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How might micro-orginisms spread from one person to another?
Is Tony Abbott right in holding back a cure for this latest Flu that is going around Oz?
What are some of the reasons some people pluck their eyebrows til there is nothing there,?
i hang around with smokers a lot, how dangerous is the second hand smoke?
headache, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, chest pains, shortness of breath ????? please help me?
My stool is pasty?
have a mole query..
My little brother has this weird black stuff in the pores of his skin...?
What could be the cause for chemical body odor in 7 year old girl?
what is the solution of dandraff?
Need help on accutane?
I have a mole that is growing ?
Does anyone know how I can get rid of scars and blemishes from all over my body? I'm very pale.?
I have very pink or red palms. Does this indicate liver damage? If not what could it be?
can having 2 cigarettes effect the appearance of your tongue, like lumps on it?
anyone got any tips on ACNE?
I have a very sore little toe. On the inside of my little toe and 2nd toe...?
Why do people expect you to be okay with having acne scars.?
i have a mole on my back. its very dark...?
how do you get rid of acne blackheads?
I know there are papers/journals written about games consoles and aggression/addiction/behavioural problems.?
How do klonopins make you feel?
my sister can't hold a job due to her depression/anxiety?
can i help my anxiety?
kicking venlafaxine cold turkey?
where can i go on the net to get a health card?
My friend is addicted to advil?
Hi, is Armour Thyroid available in Australia....& is script from Dr needed?
What is your diet suppose to consist of after gastric bypass long term?
Whats wrong with my daughter???
Can Multiple Sclerosis make your whole body ache?
Skin Rash On The Inside Of My Elbow?
Question about Certain Dri
Having chest pains!!!?
Experience with Pau D'arco, cancer-curing herb?
What is the recommended treatment for lurgi?
Fibromyalgia effecting my brain?
So if this happens..?
Ouchhh...eyes hurt, what could this be?
my foot! please help!?
I can barly feel myself pinching my arm is this bad?
Why do my feet and legs swell up so much even on an empty stomache?
How long do hangovers last?
Why does my throat hurt so much? ?
Monthly migraine headaches...?
i took 5500 mg of tylenol i have no symptoms just a little headache should i go to the hospital?
why does it hurt when i try to finger myself?
First day back at university tomorrow?
Who else here suffers from Panic Attacks??
what type of activities should a care home provide for residents? mental stimulation is one,is there any mre?
Can i go to a mental health hospital? HELP!?
can a human get worms?
whats wrong with me......?
when i get really hot i feel sick, help?
What does it mean if my leg falls asleep?
Cannabis vs Tobacco? Mary Jane or Doctor Death?
How can I get taller this summer?
WTF is wrong with me!? My head twitches (barely noticeable) I'm always tired, dizzy, nausea/headache sometimes
canker sore?
little acne like red bumps above my knee caps?!?
What actually WORKS for Acne scar removal?
Blocthy Tan WONT go away. ?
Cure for hardhat woes?
Small moles popping up everywhere on my face?
how does a doctor know wxactly if you have the chickenpox can't it be something else?
How Do I Get Rid Of Scar Tissue?
Tiny white spots?
Molluscum contagiosum -Do you think rubbing breastmilk onto this will help?
Are ringworms bad or infectious?
Dr fish cure psoriasis in Kangal, Turkey, have you been there?
the bald spot on my sugar gliders head has gone away is this bad?
I have just started accutane (Roaccutane) and want to know if its ok to use tinted moisturisers?
How can you reduce swelling and inflammation?
Why do i sweat consistently?
why do some veins show more than others?
I'm coming down with a cold. Are there any ways to dry out my nose and throat without breaking the bank?
Help identify seizure?
Any ideas what it could be?
Why do I get Phlegm in back of throat after eating Fast Food??
yes im a smoker and i have been having pain in the middle of my chest, like indegestion, what can it be?
pregnant with rare blood type?
I have had a bad liver lately, how long til i can drink again?
can i claim for trauma/ nightmares and loss of sleep for being a victim of armed robbery?
why do i feel this way when a guy gets angry?
A question about Eating Disorders...?
Why am I depressed when there's no reason to be?
Dreaming the same thing.. how come?
When a teen commits suicide?
im always depressed, why?
How do I quit all this?
I like to see people(mostly girls) with a cast on their leg. Does that make me a horrible person?
does anyone know why the heart feels other peoples pain?
How can I stop the pain in my heels?
If you use the liquid from a can of beans, will it cause more flatulence than if you rinse them?
Does anyone have some tips for dealing with 'Nights Terrors'?
Piercing problem! need help :(?
is there something in grapefruit that helps with depression?
I believe in what Im saying to myself?
Is my boyfriend mentally ill..? Please help?
Alcoholic and Drug using husband, what to do?!?
how do you remove a milia and where do you go?
Can cattle get ringworm from humans?
Popped a spot and now the area around it is bruised?
Do you think that acne scars make a person look older.?
i want to know what could be causing the itching and swelling on my face ,lip, hands and arms?
how do you ever know that water uncause wrinkles on your hands?
My feet are peeling!! Why?
What is this yellow bump on my arm?
Should I use polysporin on my sun-burned nose?It is quite badly burned1?
School starts really soon and im wayyyy to self-consious to face everyone w/ this acne, what should i do?
What was I bitten from?
help im on fire please?
last question for the night. I have a very sore right hand side of my nose as it was almost bitten of a few ?
if anyone has healed from vitiligo?
this normal?
Does anyone know where I can buy Dial Gold Soap?
Something wrong with me HELP PLEASE?
Fod for acne prone skin?
Is this back pain serious?
Can someone help giving me a push???
my legs hurt...?
i got problems with my all joints and i think that i eat too much salt in food so what can i do?
the wrist is located ________ of the elbow?
Can you get diarrhoea from drinking too much milk?
do I have worms??????
Having toenail problems..please help!?
am i depressed/paranoid? and if so, what can i do about it?
what is my gp likely to do/say if i tell him that i think i have social anxiety..?
What is the best cough medicine available in Canada (Toronto) for adult?
i want to know if i can loose my son if it gets too bad.right now he his not breathing or feeding well?
loss of pigment?
What is cleaning disease?
Acne Remedies Anyone?
i think i have the skin condition k.p.? any medications you know?
im asmatic how much damage am i doing to my health?
itch around belly peircing?
sleep apnea natural therapy?
does anyone find that there anxiety worsens with hangovers?
My body went cold, I passed out and I stopped breathing but had a pulse. Any idea what happened to me?
bad pains in stomach?
I need help! my neck is fully dirty!?
oil obsorbing sheets? how long do they help keep the oil from appearing on your skin for?
Has anyone ever had anything like this come out of their nose?
How do i get rid of the white raised dots under my eyes?
Quick question about Proactiv?
Should I be worried about yellow armpits?
My hair is falling out a lot especially when i take a shower nd when i comb it why?
Scratching too hard & skin damage?
How do I get completely clear skin?
Advice please! "Dot" on my otherwise clear complexion, treatments?
Hypersensitive skin on face?
Buying "Acnepril" treatment online?
Dry, flaky skin on eyelids and around eyelashes.?
tounge help?
acne and doxycycline.?
About Xanthelasmas, what should I be doing?
I have one finger that for some reason doesn't retain moisture.?
Anyone have suggestions about treating fibrous adenomas?
What is the latest treatment for acne scars.?
what's the difference between psoriatic nail and nail fungus?
what are some home made skin whiteners?
what would cause the Skin to peel of my areola?
can asians have naturally bright pink cheeks?
my mum was taking actonel now she cant go out into the sun because of red itchy rash on her face?
White bubbles on tongue?
how to get rid of the ankle problem due to excessive mouse use?
my side is bureing it is buy ri side in my back?
cortisone shot???????????
For the last 3 days I have been getting pain in waves in my right abdominal region. What could be causing this
What part of the ...?
why am i crying myself to sleep?
sectioned for an ovderdose?
I think I'm depressed?
ritalin perscription in ireland?
Magical spells and wands?
how to make someone pee with a pressure point?
My feet stink like susage burp.?
How can I lower my cholesterol intake?
What sicknesses could these symptoms be of? :(?
How much would it take to give you cancer?
Could this be mouth cancer? ?
My eyeball does not touch the corner eyelid. What is this.?
Does anyone know what could cause pain n weakness in my legs and now the pain has moved to my arm.?
hi i have just started efexor-xr for depression i have been on it for one week now, what can i expect?
does anyone ever used a mederma for a scar?cause i have ques.?
What does it feel like to be claustrophobic?
How can I cure my IBS?
What is the best way to heal scabs or speed up the process?
Do i have parkinsons?
i need bipolar success stories.?
I think somethings wrong with me?
what should i do now?
Feeling like i can't go on anymore?
stomach stops hurting when i drink something but when i dont it hurts?
what happens to your body when you sleep?
what do i do with my neck condition? hunchback?
How long does antipasto keep?
how do i get rid of a chemical burn, fast!?
vinegar and tinea versicolor?
Hyperhidrosis: evolution or involution meaning?
I have small yellow/brown spots on my arm what is it?
Acne and Blackheads?
I have blk. marks on my forehead. Used a brand name astringent and it seems to have burnt my skin. Help!?
What...How and why do sty's form on your eye?
Ringworm...how long does it take to clear up?
Red Dots :(?
Does Liquid Nitrogen Mole Removal Hurt?
I am not drinking milk becoz of acne, does "milk solids" and "milk powder" effect acne like milk does?
Why do I have dry skin on my face?
im crazy about licking my feet is it wrong?
How do I get these black heads to go away?
Why have I gotten so big?
i am 29 and having a lot of problems finding the best skin products for me.My skin is never clear of spots.?
so every1 knows i have just made an appointment 2moro with a skin cancer clinic wish me luck?
Do pets get headlice? I thought only humans contracted them.?
IBS and severe pain????
How can I stop cracking my knuckles?
office job and lower back pain help?
Whats it mean if i have really bad chest pain when i take a deep breath?
Lower Back Pain, why is it caused and how to prevent it?
could child abuse have anything to do with a pain below the stomach?
Cures for a headache?
Ear Clicking Sounds?
How to get rid of the pain after needles?
Spondaloarthritis anyone living with the pain of this?
what is the matter with me . bowel blood all of a sudden and gas?
Anyone have a cure for pressure in back of head?
I don't know if there is hope for me?
What disease can you die from in your sleep?
any natural dandruff remedies?
my cousin about 68 years old, having tongue ulser 7mm for 2 years ,what is the best treatment ?
After delivery I have developed Hemorrhoids. What doctor should I see?
whats the best home treatment 4 laryngitis?
I pulled a tick off of my daughter's head and a little puss and a lump was left should I be concerned?
Diarrhea and coke?
pagets disease , a lot of aching bones?
i work 2 jobs&iam taking care of 7yr old bro& i have a 5yr old im stressin how do i tell doc i need 3wk off?
Need suggestions on pulling an all nigher!?
What is CT value in ct scan images?
can i smoke weed after 30 minutes taking Ran-Pantoprazole?
Can you just go to physiotherapy once?
my head hurts alot...?
Best foods to eat when you have a headache :( ?
ihave backpain pain going in my lag?
I can't sleep, anxiety is killing me?
Is this still depression or have I lost it?
Is hallucinating and seeing things the same thing?
is this normal coming off antidepressants?
I'm 13 and why do I feel so depressed?
Are there any charities out there for kidney cancer?
I've been on 2 courses of roacutane to cure my acne, and now it's back again, what are my options?
do u think there will be a cure for aids by 2020?
Does anyone with roseasia/ecema suffer from hot body/ face flashes?
How do I get middle ear fluid to go away?
Link between OCD, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema and strep b (streptoccus group b)?
OMG OUCH!!! I am in agony?
Is it true that sleeping with wet hair can cause health problems?
i would like to know of anybody how has survived advanced breast cancer, which as spread to the bones.?
any tips for nursing interventions/ procedures with patients that have gastroesophageal reflux?
how to cure white spots on elbows legs waist please help me i am scared please help me out how to take care?
why am i getting bruises on my legs?
Best way to get rid of acne.?
A TCA 30% chemical peel home kit went totaly horrible, does anyone know what to do?
What do i do about my bruised toenail, can i save it from falling off?
I have a very sore blue spot on the bottom of my foot.?
what are some snacks that a 12 year old can make when shes home alone she can use Appliances?
How do i get rid of unwanted facial hair?
what are the symptoms of dyslexia?
why is it that when im feeling particularly depressed...?
I get a OCD while playing video games?
If I were a General Surgeon, what additional education would I need to do to work with addiction & alcoholics?
What are anxiety classes, offered to me by my counsellor?
Lympth Nodes in neck both sides?
how much do tongue piercings hurt?
Will Antihistamines Help To Clear Up Rosacea?
i have acne and i got told to use bicarb soda but now my face is really red and it burn can someone help me?
What's wrong with my boyfriend?
Do your legs tingle randomly?
Could this be learning difficulties; I have a middle aged relative who is really, really dim. He is vacant,?
What time in the morning is the best time to take Concerta XL ?
i always feel sleep and week?
my coworker is having back pain, hard time sleeping he needs advice?
at night i cannot drive the lights effect me but during the day i see perfect but why is this so?
i have very bad astigmastism my eye dr said and he was amazed i could see at all but what is it?
could anyone show me a good site on quadripligics?
what is the best medicine or alternative product for treatment of c.o.p.d.?
where on the net can I find kidney donors for australian patient who is willing to pay?
Any home remedies for oral thrush.?
what is lacunar infarct it showed up on a CT but i can not find anything about it on the medical sites thanks?
chiari one, brain disease, anyone out there?
My mother has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, any help?
TO XYZFREE2000 Chiara 1?
does anyone have any home remedies for ezchma????
Post UTI problem?
Have you had Helicobacter pylori bacteria and stomach ulcers?
why do i have tichy red sores on my legs and upper thigh?
I have seizures when I get needles and i have to get one done today?
Working out with a runny nose?
Shaking and turning red?
Strange Symptoms with heart & body?
Tobacco use in canada?
What would happen if I refused to take my tablets?
help please - overdosed on ambien?
i have this skin discoloration on my left thigh. It doesnt hurt but looks like a bruise but not really dark?
does drinking caffien really help cause acne?
how long is the incubation period for herpes?
Red patches on my chest?
How to Remove Dead Skin from a sun burn?????
where can i buy mederma cream here in the philippines? pls send me the info at my email add [email protected]?
Feet, Legs & Hands swallonnn?
i want to done my facial at home how i can take out my blackheads?
Does drinking water get rid of oily skin?
how do I kill itch (not dust) mites?
Could taking polaramine antihistamine for a skin rash mask other underlying medical issues?
Fordyce spots?
i had a boil, all the puss is out of it now and its just red?
Will this heal my deep scars effectively?
Can I infect myself with my own wart? should I cover it?
How can I keep my fingers from leaving marks on my keyboard? I wash my hands all the time?
How much on average does accutane cost a month if you have Medicaid?
if someones ears were infected?
Small weird bumps on my hand?
Do I have melanoma? I have a raised zit like area and I have a mole.?
A week ago I had my first camel ride. Since then I have come out in itchy sores on my face/hands/arms/legs...?
Can chronic use of antibiotics cause intestinal problems?
genetic disease T S what does it stand for?
how do you get high off of household items?
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my stomach?
a girl question please help !!!?
Tylenol Overdose! Could someone please help me!?
What exactly are 'Piles'? (as in the illness)?
why do we become itchy and why does scratching relieve the itchyness?
Why does my stomach hurt?
my 5 month old daughter has a concave in her chest when she breaths. does anyone know what this is caled?
Can you have Graves' disease if you don't have an overactive thyroid?
Why does enegy drinks help ADHDers concentrate?
What nicotine replacement therapy is safe with my meds?
please help, really affecting my life?! :/.?
I think there is a peanut stuck in my throat?
I failed my drug and alcohol test, what happens next?
Tension headache, Help whats the best meds?
how long is someone sectioned for cutting their wrist and hitting their girlfriend?
How can i stop being a hypochondriac?
What's wrong with me??? Is it my brain?
i cant sleep at night !?!?
if you had a day?
Are chiropractors worth going to for general nerve degeneration?
I have gout,I want to know what I can and cant eat?
My Friend was on a diet she lost 30kg now she is 40kg her tummy isn't accepting any food is that normal?
lead poisioning?
is there any cancer patients sibiling that want to talk????
Is it true that its impossible to have AIDS and Lupus?
Any advanced cancer survivors out there? 3rd or 4th stage.?
XYTOS - Bio-Medical Technologies Celular Medicine (Cancer)?
Surgery for keliod scarring, could this make it worse?
How do you remove a mole and how much does it cost?
accutane questions???????????/?
Is 4G antioxidant a cure for my vitiligo?
Red blotches on chest, stomach, neck and upper arms?
Do you have webbed toes? and is it normal?
how to prevent peeled skin on new born?
Small blood vessel popped under my eye?
Whats the best way to get rid of acne scares?
Can my baby get ringworm from my Athletes' foot?
plz help!!! is retin-a good for neck acne?
I eat myself, like literally everywhere ?
Unpleasant neck/upper back skin smell?
What product have you found to be the best to clear up blackheads?
Rash that wont go away..??
what are the two types of sweat glan and where are they? what is ythe difference in their mode of secration/?
itch when i expose to hot conditions?
Help, small white bumps on palms of hands and spreading?
i love my mole on my face but is there a way to get it smaller or should i say reduced in size?
Do I have turrets or something like it?
Dyslexia and ADD -Serious question...?
Is cutting down a good way to quit smoking?
HELP!!!! I have a really bad stuffy nose and an awful sore throat?
What should i do? please answer x?
crooked nail as part of the nail disease?
Why does my skin do this?
Why does one (or two) fingernails, grow longer and faster, than the others on our hands?
does any one know if you can get a home cholesterol monitor.?
ive got a stabbing pain in my back, on the right hand side just below the bottom of my shoulder blade?
Do beta-blockers and calcium-channel blockers really prevent migrane headaches?or what is the best medicine?
look for a cure?
does red meat cause stomach cancer?
What prevents or lessens the occurance of coldsores on the lips?
Over eating after cancer treatment?
anyone know what causes a sudden pain in the head that goes away just as fast and occurs frequently?
Whiplash from headbanging...?
How Much "Tylenol" is in the Tylenol 3's?
What Would Happen If A 13 Year Old Tries To Kill Themselves But Fail?
Can someone tell me if this is normal?
Not sure of the spelling, medical condition soloitus, never heard of it, anyone with info please?
Does anybody have ANY info on reinke`s oedema?
What type of cancer is the most uncommon form?
What type of cold and flu tablets should I take? What is the quickest healing?
I would like information about A.M.M.L leukemia?
Is glucosamine joint food safe to use long term?
hands changing colour?
About 2 years ago I had a henia in my navel repaired now its been back for some time?
If I go to the doctor to get treatment for Bi-Polar dissorder, do i have to pay anything?
What are some things I can do to keep my skin looking healthy, because I have eczema?
Payot skin care anyone know?
How do you get rid of acne and still wear make-up?
How long can I take Cephalexin while on accutane?
Does Ambi Fade Creme (oily Skin) work?..and iF S0o H0w Lo0ng D0es iiT Take?
my skin feels like it's burning inside..?
what is sugaring and how do you do it?
I'm allergic to mud masks?
The below was the answer for a quetsion posted please advice from were can i avail this Heal Hemorrhoids?
what acne pill works the fastest?
if someones ears were infected?
where would be the most terriable place to have a wart?
uneven eyelid crease?
how long should a lamictal rash be present?
I had some moles removed three months ago. One is still red, slightly itchy and the mole is coming back.?
wearing gloves very often, leads to very cracked sore fingers?
Lots of sleep heals back pain?
What would be the cause of the numness?
i fell don from a higeht of 12 foot,and my rigth feet is paining last 15 days ,i hada lot of medicines?
What will do if your job causing you a pain in your back and your wrist and it makes your fingers numb?
Is it all hocus-pocus?
Small back pain?
My knee has been hurting since the summer, what is wrong?
What's making my fingers hurt?
What is wrong with my neck???
sore front thighs?
i have a burn (on my wrist from boiling water) how long will this last?
does anyone suffer from the cold?
any suggestions?
Shrinking head syndrome?
how to read email if it was written in chinese character?
Do you think nanotechnology could be used to cure cancer?
ive been feeling pains on left side on my stomach, is it hard stool or any other serious disease?
arthritis in the chest what are the symptoms pain etc places pain is felt?????
housekeeping in the workplace, why are special precautions needed?
How Munch Does it take to get rid of a mole?
allergy or fungal infection?
Is tazorac supposed to make your skin oily?
Dark skin on above lip. not hair I look like i have a faint mustache! can this be fixed?
Bump on my forehead from two years ago.?
Recommendations for eczema products (Australia)?
Who has acne scars and still gets told they look younger for their age?
weird itchy lumps, please help! best answer = ten points?
swelled up above ankles?
Small lumps under my right arm pit pain?
need a recommendation for something stronger than differin!?
i have a scab on my face between my eyes?
Has anyone used Trilastin SR for stretch marks?
what is the best product for acne?
what causes skin moles to appear?
i have acne that wont subside i have tried everything you can think of and it just comes back what do i do?
how can i avoid getting a re lapse of a cold when it has just about gone away. This has happened 3 times?
whats the best way to remove a skin tag at home?
Lumps under my skin when i rub or scratch.?
I have a headache for 3 month and I don't know the cause of it.?
pain from a severed tendon?
Pinched Nerve In My Arm .?
why does my head hurts...?
is someone smacked your head pretty hard would you get headaches from it?
my left eyes hurting?
Does anyone out there suffer from osteoarthritis (cervical)...any tips?
Left side of my neck/shoulder is always hurting?
bone cancer question.?
How long does it take for Solodyn to work on your face?
i would like to know if anyone out there has had a sarcoma in their muscle?
What can I do for a thyroid condition naturally.??? M?
yellow marks under the eyes?
Huntingtons disease?
How does exercise prevent cardio-vascular disease????
Is anyone out there have MS taking Imuran & Betaferon?
I think i have Fibromyalgia, i have been to the doctor here for the same pain for 10 years.?
Has any one had a fusion on their neck?
Could someone please tell me what to do for a friend of mine who has one of the rarest types of vasculitis?
what does marijuana look like?
why do ppl with ED's get nosebleeds all the time?
Any tips from migraine sufferers on something, anything, I can do to alleviate the pain?
When i wake up my eye burns why?
DOCTOR QUESTION: Prescribing Percocets; is there any restriction on how many pills can be given in 1 script?
I found a rather medium sized hard lumpy thing on the left side of my neck?
How much does the upper ear piercing hurt?
help againe please?
Any doctors? what do you think the problem could be? stomach ache, puking, hot cold chills etc etc?
I have prupling on my ankles. would like to find a product to cover these.?
recently i got sunburned and now im peeling anyone know how toget rid of the peeling faster?
my bully has very sore feet ,between toes is like lumps ,sores?
What product replaced Avon's Clearskin Purifying Astringent (Blackhead cleansing formula)?
how do i get rid of marks left by chicken pox which had occured about 3 yeras ago?
how do you put on enzyte topical rush?
Has anyone used mole removal cream.?
Wore some old sunglasses, and it left a long red mark from the bridge of my nose to my cheek. Why can I do?
what could it be blisters?
red bumps in back of throat and on ulvua?
By experience, do zinc supplements really help clear the skin? If yes, how long does it take to work?
can a 20 year old person take the primrose evening oil?
tiny tiny little bumps all over face?
pitnysion rosea?
where can i get dermablend in melbourne?
What causes dry, flakey bumps on your legs?
HELP! why do i make myself sick?
am i a psychopath, what should i do (no rude or unhelpful comments please)?
does my friend have schizophrenia?
are u a postive or negative person?
appendicitus in children?
What are state and federal governments in Australia doing to combat AIDS?
what happens when oxygen levels drop to 30?
After having your thyroid removed, can this result in low iron in the bloodstream?
Anyone have experience with vascular dementia?
Is there a natural cure for kidney cysts?
A song to share for people suffering depression?
I feel like my brain is in a bubble, and that i'm slightly disconnected from reality?
How long would it take to starve to death?
Should I sleep or not?? HELP?
i have a weird rash on my face!!?
pain in the upper right side under breast?
Tooth/Ear Ache...?
migraine cures?
If a person suffered from amnesia and then was cured would they remember that they forgot?
does anyone know anything about bladder exstrophy?
i need to know what dr's in australia know about ain3, its a stage b4 cancer?
Transplanting is vital.why can't eyes be transplanted to the nonfunctional eyes?"?
*lymphoma,*meningiomao *granulom?
Why am I like this and how can I stop it?
Please help, depression and stress, what to do?
Why do bodybuilders take Valium? Is it to stop the roid rage>?
I am 29 and am unable to recall memories from the past such as people in my classes and loads of events?
i have pain in my chest?
Is there a limit of how many Tylenol Ones one can buy?
I believe I pulled, strained, or did god knows what to my neck three days ago.?
Pregnancy back pain- sciatica? Help!!!?
Can birth control cause knee pain?
What's wrong with me?
what is cerebal atrophy?
What are the main food sources that result in mercury poisoning?
Am having all sinuses and septum fixed.. how painful is the recovery?
Where can I get Information on MACROCYTOSIS in layman's terminology?
Been feeling really speaced out/weird like im in a bubble and people speaking to me are in the distance?
on a blood test what do the letters HCT, MCV, MCH, & RDW MEAN?
my panic attacks/fear of having a fit rule my life? help!?
how do doctors measure scaring on your body, is there measurement or something i would like to measure myself
My 20year old daughter has just been diagnoised with cortical dysplasia what is the usual treatment for that.?
should i take sooo much diazepam?
can a detox delay your period?
are patients with pulmonary embolism allowed to mobilise?
Addicted to texting?????
i took 2 x zopax 1.0 and 1 x zopiclone 7.5 is this a prolem?
i'm using 'SEROFLO 125 INHALER' of Cipla for the last 2yrs.now it gives me relief after 3-5 min.what 2 do?
Today is World Psoriasis day (Sunday 29th October)?
Excema and Aqua Aerobics - looking for cream recipe.?
Does anyone know of good Peer Reviewed Research Articles about Slippery Elm?
what are the causes and long term effects of low potassium in the body of a female with lupis?
what is the life expectancy of multiple myeloma?
Does anyone know how to get rid of melasma/chloasma?
My 14 year old niece has veracious veins?
I have some questions about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!?
Can anyone give a possible diagnosis based on these symptoms? Mainly stomach pain.
Why do I get a headache after I climb stairs?
i have a sore throught ears plugged and stuffie nose i wanna know what this is?
What do you do for back pain?
Why I yawn so much? Morning, afternoon, evening, bedtime.?
my boyfriend just recently broke his collar bone and has found that most pain killers dont work.?
Can Anyone tell me What could be wrong with my leg?
There are skin dent on ankles
Could my zinc supplements be negativley effecting my doxcycline acne medication if taking hours apart?
What is this skin condition called?
Has anyone ended up with ingrown toenails while taking roaccutane for acne?
Swelling And Discoloured foot what can cause it?
i cant get these hives to go away?
Can I take a bath even though I have over the counter yeast infection med in me?
Roaccutane? If you have used it please answer on this?
lm itchy, red skin, blisters, sores from scratching, fluid seeps from my skin, just under my rib cage is hot,?
What does a second degree burn look like?
I have Pityriasis lichenoides et varioliformis (PLEVA) does anybody know of any links that cause this disease?
Can anyone help me please... unsure?
Can the 12 years old use the ultra sunscreen, extra UVA protection?
Can you get immune to mosquito bites?
had our 13 year old female lab for a big opperation 8 days ago wounds opened up and seeping on antibiotics.?
Blue Cheese = Hives?
Dead toenail lifts from nailbed at cuticle?
wart in the head?
Is Selsun Blue shampoo available in australia to treat tinea veriscolour?
What is this red thing on my skin?
Want to know about USANA Product. IS IT REALLY WORK? to cure a certain disease, not just skin care,weight loss?
I feel worried, sad, and nervous ALL the time?
Help Please... Anxiety At A High....!!?
Does Bach Rescue Remedy work?
I think my son is autistic , have a choice to be in UK or India, can someone suggest please?
ok im feeling depressed and need help any one have any advice?
how should i be feeling?
how can i close my mind at night to go to sleep?
How to support someone who's quitting smoking?
i need a good doctor !!!!!?
what are the symptoms of celiac desease? and how do they test you?
Stop Smoking?
What is it when you can hear/feel a squirting sound/feeling in your head?
Cold cure or something that will hold off the symptoms for a few hours?
regarding the breast abccess i have seen other doctors and had surgery?
my friend's stomach and thigh ligaments hurt?
Is there any places in Western Australia I can get Laser treatment done to get rid of Strectmarks?
How to cure motion sickness?
Does anyone know anything about "head noise"? And it isn't tenitous.?
Have Rt lowback&Rt shoulder pain will NT2000 nerve&muscle stimulator help me.Have tummy&want to reduce it also?
Possible to Have Mild Migraines?
phenobarbital - has anyone tried it?
my mood's and the way i feel are so confusing to me?
Helppp! What is up with me? :(?
jst wanted to know if any adults had personalty changes when taking ritalin for sleep apnea?
has anyone used laser treatment for excema?
will xanex show up on a drug test?
Remedies for Coldsores??
Severe Aplastic Anemia - got it or know about it?
What symptoms does an animal with sciatic nerve damage show?
what is the reason for over production of wax in the ears?
what causes dizzyness and nausa?
Has anyone had promidient veins on their chest that went away?
If I accidently picked off a scab that was already falling off, would it leave a worse scar?
Can you see the difference with each pic of my acne scarring.?
Has anyone ever had a perilymph fistula or know anything about it?
best treatment for removing blackheads?
I have a red rash that looks like ringworm but does not itch .?
Itchy red rash on my chest?
how much of the eucalyptus oil should use on a1month baby .if putting on the top of the head?
Removal of warts on hand?
Is this Eczema on the nose?
Can BB cream remove pigmentation? Or is there anything that can help to remove pigmentation?
Is there an insect/spider that would cause a spotty rash?
Are there any exercises to help reduce the appearance of an uneven waist line?
sore tongue?
Hydrocortison 1% cream for dark circles/bruises?
Calcium deposits on back injuries. Are there any remedies to desolve them? And how to avoid it.?
My lorikeet bit my face, and then I had funny black things in my pores...?
Itchy red bumps.?
Should i go on yaz for my acne?
weird red bumps?
cannot find a web site for cronic pain syndrom. can anyone help me?
Shoulder and Arm pain?
Omg please help ! I just got my tonsils out yesterday! .::May 27.::?
Experience with H. pylori treatment?
any herbal suppliments to reduce nicotine cravings?
I have knots and bruises on my shins...what is it?
Ive had a headache for 3 days.....?
If You Have Health Anxiety And You Have Symptoms How Do You Know If They Are Real Or Imagined ?
peptic ulcers?
what are the social determinants of mental illness?
Ear problems?
going crazy?
Laser Acne Treatment??????
how do u get rid of redness in the skin on ur face?
anyone have itchy feet or hands if so does anything help?
Does anyone know any Doctors in Australia that can Ice Freeze off Keloid Scars?
Dust mites causing skin rash?
which pharamacy can you purchase Salatac Gel?
What is a benign fibrous nevis?
whare can i buy zenmed?
if you're taking a long-term medicine, can more side effects appear as the treatment becomes more effective?
Has anyone found an affective treatment for hyperhydrosis?
My mom has scleroderma and has blister like sores on palate. Why and what can she use to relive the pain?
if i am on accutane can i still take testostorone boosters like animal m stak?
How to avoid getting tanning and removing it?
i have a skin problem!?
I suffer from eczema for more than 8 years and my eczema get worse everytime when i brush my tongue,why?
I irritated my skin using nair, how can I fix it asap?
How to cure dandruff problem?
scars Hypertrophic or keloid?
Can Acne scars ruin a pretty face.?
does a liver function test result with Alt 62 means i have hepatitis?
OptiFast - OptiSlim?
Best way to speed up the healing process of a cold sore?
im a 23 year old male and wanted to know why my stool smells and gases had my gallbladder taken out last year?
depression......just random thoughts?
not what i used to be?
I keep forgetting peoples names?
postnatal depression?
What is Macular Degeneration?
What's wrong with my skin?
What could I use to help with my skin blemishes?
Is there an organisation similar to Locks of Love, here in Australia?
I need help please with my spots?
Dry skin (?) on knuckles - Chronic?
Plant-based treatment for bruises (6)?
How to cure allergic reaction on the face?
How can i stop itching legs?
i have a keloid?
Why does this happen to my arm?
what could my rash be ?
Is Ringworm on the scalp easy to cure?
Treatment for a spot scar and sore nose?
i have some spote on the back of my arm plz help!?
It seems like I developed this rash/spots on my arms. Am I supposed to go see a dermatologist?
How much does eucerin cost?
Hi I recently had an endoscopic craniotomy. The periosteum was removed. How long until this regrows?
Which makeup should i use to cover up a " cafe-au-lait" birthmark?
What can you do so the tanzalz can stop being bigger. It's urgent.?
what do you think about solodyn?
how can i get rid of dandruff fast????
What's the difference between being anorexic and borderline anorexic?
On my heel I have a bone extension from wearing too small of ski boots. How can I get rid of it?
How much time per day, at most, should I spend on the computer?
problems with sleeping tonight due to knightmares.....?
So, like I just woke up. Normally I don't eat right away. It takes a while when i'm ready to eat. & drink pop.?
To other office workers out there....?
How long befor strep throat heals?
I have the worse headaches im always tired, cold and i get heartburn?
How does a cortisone injection help your body?
My leg is cramping up really bad, DVT?
I just got diagnosed with adhd why did my school not do anything in my childhood!!!?
in school can you do p.e if you have anorexia?
Restless leg syndrome!?
question about septic shock?
we have just been told our 4 1/2 yr old has a cleft palate?
how do i relieve pain of bruised internal organs?
a need advice with cmv?
has anyone had chronic septic arthritis and osteomyelitis?
Why does the tongue get coated after an epileptic seizure and what is it?
passing on cmv?
How is d prognosis and What r possible risks in undergoing autologous bone marrow transplant for myeloma?
do scientists think lemon juice works for the effects of skin lightening?
Has anyone used Hopes Relief cream for skin conditions??
What are some natural, organic cleansers for daily facial cleansing?
How do you get rid of black head on your back?
Has anyone used the 'acne free in 3 days' program, if so what is it all about? I heard something about apples
big clogged pores on my face?
What can i do to my skin? easy question?
have scab on leg from surgery?
I have a navel keloid...help?
Is a child who has eczema more likely to have asthma?
What skin condition is this (description)....?
Small white patch notice in my family chest - kuwait?
how to give oily skin a glow?
i have some nerve damage in the skin around my elbow, how can i satisfy an itch there?
HELP i have Moderate Seborrheic Dermatitis and nizoral 2% doesn't work!?
How many more medication is there until dermatologist prescribe accutane to treat my acne?
Hair thinning all over my scalp?
Is Palmers Scar Serum any good on acne scars?
do I have a anger problem?
What? Do you doubt thou the stars are fire?
does religion sustain mental health?
Can someone please tell me all known side effects of fluoxetine?
can deaf people have tinnitus?
can you get a tumor from using mobile phones a lot?
Niacin/Nicotinic acid is used to lower cholesterol, what effect will it have on RLS?
is anyone looking into a cure for endometriosis ? surgery only causes adhesion's which are not good anyway .
please help!?
Can someone with coeliac's disease eat red rooster chicken?
Why Are There So Many Fatalist On Yahoo Answers?
is it k to take 2 vitamin b complex a day?im curently on panafcortelone as i expereince numbness in my cheek?
What is classed as an addiction?
Would being conscious for an indefinite period of time cause some sort of problem?
ok have i got aspergus syndrome from this ?
Can you be given medication for Paranoia when your 16?
Im looking for people who have HAD and Cured themselves from panic attacks?
Which bleaching cream has the most hydroquinone?
Infected navel piercing?????!!!?
Is NO blood flow good in a hard lump?
How to get rid a mole?
After ingrown nail surgery.. yellow tinged nails and skin not healing?
Should I be concerned about one purpura spot next to my knee? I have a bleeding history.?
Rash type thing between breasts?
Does the Neutrogena acne kit work?
Where is this pain coming from??
I have conjunctivitis and four small very score white bumps on my eye lid only on my left eye what is this?
Is there a solution to prevent nits? I have heard that a tea tree oil solution is good?
Hi, I like to know a remedy for a Great Dane with "Red Mange"?
What is quarter-sized dab ?
Tiny Red Bumps that itch/hurt when touched on hand and elbow?
I have an Oranda but his head is not puffy like it should be why?
A few questions about Keratosis Pilaris?
scars and marks?
when would alopecia areata end in my beard?
i have been taking roxar antibiotics for upper resp infection have now got conjunctivitis will the roxar help?
my daughter has just found out she has IgA deficient can any one tell me what it is?
What is Intermittent Claudication?
Is this an ingrown hair on my leg or an exma sore?
how can cure my gastritis?
Are there any good products available to help fade away burn scars?
What is the best way to get a family member section under the mental health act?
I feel deppressed can anyone help?
Hurt my knee playing soccer, what is the problem?
If you want to take Tylenol but it upsets your stomach, is there anything you can do to counter-act this?
my tounge is swollen..?
Pain in left side of upper back.?
Tingling/numbness in hands with pressure on upper back?
Curing toenail fungus?
Do warts grow bigger before they come off the skin?
I have brown skin and summer is here !!?
skin mole removed why has my daughter scar changed?
I'm not exactly sure what this means but...?
How do I treat a possible Boil in the bottocks?
What is the permanent cure for staphylococus?
Every year with the heat I get a rash on my hands?
Why do I have dry/ red hands?
Does Exfoliating...?
Can people with thin faces have naturally rosy cheeks?
whats the best product to use on a raised scar on the nose?
How to i prevent ingrown hairs ?
Can Inderal cause skin rashes?
How ca you get rid of an eyebrow ring scar?
Proactive Refining Mask? Peeling Acne?
i need a quick cure for my breakouts?
Proactive or drugs or the pill?
has anyone suffered from side effects resulting in flouride being added to their water supply?
Pylonephrites with grade 4 reflux of UTI?
the doctor collected my blood sample to do some tests?
Does anyone else had a problem of chronically feeling kinda achy all over and sensitive to touch?
Does anyone know anything about the thyroid condition 'Hoshimotos Disease'?
Lost sense smell/taste after surgery. Info on possible cause & cure will be appreciated.?
Knee/hip pain?
My left foot is weird.........?
my left elbow has been in pain?
Help with advice for a problem doing a side split!?
whats wrong with me ?
Can Anyone Help Me With A Answer To This?
Does anyone know anything to realive a sore ear (akin feeling to an ear infection)?
Back and chest pain. is my back causing the heart pain?
PLEASE HELP my best friend died last night i dnt nkno what to do :(?
Hi really down in dumps and although i do best to pick my self up and myself fell better .?
are sleeping pills a slow death?
Is fybromyalgia related to sclerodema. Is it hereditory?
How much efalex do I give my 9year old daughter who has just come off dexamphetamine due to liver problems?
Is it common to feel REALLY bloated a week after gallbladder surgery?
can a hormone imbalance or peri-menopause cause nasal congestion?
Leukemia question?
so i have this red bump...?
I have EXTREMELY bad Eczema on my arm,under my eyes,on my fourhead and my chest.Ive tried EVERYTHING, help?
my legs are occasionally itchy..?
I have red skin right around my nose, what do I do to get rid of it, for good?
what happens when you peirce your lip and now the inside of you lip in the mouth is now REALLy red?
Urticaria (hives) and Aspartame?
Pill causing breakout?
tan wont go away?
Intense itch no rash on thighs right&left side of abdomen upper arms shoulders Cannot take bendryl. gout?
How to relieve heat rash ?
question about my hands?
Molluscum tips!??!?? Please???
any long term side effects of accutane?
6 year old son on Neotigason for pustular psoriasis?
my acne is soo annoying grrr...?
my right side of my hair is itchy?
I have pompholyx a type of dermatitis on my foot its very hard to treat,need some alternatives to steriodcream
what is the addvantage of thick skin?
Why do i get red splotches on my chest when i am around the person i like or i get nervous?
has any one heard of villid or xtrem white do they work?
confused over different advice on my acne problem don't even no what it is plz help :)?
How can I get rid of this awful bitter taste in my mouth?
Could i have H1n1 or am i being paranoid?
today I'm told that I only have 1/3 of a normal count of platelets in my blood. Help?
Cure Stomach Ache?
is anyone on celebrex. do you find its working. what are the health risks.?
My husband is having hip replacement in August this year,?
How to treat Shin Splints...?
Teniis Elbow?
i fell on my hand now i have a numb finger?
I am in pain, help please?
Cluster headaches!!! why do they hurt so bad and what is the cause of cluster headaches?
why are my feet . hands , my waist area , cramping ?
Help please? {details inside!} Lower right abdominal Pain?? ?
my partner has gastro, he has severe stomach pain, what can i give him to settle he pain?
Will microdermabrasion get rid of clogged pores??
harmful chemicals in products?
Can tonsillitis and bleeding nose be connected?
I have violent urges, what should I do?
please some one help!!!!! it hurts?
myskin on my palms and soles of feet are getting brown patches on them.?
how do i get rid of a calis between my lips and teeth?
Keloid treatment?
Steroids and Isotretinoin (Accutane)?
What is causing urticaria when prawns have been eaten on a previous episode with no reaction?
How can I peel sunburn fast?
will arsenic poisoning discolor your nails?
Sweat around the bottom cheeks.?
I'm 21 now and have acne scars will collagen still work for me?
Has anyone tried John Plunketts SuperFade cream?
accutane and working out?
Is it safe to take accutane and use tazorac at the same time?
I just had a mole removed from my nose?
What is this? Help needed?
I have fingernails that peel from the top of nail?
I have three lumps under my skin in various places, they do not hurt, one seemed to just appear and thoughts?
Whats on the back of my neck?
has anyone eles felt weird lately?
I can't do this anymore...?
Does anyone know any home remedies for a swollen knuckle ?
Stomache ache and taste of pennies in mouth?
how can i get of my ear ache!!?!?!?!?!?!?
why night leg cramps on the side of legs which can turn the leg sideways?
I keep vomitting and having diareia?
im in pain in my back i ave been told i have sciatica im 36 weeks pregnant i have tryed baths what can i do?
Sharp chest pains on left side of chest when I inhale?
my eyes appear crossed?
does the patient with lou gerrig's disease die of respiratory failure?
why are antibioticsgiven for a long duration?Is it effective?
How long the biphosphonates(zolindronic acid) are to be given in Multiple myeloma?
some one give me advise about the blemishing which cream is good for scare or blemishing?
Acne-like on skull?
Anyone here on HUMIRA for rhuematoid arthritis and how is it working for you?
Does Mira-Cell work fast on scars?
help! on stretchmarks!?
is it true if inside of ur eye is white..?
What can you do about a nose blister.?
does oil removing face wash strip the tan from your face?
skin problems.... please help me fight these spots?
does skin id really work?
Does doing a home peel really burn? Would it make my acne worse?
Is Sun cream complusory for brown skin?
Best product for body acne?
SSD Cream on a second-degree sunburn?
how do i reduce redness on my face???
Does anyone know an excellent night cream/moisturiser that's great for Asian skin for all year round?
I have dark spots on the corners of my eyes that look like mascara smudges. Anyone know what it could be?
what is parasite? how it cure?
Scar has turned into large lump?
What is wrong with me?
Acne after baby. After solutions, please help :- ) ?
Red along the insides of my arms and shins.?
streches for my legs ??
Sharp, extreme pain in foot often when i lie down. What is it caused by and how to stop the PAIN?
presciption medication info ???
Little pain in the Virgina?
Aches and pains? Question about exercise?
What kind of water helps stop or avoid muscles spasms?
can't get motivated to do anything. halp plz.?
I keep getting upset over the smallest things?
Are Laser treatment or surgeries work for Keratosis Pilaris?
Living with multiple illnesses (fibromyalgia, PKD and others). Peoples thoughts on living ......?
need to find an orthopedic surgeon in TJ, Mexico. I have tried to Google it, but couldn't find one.?
Medical- What is a dopler study of the peripheral veins?
removal of floater in eyes?
I recently just got these yellowy-mustard colour little spots on my chest. Could someone tell me what it is?
Is Ella Bache Almond body scrub still available?
I Have A sniffing habbit?
My mom is depressed, I want to help her, but I dont know how?
do i have an eating disorder?
How to reinforce wrists? (for gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading, etc)?
i am 32 year male from Toronto, my knees are grinding, cracking when strainghten and cause lots of pain...?
Foot pain recommendations?
can somone recomend adoctor in oshawa??/?
my eyes are really sore and my head is pounding why?!?!?
Excess acid can cause a burning feeling called heartburn? What is another name of heartburn?
arm, leg and knee hurts, and back sometimes?
have small bumps above my lips. they came before but now they have returned. sometimes they ich.?
How do you get nail glue off your skin?
What product is best to get rid of spots ?? (Uk Only)?
Is or can Trichoblastoma cancerous OR could any other form of cancer develop due to this?
skin colored bumps on my chin please help!?
Shaving of mole? Help?
in australia, how much does ROACCUTANE/isotretinoin, acne antibiotic cost?? PLESE HELP?
Anyone know any tips for Accutane?
my sister got lice?
My daughter wen tothailand and has come back with 3 bites that are extremely itchy and starting to scab?
My Face Is Always Red!?
Will a hair growth product work on scar tissue?
The skin on my back feels like it is sunburnt but there is no sign of this , any idea what this would be.?
My armpit skin is really dark,What do i do?
i have blisters on my hands and feet and am cover in red spots what could this be?
ive got really bad eczema, what's a good cure?
okkay so i have these little brown dry spots on my face.. what are they and how do i get rid of them?
My sister's 2 yr old son has a rash all over body. It itches him alot. His had this for a over than 3 months.
I want people's opinion on microdermabrasions?
How do you treat blood blisters?
Hi every one..Just wondering if any one had heard or used the arthrithis pill called the sendi pil?
Does anyone use a CPAP machine? If so, how long did it take to get used to it?
What can we expect?
LYMPHOMA symptoms?
How do i get rid of my pigmentation?
cocodomol addiction how easy?
I think i'm suffering from internet related infomania. ?
How can I work around flat feet?
My bones hurt when i run :S?
Oxy Contin Side effects?
Pinched nerve or something else?
Pain in the tailbone- which medicine is better for it?
I was just laying down in my bed and i felt a disk in my neck move kinda strangely. is this normal?
Question about buying smokes.?
Is Maltodextrin Gluten Free?
In Multiple myeloma,for how long therapy with biphosphonates should be continued?
Type something interestingly positive!?
so, is it true, that a lactose intolerant person will not vomit? Thanx 4 help, got conned by bad excuse. ta?
how quickly will lisino/hctz 10/12.5 bring down your bp? also what is the best time to take it?
cancer and tumor??
What are 10 viral diseases and their causes?
I have an axolotl and yesterday i noticed he was floating on his side.I also noticed this morning that his tai
can i buy clean and clear advantage control kit at big W?
I have an odd underarm rash?
I have a bump pehing my ear a little down. I didn't hit my head anywhere. what could it be?
What??? Ingrown toenail?
Why do I have brown discolouration in the skin under my eyes since having my daughter? ?
Can chinese people have naturally pink cheeks?