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Will doctors tell me straight away?
Chromozone defects affecting chromozone 10, 13 and trisomy 21?
i was on diuretics for kidney stones only im wheelchairbound from cerebral palsy and i weas vomitting my food?
Ulcerative colitis sufferers?
When will i get my colposcopy results?
Is It Normal to Have Tight Chest after People Quit Smoking?
Eye diseases?
Sensitive smell - Need information!!!?
If you where a smoker and no longer smoke how did you give up?
How to get healthy white sclera's?
What's the name of this illness?
Can a dairy allergy cause stomach bloating?
What is the difference between pharmaceutical & homeopathic melatonin?
What other places do Doctors work at?
Is there a way for me to get taller?
Help whats wrong, this is getting scary!?
is it normal to have depression after surgery?
can you choose what colour your cast is and how many colours can you have?
lower back pain that when sitting moves across to back of hips and when moving sometime goes down either leg.?
weird shapes in vision?
For qualified medical practitioners; We know that the body will utilise fat from unconventional places in... ?
fingerr. ouchh?! help?
People who have taken minomycin: how long does it take to work?
Suicidal thoughts while taking Chantix?
how to look good for my 17th birthday?
Nonstick Left on unattended?
hand swelling... what do you think caused it?
Can Ph.D. physical therapists order tests,diagnose,do prescription medicines for dizziness or infections?
Can I purchase physiotherapy equipment without being a physio?
I ate a kiwi, and now my tongue is very tingly?
Upper left abdominal pain just under the ribs.?
constipation- fast relief?
I think im constipated?
What does kidney stone pain feel like? is it similar to sciatica?
my 72yr old mum has just be told she has stage IV melenoma. What are her chances of cure?
in Australia is there a machine that registers pain like xray type machines or something?
6 500mg amoxicillin tablets a day a lot?????????
Why do you gag when u put ur finger down your throat but not when u swallow food ?
Is it early arthritis?I suffer from stiff and painful joints after exposure to cold?
Home Health Aid?
help! pleaaassseee answer?
i feel so sick in the stomach and light headed?
I just started working at fast food & I have a cold at the moment, should I go to work?
strategies to improve indigenous health in Australia?? Please Help?
Should I seek Medical Attention with this?
Does it sound like I suffer from Insomnia?
If someone has limited exposure to sunlight , would that affect the eyes over time ?
my neck has been sore for like three weeks whats wrong?
ladies, what is the most bizarre thing you would do to...?
can people lengthen their fingers?
I've left a container of left overs out on the bench at room temperatre for about 4-5 hours....?
how do i stop dribbling?!?!?
Greeny White Stuff at the back of my throat and discusting taste?
What would be a good medicine for mucus in the chest?
how does one recover from chronic fatigue syndrome and has anyone tried activive for it and recommend it?
Whiplash and Botox injections?
Sharp Pain in Upper Left Stomach?
Am i addicted to pain killers?
How to treat lump on lip and is numb?
Do you think that most rare genetic disorders will be cured in the next 100 years? Why/why not?
how can I boost my 17 month old immune system?
Is albendazole dangerous to take?
16 weeks with pleuricy?
i m 30, by injury my left leg suffering from vericose vains(initial stage) may i go tru surgery for cure ?
How to feel better about myself?
Why do I get a sick high out of making people angry on the internet?
I feel so broken, what do I do ?
What is this and how bad is it?
I think i might be bipolar?
Is it normal for a furnace to make the house sound like its creaking when it goes on?
How were phobia's created?
Are my scars really that bad?
Does anyone get anxiety like me?
Is it possible to have .... symptoms?
what's hallucinating?
confidence boost?
How do I stop getting urges to injure myself?
Do you think there is really any purpose in my life?
What is wrong with me?
If someone calls 911 on someone because they're suicidal.. would they be forced to go to the hospital?
I feel as if I have had it, I've reached my limit and I am feeling so suicidal?
Have you ever....?
going to girl guide camp this weekend. need to find a way to cover all signes of self injury.?
I need help with my anxiety disorder (OCD)?
I am having weird pulsing in my left thigh?
Nerve Spasms in Wrist {please help}?
Why is it that sometimes when I fall asleep for three hours then wake up I could swear I'd only been asleep?
Can you faint while you're sitting down?
I'm not very well.. Please help me.?
I keep on getting leg pains, cramps not sure what is causing it?
what are the withdrawl symptoms of long time alcohol abuse?
Questions about Hourglass figure?
Is there a gastroenerologist that can help me?
I need to change my print so i can read i need to change the print size. how do i do this?
how to make my voice sound clear?
What happens to the veins & arteries in the umbilical cord that was internally connected to the baby?
I think i have laryngitis?
What area of the brain controls sleep and wakefulness?
Hunger no-Longer?
can obesity make one feel permantly sick?
Any ideas why I feel so sick?
Why do opiate users experience itching?
How do you grow taller?
HEADACHES ! pleasseeehelp?
What is this? Sudden, extremely fast heart beat?
Is Thyroxine sodium a dangerous drug?
does breast feeding have anything to do with your chances of getting breast cancer?
What can be the cause of fatigue?
Affects on bone growth?
is it normal to become alot more clingy with people when a parent has cancer?
how is anorexia a disease? Why can't they just eat?
Are these symptoms of lactose intolerancy?
pain along top ribs on the left side?
Sharp Pain in my lower right side?
My eyes are hurting so I went back to sleep...Woke up at 4:36PM...And they are still hurting....?
Stitch or Ache kinda pain under Right Rib.?
I have a bad cough and sore throat for 3 days now?
Any fitness tips for people with asthma?
are anti-depressants a good choice?
I self-harm... now I want to tell. Exactly what should I say?
Does anyone else stare at the toilet being flushed?
i want to quit life...?
How to cope with Loneliness?
Why am I doing bad at school?
When you suspect someone is bi-polar?
How do you know if you have an anxiety problem?
is sniffing oxycontin worse that just taking the pills?
depressed but scared to tell people?
Depersonalisation Disorder?
I have court at 9:30 this morning, and I'm beyond nervous and this close to attempting suicide?
How would a service dog help a person with panic attacks?
Please help?
Cant concentrate when I am reading...Help!!!?
Do you think people who have mild depression should use Prozac or other anti-depressants?
whats a good way to relax?
Electronic muscle stimulation is it possible without gel?
How come you can get Rx meds in US without a script?
am black and beautiful without stretch marks before but now with lots of it as a resul of bleaching agent?
how long before you start noticing?
what drug can you take to give you energy that is leagal?
Has anyone had this or know what it is called?
Australian Forensic Pathology?
Is it normal to feel exhausted and sick in cold weather?
Question about flu like symptoms?
Any proof that vitamins really work ?
Why did air come out of my ear?
shivers, chest pain?
what is lumbar scoliosis?
i am looking to see if ibumprofene can turn your urein test dirty? ?
What over the counter meds can I get for a UTI?
Does Anybody Know How a doctor Diagnosis I.B.S?
What kind of job are suitable for me?
Can you take coenzimeQ10 if you have thalassemia?
taking out piercings for the first time?
how many times have you been sick over the last 12 months and what was the cause?
Do doctors get kick backs from pharmaceutical companies for selling certain drugs?
does intake of vit.e lessen the visibility of stretch marks?
Pains on the left side of head during the night?
Does high heels causes knee pain?
I dream is to live to 80 years old. But with my disease I'm lucky to live to 50.?
Is it safe to vomit bile?
helping someone deal with a death of a son?
I swear this kid has two faces......It's like dr jenkins and hyde....Should I be concerned...he's a classmate?
How can I avoid worrying about girls?
I'm afraid someones going to kill me?
Adult ADD?
Disadvantages to avoiding people?
I'm on my third day of my Celexa prescription. I've noticed that my pupils have become enlarged. Normal?
I have some major confidence issues, help!
I need help, this is getting worse.?
Mt 8yr old takes Adderall but needs an extra dose after 4pm?
My daughter went ballistic on me tonight and I don't know what to do anymore.?
Hate it when people use 'emo' as a style word, not realizing the real definition?
question about Seroquel?
HELP? ☺ Feeling disheartened.?
I don't want to live..and I don't know what to do ?
relationship advice/help!! pleaseee?
Girl Confusion And Anxiety....Help?
is it possible to be a LITTLE bit bipolar?
What is wrong with me? I really need help.?
My friend has face alot of traumatic events in her short lifespan and and needs help! What do i do?
Have you ever had gall bladder removal, what effects do you have since?
can smoking pot be the cause of depression , will i feel happy again if i give it up all together?
Can I buy contacts from Target or the Pharmacy?
Anatomy and Physiology: How is tympanic membrane involved in hearing loss.?
Swollen and painful arm?
can u take a pain killer after you have taken an adderal?
i have moderate hearing loss all my life and I have ringing in my ear?
307mg of codeine and 4800mg of ibuprofen- should I go to the hospital?
fainting heart rate?
Medical help please! was suspect UTI but it isnt in so much pain what is happeing to me?
Wet Dreams. Please explain them for me.?
Why does my stomach ask for food in the morning but i'm not hungry?
Eye Twitching?
Body problem: how can i get rid of this...?
what to do.... please help me?
Part of my body keep blowing up and going blue or yellow what could this be?
Dry Mucous membranes (Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth, Throat)?
How can I stop my bad habit of twitching my nose all the time?
What is the name of the new medication which is given as an infusion for the treatment of bone density?
Would bee pollen supplements cause blocked Eustachian Tubes?
How do i know if my ear is infected?
pretty sure it's chicken pox!!!!?
remedies to sooth a cough?
Please help, growing pain question!!?
Pain Under Right Arm?
Killer headache killing me?
they found a blood clot and now they think lung cancer?
What would be the reason for me coughing from a month ago?
endone can i use it if i have ashtma?
i woke up paralyzed..?
Do I have Bulimia? or just a sensitive stomach?
is it true that if you tell your dr. you had a seizure you will automatically lose your driving license?
Antibiotics and the pill?
Do you think that smoking for about 40 years would cause chronic dizziness in an 82 year old(not me)?
What does it mean when you have extremely small pupils?
Does my little brother have binge eating disorder?
can people under 18 have plastic surgery/ cosmetic surgery without parent consent?
Magic Mushrooms???
what have i got? ive got like a shortness of breath?
easter show rides! DIZZY! HELP!!?
what to do light nose bleeding?
is there any website out there that is a 24 hour Counselling chat live?
If I were to sell Melalueca or Gochi juice would you buy?
I weigh 48 kg and is about 160 cm in height is that considererd short?
Can i take my piecing out after a month to clean my ear?
pain in lower right side?
how to flatten keloid scars?
has anyone had long term succes with a surface piercing on thier lower back.?
Is 1500gm of Amoxil a day, a high dose?
How do you feel about the health department in Australia?
will police deal with a paypal matter over $250?
My ears are bothering me.They aren't really sore. What would cause pains behind my ears?
What is Serge Wedder Syndrome?
I have like nerve pain in hip groin going down thigh not intense worse at night?
what's hallucinating?
my mum had a brain aneurysm what are the chances of me or my kids having one?
Adelaide Crohn's sufferers
i bn sik for a month. started out during my exams. got nauseas, harder to breathe at times, dizzy etc?
Can anyone give me an opinion on effective treatments for fibromyalgia?
Can you acutally get pain from this?
What is the cause of foot,hand swelling and joint pain if all arthritis is ruled out?
Why is causing my headache?
Is Panadol the trade name for Paracetamol?
What could help me grow taller?
Am I normal like the other 15 year old small kids?
Urinary Tract Infection?
A question nabout spinal surgery?
Should I play tomorrow?
When going to the Drs,what one test should be done other than BP check?
does a swisher contain nicotine or is it the tobacco thats inside it?
are there health supplements for this?
why may alka seltzer or a simular compound help to calm an upset stomach?
can u possibly tell me where's the best place to work after a masters degree in public health.?
IS SHISHA EFFECTIVE?????????????????
Something to take to get more fibre?
Why is it that the tireder you are the harder it is to sleep?
What can mask the taste of benadryl?
Acid Reflux?????????????????
a nutropath doctor told me not to eat dairy & prossesed food its bad for you what do you think ?
Is it normal to have a very runny nose after getting it cauterized?
Why and how do people's shoes come off when they die in an accident?
What power rating should I choose for my colored contact lenses?
how do i make my room feel less hot & stuffy this summer?
My bf has head lice, how do I tell him without hurting his feelings?
How can I deal with this discomfort and pain in my ankle?
My arm is swollen and my muscule hurts!!!?
Okay this is kind of a dumb question ...?
Best way to relieve a stiff sore neck?
Does this ECG look ok??????
Hey, i have common thred worms. I need something to get rid of them for 12hours. I have no tablets?
How long will it take to get M.R.I results?
HELP!! AM I GOING ANOREXIC also have drug and eating problem.?
Why is our normal breathing rhythm interrupted by one deeper, louder breath before returning to normal?
URGENT... Please help?
Blocked nose, can't sleep because of it?
Anybody know where I can get 'Secret clinical strength' or 'driclor'? Heard about them and want to buy either.
Australian Health Care Cards?
I tried onmy step Dad's glasses and everything up close and long distance was super clear?
Calming (anti anxiety?) Supplement?
nausea ???
What kind of medication can i take to get rid of migraines?
Memory loss...=)?
Is it OK do take Vitamin D supplement with Vitamin E?
where would i go if i ran away?
i want lap band surgery?
redbull addiction?
Can someone simply explain "frank blood" when someone vomits?
Is there anything wrong with your feet? I can check.?
Trying to get friend to quit drugs and get healthy?
Nits or sand?
Cartilage Piercing Question??
why do i feel so sad and hopeless so much of the time?
Is sleep medication dangerous?
teen truble sleeping?
Pregnant, Boyfriend in Iraq, and how do I recognize symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder?
my friend keeps bragging about how she thinks she is belimic....HELP!?
Serious drug interaction question ?
I don't know what to do anymore?
School getting me depressed?
Anxiety and depressed for 3 years and need help?
how long have you gone without sleep?
Suicide Pills?
I have no remorse and have many psychopath traits, but I still want the best for my family?
How can I fix depression without seeing a therapist?
Do you guys think Italians play hockey better than Canadians?
is it normal to have guilty feelings alot?
I feel tired all the time and dont feel like doing anything?
I am depressed and seriously considering suicide ? I just can't cope?
I dont know how to deal with this...?
why is it so hard for me to say i love you, say nice things to girls or things of that sort?
Sore throat AND ear ache?! Wahst this?
Opiates and Liver Metabolites?
Sore ear after tonsillectomy?
how do i purchase and where -medtronic tens unit [email protected]?
Codeine pills across the US border?
I want to know some information on numbing cream?
i used vaseline for a lube once..and inserted it in..what should i do?
i have a stomach ache when i dont eat it is ok what can i do?
losing bum fat?
if i dont have any vitamin d does that mean i wont grow :O :O :(?
why do i constantly keep getting cold hands and a hot face?
Why dont doctors prescribe cocaine ?
Vision is really really bad?
do social workers and physical therapists get paid a lot?
Apart from Herpes, what else can cause blister on the lips of a person?
anaphylaxis shock due to hair dye?
Breast Augmentation question! Please help!?
fever, sore throat, bumps on back of throat, coughing = Strept?
Can i have my Tonsils removed , if they aren't causing me any problems ?
Digestive problem caused by Candida. How to get rid of it?
if you took your tongue ring out the day after you got it done how long until you can drink?
What to do about a sore hip?
Vein popped in leg Q ...?
Stomach Twitch? help??
what is it like as a patient inside a eating disorders clinic?
do i have tonsillits..........?
Need info about the drug 'G'....?
Have you ever had back pain due to kidney stones?
My EYES hurt! please help?
leukemia testing & symptoms?
What is pituitary microadenoma? I have it, is it caused by smoking? What can happen to me?
Can people with Raised Intracranial pressure actually feel Head Pressure?
Diagnose these 'mental' problems.?
I feel like I don't deserve to be happy..please help?
how can i relax and clear my thoughts?
how can i stop binge eating under immense stress?
I'm looking for an online counsellor, any ideas?
Major help with managing stress?
Do I have an eating disorder? ?
Is it true that you cannot be a doctor if depression is in your medical record?
Help me with my frustration?
What can i do to keep myself from asking the same question over and over?
why do i always get nervous and babble on randomly and stutter then make a complete jackas out of myself?
A second opinion please?
need to hide my diapers?
Is Orijen dog food safe? Is its protein content too high?
Is it normal to feel like this in the first month ?
What's a healthy way to get rid of emotional pain and anger?
how can i get better self esteem and how can i be strong ?
if Im alergic to aspirin, may I take xanax?
Can smoking pot be good for epilepsy?
should people living with crohn's disease wear a medi alert bracelet(id bracelet)?
Can I cure my UTI at home?
What causes gas pressure/pain to spread from stomach to chest to back on neck? I do have IBS. Is this serious.?
Can you tell me what my friend has?
what is atypical multiple sclerosis?
if you"ve been diagnosed with severe mitral stenosis... what would you do?
what is the best way to cure Paranoid Personality Disorder without going to a phsycayatrist?
What is a normal TSH level?
Am I gluten intolerant?
What are the chances of dying while donating an organ?
I was wondering if Hypoglycemia is hereditary? My partner has it, does this mean my baby has it?
i took a ssmall line of cocaine 2 wks ago and it left a dull smell ?
breathing help?!?
I got my tonsils out yesterday, what food should i eat?
best liver tonic?
My brother was diagnosed with bipolar in October?
Back pain, Stomach pain, Nausea?
does anyone else get sweat patches doing notihng?
My friend was electrocuted the other day!!?
I've got a problem! help?
Please help??????????????????
Almonds & Bananas make me sick, anyone know why this could be???
For those that have tongue piercings, please read.?
Mysterious spinal bruises?
How do I stop yawning during other people's conversations?
Genetic diseases?
How free are free range chickens?
For the past 4 days i have woken up at EXACTLY the same time ?
I found a pill and need to identify it?
help is my sisters bulimia getting worse?
If my pulse in my neck is beating normal but I cant feel it very well is there a problem or is it cos im relax
Comparability of cancer an Leo ?
really bad cough help?
is my acne scarring really bad.?
The bluish lumps on your back means cancer does it not?
What are cuases of and risks of sinusitis?
what happens if i left a splinter in my foot for a long time?
Can a pinched nerve in the neck cause headache?
Respiratory Problem?
could low back pain cause pain in the neck?
Why do my eyes hurt so much?
how long after a knee dislocation should i be walking regularly and playing sports again?
pain in lower left side of stomach?
Throat hurts, feels bruised...?
What is the best way to get rid of a boil?
I have too much sweating on my hands and feet, what can I do about it?
Bad Dreams Problem??
I am so tired lately, any idea what's wrong?
Can you really call 911 for being suicidal, is it really a medical emergency ?
I want to quit some things...?
Im tired...?
What would you do in my shoes?
Where can you buy breast enhancement herbs?
what are the benifits of drinking herbal tea?
Starting from and ending with the heart, trace the blood flow through the human circularory system?
Hot, red ears and nose?
can you get sick from anti depressants?
Why are chin ups & pull ups so badly over-looked?
dying.. how to tell sum 1? say goodbye? x?
is it bad to drink alcohol when you have the flu,?
What does having an elevated Heart Rate all the time do to the heart/body?
Orange lumps at back of throat, not tonsils, Puss Pockets? Not Painful?
I have a low body temperature. Should i be concerned?
What does it mean when you sneeze?
Has anyone had in IV placed in after general anesthesia?
why is my body so sensitive?
Why does my body hurt from being in the cold?
I experience a mild, sharp,pain 3 inches to the left of my naval after I consume an initial glass of wine.?
Who loves rubbing their ear canals with a cotton bud? Is there reflexology in the ear canal?
When do the negative effects of smoking weed start showing?
Can crisps make your mouth go white and sore?
Are any massage therapists able to keep their nails?
can you have the flue but with out the head cold part???? iv got flue like feelings but with no runny noise?
i have a problem...?
I keep "pulling" something in the bottom of my foot...?
Sharp pain on top of head..?
how often does the average person get a stomach ache?
How to walk in heels without the constant pain when walking in them for 3 or more hours?
this is a serious problem please help?
Can Ginger and Honey mixed together reduce wrinkles around eyes?
can partial collapsed lung be fixed?
Lung function test, pls interpret my results!!?
I woke up yesterday and the room was spinning like I was hideously drunk (but wasn't!) felt nauseous too.?
Strange thing happened to me...that's never happened before.?
Advice on overcoming bulimia ?
I have fibromyalgia and my doc just put me on lyrica today. What am I looking at time wise for effectiveness?
What is the fear of other peoples vomit?
Difference between Low blood count and low blood saturation?
Very weak bladder at 16, help!?
Do you still feel fatigued if you have insomnia? I can't sleep lately and I feel dead tired all the time?
I have Osgood-Schlatter Disease....?
Why does shortsighteness affect grandchildren?
what is wrong with me?
Help! does anyone know anything about IBS?
What is septos and how serious?
i feel medical negligence led to death of relative, what do i do?
Please Any Advice:?
Blood when I went to the toilet?
How do I relieve the pain in my femur bone, I hurt it a little, not seriously?
Bad period like cramps, pain in my ribs, and pain when urinating - what is this?
How to deal with muscle pain caused by exercise?
Chest pain at random moments?
If I shut all the car windows and stay in the car, what will happen to my body? And how long can I last?
In Australia, do you need Cert 3 in aged care before you can work in a nursing home?
Why do people blush at things?
Do you think this means im addicted to pain killers?
how long does clonazepam stay in your system?
Why do people get sun burned?
stomach cramps and diarrhea?
I sweat.. a lot HELP?
I think I`m obsessed with detoxing?
Sore stomach on side.?
i am not depressed or anything but i feel sad alot and i think its cause i cant do any sports right now...idk?
Drug Test Question?
How did you become a doctor?
The effects of having only one kidney?
I would like to buy a water purifier, I have been advised that a ultra violet system is best. any ideas? I?
Help PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Please help me!I'm really worried?
A good training site to become ambidextrous?
Xanax perscription, a bit excessive?
Can several punches on stomach be dangerous?
how do you beat cravings for ciggarettes my cigarrette consumption have increased from 1 packet a week to 2?
Is this normal or do i need rehab??
Do you believe most people have something 'wrong' with them? Do you think there is a psychological root?
Is the suicide rate higher for people that are unemployed than those who are employed ?
Please read and tell me what do you think about this?
Is Schizophrenic considered to be a reportable case?
Zoloft side effects ? did anyone experience this ?
Why bother living anymore?
Different personalities; help please?
How do I know if I am really depressed or if it's all in my head ?
What should I do, I can't sleep?
What are some things to do that can help relief stress?
just out of curiosity?
how do I wake up 1 minute before my alarm clock?
Am i losing my mind..?
Please Help! Depression/anxiety?
How can I cause myself to have hallucinations without using drugs?
What are goood ways to study???????????
How can I fix this problem with holding hands?
i have chronic fatigue?
please please help iam 13 i just saw my privet area is black iam white what is wrong?
I have had a cough now for 3 weeks?
how do i get rid of a zit that has been there for 3 weeks?
Why does my left knee hurt?
Anyone know what this could be?
What's wrong with my wrist/arm?
Does reading in dim light affect my eyesight?
Please explain what... Starve a Cold and Feed a Fever means?
what could be the cause of this leg pain?
how do i get rid of acne?
what is the best way to get rid of eczema?
I have been prescribed Retina A cream recently but have yet to start using it. help?
What's the average to grow in a year for a 13 14 year old boy?
Are premature smile lines hereditary?
What does dorsal displacement of distal L5 refer to?
Stomach Question.?
How do I find out if I am on the CNA registry in GA?
Have you had rhinoplasty or know someone who has?
Can a dolased overdose be fatal?
HELP Headaches please help me please?
Is Indoor Sickness a real Illness?
How safe is tattoo ink?
How do I quite smoking?
Is childbirth more difficult for a short person than for a taller person?
What should a First Aider Do and Not Do when dealing with acidents in and around water environments?
Chiropractors- Good? Bad? Indifferent?
teens sleep?
I feel like I'm being cut when I go to the toilet.. what is it?
Argh.. my stomach is killing me?
Is there such a thing as ecstasy withdrawel?
quitting smoking with that presciption tablet thing?
Can you gain an immunity to Echinacea?
How do I grow ? help?
what are some treatments for a swollen labia minora?
I am so depressed I don't know what to do -- except maybe die soon?
Who is struggling with an addiction?
My girlfriends mom has a personality disorder that is affecting evey one around?
How can you gain self-esteem?
I need some guidance, urgently?
how do i deal with anxiety while driving with an instructor?
please tell me ways to be happier! :O?
Talk Therapy isnt even helping me!?
Why do I always feel stress? Even when everything is going well...I can't put the stressful stuff away?
How to cope with loneliness?
What elements of diet contribute to chemical depression, or alleviation of it?
Can a therapist help you understand what you're feeling?
What is this exact feel of being on cocaine?
obtaining meds for anxiety?
Borderline personality disorder is Borderline between what and what?
Best ways to combat stress?
I cant control my temper anymore, what should i do?
laser treatment to quit smoking Madison Wi?
I think I have ADHD ......?
help me plz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Helix piercing still hurts..?
Numbness , tinglyness, in my arm, Drug side effects?
Ever since I started taking Eltroxin for low thyroid I've been getting knee pain?
Toddler's bladder problem?
What are the symptoms that you're developing asthma, coz recently, I hav trouble breathing through my nose.?
fainting, nausea, blurred vision, headaches, ears ringing what is wrong with me?
i have to have needles because i dont eat properly nd im not ganna start any time soon?
What to take to a friend in hospital recovering from bowel surgery?
can head lice jump? if yes how big a jump can it do?
What is a good way to not feel like time goes by to fast?
My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cirrohsis in Sept 2006, along with hep c and 20% kidney function.?
How can i make my stomach feel better???
stomach ulcer?
Does the Drug "Meow" Actually make you meow like a cat?
How to prevent runny bowel movements?
what type of tonsillitis is it if...?
Does blocked ears make you feel giddy?
How do you get rid of the flu fast?
last week i caught a friend how do i get rid of this infection?
Is it normal to see black dots in the air?
can an immune serpressant keep ya immune system low for years after you stop taking it?
Problem with Adam's Apple?
Is Rh- or O- really a rare blood type?
Whatever happened to Ponds Cold Cream?
Can a doctor prescribe a c-4 drug to a family member?
I have a very dry skin does any body know what i shoud do help thanks?
Fruit for colds.?
How do you make yourself taller?
can nits hold there breath underwater?
hearing aids?
when u go to the doctor do u tell him exactly what is wrong or hedge a little in case it is serious?
Numbness etc in left arm..?
Why are my breasts still aching??
i smashed my finger?
What happens if uric acid increases in our body? What are the symptoms?
bulimic older sister, help please?
Ritalin number of doses and MG in kids?
just got my ears pierced, can i go swimming?
Need to know how i get rid of external hemmeroids!?
how to relieve constipation? my sister needs your help! peasee?
HELP is having a hand job in the ocean bad, does it hurt?
Urgent question about my health?
What does LSD look like, and how is it taken?
My sister has a bump on her leg..?
Weird sensation in neck?
Outside on Abdominal Wall Spasm in Lower Left Side?
Temporary weakness in hands?
I have a blood blister (or mole?) which keeps bleeding. Should I be concerned?
what can you do about a person who wont wash. nothing wrong with him he's just lazy 20 yr old?
can children have ezcema in there mouths and on the roof of there mouth please answer?
brain tumours survival?
How can a woman with no viable options stop the ongoing mental abuse intitiated by an ex and many others?!?
IQ Question?
I just took 1350 Mg of Effexor Xr and I still feel nothing?
Is weed addicting?..?
persistant nightmares?
How do I stop withdrawing and isolating myself from everyone?
A friend of mine has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia?
I'm nervous...?
Are there personality traits that put a person at risk to become a heroin abuser?
How should I tell my mom I think I might have mild/moderate depression?
I have this voice in my head ..?
Why do arrogant people infuriate me?
I have clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder. Any suggestions on how to get past it?
Diary of a Lexapro Patient......Any side effects you ask? Part 2?
how can i approach my doctor with a mental illness?
Could Drug Addiction turn Someone into a Sociopath?
do i suffer from depression i seem to have a lot of the symptoms?
How do you deal with S.A.D?
My bf might have schizophrenia?
Tooth ache(1st molar) causing headache & earache, help?
is this just in my head ?
Why are my hands and feet puffy, itchy and sore?
what turns you on? or off?
how long do you keep contact lens cases?
How to get rid of my aching stomach feeling?
how do i explain this to my doctor?
I'm not sure what I can do to boost my self esteem...?
Is this demon possesion? If not, what is it?
Criteria for 'long-term' constipation?
Amoxicillin for infection finished need advice?
What obligation is it to act ethically in all dealings with patients, friends and family in a medical area?
Should smoker's offer organ donation?
Why would/wouldn't you want to be an organ donor?
Is this scab infected? Should i see a doctor?
am I immune to caffeine?
How long for general anesthesia to wear off?
How long does it take for your body to adjust when tapering down a dose of prednisolone?
LOsing weight...heart attack???
i wake up with a sore throat and quite often a blocked nose.?
I Have Bumps all over my body Please help me!?
enlarged rib?
Would Listrerine blow over .05 in a breath test?
How do you think im doing so far with my trichotillomania?
how do i fix my depression :(?
Is it ok to always feel like this?
What are likely contributors to the prevalence of major depression in older adults?
Help-anyone out there with a narcissistic abusive spouse?
how can doctors make a diagnosis of a mental illness when meeting you for 5 min with no tests?
Do i have schizophrenia?
Is this some kind of sleeping disorder?
How can I quit stop being dumb?? :(?
can depression pills kill you ?
what is the name of the phobia comonly called fear of the dark?
What kind of medication can stop you from hearing people ?
how do I get people to quit glancing at me?
How to decet depression before it gets worse?
I have been getting really anxious about that 2012 apocalypse thing.?
Help, I think my cat has seperation anxiety!?
do I have an anxiety disorder? What should I do?
what is the best way to meditate and how can i develop imagination?
what is it like to have social anxiety?
Weird feelings in upper thigh?
Really bad earache....?
just found out my mom has anemia?
question/ questions about bulimia!?
Pressure headaches, i need help please?
List and briefly explain 3 reasons why alcoholics are at risk of poor nutrtition ?
describe your reactions of feeling to friend or family member who has a life threatening illness?
what can be done to prevent kidney stones?
Does anyone know anything about a condition called Myasthenia Gravis?
how long does average person live without any food (just drinking plain water)?
i need your help please!!!!!!?
What is Myeloproliferative Disorder that includes Essential Thrombocythemia?
Blood in stool 15 year old?
The carbon dioxide that you exhale is a product of?
do people have a hard time understanding geniuses or smart people?
Lexapro and itchy skin?
i think there is something wrong with my brain.?
what is wrong with me?
I have been on anti-anxiety (anti depressant) pills for 4 weeks and?
I overcame my OCD obsessions (yay!) but...?
Depression And Stress?
Crossing the legs at the front door?
What could help.. plz?
I really really need help to ease my depression.?
Why do our ears go red and 'burn'?
Does minocycline flush out toxins in the body?
Help! Doctors latest suggestion for my 3yr old son is growth hormones. Side effects? Benefits?
anyone else been having bad migraines lately?
crazy as a little kid old as a 14 year old?
Why is my stomach doing this?
Urine retract infections?
tonsilitis and what should i do?
I need help with ears.. come here please?
How can you tell if someones chubby/overweight without looking at them?
how long to wait between taking paracetamol?
im having problems breathing and there is protein in my urine what do you think is wrong with me?
about sleeping or catnapping?
Indents behind my ears from glasses? Is that normal?
how do u get rid of a flu if u had it for a month?
online pharmacies to australia?
Is it normal to feel dizzy walking into an air conditioned place after walking in the heat outside?
has anyone used retin-A for skin care? Does it smooth your skin completely?
I was blowing my nose and my neck popped, now it hurts so bad?
What's the best way to get rid of neck pain?
How do i prevent the acne on my face and shoulders?
I woke up and my back hurt. Why?
Lump Below My Ear? Please Help?
Help please??? Back Pain That Moved to my Stomach (right side of my body)??
I'm having problems with my elbow and I'm not sure if it's more than just bruising?
when i get nervous i feel like im dehydrated.. my mouth is dry and yeh.. feel awkward.?
Would you say vaccination are also a drug treatment?
headache, lightheaded, nose pressure, sore ears and eyes.. help?!?
borderline tumor????
How can I overcome my chronic asthma?
My chest really hurts? :(?
my mom's shoulder has been hurting since 3 weeks ..whats going on?
Is this a spasm in my neck or more damage that i am unaware of?
What is the wost betrayal you have experienced?
Is Tylenol the best over the counter pain killer? Or is there something better for muscle aches?
Q6. The most reliable way to take the pulse in children under two years is:?
i like daaaaaay dreaminG?
My hair so dry?
IS taking 9 pills bad for you?
what happens if yu OVERDOSE on Panadol or Nurofen?
Do Vitamin tablets really work?
can oral thrush be the cause of why ive been coughing constantly?
how can i treat a panic attack in my own house.?
Im 4ft 8 docs said i had 3cm to go but they did xray of my hand any ways my legs reli hurt? could i still grow?
i have a saw throat what can i do?
will the Atkins diet help an overweight teenager with anemia?
what is the maximum/mimimum blood samples to be drawn within an hour?
Can you put a joint out and relight it for later? If so, how?
Where can i find a doctor that accepts medicaid for 20 year olds?
Whats the best way to gain weight?
where can i get Melatonin from?
Hospitals, Medicare?
how can i increase my height?
Colds and flu's?
why didn't i die, details inside?
Indigestion? Acid reflux?
Lump on the Neck ... is it cancer ?
How can I get help besides a therapist?
do i suffer from depression i seem to have a lot of the symptoms?
Help.. I am a smart person, but i am very unorganized. I have awful time management skills,?
daily life of an mental health client?
Is there a mental illness that makes you want to hurt people without reason?
Thigh pain when I run?
My throat hurts a lot. what is it?
i have this sharp pain in my stomach.?
Left Shoulder/Chest Pain, Especially When I Breathe Deeply? Help Please!?
Does anyone know how to play bloody knuckles alone?
What are some good supplaments for joint pain?
effective ways of getting rid of whiteheads?
How to prevent runny bowel movements?
Will turning on the lights when I wake up help me feel more awake?
Need or want a presciption without seeing your doctor?
Will ghr do anything to help increase height?
can i take doxycycline and citalopram?
How long does water or any drink take to absorb in your body or go through your system?
i have cronic asthma but was wonderin if any1 knew what this sharp quick pain could be to the left of my heart
bloating question in abdominal area, hurts bad?
i have a chronic back pain!?
Why do i feel sick?
do eyelashes grow back if you pull them out?
What woula be the real cause for a 58y man to have 2 seizures in 2 hrs?
facts about the liver?
Okay, so i'm going overseas for a month or so to nepal... but i wear contact lenses! help me??
Nasal Problem.?
Trouble at work, making me sick.?
When you put your hand on your chest can you feel your heart beating?
Why do i feel so much pressure?
How to cure fear of dentists!?
emotional stress, please help?
do i have an iron deficiency?
Omega 3 linked to memory?
I need help.. right foot swollen?
Why is it that when I stretch my finger I feel a pulse under a scab located at a extensor tendon?
I have this very weird tingly, almost itchy, pressure-y type pain in my forehead, above my left eye.?
my knee hurts, whats wrong with me?
east asians make me paranoid and anxious, do u know anyone like this?
I have bouts of anxiety several times per month - suggestion for meds?
eating disorder ? i know a kid who has been eating the same foods every day for years now.?
Uhm.... i think a guy in my math class may be cutting himself... HEEEEEEELP?
A Second Great Depression?
I've been diagnosed with bi-polar and mild case of autism (asperger) how can i find groups for both i live in
Lung makes a sound?????
i need some help to study for today's exam.?
Can anyone give me any details on what the early symptoms of bowel cancer are ?
My coldsaw is really itchy?
Does that egg thing work?
How long does it take for symptoms of internal bleeding to appear?
small sore red bumps at the back of tongue?
I have a habit of mumbling how can I make it stop!?
Why do i feel sick for no reason sometimes?
I have been Diagnosed with Teeth Clenching?
Sleeping problems - how to overcome?
The old grey mare, she aint what she used to be..?
i've been sick but i'm starting to get over it but i cant eat anything..?
how do you...?
sinus headache?? pressure front under eyes, pain, stiffness back of head/neck, 2 weeks on antibiotics, no HELP
How do ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and AS (Asperger's Syndrome) connect? How do they differ?
There's a question bothering me....plz help?
what are the things that you have to check before colostomy irrigation?
how the brand 'rayban' came into existence and after whom the company is named?
Communication with others about work matters?
Does anybody take chlorophyll daily?
Valium + Marijuana + Quitting?
Cramping pain in left upper arm and palm only?
can i donate one of my kidneys to my step brother?
any ways to lose weight?
Exploding foot veins?
I want to get into health care - what should I take? LPN, Health unit clerk?
the right lower part of my stomach has like a sharp pain?
Knee pain in an 18 year old female?
my chest feels heavy?
How can I make make my toothache worse? So that I'll be covered by Canadian healthcare?
why do my front teeth hurt when i push my nose side to side?
I have hashimoto antibodies but normal thyroid function. Can this be bad?
Can a under active Thyroid be treated without drugs.?
i was in an auto accident and broke my sternam and four left side ribs.what is the healing period?
How often is ok to take advil?
I have cracked skin on my legs and i tried lotion, vaseline, and i shower daily? I want to cure it at homeHELP?
What's a REALLY quick way of getting rid of coldsores?
Are doctors really useful to go for if your struggling with acne?
Cystic Fibrosis - I had a test for the gene and it came back negative...any chance it could be wrong?
What is causing my chest painchest pain?
Why does My arm Get Stiff when i Try to Punch Someone?
Tenser bandage????????????????
Is it just a neck cramp?
What are some cons for lethal injections?
stretch marks, how do i have these and how do i get rid of them.?
I have to go to hospital for small op. would ther be anywhere I can pray?
Something serious or what..what do you think?
Muscle acting crazy ? ?
how do you know when you've been oversleeping?
i need help?
What baby foods are safe to eat after a tonsillectomy?
laxitives arent working?
I've got a torn shoulder ligament. Does a cortisone injection help at all?
How do you tell a person with stinky feet?
What does lymph contain?
iv got a problem dont no were to put?
I nearly got strangled to death at school wat should i do?
If a person has prominent veins in their neck - does it mean that they do a lot of exercise?
why does my brain hurt?
low WBC count?
why cant you taste when your nose is blocked?
How do you cure dry feet without spending lots of money?
what does it mean when you Drink the night before then waking up in a pool of sweat?
Has your stomach every blow up when you have wind?
How do you get a binge eater to stop eating?
what causes severe pain behind your eyeball?
Why do i always feel i need a friend over?
Paranoid... what to do?
i went to see my cusins newborn baby and i had thoughts of killing it,im 15 with clinical depression?
i just snorted caffeine pills while highly intoxicated?
How to cure multiple personalities?
Constantly thinking/Mental exhaustion?
How to cope with social anxiety, oral presentation soon..?
how do i tell if i'm depressed?
Antisocial Personality Disorder = sociopath, psychopath or both?
Where do I go/do they have to tell my mom?
Anxiety Disorder ? ruininhg me :(?
Always Depressed, what should I do??????????
Hasn't anyone ever wondered..?
When you meet new people and they are being nice?
Am I Depressed? Can anybody give some advice?
I Dont know what else to do ?
What is the most common genetic disorder in the world?
Can cleaning chemicals make you sick?
Do i have parkinsons?
Do I Have Short-Term Memory Loss?
Is prostate surgery a factor in subsequent dementia?
what affect does drinking red beverage with miralax have on a colonoscopy?
what is a mineral oil?pls give me examples.is it reall good for preventing constipation in my 2 year old son?
How Long Can Gallbladder Attacks Last? Help?
I feel awful, what's wrong with me?
Left ear is SUPER sore ! Left arm and left side of jaw also sore ! ?
Tailbone/coccyx MRI's, anyone with information?
anorexia Help please?
how to stop moving around during my sleep?
does the pill to quit smoking cigarettes help with marijuana?
does the botox shot on kids who have CP cause death or when do the sideffects of the botox start showing?
How do you get the smell out of shoes?
info about toe thumbs plz?
Quit Smoking?
The best urologist in Dallas, Texas?
easy ten points..help please!!!urgent :(?
Do I have anemia? and if so what will the docter say?!?!?
could this be OCD?
Can black men get sunburnt?
Occupational therapy & certificate in aged care?
Can you buy quinine tablets in Australia?
whenever i eat watermelon have to go?
Wound care after minor foot surgery ?
Why am I feeling bad in the mornings?
what do i do to try and get to sleep?
i quit smokes 3 wks ago but get aggressive attacks, is this normal?
What would you say if you see a nurse giving her patient's friend her charts?
Are the recent advancements in technology a main contributor to the obesity epidemic in children ?
How much longer do you think this will last?
Is a STI/STD a "Lifestyle disease"?
How can i get over this throat infection fast!!?
i need some help on a sensitive issue?
any of you been misdiagnosed as having bipolar?
Diagnosing myself with insomnia?
Am I displaying symptoms of schizophrenia?
Do women who douse themselves in perfume......?
Why is it when people making noise next door, I feel like i want to kill them badly?
I'm so depressed, i need natural cures please?
what is the difference between mental health and reality problems?
help i have axiety and dont know what to do?
I have a friend who I recently found out cuts himself, and he said that he was thinking about killing himself
what does this dream mean?
I am so angry. I can't even make a hangman's noose properly ?
How to cope with the fact I have depression? (More than one question).?
How do i become less stressed with a big schedule?
Personality Disorder?
Demorol how does it make you feel?
what are signs that you have ADD??
how to stop dwelling on things
If you had chronic depression, what helped you get out of it?
Does St. Johns Wort work well to improve moods??
Is it strange that my ankle isn't hurting anymore?
Which is a stronger pain reliever?
Do I have carpel tunnel?
why my pee smells bad?
What could be this sharp pain in my lower chest upper abdomen when I breathe in?
Could it be Leukemia?
Am i out of shape, or do i have asthma?
Temporary rippling peripheral vision?
why do it fill like i have gas in my stomach ?
What could cause Black Stool?
What happens if a person eats glass? I don't mean a whole light bulb, just a few small pieces of a glass jar.
My stomach bloats whenever I have a heavy meal. It is not so bad when I don't over eat.?
Is it true that sleeping naked is the healthiest form of sleep?
Bum blood whats wrong ?
Any doctor's Present?
Yellow skin, anaemia, lethargy sometimes... what could it be?
Fainting, Cold hands & Feet, Extremely tired?
What happened when she hit me?
Bulimia for 15 years,how has it affected my metabolism and how can I fix it.?
My hubby suffers so bad with his acid reflux.He has lost lots of weight and needs to find out what will help.?
why does it feel like light is suffocating me?
Anxiety question please give me your advice?
hep c sufferers?
health / girl issues?
Anyone know of any "Brain Drugs"?
Anyone have 'mind over matter' stories to share?
where can i purchase biafine in australia?
How can I get rid of feeling car sick?
Is self medicating illegal?
when i get nervous or scared my skin turns red and you can see like my nerves what are they and what can i do?
Pinching pain in my leg?
Sharp pains in my back!? Almost near my heart and it hurts to breathe.. (Predinsone)?
I have pain in my uppper back,,left side of ribs , towards the middle,?
Does a pinched nerve in the knee hurt a lot?
I've have sporadic pain on the front of my neck as well as pain shooting into both of?
Will any tylenol work for all types of pain?
can cortisone treatment for crohns desease cause hair loss?
Do i have osteoporosis???????? PLEASE HELP?
What happens if I ignore a possible gallstone attack?
do i have an ear infection?
i have some trouble and i'm wondering is there any problem with my brain or with my nerve system.?
cerebral palsy, state of mind?
information on a gastroscopy?
Slowing down fingernail growth?
do you think smoking is a sign of suicide?
Please help me! What should I do?
Had my gall bladder removed 10 days ago - is it normal to still have some pain under rib cage?
harvest moon more friends of mineral town how to get the blue feather?
Help Growing Taller And Bigger?
i am looking for a specialist who knows anything about gravatational leg ulcers and how to treat them?
I feel sick when I'm hot or cold...?
Help! Sudden itching??