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marijuana and hormones?
What can I do to overcome my out of breath problem ?
why do ppl with ED's get nosebleeds all the time?
industrial saf-t-tape/misssissauga?
What if i'm not saticfied about the way my security deposite was used?
what is this tension in the middle of my forehead ?
Is it normal to want to squint in contact lenses?
How do I get my sleep pattern back to normal?
Could anyone please help me?
back pain kidney area?
Staying Hydrated???????
Salvia?Where can i find it in Montreal?
What can i expect from this?
SMOKERS: do you get a dry, sore feeling in your throat when you need a smoke?
What Is A Website In Canada About Some Ones Drinking?
can alcohol make you get Withdrawal symptoms not just a hangover ?
Will I die if I drink toilet bowl cleaner?
Long but please help im scared of how low i feel?
How do steroids relieve sinus symptoms?
do i have ulcers?
about taking this medication while flying?
I feel drianed all the time?
Swelling to the face after chemotheraphy and radiation to the brain?
Help me please.. what do u think?!?
when a doc says you have ammonia what is that?
For solely a medical perspective, do you feel sorry for smokers?
Name of this sydrome?
Chaffe Relief?
Is there any possible way to reverse or hault kidney failure?
Coping tips for me and my alcoholic boyfriend?
Do Nuclear Power Plants cause mutation?
Does anyone know if there is a relationship between having you gallbladder out and weight gain?
other reason for headaches, and whats a good way to rid headaches?
throbbing stomach what could it be?
What can my mysterious stomach ache be?
when i try to chew on the left side of my mouth , my ear hurts me on the left.. why?
do you love someone with an addiction problem? drugs, alcohol...etc?
Sluggishly progressing schizophrenia ?symptoms?
im off ill from work with a bad back, how can i keep myself occupied?
What could cause my hearing to become really enhanced. It onset really quickly.?
should you be able to put your leg on the floor with your foot flat against the floor as well?
how do you get high off of household items?
I have a cough sometimes after exercising. Should I get it checked out?
I have a stuffed up nose due to a cold?
Is it legal to buy medications off the internet without a prescription?
Here's my symptoms, what do you think?
I heard that at one time swords were hardened by heating them up, then stabbing someone?
hi i have dark spots on my legs and i want to get rid of it fast. what should i do?
Does anyone know of any cure for chafing?
How to get rid of a birthmark?
itchy feeeeet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
very red underarm rash?
The skin on my palm and fingers are dry and is peeling, what should I do?
can anyone explain what a low mean platelet volume means?
Would Antibiotics dry out my mouth?
DOES athelete foot cream from Walgreens help? the one made from there too?
Do the following foods prevent or cause constipation?
Help!! Is my skin routine right for young skin?
How long does it take for ance scars to dissapear? And...?
What is your skin like?
How to exercise with a toddler?
Whats the whitish smallish lumps on my lips?
Stomach pain, and burping instead of puking?
understanding speech in noisy environments?
Ear Wax Chunk Came Out of Ear?
Biting lip in sleep, tooth sized mark?
Ways to calm nerves?!?!?
has anyone used retin-A for skin care? Does it smooth your skin completely?
How is Patrick Swayzi doing??Best Wishes from all his fans.?
what's the difference between inflamed stomach and pregnancy?
Are you only contagious the first day you are sick?
what can i do to prevent all of the breakouts i keep getting?
How do I get rid of the bruising from my medusa piercing?
can i use lactacyd for facial wash and aloe vera gel to apply on my acne scar?
What is wrong with me?
Has/Does anyone suffered with depression and been in and out of jobs due to it?
i keep trying to make my self feel better by filling my self with positive emotions ,but i am keep bringing?
what's this condition called it's like emotional detachment?
should i tell my Friend that i feel depressed and should i tell her about my self harm?
Do schizophrenics remember their loved ones?
Scoliosis and Kyphosis - any help?
Can my spouse in hospital get in trouble for not disclosing all medications (for fear of mistreatment?)?
What can I do for a burnt throat?
my toes touch alot and it really bugs me, wonder if theres any remedies for that. thank u?
Why Does It Hurt?
I think im sick? but with what? flu?
How to cure hernia?? 14 year old?
I have a pain under the tendon on the top of my right shoulder when I do physical activity, what could it be?
Do you have Bieber fever?!?
What is causeing these headaches?!?
Nose, Throat Problem in the morning?
I have raised red spots on my back, chest and stomach?
Why do I lag like crazy when I'm playing Combat Arms?
Weirdly swollen foot..?
how to smoke weed someone help?
if you cover the carbon monoxide detector with a plastic bag to block of carbon monoxide?
I have frequently gone to the bathroom since i can remember .?
cannot sleep through a night?
H1N1 views in Thailand?
what are these on my arm?
why doesn't it stay in my stomach?
Anyone have any ideas how to help the Slimray along?
Lethargic as it relates to IMMOBILITY?
My nose bleeds everyday. What should i do?
how do you do CPR on some body???????????????????????????????????????????????
Why are my hands and feet always cold?
What is the future outlook for Surgeons?
one side of my dad's face went numb
What's the name of the disease were a person's red and white blood cells attack each other?
symptoms for ocd????
If I take a panadol, will it stop my catching the gay disease?
if i smoke a cigg under my bedsheets will it filter out the smoke?
Am I too young for cancer?
Is there anything you can do to relieve the effects of UTI's?
What are the five cancer causing foods?
Is everyman an island?
I have a phobia of spider is there a way to cure it?
please help its about my friend?
How do you make your skin tone whiter permanently?
fastest way to get rid of a black eye asap?
what is a mole on your skin ?
Did you experience hair loss while on Accutane ?
Weird tan???
Skin biting?
Have really bad acne!?
Raw fleshy tissue around nose piercing?
My eyelid is peeling and causing it to sag! Help!?
how do you give someone a hickey?
what is the difference between rosacea and naturally bright pink cheeks?
How much does it coast a plastic surgery for a scar from appendiciti?.?
Terrible acne all of the sudden... what's going on?
I have had itchy ears for about 6 months .?
I got shingles around the 30th of march 2008 and it still itches?
if you smoked for 2 years are there long term effects? or will the body have fully recovered in 20 years time?
i have lupus and i have huge spots on my face i have tried all different kinds of Dr is any thing Else i can d
high anxiety,what to do?
there is evidence to suggest that cigarette smokers pace their smoking in an attemp to?
You know the noise that a stomach contraction makes?
How come when i smoke a cigarette, the nicotine buzz feels like a marijuana high?
Brother woke up with a rash all over his body?
at what temperature should daycare keeps children inside?
Thoughts on Driving impared..?
my pinkie finger wont bend , the doc said it was a torn tendon , i think ive had it all my life .?
What could this be????????
My nose keeps getting a vibrating feeling?
how can u help cankers leave?
Any counsellors- Need advice?
Being bullied (IN BODY CAST) condition worsening, need support HELP?
I rarely feel rested..?
Sleeping at 11 and sleeping at 2 yielding same results? Yet sleeping at 12 killing me?
Does Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder last whole life?
Electric towers and health risks?
Why nose bleeds?! :O?
what can be the underlying cause of my health conditions?
Could this be hypothyroidism?
is anyone a breast cancer doctor?
how can someone be a quad and still walk?
Do you believe there are any cures for cancer?
chrones disease help me?
Do you think that anorexia an obesity are caused by sort of the same things??
Does anyone know of any good pain relief drugs used for cancer that dont cause nausea or any other adverse sid
Why does he tell lies like this?
When do you know when you need anti-depressants?
referred to CMHT, what does this mean?
Upper leg muscles hurting?
weird muscles spasm in legs?
I have water in my knees how do i get it out without a needle?
Lower Abdominal Pain Women?
I am so really depressed the reason being know friends to spend quality time?
is a Borderline Personality Disorder serious?
real big housing problem?
how can i feel uncomfortable by doing things to myself?
is it normal 2 have lots of vains on ur arms?
minocycline help?
sudden swelling under armpit!?
My veins sometime glow bright pink, What does it mean?
Can lime really lighten your skin?
Water Woes!!! Help!!!?
What is sensitive skin? Is it allergies?
psoriasis treatment?
what is the cause of orange toenails?
What causes mice to become blind?
How do you finger somebody exactly?
Am I allergic to the cold?
A writing wart?
Does this surname sound English?
Blood test-traces of marijuana?
Is it possible that my 3 year old is sleepwalking?
seeing an occupational therapists next month?
If someone developed Celiac Disease.. how long after cutting out..?
where i can i buy castor oil?
at 130 pounds 5'9 do you think i can pass urine test for pot in 30 days?
Does anyone have any drug related facts?
why is part of my stomach twichtching?
WHAT IS HASH (DRUG)?????!?!?
recently been having problems with my skin?
is bupropion an maoi?
When my common cold is gone does that mean my ear infection is to?
Glasses prescription?
what dose it mean if i keep having the same nightmirre over and over?
Is it normal to bleed after a colonic hydrotheraphy session?
wuts the best kind of acne cleanser that works.?
I'm feeling soreness all over my body and it feels like it's in my muscles. Help?
Is this normal or is something seriously wrong? In the last year Ive been getting so much tension in the neck?
'lake Ontario is very dirty.... what if i went for a swim?
what is wrong with me?
Can anyone share some personal stories of things they have done for attention?
do i have a sleep disorder?
Pain in my right side ? ..?
Help, I'm in pain, Ouch! neck pain?
pain below left knee?
How can I (I would like to) look up my prescrption in The Compendium of Pharmecuticals and Specialties?
Why Does my Shoulder pop with the simplest movements of the arm?
Does PAD effect only the elderly?
hip pains what could be the reason?
how do i stop the skin peeling of my feet?
I bought some second hand gold pierced earrings
where can i buy bio oil in Australia?
wht is postop nursing wound and drain management in mastectomy patient?
I have an Stomach Ulcer and when i was at the doctor i didnt think to ask for a list of foods not to eat?
a friend has been throwing up and he is on anti seizure medicine should he take it again if he threw up?
what is the most curable cancer if in early stage?
What is it called for how much you can breath out?
Will inhaling from an asthma puffer hurt you in any way if you are not asthmatic?
Looking for a Doctor who will accept OHIP coverage for a Panniculectomy?
How many of you will let themselves be intimidated?
What are electrolytes?
I am frequently chilled to the bones. And my feet and hands are usually very cold to the touch?
How do i increase my speed?
pls help read my lab result which are neutrophil 33% lymphocyte 55% monocyte 12% wbc4.4?
I need help fast help me?
Do i have plantar fascitis? Best answer 10 pts please help me!?
Question about stomach viruses?
is severe anxiety a symptom of nicotine withdrawl?
Weird wet feeling in my leg?
Is there a number like poision control for medical inquieries?
drinking magnesium citrate?
Sore neck + headaches?
how do i get a hair out of my throat?
when will i feel normal after quitting smoking?
My memory foam mattress sleeps way too hot. Any suggestions?
day six from tonsils and adenoids removed, want pizza?
i am 17 years old and i have puffy eyes . can any one tell the reason and it's treatment?
Do Sebaceous glads shrink in our senior years?
Anyone use a face scrubber/massager that helps with pores/wrinkles and actually works?
Anxiety, breathing issues and beta blockers?
Can anyone with OCD/obsessive thoughts tell me if this is normal?
How do i get over feeling guilty for not feeling guilty?
I want to be a mental health nurse in the uk can anybody tell me what qualifications ect i would need?
does this sound like depression or something else?
How does a vegetarian raise their hemoglobin, hemotocrit and HDL cholesterol?
Does anyone have any info on Metastatic breast cancer that has spread to the bone marrow?
how deal to with crohn's disease in college?
Help for Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
Would you want to meet your Donor?
my dad has mutiple myeloma?
Does anyone have a cure for sinisitus?
What is causing my lower back pains?
I've had a continuous headache for 3 weeks today... any help?
What hurts more?*More inside*?
painful shoulder blade muscle - affecting my swallowing?
My head kinda feels numb whats wrong with me?
does pins and niddles pain got anything to do with diabat?
Pain: Help me please?
Do you have Borderline Personality Disorder?
Hot or Cold bath for sore leg muscles?
chronic pain for 2 car accidents?
i would like to ask a bbout adhd?
Is what happened to me this morning a panick attack?
Do people that run a lot have straighter tibia bones? the leg bone?
Why does my back/neck crack a lot?
how do i convince my dad to quit chewing tabbaco?
Some stomach problem..confused?!?!?
Should I take Calcium if I take Vitamin D?
Im curious and think I might have bed bugs so I was just wondering what the symtoms are and how do you check?
Protruding hardware in ankle-best to remove?
Can BMs get dependent on salt water flush (constipated)?
When you put a535 or bengay on your throat do you lose your voice?
I get so nervous that I become sick?
PLEASE HELP ME. stomach cramps. birth control?
I'm so nervous about everything. ?
Okay i have a few questions?
I think this is really bad for my health.?
blackheads :(?
why does my babys head get really hot and sweat even though the rest of his body is cold?
what will they ask me when i go back to the doctors 2morrow (depression anxiety)?
Can insanity really be cured by eating more protein?
Are you addicted to the internet?
Question about bipolar disorder?
I have depression, and i have weird dreams...?
Epidural - chronic back pain?
Pain in chest, age 14 ?!?
whats the best way to get rid of deep bruise?
Sooo much pain... Arthritis?
Back pain at age 14..?!?
stabbing pain on right side near hip area!?
which is more powerful...morphine or fentanly?
Where can I find statistics on Osteoporosis?
is a higher normal resting pulse better or worse? Like mine was 100 and im 12.?
Is pomegranate juice during pregnancy safe?
i am freaking out with this mole help me out?
do I have worms??????
I vomited, but it had these pellet-type looking things in it, unhealthy?
What is wrong with me? O.O Serious question.?
How tall will I be...........?
Having toenail problems..please help!?
can someone help me with this? LEAD PAINT HAZARDS?
10 POINTS! BIOETHICAL ISSUE: Two couples donate their fertilized eggs to stem cell research;i have (3) qu'ns?
Pediatrician question?
Teen spirit VS Secret clinical strength deodorant?
Problems falling asleep and problems waking up?
Does this last name sound British?
how long does it take to realize you have an inlarged spleen?
waking up during the night?
Shortness of breath during bad cold.?
How successful is amitriptyline for chronic pain?
I have terrible drinking habits...?
Weird vision thing???
I think I'm 'addicted' to self-diagnosing?
What are BPD mood swings like?
Why do I keep forgetting things?
I am fed up of feeling like this want her back my heart can not take much more?
I get so depressed and angry sometimes?
help with incapacity for work tests?
Feel like i have nobody feelin empty?
I dont no whats wrong with me, can you help?
I have aching and tingling on the side of my face which has moles and would want to know i should go get help?
Sore feet!!!!?
How long does a 20mg course of Roaccutane last?
Will skin discoloration caused by Herpes Zoster (Shingles) disappear?
How come sometimes my lips swells up for no reason?
I know Olive Oil is really good acne and acne scars but how should i apply olive oil on my face?
hi my problem is that my head 6stitches how to remove these stitches plz tell only cream not expensive plztell
How much does it cost to get a mole removed?
i have a weird buch of small red/brown smooth spots coming up over my belly and chest. Any help on what it is?
I have red tiny little lumps on my stomach
Minocycline Problem Please Help :( ACNE?
This older lady i no has these weird marks all over her wrinkly arms and they look like purple bruises?
about sunburn!!!!!? help?
what is the probability of getting skin cancer or ink poisoning from drawing/writing on you hand and arms?
how can i get a smoothy n white skin?
i have a terrible rash and itch on the bottom and side of my scrotum. please help?
What can cause 1 finger to constantly itch deep down in the bone?
how can i stop my skin going oily?
how come when i pinch my skin, its like i can pinch the skin and leave the meat underneath if there is any but?
rash and cracks on top of hands, does not itch?
What are the signs to watch for so you dont get cancer??
chemo and fatigue?
Why cant they move larger tumours in cancer patients?
Do you Have Celiacs Disease?
I found out that my mother has breast cancer. The lesion is about 12mm what grade would that be considered as?
Does Liquid Nitrogen hurt and create instant pain while freezing or is it painless like an Dentist Freeze?
I'm having tingling sensation in my both hands of all 10 fingers. Its only at the tips. Please let me know.
I am experiencing pain and loss of control in my left hand pinkie and ring finger. I play guitar.?
Will skin burn slower when a person is submerged in water?
i need to quit drugs and boose?!?!?
recovery time from tonsil removal?
Why do I twitch so much everywheres!?
Left handed, dominant eye question?
Please answer !!! Stomach Problems?
What sort of market do you think there is for?....?
can you buy phentermine in canada?
is alcohol bad for someone with diverticulosis?
What is CT value in ct scan images?
Choking-type-cough but no other real symptoms?
14 Female, Abnormaly long Limbs? Could it Be Marfan Syndome!? D=?
Piercing problem! need help :(?
Pain in my leg, what could it be?
Why do doctor's offices have multiple doctors?
Why do we go pale when we're sick?
I like to see people(mostly girls) with a cast on their leg. Does that make me a horrible person?
Do your legs tingle randomly?
Sleep Country Canada's Mattresses have bad chemical odors... Money back?
pleaseeeee check my symptoms?
attention seeking? why do i do it?
Why do I do this????????
Is dementia a mental illness?
Anyone else with depression that goes from low and horrible and scary to high and loving yourself; when was?
Can you get Electroconvulsive therapy privately in the UK without a gp referral?
What is wrong with my mind?
what is the diference between "crack" and cocaine?
My b/f has been experiencing back pain at night for 2 years, what tests should he get?
Been having a pain under my right ribcage?
Stomach ache after Eating?
I have u shaped birthmark on my left thigh?
Rosacea Cream?
How do i cope with these f*ckne scars on my face.?
Any physicians out there?
I have the same problem, I went to the doctor to ask for help and I choked up. Can the pharmacy help?
lipgloss and chickenpox?(10 points)?
what is the common age for when you use skin peels?
thrush treatment not working?
I've applied the scabies lotio and killed off my scabies. How much longer until the itching stops?
Rash on thigh?
Girls what are skin pores explain and what do they work as/function as?
molluscum contagiosum on privates. what to do?
I have very freckley palms and just on't understand it or know anyone else with freckles on their hands?
what body part should i move first, arm,leg foot, shoulder,?
how can you tell the difference between herpes and eczema?
Does Roaccutane always cause depression??
how do you get rid of chiggers?
Head lice treamtment?
Best way to heal waxed skin?
i have a real fear of doctors so i was wondering are there any ways of getting rid of your own depression?
depression, and dealing with every day life?
Help me I cant sleep! :s?
I have trouble with the word NO?
my mums been having really extreme mood swings in the last year what would be wrong with her?
I woke up with a bloody nose!!?
Question about buying smokes.?
Is it necessary that we reduce weight while taking Topiramates(Topamax)?
why do I have Breathing problems?
Can my body adjust to what time i wake up?
affects of not eating properly and not getting enough sleep?
Upset stomach because of stress?
Could I possibly have developed some form of ADD!?
can someone give me advice on to what i have?
sometimes i get this light feeling and hot and like start to shake?
what would help with my upset stomach/diarrhea?
why am i feeling tired lately?
im supposed to be taking zoloft?
is it unhealthy to use your earphones too much..?
Will the THC still be in my sheisha?
how much do tongue piercings hurt?
can some one swap eyes with an animal?
Is inhaling Pine Sol bad for health?
is this cancer?
Has anyone ever experienced this? my dad has terminal cancer?
Does 'Prednisolone' cure Chest Infections?
What are some diseases that make you throw up blood ?
Really bad headache... ? :(?
stress, clenching my hands.?
i dont like my legs.......?
How do you deal with soar knees.?
How many toes is normal?
Will my panic attacks ease?
Tourette's Syndrome?
How do I prevent, or help slow down, my Anxiety attacks?
drug help!!!! coughing blood?
Lump on neck and dizziness/ headaches.. any relation? possible lymphoma??
What are the 4 basic causes of skin cancer??
I have really bad flem due to allergies. How can i get rid of flem?
Should I go back to the doctor with my lingering cough?
does everyone who have tounsilitis have a sore lip and mouth?
My doctor's said it looks like three diffrent rashes; but yet to give me answers to what it is.?
Is paronychia a contra indication to a nail treatment?
I have vitiligo, will I end up like Michael Jackson (RIP)?
MY aunts baby is now 13 and she?
Is sweating good for your skin?
Is there a way that you can bleed without having any noticeable wounds?
Can anyone help with dry hands/fingers..?
Tinea Versicolor (Malassezia furfur) - Effective Treatment with Nizoral Shampoo?
My head is really itchy?
I was bitten ages ago and now have a huge lump under my skin.?
help with my lips?? rash, sort of stinging comes for four days then goes. TEN PTS?
can i use fucidin cream all over my scalp?
how long will it take for warts to go away using the duct tape method?
does epsom salts draw nicotine out of the body?
Is regular hair gel bad for your hair if you have alopecia?
BLISTERS...how do i stop them?!?
dry feet... how to stop it?
You what, with your stomach?
Sleep talking, sitting up, responding to people's questions with eyes open?
Neck Physiotherapy your opinion?
Isn't it Illegal ( 20 characters my *********)?
I need help with understanding seizures?
tongue piercings....how long till they heal?
heat *flashes* in my left ear?
what do i have to eat to make my hair strong ??? my hair is falling and iam thinking soon i will be balt.?
getting my blood work done, can they find anything ?
high cholesterol foods?
what is it called when you like to do weird body movements?
is he going to be tall?
how long can nicotine stay in your system?
Do nasal polyps show up on x-rays?
Is sunscreen with SPF 60 really nercercry?
Presenting In Front Of People Issues ! Please Help!!!?
How do I get rid of eyestrain?
what can i do i'm scared bad memories will come back?
Coming off anti depressants, is this difficult and how did you feel afterwards?
Please tell me why is this happening?
If I tell my doctor I want to kill myself, can he forcibly hospitalise me? (in the UK)?
Unbearable shoulder pain?
Hunch back solutions!!?
knee hurts when i have it bent?
i had jalapeno poppers for the first time, 4 days ago, and i steel feel like vomiting?
Feeling stressed out, depressed, what to do...?
My stomach feels empty?
feel sick to my stomach, face is getting really stiff, headache ..?
medical help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do carrots actually improve eyesight?
What is Osteocondritus?
thyriod symptoms ?
How bad and how urgent is it for me to seek help if my throat burns and I'm spitting up blood?
why do people say if you dont use something you will lose it?
i havent eaten since lunch time yesterday coz im fasting is it normal to feel like i need to vomit?
Is it worth while searching for other spinal surgeons?
If preparing intravenous infusion what is the consequence if forgets to prime the infusion tubing?
What is wrong if the Radiologist could not find my ovaries on a MRI?
had a sore throat for 4 days with blood?
what happens to the cartilage when a person develops arthritis?
Has the swine flu got inside Australia? if so, where?
Do i have problems and if so how can i solve this?
Help, please i'm so scared!?
Speaking to my GP for the first time about my depression. HELP?
what are the symptoms of bad circulation in the legs, what causes it and how can i reverse it?
What is the best way to remove 2nd degree burns(scars)?
Just had laser Mole removal??
Anyone have a friend or know someone who managed to treat their deep acne scars and get satisfactory results.?
Fish skin disorder!!?
how can i get rid of these red scars in three weeks?
what would happen if you never scratched your itches a bit like people with no arms/hands?
I have a NASTY dandruff!!!?
lip/mouth swelling. 10 pts?
I'm 34 weeks & i have a skin rash that stings on my breast and its bumpy.can someone please tell me wt it is?
Did Brad Pitt have bad acne scarring when he was younger?
should my whole foot swell when I sprain my ankle?
Pain in the palm of hand?
Unexplainable pain in the caritilage of my ear?
I get a slight headache when I bend over?
sharp pains in my ribs?
what is the side effect of sudden stop in taking metoprolol medication?
I have a really big problem!!!????? Help?
I feel really low and like ending it all. Does it ever get Better?
Is this normal? I don't know what to think..?
Need help with finding a cancer treatment, or even a promising trial?
whats the best way to get rid of planter warts?????????
cold sore and photo day!!! help?
What are the symptoms of Throat Cancer?
How hard is it to get a liver transplant?
feel sick when i smoke?
What are the adverse effects of lactulose?
Itching all over body driving me insane!!?
Smelly feet?
How cancerous cells can use the lymphatic system to spread throughout the body?
Has anyone suffered severe side effects from using Roaccutane/Acutane?
How do i get rid of crazy armpit sweat?
why does pulmonary edema cause hypoxia and cyanosis?
I keep on getting nausea don't know why though? Not pregnant?
Does It Hurt To Get Your Tongue Pierced?
I Have Osteoarthritis in my knees and both have become very painful what can i do?
Should I be worried about these chest pains?
I have indents in the middle of each of my thumbnails. Why is this?
How do i remove back/neck fat/pain?
burns and treatment?
i have an awful phobia of band-aids but i have a gross cut on the side of my face what should i do?
Why do i have stripes on the outside of my thighs?
How can I get ride of zits in 2 days?
Laser acne scar surgery?
Pain in arm pits, Please help or give advice?
i think i got bitten by something?
How can I get rid of a coldsore?
accutane - how long does it last?
what to do after earlobe has some tearing from gauging?
how is rosacea treated?
Can you peel your skin after sunburn?
mysterious skin disease?
I was born with darkness around my eye area,does anyone have this too?
my car duco has started to scale, like a sunburnt skin. What should i do?
What would cause my legs to hurt even when lightly touched?(Especially the tops of them?)?
my feet hurt so bad from my eczema and i have to wear socks but why does it make it worse?
I have shingles, No pain, just a rash. Can i still take showers/bathes?
Raw Nose Skin?
Is there anyway to induce a fever?
questions about sleeping!?
signs of lung cancer?
what happens if you drink way to much continuously thought 10 years?
What are the most common signs of cancer?
I was recently diagnosed with SLE mild lupus... does anyone else have an autoimmune disease?
GIST (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor) has spread to the liver.
what will happen if a child swollows a coin?
should I worry about a growing nodual in my Thyroid?
What kind of dr. should I see for combo GI, brain and cardio problems to get one diagnosis?
can being signed off work with stress stop you flying at all ?
if you dont respond to antidepressent medication does that mean you're not depressed?
i have pains in my chest anyone can tell me anything?
*exercises* for your jaw?
why am i having back pain ?
What's wrong with my thumbs?
i have a major kink in my neck/shoulders area please help it kills?
How long should one let a cyst cause pain before taking action?
Tetrasil as a cure for Psoriasis??
my pc has caused dry eyes what can be done about it and still use the pc?
Does anyone know if putting lemon juice on your face can fade dark spots? And how should it be done?
i had a eyebrow piercing but took it out but i have scar tisue will that cause head aces?
Should I get this mole checked?
i have little brown spots all over my arms and legs where the body hair comes out...what could it be?
Blisters on my nose from too much sun!?
Two lumps (in?) a vein in my arm?
(10 points free) tell me the best way to get my face colour lighter !?
this isnt big risk?
How long do the photosensitive effects of Doxyceline last?
Small round circles on my chest?
Roaccutane or Accutane.?
Could a staph infection be the cause of my dermatitis?
why is my skin so dry even in the summer?
Acne, healing process?
i got these hives on my back a couple months back...when will they go away?
Embarrassing Question/ Help?
Who bites their fingernails and do you think you can ever stop?
Can skipping causes pile (Haemorrhoids)?from the day I had skipping after long time suffering from anal pain.?
Am I bipolar?
Are sound waves/vibrations different when a person lies opposed to when they're simply stating something?
Why am I scared off death?
Should I go see my doctor?
I'm sore, what should I do?
Sharp pains in my chest...?
Arthroscopic surgery on my knee...I'm scared and unsure...pls. help.?
as stated before about my back...?
What to I do to stop the pain, or pop it, or do something to help it heal?
How to exercise for FROZEN SHOULDER?
Am I starting to get the flu?
can to much sugar cause headaches?
Please, somebody answer this, i'm terrified! do I have diabetes??!?
what are some reasons your eyes can be dilated?
acetaminophen 500mg same as oxycontin?
Redness/Soreness in my mouth/lips?
Any accutane side effects?
best way to get rid of a cold sore quickly?
How much does it cost to get a mole removed?
how can I get rid of my depression?
Defiantly sleeping issues here..?
Are night terrors dangerous?
is this a problem for someone?
Does he need a 'sparring' partner?
Why is a cramp in your leg called a charlie horse?
Advil ( liquid gel extra strength )?
stomach ache!!! really bad?
What could be wrong with my foot?
What is the way to cure asthma now? 2000-2009?
Tired all the time, losing my appetite and starting got get nausea as well. Any ideas?
What is causing this burning hole like sensation in my stomach area upon wakening?
im not sure if i have cirrhosis or not? i forgot wat the doc told me but i got a blood test done...?
does heat affect epileptic seizures?
Where can I get some answers on the effects of chemotherapy has on your years after receiving it!?
has anyone had cancer or leukaemia i ont i just want to know?
I have a cyst on my lower eyelid can anyone help me with ideas of how to get rid of it?
My dad passed away a month ago and although I go to the gym 4 days a week, I find that my legs ache and that?
What is causeing these headaches?!?
what should i do now....i lied to my counsellor?
i have just started takin propanalol 80mg, and i cant keep my eyes open :(?
Why am I feeling so unmotivated?
Going in....................?
i'm really scared and i don't know why?
Horrible Leg Muscle Cramps?
my sister has been ill for a few days now , i don't know what to do ?
pains in the right side????
tummy pain?
is heartburn caused by stress?
Just found out dad has small cell lung cancer in one lobe very small and early they say..?
Pain of bone cancer?
Do I have lymphoma?
How do I find out if I have ADD?
burn on my neck i think?
Thinking about getting a varicose vein taken out of my leg. How much would it cost?
My brothers foot is badly infected and has spread to his blood steam. He is at the ER now, will he be okay?
how can i clear my acne scars?
i have a slight bump on my nose...?
Where is the best place to get a skin check?
How to get rid of acne?
I have had an allergic reaction to penicillin and now i have a rash?
Tetracycline and clearasil.?
What is the best treatment for blisters?
Question for Roaccutane users?
is fish oil helpful in the treatment of arthritis?
I am a 45 yr old male. In the past year I have developed what looks like a severe case of acne.never had it B4
And prescription acne med suggestions? Other than Tetracyclines, Accutane... etc?
My feet don't sweat!?
Acne problems?
Whydon;t doctors make abetter effort to make a cure for acne scars.?
Were you scared to throw up?
I have terrible drinking habits...?
Do you find yourself gaining more weight ever since you started to spend endless hours on line,tell me.?
how can i become more confident?
Please answer, Insomnia and depression maybe...?
My sleeping pattern is MESSED UP. I need help getting it back to normal?
Constant feeling of dread?
is anyone feeling like i am?
think i might have......?
My 12 yr old son seems to get hay fever this time of year?
Colour Blind, How is it passed down?
What are signs of bowel cancer?
Bowel Obstruction or constipated?
Does ecsatcy cause swollen throat glands?
i need to quit drugs and boose?!?!?
My back really hurts?
Constant Heartburn...?
do you know anyone with ankylosing spondolitis?
i hurt all over ?!?! :'(, help ?!?
de ja view???
is face sitting dangerous?
how is depression treated?
insecure about myself?
How do you make yourself vomit?
When you put a535 or bengay on your throat do you lose your voice?
I need some advice asap!!!?
Could it be schizophrenia?
Am I hormonal or depressed, is this normal?
Is there something wrong with me, mentally?
grrrrr why my life so stress?
Whats the diff between Low Iron and Low Blood Sugar?
I'm getting cracked heels why is this happening and how can it be fixed?
hot to get rid of acne marks??
Blood tests/leukemia?
Any BuSpar takers experience "pins & needles" feeling in hands?
Strange indigestions?
If you had this disease?
Can one have an OCD flare up around stressful times?
I am 17. The eyelashes, eyebrow, nose hairs are turning white. What's wrong with me?
anytips to clearing acne fast?
With a chest xray, what does bilateral opacities mean ?? Anybody know?
Fibromyalgia. Were you sick before the onset?Does anyone think its hormonal?
No cure for herniated discs?
Swollen Ankles. Cause? Ways to Get rid?
why do i get migraines every day?
I'm getting random weird pains in my back?
I have a bad pain in my knee.. ?
itchy thigh for 6 months. large green vein has appeared. still itchy..???
Are there any creams that reduce post acne marks?
does rubbing alcohol treat sunburns?
I'm on anti-biotics for Acne. Called AKAMIN. They say not to go in the sun whilst on them.?
Uber quick and inexpensive way to fade a scar?
What are good ways to remove boils?
me and my friend hit heads.. and i wonder what might have happened?
How can I a brighter, even skin tone with acne?
Industrial piercing; "bump" that is peeling. What is this and how do I get rid of it?
I'm scared about my mole biopsy, any advice?
Random Blood Blisters all over my legs?
I have acne, what is the vitamin complex Fred K?
How do you get boils?
what is the best and most efective way to clear up acne?
what causes thick discolored toenails? and whats a cure for it?
How can I prevent pock-marked skin?
Does any one have any good remedies for fading scars?
I'd like to hear any personal stories about the success of lipolysis or fat zap to tighten skin on tummy?
I used rubbing alcohol on my face and broke out with a serious itchy face.. How can I clear this up?
i think i my best friend may be depressed?
why is life so hard..........?
do i have ADHD ??????????????
do i have munchausen syndrome?
no gallstones, but gallbladder pain?
How many days does a fentanyl patch last for?
Chest pain?
Back right side of my head hurts?
I'm looking for a good chiropractor? Any recommendation?
How to correct back and rib pain?
Duac & Differen DO THEY WORK?
How come sometimes my lips swells up for no reason?
I cant stop eating..please help?
How can I change my sleep cycle?
I like to touch myself whilst watching cbeebies. I dont know if this is wrong...plz help? am i a paedophile?
why is my memory so good?
Vitamin C and the immune system?
I'm having severe abdominal pain, and I feel and see my abdomen moving.?
Does anyone know an effective way of treating Tinea Versicolor?
tumor in breast? doctors please help !!!?
Epilepsy warning signs?
im feeling off balance and weak(vertigo maybe), does anyone know what this is? cure? etc?
help wiht a scar?
I am allergic to lanoline which is in most soaps, can someone recomend a good non lanoline soap?
ear ring infection??????
How can I be organized..?
How much is it to see a sports medicine doctor in canada?
how to smoke weed someone help?
im suffering please help?
Constipated & Pain on my right side under stomach.?
I have the worst pain ever on my left side of face. the pain comes n goes when its here it lasts 5-10 mins?
Is it impossible to stretch my ears from a 6g to a 2g?
I have pain in my lower back and all my joints I am seeing my doctor on monday what do you think it is?
Headache for almost 2 months..?
How can I make my feet not hurt?
Painful Bones?
I get tension headaches alot, and my neck always feels stiff and sore?
What's a good migrane medication that I can get over-the-counter?
anxiety and depression advice?
Testicular Cancer infortmation?
what causes skin tags and how do i get rid of them?
is it normal for tea-tree oil to sting rashes?
why am i having pains in the middle of my chest?
Read to find out how I stopped smoking after 10 years.?
Should Paracetemol be banned?
PLEASE HELP ME!! Adults especially, No idea what to do?? Getting too much!!?
How to get over fear of going to sleep?
Is there any medication I can take to stop intrusive thoughts?
someone please help me.?
what is a watson 504 pill?
How to help with back pain caused by my chest?
Am I overreacting?
burning pain in back of neck, hurts extremely when I move it?
My Boyfriend is sore on lower left side of groin but not on the groin just beside it what could this be?
I have swimmers ear and am in extreme discomfort. Please help!
Why does the interior of my ear hurt?
Touching my toes?
I'm worried about my Thyroid levels?
What are the chances that I may have coronary artery disease?
Can A Doctor Tell If I'm A Smoker Without Performing Any Tests?
temporamdibular disorder, what is the best way to relieve facial pain?
breast lump question...?
Gluten Free Celiac People??
blood in urine question?
My 7 year old daughter has been complaining about her armpits itching for the last week. There is no rash.?
epilepsy and seizures refer to the same type of medical conditions?
What does a laxitive do?
Dont want to sleep, yesterday had 12 hours sleep should i sleep tonight?
Do you believe in gallstone surgery?
Any free therapists online?
sinus pain in teeth?
Quick-Fix for a sore throat?!?
stomach pains?
I have hurt my coccyx' (tailbone) and it is agony any ideas on easing the pain?
My mom's leg hurts a lot. Please help!?
i have white blister like things on the back of my throat?
I called public health on someone...?
cannot sleep through a night?
Nerves causing eyes to blink involuntarily and head to tick involuntarily.?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Do u have IBS? ( iritabal bowel syndrome)?
Dealing with epilepsy at a rock concert?
raynauds disease?
Help with Cracked heels?
how does night blindness is caused?
Is it ok if a mole falls off on its own?
how do i get rid of eczema -a painful skin rash-that between my breasts?
shaving rash-down there?
HELP What are alot of (like 30) little white spots/specks on some ultrasounds?
acai berry combined with colon cleanser has really helped alot of people. but is it safe for nursing moms?
Stopping blood noses?
i have like bumps on my skin ?
Suicidal Urges.. is this ok?
Okay im stressed out?
im feeling so down just wana go 2 sleep not wake up any1else been there?
what fears do you want to face and overcome?
what is happinging to me?
Symptoms of autism and asparagus?
Itchy stomach?
How do I get rid of the redness on my hands?
can i use acne antibiotics(tetrascyl 300) and benozyl peroxide(panoxyl 2.5 aqua gel) at the same time?
I need to shake this anxiety / stress?
how to know if you have Huntington's disease?
I have Multiple Sclerosis and have also just been diagnosed with Addisons Disease?
ANYONE can help me!!?
Is all the damage from smoking irreversible after a number of years? or just most?
my FNA on my thyoid nodule?
How can you relieve/cure conjunctivitis?
Always out of breath/stabbing pains in chest?
is there any thing that is called black thrush thats catchy. that has 2 do with cancer?
Need help... Knee problem!?
hi, i have a hurt knee and need some help....?
Pain From Needle OR Punch?
Should my son go to the doctor to check up on his migraines? I am asking because he woke up with a migriane.?
What's this sharp pain I'm getting when I have lower abdomen pressure?
ouch my jaw hurts (please help)?
Ever used a toe straightner? what were the results?
My wife has been diagnois with multiple myeloma and she has come up with some unusal conditions.?
Do I have a fever? Or is this normal?
My doc gave me 50000IU Vitamin D to take 1Xweek and I think it is making me hyper?
cold on outside warm on insdie?
Is it a histrionic personality disorder?
Help can someone advise me?!!?
why do i always feel paranoid when im hungover?
my journey my depression?
Does this psoriasis drug cause serious mental illness?
I think i might have early Symptoms Schizophrenia...Help!?
Do I show symptoms of manic depression?
I have a fear of sleep..?
I have an eye stye...help please?
im 14 years old and i need to get rid of my cold within 24 hours.?
Has anyone heard of seizures that are not epilepsy but can be bought on by anxiety/panic disorder?
how can i get rid of nervous ticks and anxiety on my own????
Fod for acne prone skin?
Help!!! i got sunburnt n my skin now looks abnormal!?
Australian alternative to neosporin?
i had realy bad sunburn on my face and started to peel and underneath the peeled skin its still really red?
wart wart wart wart!?
can you get blisters from flea bites?
Is there any way I can get rid of acne scars?
does soap kill bacteria or just wash it off?
I have an unknown collection of white spots on my lips what could it be?
Any idea what this skin condition is?
dry puffy eyelids ..?
How do you heal a blister quickly?
Why do my feet hurt when I wear wet socks?
What are the effects of aloe vera on your skin?
my skin is peeling on my hands and feet what do i do??? help!!!?
I just stubbed my pinky toe?
what should i do.....cutting?
What would cause the roof of my mouth to be sore and painful?
knuckle bone?
How to treat knee pain?
Is Heroin contagious?
I think I have depression?
Is socialization necessary? Give reasons for answer.?
How do I fix my sleeping habbit?
I feel like my life is going nowhere, it's boring, help:(?
health question: what is the percentage of the population who are B+?
at 130 pounds 5'9 do you think i can pass urine test for pot in 30 days?
had a sore throat for 4 days with blood?
Hashimoto's experiences?
IBS? cancer?
Iam a hypothroid . My tsh is 33 but my T3 and T4 are normal .?
What can cause abdominal swelling and pain?
Do I Need Help????????????
Clinical depression; can someone please help?
I think I might have Bipolar Disorder, does it sound like I do?
Is there anything I can do to make myself feel better?
I think that I might have some problems? You know, PROBLEMS?
My skin suddenly went so dry...?
really dry skin?
what is agood way to get rid of lower back spasms without taking painkillers or muscle relaxers?
gahh the pain is killing me !!!!!! HELPPPPPPPPPP?
i have taken 22 ibuprofen today...?
How does ice reduce swelling?
Left Knee Pain Help???
Does anyone know what Ramsay Hunt Disease is and can be?
Why is folic acid fortified in black beans, kidney beans, and in spinach?
pill causing severe depression & mood swings?
How can I control my temper?
Self-Harm. What to do?
do i have a disorder?
How do I apologise to my colleagues?
How to be less stressed?
Please help me.. I'M SO SCARED!! :(:(:(:(:(?
Why does my digestion system build up some wind as soon as I am exposed to cold environments?
If people who have Downs' syndrome were once called Mongoloid, what do Mongolian Downs syndrome look like?
Fading Vision in one eye?
help please 5 star best answer?
Chest pain?
Please help I have paranoid anxiety and believe things I know are not true! 10 pts! PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
CA 19.9 test shown reading over 200, is it cancer?
is larynigitus contagious?
Does accutane really clear up all the acne?
Why do I have a stomach ache every morning?
Wrist Hurts..Any Advice?
Staying Hydrated???????
Itchy when I stretch... why?
Is lysol poisonous when it gets into broken skin?
What do i do about my bruised toenail, can i save it from falling off?
How to make my chemical burn go away! Need answers ASAP?
What are the benefits of vitamin e cream?
I have a very sore blue spot on the bottom of my foot.?
Why does a 40 year old skin graft start to have a painful burning sensation in it?
Healing scars ?
Rash after taking a shower.?
problem with ACNE!!!?
Irritation to salt water?
How to remove brown patch area on neck? (pictures included)?
My dog has red rashes in her ears and now they are blistering. Does anyone know what this is?
Bad Discoloration?PLS HELP!!!!?
i've got red dots all over the back of my hands and my left knee cap!?
How do i get rid of oily skin?
scab--> pink tight skin area? getting rid of them? help?
how to get rid of a raised scar?
After I work out, I always have spots on my face that are either purple or dark green. What is it?
What laser treatment should I take for deep acne scars?
How do you remove a spike from a plant out of your finger?
My lower eye lid has suddenly become very tender. I found a sore on the inside lower lid. What is it?
He hurt me now hes cut me out his life why?
is he being a control freak or is he worried?
i always feel sleep and week?
Help with meditation?
Is my friend depressed?
Is it a dopamine or serotonin issue if, every 3 minutes or so you need to invent a high thought or a need a?
Will a psychiatrist tell that the patient needs treatment if?
nutritionist/dietitian or thyroid specialist-endocrinologist ?
What is C7/T1 degenarative disc disease?
i can never seem to breathe properly?
is this IBS ,pinched nerve, gastritis or HIV symptom?
can urine go stale in your bladder?
I have asked this before but am very frustrated?
Alzheimer's disease???
i make my self throw up?
Am I sick? Should I stay home?
What do I do to stop the heavy menstrual pain?
Im so scared i mite have my appendix out...Cause it hurts and my mom wont take me to the doctor shes so busy..
Any one with good suggestions for headache and specially for migraine?
I Don't Want To Live?
Would You Have No Arms Or No Legs?
what can i do to get relief from restless legs it is very bad tonight keeping me awake?
PLEASE HELP ME?? Need help, Don't know what to do :( x?
does it make me a pedophile if i have "impure" thoughts of children?
My girlfriend has been diagnosed with Agoraphobia, I'm scared it will destroy our relationship. Advice?
How do I stop this? I'm squeamish in a weird kind of way?
Odd feeling in toes...?
What are the pros and cons of taking Tylenol when you have flu-like symptoms?
why do you give oxygen to tia patients?