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I have a uti. Did anyone else get a fever and horrible pain that kept them awake?
If you have jaundice?
what are the white dots i get on my tonsils when having mono?
If you have Hep C antibodies would it mean that you have immunity to the actual disease?
Pig Dissection Question- Is it safe NOT keeping them in a refrigerator ?
2 Questions - cold/flu or gastro bug?
what inherrited condition causes repeated chest infections and gastrointestinal problems?
common cold question?
what 2 other potentially preventable diseases common in older people & describe how a diet & lifestyle can?
How do klonopins make you feel?
someone please help me.?
Which Paul McKenna hypnosis CD is better - Supreme Confidence or Instant Confidence?
Does this psoriasis drug cause serious mental illness?
Why am i so fidgety all the time?
Why do people think I am looking at them when i am paranoid?
Should i go with what the Psychiatrist or what the GP said about Bipolar?
Will antiparkinson help treat anhedonia?
depression and negative thought distortion?
I need to stop being so dependant on him and get my life back on track advice please?
whats your expierience with taking mirtazapine?
Am I suffering from an anxiety disorder?
anyone get sever panic attacks the day after drinking alot?
was this a panic attack,i had?and why does it happen?
Can a head ingury cause ADHD or any other problems?
Is socialization necessary? Give reasons for answer.?
How do I stop this? I'm squeamish in a weird kind of way?
can someone with a pervasive developmental disorder have antisocial personality disorder?
PLEASE HELP to do with juvenile wards/psychiatric hospitals!?
Why do I randomly get shaky?
How Long Does THC Stay In Your Body?
where on the torso can a male/female be stabbed or shot with out being life threatenings if caught in time?
Burnt arm with boiling milk?
I can't wake up rested enough and it ruins my day for most part?
What are these symptoms of?
What types of vitamins do i have to take to grow taller?
I want to eat now, but I put Purell on?
Has marijuana ever caused a panic attack on anyone else?
Cant sleep much at all :(. what to do?
Why does drinking this give me a headache?
why do i feel like i might die?
is it normal to get headaches and chest pains during or after drinking alcohol?
Will i end up dieing from this? And should i seek medical help ?
How do you know if you are having a panic attack?
reason for stomach pains?
is it OK to boil tap water, put it in the fridge, then boil the water to make a cup of tea?
Coughing excessively! Help!?
who started to grow taller after 18?
what home remedies for getting rid of frecles actually work?
bitten by something maybe?
Need Info About Roaccutane?
Post ringworm virus?
Any think outside the box thinkers out there??
Brain cysts? why wont doctors listen?
What could be wrong with me?
can a teenager have a stroke and how common is it for a teen to have one?
can stress hurt you?
what is causing my Stomach Pains?
what is the cause of upper body paln while coughing?
Can someone tell me if there are any massage therapist in ottawa?
Terrible leg cramps HELP!?!?!?!?
Is there anything I can do, or take, for Restless Leg Symptoms.?
Can you get a headache by thinking too hard?
Pain in my hip yesterday, now its my whole leg?
Is hallucinating and seeing things the same thing?
is this normal coming off antidepressants?
Help?! I need to get over fear on this (BMXING) Please please help?
In order to become a mental health nurse in UK...?
can't get motivated to do anything. halp plz.?
am i depressed/paranoid? and if so, what can i do about it?
how can i stop my unnecessary suffering - Social Anxiety?
how much do employee benefits cost the NHS?
Is there a link between psychosis and vivid dreams?
I have a headache and trouble sleeping, and I feel my University work is mountainous. Am I stressed?
is 45mg of mirtazapine a high dose?
What can I do about this & whats wrong with her?
Coping with anxiety, please help.?
Is my friend depressed?
Is hypergraphia (urge to write) part of bipolar or schizophrenia?
Lately i've been feeling nauseas all the time due to anxiety and stress.?
how does mental health influence the planning and provision of services in a local area?
does this sound like i have adhd? and how do i get someone to notice?
will this stress affect the face?
Why do I worry so much about work?
Question about relationships. "very long read"?
What are the symptoms for Swine flu?
are there any positive outcomes of a bushfire?
recovering from chicken pox. please help!!!?
Fresh open cut transmit hiv from a hairdresser washing ur hair?
Ear infection from my pierced ears?
swine flu symptoms in a baby?
is blood test part of tonsil operation?
Chills, upset tummy, vomiting?
My grandfather is diagnose with hep c. Is jaundice fatal or a sign of worst condition?
Something stuck in throat?
No fever, sore throat, swollen glands(like a golfball in my throat), headache...any idea what this could be?
Bleeding ulcer worry!?
i have this yellow coloured dots in my mouth , plus i had swollen tonsils .. have this problem since a year?
Will my friend get gastro?
What are notifiable communicable diseases?
Can you get tonsollitis from kissing?
how do you get ulcers?
HOw long would HIV survive on tip of needle?
What can I do to prevent future ear infection?
What is meant by the term "elevated S-T segment"? what does this indicate if observed in a patient? ?
scratchy throat,infection
How to find, or can you recommend a therapist/counsellor in the midlands?
how do i get rid of this gross taste in my mouth?
When i get mad, i tend to cuss a lot.?
How Do I Fix My Sleeping Patterns?
what is the drug called amityplattene?
Mysterious Phone Call.?
I'm low in Vitamin b12. Help me plz :(?
Why do I get get lots of chestpains?
what can put you to sleep quick!?
I have bad constipation ...?
What is wrong with me? O_O?
My dads an acoholic?!?!?!?!?
My boyfriend has a huge lump under his chin?
What is a milf I want to know!?
what kind of diseases can be caused by x-rays?
help me my sister is sick!!!!!?
What is the temperature for a feaver?
Need some help and info ?
i'm sick, what could this be? disgusting..?
How can I overcome depression, sorrowfulness, distress and regretfulness in my life ?
How long does it take for a 14 year old male smoker that smokes eight to ten cigarettes a day to develop?
My teen has tried exercising but gets so fatigued, weak and sick he has to lie down. What could be wrong?
My Uncle died :(! don't look at the question mark!?
i have itchy bites all over?
I bought some neosporin scar sheets of ebay for a cheap price, however they expire this month- will they work?
Poll: Did you just get an itch on your back?
Where can I buy mole removal cream? and how much is it?
why have my toenails gone yellow?
What does it mean when ur acne HURTS???
What can I do to treat my baby brother's eczema?
can you use the same cream to cure athletes foot and jock itch?
Eczema and treatments ?
I have white tiny bumps under my skin that rarely itch. Ive had it for about 3 years. Heat rash.what do I do?
Why would my skin get worse the more i cleanse it?
what helps reduce sunburn?
how to get rid of pale skin?
Red bumps on leg after swimming in a pong
are stretch marks permanent?
Ive been bitten by a spider but dont know what type
Why are my legs so itchy sometimes when I wake up?
How can I treat my acne?
Why did my boyfriend come into my eye and then proceed to kick me in the shin?
sore joint after slept in a non airconditioned bedroom?
How Come I'm getting this?
Have you got any drop in centres where you live?
I have red stripes on my tonsils, what does this mean?
Mosquito Borne Diseases in NYC?
Does travel spread viruses?
is pretest done before tonsil operation?
what is the cause of eyes discharge.?
i had my ANA screening test,it showed positive/negative in result.what does this means?
will swallowing this kill me...?
Do they sell Impetigo Cream over the counter?
Urinary Tract Infection leading to Urinary Incontinence ?
a lady at my work had an eye sty, now i get them?
Even the thought of food makes me feel sick?
what is the common symptoms of PTB? ?
how long does mrsa live for after you die?
what does infective agent mean?
My friend had fever accompanied by pounding headache and shivers. She was screaming of head pain.?
can this be starting of a ear infection?
I have a tongue ulcer, please help!! what are fast ways to get rid of it in a few days?
I think me and my cat have the same bug/virus.. serious questions..opinions please?
what is hendra virus?
How can you stop the pain in Ur stomach?
How to kiss a girl....?
My two toes beside my big toe on my left foot keep randomly going numb. Advice?
I think my body ph has become to acidic how do?
I feel like im going to faint -,- `?
How do I keep my sclera contact lenses from being itchy and annoying and painful?
I need some serious help with waking up.?
I sweat too much help ?
High pulse rate, do I have problems?
If a contact was stuck in your eye, would you still be able to see clearly out of your eye?
how do i gain self confidence?
Bruises appearing without getting hit?
why do people think weed is a ''drug''?
Are there any postitive effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?
How is Crystal Meth produced?
Do you think sick kids would give me another surgery if it was more for cosmetic reasons?
I want to trade superpowers with a friend. How am I supposed to do this?
whats wrong with me, do i have candida?
I have a headache, I feel like i am going to vomit & My nose is all runny/stuffy.?
Please tell me what's wrong?
Does chemotherapy always make the victim's hair fall out?
long term constipation??!?
why do i keep feeling lightheaded?
Blind ?or hater?
Do you believe that time does heal all wounds?
The skin on the sides of my fingernails is always peeling, anyone know what is it?
REALLY, REALLY Bad Scalp Psoriasis (Dandruff) HELP?
how do you cure diarrhoea?
oily skin what do i do ???
Old wives tale about VARICOSE VEINS??????
dandruff problem?
If its nearly impossible to get rid of cellulite,then how come it dosnt show on models?
does any ony one now if pens causes skin cancer some one tell me pleace?
my right breast is sore, red and a little itchy?
my left ear hurts and cuz of that my left side of my throat does to !?
Is this appendicitis?
My Neck Is Hurting Me.?
what is the best way to get rid of a migraine???????
How can I get rid a of a migraine I have had for 3 days?
Does anyone know what is that sharp pain in the leg?
Am i mad as a hatter ? :(?
What Can/Should I Do?
When should I see a doctor about bothersome recurring headaches?
How Can I Get Over Anxiety?
Does snorting ephedrine get you high?
Do I need a doctor referal to get my toe nail removed?
Donating Blood, Am I able?
What is an Ingrown hair, and how to prevent them from happening again?
How can I get taller this summer?
what does marijuana look like?
What does it mean to have an active and healthy lifestyle?
Do I have the Flu, what are the symptons?
Do you think I need a doctor?
Why Am I So Lazy lately?
heartburn.. anything other than meds to get ride of it fast?
what are the health risks of using marijuana?
Is it okay to suntan if you're wearing sunscreen?
I feel a cold coming on...?
Cold Pizza Pocket? Can I get food poisoning?
Where can i buy body washcloths. Are these body washcloths?
Could it be Chickenpox? ?
How do i get rid of these voggies,more info in this question?
how long does mono last? please help?
Questions about influenza virus?
a big growth from the nose to the back of the throat?
Worried. Might have tick bite?
Should NSW start worrying about swine flu?
should i be worried (swine flu)?
what are the potential hygenic risks?
please help me..? what do i have?
Are they still closing childcare centers that have cases of swine flu?
Has anyone died from BIRD/AVIAN flue in australia?
my dog was bit by a field rat, her shots are up to date. Need i worry?
What is the ultimate source (reservoir) of human infections?
can you catch MRSA in the mouth?
Why do prions and other similar infectious particles accumulate in the nervous tissue and cause disease ?
How common is HIV in Australia?
what can cause this besides the obvious?
Does having Anti-HbsAg & Hep b core antibody trouble my pregnancy, will my baby get Hep b ?
Is this a cold or the flu?
Is it dangerous or toxic for my body if i bathe in any Water-beads?
Please help urgent? family member terminal, cancer? hospital not sure i will give all details possible, SOS?
How do people find out they have cancer?
what are the treatments for brain cancer?
Worms in your poo?
Can you get cancer from smoking weed?
What causes my diziness?
im in so much pain. help me please?
very bad abdomen cramps.?
Why is my knee in uncontollable pain and how can i treat it?
acupuncture for shoulder pain?
Crackling and creaking sounds with massage?
I always get stabbing pains in my rib cage! what could this be?
How do you get rid of headaches?
Should I seek psychotherapy?
What shall I say when I ring up?
Every time I put sunscreen on my face turns red and stings?
is soap bad for face acne?
so many skin care products out there can u help me one which product will be good for my dry skin?
How do I get rid of moles? sounds gross but Im tired of paying tons of money going to the doctor.?
If you have psoriasis what are the best treatments you have found?
Underarm sweating. Help appreciated?
if u pick your mole off what will happen?
My is my face red and have a burning sensation?
Very dry skin -help!?
What is this red bumpy rash on my baby?
Can you get head lice by not showering for days.?
recently i got sunburned and now im peeling anyone know how toget rid of the peeling faster?
Treatment for sweaty hands?
Will an egg mask work on my skin?
is it true that peoples toes curl over a few days before?
For aneroxic peoplee plz answer?
What else can cause acid reflux?
I heard my friend say that they doped me with LSD. How could they have possibly doped me with LSD?
remedy for hemmeriods?
Can tums help with stomach aches ?
what just happened to me?
What kind of sickness do i have?
is my weed laced?!?!!?!?!?
Urgent question about Benadryl and alcohol mix! Need to know ASAP please =)?
how can i relax? is getting to stressed unhealthy?
India's life expectancy?
Experiencing accelerated heartbeat.. Why?
today i took shrooms and smoked weed and hit a peak where my friend blacked out whyd this happen?
will drinking 8 bottles (500ml x 8) of water in an hour kill me?
I have jumpy legs at night, can anyone help me out?
Why Am I Not Growing Any Taller?
This might sound gross but when i leave my house i usually gets diarrhea can someone explain why?!?!?
does my puppy have an infection?
does chicken pox repeat after you have got it once?
Blood on the back of my throat...?
Could I have tonsilitis? please help :/?
Sore Throat & Cold for 1 week & it Refuses to go,Help please anyone!?
Swine-flu & overseas travel?
how long is a head cold contagious?
Symptoms of infectious & non-infectious diseases?
my 2 year old has a 101. fever that comes down and up. he had since yesturday morning?
if someone gets HBS infection,when does he get symptoms(time)? after 3 months or 6 months and what are the sym
i have a sore throat up in my soft palette area ?
mono diagnosis yes or no?
Can Cattle catch dog fleas?
How long are you contagious after having gastro? HELP?
a breeding cattery describe how you would combat the treat of feline respiratory diseases consider animals of ?
please read my symptoms and let me know what you think?
i stoped taking antibiotics before i was ment to is it okay to start taking them again 2 days later?
If a person has the H1N1 shot, how long does it stay effective in your system?
Brown patch of skin, what is this?
just swollowed pills?
What were the Symptoms of the Black Death?
What could cause low blood oxygen level/ratio?
How do you feel when you smoke a joint with formaldehyde on it?
anorexia recovery & my parents struggle in helping?
How do you deal with someone having a nervous breakdown?
Dizziness right after i stand up?
Headache and neck problems?
Reasons for pain in my left Leg?
What medicine can I take to get rid of chest pain? Can I take Tylenol and Advil within 24 hours?
Cluster headache, what's the best treatment for you?
indigestion causing back pain please help!?
which pill is stronger?
Scared for my health..?
Is vomiting a sign of Sunstroke?
Is it possible to donate an organ while still alive?
For how long after having H1N1 should a person be avoided?
My stomach cramps up really bad when I'm hungry...?
really sharp pains in my stomach and back I can't move it that much?
Dizziness,blurry eye vision,Headache and stomach sickness?
I have NO appetite what could be the cause of this?
What does it mean if my leg falls asleep?
Alright so every night i wake up twice or more at exactly the same time help?
Do these symptoms add up to gallstones?
im quiting smoking, how long will it take me to get my wind back?
why am i so sleepy during the day and fresh at night?
Whats a bad ahbit of yours and how did you break it?
Sleeping troubles? Does this count...?
Really bad sore throat feels like my tonsils/vocal cords are burnt?
Throat question urgent! :S?
To help me do you think...?
how can you recover after stress and depression?
what is major depression?
Why does the sun lighten our hair yet darken our skin?
my girlfreinds skin is burning hot to the touch.?
I have cysts?
white spot on cheek plz help!!!?
why do some people get bitten more then others?
Since of lately after eating I fall asleep and after getting up my tummy get big. What could cause that?
Do I have Rosacea?
leg cellulite problem?
Eewie. Nasty mosquito bite scars :( Help me get rid of them?
when laying in the sun outside with your eyes closed do you need to apply sunscreen to your eyelids as well?
I need help for a bad skin rash.?
Pale Skin-Heat rash ... advice?
help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?
What illegal drugs cause blue lips?
why do people sweat in winter??
What's wrong with my foot? (sharp shooting pains)?
Relief for ear infection??
does botox shots make the area numb?
Incapacity Benefit Confusion.?
How can I get rid of spider/vericose veins on my own?
I would like to hear from anyone who suffers from TMJ....what are your symptoms. What have you done about it?
what do i do with my over protctive mum?
Do all pharmacies have access to prescription records?
Sharp pain on left side, not sure whether its spleen pain or kidney??
A question about multiple sclerosis...?
Weird feeling in head?
Med students, nurses, doctors...somebody?
Dumb question.. how do you add up your pulse?
I feel sick and I don't know why?
why is my dog throwing up every 3 to 4 minutes really depressed and not eating?
scared i have a blood clot by my left temple?
I have long legs, and a small body, how can i make my body longer?
Is it bad if i use iodized sea salt to clean my bellybutton? or does it have to be non-iodized?
How long before you're able to wash your hair after getting stitches on your head?
Is it from smoking weed?
How can i help incourage Growth or grow taller?? Please help!?
How long is the stomach flu contagious?
How tall will I be at adulthood.?
How do I get rid of a stomach bug? :(?
I feel nauseous unless I'm eating?
I still haven't gotten my growth spurt?
always bloated.. even when i dont eat?
Symptoms of high hemoglobin?
Everyone is saying "It's just your age."?
What is wrong with me?!?!?!?
Can you touch your neck lymph nodes from inside your mouth?
What is wrong with me and ways to soothe sore throats?
Symptoms of Withdrawl from MDMA/&blow?
What are these black/brown dots in my hair?!?
Do Men care about stretch marks?....?
help i cannot sleep insect bites someone help me please !!!?
If i start using squeezed lemons to reduce the pigmentation of my freckles,How long?...?
Help Need a diagnosis?
I have a white cell count of 17.1 and a clear chest xray what does this mean?
I have had mono for a week now how mush longer will i have it?
I just quit smoking because of a health scare...?
Can high levels of stress cause crohn's disease?
Please help!!! This is taking over my life!!! ?
What are the symptoms of Percocet withdrawal?
I Broke My Hand and........?
Has anyone out there??
I had a headache for 5 days in a row?
My head !!!!! Help Please ! 10 Points !!?
the percentage of teens that cut their wrists?
pressures in my head?
How to Help Back Problems?
canada should eliminate medicare and let each person/familt pay insurance fees simlar to the US?
I keep feeling nauseous..what is wrong with me?
I am a 25 yr old female. Suffering from Chronic daily headaches, with no relief and chronic fatigue.?
emergency!! (health question)?
i'm really sick ?! help?
Can nervousness cause nausea?
I have a disability that affects my speech sometimes making it not sound clear, and i was wondering?
ok, well this is a little wierd..?
how do you know if you have worms?
How do i describe strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular ?
Pain in right leg?? What's going on?
is a bad sign when you have a mri and then you have to see the neurologist again for the results or is that?
What are the best workouts for your abbs?
What should I do..............?
where in Toronto, Canada can you buy a home drug testing kit for marijuana in urine?
effects of marijuanna food?
Why can't I fall asleep?!?!?
Embarssing question but I need help!?
theres a semi ball in the back of my head near my neck is that normal?
Mustard and hot water?
Can you get high off of this?
Is that love or addiction......?
What does Bipolar medication do to someone with un-treated ADD?
Phobia of PDA in family...?
Help......Chickenpox.....will i definatley get them?
ALCOHOLICS? is there a "shot" or medication .......?
Im NOT pregnant. Whats wrong with me?
Could this be an allergic reaction ?
home remidi for tongue blisters?
Is This a right Diagnoses? or something worse?
I have an anxiety problem and don't no wot 2do as its getting really bad, any ideas?
problems with medical things. need advice on these symptoms?
How does getting stabbed feel?
Is there anyone thats had a bother or sister that had Cancer that want to talk????
how to get rid of dandruff?
can aloe vera help acne?
extreme cellulite problem!?
Did I break my tailbone?
Tonsils Removed Today - should I talk if it's not bothering me? or should I wait?
Okay Who Here Has Tryed Urin For Acne?
help! my wrist hurts!?
How to disinfect summer dress?
my dog has large lumps on various parts of his body now one has busted open leaving a hole which is oozing?
Small Lump under skin in neck?
Has anyone had plastic surgery on their face to remove a cyst or mole?
My left arm feels cold?
What can I do to have flawless skin? (Im 17 years old)?
How to whiten skin...No MIKE JACKSON JOKES! Please?
chiropractor question?
What is the quickest way to get rid of a sudden zit?
I have had a red, hard nodule on the outside of my lower right eyelid for 2 months!?
Spots on ankles?
skin on my face is dry and peeing?
My daughter is 21 months old and she still has that soft spot on her head. It is bent inside. Is this normal?
you need to be skinny to grow taller?
How can I fix an ingrown toenail fast?
What is it called when you stay in someone's home for short-term care after being in the hospital?
Where can I get a drug test done?
It started last night. stomach pains in the middle of my stomach.. then i got diarrhea, whats wrong?
Are you concerned about the recent Swine FluCases? I live in Southern Ontario...Should we be concerned?.......?
it's getting close to the morning, i need an answer and fast?
head rushes every minute.. so painful .. what is happening ?
What is wrong with my taste buds/nose?
been having weird dreams where i wake up feeling the pain from them?
after doing heavy lifting my back starts feeling numb for a few seconds after i put it down.?
My right knee ?
Does this sound serious and should i goto the doctor this week?
how do u know if u have the h1n1?
is there a such pill or anything to grow/get taller?
What is causing these symptoms?
I'm always tired... How do I get the caffeine effect without caffeine?
Help with morning stomach pains?
I'm sick! what is it?
Am I Bi Polar? Please Help?
I need 12 hrs of sleep each day?
Sleep paralysis???? help?
Teenage worries ??????
are there any positive outcomes of a bushfire?
Is it unhealthy to eat apple cores? Also, what can cause burning sensations in the chest?
Is there a proven cure for Emphysema?
cant stop coughing. the mucus isnt coming out enough..?
Why do I feel worse when I smoke cigaretts?
How long after deveolping leukemia can you go without treatment before it starts getting worse?
Why does my brother walk on his tip toes at 9 years old?
Could it be lung cancer?
why does my puke taste like copper. the puke is foamy?
Anyone suggest ways of getting high?
what is the shelf life for first aid kits? Open and not open?
ate something wrong after stomach bug. sour stomach, nausea, GROSS burps, can't stand or move around..help?
Help, brother issues????????
Can we still catch the flu?
ummm whats wrong wit me?
I feel sick, what should I do. ?
is this anarexia (20 words?)?
Digestion problems for 16 year old?
What should I do about this height difference?
Is this true? please serious answers?
What Can Cause These Symptoms?
is it possible to get an epidural if you have a tattoo in the bottom of your back?
Itchy when I stretch... why?
Can someone be allergic to physical pressure on a part of their body?
What is the difference between a holistic nutritionist, an herbalist, and a naturopathic doctor?
Get Rid Of Sore Muscles ?!?
Is it bad to breathe in fabric softener sheets?
what gets you higher? eating weed? or smoking it?
Joints and vitamins?
Is this going to be painful,there going to put a pi it my bone cuz it broke?
I did 30 sit-ups yesterday in like a minute?
will shark cartilidge help for back pain?
i am supposed to have my tooth extracted tomm , the pain is bad tonight and i am on tylenol 3's and ibuprofen?
Lowering my cholesterol before blood test!?
Massage Therapy or Nursing ?
What are the best shoes to wear to help with plantar fasciitis?
HEARTBURN for 4 days?
what is the first signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the wrists???
Post Christmas Blues?
I think there is a peanut stuck in my throat?
Weird feeling down there..?
I failed my drug and alcohol test, what happens next?
What does a laxitive do?
Whats wrong with me????????
Is lysol poisonous when it gets into broken skin?
is it true, you lose 6 minute of your life with a cigg?
My tonislls out Can i Drink Alcohol ??Help if you know from experience?
Do I have a virus? (see symptoms)?
what do i have flu or pneumonia? what are the symptoms? what can i do?
I've had headaches for over a month and a half.?
What are Intensive Leg Lengthining Exercises?
easy way (preferably painless) way to die?
Am I sleeping too much?
I lost my hearing aids and now I hear ringing in my ears at night?
I have a problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What do I need to keep my feet from killing while standing for long periods of time?
are these symptoms worth going to the doctor for?
What is Oproids?Yess the drug....?
friend with depression. realy need help..?
Having problems with my memory...?
what do you make of this situation and what to do.... help...?
i cant sleep. what should i do?
ways to remove acne scars and red marks?
I have no will to live i;m 23 years old badly acne scarred i;m going to lose my sanity should i just give up?
Planter wart vs Corn?
Is it a danger to have these hard round cysts on my scalp?
What do you think ths may be?
Whats the quickest way to heal scars?
so im a healthy 22yr old and have noticed a small brown circular patch of skin under my breast what is it?????
What Are The Cause Of Baggy Eyes?
The mole on my neck hurts...?
whats better neutragena I.D. or proactive? lots of answers here guys, i need to compare?
I have small wounds that won't heal, and dry skin is building up around them. What is this?
why am I suddenly so itchy?
What is this skin condition called and what causes it?
My dog has lice and his skin is red and itchy with all the lice bites. Can you suggest any cure ?
getting a mole cut out?
Nothing is helping my acne...?
I got a 2nd and 3rd hole in my right ear about 2 months ago and....?
dry skin around nose?
How much does mole removal cost?
Do i have a food intolerance (what type)?
Should I have colon surgery for precancerous lesions?
How to be calm??
how do i get rid of these warts on my hands?!?
how do i get rid of my body high/numbness?
How do I tell if my necklace is poisonous?
Should i be avoiding wheat?
Bump underneath skin of armpit?
Is having sensitive skin a higher chance of getting piercing infections?
Why does helium make your voice sound funny?
Is Finger nail biting related to anxiety?
my stomach is quite sore and very bloated, other symptoms aswell. Please help?
What can I do about my Fatty Liver ?
Im dizzy, and i drift to my left, whats wrong with me?
Contact lenses in warm climate?
What happens when you are overdosing?
What happens if you swallow some of your cigarrete's tobacco?
should i get help w/ my drinkin?
Is a leach bight dangerous?
is it bad to swallow back phlegm?
Does Drinking too much Coconut milk give you excessive, nonstop diahrea?
Why am I peeing so often? (More then once an hour)?
SICK D ; ! . whats wrong with me!?
Help! What happened to my friend when she tried to change the light bulb (dangerous?)?
Could this be epileptic seizures?
I seriously don't know what to do?
panic attacks please help?
how understanding should i be?
If I (probably) have conjunctivitis (pink eye), what doctor should I visit?
can i go drinking after a chickenpox vaccination?
What's that disease that makes you look much older than you are, and die younger?
Why are people allergic to bees?
Does anyone have any idea what's wrong with her?? ANY input would be appreciated.?
why do i get nasty chest pains?
i have started smoking again ?
Is it better to wake up slowly or fast?
Can women get Gall stones?
What causes a White tongue?
My doc gave me 50000IU Vitamin D to take 1Xweek and I think it is making me hyper?
How do I know if my headaches are from my jaw?
how does insomnia effect u?
can a human get worms?
what are the early symptoms for brain tumors?
The baby's head broke on a light bulb?
how do i get medical marijuana?
When you have a stye?
Started to get a bleeding nose?
Markings on my body..?
Bad gastric reflux. I wake up coughing and coughing and gagging. at work I cough and gag, its embarrassing?
Do you think I am lefthanded?
what is the best thing for a headacke?
what are the side effects of having chemotherapy?
worried about lung cancer... im 17?
Why is it that when I get up from a lying position, it feels like rushing or something?
is there a good source to find out information about OCD?
why cant you eat if your going to have surgery?
Do you find yourself gaining more weight ever since you started to spend endless hours on line,tell me.?
I have stingy, red marks on my face and it burns when I apply cream, how do I treat it?
How to get rid of a scar quick !!! help?
Dry eyes should I get a prescription? use OTC drops? what kind do you like?
what heals acid burns
Knot In My Neck?!?! Help please!?
Can I use the aloe vera plant on my skin for acne?
Difference between Brenda - 35 ED and Diane - 35 ED for acne?
2 kinds of pain what kind of pain reliever should i take?
Pain on the right side of me stomach but?.....?
has anyone used the book acnefreein3days book?
I believe I have an ingrown toenail!?!?!?!?
lines that look like wrinkles on my wrist?
how to get rid of acne?
What is the best way to deal with chronic pain?
How serious is TMJ?
hyperhidrosis?? or Excessive Sweating??
pumice stone used other than feet?
Can anybody suggest a strong bacterial killer to kill bad b.o bacteria on the underarm?
what does it mean when the bottoms of your feet and in between your toes and the palms of your hands itch?
Is it weird that I still feel really bad about this?
Advice about depression please?
OCD and ruminating over past?
How can I find a community forum where they advise young people on anything they find difficult to cope with?
Anyone ever heard of extacy tablets called "death caps"? I hear they have a ball of mercury inside them.?
What are the Benefits of beet fruit ?
What is wrong with me? Stomach ulcers?
Is it possible I could have had a minor stroke?
Is my dad smoking weed?
Severe Headache/Migraine Problem!! PLEASE HELP!!?
Pain, Swelling....Doctors don't know yet?
Eggy burps and stomach cramps?
im shivering and im cold what do i do?
is it ok to take a birth control pill, an anti-depressant, and vitamins (C, D, etc) at the same time?
Do I have the flu, or a cold?
what is this shaving cream called? and sponge?
My body hasnt grown since i was 12 years old, am i gonna die pre maturely?
ok yesterday i stopped drinking water at 5, the only thing i drank was a medium hot chocolate?
Involuntary Out of Body Experiences?
GIRLS how would you kiss in this situation?
first experience smoking marijuana?
This may sounds wierd.. But i have to get a physical?
health question, a serious one?
OK Can it be due to my dress shoes ?
does annual blood work test for hepatitis?
i have a pain in my lower right abdomen, i am 14 years old and really wanna know what it is someone help me?
how do i dial an out of country call.?
Why do I have this odd ticking noise in my head when I lay down on a pillow?
Extreme stomach pain please help?
Can broken bones and surgery have caused arthritis?
Should i go to a walk-in clinic?
I have a 5y old that woke up scream that the back of his ear hurt. I looked at it and he has a small ball?
How can I put myself into a happier mindset?
I Struggle To Wake Up In The Mornings!?
What causes kidney stones and how can I prevent them?
what causes conjunctivochalasis?
question about cold sores?
I was once a smoker of narcotics and my lips are now blackened. How can I get them back to pink?
What causes stretch marks?
Brown spot on toenail?
How do I know if my wound's infected?
Which is worst to squeeze? A whitehead or blackhead? And why?
my hen has scaley skin mites on both of her legs, is there a powder or treatment to get rid of these.
scalp problems help!?
white marks on my nalis, what are thay?
EXTREME DANDRUFF! How do i get rid of it?!!!???!?
Skin help. Any dermatologists here? Or anyone whose dealt with scars?
blotchy skin from the sun?
Someone living in a nursing home has excoriations on their legs and feet and the skin appears tessellated.?
How do u get rid of fluids on the lips fast?
How can i painlessly remove my warts?
Why does my face go so red as in unreal red in the sun even though I'm not burnt!?
can high intake of Vit A in fish oil or carrot juice help to get rid of acne or oily skin and tinea versicolor
What causes infantile eczema?
was just wondering if brain tumors can cause infertility in women?
If you had a gene for a life threatening disease (e.g cancer, huntington's etc) , would you want to know?
short of breath?
my 2 year old has a knot behind his ear what could it be?
Is my headache situation signalling something potentially wrong?
red blood cells exploding?
Can you get throat/mouth fungus?
bloating and constipation?
hot feeling on my foot?
I'm suffering from tokophobia. I need help!?
is there anyhting you can eat/driink to make you go to sleep ? D: . HELP .?
Is it true that sleeping with wet hair can cause health problems?
I enjoy pain, is this normal?
Is there any way to truly help a friend with a drug addiction?
Possibly celiac disease?
i was told by my family doctor that i have to get an mri done?
Why do I feel so sick? Should I see a doctor again?
Why dont i like sleeping?
What type of vitamins should my 13year old be taking she is very active and on concerta?
Secret Clinical Strength VS Degree?
How do I stop a cold in its tracks?
What percentage of elderly people 75+ who contract the flu die? Can the flu vaccines protect you from the flu?
is it healthy to have 2-3 power naps a day and absolutely no sleep?
What do you do to relieve your stress when your stressed out?
Why do some people get the stomach flu every year and others barely get it?
I'm sick, but I don't know with what?
I always get my words in the wrong order, is this a condition?
What is wrong with me?
How can i save my relationship when i have bad paranoia?
how to get rid of thrush?
What OTC med. would you recommend to relieve lower back pain?
Right hand cramp help!?
How do i make painkillers work better?
I need help?
What could be wrong with me?
Headache and Naproxen????
How do I stop myself from fainting?
What's a good resource (eg. book, journal or website) for cancer surgery?
thymus shadow?
Biopsy for gallstones?
why do some people with leukemia need to have their spleens removed?
Can someone please give me some signs and symptoms of Liver Disease? First Stage..?
What does it mean when you cough up blood or 'stringy' blue mucus?
Is depression common with fibromyalgia?
What causes gout exactly?
was my weed laced?????/?
HEELP, what should i do?????!?
What can I use to speed up my metabolism after quitting smoking?
Anyone have their gall bladder?
Is it possible to hyperventilate and die?
I think my friend has an eating disorder?
finger nail in my food?
Insomnia-tried everything?
What's wrong with my eyes?
Cause of a Random Nosebleed?
what is wrong with me/my blood? (medical lab test)?
im suffering please help?
Were you scared to throw up?
I have an urge the smoke?
Does this sound like Anemia?
Is there any cure for OCD beside medications?
why does stretching feel so good in the morning?
What is causeing these head aches :( I'm scared...?
Sleep Paralysis.. It was so scary. has this happened to you? what do you do about it?
does mono lower your immune system? how long does it last?
cat causes asthma symptoms?
hi i dont feel well help...?
Does anyone find that people who have a condition like autism in the UK, and need a diagnosis, are just being?
do i have Bipolar ?????/?
Losing weight but not in the way I want... Should I see a doctor?
Question About Sleep?
I have marks from scars on my legs from picking at them when i was younger, any advice on getting rid of them?
Is it normal for your head to get itchy when you run around in hot whether and sweat?
Will there ever be a 100 percent cure or even 90 % cure for acne scars?
Small white bump on finger?
how do u hide a canker sore?
i have a cut on my bottom lip with white stuff! what does that mean do i have an infected cut? ?
Quick fix for acne?
acne scars/ red marks on forehead?
how can i stop getting a rash?
Is it bad to use two acne treatments at the same time?
Sores in and by my mouth?
Really weird rash thing on my face/mouth ( pic includ )?
what are different forms of self harm?
Can I still get a tan with sunscreen?
what are these non ichy bumps?
what happens if you cant get a boil to a head?
Is my acne really bad? (pics)?
Swollen spot on upper lip, cold sore?
I have these really itchy, red bumps on my legs and i dont know what they are . what is it ??
bunion surgery!! Help please?
Can I sue my doctor for cutting me off my oxycontin without cause?
Should I see a chiropractor, or is it even worth it?
I have a killer headache & i smell something burning. Is that normal?
Waking up with a head ache?
seven day after i took out my tonsils still cant eat anything and i'm in lots of pain is it normal?
I'm having pain with my tongue ring,how can i stop this or at least help?
Abs in pain.?
Neck pain from sitting at computer....?
recently i had blood tests results showing I have anti bodies in the blood, what causes this, is it dangerous?
I am 13 weeks and 3 days pregnant and contracted chicken pox?
I had the flu 2 weeks ago and now have got a cough. What could this be?
eating and then feeling sick? pleasse help?
What is a good laxative?
Should I just quit weed?
What to do after taking off my contact lenses?
I have a problem with not drinking?
My stomach has been hard for a while what does that mean?
Why do I have such bad stomach pains?
seeing spots.........?
is my weed laced!?!?!?!?
Urine Samples, (how long do they keep?)?
what type of counsellor deals with people that suffer from eating disorders?
How to be a morning person? PLEASE HELP!?
I usually take 2mg of Lorazepam ( Ativan) for sleeping, can I take 30 mg of flurazepam with that?
I need to shake this anxiety / stress?
This is a question for anyone who is either a doctor, pharmacist or in the medical field....?
Are my feet normal looking?
did anti-depressants cause this reaction or was it something else?
is anybody else sick and staying home right now from school/work?
I don't know how to deal with this?
Emotional damage, finding a way to overcome?
Is there a certain name for this?
Whats happening to me?
kind of shy,anger problem?
Bipolar - manic episodes?
My new boyfriends brother has cancer again?
how do you get rid of a a body stank?
what does it meanwhen someone gets dizzie the trhows up and then has chest pains?
How Do You Tell if there is blood?
Why do i feel so dizzy and have headaches every day?
Doxycycline for acne, can it get worse first?
Insomnia and depression?
Is it possible for bacteria from a factory to survive until the product is purchased overseas?
i was in an auto accident and broke my sternam and four left side ribs.what is the healing period?
My nose is always stuffed, it has been for a year. HELP!?
can dehydration cause burning urinating?
What could cause extreme pain in my legs?
orthopedic surgeons or thoese who have had hip replacement ,please help?
Itchy fingers and hands?!?
skin condition, red blotches on upper arms?
does anyone know what type of baby rash this is?
Is There Any Remedies Or SOMETHING To Minimise Pores?
Why am I excessively sweating?
Spots on me ?
What can make hand and foot warm in winter?
Why do my hands turn red after washing them alot?
Recommendations (& stories) about places in Sydney to get moles removed?
chronic superficial dermatitis?
somekind of bites?
What's the best acne over the counter product?
How can I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
IS it a Cold SORe!!!?
Anyone know of enzyte causing a skin rash?
What can I do/spray/eat to prevent mosquito bites?
Massive confusion & a bad headache and yes, I smoked weed. So help?
Any way to affect the Cerebral Cortex besides Alcohol?
i work 2 jobs&iam taking care of 7yr old bro& i have a 5yr old im stressin how do i tell doc i need 3wk off?
what age do most teenage girls have grow taller?
My male basenji likes the smell of marijuana, is this normal?
how can i fake a fever ?
Broken Sternum Question?
Strange Symptoms with heart & body?
Weird pill experience?
Why is my stomach growling?
Is the Schick Hydro 5 good?
how long will it stay in my system and pupil question.?
Medical Help please - Strange sickness?
can exercise really helps you grow because when i was young i always exercise and it helped me grow?
are silverfishes attracted to hair?
Great Abdominal work out routines?
How can you find out if you did drugs?
whats the difference between stress and depress?
I've felt sick for weeks but I just want to get better.?
Is this a normal sore throat?
Constant upper stomach pain, burping and feeling like i need to vomit?
Do all lymphatic vessels have valves?
does GERD causes chestpains?
Desperate for answers..?
How can I make my dad quit smoking?
how can i prevent my dismenorrhea? Is there a cure for it?
my wife has a boil on her breast, can it be breast cancer?
I have an 8 year old Lab that is overweight and has several fatty tumors that are getting bigger?
i have been diagnosed with depression?
Zero Tolerance In the NHS?
Mixed Depression, Manic Depression & Clinical Depression?
What could this be? Answers on a postcard, or here..?
I think i have bipolar disorder?
Something stuck in throat?
I have a lump on my gum, it doesn't look look an ulcer and doesn't hurt like an absess, what could it be?
No fever, sore throat, swollen glands(like a golfball in my throat), headache...any idea what this could be?
I'm afraid I have a tapeworm but not really sure if I do. How can I tell if I do or not?
Sore fingers and knuckles when I wake up?
on MDMA, why does my left eye always start drooping?
I feel awful, does anybody know what could be wrong?
What is in the pain killer called Parcet?
I have crack in my foot . How to get rid off cracks in foot?
what could severe sharp lower stomach pain be caused by.(nausea and vomiting is sometimes involved as well)?
I have aches in my legs. Are they growing pains?
Help with my back? Disk problems.?
will i Stay 5ft2 or grow to be as tall as my dad 5ft11 - 5ft10 due to my moms 5ft2 height. 10point for best A.?
Does it matter how long I wait before I renew my Ontario Health Card?
I am pulling my hair out by the handfuls?
I have a question about a cold sore?
HELP!!!! I have a really bad stuffy nose and an awful sore throat?
how do wounds heal with medical rods still in place?
PLEASE help having problems with my body?
I called public health on someone...?
Is it true that living in India is like smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day? (Because the air is bad)?
My friend is addicted to advil?
how long weed , cocaine and t3s stays in your system? plz and thank you?
How are the different dimensions of health interrelated?
How can I tell if I pulled a hamstring and how can I treat it?
Anybody has been sick for 3 weeks or longer?
kicking venlafaxine cold turkey?
Afternoon nap problem?
My boyfriend suffers from depression? what should i do ?
Intense pain in neck! Help I'm only 13!?
About cpr and aed certified card?
Why do people become pediatric nurses?
Do different drugs cause different hallucinations?
How does my friend get rid of her wart?
why stretch your ears?
what vitamin is best to take for acne?
I had fungus infection in near thighs and now its spreading all across !!?
skin and dirt that comes from your skin?
I want a makeup that is good for oily skin and also doesnt dry it out either or make it look flaky and cakey?
i picked a lot of scabs on my legs and now they have BIG marks... how do i get rid of the marks?
I woke up with a puffed up lip.?
Sweaty palms please help!!!?
Had my first appointment with a psychiatrist today?
Best Way to improve memory after/during major depression?
Why do I get irritated so easily and find it difficult to deal with 'small' daily problems?
Have you ever came off your antidepressents and thought?
Starting Methadone soon? Have some questions.?
Autism? Help please.?
is this depression??
Can you please tell me everything you know about Schizophrenia?
What is wrong with me ugh i feel horible?
should I be concerned? why is it numb?
Could I have Chiari Malformation Type 1?
What is this weird sensation?
doctors notes for school?
Shaking and turning red?
i don't know if this is a big deal, but what could this mean?
Its 12:00 am here and I can't SLEEP!?
I want to be like everyone else.?
Is it normal to have cancer and still have good blood tests?
Read to find out how I stopped smoking after 10 years.?
How to stop a runny nose?
can someone give me a good site to explain chromosome 13 deletion and multiple myeloma prognosis?
How come my pupils are so dilated?
Orange floating stool?
if you drank a drunks urine, would it make you drunk too or would it have any alcohol left in it?
weed to take the edge off nicotine withdrawal?
10 points to most informative; brain injury?
should i buy a house next to an active hydro tower?
i have terrible balance, i can easily be pushed over, why?
I'm 15 and 5'3. Anyway I can grow an inch or two?
I'd like to be a living donor i live in montreal who or where do i contact to start the proses?
What is the benefit of having good spiritual health and how does it relate to overall health?
what's better to donate?
I am getting small bubbles on the lip of my eye ?
When exercising on treadmilll , l some times get real hot and sweaty all of a sudden and itchy mostly over the?
How do I look after combination skin (oily t-zone, normal cheeks)?
Feels Like Ice Water Dropping All Over My Body?Im Worried?
what could be causing my itching and how do i get rid of it?
my skin- the problem with scar?
How long after tinea versicolor treatment is it okay to tan again?
Burned thumb in oil vat?
can a tummy surgical scar be removed?
i have dark patch on my upperlip, from waxing, and i been having it for a year now. i have tried everything .?
Some sort of rash?
How do i stop the boil/staph infection from spreading to others?
I itch and break out in hives on my arms and legs. it goes away some of the day but comes back. what can i do?
Cleft Chin? Is this even possible?
Anyone have a good cure for a friction blister on my finger?
i have a rash on my arm that appears randomly every few months and it looks like a bruise and sometiems itches
57 yrs, noticed discolouration like pigmentation on fingers and inner lips seems to be spreading. Pl help. Tq?
polyps on forskin is it anything to be worried about?
What do you think caused my headache?
tonsils out. in so much pain. how much longer?
"First-time" sufferer of back pain. Help? What can a chiropractor do for me?
I may have seperated my shoulder..?
What is my condition if i can't sleep on my right hip or hold my kids in my lap because my thighs hurt?
Which pillow should I get?