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Could I get breast cancer from getting sunburn't breasts?
How can I get rid of my migraine pain?
I can pop my shoulder out of is joint just by pulling it. Does this condition have a name?
Can eating to many easter eggs make you vomit?
whast worse?
What can i take to increase vividness of my dreams?
How to get rid of blisters inside your nostril?
Is there a way to get rid of skin pigments?
Got Rid of lice atlast!!!?
Sincere Christians, will you please pray for my son?
Cant quit crying?
What is the first thing(s) that come(s) to mind when you hear the words "massage therapy" ?
Do people like me end up killing themselves?
I am suicidal once again. My thoughts just never go away?
Do you find some days you just feel like you don't want to play the game any more?
If you have anxiety - What worries you?
Could I have depression?
The pepsi can on my desk (I named him Henry) told me that I was a loonie. Is it true?
Full of hatred ?
Is anyone out there?
What happens if you overdose and someone calls the cops/ambulance and you don't answer the door?
my ipod just got taken away...?
I feel absolutely happy, all the time. How strange is it that the more happy I got, the more I wanted to die?
Do I need profesional help?
I didnt sleep last night and i have school i dont wanna crash in class so what can i do to saty awake?
Will my eardrum burst?
10 points for the most helpful answer..REALLY BAD MIGRANES PLS HELP?
What temperature in Victoria, Australia does it have to reach before school is closed for the day?
why do they stick anti cancer adds on pkts of cigaretts.its anoying u cant see the mg?.. so anoying !!!!!!!!?
How tall can I grow...?
Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!surgey and pregnancy what next?
Does anybody bite the skin on their fingers?
Why would I get an instant headache after eating chocolate?
I feel worthless and incomplete inside?
Have you had a colonoscopy?
i want to get a mole removed and i'm scared of needles but they have this at home kit to remove them yourself.
is speed (the drug) bad for you if you take like 3 times a week?
feeling week what can i do?
really sore Right side?
What is a snail trail?
What would you do if a homeless person puke on you while you were ...?
can amoxicillin really go bad after 14 days or can you still use it?
how can i get rid of my flu really quickly?
is marijuana addictive?
How to stop feeling depressed after a really intense work out?
How exactly does de-toxing work.?
my friend was smoking leaves... like off a tree...?
cosmetics laser treatment for acne scar?
i hate life?
what drug, in ur opinion is the worst?
my brother is a drunk and he has a mental illness....how do I get him clean if he refuses help?
Panic attack suffers?
any suggestion on how unwind from a day of working with clients with mental illness?
am I a bad person?
Is your cup half full or half empty?
Need a good long cry?
Taking pills for depression, yes or no?
Can I tell my therapist I'm having suicidal thoughts w/o getting sent to the loony bin?
Is commiting suicide selfish?
does marujuanna make u dumb?
What are good ways to cope with depression?
how many needed?
I am on such a suicidal high. I want to commit suicide so much. How to stop these thoughts?
Why cant i fall asleep at night?
I have a phobia of using the phone...?
Is it normal to hate your life at 13?
Nothing can make me stop?
sick chihuahua - liver damage from food?
i dont know what is wrong with me?
Why is team work so important in palliative car?
Why is Dextromethorphan legal, if it causes harm?
When suffering from peptic ulcer, do you have to stay on omerprazole indefinetly?
Does anyone have a young child on hemo dialysis?
steroid injections in tietze syndrome. how far they are safe.?
I sometimes get a numb feeling below my right rib cage.Would anyone have any idea what it might be.?
does it hurt to " DO IT "?
My jaw REALLY hurts from holding it open at the dentist... help?
What illness do I have?
abdominal pains and cant get pregnant?
Why do people stare into their dirty tissues after they've blown their noses?
anti depressents???
i have a fever of 102..?? HELP??
why do i feel sick sometimes after i smoke a cigarette?
Darkened vision occuring almost everyday?
If you were told that you had 1 week to live, what would you do?
Marijuana drug, how long it lasts.?
my hair is falling out?
what are the most sucessful methods to give up smoking cigarettes?
can someone help me with these 2 questions. (about cocaine)?
Starving her self?
iv been really sick just then there was blood
I left it out for 2.5+ hours! Is it safe to cook/eat :( ?
if i manage to give up meth after prolonged use will my personaliy return to what it was?
are chevron pre-employment drug tests hair or urine?
How to relieve the symptoms of a urinary tract infection?
Do I have a problem with my kidneys?
Do I have to poo in a cup?
Can marijuana suppress your appetite rather than make you get munchies?
I want to go on a shooting rampage! Is this healthy?
Are suicidal thoughts normal?
Self-Injury...why is it so wrong?
Does it scare you that this life is all you have?
almost 12 & cutting myself.. what do I do?
is it normal to have a little poo on your underwear sometimes?
I have a serious question about suicide?
Have problem talking to girls, help?
what are you thankful for on thanksgiving?
Drinking and anti-depressants?
do you have a phobia?
What are you living for? Is there anything that is actually worth all the pain and lows of life?
How can I feel good enough?
When you have a bad case of the blues, what do you do to pull yourself out of it??
Is it ever a good idea to quit your job without having another job lined up?
what do 'spots' mean when it comes to skin?
How to make feet soft again?
Has any Scientologist or Anyone Else ever died of pneumonia from reading OTIII before they were "ready"
What are the symptoms of tongue cancer?
am on tamoxifen for breast cancer bad problems with heals and feet trouble walking anyone else similar problem
Lump in throat?
does anyone know about final stage cancer?
Have you had your thryoid gland removed - what was the outcome?
When the kidneys stop working will they ever start?
Can a child of 11years have acidity i.e, burning sensation in chest?
out of breath?
Can you help me with my tongue pain?
Quick Headache Cures?
I'm 18 and I look like a kid?
My three year old is pigeon toed?
Help! i think im getting a cold!?
what's worse speed or ecstasy?
I'm sick, should I be doing sport?
if i drink lots of creatine before a drug test will the thc still show up in the urine sample?
How do babies survive in the stomach with all those digestive acids?
I'm a 5'2 13-year-old-girl. Am i short, average or tall?
Do you scrunch or fold?
quitting smoking and need help?
I have trouble sleeping sometimes, why?
i have a stomach bug since thursday ?
Why am I hot with my jacket on, and cold with my jacket off?
Im feeling lazy, wat do i do?
Make over for a cheap price?
What is the cheapest way of ridding the home from mice and rats?
I find it hard to sleep during the night, help?
i am 21 and 6 feet 2 inch will i grow more taller and r they any means by which i can become short?
Can you cure a sore throught without medication? if yes, how?
Hangover cures?
does cracking your bones... make you stop growing?
i smoked some grass with old friend that i have not seen in 7 years does anyone know how to pass a drug test?
i enjoy being depressed?
How do you feel about the life you are living?
do i have a mental problem?
I keep seeing weird things... what are they?
I am an alcoholic sober for over 40 days but still struggling...?
Sleep-I'm 17-How much hours of sleep?
Why cant I ever make my own choices??
How to help being so depressed?
How many of you are suffering from depression? I am. What is the best advice you can give me. ?
What is a spolied brat?
It you had one sentence to describe depression..?
My friend is embarassed because she still sleeps with her mom? Is it wrong?
Is it normal to feel like your are mentally unwell?
Is meds really necessary for a bipolar person?
Addiction Recovery program for Atheists?
What do you do when you are afraid of dying?
Doxycycline anti-malaria pills side effects... how to live with them?
did it take long for a psychiatrist(s) to give you your proper diagnosis?
My friend is 24 and told me she was going to kill herself ? Can I call the police on her or 911?
Thanks for the reply me that soon.am having a desease called Dyslexia.how can i get ove it,read and write is?
Diverticular disease?
My child is underweight and doesnt eat?
I have pressure all over my head at times, not sure why. I'm scared that it may be something serious?
Does a hydascan show your pancreas?
who we can know the end stage of palmonary fabrosis ?
Help with Crohn's Disease!?
My mothers equilibrium is off?
I have been told my last blood tests showed syptoms of Ross River Fever?
random pains?
Pain in my arm? Im 15..?
Pain in hand?
Feeling no pain?
Tension headache or something worse?
How to deal with children who are AD/HD & O.D.D.?
How can i motivate myself to do the things I want to do?
I want to stop crying?
hey this is carlos mencia who wants to be in my show?
Does everyone consider suicide sometimes?
when do you NEED to see a professional for OCD??
have u ever thought about suicide.....?
What Do You Do If Your Sick In The Stomach?
does eatting to much of lemons cause your blood to thin?
If you can't handle life, and you cut (not for attention)... What do you think about this?
How do you be happy?
Should I report suicide notes?
why am i sooo lazy?
When people talk to me, it seems that I wake up at the end of the conversation. What is wrong with me?
Is it normal for a 33 and a half year old man to get crushes on his children's teachers?
I was discharged from the psych ward on June 30th and I am suicidal again?
I'm really scared. Can someone help me?
Alcohol abuse... i really need some help?
How to make myself sick?
How to stop getting homesick?
i was just looking at pictures of ppl on Crystal Meth. why do they all have sores on their faces?
help, I'm having thoughts about suicide?
I'm loosing controll,what should I do?
severe anxiety!?
how many sleeping pills will kill you?
Why do we put flouride in our water?
Can you help me with my depression?
Is this really bad? Does it mean I'll die earlier?
do i have worms inside my body?
I found a pill in my sons room with the imprint on it GG 296?
My son-in-law is bipolar, he refuse to take any kind of med,can my daughter and children be in danger? Help !?
what can men do that woman can not?
how long does it take for weed to get out of your body?
What's the best way to make yourself throw up?
If a man goes 2 bed with a itchy bottom will he wake up with a smelly finger?
Something for those who are feeling a little sad!!it might cheer you up!!?
are drug addicts slefish?
how to get rid of a cold FAST?! PLEASE HELP?
Getting fatter and fatter?
online quizzes for acne products?
Any oncologist.....What is a treatment for b cell low grade lymphoma? well spread around spinal cord?
how bad is smoking for you?
SierraSil capsules?
what is this :(?
Mucus in throat Advice?
How is Australia the fattest nation on earth but yet has the second highest life expectancy?
what time is the human body ment to sleep?
Are there many downsides to smoking weed?
Do you get stinky feet?
why is poo brown?
how do i start with hospital reforms?
what are the effects and sympthoms of bulemia?
I am so suicidal and ready to die. I feel so excited about dying. What can I do ?
How do you tell loved ones you think you're sick?
What do you do to de-stress?
I'm just not happy anywhere. What do I do?
If I tell you "Sicily" tell me the first three things that come to mind?
Am I a loner?
Why do people write suicide letters before commiting suicide ?
Can you be depressed sometimes?
People who suffer from depression?
What are some good, recommended relaxation techniques?
How Honest Should I Be With My Doctor!?
Does anyone know about bipolar disorder... i am trying to understand this condition...?
how do you know if you should go on medication?
What is happening when i get like this?
Ok, I want to get help so i can stop cutting. But who do i tell?
What is that u can't stand?
Has anyone used an "inversion table" to get relief from a bulged disc/pinched sciatic nerve and did it help?
hand clinics?
my friend gave me drugs and made me eat it am i gonna die?
different kinds of weed?
would migranes show up on a cat scan?
How the F&% did I end up getting head lice?
I think my mouse has a tumor...?
does ne1 know netthing about tolosa hunt disease?
For 3 years I have had gobs of black & dark brown ear wax I pull from my ears constantly what does that mean?
How can I stop my skin from peeling? i was sunburnt and now it wont stop peeling?
can the lack of protein cause swelling?
HElP please...?
How do I stop being angry and hating all the time?
Please help..Emergency question?
should i kill myself?
I am feeling suicidal and I don't know what to do ?
Sometimes I believe I really should kill myself. What do you think?
If you have bipolar or schizophrenia do they lock you up?
Why are some people always happy and some are always depressed?
So I know an alcholic/drug addict who thinks its not a problem to go get himself a job in a bar sorry?
I dont deserve to live and feel guilty about living every day. How can I fix this?
why do all crazy people see the same thing?
What gives you anxiety?
Is it normal to want to end it if you are unemployed and failing in getting employment ?
Does the boogy man scare you too!?
do people who have bipolar lie?
How do you stop sudden anger attacks?
Thinking of suicide. I feel real bad?
How do I go to bed earlier???
why is it that most of the time the abused become abusive?
i hate life?
i have abdominal cramps and diarrhoea and i cant eat or it will go right through me.
How can I get relief from a bone spur at the back of my heal ?
I have the worst pain in the lower-right hand side of my back...?
woke up with a kink in my neck and shoulder?
what is a pinch nerve/how does it feel and how can you stretch out pain from your leg?
Does anyone else have constant and chronic pain on one side of their head? ?
Can you take too many Tylenol 3's? What should the limit be?
Why do I have a striking pain in the left side of my collarbone, ?
wat is the best way to cure nappy rash?
Does anybody know any effective cure for toenail fungus ?
If you have anemia.......?
What are the symptoms of chronic fatigue?
Health issues facing young people?
I am very scared! Help?
What can I do to grow taller?
If you drink beer with panadol will that kill ? What effects would there be ?
needing to do a number two after breakfast?
......How do you wake up?
If I had worms, would I know about it?
Why do our eyes tear a bit when we yawn?
Tragus Peircing Trouble...?
Do you think it wrong, unclean practice for a person to take off their sock...?
My Husband wants to go on steroids?
How can I unblock my ear?
what happens when people under the age of 16 eat unhealthy food?
I'm Sunburned!!! Help!?
What is the difference between the flu and just the common cold?
Colonoscopy prep --- HELP!!?
is it more harmful to spin marijuana with tobacco?
How big portion of lung tumors are cancers?
lookingfor answrers on lung cancer and missing it on chest exray 3 weeks prior?
Some remedy for mi cough?
Labrynthitis after 5 months?.?
What is meant by a thin-walled gallbladder?
I am 23 years old and have a numbness for more than a couple of days on my left hand and leg..?
I have been diagnosed with cmt (peroneal muscular attrophy) and looking for anyone else who has cmt.?
Has anyone had a baby/child diagnosed with neurofibromatosis?
White Spots inside cheeks of 10 year old?
Shoulder pain?! HELP?
Can they force me to work when im sick?
leg cramps?
lump behind and below my left ear?
Suicide: your opinions?
Hating Myself ! Please Help?
How can I get my teenage daughter to eat?
do you ever get this when you're driving?
Is this normal??????
My head is throbbing so much..I'm about to blow my head off. What can I do ?
I saw my psychiatrist last Friday and I tried talking to him about suicide and ...?
I'm feeling suicidal. Just really thinking about death and not sure what to do?
how can i overcome my fear of wearing glasses in public?
Where do we go when we die?
Please help - I am a young female with extreme jealousy and need help to change the way I think and feel.?
Thinking suicide is the only way out.?
Quitting marijuana while depressed?
Cry or hold it in?
What's it called when someone believes their own lies...?
What could this be?
How do you cope with the winter blues?
I'm having A LOT of panic attacks. Help?
Lump under skin?
I never have sore throats but i have white hard-like discharge in my tonsils what is it?
So.. Whats going on with SIDS and smoking?
Lumps on palm side of wrist?
i need to pass a rug test on Monday and ha vent smoked since Thursday night?
if u have had eczema on your hands and u have gotten rid of it please give me some pointers thanks?
Can you still tan if you wear sunscreen?
How to measure BMI and what's considered normal?
why do we get shivers?
Are panic attacks harmful physically to the body?
I broke my leg and was wondering...?
What would happen if someone ingested berberine?
Has anyone had bad panic attacks after getting b12 shots?
Why doesn't Yahoo show a disclaimer/caution notice here in regard to answers given about health and medicine?
where to buy goats milk soap.?
Is it possible to first get eczema when 17 years old?
how can i remove the black colour around my eye ?
how do you get rid of being bloated??
HEALTH Question!!!!!!!!!!?
Would you prefer to eat an apple or a bananana? Why?
what are the effects of taking too much omega 3 (fish oil)?
Antibiotics dilemma - what to do?
could this be signs of anemia?
Help for violent aches in joints when laying down?
How much Acetaminophen is in Tylenol 3?
I've been experiencin pain on the bottom of the ball of left foot, when i walk, i feel pain. Help?I?
My spine hurts when I try to do sit ups or leg lifts?
Suicidal.. Depressed and just Suicidal. It's really scaring me?
why do I have such low self esteem?!?
What can I do to get him in the mood?
What do you do when you lose your temper?
You're dead. But life is the same. How do you deal with it?
Hey, im alyssa, how do i lose wieght?
Are there any foods that are good for depression.?
How do you get over the anger you have with a parent who has died?
People with OCD only please, or people who know what it is?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
i have a REALLY HUGE problem?
How to make friends?
How can I forget someone whos often on my mind, even thought its been almost a year!!?
how can a 14 year old boy deal with this?
why do i get teary easily?
How much does a death in the family cost? I am going to commit suicide but...?
How do you deal with negative experiences and still manage to stay positive?
I'm asking for help with several things: alcohol abuse, weight problems, and the motivation required?
Sinusitis Surgey -- Helpful or not?
Acne Scar! help me please?
skin care purging bad or not?
What was the problem before Spray-On Skin?
Poll: For those who has arthritis on upper limb(s), which side? or which side is more serious?
eh hi i am very tensed becouse my father lesft side hurts too much?
place of a headache?
I live in Sydney, where can I get a test for Marijuana?
15 years of age. Addicted to smoking?
i have been on ecstasy every weekend for the last 6 weeks. do i have a problem or is it just a trip?
what do u think about this?
Should I eat something to vomit?
I had a smoking lapse at start of week 4 of quitting?
Do girls get growth spurts?
A question about alcoholism....?
At what age do u stop growing taller?
What do you do to save time, money and calories?
could it be a cold sore?
Waking time for residents in aged care?
what products would clean narcotics out of my system??
Do you think a strong anti perspirant could cause high blood pressure?
Back Problems From Horse Riding?
How do you stop being aware of your breathing?
Im 12 and I smoke 2 a day + i get head regularly?
I am attracted to monkeys?
how do i avoid damaging my vocal chords when sick?
What are ulcers in the esophagus?
what is the mechanism of...?
if i inject 30ml air in my vain what will be the result?
i have had lice 10 times. What should i do to get rid of it for good?
chest/stomach pain. ?
is it a good idea to put a hot towel on a strained neck?
How can I grow taller?
Let's hear it for pharmacists, aren't they awsome?
How dangerous is this?
will eating before i go to bed make me feel sick?
Whats the best product i could use to stop sweating?
I'm bleeding from the throat.?
Could taking 25 paracetimol cause damage?
Is it ok if you have the same dream over and over?
Help with my dot?
Can glass travel through someones bloodstream?
I have had a burning across my ribs, think its from my stomach for about 3 months?
HELP! Iron levels really weird!?
Does yur tongue sweat?
Are these symptoms of Anxiety?
has anyone ever experienced this before?
how ccan i help him please answwwer?
do sleeping pills have side effects?
what body shape and i?
hemriods or piles as they are sometimes called?
i bit the inside of my mouth by my lip and now i have a cut..
Skydiving advice?
how long should it take for oxycontin to kick in? it's been 2 days and no pain relief yet on disc disease?
I have a hard non moveable lump in my lower right back.?
chest pain??
Need help with hurt hand and exercise advise?
Weird headache?
why do i have to take my antibiotics an hour before eating or on an empty stomach? what will happen if i dont?
knee pain..........?
I donated blood yesterday, and now feel horrible.?
complain of a bad pain to the lower abdomen, i cannot urinate and have been vomiting?
regarding cancer of the Urethra and the Ureteres near the bladder.?
Hi all. This is a question I asked before but did not get the answer I required.?
How do you make a blood shot go away?
HELP ME!!!!!!!I have problems with hemorrhoids and i heard about NEO Healar.Doest it works?Is it good?Thanks?
Is this normal? I'm kinda worried.?
Please help! My stomach hurts so much!?
I get water in my ears! Help!?
how long does it take for weed to get out of your system?
do we all see the same colours?
How much alcohol/week is too much for a 19 year old female?
Does singing help stop stuttering?
flat feet?
How could I have extremely high free testosterone?
breathing lungs?
How do I get rid of a bronchitis cough?
Yet another, do you think I passed my drug test question!?
Really sore throat, how do I stop it?
is it dangerous to eat "shower to shower" powder?
lately one of my ears has been ringing a lot what does it mean?
I heard rubbing your big toe makes you grow taller, is that true?
Has anyone had lost the senses of smell and taste?
would you rather die young quickly or old slowly?
i have trouble getting to sleep every night and its getting annoying . can someone please help?
Can I drink alcohol tonight even though I've been taking tylenol with coedine?
Bursitis in the left knee!?!?!?!1?
i need a answer for my shoulder pains?
Shometimes when I step I get a sharp pain in foot....?
will the traits of a blood donor pass on to me when his blood is transfused to me?
i'm continuously thirsty. ive already had 3 liters of water?
How have you overcome your generalised anxiety and how long did it take?
i have sensetive skin to the sun so i want to get an umbrella for the sun?
period question.............?
Stomach ache and back pain at same time???
What could cause repeated feelings of being startled and dizziness?
Single, Long, White hair on leg.?
My back and chest are pain on the left side. What should I do? or what are the causes?
I have pain in all of my joints, as well as stiffness
Please read...is this a hurting hip?
What's up with the underwear debate?
What is the best way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks?
whats the difference between a therapist, a psychiatrist, a counsellor and a psychologist??
Anyone know why I feel this way?
How does it feel to get surgery? before and after effects?
Can I get prep H over the counter?
What is a Ruptured Spleen?
Why do I keep burping... ?
I always have spit/phlegm in the back of my throat?
Hydrogen Breath Tests...HELP - It didnt work on me as I dont produce Hydogen (I produce Methane)...WHY and...?
where is the bathroom? i have to go really bad!?
Why do I do strange things with my face, like bad habits?
Why does the air I breathe in through my nose sometimes smell like puppy dog flea powder?
Help why cant i sleep?
Worried about friend???
How can I stop my contacts from fighting over my eyes?
how do you say spleen in italian langauge i want to find out translate it in italian?
There is good and bad reports on St Johns Wort...?
can doctors see whether you smoke if they x-ray your lungs?
Is sleeping on the ground better for you than sleeping in a bed?
can you have phobia on certian people?
respiratory acidosis and metabolic acidosis in the same patient-how?
I will try a different section for this question as in the cancer one no one is there?
Whats wrong wiht my friend?? HELPPP?
i am 23 years old..is there a possibilty that my curvature of spine will be back into normal?
How big is your appendix?
sugar allergys what are the symtoms?
Blood clots from birth control?
Looking for a good skin care system that helps heal blemish scars and prevent future break outs.?
How long did the effect of botox last for treatment of migraines?
Has anyone found a cure for seniors with alzheimers yet?
How long does a gall bladder removal operation take?
Is there a disease where a person loses control of their body for couple seconds?
what is a good cure for this fear? its getting worse?
If I quit smoking would I be able to sing soprano again like I did in school 20 some odd yrs ago?
Why do people have sebaceous cysts?
Skin & Sun & cancer?
I have a black moore which is looking rather sick.?
why do people only SNORE at night before they fall asleep not in the day???
Is it bad for my eyes that I read so much from a computer screen?
freaking out!!! i just got really bad pains in my stomach and am 24 weeks what should i do???
I have been so tired lately i have been going to bed at 7pm and waking up feels like i never slept at all?
I find that I'm scared of people with chainsaws and have a desire to bite people.?
How do I get rid of the smell?
Is smoking in enclosed place even deadlier then second-hand smoke?
How can I get Larengitus? ?
How do you know if you've got flat feet?
I'm having a bad headache daily, help?
Desperate Help Needed!?
Does anyone know what a man's best friend is?
who can help me.... please??
I need some examples of computers used to save peoples lives and help them get over injury and illness etc?
Why do i need so much sleep?!?
When I brush my teeth.......?
im 21 and drink to make myself feel better, howevere i suffer with deppresion and drinking makes it worse.i ne
What are your top 10 ways to relax?
Does sleeping with a fan blowing on your body cause arthritis?
What causes excessive flatulence?
Why can't you eat dairy after tongue piercing?
Ever woken up during the middle of the night and felt "paralysed"?
does duac sfc lotion need to be refrigerated?
Can mentaly ill people go to jail?
In first year and hating my classes. How do I keep motivated?
How can I improve my confidence and self esteem?
Need help with headaches?
What's your favourite mental disorder ?
I drank a bottle of rum and took 24 tylenol pm's help asap?
Advice? Possible Diagnosis? Social Anxiety?
Do I need antidepressants?
What would you do if you were lost in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night?
Can you recieve disability for social phobia?
how can i not stress about school?
my friend has an eating disorder, what can i do to help ?
how do YOu stay relaxed?
When you are under great pressure,how do you release your emotions?
Does my friend have some kind of mental illness?
Teen novels dealing with depression?!?!?
why do i always have a felling that something bad is going to happen,and i get really scared?
Self injury cut . . . do I need stitches (picture included)?
Suicidal and sick and tired of life... I need your advice?
Has anybody got or had post concussion syndrome? help me??????
sick people/sick tomato?
Why does caffeine keep you awake?
I am trying to get an epilepsy chatroom so that I can share my own experinces with others?
Is giving a b***job a bad idea after just having had laryngitis?
is it normal to a have a big bump on ma knee?
Mersyndol Forte - worried about liver damage or death?
goods effects of excessive mastrubation?
if we get mondayitis on a monday, why dont we get it on any other day during the week?
Can I have an opinion on a paper?
Anyone out there have Prothrombyn Gene Mutation or know anything about it's treatment?
if you have a gall bladder that has a 0 functioning ability would you still suggest having surgery?
Vertigo help?
Rash on my hip (photo inclueded) ?
Listerine mouth-wash which contains alcohol burns my throat. What's the name of "cold medicine" may help?
current experience with accutane like with your hair?
what could be cause of severe headaches only at night ?
When the barometric pressure drops...I get pain .Why does this?
I have really bad headaches. Help?
How to get rid of scars?
After blowing your nose?
too thin??
sick of this ....?
Why do i have the flu?
I hate myself and i really feel like i'm dying i have suicidal thoughts everyday i wake up?
is arsenic available in drugstores?
How do you know if you're depressed?
Is there anyone out there who can help me?
Should i just do it ? Should i just end my life?
What is with these mood changes?
ways of ending it all?
Should i tell my friend i cut?
My friend keeps cutting themself what Do I do?
I am 23 years old and weigh 145 lbs and I am about to start carving all the fat off of me?
How do i control my anger?
help for depression- from people who are familiar with it only please!?
What is the difference between bi-polar and excessive intelligence?
How to make myself sick?
Bizarre (to you) reasons people would commit suicide?
my daughter is convinced she has bipolar?
Why do I feel depressed?
Is it possible for someone to be so overly sensitive?
am i bi polar? yes? no?
why do i always wake up @ 2 in the morning ...=/ i need to sleep?
How do you stop crying?
Cancer question?
Recently I have been coughing up blood and brown mucus. Why?
thoracic obstruction?
whats the best way to get rid of a soar throat and cold?
Septoplasty and Turbinate reduction recovery?
I have had a sore thraot for awhile it's deep on the left side of my neck .?
THE BIGGEST BADDEST QUESTION u all know it dont come if u dont like innapropriate stuff?
epiphyseal fusion and celiac disease?
did i hallucinate ? ............................?
Wtf happened to me?!?
what should my BFF say to this rude comment about her weight?
why am i so sensitive?
Why do I think of dying so much ?
How do you know if its better to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist?
Will my nerves ever get back to "normal" after a nervous breakdown?
is it normal to get anxiety attacks everyday?
what is the meaning of life, and what does it mean to you?
Help! What is the difference between Psychiatrist and Psychologist in Ontario??
what is drugs?
i am sad and i want 2 kill mtself is that harsh?
I am 23 and getting my rape kit results this afternoon.. And I'm suicidal?
What do you think about Self-Injury?
People who suffer from Anxiety disorder and depression?
Feeling Suicidal?
How can I get over my fear of needles?
6 of my friends have committed suicide all where on psycho Meds?
Can I take these heartburn tablets???
Having trouble yawning?
is true that with medicare (australia)....?
what do they mean when they say they got circumcised?
Why hasn't anyone isolated the pathogen that causes Alzheimer's?
I'm 16 and 5'8'' i already have facial hair do you think there is a chance i can grow taller
Why is it that obese people STILL go to all of the terrible junk food take-away's? Wake UP!?
What are the chances that i have the stomach flu!? PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER!?
Obsessive Compulsion ruining my life, i feel like i rather die then live in this pain?
one last question. what are the symptoms of liver cancer? ?
Can a person move a chair from one position to another and then back to its original position?
I'm a sixteen year old girl and I've never had a a problem with sweating until recently. How do i stop it?
What is the fear of spiders webs called ?
what can i do for ecstacy overdose?
where do chicken pocks come from?
i have a bit of a personal question-please answer i'm desperate for help?
i think one of my friends are diognosed with depression what should i do?
What does pink bits of stuff in stool mean?
why do i feel like this when i eat potatoe chips?
What are the ethical issues of food advertising?
what are useful excercise to remove back pain?
Where can i get numbing cream?
tendinitis in wrists?
How do you soothe ankle pain?
I have very red and uneven spots on my cheeks that are very unattractive is it possible to get rid of them?
leech bite on my downstairs?
my four year old has fingernail polish on his body and i would like to know how i can remove it?
Are laxatives dangerous?
Discharge = From your Eye?
Do siamese twins pay for one ticket or two tickets when they go to movies and concerts?
why do i feel dizzy?
I cough up phlegm a lot. Why is this?
Life or death? Stay or give up?
what is your favourite smell?
how do i get the brown stains off my fingers from smoking without quitting?
what can i put on a tongue ulcer?
An original and catchy name?
what can i do to cheer up my stepbrother, who is sick and has to stay in the hospital?
I need help but nobody will help me?
Fat reduction medication;effective or not?
when you go to the doctors, do you see the same doctor every time?
I can feel myself getting sick in the nose and throat, how can i stop it coming?
Bed wetting problem, pliz help?
do i have a brain tumor ?
why are there blood.....?
what can i do for a terrible headake?
Bodies to the Funeral Home?
Massive headache, help!!!?
Pain in the heel?
Sore legs.. from Dance.?
longest headache you ever had ?
Eczema - Little Pre schooler can you help?
My roommate has power over me ... help?
can a 20 year old boy suffer from anxiety???????
why are drugs a good way to treat mental disorders?
How do psychiatrists evaluate if someone is truly suicidal ?
Why are you afraid?
Why do teen girls pretend to have disorders?
Any ways to reduce anxiety?
help please?
This may be a silly question but...What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a therapist?
are you supposed to be able to talk to your school guidance counsellor about anything?
How does one ask for help with suicidal thoughts?
Is there something wrong with me?
I can't believe it's almost over.?
Those who are diagnosed with bipolar: Do you really believe it is a mental disease?
What's the nicest thing you have done for yourself this past year?
Leg Streches- Any good Streches for the legs and any muscle below the waste!?
what's the best way to fall asleep?
how much tonic water would you need to drink to relieve normal cramps?
Sweating,Light headed,and Heart racing...What could be wrong?
am i addicted to drugs?
What is the average wage of a drug and alcohol counselor???
strange pain in front of shoulder symptom?
Help! Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I shoudl do?
recipe for marijuana detox drink to make at home?
I have a few questions about smoking?
why do i cough when i clean my ears? is it normal?
My friend told me that he is sick!?
Why am I feeling dizzy?
what could cause this?
Is menudo good for a cold? I have a sore throat and feel a bad cold coming on. I have canned menudo.?
Are there any sleeping pills one can get without the doctor's prescription?
what are the side affects when taking endone?
How can I gain weight fast?
i got turned down when i asked to donate blood because i have had a tattoo with in the last 12 months !?
i have a serious problems waking up in the morning need help please?
HELP!!! does anyone know how whats the best way to remove callouses&corns from your feet? (natural&medical)?
ihave lower back and left hip,left leg, upper left arm pain. plus tingling in all these areas inc hand& foot?
Neck Pain! Help!?
Which is KILLING me?
Immune system?
Breathing problem?
helpp,,,, plzz.?
i have slep paralysis and im scared to sleep?
What's wrong with not being afraid of death at all, I am so not afraid of it, I welcome it with open arms?
What is the leading cause of depression?
Is st.johns wort? is it better to take for depression than prozac? does it need to be prescribed by doctor?
really depressed and stressed but not sure on how to explain to the doctor?
What do you do when you are bored and lonely?
Was this cruel of me?
Do I have a mental illness? Please help me?
my friend cuts herself but not deep should i be worried?
Are young people mistaking "MySpace" for "RealLife"?
Anorexia help? I really want to be anorexic...?
Autism or is it AdHd?
Is this really depression?
How much sleep is needed each night for the average adult?
If someone suffers from minor depression should they drink alcohol?
What is it like in an adult psychiatric ward ?
why am i so scared right now
If I run up and down the office halls throwing pens and screaming like a banshee, will my stress go away?
My friend wants to commit suicide......?
How do you tell a psychiatrist that you're suicidal?
Coughing with no other symptoms?
When a person is denied Medicaid,are there any other options for financial aid to help pay medical bills?
what are all the effects of frequent mastubation?
I am an aged car nurse didnt go to work becoz of the flu, did i do the right thing?
Why do they want a doctors note?
I cant sleep and I have school tomorrow / today.. =//?
what is happing to me?
I just stared to weight train, what is a good legal healthy supplement to use to help me out a little bit?
Do you know of any certain foods that are good for particular parts of the body? for eg......?
Cocain vs Marijuana??????????????????
Would you give up a ear?
What are the environmental causes for Vitiligo?
Nurses: What made you want to become a nurse?
Which scale is more accurate? the one at home or grocery store?
what color were those braclets that symboled anorexia?
I've lost my singing voice!?
stretch marks?
Ear problems. Any suggestions?
Do you have to take antibiotics before getting prescribed accutane?
Why do people say marijuana kills brain cells.?
Help i work in the aged care sector as a nurse but find i get every virus going.?
Being only 5"5' (165cm) tall at the age of 15-16 will their be any further chances of me growing any taller?
drug tests?
average male height is=?
stomach hurts !!?
What do I do about an aching shoulder?
My knees make an awful noise when I walk up stairs,?
Was I set up? (long)?
How to save myself from myself?
PLEASE anserew this question!?!?
did you ever consider committing suicide? I am NOT suicidal...?
How can you tell if someone is on cocaine?
Does smoking only one cigarette for the first time make one addicted? ?
how can i stop being so nervous?
I took paxil antidepressant this morning!!?
I havn't shed a tear in about 12 years?
I'm So Lonely......???
What's the best way to deal with racing thoughts?
Exercise & Depression?
Help, i dont want to die but dont want to live like this either.?
What are some healthy methods or tips for letting go of anger?
What is the Opposite of ADHD?
Do you tell anyone you're in counselling or do you hide it?
Liver problemsPLEASE help!!!?
Stent removal?
How do I get more energy after an illness where appetite has been lost?
I want to know of a survivor of GR4 GBM of Brainstem?
Is something wrong with me??
Does anyone know what my symptoms mean?? Please help me?
question about ultrasounds?
can you tell me some info. methadone?
when your thongue gets dry allways, what ilness syptom is it?
Are there any preventative measures to avoid getting jet lag?
do a blader infection cause a stomach pain?
How long do vitamins take to show a visible difference?
What can help or cure a sore thoat?
urine drug testing??? how long does THC last in your urine? having a medical for work & i smoked 2 weeks ago?
How do they prep you for a surgery?
what's your favourite school subjet?
Has anybody heard of using vitamin B and folate to prevent Migraines?
how to get rid of the tanlines on my foot and my shoulders in a natural way( not by applying cosmetics)?
Eeekkk! It's needle day! Help me pleaseee!?
A question about sleeping?
How do I help nausea?
How to stop smelling like puke?
Do i need to use a medicare card in Australia to see a doctor and get a prescription?
what causes the human body to overheat?
how does the nicotine levels of tobacco and electronic cigarettes compare?
Does anyones tip of tongue burn after they use their toothpaste?
Anyone Shooting Off their Guns at Midnight?
someone help?
I always laugh when the teacher yells?
What is the best natural (non-drug) antidepressant?
Am I a loner (please answer)?
I've thought about it...and I am done with life. I have had it?
if someone has a cocaine addiction,has been clean for 4 months but relapsed last night,?
Help me deal with my daughters death????
Can anti-depressants make you depressed?
Does anybody fear the same things I fear?
How to celebrate a birthday?
Coping with pain and sadness........?
What are some signs that someone is thinking of suicide ?
why is depression and mental illness so prevalent these days?
i have depression but i am angry alot?
I just got out of the hospital on Thursday and I am still suicidal?
I had a reaction to both morphine and codeine?
i have flat feet can i still do squats?
good clay masks to get rid of blackheads? 10 points for best answer?
does a chicken have lips?
Why is there white stuff around my lips?
Is it safe to take MINOCYCLINE TABLETS ?
Hi Smoking Question?
There is a lump right next to my esophagus on the right side it hurts when I touch it? More details inside?
septolasty infection?
what causes Brain Tumor?
What Is The Key To Happiness?
Can anyonewho has had depression/anxiety give me any hints on how to get thru it, someone who has found help?
i feel really depressed right now?
Do people actually forgive you after all of this?
Has anyone suffered from PTSD?
im truly bored! what should i do?
why is my mom like this?
Would You Ever Accept..!!?
What does motivation mean to you?
Is it possible that dreams come true?
I grew up not loving my self much, what do you suggest i do to improve my state of mind.?
Why is cutting bad for your health?
Any harm in not getting OCD diagnosed?
my body goes into spasms at night when I sleep, I kick my legs in the air, I throw my arms?
Does anyone suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder?
I was discharged from the psych ward on Monday and I am having suicidal thoughts again?
why is it so much easier to be angry than sad?
Why do you think people Commit Suicide?
How can I stop being so lazy and underachieving?
Ok i think im addicted to cutting myself. please help.?
Is there anyone here that just doesn't know the cause of there anxiety?
How many Junior Advil should I take?
Does anyone have advice on how to treat plantar faciitis?
concern for the health of someone you care about will turn out to be unjustified?
Will i get a stomach ulcer from all this ibuprofin im taking?
why do I bruse so easily?
My stomach hurts...bad?
I want to clean out my system how can I do this quickly and naturally?
Where in IL can I get paid for giving platelets or plasma?
Do I have minor OCD or something?
Is it true tattoos hurt more when they are closer to bone?
Am i being bullied at work?
Is there any other way to get rid of gall stones other than surgery?
What is more effective: roll-on or spray can deodorant?
What's wrong with my throat??
I have a cold, if i push on my stomach and slide my hands up and down it squelchs loudly and hurts a little?
what personal characteristic should a doctor have?
What's a Truss?
How do i stop a runny nose?
Should I be worried?
People with dementia...?
Excess protein in urine --- help please?
What would happen if someone were to mix morphine and an amphetamine and IV inject it?
i have multiple scabs on my hand in a section, they are small and itchy...?
What happens if I don't get my cavities filled?
what has silicone in it?
why do people get itchy?
what is the longest you've had a headache for?
Is a person suppose to dream every night?
I was raped almost two months ago, I've attempted suicide numerous times and I'm still suicidal?
I'm really depressed right now, I need help! Advice please?
I think i might be depressed and i'm scared. can someone help me?
How do you tell someone in a friendly and suggestive way that the 12 steps will help them with their problem?
Panic Attacks?
Odd pains?
What would happen to me if I stayed awake for 24 hours?
Do you still think that there is a certain stigma when it comes to depression and mental illnesses ?
How can I just shut-up?
Who hurt you?
I feel very depressed?
Does Tatoing Hurt??
How do I deal with my Husbands Bi-polar?
Can one become a psychopath after a traumatic event?
when i wake up in the morning and look at the clock its 7:11, when i look at the clock at night its 7:11?
Excessive amounts of blood after bowel movement?
will laser treatment work for marks?
I have a lump question help me ASAP!!?
dermatitis help please?
What is the best ointment to use on enzyme?
Need A new Doc?? Our family Doc moved away, my hubby sees a rhuematoligist for Ankoylosing Spondylitus,?
can anyone have tuberculosis without experiencing cough often?is chest xray accurate?
reflex anoxic seizure?
Is it okay to take amoxicillin capsules 500mg with Sudafed Decongestants?
Two 8mm gallstones in my bile duct. Surgery outcome????
Will I get high like xanex effect off of hydroxyzine??
i've been taking fixcom4 for 3 weeks now, what are the side effects of fixcom4?
Do I have to take the wellbutrin to get the ativan?
Why do my knees keep clicking?
normal body temperature?
I had this bad cough...? 10 POINTS.?
when can ecstacy start hurting you or your body?
Has anyone had their feet feel to tight that they cannot walk properly.?
I have two sons addicted to prescription medecine (herniated and bulged discs). Can you help me?
I'm looking to buy two zero gravity recliner chairs?
hip pain getting swollen?
what does the medical term D.I.S.H. mean?
Ingrown toe nail post surgery?
I'm very depressed right now and have nobody to talk to. Will you listen?
I think my relationship is in real trouble?
My 18 year old son who lives with me has an addiction to pot. He smokes it a few times a day, on a daily ...?
why am i feeling so depressed and as if i am a bad person?
I'm a loner?
Why am I always so tired?
I am so depressed after my car being scratched by that teenager.?
I'm stressing out way too much =/ Help?
How to gain confidence in yourself?
Needs help for suicidal feelings?
I feel so depress, what should I do?
I want to commit suicide..how should i?
I hate myself because I'm so shy :(?
Seeing a psychiatrist?
I saw a psychiatrist and she wouldn't prescribe meds due to too many suicide attempts.. But I want meds?
Help dealing with "depression"?
A Girls Killing Her Self How To Stop?
I feel tired of being a punch bag.?
What is the psychological significance of "cutting" one's self?
Could someone diagnosis me *well try*?
what is the fastest way to get rid of poison ivy?
Homemade remedies to remove my scars?
Could this be bed bugs?
major stomach pains!!! help!!?
Upper back pain and 27 weeks ?
Extremely sharp pain in my stomach..?
I started to have lower back problems but they were only for about ten minutes when I laid down. ?
Is acupuncture effective in neck burns?
Is there anything wrong? Or is it just me..?
im awake and paralyzed?
need dress up ideas starting with the letter A?
good ways to take acid or speed?
light headed when standing?
Should i be a pharmacist or a dental hygienist?
what is Hiccups?
How do you get rid of something in your stomach within 30 minutes?
Can Endometriosis be cured?
Have you ever been addicted to something?
Do you want to hear something insane?
Do insane people realize their insane?
Please give me your opinions.....anxiety or no?
People who have/do cut...?
I need advice on life, i am very depressed?
Do you think that staying at home all the time would make any psychological problem worst?
Is it true that you can abuse antidepressants?
Depression Question?
can individual with mental health issues receive disability income in U.S.?
I have everything needed to commit suicide, what happens if I call a hotline..?
Is writing a suicide letter really an indication that someone is getting ready to commit suicide ?
Am I insomniac???
I failed my math test...help? I want to die:?
cymbalta.I was wondering if anyone ahs heard of cymbalta.?
how do you get rid of aniexty?
pcl, mcl, acl? i need help?
my 15 year old daughter is diagnosed to have satayoshi syndrome but has no baldness and has regular menses but