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Why is suicide more common more recently?
I do not see how the pro-life argument can refute these points in favour of abortion ?
Whats the difference between the hips and the pelvis?
What The....?
whats the best way to lift motivation levels?
can someone please tell me the mortality and morbidity rate of depression in Australia?
How to have good balance?
I'm getting tested for ADD medicine and doctors are testing for seizures will THC show up in my brain?
Can anyone give me answers?PLEASE HELP?
Dizziness/lightheaded and faint feeling ~ Stress related?
I'm due to give blood this morning, but 2 days ago I took 2 ecstasy tablets.. should i put off giving blood?
cold medicine + alcohol?
Can this come with the flu?
what would need to be done if the doctor has my diagnosis right?
How do I encourage my 21 year old daughter to stop taking party drugs?
If a person has a mental illness and drank too much alcohol, so much that they were admitted to hospital.?
Has anyone had their Appendix out before? Is it scary? Did you get sick after the operation?
How do you stop smirking please?
What have you done to cure your chronic fatigue?
can the incorrect prescription glasses cause blindness?
is dizziness common with the flu?
Any diabetics who have tried i.m. botox for chronic pain?
can't get rid of ganglion cyst.Painful, help!?
What to do about extremely pale skin and dark circles under my eyes?
Pinky finger is numb, and now I have nerve twitching. What is it?
Does Cancer Normally Skip A Generation?
Whats wrong with me? Sore throat, always on the toilet?
Rhinoplasty combined with Septoplasty?
3 Q,s! whats a shot? whats a gauze? How bad do they hurt?
Has anyone here been addicted to codeine?
Um i need some help with this question?
Why cant my doctor send me a certificate to say that i suffer from an ongoing medical condition?
How often does (or should) the average person cry?
I'm 17 and have TSH levels all over the place (future hypothyroidism guaranteed)?
Blocked Ears Due to Cold?
Valerian root information?
How good are Chlorophyll tablets at eliminating body odor and bad breath ?
why was pseudophrine rescheduled?
help im in pain, what to do?
i'm on the pill and wanted to skip a period?
panadine forte the exp yr 2000 will it still do its job?
is this normal?
Is it bad for you to put say a shot of meth Sprits in your mouth then spit it back out?
How old do you have to be to obtain a First Aid Certificate?
Why do i want to eat and eat at night???
How do I support my heroin using husband? and help him to quit for good?
does wearing earplugs while blasting music into my ears through computer earphones still damage ears as much?
Why has my B.O. changed odor!?
Is Sleeping on your stomach Bad for your health?
has anyone got a natural remedy for acid reflux?
i have bad eye vision help?
Will Hemroids Go Away Over Time, Without Surgery?
I got bell's palsy Should i go to school ??
Early signs of dementia?
Has anyone experienced a family member having a serious stroke?
i had a boil, all the puss is out of it now and its just red?
how can I improve my will power?
An end in sight?
Anxiety and Xanax?
My creatinine is 1.04, and my CO2 is 31, what is going on? Kidney failure, dehydration, or something else?
what is trichotillomania?
cancer question here. This is regarding cancer of the uterus which I have.?
what can i do to relieve my sore wrist?
I have a throat infection and bronchitis and I need to be better by Saturday to be bridesmaid at a wedding.?
what happens if you drink out of date milk?
E Pen?? Has anyone tried one (for Hair Removal)?
please help i got the flu and a very sore throat what can i drink to make my sore throat go away?
Are there any rehabilitation clinics for people who are addicted to religon?
demazin and nasal sprays?
Why do I have heart palputations?
I have incurred large weirght gain whilst taking drugs- EFEXOR & SEROQUEL. Any suggestions?
ive gone crazy!?
it is safe to take a glutathione when pregnant?
I'm am ill, why do I drool alot?
What happens at the mortician when you are dead?
What's the craziest health rumor you have heard?
Could it be a winter sickness?
What can I have to help me put on weight?
how to get rid of strep throat??
I have a Terrible flu......?plz help?
I think i have tonsillitis again. Is it ok to take antibiotics left over from last time?
How do I build up my serotonin?
Do faces and facial features grow as our bodies do?
What is calcification in the right lateral aspect of the tentorium cerebelli of the brain?
Sleep apnoea?helpful ideas?
why is smoking such a major concern for the community ?
noticing significant muscle loss?
liver biopsy?
health anxiety!! ALWAYS WORRY!!?
Can suicide hot lines track your phone calls and send like people to you house?
Many of us have experienced bullying - as a victim or as a bully or both - at different times.?
A second chance in life...has any1 else feel that they have been given one?
i hate school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is there any way to cure depression without pills?
I really don't know what to do anymore, i cant stop cutting?
how has wellbutrin sr made you feel?
Eyes & head hurt................?
Is this normal for shoulder/neck pain for a 14 year old?
Vitamins ?
i can't hear properly?
What are some health products and services that help young people who use drugs?
what is wrong with me?
Guys and girls if your 16 years old what's your height?
see i hav this swelling....?
How large is a liver supposed to be?
Has anyone used recreational drugs while taking Zyban or what are the effects if use speed or ecstasy with Zyb
Where can i learn how to give stiches online?
How do you best prevent diarrhoea affecting travel/ social plans? Why is this occurring?
Please . anybody from Australia can explain me about Medical asistence there ?
The cheapest place to get one day acuvue moist contact lenses?
Mom is bringing me to the doctor tomarrow. What could I possibly have?
My dad had an MRI with contrast done. Ever since then, he got white patches on his bottom lip.?
question abut body hair- men answer please and women if u want to?
why does my body keep burning?
Waking sddenly with a shock?
is 360mg of oxazepam too much?
maximum intake of valium per day?
I have a blister, what do I do?
My Nana is going to be in peace tomorrow, should i go see her?
I look like death...?
I had a ingrown toenail surgery two days ago, the pain in unbearable. what can i do?
What is the best age to start pinching your nose to make it higher?
Huge back ache?help please?!?
Can i go to see the doctors if i have black armpits?
How much does mole removal cost in Australia?
Can you see the difference with each pic of my acne scarring.?
Extent of depression?
It's said 1 in 100 people are pyschopaths....?
Did seeing a Psychiatrist help you?
my friend has mild concussion????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help?
Feel so overwhelmed by my life?
Is it true that suicide hotlines use code names when they speak to callers ?
How do you tell a psychiatrist that you don't want his help anymore ?
How do you stop yourself from day dreaming?
I feel like I have no reason to live...?
If you feel abused, but the 'abuser' insists that you are wrong, who is right? HELP!?
I think I may be bipolar ?
Why do I feel this way? Is it normal? Will it go away? How do I make myself feel better?
Does a diagnosis of MS change a person completely?
What's the difference between clinical and "regular" depression...?
How can I control my urge to hit someone?
Borderline Personality Disorder?
I think too much!!!?
could abusive upbringing with mother be responsible for my lack of interest in women?
Someone please help me?
post cancer?
Can I Continue To Grow In Height?
Does the blood rush to you head if upside down but under water also?
Permanantly enlarged lymph node that stings?
what is the difference between saline wash found in your 1st aid kit and the saline used in a saline IV drip?
How do you get a CT scan or and MRI done ?
bite marks?
my 12 year old's breathing as if she is sobbing. it has been all day. what could be causing this?
Is this ok???
Remedies to help with Reflux?
Allergic to shopping?
Why is poo green &/or blue after a big night of drinking?
Sore Throat and Mouth Ulcers!!!!?
When ever i'm sitting on a chair at home i feel weird when i stand up after a while?
Has anyone else had a lumbar puncture/spinal tap?
panadol overdose? please help?
Stress headaches?
what is this pill that we have found?
How come the acid inside the human digestive system eats away at food but not at the guts around it?
What are some examples of acute and chronic conditions?
Bad Folliculitis! Please Help!?
How old do i look.Be honest is the acne scarring making me look older?
why is it hard when i wake up in the morning and when i go to bed?
How to get rid of belly aches !?
cant sleep plus everything tastes bitter
I just opened a DVD that smelt and i am feeling really ill?
Humans can actually become zombie killers?
Has anyone experienced these similar symptoms ? ( 10 points)?
15 year old teen, having a hard time?
I have a Runny Nose/Itchy throat?
Rectus abdominis connects -------- ------ to anterior pelvis ( 8 and 6 letters 3rd letter T)?
Is Panadol a type of pharmaceutical drug?
:( help me?
benefits and concerns of marijuana?
drug overdose and what are the symptoms?
What do you think, Is this Autistic behaviour?
Can smoking marijuana leaves contribute to a greater risk of infertility in comparison to smoking the bud?
Needle phobia?
Has anyone had lapband surgey?
Sleep help! I love sleeping but since my break up I have trouble getting a good night't sleep.?
Health and Wellness?
I have IBS so...?
How do i know if i have exercise induced asthma?
Achilles Tendon - been going on for a while?
Phlegmn almost everyday?
Can an anorexic person become obese?
Is Champix safe for quitting smoking?
burning feeling in throat?
can someone who is a doctor please email me cause i need some help with a few problems please!?
Is it normal to experience a mild stomach pain soon after taking a dutasteride pill?
How to get rid of soar throat?
Could you believe I called 1-800 SUICIDE and I have been on hold for over 10 minutes?
Has anyone taken the antidepressant "Celexa" for Panic Attacks or Depression? If so, did u gain much weight?
Can anyone explain to me what is wrong with me?
Is it normal for a 33 and a half year old man to make a life size replica of his librarian out of Legos?
I am bored and depressed right now, help?
Questions about pills for depression?
Panic Attack or something more serious...HELP!!?
'Drugs', do you agree that the word itself has been so abused that it is practically meaningless?
how well on a scale of 1 to 10 how affective are anti-depressants?
Do you feel alone right now?
how can i stop myself from getting irritated easily?
I have a negative body image and it is overtaking my life sometimes I feel so lost and out of control ?
What Are The Depression signs?
how do i accept myself the way i am ?
Can depression result from an anxiety disorder? (GAD)?
What to do if your depressed?
does anyone know side effects of going off celexa medication?
doc gave me 3 types of inflammation pills, do i take them all?
SHOTS!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do my eyes hurt ?
Young person with joint pain?
What is your best cure for winter blahs?
Burning sensation that occurs only on left side of my mouth...not sure what it is?
If you don't eat while baked, can you die?
Irritable Bowel Syndrome...temporary or life long?
i have severe back pain with weakness in both arms and hands. my legs feel like jello. help?
Is anorexia a mental or physical disease?
Can rabies be contracted from mice found in home?
I experience shaking hands due to anxiety's I constantly think about it and get nervous people are watching me
Can a man at 45 who has a 30yr history of alcoholic binging but is still academically brilliant stop drinking?
Sleep issues? Scared?
Hi , I am a woman with ADHD?
Which drug for depression or anxiety will help me lose weight at the same time?
Is the 4-6 week period for SSRIs to work just a scam?
Mentally Handicapped Children and Down Syndrome. Difference?
does anyone have any ideas?
Is this bipolar disorder, or something else...?
I left a message for the psychiatry nurse to call me back for a sooner appointment ?
How can music be used to help deal with ADHD?
I can't write. Can you help me?
Has anyone recovered from anorexia or bulimia?
I have schizophrenia and Jesus is one of the voices in my head?
How long does one have to be on the internet to be considered addicted?
What advice would you give me how to interact with my mental health worker?
How much Klonopin would be considered an overdose where medical intervention would be required ?
I am on prozac, but im looking to find something better for anxiety for the begining of school?
My OCD is making my cry!! :(?
I have a follow up appointment with my psychiatrist Thursday...how can I bring up my suicidal thoughts ?
How can I learn to keep my cool and keep calm in stressful situations??
Do you have to have progressive MS to get a perscription for LDN?
My mother has kidney failure and is on a ventilator?
Does anyone else have this condition?
What could this be...?
What will happen to someone who has untreated graves disease for over 3 years?
spitting out blood...lung cancer??
lung cancer symptoms or other disease of lungs??
More information wanted on 18p minus a rare chromosome abnormality!?
Does anyone have info about-Neuronal Intestinal Dysplasia??
How do u get muscle definitions?
can I buy otex ear drops in Australia ?
Why does my voice get all croaky in the morning?
Will lavender calm my nerves? or just make me fall asleep!? driving test?
Avoid getting the stomach flu!?
how to get rid of anxiety, ( without going to the doctors)?
Involuntary Leg Shaking?
Why does my nose always sting right before I'm about to cry?
How long does it take for caffeine to be broken down in the body?
What is noxious stimuli?
What's the best thing to drink or take for a sore throat?
Feeling sick for two months and hasn't gone, abdominal pain, but why?
Sick... then better then sick again. And a rash.?
Can you get pneumonia by staying outside in the freezing cold without warm clothes?
How come i forget things?
How does the heart work with other systems to keep the body healthy?
Children's Hospital?
Have you had a Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty through private health insurance and medicare?
what is the meaning of DISABLE?
On the right side of my head near my ear but up I always here a crack kind of sound ?
Body aches and joint pain after baby...?
MY ANCLE!!???? :|:|:|?
Nausea getting worse the longer I take Percocet?
do i sufer from depression?
Any way out of depression?
Switching from prozac to zoloft?
I think I am suffering from Depression... Please help!?
What are symptoms of bipolar disorder?
Why is borerline personality disorder so hard to diagnose?
How to know if you need therapy?
I attempted suicide on Friday and I heard the nurses say I was between psychotic and schizo ?
Do you think i have any chance of being an anorexic?
I overdosed on medication last Wednesday and I was in a coma for three days and...?
Can counselling have a negative effect?
I'm very sad and I want to be happy?
Is this depression?
How to overcome this and what is this called?
do you think i have ADHD?
Please help..emergency question?
I have a serious shopping addiction and I don't know how to stop?
Can a bruise lead to infection without you knowing about it?
Very weird substance came out.?
does perfume on mozzie bites actually work?
Laser hair removal?
what is the cause of diarrhea and bloating?
do i have sicacell?
What are the dangers of using q-tips to clean your ears?
If anyone is a nurse can you tell me if you like it, cos i wanna be one?
My Stomach Hurts When I Drink Only Water?
i want to lose weight but i do not know what to do?
Why do I get bigger when I lose weight?
Are there any good online pharmacies?
If you are weaning yourself off codeine would it make your speech slurred?
Does anyone else know what it's like to be soo tired all the time- like I am?Had to be at work at 8am- can't!?
Weird feelings?
Help to stop smoking?
how get rid of acne overnight?
I'm wondering if anyone out there suffers from GVHD after a bone marrow transplant.?
What is pneumonia?
how much money have you raised for breast cancer?
Building leg muscles?
Possible Cause For Left Ear Sharp Painful Muscle Spasm?
What's with this upper abdominal pain?
sleepy all the time?????????
Are there any ways to decrease chances of getting Schizophrenia?
why would a patient, who is scheduled for a surgery, be advised to avoid aspirin prior to the surgery?
Hidradenitis Suppurativa questions?
Am 23 years old male and i ejaculate almost everyday is this bad/dangerous for my health?
Sleep Nausea...does anyone else have this?
Why do my eyes close every time I sneeze?
I no it sound dum but how can i loss mi voice cause when i scream it don't do anything besides hurt mi throat
Are you on the organ donar register?
My niece is sick after smoking hash?
IS THIS WEIRD ????????
An "invisible" sickness?
Happy pills?
what do you do?
What is one important object you have in your life, that you would never sell? Thank you?
After a blood test, how long does it take before the body starts producing fresh blood?
Online prescriptions?
I have never tried smokeless tobacco before. What are my chances of getting sick and what will it feel like?
underactive thyroid?
Should i go to the doctor? I think i have whooping cough...?
I can't tell if i'm suffering from a ovarian cysts or anorexia symptoms.?
What does a cpap machine cost in Australia if you hold concession card?
Im 20 female ive had a lump in my breast for about a year now i have some test but i was pregant at the time?
PEG tube for feeding? Info please? Especially anyone with personal experience.?
Is there a natural way (i.e. not medical) to get out of depression?
Whats the difference between Painkillers and Muscle Relaxers?
A Question About Missing Limb- Phantom Limb Sensation...?
how do i cure phimosis without medicine or doctors?
How can I truly become who I am, and when I start to act like that person..how will i know?
Is it still considered "hearing voices" if people are attached to them?
Can faking a childs mental health also be classified as a part of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome ?
I have overdosed on 1192 pills from october 2009 - April 2010?
will you die if you sleep too much?
Alcohol + psych meds?
What condition is extreme paranoia a symptom of?
When should somone go to the emergency room and get help for suicidal thoughts and suicidal planning?
Mood is all over the place, I feel like everybody is staring at me, I talk to myself out loud in public. Help?
How to break out of a very boring living condition?
Why is my anxiety so bad?
I have quit smoking for 2.5 months but still feel anxious on a regular basis. How long does this last?
What could cause all these mental illness?
I have Bipolar disorder?
will a lose dose of seroquel cause weight gain?
Can anyone give me some tips on ways to relax & feel less stressed?
Am I Bipolar or not (I think I am)?
Fear of Developing Agoraphobia Need help!!?
How long do you have to be anorexic to not have babys?
How do i know if i have an ovarian cyst?
Bladder Problems?
my mum wants me to go to counseling because?
How can I grow TALLER?....?
How do I stop from fainting?
I have seen watery blood in my stool what could this be?
How to get rid of chronic headaches?
How long does it take for nicotine withdrawals to settle down?
Do I Have a Shower Addiction?
Everything is going staight through me?
i found 3 pills 1 blue with m3 on it 1 pink m5 1brown m1 all round what are they ?
A bit personal yes... but does anyone know why i sometimes bleed from my bottom when i do a number two??
Besides surgery, there is no way to grow taller????!!??
How can i encourage my Dad to quit smoking?
does my sore throat have anything to do with my underactive thyroid?
my whole body got numb and i feel that it was so heavy then suddenly i collapse..what does it mean?
your friend is in the final throes of a terminal illness, what do you do?
Really thirsty but drinking ANYTHING is not helping.?
am i a bad mum/person?
I have Type 2 Diabetes, Fibromyalgia,and Menopause,?
myths about alcoholism?
What causes Ulcers in the mouth?
who has a CPAP machine. Do you have a nose mask or full mask. Does it benefit you or not.?
ear tubes????
I feel like I constantly need to pee, but I when I go to the bathroom I don't. Please help, in awful pain.?
It's true that vaccine hepatitis B can cause autism (syndrome) to young children?
does anyone know what causes trmendous weight gain and hair loss?
What is a CT scan?
What is Tourette Syndrome?
Does a radiologist inform the Dr. when he sees a problem on a CT scan? It has been 3 weeks and I have not?
Im 15 and have lupus.?
stool sample?
what could cause my breath to smell like alcohol if i don't drink?
Health and Illnesses?
i think i accidentally swallowed a bit of a chocolate wrapper?
when you smoke weed, you remeber everything. right?
Should I get a nose job at 16 years old?
how do you get someone stop smoking?
Have you ever seen white wheat???
What is this pain on my neck?
thread stuck in skin?
If a 90 year old man is suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, are there any benefits to eating better?
i have nausea, fever, stomach pains, night sweats, and chills. Does anyone know what this is?
Chance of passing on hydrocephalus?
Im a 27 year old male. I live and eat healthy and recently my blood test showed...?
Something's wrong...?
HELP! I'm a 13yo girl and i have a really hairy stomach! is this normal? please help!?
help! i suffer excessive body heat while i sleep?
how do i reduce swelling in my infected ear?
Ankle Pain?
About Manuka Honey...?
Are you supposed to enjoy going to therapy sessions?
Why Do i feel the need to stay up all night?
How do you feel after you've been taking Effexor?
Do I have to tell my boss that I have depression and anxiety if it's affecting my work? Or can I be vague?
i get scared of EVERYTHING!?
Saying words and sentences backwards?
my cousin cuts herself, and i want her to know she pretty , let her know for me ?
My therapist thinks I'm suicidal and has threatened to call 911, is she allowed?
Hubby not allowed to relax.?
i am a horrible person?
Kenetic Abilities/Major Problem!!!?
is cannabis ever prescribed for depression?
im a cutter that needs to tell her friends that im cutting again. can you help?
Is it ever too late to go for your dreams?
is this depresion or do i just have issues?
What's a good book for a man dealling with depression?
I have a weird phobia and don't know what it's called?
Im so sick of feeling this way..?
why does my heart race?
Why do i have two pink spots on both sides of my chest?
h1n1 vaccine side affects?
why am i continually putting on weight?
I can't take deep breaths for some reason... help?
why can't some people cry?
Why Can't I sleep?, it's been nearly 2 weeks?
If the acid in our stomach can digest food, why can't it chew through/chew away the stomach wall?
do you know what blood type u are?
Is it ok to kill someone to end their suffering?
i need a toll free number for a doctor about child wetting pants?
food getting stuck in throat?
What drug is called a 'trip'?
i stood on glass and i dont know how to get it out?
At times I see how I can die..is that bad?
Somthing in my eye?
Do you have a similar problem sleeping?
How many germs on a dogs tongue?
What causes nose bleeds (apart from a hit)?
Do people with issues, take the easy way out by taking anti-depressants?
I need easily accessible painkillers...?
home remedies for a snake bite to my cats face.all her fur and skin came off?
Are you a girl or guy with stretch marks?
how long would it take to bleed to death with deep stab wounds?
Chest & head area problems...?
was recently in hospital..?
Can bad or rare chicken make you sick within a few hours after eating it?
can i donate kidney when i'm suffering from HYPOTHYROID?
I took the THYROGLOBULIN test?
concrete poisioning?
quads sore-urgent-HELP NEEDED NOW?
Help, I'm in pain every 2 days, what is wrong?
Flat shoes with insoles?
I have a a bowle movement and there was blood in the toilet and this has ahppend 2 times what could it be ? ?
urinary tract infection?
Whats is this illness called?
How can I prevent stuttering without professional help?
Is it possible for an epileptic to have the less known seizures without ever having a grand mal?
how long would it take for stomach acid to eat its way out of you?
Odd lump on ear..........?
nausea from anxiety???
I keep having anxiety and panic attacks?
How do I tell if I'm bipolar?
Do i have a super power?
What happens if you overdose on sleeping pills and anti-depressants?
Do you think I might be bipolar?
Is this weird?
how can i get rid of my fear of asking out a girl and of hights?
How long after calling 911, does the ambulance show up after an overdose?
I have fear for the darkness, help!!?
Meds have destroyed my life and yet, I want these meds to kill me?
Eating disorder help?
What are symptoms of depression?
Is this normal? Ok Please Help
whats this phobia?
OCD Obsession (again D: ): Shampoo on pillow?
Can you leave " Against medical advice " i fyou are suicidal or attempted suicide and can you refuse treatment?
How many meds are needed to overdose ?
Recently moved to a new town and hate it and starting to feel depressed, please help?
i use this drug: VENELAFAXINE due to a depression! help!?
what does it mean when i get breakouts around the eyebrows?
Why do we have to die for.?
what is better MA or CNA?
Why do only human females have periods?
Why do people get more colds in winter than summer?
what to eat with inflamed gall bladder?
Snoring.. Is there successful treatments out there?
Hi, I had some 5 beers last week end, starting from tuesday my stomach has been burning often till i eat sth?
Can you please tell me what the symptoms, first aid treatment, & description of exposed organs are?Thanks!?
Would it mean he does have it in the brain???
I put baking soda on my face (for my acne) and woke up with a huge redburn mark. How can i get rid of it?
anyone one that has taken champix to quit smoking?
What are the advantages of a chiropractor that has just finished chiropractic school?
My chest hurts is it a problem?
anyone know exactly what complex regional pain syndrome is ?
My dad has a flu, and we've given him Tylenol so far. What other things can we give him to help ease the pain?
What can I do for a conjested chest and throat?
my puppy died..she had vomiting,wouldn't eat or drink,and vomited blood the day she passed..i need an answer
I have a question on Atarax for Insomnia?
is this a normal way to act when your high?
What does a GP visit cost in your country?
what and how much physical activity do you participate in?
I sneeze and get a sort of cold when my feet are cold?
How many different diseases can you name?
is it weird to be ticklish down there?
why do we swell up after a mosquito bite?
Pins and needles and aching?
Is white chocolate bad for a sore throat?
i have the flu, and have rashes wich are very ichy on my legs and thighs what could this be?
I need to take a really good multivitamin?
What to eat when tonsils are just removed?
can u mentally make your body physically sick?
White knuckles?
Should I have made myself go to work if I don't feel right?I have depression, could hardly stay awake?
what mineral is contained in hemoglobin?
What does it mean when as you are walking, your leg bone makes cracking noises?
what can Ecstasy do to me in the long run?
Why do country people have to wait so long for appointments in city hospitals?
will warfarin show up in a drug test ?
Splitting headache a sing of flu?
It hurts every time I swallow and breathe in deeply?
How to gain more self confidence?
I want to write a letter about my feelings to someone I know. What do you think?
What is unipolar disorder?
Is Borderline Personality Disorder just one step down from becoming a Sociopath Personality?
According to people I've asked and research I've done, I'm only 12 & may be bipolar.. Help?
How can I explain to my doctor that i have major anxiety?
Do I have An Eating Disorder?
I am afraid of falling to sleep?
are u crazy? or normal? is there normal? no, i am crazy, thank you verymuch...?
After stopping Anti-depresant meds how many days do you feel that fuzzy feeling in your head?
i can never sleep at night ?
Do you know of any tips on how not to sweat the small stuff?
I can't deal with my life anymore. So suicidal and sick and tired of life?
What to bring to a mental hospital?
I know nothing about schizophrenia and now im Living with boyfriends schizophrenic cousin. please help.?
Is it possible for people who cut to feel traumatized by the violence they do to their own body?
I have depression, but I can't seek help.?
How can i stop my popped blister from hurting so much PLEASE HELP!!!?
a bit embarrasing but does anyone know how to treat BO?
IBS treatment?
Oily Poo.. should i be worried?
Tests prove alcohol affects a baby's brain. Does that affect that child's baby when they have a child later?
i took 4 excedrin migranes today????????
I have found a lump under my arm?
Why do I have such vivid, horrible dreams?
hi got a really sore throat had it for a week?
40 hour famine tips..?
i keep clicking my joints, cant help it, what should i do?
Is Medicare draining the Australian economy? is it time to abolish medicare? & have a private health system?
What could be causing my leg pain?
What is the best stethoscope for a nurse to use?
Can roasted red peppers show up in your stool the next day?
How do you convey this in appropriate medical terminology?
What is the best cheapest way to get rid of cellulite?
How many times is the average human suppose to go the toilet a day?
can you plz help me with this..?
Why am I ok around other people's blood but I faint at the sight of my own?
My contact lenses, I don't know?
general anesthesia Scared?
Can taking 3 Valerian Root Capsules am, 3 V.R. Caps Noon and 3 - 5 Valerian Root Caps at bedtime=daily harm?
Do constant negative messages affect ones health?
Help me fast my head kills?
How many times a month do you get a headache (on average)?
I just got the H1N1 flu shot today and my arm is really sore is there a good way to treat this?
Hey 14 and No Growing Pains?
seizure? help?
which organ sterilizes ingested food? a. Salivary glands b. stomach, c. pancreas, d. liver?
how to stop crying easily?
I enjoy full wrestling with my best friend?
When I overdosed, why was I rushed by ambulance and brought in the Trauma room.. why not a normal room?
I am plagued with either extremely violent or insanely erotic dreams, whats up with that?
Has anyone ever taken Wellbutrin?
Is hypnotism a good way to help with anxiety and insomnia?
How to cope with the pain of losing my daughter?
Why do I have a bad memory?
Five methods of dealing with stress?
Ids there an operation for O.C.D=Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder ?
How can you have clear skin?
HELP!! Which acne treatment?
major sources of stress for young people and how it can be prevented.?
Painful in my knee/thigh/calf region?
on a scale of 1-10 how much does a tongue piercing hurt?
bad low back pain! what could this mean?
why does this happen to my funny bone ?
Do you think it could be bursting appendix?
Living with coeliac disease?
Does anyone else get this feeling?
How long before antibiotics for an ear infection start to work?
Where can you seek help for anorexia?
Anemia - What causes it?
Do you think that there will ever be a disease that defeats humans?
If you are really depressed, should u take drugs?
When should someone go to the emergency room for suicidal thoughts and suicidal planning?
i'm so depressed now, and no one is here for me?
what do people think about the mentally challenged people?
how pathetic is my life? im 23?
Please help me, what can I do to feel better about the way I look?
I don't even know whats wrong with my mental heath. I'm so confused && scared?
I just took 1050 mg's of Effexor.. Am I going to be okay. I don't feel anything ?
I'm no longer able to sleep, what can I do?
Postpardum and anxiety.?
Should I seek medical help?....................?
Can any1 tell me how is the liver inter-related with the digestive,respiratory and circulatory systems??
sometimes when i stand still i seem to rock forward, as if i might lose my balance but dont?
Do you get bad Anxiety if you trying to relax around or near others?
Will Alka Seltzer show positive on a drug test?
How long would you have to take codeine before it damages any of your organs?
Abnormal Body Malfunctions?
Why do you smoke?
URGENT help needed? i held my pee in for too long?
What should I do? Should I join the gym when I am in year 12 or not?
Why do I clench my teeth when I pat my cat?
is sleeping that way bad for me?
will 2nd hand pot smoke show on a drug test??? help!?
Passing the MEPS drug test as an every day smoker.?
should i got to sleep now?
How can i have more energy/wake up feeling very tired?
Lump in my throat what do i do?
One side of my eyeball is bloodshot and painful, no idea why :(?
Nurse missed the vein 3 times, numb fingers?
Advice for nausea? Queasy stomach? 10 pts?
is it true fruit can affect asthma?
How do I get the sticky residue from band-aids off?
i scratched my head and little bit of blood was on my fingers?
Broken Wrist and sharp pain in wrist?
What is this sharp pain I am feeling?
Is Laughter The New Remedie?
What supplements help with stress?
Any long term side effects?
Question for people who have depression; please help?
I think I have OCD and ADHD?
Anyone with anxiety - are there certain things that bother you only during anxiety?
How do I stop these suicidal thoughts and urges I'm having right now?
I met with someone from the Suicide hotline today and I am still suicidal?
I am afraid Very of mental hospitals asylums etc?
Why do anti depresor make you tierd? It should get us a up lifting and make you happy.?
what should i do i get nervous when people stare at me?
Do I suffer from depression or am I just a normal teenager?
What is a mental Hospital like?
would you say that acid tabs can make people act really weird?
I think i'm permafried from bad experiances off cannabis?
Terrible Itch, that i cant seem to understand.?
How to get rid of back acne scars?
My Hip REALLY hurts? Anything that can help?
Can you purchase Ultram (Tramadol) w/o a dr's prescription otc in canada?
I just got my cartilage ( top of my ear) pierced and it hurts so much. What can i do to help?
I developed posture related survical problem, how to be rid of it?
am i ok for my age.....?
Question about tablet taking?
any side effect of pk chewing gum?
should i be worried about this lump i found?
Is is harmful to shower with very hot water?
Are there any adults with ADD taking Ritalin?
Is there ant think to help the pain ?
What does alcohol and unhealthy foods with lots of preservatives do to teenagers health?
Little absorbent sachets?
any way to get rid of worms?
why is that we yawn when we see other people yawning?
what is zoft breast gum? & can you get it in australia?
Can you make a winter coat out of Human Skin?
Anyone have any Ideas?
Helix Piercings?
does fish oil tablets help calm frustrated tweens?
does taking 2 prozac per day make anyone else very tired all the time?
My pupils are permanently dilated. What's wrong?
What dose 8 glasses of water do?
Does Zoloft cause weight gain?
ive had diarrhoea for 2 days now. what food s should i eat and when should i visit a doctor?
coughing yuk flem?
Is this carpal tunnel or something else?
Distressing symptoms of migraine....?
Is it safe to take Gaviscon(for heartburn and acid indigestion) and Omeprazole(GERD) tablets together?
bleeding form anis and throwing up blood?
Throwing up water??!!?
Chest Pains?
Severe chest heaviness, loss of breath, dizziness, sometimes my left arm goes numb. Please help! What is this?
When should somone go to the emergency room and get help for suicidal thoughts and suicidal planning?
I have no symptoms of anxiety or depression, is it possible for me to still have them?
When does Zoloft start taking effect ?
How can I get to sleep earlier? 14 year old girl?
SSRI/Anti depressant start to work ?
Do you know of anyone who's overcome bipolar and gotten off of meds altogether?
Suicidal and thinking of overdosing?
I have a red, flakey rash around my mouth AND I'm seeing my ex tonight...?
Rash around my neck for about one year?
Why does my scar still hurt when it has already healed?
What is the best electronic muscle massager?
Pain in lower ribs and stomach after I eat?
what's this stiff nights pill?
Side effects of Concerta?
I have been having a sore throat for the past three days and I looked in the mirror and I noticed that I had?
does valium affect liver function tests? if so how long does valium stay in your system?
What is the best way to get unhooked from caffeine?
Help! Can Croup get worse after two days or it can be a complication?
i am 15 and 6 month male so my ribs stick out. normal?
Why do i get stretch marks on my right side of my body and not the left?
how to get taller?? im 14 and 5ft =[????????????????????
does any one know where I can get a Nettie pot in Adelaide?
Why do you smoke cigarettes?????
what is coombs?
How do you dry a runny nose and throat?
how to overcome IBS?
Can a blood test show cancer or if I'm lacking certain nutrients?
No more questions after this but heavy bruising since the mixture of meds/alcohol?
How much does a chiropractor cost in Australia?
To further comment on itchy ears ?.?
Can u go to a doctor by urself at 14?
Is it safe to take Phentermine and Effexor together?
Does anyone know the latest treatment for fibromyalgia. Do any drugs work? Thanks?
How to stablise myopia?
How long does it take to feel better after a course of antibiotics?
I'm really scared and depressed about my life?
Why do I feel so down?
Why do you think so many people?
there is a forgiveness therepy?"?
Is sleep/rest a good effective strategy for relieving stress for teens?
How long to build trust with therapist?
I am SO anxious about my therapy appointment!?
Any idea what is wrong with me (depression or more?)?
Why would my sister want me to think that I'm fat?
What are physical symptoms that someone overdosed on meds.. and what do I do ?
My mom won't take me to a doctor/ psychiatrist?
how do you forget about a molestation?
Question about anti-depressant celexa...?
why is this disorder considered a genetic disorder? How is it inherited?
What are the risk factors of Werner syndrome??
What pain killer can I take that does NOT have Aspirin in it? (Use for dental pain)?
Should I run with a sore neck/shoulders?
Stomach pain for two days so far after being in the mosh pit at a concert?
I have solar keratosis on my chest & has any one had any experience using solaraze as i had to stop it...itchy?
I feel depressed when i wake up but fine after like 30 minutes..?
Why when people take ecstacy do their pupils go all big? I am just asking because I am curious not because I t
Should i pop this blister or let it do its own thing ?
Long term antidepressants?
My ear doesn't hurt, but everyday for the last 5 months it leaks yellowish runny liquid?? Is something wrong?
Breathing issues!?
Why do i get really bad stabbing pains in my stomach?
i have an apt for a brain scan but what about fillings in my teeth?
What's wrong with my pinky?
Dry Hacking cough. Could it be because of my gastric reflux? how do I GET RID of dry hacking cough?
why do i have headaches?
Recently when I blow my nose it results in a nose bleed. ?
what could cause a clicking sound in the head while walking?
What happens to people when they are in a coma?
i have hepatitis c, and am about 15kg overweight......?
Constant headaches :/?
Is a permanently low body temperature (34 - 35.5 C) a problem?
the space between when your asleep and when you wake up?
Arthritis in Neck?
How can i get rid of stress?
Double Jointed in my arms?
constant nausea?
Does anyone have any tips for how to worry less about the future?
How do you know if your anaemic?
Help please?
How Can I get Rid Of Pink Eye ?
Where can i find an orthopedic surgeon who will do a hip replacement on a 24 yr old?
Will I need another operation? HELP!!?
im only 14 i shouldnt have bladder problems!!!?
NG tube - naso-gastric tube ( nursing question)?
Does this sound like a normal fainting or could it be stroke?
I got blood in my urine?
Why is my arm hurting ?
Does alcohol cause leg cramps?
Best ACNE treatments?
dog been eating people food itchy skin now on purina dog food getting better any thing else to do to help.?
iv notest this White stuff like glue in my underwear what is it is it my period?
where on the internet can i find people with schizophrenia to talk to?
Emotional Eating. Anyone Who Does It?
Does anyone have filed teeth like a vampire.?
What is the best private health coverage plan for a foreign citizen living in australia?
Any medication or treatment for adult Travel Sickness that actually works?
first dose of effexor, should i feel this awful?
i have dyspraxia and constipation?
what does it mean when you have Long Arms?
My right ear is plugged & ringing. How can I stop this?
Tampons making me itchy? ?
I have heard that they put bricks in the coffin and not a pillow to support the head is that true?
can someone give me some compelling reasons to get broadband? Please help!?
anti inflammatory pills....plz answer anyone?
What are some of the causes of these syptoms ?
when i get nervous my voice gets croaky, how can i prevent this?
How long can a human body store it feces? i am thinking of storing it for 2 week.?
if you are sick and your temp. is only 95 or 96. something what does that mean?
WIll HGH make me grow taller?
Low body temperature?
What is the procedure where they take out the lower section of the esophogus then reattatch the stomach?
I am 5'7.5'' tall, and the inseam of my pants is best at 34''. Are my legs short, meduim or long?
Is inhaling green mold spores from an orange dangerous?
Is bowel cancer hereditry?
Lung cancer/emphysema patients only, please answer this.?
I have Bell's Palsy but I am recovering...still looks bad though..help?
I strained my vocal chords 5 days ago. How long will this last?
I am 28 years old and have been hypertensive for 2 years. Can I have a normal, healthy life and live above 45?
The side of my cheek hurts on the inside, but i cant feel anything there, whats wrong? should i see someone?
I have a pain in neck and now i have pain in both arms ,wat can i do?, doctor gave a advil but it didn't w?
My back cracks constantly..?
I Am Having X-Rays On My Back?
To reduce scarring...?
I have low cortisol levels and now Im being tested for an underactive thyroid... Is the two conected in anyway
for past couple months i have been having this deep pains in my nose sometimes followed by a headache?
Appendicitis. plz help i feel like i'm gunna die?
Does cold wind block your ears?
my mother has been sent home from Hosp. with renal failure??
I was, when younger, diagnosed with Petit Mal epilepsy. I often have a motionless faintlike fit. Is it normal?
I had a blood test and it was ESR of 19 the average is 3-12, what does this mean?
What to do when your Dr doesn't know what is wrong w/you?
Black Mold. While remodeling the house I live in I was exposed to quite a bit of black mold.?
Can ultrasound diagnose problems within or related to bones?
I can feel a lump???????
ive had severe abdomen pain for 2 days,bloody mucus in stool, sweats and cold chills. what could be wrong?
Would i be a celiac (gluten free) if my mum and twin tested positive for the gene?
Why Do I Get These Physical Symptoms When Really Depressed?
Whats the next step??? (helping a drug addict)?
How likely are tongue piercing complications?
what is the main artery in our body?
threw up blood the other morning after being sick bad or normal big night on the turps?
I am going to start on pointe shoes soon and i need to strengthen my feet and my ankles what can i do?
I have air like discomfort at the top of the esophagus all the time, painful too. Docs can't find anything.
Should I sign up for Speech Therapy? - People have difficulty understanding me when I speak, ?
Can weed be put into a pill form?
where can I buy cheap adderall or dexies online with no prescription?
is sleeping on your stomach bad?
Bone Marrow Aspiration?
Why does posture change affect heart rate?
How much does one gets paid..for Australian answers only?
Where can I buy injectible saline solution in Australia?
what is oxycontin 5mg?
Please tell me if I'll grow any taller and what I can do to help myself grow taller?
MRI results that I don't understand? Anyone got answers?
I have stabbing pain in my left side of my groin and stomach?
I've been getting very tired and sleepy lately. I take vitamins and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday.
Could anyone give me a simple explanation on what part of the brain would be related to hypertonia in a child?
Smokers ! Are you having strange side effects from these FSC?
stomach acid reflux?
My dad who is 80 has non Hodgkin's lymphoma?
why does gabapentin make people gain weight is it from the meds or because it makes you hungry?
Why Is My Right Arm Shaking?
Why does my vein hurts after a blood test?
horrible constant pain from IBS?
Upper back and shoulder pain, cough, and fever?
Can Benzodiazepines lower your pain threshold?
from ankle to knee the muslscles behind my leg are tight?
how to get into Foreign relief aid?
How can I relieve a huge chronic mind-numbing stomach ache!!?
Is a 32B much bigger than a 30A?
Can you still get the Morning After Pill over the counter at pharmacies in South Australia?
Does Botox injections show up in a drug test?
PLZ help...im Wondering........?
why am i always tired? like, ALWAYS.?
Sleeping way to much...can someone help?
How to lower blood pressure Emergency help!!!!!!!!!!1?
WTF Happened? Was my weed bad or what?
Nicotine Overdose?
Why are some peoples skin so reactive to certain metals, and so they can only wear gold or surgical steel?
Pain in the left leg and right arm?
Have you ever seen anyone in an altered state from taking a Phenergan?
Bleeding but peiod not due till next week?
I have strrong reason to believe a person I know is lying about being a registered nurse, what do I do?
my parents are 5'6 and 6'0,how tall will i be at age 18?
I sweat too much. What can I do?
My daughter has faded white patches, spots on her face?
Massage; The client wants more.?
am i depressed??????????????
Teenage Recluse?
What is wrong with me...
what is the best way i can get rid of my nervous problems and complusions?
Need major mental help right now! Please?
Please help me? I am not attention seeking, just a little sad :(?
I want to die so much. I need to die, but It always seems like I can't?
Where could i find a free psychiatrist?
Please help me, I'm tired of my anorexia/bulimia?
Am I over reacting? Please help, i don't know what to do.?
cervix cancer needle?
Would it be safe to go to Mexico two weeks after being diagnosed with Mono?
can u get high with promethazine?
Whats the difference between respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest?
Can Alpaca microorganisms cause breast cancer?
Is there cure for Uric Acid UA?
I've been experiencing certain symptoms and was wondering if I could get any ideas/advice?
How do you get help for an Eating disorder?
Would doctors allow me to donate half my liver to save this girl's life?
More on My 8 yo old nephew has broken each of his arms twice from simple falls. Could he have a bone disease?
Does anyone know anything about having a blood clot on your spleen?
can u tell if someone is bulimic by looking at their fingers?
Is there a way I can stop my throat from feeling like a rock?
where does man with multiple herniated cervical discs, concussion, severe depression and two mini strokes work?
I have a metabolic disorder where my liver cant break down fat, so for some reasion my liver is enlarged.?
iron deficiency anemia help!?
I need a home remidy to pass a drug test for thc?
has any one out there got ocd?
Can you help me with this pain?
My lower back hurts(but part) after falling down the stairs?
2 questions re: Tylenol. Does it help to relieve allergies? And is Tylenol PM available in Canada?
My throat hurts a lot whenever I swallow, eat, or drink and it's bugging me.?
how do I get rid of tongue cracks?
are there any foods, or ways that make your feet grow?
hope you can help...?
Billboard Poster HELP!!!?
Why do people get stitches when they're exercising?
I flipped my car three times and then into a ditch and now I have problems remembering recent events.?
What should I do?
Why do i keep getting aches all over my body?
Accidental Toulene Inhalation?
Can low iron contribute to depression??
is it normal medically speaking?
Why can't you open your eyes when you sneeze?
I have a bad stomach ache. I feel like im going to vomit and im shaking. what does this mean?
i have a eye stye and its been there for a month?
what i like to no is the number of moles and freck on girls arms so i can wood out the % so girls can you plz?
whta is the best routine for a nightshiftworker?
I think I have a back problem but I'm not sure?
spider bites hurting 4mths on?
Flashes and black spots in my eyes?
does anyone know if chantix will also block THC (marijuana)?
Nutmeg?? a drug?? :s?
can someone please read and answer about my stomach?
How can I get rid of scars from past acne? also, do mary kay face products work???????????????????????????????
what is wrong with me?? i have severe body aches and feel sick.?
what makr you happy when you udset?
what causes bell's palsy?
how do i handle complaints regarding food poisoning?
Stomach has Complex Anatomy?
do i have appendicitis?
radio therapy?
i might have asperger's?
Should I get depressed over this?
What do I do when lightning strikes me?
could this be schizophrenia symptoms. points for best answer. please help?
munchausen's disease?
How does one over come Social Anxiety?
What are some great ways to relieve stress and anxiety, when you are too busy to do anything but those two :(?
I'm 23 and just feeling very overwhelmed. Tired, can't eat. Depressed and suicidal?
Could I be sabotaging myself?
need help ! I am being stocked by a client?
Headaches linked to depression..?
My psychosis feels like its gone, when can I stop taking this zyprexa?
Bad Dreams Problem??
What do anti depressants do ? Seriously?
I am sad:(?
best solutions for anxiety, stress and panic attacks?
I enjoy to see cuts on myself?
Is anyone on Seroquel? If so, please tell me if it helped depression. I'm on Celexa, too.?
Can your psychiatrist just take you off medications?
why do i keep having dreams that i'm being raped?
Were you diagnosed with ADHD?
What causes psorosis of the liver besides alcohol?
Can you tell me what this is...(((PLZ)))?
What is rehab like? What are the effects of methadone, etc?
Why do I bleed so easily? My skin seems to bleed easily even from small cuts. Is this normal?
i looked at the eclipse years ago,ive seen loads of flashing dots ever since and some after images.?
Valium/Codeine overdose?
Far Infrared Saunas?
I have head that boys pee on floors in change rooms ?
Ich Cream?
Why do people bite the inner cheek?
i stopped smoking today how long till all the nicotine gets out of my blood stream?
burning/hot sensation????
Help with the Flu/sickness?
I have this yellow spongie fungus that appeared overnight in my bathroom. Does anyone know what it is?
I'm 17 yrs old turning 18 this year and I'm 5'9 (I've got facial hair etc. already). Will I grow any taller?
Do you think it is better to live an hour out of the city for a beautiful house and views with cheap rent?
i NEED SO MUCH HELP! for you nurses..?
haha my friend? is this what she meant? LOL. 10 points?
I'm sort of choking...help please !?
How to overcome a painful memory ?
am i really experiencing pharyngitis?
If you press behind you ear , you experience some pain , but otherwise you are fine? Who else has this ?
is it common to have back pain after gall bladder surgery?
My hands are starting to hurt from piano.?
Hernia and Herniated Disc?
What could be causing the pain in my calf?
Any foods to lessen continuous watery diahrrea?