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Is it possible to pull a mole off with just your fingers?
if you fall from let's say Sears Tower building by accident, what happens?
Drug test coming up in 21 days, Will i pass? What should I do?
advice please?
Help got drug test in 2 weeks?
I'm going to bed. What should I dream about tonight, any suggestions?
Anything I can do about a build-up of wax in my ears?
What is the best way to improve awareness of the downfall of drug use towards the younger generation?
I've been suffering from some pretty severe anxiety attacks for a while now.?
What are some daily exercises to do for your stomach to help make it flatter?
What are the health implications of using dog flea control on children's hair to kill head lice?
How long is cocaine detectable in a pre-employment urine test?
Is it legal for doctors to charge a $90 fee for missing an appointment?
10 points/ stuffy nose!!!!!!!!!?
where I can get Ky jelly?
What causes us to laugh?
what is the stuff called that is put on a cloth and used to black people out?
Is this normal when i wake up?
AM I safe?..gulp!?
will i get diabetes u think?
How do you heal a sore throat fast?
What are some body systems effected by Asthma?
Is neck cracking safe?
Acute pain in left side of neck with numbness on back of head?
I'm feeling depressed because my social life is rubbish? Mature answers Please?
Dealing with Emetophobia?
Does vinegar really work on acne or spots?
does Lipitor cause itchy skin in some users?
Does anyone know how to cure sciatica? Mine is driving me crazy.?
why cant i know who i am, im wondering if its a mental condition?
I am suffering heartburn during midnights twice in a month and it lasts for two hours?reasons and treatments?
I must smile a lot at my job, so why does my jaw hurt?
Does anyone no off a drug that is used to induce vomiting in adult. Thanks?
Why won't my skin grow over this piece of meat?
Suffering Migraines?
What does it mean when your underwear has a bad scent, like cat pee?
What is the strongest prescription a doctor can give you for flying?
Do mobile/cellular phones cause cancer and radiation?
magic mushroom's?
I am so worried about my son's height!?
can you work at a hospital when your 16?
Do i need to apply sunblock even if the weather is cloudy or rainy? thanks?
Smoking? :S?
Do fat people not live as long as slim people?
has anybody been diagnosed with the apparent condition ADD/ADHD,stuffed with dosings of dexamphetamines?
what would cause urine to have a foul oder?
Blood in poo!!!?
When winter comes, my body gets itchy easily, then it leaves black mark. How to cure it?
How to get rid of Headaches at work?
I have a shoulder pain that radiates down my shoulder into my wrist - worse in the morning. Have had for 2 mo
Medical question regarding Methamphetamine?
Can you get a good medicine that relieve a cough with phylem?
How come to get appendix?
How many feet should an oxygen patient be from a stove?
cannot find the fibro group i belonged to , i know it is still running a current group?
cancer from the sun?
does marijuana effect the ears?
what happens if you eat 13 flinstones vitamins?
How can i remain calm?
Is sweating profusely bad for you ?
wat do i do if i smoked a whole pack of cigarettes last night and i dont normally smoke?? HELP!!?
Mumbling all the time?
Is Codeine addictive?
Mum wont buy healthy foods for me?
what happens when you really high crossed high munchies and feak out and is first ttime what is happenin pleas
Why can't people see that pot is a dangerous drug?
Panic attack, racing heart, stress, anxiety?
is 4.56 feet short for a 11 year old?
I'm a 17 year old female, how much longer does my body have to grow taller?
I'm constipated what can I do?
Just curious?
When I get jealous I feel depressed and suicidal; anyone else feel like this or know about this?
i self harm..but i enjoy it ?
Tan peeling causing uneven skin tone?
ew,i have blackheads.help mee?
compressive disk and tear disk what is it?
what is phone number or website of the Ottawa general chronic pain ?centre?
Having a bad problem going to the bathroom, what is wrong with me?
hi everyone ifeel as though you aren't answering my questions.?
If they developed the drug "soma" would you take it?
is grape seed oil a good moisteriser?
mums suffering from mental health problems, its causing A LOT of problems. i need advice about her and money..?
Crohns disease - does anyone get little white lumps in back of the throat?
Respiratory system / Stomach-What connection . . .?
When bitter, a purgative drug (5)?
How long can a person go without sleep?
Why I wake up 4:50 or 5:50 AM without alarm clock when i study in the evening? I go to sleep around 11:50 pm.?
Whats the difference between a Cold or the Flu?
Is it true about alcohol?
What do guys find the biggest turn on in a girl?
what is the most hardest nerve to fix?
ate an ant....?
My boyfriend sleeps 13-15 hours a day?
Sweating question?
Why is my mind is ALWAYS foggy?
Why do paper cuts itch?
How do you safely remove a plaster cast from your arm without going to the doctor?
if you do not smoke marijauna can you test positive for the drug simply for being around it?
What do you think of a 36B breast size??
Why is it that when i drink black tea i get headaches and sometimes even migraines?
Can i still grow taller?
What brand of Cough medicine is can completley stop you coughing during sleep time?
would i stop growing at 14 ?
Can I grow to 6 feet or a little more?
i am feeling very sick at the moment, need help?
Someone said to much water can kill you
What are some good relaxation / stress management techniques?
why am i so mental and crazy?
I have low back pain and pain in my left leg.My doctor says no to chiropratic care.What should I do?
Can you get Lortab as a slow release in either patch or pill form?
I have a sharp pain on the right side of my throat?
My glands are swollen in my neck, what can be causing it?
what is this?
downs/williams syndrome?
Always getting colds?
throat cancer?
does a blood clot feel like gerd?
if thomas is diagnosed with nerve deafness,chances are good that his problem involves the?
Haemoglobin level 68 or 6.8 unknown cause of blood loss any ideas?
I have a brown dot on one eyeball and a tiny grey, kind of raised, dot on the other eye, is this normal?
How do a 33 plus take care of under eye area ?
have i got anger problems?
ok i need help with depression, please, please i dno what to do :( :)?
What happens to the body parts Drs ampertate off our bodies?
Is sleeping on the floor bad for you?
what do i need to do my friend just took an overdose of pain killers?
what is the best way to get rid of a sore throat???
How long can you stay awake?
Why don't the candle makers (paraffin) tell people that the (candle) smoke is more toxic than cigarette smoke?
i have been asked to wirte an essay on : is marijuana a dangerous drug.? how do i go about writin the essay.?
How Tall can I be? What foods can I eat to get my maximum height?
I have a small piece of food (I think) stuck in my throat and I cant seem to get it out. What should I do?
How can I help ME?!?
Im going to bed,arent you?
what can i do i have glue ear?
Whats a good way to stop your skin peeling after sunburn?
im having headache. Chiropractor or Neurologist?
Have you heard about this?
why is it when i try to inhale smoke i cough and choke?
Whats the best way of getting a fish bone out your throat?
my 11yr old daughter nearly fainted today there was no apparent reason for this so why did she?
Is it possible to get a cold right after finishing taking 2 lots of antibiotics for a flu?
What does cracking your knuckles do to you in later life?
Smoked weed once. Drug Test today!?
how do you get a good tan without burning to a crisp chip?
Just wandering if anyone knows a good medication for Starphilococus treatment.?
Gallbladder/Diahrrea and Stuff?
Doctor reckons I may have cancer in my right ball.?
*How can i widen my neck???
my nails hurt what do i do?
My boyfriend has ADD (attention deficit disorder)?
I think my boyfriend may have depression/ an eating disorder?
Need help identifying random bug bites?
getting rid of razor bumps and blackheads- black male?
dry skin,black spots?
I keep looking for my boyfriend to say he will be with me forever........WHY DO I DO THIS?
I don't know what to do.?
Do you know anyone to have had GCA?
What medinical differences are there in Oxycodone vs. Hydrocodone?
Why do I get chills lately when I wake up?
The latissimus dorsi is a bone, muscle, tendon or ligament?
how long does it take before you see the effects of food poisoning?
I wake up paralised - is this normal?
Why is your urine bright yellow when you take a multi vitamin?
How can I go into a seduced coma?
How long does weed take to leave your system entirely? cos i dont wanna get caught by the drugs bus?
What would be a good sport to start with. I am not a sports person.?
what time do you go to bed?
how do i tell my friend they need a stronger deodrant?
I'm getting chest pains..?
Do i have a drinking problem?
why are there homeless people? do they all have diseases and drug problems?
Why do I cry when I pee with no pain?
How long will someone last if they're on drugs?
Do tongue pierce hurt and if you have one do you like it?
ADHD am I?
20/20 vision - twenty what?
how long does hydrocodone stay in urine?
What would happen if?
what did the marijuana do to me?
Is there any treatment to reduce strech marks?
I just recently gotten small tiny bumps on my forehead. I don't know what the are or why they are there.?
Are Stys contagious?
Help! Stress! Confusion!?
Hi, i'm looking for celebrities to back or support my Cure 4 Cancer carshow next year. How do i go about it?
is there a cream or lotion that gets rid of brown acne scars?
Do I have gout? I'm a woman in mid 30's & not sure. Please someone help?
have you or anyone you know ever had graves disease ?
alternative treatments to cancer.have they worked for you?
my daughter getting stomach cramps and has had blood in stool. I'm really worried?
I have just found out that i have/am anaemic my iron is level 4 how bad is that may i die????
Unfortunately, my father is a drug user. lately, he has been drugging me with some substances?
Pain under the heals of the feet that comes and goes?
I am so paranoid about arthritis!?
Is marijuana bad for anxious, stressful people?
I smoke cigarettes,which I know the consequences it has on me,etc, etc.?
Do I have lice or no?
if you do cocaine once a week since about a year, are you addicted?
What is anxiety exactly?
Can I pass a urine test?
Have you ever taken drugs?
I need help, am I depressed ?
Birth Marks on Face Prevention? Help Please.?
I have a jack Russell 8 years old getting little red warts?
where do sweat formation take place in the skin?
have you ever heard of red vinegar applied on cloth then placed on area that is sore or stiff?
myofascial back pain for life or temporary?
HELP! Crazy sore throat?
Does anyone know where there is foot therapy available in Etobicoke? I suffer with heel sprus.?
What can help me?(20Characters)?
How can I stop myself from sleeping wierd?
Myth or fact: certain foods can promote coughing when you already have a cough?
Burn or Drown? What scares you the most and why?
I wake up with puffy bags under my eyes from allergies. I've tried allergy tablets but don't work. Help!
Should I wear my contact lenses to my eye appointment in 2 hours or take them out and wear my glasses?
Blocked nose?
STRESS? How to deal with it?
how do I be a nudist without my parents knowing?
How do i grow taller faster?
Is it normal for girls (i'm 12) to have hair on their stomachs?
Eaten too much meat feeling sick. what to do?
What can I do so that my eyes wont be so bloodshot?
How come when I sneeze, my nose smells like a funeral home or formaldahyde?
whos at least 2 inches taller than their parents?
blood in my stool?
I lost my voice, I need it back, Any suggestions?
took 10 paracetamol in one go.?
What kind of drug could they be taking?
Why do iget dizzy with a headache , after drinking a high caffeine energy drink?
Is breast milk good for your skin?
what happens when i scratch my mole?
do depressives really believe a good partner is not what they need?
anyone know a good chiropractor in woodbridge, ontario area..............?
Pain/Muscle Cramp under right breast?
How much is cocaine - and how much do people take generally?
Can anyone help me quit smoking?
what is colloidal silver used for?
I have a problem of headaches everyday. I have not gotten this checked out by a doctor yet.?
whats the easiest way to heal a cut or scratch?
what can you catch form toilets?
why on earth do Americans have to pay for Drs?
Where does musk come from?
how do you deal with severe chest pains?
do you have balloons lying around your house for no reason?
I can't eat, help?
Is a teenage boy supposed to get sever headaches daily?
Why does your stomach move when you breath? Your lungs are in your chest??
Is there any point in a 12 year old getting the cervical cancer jab?
How do you know when you need Glasses?
someone help please!!!?
how can i get rid of a blocked ear?
How do I help my friend with low self esteem, no confidence, very unhappy, very insecure, feels useless......?
Is this derealization....?
Weird Question:Do you think it's weird that I feel like my life will end soon?
went to get liver function test and it came up as: GGT - 94 Alanine Transaminase - 50Aspartate Transaminase33?
After food i feel uncontrolably tired, and have to sit or i will fall. whats going on.?
has anyone had surgery on a gland through their mouth or neck? is it normal to get nose bleeds and cough blood
How do painkillers work?
Osteoporosis and Disc Replacement Surgery?
Stomach pains?
what type of cancer did cathrine of aragon die of?
I had Guillain-Barre syndrome less than a year ago. I am fully recovered. Can I now DONATE BLOOD??
Psoriasis Sufferers???
why do people get cramps when there running?
Random talking in sleep? Confused!?
what are bunions and / or hammer toes and how are they formed?
ok. I am fairly certain I have an anxiety disorder of some type.?
how can i improve on confidence?
My ex husband is on anti depressant medication. He continually forgets conversations we had - is this normal?
Is there something wrong with my eyes?
What are the symptoms of Chronic Lymphatic Leukaemia?
i get cold sores occasionally on my lips, so does this mean my little girl will get them?
Help please - my 6 1/2 year old is going through a stage when she lays down to go to sleep and keeps coughing.
my daughter has had swollen tonsil for about a year with no pain what do you do about this as i went to the?
Organ donation - can O -ve organs be given to anyone?
My 3 year olds urine sample came out to be too diluted?
Red Diahrreah?
Is it really bad to stay up all night?
Can anyone help, I was at bus stop and I went really dizzy, everything went black and I felt sick and sweating
whats the best way 2 get rid of sunburn????? plz help?
Why do I get so tired so easily?
I had this dream. What does it mean?
When I have even a mouthful of alcohol or vinegar I throw up, does any one know what might be cause?
just want to know the marijuana effects?
Detox to remove traces of drug use?
Men out there who use skincare products? Cleansers, moisturisers etc...?
Does anyone smoke marijuana? and do you ever worry about the effects it has on your body?
who is having a cigarette?
What comes after The Secret?
Please help the wet girl!?
how to feel warmer without heater?
how long marijana to take effect when eating it?
Is anyone having a really fantastic day and why?
I been drug free since 2004 help?
aged care nursing question about violent patients?
Will I pass my drug test?
has any one ever smoked salvia and became paranoid as if they did something wrong?
am i getting depressed again?
My scalp ringworm hasn't gone away...?
i got my belly pierced about 4 weeks ago and it is infected what can i use to get rid of the infection?
Can athlete's foot spread to other parts of the body?
my wisdom tooth is coming in and i am in severe pain!?
Can you have on/off depression in pregnancy?
ive got a sore throat n wen i speak my voice cracks really badly so i whisper?
Do people with neurofibromatosis have an educational disadvantage?
Does ecstasy cause you to throw up or feel sick? I'm going to a rave in a few weeks and I dont wanna feel sick
White heart party drug?
is Breakfast really the most important meal of the day?
I have a sore throat, blocked ears , find it hard to breath/sleep. any ideas on what i have,or what i can do?
my arthritis is in all of my joints I've had the tip of my tailbone removed?
I have had pain in my back for 3 months. It is mid way left side. The pain comes and goes but somedays bad.?
Hoping that someone can give an indication to my 'problem' please from these symptoms.?
I hurt my wrist drpping in at the skatepark.I iced it right away. It isnt swollen. Could it be broken? HELP!!
Pain on far cheek?
Is there anything you can smoke from your everyday garden to make you high?
does any body know if pollen travells through airconditioning in a house?
what to do to your hair if ur hair is frizzy how do u prevent your hair being frizzy??
Does anyone have any cure for boils as my daughter's been taking antibiotics without any luck. Thanks alot!!!
my borther is a boy and he is 7 and he already has a bush of pubes wat should we do?
16 year old doesnt want to start smoking HELP?
Recently, I can't seem to get enough to eat, and yet I'm losing weight, why?
why do i constantly choke while i'm drinking?
is milk bad to drink when your sick?
When is someone medically dead?
Ecstasy overdose question?
I have a pain that is either my appendix or bladder but i can't tell, please help!?
Does this sound like a panic attack?
So if I have low blood pressure but I am not sick and just relaxing?
Can blind people see their dreams?
has anyone bought contact lenses online and are they genuine etc.?
Weird thing happend to me last night...?
I stand all day at work, no matter what shoes I wear or what inserts I use, my feet still kill me. Any ideas?
will i grow taller please help?
Whats the best way to gain weight?
Arthritis in feet?
does any body no who i am?
Lower Back pain when laying on my stomach or back (random occurance)?
How can you prevent breast cancer and what are the causes of it?
no blood during blood test?
dose any one have a child with ceoliac disease?
Is working out on a treadmill bad for a person diagonsed as having hypothyroid?
hi can anybody explain me wot is meant by [Hemopholia]?
Strange stools that i been having ?
Korsacoffs syndrome?
I get an electric shock sensation in my upper back , can anyone tell me what this is & how to get rid of it.?
Getting sick because of tyring to quit smoking?
does any one know what it culd mean when you bleed when you poo?
do your hair and fingernails still grow when you are dead??
What causes mouth uLcers?
How old is the average person on Yahoo Answers?
what is the name of the inserts put into shoes to correct fitting issues for people with unusual feet?
how can i grow taller????? please help?
Is it possible for me to grow 3-5 feet taller in 2 years?
Why do you feel really sleepy after crying alot?
My husband is having severe coughing fits, can't breathe...?
Do people who have hearing problems, ever think about learning sign language?
okay what is the purpose of having a navel after birth and what use is the appendix?
Will I be able to pass a drug test if i smoke marijuana four days before a test, and attempt to flush out?
does femaly kiten have 1 or two ball?>?
Hi im fat and under my stomach I have these sores and between my thighs there dark like really dark!!!?
Is this a spiritual sign. half asleep and half awake, my body jolts and i wake up?
son has dry skin?
what is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?
How can i make myself sick?
Who uses a vaporizer to smoke weed?
COMPETITION!!! How can I find out what someones middle name is??
Why Does this Happen, Any preventions For This?
I have 2 small cysts near my eyes called mealiun or something like that. Does any one know how I can remove?
Help Nits!!!!?
stomach pains?
I recently replaced a PEG with PEJ, however, I still experience occasional vomiting. How can this be fixed?
Help please?
my chest/lungs and my lower back hurt when i breath in why is this?
i have been on prilosec and nexium for 17 years total. anyone have any luck weaning off these drugs?
what is squamous atypia?
LYRICA does anybody take this or know anything about this medication?
i haven't slept for 21 hours...?
one easy quiz... plz answer?
Why isn't heroin legalised?
my young son is not circumcised. When should his for-skin be able to be pulled back for cleaning?
would you???????????????????
why do i have these?
vitamin supplement that helps heal acne?
I've got many marks and scars on my bikini line from waxing. How do i get my skin back to its normal colour?
Bad back and bad knee?
Is there any one out there who was on Leritine?
pain in abdomen?
How much alcohol consumption is needed to kill brain cells?
UTI possible without burning sensation or blood?
Is anger linked with depression or bi polar disorder?
Best Way to improve memory after/during major depression?
I went to see a therapist today, to get rid of mild social anxiety.?
Hearing loss in one ear...!!?
Is it safe for me to take laxative suppository without considering my parents or the doctor at this age? im 27
i am taking metronidazole 400mg 1 tablet twice a day, what would happen if i took 2 tablets twice a day?
Are you a scrutcher or a folder?
what does shelf life of a drug mean?
how a person with back pains can get a six pack?
armpit stinks bad?
Does anyone here have any medical expertise?
Why is THC an illegal substance?
Can I return to work after stitch removal?
SMOKERS: How can you Ignore these warnings!? Seriously!?
What sort of tattoos does people have and where are they?
What does my dream mean?
do you believe in chiropractic treatment?
Can I still get heatstroke if I drink heaps of water while im out in the sun?
Is it bad to snort phlegm?
Stuffy Nose?
I have heard people say the frozen vegetables you buy are better for you because they are picked and frozen?
Roughly how many people smoke in Australia
possible to od on energy drinks mixed with alcohole?
Why us my hair falling out?
Australians dying from cancer??
When I workout (cardio) after about 20 minutes my chest starts to get very itchy and tingly.?
Problems with cold in the head and chest that refuses to come out?
What are some diseases that are caused by bacteria?
Pain in the region of the pancreas.?
how bad is a gall bladder stone?
What can i do to get rid of my scars?
How do you get rid of an itch in public?
My blood is really thin and flows really easily and i counted 32 bruises just on my legs. Related?
is listning to heavy metal/deth metal good for my herlt/mental state?
i feel like crying :(?
Skin Doctors?
First aid advice given on Y answers?
Smoking Spinach?
Why smokers should not be dendied medicare?
arthritis in young people?
anyone know how much it cost to get teeth pulled ?
If you do a lot cooking on a cast iron fry pan. Do you actually get iron intake?
I think i may have been drugged?
Why does my family ignore my bulimia?
Are there any alcohol and ciggarette laws?
Disability Discrimination?
Why do people get goosebumps?
Does anyone have cures for mouth ulcers? Or any known triggers for them?
what can i eat to wake me up?
I have just cricked my neck by turning quickly - what can I do - it's so sore?
Is my weight average or skinny?
Would you consider surgery for.........?
chill out help?
help!! expired medication?
So can SOMEONE help me?
Is there a certain name for this?
Advice on Moles?
Clear skin & water ..?
how to get rid of ringworm?
obsessive sweating?
why do people have cardiac arrests from using cocaine?
Hard Life and no sleep?
How, scientifically, can talking on a cell phone too much cause brain cancer?
Are Vitamans from vegies and fruit as good as vitamans from a tablet?
can passive marijuana smoking cause long term effect on young children?
A Question for an RN or someone to Help about Cancer?
does anyone know of the existance of a mitochondrial disorders support group?
What's my diagnosis?
Extreme Abdominal Swelling and Ovarian Cancer?
Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension - i was diagnosed but I am still confused as to what it is, help?
Am I dying??
sleeping in class?
What is this??
Is Parkinsocism a form of parkins desease? Will it get worse?
dose cpap machine stop snoring?
Best shoes for my back?
Should you exercise with PHN(postherpetic neuralgia) from shingles?
my mother has scleroderma and her arm have turned dark and are very itchy. Why is that?
I woke up this morning with really sore legs and ankles they are now really red?
Hi guys, I have a strange numb spot on my back, it is a very small bump and spreading numbness. What is it?
what is the medical name for toxic iron syndrome?
I have a problem of acid how do I get rid of it for good?
Interested to hear from anyone with or who has had Sarcoidosis.?
my 16 month old baby has had the green snot, cough and vomiting are these 3signs of sinus infections??
reverse medical terminology?
Is this a sign of Polymyosistis?
Really funny feeling what can i do?
what would happen to the human body if they swollowed 5000mg of ibuprofen every day for 1 month?
Should i wait to tell my employer im pregnant?
cigarette smell????????
is it safe to staple body parts?
i think my thighbones are not longer than my shinbones, am i a freak then?
my nose is very stuffy, any tips?
Is anyone else like me the day after drinking? What is wrong with me?
Is it possible for marijuana to have no effect on a persons body.?
is their a prescription drug to get rid of hair on your body?
Phlegm problem?
What are the white specks that appear in fingernails?
Medical negligence???
static electricity?
how lomg does codeine stay in ur body for urine test?
Should Smokers be denied access to Medicare?
at what age do you stop growing?
They say you have to like/love yourself before anyone else can.... so how do you get to like yourself?
If I have the Flu am I still able to donate blood to the Red Cross tommorrow?
Why am i always cold?
Canker Sores?
moist, soft, glowy skin?
any tips on the asthma spacer masks?
neurological question?
had any problems with gallbladder not contracting normal 30% mine only 1%?
Where can I buy a green Kidney Cancer ribbon to put on my car?
What are foods to prevent bloating and water retention?
i have a question about lymphoma cancer...?
If I was to have a 4th degree brain tumor and had it treated.....?
what are the causes & effect of sound polution?
Blackheads and drinking coffee?
Ways to get rid of red marks left by acne-fast?
after my hemorroids are cleared up..there is always a sac of slack skin that never goes away...is there a cure
how do i grow taller ! ?
what does it mean when you know something is wrong but you do it anyway?
Psoriasis sufferers????
how can I get taller??
I think I'm addicted to computers?
Why did i throw up when i didnt eat anything?
How to get rid of strange Oder on my skin?
i smoked everyday for 15 years. i have a test in 1 week. is there any thing i can do to pass. i weigh 300 lbs.
I hit my head last night and saw a white flash?
Stress issues?
Do you trust Generic Medicines?
Does anyone know the minimum / reccomended food intake that a normal person needs daily?
What are you looking forward to?
Why does Ibuprofen take so long to work on me? It takes over an hour to kick in...?
too skinny too quick?
what happens if you smoke cocain with tabacco?
My husband has a very bad depression problem and he take medical to control it but still have bad anger to me?
Why do I feel so physically weak?
I have severe back pain and side pain on my left side?
What does an Internist Specialist do?
Leg tension/stiffness/soreness?
why do your ears hurt when flying , especially on the way down?
why is it that only one side of nose is open and it swiches sides?
does mucinex d affect a urine drug screen for employment?
Help Please Health advice needed?
What causes Brain TB and the duration of cure?
my rabbit is sick, it has inflamed eyes with sleep, sweat behind ears and also has a lump under his throat.?
DOCTORS??? got a pathology report need help!!!?
Do you know anyone with brainstem cancer?
I have been diagnosed with RA. My hands swell and go numb when I lie down....is this RA?
What type of tea tree oil can I use for piercings?????
mole removal..?
What would you do if you are going to sneeze?
Help! I feel sick, what can I do to feel better?
why people should not be able to smoke in public places?
If addiction to games like second life and world of warcraft as dangerous as other addictions?
Can we rely entirely on Pharmaceutical DRUGS?
Which surgical operations require you to be naked?
Reporting an Unsanitary Resturant.?
What are the therapeutic uses of hydrogen peroxide and how is it adminstered?
Does IBS cause anxiety and depression, or the other way round?
Is it true if you smoke pot . . ?
How to stop feeling hungry?
How can you convince a teenager that drinking is wrong?
anyone knows how to get taller?
Why do I get an electric shock/zap?
LOCKED JAW............... (:(|) ?
Should I go to the hospital now?
Is there anyone who bathes for 4 hours?Do u prefer girls with long hair or short hair?
How can i get abbs??..... =)?
my mother is 84 and she has been getting the feeling of the head being pushed down,is it nerves?
Are drugs really bad?
I have pain in the left side of my jaw. What is it?
How long does it take for a treated wart to be removed?
i need help asap?
no more moles warts or skin tags?
What can you do when you're always tired?
do i have swine flu? pleeze anwser?
um, HELP ME PLEASE!!!! 10 POINTS?!!!!!! NOW??!!?!?!?!??!?!!??!?
How can i toughen up the bottom of my feet?
Swollen glands in neck?
Why did I almost faint after I hit my finger?
What is the cause?
How do I know when i have vomited all the food that I ate,is it when its's all liquid? ?
Deaths due to lack of organ donors?
what's the difference bewteen king size and regular size of No.7?
how does tobacco affects our bodies?
I NEED HELP! (Girls)?
I barely smoke marijuana but took two hits nine days ago. Will I fail a urine drug test?
Prescription Medications without a Prescription? Worldwide Online pharmacies?
Can you really remove moles in a pain free way!?
Visine eye drops mixed with alcohol?
Why does the right side of my stomach hurt when I jog?
How long the body last without air?
what happens to your breathing when you are frightened? why?
Hand Problems?
feeling nerves?
Related to my question?
Does anyone have a Tempurpedic bed? Are they worth the money?
it burning?
What could be causing this?
Is smoking shisha harmful? If yes, how harmful is it?
New flu for me-Couldn't see straight?
I've been showering in cold water for the last 3 mins of my shower.?
Is dermatitis catchy?? scared i may pass it on to my daughter as its on my hand.?
Sore b00bs. Help!!!?
I am feeling real down and out today, how do I pick myself up?
Stinky feet?
Does anyone else suffer with headaches every day?
how long until ice/meth leaves you blood system?
Are there any household creams that stop sunburn hurting?
Took a drug test on Monday, still no call!?
Whenever it's time 4 bed I start 2 feel sick and lie in bed worrying that I am going to vomit or die?
What sorts of people shouldn't use cocaine?
is it possible you can die from just taking half a pill of Ecstasy? side effects please?
what time do you go bed and when do you woke up?
humans are very good at highlighting the negatives and missing positives?
I need mind cleansing, any ideas?
ear piercing???
How do i stop getting sick with viruses?
How to get rid of a stuffy nose without medicine?
Why do doctor appointments costs money?
How can I get rid of my nerves?
should i get my tonsils taken out?
Can people give up ice/meth easierly?
any ex-smokers....tips for quitting smoking?
How frightening a concept would it be if surgeons could perform a head transplant or even worse a brain?
Trying a weight loss solution?
important question about cancer?
Do these vitamins reduce cancer by alot?
What can cause knots like bone spurs to occur on all fingers and my elbow too?
Is someone on drug ZETIA for lowering cholesterol?
My husband was diagnosed with cirrhosis 9 months ago, he is in stage 4 and also has 20percent kidney function.
Ringworm HELP?
How effective is stretching in treating for sciatic?
What's the BEST and SAFEST way to stay awake to finish your work?
Terrible cough??? ?
Is marijuana safe? In small doses?
Is clear urine bad? i kno dark urine is but is clear?
when do the cravings stop? (smoking)?
My dog got sick again?
What is happening to our skin when we get goose bumps?
Organ Donations................?
what kind of exercise r u all doing for ur health??
Am i allergic or intolerant to alcohol...?
snoring issues?
Should I still exercise if I'm sick?
Why do I always get headaches on Mondays?
do you loss brain cells if you hit your head?
I only faint in one place...?
why did my drug test come out positive?
what can be done to stop the pain i'm in everyday?
What does head lice feel like ?
big lips/ plump lips?
My teacher told me that if you eat a whole 24 packet of paracetamol...?
R.S.D. symtoms and treatments?
my Bro has really bad acme he went on this tablet called pro oratane for 3 months now but he have to go for of
Im planning to remove my mole. Do you have any idea how much it will cost for a surgery in the Philippine?
Big bug bites?
Son has exema?
is it true that your ears continue to grow until you die?
How to get rid of caffeine quickly inside the body?
Do you prefer being on top or on bottom, and why?
If you knew you were going to die tomorrow.. What 'one' thing would you want to do before you died???
what kind of doctor do i see for strept throat?
Blood sugar affecting heart rate and blood pressure?
What is the most painless /painful way to die?
What are some of the worst things you do re your health?
Will the mother have any symptoms if the fetus has a neural tube problem?
head pressure and tingling on my right side?
Could i have pneumonia?
Is there any connection between Fibromyalgia and Thrombocythaemia?
why do i hear water in my stomach area, but not in the stomach slightly below it, noise is sooo laoud whn move
Over the past 2 years I have had a faint ticking sound in my right ear.?
what is in the lower left pelvic abdominal area that would cause pain on and off ?
unexplained problems?
Bowel Cancer?
which foods and supplemnts besides drugs can prevent flares in ulcerative colitis?
I have had a lot of headaches recently... why?
killing lice and nits. HELP!?
What do all the drugs do to your body?
How do I improve my hearing?
What can I do to prevent getting sore throats as frequently as I do?
A friend of mine has this rash thing...HELP!?
Why am I always tired..?
What question asked here has made you laugh the most?
Do you realize if you are answering this with a yes that it can need a doctor to free you of it?It is so.?
Every morning I wake up at a specific time, why?
what is a 'small' and 'big' hit when smoking marijuana?
How dangerous is syrup?
Why do I keep getting sick?
Why do I always wake up at the same time everyday?
did you ever stick anything in your ear/nose when u where a kid?
Are steroids as bad as Heroin?
i have some troubles with my earring please help ?
What can I do about this sleep problem?
What can I do to stop getting bad headaches from caffeine?
Little red spots on arms and legs?
What causes an itch and why does scratching the itch give you relief?
Are there any class actions you know of...?
kidney problems?
If cancer is found six months in, what re the percents of dyeing?
is posories is cureable?
How to you get rid of milia (tiny white bumps under skin) ?
Can anyone cheer me up?
Why did I start vomiting in my sleep last night?
Food tasting bland coz i have a cold?
Why do I get Night Sweats?
is this weird??? like really unusual? Im freaking out?
Should I go to the hospital?????
what is the quickest way to get marijuana out of your system w/o having to buy "special" pills?
okay this is just so strange!
Im going into hospital tomorrow, what should i pack?
my friend is shorter than me but her legs are longer?
Cold or sore throat?
Anyone here have any experience with a recovering addict?
Does this sound like a BALANCED life for a 16 year old girl? THANX :D?
Are you obsessive compulsive about anything?
what can kill you faster?
The ________ connects the mouth and stomach.?
what can i do if im a nympho help me?
Can a drug screen tell if my urine is 2days old the tests are non supervised please help URGENTLY PLS?
I always seem to be feeling unwell. Anyone know anything that could help?
Can anyone please, please suggest some good ways for dealing with depression without having to go to a doctor?
How do you get rid of a headache really fast?
The spine disease bothers my legs and arms besides pills what can l do to ease the pain back is ok for now??
Abdominal pain?
I recently had a tooth pulled 2nd one from lower back left, Is it possible for my tongue to get irritated ?
Mysterious bite--not mosquito?
Seriously painful...help please!!?
Eczema/Really dry skin relief without cream?
Tiny bumps on my forehead.?
what is this mean in the blood testing?
Depressed About Nothing?
Why don't bones wear away when they rub together?
what if I go outside and suddenly am attacked by a motorcycle gang?
pink lemonade!?
If im 6ft even at 14 how much taller should i expect to get?
Is there a way of removing moles without scaring?
I tried weed for the first time....is this normal?
Anyone lost their voice?
hey my names matt nicol and i have recently discovered that i have developed what appear to be female breasts?
i am a 33 yr old woman with diabetes living in australia can anyone give me so low fat recipes please?
How does one get lead into their body ?
Insecurity about bodily fuctions?
I have been bitten by a wild rat... ?
How long do you wait to work out after sick?
I'm exhausted,anxiety,depressed, I feel like this everyday... I take medication but why do I still feel tired?
My eye is super red,what can i do?
whats the recipe for a homemade saline solution?
What to do when you're sick and bored and can't sleep.?
how to get rid of scars quick or reduce the apperence?
How do I...?
Wearing Thongs/Flip Flops All Day?
is FITRUM safe to those who have Palpitations/Tachycardia?
is Duromine a good tablet to take if you have an underactive thyroid ?
At time I get redness & itching in the creases of my neck & last up to a week - what would cause this?
How do I get rid of the black crescents under my eyes? Any food/supplement suggestions etc?
I take SOMAC for treatement of ulcer .. how long before symptoms go?
how has breast screening by mammography contributed to the knowledge of the development of breast cancer?
Will losing weight really help a persons back pain?
i have BPD. what exactly is it?
I might have my Period when i have Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy?
How can i Be sick??? reply ASAP?
When i put my laptop on my legs, red veins appear? what are they?
how long do fingernails grow in one month?
Do your feet smell because you took your shoes off or do your shoes smell because you took them off your feet?
whats the best thing to help heal a friction burn?
is there any way to grow taller quickly?
Can anybody turn white like Michael Jackson did ? What is the procedure and cost and will it last ?
Don't you hate it when you are stuck in a traffic jam and suddenly suffer from a bad attack of diarrhoea?
Dieting tips please!?
Wot is Graves Disease??? Is it life threatening?? Is it cure able???
Is Marajuana better for you health than ciggaretes?
What's the name of that drug you put on a rag and cover someone's face with to knock them out?
laser lights.?
if u drank one of them pee clear thangs for the test if u hour later if u vomit will u still pass?
Which acne treatment pills really work?
when your getting moles removed of your body are u able to be put asleep?
i have to change my pills every time for toothache. what is the reason of this drug resistance.?
Horrible headache- how can I get rid of it?
what can you take for a migraine headache?
i have physical symptons that caused anxiety..i have dealt with my anxiety,but am still left with the symptoms
blood clots in lungs/still have low grade fever?
I can't eat, help?
How tall will i be when im older?
Anyway to rid yourself of depression without pills?
how do I post replys to answers?
What are the implications of a hypotonia diagnosis by a doctor?
I've had this sore bump under my left arm for about 5 years now. what could it be?
i meet with accident and my right leg got pressor on nerve due to that my lgg has been droped i cant walk pain
What are the symptons and health effect of blue-green algaein humans if ingested and what are its treatments.?
pain that shoots up my neck?
my ear hurts?
Sore back, sore chest, sharp pain when breathing, head pain, muscle pain.?
Red spots in armpit and groin?
i need to ask a question about body acne..?
Does Vaseline damage your face?
Have any of you had really good or bad experiences with a Chiropractor?
Any tips on how to clean out ones ear. Cotton buds useless against heavy wax build up. Any safe home remedies?
when you're stressed out do you think that you....?
After losing my sense of smell i was wondering if anybody would know how to retain my lost sense?
Why is my step-father going blind?
breast lung and chest cancer?
Diareah and fatty food?
Surgery problem?
Complication in surgery??
What do red/blue bags under your eyes mean? Bad kidney/ liver?
Irritable Bowel Syndrome or?
Radiology scans not accurate?
Back Pain???
i would like to know how long someone stays high for after smoking a joint?
why do i sweat in my face and go red in the face when? i?
Vallium For Panic/Anxiety Attacks??
Why have the emergency rooms in the Sydney area become so useless?
what do i do instead of drinking and taking drugs on weekends?
Why do people ask serious medical advice online?
take drugs or not take drugs?
Will getting a pet help with depression?
How do I pull myself out of this?
Suicide....would u help me?
Please help me!?
I have patellofemoral syndrome. What can I do for the pain?
What do I need to know when buying a T.E.N.S unit?
What are some ear ache remedies?
i have a very sharp pain on my left side under my arm im 16 lol what could this be?
Iron deficiency ??
what is osteo arthirites?
I think I have a bad problem?
Should I be worried....?
What are some ways to control and even get rid of stress?
Flu vaccine?
i need motivation to quit smoking. any advice?
Stomach problems - and no one is listening?
when is a good time to shower after waking up in the morning? immediately after waking up or wait a few minute
How do I go about telling my parents I'm depressed?
Is excessive sleep a sure sign of depression?
why dont animals beside human ever get depressed?
Name as many as you can. What are you all fearful of?
When something goes wrong..I think that I get excessivey angry?
I attempted suicide last Wednesday and was in a coma for 3 days ...?
Has therapy ever helped you or anyone you know?
I have anorexia... can someone be willing to talk to me? Please? ?
how do i get my self to stop thinking about how others think about me?
I need to find out what's wrong with my husband. Is there a mental disorder that matches these symptoms?
don't know what disorder my brother has?
I'm hyper and nervous all the time, and I never make eye contact, what do I have?
I have a cramp on the left side of my body?
You are suffering from heartburn and wish to get relief quickly.?
Constipation question?! Happy Easter All?
left upper arm pain?
Gallbladder Pain???
Does breastfeeding keep arthritis in remission?
How do i tell my doctor about eating disorder?
what medical problems can hypothermia cause??
sceliosis and osteo-arthritis?
medication for gastric ulcers and caeliac disesase?
I'm having stomach pains with my cold...like it's growling. Why could this be?
My father is 91 (92 in Dec) he is in stage 4 CRF and has mild dementia. what is his life expectancy?
Is it possible to have a rash or be itchy and it be from stress?
Has anyone out there had a lung transplant?
I've had a small rash (about 1cm) on my face-just below my mouth for about a month. My skin is usually good.
pain urininating?
Is It Possible to become Lactose Intolerant When Pregnant???
what is lymphocyte? & what is the normal value of lymphocyte?
How do you become a more positive person?
help- i am so frustrated!?
is there really such a thing as multiple personality disorder?
I have a friend who is suicidal. Help Please?
I am 23 years old and have attempted suicide numerous times and I feel really sad and lonely?
Sleeping to much???
What's the average length of long-term relationship?
What should i do? I just found out my friend cuts herself!!!?
For people WITH depression or have HAD depression...?
what does my dream mean?
Does anyone cut there selves [self harm] for fun ?
Am I depressed? Or just going through the normal thing teens go through?
Serious question about eating disorders and addictions?
after my sister had her children, her brain stopped working?
I am a compulsive counter. Count everything, steps, liscence plates, etc... Is this a sign of OCD?
Just for curiosity, can anyone scientifically explain the sensation of hunger?What makes us 'feel sick'?
are there any foods the help with taking away the pain of arthritis?
Why do I have pain ...?
I have a Sore Throat it hurts alot!! what can i do to help it sooth? Doctors please!?
something also wrong with my knees? do you know anything about it?
Severe Stiff Neck HELP?
I'm deaf, a hearing aid user. will this effect my ear stretching?
How long does it take for marijuana to clear out of the system?
I've eaten 650 calories today. This is my average intake. I feel full. Help?
Major Dizzieness, is it just me?
Why are my hangovers so bad?
Is it true that "odourless garlic capsules" are useless when taking daily for good health ?
dog shot is good or bad?
Urine infection???? ?
Please Answer This...?
Have you ever woken up only to realize you've been thinking the whole time?
Melatonin dose?
What is a tear in stomach?
does ecstasy cause time gap, and does it cause hallucinations?
I have a sore throat, any treatments that don't have medication?
side effects of drugs??
i cant sleep well at all, i cant sleep with any noise exept for the tv. i need help.im going away soon.?
How can I gain weight w/ no appetite..cancer?
Ballpoint pen deaths: statistics?
what is speed(the drug)?
what is a term for someone who might need marijuana to stay mentally of physically healthy?
Does anyone know anything about taking propranolol(deralin) for anxiety?
How can I be able to drag myself out of bed early in the morning?
HOW CANT I GET RID OF MY Sore through^^?
How Can I Prevent Writer's Cramp?
Rib pain and lower pain?
If you're addicted to mint, should you check into a menthol institution, or a menthol clinic?
My mom is currently thinking negative all the time. is there any ways I can change this mindset of hers?
Why do people with Bi polar get mean and turn against the ones who have tried to hel t hem so much?
im scared to sleep HELP!?
Seriously: Jesus is a really nice guy, but do you actually believe he was/is the son of God?
What is 7 times 6?...............................................
I've had a rough day. Any compliments for me out there?
I want to commit suicide?
I've overdosed numerous times, and I'm still suicidal and considering suicide again?
What do you think about before you goto sleep?
suicide is serious and I am getting no answers from anyone except how to prevent, NOT THE POINT!!!!!!!!?
Am I really depressed?
What are the dangers of anti-depressants? They terrify me, but I don't know what else to try.?
how do you build up your self esteem?
My friends keep on saying im anorexicic.?
sunshine can make us smart and nimble?
What does this dream mean?
Can tonsils really grow back?
Why can't i walk away from old habits?
Should I follow up on this.....?
i am breastfeeding... i also have a tooth infection. im taking amoxicillin 500mg. is it safe to nurse?
under eye circles???
Does anyone know a medications/ drug that commonly causes changes in smell?
What causes tonsillitis?
Can I drink alcohol if I've only been on an antidepressant for 2 days.?
back crackers? what are they really called?!?!?
What happens when you drink energy drinks with medication?
My face goes red everytime i do exercise?
What are the effects of males consuming the female contraceptive pill?
why is my heart rate slower before i go to bed and higher when getting up?
I think i have really bad anxity, are these symptoms normal.?
Is it good to have more than the recommended dietary intake for vitamin c?
How do people fall asleep in minutes?
trouble sleeping?
what do I want to throw up?
Help!! What do I do!!?
Twisted Pelvice?
what are the illnesses or diseases that are related to the nervous system?
Exercise for my mum!! :) She has a condition though...?
how do i get over my fear of putting my head under water, as i had a panic attack last time i fell in.?
ive been suffering from social phobia and anxity and ive have started taking esipram 20mg for the past 5 wks?
My 6 year old son has a goitre, is this unusual ?
what is the difference between "work induced" and "work related" asthma?
I have wide fingernails?
How can I treat ringworm? Please help!?
I have a small clear bubble on the inside of my cheek, no pain..what is it?
how do you get rid of popped blood vessels in the eye?
Strange Obsession !!Urgent Help!!?
What have been your experiences with psychologists?
i think im suicidal?
How stressed are you on a scale of 1 -100?
Why have so many teens got mental health problems nowadays?
Things are going really well...now I'm scared?
am i slowly losing my mind or is it just stress?
Can you suddenly develop Bipolar disorder, or is it only genetic?
Is it OK to have fantasties about my sister? Should I get help? I'm 35 years old.?
Am I insane?
i realy need a place to stay for a while, i have bean ion the street for four days?
I'm really tired and don't want to fight anymore...?
should i kill myself because of all these problems?
What worked for your procrastination problems?
Suicide as an escape route?
Is there a pill to help me relax, and ease my mind?
Time for the positive: What are 5 of your most favorite things?
what does stomach cramps mean?
Why do my words become confused?
i get tetany quite a bit what causes it?
Does anyone have or know anything about Chronic myelomonocytic leukemia?
I have low ferritin 3 and heamaglobin is fine B12 is low aslo what does this mean??
when was respiratory embolism discovered?
what is the relationship between cell division and cancer?
knee surgery?
Lordosis/ Anterior Pelvic Tilt?
i got knee ache from swimming!?
Do Jaw Wideners Always Give you a space In Between Your 2 Front Teeth.?
What kind of illness do i have?
I am having trouble sleeping can u help?
Food to eat to stop constipation?
What's with bannanas that causes stomach pain?
Bad breath after eating dairy?
What is the most effective way to get rid of a cold?
Possible drug test question?
toungueee pierciinggggggg?
Is this a really bad sign?
What could happen if I drank too much off...?
i want to hurt myself. help me?
Am I fat im 10 and have a bit of a tummy?
Ear piercing?
Can I drink my blood?