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can you get blood poisoning or ink poisoning from giving yourself a home made tattoo with pen ink?
Why do i feel like throwing up when i get nervous ? How can i prevent that ?
How can I tell if my rat has a sarcoma tumor or mammory tumor?
lately I have had a bad cough, and now I have chest pain, a headache and a sore throat. Please help.?
Is it advisable to give 1 yr old child to give Psylium Husk to prevent or cure constipation?
Hey 28 year old male, I've had swallon glands for about 2 months all down my jaw line?
is shisha bad for you?
Has anyone ever undergone a sleep study?
What vitamins, or products help improve the skin naturally?
Nerves coming back?
When will I die???????????????????
momentary blackouts??
Why does tickling/laughter cause a sudden loss of baldder control?
Bloated all the time help pls 10 points?
My daughter is 3 years old and has had diarrhea for FOUR weeks!?
Help! Stomach burns! KILLS me!!! May it be cause of the Ferrous pills? What can I do?
What do these symptoms correspond with?
would you????????????????????????????????
Before I fall asleep I have this weird feeling?
am i weird. please answer honestly?
I am a sloppy person , whenever I get my hands into somthing I do a sloppy job?
what can a depressed 13 year old boy with no friends do for fun
Are you Crazy ??????????
Just talk me through this, help me, please.?
How can I help a person who suffers from panic attacks and anxiety?
I keep feeling the urge to cut myself!....?
How can i prevent car sickness while reading, writing or watching vids in the car?
do you cut yourself? how come?
Depression after leaving ??? :(?
Im having suicidal thoughts...again...?
Puberty questions..?
What happen's if you become antisocial?does it affect becoming social phobia?
what do u do if you family thinks u have a eating disorder?
is it normal for women in there 20's to have wet underwear? not like you peeed your pants?
Bone or Mucle?
Cancer of brainstem?
I feel like my muscles or tendons are coming off my bone whenever i move one of my arms. Whats that mean?
Will I get a constipation if I have food with whole wheat often?
Did i just have a seizure ?
when was heroin last used in australian hospitals?
a medicine make me feel calm not sleepy?
name the only fluids that can be given concurently through the same IV devices as a red cell trasfusion?
how long should i leave cetaphil on for?
what can i do to keep warm in thewinter and not buy anything?
URGENT help please....?
Health question - Stress?
Why are baby girls born with a better and stronger immune system than baby boys?
I have a baby daughter, named Kiara-Lee, Her father has left me and want's to take Her away from me HELP!?
All possible effects of Marijuana?
what is the point of lice?
If my resting heart rate is 55bpm but I feel fine is that ok? I amalso on inderal only 20mg a day for migraine
what do i put in a humidifier apart from water?
how can i gain weight?
What is your path to living a longer and fuller life?
nose won't stop running, eyes are watering and green snot came out one of my tear ducts?
how is oxygen passed through blood?
Why do people say the cold weather doesn't make us sick?
Cold symptoms?
Maxolon? have you had it before (anti-nausea drug)?
do they check for marijuana during a sports physical?
sore on my tail bone?
Fumes from melting plastic?
how do i get rid of red acne scars.. im desperate and have been unable to leave my house for weeks?
My wart has gone white and painful after treatment?
built up eggs on my armpit hairs or just something els?
Do guys care if a girl has a birthmark on her shoulder? or any people in general.?
Can anyone recommend a good muscle relaxant?
Back of my head hurts !?
abdominal pain, should i seek medical help?
abscess after root canal?
why do i get sharp pains in my inner thigh?
Is it ok for me to talk about my problems?
Are you stressed right now?
Why does it take me so long to fall asleep?
How do you forgive yourself when you've done something wrong?
I am only 22.. help!?
Am I doing the right thing (suicidal friend)?
My mom died in May, and I still can't get over it.?
Which is the best way to control Anger?
Friend with selfesteem problem?
how to stop my teen from visiting the psychiatrist?
Swollen under eyes. Woke yesterday and from bottom of eyes to about an inch down my eyes are swollen.?
Whats next?[PLEASE HELP ME!]?
Pelvic congestion Syndrome?
Im going to my local ER to tell them Im suicidal.?
What is a treatment for b cell high grade lymphoma?
Breathing Technique?
How do you stop crying?
Can you take the anti - thyriod drugs for the rest of your life i was told i only had the option of surgery?
Ahh. Still suicidal and more frustrated than ever?
Help, I'm scared, abuse?
how can i stop worrying too much...it's distracting me from focusing and doing good job in studying?
How to get rid of thoughts and feelings for a person you know you can't have thoughts and feeling for?
What's wrong with me?!?
My 14 year old son is severely depressed and cuts himself and acts up really badly what do I do?
H0w do I help someone with an addiction, which causes him to lie constantly?
I take clonazepam and effexor for anxiety...Am I the only one taking meds for this?
My body temp has constantly been around 95 for the past 2 months should I be concerned?
Shouldn't we all walk out of the toilet with our pants down?
Do we need toes?
Is my appendix going to burst?
plzzzzzzzzzz help me i am worried i am 17 yesterday when i woke up from bad i felt dizzy and fell down?
i need help asap!! someone answer please !
How to make tough the skin around my fingernails?
Will anti fungal cream clear up & get rid of and infected/ingrown toe nail. If so how long will it take?
Can A Dermatologist prescribe roaccutane on the first visit.?
palmoplantar pustular psoriasis-anyone ever been cured and if so, how?
how can i get rid of my cellulite?
Again I request you to please help regarding The benefits of "RED-WINE" & its healthy use its dose & best time
what is the longest time one can hold their breath for?
why does TB patients febrile during night of late afternoon?
how seious is internal bleeding of the stomach?
My right ear has been blocked for a week?
I think I may be bipolar :s help?
Question im not sure of, serious question?
do you consider yourself as having a bad temper ?
How would you get a friend to stop using drugs?
Do u apparently have everything but still feel unhappy?
my 3 yr old is waking 1 or 2 hrs after sleep sweating and confused making herself sick lease help!!!?
Will being on meds mess up my brain when I go of them?
Why do some people mix their antidepressants and Alcohol?
what are signs of ADD? (attention deficit disorder)?
no one knows when i'm gonna croke?
is there online help or someone i can call if i am feeling sad or have issues with alcohol?
I have had it with my life. I am so tired, exausted and overwhelmed. I am at my wits end?
List of things you want to do before you die?
should smoking be banned?
Do i have a drinking problem?
can you get a high off of smoking cigarettes?
Why should you breathe through your nose not your mouth?
will my friend get busteed?
Does codeine make you bloated?
My stomach always grumbles. How to make it stop?
Why would brushing your teeth make you throw up?
is it possible to get addicted to soda?
Do I Have an Anxiety Problem?
What could this be....?
what is good to tighten neck skin?
I have disc damage in my lower back L5 S1. it is compressing my nerve. what can i do to help myself?
Why have I got an occasional twitch in my eye all of a sudden?
i "tried" to donate blood today....?
Whats the salary difference between pharmacists working in hospitals and pharmacists working in drugstores?
does this stop you from hearing your tinnitus?
What does it mean if you always feel the cold and can never get warm?
How can I get tired enough to go to sleep?
What are the potential effects of wearing contact lenses?
What would be wrong with your leg..?
How do I remove my leg and arms then put my arms where my legs are, then my legs where my arms are? ?
Yesterday at a party, when someone jumped on me, the underpart of my thigh had this uncontrollable pain?
Headaches when i lie down?
Will a blood test reveal lupus?
Diseases that affect small percentage, not great funding like big killers like cancer?
epilepsy question?
can you still give blood if you have haemochromatosis?
PLEASE HELPP psoriasis pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee... :{?
Why does life feel like its not worth living anymore?
How to live with sloppy, dirty, messy, lazy people?
Has anyone had medical success from social anxiety?
Antisocial, outcast , follower?
I hear voices sometimes...?
i have bipolar disorder is there anything i can take to make me feel better?
Should i tell my best friends i self injure?
i can't eat my breakfast again properly before i know this. is this severe?
What can I substitute with cutting?
I'm 15 and really depressed. What should I do?
what do they do when you have suicidal ideation?
as a thrity somethings, I still having a hard time to control my self-pitty feeling. am I childdish?
wouldnt it be sweet if you could sleep all day and never wake up?
What do i do? All answers valued! :O?
am i sensitive, cause i seemto cry at the oddest times , for example sad songs, shows, just wondering?
What Should I Do...do I have a problem?
I keep thinking about suicide.. that's the only thing I can think of?
Magnesium and a sore finger?
Can You OverDose Of BONJELA?
my moderate hearing loss?
Help MY EYES :(?
how do you overcome procastination?
Why do i often get a headache when i go to university?
where would you find the regulations for the disposal of contaminated items?
Is it true?
please can someone help me urgently? i need some info on....?
My friend is very sick? 10 points!?
I get headaches a lot, WHY?
I've had IBS for about 4 years now and I'm so sick of it interfering with my social life. Please help?
Examples of endorphins?
How long does it take for hemorrhoids to go away?
What is causing this?
what will happen if i drink alcohol the day before i have surgery, getting a mole cut out?
IS it TRUE that if UR WISDOM TEETH haven't GROWN yet, that YOU'LL still be ABLE to grow in HEIGHT?
I don't wash my feet/toes, what are possible lifelong effects?
Is it true that vitamins tablets don't dissolve comletely in the stomach?
Why have I been so tired lately?
ear problem lol..............?
11 year old tinnitus?
Why do I get strange weak leg feeling and feeling of no energy when I'm walking in morning? ?
i had a wart burnt of my foreskin and its left a hole with the skin around it raised this was 3 weeks ago?
who tried the formula of "KidneyStoneNaturalTreatment " to dissvole the kidey stones? anyone?
Body pain after lymphatic drainage?
blood disorder????
would you turn into a vegetarian if you had cancer and the doc told me people with my cancer live very long?
White Build up in the inside corner of my eyes?
Applying for SSI?
Another carpal tunnel question...?
What should I expect at the doctors?
What to you think the diagnose is for this?
I cut my arms sometimes. I know it's bad but...?
Have you ever felt a halo on your head?
Is killing or hurting someone..................?
Can you get addicted to Trazodone? This stuff puts me to sleep right away. Will I be able to sleep if I stop
Why do i keep seeing a purple camel????????
Is Xanax and other benzos like "peace in a bottle".?
I believe that Schizophrenia is aload crock.?
How can you love yourself?
i hate school!!!!!!!?
Has anyone lost friendships, spouses or family because of Bipolar?
am I loosing my mind?
How do i just let my feelings out.?
my dad recently passed way,i don't know how to cope,im so depressed!?
Constant stomach pain?
Woke up with a sore knee?
Is this reversible? (toes)?
Helppppppp, I need CPR specialist?
what can i do for the pain?
i have a bad problem and need help. i get really sweaty around the area where my thighs meet my private area?
Swollen lower lip, kissing cause?
Why do my symptoms keep coming back?
I am 6 days post op and a rash has appeared over large portion of body. Is this just delayed IV drip reaction?
No bowel movement after laxatives!!! should I go to school tomorrow?
Where can i buy saliva drug tests? such as oraline?
Is it true that Basic Health Cover is NOT covered in the USA?
has anyone had a growth spurt in college?
I'm feeling light headed....?
Extremely thirsty but when drink have very bad stomach pains? What is this?
How do I know if I have an enlarged spleen?
Just a question about smoking marijuana..?
Why would someone vomit all the time for no apparent reason?
What are the long term effects of sleeping with a form of media on, i.e. music or television?
Which drug do you believe is most damaging to health?
Which foods should you avoid when you have a stomach ulcer?
rib cage shape of left and right side?
i think i'm officially nocturnal... help!?
Why is my head hurting so much? I didnt hit or anything. Wats rong?
I've been drinking lots of water so why is my urine so strong?
help! where can i buy drysol or xerac here in australia specifically here in darwin?
i am 20 years old and always hungry. ?
How come when i rub money on my skin or medal ($1 coin) my skin goes black where i rubbed my skin with it?
Major sweating problem.?
why do i remember to do stuff usually right before i go to sleep?
do u ever want to go somewere far? or just stop living?
Panic Attacks?
what is the difference between a panic or an anxiety attack?
why does my stomach pain when I get migranes?
been having pain in left leg.?
What is a benign bone growth?
Eye pain that makes me so tired has been increasing. ?
I hurt my tailbone during hockey?
What can I do for a sore throat when I can hardly swallow in the first place?
Just started on roaccutane (accutane is other name) I want some success stories! Anyone? I want only good news?
A TCA 30% chemical peel home kit went totaly horrible, does anyone know what to do?
I can't get them off . Please help?
How do i get rid of small dark scars on my knees?
Medication for acne, how long does it take until it kicks in?
Electricity effects body?
how does a persons health who is gluten-intollerant differ from one who eats a regular diet?
My son has suffured from growing pains in his legs for years, when will this stop and how can i help with pain
what causes boogas in our noses?
Could you name 2 legal and 2 illegal drugs?
Im having intense stomach pains..?
What's wrong with my fingers?
Is it too late?
hoW dO yU makE yourselF throW uP?
I'm going to boarding school but I take a very long time in the bathroom...?
Hoe do you over come a needle phobia?
X RAY opinions please look.?
how tall will i be?
Do supermarkets spray their fruit & vegies with gas or chemicals to keep them fresh or longer, or to ripen?
Can you tell me why babies have 300 bones when they are born when there are 206 bones in an adults body?
What is paramethoxyamphetamine?
what will happen if i take an overdose???
do i got ashtma?
how can i get popcorn out of my throat?
Am I going crazy?
what does bipolar mean?????????
How to cure severe disabling anxiety?
does anyone get anxiety and panic attacks?
How to deal with feelings of suicide?
Lost job and need medicine, please help!?
i am not sleeping at all help me?
PTSD anyone?
I've been in and out of the phychiatric system since I was 21 yrs. old. How about you?
How bad is your depression right now ?
How can I numb my mind...safely.... without turning to alcohol...?
How do your know if you are in denial?
I always feel nervous?
I have an ADHD child ...I've asked and read and I'm lost!!?
why does certain alcohol drinks make people violent and not other drinks, need honest advice on this question
structure and function of capillaries?
When does the ESR level become clinically significant?
Can I take two .5 XANAX???
How long should a kid come back to sport after having major brain surgery?? What are the requirements?
Tender spots on calves??
How can I keep my hands healthy?
Bump under skin, please help me?
Is there a way to heal my blackhead scab fast?
how to reduce dark circle?
Skin Problem plz help me?
Is there a tablet for psoriasis?
i been sick for the past 4 days?
can this be a health problem?
how can we improve the way we communicate?
wat do drugs do to you?
Why do you practice Yoga?
My leg fell off how can I fix it ?
night mares?
what does it mean when a person is told they have too much yeast in their body?
My daughter had been tense, stressed, and pale. she tires easily and has no energy. can something be wrong?
Is it bad for a stomachache to still hurt after more than three hours if it was just from eating too much?
Do you get sick if you don't wear socks during winter?
What are the best fruits for memory and concentration?
do i have an eating disorder?
Preventative of gastro?
Do you think overcoming drug addiction makes you a stronger person or no, your half the person you used to be?
Am i mentally challenged or is it normal?
is asperger syndrome a mental illness?
Tips on how to sleep?
Does metal help deppression?
I feel as if i'm a dissapointment?
Does anyone know about side effects after being tazzerd by the cops?
I am seeing a therapist/psychologist tomorrow. Is there anything I can do to prepare?
Anyone had success in ending your depression ?
What happens if I put an elephant in a microwaveable?
Suicide thoughts vs. Suicide plans?
has anyone overcome anxiety disorder with antideppresants?
How is binging related to depression, anxiety and/or stress?
Please...I'm NOT crazy...but I'd like your help?
Do certain anti depressants make you more sleepy than others?
My mom is making fun of me taking an overdose to kill myself. Help?
How do you stop obsessive thoughts and thinking.?
what will happen if you stop taking effexor suddenly?
Shoe insoles..?
I have an odd problem. The only way i can describe it is that my inner ear sometimes feels...cold?
giant, red, painful zit?
So pretty much i am tired of getting acne and have tried everything!!?
What could be causing fever in 16 month old for almost two weeks?
My mid back (rhomboids area) sometimes gets so tight it effects my breathing. What is this? What can I do?
ok bladder cancer question here. I have cancer of the bladder and I need to know why you get very high?
I will ask a quesiton about blader cancer?I have the desease, and want to know why with this you have high?
how to read a rabies vaccination report?
Hi i took the TB shot 2 days ago and now it has the circumference of an egg or maybe even large!!?
My face went grey. What does that mean?
Is Caffeine really a drug?
I can't clean my ears out properly because...?
Why is it unhealthy to refreeze the food after defrosting it?
Can you buy Robitussin (cough medication stuff) at the supermarket?
I've had Polymyalgia for 1 year..am on Pednisone 5 mg daily. What will happen if I stop taking the meds?
What natural herbs can i take for nausea?
how old do you have to be to smoke tobacco?
Help! I just woke up from a dream where I couldn't breathe!!!?
How can i get more energy ?
i have a very sick friend from drink being spiked how can i help him?
The type of injury a child is especially susceptible to at a specific age is most closely related to which of?
i had one big brown spot on my underwear and it didnt happend agian what is it?????
is being facinated with cartoons (esp. disney fairytales), disturbing for a person 24 yrs old and older?
should i go to sleep now? read?
What can this cause and will it cause your brain to be very slow and vague?
What are mind altering drugs?
Why hasn't my boyfriend grown armpit hair?
why shouldn't you give blood when you have a cold?
Has anyone reacted badly from general anaethesia?
could any 1 tell me how 2 tone up and loose the flab,wat is the best way 2 loose 7kilos,please need some ideas
speed (the drug)?
Major pain help me??????????
How to increase pain tolerance?
I feel just awful, can anyone help me out?
What's your motivation for getting up from bed in the morning?
Is it normal to have anxiety attacks daily?
Does having bi polar disorder keep you out of the military?
Drinking Qustion?
anybody with food issues want to talk?
Emergency ! Emergency ! Please help?
MATURE ANSWERS ONLY ..Overwhelmed by life and want to be happy again?
If i tell my school counceller about my cutting problem will she tell my parents?
I was giving Lorazepam (by a doctor )that goes under my tongue and was wondering how hong do I leave it there?
my strange sleeping habits?
If my son scratches his head or does anything with 1 hand the other hand does the same thing? any answers?
does anyone have gallstones?
I have been sick for 4 weeks now and they keep telling me it is something else, each week.?
Does this sound like fibromyalgia?
Had Bronchitis now pain uder right rib?
I have recently been told that i may have coeliacs disease, but haven't had the final test. Was wanting some..
I have an Alpha-1 Antitrypsin level of 1.04 with 1.10 being the minimum, should I be concerned?
I just started Roaccutane and my skin is really dry. Does anyone know a good cleanser and moisturiser?
My HEAL(foot) is ichy, help!?
i cut my head accidently(scar) but after a week it was gone what happend?
could someone please help me understand my symptoms?
What are the types of bloodless brain surgery for brain tumor? Are they expensive?
What causes excessive flatulence?
I love to sleep but I hate going to bed?
What is your fav thing to do in the shower?
not hearing well with my left ear i think its water and wax inside what do i do really uncomfortable.help?
Does patient confidentiality last after a person dies?
my finger nail are in bad shape how can i make them grow faster?
When My son was in hospital there was a little girl with cancer and a huge surgical scar on her scalp, she was?
Why do people call the clavicle bone, the collarbone?
Sharp pains in the left side of my head!?
Sharp pain above left hip while exercising?
I need to take a UA for the military in 5 days, how can I pass this, PLEASE HELP !!!!!?
what to do when you get a spinal injury at work to heal the injury?
i have a reallllly bad stomach ache?
opiates vs methadone what are the requirements?
WTF!? Bad Headache (Reposting this cause I added more details)?
Help! I have pain in my arms!!?
My legs are reallllly achy...from my knees down and I cant sleep...any suggestions...?
Depression? HELP PLEASE?
i have a fear of being left home alone for more than an hour?
I am looking to move & am so scared.?
Young and mistaking?!?
i think i am going crazy !!!!someone help!?
Im feeling depressed alot, what can i do?
I have anxiety and panic attacks and have been prescribed Lexapro?
Why am I tired all the time?
everytime i cut myself i feel so messed up?
why do i have the biggest fear of a guy not loving me back?
Is there a for cure for shynessÉ?
Anyone heard of this kind of OCD?
I have an anxiety problem about eating. Please help!!!?
True or False? Some babies are born with high self-esteem, while others are not?
Need Help! How do I deal with depression at my age?!?
is this a normal thing to be afraid of?
what can you do to get a liar toi stop lying??
Mental question. What should I do?
I can't sleep because I'm really angry. Any advice?
wierd tummy action!?
Since I have a 45 degree scoliosis, is it safe to say that I'm losing a significant amount of height?
its been eleven days since i had my tonsills removed and it is still very hard to eat anything ,why is this?
I accidently inhaled mold spores, what should I do to minimize health risks?
anybody would share his psoriasis cure other than allopathic drugs?
If processed out of the NAVY for medical reasons, can you get back in???
School Immunisations - I'm scared of injections!!!?
Will anti fungal cream clear up & get rid of and infected/ingrown toe nail. If so how long will it take?
Can you take minocycline and the pill at the same time?
I am 34 and recently have been diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome. The joint pain has been unbearable. ?
Pain in my chest area!!!?
Lump and Pain in neck, Joint and Muscle ache, Fever and chills, and Rash..What is it?
do anyone know what can lessen routerycup shoulder pain please HELP?
If you had a bipolar, or manic friend how would you help him or her?
re: self-injury?
Can broken people be fixed?
How close am I to being hospitalized?
21 fresh cuts... what to do?
Could I have depression?
Simply a controling person or a mental illness?
I want to die. I want to die so badly. I am so suicidal?
Depression, anxiety, schizoprenia?
what is happen to me?
Is there something wrong with me...?
Suicidal and energised at the same time? Part of Major Depression? Please help?
I called a hotline from my cell yesterday and at the end, I hung up.. I get home and my house my surrounded?
Right side of my face burning as well as my right ear..?
My Poo is a greenish color?!?
How to ease a really sore throat?
Getting to sleep earlier?
What is causing my lightheadedness and these hot flushes over my body? Virus related? Any insight?
?????Can beer make symptoms of arthritis worse?????
Dyslexia - waht can I do abuot it?
What could this pain under ribs be?
Why does being cold make you need to pee?
Do you ever get sick of the health related questions on here, where people don't think to see their doctor?
what is your bad habit?
In pain, not sure what to do... HELP?!?
Painful needle, overreacting?
Advice for stopping razor burns from hurting?
im pretty drunk right now but i have to work in the morning. i want to go to sleep but not 'pass out'?
How do i get over depression?
how to tell parents about self harm issues?
I'm really, really scared. Any ideas what could be causing this...?
I Regret My Life So Far. I Want To Change It. But I Fear The Time It Will Take?
My friends crack is always out?!?!?
Self-harmers, did you tell you that you self-harmed? How did that work out for you?
how can i make someone angry feel better?
If I don't want to take medication?
Mental question?
My friend is acting suicidal and i'm worried for her? How can I help her? Please answer quick!?
I'm on meds, but my depression is getting worse. Is there any way to cope?
Overdose 2 days ago?
How to get bad vision so i wear glasses?
Upper back pain on spine. No strenuous activities. please help.?
Tingling/pins and needles in ring and little finger of each hand?
I'm going for a pre employment medical check working in a chemical factory ..what happens at the medical?
Should you be able to see the bones in a male teenager's hands?
if you take a shot(needle..e.g.flu)and at first nothing happens...and then when you take it again u get a rash
do i haveee to get my bsn?
Whats the best way to get rid of a cold? :( ginving best answer!?
why don't you feel like eating when you have a cold?
Why do I need health insurance?
Does it hurt when your getting porcelain veneers applied to your teeth?
If you eat pot brownies will you feel like you're dying?
I was just diagnosed with POTS, what should I do about school?
Tourettes syndrome BOTOX?
History of low energy with muscle pain. Originally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Now low potassium.?
In adults, over 90% of all cancers are either adenomas or carcinomas. In fact, cancers of the skin, lung,?
Why do I feel sick any time I wake up from sleeping at night or naps, for months? (I'm NOT pregnant)?
Last question for the night(In Melbourne) with cancer of the Urethra and Ureters near the bladder?
can osteoporosis be cured at age 24 ,female with cervical cancer?
can I terminate my lease if my apt is harmful to my child due to roaches, that spread disease?
I forgot I was getting a blood test and drank coffee with Splenda?
I would like to ask a very important question here. I went into hospital about just over two weeks ago?
is this a symptom of a pinched nerve?
why can't I point my feet? Normal ppl can point their feet 90 degrees, when I can only go to about 45 degrees?
Pain When I Walk, Top Of Foot?
Reduce redness of skin?
What cream/oil have you found the best to use on a 2nd degree burn/graft?
I had lost a part of my skin on my face due to some reason.It had been a long time but still it did't regain ,?
what to do after earlobe has some tearing from gauging?
do small warts on fingers/hands usually go away by themselves overtime? if not how should they be removed ?
I have a panic attack driving my car in the same spot every morning what should i do to stop it and fast????
Would the amount of blood taken from a skinny person be enough to affect them?
Do doctors get paid for writing prescriptions? Who pays them? What is the remuneration?
virus everywhere?
fluorescent lamps?
Why dont we sneeze while we are asleep?
Anyone had Eczema on their breasts?
what are nodgels in the chest area?
coughing causing dry retching?
Hi all. I just want to say that I found out yesterday that I have a growth in my uterus as it is bulky and I?
How can an office with no windows or outside ventilation on a cement floor be free from Black Mold?
what the difference between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system?
nonstop headaches?
Has anyone ever encountered "Melanotic Neuroectodermal Tumor of Infancy" or know of someone who has?
Have you ever felt that your life is empty and will never get any better?
ok am talking about my wife i walk in on her wereing a diapers so i dont no what to do about it am she is 28
How do voices in your head sound like?
Should I still be a psychiatrist? Family history of mental illness?
how can i prevent being lonely?
are there any celebrities that suffer from delusional disorder?
I'm slipping down a greased pole?
What is bi polar disorder?
I attempted suicide last Wednesday.. got raped Friday night and I am suicidal?
pain when i breathe in or out?
whats the street price of vicodin in toronto?
Neck problems???????????????????
When I'm stoned, I'm very aware that I'm inside my own body.?
I can see FLOATING images similar to a small Skelton (h 2 cms) just two fetes from my eyes-what is all this?
Aspartame sweetener kills ants and athletes who drink it, Any truth?
Would vomiting speed up the recovery of a stomach flu?
What are some Low Carb foods?
BuSpar and Prozac interactions?
I am taking homeopathic treatment for anger & facial hair from a qualified homeopathic doctor since 7months bu
Temporary deafness in one ear, comes and goes...what's the cause?
What is wrong with me? I've had a stuffy nose for almost a month. a cough for 2.5 weeks?
Is it damaging my future voice?
deltoid and trapezius -shoulder muscles fail when lifting weights?
Who knows desperation?
Why do YOU love your body?
Do you think that taking meds can increase your body weight, or increase hunger.?
short term memory im 14?
Running on 2-3 hours of sleep?
Advice for a non-confident, 23 year old girl? PLEASE help me.?
can you help me break this vicious cycle?
I am afraid to go to the gym because I think there are gang members there?
Hey I have missed school a lot and now I have really bad stress over it what should I do?
How are people able to wean of anti-depressant medication if their brain has a chemical imbalance?
Is there any cure for Tourette Syndrome?
I've had this problem for about a year now.. i want it to stop:(?
Should I see a psychiatrist?
minor teenage depression?
how to tell someone you cut yourself?
I have panic attacks. Help, what can I do to remain calm and not freak out?
why am i so scared? HELP!!?
How do you make friends?
I am a bad friend???
Neck pain over carotid artery?
what are we really afraid of..death itself or the suffering that might come before?
Is second hand smoke acceptable in my apartment? Do I have to put up with it or move, as my landload says?
very painfull stomach ache that just wont leave me alone?
Why do elbows sometimes peel and take long for them to heal?
How to get rid of acne on your back and chest?
I've burnt the skin on my underarms from leaving hair removal cream on too long, it's very painful what are ?
one of my ears keeps ringing what can i do?
Why do doctor appointments costs money?
Why do men get smelly bellybutton fluff and women don't?
Why is it that whenever I eat rice, it gives me the hickups?
when quitting, is there a good way to overcome insomnia or is it a simple case of "sweat it out"?
I had a swollen left ribs and often times it occurs with back aches.. what do you think it is?
How to deal with sciatica pain?
My entire body hurts,?
Maxalt For Migraines - Loss Of Taste?
Why Do scientology Members Hide Their connection To scientoology In The Mental Health Questions?
I feel really depressed right now and I sometimes wish I was never born. How do I deal with this?
Do you think im crazy ?
Is depression a progressive illness if it goes untreated?
i recently found out my son was messed up on Ecstasy--lost a lot of weight as a result-he refuses to get help?
My friends and adopted parents want me to go into therapy for no reason?
dug use....?
Is Suicide the only way?
Are there alot of people who suffer from depression these days?
ok... i want to stop feeling depressed. i just want to be more happy and positive.?
Should Yahoo post a disclaimer for this category?
My father threatened suicide tonight!!!?
I want to die. Is this considered being suicidal ? Since it's just thoughts?
Can someone be self diagnosed with bipolar?
Whats that condition called when you think or believe you have a sickness but its your imagination.?
at 23 years old, what am I supposed to have accomplished in life?
Road Rage As A Mental Illness?
I do strange stuff in my sleep sometimes...?
Why will the consumption of 'dirty' food lead to diarrhoea?
What is "mal de ojo"?
can doctors allways see if u have cancer through the blood?
Throat Problems?!?
does anyone have ovarian cyst mine is 15cm?...should i constrict my activities?
Why do some people need to have their tonsils removed?
I need Doctors help, please!!!!?
What should i do with my burn?
I want to gain weight quickly. ....Help !?
best way to unwind????
Should movies showing actors smoking...?
How is food prevented from entering the lungs?
Please be helping me? i am have my 2 feet the same way. can I buy shoe like this in Amerika?
I am pale and weigh 50 kgs but i eat and eat and am rather healthy what can i do to look healthy?
can wifi devises cause cancer or tumours?
Does sleeping with 3 pillows 'bend' your neck?
does the ipod touch have a phone in it?
Name some foods that are high in 'Vitamin A?'?
What things can I eat to help my cough that don't taste disgusting?
Whats wrong with my stomach?
how do i cleanse my urine of marijuana without buying a product?
whats wrong with me friend?!?
carpel tunnel.... please answer?
Tips on helping me get to sleep.?
How do I reduce bloating in my stomach? From anxiety meds?
why wont my acne wont go?
exists, some cream or medicine to firm breasts?
Stomach and back pain?
Bad migraines since saturday?
I am losing it..I am on the edge of losing it completely?
Why do I want to be stalked?
Nobody wants to help me.......?
omg.. can some1 please help me with my previous question please please?
ADD/ADHD? Is it hereditary?
am i crazy or am i depressed?
Why do some traumatic events?
How do I start talking to my mother again?
what do you do if you feel people are trying to control you by intimidating you?
What are Natural cures for depression?
Is it possible that I could be depressed?
What should a person do to stop themselves from going crazy?
Anxiety: Is there any medication out there to help with it?
how to get things done even when you don't feel like doing 'em?
How do you cope with anxiety?
my son is doing drugs?
Why do i feel so awkward around everyone?
Why do my feet feel sore? They are constantly painful. My soles and toes feel fine, it's the rest that hurts.?
Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy)?
Cramping in my feet and hands.?
Why do I have a very stiff neck?
hurting and sometimes tightening on chest.?
medical questions?
A gentle aid to help digestion and relieve constipation.?
How long after a colonoscopy does diarrhea last?
How long is the recovery for a bone spur removal or a joint replacement?
if a person use hearing aids at the age of 28, will this person have any problem in future?
how do i get the zip to do up on my dress in 4weeks time?!?
What are some over the counter drugs that can make me go to slepp as quickly as possible?
What are the symptoms of high blood pressure and what can be done for it until you see a doctor?
I was out in very bright sunlight and saw wavy lines in my vision indoors,does anyone know what this might be?
i am looking for information about herbal medicines, pliz help?
Have you ever had to pee so bad and couldn't get to a bathroom so had to do the pee dance? Did you make it?
Stress!!!Please Help!?
if you got the runs how do you stop it?
How can I stop my bad habit of twitching my nose all the time?
what can I do/use for my oily skin?
Can one take Vicodin with Toprol?
Doctors and nurses...Dead arm syndrome?
hi girls and men help me out?
Will going anorexic/fasting get rid of stretch marks?
Drawing on your skin bad for you?
what is the best natural scar removal product for all types of scars?
I had a pea sized mole on the side of my head that became scabby. i picked at it. Now it is very painful?
few questions on Atopic Dermatitis?
are fenugreek seeds good for reducing bad cholestrol?
can ultrasound detect u have kidney cancer?
Was tyrothricin the first antibiotic widely used?
I have not got any hot flushes for my menopausal symptoms. so is it true not all females?
If you cry when you you have a pig-stye, does it make it better or worse?
? overactive Moro (startled) reflex?
How many Types of Brittle Bones is there? & is it possable to get crossed groupings?
I'm 9 weeks pregnant can you use suppositories for constipation?
Does anyone know what is good for dry skin?
What is this thing?? Help!!?
help! i accidentally cut my dogs skin!!?
What is the problem?? How should i take care of it?
How do i get rid of stretch marks?
Why did my skin react to this acne scrub?
drinking alcohol with a sinus infection?
what are these little things?
What does your spleen do? The doc said he might have to remove mine and that we really don't NEED it anyway.
how can it be that me & my husband both woke up w a neck ach in the same exact spot?
Bulimic - throat is super itchy and sore.?
Can a cold half go away then come back full on?
Have you had the Swine flu vaccine yet?
What causes brittle bones and bone pain?
Is it just a coincidence that your index finger is the same width or circumference as your nostrils?
feeling sick is it stress?
Am i going to grow taller? Are my habits wrong?
what is a good way to get rid of chronic stress? Eves?
Why do I always get worms?
Would recurring nosebleeds hold me back from becomming a pilot?
Do you wake up easily in the mornings?
how can i help a child with cancer stay healthy?
Please will you answer my quiz... im confused?
how to ease cold symptoms in under 24 hours?
neck cramps..how to get rid?
Do hospitals judge suicidal people or treat them in a bad way ?
am i an oral addict? .............?
Is i tpossible to buy a gun with a history of mental health issues and past suicide attempts ?
Which antidepressants are more likely to trigger mania in bipolar people if they aren't on a mood stabilizer?
Why do I wish I was more depressed is it cause I love that feeling?
have you ever been addicted to cutting your self? do you cut ur self? why?
ANY Depression / OCD success stories, I want to hear them before I see somebody?
My friend told her counselor that she was going to kill herself, refused to sign a safety contract and ...?
i seek advice and help from people who know where im coming from?
HELP ME having a little problem.?
My girlfriend needs help!?
long term effects of eating disorders?
ok, here is the story- please read and help?
What is this WEIRD condition i have?
what does one do if they find out that someone they know is a sociopath?
Adult ADD - how do you deal with it other than taking prescribed meds?
Any teenagers suffering from Anxiety?
How to have motivation? (serious answer please)?
what is a safe natural tranquilizer equivalent to Ativan or Valium?
Have you ever had a blood clot in your leg?
What type of variable would be attributed to the time a sample of blood takes to clot?
Im so itchy on my scalp, behind ears and neck?
cold sores,,,,,,what is the best remedy for them, and what is great to keep them away.?
does anyone know if wart remover can remove skin tags?
Is it Gut rot?
I have mild pain in my right testicule mostly to the touch...but I think it is getting better.?
Strep throat, fever for 7 days, constipation...?
I have a pain in my left leg. Starts at the hip and runs down the leg into the foot.?
Could these be sinuses?
am i going to die from xylene?
Oxycontin and Endone should I take more?
Is it ok to take Imitrex if your headache is a tension headache and not a migraine?
Is weed really that bad?
Can I give my dog my ultram?
Does anorexia cause bad moods as a symptom?
hi plz someone can give me any remedy for gas trouble that moves all my body speceailly stomach and my ribs pl
How do I create a legal will?
How much will it cost to have a physican to remove the ear wax ? My insurance doesn't cover this.?
Drinking 8 glasses of water?
I'm laughing issues?
My legs aren't straight , is there a way to get them striaght?
is there a simple way to find a patient - without knowing which hospital they r in? (I'm Aust, he's in UK)
is this normal? try it before for good answer?
Is it good or bad to tuck your stomach in?
cures for chronic fatigue syndrome????
Abdominal pain!??
What is the Central Attitude in Borderline Personality Disorder?
What Kind of Sickness do I have ??
Can the therapist take me off antidepressants?
hearing and seeing things. 5 points for best answer?
Who here has actually gotten over anxiety/depression with or without meds to the point of being really happy?
what are your favourite ways of dealing with stress?
do i need to see a pyschologist?
i feel really down and depressed i dont know what to do i have no one to turn to for advice?
How to forget the past and move on?
Would anyone be willing to talk to me?
Suicide. So depresed and suicidal?
I want to die so badly. All I can think of is death. Is this considered being suicidal ?
Wow...I am discouraged enough to quit RIGHT NOW?
going through depression..?
A Question about suicide?
Help with depression please!?
Right side soreness after running?
Why do you feel pain from touching a hot element on a stove AFTER you have already removed your hand?
My thighs are numb..?
i'm experiencing pains in my hand and elbow?
What is the difference between a sty and a skin tag?
Auto immune hepatitis ???
Does anyone know how long it takes to cure "fur mite" irritation and hair loss by using ivermectin?
Cysts, normal or not ?
Rabbit wound...?
has anyone been on Mepergan Fortis (Meperidine and Promethazine)?
copper toxicity syndrome?
My room smells, and i think it has something to do with hygeine?
Constant headache caused from hit to head?
How long does marijuana stay in your system?
Does Usana have the best vitamins in the world?
is it true people who dont exercise much are more likely to die young?
how do i stop obsessing about food?
what do i have????????????????????
When I had to punch at high school?
How deadly is Anemia?
What do I do about a period which I had for a day then went away?
HELP - How do i get rid of BED BUGS in my SCALP ?
Im a midget, how can I get taller?
21 year old, weird symptoms?
I sweat too much.. Do I have a problem?
Has anyone had any experience of side effects of accupril, lipitor or somac when taken over a long period?
can you stress yourself sick?
blood pressure when pregnant. PLEASE HELP.?
I think i overdosed in caffine?
Infection. What should i do?
need energy for studying?
I know a guy who is incapable of emotions and love. Help please!?
My psychiatrist is on Vacation until August 17th. So I have to kill myself by than .. How to do it ?
Important question..please answer. I can't cope anymore?
my anxiety being on a airplane while taking off ?
can I still go back to my old psychiatrist even now?
does lack of sleep kill brain cells?
Should I take Advil right when I get in the coach, or when I get a headache?
What to do about ongoing abdominal pain?
My stomach has been really sore for about a week?
Throat Hurts/Itches? Help Please?
havent ate in 2days due to being sick but started to eat hurts.,?
bruises for no reason?
How do I reduce bloating in my stomach? From anxiety meds?
How can you tell when a person is on cocain?
Does anyone know of a good dream interpreter in the Sydney area?
about mental illness?
Chickens are often given growth hormones to improve production?
how do i control my dry barky cough?
Does a CVA and TIA affect the same area of the body. I know CVA affects the brain how about TIA??
Does cough syrup actually work?
Sick stomach, feeling hot and sweaty.?
my boyfriend have a cirrhosis, and found out that it start to damage the liver,does surgery is good,options?
when you feel sick, what comforts you? and whats a remedy you use?
I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. This person said I had no pulse?
does the cervical cancer vaccination hurt more than normal ones?
How can I overcome Anorexia?
struggle with alcoholism?
see weird thing after sneezing and blowing nose.?
Is it bad if you miss a night sleep every now and then?
When I talk or sing, my jaw goes off to one side instead of going straight down. There isn't any pain.?
Stomach problems?
Possible UTI?
Is there web site for recovering Anorexia Nervosa people?
Why would I have no menstral, my tumor is gone?
How can you stop a Migraine and what are the symptoms?
Why am I so easily angered?
Cutting because he broke up with me ?
stress relief.. PLEASE HELP?
I need urgent advice?
People are so fake sometimes, please help?
Depression medication..please someone, have you found one that actually makes you feel happy?
Is this normal?
How can I bring up the topic of suicide with my psychiatrist ?
I feel horrible. My psychiatrist wants to help me and I just don't want any help anymore?
How to deal with anxiety and panic attacks?
what to do when your having anxiety about going on trip?
Searching for wannabes/devotees/pretenders or those with BIID. Do you recall when you became "aware"?
Do I have Asperger Syndrome?
How to talk to my psychiatrist about suicide without him admitting me to the psych ward ?
Has anyone tried meditation?
I'm stuck. I don't think it's depression, but what is it?
having suicidal thoughts lately..?
Do you think we could do a much better job helping people who have mental illness?
my child has ADHD.....?
Does Advil Liquid Gel Caps take away?
in dire need of relief from pain during pregnancy..?
What can I say to my friend that had a big infection in his leg and now theres permanent damage?
please?people who know about backs and spines,,, i crack my kneck atleast 8 times daily?
Vein pain - in wrist?
Cramps on my right side :(?
How come when the chiropractor cracks my neck, I instantly get a headache?
My whole body is itchy?
a question about rosacea?
allergic reaction on face?
i haven't grown since primary school.... i'm now 18 and i still have a chubby face... is there any hope?
Do people who are at the absolute lowest weight for giving blood get sick?
how do i grow little bit more taller?
Why do you loose your voice when you get a cold?
ok whats wrong with me?????
why is my ear making strange noises!?
How healthy are the contents of your fridge?
when will i stop getting my ssi disability checks???
Why do I cough for no reason?
The adult brain is the most compilcated and mysterious object in the universe?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a nurse?
should i go to er?
How do I find out the rating of my knee after surgery, to claim as much compensation as possible?
what happens if i wear tights to bed every night ?
hey guys do u know how to get the hiccups?
what should be the ideal weight and figure for 5ft 2 inch?
How long do I have to wait to take nyquil after taking a dose of tylenol?
Cough syrup high - Robutussin DX Dry? Help please! How much do I need to get high?
Please help... I get sick and lightheaded when im hungry...?
I am having diarrhea every 15 minutes, what can I do?
Does heroin make you feel mellow?
Is this normal???????
Anyone know any medicine to stop itchy / scabby legs?
i got little red dots on my arms?
what is fluffing?
i wanto know about strong sleeping tablets and how can iget those becuase icant sleep inthe night please help?
how do i get rid of my ulcers?
how do you?
Im always tired?? how can I not be as tired?
when is the last time you had the hiccups?
What are some causes for an itchy bum??
Scoliosis Treatments?
How do i fix pigeon chest ?
do chawauwa help with breathing problems.?
Acid reflux + other problems?
Does anyone still take their thyroid meds after the 40 disposal limit?
has anyone heard that migraines can cause seizures-had 4 lasting 6-10min Dr. puzzled?
why is my hand/ arm numb?
sore lump in neck :(?
Question about my tooth ache and Tylenol 3...?
Which is better: Advil or Tylenol?
I have an infected hangnail, what should I do?
My mom's forcing me to call a suicide hotline?
Has a psychiatrist ever actually helped anyone?
Should I tell my therapist this? If I do what will she do?
How do you force yourself to get out of bed when you are depressed?
How do I stop my anxity I hate this so much?
Dream Interpretations?
is grade 9 worth being stressed about?
do you feel like crying?
I was discharged from the psych ward on Monday and I have suicidal thoughts again?
How can you tell if a person is bipolar?
Why am I having second thoughts of going to the psychiatrist ?
My husband is taking a bunch of prescribed drugs for, what he said, was anxiety.?
is it ok to commit suicide if your suffer everyday 10 points for best?
my friend imagines shes someone else and leads a different life all the time, is there something wrong w/ her?
Do you have Viagra....?
i want to donate my body to the medical services after my demise of course . how do i go about it? ?
patient care workers?
My friend has just been rushed to melbourne for surgery for a blood clot on his brain!?
my lab dint eat since 2 days n her stomach is swollen..n the skin underneath her stomach is peeling..any sugg?
how mant of you have had the sensation of having something stuck in your throat?
why do people say use it or lose it?
epilepsy and marijuana.?
bottom of my lip inside my mouth hurts, i see a little cut i think, and i have a red bump on my elbow?
What do I need to do if, I'm having flash backs about being raped?
what foods/additives should young children with adhd avoid?
Does anyone else feel sick after drinking water...?
Plastic Surgery?
baby sounds like he has mucus in his throat?
hi were working in milton warehouse, cant u please return dat cutting in ther same place where getting sick?
What would waking up with one hand swollen mean? The swelling gradually subsided by lunchtime.?
i am taking a proton pump inhibitor for possible hiatus hernia does anyone know how long it takes to work?
cancer question here. I was diagnosed with this about 8 weeks ago of the uterus?
Everytime i blow my left nostril mucus with blood comes out, what is it?
ok i took 15 pain killers 2 days ago?
How do you get rid of a tense neck?
what could be wrong with my finger?
Every single one of my joints hurt and I'm only 25.?
what does it mean when you have a throbbing headache and so tired you can barely keep your eyes open?
Post herpetic neuralgia?
Leaving leg weights on ?
i dreamt of myself dying?
Please help me 15 year old?
Anyone ever been put in a mental institute?
Be Honest about this one?
Should I still have leg pain from a stress fracture that I had a year ago?
What is guaifensesin and where is it available in Australia?
purging without binging?
does anyone under 25 have crohn's disease?how do u cope with it?
What radiations are used in cancer radiotherapy?
what happens to you when you get water in your lungs?
do body beauty tablets really work?
I pulled my leg muscle?
I have severe migraines? HELP?
Looking for an alternative to long term stay in rehab for alcoholic.?
Drugss. Can someone please explain it to me. preferably smoeone with lot of knowledge.?
how old do you have to be to make a medical appointment?
Why do belly flops hurt?
if my kids got or have gastro what are my chances of getting it?
nose bleeding problems?
I think I've overdosed on TUMS.......?
What sensitive bowel?
Liver enzyme levels?
Infected toe that keeps bleeding!!?
why does my stomach swell every time i eat?
erin is going in for surgery on hiatus hernia very ill i feel a presence around our apartment can this happen?
Can a high grade fever lead to a seizure?
why do you feel you have to pee when you are in the water?
Soccer and my weak ankles =(?
It hurts worse than my perioddddd!!!?