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I find that when l sweat while sleeping l find that it leaves a strange odour on my pillow.?
do you think this will this delay wrinkling?
Has anyone had ice bugs?
I had some moles removed three months ago. On is still red, slightly itchy and the mole is coming back.?
I need to take my daughter to a dermatologist for her Eczema, what type of questions do i need to ask?
have spots on my thighs, is it from sweat or something else?
Microdermals instead of surface piercings?
Has anyone tried progesterone cream and/or lozenges.?
Problem with my index finger ( Distal Phalanx or Upper Part of it ) of my right hand?
I have swollen fingers, and a rash on my legs and arms help!?!?
Seriously. Is there really no cure for Keratosis Pilaris?
cleansing techniques?
How to take care of popped blisters from sunburns....?
cream for spots?
If you have oily skin, should you use oil-free skin products?
Mental health OCD paranoia ?
My Head Keeps Pounding Whats Wrong With Me?
Can osteoarthritis of the neck cause dizziness?
I have this strange stiffness in my feet...?
my wrist hurts really bad?
has anyone used walkfit insoles, do they really work ? please write!!?
My Vertigo is the worst it has ever been?
dettol advert?
What do I need to know about the do's and don'ts after radioactive iodine treatment in Australia?
Can GERD be cured with Homeopathy medicines, if yes then how long does the treatment takes?
What else is Antibiotic Cream used for besides wounds?
My toes are cracking and itchy and red raw . How do i fix this problem and how do i treat my feet gee its sore?
how will the body try and repair the areas that have been burnt?
How do i keep my sunburn from peeling?
Rash/flaky red skin under nose?
what does it mean if you have dots in your eyes?
White Spot?
How to make black spots on my face disappear??
Botox for sweaty arm pits?
Can you get rid of the little bump after you get peircing?
How do i get rid of the tiny burn marks in my face?
Can you remove chicken pox marks?
sore red eye need help!!!?
i apply sunscreen n my skin appears very sticky cant do without it also n ya i sweat a lot because of dat why?
LUSH Tea tree toner or Breath of Fresh Air toner ?
Why is my face pink?
Hidradenitis Suppurativa?
Vasicular athletes foot??????? Or what???
Sweat issues!!!!Please help me?
Okay i have a few questions?
how low is an blood iron level of 6.9 down from 8.2?
Severe hip pain solutions?
Does orthoscopic surgery hurt?
I hurt MORE now I have pain killers?
would you know of a site that has a detailed list of exercises for people suffering from lower back arthritis?
Are we in control of our thoughts? They seem to come out of no where and they are usually negative!?
What are some of the extremes that people go to just to get that dream body that they have always wanted?
i dreamed that I have my old nail in the thumb of my one foot being removed?
help! i accidentally cut my dogs skin!!?
Why does my face get really red for no reason?
Question about a bite...?
what causes my face to sting when i sweat?
anyone know about itching sunburn?
What the f*ck have i done to deserve these acne scars.?
i have discoloration under my armpit what does this mean?
my mosquito bites are really big and are full of pus :/?
Dry, cracked skin on my fingers. What is it?! It won't clean either!?
What is wrong with my skin?
I have Itchy fingers?
How well does laser surgery for stretch marks work?
My cousin has red burning skin on her face everything she use burns her is there a cream that can help?
has anyone developed a skin rash after angio-seal operation to unblock arterys in leg?
Do you think Daivonex works with psoriasis?
How can I get rid of dry spot on my legs?!?
How do you make a needle NOT hurt?
afraid of needles and blood! ;O?
Why does my nose sometimes hurt inside when I work out?
Help me figure out if this is an ingrown.
Back problems?
Knee pain caused by cold?
Can eating too fast cause nausea that lasts all day?
What is the pain on my wrist?
Pain lump on back of head?
what is an abscessed?
Help, brother issues????????
Has any one had a bilateral mastectomy tram flap reconstruction,what were the results?
would occasional finger pressure on the urethra under the scrotum to help urination be an red flag?
I have narcolepsy and am trying to find out if Xyrem is available in Australia?
can anyone help me its about my mum?
Is this depression serious?And do I need to get help?
Don't know what this is? Suicidal thoughts but..?
I really shouldn't have this much stress?
Anxiety or ADD? What is wrong with me?
I can hear dog whistles, and I think they have done something, help?
How many of you touch y our nose before you go to bed?
Vitam B6 side effects?
helpppp! how can i get rid of this ear bump!?
My teenage son has developed white spots on the side of his neck and under his neck?
How can I lessen skin irritation from taping my knee?
dead skin cells or too much soap?
What is a good anti aging cream?
Lump on back right of neck, near hairline..?
my skin falls off!?
How many of you have used Clinique for your acne?
how do you get rid of keratosis pilaris?
how can i have the pefect skin?
What to use/do.....BAD skin?
My six year old son's skin is peeling off the end of his fingertips?
I have about three little white dots under my left eye? Possibly milk spots?
Epilating Brazilian Area? Advice?
What is the best way to reduce redness caused by spots and also black heads...?
Hydrogen Peroxide????????????
Thyroid Problem?
having chest pain for 3 days?
I have been diagnosed with Grave Disease?
Blood pressure monitoring problem ... I think?
is glutathione effective as skin whitening?
Advice? Reasons as to why I constantly have a runny nose?
trans-axillary rib resection?
is cosmetic surgery really necessary?
What is causing my lightheadedness and these hot flushes over my body? Virus related?
anti depressants.....?
will the jobcentre ask if i have any mental health problem?
Experiences with Citalopram...?
When you answer peoples problems on here do you find yourself preaching advice you should take yourself but...?
Hearing and seeing things trying to get to sleep?
Midsection pain--could it be something serious?
Knee pain in an 18 year old female?
Severe hand pain help...?
need help to relieve pain in my ankle?
what should i do about this H1N1 shot? should i do it?or not? i heard so many bad things about it the side?
Please help anxiety causing doubts?
have i got schizoaffective?
Please explain fully a condition called mild aortic unfolding?
I have had wide spreed muscle pain for 5 years mostly in my legs just lately my legs go tingly at times?
An Korean National in need of liver transplant?
Has any Psoriasis sufferer used PsorCare? Any known side effects?
eyebrow hairs falling out?
What possible inflammatory diseases there would be in people with very high Ferritin level in their blood?
Purple and sore feet:?
Fibro Muscular Displasia in main ateries heading to brain?
i have a really ichy foot(heal)?
I sweat too much and i need help?
The Curse Of Blisters?
Red Burning Skin?
red rashes on my face every now and then?
why does your skin wrinkle when you spend to much time in the water?
if i have a cyst removed from my face will i have a permanent scar?
cn people with thin faces have naturally rosy cheeks?
underarm darkness and not sure what it is?
Is the morning the best time to get Vitamin D from the sun?
I had eczema & Hives and picked them so bad that now it's scabs that I obsessively pick all the time like OCD!
i got a rash between my legs( thighs) after swimming what can i put on it?
Questions about tatoo removal.?
Question about Eczema treatments....?
does sudocrem work for spots, scares and scabs aslo does hot water and fairy soap help to get rid of everythin
how to get rid of a verucca on my foot?
How to you get rid of rectal and anal rashes and itches?
i am making goats milk soap from scratch (i.e with lye) how do i ensure the ph is 5.5 or mild for the skin?
i have hundreds of tiny blackheads??
my hand hurts a lot.?
my left ear is plugged up, what can I do about his?
I have tendinitis in my right wrist. Does anybody have any ideas on how to make it feel better?
Pain around my Pelvic Muscle? (Plz Help)?
Why do i feel so bad?
What is the best but still affordable ($30 max) skin lightner?
Can someone answer this one? a bit trivial...?
What's the difference between dandruff and eczema.?
Infected Loab Piercing! Help?
i'm so tired and disorientated i slept for 31 hours straight and have severe headache. any suggestions?
Scratch on contact lenses?
I have a painful raw rash on my elbows - I think its an allergy and its only ever on my elbows. What is it?
What would you like to ask?Hair Loss Alopecia?
What are the main factors of skin aging?
How to help scabbing on my cheeks from laser?
Will an 11 year old scar affect healing of a piercing?
stretch marks?
How to treat a blisters on feet?
My sister was bitten by a sun bear in Cambodia. It's healed (but not well) and she needs help please!?
i sweat alot and idk why....?
19 month old with red rash extending up the arm?
Oratane Capsules question?
i have KP on my arms;; whats the best way to get rid of it or make it really not noticeable?! :)?
how can i get a list of products that dont contain alcohol[ soap, lotion,shampo]?
im taking antibioticz for my acne and am now taking zinc tablets, will this effect the antibiotics?
lump on foot wont go away?
my tongue?
Dull annoying pain at the back of my head!?
Some stuff to help growing pains in the legs.?
Can stopping SSRI's make your CNS hyper sensitive?
I am such a big failure?
Does anyone know what this might be?
My mom got a quad handle pushed into her lower left side stomach. What are the side effects?
Shoulder pains? help ? hurry? FAST?
Why cant I stop cleaning?
Cervical Vertigo the mystery illness? Can some one help me?
Do you think im going insane/paranoid ?
c reactive protein?
where can you buy bandanas, especially the ones with a head band?
best treatment you have recieved for painful plugged ears?
Does anybody know what is Rosemary Fungi - a skin rash ?
food affecting skin color?
can i use triamcinolone acetonide cream usp,o.1% on my poision ivy rash?
Anyone tried Contractubex Gel for Keloids?
How do you make the cuts around your cuticules heal faster?
What's wrong with my skin? It's incredibly stretchy!?
What type of spider is this, urgent help lol it's on my bed?
What is my skin discolouration?
childhood vitiligo????????????
Best Products to get rid of?
my foxtail palms need help we have bugs eating the centre of the trunk found maggots, gel, foam, coming out?
Blisters from soccer?
Has anyone had side effects from taking Doxycycline capsules?
how do i get rid of verruca fast??????????
Feet problem?
Does Naplofax actually work on removing Lipoma's?
accutane side effects - joints..???help me?
Help! I have Itchy red spots, kind of like blisters, on my arms. Not chicken pox, any ideas?
For a while now little white bumps that have popped up on the inside of my right eyelid. plz help. i am 58.?
is it safe to smoke marijuana once a month?
name the medication for horse asthma and human diet?
i am 32 year male from Toronto, my knees are grinding, cracking when strainghten and cause lots of pain...?
I'm going to get a blood test tomorrow for accutane, can someone answer please?
Good dermatology to treat pearly penile papules in Australia?
yuckk sweaty palms?
Cracked Skin and is it Contagious?
Has anyone had microskin (a cover up for birthmarks,vitiligo etc) if so plz tell me your experience and cost?
I'm 15. I recently have found little small red veins on my shoulders?
lower back and thigh rash..what could it be?
Bruises..how can i have nice legs?
What is this rash? Its horrible! Help?
Will roaccutane get rid of already present blackheads?
How can i get rid of my scars?
Can My Skin Disorder Be CURED?
PLEASE HELPP psoriasis pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee... :{?
what is the cure for stubborn heat rash on my back?
Can A Dermatologist prescribe roaccutane on the first visit.?
What do you think of this person's body?
Can getting drunk just once stunt your growth?
What is piles?
Hi, someone told me that they get leukemia if their body temp drops below 22 degrees c, is this possible??
how does 'inclusion body myositis' affect a persons lifestyle? Physically, socially and emotionally?
what causes kidney failure? and how to keep it health in order make sure this doesnt happen ?
i have been told that i suffer from excess stomach acid by my doctor. but in the las few days i have a pain?
does IMRT can kill or can dissolve brain tumor?
Anyone familiar with surgery for basal joint arthritis?
My son has OCD, what do I do to help. And how do I know if he does for sure. One physcologist suggested Asperg
Does anyone know of an 'aplastic anemia' support group in Brisbane, Australia?
can you join the navy if you have asthma?
how can i relieve the pain from a bruised bone?
Cant feel my jaw ! HELP?
Sometimes when I flex my toes my entire foot freezes up painfully?
Weird throat pain?
eyes making crackling noises?
my chest hurts bad... help?
what causes achey legs?
I have extreme pain in both my legs following burst apendix op 3 years ago HELP!?
Did I have a breakdown of some sort.?
you give breaths but the chest doesn't rise effectively. what two things would you do next?
why is my baby's face swelling when turned to side?
does anyone no what a blub on the lung is?
Seadoc advice, ulcerative colitis, serious answers please!?
Has anyone experience the blood in stool even after having your first colonoscopy test?
How many times can one person get multiple blood clots in there lungs be fore they die ?
wtf? is this true?
how to smoke and not get high?
Why doesn't the skin fall away from the body?
Why do i get sunburn so easily ?
Hair care products that are gentle on your hands?
I have a proffesional spray tan gun. the tans come out looking amazing but after 2-3 days the tan cracks.?
My bruise gets bigger and bigger?
Small, clear bumps on my skin?
how do you get ringworms?
thanks for replys on psoriasis?
how do you get rid of zits without buying an expensive product.?
Are Alginates and hydrofibre dressings interchangeable?
How do you get a calic after never having one in a particular spot on you head?
does duac sfc lotion need to be refrigerated?
Is Epiduo a good way to get rid of acne for a twelve year old?
can i use wartner to freeze off a wart ive been treating with duofilm?
Why are my hamstrings made of glass?
I listen to my cd player only for like 40 min and I get my pain in my ears.?
Pain Meds: Why does it take so long for them to kick in?
My 7 yr old daughter woke up this morning with pain in her upper back, between her shoulders. What could it be?
Rehab (UK) - Google was confusing me?
Nervous Hands Shaking?
PLZ HELP :( my best friend died and i dont think i can face her funeral?
Will she do harm to her body by throwing up?
Trouble opening up to people and showing feelings?
is it bad to eat bogeys from your nose?
name one thing you cant live without?
marijuana and breast surgery?
I eat my snot- is it really germy?
Too Many Headaches!?
Achilles Tendinitis - 24/7 pain for 9 months straight! what can I do?
I've Stopped Drinking. Should I Seek A Doctor? Advice?
i got 4 wisdom teeth taken out?
extreme pain in throat when swallowing?
what is this burning pain in between my ribs and my stomach?
I have a rash on my thighs?
built up eggs on my armpit hairs or just something els?
I am the ACNE TROLL feel my wraath!?
premature wrinkling on hands and feet?
what is this rash that i have on top of my lip?
How to get rid of a pash rash?
red birthmark. how do you get rid of it?
What is Differin gel and is it good for the removel of ringworm?
my finger has suddenly gone bright red and itchy!!?
can you get hydrocortizone over the counter?
im a polio victim. the pressure on my left foot/sole is uneven. what's d best treatment on INVERTED CORN on it
has anyone here ever tried mama lotion for a couple scars before? I am wondering if this stuff really works.?
disposable contact lenses.?
is there any thing that will being my natural skin color back and fast?
who got keloid on ear lobe?
Ok i have NOSE problem!?
Smelling behind the ears?? ************10 points ********?
My toe nail broke in half?
does teenage acne ever go away?? if so, then when?
I suspect I have ADHD, but I REALLY don't like GP's, who else can diagnose it?
Do i have a obsessive complusive disorder?
Counsellor vs mental health nurse. Which one gets better pay? Which one is more rewarding? which helps more?
Do I have Borderline Personality Disorder?
What causes rotting bone and tissue around the left sinus and eye socket, complete loss of nasal septrum ?
. What is the last phase of Monet's disease?
does anyone here have an autistic daughter or a son with autism older than 15 years old ?
Questions for people who have had lapband surgery....?
depression and low mood?
Bad nightmares and lack of interest in food, what should i do?
What is the meaning of life?
Is putting olive oil drops into a blocked ear to soften the wax dangerous?
I got my bellybutton pierced 21 days ago and for like a week white stuff has been coming out of just the top?
How many people know that eating too much sugar can increase wrinkles?
How long can a person, go without having a poo...?
what do you like doing better #1 or #2 ?
Is my son overweight? 12yrs, 145ibs, 5"6in. [65kg, 166sm].?
Where can I buy a thermometer?
Does anyone know of any bad effects from wearing a bra to bed?
what can i drink that will keep me hydrated?
Do you think it is too girly for a guy to have mani & pedicures?
is it okay to put antipersperant on my feet?
Xanax and drinking, what are the dangers?
Do you stand or sit when wiping?
severe Middle/Upper Back Pain!?
It sitting at a ninety degree angle good for posture?
differin gel and acne?
can I take alka-seltzer plus with ibuprofen 800mg together?
Im 20 years old. I have alot of pain, joint pain and headaches and stress.. I hate getting needles but?
Hemroid Banding...?
Knee problems?
I have osteoarthritis does anyone have ideas about coping with the pain?
pill scheduler?
I was dehydrated and now have painful sores around my nose. How can I treat this?
can people with small faces have naturally rosy cheeks?
Will my Acne/scars finally disappear?
why do i feel so down and depressed?
how to cure a concrete burn?
I have a dark spot on my lip what is it and how can i get it removed?
I don't know if my son's blister is infected?
How long does it take for blisters to heal?
Started Accutane (or roaacutane other name) today. How long do I have to be on it for?I'm 58 kg?
how can u get rid of sun spots?
i have a small cold sore. i would like some quick ways to get rid of it?
Advice needed about my 6 year old son. I'm not sure if he has ADHD or autism?
Why would my upper lip swell up for apparently no reason?
What could this be??
how can i slow down the appearance of aging?
Why do I sweat almost only from my right armpit? How can I stop it?
what cause small brueses?
Dermatologist skin care regime?
i ve had folliculitis three times on head,antibiotics and chlorhexidine only temp help,what cures it for good?
How do i stop my skin peeling?
I have psoriasis for many year, i have used diprosalic and is very good on me, i am in Australia in Perth?
Just wanted to know if anyone has had the ETS Surgery for hyperhidrosis and how it went?
How long will it take before my blood blister(s) go away?
stiff neck!!!?
Im fourteen and have a spine thats not straight its curvy + i have pain in my lower back and my neck?
pain in back when breathing?
Why do my legs hurt sometimes at night?
Medical Marijuana Ontario Canada?
Im a 20 year old female. Im having sharp pains in the middle of my back..?
were can i find a good doc on line?
Hive-like Bump Reoccuring Every Week?
what the symptoms of a worm parasite in humans?
Can you die or overdose by taking to much caffeine?
how to reduce the appearence of dark under eye circles?
Whats the healthiest Cigarette?
is there any support groups for child dyspraxia in Perth , Western Australia?
Run Rabbit Run?
A question for biters or bitees?Please help!?
How can I protect myself from toxic fumes in airlines?
your son says dad if i get all A's will you quit smoking. Do ya?
I have quit smoking 14 days today?
My sister eats her nose buggers! What to do?
how can i improve my posture?
i have red dots in my palms .I have slight discomfort in bending/folding my palms and fingers.whay is that?
Why does it burn when a blood vessel burst in my hand?
Is it okay for boys to cry?
i think im sick..........?
What is a good natural way to help fall asleep?
How To Fight People ? 15 year olds?
If I have eaten too much and want to vomit?
Does every1 become addicted to smoking after just trying it out??
Is it crazy to suspect the government of putting radios in your mouth when getting a cavity filled?
what happens if the kidneys stop working?
i have really bad BO, how can i get rid of it?
What in ur opinion is the worst drug?
Is it normal to sleep naked?
I'm having scary thoughts that pop out of nowhere.?
Is there an explaination or diagnosis for these symptoms?
what is this feeling? can anyone get me closer to understanding?
I need to hear your BAD experience with citalopram / celexa?
while on accutane can you drink a Energy drink once an a whilee?
Do chemical peels get rid of large pores and small ice pick scars?
Why are my feet purple?
How do I stop excessive underarm sweat that smells bad - have EXTREMELY sensitive skin!!?
what are stretchmarks?
I Have a white bump under my tongue .?
weird rash on my chin?
what can I do to get rid of dark spots on my back, I've had them for years now and it is very embarassing.
If you tie off a skin tag or have it frozen, how long does it take to fall off.?
Should I care about my marks on my legs when I wear shorts?
would taking more than 1 fish oil tablet make ny dif in terms of reducing acne inflimation?
getting rid of ingrown hairs?
oxytetracycline.. is it the answer to my skin problem?
from where i can buy "uvshield scarves" which protect me from threat of hazardous ultra violet rays?
Does soy milk cause acne or effect acne medication negatively?
Changed diet - acne????????
I wanna go to the dermatologist for Acne but i don't know how to ask my mum ?
Dehydrated tongue? Or something...?
am i sick?please answer?
I am 15 1/2 years old, and for two days now ive had an ache in my back. Are these growing pains?
I've just swallowed a ball from one of my tongue piercings.?
What can I do to fix my stomach ache?
my mouth/jaw hurts what could it possibly be?
How can I correct my posture?
Is it bad to ignore headache?
Why does my back hurt soooo bad?
Why cant you overdose on marijuana?
how do you relieve a migraine?
why do people say `bless you' when you sneeze?
OMG is this normal!!! Weird question but PLEASE!!?
Is it normal to laugh alot.
How do u get rid of stretch marks?
Whats wrong with my MUM???
yellow phlegm = virus or infection?
How can I Stay awake allnight?
How many attempts did it take before you successfully quit smoking?
If there is blood in your bowel movements what does that mean?
Drinking alcohol after a blood test?
Besides Childbirth or passing kidney stones, what is the worst pain you could possibly ever experience?
why does my jaw keep clicking whenever I open my mouth?
I have to take a drug test and physical for the Air Force And I smoked weed last night....?
How long can the affects of pot last?
Do you think its ok to kill yourself?
what is worse, alcohol or marijuana?
Is drawing on my hand in ink bad???
Definition and examples of of acute, subacute, chronic and degenerative diseases?
does vaseline really causes cancer when you are allergic to it?
I need some information on a medically diagnosed condition call"Global Amnesia"?
What institute in the Philippines can help me perform a Schillings test in mice?
Dance concert benefiting Cancer-- please help!?
Hi i have many many small-medium moles on my face, there everywhere on it.?
Very serious issue: The biological father of the son suffered and died from Huntingtons disease.?
Do these moles look dangerous? (Pictures Included)?
How does dandruff on eyebrows occur?
What happens if I cover my ringworm up w/ foundation?
Am i paronoid about drugs or is it in my head i really need to no?
does delacin t solution work for acne sufferers?
What shall I do about my cyst like red facial boils and white heads over my nasal skin?
a question about aqueous cream?
Have they got a pill that can give me a suntan?
will taking lots of vitamin a/e have any influence on roaccutane's effect?
i have this little bump on my back what could it be?
New Moles on back - is that normal?
Little white bumps on my arms when i scratch?
why is my left pointer finger tingiling?
is skin id a good product
Does any body know how you get back on this website?
losing touch with reality?
Back pain KNOTS what are they? Fluid buildup? how do you get rid of them?
I have a sore jaw. What could it be?
Swollen fingers and warm to touch?
on a scale of 1 to 10 how much do industrial piercings hurt? (1 being no pain 10 being lots of pain)?
Lower back pain & tingling in thumbs?
Intense shoulder pain?
I woke up this morning and I had a plugged ear.. whats wrong?
Sharp pains in my ribs area... Any idea what it is?
Is it normal to have sharp pains on the ribcage area?
How to stop thinking about something ?
was i wrong to keep this from my ex bf?
Is blocked thoughts a side effect of risperidone or is it what is does?
Fluoxetine and hair loss? How long will it last?
Do I look much older than my age? Pics included.?
my friend pooed in my bath tub?
Is talking on my cell phone for like 3 hours a day bad?
I want a cigarette sooo bad?
Urine color...what does it mean?
how many meals should we eat a day?
Things to help me sleep longer and deeper?
Weirdest or Most Public place you've done it!?
What do multivitamins do for you ?
Why are those who work punished?
I am sick with the flu.?
do you have a birthmark?
Help!! Help!! Help!!?
Is it bad to deliberatly inhale smoke from matches?
Are there any things that i would have in my cupboards at home that could act as an effective sleeping aid?
why do people post awful questions?
I found a pill in my house and can not identify it. Please help.?
Can men be Anorexic ?
I smoked weed off some random guys last night.. i think they put something in it..?
Do you pay attention to your posture?
what are some good ways to stay awake?
What is the best way to humiliate an unknown child molester?
Can anyone recommend a good self diagnoses site for medical problems?
Has anybody had surgery to repair a Cuboid bone?
Constant Back Pain???????????
Wrist pains?
What would cause sudden onset of painful lower back?
Shoulder/Neck horrible Pain?
Is this pain of eye causing from...computer...?
Major chest pain, what could it be?
I have this pain in my right ear and neck. Could they be related?
Can Tylenol / acetaminophen cause indigestion or heartburn?
im getting myself ready in my sleep?! does anyone know why i do this or have the same thing?
Why am I feeling sad?
i just need to get this off my chest, i'm so tired of it, and want it to be gone. it's ruining my life!?
Is there anyway to get numb without drugs?
A wart on my fingure just came off. Now I have raw skin!! Should I cover it? Or let it air out?
just started roaccutane,really scared about the side effects!has anyone actually had mild side effects?
If i want to wipe out the chinese medicines in my towel?how can I do it, without bleaching it?
Can you have an infection without puss?
how come some african americans have paler skin than others?
my scalp is bleeding a little?
WHy can;t they focking find a cure for acne scarring?.It is focking rediculous.!?
A rash/bruise that started two days ago on leg is spreading????
okay so in everyone of my finger nails i have a bump from one side to the other?
How does sunscreen protect you from sunburn?
What is this rash on my face?
Who here has used EMU OIL? How do you use it? ?
Dermatologist? Anyone heard of blue nevus? blue mole?
Can expired antibiotic cream cause blisters?
I want to know if itchiness and drying of skin are side effects of control pills.Thanks?
How to get rid of ingrowns on legs?
past solarium use...?
ripping stretch marks?
Small bumps on my skin?
I Have A Putituary Tumor On My Brain....?
panic disorder?
i had toncelitis, now fixed, now have absis pushing through cheek of face, what is it?
Could straightning your hair kill head lice?
What is your most treasured item of clothing in your closet?
Please help with my lip piercing, it's painful :(?
How do you get a bandaid off a hairy are without it hurting, or taking any hair off?
Can you die from anemia?
When I drink vodka, my eyes bleed.....why?
How do I support a weak neck that falls sideways?
I have an eyelash in my eye. Can't see it. Any ideas for removing it. Have tried rinsing eye.?
How come Girls can ?
I feel tired after eating sweets and chocolate?
Can i wear a cupped bra?
ingrown hair problem :[?
Glasses argh!?
What is head?
How can I pass my Pre-Employment Drug Urine Test?
I sweat a lot from under my arms even in cold weather.?
If you cant sleep, whats the best way to fall asleep?
what is the best way to stop yourself from vomiting if you are about to vomit?
what does it mean for someones cherry to pop?
Does stress always lead to a negative reaction?
why do i get heartburn?
Veet hair removal cream - severe burns?
talc pleurodesis?
My ear pops all the time and continues all day why?
anybody else know about ankylosing spondylitis?
I had some 8 spacers put into all my molars. Theres a very sharp pain. Any tips to numb it?
migraine and breastfeeding?
What is our body trying to tell us when we have leg cramp constantly?
Nose piercing- Which hurts more gun or needle? Scale of 1-10 for pain?
Why is my inner ear bleeding?
I have shifting pain in my leg calf muscle and hand muscle below elbow'i am only 11yrs,with less physical acti
help i got a pinched nerve i am in sever pain and feeling dizzy need relief any suggestions been 4 days?
What drug store product is good for clearing acne, fast?
Have I got sun poisoning?
Small bump on roof of mouth. What is it?
I have some weird cyst things that appeared on my leg recently?
How do you get rid of heat rashers?
Scars-Please advise on this?
I have droopy eye lids i never go in the sun im always wearing sunglasses when i go out even in winter.?
Can you take skin b5 when also on the zenmed derma system.?
Above the eyelid. ! !?
Is laser acne treatment a permanent solution to acne?
Should I start Calcium Channel Blockers? Are there many side effects?
How do i cure itching really bad from taking niaspan?? It's driving me crazy!?
What is this rash that is popping up all over my body?
i wake up with rusty like blotches on my hands?
My 2month old has a rash (face,arms,stomach)?
What is the best way to clear acne?
Why is a low diastolic Bp a clinical presentation of pneumonia?
Should I worry about a hard knot/bump on my Lhasa Apso's back?
Affordable Acne Scar Removal Treatments?
Bulimia and Anorexia symptons?
35, morbidly obese, chronic pain syndrome and change of life please help?
What Kind of Pain Medication will I recieve for a staph infection?
i vomited after breakfast. Would it be due to something i just ate or something from the night before?
how can i get rid of a chest cold by saturday?
does smoking marijuana cause swelling of the body and face?
I have to get a blood test in a few days and i HATE needles. i really don't want to. What should I do?
are you addicted to anything?
what can i do when i cant sleep ?
please help im sick =(..?
How can I get rid of a nasty habit without having to go to a professional or anything like that ?
crystle meth help?
I need to pass a marijuana supervised urine screen each month 4 work. Do the detox preparations they sell work?
My Fiance was vomiting and having diarehha for 2 hours y'day ?
My tonail is falling off.?
What has changed your lfie forever?
I heard that donating blood makes you fat. Is that true?
quick ways to wake myself up? please help?
what do u think of this ?
Why do I always feel tired?
differin, tetracycline and some other gel?!?
has anyone used minocyclin for acne/rosacea?what are the affects?
can intense pulse light treatment be claimed on medicare if i have rosacea?
can you get rashes on face from vomiting?
Side effects I got from doxycycline for acne? Should I take my 2nd dose?
Mineral makeup and Bismuth Oxychloride?
what store can I go to to buy klear action acne treatment system?
Do the YAZ tablets really work for acne?
i have gastric pain.its possible from kidney stone.?
Does anyone have any information on angio lipoma's. The are usually harmless fatty tumours.?
Would you pay $100 for a test that measured trace & elements test in your blood?
gas and gerd?
What is the best cure for chicken pocks?
How 2 Gain Weight?
I have a BCC on my nose/eye. My Dr suggests Mohs surgery. What is it likely to cost? Has anyone had it done
What kind of cancer did Liz Claiborne have?
how do you stop nose bleeds for good?
Somebody please answer my question!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what's ur opinion on smoking?
why do we wash our bath towels arnt we already clean when we use them?
Hangover cures?
how to make yourself sick?
I used to smoke a lot but have not for three weeks will i pass a drug test?
Carpul tunnel sydrome?
Can you catch AIDS from public toilet seats or mosquitoes?
Is it true that looking up at a light will actually help you sneeze OR is it a mind thing?
What would forty sleeping pills do to a fully grown adult?
if you could ban anything wich would you ban smoking or drinking?
I'm soooooo tired...........*yawn*?
Does smoking marijuana make u dream more?
what will get rid of sinus?
is there a pulse above our groin?
how to get to sleep faster?
ever seen a bed bug? are they real?
Why Cant You Give Blood After Getting A Tattoo?
Will the medical test show that I smoked weed?
is there a support group in brisbane for sufferers of henoch shoneline purpura better known as( h s p )?
Could this be Stomach Cancer i need a confirmation?
Have you met your donor or know anyone who has?
Can sleeping pills kill you???
alcohol ends with diarrhoea?
If you binge drink once or twice a week but dont drink on other days are you an alcoholic?
who likes the name luna?
Does having a doctor put an IV in your vein hurt?
Outgrow your dad ~guys only please~?
kinda embarrasing, how can i go toileT?
Girls help me?
Whois better: Being left or right handed?
What do u think of this body shape..?
How common is being ambidextrous, I sort of am, how many percent of people are?
what are 6 undesirable effects of sun exposure?
whats wrong with me????????????
What's the most effective treatment for Migraines?
My seventeen year old son has developed a hard drug habit how do i help him?
I have a medical question. My grandma passed away less thn a month ago...?
How do you get rid of hickeys?
Why is cancer so common nowadays?
laced weed.. ?
Helping people who Self Harm?
eating disorder.. HELP??!?
How to mentally overcome this, please help!?
I cant sit still...............?
What is the length of a hospital stay for cystitis on the ovary,any other information is appreciated.?
How can I stop my 3 year old whinging?
Do anyone know about bedbugs and how to get rid of them?
Please tell me this is not somatic!!?
Is it tuberculosis disease can not go back in philippines?,my mother she died june 13 in royal perth hospital.
help these are my symptoms?
Should I go to the hospital id i have been bitten (by a human) and it has drawn blood?
how do u stop a mother and 9yr old daughter from fighting?
what happens when you get drunk?
If the hole in the ozone layer is getting bigger how come we don't simply fry and die?
Whats the best solution for a sinus headache?
What causes a migraine?
Why can't we cry under water?
Whats an easy way to make yourself sick?
I have the hiccups!!?
How come they are biting me? Mosquitos... I am getting way to many scars...?
why does my lower back hurt so bad when I shop?
I cant sleep even though im tired. I can lay awake for hours .?
What’s a good way to stop nervousness ?
i have been noticing cyst in my armpit that are sore and seems to get more they are not going away?
Friend bought me cocaine - what should i do?
i live in australia and can not get vicodin. i need to know the ingredients so i can tell the chemist to make?
Anger help?
why i always feel awkward around people?
Omg help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
If a bone within the skull breaks, does it heal like other bones?
what is rectal palpation?
Does the candle oil thingy for waxed ears ever get stuck in ur ear?
My friend wants to 'try' smoking a cigarette..?
will i die to night?
HELP!!!!! I'm sick of lice!!?
how do i stay awake...?
why cant they ban smokes?
chest pain! please help!?
i'm starting middle school this year and i am so scared HELP ME!!!!!?
does anyone have real ways to grow taller?
I feel like i am dying..?
what is drinking up to 8 litres of coca-cola a day doing to my body?
Is it weird..?
what would be the best way of getting of meth
That anxiety thing?
has anyone tried hypnosis to give up smoking? did it work?
True or False?
How long to sleep at night?
BODY ORGANS....help?
Is ice (crystal meth) physically addictive?
Why do your thumbs tickle when you bring them close together?
I am too hairy...what should i do?
What is The Difference between benign and Malignant Intra-Cranial Hypertension?
how do i get rid of those little bumps in the back of my head?
I have lots of sun spots on my face. Are there any resonably priced creams that I can use to get rid of them?
where is the path to enlightenment?
What color is your blood?
Is my brain bleeding?
Can you really die from cutting your wrists?
What is your prediction?
if you smoke a joint once a week its not bad for you right?
when they insert the IV in you does it hert much?
Need to lose weight fast.... plz help?
Do your arms get sore when you sleep?
my mate just shot a flame in my eye useing non stick canola oil spray can. will i die?
Why should you not wake up a sleepwalker?
do you know any effective cures for snoring?
was my girlfriend raped and if so why wont she talk about it?
Is there anything that can help you sleep at night?
What are some ideas to take away the pain for a sore throat?
I can't hear well and my ears are ringing!! Help.?
Do you smoke cigarettes - if so how many a day/week - do you wish to quit?
does anyone have any phobia?
can i apply vitamin e oil to my hands and feet as well like face? can any one tell me?
anyone ever spoken to victim support ?
irrational thoughts & anxiety..?
HELP me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!?
I want to be taller?
What are some foods that will settle an upset stomach?
Why do we dream only when we sleep?
Got a cold, any ways to get rid of it quickly?
Why is marijuana defined as a good drug?
How to cure painful mouth ulcers that wont go away!?
A Question for people who work in the Medical Field.?
What's the deal with Redbull - because I think I'm addicted?!?
What do you know about insomnia?
Do thin people get varicose veins?
How old are you???????
I am so confused, IS MARIJUANA harmful or not?
Is sign language easy to learn (for a non deaf person)?
what is the average weight of a 16 year old girl?
Dizziness when Standing Up after lying down for a while?
my mum is 83 with short term memory & we need help someone to give her her medication what do u suggest help.?
Can i stop my 11 months olds severe diarrea?
One time I was taken a nap on the couch and I blinked and it was several hours later?
Does anyone know of a homeopathic remedy that relieves the burning stabbing pain of ulnar neuropathy.?
What is a good remedy for?
why is it when i take nyquil i wake up naked?
do nurses who suffered from an illness become better nurses?
Do you have regular health check-ups?
I am scared to death.?
Why does my nose run whenever i exercise?
ouch its soo sore?
A.D.H.D - Is there an altenative to medication?
why am i sooo tired ?
Does smoking marijuana affect other people around you who doesn't smoke?
Does anyone know of 23yr old female having gall bladder removed?
When discussing discipline with the mother of a 4 year old child the nurse should include which of the followi
Cure for snoring?
taller=bigger brain=smarter?
What is the use by date for cosmetics?
Is It Possible To Cry In Your Sleep?
I have a ulcer on my lip and I cant stop bitting it!?
postnatal depression need help?
what risks do you take when you have cannabis?
hang over!!!!?
health help really worried
when am i meant to take my tablets .. ?
I have had a split patella for years and the pain is unbearable. I have had several xrays and have been told '
in the morning my feet burn and legs are weak, is this something that should be looked into?
can anyone help me I have psorosis in my hair what can I do ?
Mole returned?
why does tiredness make us grumpy?
I have UIT but I need to know, "What does my urinalysis test result mean?"?
is there any new drugs for osteoporosis?
Name as many different diseases as you can?
Why do you think people get diseases?
Bird Flu Question?
What are the symptoms of borderline asthma?
Has your stomach growled during class?
help!!!!!!!!!! so confused?
Feeling depressed...?
Hi, I am a social smoker when i drink...but i really want to be able to give up the ciggaretes for good.?
Naproxen Question anybody a nurse that can help me please!!!?
Can someone please help...?
My husband passed away 6 weeks today, can anyone help me with the grieving journey , please.?
How much do retainers usually cost and how can I get some?
whats the best method for waking up early?
What would you do if you found out you had 2yrs to live.?
is fish oil good for adhd?
What causes blood shot eyes?
I've got a urinary tract infection.......?
im sick!!! how do i get better FAST?
I'm finding it difficult to sleep at night?
why do i have black spot under my armpitt?
I don't feel so well, what is wrong with me?
i need bipolar success stories.?
do antihistamine drugs show up in blood test?
Face skin problems?
i have psoriasis and every day all my muscles ache how can i stop this?
attention seeking? why do i do it?
Do You Know This?
Can you remove tiny moles with no scars?
if you have cancer does your hair become white before it falls out?
I need a......COLONOSCOPY?
Bleeding Tumor on Ladies Arm who is in her 90's?
Coughing Up Blood?
what type of doctor specialises in the study of kidneys?
What will happen if i smoke pot once?
Has anybody ever died when having their wisdom teeth removed?
I have one blue eye, and one half blue half brown eye..........?
why dont high school students get head-lice?
Anxiety - any self help tips. Its ruining my life!?
Food in tonsils holes post OP...?
Do you read in the bathroom?
Help I am addicted to Coke-a-Cola How do I stop drinking it?
what is the least painfull way to die?
ive just turned 16, and im only a 30B! i feel so small! is this small ?x?
If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea…Does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?
I woke up in the middle of the night and I stopped breathing!?
feeling sick?
What does tonque peircing means ?
what do you do to relax?
i dont smoke,or drink..But im around people who smoke marijuana,with me breathing that in..can it hurt my baby
what is a heartbeat chart called with three initials.?
How do i get rid of a hangover?
Hyperactive and then depressive moods.?
anyone else addicted to opiates and how do you deal with it?
The feeling of a electric shock in my head!?
acne problem?
how does lung cancer develops in the body?
My father (77) began having mental confusion. A CT brain scan found no stroke, but 'cracked glass'; any help?
Is Drysol (or the like) available in Australia?
is vitamin E cream (not oil) good for acne scars?
how do i teach my 6 year old son not to be scarred of the dark?
Atrophic forehead scars?
Help!! I think my brother is smoking weed! D:?
Do eye exercises help restore closeup vision in 40+ yr olds?
How Do You Beat Colds?
mosquito bites? ouch!?
How to make your legs longer and get taller? PLEASE DESPERATE FOR HELP!!!?
Would you eat the cookie from the cookie jar?
Why is it that for the vast majority of public toilets, the door opens inwards?
why do people with down syndrome all look the same?
Does anyone get regularily drug tested for work? If so how do you beat the system?
True or False? A healthy body is bacteria free?
The device that measures diabetes?
could u get high or have any good effects of crushing penicilin pills and snorting them?
What are these bump things??
Do all humans die in their sleep?
How to ease a saor throat?
what can i do if i see a girl and she has moles and freckles on arms what can i do so i dont look and think?
What is your favourite home remedy or "cure all"?
my dad keeps getting pain right back can't walk probley can you help?
How could I sleep continuously for more than 6 hours?
how to stop smoking?
What is the difference between Percocet, Oxycontin and Oxycodone?
With bipolar disorder...?
What can you do about getting bullied at home?
signs of personality disorder in children.?
Propranolol for social anxiety. 80mg too much, 10mg too little. Advice?
Help with calouses?
remedy for neck sprain?
Poision Oak Rash Question???
How do i find out if i have sensitive skin or not?
Why am I so lethargic?
Do you think drinking alcohol is dumb?
Problems with sleeping?
How do you feel after doing excercise?
how to get rid of hick-ups?
never smoke or drink.?
hi, im a teen and have constant nausea..for no reason everyday. can anyone help??
how can i get rid of this cold?
Should i be worried..?
Can you have appendicidis...?
does masterbation get rid of stress?
Is it true that when you sneeze you lose a bit of your brain?
Having surgery to get smaller in height?
Need help with cough medicine. I've been.....?
Efexor_XR Withdrawl Help?
Why do people smoke when they know its unhealthy?
Why do we smile in photos?
Am i safe?...PLEASE help!gulp!?
Would you break up with someone if they smoked weed?
what are some legal herbs i can Smoke and get the same effect as pot?
What causes hiccups - and whats ur method to get rid of them?
is it normal for girls to have two dimples on thier lower back?
had appendix out but i'm in constant pain still??
acute & chronic inflammation. What is the difference, what chemical mediators are involved & what is process?
Fibre and more fibre.?
When I try to go to sleep I go into a weird trance with numbers?
What is Silioucious, not sure of spelling Sand stone dust in lungs?
my wife was treated on IVF but at the time of ovum removal she was diognosed ITP, not getting insurance?
Anyone taking Oxycodone or Gabapentin for pain?
when i were my football boots i get blisters what can i do?
Does anyone have a birthmark that changes colour?
I keep having the same recurring nightmare? could it be a sign that its going to happen?
Is something wrong with me? Am i depressed?
Period question?
Best / Cleanest Ciggarette?
Sleeping Pills?
What type of phobia do you have? and do you think you can beat it.?
I feel like i have a piece of chip in my throat?!....?
Smoking......whats going on when I?
If like... Men are from Mars and like... Women are from Venus. Where are dogs from?
I smoke pot and I need to know any natural ways to cleans or dilute your urine in 6 days. Any ideas??
Does marijuana fasten your metabolism?
Whats good to take for a bloated stomach?
Why do girls generally have a higher % of body fat then guys?
cam anxiety cause other problems?
I just cannot swallow pills!!?
DRUGZ r for FUGS no accually this is a serious question... please help?
Where can You buy nappies for teenagers?
Why do i always get crazy diareah after breakfast?
Why am I always tired? What can i do to help this?
Does your doctor ask you questions?
can you do this?????????????
blood test?
how long does Codalgin forte stay in system?
when a bone within the skull breaks and puts pressure on a nerve, will the nerve die?
Skin Cancer Question?
Help for degenerative disc disease?
generic band pill for tyenol 3?
I am experiencing extreme facial pain from radiesse treatment?
What is the best pore minimzer out their.?
Does anyone know of a cure of Urticaria?
What is claudication? Risk factors etc.?
What are the symptoms of lazy-eye because my left eye has been blurred for a while now?
Why are my throat glands always swollen?
anyone else out there with chrons disease? what foods effect you?
how can we get lead poisoning other than in our plumbing system or paint,what are the symptoms?
What are the Symptoms of gastric Cancer?
what causes chronic abdominal burning?
how long before a drug urine test do i have to stop using speed?
heartburn help?
What happened to me?
Does this strip cleanser for smoking weed seriously work?
I overdosed on ibuprofen a few days ago, am i at risk?Please help!?
blurred vision and headaches Help Please!!!!!!!!?
What does S&M mean?
how do you get your feet to stop stinking?
Bad Posture: Can you correct it?
What Could Be Wrong With Me...
wat does marijuana smell like?
What should I do about constant diarrhoea?
I'm an irregular marijuana smoker - how long should it take for it to be undetectable in a blood test ?
how do I live to 100 years old?
what happens if my urine is milky?
How would smoking one marijuana joint a week effect an 18 year old - long term?
sanitiser v washing hands?
Drug test in two hours...please help...?
Will a blood test show if a 13 year old girl has only been eating dinner for 5 weeks?
how to lose 20kg in less then 2 weeks?
Please help.... Back problems?
How do you cure Plantar facsictis (heel pain)?
Does anyone know a good chiropractor in Hamilton?
I had my hip relpaced 10 years ago, why am I starting to have pain again?
Is it medically safe to take the pain medication Oxycodone HCL & Acetaminophen over a long period?
I take advil for pain from an abscess on my thigh. Should it interfere with the rhovane i take for sleeping?
When coming off anti-depressants?
Endo discharge question?
High CPK level??????????
from where and from what hepatitis created first time and what is the source?
Bladder infection?
what are the signs of stomach, bowel, bladder, etc, cancer?