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my ears are hurting after a run.?
Armpits BOTH Slight dull ache/throbbing, every now and then? Anyone please?
My bone just below my knee hurts?
i have had an ear ache for three months?
after eating an apple i have has sharp pains in my tummy should i see a doctor right away? help plz it hurts?
My leg swells alot. I can't find out why, is there something that I can do to help it?
i have got 'ring-like' rashes on the arms and chest area. it is pink and light in colour. Any idea what is it?
What can i do to help my 21 month old with a bad cough?
What do I do? My feet are putrid!! =(?
Is a fat confident girl more attractive than a low self-esteemed skinny girl?
Please Help!!?
How tall do you think I will be..??
How Do You Get Rid Of A Fever?
Are there many long term smokers that dont have any side affects? Im a smoker of 25 years and I have none?
what treatment is there for Thichotillomania?
what affects yuor breathing rate?
ears problem???????
Can an underactive thyroid or capel tunnel syndrom affect your heart rate?
normal again?
What is the best treatment for hemorrhoids?
brother ate coke?
I Feel like there is a part of me missing! Help!?
My psychiatrist and other professionals say I should be back in the hospital .. Should I ?
is this PTSD?
Teen depression has grown loads in the past decade, why?
what should i do if i have the urge to kill someone?
i feel like dying, i dont feel so good anymore :(?
dealing with stress and depression?
bipolar kid need attention help please?
Do I have a disorder?
Feel more and more depress. What wrong with me?
im 23 years old and finally got my learner's permit?
Do you ever feel like some people could commit suicide any day?
how come i dont know how to be happy?
Anti depressants that do NOT cause weight gain?
What happens if you show up at the E.R suicidal ?
you think therapy works ?
Depression... Can someone tell me about it?
parents expect more than I can give them?
bad shoulder pain only when I lay down?
Why does the back of my head/ neck suddenly throb then go away?
My back hurts after stretching!?
How do you fix a split toenail?
Weird Bump?
Ive used Ecstasy once, can anything really serious happen?
Do you hear voices (auditory hallucination)?
Is it possible to become mentally ill just at night?
what does it mean when you don't feel like doing anything?
how to raise my self esteem?
Addicted to being awake - do you know how that feels?
please help me! im actually starting to get scared!?
How can i learn to care of myself more?
I almost Killed myself last night, How can i make sure this doesn't happen Again?
My Friend Smokes Weed?
I have adult ADHD, and Ritalin works well, but I have a desire to try Strattera..non-stimulant. Will it work?
I get distracted too easily - Help?
What are some good reasons to live?
What to do when you're depressed and lonely?
Im always Tired......?
I need help????????????????
Down Syndrome. asap!?
My hands have always been cold. An hour ago they got hot,they feel swollen and there's moderate pulsating pain
Can anybody please help me with my question... Ive Finished antibiotics for acute bronchitis infection?
Will removing a black head from ones face leave a permanent hole?
i jave a albino pup he is deaf. has there ever been corrective surgery to fix the problem or canit be fixed?
hi, im wondering if anyone can tell me this:?
i got a underracted thriod and i do not eat much at all so what can i do.?
Stomach flu, loud stomach noises??
prilosect OTC?
Do i need a knee brace!?
what would cause knee pain when weight is taken OFF knee?
Pain in lower stomach since giving birth?
Best Stuff to fight Infection (Dettol etc)?
i need a general anaesthetic but am needle phobic! what can i do?
How do you go about getting a mole removed?
Are acne scars permanent?
Is there a way to sleep with ease and not toss and turn ?
silly question but need answer : )?
How do I give myself a spa day at home? And without buying anything?
how do I get hi-lighter marker out of jeans?
what medicine do you take when you feel you are going to throw up?
Hi, just wondering if anyone has tryed the new Cold Sore Treatment...HypoTherm?
when did the drugs like cocaine and ecstasy come out liek late 70's or when please help?
what can u do to stay awake?
My toenails ............................................?
How do they clean out sanitary pad bins?
Please help! I'm scared to stay home alone!?
to people who suffer from bi-polar...?
i need help. someone needs to help me see the point in life because i do not see it at all. what is the point?
how can a depressed 13 year old boy with no friends have fun?
Help me!! Im so lazy and procrastinate too much. PLZ!!! :(?
How to stop the "Fake me"?
Do any of you have anxiety?
How to stop caring what people think?
Can you die from taking ecstasy?
what do I do with the life I'm living? anxiety,depression OCD etc?
help plz? bipolar? teenager..?
I can't Sleep at night or day?
Have you ever cried yourself to sleep because your wife criticized your dishwasher loading technique?
In your opinion...?
i get pressure headaches when it gets hot and muggy, or when its going to rain.?
Do i have swimmers ear?
My mandible has swollen in the left lower side.. it's been 2 days.?
Help on headache?
what does a small space in the knee joint indicate?
Can you get the lidoderm lidocain patch in canada?
What is Mrs. Jones problem?
Ear Piercing Problems?
Why didn't they have a mechanical trolley for Luciano Pavarotti ?
Im scared im haveing this numbness below my right ribs im really scared im worried im dying can anyone help.?
has any one had a bowel resection operation to do with diverticulitis?
Fibrous Dysplasia of the skull?
Abnormal Papsmear possible high grade squamous lesion ?
I am suicidal, and need to get help but I don't want to go to the hospital?
im 15 years old with the worst depression,with schizophrenic symtpoms,if i took a whole bottle of 2.5mg ?
suicidal thoughts which making me craaaazy?
What advice would you give to someone who has mild depression?
Incredibly sad, just need to talk to someone.....?
pain after gallbladder surgery?
harmless pain - pain when i press my calf but non existent when i dont?
My insides feel like they're rotting?
I made medic.test for australia viza.x-ray shows small bronchitis changes.will it be problem for getting viza?
What are the relevant statistics of Celiac disease?
how can you help a family grieving?
I am giong to ask this question for the last time tonght about cancer of the uterus?
Does the 'trunk' of the body include the back and its muscles?
A question for all Americans about healthcare?
My one son has asbergers,ADHD, and tertis what can i do for his asbergers?
Name the long bone in the lower arm that meets the thumb.?
idk i just dont have the desire to eat anymore&only eat about1meal a day&sometimes a snack.. wht can this mean?
Why do I keep getting headaches??? HELP!!!!!!!!?
has anyone heard of " hydatiform mole"?
why people get heart attack?
HELP i am tasting music!?
Do we sneeze in our sleep? If not, why?
taking control of anxiety for good?
what does chlorine do to the body?
I may have lost my voice permanently. I'm seeing specialists, but how do I find a job for the speech impaired?
i just heard this from my guy friend... can you get high off of a watermelon peeled skin rolled into a blunt?
Medically Endorsed Enrolled Nurse's?
Helpp, ibs or virus? PLEASE READ?
are you my bone marrow?
should I start taking Iron pills again?
How can I fix my bad sleep patterns?
Cracking your knuckles ?
i have bad acne! please help!?
Why do my Tears burn my face like acid is around my eyes? can I scar from the marks it is leaving?
Benzac AC not working.?
Is Epiduo a good way to get rid of acne for a twelve year old?
About birthmark laser removal?
what are three positive aspects?
Does exercising help alleviate your depression?
This girl in my class?
I have anxiety and I was wondering if someone could share their experiences with me.?
HELP me!! My brain is Bleeding!!! I'm under soo much stress and how do I clear it all out?
Can excessive drug and alcohol use causes rape?
I think I might have ADD/ADHD and I dont know what to do about it?
How do i tell my parents?
What do you do to alleviate depression ?
Please can anyone offer any good advice on havig blood taken?
I'm scared to go talk to a school counsillor, and I'm not sure if I should. HELP PLEASE.?
how do i convince someone that I have taken for ganted that the love that I have for them is true?
How can i stop a panic attack?
Resistant to pain medication?
neck pain?
what is degenerated disc?
Has anyone tried tramacet?
What exactly is "spinal degeneration". How is it treated other than pain killers?
Bloody noses while Taking a Shower?
what happens when you take seroquel when its not precribed by a doctor?
i was at a club and i used one of those vick inhaler.... but i used it from some one else can i catch aids?
Can anyone suggest any websites which contains 'easy to understand' information on Ovarian Cancer?
abdomen pain with headaches,dizzyness and shortness of breath?
Is plucking the hair with tweezers between my beard line and below my eyes bad for my skin?
Why are my pupils so small?
Do you think i have a B.O problem?
What foods and drinks should I take to clear or improve the health of my throat?
what is comorbidities?
feeling sick cravings , i hope its not what i think it is?
what happens if you have anemia and then don't eat.?
is there any doctors in here?
i go ought masterbating buy my sister while i was wearin her gstring i left a few stains i gotta buy her a new
What happens if you chew a piece of nicotine gum longer than recommended?
Sometimes my vision goes black, what's wrong?
Why do you get a "lump" in your throat when you need to cry?
Why do I get red eyes all the time!?
What are the effects of marijuana on someone who smokes it regularly?
I was sick, why dont people believe me and think i was chucking a sickie?
What percentage of left-handers are autistic?
What foods do you avoid when you have the flu/cold?
Myopia symptoms and why??
is it bad for you to go to the gym when you have a cold?
How can you get rid of a headache without medication?
Why do i have this? Is it normal?
HELP plz i need your help?
Can you get high off of a cigarette?
I'm worried..?
Anyone been weaned off Paxil?
How Do I Know If I Have A Jealousy Disorder?
i have anger issues. people can say one mean thing to me and i fly into a rage. i cant help it but i need help?
If you use ecstasy too much do you end up with a chemical imbalance in the brain?
Can a person beat long term depression by seeing counciling and avoiding antipressent pills altogether?
Taking meds to regulate my mood is a huge commitment for me and it had become a burden?
What would you do if a loved one told you they contemplate suicide?
Can a 14 Year OLd Boy Get Depression?
BlOOD 'PILeS' ???????? PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
how do i get rid of my eye stys (i have one on each eye)?
Dry cough. How do I stop coughing. Have coughing fits - why? worse when sleeping or in cold. not bring up much
I have a few painful little ulcers on the tip of my tongue?
How is everyone beating the heat?
Where in Victoria, Australia is there a pharmacist that sells syringes over the counter?
how much vitiamins do i need with hypothryoidsm?
Am I a little strange to be this abnormal?
Why do i need to pee when i wake up in the morning?
how to get out of???
how many times does it take untill ecstasy effects you in the long run?
Why do I wake up after my first hour of sleep, only to fall back asleep after that for the rest of the night?
I would like to have a whole body massage in the Sydney area can you help and advice please?
Can a lack of sleep causes nervousness?
girlfriend smokes weed?
can you get surgery on your thumbs?
what happens to the amount of Na excreted after salty fish and chips?
is using Epilator good?
why do i get weird reactions in my back?
nausea and diahorrea?
after every meal i always get a stomach ache?
Is it bad to drink too much water within an hour?
How do I forget something that's scaring me so badly I cant sleep at night?
What does it mean OCD ?
Are online bipolar tests accurate?
How do you cope with suicidal thoughts?
I can't remember a two line sentence...What's wrong with me?
Fun things to do while housebound on short term disabiltiy?
How do you make days go by faster?
Weight gain from Serequel?
I really need help, please?
What should i do next?
Do addicts or alcoholics often dream of their old abuses?
I think I am falling into a major depression, and I have no clue what to do ..?
is it a disorder or am i just weird?
anyone have any advice for someone to getting help with depression ??
social anxiety and school work?
i got my rook pierced a week ago woke up 2 days ago with a throbbing pain at my sight ear is very swollen why?
when your ear hurts when its exposed to loud sound, where does the pain come from? cochlea, eardrum, malleus?
can hypermobility be cured?
I have a huge mass on the back of my neck, what could this be?
If you suffer migraines, Can you describe the color of your auras?
Can Sternum Pain be related to Anxiety or Heartburn?
what is white wolf syndrome?
GRR what should I do.. I'm getting beyond annoyed??
Can I take more than one vitamin tablet at a time?
Gastro/stomach pains?
Why are we born with tonsils, adnoids and appendix if we can do without them?
Sedatives for 18 year old female?
Why can't I sleep. Help, I'm exhausted!?
What does a sleep-walking person look like?
Suggestions on quitting smoking?
I have lost my voice due to a chest cold.?
how long does it take to average person to fall asleep?
Has anyone whos had their gallbladder out still suffer sickness, bloating and diarrohea after 4 weeks post op?
Can Anorexia leave you infertile?
has anyone had a similar experience?
How to get to sleep? PLEASE HELP!?
Do you suffer from Hay Fever ? - what medication do you take ?
Do you think that people ask questions to which they already know the answers to?
Pain on lower left side of back - from standing???
does this chikun gunya affect the mother who is pregnant.?
I have a really bad body image. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhh?
How does real life go on, or maybe even get better, when you are hit with terminal illness?
Why am I averse to personel forms of physical contact?
have u ever thought about suicide...?
How To Become More Compassionate?
Bi-Polar? Yes? No? if so, what?
Phsyciatrist apt. tomorrow. Please give advice..?
Feeling down and out even though I am on Effexor?
I think I'll have a.....?
What is bipolar disorder?
How should I bring this up to a doctor?
*SERIOUS QUESTION* Why do I think some people are aliens?
I can't sleep, any advice.?
I think my younger sister might have a psychological problem...?
Do you think I have an anxiety disorder or is this normal?
Does anyone suffer from schizophrenia? What is it like? Examples?
a lot of people dont believe that i have the disability that i have, but then i dont want them to think that i?
Do people get schizophrenia from being isolated from society? Or are they born with chemical imbalance?
How to soothe tense, sore, painful muscles?
Muscle pain, & stress illness due to a swimming course?
I have a bruise on my bum (it's been there for about 1 week), and now...?
How long can I take prednisolone tablets before it effects me in a bad way?
Am I Hypothyroid??
my 10 month old baby is having reckits and report shows excess of vitamin D. kindly reply urgently what to do
Could I have a sinus infection?
What happens when the lens is removed from a baby for cataracts before fittied with contacts?
Blood with a bowel motion?
How do you reduce infections after any surgery?
Is it OK to take Excedrin while taking Augmentin?
Ribs hurting real bad?
tramadol used for pain, can it be used for anything else? for treatment.?
When you get out of bed, do you snap, crackle, and pop?
have pain on my right side of my face,what could it be?
How do you get over thoughts of SUICIDE?
Is there a way to get a therapist to come to me?
How to have self esteem if even the parents didn't love you?
Whats having ADHD like?
Is someone close to you, diagnosed with skidzophrenia?
Do you think this is verbal abuse?
why is depression so hard to over come and fight off?
Can vaporizers cause fluid on the lungs?
Is Tea a Drug for Children?
how much erb do you have to smoke before you become a TOTAL NONGHEAD?
i think im getting my tonsils takin out i need help what do they do? please comment this!!?
I have itchy throat/ears?
? about doctor bills?
My friend has been sick and vomiting the whole day. Help?
Sleepy during the day, everyday.?
What does blood in diarrhoea mean? I need help?
What do i do about it?
why do i have 6 toes what do i need the extra one for can someone help i feel like a freak,?
what are the effects of lacing marijuana with flyspray?
My boyfriend has alcohol abuse problem (I think), I really need advice!?
Is there a patch like a Nicotine patch to help stop smoking but for alcoholics to help stop drinking?
Has anybody had the swine flu vaccinations yet?
Does this actually work?
Why does my heart hurt?
Does bladder training actually work?
i have to have a lung function test for exercise induced asthma does anyone know what this consists of??
a bit more than Sadism?
will prednisone tablets 25mg make me put wieght on???????
DUROMINE. side effects . need help.?
Is is possibel for glands to be swollen after having mono a year ago?
what is thyroid?
Rates of melanoma in men are much higher than for woman. looking for few reasons why?
Does paxil cause you to be thirsty?
I have no idea what to do anymore! Please, please help?
How to get over my phobia of worms ? It's really bad?
what are types of things that would make you sad?
What can I do to improve my self steem!?
Why do i CRY SO much?
When do Zoloft start working ?
I told my psychiatrist that I am fine when Im really not.?
How do you stop cristisizing yourself?
I believe that i have BDP, im 16, and i don't know if i need parental permission, or what. please help?
Is good mental health all in you're head?
I feel as if I've had it. I've reached my limit and I'm feeling beyond suicidal?
Depression Cure Songs?
What is it like doing..?
Questions about a mental evaluation.?
Prison Shower Rape; Myth or Maverick?
Have shaky hands, need help?
Could someone who knows what they're talking about please answer?
what are the ingredients of the pain relief medication vicodin?
whats the best 'ointment' for scars that you wanna get rid of?
How to cool hot feet at night?
I am in a rock, but not in a stone; I am in marrow but not in bone; I am in a mattress but not in bed; I am no
What everyday items have peroxide in them?
Can mercury injections help heal a sebaceous cyst?
Need advice?
i think i just had a seizure..?
How can I get a good nights sleep tonight?
how to stop eating ?
is this a bad cold or something worse?
Am I normal....? o_O?
Valium pills.......Why do people take them?
can finger or toenails develop nerve endings??
What to bring a terminally ill patient whom you're not close to?
How can I make my feet grow?
how do you unblock a blocked ear?
my left index finger hurts! 10 POINTS ! HELP!?
ride side of my head hurts?
Dark haired person with patch of light hair... mole or birth mark?
how do I help a son who is bypolar and 45 years old as I am getting old an no 1 in the family wants him?
I know a zombie and I'm not sure what activities it would enjoy?
how does celexa compare to wellbutin?
Do you dread falling asleep?
how can i tell if mother is going crazy ?
my 22 yr old brother has a lot of mental issues he has been diagnosesed with bipolar disorder and physcosis?
depression questions?
ADHD.....What do you think ?
Suicidal & Homicidal thoughts, but too young for anti-depressants...?
I cant sleep at night and I want to start getting sleep anyone know any good things that help sleep?
Is it the generation or the psychiatrists?
What do counsellors do to make you feel more comfortable in your first session?
I think I may be mildy mentally challenged/handicapped?
If you are on an anti-depressant can you please advise me?
is it okay to take zolft with coffee?
i have Fear of the Horses...............?
Why do i make things up like this?
Trying to follow my heart Please help me!?
Am I exercise obsessed?
What season is it??? I seem to have lost track of time?? lol?
Doctors couldn't help!?
what would happen to the ear/hearing of a person that used an unnecessary hearing-aide?
when i cough it tastes like vomit?
What do you think of my sleeping strategy?
Itchy Throat and Cough?
Anyone with Compartment Syndrome in Calf muscles with severe pain,even walking is hard & constant pain plshelp?
How to relieve nervousness?
i have a sharp pain in my neck?
Extreme headaches....?
Narcoletic Desperate! Where / how can I get / buy Ritalin 10mg? ?
help me see what i have?
What can you eat 3rd and 4th day prior to a Colonoscopy?
can anyone roll their tounge and lift their eyebrown only one side?
why am i sweating so much?
Breast Reduction--Australia?
Why can't I sleep when I really need to?
how much a year does an anasthesiologist earn in the UK?
an important question please answer?
why am i having trouble sleeping all of a sudden?
White lumps in back of throat.?
how long do hickys stay for?
Leg pain what could it be?
feeling sick...why?
Dead weight. Does a body actually get heavier when rigor mortis sets in, where does the extra weight come from?
Has anyone had experience with the drug Epilim?
Do miners suffer an increased risk of osteoporosis (if at all) as a result of working underground?
Improving Hearing: My Experience.?
Coughing, aches, runny nose, dry reaching..?
i think i have cholinergic urticaria ?
Zit problems?! Help!!! .?
why haven't terbinafine pills helped my nails?
how come when i pinch my skin, its like i can pinch the skin and leave the meat underneath if there is any but?
focking acne scars why the fock do they have to exist.?
Whydon;t doctors make abetter effort to make a cure for acne scars.?
skin on my face is dry and peeing?
I can control the movement of the muscles that control the opening and closing of my iris. can anyone else?
what is wrong with me if i have these symptoms...?
Hi my leg has really been hurting can you tell me why?
12 year old that still sleeps with his parents?
I need advice from someone who knows what I'm talkin about mental and physical health?
what would happen it I went to a doctor for help? should i tell them i cut myself?.?
Am I normal??
whats the difference between a nervous breakdown & panic attacs?
Feeling depressed and bored with my life...seeking a psych soon.what do i do meanwhile?
How to get self-esteem?
Is talking to a high school guidance counslor confidential?
Do you need a lot of pills to overdose or is just a couple of a couple differents meds enough ?
Is there anyone out who is on EFFEXOR/xr, and if so, how is it working for you?
Why do you think Depression is more common in today society?
My chances of getting schizophrenia?
How do suicide hotlines trace your phone call ?
Has your plans for university changed due to mental health problems?
I don't have anyone to to console me when I'm sad or crying these days. What can I do when I need someone?
I am feeling so suicidal and sick and tired of life, now what ?
is it possible ??????????????????
Why do some people overdose and than call 911 ? Doesn't it not make any sense?
childrens mental health ...My daughter has been diagnosed with psychosis?
please answer. I think I have hypochondria?
we have 3 bipolars 3adhd 1 autisic and short gut syndrome?
Why am I excessively sweating?
I want to stop drinking alcohol?
Comparisons between a real kidney and dialysis? (urgent!!)?
statistics of how many people survived from radiotherapy?
what is reiki?
dark arm pits plz help?
16 year old boy with addison's disease burning eyes,red,pain in opening,watering,swelling,light sensitivity
whats malaria?
What's a really good soap or product for face and body acne?
Help! Diagnostic imaging?
Is there a website that tells you how to write your will?
Where can I buy/what can I use for a small container to hold sun cream?
ANXIETY!!! I have really bad anxiety and nervousness, I had been?
Decreasing platelets? Causes?
Anyone else get this type of diarrhea?
Relief from Vomiting?
iam short hieghted.?
do i have a chest infection?
What catagory am I ?
can some one explain for me what does Amenorrhea which is the absence of mensatural got to do with anemia?good
Why does tiredness make me crazy?
swollen ankle hitwith pick axe?
Why do you get a headache when you oversleep?
My lung makes a sound?
What happens if a 13 year old takes 4 prodine forte tablets?
Standards of living for broke students?
why does coffee make me nauseous all of the sudden?
E.C.G Report or Event monitor report?
What happens when you have bleeding from a possible stomach ulcer?
Weird dreams when fainting?
Has there ever been record of someone not going through puberty?
'Does anyone have any suggestions?'?
Horrible Anxiety problems, i just can't cope no more, help?
Shooting Pain in the middle back of head..?
Why am I sad, it's my birthday but I am not happy?
What will happen if I don't follow the secret instructions Mrs. C gives me when I'm watching Happy Days reruns
My sister is an angry person and won't go for help- she's in denial! What am I supposed to do?
What would you do about this situation with a family member?
Is there anyone who had their anxiety under control......like not having any for a long time...?
ok she told me she like going in diapers 4 fun?
When you make love, do you turn off the light ?
Spider Phobia?
what is the name to the mental illness where you falsely diagnose yourself a lot?
PLEASE HELP I found drugs in my brothers room what do i do?
why do i feel like i've lived this day before?(weird, iknoe)?
can psychiatrist involuntary commit you?
Can a family doctor diagnose whether I suffer from depression?
Soldier immune to Chronic stress disorder/depression?
How can i feel better?
I am sorry.?
What do I say someone who is grieving or about to?
Medication interaction internet check?
where can i buy a brand new wheelchair?
Do I need new glasses?
Does smoking weed affect your liver?
My body temp. is 37.7°C. Is this high or average?
any suggestions on getting back on track after a panic attack?
Sweaty palms and hands?
do you know what kind of supplements that we should take to reduce the power of spectacles?
do i have a health problem?
Signs of Growth Spur?
Red sore bump in nose..?
How to reverse severe facial indentations caused by acne scars?
Can neosporin or triple antibiotic ointment can erase my old insect bite marks?
why am I suddenly so itchy?
Does catheter insertion pain?
Why is the left side of my face different looking than my right side?
Extreme pain along inside of my shin?
ear problems - anyone has any clue what it is?
Last night I experienced a sudden feeling of increasing hotness, and heavy sweating?
Can you attempt suicide while on suicide watch in the psychiatric emergency department?
Is Loneliness a natural state of mind? How do you combat loneliness?
bird flue am concerned about the chicken im eating!!?
My friend cuts her wrists, but is too scared to bleed?
mood brightener?
Weightloss tips on anything extra i can do ?
If you get white clouds on your fingernails(on the pink section), what does that mean? Lack of calcium?
I think I'm having seizures. Please help?
Am I eligible to donate blood?
Do you have to know a lot of science to become a nurse?
What is HIPAA stand for? and can the ER tell me whos been admitted and released already if i ask?
Is peeing a drug test on a phsical?
not chewing enough times?
I know that i asked before, but i have more details than the last. why am i having these stomach pains?
What's the longest amount of time the human body of a women can hold pee?
i have acid in my throat. how do i stop it from hurting?
Coughing up light green mucus?
vomiting and dihooria?
what is the difference between lorazepam and xanax?
Do you have a physical disability?
Questions for healthcare professions....?
anybody here had the pleasure of a colonoscopy?
why can your hear when your asleep, but you cant smell?
what illnesses/ailments make you unfit to fly?
will panadol help to relieve the pain of UTI untill you see a doctor for antibiotics?
Tongue piercing and dairy?
Every time i put food near my mouth i want to be sick and sometimes if i swallow it i throw up whats wrong?
Do I have an eye infection? How do i get rid of it?
Im I anorexic?
can smoking marijuana lead to schizophrenia?
Tick Bite Help?
to any alcoholic?
What do my symptoms point to?
HELP, pain when peeing?
i took T3's and they made me more awake?
when bend my knees I hear a swishing, grinding sound. could it be anything besides arthritis?
Why are my fingers tingling?
The Belly Piercing Pain?
Can painkillers damage your liver?
home remedies for a snake bite to my cats face.all her fur and skin came off?
I have a habit of rubbing my face all the time. Is it some type of disorder?
Does anyone here have obsessive compulsive disorder?
Trigger point therapy...?
what are the mechanisms for low haemoglobin?
I'm looking for things about are lungs Facts?
Do I have a personality disorder?
What should I do? How should I think of this to make myself feel less depress?
have asperger's?
how bad is heroin is it really that addicting?
Do you ever wonder if your problems are actually serious enough to warrant counselling?
I was discharged from the psych ward last Monday and I am having suicidal thoughts again?
Hangover Symptom??
Can heartburn be caused by not eating for a period of time?
what are the salts used in tablet crocin pain relief?
Side effects of APO-NORFLOX??
why do people suffers migraine?
Help Don't know what this is?
do you have any idea what this could be ?
Does any1 out there no of or have any suggestions 4 snoring???
What can you use to flush marijuana from your system for a drug test?
relationships between childhood obestiy and inactivity?
Will meditation/yoga or pilates help with anxiety??
Can I go to hospital with tonsillitis?
Really bad stomach cramps. Help!?
Is it possible to feel sick, this easily?
could i have an eating disorder?
Some really weird happened to my body 2 months back?
need some help sleeping?
easiest way to talk to 12 year old about body changes?
what parts of the body do not require blood?
Think I'm developing an OCD habit?
How to i prevent ingrown hairs ?
spotting with a urinary tract infection??
Whats wrong with me!!!?
My Pitbull has a small lump on his throat that i just found this morning. is there anything anyone can say?
What is transient Global Amnesia?
ladies i would really like to know how some of u get a whole 6''-7'' down your trought so easly?
on depression and self esteem and stuff.?
Help with Zoloft overdose
I was just diagnosed with Major depression and I'm having a hard time accepting the diagnosis?
I work at a daycare. I'm over stressed and maybe even depressed. Should I quit? What would you do?
How can I stop being depressed all the time ?
My neighbours schizophrenic son threatened my family?
Slicing up arm ?
how do you fake an anxiety attack?
Narcisstic Personality Disorder - any good news?
How am I supposed to deal with this?
Is smashing and breaking things theraputic?
Question about cutting? Kind of long?
My panic attacks are getting really bad. What can I do? I'm taking medication. How do I get through them?
Question I really have to ask !! It has been bothering me a lot.?
I need to contact someone NOW about a health issue but everyone is closed and Im not brave enough to tell....?
Which is better a psychiatrist or psychotherapist?
Why would a therapist give such useless advise? Made me mad?
What if your paranoia and anxiety is REAL and not imagined ?
why do i always feel a very burning sensation and pain during and after urination?
if a women in hospital has just been told she is terminally ill do they have to tell her husband.?
trouble breathing, shortness of breath?
makee me and outit? : D?
Can withdrawls from percocet cause confusion?
my eye hurts .. why does it?????
Neck Pain Cause Breathing Issues?
if you get shot in the head would you feel pain?
What's wrong with my ribcage/heart?
why does my left shoulder hurt so much? 10 points BEST answer?
Ways to prevent panic attacks or something similiar to one?
I have a problem with sitting still.I have to always be moving.And its kinda annoying.Does it mean something?
Finger Nails?
Mastrubation. Good or bad ? This is a genuine question. Is it bad to mastrubate everyday ?
my refrigerator door was left open for 8 hours, can I still eat the food inside?
stop smoking?
is 0.25 dose higher or lower than 0.5?
to stop smoking without cravings?
What are some good tips for managing STRESS!!?
what to do to be taller?
ive been having really bad headaches everyday for about a month, what could be the cause?
ways to overcome nausea?
Why do I always feel like I have to pee, but really I don't?
is it ok to smoke marijuana 10 hours before undergoing general anasthesia?
Jaw Problem?
Why am I green?
white tongue?
HELP ... mmmk?
Lightheadedness, unbalanced, feeling of unreality. What could this be? Any ideas?
Am i paronoid about drugs or is it in my head i really need to no?
if someone has breast cancer is that medicine can cure ?
Please help!! Extremely desperate! Acne scars?!?
What are the effects of having bowel cancer, what do you go through?
lump on neck and now dizziness? Any relation?
I hava a small bump under my neck thats kind of soar when I touch it.?
IBS and anti-depressants?
12 years old and want to donate a kidney to my dad can I ?
Can breathing in bleach cause you to cough up blood from your throat?
My jaw hurts from crying?
What non-medical things causes muscle pain?
What can I do to feel better?
Is being suicidal the same as having the thoughts?
If co-depndecy is what leads to all addictions why do we treat the addiction and not the co-depency?
My hands! OCD?
I have an 18 yr old that lives with me..He has Huge anger issues/pot dependance. He?
my gf is having a episode i think...?
Should I tell my psychiatrist that I am suicidal again. I don't want to be hospitalized?
I always talk in my sleep how can I stop it.?
How do you overcome a fear of needles?
I'll cry if u don't answer this??
I'm sick and no one, not even a doctor, can tell me why: Why am I sick like this?
i am sick what can i do?
Is Anorexia A Disease??
is it true that if you quite smoking by befor 25 u wont b damaged badly coz ur body heals itself up until then?
making a home made bong???
i wanna grow!!?
Constant mouth watering!! HELP?!?
All you Indians, answer this question honestly Please!!?
is it bad if you smoke train tickets?
Do I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
If I am blood/urine tested for a sickness, will the doctor also notice or look for THC?
Elevated leg? how high should it be?
My throat still sore and I have a concert on in 4 days!?
need your anwers!?
Where was that girl with the eight limbs born?
Is Rape possible without penetration?
My son in 16 years old. He urninates in bed at night. How to stop it?
Should I go to the doctor for my symptoms?
Is There A Cure For *Queen Bee Syndrome*?
how to get rid of cold?
will i pass this drug test....?
my hang over hows now turned into the chills and a sensitive head ache. solutions? thoughts? thanks?
Pain bellow my rib cage?
Just diagnosed with blood clot in leg. When will the pain end?
My son is (21/2) has had recurring blue/black circles under his right eye since birth. It is getting worse!?
What are the outcomes in the body/ mind when you've had cerebral hypoxia?
What sort of pain does celiac's disease give you?
I had TC 7yrs ago & I've found lump in my other testical. Is it cancer again? Will I be infertile? What next?
what are some ways to stop chewing my nails without polish or chemicals??
Anyone know how could I make my feet smaller?
Not sure what's wrong with me... (mental + physical health)?
why when i jump or cough pee comes out?
Help please?
Is it normal for my heart to be thumping after drinking a 250mL can of energy drink? (read details)?
Is it normal to feel tired when you wake up?
my hand tingles sometimes,why?
First time trying esctasy?
feeling sick?? how do i get better quickly?
I eat soap i feel totally weird but feeling sick...?
I got this strange buzzing, vibrating, sensation in my head/brain that lasted about 3 seconds?
what does groped mean ?
I get a very upset tummy and I get the "runs" instantly after a meal. What is wrong with me?
Headache when standing up?
What do people with anemia have to eat?
Is Severe Hair Loss an acceptable reason to visit a Doctor?
really really iregular period!!!!!!!!!!?
another drug question.?
Girlfriend has panic attacks?
How can I deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder (winter depression)?
i need to pull an all nigher to do my science hw, and i have a exam tomorrow, how do i regain energy in the?
I stopped taking Zoloft Cold Turkey and now I have to tell my psychiatrist?
Bad skin under my beard?
Roaccutane or Birth Control for acne?
Will my gall bladder pollyp turn cancerous?
Chest pain,pulled muscle,Shortness of Breath?
whats the difference between a tracheostomy and a endotracheal intubation?
I have to have a Total Thyroidectomy and am very anxious and fearful of it. Haven't booked it yet.?
high pitch ringing in the ear?
i have pain my chest,what could it be?
What can I do about Ankylosing Spondylitis arthiritis?
A weird case of ear syndrome and it's totally freaking me out =S.. please help?
how can i give myself the flu?
three mornings in a row I have woke up unable to open my fingers.....like they were drawn up......am I having?
best revenge on a neighbour that causes trouble.?
peiord! when will i start wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?
What is wrong with me?
anti depressant drugs?
Why can Chocolate cause Sore Throats in Some People?
do people with dwarfism have a shorter lifespan then normal?
Why does my calf muscle tighten when I'm sleeping?
Should I stop a drug if I don't mind the side effects?
Why can't I stop eating crazy glue?
Alcohol and Antibiotics?
why does my husband get an electric shock?
I'm Nervous does anybody know how to get rid of it?
Abdominal Pain?
i have this thing and i feel self- conscious [BEST ANSWER]?
I want to be taller,please help me?
What is happening when you "swallow wrong"?
Can vitamin supplements cause diarrhea? If so, why?
How to get back into proper sleeping habit?
How long does it take to give a clean drug test for marijuana?
Have you had an out of body experience.?
Tips on getting rid of a very sore throat?
ive had an xray of my abdomen and found nothing wrong yet i still have dry heaves, what do i do?
How does skin cancer affect the health and development of youth.?
How to do continuos ambuletory dialysis ?
Does sunken chest ever go away?
I keep getting a pain .....?
Has anyone tried NicRX stop smoking product?
very painful throat?
Is there any medications I can take to relive my PAIN???????????? :'(?
Pain on my right side (( Upperbody ))?
my 20 year old nephew has a red flaky nose and hates it, any suggestions?
brown/red blotches on leg?
what are the effects of lacing marijuana with flyspray?
have 14month old with strabismus does anyone if someone who performs visions therapy on sunshine coast in QLD?
Thick hard bloody mucus in the morning?
the process of administring drugs in the hospital?
swollen lymph nodes 7 weeks?
What is chemotherapy induced pancytopenia?
19 week scan doc found hypoechio soild nodule on bladder?
i need answers to my osgood schlaters disiese problem?
my hands are wrinkly please help!!!! ?
How to get rid of chicken pox marks on the face?
Where can I find cool medical cases to read, like those on the TV show "House MD"??
I'm sick but every test says i'm perfect?
Do I have a UTI or a Kidney Infection?
How can I smell REALLY BAD?
Help!!!! scared of being intubated during general anesthesia?
What's that lump under my armpit?
what is the strongest medicine you can get for pain?
Pregnant, Sick (upper respitory issues) and Confused? Please Help!?
My Ear is very red???
Good slogan for a breast cancer charity day?
blood in vomit after drinking?
my daughter takes epilim and tegratol and wakes up shakey and very upset every morning any one else have this?
Americans I need your help?
I have a few blackheads on the side of my nose and they are really irritating me. how can i get rid of them?
Why am i exhausted only a few hours after waking up?
The Pill........?
Can i get medical marijuana as a teen in CO?
Who is the bully here?
can i swim with a newly pierced nose?
i sleep all night but when i wake up i feel as if i havent been to sleep whats wrong with me?
cant get 2 sleep? help?
Drinking? What can cleanse my liver?
How long will I test positive for cannibis?
how do i feel better?
If you don't eat while baked, can you die?
i'm hopefully getting my tonsils removed...2 questions!?
Waxing hair?
what to pack for the hospital?
What's it like being a Masseuse?
What can cause a Burning Sensation In Leg Muscle?
My Throat Hurts?!?!?!?!?
How to make back straight from shoulder towards the middle back?
Top 10 ways to get rid of a migraine/headache?
When discussing prostate cancer?
reflux and quitting smoking????? is that possible??
what's very low core body muscle tone related to reflux from birth mean and how will it affect my daughter?
Febrile convulsions, Microcephaly, Dyspraxia?
My daugher age four has a lump one month later on her leg on the location of a recent injection.?
what are the treatments for skin cancer??
low hb, platelet, WBC?
Concave Chest?
Extra fat underneath arms, how to lose it?
Are tap handles hygienic?
Certain vitamins may shorten lifespan ??? Fact or fiction ???
Heart area hurting, plz help.?
What is the function of each organ?
Clostrophobia, what can I do?? I do not want to take medication for it. Can I treat it myself?
how many sit ups should i do everyday so i can get a flat stomach?
Do you think adults with braces look silly?
what does the nurse do with the piperacillin?
what to do about a sore throat?
Ambulance service?
please help i have a broken wrist?
Chewing food more?
How can i grow taller cause i am 13 years old and i am 140cm-145cm tall?
Do UV Rays pass through usual clothing and is it advisable to wear garments with UPF protection?
do you get paid more for donating plasma if you have a certain blood type?
I eat chilli everyday and it kills me the next day when i go to the toilet..?
The meaning of life.?
how can i put on weight?!?
why do we get hiccups?
Should I be concerned about sudden changes in my migraine symptoms?
Are mental disorders Heriditary?
Which side are your apendix on???
Abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, no appetite, back pain -19 years old, female...what is this?
What is medicaid and how do you apply for it?
What are some illnesses that seriously affect the immune system?
Please don't laugh.is it a disease ? what should I do?
I am tired, but can't sleep. I shouldn't be stressed, I am on holidays. Help.?
Is there a term for this type of person?
can someone help me about the wonder of life?
anorexia hospitals and PTSD?
My psychiatrist thinks I'm not serious when I mention suicide ?
Dr, patiant privacy, how far does it go?
i feel like a vampire lately, like I really feel like pouncing and drinking someones blood?
I am terrified of answering phones....how can I overcome this?
How can I tell My alcoholic , Ocd Friend he needs help, taactfully.?
Anyone experienced increased anxiety while taking sertraline (Zoloft)?
Could a counsellor get mad about this?
Depressed, no interest in nothing just nothing. I am falling apart?
question about antidepressants?
Antianxiety, yes or no?
Is this normal.........?
what are the signs of depression?
I am not my illness.?
can i be diagnosed with epilepsy after having 2 seizures in 11 months?
Is cooking in plastic considered a health risk?
lump in my left ear lobe?
particularly large clusters of lymph nodes occur in all of the following locations except?
how common is alzheimers disease in australia?
how can I stop severe reactions to mosquito bites?
How to help a tension head ache? HELP PLEASE?
How did you sprain your ankle?
pain in my upper left back under shoulder?
im always getting temple headaches? what can cause them?
I have neck problems.?
What is this swine flu pandemic about?
Strange ear infection, need help...?
do you think it's more socially acceptable for men to be overweight than women?
is any 1 out there addicted to oxycontin ?
im constantly waking up tired...?
Does your eyesight have to be very bad to be able to use contact lenses?
carpel tunnel syndrome...?
how long does it take to get Fioricet out of your system before a drug test?
got Symptoms like?????
My almost 3 year old has grey hair?
is this good?
woke up with a mystery bruise?
what kind of doctor should i see?
sharp pain in chest?
Pain Control?
can any1 help?
what are the side effects of radion therapy?
i need help bless me plz some 1!?
I'm getting very paranoid?
MRI Question??????????????????????
is it possible that exersize causes headaches?ive been playing soccer and?
could gallstones cause this pain ?
I am finding that whenever I hit myself in the head with a baseball bat it hurts...A LOT! What should I do?
pains when breathing in, upper left back.?
how old does my son have to be in order to take adult advil or Tylenol?
Scoliosis and Pectus Excavatum?
Why do people seek medical advice from unqualified strangers?
can you donate your liver? I have a fatty liver disease and they way my liver is going I want my liver out ?
How would I hide my Bulimia from a dentist
what would severe potassium deficiency do after 3 years if left untreated?
can you think if youre born deaf?
Can I pay someone to scratch my feet?
how to get rid of a headache?
What would be a normal body tempurature?
why am i hungry so often now?
I smoke benson and hedges fine cigarettes or any other 4-6mg cigarettes. In Australia they no longer tell you.
is tony working in this hospital?
The BCG vaccination, will it hurt, what happens?
If I burn between 4-6 t.lite candles every day/evening is it detrimental to my health?
Top 5: as a 20something or 30something person what are your top 5 health concerns?
why do i keep growing moles on my feet?
Blood tests, headache and panadol?
Is it normal to still feel the motion from rides for a while after being on them?
what can I do? I can't take care of myself?
Why do I get so many oral ulcers and how can I prevent them?
Is glutathione available in Australia?
I have really smelly wind i don't know what im eating wrong no matter what i eat its sticking around help pls?
Candida? Trying to understand symptoms?
a chair has 4 legs a stool psa 3 legs some one counts 31 legs. how many stools and chairs might there be?
Has anyone had bronchitis? What is it feel like? What happened?
what is end stage of palmonary fabrosis?
should i stop thinking in order to get better from ocd?
When you see a psychiatrist..do they weigh you ?
Anxiety (and mild depression) controlling my life?
why is my self esteem so low?
I did an all nighter, what can I do to stay alert for the rest of the day?
How many extra strength tylenol would it take to kill yourself?
TMJ - what is it? do I have it?
How to manage the pain after ingrown toenail surgery?
Huge knots in my back?
17 year old boy i have gynaecomastia/breastbuds for three /4 years how do i get rid of them?
how can i avoid getting a re lapse of a cold when it has just about gone away. This has happened 3 times?
Is stomach banding for a 73 y/o safe?
What could be causing my irritated throat?
i just got told that i need my gallbladder removed. have u had it removed? help?
My ribs seem way too big for the rest of my body, what's wrong?
can skinny jeans make your leg smaller?
this verry strang feeling in my throat, and im getting worried.?
Do i have the flu or something related to the flu?
What diet-related diseases might result from too many simple carbohydrate?
aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! help MY eye burns?
Why does non-drowsy Claritin DM make me sleepy and extremely crabby?
help. i'm so tired at work(reception)?
hey guys, can you please help me with this poll? it would mean a lot?
i need your advice guys!?
How come we never sneeze when we are asleep?
How long does the average person live, before they need medication to stay alive?
How long will the high be on an LSD tab?
How to stop a twitch?!?
Why does my neck bulge out?
Where can I find coloured crutches in Australia?
why do i have constant heartburn?
Should I worry about the eyelash stuck in the corner of my eye?
can losing weight too fast cause back/spinal pain.?
Seriously ill, what is wrong?
how do i vomit important urgent!!!!?
I think I may have a bloodclot in the back of my leg, the calf muscle, what are the symptoms??
what kind of liver problems can be life threatening?
Not sure if I should be worried or not????
does anyone know a miracle cure for a LOST VOICE! ?
Could it be my appendix?
what is the REM stage of sleeping?
Do You Have Any Idea What Condition This Is Called?
Do anorexics smoke? Seriously, does anyone know? Random question, yes.. But I'm curious if they do or not.
I have a sore throat, but I don't know if it is strep or allergies.?
why are boils so gross?
How can I get rid of Redness and uneven skin tones on my face?
wat type of food helps or stops bloating?????????
I am having difficulty finding a good vegetarian dog food. It has been Vet recommended.?
i need help?
What's better for Gerd, Zegerid or Prilosec?
Is anosmia (no sense of smell) hereditary??
does anyone have severe aching legs? I have had spinal surgery as I was told the leg pain would go away..I?
How can I feel happy, confident and love life?
How long is the waiting time to see a psychiatrist ?
I took 5 Extra Strong Tylenols ( 500 mg's each ) in the past hour.. I feel nothing.. Seriously?
im 15 with clinical depression,i cut my wrists about 4 times a week?
Is talking to yourself a sign of depression?
Is it normal to seriously think about suicide?
can you comment on this poem? it's about a child with tourettes syndrome?
Has therapy actually helped anyone?
Depression; how can I help myself?
Teens With Anxiety!!!!!?
questions about bipolar disorder?
are you someone totally different...? (og idk which section this goes under. srry if its wrong)?
Is there a diagnosis for people who just can't stick to the truth or facts as they are,no matter what?
Am I Depressed? Rant. Help?
why am i always tired ?
How do I get over that huge urge to move every year or so?
IM ADDICTED...AND i dont kno what to do?
Why am I so emotional and how do I control my emotions better?
I have over-anxiety and need help plz?