy with it?
How many times have you hit your funny bone today?
Should I be worried about this person?
can stress cause you to have a stroke when you are young?
Is is possible to have a heart attack when you're young?
help eye problem........?
to reduce the high rate of aids spread, don't u think it is wise to tell the truth and say aids kills?
is there any cure for aids?
Does it hurt when dentists put braces on you?
can just 1 single puff of a ciggarette hurt you?
how do you pronounce alveoli?
If someone threatens suicide if you don't do what they want, is it emotional blackmail?
Should i quit school?
What food is the leading source of salmonella poisoning?
Hives, what about them?
What's the quickest way to get rid of a headache?
Putting in contacts...?
how to keep eyes healthy?
Can you have heart problems at 18?
I have high blood pressure and drank some energy drinks, and now I feel like death?
Heart pains when i'm 13?
Heart attack, atherosclerosis, stroke, and high blood pressure are all different kinds of?
Should I just get stoned?
I suffer from bipolar. When do I tell the lady I'm dating about it?
Do you use an electric or manual tootbrush?
how can i get my boyfriend to the dentist?
What to expect for me and my children after recieving the swine flu vaccine?
Is there any good way to get rid of a sore throat?
can you drink alchol if you are on antibiotics?
Swallowing Hand Sanitizer?
I cut my finger on my friend's insulin pen and she's been diagnosed with salmonella poisoning?
I haven't been able to fall asleep the past 3 nights?
I'm depressed?
i'm upset but i don't know why..?
If you were gripping a bar and it unexpectedly yanked away at 100 mph, would you lose your arm, or your grip?
How to prevent a bloody nose?
how do i go to sleep when i'm wide awake?!?
whats the best way to kill ones self?
Why do people cut themselves or cause self injury?
Why don't i cry when i cut onions?
I'm 42 in need of full set of dentures.I'm a full time cashier I CANNOT!!! go to work without teeth.?
why are some of us more prone to suffering from excessive gas than others?
Trying to Conceive?????????
Do You Enjoy Sneezing?
what to do with nasal congestion?
i think im getting the swine flu T.T?
Do I have swine flu??? I am scared?
What type of foods can act like antibiotics?
Boyfriend has the flu, nothing is working?
after i had a pedicure my toe has swolen,the skin has gone red & sweled up,any idea why & how to get rid of it
Reducing sunburn techniques?
HELP ME~~~~~~~ My neck hurts?
Am I fat chubby average or slim?
help am i obese ????
Is it bad to overwork my body ?
what do you think, the appropiate age is for contacts?
I have a knee injury but the doctors don't listen and just give me pain medication?
Don't you think accidentaly standing on an electric plug with no shoes on really bloody hurts?
My throat hurts after smoking?
Breath smells like sh*t?
Am I really depressed or just sad? ?
Anti-depressants side effects....?
Can my dad do yoga at 59 years old?
how to clean my body from marijuana for a blood's test?
whats the best thing i can doo for this?
whats the shortest you can have swine flu for ?
Is the swine flue situation getting better?
What are the symptoms of swine flu?
I'm wondering if I could have heart problems?
I'm just broke up with my boyfriend a few days ago, and I can't get over it, I wanna die... what can I do?
If we were made to wear our IQ's on our chest, what would you do?
How to improve eyesight?
I keep getting canker sores?
I just read in the paper that 12% of Brits don't clean their teeth!!!?
Does it hurt getting your teeth professionally cleaned at a dentist?
Gettin my braces tightened....?
I'm 69. I'd a heavy nosebleed. It's settled now. What should I do to avoid having nosebleed again ?
What's the difference between "cardiac arrest" and "heart attack"?
I don't know what TO DO!?
What's a mental disorder in which...?
Finally got glasses but having headaches?
my achilles tendon hurts. what should i do?
have you ever wondered what your purpose is on earth?
What's the most disgusting wound you've ever had?
ASAP! Can you get hiv by kissing your spouse who is hiv positive?
i have a question... pink eye?
Is Swine Flue vaccine safe?
Reasons why the elderly and young children are more susceptible to Influenza?
Urine Infection ?
my son has been in contact with someone that has swine flu i am 23 weeks pregnant should i be worried?
I have a 100 degree F fever and an itchy throat. No other symptoms. Could I have swine flue?
Marijuana... Your thoughts ?
i just recently got caught with weed by my parents?
What's the best way to cure hiccups instantly?
What's the point of yawning?
sunburn and the redness? HELP Im beggin?
Why do you think that cardiovascular and degenerative disease is so much higher in developed nations?
Best treatment for my lazy eye?
Am I a sociopath too?
Help! i'm scared of dying!?
What can I do if I feel so low that I don't want to go on living anymore.?
Is it possible to have a chap stick addiction?
How to cure a really bad sore throat?
Thoughts on marijauna. good or bad?
How do I Get rid of a sore throat?
I don't get it, am i sick?
Do I have food poisoning? I have been having diarrhea for 3 days!?
Can i watch 3d if i have only 1 working eye?
I heard that everyone with blue eyes are related, is this true?
im paranoid iv took 2 much painkillers...?
i'm 13, having chest pains, help?
Can you trust a doctor that's making money off a drug, supplement or book?
Is it safe to smoke only occasionally?
What's the difference between a fractured bone and a broken bone?
I need someone's help before it's too late! I am contemplating suicide!?
I'm 16 and self-injure (cutting and a few other methods). Should I get help?
Sometime when i sleep after a while my mind awakes but i can't move myself my body with full force wts reason.
spit mixed with blood when brushing teeth..?
Blood pressure. How can I maintain it?
could a 24 year old female have a heart attack?
What do you usually do when you can't sleep?
Does anyone else find it near impossible to get out of bed in the morning, however much sleep you get?
Having a bath?
Why won't my cough go away? What can it be?
Does putting on and removing glasses frequently worsen my vision?
When i'm depressed is it better to listen to upbeat music or downtempo?
how is everybody? please tell me
Have you ever had the 'flu jab'?
Can I get AIDS this way?
help!!!!!!!! BRACES?????
URGENT!!! what should i do while i get my barces on!?!?
Would you rather donate the money to charity than give away free sweets which will ruin children teeth's?
how can i speed up the time i have to have my braces on for?
WHY:when i stand up my heart starts beating faster?
Mini heart attack ? HELP ME PLEASE?
just because i cut myself does that make me crazy?
I bite my nails. Alot!! Help!!?
Is anyone sleepy all the time?
Has anyone's LIPS been sunburnt?
should i get high today?
I have tried everything for my UTI! From drinking water, to azo, to cranberry juice! nothing is working!?
what's the natural alternative for antibiotics?
i am really scared..please help?
I've just cut myself for the very first time.?
im 22 years old, still sleep with a night light?
what foods should i eat to make myself gain weight.....?
What are some good things to do after you've had surgery and you know you're going to be in bed for 3 weeks?
I hate second hand smoke. What precautions should I take when I'm around smokers? Is it better to breathe...
If you're a victim of swine flu, will you die 100%?
Is it possible to have swine flu with no fever?
super eazy question 4 ANYONE plzzzz answer?
Heeeeelllllppppppp!! dunno wats rong with me!!!?
who's afraid of the dentist...why?
68 beats per second, Is that OK????
i h've high cholestrol in his blood about 6.8. i m 21 years old.?
Why does my face turn deep red and my head fill with pressure when I'm upside-down for more than 5 seconds?
My wife can't relax or be happy and I don't know what to do.?
is the swine flu really serious as the media is protrarying it?
Suddenly caught a flu and it's late at night, what should I do for the moment?
How was AIDS formed?
can you get aids by hugging someone who has them?
What do you think is the worst place to get a mosquito bite?
My boyfriend is 28 and i'm 18 he has herpes, no job, illegal, and an alcoholic Should i dump him? ?
is there such a thing as sunglasses as contacts?
Sparkly blind spot on eye just appeared?
contacts question about soft lenses?
Do you think I'm correct that my optician shouldn't be charging me for this?
would you recommend Lasik Eye Surgery, and how does it feel, would you carefully do your research on this?
How would you feel about medics stopping the heart and reseting the clock?
Is it high blood presure?
Will running on the tredmil for 10 minutes before bed help lower blood pressure?
what are those 2 lumps called at each side of your mouth?
High times and smoking pot?
why people waste time on the internet?
what is wrong with me?
will i eva stop being depressed? ive been depressed for 7 year now, im an antidepressants & i dont feel gr8?
Antibiotic eye drops?
Can HIV be solved or is there any possibility that it can be solved?
What is SARS?.....????....???.>>>/?>.>>/>?
What are some home remedies for soothing my one year old's diaper rash??
What's worse. Anticipating pain or pain itself?
I feel so lonely...Should I kill myself...?
I have a huge anxiety disorder. Anyone know of calming techniques?
what does it feel like to get your braces off?
im getting my wisdom teeth pulled...HELP?!?
what is the ideal blood pressure?
what do i do if I'm loosen hair in spots?
Phobia/fear of feet touching you???
whats razor burn?
How do you get rid of blackheads?
my nose bleeds....why and what to do?
What do braces feel like?
Home Remedies for a infected tooth, dentist appointment not till next Monday.?
if i hold my breath long enough, will i pass out?
what supplement can i take for low energy?
Is it safe to stop so suddenly?
why????? =[?
I am on fire what should i do It really hurts!!!!?
Really bad migrane can't sleep!!!!!!!!?
I was thinking about maybe going into the cardiology field, because my mom has heart problems.?
I am a 23 year old male having heart aches out of nowhere .?
I do all the right things,but my contacts are blurry!?
why are glasses still being sold, it's the 21th century. the standard eyewear are now contacts.?
Do I look 18 years old?
Am i going blind (yes, i know, yet another problem)?
Anyone else have bad eyesight?
cracking ankles?
my mam has very low oxygen levels, they said she should be gasping for breath and shes not?
is this my baby tooth or adult tooth?
Painful braces...?
how can i improve my eyesight?
Is high cholesterol really dangerous for 25 year old?
can you control cardiac arrest by using your brain?
Can I still smoke these?
is there anyone else who can't be bothered to wash?
do you have your blood pressure and cholesterol level checked on a regular basis?
I took three Aspirin and I still have a really bad headache, why?
What is the effect of ice packs on the knees?
Any tips for dealing with a bad back?
I've been having migrains for years.?
how to get rid of an eye stye?
i'm thinking of getting contacts but kind of worried?
uhm. i'm thirteen, and i bought colored contacts. they're extremely painful.?
Cleaning my glasses?
swine flu question..?
I was sick 2 days ago and I've been taking paracetamol... and going to a party tomorrow.is it okay if I drink?
I have a small ulcer next to my lip.?
Should I get the Gardasil shot?
Hey, what's up with the Swine Flu?
i pierced my own ear!?
did my defibulator go off ??
CPR is not meant to rescue heart?
Are contacts better than glasses?
ok, i got spacers yesterday, and they hurt like heck! i mean likei cant eat! will this fealing go away? HELPME
i got my wisdom teeth pulled is it ok to smoke ciggarets?
What have you found to be a good natural remedy for anxiety?
please suggest any homeopathic medicine for urine retention.?
Should I be concerned? Should I go to the emergency room?! Heart attack to come?
I have a serious problem..?
Low Blood pressure?
Can A Teenager Have Heart Problems?
pvc's and heart flops!?
when you're stressed out do you think that you....?
do you believe in unicorns?
Am i allergic to meat ?
Why is snot green???????????????????
Does sinus cause ear pains?
why do I feel tired or lethargic after drinking milk? Has anyone else experienced this?
why dose my neck hurt, when i looked down or turn my head around to left and right?
What happens if a bullet is not removed from a wound?
Why can't I stop sleeping? I'm sleeping so much I'm starting to feel dead. How do I stay awake & active?
Help!!~Mysister won't stop bleeding!????
I've been sleeping and eating alot, my breast is sore, can i be pregnant?
I just had my BP taken it's 180/115. Do I need to pray ?
give me one reason why i should live to see tomorrow?
Help! Eye crusted shut?!?
My teacher may have swine flu - please advise?
is there any cure for swine flu?
how to get rid of markes(holes) left by chicken pox.it has been 20 days before started nd left merks on face.?
Can Swine Flu kill Young People. 12-24?
Please help me. I want to kill myself. :(?
Are you on antidepressants?
What's a sure fire way to quit smoking..understand, I have to, don't want to.?
I got water stuck in my ear?!?!?
how do I make sure My cuts don't get infected?
low pulse-rate?
What is classified as high blood pressure?
Rapid heart rate and high blood pressure at 19?
My teeth bleed everytime i brush them?
does getting braces hurt?
Can you die of a broken heart?
Can anyone help or give reassurance please ?
OMG please HELP me i'm freeking out ! Answer Hurry!?
I think I inhaled a rock?
I lost my thumb nail. Will it ever grow another?
Ive Got toilet paper stuck in my ear help !!!?
Am short sighted but don't like to wear glasses?
Please help!! Can my son have laser eye surgery?
Could I have an eye infection?
What is the white gunk in the corners of my eyes?
Can eye doctors tell if you have contacts in?
Dental Appointment tomorrow! Please Help!?
Why is my nose bleeding ?
Warm tingling sensation from head to toe..rapid heart beat?
Can you have a heart attack and not know it?
What will LSD do to me?
Is it harmful to take NyQuil 2 or 3 times a week to help get to sleep?
please help me im becoming suicidal?
how do you get rid of voices in your head?
No really i am really bored lol?
Is the Swine Flu in....?
Can you get another viral infection (i.e., flu or cold) when you currently are infected with a cold or flu?
Are pigs catching swine flu?
Why does cocaine weaken the immune system?
Afraid of Dentist?
Can not wearing my glasses cause me to have a headache?
eye surgery ?
Is it ok to leave contacts in over 1 month?
Why did my pupils get bigger?
Anyone who wears glasses?
Questions about contacts =]?
saw this guy: pale, EXTREMELY blotchy red skin in some areas, in many areas. what is it?
How do I get rid of a hickey after it's been there for about a day?
I have acne all over my forehead. Help!?
What is the easiest way to kill yourself?
?????? what to do??? im scared..?
I'm an alcoholic, please help?
How do i prove that money doesn't buy health?
does any one know how to make it look like i dont have a black eye ?
Do you think most people learn from their mistakes or do they do them over and over?
do u think people change after open heart sugery?
heart attack andvice needed?
My eye is like spazzing out and it's bothering me big time. Could this be due to my cutting back on eating?
What cereal is the most filling?
what are the chances that you will reach 40 without breaking a bone?
My teeth always seems yellowish. I don't smoke.?
my sister has trouble breathing sometimes...?
Is it possible I could be a Diabetic? How do I know?
Are flu shots only available to senior citizens?
how can i get rid of my sore throat?
give my child the flu shot?
Help! Ive been around people with flu like symptoms could it be swine?
what causes high blood pressure?
I feel pressure around my heart; I am 41yrs old?
why is there two eyes on your face?
Is it possible that im allergic to chocolate?
If a child likes spinning objects and bangs his head when he's frustrated, are those signs of autism?
Is the illness 'M.E' real or is is just that they're lazy?
i need some braces help/advice?
Sensitive tooth? hmm?
i have troubles brushing my teeth?
what the danger of shingles going untreated except for the pain?
What sweet sayings or things made you fall in love with your partner?
it would be too akward to straighout ask, so...?
If the heart is damaged in a heart attack. Can it regrow blood vessels or repair itself in any way?
Please *ANYONE* help immediately. Heart Pounding, don't know what to do.?
what is a pacemaker used for?
I have abs....?!and im a girl!!!!WTF please help!?
how to lose ten pounds????? please i really need to lose?
What's wrong with my lung?
Am I Crazy?
I feel I need to die and I don't care about depression.....?
i'm a boy who got chicken pox when i was 12-ish, is that a problem ?
Is there anything I can take to prevent me from getting sick Please Help?
What will make the white spots in your throat from mono dissappear?
alright i've been kissing this girl all week, come to find out she has strep throat, does that mean I will
What are some things I can do to protect myself from H1N1 on my plane to New York City?
If I don't have the Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccinations before travelling to Egypt, is it really bad?
running nose but clear as water do you know what it might be?
What are you allergic to?
I have fleas! HELP!!!?
Whats wrong with my foot?
Why are my contacts dull now a days? ?
Back pain!?
does any one know what this pain is.?
rapid heartbeat a day after smoking marijuana?
My heart feels kind of irregular especially when lying down?
My son 13 years had a blood pressure of 136-116 what should we do?
Can coca cola cause heart attack ?
what do i do if a ginger kid bites me?
I've been to numerous doctors for about 7 years for anxiety.?
Help!! I think I'm going blind?
I am scared of Wearing Contacts ?
What happens if you sleep with contacts on?
Does it hurt to have a stitch removed from your eyeball?
How Do I Get My Eye To Stop Twitching?!?
Addiction problem, and this is serious.?
Is this blood pressure dangerous for my age?
Something wrong with my Carotid Artery? I am 18 years old...?
When I was little I had a leak in my heart valve, my sister and dad died from the same condition. help pls?
Blood Pressure 190/78?
What are some uncureable diseases related to the heart?
what is ASTIGMATISM? what its treatment plz tell me is this curable ?
is it normal to have two different colored eyes?
What color are my eyes?
I just had a shower with my contacts in, is this bad?
What is the average cost of an eye exam at Wal Mart's vision center?
I put my dads toothbrush in the toilet and now...?
Mom won't let me lose weight?
why do i work out and not loose weight?
what foods specificly make you gain weight?
How can i lose weight by summer of '09?
how can i convince my mum in not anorexic?
what is the full form of doc?
What is my husband's illness, and how do I treat my it?
Can a kid be depressed?
should i get contact lenses or stay with glasses?
What is the number one cause of poor eyesight?
Easy Question!For ppl who wear contacts?
I want to stop my eye twitch?
what does it mean when you have yellow around your eye?
what was you experience when you got glasses for the first time?
Why does a "broken heart" physically hurt?
Any tips on reducing your blood pressure?
does anyone here heart skips a beat like palpitation. you can feel it everytime it does that is it serious?
What happens if someone has a heart attack or stroke while on a cruise ship that's supposed to be 5 days out
Is there anything you could eat to give you diabetes?
Could I go blind from diabetes? (freaked out!?!?!?)?
Does anyone know how long after the expiration date on medicine that it is still good for?
Im scared Im going to get diabetes-who is more prone to getting it,what kind of person>>>>>>>>>
How does a person get diabetes?
what's your FAVORITE thing to eat?
What do you do when you have a blister on your foot?
Whats could this mean?
Can I get a transition lens with an Anti reflection coating?
is there anything wrong with using antibiotic eyedrops after 1 month?
Eye " Twitching"?
How can I improve my eye health while sitting at a monitor 16hrs a day?
Can i get cross-eyed?
My contact lens prescription is -2.20. What is the diopter?
My daughter's UTI (urinary tract infection) didn't respond to antibiotics. What now?
Is there alternative medicines for depression and anxiety?
are contacts better than glasses?
Contact Lenses HELP!!!
will it be embarrasing going to the opticians with really bad eyesight?
how does it feel to get high?
How do you know that u r having a heart attack?
cold feet- blue toes?
can you have a psychotic episode without having schizophrenia?
I get a bad rash between my legs any time i walk alot ? Please help....?
I'm coughing green phlegm?
the staph infection thats going around in va?
Do you support a person's right to commit suicide?
What do you fear the most??
Are you scared of death ?
i was told i had a UTI, so i took the 3 day perscription, and i'm still burning when i pee, what should i do?
Should I go to the hospital?
Blood in stool, 2 X in a row?
is it considered alcoholism...?
My child is not eating, please help.?
Im 14, can i have lasik eye surgery?
sombody please help me!! i'm a new contact wearer, i have no problems inserting contacts or wearing them?
How bad is my vision?
Can you leave contacts in water overnight?
Can you wear contacts with astigmatism?
Do tears make eyes dry?
does journals help anyone?
how long do you think i will need braces? (pics)?
Are apples good for your teeth?
sorry i meant to ask can you have chickenpox twice?
Does lemon juice work on acne? If not, are they're any other good home remedies for acne?
Finger marks on skin...?
how much salt(sodium) do you have to consume to get high blood pressure in your 40's?
Can you die of a broken heart?
How to learn meditation by myself?
I've been really fatigued and have back pain and belly pain...what's wrong with me?
What caused my leg (calf muscle) to cramp up and have severe pain?
Are painkillers effective against more than one pain at a time?
when do i hand a dr's note in at work?
how do I become depressed?
What would you say to a suicidal person to try to change their mind?
Why does my daughter's eye doctor only want her to wear her glasses at school all day?
Do optometrists and ophthalmologists keep secrets from their patients to make money?
Laser eye surgery advice?
when you press on the side of your eye slightly, you see a spot on the opposite side of your vision?
How can you tell the difference between 'heart burn' and 'heart problems?'?
What's wrong with my knee?
Would it be okay if I did shrooms?
Does it hurt when a dentist hits a nerve?
HELP!!! My mom has NEVER took me to the dentist and I'm fourteen...............?
I'm a 15 year old girl on a 680 calorie a day diet to lose 15 lbs from 132 how healthy is this and any tips?
how do I gain weight faster?
is diet coke bad for you?
Will drinking coffee make you fat?
I need help with depression. Please help?
I want to kill myself. It doesn't feel rational, but I feel that I'm already committed to it.?
My back is killing me. Any ideas as to what it might be & how to relieve it?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of laser eye surgery?
Are there artificial eyes for blind people?
are contacts bad for your eyes?
what is wrong...do i need new glasses?
I am very worried about my dad, Is a pacemaker operation risky?
My lipid profile shows cholesterol=156, hdl=42.8,trigly=191, ldl-c=76 and vldl-c=38. What?
hi, i'm Dave from the uk, 29 and very very fit. I have a BP of 95 over 51 resting HR of 37? is Bp too low??
I get random VERY rapid heartbeat..started when i was pregnant?
Can you heal infec...?
Please help a 17 year old girl?
Why do people care so much about suicide?
Can't afford an eye doctor, almost out of contacts, what can I do?!?
Am I legally blind or not?
When buying contact lenses, do you HAVE to buy eye glasses as well?
how can i convince my mom to let me get eye contacts?
How rare of a problem is this?
Please, this is an emergancy - Someone can give me ideas?
How can I take a shower without getting a my foot wet?
Where can i get gold teeth?
do i need orthodontic braces (with pictures)?
im 16 and i think im having heart palputations??!?
my blood pressure is 210/110 should i be concerned?
coloured braces???????????
I've always been in great shape, but know have high blood pressure, what r best foods to bring it down?
Doc's just told me i have high cholesteral?
High blood pressure in a 25 year old?
hey everyone!!!! :)?
How do you know if you took way to many pain killers?
Is she okay.......................?
I'm skinny, but weigh alot. Why?
Have you ever given blood?
blood sugar 13, how bad is this?
How is diabetes detected by doctors?
Give me some exercise for my eye?
If I order glasses frame only online, must I know my facial measures?
Is there anyway to repair your eyesight?
I want to buy color contacts just for fun, where can I get it? and do i need perscription for it?
do I HAVE CANCER?!??!?!?!?
Okay this is weird.... Please tell me if i am normal...?
I'm thinking about cutting myself - how can I stop this?
Have you ever thought of suicide before?
What is wrong with me? Random emotional outbursts...?
My contacts turned yellow?
Why do I see alot of dots when...?
heart attack victim coughing up blood 7 months after the heart attck. wot to fink?
How do i get rid of low blood pressure?
Should I be concerned I am very young??
what is normal ranges for blood pressure?
how do you get rid of a bloody nose?
Can you be allergic to make up?
what's the best way to check if you have food in your teeth at a restaurant when there are no mirrors around?
I had my wisom teeth out wednsday and my face is so swollen?
bad breath solution?
can anyone suggest a natural cure for gallstones?
is cracking your knuckles acually bad for you?
How do respond when people post ?'s like "how do I kill myself"?
Question - Am I too small?
is it safe to smoke marijuana once a month?
if I Do 100 pushups,crunches and calf raises everyday will i see results?
did i eat enough today?
im young and im a little big like fat what do I do to get skinnier ?
How come they are so high in calories?
Am I overweight, or underweight?
How can I be a Cardiac Surgeon?
what is the best medicine for anxiety attacks?
How do i get rid of high blood pressure?
How to bring colesterol level down ?
can hand sanitizer substitute washing hands before eating?
What should i get, the Swine Flue Shot or the Nasal Spray?
Eeep! I think I may have the swine flu. :(?
if i accidentally used a person's razor who has hepatitis c do i have it?
do i have the swine flu?
I was recently exposed to someone with Hepatitis C and I'm unsure if I should get tested or not?
can wearing glasses change your eye color?
eye contacts?????
How Do I Fix Scratches On Eyeglasses?
What's wrong with my eye!! OWW! 10 POINTS!?
Do you prefer to tell good news or bad news?
Cutting. Please help I'm desperate.?
What do you do when you're depressed?
What is a good way to know if your girlfriend has STD's?
Getting braces!!?
How can I make my teeth whiter and my tong cleaner?
does getting braces on hurt..!?
teeth(and them falling out)?
what's the longest you've ever been asleep for?
Does this sound like i broke it?
how do i purposly get pins and needles in my hands fast?
Is it worth going to the doctor?
The best way to forge a perscription?
i just accidently swallowed a plum pit... is it bad???!!?
When someone swallows poison, it is best to?
What sickness do I have?
Is it safe to travel by air to Miami Florida USA considering the swine flu epidemic in next week?
High B.P of 161/103.ANyone please suggest means to bring it normal ofcourse with less or no medication please,?
Is smelling/sniffing Nail Polish harmful?
Why do my eyes hurt when I look up or down?
what a good vitamin for a 19 year old?
What pain killers do they give you when you get a root canal?
what can i drink with braces?
People with or had braces: What colour braces do you have?
Is it true that people in the UK think that us Americans are "obssessed" with our teeth?
Mints or gum?
any tips for loosing weight that have worked for you?
i'm 13 and weight 85 freakin pounds!!!!!?
how to lose 90 lbs in 28 days?
Im 13 and i have a weight and height problem....?
I was told?
How do you get your mind to shut off so you can relax/sleep?
eating disorder help??!!
is drawing on your skin with pen safe?
What should be chosen Brain or Heart?
Her blood pressure is 167 over 93?
how to protect ourselves from cold?
Do you think Victoria Beckham is too thin?
is it posseble to get addicted?
I feel like I have no one to talk to?
HELP! How do you comfort someone who is sucidal?
My sister is going insane?
Hii Please Answer 10 Points for the First Descent Answer?
if you arent supposed to drink & drive, why do bars have parking lots?
my boyfriend stepped on a nail should he go to the dr?
I'm having a bad day!!?
will she have brain damage? SHE'S ONLY 3!?
What's a 'Valium pill'? (Fans: Robert Pattinson related)?
Can homeopathy cure acne?
where can i get glasses at a decent price?
Does not wearing your glasses affect your eyes?
Survey: Do you prefer contacts, glasses, or neither?
What's going on with my eyes?
When should you go to the dr for a burn?
Why did God create me? Society doesn't value me since I earn no money.?
Do you clean your tongue after brushing your teeth?
Do you like your own teeth? Did you ever have orthodontic treatments?
Should You Get A Flu Vaccine If You Have The Flu?
Once a person gets swine flu and recovers can they get it again?
Is it possible to contract AIDS over the internet?
if i were to drink a gallon of saliva from somone who has aids can i get aids?
Which race of guys has the highest HIV rate?
Color Contacts?
For those with less than 20/20 vision.. Do you prefer glasses or contacts?
What is worse for eyes: reading paper or reading on monitor of computer?
Is laser eye surgery as quick, easy and painless as they portray on 'extreme makeovers' on sky/living?
My right eye is super itchy and i have no eyedrops! HELP!~!!!!!?
My body is scratching horribly and I can't go to the doctor till morning. It must be seasonal allergy HELP!
Is my life worth living?
I've been cutting since i was in the sixth grade. I am now in the 11th grade.?
how can i get rid of my nasty bacne?
Is it okay for children to take Advil?
Do glasses heal you eyes?
Is it normal that I have felt my eye twitch for 2 day you can't see it but ya what does this mean?
Are my eyes too small to get rid of my glasses and get contacts?
Whenever i see the sun for a while, some color in my eye appears.. sorta blurry? shows when i close my eyes.?
My optometrist says nearsighted people don't get headaches, true or false?
heart plapitation with shortness of breath? should i.....?
Which diabetes is this? QUICK 10 POINTS! (:?
Scared to death?
How can you cure someone that may have the swine flu?
If the WHO raises the Swine Flu threat to a '6' will you be wearing a mask everywhere?
Why would anyone believe that eating cooked pork (or ham) could cause them to catch 'swine flu'?
I want a cast and crutches! How do I break my ankle?
Broken arm, wrist and hand?
why do i fall asleep while driving?
Can your vision get better on it's own?
How can I stop cutting myself?
Should I talk to her parents?
Do I have schizophrenia?
Do these chest pains indicate that I will be having a heart attack?!?
What is the name of the condition in which muscles become rigid after death? b. What is this c?
I experience this weird pain for couple of days in the base of my heart, it occurs every time when I take a?
How do I persuade my mum?
Is tea/coffee healthy when taken with milk?
What if I cut off my eye lids? Will my eyes be ok?
I've sat my driving test 4 times & Failed is there anything you would recommend to calm my nerves?
How Do i get my b/f to stop taking my medicine?
Best way to get rid of a sore throat?
What are some good home treatments for the flu?
Smoking Marijuana?
My son keeps getting ulcers in his mouth, why?
Why should someone leave an abusive relationship?
How do you ask your doctor to cure your anxiety & depression?
should i be taken ecstacy from a drug dealer that i know and went to school with but doesn't like me?
What does a urinarty track infection feel like and how do you get rid of them?
are you supposed to drink more water when you have a urinary tract infection?
what is anaemia???????????
what colors do u see in her iris?
What does it mean when your heart beats too fast/feels weird?
Do I have some kind of heart disease???
can you live without a heart?
is it possible to smoke pure hydrocodone extracted from 10 mg vics?
Is it hard to quit smoking when your addicted?
i have a facial scar how can i remove it?
i'm sooo tired of my persistent acne!?
Can you die from getting tickled to much?
What happens if I don't take out my contact lenses?
What are the best type / brand of contacts to buy for eyes with astingmatism ?
Do I have to wear my glases to read on the computer too? ?
Should I trim my eyelashes.. They're almost an inch long (See pic)?
Have certain symptoms, help please?
Please help contacts and esteemed community. What is on my eye?
My son can't get his contacts in his eyes without them folding. He's a beginnner (12 years old).?
Can your eye color be changed without color contacts?
Does Honey go into a refrigerator or a Cabinet?
What Time Should A 13 Year Old Sleep At ?
I am very worried about my mom .....Help ?
omigod, i've just discovered i'm suffering from...?
Has anyone else got a bad cold? It's so sunny and lovely and I feel like the middle of Winter?
If you have an 'open wound' which has not been treated properly, could the chances of you getting TB be high?
what do you do when you cant sleep cause of snoring?
Smoker's right to smoke?
How do I get a chest x-ray without my parents knowing?
I just took my diabetes reading it was 547, I took 100 units of insulin can anyone tell me how long will it Ta?
What causes severe obesity?
contacts question?
What's the best disinfecting eye contact solution?! ADVICE ???
Can I wear my contacts for 12 hours?
will glasses improve vision?
What eye problems/diseases can i get prescription marijuana for?
how has being shy held you back?
I think I have a mental illness....?
Four to Six Benadryls in 2 hours?
What should I do about my swollen foot?
will i die if I eat pop rocks then drink soda?
what are the point of virus's and bacteria?
My mom has a fever. What do i do?
for people who hate needles: do flu shots hurt?
scared to give my kids the swine flu vaccination?
I have mono. What should I do to treat myself?
What's a great natural cough suppressant?
I've had this migrane for THREE DAYS!!!!!!?
Stomach pain since i was 5!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it possible for a laboratory test to lie about you having HIV?
I am pretty sure my mom had a heart attack but she refused to go to the ER?
My one year old got bitten twice by mosquito's yesterday?
How to stop a dog from itching?
Im going to America soon, and I get really moody & irratable when Im hot! What can I do to keep cool. Cheers!?
How can I throw up easily and safely?
Contact lenses prescription to glasses prescription?
where can i get a free eye test? ((in the UK!!!))?
please i need help with my contact lenses ? :( EMERGENCY!?
when you press on the corners of your eyes, why do you see little lights off to the sides?
A doctor asked me if anyone has told me I have yellow tint to my eyes?
What are the symptoms if you have swine flu virus?
can children get chicken pox more than once?
Why the panic over swine flu?
Swine Flu: Why are people so cruel?
Are we all going to get Swine Flu (H1N1)?
Can animals who are not cows get mad cow disease?
If a person is self-harming does it mean they are thinking of commiting a suicide?
No one undstands?
Are my suicidal thoughts just a hobby...what is wrong with me?
Why do girls always think there fat?
depressed, for no reason?
do you believe that 100 percent of heart problem can be detected with electrocardiography and echocardiography?
Anybody want 10 points ans this Q if u r not sure then don't?
Possible to be allergic to Cigarette smoke?
I'm 13 and I got eye contacs today. I can't get the one in my left eye out, can I go to sleep with it in?
My contacts are hotter than your contacts, now what do you have to say about that?
I might be getting glasses,how can I deal with the fact?
What can you do to prevent red eyes?
My throat hurts. What can I do to make it go away without going to a pharmacy or anything?
17 year old scared..........?
how can i make myself sneeze?
Do you think someone could actually die from a broken heart?
Help me! Do I have lice?
what is the procedure called when you get cavities filled?
Right eye twitches help?
I'm considering colored contacts...?
chiropractor vs orthopedic?
Anyone had the sore throat/cold and chesty cough virus yet?
What are some symptoms to help know if you have swine flu, or just a common cold?
Why do people on here have to be so rude?
I can't breathe, HELP!?
Does anyone know what this might be?
quit smoking?
I took 2 hits of weed on friday will it show up on a walgreens drug test on tuesday?
Should one throw out their contact lenses after having an eye infection?
Do Contacts do harm to ur eyes?
can diabetes be detected by blood test and urine test?
How to Stop Stomach Rumbling?
Any tips for sleep tonight???
How do you cure heart burn?
Please help me figure out why I'm in pain?
I'm in pain..........?
Sharp pains in my leg? help.?
Why is it so hard to find an effective treatment for obesity?
does anyone know a home remedie for mosquito bites?
How take out a splinter out of a kid's hand?
Do you know anyone that has committed suicide?
Has anyone tried the contacts with distance in one eye and near vision in another? I think they're too blury.
Do your eyes change color?